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Finally Christmass'd up my LJ (after having to search for the customisation page because they've hidden the setting apparently) in a bid to remind myself that the event is only ten days away and I should probably start caring at some point. :P

I think we're nearly sorted but I suspect it's a reaction to the year prior that I'm just not feeling it at all and just want the whole thing to be over. I am skint until payday and everything international is going to be late, particularly as I had to buy a new hole punch and haven't yet found out which box my blank CD's ended up in - and at present can't really afford to restock either.

Also I have no time off until January because of short-staffing so I'm basically shattered.

I should probably do a work post at some point but quite frankly, recounting it in bitesize rants on Twitter has been enough already - suffice it to say that team morale is at an all-time low and we are under intense scrutiny for no seemingly obvious reason. I'm toying with getting my CV up to date after Christmas with a view to looking elsewhere - not because I dislike the job but because it's becoming impossible to actually DO my job because senior management keep interfering in things they don't understand and making stupid decisions that impact on everyone.

(I suspect there is an element of said senior managers attempting to prove that they're useful because they're panicking about the impending Children's Trust and what that might imply - i.e. that they are indeed pointless and not needed - but that doesn't help anyone in the meantime.)

I also have several bits of health-related admin to sort out before the new year, and I will do a proper update once I am a bit clearer what's going on.

So yeah. Have a Christmas and hopefully we can all survive until 2017.
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Two posts in one day!

Before I get caught up in another new X-Files recap, here is a life update...

In Which 2015 Did Not Go Down Without A Fight )

I suspect I have missed quite a lot out of that because so much has happened over the past eight weeks or so, but hopefully 2016 will start to improve, now it's got all the Awesome Celebrity deaths out of the way.

We have things to look forward to, in any case: a colleague's 40th birthday party in March, Sunset Boulevard in April, and of course five more brand shiny new episodes of The X-Files - and a like-minded colleague to squee over it with. ;)
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Doubtless the next entry I do will be the traditional new year meme, if I can even remember that far back. :P In the meantime, here is something resembling an update, so I can at least use a Christmas icon whilst it's still the season.

Cut for Length, Probably )

Well, at least it's nearly Christmas. I am actually not working on Christmas Eve for the first time in ages, in for two days, off New Year's Eve and then returning on 11th January. I need about six months off, mind you. :P

All of my good intentions of being organised were scuppered by work being poo, and having no energy. I started out quite well and then it all kind of collapsed. Still, cards are made if not written, I have my concert on Saturday, will do my post run on Monday.

Maybe this time next year I will be healthier and slightly less poor.

Over and out, and Merry Christmas.
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Just realised I haven't updated since August, and that was a Jonathan Creek post. (Rewatch is still on hiatus; hopefully back on track in the new year at some point!)

I'll do the traditional Year in Review meme tomorrow but for now, here's a month-by-month account (from what my shoddy short-term memory can provide) of what's happened since then...

September )

October )

November )

December )

So there we go - four months in fast-forward.

I'm thankfully on leave tomorrow, and we're going to Lloyd's for bad movies. Paul's birthday on Wednesday, so I need to get curry any outstanding ingredients before then - I'm planning on doing filo-wrapped Brie for starter, and lamb curry for main, as I've not yet had chance to use the new pestle-and-mortar my mum got me for my birthday (it's a huge Jasper Conran granite one and very sexy). Back at work Thursday and Friday and then a week off, thank goodness.

Work wise I'm quiet today - hence the entry - because all I have is eight sets of outstanding minutes awaiting signature from one particular Chair who never.signs.anything - she has minutes in her draft folder from October (we're supposed to send them out within 20 working days!). No meetings for me this week either as there's only three in the diary. Next week apparently it's insane so obviously I picked the wrong (or right?) time to be off. ;)

Okay, I think that's quite long enough. New Year Meme tomorrow, as well as trying to finish the already belated Christmas JC fic I promised Denise, which ground to a standstill in mid-December when my brain decided to give me voracious unrelated plot bunnies. I just need one final push to finish it.

Over and out!
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I'm at work today (and yesterday), along with three other WPO's (should be four but Demoted is off sick), and apart from a brief flurry yesterday of urgents from Spellathon, presumably in protest over the fact she couldn't come into the office over Christmas - seriously, rather than appreciating the free days off, last year she felt the need to moan about the fact that she didn't celebrate Christmas so shouldn't be expected to have a day off (WTF??) - it's now gone very quiet. So here's an update.

Christmas, etc. )

Back at work Thursday, but I have next week off. My mission should I choose to accept it is to learn to make bread. I have a couple of bread-related books now - the new Mary Berry and a WI book that we were bought last Christmas. I really want to try and make focacia, but I know it's really difficult so might start with rolls or a basic white loaf. First I have to oil the big wooden board I bought from Ikea last year, as it's going to become my bread-making board. It's too bloody big to use for anything else (seemed like a good idea at the time), I don't have enough counter space for bread-making anywhere else, and the board can sit nicely on the kitchen table instead. ;)

I managed to post a photograph of our cream tea (because I'd laid everything out all pretty on the table) but have so far failed to take pictures of anything else. I think I'll charge the camera up and start doing so - next year I want to start taking more photographs again. I really need to get a new camera but I need to justify to myself that I take enough pictures to warrant a big SLR-type thing rather than another point-and-shoot...

Oh yes. Perhaps more important than any of this is the update on the new job situation. I'm sure most people have heard via Facebook already, but in any case: I had the interview on 17th December. I woke up with a headache, of course. I already know my migraines are stress-related, so it wasn't that surprising. I've been wibbling quite a lot over the test and interview, but it's been a very different sort of wibbling to any of the Legal jobs I've gone for - less "OMG BIG SCARY CHANGE" and more "OMG POTENTIALLY IMPORTANT CHANGE". I'm taking being nervous about the interview - rather than the life-changing upheaval - as a very good sign that I made the right decision in applying. Not that I had any doubt; once that decision was made it was very satisfying, not umming-and-erring like I normally would.

So yes, I had a headache. I cannot remember a single thing about the interview or even really what I said, except that they didn't ask the Equal Opportunities question and that's my best answer. :P I couldn't tell if it had gone well or horrendously or averagely, not that one ever really can, mostly because as soon as I'd left the building and started walking towards the Squeg to meet Paul, my head started pounding like a thousand elephants were doing Riverdance in my brain.

I was planning on going back into work. We went for lunch at the newly-opened Boston Tea Party on Corporation Street, as it's midway to my office (Paul had the day off to finish the Christmas shopping anyway), but by that point the migraine was making me nauseous as well, so I phoned in sick. I subsequently spent the day on the sofa watching EastEnders, and was well and truly monged on Migraleve by the time they rang me up about the job.

Long story short, I got it. :) It took me a while to process that because of the migraine, but when it finally clicked I was incredibly relieved and pleased. We actually went to see The Hobbit on the evening up at Giant Screen but I can barely remember anything about that either, except that it was quite pretty.

It's still conditional, as they need to do references and CRB / medical checks, so I haven't handed in my notice as yet. The reference request came in on Friday (21st December), which David bizarrely forwarded on to me to fill out myself (apparently this is quite common in Legal Services), so I threw something together. I don't think he had time to look at it, though, and as he's now on leave until 7th January I suspect I shan't be handing in my notice until mid-January. In which case, my estimate of mid-February for potentially starting really wasn't far off the mark. ;)

I'll fill out that Year in Review meme this weekend (well, it's traditional now) but 2012 has been a very strange year, all told - so many ups and downs I lost count. Work has been rubbish and soul-destroying on several occasions, but there have been so many amazing, wonderful things to counteract it. (I already suspect the meme may be too constraining to summarise the year.) I dunno, maybe when the eyes of the world are staring at your country for so much of the year (the Jubilee, the Olympics and Paralympics), it makes you think about your own contribution and the changes you need to make.

2013 is going to be better. Or at the very least, it feels like it might be the start of something. BRING IT, BIYATCH.

If I don't manage to update before January: HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!
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Just a quick entry to update on Christmassy type things...

So, despite not working Christmas Eve for the first time in ages, I was still knackered by the time we got to the pub, and didn't manage to achieve half the tidying up I wanted to do either. Of course, it didn't really help that on Friday I managed to catch whatever Paul has had for the past week or so, and have been coughing my lungs up ever since. (Yesterday and today it's turned into a cold and I didn't want to get up this morning. SO TIRED.)

I'm getting ahead of myself a bit, actually... Cut. )

I'm now back at work until Friday, alas. Thankfully there is actually plenty of work to do, as there was some left over from last week. This morning I slept through all of my alarms and didn't want to get up, though I'm waking up a bit now... Just trying to get through today and tomorrow now.

Oh, except I can't do the Carmina Burana concert on Friday as I can hardly talk right now and don't want to attempt singing when I've been coughing for nearly a week. I'm hoping now it's turned into a cold it might work its way out of my system, if not I'll have to go to the GP for some antibiotics... meh. I thought killing off a three-day cold in early December was too good to be true. :P
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This entry might be a bit all over the place because I am SOTIREDOMG right now and basically functioning on caffeine and will-power.

I finished all of my wrapping last night except for two things (one I forgot about, and one I couldn't quite remember who it was for), so now all that's left to do is the food shop (tonight) and seeing various family / friends before the Day - or after, in the case of some, as we have now run out of time. :P On Christmas Eve I need to do a bit of cleaning and washing before we go out to the pub - in addition to picking up the goose from the butcher - and change the bed. I have a bit of a tradition of buying myself new pyjamas to enjoy on Christmas Eve so I have that to look forward to as well (I am so middle aged).

We had our South/Education/2nd floor Christmas lunch yesterday at Chez Jules, which was very reasonabl (£16.50 for three courses) and very nice indeed. I would definitely recommend it. I'd actually been meaning to go for ages as I'd heard really good things, so would definitely want to try it on an evening as well. (Admittedly I am a sucker for French food; my top choice for the meal venue was Cote Brasserie but that was twice the price. :P)

I was the only WPO in attendance at the meal, despite Kemi inviting them all. We didn't even have a Support Team lunch this year so whatevs; I shan't let Senior deprive me of my Christmas lunch with my more preferable colleagues. The other WPO's can at least not moan that they weren't invited, though doubtless my disappearing for 2.5 hours yesterday will be the cause of grumbling. I worked through until five pretty much non-stop once I got back anyway, so they can't complain that I didn't pull my weight. :P

Once again this year I bought loads of Christmas cards and failed to get them written in time to hand them out at work, although I did at least get them in the post on time. I think all but Katie's presents have arrived at their respective destinations now, too...

Some ramblings about Xmas telly. )

I also have a load of Studio Ghibli films to watch as Film Four have been having a marathon and I've been recording them. I made a start last night with Latura: Castle in the Sky, which was equal parts beautiful and creepy. I think I have about 12 more to watch.

In case it wasn't obvious, I LOVE SKY PLUS. It is the awesomest invention in the history of ever. I never watch television in the week any more, I just catch up on everything at the weekend... although it does also result in backlogs where Paul and I don't have time to watch anything. We currently have two Misfits and four American Horror Story episodes to get through, and I'm a week behind on Glee... Gah, roll on our week off in January. We made a start on season 3 of Six Feet Under after finally finishing Firefly, but it's taken a backburner to Actual Television...

Anyway, that's enough rambling. Except to say that I'm enjoying my new sofa SO MUCH OMG. I've never had / bought a new sofa before and it's so squishy and comfy and amazing. (Oh, and I need to do another post at some point about some of the weird stuff that's been happening at my house / work, but that can wait until I'm a bit more coherent / succinct. *is mysterious*)

THREE DAYS TO GOOOO! *jingles bells*
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I've been scribbling a bit more down of the "Whisper" epilogue, not through any conscious effort but merely because it came to me. I do want to finish it, so any extra words are a bonus, but I haven't been actively clamouring for any inspiration.

Cut because nobody cares and because I'm basically hashing stuff out... )

Er, yes. Muses are not a force to be reckoned with, apparently.

In other news...

Two Messiah concerts down now, Christmas Treats on Sunday and then a busy week in the run-up to the Big Day. I'm not particularly looking forward to working the three days between Christmas and New Year, but at least I have the first week in January off to recover...

As for Messiah, apparently our Symphony Hall performance on Friday night was one of our best ever (after the concert, Adrian was apparently beseiged by members of the CBSO singing our praises), apart from us being Classic FM's "Messiah of choice" for the festive season. It even seemed better in Town Hall this year, perhaps because we're now getting more used to the acoustics. I used to prefer the SH performance because the hall is so much bigger, but we can hear a lot better in TH and it all sounded much sharper. (The only trouble with doing Messiah at SH is that we have to sit on the platform rather than in the choir stalls, which perhaps accounts for the fact that we can't hear the orchestra or each other properly...)

Annoyingly, right before the final movement of Part One ("His yoke is easy"), a tickly and painful cough worked its way into my throat. It's not only the highest movement in the entire piece (the only one to go to a top B), it's also full of fiddly semi-quavers, which were impossible to sing through and in fact only made matters worse. Miming is really frelling weird, I have now discovered; I then spent the entire interval coughing and drinking water in an attempt to clear it. Thankfully the second half was okay. :P

Yesterday I went to the carol service at Birmingham Cathedral with some other work people (Sian, who organised it, Kemi, Natasha, Dave and Jerome), which was quite a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Sian read about it in the weekly news bulletin email and then asked around if anyone wanted to join her (I think she didn't want to go on her own) - as it transpired there was someone there from almost every tier of Legal Services from Chief Solicitor to WPO, which was accidental but fortuitous. ;)

Last night Paul and I put another big dent in our Christmas shopping – only a few more bits to get now. I did the post office run this lunchtime; the inland packages should reach their destination on time, but I'm not so sure about Katie's... I might be lucky. :) It would be remiss of me not to get her Christmas present to her on time considering she sent hers early this year. (Alas, I am not that organised.)

Now, the run up looks something like this:-

Sunday (18th) - Christmas concert at Town Hall;
Monday (19th) - Paul at Broken Amp;
Tuesday (20th) - Carmina Burara rehearsal;
Wednesday (21st) - my team lunch, Paul at another gig;
Thursday (22nd) - Christmas food shop;
Friday (23rd) - family over at either ours or Paul's mum's;
Saturday (24th) - pick up goose from butcher, relax a bit, go to pub;
Sunday (25th) - DEATH. Er, I mean, Christmas. :P And it's my turn to make dinner.

Good God, that's a lot of dates. ;)

I hate December.

Work is periodically up and down lately, though where we used to get peaks and troughs on a monthly basis, they are now literally over the course of a day: we go from having nothing to having six urgents in a row.

I intended to post this entry last night (it wouldn’t post at work, though I’m not sure if that’s because of the DDOS attacks or work’s internet being poo, or perhaps a combination of both), as well as work on the epilogue some more, but shopping, wrapping and showing wiped me out.

Also it seems Paul might have ‘flu – actual ‘flu, not man ‘flu. He was shivering last night and couldn’t get warm. His forehead felt normally warm (i.e. not burning up) but yeah, obviously he’s not at work today. As long as I don’t catch it – I forgot to get a ‘flu-jab this year and I have a concert on Sunday!!

Over and out, and Merry Christmas if I don't manage to update before then.
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I emailed an entry home on Friday that I didn't have time to post, then forgot about it entirely. Most of it was ranting about work in a vaguely incoherent fashion (one IKEN annoyance which I got blamed for in a roundabout way, and Spellathon driving me to despair in her usual way), so I won't bother now.

Weekend. )

Okay, I think that's long enough. I will post a photo of our new sofa when it's in situ. Actually I need to post photos of the house and garden in general, though the latter is now a bit of a mess thanks to fireworks the other week, and I need to get weedkiller down on the patio and driveway. So actually, photos will probably come in the spring. :P

Over and out.
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Just a quick entry to say that I'm still alive (just), but have been too tired / cold / busy to post of late. And also LJ is fritzy at work (it refused to post a moany entry I wrote last week, though that's probably for the best. :P)

Anyway, I will do a proper update probably next week after I've recovered from all the festiveness. There's still a lot to do before Saturday, unfortunately. If I get chance tonight I need to post the photos of the Seriously Impressive Icicles hanging over our bedroom window, and perhaps a meme or two.

MERRY CHRISTMAS in case I don't post before the day.

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...or cakes, at least. And we all know I'm actually the Queen of Angst, but that's neither here nor there.

I have baked a cake for work. Working in a place where people are receptive to my baking and actually eat it without suspicion or checking sell-by dates means that when I do feel like spoiling them with cake, I give enough of a shit to be creative about it.


My Christmas shopping is officially done. After being thwarted at every turn trying to get the last of Paul's presents, I eventually checked out his Amazon wishlist and got him six DVD's from HMV (three off his list and three surprises that I know/think/hope he'll like). And a copy of Girl, Interrupted for myself because it was a fiver. As a bonus, all the DVD's I bought Paul were on two-for-£10.

Just as well really; I went to GameStation on Monday night to pick up a DS game Paul wanted. Thankfully they still had a copy on the shelf (it was in the pre-owned section). Except apparently their stockroom was so disorganised they couldn't actually find the game to go in the box. The girl on the till said she'd been having this problem "all day", and yet nobody had thought to take the time to sort the bloody stockroom out. Just... WTF? It's the last shopping fortnight before Christmas, you'd think they'd get their act together. In the end I had to abandon the game for Paul and just bought the GBA version of Micro Machines instead, to play via the DS. Meh.

We have now just to do the food shop and see various people, wrap presents, and I need to get myself down to the post office fairly soonish otherwise nothing will get anywhere. Although given the potential weather conditions they probably won't anyway.

There are a few things stressing me out, but I shan't post about them here. One particular thing has me stumped and confused, but until I'm thinking more clearly and without the benefit of festive!stress, I should probably let it lie for a bit.
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Christmas doth approach, and my next two weeks are going to be ridiculously busy, having to cram in seeing various people, finishing my shopping for Paul, doing the food shop and wrapping / handing over presents. I don't have time for any more socialising unless it's at the pub on Christmas Eve with the usual suspects, as Christmas is now just under two weeks away and I'm literally running out of hours. :P

Anyway, the weekend.. )

Okay, well, this entry was a result of the fact that this morning Winscribe was unresponsive. They were doing work on the server on Sunday and obviously hadn't got it up and running again by the time people were back in work today... In which case, I think this is more than long enough, so I shall sign off.

I'm hoping to get Christmas cards and presents in the post this week, so really need to start wrapping things soon...
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Looks scary when you put it like that.

So, yeah. I never did finish the other entry I started, though it was mostly just moaning about Primark sizing fail, and a small work annoyance which was going to regurgitate all the stuff I already rant about at great length.

I will be temporarily reverting to a Christmassy layout to get myself in the mood. Eni, I will email you later as I want some (minor!) tweaks to the SB!layout and am still in no mindset to learn S2. :P

Christmas Stuff )

So far, then, so good. I'm getting slightly better, year on year, at not getting horrendously stressed about Christmas, having learnt from previous experience that Having A Plan is better than not. It basically means I have be uber-organised and maintain energy levels for all the various aspects, but the end result - two or three days of relaxation and the end result of the hard work - definitely pays off. And this year I get the whole week off, so at least I get a proper break out of it, too.

Tonight's to-do list:-

  • Tidy up, do washing up, hoover carpets in living room, hall and landing;

  • Copy some CDs;

  • Start making my little Christmas Boxes for work (need to be done by 17th December);

  • Hopefully not freeze.

We thought the gas fire had stopped working on Tuesday, but it seemed fine last night. IT'S REALLY FRICKIN' COLD NOW, and even with the new roof the house is bloody freezing. Britain does not have discernible seasons any more, just Frozen or Heatwave. I was muchly amused last night by the BBC newsman's disgruntled and resigned tone of voice when talking about the snow and the fact that transport systems failed to cope again. All those politicians denying climate change need to stop living in a fantasy world and look at our current weather patterns over the past few years. If that's not an indication of climate change, I don't know what is.

One day, the Earth will fight back against all the abuse; of this I am certain. At which point, humanity will merely find another planet to populate and systematically destroy, assuming Mother Nature doesn't organise a mass cull before then. :P

Anyway, on that note, I shall sign this one off.
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I did start an entry at work today because at around 11.00 it was very quiet. And then Last Minute Friday kicked in and I was busy all the rest of the afternoon. Bit of annoyance cropped up as a result, but I'll try and keep that together with the rest of the post, which I'll hopefully finish this weekend if I remember. I have since got home and had a shower and put my jammies on so I'm a bit mellower now...

Anyway. Music Meme, Days 23 - 26 )

Okay, that's that done.

Embroidery Scans 32-33/?? and Christmas Decorations )

That'll do. My hands are cold and I'm hungry.
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So, it's 2010. Thank frell for that. Good riddance to 2009 and all its associated crapness.

Apparently my last proper update was on 14th December. I will therefore try not to ramble on excessively as I update about Christmas...

W/C 14th December )

Christmas concert )

W/C 21st December )


New Year, etc )

And that brings us to yesterday. I overslept somewhat and didn't get up until midday... In the evening I cooked for Lisa and her new bloke, Pete, and we watched Feast and the onset of Celebrity BB before bed.

And today I'm back at work. Obviously. :)

I think that's more than enough. :P
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Merry Christmas to my f-list if I don't update tomorrow.

Quite a bit to update about (film review, Christmas concert and this week) but it'll have to wait until Boxing Day, as I've been far too busy lately.

Christmas Eve should be a bank holiday. Bloody work. :P
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Primark's sizing logic confuses me. Aside from the general lack of consistency, I mean. I went in earlier to find a new black cardigan because one of my work cardies has given up the ghost (it got snagged in the washing machine) and managed to find one vaguely suitable for work, and whilst in there picked up a funky sequinned waistcoat thing and two pairs of leggings. I managed to find one pair of normal leggings in a size 14 (wasn't going to risk the 12 after previous experience with their sizing system) and then picked up another pair of control leggings in a 12-14. This is where the sizing logic confusion comes in.

There was one pair left in the 12-14, a few in 16-18, and absolutely tonnes of 8-10. Because obviously, the majority of women who actually are size 8-10 do not require control leggings and therefore are not buying them!

Anyway. The cardigan, it turns out, is apparently supposed to be worn as a top in and of itself because it has a strange scoop neckline and is very tight at the waist (and, in that regard, designed to be worn by a giant; I know I'm short in the body, but not that short) and barely fits over the top I'm wearing today. Hopefully it'll stretch. My other cardy's in the wash.

On Saturday we went to Jen and Dave's for dinner, which was quite enjoyable. Far too much food, but it was all delicious (if cheaty :P), and we played Team Trivial Pursuit to finish the evening - three rounds. I also had my first ever play on a Wii and want one now. I whupped Paul's arse on bowling and basketball after about two attempts at learning how the Wiimote thing reacted, and was then coaching him. :P I am teH roxxors.

On Sunday we had intended to go to the cinema but were both too knackered, so stayed in. I have nearly finished my sixth decoration (still four to go), and got some more presents wrapped up. They went in the post today and I need to finish Eni's tonight to get that sent off. Ye GODS, the queue. Well, not really a queue; they have a ticket system now and I was number 77 - when I arrived they were calling number 5. Once they hit the 50s things seemed to go a bit quicker though. Nevertheless, it ate my lunchtime.

Right, things to do tonight: finish Eni's present; finish sixth decoration / start seventh; have some food; have a shower. Then sleeeeeep. Hm, maybe my subject is wrong; it's not so quiet after all.

PS: Eni, your present arrived. I had to do a patch-up job on some of the wrapping paper where it had torn in transit, but did not see anything to indicate what it was, other than being generically book-shaped. :P
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Paul and I got some more presents last night - all that remains is something else for Robin / Bumble, which Paul is going to hunt for at the same time as shopping for me. I also have £9 left to spend on something for him to make up the £30 limit.

Next week's evenings have gone from being fairly quiet to being jammed!

Monday - Paul at Broken Amp.
Tuesday - last choir rehearsal before Christmas.
Wednesday - meeting [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess at the pub to hand over pressies pre-Christmas as she won't be around on Christmas Eve.
Thursday - going to see grandmother.
Friday - nothing. Yet, anyway. :P

Tomorrow we're going to Jen and Dave's for dinner so I will need to wrap their presents tonight. Paul's working in the morning so will meet Lisa and I in town on the way there. On Sunday we're hoping to go and see Paranormal Activity (I've bitten the bullet - as much as I know full well I'll be backed firmly into my chair with horror, I also know I'll regret it if I miss it at the cinema) and maybe a ride on the wheel, so I must remember to take the camera with me. Might take it on Saturday as well.

I cannot be any more sociable than I already am being, so please - don't ask me to do anything else.

Nowt else to report. It's been quiet here the past couple of days. Today I've allocated myself the task of sorting through our filing cabinet full of police videos. Might as well make a start on that.

Two hours later...

Police evidence cataloged and databased. Now back to my day job. :P
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I've started an album on Facebook, to be added to as and when I take more pictures (which hopefully I will...)


Mostly of the tree and decorations thus far.
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So, despite the start of yesterday, my shopping day didn't turn out as bad as anticipated.

Cut for length )

I have also finally allocated which of the gifts I've bought are for Paul's birthday and which for Christmas, so I could figure out his spend limit on me. I've spent FAR too much money on his birthday (especially considering last year was his 30th...) but I'm hopeful he'll like everything I've chosen. Bloody men are impossible to buy for. ;)

The remainder of December looks like this:

Saturday 12th - meal at Jen and Dave's.
Monday 13th - get stuff in post / hand out cards.
Wednesday 16th - support team lunch
Thursday 17th - visiting grandmother after work
Friday 18th - south team lunch (I'm going to be fat by the end of the month)
Sunday 20th - Christmas concert
Tuesday 22nd - Asda shop
Wednesday 23rd - pick up turkey, family over
Thursday 24th - at work until 2.30 (amount of work pending) and then pubbage
Friday 25th - CHRISTMAS! Off until January!! YAY!

*checks* Nope. Amazingly... still not stressed. Aside from that little glitch yesterday, anyway.

Right, that's QUITE long enough. *stops rambling*


Dec. 3rd, 2009 01:04 pm
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I have finally found a vegetable more minging than peas.


I tried some last night in the process of chopping it up for our chilli con carne and it's FOUL. It tastes as bad as it smells. I was expecting it to taste more oniony, I think. I could still taste it 10 minutes after spitting it out. Ptooey.

Thankfully after an hour of boiling in associated meat and vegetable juices, it didn't actually taste of anything. :)

Did some Christmas shopping last night and got a few things for people, so that's something. I'm hoping to make a dent in the rest of it next Wednesday, though.
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A variation on a theme, but I think this is the version to keep...

Parma ham-wrapped chicken stuffed with goats cheese and spinach, with mushroom and blue cheese sauce )

Quite successful, and delicious!

Tonight we're going to see Drew in an amdram play at Trefoil House, and dinner at Wagamama beacuse it's been a while. Friday I need to finish my latest Christmas ornament embroidery and then on Saturday I'm meeting [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings (we're going to the Moseley Farmers' Market) at midday. Then hopefully on Sunday I can get some tidying up done in the living room, as we're putting the tree up next week.

Christmas is slowly rolling in; I feel somewhat more prepared than usual, but I'll withold judgement entirely until after the 9th, which is my shopping day. :P
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So, Christmas has nearly descended upon us. Time to start getting organised. My diary is starting to fill up already, so for my own benefit more than anything else, here's the dates I need to organise myself around:-

Cut because it's just for my own benefit. I need a big wall calendar. )

In other news, despite our efforts to boycott X-Factor after last week's 'deadlock' debacle, we ended up watching the Sunday night results nonetheless. I've tried to avoid rambling about it (because I shouldn't even be watching it because GAH, the brain-melting horror) but I seem to keep getting sucked in. Quite frankly, it's been a total farce this year, and I'm not just talking about 'Jedward'.

This is probably only of interest to one person... )

Aaaaaand breathe.

Bloody reality television. We caught the first episode of I'm A Celebrity... and thankfully, it's not as horrendously addictive. Kim Woodburne FTW! GTFO Jordan! And that's all I'm saying on that.

Anyway, that's more than enough. I shall post this and have some lunch. This ranting is hungry work. :P
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We did our quarterly Asda shop last night because we had literally run out of food. We've not been able to properly stock up whilst Paul was unemployed (save for a couple of trips to Aldi for some basics). The fridge and freezer were bare and the cupboard contained only gravy, stock cubes, pasta and tuna. (You could argue that the last two constitute a meal in itself, but not all the time. :P)

Just over £200. But now the fridge, freezer and cupboards are quite literally full. The stuff that wouldn't fit into the freezer without rearranging the space-time continuum are in the fridge, so we had pork chops last night, then again tonight, and roast chicken at the weekend. It's quite lovely to open the fridge and be greeted with a choice. :)

So, we have a freezer full of MEAT and some fish (when some of the meat has dwindled I think perhaps a trip to the fish market is in order...), a fridge full of vegetables, condiments, cheese and sandwich fillers (paste and deli-style), and a cupboard full of tinned beans and tomatoes and yet more gravy, and stir-fry sauces and Super Noodles. YAY FOOD. We've been very lax in healthy eating of late simply due to a lack of choice, so hopefully now back on track...

Oh, and because Asda is the only place to do big tiger bread loaves (everyone else does piddly little ones for double the price), we got one of those, too. Even though white bread is horrendously bad for me and I'll be suffering for it by the end of next week. It just smells sooooooo goooood. Also makes fabulous toast.

So, this weekend I shall attempt to finish another Christmas decoration (hopefully) before we head out for Paul's mum's birthday surprise meal (mmm carvery) followed by possibly some fireworks somewhere. Must remember to charge the camera. There's nothing happening on Sunday, thankfully.

I should really start thinking about Christmas shopping and book off my 'shopping day'...

PS: If anyone wants a Christmas card, drop me an email with your address. teylaminh at yahoo dot co dot you-kay.
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First things first - I hope everyone had a happy Christmas / Hannukah / other or non-religious celebration of their choice. I've not really had the inclination to come online these past four days except to briefly check Facebook and my friends-list.

Did I update Christmas Eve? I can't even remember - that's how utterly tired I've been. In any event - our team buffet lunch was quite pleasant. My card came third in the competition and I got a box of chocolates, and also despite not making a cake, Marie was repeatedly adamant that the houmous was a very good plan...

I left work at 2.00 and then ... yes, I did update, because now I remember updating about the granite board sticking to the worktop. So, after all that I headed out to the pub, but quite frankly might just as well have not bothered because I was literally half asleep for the majority of it. I had a coffee but it barely even touched the tiredness, instead giving me a brief burst of energy and then knocking me for six, so we ended up leaving early. I took the camera with me with good intentions, and instead just took some photos of the Christmas lights in Birmingham instead. Not that they're particularly interesting this year. Overkill on that bright blue, perhaps?

I'm sure we must have watched some manner of television on getting in, though I can't remember what. We each opened one present each - mine was from Lisa at work (not so much a Christmas present as a thank-you-for-all-the-hard-work-this-year prsesent) and Paul's was one from his mum. Soap, bracelet and some lipgloss for me, and some very expensive-smelling aftershave for Paul. It's in a little bottle so will definitely be saved for special occasions.

An early night for me and quite a restless sleep, as I recall, which seems to have been par for the course this season.

Christmas Day )

Boxing Day )

The weekend )

I always feel, after all that stress and rushing around, that when Christmas actually happens it's a bit of an anticlimax...

Back at work today until Wednesday, then I'm off until the 12th. Admittedly, my week off won't exactly be relaxed, as I'll be in EuroDisney with Vicky and her parents, but I'm hoping the travelling / change of atmosphere might poke the Muses back into action. I had hoped to get some writing done over Christmas, but being ill and tired has put a damper on it really... I can only hope this bloody cold buggers off in time for the holiday, because I have a feeling it's going to be even colder in France. (I need to make a list at some point of what I have to take with me. I'm leaving the credit card at home to avoid overspending.)

I'm still tired this morning, somewhat still crusty-eyed, and there's absolutely nobody in work today. Looking at the leave chart, I totally could have had the rest of this week off, too. *sigh* Every single year, we all fight and stress about the leave situation, and every year when it comes down to it, only three of us are needed because all the fee earners get to have skeleton staff.

Anyway, I shall post this one now, because otherwise I'll keep adding to it all day.
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I've started a Christmas 2008 album on Facebook. Here. I'll add more as they're taken , which hopefully this year I'll remember to do.

Work was quite fun today, or at least our lunch was. We did our card competition (I came third, plus a special mention, and won a box of chocs) and played Pass the Parcel, which Gaynor S won (a scented candle). Far too much food, and I have four of Noor's delicious, uber-garlicky onion pekora in the fridge. :D

I left at 2.00 and popped into Priceless on the way home to see what they had to offer in the sale. I got some flat, black patent shoes with pointy toes and a strap - I was going to get them in red, but I have red pointy boots already. I shall wear them when I go out later to the pub.

Got back and cleaned the kitchen, discovering in the process that our granite worktop saver was STUCK to the worktop by a bizarre mould / water concoction. I have absolutely no idea how, but in any event I cleaned both the underside of the board and the worktop itself thoroughly, and have moved the granite board out so we can actually use it. It had the breadbin on top of it but we've never used it as a chopping board or anything, so perhaps if its used, it'll get cleaned, and hence won't end up stuck to the worktop...

Then I tidied the living room, wrote some last minute cards, and changed the bed, and now I'm just relaxing for a bit before I go out. I think *touches wood* that I'm now set for Christmas...

Yesterday evening we went over to Paul's mum's to hand over the last batches of presents. Quite a nice evening. Paul lost horribly to Patrick at blackjack and we played a never-ending game of Cheat (literally, it dragged out for about an hour...). Got back around 11.15, I think, whereupon Paul did the washing up and I finished my card for work and stressed a lot because there was so much left to do. After tidying the living room a bit last night, I finally got to bed around midnight, so am knackered today, understandably, so it's just as well we had very little to do in the way of work...

My Secret Santa (who is either Terri, Nikki or David, I imagine) hasn't been in work this week so I am without present. :( My recipient seemed to like their gift, though.

Right. I should figure out what to wear, really.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
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Okay, here's a real entry, as there's 15 minutes to kill before I can leave work.

Asda shop last night wasn't as painful as anticipated. The carpark was rammed, but the store itself wasn't too bad. We managed to spend just under £120 just on the Christmas stuff, but about half of that was on booze which will last hopefully longer than the festive period: a box of wine, a bottle of Smirnoff, and a bottle of port for Paul for Christmas, which I'm going to wrap at some point before the day. Because, well, it's a present, innit.

We got a very nice looking beef joint for Christmas dinner which was about £8.00 (which is reasonable, for beef...) and absolutely tonnes of veggies to go with it, plus various bottles of nice juice and Schloer, that staple of Christmas. ;)

I also made a start on my hand-made card last night, for the competition (of sorts) on Christmas Eve. A few people seem to have made them out of office supplies (printer paper, staples) but Marie didn't expressly state we had to do that, so I don't consider it cheating to use the coloured card I bought to make Christmas cards two years ago and didn't due to creativity failure. Besides which, I'm far too competitive for my own good and, despite only remembering about it yesterday, am now in it to WIN! :P So far, so good, if a little rough and ready. I'll post photos tomorrow - would post a scan, but it's a pop-up card. :D I also would have finished it last night, but had to wait for the glitter-glue to dry.

We're going to Paul's mum's tonight so hopefully I'll have time to finish it when we get back... I just need to finish the 'tree' inside and embellish with copious glitter, hopefully without getting it into the carpet this time. Um. Also need to find my posh silver / gold pens, as they've gone AWOL from the craft box.

I'm meant to take the recycling home tonight, but collection day - normally Friday - falls on Boxing Day and I'm not sure if they're actually collecting. Paul and I will have more than enough recycling of our own over Christmas without adding work's collection of milk cartons and bottles, so it can wait until next week...

Right, that killed 10 minutes.

If I don't post again before Christmas (which, let's face it, is doubtful), then I wish everyone a very merry one indeed. But not so merry as to cause awful hangovers. ;)
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Now feeling MUCH better, thankfully, though still backed up full of goop. The cough has subsided from the weekend, too. I managed to do the concert yesterday with no coughing fits or singing issues. All in all it was a very enjoyable concert (aside from baking in Town Hall's choir stalls) and went a little way to restoring my Christmas spirit, which had been waning on Saturday thanks to losing an entire week of productivity to illness.

As a result, however, I need to make a mad dash to the Post Office this afternoon instead. I have one package to send within the UK and one international card and all the others have stamps on. [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure, I apologise in advance if your present doesn't get to you before Thursday... I've missed the 'last recommended posting day' to get it there, alas, and given the size I don't want to know how much it would cost by special delivery... Stupid cold scuppering my plans...

I also need to wrap the bloody thing before I can even go down to the Post Office, as Paul finished wrapping my stuff yesterday and used up the remainder of the paper, so I had to buy some more this morning.

I have some more ramblings about X-Files to write which are a few episodes overdue, but they can go in a separate post. There might be an icon or two making an appearance soon... :)

Three days until Christmas and there's still lots to do: no rest for the wicked disorganised.

Tonight: Asda chrimbo food shop, after I've been to the Post Office.

Tomorrow: Paul's mum's to hand over presents. We were meant to go to Asda on Tuesday but it had to be rearranged.

Wednesday is Christmas Eve. I'm working in the morning and then going for drinks in the Briar... although possibly home first. I was meant to make a cake or similar for our team lunch but I literally have no time to do it so they'll have to make do with something bought instead. Maybe some mini houmous and something to dip in them... :D Hoooooumous...

Oh, and despite best efforts, things seem to have been absolutely rubbish at work whilst I've been gone. The work piled up and nobody wanted to help. The principal for our team (Dave) has now gotten involved where Sandra is concerned, though, so that's a step in the right direction (she took a tape at lunchtime and wasn't seen again until gone 4.00). Apparently one of the Seniors in Central Team has also asked that their typists not do work for any other teams, which is rather missing the point... and obviously because the work was piling up, people were putting urgents in, which made it pile up even more. Apparently Noor stayed until 6.10 on Friday afternoon to get through the pile. I always seem to pick the exact wrong times to go off sick...

Right, that's more than enough. I'll post some Christmassy pictures when the full quotient of presents are under the tree and we've tidied up everywhere - don't ask me WHEN, but it'll be done - and might even take some on Christmas Day for once.
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I am suffering from my third Lurgy Attack this winter, which has got to be something of a record. I normally get away with one full-blown cold and the occasional sniffle, so this is getting mildly ridiculous. I have no idea where it specifically came from - Paul and I met up with a lurgified [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess on Saturday, and Lisa has had something as well - but I'm pretty sure the weather hasn't helped in the slightest, and nor have my grandmother's dogs. I think the same cold is getting passed around this winter and is mutating at every stage, coming back to re-infect people.

On Friday night we pretty much finished our Christmas shopping, with the exception of David's stuff, which I'm getting off Amazon hopefully tonight. He might have to get his on Sunday rather than Thursday, though, given their delivery times lately. (I'm hoping, as Paul is off tomorrow except for a couple of things in town, that if I ask for next-day delivery it'll actually turn up...) Halfway to Wagamama we were stopped by an Amnesty International man trying to make his quota of names for the night, who read us some poetry he'd written on the bus. It was quite good, actually. After Wagamama the walk to the bus stop was in driving wind and freezing rain, so I imagine that didn't help my health much either.

Saturday involved seeing an amateur production of Sweeney Todd with [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess, which was hastily booked earlier in the week on a whim because there were a few tickets left for the matinee. Paul reckoned it was a rather ambitious venture for an amateur group, but they actually did really well. The two leads had good voices - actually, pretty much everyone did, though I thought Johanna could have been a little softer. I've had bits of the songs in my head all weekend as a result, though. I really need to get that movie soundtrack... or listen to the Broadway highlights CD some more. :)

On Sunday we trekked to Cradley Heath to visit my grandmother, which wasn't as bearable as last year's effort purely because I was simply not well enough to cope with her usual fawning. She relates the same nostalgia to me every single time I see her, to the point that now Paul knows the bloody stories by heart as well and I've reached the point where I'm not sure if I actually remember these things or I'm merely creating them from my imagination because I've heard them so often. It didn't help that one of her bloody stupid dogs absolutely hates me and barks obnxiously whenever I sneeze, cough, or blow my nose. Given I'm usually allergic to them and was sneezing anyway thanks to the cold, you can imagine the fun created there...

The food was nice, though, and my father didn't repeat his trick from last year of putting a card through the door and buggering off. My grandmother only mentioned him a couple of times, and the baby once. Apparently he (the baby) is now wearing leg braces. "Will he ever walk?" she asked me. GAH, I DON'T KNOW! I'm not a fount of all knowledge...

I was very glad to leave, especially seeing as she's coming to the concert on Sunday and will be annoyingly fawning at that, too...

I was off sick yesterday with this bloody cold, partially because I felt awful and partially so I didn't spread it around. Still had to go out to get my prescription, unfortunately, but it wasn't as cold as it had been at the weekend... I'm back in work again this morning but losing the will to live already. I actually felt okay this morning but - of course - felt awful halfway to work and now want to sleep. :( I might slope off at lunchtime...


Dec. 12th, 2008 12:06 pm
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The above can best describe my current mental state. The pre-Christmas stress is manifesting in Going Slightly Mad this year. Well, it makes an interesting change from feeling trapped and rushed...

My back keeps twinging ominously and feeling like it wants to flare up to remind me its there. Which is annoying, as I've not had an incident with it for several months and thought it had got better, but in any case I've proved that it gets worse at times of stress. I placated it last night with Olbas Oil and a hot water bottle. Not quite as effective as the eucalyptus-y aromatherapy stuff Lisa gave me last year, but has the same basic ingredients. As I put it to Paul, "Mmm, burny burny soothing". :) (It achieves the same effect as that 'deep heat' stuff but without the minging smell and with the added bonus of being able to remove the heat when it gets too much...)

Still a little achey this morning, but I do at least have cocodamol at work. I should probably stock up on various medications before Christmas in case I come down with a cold or something...

Anyway. Tonight Paul and I are going to attempt to finish Christmas shopping, as for the majority of the next two weeks we'll be seeing various people before the actual day. We're seeing most people after the concert on the 21st, but as we can't do Christmas Eve this year we're trying to at least see people for more than 10 minutes, and to avoid having to drag presents to the Town Hall...

So, from what I can remember, the run up to Christmas looks like this:

Tonight (12th) - finishing (or trying to, at least) the shopping. I only have my grandmother, David, Darren, Andrea and Patrick to get things for, plus some additional stuff for my mum and hopefully something for Alison, but if not she can have it later.

Tomorrow (13th) - seeing Sweeney Todd at the Crescent with [livejournal.com profile] herringpricess in the afternoon, when I can hopefully hand over her present and card. Saturday morning to be spent wrapping some stuff up.

Sunday (14th) - going to see my grandmother - must remember to check train times. Hopefully my father will not repeat his trick from last year of sneaking up to the front door to post a card and then running off again.

Tuesday (16th) - last choir rehearsal before Christmas.

Thursday (18th) - going to my mum's for tea.

Sunday (21st) - concert.

Monday (22nd) - going to Asda for Christmas shop - basics only so we don't spend a fortune.

Wednesday (24th) - at work until lunchtime and then presumably the Briar Rose...

Then it's finally Christmas, and then from 5th to 8th January I'll be at EuroDisney with Vicky and her parents, which I'm hoping the break will have given me enough energy to enjoy. (I am unfortunately at work from 29th to 31st December, but have manged to get 2nd January off...)

All a bit hectic. In between all that we also need to try and see Darren and Andrea and the kids but that's an as-and-when situation, really. And also wrap presents / send cards, which I think may happen at some point next week if I've got everything...

I'm hungry. :( Ah, well. Lunchtime in an hour...
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Well, some of them anyway.

They start here in my macro / arty shots album and there are about six ish.

I was going to make an animation of the tree-building but it'll have to wait until I'm not freezing. :( Might make some icons later also...

Edit, 09/12/08: I am stupid. The album is Facebook friends-locked. I'll open it later.
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That was a pleasant, if slightly exhausting, weekend...

Starting with Friday night, and our first Messiah concert. Compared to the Beethoven it's positively relaxing. :P Paul came home about half an hour after me, drunker than promised (four drinks my big fat arse...) and without his phone, lost at some point in the process of going home. DRINKING IS BAD, MMKAY?

Saturday )

Anyway, at least now the tree is up and that's one element of stress dealt with.

Sunday was the direct opposite. Somehow over the course of Saturday night I drank three glasses of wine, so woke up feeling awful not only with a headache, but random aches and pains from all the hard work the day before. I watched a few episodes of X-Files in bed and then went back to sleep until 1.45. We completely forgot to ring people as promised, so that'll have to be done today.

Sunday night we ordered pasta from Pizza Hut / Pasta Hut (quite nice) which we ate in separate rooms because Paul was playing poker, and then he buggered off out for a drink with Alex (who is temporarily back from Gran Canaria) even though he's seeing him tomorrow, despite saying we would watch something together at 9.00. Thanks. :P

Anyway, work is okay today - plenty to do, so I won't get to leave early, but at least I'm not bored. Things are going to be quite frantic from now on.
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Because it's Christmas, dammit, and I am going to try and make an effort now. Our tree is going up tomorrow and there will hopefully be a series of interesting photographs as a result (of the tree-building/decorating, and then some artsy macro shots...)

I will endeavour to make a new layout over the Christmas period, if my inspiration or energy ever return...
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A while ago, the Assistant Director here at Legal was doing the rounds of our team meetings in order to drive home the five 'goals' of Children's Services, during which she mentioned that the overall goal was - obviously - to protect children. She mentioned that we needed to try and dispell the myth that children are 'the enemy'. Young people in the 21st century are seen as this feral, uncontrollable, criminal force. It's not right that we should feel nervous around a group of 12 year olds, but the sad fact is that we feel as threatened by 12 year olds hanging around on street corners as we do by adult gangs. The sadder fact is that such children feel obviously threatened by each other, if the spate of teenage knife crim is anything to go by.

The AD is, of course, absolutely right. Children should NOT be seen as the enemy, because the local authorities (and, god forbid, their parents) should be working to protect them, educate them and give them the correct opportunities to become reasonable and productive members of society.

Thus far, this tactic appears to be failing horrendously. This morning, some horrible little chavvy oik of a teenage boy decided it would be utterly hilarious to come up behind me and knock my bus pass out of my hand into a puddle, as I was about to get on the bus. He let out a war cry (I wish I was joking), jumped in the air and then 'karate-chopped' my wrist, though all I could actually see was the blur of his white jacket. He was clearly showing off to his mates and looked old enough to know better. Initially I thought he'd bumped into me whilst running past, except upon looking down the road there was nobody running away, whereas there was a group of lads standing behind me looking very pleased with themselves.

Yeah. HILARIOUS. If I'd known for certain which one he was (they all look the same to me) I would have knocked his cap off his head. (Someone's done that to me on a bus before, too.) Except I wouldn't, because the last thing I want first thing in the morning is to get into some kind of pointless altercation with an immature brat trying to impress his equally immature and bratty friends. Taking the intellectual / adult highground doesn't really work against that kind of mentality.

Still, it's marginally better in Kings Heath than it was when I had to get the 11 to work and the 101 to town. There are only two schools on my bit of the 50, and one of them is KE Camp Hill. The other is Queensbridge, and they're both clear before Moseley so the kids are only on the bus for about three stops. On the 11 there were about four schools (George Dixon being one of them; oh, hurrah), and the 101 was a round tour of the worst bits of Hockley. I've had my fair share of horrible school-age children, thank you.

Perhaps, before we can educate children, we need to educate their parents. They're obviously getting it from somewhere...

In other news, I am feeling somewhat saner today. I appear to be moodswinging like WHOA lately, which I can only (I hope) attribute to pre-Christmas stress setting in. Paul and I filled in the diary last night in an attempt to organise the remainder of December, and it's going to be a case of fitting in various family members as and when there is space. Christmas falling mid-week is always a nightmare becuase there's half a week less than usual to cram everything into... or so it seems, anyway. I'm still convinced the days in December are actually shorter than any other time of year...

I still have far too much to do, obviously, but then, I always do. One of these years I'll start my Christmas preparation at least a month in advance...
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Well, that was a SPECTACULAR FAILURE of a Christmas shopping trip. Aside from the fact I didn't really want to get out of bed at all this morning because it's FREEZING (there is frost in the back garden which has been there since THIS MORNING) and my alarm woke me up from a potentially quite interesting dream, I wasn't particularly in the mood to traipse around Birmingham anyway.

I managed to get stuff for my mum and Paul, and also Eni, got a book for Noel and one book for David, who is fucking impossible to buy for anyway so I need to get something else. I was going to get him a fisheye camera from the shop in Kings Heath but they were a lot more expensive than I was anticipating, so no. Still need to get things for Jade, Patrick (joint with Paul anyway), Paul's mum, Lisa, Alison and another something for David. Literally everyone is getting books at the moment.

Things discovered whilst in the process of shopping:

1. Books are HORRIBLY expensive, and Waterstone's are not helping (I got all the books on 3-for-2 that I bought there, by a stroke of luck / genius).

2. The Works, however, is very helpful, though sporadic in quality. And also BUSY.

3. The German Market is the spawn of the Devil himself and should be obliterated immediately. The bloody tourists can find something else to gawp at. Like that nice shiny Bull Ring over there.

4. Disney Store has apparently gone. Well, that's my remaining avenue of inspiration buggered, then.

So, got back from Birmingham and worked stuff out on spreadsheet (I have £35 left to spend, thankfully) and then traipsed out to Kings Heath in a second futile attempt to obtain presents. Festivals is full of fail also since they turned into a card shop rather than an interesting knick-knack shop, and now appear to be selling chocolates. Obviously. Also tried Naquiba, which was ultimatley pointless in terms of presents but useful to remember for future reference for their stock of interesting make-up. Hrm.

And then Somerfield to get stuff for tonight's tea...

I was doing quite well, this year, at not hating Christmas. Until today. Year upon year the horrible consumerism only serves to remind me that I am struggling to afford decent presents because I have no money, which then only makes me detest that consumerism with a fiery passion. Now I understand why our parents never seemed to appreciate the season as much as we small children did. It's because it's a nightmare of frantic shopping and preparation with no time to enjoy any of the "good will"; it's pretending to be having the time of your life when all you want is to lock yourself away from the world for a bit. I don't WANT to go for a drink in a stupid crowded pub with people I can see any other sodding time of year, I just want to stay indoors until it all blows over.

Bollocks to it all.
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That seems to have been the theme of the weekend.

Bristol was cold, too )

Sunday was thankfully a whole lot of nothing. I've finally finished season 3 of X-Files ([livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing is right about "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" - it's utterly brilliant, though I have no idea what the resolution of the case was meant to be...) and will make a start on season 4 tonight. Yay, shippiness. I can remember this season being the one when I was well and truly buried in the obsession and the shipping, so certain episodes stick out in my memory from it: "Unruhe", "The Field Where I Died", "Paper Hearts" and, of course, the inimitable "Small Potatoes" - I remember reading up on spoilers for that one in the early days of my uncle having dial-up and being VERY excited by the plot synopsis. Ah, those innocent days when I didn't fear spoilers. :D

Paul kicked my arse at Scrabble horribly in the evening (literally, he ended up over 150 points ahead of me within two moves) and that made me a bit disinclined to make an effort afterwards. I woke up at 4.00am and couldn't get back to sleep for another hour, so was absolutely exhausted this morning. Meh. Coffee seems to have helped marginally. I think it's definitely time to break out the winter coats, though...

Right. Now is when it starts to get busy. Here is an at-a-glance look at my December...

Wednesday 3rd - shopping day (and a lie in, hurrah)

Friday 5th - first Messiah concert (must book Paul's ticket for this one).

Saturday 6th - Jen and Dave coming over for dinner. Also tree is going up in the afternoon, because I want to get it over with.

Tuesday 9th - second Messiah concert (I might not do this one because it was knackering last time...)

Saturday 13th - possibly meeting [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings in Birmingham after she's investigated the German Market. (I'm going to take her to interesting shops in Moseley and Kings Heath...)

Sunday 21st - Christmas concert (yay!)

Wednesday 24th - I'm at work until 1.00pm (or possibly later as we're meant to be having a buffet at work) and then need to cram in seeing people at the pub, I presume, and seeing family on the evening.

29th to 31st - at work

1st January - Paul's birthday.

2nd to 9th January - off work. Hurrah.

Somewhere in between all of that I need to wrap presents and get stuff in the post, as well as write cards. But yeah, I hate this particular choir season because it's insanely busy. (And having TWO Missa Solemnis concerts didn't really help, either.) Tonight I have to book Paul and his mum's tickets for the Christmas concert before it sells out.

BUSY. I would like the television to stop telling me how few days there are left until Christmas, plz.
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I went to get an eye test this afternoon, having realised things were looking blurrier than usual. I was going to hang on until January, but I don't want the same spate of headaches as I had last time, and figured it was best to get it sorted.

Tests are now just under £20. For some reason they also tested my peripheral vision, which has never happened before... apparently it's fine, though.

I'm going back tomorrow afternoon with Paul to pick out frames. Despite the horrible expense, I will probably end up going for designer frames again. I've had these for four years and they've served me well; besides which, anything under £80 just looks old-fashioned or boring, and after wowing people with my current frames, I would be slacking in my duty to the general public to go for bog-standard boring frames this time around. Anyway, it'll probably be another four years before I buy new ones. I had a bit of a look after the test but nothing immediately grabbed my attention, and besides which there were assistants hovering everywhere, which always makes me feel uncomfortable.

Designer frames would set me back £125, plus an additional £60 for thin and anti-reflective lenses. (Otherwise they look like bottle-bottoms.) Meh. Trust designers to jump all over this particular disability just because it's obviously external... why stop at trainers and jewellery when you can have your logo emblazoned on someone's face, after all?

I had a quick look in Evans at the boots - the endless quest for sensible winter shoes continues - but they were all too high or too expensive or just ugly. Besides which, Evans don't really solve my problem; they fit in the leg but are far too wide in the foot. I've moaned about this enough times over the years and should change the record, but yeah, it's just one of many things which is generally irritating me at the moment, which falls under the general umbrella of "The world is geared towards rich, thin, pretty people and I am none of the above", which... yeah. Self-esteem has never been high on my priority list, but at this time of year it's especially depressing. I am somehow horrifically overdrawn again, also, which isn't helping. I have absolutely no idea where my spending money for EuroDisney is coming from, given there's barely anything in the savings account and I'm completely skint.


Bugger off, universe.

Still haven't decided how to pay for new spectacles as yet. Originally I was going to put them on the credit card, but also originally said credit card was only to be used for 'emergencies' and Christmas shopping, which fell flat on its arse. I suppose I should just buy the glasses from my own money and figure it out later. We should be getting some back-dated pay this month* so that might cover at least some of it.

I'm surprisingly not stressing about Christmas yet, but that's because I have a vague plan, the annual leave situation is sorted (I got the only days I wanted: afternoon of Christmas Eve and 2nd January, and then I'm off for the entire following week because of Disney), and I'm doing the majority of my shopping on Wednesday. I'll just be glad when this bloody Beethoven concert on Saturday is out of the way so I can properly focus on the Christmas stuff - we end up having very little rehearsal for it, which is an awful shame...

I brought the heater down from the attic earlier to put in the hall. FED UP of being cold.

This wasn't meant to be so rambling; I intended to do a guess-the-lyrics meme. Ah well. No-one ever plays anyway. :P

*The majority of people in my office also received a random extra £60 a couple of months back, but I did not. Obviously, I do not exist. We'll see what happens on Friday with regards to this apparent back-dated pay, shall we?


Nov. 26th, 2008 01:35 pm
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Bloody typical.

As soon as I've weaned myself off the Mamma Mia soundtrack for a bit, Tesco are milking the DVD release for all they're worth by playing it on a constant loop. And when I happen to go in there for lunch, they're playing the only song in the entire thing which makes me cry like a baby.

Talking of which, we are doing one particular piece in the carol concert which yesterday night made a lady in the row in front of me start crying. It's one of the most beautiful, haunting pieces I've ever heard, with a simple tune at the start which twists around accidentals and dischords in the middle, all sung a capella. (It's Taverner's The Lamb, and the highlight of this year's concert, it would seem. We don't appear to be doing anything interestingly audience-participation-y, though. :( Oh well.)

Last year, O Little Town of Bethlehem caused a lump in my throat at the morning rehearsal. If I survive the concert emotionally intact this year it'll be a bloody miracle...
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So, here's the latest affliction to hit our accursed house - due to the torrential rain over the weekend (and even before then) there is stagnant water in the basement which is stinking out the bottom floor. Unfortunately, it's Lisa's flat which is most affected, so she's attacking it with Oust and air fresheners. Apparently this is affecting a lot of properties in the area, so it's not just us... Trevor is being his typical bumbling self about it, though he did in fact clean out the drains yesterday and has opened a 'door' somewhere so the basement can air-dry, as there's no point doing anything until that's done.

This is when Paul's housing experience comes in very handy; and the fact that Trevor has given up ringing me and has Paul now as the first contact means that he's more than capable of dealing with it, whereas I would have been completely lost. Lisa is understandably quite aggravated, especially as at first it seemed as though Trevor was going to try and blame us for it. Whilst I was out on Tuesday Paul checked and cleared the drains (and the water level didn't change in the slightest), just as a matter of course; although quite when Trevor expects us to have gotten out there lately to clear them is anyone's guess, given the downpours all weekend.

Ah, the perils of cheap rent..

Oh, also, Trevor rang a couple of weeks ago to ask us to check in the other half of the attic (where the panel is screwed on) to see if we had an insulation, and if not he would contribute towards the cost of the gas company coming out to fit some. My hope is that they might take one look at the open part of the attic and decree it to need re-plastering, but I think that might be grasping at straws. There's not much point insulating in there anyway, really, as the window is open all the time as it is... Not particularly energy-efficient, but no worse than a power-guzzling drier would be...

I'm rather worried about what we might find in the closed bit of the attic, though. Will we release the evil spirits ensconced in the roof? My theory is there's a body up there. ;) It wouldn't smell if it was a skeleton, right?

Nothing much else to report. Concert on Saturday and pretty much busy weekends until Christmas, when it starts all over again with constant birthdays... It seems there's just been no respite this year from forced sociability... And on that note, if you invite me out a week before Christmas, I will probably launch a grenade in your general direction. Just so you know.
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I've been offline for the Christmas period due to the computer being an absolute arse all weekend, so we turned it off at the wall for a couple of days... Seemed to be fine yesterday. Obviously The Beast wanted a break, too.

So, a lowdown:

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Christmas Eve )

Christmas Day )

And finally, yesterday was lazy and fun. I've watched far too much Eastenders than is good for me (by the way, BBC? Stop forgetting to put Friday's instalment on Replay, 'kay? Thx.) purely because Christmas = East End Angst, not to mention a hideous amount of Disney / Pixar movies (Finding Nemo on Christmas Day, plus Home on the Range and Monsters Inc. yesterday...)

So, all the stress was kind of worth it, as was getting everything done a day early so Christmas Eve wasn't a similar stress-fest like last year.

I am in work today, but off tomorrow, thankfully. We going to my mum's for dinner tomorrow, as there wasn't time to organise it before Christmas.

Ah well. It's all over for another year.
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A little later than usual, but nevertheless...

Worst thing about Christmas? )

The remaining days until Christmas have now become far more stressful than they should have been, as I need to make a cake for work and - of course - have decided to try and make proper satin icing again, not least because it's too bloody expensive to buy pre-rolled. Which now means:

Tonight: shopping for lemon juice and food colouring. Attempt to make icing tonight so that if it goes wrong I can revert to my bog-standard uber-lemon cream icing instead. This task would have been made easier if Paul had cleaned the bloody kitchen surfaces yesterday like I asked him to, because that's something else I have to do before I can make the icing.
Thursday: make cake, after last-minute Christmas shopping that I should already have bought because I'm forgetful and stupid.
Friday: Asda food shop. Possibly going out drinking depending on where it is and what mood I'm in. Suspect this may end in tears.
Saturday: visit grandmother.
Sunday: people coming over.

The rest I've already said.

I want to live under a rock until Christmas goes away. I can't cope with all this.

Possibly TMI - body issues )

Christmas - and life - can fuck right off, as ever. I like Christmas, dammit. I don't want to hate it this much.

I'll be under that rock. *points* Wake me when it's over.
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I suppose I should do an update.

Christmas Concert )

I only have a little bit more shopping to do (it wasn't as finished as I thought) but I'm hoping The Works will throw up some more gems in that regard.

I braved the post office yesterday to get everything sent out that needed sending - people should have cards winging their way towards them shortly. I left work at 3.30 with the hope of beating the crowds, but it was still horrendously busy. First I had to queue to buy jiffy bags, then had to queue again to get more (they also don't appear to sell a size between "too small" and "not small enough", which is a pain), then had to find a space on the shelves to fill in the addresses and get everything packed (and half of the stupid gift tags have fallen off as well) and then had to queue to get them sent. Everything cost a grand total of £15.00 to send out, which included seven First Class stamps, three UK-bound packages, one US-bound package, and two US-bound cards. (And those customs forms really take all the fun out of sending people gifts when you have to bloody well declare what's in the package. Bah. I would just put "gift", but I can imagine some stupid US customs person declaring it a bomb threat.)

Other than that, the rest of this week currently stands something like this:

Tuesday - Thursday: work, and last-minute shopping, and last-minute wrapping.
Friday: Christmas food shop at Asda. We must be insane.
Saturday afternoon: visiting grandmother and uncle avec presents.
Sunday evening: family coming over (7.00ish) for present-swapping.
Christmas Eve: drinks at Briar with Lloyd and Derek et al.
Christmas Day: the end.

It's bloody freezing in here again.
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Today I have been uber-productive, or uber-destructive, depending on how you look at it... I got the majority of my Christmas shopping done, at the very least, but I'm going to be raiding the savings account to cover the more expensive purchases (namely the Waterstone's / Disney Store stuff)...

The only remaining things to get are stuff for my grandmother and uncle and Paul's in-laws, which I think we're going jointly on if all else fails, money being rather tight. I've pretty much decided to get my uncle the Simpsons movie as he wanted to see it in the summer, and the others are still a mystery.

I'm quite proud of some of the purchases this year - as anticipated, the majority are books, including some for people I didn't intend to get things for at all, as inspiration struck at the opportune moment... As for Dave at work, he's getting various silly things from Festivals - a recycled pencil that reads "I used to be a plastic cup" (which will be adorned with a post-it reading "Sustainability-Friendly"), a stapler shaped like a hippo, which is the nickname they have for a particularly horrible Judge in the County Court, and a digital clock that rotates so you can stand it anywhere and have it be the right time.

I managed to get stuff for [livejournal.com profile] doec and [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure also, and I intend to copy dren loads of CDs for people as well, because it's easy...

On the way into town, however, the bank rang me up again. Basically, as my account is changing from a graduate account, they want to talk to me about my overdraft (and presumably the reduction thereof - I have a plan with regards to this, but it involves being back in credit...) and also the loan which Paul took out on our joint account, as it's technically a graduate loan. The woman on the phone asked when I was free for a meeting with someone - obviously, I didn't want to go into the bank today, so I said Saturday. She sounded quite put out.

Yeah, that's right, bank - I WORK during the week. Idiots.

So anyway, we have to go and see 'Colleen' at the Kings Heath branch on Saturday at 10.45... Hurrah.

I have Christmas pretty much planned now, I think...

Friday 14 December: works do, which I will probably only attend for a while, depends how tired I am, especially given I now have to go to the bloody bank on Saturday morning.

Sunday 16 December: Christmas concert. Yay concert!

Friday 21 December: payday! And hence, subsequent trip to Asda for Christmas shop.

Saturday 22 December: going to see grandmother - must ring in advance to check.

Sunday 23 December: family around for present-passing.

Monday 24 December: Christmas Eve and possible drinking if such is happening. If not - blissful relaxation, or getting a cheap turkey from the butcher.

Christmas Day: SLEEP.

Box Day: SLEEP

Thursday 27 December: At work. Boo.

Friday 28 December: Annual Leave.

Etc. It's best to write these things down.

I should go and wrap some presents - the tree is looking quite forlorn. I'll post some photos later, probably, when my hands have warmed up a bit...

In the meantime, have some Christmassy icons. The icon on this post is from a set I made a couple of years ago and Yvette's expression basically embodies my attitude towards Christmas at the moment. Bless her.

Don't click here if you're getting a card off me. Unless you don't mind being spoiled. I should have waited, but I'm impatient and forgetful. )

And that's it. A-wrapping I shall go. And also washing up. Hoorah.
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I just managed to get 30 actually-quite-decent Christmas cards from the Poundstrecher offshoot shop in Martineau Place, for a quid. Four different photographic designs, all quite pretty. As these will be going out to various people on my f-list (well, a few anyway), I will more than likely scan them and show them later, as I want to make icons out of them. Need Christmas icons, after all. For the meantime, I might just use one of my old Most Haunted Christmas icons...

I find it very difficult to buy Christmas cards in bulk that I actually like, and I then have the added difficulty of buying separate cards for my family...

Anyway, my plan for tomorrow is to make a list of everyone I need to buy for and hopefully tick it off as I go around. I have a vague idea what I'm getting for some people (my mum is easy to get things for - books, general pretty ornaments, jewellery) and for others I'm hoping inspiration will strike...

Last Messiah concert tonight. I managed to get Paul a ticket in the front row of the grand circle, not realising it would be in the front row, so he's going to hate me for that, I'm sure. :P

PS: If you want a Christmas card off me and I don't already have your address, or you think I don't already have your address, leave a comment on this entry - they're screened. Off the top of my head, I have addresses for [livejournal.com profile] izzles et al (although isn't your flat number now different?), [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings, [livejournal.com profile] collie_wing, [livejournal.com profile] bizarrethe2nd, [livejournal.com profile] winter_jasmine and a few others - I'm not sure if I have [livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing's address. So yeah. Leave me a comment anyway...
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On Wednesday I have a flex day, and I will NOT spend it sleeping, but will GO OUT to BUY CHRISTMAS PRESENTS with my LACK OF MONEY.

I have no idea what to get Paul, and Dave (the Principal Solicitor in our bit of the office) is my Secret Santa recipient, so gawd alone knows what I'm going to get for him. My plan involves:

1. Cheap books;

2. German market randomness; and

3. Festivals in Kings Heath.

And probably a few random New Street stalls and whatnot because srsly I am skint OMG.

Not much else to report on...

Messiah concert on Friday night went well, considering it was the first time I'd sung it all the way through; hopefully Tuesday will go even better now I know what I'm doing. The Hallelujah chorus made my spine tingle, which was nice...

I need to book Paul a ticket for the Christmas concert in a moment, assuming the website is working. Forget that, it's completely sold out. Bollocks.

Oh yes, and we put our tree up on Saturday, so now the presents Jen and Dave brought over a few weeks ago (how organised are they??) have somewhere to live until Christmas Day. I'll post photographs later...

Hrm, I need a Christmas icon.
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Conversation this morning, regarding Marie's quite disgraceful drunken behaviour at the meal yesterday lunchtime, and the fact that she was supposed to be in a meeting that afternoon...

Gaynor M: Well... she is quite bubbly.
Me: Yeah, but there's a difference between 'bubbly' and 'been at the bubbly'...


Other than that, uneventful day so far today.

Things I MUST MUST MUST REMEMBER to take to work with me tomorrow:

  • Choir outfit;
  • Messiah music;
  • Music folder

Rehearsal is at 5.00, so I also cannot be delayed at work, either.

Given that the next Messiah is on Tuesday, I have requested flex leave for Wednesday 12th December, mainly because the concert doesn't end until 10.15 or thereabouts, and I will be knackered. So, if I get that day off, it will be my shopping day. Having a shopping day worked out quite well last year, and I'm setting myself (hopefully) a strict spending limit because I R skint. Cheap books from The Works all around, I think.

That's assuming I get it, anyway. There's supposed to be a meeting with Graham (personnel chap) about the block appeal for the WPO post that day, so I'm hoping I'm not obligated to attend. Nobody else is off that day so there's no problem there. I've started to dread trying to get time off, which is a bit of a shame...

Paul rightly pointed out last night that the bank probably only wanted to hassle me about upgrading to a 'Silver' account, as they sent with the letter the other day. If it's that desperate, I'm sure they'll ring me back, but it doesn't make the situation any less annoying re: opening hours.
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Today has been a bit up-and-downy. I went in to work earlier than usual (8.15) because there was a lot of work to do (mostly due to long tapes and urgents taking up all the time yesterday) and because we had our support team Christmas lunch from 12.00 to 2.00. The lunch was nice, although possibly the two glasses of wine I had did very little for my typing ability for the rest of the afternoon, and afterwards Gaynor (also two glasses to the good) decided the best idea in the world would be to stand on a stool and put decorations up. Resultantly, all the 'stars' of the office have stars over their heads: me, Noor, Gaynor, Dawn (clerical), a vague-direction-that-would-be-Sue-if-she-wasn't-ill, and an empty space by Heather... (basically, the support team, because we keep everything moving).

Also, as a result of doing lots of urgent work on a case this morning, Noor and I came back from lunch to find boxes of Maltesers on our desks as a thank you. :)

Yesterday was mostly rubbish (aforesaid work was annoying - I had more on this, but thanks to a man coming to test our monitors at lunchtime, my PC was turned off and the entry subsequently lost) and wasn't helped in the evening by the announcement in rehearsal that there are only single tickets left for the Christmas concert. I was meant to be buying 7 tickets for people to come and see me, and understandably, none of them want to sit on their own (four of them were my mum, grandmother, David and uncle, although he wasn't a definite, and the other three were Paul, his mum and his niece Jade), so now the only person still coming is Paul.

So that was a bit upsetting, really, and once again I hit meltdown for no reason except that it was my own stupid fault for not booking it sooner, and because I was tired and stressed and meh. I'm not enjoying this being-highly-strung business in the slightest, especially as I'm taking my pills and am relatively mentally sound as a result of such. I just want to come out of 2007 unscathed, please.

Anyway, yeah, to top all that off, I received a voicemail on my phone at about 4.05pm from the bank, someone asking me to call them back. Obviously I didn't hear the phone because I was, well, audio-typing, and trying to make my fingers go in the directions they were supposed to (after two glasses of wine), and didn't get the voicemail until I was on the bus at 4.45. So I decided to ring when I got in and - surprise, surprise - at 5.35 the bank was closed.

Yeah. Banks? You need to learn that PEOPLE WORK FOR A FUCKING LIVING. From 9.00 to fucking 5.00. Stay the fuck open, you bastards.

And obviously, the message didn't indicate what on earth it might be about, just that I didn't have to worry. Well, I AM worrying, so thanks a lot for more undue stress. Just what I needed. Brilliant. Really.


I live in hope that one day, public services will wise up to being in the 21st century...
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We just had a minor network outage, for all of 20 seconds. Not knowing this, I tried to save the bundle index I'd just updated, only to have it go horribly wrong, corrupt the table, and refuse to reopen the file. And obviously, it failed to save the changes. So I've had to delete it and start again from scratch using the original, plus the new dictated additions.

I think tables in Word frell up more than anything else. If your table gets corrupted, there's very little chance you can save it. I used to have similar problems at Ladywood, as all of our templates were form / table based, and subsequently a pain in the arse if they decided not to work, or you accidentally hit 'delete' when you meant 'return'... especially because they were chock-full of random macros that actually didn't work properly, and always assumed you were only writing about one child.

Luckily enough, in this case, the bundle index wasn't that long, otherwise I would have been more annoyed.

I'm hoping there'll be enough work to sustain me until 6.00 this evening, although I'm now very confused about when the heck our first Messiah concert is. I was convinced it was this Saturday, the website says Friday, in which case there's no way I'll be able to make the rehearsal before the concert, as it takes up an entire afternoon... Meh. I may consider not doing the two Messiahs, to be honest, as I still don't know it well enough and missing two rehearsals has done nothing for learning it better, let alone the carols for next Sunday. I need to practice them quite substantially before then, as well as making out which ones we're doing from the carol books. And, actually, I'm sure we haven't even rehearsed Away In A Manger yet because the librarian accidentally got the wrong version... I presume we'll be looking at that tonight...

I am starving. This 'having breakfast regularly' thing isn't working out like it used to...

Edit, after lunch: I just made a very rubbish start on my Christmas shopping - some not-too-hideous, fairly non-offensive wrapping paper (18m for £2.00) and some still coloured lights for the tree (£1.00). And I've already lost the will to live. Bloody annoying people everywhere.
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I watched Graham Norton last night for the first time in absolutely ages. I used to love So Graham Norton when it was on Channel 4, and the BBC show is almost as good (though seems to have lost the level of smuttiness that made SGN that little bit more daring). Last night his guests were Alan Carr and Glenn Close, possibly the strangest combination ever...

Glenn Close is in danger of being fangirled something awful. She's utterly mad, but in the kind of way that you just wouldn't notice...

She can do frighteningly accurate baby impressions which have to be heard to be believed, and also taught Graham the intricacies of Shoe Golf, resulting in her winning a round of it by launching her own shoes (insoles and all - the glamour of Hollywood!) across the studio. So yeah. That was entertaining.

Otherwise, it was the usual surreal fare of The Mighty Boosh, which means a double helping of Noel Fielding as he's replaced Bill Bailey on Buzzcocks for a couple of weeks...

I had another really bizarre dream last night but now cannot remember any of it in the slightest...

PC News

I did a system restore to 1 October the other day which somehow seems to have helped a bit... it started first time yesterday and only took three restarts to get going on Wednesday, with Windows loading after each of them but the mouse freezing after a few minutes. Given that until this point it's been taking anywhere between 6 and 10 restarts / turning off-and-on agains to get it running properly, this is progress. If it does go wrong again, though, unfortunately the warranty ran out yesterday...

The other stupid thing its been doing is thinking its attached to a proper network and every four weeks or so pestering me to change a non-existent password. I went into the adminstration section to tell it there was only one user, but it still seems to think there's a network it has to sign into. And Norton keeps telling me I need administrator privileges, even though I am the administrator... I might just reinstall Norton...

In any case, we might be able to get a free, higher-spec PC off one of Paul's colleagues, which will probably result in there being two redundant PCs in the loft. Although I guess if we ever move into a house we can have a computer on both floors...

I don't think I have anything else to talk about...

Oh, if anyone wants to get me a Christmas present and is stuck for ideas, store vouchers would be brilliant. For clothes, preferably, as I already have £30 to spent on music in HMV and Virgin... so, y'know, Debenhams, House of Fraser or M&S. Failing that, there's an Amazon wishlist somewhere. :P

PS: I've only just noticed that LJ comment editing is back, at long last. That only took them, what, five years?
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I apologise for the South Parkism, but it really was. So much so that I've left it unfiltered to share with my entire f-list.

Multiple Fandoms; Johnny Depp Being Awesome )

It kind of reminds me of those dreams I used to have in my late teens about meeting Richard O'Brien and him always being lovely (I had a spate of them following a couple of Rocky Horror tours). It's nice to dream about celebrities you're never likely to meet and have them be really pleasant, just in case they're complete bastards in real life. :)

And the first paragraph of this dream has reminded me I must type up my horrible standed-in-outer-London dream, before I forget it. In fact, there are quite a few I need to type up...

In other news, I went back to choir last night and managed to warble my way through, as well as picking up my Tewkesbury CD, so look out for an MP3 later...

The only thing about Christmas lately that I enjoy is the singing. Christmas isn't Christmas without singing, and I love love love Christmas music. It's always so beautiful, exactly what I think choir music should sound like. Christmas with CBC is always jam packed: two Messiah concerts, two sessions of carol singing, and then the Christmas concert on top of that. (16 December, 2.30pm, if anyone wants to come...) For the two Christmasses I spent without being in a choir, I felt rather... disconnected from the whole thing.

I tend to reserve all of my Christmas spirit solely for the singing, I think... working full-time turns me into something of a Grinch, combined with the living Hell that is the German Market, working right next to it, and the general mass of people that seem to be EVERYWHERE at this time of year. The very thought of Christmas shopping saps any enthusiasm that I may have had...

I got paid today, including the additional back-payment of cost-of-living increase that we were meant to get in April but which wasn't agreed because of Single Status... so basically, I got about £170 more than usual, and it's taken me up to £50 overdrawn. I don't know where the Hell all my money is going. Or, well, I do, but it won't be resolved until the new year. Considering I started trying to sort my finances out in March, I was hoping to be back on track by now. And I know I keep on whinging about it, but it's bloody annoying.

It's almost as bad as when I was at Uni in my third year, but with the added annoyances of earning regular money, paying LESS rent, NOT going to see musicals all over the place, and STILL being broke. So I'm sure my frustration is understandable.

2007 has been kind of sucky. I've been constantly unwell, I've been almost constantly paranoid, I've been constantly broke, nothing bloody works, I've put money and effort into things to no avail, and generally I've been a bit of a grumpy-arse a lot of the time. If 2008 doesn't buck its ideas up, I may have to just give up altogether.

Anyway. I'm going to stop writing this one now, otherwise I’ll spend all day moaning and the entry will be ridiculously long…


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