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Arising out of a conversation with [personal profile] commoncomitatus on Saturday on AIM (which, as an aside, we ended up using due to having issues with YIM - my old contacts list was a gut-punch of nostalgia!), I thought it pertinent to update my list of works in progress / to-be-written stories, as I'm pretty sure it's gotten bigger since the last time I did one of these posts...

These are in no particular order but I will at least attempt to cluster them together under separate fandoms, and I'll do the fandoms alphabetically. Pretty sure at this juncture I don't actually have to denote what the pairings will be. :P

Hopefully I haven't missed anything.

Current Works in Progress )

I was also going to list the amount of things which are finished and pending sharing online (FFN and/or AO3) but frankly this is long enough already. :P

My brain is a massive filing cabinet. I'm beginning to suspect this is why my short-term memory is so shoddy...
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As if falling back into Frasier, Farscape and X-Files wasn't bad enough - and also Buffy as Denise and I progress further through that re-watch - I am still periodically flailing about POTO. :P

I went to Denise's on Saturday, initially because we were going to continue the Buffy-athon, but instead I inflicted shared the POTO 25th anniversary concert (and latterly the 1925 silent film, just for comparison purposes).

POTO is a really weird thing. I fall in and out of it regularly, and the the only time I fall back into it is after actually seeing/reading some version of it. I finished "Whisper" in a creative flurry after my first viewing of the gala concert; "Freedom from Darkness" (my first proper POTO fic) and its sequels came from the germ of an idea after I first saw the show in Birmingham, aged 16; and my Mary Sue story / A-Level creative writing assignment was written following my first reading of Susan Kay's Phantom. When I'm not flailing about it, though, I kind of forget the power it has over me. I'll go for months - even years - without reading/writing fanfic or even thinking it about it at all. I still count it as a fandom, of course, and it's always there in the periphery of my mind, but until the point when it actually takes over my head again I tend to file it away somewhat as one of those frivolous fandoms of my youth.

Although if the recent rewatches have proven anything, it's that those so-called frivolous fandoms of my youth were more important than I gave them credit for. ;)

Anyway, the point is, it's the most horrendously addictive thing in the world. I can remember listening to the soundtrack almost constantly on several occasions in my teens and 20's, and nowadays, each and every time I've watched the 25th anniversary gala, I am overcome by the desire for MOAR PHANTOM.

That being said, because it's been 1.5 years since the gala concert and because I've watched it three more times since then - which isn't much in the grand scheme of things but if I were still a student I imagine that number would be more like 300 - I felt like doing an entry about some of my favourite things about the performance...

POTO 25 Awesomeness )

I shall now come out of the cut to briefly mention this other, semi-related thing which I discovered on Saturday whilst we were watching the 1925 silent film, which [personal profile] commoncomitatus will also appreciate. I was IMDb-ing to find out where they'd filmed it, because the Palais Garnier interiors were so accurate (soundstage 28, apparently, where many of the sets still remain and which is rumoured to be haunted), and in the process of reading the trivia page I learned the following exciting nugget of information.

The ornate bed in Christine's bedroom is the same one used by Gloria Swanson 25 years later in Sunset Boulevard. Which explains why it was so bloody familiar!!

These fandoms are content to remain intertwined, apparently. :D

Okay, I think this is long enough. I might come back with exciting POTO screencaps at some other juncture when I have more spare time. Watch this space. :D
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Okay, okay, I get it, already! I will never refuse to write for POTO again!

Cut for rambliness. )

In other news, we have a very busy few days ahead. Over the weekend the landlord's gardener came and sorted out the drive, patio and garden, all of which look amazing now. Much better than we could have achieved ourselves (and in any case it would have taken us weeks; killing the weeds was turning into an uphill struggle). The gardener also helpfully mowed the lawn and strimmed the hedge, and took out the big dead tree. Now my plan for a vegetable patch may come to fruition (ho ho)!

Also we went into Birmingham on Saturday so I could spend some of my back-pay - more kitchen bits from Livstil (two sieves, a new pizza cutter, two good-quality pie / flan dishes, and new measuring cups), and some bits from New Look (tartan shoes, a hoodie which is a bit too small so needs to be exchanged, and finally some jeans that fit). Had lunch in Cafe Rouge, which took bloody ages as usual because for some reason they cannot seem to cope when they have more than five customers. For tea we had scallops with black pudding and pea puree (courtesy of Paul), and a recipe from Jamie's Great Britain of pork and apple rice salad, which was lovely. (We picked up the pork belly from the markets for £1.95 - bargain!)

Oh, and yesterday I decided to rearrange the kitchen again, to minimise space in which to pile up washing up, and to maximise space elsewhere. Looks pretty good, actually. ;) (Other than that I have been mostly playing Red Dead Redemption on the X-Box.)

On Thursday, we're going to see the Killers. :D OMG SO EXCITE. Thankfully we have Friday off, but it'll be spent getting in food and cooking things for our Hallowe'en party, which was meant to be on Saturday but we got a last-minute invitation to a birthday party. Then next week I'm seeing Evanescence on the Thursday, and going to Paul's mum's for fireworks on the Friday. :)

Thankfully I am now on leave of absence from choir until next September, so will have a bit more spare time to throw at things like Christmas. I'm hoping to be able to go and see either the November concert or Messiah (just to see what it sounds like from the other side) but will have to see how things go.

So yeah. Probably going to be quite busy for the foreseeable.
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I sent off the job thingy this morning, after going through pros and cons this weekend of both my current job and the Legal Assistant one. I have nothing to lose by trying. Having an interview and then thinking about whether or not to accept it is not really an option because of the tight timescales (interviews will be tomorrow, with the person starting on Wednesday), but we'll see what happens.

If it hadn't been for having to email the expression of interest this morning, I wouldn't even be in today, as my back is in pieces. I have no idea why, seeing as I didn't do anything this weekend which might have aggravated it. Friday was spent on the sofa, as was Saturday, and all we did yesterday was hang some pictures to clear a shelf in the bedroom - and even then, Paul did most of the hammering and climbing on chairs. All I can think is that the decision to actually go for the job was a de-stress reaction, as my back does tend to flare up as a result of things like that. But yeah, it suddenly started hurting yesterday about 2.00pm, co-codamol is doing nothing, and I might well go home at lunchtime and lie on the sofa with my wheat-bag again. I was tempted to take Valerian last night... might try that tonight and see what happens. I can't afford to be off sick tomorrow either given there may be an interview happening - hopefully it won't clash with Caroline's maternity leaving lunch as that would be irritating... especially since, you know, if I get this job Tuesday will be my last day sitting with South Team.

Er, yeah, anyway, I will stop projecting possible outcomes. In other news, I had yet another POTO story idea this morning. I blame listening to the Crawford/Streisand "Music of the Night" duet on my MP3 player mostly for this, although frankly it could be the painkillers. :P

Cut because you're not interested in any more of these insane concepts, I'm sure. )

It would have been nice if all these story ideas could have come in a slow trickle rather than hurling themselves into my brain like bloody lemmings. :P

In other other news, now that I've reached the end of my PDR year, GodSquad has taken back the job of tidying up the IKEN contacts. She's just sent an email saying she's going to try and get rid of the duplicated addresses. HAHAHAHA good luck with that. If I didn't have time to do that then I'd love to know why she does, considering the reason I took the job off her in the first place was because she didn't have time!!

In any case, her email is a stark reminder of why I was job-hunting in the first place. So, thanks for reassuring my decision, GodSquad. :P
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I am starting to wish I'd never woken the Erik!Muse up. Whilst he understandably went into shell-shocked hibernation at the arrival of various aliens, movie stars and spacemen in his lair (read: my brain), all that hiding has apparently given him plenty of time to do what he does best and devise insane ideas, which he is now punishing me with as revenge for the invasion of privacy.

Someone please stop me before I think this is a good idea, for the love of anything )

So, let's see how long this one remains in the realm of "not being written, thank you" before I cave under the pressure. :P
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...but for getting distracted by all the work insanity. To update on that situation: Spellathon hasn't put any work in today, and her case summary got finished at some point this morning. That "urgent" case summary, which she demanded for 2.00pm Court run yesterday, is for a hearing which is not until 23rd May. So not only did she panic us unnecessarily, she's now throwing a strop.

I am actually disappointed the hearing is on 23rd May, as I was very much hoping it would have been this morning and she'd turned up to Court without a case summary. :P (As much as she would like to have laid the blame on us, of course, there's no way she could have gotten away with it because it would have been down to her own disorganisation.)

It does sort of feel like she put in all the urgent jobs merely out of spite in the end. It really does need to be taken higher, to her line manager preferably, but I very much doubt that will happen unless she repeats this behaviour again in a few weeks' time - which is very likely as she'll only last a few days doing her own typing - and we all start moaning again.

I still don't know what Moany's problem with Strict was, either, despite having the conversation again this morning with Noor. Apparently after completing the case summary she was "going to bring it up" in her 1:1 (OH NOES) and Noor only went to Senior to apologise for not doing it herself! (Er, her mother was sick, I'd say that takes priority.) So much fail, Moany. SO MUCH FAIL.

Anyway, here's the good thing: the epic POTO/Jack the Ripper crossover thingamabob. [livejournal.com profile] cloudsinvenice - I know you've offered to beta (which does not get [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus off the hook either), if I get that far, and I am going to reveal the main plot as well as the Twisty Ending under the cut so I don't forget things, so if you'd rather not be spoiled you can avoid this bit. :) I know when I used to beta "blind" the surprises were all the more surprising and made things easier to judge, if that makes sense... So yeah, anyway, here goes. This story has become sentient and has a plan to take over the world. )

I told you it was epic. :D

PS: If I fail at Sherlock Holmes fic-writing, I am more than open for [livejournal.com profile] cloudsinvenice to co-write! Frankly, I'm going to need all the help I can get. ;)
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Well, that was an up-and-down sort of four days...

Easter Weekend )

So, that was our Easter weekend. I had planned to get through a load of washing, but obviously the weather conspired against me. According to the weather forecast it's also going to be grim when we're away in Tenby next week, although they also said we would have ten solid days of rain in Birmingham and there's blue sky out there today, so maybe they're wrong. ;)

Here's the recipe for the Indian-style prawn toasts, off the top of my head... I might have missed something seasoning-wise but I think this was the process.

Recipe: Indian-Style Prawn Toast )

Today I have managed to injure myself twice in the space of 30 minutes, firstly by bashing the back of my hand off the corner of a desk (I actually have a lump there now), and secondly by walking into the door frame on my way downstairs (probably going to be a lovely bruise). I'm going to the gym later so let's see what else I manage to do. Also my fingers are peeling at a rate of knots, so no chance of getting my nails done all pretty for going away next week. Bah.

Okay, I think that's long enough. Over and out.
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Saturday was quite busy this week, as it was Jade's 20th yesterday (1st April) and one of Paul's colleague's 30th, so we had two separate sets of things to go to. We went to Jade's in the early evening, drank and watched TV and laughed at her hyperactive dog, got delayed an hour waiting for our taxi (we ordered three, the first two turned up and the third went AWOL) and then went to the Vaults for an hour or so. It was a bit noisy in the bar, but I definitely want to go back and try the restaurant as the building itself is very cool - though the cocktails are hideously expensive.

Yesterday we were going to do a ghost walk with Darren and family but we were much too tired and had things to do. Operation Salad Lunches is in full swing now so we went to Bearwood to get supplies (more salad, couscous, plus some bits for tea - we somehow still managed to spend £50), and then I spent much of the day doing washing as the weather was nice. (Our garden gets the sun pretty much all day, so is great for drying things.) We had a leg of lamb from Aldi for dinner with roasted veg and minted potatoes, and then Paul fell asleep watching Anchorman and refused to go to bed. :P

I've purposely left the beginning of this entry quite sparse as I have a lot to say about the other thing I did on Saturday, which was to have a girly afternoon with my mum watching Love Never Dies, the Phantom sequel, on Blu-Ray on the shiny LED TV. So of course I have quite a lot to say. ;)

Love Never Dies Review - contains massive spoilers! )

Hmm. Yes. I suppose I expected LND to bring some of these feelings out again, but despite all that, it has a few nice moments. I might buy the soundtrack at some point, and I will probably watch it again now that I'm not going in "cold", but I think I'm going to have to look at it like a big-budget fanvid or it'll make me crazy.

Right, I think that is quite long and boring enough. I actually went looking for LND fanfic last night and for some reason had not anticipated that the majority would be missing scenes for "Beneath a Moonless Sky". (Like the badfic authors needed any more excuses.)

I wrote this at work today to get it out of my brain and subsequently was not exactly productive. Oh well. :P After the gym today Paul and I met up with Lloyd and Denise at Las Iguanas and had lovely Mexican food, so that was nice. I basically had fish and chips but the chips were sweet potato, which I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed, so I will definitely be buying more in future. :)

Right, that's it. I shall post this and probably go to bed. :P
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Again, at least it's not about work. I will stop whinging and moaning on LJ soon, I promise. I bloody hate March.

Weight Loss Moan )

Now for something completely different, if not entirely new.

Fandom Moan )

Sigh. I am so sick of being tired and angry all the time. It makes it that much harder to care about anything any more, and I've forgotten what not being tired even feels like.

Whinge, whinge, whinge. Clearly, this is why I don't post anything for ages.
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Buggeration; I've just remembered the other thing I was going to mention re: Sherlock Holmes / POTO nonsense. It completely fell out of my head yesterday.

Cut for obvious reasons and more potential spoilers. )

So, now I've got all the Sherlock Holmes insanity out of my system, I need to clear my brain to attempt to review The Artist tomorrow. I anticipate this will have the same fandom-relating effect except with Sunset Boulevard; silent films are to SB what the Palais Garnier is to POTO.

On that note, it is now lunchtime.
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We went to see the new Sherlock Holmes last night, on Orange Wednesdays at Cineworld. Orange Wednesdays are the only exception to my rule of only seeing films at IMAX or the Electric (thanks to AMC fail when we saw Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and my being generally opposed to Cineworld's ethos) and there seems to be a direct correlation between how busy the cinema is and how bloody quiet it is, as both times now we've seen a film there on a Wednesday evening in a packed auditorium where everyone shut up - as opposed to half-empty auditoriums where noisy bastards feel a need to fill the silence.

I wouldn't go there normally considering it's now £6.85 for a single ticket at peak time (with an extra few quid on top if it's in 3D)! I don't mind paying a tenner for IMAX because, you know, it's a 60-foot screen; we saw Sherlock... on Screen 12, one of Cineworld's smallest screens. I mean, it's still bigger than Screen 1 at Odeon but, you know, for nearly seven pounds I expect better when the film hasn't even been open that long.

To prove the point about why I dislike their treatment of films: they're showing a Luc Besson film entitled The Lady, which is only on Wednesdays at lunchtime. We're several editions behind on Empire presently so I've not heard of this, but Cineworld's treatment of it alone makes me think it would actually be quite good, if I had time to see it. According to Cineworld logic, only unemployed people want to see arthouse films. Which is about as ignorant as Jeremy Clarkson's presumption that only poor people use public transport.

Plus they were obviously sore about Vue obtaining the rights to the POTO 25th anniversary gala - and thus lots of money - considering their sarcastic 'summary' of it on their Twitter feed. :P

Anyway, gripes about the company aside, here are some thoughts on Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I think actually I should have bought the first one on DVD already to re-watch it, as I'd kind of forgotten HOW AWESOME it was. Thoughts under here - contains spoilers, obviously. )

Right then, here's the separate cut with my POTO-related ramblings, which I want to keep apart from the film thoughts because they're only semi-related... In which Erik is vocal again. )

Fandom makes me crazy, apparently. But I think we already knew that.

In other news, I was supposed to re-start gym attendance this week but being insanely busy has put a damper on. Paul's Monday nights have now been reclaimed, as Broken Amp is going monthly rather than weekly, but he was at Alex's this week, then I had choir on Tuesday and we went to the cinema last night, obviously, so I need a quiet end-of-week before going out to the cinema again on Saturday for The Artist at the Electric.

We booked to see it at the Electric thinking it wouldn't be on elsewhere, and naturally, because it stormed Cannes it's on everywhere. Still, it will be interesting seeing it at the Electric and for once I don't mind them showing a mainstream film. :P (Even they've relegated it to Screen 2, though.)

I also want to try and catch Hugo in 3D at the IMAX whilst it's still showing. It's nearly Oscar season so there will hopefully be some good stuff in the pipeline (although War Horse is being trailered to death), but even if there isn't, the new Tim Burton endeavour, Dark Shadows, opens in April or May. It looks gothalicious so I am very much hoping for an IMAX release. 60-FOOT GOTHIC JOHNNY DEPP, HELLO. :)

Right then, I think this entry is MORE than long enough, so I will sign it off. Apparently with my LJ these days you get nothing or you get epic spam. Sorry.
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I've been scribbling a bit more down of the "Whisper" epilogue, not through any conscious effort but merely because it came to me. I do want to finish it, so any extra words are a bonus, but I haven't been actively clamouring for any inspiration.

Cut because nobody cares and because I'm basically hashing stuff out... )

Er, yes. Muses are not a force to be reckoned with, apparently.

In other news...

Two Messiah concerts down now, Christmas Treats on Sunday and then a busy week in the run-up to the Big Day. I'm not particularly looking forward to working the three days between Christmas and New Year, but at least I have the first week in January off to recover...

As for Messiah, apparently our Symphony Hall performance on Friday night was one of our best ever (after the concert, Adrian was apparently beseiged by members of the CBSO singing our praises), apart from us being Classic FM's "Messiah of choice" for the festive season. It even seemed better in Town Hall this year, perhaps because we're now getting more used to the acoustics. I used to prefer the SH performance because the hall is so much bigger, but we can hear a lot better in TH and it all sounded much sharper. (The only trouble with doing Messiah at SH is that we have to sit on the platform rather than in the choir stalls, which perhaps accounts for the fact that we can't hear the orchestra or each other properly...)

Annoyingly, right before the final movement of Part One ("His yoke is easy"), a tickly and painful cough worked its way into my throat. It's not only the highest movement in the entire piece (the only one to go to a top B), it's also full of fiddly semi-quavers, which were impossible to sing through and in fact only made matters worse. Miming is really frelling weird, I have now discovered; I then spent the entire interval coughing and drinking water in an attempt to clear it. Thankfully the second half was okay. :P

Yesterday I went to the carol service at Birmingham Cathedral with some other work people (Sian, who organised it, Kemi, Natasha, Dave and Jerome), which was quite a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Sian read about it in the weekly news bulletin email and then asked around if anyone wanted to join her (I think she didn't want to go on her own) - as it transpired there was someone there from almost every tier of Legal Services from Chief Solicitor to WPO, which was accidental but fortuitous. ;)

Last night Paul and I put another big dent in our Christmas shopping – only a few more bits to get now. I did the post office run this lunchtime; the inland packages should reach their destination on time, but I'm not so sure about Katie's... I might be lucky. :) It would be remiss of me not to get her Christmas present to her on time considering she sent hers early this year. (Alas, I am not that organised.)

Now, the run up looks something like this:-

Sunday (18th) - Christmas concert at Town Hall;
Monday (19th) - Paul at Broken Amp;
Tuesday (20th) - Carmina Burara rehearsal;
Wednesday (21st) - my team lunch, Paul at another gig;
Thursday (22nd) - Christmas food shop;
Friday (23rd) - family over at either ours or Paul's mum's;
Saturday (24th) - pick up goose from butcher, relax a bit, go to pub;
Sunday (25th) - DEATH. Er, I mean, Christmas. :P And it's my turn to make dinner.

Good God, that's a lot of dates. ;)

I hate December.

Work is periodically up and down lately, though where we used to get peaks and troughs on a monthly basis, they are now literally over the course of a day: we go from having nothing to having six urgents in a row.

I intended to post this entry last night (it wouldn’t post at work, though I’m not sure if that’s because of the DDOS attacks or work’s internet being poo, or perhaps a combination of both), as well as work on the epilogue some more, but shopping, wrapping and showing wiped me out.

Also it seems Paul might have ‘flu – actual ‘flu, not man ‘flu. He was shivering last night and couldn’t get warm. His forehead felt normally warm (i.e. not burning up) but yeah, obviously he’s not at work today. As long as I don’t catch it – I forgot to get a ‘flu-jab this year and I have a concert on Sunday!!

Over and out, and Merry Christmas if I don't manage to update before then.
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It's been a month since I posted the first chapter of "Whisper", and still no reviews. I've spent that long debating whether or not to remove the story in its entirety, but for the sake of completeness, I've posted the second chapter this evening. The stats seem to indicate that people are reading it, even if they're not giving feedback, so for the sake of anyone who might actually be interested, I figured it couldn't hurt to post the entire thing eventually. The second chapter is longer and (hopefully) more interesting, so we'll see what happens.

In other, work-related news, Chatty is actually retiring finally. She's been on long-term sick due to having a cataract operation and it was announced last week apparently that's she's made the decision to retire. I can pretty much guarantee that this will not have any detrimental effect on our workload, given that (a) we're horrendously quiet again lately, and (b) she never did any bloody work anyway. :P

Work Stuff )

On a final note, I have just tried to do my first "remote record" from the internet to the Sky+ box, because I'm too lazy to go downstairs. :P
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I have reverted to my old Christine layout (based on the Heindel painting, "The End of Innocence") just because I'm still vaguely in Phantom mode despite FFN and its inherent fail...

It has been so long since I used this layout that (a) the picture had vanished from my hard-drive because I made it three PC's ago (I had to fetch it from my Photobucket account); and (b) it was still set up for my old 15" monitor.

I was supposed to be out for joint birthday work drinks this afternoon but as a migraine has been brewing all day and cocodamol succeeded only in monging me out for half an hour (thankfully work has been ridiculously quiet lately), I decided not to bother.

Tonight's task: find an interesting pumpkin design for carving tomorrow.

Over and out.
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I've had a bit of an entry going around my brain all weekend and have not quite gotten around to formulating it into anything concrete. To be honest, though, I don't think I'll bother, as I don't think articulating it in an artistic fashion will really help. I'm having a fandom-related emotional crisis at the moment wherein my supposed writing abilities are in question, and am in a bit of a quandary. I'm hoping some of the reaction can be attributed to PMT - which is what I explained my bad mood away as this weekend - becase I am getting occasional twinges of "wimmins", but it might just as easily be another bloody UTI from all the coffee I have to drink to function as a human being first thing in the morning.

Less coherent version here. )


In other news, my choir is dumb. Our next concert is shaping up to be an epic failure in terms of attendance. It's supposed to celebrate our 90th birthday, so in their infinite wisdom the concert planning group decided (a) to schedule it for 5th November - Bonfire Night - when people will have much better things to be doing involving, y'know, fireworks, and (b) to perform two pieces nobody has heard of. And then they wonder why nobody's buying any tickets. Like the Bach Mass, we are required to attend a certain amount of rehearsals in order to do the concert, and thanks to missing a few this season I'm on the borderline again.

This season is insane, as usual. We have no less than six concerts before January (I'm doing five of them), like Christmas isn't busy enough already. Once again I'm finding the constant pressure to attend and sell tickets to things people don't want to see to be tiring, and once again I'm considering leaving - the changes they keep making "for the better" seem only to make everything more pressured. One of those pre-January concerts is Carmina Burana with the Royal Philharmonic and that's literally the only thing - aside from the Christmas stuff - keeping me there at present, but at this rate I don't think I'm going to have the energy for it, especially as I'm working on 30th December when we're doing said concert. Messiah mid-week is exhausting enough before Christmas.

I'm pretty sure hobbies are not supposed to be this bloody irritating.


Oct. 18th, 2011 03:02 pm
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The Phantom fic is finally finished - apart from the epilogue, but there's no rush on that, really - and I've posted the first chapter!


Not sure what the posting schedule will be yet - I haven't ever been in a position of being able to post chapters regularly from a completed story, but I'm glad I made the decision to get it done and dusted before releasing it on the masses. :P

Er, I'll do a proper birthday update when I'm back at work tomorrow. Needless to say it was drunken and I spent much of my actual birthday with a hangover / migraine. :P

Anyway, just thought I'd post that bit of excitement. :D

Now watch it get ignored, unless anyone who has me on author-alert is still alive...
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Work has slowed down to an absolute crawl this week, hence this entry being long, rambling and pointless. 'Pologies.

My various fandoms are very strange and peculiar beasts in the way they invade my consciousness.

Take Sunset Boulevard, for example. Whenever it comes to visit, it opens a trapdoor beneath my feet and drops me back into it with an almighty crash. I have brief, crazed flurries of productivity - whether that's fanfic or character study (sorry, Eni...) - and then it bows out for a while to leave me in peace. By contrast, Jonathan Creek comes in, taps me politely on the shoulder and hangs around for a few weeks before sloping off again. And The X-Files, when that revisited, awoke like a great sleeping dragon, blew fire and brimstone for a bit, then went back to its cave.

I always say that old fandoms never die, they just lie dormant; I'm just fascinated by the different ways in which they decide to reappear.

Phantom, however... oh dearie me. For the most part, I blame my decision to re-read Kay's novel. Immediately post-gala I was craving MOAR PHANTOM and reached for that book as a quick fix; the penultimate section (which deals with the events of the musical/original book) is, frankly, glorious. And now, of course, I've started it again, and Erik - my original and first Muse - has decided to return.

Stuff which makes me sound crazy... )

Good lord. I never quite anticipated that being out of fandom for so long would result in my LJ becoming full of periodic, epic fandom posts whenever I fell back into it. Was I always this bad? ;)

PS: Yay, I get to use my new icon!


Oct. 10th, 2011 12:03 pm
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This weekend was mostly spent being a massive geek. Apart from this bit which wasn't. )

Anyway, after that wasted morning and early afternoon, we decided to investigate downloading games onto the Wii. Here comes the geekage )

On a final note, I will re-post these details here in case anyone missed them on Facebook:-

30th Birthday Drinks

Saturday, 15th October at 7.00pm at the Kings Head Pub in Bearwood (formerly the Quantum), which is on the corner of Hagley Road and Lordswood Road. If coming by bus you can get the 9, 126 or 140 from Colmore Row (they go from the same stop), all of which stop opposite Bearwood Bus Station (on Hagley Road). Alternatively, if you live on the route, the 11 goes past it. The 11C stops right outside or the 11A on the other side of the road, both on Lordswood Road. It's a pretty massive pub so you shouldn't be able to miss it. :P

If Bearwood is too far away for people then I'm also having post-work drinks at about 4.30ish on the Friday, starting at Colmore Bar & Grill, which is near Pij and part of the new(ish) Premier Inn. Currently there's only two or three definite attendees from my work lot, plus myself and Paul, because... yeah, I'm so popular. :P Caryn is one of the definites and will be slightly late as it's her birthday a day before mine so she's going for a massage (fair enough!) but she assures me people will congregate on the afternoon... clearly she has more confidence in them than me. The other two are Gaynor and Marvin. Hopefully other people will come. :|

Also the time on Friday may be subject to change as inevitably, last minute stuff will crop up... As to Saturday, I'm having a family meal beforehand at 5.00pm and hopefully we'll be done in two hours, but if you arrive and can't see us just send me a text to say you're there and I'll find you afterwards. It's a very nice pub and also very big so hopefully space won't be an issue...

I think that's everything. Work has been annoying as ever, but nothing so horrendous that I've felt the need to blog about it... Tonight I need to unpack some more stuff before I waste my evening on fandom stuff. Oh, adulthood, you great bore...
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I think I need a new icon of some description, containing the words, "I'd rather be ficcing". (I also need to make a new Google Earth "home" icon, now I come to think of it, so maybe I'll do that tonight.)

I'm still very much trapped in Phantom Mode at the moment, whilst trying to maintain momentum on my other 'ships so they don't fall out of my head in the process of finishing "Whisper". Ideas for the ending are coming thick and fast of late and I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up. I very much appreciate being able to write during daylight hours (as opposed to two in the morning), but honestly, brain, why must you always do this when I'm at work?!

Some ramblings about fanfic - including spoilers for my POTO story, if anyone cares... )

Well, that was a lot of words about nothing, wasn't it? At least when I was writing all the time I didn't feel the need to ramble excessively about it. :P

In other news: work is being mildly annoying, still, but I can't be bothered to moan about the same old stuff. Also, I have ten days of my twenties left (meh) and I'll do a Facebook entry about drinks and whatnot. [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus, I need to send you an email also. Watch those respective spaces.

Over and out.
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OKAY. Second attempt at this, as we had a power cut at work and it ate my first draft (and I had to finish it at home because I was busy). Thankfully I hadn't written very much in the way of Actual Thoughts...

And, before I properly begin - HOLY CHRIST IT'S HOT. Apparently it's meant to snow by the end of the week, after averaging about 30 degrees on Saturday just gone. I second [livejournal.com profile] flatline2010's Facebook status - the world is broken.

Anyway, we - Paul, David, my mum and I - went to see Phantom of the Opera last night for its 25th anniversary performance at the Royal Albert Hall - via Vue at Star City, I should say, as tickets for the Albert Hall were £25 for standing only - up in the gods and riiiiight at the back - and £250 per person for a box seat. Frankly, none of us are that rich. :P

We had seats at the middle in the back, which actually were okay because it was showing on Screen 1. I suspect this is better treatment than it would have received at Cineworld had they gotten their grubby paws on it - their description of the plot was decidedly sarcastic on their Twitter feed, to say the least...

The concert / show is being released on DVD and Bluray in November so be warned that if any POTO fans on my f-list are reading this, there will be specific, performance-related spoilers... It was streamed live around the world in any event (and apparently not-so-live as I think there are further showings this week), though obviously taking time zones into account, people may well have missed it.

Review / Ramblings - probably LONG and contains SPOILERS. )

I totally wish Sunset Boulevard were so popular, but alas I feel a 25th anniversary performance of it may be a distant dream. Although at this rate the movie version is never going to get made either, so I suppose that's a blessing in disguise. ;)

Needless to say, I am now suitably reinspired to finish "Whisper", my latest POTO fic, though I may have to change tactic slightly. Fic spoilers / boring stuff )

Watch this space; I might even post it soon!

I was looking online for a photograph to post with this entry, but thanks to the 2004 movie being so prevalent, I failed. In any event, I was going to post a picture of the moment Erik draws Christine through the mirror, or more specifically the moment he actually appears, because basically it's the sexiest thing EVAR and I just... do not know why. Something about the cape and the mask and the smoke, I think; either that or I've finally gone mad. ;)

On that note, I shall flee.
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RIGHT THEN. I'm now not doing anything this weekend except a ridiculously hard concert in a place that's almost impossible to get to if it rains (i.e Worcester) so I'm going to attempt (being the operative word) to get the Fandom for February meme under my belt. If only because I intended to do Movies for May and can't if the Fandom meme is still outstanding. Also I have two of these posts already mostly written up, which was done before I fell out with February and gave up on it. :P

Also Paul is having a games night (I cooked a chilli - OM NOM NOM) so I can't watch the Giles+Sue Royal Wedding (though, yeah, WTF is up with the no advertising, Beeb?! I only found out via Twitter that it was tonight.)

Okay, without further ado, here is the first catch-up post. I might post another one later. We'll see.

Day 19 )

LONG CATCH-UP IS LONG. Thankfully I wrote most of that at work back on 19th February. :P


Mar. 31st, 2009 10:47 pm
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I haven't updated because I'm... not really doing anything. Today I made a start on reading Watchmen (about halfway through) and have given up on Little Women because my brain is not in the right mindset to attempt the language. So instead I shall start The Last Unicorn tonight.

Anyway, that isn't why I'm posting.

TPTB at fanfiction.net have finally realised that 'Musicals/Plays' needs to be a top-level category of its own, rather than being pushed into the 'Misc' category. As a result they've tidied it all up a bit and put the insane amount of Cats fic into a sub-category of its own.

For some bizarre, unfathomable reason, they have a Phantom of the Opera section in there. I say this is bizarre because there's already a perfectly adequate POTO section in the Books category, which contains four 'world' filters - book, movie, musical and alternate.

So, there are two whole fanfics in the Musicals/Plays category. Wow. Two! The last review of the first one contains the following words:

...I think it's such a shame that there aren't more stories for the Phantom of the Opera...it's such a beautiful movie, and I think it's a real shame no one writes anything for the fanfiction.

The kicker? In the proper POTO category under Books, there are just under 9000 stories.

Yeah, obviously nobody "writes anything for the fanfiction".

This? The whole reason the fandom is crumbling. Stupid bloody idiots who have only seen the stupid bloody 2004 movie and think it's the only version out there, and haven't realised it's a book. I mean, we did at least get a small grace period when the movie first opened, as it took the rabid Gerik phangirls a while to find the category, but yeah. The fic is just... getting worse. It used to be a mostly well-written category back in MY day. Before these young whipper-snappers came along.

And this is also the reason why I have never, ever suggested a Sunset Boulevard category on FFN, even though there are probably enough stories knocking around now to warrant one. Ditto Jonathan Creek (my own fics would be enough to warrant one), because these are my precious fandoms and I don't want them being invaded by reams of badfic. It's another reason I'm horribly dreading this new SB movie, if it ever gets off the ground, not only because I know they'll miss something glaringly obvious, not just because so far some of the casting decisions have been physically painful, but because it will suffer from POTO-syndrome. And SB so so so deserves more than rabid fangirls writing badfic and totally missing the damn point and pairing off Joe and Betty because it's 'safe' and 'easy', etc.

I need to make up t-shirts. "GET OUT OF MY FANDOM" or "PHANTOM: UR DOIN IT RONG".

Just... yeah.

Stoopid Hollywood. Get out of my fandom. NOW.
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It's a known fact that office humour is never funny outside of the office, for the simple reason that at the point it happens it's usually as a result of stress or tedium. That being said, however, I have to share these two things from this week.

The first was on Monday or Tuesday (can't remember which) when I'd gone upstairs to warm up my coffee in the microwave and ran into Peter making himself some tea. He mentioned that all the spoons had disappeared - we had a very large collection of the red plastic spoons from Pret, but they'd all disappeared. In explaining where they'd all come from, apparently it transpired that Rob was taking handfuls whenever he was in there - they may well be free, but Pret probably didn't anticipate the amount that Rob's taking.

He described him as the "Spoon Baron of Birmingham", and then followed this up with: "It comes to something when you have to make your tea with a fork."

Well, I found it funny. :P

Today's amusement should not be as funny as it is... I came in this morning and Alison asked me what the group email addresses were so she could send an Angry E-mail, as someone had stolen one of her two remaining slices of bread and left the other one to go stale, thus depriving her of breakfast.

By the time she was sending the e-mail I think she'd mellowed somewhat and laughing about it... In any event, the Food Thief strikes again. It's kind of ridiculous that in an office full of apparent grown-ups, someone is still resorting to stealing food out of the cupboards and fridge. Short of labelling everything, I don't know what else we can do. It was funny more for the BREDS R SRS BIZNIZ than anything else.

Thank goodness it's Friday. I'm actually not as tired today as I have been for the rest of the week, so that's something. My cough / sore throat is coming and going, though the gargly stuff does seem to work in stopping the pain. At least I can sing again, so should be able to do the performance on 10th February at the ICC. The only annoying thing is my eyes keep getting very 'gunged up' when I'm tired, making my vision all blurry. I had this over Christmas too, so hopefully it'll go away again.

Should be a quiet weekend, I think. Paul isn't working this week, and we're seeing [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess on Sunday for lunch so she can hand over our Christmas presents. Hopefully I'll find some time to watch the X-Files first movie and then can move on to season 6. SO MANY favourite episodes: "Triangle" (technically brilliant as well as OMGshippy), "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas", "Arcadia"... possibly a few more I've forgotten. I think maybe also "Millennium", though that might be season 7, I forget.

Last night I made a lasagne. Possibly my best lasagne ever. The only cheaty thing in there is the white sauce, which is a Bisto one, as I can't make white sauce. (Yet still not quite as cheaty as buying the jarred stuff.) I discovered a neat trick whilst making it wherein before I put in the layers of pasta, I brushed them on both sides with water. I've often found when I've made one before that there just isn't quite enough moisture in the filling to cook the pasta properly, but the water solved my problem, and avoided the cumbersome process of cooking it before I started. :)

Also, yesterday at work was boring for the majority of the afternoon, so I sat down and looked at my POTO fic again, and managed 1000 new words. :) If I can get it finished at some point I may start posting it somewhere, assuming I can ever get the first chapter right. I started the fic some time ago and the first chapter still feels a bit... out of practice. I keep tweaking it, but I might just re-write it.

I was also randomly re-inspired the other night for a bit of "Sweet Intoxication", though then didn't have chance to attempt to write it. I desperately need to finish that story. In fact, I think I will try and do so before posting the new one, as some manner of incentive. And GAH, don't get me started on "Strange Glue" (the UB-fic). I really do need to update that one, but I'm a bit under-inspired. Hopefully when the series comes back I can get back into the flow of it...

Okay, I'm going to stop writing this entry now, because otherwise it'll never end. If yesterday was about Phantom, today will be about Jonathan Creek. Not that I have anywhere to share that one, of course. *sigh*
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I am on my own at work this week until Tuesday, and - of course - today there is nobody in to give me any work. Usually when either of the typists are solely responsible for the workload, everyone panic-dictates and there's loads. It's a strange logic of "there's only one person in, so I'd better DICTATE EVERYTHING NOW so it gets done"... which, obviously, has the opposite effect because there's so bloody much. :P Well, with any luck I'll be able to leave early today as usual. I have washing up to do; our kitchen smells of garlic. :(

In addition to being bored, my hands are cold. It can be heating on at work tiem naow?

I had an idea / snippet for an original story type... thing, in my head this morning. It was too succinct and obviously prosaic to be a mere LJ entry, even though it deals with RL things, but hopefully I'll be able to write it. The provisional title is "Three Strikes and Out", and I don't have much more than that... just a snippet of a sentence. I may put it here in a filtered post until such point as I make myself a writing journal.

For most of this week and last week I've also been working on my latest Phantom fic, "Whisper". I have the first four chapters pretty much completed but I keep tweaking it and changing certain words here and there. For some reason, this particular story has become incredibly important to me and I want it to be perfect. (Not that other stories are less important, just that this one seems to warrant it.) I have absolutely no right to be creating a new story when "Sweet Intoxication" is still unfinished (I know how that's going to end, too, it just keeps refusing to cooperate) but I had the idea for "Whisper" a couple of years ago and have only just found the inclination / creativity to sit down and write it.

Details / Spoilers )

Booooored. Still at least half an hour until I can go on lunch, too.

Hm, Roseby's are closing down in Kings Heath so I might go and have a look at what they've got on offer. I need to get some more fitted sheets - preferably one in turquoise and a new white one because mine is looking a bit scruffy - and some spare pillow cases... Although I guess I could also check Primark for that. Might look at lunch, actually, if the crowds aren't too horrendous...

...oh, wait. That's crazy talk!

Okay, I'm going to stop writing this entry about now because it's quite long enough already.
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Another fairly sociable weekend, which seemed to invole an awful lot of films... I have rambled an awful lot in this one, so I've cut where appropriate.

I don't think I've updated in a while, so: on Thursday I made a seafood risotto using a recipe I got online by Jamie Oliver, which was actually as easy as he said it was. I decided to cook the prawns, salmon and scallops separately in a frying pan so as not to confuse things, which meant the risotto was as stodgy as a brick. Also, the recipe called for an amount of grated parmesan, but as our parmesan is powdered (it's generic 'Italian hard cheese' from Asda, in a plastic box) it ended up being ridiculously cheesy... Nevertheless, despite the fact you could build a house with it and my pans SUCK, it was actually very tasty.

Friday night was quite sedate for me, although Paul went out for drinks after work, came home (we had some more of the risotto and I still had to throw a little bit away - I think I'll halve the recipe next time...), and then went out again. I wasn't best pleased about this because I basically saw him (sober) for all of twenty minutes, but I did get the PC to myself for the evening. :P I had a play around on DOSBox and managed to get Simon the Sorcerer to work from the CD, though I am failing to get the Puzzle Pack to work because it was designed for Win 95/98 and will not install on XP or Vista, but is too advanced for DOSBox. (Although I think it might work with the SCUMMvm emulator, will have to investigate...) Got quite a way through it by remembering what I did last time but am now at a dead end again.

Paul rang me up at quarter to midnight to say he was waiting for a taxi, after which he talked bollocks at me for a while. Came home utterly plastered and hence broke his promise. :P

Saturday, we got up earlyish and went for brekkie at Wetherspoons, pottered around the house for a bit and then left for my mum's. I aimed to get there for 2.30 but hadn't banked on Hagley Road traffic (going through town is probably still bloody quicker than waiting for the 11 to turn up) and got there around 2.45. David was playing a Queen DVD and seemed to have convinced himself that Queen (circa 1985) were influenced by the Phantom movie (2004). Er, no, David. ;) Freddie was already dead by the time the movie was made, although I'm pretty sure the original musical and Queen influenced each other back and forth, judging by some of the videos...

Random Phantom-esque theory... )

Aaanyway, at around 3.45 we headed off for the Barbecue of Doom at Quinton Church. The horrible thought did occur that my grandmother might have invited my father and not told anyone as a 'well-meaning' surprise, but then I remembered that even if she had, he would only have refused and/or had a strop when she didn't want him to bring Annabelle... So obviously, he wasn't there, thank anything. Nevertheless, the BBQ wasn't as bad as I think my mother was anticipating. The food was good (if cold, to David's chagrin) and there were some sane people at our table, not too many screaming children, and the weather was okay (at least it didn't rain...) We won a pack of playing cards in the raffle as by the time our number was drawn, the good prizes had gone. It was either cards or a set of golf tees. ;)

Back at my mum's, we spent a good hour or so arguing over what DVD to watch, before eventually settling on 300. STABBITY! )

After that we argued a bit more over what to watch next, despite it being midnight and everyone being tired. My mum, Paul and I all agreed on Harvey, which David then denied they even had, despite Paul suggesting it because it was on the rack. Meh. In the end we watched the beginning of Eddie Izzard's Glorious but gave up at around 12.30 and went to bed. David also wanted to watch the first 10 minutes (the opening sequence, basically) of the POTO movie, which prompted Paul to want to see the rest of it... I grudgingly agreed we could watch it on Sunday. ;)

In the morning, my mum cooked us breakfast and we went through the pile of car-bootable DVDs in the office, taking home a bagful, and there's also a pile in the living room of stuff I want copying... I forget now what we picked up, but I do now have a full set of Pirates DVDs, including the "lost disc" version of the first one.

Does anyone want a copy of the 2-disc Special Edition of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (that's the first one)? Because I now have two. I'm not sure if Lisa ever bought herself a copy, though, so will ask her as well. It's free, as ever, to a good home.

I've also borrowed a selection of DS games (Tetris, Brain Training, 42-games-in-one, and Barnyard on GB Advance) from my mum, as I'm bored of Pirates 2 and Monkey Ball. ;) Had a go at Tetris and Barnyard last night, but at least I have some entertainment for a bit. :)

On the way home we stopped at the cinema to see WALL-E. Review / Spoilers )

Sorry, I went on a bit, there. I was very impressed with this one. I need to make a list of stuff to see over the coming weeks, though. X-Files is out on 1 August and I also want to see The Mist and Hancock and Dark Knight - hopefully at IMAX if it's not too expensive... Also Mamma Mia. ABBA FTW, and Meryl Streep makes everything she's in brilliant. ;)

The rest of Sunday was relaxed. 'Stenders of the afternoon, and we did watch POTO of the evening. I think my hatred of the majority of it has mellowed since its release (this was only the second time I've seen it, for that reason) and whilst the same things still irk me (casting, majoritarily, and the fact that they moved the chandelier incident to somewhere completely different, for no apparent reason) I will admit that the visuals are mostly stunning. I already reviewed it the first time and mostly my opinions haven't changed. ;) You can find it in my December 04 backposts if you're desperate. :P But as a result I started to re-read the original novel, so yay. We got halfway through the insanely long documentary on the second disc before giving up at midnight, so will watch the rest of that tonight. Phantom documentaries never get old, even when they regurgitate information. The origins fascinate me.

And that, finally, is that. I apologise for the longness. Must remember to update more often, or actually do stuff in smaller batches. ;)
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Well, yesterday was probably even less productive than Tuesday.  There's a pile of boxes in my room that I should be sorting through, but the health concern sort of put a damper on that.  Talking of which, I went to the doctor's yesterday and he says it's nothing, which I expected, but it's always good to get these things checked out.

My Amazon order arrived today, a whole week earlier than they estimated! :)  Which is a good thing, because it means that I can get the other half of Eni's present tomorrow and send it all off Saturday morning.

Tomorrow I was meant to be going to Liberty's for Tina H's birthday do, but since she hasn't texted me back any details of what time/where people are meeting, I'm sort of losing interest... I sort of want to go out, but sort of don't as well.  Ideally, I'd like to go to a nice quiet pub with my boyfriend where we can sit and just... chat.  You know?  Especially since we're also going out on Saturday night to see the ballet of Edward Scissorhands - which, by the way, I'm really looking forward to.

Have been investigating hotels for London in August - naturally, everything's ridiculously expensive because of the month, but my mum found a fairly cheap B&B in Kensington that'll be just under £270 for all four of us for two nights.  The important thing is to get the theatre tickets  booked, though, so we can worry about the hotel later.  But still, eeee, London!  Now I just have to decide what I want to see for my birthday this year.  I'll be 25, you know.  That doesn't happen every day.  I've run out of big musicals, though... I sort of wish Phantom had been this year, but at the same time I'm really glad it was last year.  Nothing will ever replace that fantastic moment when the chandelier rose and my mother and I both burst into tears.

Mind you, I'm pretty sure I'd manage to do that again... but it wouldn't be the same...

There's really no substance to this entry in the slightest.

I also need to get a Mother's Day card tomorrow.

Hot gravy + mouth ulcer = OW.
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I'm still addicted to Katie Melua's new album, so much so I haven't had time to listen to the Green Day one yet.  I've been meaning to post the lyrics to the following song here for ages because the first time I heard it I cried.  Not openly, just a little.  Aside from the obvious (you'll see), there's just something about it.  And then I realised how much it reminded me of John and Aeryn from Farscape, circa season 3 in Infinite Possibilites: Icarus Abides (with TaylnJohn rather than MoyaJohn, or John Black if you prefer...) and also of the end of season 2, Die Me Dichotomy.

Read on, and you shall see.

Just Like Heaven )

The kind of lyrics that look wonderful on their own without the music as well.  The tune itself is quite bizarrely upbeat.

And then, there's this one, the track following, which I also liked before I realised that it inexplicably reminded me of Erik and Christine in Phantom of the Opera, more from Christine's individual perspective than both of them.  (Just Like Heaven can be read in both directions, John or Aeryn.)  Very definitely post-plot.  If I'd finished my other song fic I could so use this one as well...

I Cried For You (Mary's Song) )

Katie's lyrics have come on in leaps and bounds since Belfast (Penguins and Cats), though that one was good in its own surreal, symbolic way.

I am very much loving this album.  *hugs it*
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[livejournal.com profile] collie_wing!  If I had the money, I would so buy you this.  Seriously.

Alas, I do not.  So we're both just going to have to stare longingly at it.

I'm meant to be getting this for my mother for Christmas (or possibly the short-sleeve version, I need to ask her which she wants) and I want this one for myself. :)

Mmm, geek-flavoured.

Edit: Also, this made me giggle. I prefer the one with the logo, though. :)
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So.  London write-up, complete with 14 quite boring photos.  More coming when the other camera's been developed, which will be mostly courtesy of Paul and mostly the same as these but from different angles...

We got up at 6.30 to get the coach at 8.00, managing to forget both London maps and my inhaler, though I didn't realise that until I got home...  I slept a bit on the coach on the way there (mostly along the motorway, as I was awake for civilisation) but was otherwise quite alert.  After buying yet more maps from a nearby souvernir shop, we walked towards Victoria Station and therefrom parted ways.

Continued under here, with pictures. )

So, not a particularly comprehensive write-up, but a very enjoyable day, all told.  I still want to move to London, and I have some bits of something going around my head that I should try and write down, assuming they'll cooperate and translate into actual words.

More photos coming whenever I get the camera developed, which will hopefully be fairly soon.
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First and foremost - the panic's over.  [livejournal.com profile] venuselle is back home and well, but I won't go on about it any more, as she's probably getting sick of it now.  So that's that.

Since I got pestered mercilessly and my idea of a dramatic hair-revealing didn't go down very well, here's a couple of hair shots.  [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings should be proud of me. :)

They don't really do it justice... )

So, Skippy's CD is now done and hopefully it'll lure him to the mini-MGM/karaokeness tomorrow at the Hill.

Since I probably won't get to update until at least Monday, here's a lowdown of the days approaching.

Work as usual, then off the Hill from 4.30ish onwards for karaoke and Brethren meetingness, with possible Secret LocationTM to follow depending on how tired I am.  If I'm exhausted this may be moved to the following night.

More drunkenness with friends at the Briar Rose from 3.00pm onwards.

Six month anniversary, and my birthday.  You couldn't make it up.  So we're going back to Bacchus, the location of our first date, for a nice lunch.  I'm really looking forward to this.

Annual leave for three days.  Monday is to recover from the weekend...  I'm getting my hair cut at 10.00 and then going to Maskerade to see if they have those wings they had last year.  Also want to pop into town to see if they've still got that top I liked in the-shop-I-don't-remember-the-name-of-that's-on-the-corner-of-New-Street-and-Corporation-Street.  I am likely to fail in both of these tasks, but it'll be nice to have a day free.

London, baby!  Moreover, Phantom of the Opera, baby!  Can I get a "HELL, YEAH!"


Ah, frell you, then.  But nevertheless, OMG, Phantom.  In London.  Just.  Wow.  *excited*  More ramblings under here; cut for the squeamish. :D )

Okay, calming down.  I'll be much worse than this on Monday.

Recovering from Tuesday, obviously. ;)  We're not getting back til gone midnight, and there's no bloody way I'm going to work after that. :P

So, there we go, a hectic few days coming up.  With any luck, I should at least come back to some actual work to do.  Today was tedious and tomorrow will be about the same, unless Natasha or Paul give me any more minutes.  I have lots I could be doing, but admin still haven't ordered us any more blue paper so I can't do any of my distributions.

Anyway, now I have to go and write an explanatory letter thingumajigger to go with the CD, so I'll be off.
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Chapter 12 of Sweet Intoxication, after another year-long hiatus.  It's not good, but dammit, it's something.

Things that are annoying about fanfic.net:

1) The new layout is horrendously confusing.  I mean, really.  It's better, certainly (there's finally a 'delete chapter' function, which has been long overdue), but confusing.
2) The summary section, not content with already stripping the "/" symbol and making pairing notation impossible, now strips the frelling hyphens as well, which just made my update-note look like it was written by someone with no knowledge of grammar.  Which is irritating.

I'm sure there are more, but I covered them in [livejournal.com profile] stop_the_badfic many moons ago.

It annoys me in general that they have to resort to such methods to stop crappy writers from writing imcomprehensible summaries.  They try to make the site more accessible, but they move further and further from their motto ("Unleash your imagination and free your soul!") whenever they do.

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Well, they've invaded fanfiction.net, as [livejournal.com profile] _operasinging_ also demonstrates, though there's obviously something of a delay because they've all been looking in the Movies section.  ("OMG i didt relize it wuz a buk LOLZ !!11eleventyone")  But, anyway, they've finally found it in the Books section, and they keep reading my fic, and reviewing it.  Which, okay, is good, because they're all illiterate and really seem to like my crappy old fics, and they're upping my stats page something wonderful.

But then I got this one for Sweet Intoxication, my uber-long phanphic of pretentious Victorian angsty doom:

"You have to finish this story. U are a good author and I really hope you will continue this lovely story. Maybe u could teach me how to write such perfectly sweet stories. I really love it, u know. Do continue it! U rule!"

I know, I need to update it, I know.  I will, I promise.  Blame the Erik!Muse - I think the movie shocked him into permanent hibernation, either that or the MH-novel has taken up too much of his time.  Anyway, let's just look at that third sentence.  "Maybe u could teach me how to write..."

*snigger*  Honey, learn to spell a simple three-letter word, and I might consider it.  I am not a teacher.  I have been a beta-reader, which did involve a certain level of teaching, but those people had enough talent to be able to implement my teaching in the first place, and said teaching was only to save my own grammar vulture's sanity in the long-run. :P  You, dear reviewer, are beyond help.*

Please can someone punjab lasso the fangirls now?  Or, better yet, we'll request a Phantom section for the Movies category and they can all go congregate in there and leave us alone.  I have a feeling that trying to convince FFN staff that it's a good idea would be damn near impossible, though...

* I'm probably being slightly unfair, as she seems to at least understand the basic usage of the comma... but still, it struck me as quite ironic.
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Didn’t get around to posting this one last night as it was later than I thought.  Bloody Hagley Road traffic.  Anyway, some thoughts on ‘Scape and thereby definite spoilers, beneath the cut.

Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars – some thoughts. Click me, Eni. Cliiiiick meeee! :P )

So, now for today.  There was some random excitement when a car driving a speed hit a parked car, lost control, and ended up on its roof right outside our building.  Everyone in our office congregated in Liz's room to be nosy, and one of the TMs called the police.  There was some miscommunication along the lines when people were trying to figure out what had happened.

"What's happened?  There's a car on the roof??"

"No, there's a car on it's roof..."

Two fire engines and two police cars turned up, and then a bunch of firemen proceeded to stare at it and mutter a bit about how to right it again.  They reminded me inexplicably of men doing roadworks, actually, in that it seemed to take 4 of them to do the work and one to think about it.  I was about to head out to lunch at the time, but that was put slightly on hold while we waited for the emergency services to turn up.  Crappy response time, guys.  Seriously. :P  After that we got bored as the car had stopped smoking and there were no casualties, so I headed out:

"Would anyone like anything that isn't a fireman?"

By the time I'd walked back the car was right side up again and most of the officials had gone.  Well, it was exciting for a few minutes.

I tell ya, it's all go in Ladywood. :D

And now, a mini-rant:  Something else that annoys me about the Phantom movie. )

Here endeth the rant.  Yeah, I'm whinging.  But... ugh, it's all I can do, and even if nobody else understands the importance of this movie, I do, and if I don't complain about it, nobody will.  Except lots of people are, so I'm not the only one whinging over nothing. :P

Wow, long post.  I shall go now.  I'll work on getting MHOTP! screencaps when people give me more to find.  Also, the MH interview I found last night keeps seeping into the periphery of my mind and making me snigger.  If I ever see Karl Beattie in the street, I shall slap him for emotional torment.
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F.A.O [livejournal.com profile] collie_wing, amongst others.

Phantom-type parody of the movie.  Snark is funny. :D

Today was boring.  I was sneezing all day because of a cold, which I'm trying to kill off before Saturday, and I had very little to do.  On the plus side, I got a reply to my reply to the Chair who sent me the arsey email, the gist of which was this:

"Thank you for your prompt response and thank you for your acknowledgement.  I suppose we all dictate minutes differently and mistakes can easily be made.  Thank you for typing up the minutes and all the best for the coming year."

HA!  Just goes to prove I will not stand for someone blaming me entirely for something that was only partially my fault just because they went off on one, and that sending pretentiously worded but otherwise polite emails does actually work...

Now back to reading that parody...
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Isn't it nice to know you're not the only one?  Phantom of the Opera movie review, link courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] collie_wing, that puts it better than I could.  I'd love to be able to say that some of the comments are slightly unfair, but... they're not.  I would only argue that even though, yes, it's clearly a film that's all about the visuals, those visuals are stunning in places.  It's just a shame the same can't be said for the score, or the talent...

I wonder how much longer I can keep on about this?  And I wonder if the dedication of a few critics and anonymous fans is enough to forget this thing ever existed, start over, and give us the movie we want?

[livejournal.com profile] bizarre_imagery, you wanna use some of your new training and help us make a movie?  I've often pondered about being a director... :)

Edit after reading fully: Wow. That's so going in my favourites. I'm now seeing in black and white lines, but it was worth it. Everything said is true. And I don't care how good the new bits of score are, I'm not buying that movie album. No. Frelling. Way.

And I also have this to say, in light of the fact that the next big 'adaptation' was meant to be Sunset Boulevard: Please, for the love of anything holy, do not screw this one up. If necessary, I will wipe Antonio Banderas off the planet, and anyone else unsuitable they might consider for any of the roles, until they see sense. Because if Phantom can be this much of a bloody disaster... no, I can't even think about it. I can't. It makes my brain hurt to even imagine how much of a horror it could be, especially given how the Phantom movie seemed to completely ignore the Erik/Christine dynamic in favour of pushing Christine/Raoul (or at the very least, it wasn't made obvious enough), then I don't want to contemplate the fate that might befall Norma/Joe. I don't. Oh, God...

Somebody, please... stop them?
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UGC cinema.  4.20pm.  Screen 6.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera.

It came.  We saw.  I conquered.

A lengthy review/rant/ramble herewith. Definite spoilers. Definite fandomnity. Enter at your own risk. )

Phew.  I warned you it'd be long.  I wonder if LJ'll complain about it.

In a different vein, a film that is definitely on my to-see list is the new one from the director of Amélie, called A Very Long Engagement (I think) - it's also starring Amélie's Audrey Tatou, and looks utterly beautiful.  But before then, I'm still trying to find somewhere that's still showing Ladies in Lavendar, and I want to see that Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, or whatever it is.

I repeat: fandom is exhausting.
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...or the bad news?

BBC, you suck big drannit arse.

Because blatantly, alienating the fanbase with crappy scheduling and bad editing and no promotion whatsoever isn't good enough for you, no, no, no.  You don't even fight for it?  Well, frell you, BBC.  Just shows how much you  'appreciate' your geeky little Sci Fi audience, doesn't it?  And honestly, I still contest that Sky One should've bought the rights in the first place, because it would've gotten a Hell of a lot more advertising.  The ratings'll be higher for that, at least; the only bad things are the fact that it'll have breaks in, and the fact that most newcomers won't really know what it is, as they didn't have the series before it.

Wait.  A memory stirs.  The BBC couldn't bloody get rid of it fast enough.  When it was time for the final four episodes of season 4, BBC2 showed them twice-weekly and got the whole thing over with as quickly as possible.  Rather than extending our viewing for the allocated time (longer, in fact, because of the usual Christmas schedule/random annoying sports event cancellation fiasco), it was cut short by two weeks.  Cliffhangers are way more effective when you actually have to wait the allocated seven days for the frelling conclusion, morons.

On the plus side, at least if it's on Sky One, it'll be on at a reasonable time (albeit apparently in two bits rather than four), and won't be edited to nothingness to Pwotect the Innocent Childwen, and we might actually get to see it as Kemper&Co. intended.  That's a blessing, at least, albeit a disguised one.  So, this means I have until January to catch up on everything.  And obviously, I will be taping it religiously, so anyone who wants it can borrow it gladly.

But, of course, for those people who don't have satellite television or Freeview, this is bad news, especially as SciFi UK still have the repeat rights.  So, on the plus side, Amazon are very, very nice people.

It begs the question, however: why are we to be condemned for loving something, for fighting, for wanting justice?  Why are we surrounded by automatons who do their master's bidding?  Why does everything have to boil down to who has the bigger bank balance?  Why is passion never enough?  Why is it that those of us who truly appreciate the beauty and intelligence in this world get voted out by an idiotic, senseless majority, and why is it that no matter how loud you shout, there aren't enough people out there listening?

Those with Sky, I implore you: watch Farscape.  Even if you don't know what it is.  Just tune to Sky One on January 16th and watch it.  If you're a fan who doesn't have Sky, but you know someone who does, invade their house, hold their remote control to ranson, bribe them, buy them dinner, do whatever it takes to get that channel on.  The ratings of this miniseries will dictate whether or not we get a full-length, big-screen movie, and I imagine the same'll go for the sale of the DVDs when they're released.  Do it.  Do it for the minority, the underdog, the persecuted.  Do it for Pilot, for Rygel, for DRD Pike, so they're not condemned to eternity in a darkened box stuck on a shelf.  Do it for Ben.  Do it for Claudia.  Do it for Anthony and Raelee and Wayne and Virginia and Gigi and Lani and Paul, and all the others.  Do it for Kemper, for O'Bannon, for their amazing team of writers and directors and editors and art supervisors and musicians and composers.  Do it for Moya, and Talyn; for John and Aeryn and their future; for D'Argo, for Chiana, for Scorpius, for Sikozu; Hell, do it for Harvey.  Just do it.

And if you won't do it for them, do it for me. Do it for all of these lovely people, too, and more besides.  Do it for the fans who might've been, who could be still.  You might know a closet 'Scaper, too afraid to reveal their terrible, awful secret - that they watch an intelligent show which has muppets in it, and made-up words.  Out them; drag them kicking and screaming to the fore of their geekdom, and tell them to do it, too.

You know you want to.

Edit, after some searching: Okay.  Wonderful.  It turns out that Sci Fi UK don't actually have the repeat rights for the mini.  Instead - as I believe I feared before - it's been jointly bought by both Sky One and Channel Five.  Channel.  Frelling. Five.  Excuse me if I find the fact that the BBC, the longest-established and furthest-reaching television institution in Britain, if not the world, bowed down to Channel Five, just slightly pathetic.  If it'd just been Sky One, fair enough.  Sky One and Channel Four, fair enough.  But Five?  Jesus.  And I pay my license money for this?  What, pray, is my money actualy buying?  Another fifteen series of Changing Rooms and seven more 'reality' shows making 'celebrities' out of annoying people who shouldn't even be contributing to the gene pool?

The answer to that question, obviously, is 'yes'.  But at least Sky One will treat our mini-series with the respect and love it deserves, commercial breaks aside.  I'm condoling myself with that, if nothing else.

On the other end of the 'passion' scale, the Phantom movie is almost upon us, and so far I've managed to avoid the trailers except for fleeting glances, and will be seeing it on the 10th, if all goes to plan.  I'm dreading it far less.  From what I've seen, it does look very 'movie-ish', and I do think it could work well, though this obviously does remain to be seen.  The Phantom is far too young, because Joel Schumacher didn't want to make a "middle-aged" film - obviously, he hasn't encountered the armies of phangirls that prevail in the phandom - but it has some good names in it in the form of Miranda Richardson, Simon Callow, and a couple of others I've forgotten...  I thought this day would never come, and still somewhat wish it hadn't, but my main fear in all of this was that the movie would become the 'definitive' version and the stage show would disappear into the limelight.  Andrew Lloyd Webber has, however, reassured people that the show is still going strong and will continue to do so... so my fear on that side of things is waning a little.  I suppose as long as he's getting bums on seats booking months in advance, it'll stay open.

Wow.  Fandom is exhausting.
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We went to Worcester today to see their Christmas market.  Apparently, it wasn't as good as last year.  There was morris dancing in the streets, and a steam-powered carousel, and lots of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts, amongst other things, but the stalls weren't that exciting.  However, while perusing one such stall, I heard my name uttered.  I looked up to see a tall man and a short woman in a hat.  After several seconds, I realised that said woman was Angela, from uni - the tall man was her other half, Glen, and the artwork they were selling was all his own.

So we chatted briefly (seeing as there was a large queue - well, mob - forming behind me) and caught up.  The weirdest moment was probably when Glen said "Oh, is this the one who writes?", to which she said I was.  He took off his top hat and gloves and shook my hand.  See, when I sent Angela all the random bits of Phantom fic, she read them to Glen, and he liked them.  He's had a book published himself, and told me in no uncertain terms that I should make a go of it as far as writing is concerned.  Which was nice.  My reputation precedes me, apparently.

Of course, it would help immensely if I had the bloody energy to write anything, and if my creativity wasn't slowly withering from sheer exhaustion.

And, since I brought it up. )

I'm wasting way too much energy on this.  If you think it's bad now, wait til I've seen it...
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Well, today was certainly interesting.  Cynthia was on leave and Sandra was off ill, which just left me and Zoe manning (or womanning, I suppose) the office, except then Zoe went to minute a conference, and I was left on my own.  Which was of the good, in a way, because it meant I got a good few hundred words of chapter 5 of Come Forward done without having to watch over my shoulder.  And also of the bad, because I was left answering phones, trying to find out where the hell Breda was (she's the Chair who's taking over all of Judy's old cases; she tends to just not turn up to conferences) and counselling a decidedly stressed social worker in the process...  Oy vey.

Other than that, it was uneventful.  Except then someone phoned up looking for Dawn, who we hadn't seen, prompting Zoe to theorise that there was a great hole in the sky sucking up all of our Reviewing Officers...

After that, I met up with [livejournal.com profile] last_dance outside Lloyds TSB/Pij, so we could go and see The Grudge, her being the only feasible person I could see it with.  I also wanted to get some photos of the Wheel with the Hall of Memory in front of it.

Some photos; blurred but artistic. )

And then we saw the film.

The Grudge; or, Why I Don't Do Horror Films In Cinemas. )
This was going to be far more coherent, but I'm tired.  Other films I'm hoping to see this season are: Finding Neverland, hopefully on Saturday; Birth, with Nicole Kidman, my theory being that she's not in a film with Johnny Depp yet, but I can watch two separate ones and pretend; Ladies in Lavendar, because it looks quite interesting.

Apparently the Phantom movie opens in December.  Some Phantom movie ramblings. )

So, yes.  I need to think about fluffy bunnies and happy things, for various reasons.
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In terms of the gap between it and the last one, anyway.

Over a year, people!

Chapter 11 of Sweet Intoxication, my POTO songfic-that-wasn't.  Not that any of you care, of course, but I'm quite impressed with myself.


Sep. 4th, 2004 04:07 pm
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I'm not sure when, exactly, I can take the design in to ask if/when/how they can do it, but in any case, I've finally finished designing my Phantom tattoo to hopefully get done on Friday...

To go on my left collarbone, though the reason why now escapes me.  I'm going to trace it later to tidy it up (the notes are all supposed to be straight and the stave isn't supposed to be quite that curved) but that's pretty much what it'll be...  I was aiming for artistic, using the mask, but not so much as to be horrendously tacky, and using music from the actual show - the phrase there is the opening of Angel of Music.

Except now, of course, I want to immortalise all of my random obsessions*.  Any suggestions where I could get the cats-eyes logo from Cats done?  Ankle, maybe?

Anyway, I'll post pictures when/if it gets done.  Christ knows how much it's going to cost... Hopefully not that much as it's fairly small and only in black, but as it's custom, I just don't know.

*By 'all', I mean those I've been obsessed with for an extended period of time and which can easily be transformed into fairly artistic tattoos... I'd love a Sunset one just because... it's Sunset, and it should be tattooed, but I wouldn't have the first clue what to get done.  I don't think I'd go so far as to immortalise Buffy or any of my TV-based obsessions - no, not even Most Haunted ;) - though I was briefly considering a Spuffy one until my brain kicked in and said "Er, no", but maybe the musicals-based ones.  Except possibly Rocky, unless it was the Lips.  I had a plan to get the little logo thingies from Moulin Rouge done randomly around my body, but I'm running out of body, now. :)  And on top of this I still have to get my Catwoman done, my name in Egyptian, and something Nightmare-related, possibly on my leg, and most likely Jack...  Argh.  Damn addictive things...
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In reading through old reviews (yay procrastination...) I realised that I haven't updated "Sweet Intoxication" in, like, nearly a year.  Which is awful, considering I left it on the most evil of evil cliffhangers...  (But then, I never finished the FFD saga either...)

Anyway, I was reminded why I love Phantom reviewers when I came across this one:

"I lurve you. Like tons. Why you ask? Purple, because ice cream has no bones. And if you don't mind... y'know the door Erik got rid of? Well, I was just kinda wonderin', y'know... if he isn't using it... can I- have it? Please? ... Um, Yeah... I love this story. I started reading it ages ago and finally stumbled upon it again. Wonderful!"

Hee.  Mad people.

Incidentally, it turns out that for the upcoming Phantom movie, there is, in fact, going to be an original song written (why, dammit?!?!) but at least it's by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Hal Prince, so with any luck it won't be too horrendous...
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Was just emailed by the Clarelet, and she has suggested a meetingness on Monday 12th April (Easter Monday) at 8.00pm in the Briar Rose.  I imagine those this applies to will read this, and can pass on the message to those that can't/don't/won't...

Phantom randomness:

The good thing about wearing your obsessions like a badge of honour is that people give you random presents...  Vicky's Westlife concert tickets came through today, and ticketmaster sent her a flyer for Phantom of the Opera in with them, so she gave it to me.  Yay for advertising.  So, naturally, I had to scan it.  It took six attempts, so the least you can do is look. ;)

(Two pictures, each 750x524 pixels, for those on dialup...)

Phantom flyer )

It's now sitting happily on my wardrobe next to [livejournal.com profile] collie_wing's wondrous picture...


Apr. 1st, 2004 06:04 pm
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Well, I couldn't let Christine be iconified all on her own, could I?

One blank Erik (being used) because I was running out of quotes and he didn't leave me much room.  Others are:

... ... ...

I can't show you the original picture because it scanned all bright and horrible (hence the weird colouring of the icons in general) and a search has proved unfruitful to the cause.  In any case, it's three different angles of Erik, and it's called "I'm Here, I'm Here, I'm Here" (the icon is the middle Erik...)
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I'm going to have to buy some more, I think.  I've only got room for four more, and I want to eventually use the entire songset of That I Would Be Good.

Anyway, this one... this one was the final product of random messing about in Photoshop (which, incidentally, needs an auto-recover function, because for some reason it keeps closing itself for no reason and losing everything I've done since the last save...) and it's my favourite of all of them...  Quotes are various from the libretto; just things that seemed apt.

... ... ... ...

The animated/scrolling one is currently over 40k because I couldn't be bothered to mess with it properly and I was getting annoyed with ImageReady (it's a really, really user-unfriendly animator...) but I like it anyway.  Last one is just a blank version of the one I'm using.  The others are all icon-sized in terms of file size.

As for exactly why, well, [livejournal.com profile] collie_wing commented after my Michael Crawford Phantom transcript that there should be a "Let me show you my Raoul" icon, and I thought I'd try and make one, so I looked through The Complete Phantom of the Opera for inspiration... alas, there were no pictures of Nelson Eddy's Raoul, so i gave up, instead scanning one of the pretty paintings by Robert Heindel.  He did some for Cats, too; they're up at my doctor's surgery back home and I want them...

Original painting for the icons, then, is under the cut...

The End of Innocence )

What else, what else... Oh, yes, have copied Sunset Boulevard for Eni and Miss Saigon for Sarra; have checked the latter, and about to check the former, resisting the urge to listen to Phantom now I'm in the mood... Though, bah, I guess I can check the SB copy tomorrow...  Yes.  Will listen to Phantom and indulge in Lloyd Webberan melodrama...
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This one didn't take as long; wish I'd typed the other one straight up...

Phantom )

Tee hee.  I just love that story...
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in listening to sleepy hollow (i was going to send some to eve to initiate her into the wonderfulness of danny elfman, but i realise it's probably not the best thing for elfman-virgins, so i'll find something else...) and thinking about the general prettiness of the movie, and the upcoming big fish and tim burton's general movie prettiness, and how much i'm dreading the phantom movie because i know it'll be horrible, i realised something.

if tim burton were to direct phantom of the opera... it would be the most marvellously fantastically beautiful thing ever. he has the imagination to do it justice, and the pathos, and wow, they'd put in annoying bits of original score because producers are idiots like that, but they'd be by danny elfman and therefore less annoying. god. now, that, i'd see. tim burton or baz luhrman, though it would be a different approach... luhrman would pull out all the stops visually, burton would do the same, only it would be darker and, oh, oh, i want them both to do it. luhrman for the sheer grandeur of the opera house and all the whimsical bits (moulin rouge!, people...) and burton for the surroundings of erik's dark and angsty soul. can't you just imagine the underground lair designed by a production team under those two? based on tim burton's scribblings and the original set design? *imagines. dies. resurrects to lament the fact that it's never going to happen*

in fact, those two should work together, full stop. with danny elfman and coleen atwood (costume designer on most of burton's stuff) and me writing it, and it should be orphan eyes and i'll stop fantasising about it now...

*sigh* why do the beautiful things never get made properly?
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Here goes the final section of my Shipper posts. I think these are the last two of my fandoms that are worthy of note. If not, I'll just do more posts. For now however:

Final 2 - Phantom of the Opera, Sunset Boulevard )

There. Done. For now. I'm still convinced I've missed out something really obvious...
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in searching the guardian website for anything i can find on the phantom movie adaptation, i found this, from a while ago. like most things related to this movie, it provoked my brain to make hissing noises at me, and tell me to violently oppose everything hollywood does to anything...

Martine McCutcheon could soon land her second major musical role - playing opposite Antonio Banderas in the Phantom of the Opera. The ex-EastEnders actress is being "seriously" considered for the role which would thrust her into the big time.
According to People News, McCutcheon is keen to show off her highly-rated voice in what would be her first major Hollywood role, but faces stiff competition. Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman have also been rumoured to be up for the part of Christine.

A source is quoted saying: "Martine is keen to keep going with her singing; a musical film would fit the bill."

McCutcheon, 24, is currently starring in the West End musical My Fair Lady, but has been plagued with health problems since it opened a month ago and her understudy is still filling in for half the shows.

But, the Phantom's creator Lord Lloyd-Webber, who is heavily in the film, was fulsome in his praise for McCutcheon at her stage show's opening night. "She's a genuine star and there aren't a lot of them about," he said.

from may 4th, 2001

okay. first off, i do remember the rumours flying about martine mccutcheon, and i recall cringing about it... don't you think, though, that if they're having this much trouble casting something, it's a sign not to go ahead with it? the entire thing's like a portent of doom... i used to be at least slightly excited about this film, but as the casting decisions have gone on, i'm starting to dread it more and more...

anyway, back to the artcile: i will accept that martine mccutcheon was at least vaguely suited to the role of eliza (being, well, cockney), but christine? afraid not. no, no, no.

madonna: was very good as evita (despite lots of historical inaccuracies in general, but what can you expect) and would be frelling fantastic as norma desmond (well, maybe not fantastic. passable, at least, and better than barbra streisand, at any rate) but not as christine. she's about 25 years too old, for a start...

j-lo: you've got to be kidding me... the only way it would ever work would be if she was opposite antonio banderas. at least he's out. someone up there is listening.

nicole kidman: of the four listed, she's the only one i'd willingly see in the role, but i'm biased. the only trouble is, while she may have a good voice, she doesn't have the range or the power to play the part because she's not a trained singer; she's an actress who can sing; there's a difference. that, and she said after moulin rouge that she didn't want to pursue a singing career.

apparently, according to another article, kate winslet was also being considered, after lloyd webber heard her single for the last animated version of a christmas carol... and although there's no denying she was brilliant in quills, she is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a christine.

and there's the entire charlotte church saga, of course. wow, if she'd got the part i'd be going on a killing spree...

the apparently decided-upon cast is now listed at the internet movie database, and it seems that gerard butler is definitely going to be the phantom. the other names i don't remember (they're not Big Stars, as was originally anticipated, hence the casting arguments) except that simon callow is up to play andre, one of the managers - that should be interesting. miranda richardson's also mentioned, i think, as madame giry (actually, i can see that working) - so at least it's not going to be as hideous as it could have been.

but still. i'm dreading it. i'm dreading the screenplay (it already has one; it's called a libretto...), i'm dreading the directing (to be done by joel schumacher, who i will only remember as the man who ruined everything tim burton established with the batman films. ugh. batman and robin was horrible.), i'm dreading the cast, and i'm dreading the inevitable absence of songs.

i'm dreading it, but i'm curious as hell, and in all liklihood i'll end up seeing it. there's every possibility i'll enjoy it because it is, after all, phantom; but it'll be like chicago: i'll enjoy it, then i'll rip it apart.

but who knows - they might actually prove me wrong...

oy. i suppose i'd better look at some actual books...


Nov. 10th, 2003 12:19 pm
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ah... there's nothing like five lovely reviews to brighten your morning right up. :D

four for part ten of sweet intoxication and one from jenny on my counterpoint for "touched" (i'm working on one for "chosen" at the moment, but it's refusing to cooperate. and i should've done the "end of days" one, already...)

anyway. yayreviews!

notyaynointernet. also the fact that i have to clean the showerroom later because we're having a flat inspection tomorrow... i guess i should probably dust my room, too. or try to make the wires at the back of the computer look less like a fire hazard.

nothing else to report. my life is dull.


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