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Arising out of a conversation with [personal profile] commoncomitatus on Saturday on AIM (which, as an aside, we ended up using due to having issues with YIM - my old contacts list was a gut-punch of nostalgia!), I thought it pertinent to update my list of works in progress / to-be-written stories, as I'm pretty sure it's gotten bigger since the last time I did one of these posts...

These are in no particular order but I will at least attempt to cluster them together under separate fandoms, and I'll do the fandoms alphabetically. Pretty sure at this juncture I don't actually have to denote what the pairings will be. :P

Hopefully I haven't missed anything.

Current Works in Progress )

I was also going to list the amount of things which are finished and pending sharing online (FFN and/or AO3) but frankly this is long enough already. :P

My brain is a massive filing cabinet. I'm beginning to suspect this is why my short-term memory is so shoddy...
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I knew I'd forget something.

During "As If We Never Said Goodbye" - or just before it, at least - there was another nod to the original movie whereby Norma pushed an overhead microphone out of her sight. I can't remember them doing that in the musical before.

You can probably expect more of these as I randomly remember elements of the show which got lost in my inane ramblings. :P
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Right, I will approach this in much the same manner as the previous one by going through the score song by song.

Before that, though, there's something I forgot to mention in the first post - it's more of a general observation anyway so it doesn't really fit any specific scene...

Basically, the whole show was imbued with additional irony by the sheer fact that it was Glenn Close starring as Norma Desmond - not least because she last played the role on Broadway 20 years ago. All of the references to Norma's "return" to Hollywood and her status as a big name at the time were doubly relevant. In particular, this exchange:-

JOE: Norma, they don't want you in every scene.
NORMA: Of course they do - what else would they have come for?

Given that (I assume) quite a lot of the audience were only there to see Glenn Close, or specifically to see her in this show, that part was especially ironic, and there was definitely a murmur of amused acknowledgement from the audience.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the rest of the write-up - hopefully this one will not take me seven hours like the last one did...

Act Two )

Well, this one did not take quite as long as the last one, but I still have no idea where any of it came from.

My next task is to start a complete overhaul of "Tango Up On Sunset" to try and include all of these new feels and theories. I am looking forward to that, in a vaguely masochistic kind of way...
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Okay, let's get this show on the road.

I am going to break this down scene by scene as per the title tracks on the libretto, because otherwise I am liable to just ramble in a nonsensical fashion until my head explodes, and am also very likely to forget something important. I am going to reference my headcanon(s) quite a lot also, so I'm going to include explanations of those at relevant points - I should point out these headcanons have mostly arisen out of that period in 2002-2003 where I was writing a lot of fanfiction in the wake of "Tango Up On Sunset", elements of which have become so ingrained into my understanding of the show that I often forget that other people are not privy to them. :)

Anyway, now that I've dragged myself away from Tumblr, without further ado...

Act 1 )

Okay, this took far longer than expected, and I still have the whole second Act to get through. Hopefully by the time I get to that, I won't forget all the other things I wanted to say.

Watch this space!
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Right. This is mostly a placeholder entry, or a precursor, I suppose, to a much longer entry (or more likely entries) because I won't have time to get down everything I want to before Paul and I go out for a meal later. (Our table is booked at 9.00pm and it's just gone 5.00 as I type this; yes, there is a lot to say!)

Anyway, to explain: on Thursday night, Paul, [personal profile] commoncomitatus and I went to see Sunset Boulevard at the London Coliseum. This would be an exciting enough event, but what made this doubly and especially special was the fact that Glenn Close was reprising her role as Norma Desmond in her West End debut, for a very limited five-week run. The only reason I knew this was happening at all was thanks to Eni tweeting it at me about a week before the tickets went on sale in September, which happened to be the day after payday.

When I heard about it, I was in simultaneous states of "We will never ever be able to see this, LIFE IS WOE" and "This is non-negotiable and we are seeing this no matter the cost". Thankfully the latter won out, because the seats weren't as pricey as expected. We were Row K in the dress circle, which was a little further back than I'm used to, but stalls were far too expensive. To be honest, barring being up in the Gods, the location of the seats wasn't particularly important given that this was quite possibly one of the biggest London theatre experiences in any of our lifetimes. It's up there on a level with seeing Michael Crawford in The Woman in White all those years ago, and indeed seeing the Actual Cast Who Are On The Soundtrack thanks to getting seats so early into the run.

So, Paul and I bought Eni a ticket for her birthday (in February), as well as it being my birthday present, because if there's ever a reason for someone to come back to the UK, it's to see Glenn Close as Norma Desmond in the West End, right? Exactly.

Needless to say, it was EPIC, so my impending write-up will be ridiculous - as they always are, but particularly so this time. Throughout the entire show I was having to make little mental notes - "I'm going to remember that, it's important!" - so they didn't fall out of my head, and honestly I think the only way I'm going to be able to approach said write-up is to literally break it down scene by scene, so I don't forget anything. Just, so many little nuances and differences and references, it was almost impossible to keep up!

Before that, though, I need to mention something else which is perhaps not quite so monumentally exciting but equally as important, which is this:

Eni and I have not met face-to-face / IRL in just over three years - she moved to Sweden shortly after I started in my CP job. Before that, we only ever really met IRL every few months or so around the time of our respective birthdays, and generally communicate through email / Twitter, occasional LJ comment tennises and even rarer IM sessions. On Thursday we were basically only in the same room for about three hours, if that, but the three-year gap did not even seem like ten minutes. (Though possibly the Underground shenanigans and rush to find the theatre meant that we kind of met in London and immediately started navigating rather than engaging in pleasantries! And TBF the majority of our email conversations begin in the manner of capslock'd flailing anyway.)

In particular, the interval of the show stands out for me because we spent the entire thing discussing headcanons and interpreting what we'd just watched, and basically just having a massive fangirl geek-out over Sunset. I feel very, very sorry for anyone sitting in our vicinity at that point, as they must have thought we were completely insane - particularly anyone who came along purely to see Glenn Close without any prior knowledge of the show / movie.

I also find it hilarious that within those said three hours of being in the same room, we managed to create a meme, namely #JewishMotherNorma. This came out of a discussion about the potential movie version of the musical, which seems to have gone quiet again (thank goodness) and an old rumour that Barbra Streisand was in the running to play Norma at one point - and whilst Barbra Streisand is awesome, neither of us can quite see her playing Norma, and if it were to happen then Norma would be a Jewish Mother. We then immediately came up with two examples of #JewishMotherNorma, namely, "Are you married? A nice boy like you should be married...", and making sure Joe is eating enough even though she's starving herself to prepare for Salome.

There will be more coming, believe me. :P

(This meme is a companion to our #SunsetBlvdExhibition meme, which was a series of terrible, terrible puns that arose out of my dreaming about a Sunset Boulevard exhibition, where we took SB quotes and made them vaguely relevant to exhibition-type words. When I say terrible, I mean terrible. "You know what you can do with your vi-queue-na" levels of terrible. Basically, we are awful people who should not be allowed near anything, or each other.)

The crux of this is that it really demonstrates the longevity of internet friendships and throws mud in the face of all those people who think they're not valid or not real or not "proper" friendships. It's always been the case that when I meet online friends IRL, even for the first time, it's like we've known each other for years - because ironcally, we probably have.

So yeah. I wanted to mention that in case it got lost in my latter write-ups, which I will now make a start on. Hoping to get at least one up on Sunday, if not both, as I think I may have to do one for each Act, unless it devolves into Yet Another Shipper Analysis and churns out a third. :P

Watch this space!

PS: In honour of the occasion I have switched back to the glorious SB mood theme that Eni made me. :)
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We've made a good head-start this year on actually Seeing Films We Want To See... and there are two new Tim Burtons due this year so hopefully it will continue (Dark Shadows in May and the stop-motion animated (!) remake of Frankenweenie in October).

We went to see The Artist at the Electric on Saturday. Just as well we booked in advance as all three showings were sold out. It was horrendously expensive, though, as we decided to book a sofa and it came to just over £25. I'm sure those sofas were £10 originally. You should at least get a free drink included! Anyway, it did seem the ideal setting for such a film, and the audience actually wanted to be there - I anticipate if it's on beyond a week anywhere else it will be mostly full of ignorant kids who actually aren't interested in the film, or haven't realised what it is.

Anyway. Thoughts - with spoilers, obviously. )

This weekend has gone much too quickly. Before the film on Saturday Paul was at his business course again and I tidied the bedroom a bit (dusting / hovering) before going to meet him at the cinema, then we went to Wagamama for tea. Sunday was very lazy indeed because we were both shattered.

Back to the gym today, so let’s hope it doesn’t kill me as I haven’t been since October. :(
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In the course of - once again - fandom rediscovery, I've been re-reading old fanfic over the past few days. Initially this was just for Sunset Boulevard because that was the fandom in question, then Phantom and, more recently, Voyager because [livejournal.com profile] doec reminded me of a specific story/script and I randomly decided to read that as well - and subsequently reminded myself that one of these days I was going to turn them all into prose. ;) (I wrote script-format fic for Voyager for years, at least until I started writing 'properly' for Farscape and other fandoms in prose...)

Anyway, I digress. Rambling 'neath the cut - this entry ended up a lot longer than I intended... )

One day I will have a moment of blinding clarity where I pinpoint the reason for this fandom; either that or it will remain forever inexplicable. Until then, I shall continue to engage in Epic Character Study Discussions with like-minded friends and enjoy the rollercoaster while it lasts...

Eni - if I don't respond to your latest email today then it will have to wait until I've got the internet, by which point I will have had More Thoughts upon Thoughts, but I promise it'll be the first thing I do. ;)

F-List - I'm on leave for two weeks as of tomorrow and also possibly going to Paris if we can get cheap flights/hotel last minute, so I shall be appropriately silent until Sky come to install our intarwebs. Don't do anything interesting while I'm gone, 'kay?
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There's finally a Sunset Boulevard category on FFN.


(And yet I am also SO TEMPTED to move my poor lost little fic into the correct category. GAH, THE DUPLICITY OF IT ALL.)
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Okaaaaay. Here's another I did at work. Today's is going to be loooooooong and wordy and epic. Consider yourself warned.

Day 11 )


Thankfully it's been quiet today so I could actually work on this. Otherwise I would probably have been up all night trying to get it done.
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Seeing as I was sitting here at the PC, bored, but not yet quite ready for bed, I figured I might as well put Eni's birthday present to good use finally. :)

So, I now have a lovely Sunset Boulevard mood theme and Norma Desmond layout. (I was going to make it dark-text-on-white but when I previewed it, it didn't look as nice, so I switched it back to Eni's choice. I'll just have to train my eyes back to white-on-dark again. :P) Obviously all the pics are from the film, and it's times like this I wish there were more stage / tour production photographs available. I did scan the tour brochure but there's not much in there to go on. ;)

This reminds me, I never did finish my multi-fandom mood theme. One of these days I might get around to it, though obviously I've added some fandoms since it started. :D My old "words" theme did serve me well for a time and I was very proud of it, but a change, as they say, is as good as a rest.


Edit, seconds later: Hee, that expression is priceless. *cough* Sorry, you can expect several more edits like this when I am randomly amused by the screencap choice. :D
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Or, well, plot hairball at least.

From [livejournal.com profile] all_unwritten, a prompt community:

In my mind I keep you frozen like a seventeen year old.

This is my Sunset fic's origins in a nutshell. I have no clue which fandom [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus is using for My Thing in October, but if she's running dry on ideas... *cough*


Jun. 28th, 2009 08:50 pm
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Okay, so I've just spent about an HOUR trying to find out ticket availability for Sunset for August, for my mum's birthday, to be thwarted at every turn by broken links. I find about six million articles about the extended run, all of which sound incredibly promising.

And then I find this.

Despite announcing an extended run until September, they've actually closed it in May as initally planned.

I... just... there are no words. None.

God damn you, universe.

Just when I finally get my fandom mojo back after who knows how many months, this happens. It's not fair.

I really wanted my mum to see this production, I wanted to see it again a couple more times, and all that aside, it was a sell-out run. I hope to God nobody tried to book any tickets as soon as the extension was announced; and if so, I hope the theatre / ticket company have had the good grace to give out refunds.

There are days when I wish I'd never discovered Sunset, and this is one of those days. At least if I was ignorant of its existence or its briliance, this wouldn't sting quite so badly. I'm so angry about this. Angry and despondent and just... completely numb. I'm so fed up of my fandoms being crushed like this. According to one random link I spied in my travels this afternoon, it seems the new movie version is planned for next year, and after Phantom... I can't take any more disappointment. I really wish I didn't have this fandom-orientated brain, or care so passionately about relatively unimportant things. I hate especially that I should be made to feel like that by something so trivial.

I'm going to live under a rock. See you in about 30 years.
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One of the office printer is making a noise that sounds suspiciously like "om nom nom" whenever it feeds paper through. It keeps making me snigger but I can't explain why, because I don't think anyone would get it...

This morning Paul's 6.30 alarm woke me from a potentially interesting (if surreal) Sunset Boulevard-related dream. It differed somewhat from my usual fare of SB dreams, but obviously only came about because I re-read the prologue and first chapter of the SB/BaT crossover last night. Clearly, it doesn't take much for it to re-invade my brain. I'll post it under a cut out of sheer laziness because I can't be bothered to do a separate entry...

Bizarre SB dream )

Er, yes. *pats brain* Whatever, dear.

The other thing I want to talk about is this...

[livejournal.com profile] joetimewaster posted a link recently to the marvellous Sims 3 story of Kev and Alice (stick it in Google - I believe it's on Wordpress somewhere), which is absolutely frelling wonderful. As a result of this, I have come to the following two conclusions:-

  1. I have thus far avoided being sucked into the brain-destroying, life-eating land of the Sims (save for several hours wasted on Sim City 2000) purely through self- and sanity-preservation. I know my tendencies. I have an addictive personality when it comes to stuff like this. However, that being said, I must have Sims 3. Alas, at present I have neither sufficient RAM nor enough hours in my life, so it'll have to wait until one or the other becomes available. ;)

  2. This is quite possibly the future of fanfic. I know in the past that people have created character simsets out of fun, but seeing as how Sims 3 seems to be almost akin to artificial intelligence in the way the characters develop, the possibilities are endless! Plus it would be kind of fun to create your favourite characters and see how alike you can get them to 'real life' with personality traits, and then see if they interact in the same manner. Fascinating. :D

In other news, I have been sucked well and truly into Big Brother this year - how adorable was Sree last night? Rodriguo FTW! Or possibly Lisa. Or Angel. And I think Freddie/Halfwit/Anarchist Tory is going on Friday by the looks of things. And GAH Marcus is annoying - for which I apologise profusely, and I got my hair cut last night, but nothing much else. :)

Yt Ys Donne

May. 1st, 2009 10:03 am
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Job application thingy signed, sealed and delivered this morning, after half-copying an old application form blurb last night. Now I can stop stressing for a bit.

I had this really, really strange dream this morning... Bizarre... )


My foot has not been happy the past couple of days. I think my work shoes are to blame; they are too small in terms of the actual shoe-size, but simultaneously too wide for my narrow feet. They also have a 1.5" wedge heel on them, and I think all of these factors have been responsible for my foot hurting yesterday and Tuesday (but not so much Wednesday, when I was wearing a skirt and hence different shoes). I've bought some slightly more sensible work shoes from Deichman, leather ones which will hopefully be waterproof and which fit much better. £25 for leather shoes really isn't bad, considering I'll doubtless wear them to death and they'll last probably four times longer than the faux-leather cheap equivalents from Priceless... Yet more money I ddin't really intend to spend, though.

The physiotherapist reckoned it wasn't broken because it had stopped hurting and the swelling had gone down, but I personally reckon it was / is. (Worrying that four entirely different doctors / specialists told me four entirely different things...) If I catch or jar it at the wrong angle it's still quite painful, and the only way I can describe it is as though the bones need to be 'cricked'. It's weird.

Still, I'm probably going to start going swimming again, as after a while last time my foot eventually stopped cramping, and exercise can only be of the good.

Aaand finally, I'm going to get my hair cut tonight. Poll answers were unforthcoming (50% in either direction) but I shall keep it short for the summer (now, watch it rain...) and start growing it after Christmas.

Another quiet day so I might work on some writing...
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I happened to tune into Paul O'Grady this afternoon because there was literally nothing else on, only to discover that Kathyn Evans and the cast of Sunset Boulevard (well, some of them - no Dave Willets or Ben Goddard) would be performing "With One Look" at the end of the show.

So, first of all I texted Eni to tell her.

Then I taped it. Of course. :D
Quality isn't perfect because our aerial is rubbish, but still. Eeeee!

Brief conversation afterwards between Paul and Kathryn reveals that the London run has been extended to SEPTEMBER. Which, OMGYAY!

This means I can take my mum for her birthday (but alas not myself for mine, booo) in August and just... there more time to save up to see it again. The April run was due to end on the 18th, when [livejournal.com profile] yoshi and I are meant to be seeing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Wolverhampton, except his brother hasn't actually booked the tickets yet - we even agreed last night that if he hasn't done so within a week we'd just damn well go to London for the final night of SB anyway, because FINAL NIGHT and yeah. So now we don't have to.

I'm so so so pleased! An extended run means that audience reactions are positive and gleaming - Kathryn even mentioned that they've pretty much had a standing ovation every single night - and if that's the case then perhaps a second UK tour isn't such a distant possibility as I thought. *crosses absolutely everything*

This fandom makes me happy. It has, in the past, caused its fair share of angst, but dear GOD. I'll take the angst with a pinch of salt if it can continue to make me this cheerful. :D


Mar. 31st, 2009 10:47 pm
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I haven't updated because I'm... not really doing anything. Today I made a start on reading Watchmen (about halfway through) and have given up on Little Women because my brain is not in the right mindset to attempt the language. So instead I shall start The Last Unicorn tonight.

Anyway, that isn't why I'm posting.

TPTB at fanfiction.net have finally realised that 'Musicals/Plays' needs to be a top-level category of its own, rather than being pushed into the 'Misc' category. As a result they've tidied it all up a bit and put the insane amount of Cats fic into a sub-category of its own.

For some bizarre, unfathomable reason, they have a Phantom of the Opera section in there. I say this is bizarre because there's already a perfectly adequate POTO section in the Books category, which contains four 'world' filters - book, movie, musical and alternate.

So, there are two whole fanfics in the Musicals/Plays category. Wow. Two! The last review of the first one contains the following words:

...I think it's such a shame that there aren't more stories for the Phantom of the Opera...it's such a beautiful movie, and I think it's a real shame no one writes anything for the fanfiction.

The kicker? In the proper POTO category under Books, there are just under 9000 stories.

Yeah, obviously nobody "writes anything for the fanfiction".

This? The whole reason the fandom is crumbling. Stupid bloody idiots who have only seen the stupid bloody 2004 movie and think it's the only version out there, and haven't realised it's a book. I mean, we did at least get a small grace period when the movie first opened, as it took the rabid Gerik phangirls a while to find the category, but yeah. The fic is just... getting worse. It used to be a mostly well-written category back in MY day. Before these young whipper-snappers came along.

And this is also the reason why I have never, ever suggested a Sunset Boulevard category on FFN, even though there are probably enough stories knocking around now to warrant one. Ditto Jonathan Creek (my own fics would be enough to warrant one), because these are my precious fandoms and I don't want them being invaded by reams of badfic. It's another reason I'm horribly dreading this new SB movie, if it ever gets off the ground, not only because I know they'll miss something glaringly obvious, not just because so far some of the casting decisions have been physically painful, but because it will suffer from POTO-syndrome. And SB so so so deserves more than rabid fangirls writing badfic and totally missing the damn point and pairing off Joe and Betty because it's 'safe' and 'easy', etc.

I need to make up t-shirts. "GET OUT OF MY FANDOM" or "PHANTOM: UR DOIN IT RONG".

Just... yeah.

Stoopid Hollywood. Get out of my fandom. NOW.
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There's not much to do here (again!) so be warned in advance that this will probably be long... again. Sorry, I seem to be in a particularly superfluous mood lately.

MOAR SUNSET. Because, you know, there can never be too much Sunset. )

Yesterday afternoon I finally finished Chapter Three of the JC-fic, which is now officially titled "A Lot to Answer For". It needs going over again but at least it's done. Damn these characters who never talk to each other properly. :P I think I need to put together some kind of actual chapter plan for this story before it runs away of its own volition.

Might be a busy weekend - Paul is working Saturday and I have to go into Moseley to get a funky Mother's Day card, and then it's Paul's turn to cook the Mother's Day Lunch on Sunday. Must also get flowers to put on the table, tidy up so the place looks presentable - I mean, I'm sure they KNOW we're lazy slobs, but it's nice to keep up appearances (:P) - and figure out what to get as a present... which I should probably do tonight, actually. Hm, trip to the Pier, maybe.

I need to get my hair cut, but as I'm manning the typing on my own until April it's been quite difficult to get away early. Excellent for flex, obviously, but somewhat knackering.

Anyway. At some point I promise to write an entry which isn't about Sunset Boulevard or Jonathan Creek. Or X-Files for that matter. :P Fandom is infinitely more interesting than real life; go figure.
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...and another entry which will probably break Eni's higher brain functions (hence the icon, obviously).

It's kind of odd. I'm falling behind on my journal re-tagging, but at the moment it's as though the "fandom" tags are battling each other for supremacy. SB is winning at the moment, but Farscape is a contender for second place because I've tagged the first year or so of the LJ... Strange how our fandom habits are so cyclic. When I get to 2003 the Buffy tags will grow in number... and also, when it's all done, we get to see which 'celebrity' on my list I geek over more often. I did a bit of a re-read last night and there's a pretty strong leader at the moment - three guesses who . ;)

Finished series 2 of Jonathan Creek last night with "Mother Redcap", another favourite. Actually, I just like series 2 in general. Stuffs )

I pottered about online for a bit after that, not really doing much. It was a bit cold last night so I wasn't very inclined to type stuff. Went to bed at 11.00pm and then started to re-write the first chapter of the SB/BaT fic to make more sense of it, now that I've separated out the prologue elements. Didn't get very far, as re-writing by hand takes longer than typing, so gave up after half an hour or so. I still haven't got to the point I wanted, but for now I'm enjoying the brainstorming. More )

I kind of have this... horrible suspicion that my brain will overcome the SB and JC overload by attempting some kind of awful crossover, which would not only be completely impossible, but wrong on so many infinite levels of wrongness. They are both too complex to even attempt to join together, and the result would be some kind of horrifying chimera. Not to mention that the characters would be completely incompatible, and I'm stopping now.

I'm sure I had more I was going to say when this stuff was trampling through my head last night, but as usual it's fallen out of my ears this morning. I am also suffering caffeine withdrawal (slight headache) because I've managed to fall into a habit of one cup of mocha a day, and it's bad for me. So, as much as I am tired this morning, it's at least vaguely worth it for the creative productivity...

The network is as slow as a slow thing today, and there's also very little work. In any event, it's nearly lunchtime, so I'll post this and find something to do for half an hour.
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I received an exciting e-mail this morning. As I'm at work I can't squee as literally as I would like, so instead I shall vent it into a brain-splurge of an LJ entry instead. Sorry.

Not sure where to start, so I'll be alphabetical.

Jonathan Creek )

So, to sum up: Jonathan Creek is awesome, J/M is more complex than I gave it credit for, and my fic needs updating. As ever.

Sunset Boulevard )

In short, again, Sunset Boulevard is awesome, N/J is always more complex than I gave it credit for, and my fic needs starting. As ever. :P

In other news, my left ear hurts. It has been itching a lot lately so I'm assuming I've just scratched it by accident, but if it gets any worse I'll get to the doctor. The last thing I need is for it to get so bad as to make working impossible, really...

I think that's more than enough fandom-related ramble for one day. I'll get this tape out of the way, go on lunch, and then apparently help out downstairs because they're struggling...
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That was quite pleasant. Paul was working silly shifts this weekend (2 til 10 both days) so I basically had the weekend (and the computer!) to myself. Despite that, I was even marginally productive - cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, planted the kitchen herb garden pot, and got some bits of shopping on the Sunday.

Of course, the rest of it was spent on the PC. ;)

I've spent most of the weekend indulging unashamedly in Sunset Boulevard fandom, basically - re-reading old fic, e-mail tennises with [livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing and Jenny (from Georgia) about SB fic and introspection, and chatting to Eni on YIM after scanning the old UK tour brochure. Which reminds me, I must scan the APR libretto pictures, too.

Sunday was mostly spent working on my new layout, which I'm still not entirely happy with... haven't even attempted to code it yet. I was going to use the 'Expressive' layout but the CSS looks really bloody complicated, and I'm somewhat out of practice, but I think I can achieve the same effect using 'Bloggish' - i.e. a background and a header banner. I have the background sorted, but need to work on the banner. As ever, these things look so much more impressive in my head, and would be a lot easier if I could draw. My Google image hunt was less than fruitful, to say the least, though I did have a second option for the picture that I might try... :P

As a result of re-reading the e-mail tennises with Jenny, I was randomly reinspired last night to make a start on our SB / Breakfast at Tiffany's crossover, the unoriginally titled "Sunset at Tiffany's". I think that was actually going to be the real title, too, but I might come up with something else... This was the thing which was going to have four different endings because we couldn't decide which one we preferred. I imagine Mr Capote is turning in his grave, but probably no more than Mr Wilder is. ;)

Random fic details, for those who might be even remotely interested... )

I absolutely cannot find words to express how glad I am that I got to see the London production of Sunset. It is a fandom that is very high on the list of favourites, and I can't believe I fell out of it. I felt so ALIVE on 28th February; I've not enjoyed a show like that since... I can't remember. The Woman in White, probably, as after that point things started to go downhill. Before seeing SB again I was almost about to give up on writing completely (as a result of too many issues to mention), but it has reinspired me to the point of absolute ridiculousness - for fanfic, for icons, for thought-provoking discussion, for general creativity. I can't explain why, and I don't want to analyse it. There's just something about the story which has always captured my imagination and never let go, and somehow, I'd forgotten that.

Glumness )

Meh. Sorry, this started out as a positive post. In any case, many many thanks to Eni for putting up with my inane messenger ramblings of late...

Anyway, in other news, this month is horrendous for birthdays and events, including Mother's Day. And then in April its our anniversary (four years!), and hopefully after that I should have some money. I say this every year, of course. One year it might be true. :P

Right. It is now lunchtime, so I shall post this and have my sandwich.

Deary Me...

Mar. 7th, 2009 03:41 pm
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Falling back into fandom with a massive crash has its advantages; I'm not quite sure if bizarre dreams are one of them.

I had a dream about Sunset Boulevard. At least, I think I did. Eddie Izzard turned up at one point in a blue suit, but that might have been a different section. There was also a really bizarre bit just before I woke up that I can't properly remember.

Anyway. SB Dream )

Hm, I should make a start on some of the SB-related stuff I wanted to get done today: make a new LJ layout when I find a theme to modify from someone, and scan the old tour brochure for that purpose. I need more SB icons, especially of the N/J persuasion, though I fear it may result in messy image manips.

Watch this space.
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...with a bit of random humour from work, though I think - as ever - it's probably not that funny outside of the environment.

Peter is dictating a letter and and the address is incredibly silly. Something similar to "The Building of Greeting and Homeliness" - that level of silly pretentiousness. Anyway, he starts sniggering through the address and then goes:

"Terribly sorry. It is very childish to laugh at somewhere's address. [comedic pause] But I did."

As usual, it loses a lot in the re-telling. Still, it amused me.

In all the Sunset-related excitement, I forgot to actually update about Sunday...

Sunday )

On Friday at work our team are having a Red Food Day in honour of Comic Relief - one week before everyone else's fund-raising efforts, because we're weird like that. Team meeting today is going to discuss final arrangements. We're meant to have enough food to feed our building and the other teams in King Edward House, but I don't know if we'll manage it. Should be fun, though.

Right, I'd better get back to doing some work. I have to try and leave early today (assuming there's anyone around to offer cover - I seem to be the only one willing to stay late when needed) to trek to Acocks Green and get some red paste food colouring, as the liquid stuff is useless, and obviously the supermarkets don't stock anything else. Apparently there's a cake decorating shop in Acocks Green so I'll go find it later.

Back to the typings.
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Okay, this final section will be devoted to the ‘ships. Of course. These are in no particular order except for the last one. ;) I've talked about the SB ships before at some length in my old shipper posts, but every time I come back to it, I find more stuff to ramble about. Er, sorry.

Oh, and before I start, after a comment from Paul last night and also reading online reviews, it turns out the gigantic portrait at the back was of Gloria Swanson. Which makes an awful lot of sense, though I'm kicking myself for not realising. :)

Saturday, Part 3 )

Right, I think that’s MORE than enough. I didn’t mean for it to be this long, honest.

I’ll get the photographs up some point this week on Facebook and Flickr respectively, and spend Saturday indulging in scanning the UK tour brochure to make Faith/Jeremy manips and icons, because my journal needs more SB, dammit. Perhaps a layout? We shall see.

Normal service – by which I mean moaning, whinging and rambling about X-Files – shall be resumed some point next week. I hope. ;)
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I warned you about the LONG, right? Good.

Saturday, Part 2 )

Okay, I’m going to have to split this into three entries, so I’ll put all the ‘ship stuff in the last one. Character introspection took longer than I thought. I’m fully aware that these entries are of interest to about 1% of the population but this fandom produces extreme levels of thought each time I invest in it, and I just want to get it all down for posterity.

More coming. ;)
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[livejournal.com profile] collie_wing!  If I had the money, I would so buy you this.  Seriously.

Alas, I do not.  So we're both just going to have to stare longingly at it.

I'm meant to be getting this for my mother for Christmas (or possibly the short-sleeve version, I need to ask her which she wants) and I want this one for myself. :)

Mmm, geek-flavoured.

Edit: Also, this made me giggle. I prefer the one with the logo, though. :)
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Got bored of Component (I have a very low attention span lately) and have gone back to my Sunset Blvd. layout.  This one reminds me of several things, namely...

1) Watching the movie on Eni's bed the first time I met her (back in February 2004) and decreeing that the shot would make a fantastic layout.
2) Finishing my dissertation.
3) My final year of Uni... or, at least, the final few months.

Teeny tiny entry-space, again.  For my next layout I shall endeavour to at least be able to fit a picture 500 pixels wide in the main entry area...
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The Sunset Boulevard tango scene still makes me grin like an idiot.

Damn, I need a Norma/Joe icon. :(
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You know what the one phrase is that I shout at my computer screen above all others?  Course you don't.

It's this:

"THEY'RE NOT [insert colour here], DAMMIT!!"

In reference to eye colour.  Because, honestly, if you haven't figured out the main characters' eye colour from either a) watching the show, b) publicity shots where the eye colour is frelling emphasised or c) reading other people's fic, then you seriously need to reconsider your geekness.

And this, more to the point, is why I'm so, so annoyed by the fact that I have no frellin' clue what colour Jeremy's eyes are (though they are possibly blue, which is fitting, in a way) because Faith's were definitely green, and that worked in my fic, and just... it's annoying.  Plus, you know, black and white movie, so I can't exactly find out from that.

I would explain why having blue eyes would be fitting, but then I'd be here all night, and I need to go to bed soon.  If I can ever stop reading X-Files fic, that is.  There's no going back, now.  I'm definitely getting re-obsessed/addicted to it.  Just watch; next I'll dig out my horrendous fics and read through them all.  And that would be a very, very bad thing.  Yes, it would.
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So I've spent the entire weekend indulging myself in MHOTP, as my last post probably demonstrated, but in the midst of the many related icons, I did a few random ones, purely because the photos on philwhyman.com are amusing, and I couldn't resist doing this one...

Also, you remember that anomalous Max-eyebrow that I was going to use for the mood theme if I could decide what mood to use it for?  I came up with something else instead...

Hee.  Everyone needs an 'Oy' icon.


Jun. 8th, 2004 02:13 am
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In searching randomly on a whim, I discover that I am no longer the only person on the entire of fanfic.net to have written a Sunset story.  There's another one!  And it's not by someone I actually know!

(Though I do believe the person reviewed mine at some point)


We are slowly growing as a fandom.  I am pleased.  Though I remain the world's first fanfiction writer for it, I believe.

Fic!! FIC!! FIC!!!!!

Everyone go review it and ask for more, right this instant!!!
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Watched Sunset Boulevard on a whim.  Since my crappy-arse £40 DVD player is most definitely teH suck, however, I ended up having to watch the final few scenes on the damn computer because it kept finding errors on the disc and trying to skip it.  I watched the commentary (by a bloke who is an Expert In Such Matters, and wrote a book on Billy Wilder and Sunset in general) which made some very interesting points, most of which I agreed vehemently with, and quite a few of which I emphatically did not, purely because I'm coming at the movie from a different perspective than him.  (That is, he's cynical and very much on Joe's side, as well as a Hollywood expert who's done lots of research, and I'm a shippy idiotic girl with too many disillusions, but, hey, it's all fun.  Incidentally, just to prove I was right on one thing in my suppositions: William Holden was 31 when it was filmed, which is exactly what I'd estimated...)

So, much interest all around.  Some pointless facts, if you want them:

~ In the scene where Norma meets de Mille at Paramount, Wilder wanted Hedy Lamarr to appear sitting in her chair (it's Samson and Delilah that's being filmed in the scene), but that idea was dropped when she requested $25,000 for a cameo...
~ The silent movie that's playing in Norma's living room is Queen Kelly, directed by Erich von Stroheim (Max), and it was his suggestion.
~ When Billy Wilder was working with his co-writer, they would end up in huge arguments and throw telephone books at each other... :D  Apparently, their secretaries just learnt to ignore the yelling and thumping.
~ I haven't managed to access the original morgue opening extras yet, but there was a description at the start of the commentary, and ye gods, it sounds bizarre.  Will have to investigate more thoroughly when I'm home with the better player.

I'm sure there was more I was going to say.  Ah, well...
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As before, I've listened to it once through already, so this is general reactions on the second listen.  I would've done immediate immediate reactions, but they would have been even less coherent.  I mean, technically I should do this tomorrow after I've slept and the cold's cleared up a bit, but... seriously, illness-induced reactions?  Such fun.  Though I think we've learnt that I really should not listen to this when I'm this ill...

Act Two, as before )

Done.  God.  I miss it so much.  However, the rumours of a second tour are only that - rumours - so I'm not going to get my hopes up. Especially not going to get my hopes up for Faith being back in it, either.  But God.  I say again, why couldn't they at least have televised it?  Unless they did and it was on BBC3 or something annoying like that, in which case, it might be repeated at some point...

Want Sunset back!!  And I want the pirate video someone made at one of the Birmingham performances, too, even though it'd probably cost more than what I'd have to pay back when I got sued...

Okay, I'm going to bed now.  Well, I might read some fic and then go to bed...  I think I've subjected you to enough of my ramblings on this...
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So, I managed to get the first act of Sunset Boulevard before going out, plus about two minuts of Act Two, which leads me to believe there was an interval.  Would have reviewed at the time, but the computer wasn't on.  So, here's something of a review, while I re-listen and make comments.  This will, of course, make no sense if you're not listening a) to the same thing I am and b) in the same way I am.

Before I begin, though: I had my apprehensions and nearly didn't bother trying to tape it because of the hassle involved (it's hassle enough trying to switch tapes without the added bonus of not actually being there to turn them over, hence why I just tried to get what I could with a 90 minute tape.)  With any luck Naomi's managed to fenangle something either with her computer or taping me the second half.  Then I thought, 'Dude, it's got Michael Ball in it', which is reason enough, plus, I've only ever heard Petula 'Award Winning Performance' Clarke singing "As If We Never Said Goodbye" and was quite intrigued as to her portrayal.  Nobody - and I mean nobody - will ever top Faith and Jeremy in my book, just because... well, because.  I've given enough reasons to justify that as an answer.  So.  Here we go.  I shall doubtless not get to bed now til at least 2am, which is somewhat annoying as I want to get up reasonably early to achieve all the things I was meant to have achieved already, and I probably won't get to post this for, oh, another three days, as the network is still playing silly buggers.

Anyway, without further ado: A shambolic not-quite-review of the First Act of Sunset Boulevard on Radio 2 )

Right.  Shambolic, for which I apologise, but you were warned.  Want Act Two.  Wonder if I could write to them and ask if they have plans to repeat it...

It's not a patch on the tour.  I'm biased and I admit it.  The tour = satiated Nautica.  The tour = much fic.  The tour = Jeremy + Faith + chemistry + beautiful people + wondrous casting.  The tour = perfection itself.  And Sunset = definitely not good for my health, but we already knew this...  Actually, going back to that 'beautiful people' comment, that's probably part of it I never even considered before.  We all know I think Jeremy's gorgeous (heh, yes, that's how it all started, remember?) but, wow, Faith was just beautiful...  in, like, a really terrifying way.  Those eyes, dude.  And her entire stature and presence just... beautiful and dangerous and rather frighteningly sensual, as even Lloyd Webber noticed, and it worked.  I may follow the other 'ships, but nothing's going to convert me from Joe and Norma, ever.

I... forgot the point I was going to make somewhere in there, but it had something to do with shippiness and was probably pointless anyway. :)  I shall stop now.

Hurrah.  Sunset-nostalgia.


May. 2nd, 2004 02:48 pm
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If anyone's interested, Michael Ball and Petula Clarke are on Radio 2 this evening at 6.00 in Sunset Boulevard as part of the Music Live thing.  And typically, this would happen to be the one Sunday I'm working, and the damn thing's 2 and a half hours long.

Hm.  I could always attempt to tape it off the radio, but it would involve lots of tapes and I won't be here to change 'em over, or I could try and get my computer to record it for me, but I don't know how to do that.


New icon!

Apr. 26th, 2004 01:17 am
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Yes, I'm an addict.  This one was inspired by an old email from Jenny, since I was attempting to compile them all earlier.  We were having an exchange about the Sunset movie, including this particular scene, which is when Norma visits Paramount.  Joe sneaks off up to the Readers' office to chat with Betty, chucks some random ideas at her for their screenplay, and promptly legs it.  She threatens him with an apple as he runs off; it's amusing.  What's more amusing is Jenny's conviction that she should have actually thrown the damn thing at him, because it's rather pointless to threaten as such without following through.  So then, of course, I started thinking about what might have happened if she had, since I bet Joe'd have a lot of fun explaining that bruise away... *evil smile*

So, rather than trying to fic it, I iconed it.  Rather proud of this one...  (And I just bought new icon space so I can upload more than 15 without having to delete any more; I like them all.  Well, except my animated 'The Four' because it's jerky and badly done, so one day I'll make it better.  And now I can do the entire songset to "That I Would Be Good" and use them all...)

Now I have to mess with Vicky's new tattoo design.  We should be getting new ones on Saturday. :D

Edit, 02.20: I finally got around to making my "The Four" icon better. Here's the original and the new one (left and right respectively):


Much better, don't you agree? Plus, I finally managed to get my nifty fading in-and-out back. :)


Apr. 25th, 2004 02:59 am
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I just found a Sunset Boulevard community.  All is right with my world.

(Though, as anticipated, there are hardly any members, which is why I was reluctant to start one myself.  Still semi-considering the Jack/Liz PotC one...)
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It has come to my attention that I must stop coming up with ideas.  What follows is, for once, not a list of WIPs.  It is, in fact, a list of things I have promised myself I'll write at some point, but actually failed to start, most of which are actually crossovers.  In no particular order:

1)  "Leviathan Rouge" - Farscape/Moulin Rouge! crossover.  I still really, really want to write this, but it'll have to wait til the 'scapeMuses wake up again.  At least I'd come up with adapted names for everyone...
2)  The Farscape/Les Misérables crossover.  Needs to wait until such time as a) I remember the actual cast list, b) I listen to it again and c) as above...
3) "The Wizard of the UT" - there's really no excuse. It even has pictures.
4) "The Crossover of Doom" - perhaps when Naomi and I are both work-less, it'll actually get finished.  Or started more than it already is.  Some of the 'verses have been started, but Naomi still owes me the end of the PotterVerse bit, and her idea on how, precisely, Jack Sparrow ends up in Sunnydale.  But on that note, I also have to get Mitzi, Felicia and Bernadette there, too...  Damn these interconnecting Silly!Verses!  Damn them!
5) "Come Forward", which I really really want to start now...
6) "Sunset At Tiffany's" because I've just been emailing Jenny some ideas, and it now has four different endings. )
7) A Buffy/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover, that Eni is going to help with because she kept giving me silly mental images of Buffy wearing a too-tight corset and falling into the sea.  And Riley wearing a stupid wig...
8) A Buffy/Phantom of the Opera crossover that was decidedly less well-established, plot-wise, than...
9) "The Phantom of the Sickbay", a Voyager/POTO crossover with a Doc/Seven pairing.  I think I was going to write it with Katie, actually.
10) The idea for the Kim inner-monologue Edward Scissorhands fic I came up with the other night...
11) The sequel to "Broken Record", which, in all honesty, I can't even start until I've finished "Broken Record"... ;)  (Is it bad I can name an actor that my original character looks like?)

I'm also pretty sure there's even more, but that's all that spring to mind immediately.  Gragh.  Work, damn you.
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Here goes the final section of my Shipper posts. I think these are the last two of my fandoms that are worthy of note. If not, I'll just do more posts. For now however:

Final 2 - Phantom of the Opera, Sunset Boulevard )

There. Done. For now. I'm still convinced I've missed out something really obvious...
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i'll direct [livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing at this post when she's back from whatever sunny plains she's currently invading. for now, i'm just writing it down so i don't forget it.

watched breakfast at tiffany's today (again) since it was on living and there was nothing else on after 'stenders (*ahem*)

the last time i watched it, i was still somewhat in what i now call 'yeesunset!' mode, which usually happens right after seeing the movie, listening to the soundtrack, or having a conversation with allan (lucky for me, i haven't spoken to him, or visited his message board, for a while. yay me, preserving my sanity...) and when i'm in yeesunset! mode, the sunsetMuses start chattering at me while i'm watching other things, especially other movies of a similar time period. and breakfast at tiffany's was no exception. but i'll explain that idea in a moment...

the other idea i'm bound to forget sooner ;) i have an email buddy from georgia called jenny, who has read practically all of my sunsetfic (or at least, the stuff i allow the general public to be subjected to; some of the hand-written fluff is staying in the folder, thank you, because it terrifies even me on occasion...) and who i am prodding occasionally to write me fic in return. it's taken me long enough, but i've finally found another sunsetficcer! anyway, the latest thing she sent me was a short angst piece set after the movie in the actual timeline (as opposed to the had-joe-survived timeline that i favour...), norma-POV, when she's in her nice padded room, believing she's waiting for filming to start. it was very cool, to say the least.

but my brain being what it is, and it thinking constantly in the had-joe-survived timeline by default these days, i started thinking how very cool it would be if he had survived, but she'd still been taken away... because (and this is very much a topic the fans are divided over, but i'm not in such a small minority as i thought) i believe that no matter what happened, had betty not come along, joe could have loved norma. yeah, so the live show proved that a heck of a lot more, but even so... anyway, i just had this vision of him trying to help max appeal to get her out of there... maybe visiting her... would be rather cool.

i tell ya. if there's potential for fluffangst, i'm there. *rolls eyes*

back to breakfast at tiffany's. it helps if you've seen it, but only on visuals and characters. reading the book won't help, really, since it bears very little resemblance to the film (for once, i actually prefer the film; i've found the book completely unreadable both times i've tried.) naturally, when i watched it the first time, my brain connected it to sunset through the main male character, paul varjak, because he and joe're actually very similar. and then it developed at a rate of knots into a completely random, bizarre, but oddly plausible idea...

BAT is set (i presume) in 1961 or possibly late 1950s. it was made in '61, at the very least. it's hard to tell from the costumes since holly golightly's always dressed to the nines and looks very 30s movie-star-ish in the main; there is mention of her cousin (or friend) doing script work for television, which helps with the placement, and there's paul's typewriter. i'll research it eventually, or ask someone who knows (sweet, when you're back - might your father know?) so, anyway, i'm rambling. the idea.

going back to that: BAT - 1961 (we'll assume) and SB - 1949/50. if we use my characterisation of joe (because, hey, if i write this, it'll be my fic :P) - i made him turning 31 in 1950, so he'd be, oh, 40ish come the 60s, but that's not really important. 'suspension of disbelief' comes into this a lot. okay. so as i said, i've got my 'had-joe-survived' timeline, that the entire of my sunsetfic is based on (and it spreads over a period of about 3 years, more or less, but i can ignore that.) in BAT, there is a very odd character, whose name escapes me - paul's decorator/lady-friend/not-quite-lover. she's not mentioned in the book and seems to be entirely a film creation. i'm probably wrong, but she's always seemed older than him to me. essentially, with my brain having already made the joe-gillis link, that's where this idea came from. and i realise i have yet to explain the idea. it makes perfect sense in my head, naturally...

all right. we'll start with my had-joe-survived timeline, whereby it's all happy happy with norma afterwards because nautica will hurt me if it's not. that much is a given. by the nature of norma's volatile personality, despite what i keep telling myself, it would never last... or it only would if joe was strong enough to cope, which i really doubt he is. so here's a scenario for you. for whatever reason, it's all over, about 5 or so years after it began. either norma takes a suicide attempt too far and succeeds, or makes him leave for his own good... whichever, it's all over, and he's still in love with her. (he's not getting off lightly. nope. he's way too easy to torture.)

consider US geography. los angeles is the opposite side of the country to new york. it makes sense that he'd want to get as far from that life as possible, so new york's a logical option. and we're already in BAT-country.

so, he's out of LA. makes sense he'd want to change his name, too, to forget the past. farewell, joe gillis, hello, paul varjak. (remember that suspension of disbelief i mentioned...?)

there's a comment in BAT that he's been working on a novel since 1956 - that could be the year he ends up in NY. writing. catharsis. whatever. same difference.

enter the woman whose name i fail to remember on a regular basis... his decorator/whatever. what made that whole thing even weirder was the fact that she was paying him... so maybe she's his agent? oh, frell knows. it's never explained and it's driving me mad, but it fits my cause perfectly. filling the norma-shaped void... are you with me?

add to this the fact that i have a very paul-or-joe-esque line going around my head right now, in reference to her: "i knew she was in love with me, of course. and wasn't that a familiar story?"

and then, friends, enter ms. holly golightly. the sunset-link continues - holly/lula-may was taken from her native texas, taught to elocute (? - i'm tired, here...) properly, and was destined to be a movie star.. before deciding she wanted to be in new york. the coincidences just keep on coming. it's fabulous. because wouldn't it be so gloriously ironic for him to fall in love with a movie star all over again? even if she's not technically an 'active' one?

oh! and more! there's the bit where she says he reminds her of her brother fred. she asks if he minds if she calls him 'fred', and he says something like "why not?" - but the way he says it (although it may be me projecting...) is almost like "what the heck, i'm not even technically paul varjak..."

i feel almost treacherous, pairing off holly with joe gillis. but my god, it works. if only i could write it and make it convincing enough...

okay. i'm holding billy wilder personally responsible for this. mainly because he wrote sunset, and also because i think i've blamed jeremy enough ;)

that's it. i'll probably never write it, but i wanted to vent it nonetheless... i'll go read some buffy/spike fic and shut up, now :)
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well, today, i went to MAC to see "sunset boulevard" on the big(ish) screen, with aisha. it was very cool; i got to recount the jeremystory all over again (always fun, and at least aisha's interested) and also discuss shipper theories after the movie. and things noticed this time:

1) when joe awakens that first morning in the room over the garage, surrounded by strewn-about scraps of screenplay, the page three sheets back is exactly the same as the page on the top of the pile on top of him. cheapskates :)

2) norma leaning on her knee when she first lets him read the script. dunno why, it just seemed more noticable and significant. mannerisms help my characterisation even if i do mostly follow the faith/jeremy performances. occasionally, i check back with the originals.

3) the fact that he actually says "happy new year, norma" and not just "happy new year" - somehow, i'd always managed to miss that.

4) norma's charlie chaplin impression. she did, i realise now, steal max's jacket, that he was wearing. the act is not shown, but on close scrutiny it is not only obviously his jacket (pale trim on the edge of the collar, and general size and shape compared to norma), but when he comes in to inform her about paramount calling, he's not wearing a jacket. max always wears a jacket. and so i spent the next five minutes or so trying to stop my muse from making me fic the sodding thing.

5) little details - the cigarette case and lighter she gives him actually come in a little presentation box, and that's what she hands to him. joe rolling up the dollar bill she gives him to get her cigarettes (not sure of the significance, but, again, mannerisms...) and then handing it back to her like that. max shushing him when they find out about gordon cole wanting to hire her car, as she re-emerges from stage 18. and many other little things. also, extending from the spinning-the-lighter moment, the look on his face when it stops spinning is dying for analysis. new task for when i'm back with the video...

so, yes. it was fabulous and wonderful. and brought back memories of the show, for some reason, or, at least, of all the various little differences in the character portrayals.

and now for some 'buffy' ramblings... )

finale tomorrow night. prepare for my being a complete wreck, no matter what happens. and prepare for much fic.

fingers ache now.


May. 4th, 2003 02:28 pm
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today is:

~ 17 years since she was born.

~ 20 years since she was born.

~ 1 year since entropy aired on sky one (buffy season 6)

and the reason i know this incredibly pointless fact is because i watched the first half before leaving the house to go to the hippodrome, which means it's

~ 1 year since my second viewing of sunset

and hence

~ 1 year since meeting faith brown for the first time.

and this time last year i was probably twitchy and nervous as heck thanks to the fic thing. and while i'd claim it was one year since the y-k-w thing began, i'd be lying - i realisd that started somewhere between the two shows...

whee! nostalgia!


hope you enjoy your presents, because they're so mysterious ;) (naomi, don't hurt me for the card...)
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*exited babblings*

fic fic fic fic fic fic fic idea!! thethethe shooting! that i fixed! ee! and the argument and all flashbacky and wooooow...

okay, okay, that makes sense to me and probably nobody else, so here it is again in english...

"tango up on sunset" - the long and evil sunset chapter-fic of doom (as opposed to the long and evil buffychapter-fic of doom) is to end on a shippy note, but before it does, the pen-penultimate chapter involves a long and horrible argument between joe and norma, whereby he reminds her of when he came back and that she did, in fact, shoot him (having initially told her, on pain of being murdered by max if he told the truth, that it was the guys after his car) and various other things he then hates himself for later. (hey, it's angst, and mopey joe is fun to work with. i did tell you i liked torturing him...) but anyway, i just got the briefest little flash, movie-like, of him telling her about that shooting and what really happened, cutting between 'real' time and flashback. specifically... (and this is off the top of my head, mainly dialogue but no action because that takes longer and i'm only getting voices at the moment. this is raw, un-read, un-betaed, as-it-comes minhfic... thus, nobody's allowed to flame it :P)

"But you said-"

"I know what I said," he told her, "but I would have said anything to keep Max off my back. He didn't want you to know the truth, same as always, and, like an idiot, I listened to him."

She could only nod, still a little sceptical as the memory plainly refused to surface. "If that's so," she said, defiantly, "then why don't I remember?"

"I have no idea. Because you remember what you choose to remember; you always have. And Max hasn't exactly helped over the years."

Instinctively, she looked for Max, needing his support, but he was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he'd heard them and decided to stay out of it. Whatever the reason for his absence, it was one against one, and nobody to confirm either of their arguments. "This isn't fair, Joe. I barely remember that night; truth be told, neither do you."

"I have an excuse. I was unconscious." Had he not been serious, it would have been almost amusing. He was, however, right, and she remembered that much.

"I do remember the doctor being here..." she mused, a vague recollection surfacing. "Wasn't... wasn't one of the shots to your shoulder?"

He nodded. "Yes. But it was only a scrape..."


"It's only a scrape, Norma, nothing serious. Now, please, you're crowding me. I can't patch him up with you hovering over me like that."

Reluctantly, she steps back from the sofa doubling as her doctor's working area. "There's so much blood. I didn't realise."

"It's the nature of the beast. Don't worry."


It was coming back, slowly, in reverse.

and that's all my Muse is going to give me. but that's pretty much what it's going to look like. yee!

(also, something random about the opening credits of "the 10th kingdom" - when the landscape of NYC is turning into a fairytale kingdom, various buildings and bridges turn into castles and forests and things. the exception to the rule, in a very brief shot, is the twin towers, which take up the back of a shot of a giant stepping from liberty island to the mainland (or similar) - and it's literally a 1-second shot, but they just... fall... straight down. a la 9/11. it's actually kinda spooky...)
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in realising that not only was my next CD alphabetically 'sunset', but also that i haven't listened to it in months and this time last year i was probably listening to the damned thing addictively. the overture still sends little tingles down my spine.

it still makes me grin lots.

and oh, if only it wasn't alan campbell playing joe (i'm not explaining further. work it out :P) mind you, i don't think i'd be in a very coherent state of mind. it'd be like "music of the night" a la michael crawford on a loop when you're angsty and hormonal; that is, all higher brain functions are gone.

but still. they should'a recorded the tour on final night, gosh darnit. mainly because the car chase scene music made my brain do this: "oo! okay, awake now! aaaand we're melting..." whereby my body went into alert mode and followed it by slumping into a little strings-induced puddle in my seat. but also because y-k-w sings the high notes in "new ways to dream" like a frelling angel and just *sigh*

wow. 'sunset', huh? it can't be good for me...

later addition: "the lady's paying". oh, dear god. images in my brain. *giggles*

further addition: and the title song at the start of act two is nothing without jeremy's joe gillis slouch. alan campbell doesn't make me dissolve on the last note, either. feh...

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1) i've finally gotten around to watching season 7 of "buffy" from "beneath you" to "potential" and it's enabled me (finally!) to finish chapter sodding 28 of "cradle", which i shall upload very shortly. chapter 29 is already half-written, too. i frelling hate filler chapters where nothing happens... would do reviews of every episode but i really cannot be bothered, so...

buffyisms, or, here be spoilers of some sort )

2) i also watched "death becomes her" (film, 1992, meryl streep, bruce willis, goldie hawn) the other night - i'm making up for all the times it was on ITV at ungodly hours when i was 14 and i wanted to tape it... anyway. frighteningly accurate and obscure-unless-you're-a-geek references to "sunset boulevard" - and this time they're not so obscure that they can't be proven. the evidence, m'lord...

i. meryl streep's character is one madeline ashton, aging star. let's just stick that on the sideline for the moment.
ii. in an early scene, madeline wakes up, and is wearing the exact same triangular patches and neck brace thing as worn by gloria swanson when she was preparing for "salome" to be filmed.
iii. a poster, on the wall of a public building, showing madeline ashton in something called "dark windows" - the original name of joe's story that betty wanted to adapt, which became 'untitled love story' in the film, and 'blind windows' in the musical. that's got to be more than a coincidence. i love subtle injokes...
iv. ...and not so subtle ones. madeline is having an affair with a younger man who is having an affair with someone his own age. sound familiar? ;)
v. the make-up artist was one alec gillis. but that, i'll accept as coincidence :)

3) been addictively watching "most haunted" on UKLiving and scaring myself stupid. we've taken pictures of the house with the digital camera and mum's room is full of orbs (little balls of light that show up on digital camera that are apparently the beginning of a manifestation of spiritual energy.) also a few in the kitchen although not so many. luckily, none whatsoever in my room, which is just as well, because i'm going to get no sleep as it is. i'm open-minded AND paranoid... meh...

i think that's everything.
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watched sunsetmovie just now, in celebration of aforementioned anniversary.

giggled considerably less than last time and want to see it on the big screen now. must find out where it's playing, if at all beyond london...

keep noticing randomly fantastically clever things about it, apart from the constant referring back to itself at every opportunity. in particular, during the scene where they're watching one of norma's movies, which ends with her standing up and saying "i'll be up there again, so help me!" - whereby she puts herself into the line of the projector, and, although it's not seen on screen, is, in fact, up there...

neat, huh?

god, i love this thing...

(p.s: i'm still far too amused by betty jamming her typewriter. and must check where those missing lines were meant to be. and have to find out where "close, but no cigar" comes from, amongst others. hm...)
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almost forgot - it's been a year since i first saw the movie of sunset, and in four days it'll be a year since i first saw the tour.

and in a month and 3 days (may 4th...) it'll be the one year anniversary of 'the jeremy thing'. oh, god help us all. i'll sit on my stalker...

wow. i shall watch the movie tomorrow to commemorate it.
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i know it's time for bed when i start talking to myself...

but before i do, upon re-reading "tango up on sunset" (after a long period of not reading it and going alternately "when did i write that bit" or "okay, faith/jeremy has read this. eep.") i have decided...

~ that i must really try to get control over all of the following personality flaws:
i. my fix-it complex (most of my farscape fics, "cradle" and TUOS being direct results of same)
ii. my tortured soul complex (for which i blame naomi entirely.)
iii. my tortured heart complex (entirely my own in the making)
iv. my fictional character complex (the falling for thereof)
v. my bad idea complex (self-explanatory if you know TUOS' history...)
vi. my gay man complex (i mean in general. it's really very annoying.)

~ that i must really stop:
i. torturing joe, both mentally and physically. it's no wonder my joeMuse ran away when i actually needed him for "changes". i really do torture the poor guy far too much. i mean, okay, so far i've resurrected him with injuries, made him guilty enough to forgive norma, had him fall in love with her and not be able to tell her, made him have to deal with betty's rogue emotions, had him argue with norma to the point of walking out, had him get blind drunk and angsty in the aftermath of said argument, had him inherit nearly all of her paranoia (hardly surprising) - and then, even when he finally gets a happy ending, i've made him arachnophobic, scared of high places, useless at french; i've managed to kill off his mother, give him a step daughter he didn't know about... yup, really gotta stop torturing him...*
ii. torturing norma. although i do that to a lesser degree, and it's usually to torture joe in the process...
iii. torturing max with various things to make him exasperated, including being allergic to dalmatians (don't ask), no matter how amusing it is.
iv. writing hideously fluffy things just for the hell of it. for everything, not just sunset... although i'll let myself off for the latest one as it's valentine's day :P
v. unrelated, but - going to bed at ungodly hours. it is no longer funny when i crash and burn in the middle of the week from sleeping at bizarre times. short of becoming nocturnal and sleeping in the afternoons, however...

also, i realised that no matter how much fun it is writing post-TUOS (the epic, not the standalone...) norma/joe fluff, it's a hell of a lot more fun writing him falling in love with her, especially when he's trying not to. hence why i had such fun with "changes", the entire theme of which was basically "i want to love her but i can't", and that's essentially what the cast gave me to play with, so blame them :P

okay, i'm going to bed. this was pointless :)

* don't get me wrong. i love joe. i really do. he's probably one of my all-time favourite characters. it's just so easy to make him suffer, that's all. now matter how much i love him, i love messing with his head a whole lot more...
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this is what is known in the trade as a Bad Plan. and this time i'm not talking about tomorrow ;)


this time, i'm talking about listening to the elaine paige/kris phillips "masterpiece" version of "perfect year" and now i can't stop grinning like a moron...
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for 12 hours, i have been trying to finish a fanfic.

12 hours.

and why?

because of her, because, instead of being the voice of mature logic that i anticipated, she convinced me to go ahead and finish the fic and give it to y-k-w. and here i was hoping she'd talk me out of it. no such luck :P

anyway, this wouldn't be so bad in and of itself, had i not left the first, hand-written draft of the ending (the beginning and middle are all typed up) in a pad at the end of my bed, back in birmingham. it wouldn't be so bad if i could remember what i'd written. it wouldn't be so bad if i had an extra day to do it in, but as it is, i need to get it done tonight so i can send it to her ^ and she can beta it and send it back to me so i can print it off in time for the show on saturday... and all this, plus having to write a letter to go in with it, apologising once more for the infliction of fic.

and, to top all of this off, it would be infinitely, wonderfully better, had my JoeMuse not decided to go on holiday without telling me, thus rendering me voiceless. and considering it's a first person, joe-POV fic, this is incredibly not helpful.


back to the fic i go. at least it's nearly done...
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whilst reading through said fanfics, and upon discovering the following line:

"...then you managed to find front row seats for "CATS", "Phantom of the Opera" and "Sunset Boulevard"..."

bear in mind that a) i last tweaked this... two and a half years ago, or possibly more, and at the time, was only obsessed with "cats" and "phantom", and b) i've only been obsessed with SB since april and c) i remember i added SB to the list as the one i hadn't seen and knew nothing about other than that it was a lloyd webber, so it wouldn't look like i was only using my own obsessions...

*ahem* tempting fate, anyone?


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