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Arising out of a conversation with [personal profile] commoncomitatus on Saturday on AIM (which, as an aside, we ended up using due to having issues with YIM - my old contacts list was a gut-punch of nostalgia!), I thought it pertinent to update my list of works in progress / to-be-written stories, as I'm pretty sure it's gotten bigger since the last time I did one of these posts...

These are in no particular order but I will at least attempt to cluster them together under separate fandoms, and I'll do the fandoms alphabetically. Pretty sure at this juncture I don't actually have to denote what the pairings will be. :P

Hopefully I haven't missed anything.

Current Works in Progress )

I was also going to list the amount of things which are finished and pending sharing online (FFN and/or AO3) but frankly this is long enough already. :P

My brain is a massive filing cabinet. I'm beginning to suspect this is why my short-term memory is so shoddy...


Mar. 15th, 2016 03:18 pm
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That ^ is the polite version of what I put on Twitter last night.

I seriously cannot even with the X-Files finale. I don't even feel capable of doing a write-up at this point because that cliffhanger was ridiculous. And I like cliffhangers, so that's saying something. On the one hand it's great because it leaves things open for a new season (or even another film), and I do think the reboot has been popular enough to warrant one, but on the other hand, if the show doesn't get renewed for Season 11 then we'll be left in limbo forever. (And there's no guarantee a film could even directly continue from the cliffhanger because of the amount of exposition they'd have to include for any non-fans who might watch it...)

In the meantime, my subconscious treated me to a lovely shippy dream, presumably to make up for the crushing disappointment that was my faith in Chris Carter to not break my heart. :P

(This is also the first dream I've remembered in ages, though I suspect it also resulted from reading old episode transcripts late last night to remind me that yes, at one point Chris Carter did manage to give the fans what they wanted even though he's suddenly decided to send our emotions through the wringer again...)

X-Files Dream )


Proper write-up coming for "My Struggle II" when I am not COMPLETELY BROKEN and reeling in disbelief. :P
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I can't believe there's only one more episode to go. :(

Babylon )

In other news, today the occupants of Lifford House have had to evacuate and work elsewhere due to a burst water main in the street. I thankfully had a meeting at the access centre this afternoon, and another one tomorrow morning, so hopefully by the time I've come out again it might be fixed...

Only one more of these entries to get through, and then we shall return to your regularly scheduled lack of posting other than to complain about my health and my job. Although there is every likelihood that after seeing Sunset Boulevard in April I will fall back into that fandom with an almighty crash, as usual, by which point I should hopefully have had time to get X-Files out of my system again.

So yeah: BE WARNED.
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I was a day late in watching this one because I was so busy on Monday night. Paul was out at a conference until 8.45pm (and didn't get back until gone 10.00) and I didn't finish what I needed to do until 7.30, and by the time I'd sat down I'd completely lost track of time anyway. So I managed to watch this one last night whilst Paul was out again.

I would say I don't have much to mention, but we all know how that will end. :P

Home Again )

I did a few more words on my angstfic last night following this episode, so hopefully I can get the written draft down on paper soon before tidying it up when typing it. It's cooperating a bit more now than it was originally; the first draft was more snarky than angsty, and I think I've found the balance now.

Anyway, that'll do for this one.
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... on episode 3.

Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster )

I can't believe this season is half over already. :( Six episodes? NOT ENOUGH.
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So, episode 2, "The Founder's Mutation". Not quite so many thoughts this time around...

As before, may contain spoilers, but not quite so much flail... )

In other, non-fandom news: I am considering going on leave of absence from choir again from September. At the moment, I am having to manage my attendance at rehearsals and my concert-performing around my energy levels at any given time. I won't be doing the next one on 7th March, which thankfully means I don't have to attend the next few weeks of rehearsals.

For the most part, this is because it's Mahler's 8th Symphony (known as the Symphony of 1000 Voices) and I frigging hate Mahler. The work is for three choirs, soloists and orchestra, and the score is sparse to say the least purely due to the size of it (we are Choir 1, the university choir is Choir 2, plus a children's choir), so leads are not clear (in some cases the orchestral score is non-existent) and I am really struggling to wrap my head around most of it. Basically I kind of gave up.

Also, I have a colleague's 40th birthday party literally the day before, and the rehearsal starts at 10.30am on Sunday morning, which will mean 12 hours spent within the overpriced confines of Symphony Hall. I do not have the energy for all that.

I probably should send apologies for the concert, but our membership secretary has changed twice September. The first one had to go on leave of absence but was grateful I'd taken the time to explain my health issues and why I had to opt out of a couple of concerts; the latest one didn't respond to my email about sending apologies for a recent rehearsal and the "away day" (which was initially the same day as the flights out to Bulgaria, though as it transpired I had a migraine anyway), so part of me is petulantly refusing to email her again and making her work it out for herself. :P

Doubtless soon I will get an email saying I haven't hit 75% attendance. :P

The concerts after that should be more up my street: a bit of Finzi, Karl Jenkins and Harold Darke (plus a day trip to Banbury Cathedral to do a recording), so hopefully I can do those, health and energy permitting.

The other thing is that the choir have been invited to two very exciting "touring" events which are so beyond my financial means it's laughable. The first is a trip to New York to sing a new work by Karl Jenkins at Carnegie Hall, at around £1200 per person. The other is a trip to Vienna which comes in at about half that. Admittedly, my mental health has been a bit fragile lately, but nonetheless both of these missed opportunities have filled me with despair, particularly when it's a drop in the ocean for other, longstanding choir members (most of whom are comfortably retired; one woman was boasting once about how she'd never had to work a day in her life because hubby paid for everything.)

So, yeah. I think leave of absence might be the best thing until I can sort out my health issues and be in a better frame of mind to consider whether or not I should remain at all. I don't want to just quit in a fit of pique, but I really do need to look at my other options, whether that's another choir or going the other way entirely into "am-op" or whatever (if I can find a company that rehearses vaguely not in the arse-end of nowhere). I need singing in my life, and I don't think CBC can fill that void for me any more, but it would be really hard going into anything smaller and less experienced. I really appreciate the opportunities the choir is given, but it often feels like the majority of members have become desensitised / blasé about it, because CBC is just that well-reknowned...

Anyway. Let's just add this to the list of Ridic Stressful Things still to recover from, shall we? :P


Feb. 15th, 2016 12:03 pm
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I really need to do a Life Update, but it'll have to wait a couple of weeks. 2015 did not go down without a fight, and hopefully soon I will be in a much better (read: saner) position to attempt to make sense of it all. (I honestly can't even remember what the last thing I updated about was...)

In the meantime, however... NEW X-FILES!!

I have been refusing to succumb to downloading it - mostly because the desktop PC is too slow and the laptop is still virus'd up - so had to wait until the Channel 5 airdate, which was thankfully only a few weeks behind the US. Although in a season with only six episodes that's, like, half a season behind. :P I have also managed to remain largely spoiler free through timely deletion of the Facebook fanpage and complete avoidance of Tumblr, which in this day and age is frankly a miracle.

So, it was on last night, which OMG SO EXCITE. Thoughts, probably rambling and mostly incoherent, under the cut...

X-Files Season 10! May contain spoilers and flail. )

I'd like to say there won't be any more posts like this, but we all know I'd be lying. Thank God there's only six episodes because there would not be enough hours in my life to recap a full season!

At one point this was going to be even longer, because I discovered to my infinite joy that Inside the X have already put up the first two episode transcripts, and on reading the script for the first episode I had a lot more I wanted to say... but I think this'll do, considering it's taken me a week to get around to it. ;)

I shall now post this, and begin to formulate a Life Update. I also (still) have a metric crapton of embroidery pics to post, especially as I restarted it yesterday.
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Somewhat overdue an update - this is what happens when I have work to do.

Firstly: in writing news, I've finished my latest Pirates story, "Oranges to Florida", inasmuch as it's done on paper but I have 6.5 hand-written pages still to type up. Once that's done I will give it another once-over before posting to FFN / plugging on Tumblr. I've been trying to keep the style consistent, but a recent bout of reinspiration has meant that the latter half of the story is more dialogue-heavy than the beginning (and indeed more than I envisaged when I started), as well as including more from Jack's POV in addition to Elizabeth's. (Also, thanks to starting to follow the Sparrabeth blog on Tumblr halfway through writing it, the ending went in a direction I hadn't quite intended because my head was full of meta and subtext and FEELS. I'm not complaining, though, because it ends with some bloody glorious angst. :D)

Paul and I have finally made some progress in moving around the upstairs rooms, although the plan did change a little bit. We're about halfway done now - the daybed and TV / video storage unit (ex-wardrobe) have switched rooms with the PC and cube unit (effectively making the larger spare bedroom the office rather than the box room). This has meant that Denise and I were able to commence our X-Files rewatch on Sunday as we have somewhere to actually watch the videos. :D

In the process of room rearranging I thankfully uncovered my Sims 3 disc so have installed that on the laptop. It now runs properly and has already eaten about 16 hours of my life; at some point soon I'm going to start creating my own (hopefully fandom) characters, and I'm already dreading the insanity that will inevitably ensue... I think I'll probably start with Jonathan Creek; if I'm successful in orchestrating a Sim!Harry, I will be sure to share the (doubtless terrifying) results. :D

After tweeting a random conversation about badgers at work this afternoon, it has also resulted in potentially re-starting the Grand Jonathan Creek Watchathon soon with [personal profile] cloudsinvenice. (Badgers = Jonathan Creek. So shall it be forever amen.)

The conversation in question went something like this:

Karen, who walks to work: I saw a badger walking to work this morning.
[Cue jokes about the badger going to the office.]
Me: Did it have a briefcase?
Maria: *has hysterics*

(We were all very tired and it was quiet in the office. :P)

As for the X-Files rewatch, on Sunday we managed to get through the first seven episodes ("Pilot", "Deep Throat", "Squeeze", "Conduit", "The Jersey Devil", "Shadows" and "Ghost in the Machine" - the fact that I still remember these without looking them up demonstrates how many times I've seen season 1). My intention this time around is to (a) finish all nine seasons, even though it's going to take a bit longer than last time, and (b) top up my original LJ episode reviews / recaps with different episodes. In all likelihood, however, I will just go on Tumblr and flail at the shippiness instead. :P

Rewatches with friends are fun. :D

A few thoughts so far... )

Still not much to say about the actual episodes yet, as season 1 was a hodge-podge of "monster of the week" and early conspiracy stuff before the proper mythology set in, but I'll try and do an update every time we watch some episodes, at the very least. (I do, however, reserve the right to continually flail over "Post-Modern Prometheus". All my life.)
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Here we go, then... bit late in posting, but since I started this ball rolling I should stick by the rules. :P

Day 01 )

*ahem* So much for the short explanation. :P
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I can't think of better subjects for these, really...


Day 07 - A Song That Reminds You Of A Certain Event

This is an exception to the "songs I own" rule.

Aqua - "Turn Back Time"

Technically it's only the chorus, though I do remember the song being in the charts... This was used for the Sky One trailer for the Season 5 finale of The X-Files. Sky One have always been really good with their trailers (it's part of the reason I really wish they'd had Farscape to begin with rather than Skiffy / BBC2), and I can still remember that particular trailer. The focus was on Mulder and Scully (Sky One knew us so well :D) and the arrival of Fowley putting a spanner in the works. In the episode, there is a brilliant scene where Scully is going to tell Mulder something, but she sees him in the room with Fowley holding his hand, and instead she chickens out, goes back to her car and phones him instead, pretending to be on the move. The trailer had a couple of seconds from that moment of Scully in her car and it was heart-wrenching.

Aside from that particular event, it also leads into several other events, because Season 5 ended whilst I was on work experience in year 11, and thus a couple of weeks away from That Summer Holiday between GCSE and A-Levels. Back in the days when we actually HAD summer, rather than intermittent rain and occasional sunshine. It was the summer I saw Phantom in Birmingham, the summer of The X-Files first movie, and more than that it's a summer I remember to this day with fondness, and memories of ice-skating, cinema trips and gleeful obsession.

In which case, it's also quite an apt song title for the event(s) in question. :)
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So, I have two day trips to blog about and a meme to do. I was insanely busy at work on Tuesday and Wednesday (as a knock-on effect of having to help out West/East teams the Wednesday before [i.e. the 20th], resulting in almost falling behind in our own team's work) and didn't find time to update, and then have been too tired / disinclined to actually update whilst at home.

I also have another embroidery scan to post when I get home, as I've finally finished the insane amount of mid-brown. I started the darkest shade of green yesterday then realised I'd completely misread the colour chart and done it all the wrong colour - thankfully there wasn't too much of it, but still, a good three hours' worth of work to redo...

Anyway. I'm just taking a little break before commencing the three-tape dictation of DOOM that is sitting on my desk. Super-long entry commences... NOW!

Day Trip to Glastonbury, Saturday 23rd May )

After that was the bank holiday weekend, and as far as I can remember I don't think we did anything. Paul was working on the Monday anyway, so I doubt anything exciting happened. I was then at work for two days, before having flex and annual leave on Thursday and Friday.

(Half) Day Trip to Worcester, Thursday 28th May )

Aaaand finally, the meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] 803am...

Comment to this entry and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You must then update your journal and answer the following questions:

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3. Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
4. Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5. Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

I was given Farscape, Jonathan Creek and The X-Files by Eni... Here we go... Probably LONG )

Phew. *wipes brow*

Oh, and finally finally (honest), talking about Jonathan Creek, have some fic-like ramblings... )

Right, that's enough for one day. Normal service will be resumed shortly. *posts and runs*
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...for fear it'll come back and bite me in the eema, but in any case...

We are now over halfway through series 3 of Jonathan Creek (only two more episodes with Maddy in *sniff*), today getting through "The Omega Man" and "Ghost's Forge" (no idea why the title of the episode has an apostrophe when the entire point of the episode is that the house name does not - David Renwick messing with our minds, or just lazy editing?).

Anyway, whilst watching "The Omega Man", I was bitten on the ankle by a rabid plot bunny demanding I write a crossover with X-Files. The presence of the US Government just makes it TOO EASY. I can totally imagine how it starts.

Mulder: Hey, Scully, I got tipped off about this great case in England, wanna hear?

Conversation / file gets intercepted or whatever, cue the US Government getting shipped out to England to capture the so-called EBE in order to Deny All Knowledge, which then subsequently disappears into thin air and results in Jonathan ending up on the case (as per the episode), and Scully, eventually, being right for once that it wasn't paranormal in the slightest. :D

I will absolutely not be writing this idea - *squishes plot bunny* - but just wanted to let it air itself in public before I file it safely away in the "Not In A Million Lifetimes" drawer.
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It's not often I do two of these in a row (pretty much) but I watched two more last night and they both warrant discussion, though for different reasons...

Three of a Kind )

That's enough on that one. The sillness continued in the next episode, the ending of which I watched twice. ;)

The Unnatural )

I shall stop there, because otherwise I will go on forever about nothing but the cuteness, and as much as the ending warrants it, it would get boring for everyone else.

*incoherent noises of joy*

Okay, I'm done. :)
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I watched "Milagro" last night. Before that, though, "Alpha" gets a Special Mention for guest starring Andy Robinson, a.k.a. Elim Garak. :)

Anyway. Milagro )

As an aside, I was convinced that the guy playing the murderer character (Nestor Serrano, apparently) was the voice of Jacques in that episode of The Simpsons where Marge learns to bowl on her own to spite Homer. A quick IMDB search informs me otherwise, however. I was also convinced that Carnivale's Lodz had appeared in "The Pine Bluff Variant", but that also turned out not to be the same guy.

I suck at this. ;)

Anyway, that's that. One more tape of season six to go. When I started this rewatch the end seemed so far away; now it's drawing closer I don't want it to end. :(
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(I didn't make that rhyme intentionally...)

My silly X-Files fic idea has almost completely come to fruition in my brain. Details )

And because it's about fandom, I shan't bother to filter the dream I had last night, but I will cut it nonetheless. I won't hold out hope that it's prophetic... )

I'm sure I had something else to mention, but damned if I can remember what it was...

Oh! That was it. I finished The Book Thief last night and the ending is so, so sad. Well, the penultimate chapter, at least. I didn't intend to finish it, but got completely sucked in thinking it couldn't possibly end how it did.

I would definitely recommend it. The concept in itself is interesting (though some people have said the style and narrator make it seem rather dispassionate and distant, given the nature of the characters; not entirely true, but each to their own) and there are some very interesting turns of phrase within the seemingly conversational narrative.

Paul is reading it next and then I can give it back to my mum, though I'll definitely buy another copy for myself. :) Next on the list is Tracy Chevalier's Burning Bright (another borrowed one), and then I can get back to my proper list. I should probably read The Last Unicorn after that (which shouldn't take too long), and then White Teeth.

And then all the others I keep picking up.

Oh! I also got hold of The Boy Who Kicked Pigs by Tom Baker (yes, THAT Tom Baker) and it's very, very odd. Somewhat reminiscent of Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and the ending is horrible. I literally read it in an hour (it's a children's book), so if you can find it, give it a go.

That's definitely everything. :)
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Just one episode this time: Arcadia )

I'm sure there's more I could say, but that's enough for one episode. I might watch it again later to enjoy the silliness again. :)

I reeeeally need to make some X-Files icons...
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I've watched quite a few since the last post, so this will be LONG.

Triangle )

Next, that sci-fi staple, the body swap. Dreamland I and II )

The next episode is "Terms of Endearment", which is mostly unremarkable but gets bonus points for guest starring Bruce Campbell as the Devil. :D

Next, another favourite. Rain King )

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas )

Aside from all of those, there's also been "Tithonus" and "SR-819", also quite enjoyable. Next up is the two parter, "Two Fathers" / "One Son", and then "Arcadia" - watch this space. :D

I should warn you in advance, however, that when I finally get to the very last episode, my reactions are not likely to be coherent. I caught a clip of the final scene of "The Truth" in a fanvid on YouTube on Friday night, and literally burst into tears. I'd forgotten how perfect the ending was, at least in terms of the MSR, so yeah. Be warned. :)
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It's a known fact that office humour is never funny outside of the office, for the simple reason that at the point it happens it's usually as a result of stress or tedium. That being said, however, I have to share these two things from this week.

The first was on Monday or Tuesday (can't remember which) when I'd gone upstairs to warm up my coffee in the microwave and ran into Peter making himself some tea. He mentioned that all the spoons had disappeared - we had a very large collection of the red plastic spoons from Pret, but they'd all disappeared. In explaining where they'd all come from, apparently it transpired that Rob was taking handfuls whenever he was in there - they may well be free, but Pret probably didn't anticipate the amount that Rob's taking.

He described him as the "Spoon Baron of Birmingham", and then followed this up with: "It comes to something when you have to make your tea with a fork."

Well, I found it funny. :P

Today's amusement should not be as funny as it is... I came in this morning and Alison asked me what the group email addresses were so she could send an Angry E-mail, as someone had stolen one of her two remaining slices of bread and left the other one to go stale, thus depriving her of breakfast.

By the time she was sending the e-mail I think she'd mellowed somewhat and laughing about it... In any event, the Food Thief strikes again. It's kind of ridiculous that in an office full of apparent grown-ups, someone is still resorting to stealing food out of the cupboards and fridge. Short of labelling everything, I don't know what else we can do. It was funny more for the BREDS R SRS BIZNIZ than anything else.

Thank goodness it's Friday. I'm actually not as tired today as I have been for the rest of the week, so that's something. My cough / sore throat is coming and going, though the gargly stuff does seem to work in stopping the pain. At least I can sing again, so should be able to do the performance on 10th February at the ICC. The only annoying thing is my eyes keep getting very 'gunged up' when I'm tired, making my vision all blurry. I had this over Christmas too, so hopefully it'll go away again.

Should be a quiet weekend, I think. Paul isn't working this week, and we're seeing [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess on Sunday for lunch so she can hand over our Christmas presents. Hopefully I'll find some time to watch the X-Files first movie and then can move on to season 6. SO MANY favourite episodes: "Triangle" (technically brilliant as well as OMGshippy), "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas", "Arcadia"... possibly a few more I've forgotten. I think maybe also "Millennium", though that might be season 7, I forget.

Last night I made a lasagne. Possibly my best lasagne ever. The only cheaty thing in there is the white sauce, which is a Bisto one, as I can't make white sauce. (Yet still not quite as cheaty as buying the jarred stuff.) I discovered a neat trick whilst making it wherein before I put in the layers of pasta, I brushed them on both sides with water. I've often found when I've made one before that there just isn't quite enough moisture in the filling to cook the pasta properly, but the water solved my problem, and avoided the cumbersome process of cooking it before I started. :)

Also, yesterday at work was boring for the majority of the afternoon, so I sat down and looked at my POTO fic again, and managed 1000 new words. :) If I can get it finished at some point I may start posting it somewhere, assuming I can ever get the first chapter right. I started the fic some time ago and the first chapter still feels a bit... out of practice. I keep tweaking it, but I might just re-write it.

I was also randomly re-inspired the other night for a bit of "Sweet Intoxication", though then didn't have chance to attempt to write it. I desperately need to finish that story. In fact, I think I will try and do so before posting the new one, as some manner of incentive. And GAH, don't get me started on "Strange Glue" (the UB-fic). I really do need to update that one, but I'm a bit under-inspired. Hopefully when the series comes back I can get back into the flow of it...

Okay, I'm going to stop writing this entry now, because otherwise it'll never end. If yesterday was about Phantom, today will be about Jonathan Creek. Not that I have anywhere to share that one, of course. *sigh*
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Well, I finally reached the end of season five last night, with "The End"... I'll watch and post about the movie at some other point when I have time to watch the whole thing in one go. I haven't seen it in years (though can still remember my first viewing, back on 21st August 1997, as clearly as if it were yesterday) so it'll be interesting to watch it in the spirit of rediscovery...

Anyway. The End )

So, a movie and four seasons to go, and my Inner Shipper is quite excited. The movie was something of a turning point in their relationship (Hallway Scene FTW!) and towards the end it starts to get quite intense in terms of pretty much everything. I'm also looking forward to watching seasons 8 and 9 and properly appreciating Doggett and Reyes, and moreover how Chris Carter managed to obtain almost the same level of tension with two entirely separate characters. it's no mean feat to do it once, but twice? Genius. I can vaguely remember some good episodes of seasons 8 and 9, but nothing beyond random images...

I kind of wish someone had done the re-watch along with me so I'd have someone to bounce ideas off. *sigh*

Aaanyway. That filled the lull in work for a bit (busy this morning, and I didn't get on lunch until 1.30)... better find something to do for the next 2.5 hours...
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I'm just over halfway through season 5 now, which I hadn't realised was only 20 episodes long at the original time of watching it. Obviously, that was because they were filming the first movie at the time...

I shall cut by episode this time, as there’s quite a bit I want to discuss…

The Post-Modern Prometheus )

Okay, that’s enough on that one. Most people who have never even seen a full series of X-Files or followed it with any conviction seem to have seen or remembered this particular episode, so that alone says a lot about its effectiveness. You don’t need to know anything about the series or the characters or the canon, it’s just a lovely little standalone. Never. Gets. Old.

Some more bits and pieces... )

I think that’s more than enough. I have one season 5 video to go, and then need to dig out the first movie from the cupboard upstairs… Hopefully by the time I get to the end of season 9 (and there are a lot more episodes I shall no doubt ramble nonsensically about in the interim), I’ll have the new one on DVD. :D

I was going to make an icon in the wake of “Post-Modern Prometheus”, but my usual screencap site doesn’t have that episode done, alas. I found some other screencaps but haven’t decided which of them to use as yet… watch this space. I definitely need an icon to use on these posts. :)

X-Post: Two

Dec. 9th, 2008 03:06 pm
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(Possibly the fourth, though, technically... but this is the second post which is entirely about X-Files...)

Another work lull, have some ramblings.

Season Four continues... )

I'm hoping to get to "Memento Mori" today, an all-time favourite. Obvious reasons. :)

This entry is brought to you in lieu of doing a proper one, as my brain is making annoying noises at me today and I don't want to give it an outlet in any kind of reality, so fandom musings are what you get instead...


Nov. 27th, 2008 11:46 am
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I seem to have spent the last 15 minutes or so (at 10.30am) having some kind of mild panic attack. As in, heart beating faster and the shakes. Other than that and the usual tiredness, I feel absolutely fine. (Not as bad as the last one, which happened when I was at Ladywood during my period of going crazy, in the process of which I blacked out for about three seconds...)

Oddly, it seemed to kick in shortly after reading up on Inline about whether BCC would pay for my eye test. The entire rigmarole sounds confusing and stupid and unnecessarily awkward (such is the BCC way, of course; make things as difficult as humanly possible so we give up and don't bother) and in any case, my manager isn't in today so I can't even ask her about it. All the documentation makes it sound as though being a VDU user as an ordinarily perfectly-sighted person is a cause for concern, but doesn't explicitly mention anything about us poor blindies who have to go through this bloody fiasco every couple of years. It's all worded in a "Should the employee require glasses..." type manner, and, well, yes, I do require glasses, but it's not because of VDU use, it's because I'm genetically impaired.

If Paul and I have children, they are doomed to be short (his genes and mine), ginger (also his) and blind (mine), and will be bullied for their entire lives. Perhaps we should call Social Services in advance.

Anyway, I can only presume mild!panic-attack is directly in correlation with money!stress, and BCC being over-complicated was obviously the icing on top.


Have some X-Files ramblings instead. Here. )

Okay, that'll have to do. There's not much to do today and I'm suck here til 5.30 so Paul can help me pick out new diamond-encrusted and gold-plated judging by the cost frames...
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I nearly didn't make it into work this morning. I first work up with Paul's 6.00am alarm (he's had to be in work early most of last week and also this week - given we are now both constantly tired and grumpy it's not exactly a barrel of laughs...) and was actually not too tired, so probably should have just got up then. By the time I was meant to be waking up properly at 7.30am, my stomach was clenching painfully every few seconds, so I stayed in bed until 8.00. It hadn't stopped hurting but wasn't bad enough to be off work so I've dragged myself in.

And until about 10 minutes ago (it's now 10.30) it had actually calmed down, except I had the audacity to eat something (sausage bap and smoothie) and now it's being annoying again.

And I've forgotten my choir music. Bah.

To be honest, if it gets any worse I will just go home. My belly now feels empty, though, so that can only be a good thing. I'm just bloody knackered - as ever, when remotely ill, my body's first reaction is to sleep it off. (Edit @ 12.20 - I have been slowly feeding my body chocolate [Quality Street and Roses] and, like with the Hangover of Doom, it seems to be the only thing which works in settling it. I may have a carbalicious pasta salad for lunch...)

In other news, I watched the Panorama special last night on "Baby P", which actually wasn't as informative as I was anticipating. Some of the points raised were quite valid, though - how on earth are Social Workers supposed to actually visit families when they're so bogged down in paperwork? Here in Legal we are always moaning about the statements we get from Social Services because most of the time they're completely incoherent... the reason is that social work is not about writing reports; it's about doing social work, oddly enough. From what I remember at Ladywood there is even a typist pool in the area office who would type the reports up, but the majority of the time they never seemed to be doing anything...

Went to bed early and watched some more X-Files - now at season 3, so I got through "The Blessing Way" and "Paperclip". Good lord, I remember when the full-length video of that three-parter came out (with "Anasazi" as part one), just before season 3 aired on Sky for the first time. What was even odder was I was randomly inspired by the end of a particular sequence to write a 'missing scene' fic. I've only done one of those for XF before and that was about two years ago when I was randomly inspired by reading the script, of all things, after catching unrelated repeats on FX. We'll see how it goes. I said I wouldn't write the Pirates one and look where that ended up. :P

I watched random Simpsons last night. I only mention this as being of significance because it was ON SKY ONE, OH HELL YEAH! *hugs channel* Ah, I've missed you, television wallpaper...

Anyway, I'll post this and get back to work.

X-Post: One

Nov. 7th, 2008 04:18 pm
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This is a momentous occasion - my very first proper X-Files post. There's no point filtering these posts now because I think there's only about two people left on the filter who are (a) still on my f-list or (b) still reading regularly, so I'll just do them as standard posts and tag / title them appropriately. All non X-Philes can ignore them. :)

So far I've been a little lax with doing posts about my long-awaited re-watch, but as there is a brief lull in my workload, I shall make a start. Be warned, this is long…

Thusly. )

I think that's more than enough for my first post on the matter. Wow, that was some lull, huh? ;)

Ah, well, an urgent and some bits of work will hopefully kill time until we can leave for the quiz… and at least I can get some flex out of it.

I totally need an X-Files icon... I think it's about time I raided that screencap archive in my Favourites list... :P
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That was a nice quiet weekend, for once. Paul's lurgy is taking ages to work out of his system so he spent the majority of the day taking tablets and sitting on the PC / using the DS. We popped out to Sainsbury's for some basics and stuff for dinner (chicken pesto pasta; I've perfected it with creme fraiche, although it has the unfortunate smell, whilst cooking, of old socks...)

In the evening we watched Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes, as Paul had never seen it all the way through and I hadn't seen it since the DVD release, which was probably about 2002 or thereabouts. We had to start again, though, because a conversation somehow ensued about space travel, aliens, alternative universes, ghosts and everything in between, all from me saying that if I won the lottery I would spend it all on a tourist space flight. ;)

The ending is totally WTF, and even though die-hard Apes fans slated the Burton "re-imagining", I think it does have some good elements. The extras show just how much effort went into the make-up and also 'ape school' for the actors so that they could learn to move like apes, and there are lots of references to the original ("Get your hands off me, you damn dirty human!", as an example...) and various other things. There's a direct quote from Batman and it's full of some typical Burton elements. I personally enjoyed the way the spaceship was half-buried in sand in a very similar way to the Statue of Liberty in the original. Paul was having great fun slashing General Thade and his second-in-command, also. ;)

Sunday was much of the same. Lisa decided she wanted to make the front 'garden' (I use that term loosely) look a bit better because she's having a visitor over in a couple of weeks, so she went out to buy liner and pebbles. It looks much better already, though we're going to get some plants to put there as well. We should probably tackle the back garden again at some point; the bit we weeded and tidied up last year has gone wild and mad because of all the rain and desperately needs taming. I'm tempted to rip the trailing plant up and start again with actual flowers or something.

I watched more X-Files (I've started my re-watch, finally, though have not yet been inclined to use my 'X-Filter' to make posts... I don't think there's that many people left on it because of deleted journals / f-list purging... I've just watched "Lazarus" so there's still a long way to go) and EastEnders. At 9.00pm Alison rang me to ask me to email Danielle because she'd been locked out of her house. Other than that, it was an uneventful evening.

Oh yes, and we dyed my hair purple. Surprisingly, it actually worked. I'l post a photo later if I can find a good enough light to stand in; it looks vibrant red-purple in bright light and just dark purple normally. Woo, purple. It's a bit fluffy at the moment because of the provided conditioner, so hopefully it'll calm down once I wash it normally.

In other news, my Amazon order was apparently dispatched on Monday and it has yet to turn up. Stupid Royal Mail.
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Well... three, anyway. That's all this weekend has involved, really.

On Saturday I met up with Denise (and subsequently Lloyd, as it turned out) to see The X-Files: I Want to Believe. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you very much. Some thoughts )

Of the evening Paul and I attempted to get Batman Begins to work on Virgin, but they were full of fail. So instead we watched it on Sunday morning, and then headed out to see The Dark Knight in the afternoon...

More thoughts )

In other, non-film-related news, Centro have forgotten to send me my pass AGAIN. That's twice they've managed it. I was going to switch back to a TWM card anyway, and this has provided a more than adequate excuse, You fail, Centro. I was only holding onto the Centro card as a means of using non-TWM buses, and having a 'Zone 1' card means I can get as far as the Jewellery Quarter / Five Ways on a train and hence there's little point in having one. When I was using the train regularly it worked out cheaper, and perhaps if Kings Heath station ever re-opens I may go back to one, but it's not worth the extra money any more. Both Centro and TWM are obviously in league with Satan, so it's a literal case of the lesser of two evils. ;)

I'm on my own this week. So far it hasn't been too annoying... Anyway, I'll post this and do another hour's work, then it's lunchtime... *munches on Scotch egg*
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So, [livejournal.com profile] yoshi and I have been working through The 10th Kingdom. I'd forgotten the sheer brilliance. Anyway, we just started on episode 2 last night, and as a result, for some reason, my brain gave me a mostly nonsensical Wolf/Virginia-centric dream. Much appreciated, but somewhat strange considering the first time I watched the series (back in sixth form) that ship took over my dreams then, too...

Which is precisely why, when I go to see the new X-Files movie in August (and seriously, I'll go on my own if I have to), despite the fact it's been years and I'm no longer obsessed with it (but, wow, good times...) I will doubtless squee like a fangirl at the inevitable MSR. :D

Old ships never die; they just wait, dormant, until such time as they have reason to pop up again. So much for objectivity, though. ;)

In other news, the credit card bill is currently quite horrendous, so no more spending. We have been quite bad, really, but at least both of us are paying it off. Must lay off it until December, October at the earliest. I'm hoping by the time my mum's birthday rolls around in August I'll have actual money to spend...

Went out last night to see Clare-from-Uni at the Green Rooms, which was nice... the paintings are completely different from when I was there in March for Lisa's birthday, so that was bizarre. Also I'd forgotten how expensive it was (£6.30 for a JD&coke and a vodka&pineapple!) but I'm probably too used to Wetherspoon's prices... Still, a pleasant evening of reminiscence and general nattering.

Barely any work here today but what there is has been urgent - typical. Must pay off first card payment tonight / tomorrow. I tried to do it online earlier but there doesn't seem to be an obvious manner of doing so, so I'll have to wait until tonight and check the back of the statement.

PS: In completely unrelated news, I'm trying to find some decent pictures of Justin Lee Collins; one of him grinning (maybe with two thumbs up) and one of him looking miserable. It's for an icon. Google were unfruitful. If anyone could help, that would be marvellous...
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Or, er, not.  In any case, I went and bought a whole lotta X-Files box sets today and now own everything except season 9.  Which means I can finally get rid of the insane amount of home-taped videos I've managed to collect over the years...

Not quite my height, but certainly up to my waist.  Those are my new jeans on the wardrobe; lo, fear my fetish...

We're not going to have to buy any more blank tapes for about ten years...
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Got back about an hour or so ago... haven't checked email or read friendlists or anything like that yet, but am about to do something resembling a write-up (with photos) that will be up some point tonight or tomorrow depending on whether or not I fall asleep in the process of writing it.

But overall, a completely wonderful weekend was had, and I am now the proud owner of the following:

A box of very nice Galaxy Silk Collection chocolates.
Farscape season 3 deluxe DVD sets 3.3 and 3.4.
Buffy character collection DVD (Spike) with very very pretty cover artwork :)

And I still haven't managed to watch Big Fish having bought it early in the summer holidays, and Van Helsing is on the list to buy, as are the ridiculously priced X-Files video box sets in the Works for £9.99 each, which, obviously, I'm going into Birmingham to buy tomorrow, if I can still move.  There's also two new Most Haunted DVDs coming out very soon, so all in all I'm going to have a lot of watching of things to do.

Anyway.  Write-up coming momentarily, after I've read my emails, etc.
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...but am addicted to X-Files fic.  I think I must've missed that phase the first time around, apart from the whole emailing-the-entire-Disney-world-fanfiction-to-myself-from-the-message-board incident.  I've still got that, incidentally...

Anyway, today I remembered that there are birthdays coming up, so went to WHSmith's to find cards.  I bought three, two for aforesaid birthdays, and one for myself.

Garbo. )

The message rang true, and I liked the picture...  I'm currently working on iconing it, but there's too much of the quote to fit onto a single icon, and I may have to animate it... if not, I'll just use the picture.  Will post attempts when I have more than one and a half of them. :)

I had something else to say there, and now I've forgotten it again... Ah, well.
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Today's entry, brought to you by Olivetti... )

Hee.  I love using the typewriter. It makes me feel like a real writer.  Also, see how bad my accuracy is?  It's really quite horrendous...

Oh, and this is what the beast looks like. )

(It's far prettier without the cover on, but pretty loud, too, so I don't want to contemplate the noise it'd make without it.  It has little Magic Roundabout rub-on transfers on it. :D)
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Today, being bored, I wrote a lengthy entry because I was completely uninspired to do any more of Come Forward;  the original, typed from my A4-pad hand-written version, is between the lines; new stuff follows.

12.13pm: So, here we go.  Though, technically Sunday started twelve hours ago, at which time I was, if I recall,  DJ comment tennissing with Eni (165 and counting!) about shippiness and, um, not being Jenny, and trying to remember  what the Hell episode involved Mulder teaching Scully to play baseball. I found out, after trawling through trannies,  at 2am.  Go me and my complete lack of memory.

As a result, I think I had a vaguely X-Files-related dream last night, and, at the very least, woke up with  suspiciously ficlike narratives ringing through my brain.  I can feel myself becoming slowly re-obsessed.  This is  simultaneously a good and a bad thing.  Bad because, quite frankly, I have enough new obsessions filling my brain, and  enough other uber-shippy pairings to make my heart hurt, without bringing X-Files and the MSR back into the  equation (because DUDE.  When I say uber, I mean uber...)  Good, however, because it'll be quite nice having it  back in my life; I mean, it pretty much defined who I was for nine years, was my second big fandom (Red Dwarf  being the first) and my first online fandom.  In fact, I think www.thex-files.com  was the very first website I ever visited or spent any consistent amount of time on.

So, a warning in advance.  Future posts may be rather X-Filesian in nature, and believe me, if you were around for the  first generation of this particular obsession and thought it was annoying, you ain't seen nothin' yet. :)  I've been  pondering it quite a bit, actually.  It's weird watching semi-objectively from a more casual point-of-view.  I realise  how completely fantastic it actually was in its own right as entertainment, shipping aside, but I'm also noticing the  more subtle nuances of Mulder and Scully's relationship, the complexity of the characters, and the way all of the  various plot arcs fit together - not just the 'mytharc' (my word, but I'd forgotten how complicated that was...) but  the M/S one, too.  I swear, from Season 6 onwards, it was all leading up to the baby/Messiah arc and them finally  ending up together.  I think by Season 5, Chris Carter couldn't actually deny it any longer.  For whatever reasons -  writing, actors, fans reading too much into it - it developed beyond what he was intending, and, thank goodness, he  took everything on board and made their connection a part of the show.

Gah, see what I mean?  I could've rambled for Britain once upon a time, and all that old X-Files geekness was  right there in the back of my mind, waiting for the time when I could understand it better...

*disappears to get crisps*

*returns with drink instead because lunch is nearly cooked*

So, resisting the urge to ramble s'more about x-Files, here's the promised nearly-running commentary...

I'm watching VH2's 100 Greatest 90s Anthems.  They're up to 94, which is Supergrass's Sun Hits the Sky,  which, amazingly, I do remember.  I've also got my discman here, mainly to see how long the batteries last, and also so  I can listen to music without getting inane comments.  (Brought along Alanis - SFIJ - Katie Melua, and Seeter.  Also  bought Texas's Greatest Hits in Sainsbury's earlier for £8.99.)  Oh!  Yay!  It's Blur's Coffee and TV video with  the milk cartons!  Uh, yeah, I'm a geek.  Also, it seems that VH2 are using the rathergood.com singing kittens as part  of their advertising.

I'm considering scanning this, but I may wait and see how long it ends up.  In all honesty, it'd probalby be quicker to  type it out...

Must... not... do... X-Files... fic...  I don't need a ScullyMuse, darnit!  Also, I figured out why I  never suffered the same fate with Mulder as i did with, say, Spike, Niles, Joe Gillis, &c.  Not because he's not  tortured - because, dude, he's as tortured as they come - but because Scully's Tortured Soul Complex is probably vast enough to cope and mine fades in comparison.  These medical types, so inherently compassionate. ;)

I'm going to end up writing fic, aren't I?  I need to do chapter four of Broken Record and Come Forward both (though the one for the latter is at least started.)  All this lovely time to write, and no inspiration.  Ah, well.  Clearly, I need to find something more constructive to do, then the ideas'll flow.  My brain's just wired that way.

I've just noticed my father has a Harry Potter mug.  I guess geek breeds geek.  But somehow, his having a mug is much sadder than my generalised merchandise fetish.


*ahem*  Sorry.  Withdrawal.  It's only on once a week again and I've been spoiled with Ftn's daily repeats. I already mentioned on [livejournal.com profile] mosthauntedgeek how I saw a bloke in Ikea who looked like Jason Karl (series one's parapsychologist, a combination of the later series' Matthew Smith and Phil Whyman, in one superhuman being!  Oh, wait. My mistake.  That'd be Karl. :P) and then... someone else, possibly Rick, maybe Phil, a few seconds later.  My brain is saturated.

Guh.  'Stenders isn't on til 3.50 today.  Which means I'll end up watching it with them both.  Joy.  Hm.  Well, VH2's boring me, so I'll give the new Texas CD a try. 'Tis now 1.19, so I'm sure my music and fic-writing urges will kill some time.

1.46pm:  Woo, Texas!  No lyrics in the booklet, but they'll be easy enough to find online.  I blame Eni for this random piece of spending, by the way, because she put two Texas tracks on the non-mixy mix tape and reminded me that I liked them.  SO, yeah.

I meant to say, my cassette player works again.  Possibly, the heads needed cleaning.  I didn't happen to clean them, but I did happen to test it again and it worked.  So, yay, now I don't have to use my Walkman as a backup stereo...

Next door have acquired a new pet - to quote Eddie, "a small, yappy-type dog."  Wow, that loses so much without the voice... but yeah.  It's quite sweet, no idea what it'll grow up into, but it looks vaguely mongrel-like.  I'm so not a dog-person.  Actually, just prior to our barbecue yesterday (mmmm... meeeeeat...) I was petting one of their many neglected cats.  I managed to elicit a purr from it; managing to approach one of them is a challenge in itself...

I have fallen, regrettably, into Will & Grace shipdom.  And of course who else?  Jack and Karen, obviously.  Before you all yell at me, hear me out...
        ...all right, so there's really no excuse.  The Inner Shipper has a mind of its own; rarely do I actually gain control over my pairings.  I remember the night of her conception, BBC1's original airing of The X-Files' Season 2 episode, "Irresistible".  Specifically, the ending of it, with the M/S hug.  The first one.  It's a milestone episode, and one of my favourites for that reason.  What it boils down to is this: Nautica is Mulder and Scully's lovechild, and they're entirely responsible for the current state of my brain.

[insert random ramblings here about father that are too boring/lengthy to repeat]

Where was I?  Oh, yes, Nautica.  Entirely the twisted product of Mulder and Scully, so you have no-one to blame but them.  And Chris Carter.  And, y'know, all the other pairings-instigators for making her worse...

Dude.  How can I have filled up four sides of A4 [no, really!] with nothing?  Considering scanning and typing up just to see if everyone can read my handwriting.

Okay, methinks I shall try some X-Files fic.  Bear in mind I've not attempted such a monster since... wow, probably late 1998/early 1999, and my old fic wasn't exactly... literary genius.  Or particularly coherent, for that matter.  or even well-characterised.  So, this'll be an experience, I think...

Here be fic. )

So, that's it, really.  I'd also scribbled the following in the margins:

"17.31: My father, like Braca, defines 'anally retentive'." - he was consistently arguing his point whilst not realising that the counter-argument was all for fun anyway and he was being tormented...

Whilst watching 'Stenders - "No!  Argh!  Dot can't have cancer!!!"

And: "Eamonn Holmes quoted Sunset Boulevard on Song of Praise!!" - he was explaining about London's oldest custom-built picture house, dating back to 1910, and was talking about silent movies.  He said something to the effect of, "this is what they would have looked like.  But for all those people out there in the dark..." which is a direct quote, almost, from the final speech in the movie. :D  I love when people reference obscure literature.  I mean, most people've heard the famous lines ("I am big! It's the pictures that got small!" and "And now, Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up!" &c., &c.) but not many are going to get the more random ones.  Hee.

But dude.  X-Files fic.  It's been so long.  I realise none of you are probably qualified enough to pass judgement, but opinions would be appreciated...

I would give a list of the various random mini-aggravations, but... the fic's melted my brain, and they weren't that interesting anyway. :)  I start the new job tomorrow, so here's hoping it goes better than the last one.
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This is something I was thinking about at about three o'clock this morning, whilst trying to get to sleep (despite being tired, oh, six hours earlier...) but I thought I'd share it. We all know (and if we don't, where have we been, pray?) that I'm a shipper of the highest order. I am, in fact, a Professional, except I don't get paid. If, however, I could earn a pound for every 'ship I've managed to predict before it happened or was obviously going to happen, I would be a very rich lady.

So. This post is going to be long, and in it, I shall attempt to explain, for no reason at all other than I feel like it, what couples I ship for (in the main, anyway; I'll exclude the various movie ones because they're ultimately pointless, with a few exceptions as you'll see...), when I did, and why, and any associated rants. But I'll try to keep the rants short. :)

Feel free to comment/critique/add your own. It's a free-for-all. I'd appreciate feedback on my ramblings, if only to commend my efforts. :)

1 - Buffy, Farscape, X-Files )

There was going to be more of this, but I can no longer type, so will finish it tomorrow. Or probably not tomorrow, because I have an essay to start. Perhaps after essayness. Anyway. There will be much more. I have many fandoms still to do...
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still trying to tidy up. so. much. stuff. where does it all come from? where? how can i have accumulated this much Stuff in 21 years?

oh, right...

anyway, whilst clearing out an old box full of junk/work from school - and after all, it's not like i need the pieces of artwork from year 3, is it? - i uncovered the Sixth Form Revue Sketch That Never Was! when it was our turn, salma and i suggested we'd write an x-files sketch to go in the revue - the plan was that it would be an ongoing theme, that recurred throughout the show - since nobody had ever done one before. alas, they gave us two days to produce the script, and we didn't finish it. but it shall live on! so here, i present:

'Skool of Mystery', a.k.a Mulder & Scully Go To KEVIHS )

i'm so, so sorry... on reflection, it wouldn't really have been that entertaining... but anyway, now you know what you missed. flame at will!
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oh! forgot!

again with the bizarre dreams, and having been getting reacquainted with season one of the x-files (amongst other series, such as buffy season 4, farscape season 1, roswell and beverly hills, 90210, of all things) it's prompted my brain to have another x-related dream, which hasn't happened properly in years...

let's see...

last night, i watched 'miracle man' (it's amazing how different they seem when you don't just skim to the good bits. that's partially why i'm re-watching them all.) and the dream was, apparently, the same episode, except, naturally, it didn't bear any resemblence. there was this entire section where the case turned personal for scully, because she knew the dead person. aforesaid dead person was the mascot for a sports team - the sport, from what i could ascertain, took place in a large swimming pool that was either in space or just very high up (heh. water-quidditch. :D) but whatever it was, the mascot was dressed as a large, red... thing. and it died by getting caught on a large wave and being tossed over the side of the pool. and for some reason, scully had been there.

anyway, whatever the reason, she was traumatised by the experience (i don't blame her...) and spent the rest of the 'episode' cuddling up to mulder (that, i will attribute to the fact that i went off randomly in search of stargate: sg-1 fic last night, and filtered by carter/jackson, on a whim, and one of the fics was them sharing a tent and sam complaining because daniel was thinking too much and she couldn't sleep. there was a line that was something like "teal'c may snore, but he doesn't mind my cuddling. he thinks it's cute..." - anyway, that's where that came from, i imagine. as a side note, why do i always manage to end up in minority shipper groups?)

where was i?

oh, yes, scully cuddling up to mulder. so, they were in the house of the person they were questioning... and i was there, for some reason, either helping them out, or local authority or another agent, or something, and i was desperate for the loo and couldn't get a word in to ask the owner if i could use his bathroom... and then this large bird hit the front window, and it was blue and had a face like homer simpson.

um. that looks silly written down.

then there was a bit that seemed to revolve around me and vickie bowling. randomness.

mind you, i seem to recall having a dream once where our intrepid agents were flying in a large, orange hot-air-balloon thing... actually, that was in a film with steve martin, but i never remember the title of it. he was playing a guy who wanted to adopt the girl he'd looked after since she was a few months old, i think. all very random.

gah. i should probably go to bed and stop talking...


Jul. 20th, 2003 11:50 pm
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well, i nearly got out of going to my father's today, but figured it would be a change of scenery if nothing else, and went anyway. it was relatively uneventful, really. he showed me pictures of america (thank you very much...) most of which were of scenery. there were a couple of times square (although not of any interesting billboards) and some of the washington monument and the white house, but the rest were just hills. and not even good photos. the man has no eye for placement...

i got simpered over by my grandmother. her theory on plaster casting is that they only put them on "to keep you quiet"... um. right. other than that, it was bearable...

oh, yeah, apart from the stench of rotting meat that was permeating the entire house. no, i don't know why. we think something died in the chimney. whatever, it smelt foul and was only drowned out by the air freshener after an hour... it's nearly enough to turn me veggie. nearly.

all that aside, i dug out something very silly that i want to share. back in year 11 or thereabouts, when science fiction club was run by Cheryl, Our Friendly Neighbourhood Sixth Former, and we were still showing non-stop episodes of the x-files (and i was unhealthily obsessed) she did a competition to win a poster, and a copy of one of the books. the poster in question was a very large, portrait-orientated one, with half of david duchovny's face and half of gillian anderson's, on either side of it. chris carter has the same poster in his office. naturally, i had to have it.

the competition was to write x-files limericks, the best winning the poster and book. a week later, and here i quote cheryl, "we had 15 entries. all from the same person."

yes. that would be me. i gave her a selection of limericks and random x-related poetry, and won; i gave the book to jennifer since i already had it, and took my poster home on the bus, triumphant. so, i managed to dig out a piece of paper today with some of them on. it's not all of them (cheryl still has them), but it's the better ones. enjoy :D

Ode to Cheryl
Cheryl, you are brilliant!
Cheryl, you are great!
Please give me your poster,
Cos you're my bestest mate!

(apparently, when i asked her about it, she "was touched". aw. we loved cheryl... she's probably a Proper Lawyer now.)

Gilly A. has left Clyde Klotz,
She used to love him lots and lots
But now she'll save
Her love for Dave.
For him, she's got the hots
(We hope)

(this was written during about season 3 or thereabouts, after gillian anderson had divorced her husband, clyde klotz. also, obviously, pre-téa leoni. we were insatiable shippers... oh, look, it rhymed, okay?)

Monsters, mutants, government sneaks,
Aliens, worms in icy peaks,
But one X-File
That raised a smile
Was about some circus freaks.

(humbug was just a frelling fantastic episode.)

Fearful Symmetry
"Tyger, tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night..."
Now we know
He's a UFO,
Waiting to take flight.

(yeah, that one sucks. another example of it rhyming and sounding good...)

There was a young man from Vancouver
Whose hero was J. Edgar Hoover;
Sam knows you can fly,
High up in the sky,
Since the aliens came to remove 'er.

(tee hee. okay, i know he's not from vancouver. 'martha's vineyard' didn't rhyme...)

There was a young man who could seize
Any chimney, and get down it with ease.
His victims he'd kill
(Once, at Powhatan Mill)
And one thing he could do was squeeeeeze...

(incidentally, i watched squeeze again the other night. it was the first and only episode to scare the heck out of me, and i remember why. those frelling terrifying yellow eyes...)

The Truth Is Out There, so they say.
Mulder'll find out where, some day.

Bad At Limericks
The X-Files is a programme,
It's shown 'most everywhere
And I'm not very good
At this
Rhyming Thing
Am I?

And finally...
So now my rhyming's finished,
And, as you can see,
I've put in so much effort,
You really should pick me!

hehe. not surprising i won, really, is it?

right, i think that's everything. going back to the fracture clinic tomorrow to (hopefully) get this bloody cast changed for a lighter one. i presume they want to re-x-ray me... i'll keep you posted.
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any self-respecting film buff will instantly recognise the subject-line quote. yup, i finally got around to watching gone with the wind. i've been intending to do so for quite a while, now, but seeing as the damn thing's 3 hours and 40 minutes long, i could never find the time. well, since i now have a feasible excuse to sit on my butt and watch videos all day (although i guess i could do some sewing or something, of the hand and machine variety) i thought, 'what the heck?'

so, some observations:

1) the theme. everyone knows the opening theme to GWTW, even if they've never seen it. i'll wager it's probably played every oscar night at some point, or just on any decent film documentary. (on that note, everyone knows the theme to twin peaks, too, but that's just odd...)

2) scarlett o'hara. is it wrong that she annoyed me intensely from the very first scene? or is that the entire point? anyway, she grew on me, momentarily, in the middle, when she was trying to rebuild the plantation from nothing... only then she annoyed me again. damn fickle girl... (i won't give away the entire plot, in case anyone hasn't seen it and is planning to; i don't want to be accused of spoiling.)

3) quotes: oh, so many! it's like every quote in the movie-quotes book is from GWTW! (and casablanca, which is also on the list...) let's see how many i remember...

"i'm not going to think about that, now. i'll think about that tomorrow." - said three times (i think) by scarlett. i think it sums me up quite well, don't you?

"i don't know nothing about birthin' babies!" - prissy (i think that's her name)

"that's what's wrong with you: you need to be kissed badly, and often, by someone who knows how." - rhett butler, to scarlett. gotta love a good quote :)

"as god as my witness, i'll never be hungry again!" - scarlett, at the end of 'act one' (our copy of the video has the overture, intermission, entr'acte, and end music on it. very cool.) for some reason, i already knew this one, but i don't know why...

"frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn!" - well, duh. everyone knows that one :)

"after all... tomorrow is another day..." - the closing words.

so that's a plethora of quotes, off the top of my head. i'm sure there're more, but that'll do for now.

4) the book: i plan to read it. and this time, i know i have a copy of it, because i've been intrigued by it for years...

5) all the way through, all i could hear in my head was that line from sunset boulevard by sheldrake: "i said, who wants to see a civil war picture...?" tee hee. and what a picture. i mean, seriously. as if the inner movie geek would let me get away with not liking it... the visuals are gorgeous (especially the silhouetted scenes against the war-torn sky - if i ever get it on DVD i'm going to have to do something with those shots.) and the colours are as fantastic as if it had been made today. i mean, 1939! it's wonderful. (as is the wizard of oz, for the same reason...)

6) [livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing said to me a while ago, during a conversation about such things, that GWTW could be ficced forever. and oddly enough, considering this is me and my inner shipper is insatiable, i can think of nothing i'd want to fic. although i said that about sunset and now look... okay, it's more like i don't have the urge to fic it, in any way - if i did, it would be some sort of sequel, and that's been done already (we have the book...) i think it's because, generally, scarlett annoyed me (but not as much as her bratty sister), and mellie and ashley aren't that... interesting... although, all right, i admit it, nautica was rooting for scarlett/rhett, but that's just ingrained because i already knew...

i'm rambling. enough.

all in all, frelling fantastic movie, which i'm very glad i finally got to see. my list is going down; this is a good thing :)

in other news:

i have perfected a manner of walking using one crutch and my good leg, since hopping about was starting to make said good leg ache something chronic. i feel rather like a pirate.

i finally finished part seven of 'sweet intoxication' (phantom phic) and - of course - fanfic.net is broken, again! grrr...

i've been working through season one of the x-files and my god, they both look so young! and i remembered that i re-wrote the pilot and jersey devil really badly when i was 14 and now i have to find them... (and scarily, i can still remember which episodes were even remotely shippy - in the UST kinda way rather than actual shippiness, although i saw irresistible on sky the other day, and that was the actual moment i became a shipper - and the funny bits still make me giggle. there's just something about scully saying "they're heeere!" like the kid in poltergeist...)
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this appealed to my deeply buried inner x-phile. whee! nostalgia and silly cartoons in one!
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so. let us mourn the loss of great things. here's my list; feel free to add your own as appropriate. in no particular order:

1) starting with tonight's escapade into what used to be jonathan creek, allow me to mourn the loss of maddy. carla, i can tell, is only going to get more irritating. want maddy back now. "the three gamblers" (final episode of series three, if anyone remembers that far back) showed potential for the jonathan/maddy relationship, bizarre though it is. the episode before that had them bloody sleeping together, and they want us to believe that this means nothing? that jonathan would fall back on carla, of all people? geez. an explanation to maddy's whereabouts was given in a throwaway line in the last christmas special, "satan's chimney", when carla was introduced - the blonder, slimmer new female lead. hm. pandering to male audiences, anyone? i wanted acknowledgement of maddy's existence, at the very least. whether they like it or not, it was the tension between maddy and jonathan that kept the majority of viewers interested - it's a fact of life, human instinct. ferchrissakes, when mulder went AWOL, at least they made a fuss about it.

which brings me nicely on to...

2) the x-files - i stuck with it til the end, albeit very badly for season 8 before rediscovering its wonderfulness in season 9. it represents the end of an era for me. well, it represents 9 years of my life that i wasted obsessing about it, but it's all the same in the end... at least x-files got a decent send off, and there's talk of a second movie. anything that reaches cult status within two seasons will never die...

3) farscape, of course, will be no more in two weeks' time. and the circumstances surrounding this turn of events suck in the suckiest way possible. it's going to end on a cliffhanger, and it's going to be horrible, and we're all going to cry for a week. or i will. whatever, it's going to be the most evil cliffhanger imaginable and i'm actually scared. above that, i'm disappointed and frelled off beyond belief that something like farscape, which - shock! horror! - has decent writing, believable characters and - oh, god, no! - deals with real issues that could, perhaps, affect real people, and not in a prettyprettyfluffy manner, either, gets cancelled, while things like big brother and the countless other pointless reality shows keep on getting damn well made.

hence, there are about a million tiny little loose ends thrown in amongst the larger main ones that will never get tied up; who the father of aeryn's child is (because we still don't know for sure); whether that baby will even be born; what scorpius' motives are; the ever-deepening relationship between him and sikozu; the recurring tension between chi and d'argo; where the heck noranti came from; how jool's doing; whether they'll all get home; whether there'll even be a happy ending. but these things mean nothing to television executives, of course, just the fact that they apparently can't afford to give us that much. i have faith that, given time, kemper and co could have adequately written an ending, but they weren't even given the chance. that, i think, probably sucks the most...


this, possibly, is a rant that should have come back in september. moving on...

4) buffy the vampire slayer - if anyone hasn't already heard, season 7 is to be the last. but at least buffy will have time to write a proper ending, which is more than farscape got. i still dread, though, that joss will prove himself to be the evil-anti-spuffy i think he is, in which case i'll be ranting a lot more come the end of the season...

5) frasier is also on its final season - season 10, admittedly. i am only glad that they finally redeemed the niles/daphne storyline after about 8 years of niles- and viewer-torture. i don't hold out much hope for roz and frasier, despite their also sleeping together at the end of last season. it seems to have been conveniently ignored. but i do have at least some faith in the writing team and they'll probably surprise me...

6) futurama, i think, also got axed by fox. which is quite suspect when you consider the similarities between it and farscape, but i won't read anything into that and turn it into a conspiracy... i think it got axed because it wasn't doing as well as its big sister, the simpsons - well, duh. the simpsons has been running for about twelve bloody years; futurama's only been going for what? five? and it's probably only seen as 'scifi' even though it's also an animation, and we all know the stigmae attached to that, don't we?

7) going away from television a moment - cats is closed, as you all know. (incidentally, go here and click on the "cats and me" link, for my long-awaited eulogy-of-sorts.) it's also touring at the moment and i'll be seeing it in 2 weeks. oh, two weeks? whee! *ahem* anyway. yes. it's touring. and rather than going to the brum hippodrome, it's going to the wolverhampton grand. which is more expensive. so thwarting my plans of seeing it many many times, and similarly thwarting plans of front row seats because i should really have booked it by now...

8) i worry intensely about the phantom of the opera, the more things are said about the movie, which is now definitely going ahead because they've found a director, and it seems that antonio banderas is still being considered for the lead. i've give up hope entirely in that regard, and hereby state for all and sundry (well, those who read this and/or care in the slightest) that i will not be seeing it. in fact, i hope it flops and teaches andrew lloyd webber a lesson. and believe me, if it had anyone but antonio banderas being considered, i'd be praying for it to get oscars. that aside, what worries me even more is the prospect that, once filmed, it'll be considered some kind of 'definitive' version of the show, just like the video for cats was. the result of that was the show closing. if andrew lloyd webber closes phantom, one of his most successful and sell-out shows... god, there are no words for the sense of dread i get thinking about it...

9) back to television. deep space nine ended a while back. i miss it. i'm fed up of constant frelling the next generation repeats. d.s.9 was far superior, in my opinion (which is undoubtedly in a minority) and yet has it ever been repeated? not that i can remember on terrrestrial... however, i can't rant about the show itself, because, as finales went, the d.s.9 one was perfect. they tied up the war arc, the focussed on what all the characters were going to do next, they redeemed themselves on the dax/bashir plotline, even, to some degree (even though they tortured the odo/kira-ers beyond belief in the process) and they left it wide open for a movie sequel. that's how you do a finale.

10) voyager, on the other hand... voyager's finale sucked. i mean really. it can be summed up as "oh, no, not another temporal prime directive storyline.", of which berman and braga seem to be far too fond (look at the pilot of enterprise, for god's sake... that's as far as i managed to watch...) i mean, come on, guys? blowing up the borg and changing the future? can't you do any better than that? not to mention pairing chakotay and seven and managing to alienate two groups of shippers at once. just because one of the actors thinks it's a good idea (jeri ryan, i think it was, in fact...) doesn't necessarily mean it IS a good idea. jesus... also, there was nothing even remotely decent, character's-future-wise. nothing. all the reunions, save for the oh-so-precious meeting between admiral paris and tom and b'elanna, voyager's couple of choice for the entire damn run, were conveniently avoided in the hope we'd all forgotten. what happened to libby? mark? t'pel? (no, not t'pol... t'pel was tuvok's wife...) b'elanna's father? seven's aunt? and what about the maquis?

you see?

i could go on longer, but i won't. there's too many things. however, people may feel free to add their own, as i said...
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whilst reading through said fanfics, and upon discovering the following line:

"...then you managed to find front row seats for "CATS", "Phantom of the Opera" and "Sunset Boulevard"..."

bear in mind that a) i last tweaked this... two and a half years ago, or possibly more, and at the time, was only obsessed with "cats" and "phantom", and b) i've only been obsessed with SB since april and c) i remember i added SB to the list as the one i hadn't seen and knew nothing about other than that it was a lloyd webber, so it wouldn't look like i was only using my own obsessions...

*ahem* tempting fate, anyone?


Dec. 29th, 2002 12:57 am
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i just randomly decided to peruse my first site (for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of the horrible backgrounds, it's here. and i'll warn you right now, it's not easy on the eyes in any way whatsoever, so don't get suing me if you end up blind...) anyway, i'd forgotten that, in a moment of apparent insanity, i'd actually remembered to put up my ridiculously awful and hideous 'x-files' fics from when i was 15 and ficcing for the first time...

i'm not suggesting you read them by any means, but i thought i'd share the information. actually, i recall i only put them up as a matter of principle. back when i wrote them, i was also writing a sort of fan-based guidebook not unlike most of the unofficial ones out there. this book was going to be huge, with an episode guide, a shippers section, theories, you name it, it was probably in there. except i spent the summer of 1997 writing the episode guide for all of season 1 and half of 2, and the series was already on season 5, so i gave up. and when i read through it now, i cringe at myself. but i said to myself that when i got to uni, i would make a website, and upon it, i would publish said book, including the fics... which is precisely what i did.

then i realised i didn't want to inflict my hideous writings of that time on anyone, so they no longer appear on my site... in fact, i'd rather not lay claim to them at all, but there we go...


Nov. 1st, 2002 11:53 am
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ahh... i remembered why i like having normal, fridays-off weekends. i get to sleep in on the friday morning. which means i get to go to bed later on thursday night, which means i get lots of sleep and have interesting, memorable dreams before i wake up.

today, it was, amazingly, an 'x-files' dream. i haven't had one of those in years :)

let's see if i can remember. there was a cabin in the woods somewhere. dogget, reyes and scully were all there (and then, later, mulder, which may be due to the final scene of the last episode, even though it wasn't in a cabin, but... anyway...) in the dream, it was the last episode and i was watching it (or it might have been the movie) - at the time of the actual episode i was complaining that although they resolved the mulder/scully thing, they left the doggett/reyes thing wide open and hopefully it'll be resolved in the next movie. so, anyway, in the dream episode, for some reason, john and monica suddenly decided to go and get married. (for which i blame 'audrey pauly' entirely, because it made me a doggett/reyes shipper...) scully seemed most perturbed by this decision for some reason.

next morning - monica isn't talking to john, although i never figured out why. and then there was this entire section of the episode that i missed (and i recall there was something with some girl they had to protect, but that's a blur, and also something with people after them, as usual...) because misto jumped onto the windowsill and kept trying to hurl himself out of the window, so i had to grab him (getting bitten in the process) and shut the window, thus missing about 20 seconds of the episode. so i rewound, discovering i'd missed a john/monica smooching session (this always bloody happens in dreams!) and then, a split second before i got to it again, my sodding alarm went off and completely destroyed my subconscious train of shippiness...


but i recall thinking that john and monica were so adorable it hurt... and also that, when mulder made his presence apparent, the whole thing descended into shameless shippiness.

wow. i'd forgotten what my x-files dreams were like. they tended to make the most sense out of all of them. and now i need to invade jenn's house and find the letter i wrote her with them all written down because i can't remember them all :(

now i'm going off to find doggett/reyes fanfic :)
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if you're still following it avidly and you don't have sky (and if so, i bloody commend you), and don't want to be spoiled, don't read...

...and so i face the final curtain... )


May. 14th, 2002 11:44 pm
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gillian anderson was on graham norton! and she sounds all english!!
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original birmingham premiere of "the x-files" movie: august 21st 1998, 10.10am.

i.t.v. premiere of "the x-files" movie: november 10th 2001, 9.00pm (with the news in the middle, of course *sigh*)

making it precisely 4 years, 2 months, 20 days, 10 hours and 50 minutes between the two.

well, they got there eventually... but, um, bbc has the series, why does itv have the film? weird...


Oct. 6th, 2001 12:47 pm
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1) BBC2, for some reason, still have the rights to Season 1 of "The X-Files". This is amazing in itself...

2) They are showing an episode from said series, namely "Lazarus"

3) I still remember the cute bits of this episode (Mulder calls Scully 'Dana' twice :-D - hey, back then it was all we had!)

4) Some things I have noticed about Season 1 that I had forgotten...
a) Scully had... hair. Well, more of it. And it wasn't as nice as it is now.
b) Mulder was a GEEK! And this was back in that one month period when I actually liked him? Geez...
c) They're both so YOUNG!

Nostalgia moment, people! I even remember where I was sitting the first time I saw this one ;) In the living room back at Reg. Road, and on the settee nearest the television... on a Monday night, 9.00pm, BBC2... ah, the good old days :)

Okay, stopping now... I may actually sit down to watch the rest of it...


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