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Right, I will approach this in much the same manner as the previous one by going through the score song by song.

Before that, though, there's something I forgot to mention in the first post - it's more of a general observation anyway so it doesn't really fit any specific scene...

Basically, the whole show was imbued with additional irony by the sheer fact that it was Glenn Close starring as Norma Desmond - not least because she last played the role on Broadway 20 years ago. All of the references to Norma's "return" to Hollywood and her status as a big name at the time were doubly relevant. In particular, this exchange:-

JOE: Norma, they don't want you in every scene.
NORMA: Of course they do - what else would they have come for?

Given that (I assume) quite a lot of the audience were only there to see Glenn Close, or specifically to see her in this show, that part was especially ironic, and there was definitely a murmur of amused acknowledgement from the audience.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the rest of the write-up - hopefully this one will not take me seven hours like the last one did...

Act Two )

Well, this one did not take quite as long as the last one, but I still have no idea where any of it came from.

My next task is to start a complete overhaul of "Tango Up On Sunset" to try and include all of these new feels and theories. I am looking forward to that, in a vaguely masochistic kind of way...
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Right. This is mostly a placeholder entry, or a precursor, I suppose, to a much longer entry (or more likely entries) because I won't have time to get down everything I want to before Paul and I go out for a meal later. (Our table is booked at 9.00pm and it's just gone 5.00 as I type this; yes, there is a lot to say!)

Anyway, to explain: on Thursday night, Paul, [personal profile] commoncomitatus and I went to see Sunset Boulevard at the London Coliseum. This would be an exciting enough event, but what made this doubly and especially special was the fact that Glenn Close was reprising her role as Norma Desmond in her West End debut, for a very limited five-week run. The only reason I knew this was happening at all was thanks to Eni tweeting it at me about a week before the tickets went on sale in September, which happened to be the day after payday.

When I heard about it, I was in simultaneous states of "We will never ever be able to see this, LIFE IS WOE" and "This is non-negotiable and we are seeing this no matter the cost". Thankfully the latter won out, because the seats weren't as pricey as expected. We were Row K in the dress circle, which was a little further back than I'm used to, but stalls were far too expensive. To be honest, barring being up in the Gods, the location of the seats wasn't particularly important given that this was quite possibly one of the biggest London theatre experiences in any of our lifetimes. It's up there on a level with seeing Michael Crawford in The Woman in White all those years ago, and indeed seeing the Actual Cast Who Are On The Soundtrack thanks to getting seats so early into the run.

So, Paul and I bought Eni a ticket for her birthday (in February), as well as it being my birthday present, because if there's ever a reason for someone to come back to the UK, it's to see Glenn Close as Norma Desmond in the West End, right? Exactly.

Needless to say, it was EPIC, so my impending write-up will be ridiculous - as they always are, but particularly so this time. Throughout the entire show I was having to make little mental notes - "I'm going to remember that, it's important!" - so they didn't fall out of my head, and honestly I think the only way I'm going to be able to approach said write-up is to literally break it down scene by scene, so I don't forget anything. Just, so many little nuances and differences and references, it was almost impossible to keep up!

Before that, though, I need to mention something else which is perhaps not quite so monumentally exciting but equally as important, which is this:

Eni and I have not met face-to-face / IRL in just over three years - she moved to Sweden shortly after I started in my CP job. Before that, we only ever really met IRL every few months or so around the time of our respective birthdays, and generally communicate through email / Twitter, occasional LJ comment tennises and even rarer IM sessions. On Thursday we were basically only in the same room for about three hours, if that, but the three-year gap did not even seem like ten minutes. (Though possibly the Underground shenanigans and rush to find the theatre meant that we kind of met in London and immediately started navigating rather than engaging in pleasantries! And TBF the majority of our email conversations begin in the manner of capslock'd flailing anyway.)

In particular, the interval of the show stands out for me because we spent the entire thing discussing headcanons and interpreting what we'd just watched, and basically just having a massive fangirl geek-out over Sunset. I feel very, very sorry for anyone sitting in our vicinity at that point, as they must have thought we were completely insane - particularly anyone who came along purely to see Glenn Close without any prior knowledge of the show / movie.

I also find it hilarious that within those said three hours of being in the same room, we managed to create a meme, namely #JewishMotherNorma. This came out of a discussion about the potential movie version of the musical, which seems to have gone quiet again (thank goodness) and an old rumour that Barbra Streisand was in the running to play Norma at one point - and whilst Barbra Streisand is awesome, neither of us can quite see her playing Norma, and if it were to happen then Norma would be a Jewish Mother. We then immediately came up with two examples of #JewishMotherNorma, namely, "Are you married? A nice boy like you should be married...", and making sure Joe is eating enough even though she's starving herself to prepare for Salome.

There will be more coming, believe me. :P

(This meme is a companion to our #SunsetBlvdExhibition meme, which was a series of terrible, terrible puns that arose out of my dreaming about a Sunset Boulevard exhibition, where we took SB quotes and made them vaguely relevant to exhibition-type words. When I say terrible, I mean terrible. "You know what you can do with your vi-queue-na" levels of terrible. Basically, we are awful people who should not be allowed near anything, or each other.)

The crux of this is that it really demonstrates the longevity of internet friendships and throws mud in the face of all those people who think they're not valid or not real or not "proper" friendships. It's always been the case that when I meet online friends IRL, even for the first time, it's like we've known each other for years - because ironcally, we probably have.

So yeah. I wanted to mention that in case it got lost in my latter write-ups, which I will now make a start on. Hoping to get at least one up on Sunday, if not both, as I think I may have to do one for each Act, unless it devolves into Yet Another Shipper Analysis and churns out a third. :P

Watch this space!

PS: In honour of the occasion I have switched back to the glorious SB mood theme that Eni made me. :)
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At least for a while...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's. Finally. Arrived.  Apparently must've just gotten caught in traffic as it's between two read emails from Friday...

Considering we've been moving furniture/books/miscellaneous junk all day, it would've taken a frelling miracle to get me out of this chair again... but that just managed it.  I've never moved so fast in my life.

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F.A.O [livejournal.com profile] lone_gunwoman and [livejournal.com profile] izzles/[livejournal.com profile] setting_sun.

Most Haunted Live arrangements.

1) E-ticket has still not bloody well arrived, so I'm going to phone up again tomorrow to be paranoid at them again.

2) Because my mother is being paranoid at me, the arrangements re: accommodation and travel at the end of the night have changed.  Me and [livejournal.com profile] lone_gunwoman will make our way to Ellstree on the day from Birmingham (that much is sorted and easy), but to save on having to get to the other side of London or having to find a hotel at this late stage, the plan is now thus: David will pick us up at whatever godforsaken hour in the morning it all finishes and drive us both back to Birmingham, where [livejournal.com profile] lone_gunwoman is more than welcome to crash until Sunday and make her way back home from there.

So, there you go.

Graaaah.  I swear, there's a god, somewhere, that's determined to make anything I try to organise doomed to fail.  Every.Time.
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Today, as days go, wasn't too bad.  The battery ran out on my MP3-er and practically deafened me in the process, but I knew that was going to happen sooner or later this week.  Inline wasn't too snarky, I had some email tennises with some people, and supervision with Tina was fine, and she's going to get me access to CareFirst because she hadn't realised I'd not got it.  I got through to the IT Helpdesk relatively quickly and they sorted out why my email wasn't working.

There was a bizarre piece of bizarreness when I phoned the MHLive ticket people to check if they'd got my email address right, at the exact second the bloke who answered the phone happened to be sending the e-ticket... which was incredibly impressive, to say the least.

One of our clients got arrested in the corridor at about 2.00pm, with much swearing and shouting.  The two officers eventually called for backup because he was resisting arrest, and another four cars turned up - for one fourteen year old boy.  Of course, that set Cynthia off being upset because her son's fourteen, but aside from that it was quite exciting.

I left at 5.00 to go and pick up my prescription.  My surgery has recently opened a pharmacist in the same building to make getting your prescription easier... but I absolutely hate it.  The staff are slow, even though there's always a Head Pharmacist in there, there's about three of them, but only one of them ever wants to serve you.  Grudgingly.  And it's tiny, so it was full of people.

Nevertheless, prescription having been obtained (the NHS are now charging £6.50 per item...), I wasn't in such a bad mood... until I started waiting for the bus. It was only about 5.45 by this point.  Twenty minutes later, I was still waiting for sign of any bus, let alone one I could catch...  Then I got a call off mum saying that she and David were at the The Dog, and if I walked down I could get a lift home... unfortunately, she thought I was at the Bearwood bit of Hagley Road, not the Sandon Road bit of Hagley Road (it's about an extra quarter-mile to walk), so I was decidedly aggravated by the time I got there...

And now I'm just frelled off with the entire world, for no feasible reason.  I'm also very tired, which might have something to do with it, but being frelled off for no reason makes me frustrated, and I'm hungry, and I want everything to bugger off an leave me alone now, please.

None of this being helped, of course, by the fact that there is still no e-ticket in my inbox, nor my Junk folder.  I'll give it until tomorrow and then call again Thursday, which I'm sure will piss them off, but I can't help being paranoid when the damn thing's in two weeks and I don't even have tickets yet.

Which reminds me: two of my people may not be able to go, so there's two Most Haunted Live tickets up for grabs (well, I presume, if I ever get them) if anyone wants them.  If you live in London, that would also be a bonus... though quite frankly, by this point, I couldn't care less.


Apr. 23rd, 2005 11:07 am
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I need to phone back the MHLive ticket people... I'm paranoid they spelt my email address wrong.  It's really not easy to spell 'teylaminh' to complete strangers, since it doesn't form any recognisable words.  So, will do that later.

I am currently text-tennising with [livejournal.com profile] izzles about MHLive.  At this rate I'm going to end up with a list of people to get signatures from/steal/abuse/kidnap/generally annoy.  I have to say, though, I'm paranoid that I'll end up squeeing loudly about every single MHOTP! moment, or laughing at things, and they'll evict me from the premises, VIP or not... ;)  (But still.  Guest list, dude.)

The cough I've been trying to fight off all week appears to have actually manifested into something and now I can't talk properly.  Joy.

I woke up randomly inspired with little snippets of scenes for Orphan Eyes, though I'm not sure if they're for the prose or screenplay version. One was definitely movie-like; the other was a better description of one of the settings.  More here; cut in case people don't want minorminor spoilers. ) I'm really considering changing the title, though.  Orphan Eyes fit at the time when the plot was in basic fruition, but there's so many other threads running through it now.  Er... suggestions?  Anyone?

Now I have to go find an LJ help community who can tell me if it's possible to use I-frames in a layout.  I think it's possible with the S1 style system, but I'll have to check...


Apr. 15th, 2005 04:58 pm
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Found on the doormat: a mysterious envelope, plain but for my address and a Stockport postmark.

The Antix Production studio is based in Cheshire.  Which has a Stockport postcode.

I am now, to coin a phrase, shitting myself.

Fangirling?  Terrifying.

Edit: It's opened... not so terrifying.

Tor has written back and offered me, Steve and Kate King, and Amy ([livejournal.com profile] lone_gunwoman) tickets to the next MHLive. ;) I have to phone her up and say which day I'd like... :D

See, perserverance will get you everywhere. ;)

Yt ys done.

Apr. 4th, 2005 07:13 pm
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Finally got the website to cooperate and the flowers are due to arrive on Saturday.  It's done.

Holy God.  It's done.  Methinks my icon should read "Kicking BeXy Arse" instead... :|

The message on the card reads, quite incoherently, as follows: Very short but cut anyway. )

It didn't give me much space.

So.  That's that.  Now there's just the rest of it to sort out.  [livejournal.com profile] bizarre_imagery, I need your lettery messagey thing by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest, because I need to get it all in the post on Friday morning...


Someone remind me why I'm doing this again?
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well, here i am departing for the con and london expo.

there shall be many pictures upon my return - two memory cards for the digital camera's worth, in fact, (and mostly of london, this being me and me liking london...)

so. kindly refrain from doing anything interesting while i'm gone (except for the case of you, from whom portraits/photos would be appreciated ;)

i shall stop pestering.



May. 10th, 2003 01:21 am
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am learning to dread work less, which is definitely a good thing. tonight's fun included having one of the other girls hurling random things at me (the foil top of a wine bottle and a beer cloth), me dropping a (luckily empty) wine bottle, and stealing swigs of a wrongly-pulled pint of grolsch in the glass room. turns out i like grolsch. who knew?

oh, and fun pre-shift - got a lift off stephen today, and thought i knew the route. hah, did i frell. completely managed to miss the turning for derby road and ended up about four miles too far, thus hitting the derby by-pass (it's a long way away...) and having to turn around. but i managed to get there on time, anyway. and i got let off early since one of the other girls was driving that way, so i'm home before 1.30. yay!

'nother shift tomorrow. i told him i was going to a wedding next weekend (the con :D) down in london. well... it's... almost similar... (and even if it wasn't the con, i couldn't have done friday since that's may ball, and i'd either be working at it, or going to it.)

*realises* bloody 'ell! the con's next week! and i once again have no costume. considering either the intendent because it's easy, or holly (by buying a blonde wig and wearing black.) although i may just give up entirely and go as a generalised geekzone of character teeshirts...
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due to a change of plan, i am now actually going to SFX on may 17th and 18th. there are very few people i actually want to meet at the con itself, excepting nicole de boer (ezri dax), but there are a heck of a lot more guests at the london expo (which i get free entry to), including...

~ andy robinson, again.

on sunday only:

~ robert llewellyn (kryten) and norman lovett (holly)
~ chris barrie, who is also hosting the awards ceremony.
~ i've heard something about christopher lee, but i have no idea precisely what he's doing.


~ robert picardo. yes, you heard me. robert "the doctor" picardo.

any requests for autographs? katie gets instant first call on rob picardo after me ;)

*bounce bounce* ohmyfrellinggod!!!
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More on Saturday's escapades. The show itself. You can skip this if you want, but you'll never understand about the plant if you do ;)

Roadtrips, Fangirls, and 10086, continued. Again. )

Phew! Just got Sunday (boring bit) to type up, and my blow-by-blow account of the entire show, and things I noticed, which you don't have to read. Just something I want to do for future reference...
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Saturday follows, in two parts because it's long. And will be longer later...

Roadtrips, Fangirls and 10086, continued )

More coming in next one...
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Right. One write-up coming up, in 3 parts...

Roadtrips, Fangirls, and 10086 )

Saturday's entry will be more intersting and much, much longer, and will be up as soon as it's done. Watch this space...
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I will LJ-cut it because it's very long... Enjoy!

The SFX Event - a Synopsis )

If you're still alive, keep reading. It only gets better. However, you'll probably all want to kill me...

Saturday 22nd June 2002 )

And finally... Sunday will have to go in another entry, because LJ is informing me that there aren't enough characters to do it. So... um... yes. Useful. See next entry...
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letter will be scanned (hopefully) when it arrives... grrrr...

autographs )
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y'know, it's weird... everything that happened outside the stage door last night keeps coming back in random fragmented sections, as if i was very, very drunk...

in a way, i suppose i was... drunk on the biggest post-show high i've ever been on... and i didn't feel hyper until about an hour later. after the show i was almost... i dunno... i was very subdued and silent, just serene and calm and incredibly quiet...

and when faith came out i couldn't stop giggling, but she's a very funny lady :)

i remember she did an impression of mavis from corrie. completely randomly... i can't for the life of me remember what she said, but...

and... i recall there was a guy wanted his arm signed... and the nice japanese man (who was almost as excited as me, by the sound of him) had just lent me his pen and the arm-guy wanted the pen... and i was holding it over my head trying to get it away from him... then faith got the pen... wow, it's such a blur, it's scary...

the guy did get his arm signed in the end...

and... i am now completely mortified by the fact that i asked about the damn fanfic... i can't believe i did that... and... that moment, when it seemed like it hadn't got there, and the embarassment factor was just rising and rising, and then the light dawned... i think i must have breathed the biggest sigh of relief...

and then i couldn't stop grinning. and couldn't string a sentence together... but all the while, still being remarkably calm and collected.

until i got in the taxi and practically burst out in giggles while i texted eve...

wow... so bizarre...
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"sunset boulevard". once more.

okay, you know what? circle seats aren't as bad as you might think. you can see the entire stage, and they're really well tiered so you don't get heads in the way. the only major drawback being that you can't really see the facial expressions of the cast that well...


~ jeremy finch. what can i say, he was fabulous tonight. it's been a month, and he's finally found his voice. and he has absolutely perfect comic timing. some of his reactions were hilarious (what i could ascertain of them, anyway...), such as after he says "she put me in what max called 'the room of the husbands'...", and... ah, i can't remember, there were lots. but he's gorgeous :D halfway through i texted eve and said "oh my god, i think i'm in love", or some such... the combination of joe's character, and jeremy's portrayal... it's just... oh, i don't know. frell it all, i'm in love with joe gillis, and finally i realised! what's another fictional character for the list, after all?

the last note in "sunset boulevard" at the beginning of act two made me tingle all over again... and his high notes... are... wow... a few more years, he'll be playing the phantom, i guarantee it...

(oh yeah, and the stripping? almost twice as hilarious as before. i was well aware i was grinning like a complete idiot and just couldn't care less, thank you very much. the entire scene is pure comedy.)

~ faith brown. she's divine. there's no other way to describe it. and tonight, she was on perfect form. during "as if we never said goodbye" she nearly moved me to tears (as soon as the spotlight hit her, to be precise...) and when she was fighting off max at the end of act one, right before joe comes back, i was nearly sobbing... she IS norma desmond. plus, she clearly adores the role, and it shows. (but more on her later :D)

~ faith and jeremy together. the chemistry was electric, AND they'd re-choreographed the tango. (MUCHO shippiness, there :D) and she was more touchy-feely... if they change him now, it'd be a crime... but god... they're so good together its scary... the kiss at the end of act one... i didn't cry... but i was close to it... i could hear Nautica bouncing around my brain. she did all the "AWWWWWWW"ing for me :) anyone who tries to convince me that joe never loved norma, not even a tiny bit, is going to be wasting their time, seriously...

~ the show. has much improved; particularly, the set change into schwab's drugstore was seamless (there were problems there last time), and there was only one glitch, which seemed to be a feedback problem towards the end. the cast were all wonderful (betty was perhaps a little flat, but... hey, it's live!)

~ the audience. was fantastic. all of the jokes got laugh-out-loud chuckles instead of minor murmuring, there was complete silence during the most dramatic scenes, and i think nearly everyone stood up. i know i did. it was very much a last show atmosphere...

right. and the question. did i stalk the cast? you bet i frellin' did!!

first of all, i had no idea where the stage door was and ended up down the wrong side of the theatre, but when i'd found it, there was a gloriously small amount of people there :D

there was a nice friendly japanese man who lent me his pen, too. unfortunately, i had to get them to sign my ticket as my programme was at home (see, i KNEW i should have taken it...)

the first person we saw was lee ormsby, who played artie green.. he was deep in conversation with a friend, but nobody was that concerned with him (i had limited space :P). then, michael bauer, who played max, came out, on his way for a pint, by the looks of things. he was... nice... what little he said, anyway...

then, (argh, forgot her name, will update it later) who played betty came out. she was welsh and lovely. i'll scan the ticket and the message when i get back to uni, but it said: "To Becs, or rather Bex..." hehe. i love it when they do that :)

then... okay, i'm calm. i'm calm enough to tell you this with minimal typos and shrieking...

faith brown. she was practically mobbed. the regulars were there, they've been following the tour around the place... she signed things and was talking to everyone, and she's SO NICE... and... and she signed my ticket...


okay, okay, here's where i usually start giggling and grinning like an idiot...


i nonchalantly asked if she'd had anything interesting in the post.

she asked who i was. it didn't ring a bell. i was thinking oh great, the frelling hippodrome lost the damn things... and then...

the light dawned...


and, not only that, she's written back (it hasn't got there yet, but i have something to look forward to on monday :D) AND... she. liked. it.

she said i was clever. i haven't been clever in a looong while...

i was, of course, just going "thank you, thank you..."

and she gave me a hug.

oh. my. god...

i spent the entire taxi journey home grinning like a complete idiot.

the only downer was that i missed jeremy as he was the first to leave and i was around the other side of the building (grrr.) but that's easily rectified. i'm definitely going to get tickets for the october show now, if only so i can nab him ;)

okay... i'm not going to get any sleep tonight, this much i know...

i'm all on such a buzz you wouldn't believe. it's one thing getting reviews at FFN for stuff... but to have a real person... a real famous person, no less... who you based the fic on... read it... and like it... and write back...


there are no words...

*happy post-show sigh*

hm. i'm frelling starving...


Apr. 27th, 2002 10:43 pm
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right, well, i've got the fics all printed out (14 pages each, plus 3, twice over), got the envelopes all addressed up to the hippodrome, put a return address on (what? it's only in case they get lost!! :D), and got the letters all handwritten... all that's left to do is buy the red ribbon tomorrow to tie them all up with...

and i'm nervous as absolute frell. i'll be glad when they're in the post out of the way.
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finally, i finished them...

have decided, in my infinite (and so often wrong) wisdom, to thank faith brown and jeremy finch in the best way i know how, and give them copies of the SBfic as personal gifts... so i just thought i'd share with y'all here the disclaimer, foreword, and dedication that i'm going to stick on the beginning ;)

(the facing letters to go with them are for theirs [and eve's] eyes only. and possibly sweet thing's. but they're too long to put here...)

the disclaimer:
"I do not own these characters, nor do I lay any claim to them in any form whatsoever. "Sunset Boulevard" and all associated characters, plots and situations are all original creations of Billy Wilder, and copyrighted to him and the RUG, as well as countless other affiliates, no doubt. The lines of dialogue not created by me are gratefully borrowed from the libretto of the American Premiere Recording. Absolutely no infringement is intended. I am just a fan who wants to give something back in the only way I know how."

the foreword:
"Andrew Lloyd Webber is quoted as saying, upon first seeing the movie "Sunset Boulevard", that "it inspired a tune." The 'tunes' he created for his musical of the same name have inspired these words in my mind. Until such time as my words may inspire an image and complete the cycle, I present this, the result of those words..."

and the dedication:

I dedicate this...

~ to Faith Brown, for providing me with a Norma Desmond I could understand on far too many levels, and for making my first experience of the musical of "Sunset Boulevard" such a fantastic one...

~to Jeremy Finch, whose portrayal of Joe Gillis will be first and foremost the one I remember, and who will forever be my definitive Joe...

~ to them both, for being completely wonderful on stage together and being partly responsible for this...

~ to Andrew Lloyd Webber, whose music is so constantly inspirational...

~ to the late Billy Wilder, without whom this wouldn't have been possible at all...

~ and to Norma and Joe, who deserve a happy ending...

and that's it. it's all highly stupid and hideous, but i have to do something. i refuse to let them leave without them knowing how completely wonderful they were. so, two copies of the fic, each including all of the above and a letter to either faith or jeremy, will be in the post on monday (along with eve's copy of the soundtrack) c/o the hippodrome... and if they read it, it'll be a miracle ;) and that's if it ever gets there, of course...

wish me luck!


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