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Yes, LiveJournal, I know I'm viewing the old version of my friends page.

That's because the new one is fucking hideous.


Jun. 30th, 2011 12:16 pm
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I seem to have a knack for moving into new houses which have eerily similar numbers to their predecessors.

For example, I grew up at number 73 (which I remember because there was a Saturday morning kids' show called "Number 73" and I can recall being really amused by the fact that I lived at the same house number). Then I moved to number 53. Then 51. And my new house number will be 91.

Coincidence, or fate? You decide...

In other news - having obtained Rachel's details and texted her, she is unable to go to the wedding and thus has no information. Next option is to text Crystal (if she has the same number) and see if she's going, and then I suppose I go back to trying to ring Aisha again. After that, I'm out of options, and now rapidly running out of hours...


Jun. 8th, 2010 09:37 pm
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Why is the LJ front page in Russian??
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I'm feeling better after my ranting session the other day, just haven't got much to update about.

I had a dream about Heath Ledger's Joker last night which is filtered as per usual...

I also appear to have lost 3lb. I'm crossing my fingers that it's not a random scales error or a fluke, but it could be because I lost my appetite a bit over Christmas. I think the horrendous over-eating at Disney was compensated for by the sheer amount of walking / shivering, and I've been quite sensible since coming back. We can only hope it's the start of a good thing.

I'm meeting [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings tomorrow in Brum, followed by Paul's birthday drinkings at the Briar Rose. Just in case anyone missed it on Facebook, it starts at 4.00 but you can turn up whenever.

Nothing else to report.
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I have only one thing to say:


(This will only make sense to Eni.)

A wholly and entirely suitable winner, thank you. :D
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Firstly, I need to clarify something about my earlier post. According to Paul (who saw it happen and is therefore more objective), apparently the teenage boy this morning didn't deliberately hit me, he was running for the bus and fell off the raised blocks along the edge of the carpark which is next to the bus stop, thus hitting me in the process with his flailing arms. Still, though - an apology wouldn't have gone amiss?

I really came here to post this piece of randomness from earlier. After watching Buzzcocks and 30 seconds of I'm A Celebrity... and discussing reality TV, the following talent show idea came to maniacal fruition.

Here's the thing. Brian Blessed is quite possibly the greatest random celebrity wotsit since sliced bread, and when the inevitable happens in a few decades and the earth is no longer graced by Mr Blessed's presence, it will be a sad, sad loss indeed. It is therefore imperative that the world finds a replacement to take his place. The best way to find such a person? Well, a TALENT SHOW, of course.

It would be called "Hullo, I'm Brian Blessed!" (obviously), where hopeful candidates would audition in a manner not dissimilar to X-Factor in order to win the ultimate accolade of replacing (nay, becoming!) Brian Blessed should the unspeakable happen. It would be presented by the man himself.

I didn't decide who the judges would be because the image of Brian Blessed presenting anything is enough to send me into hysterics. (Have I Got News For You, anyone?)

I shall pitch this idea to Channel 4 immediately. :D

Any suggestions on who should judge it? I was thinking Stephen Fry and Graham Norton for a start, but that's just the fangirl talking...
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You can now translate Facebook into Pirate English. AHAHAHA. Brilliant. :D
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Just before I left work today, I noticed this strange anomaly in Word, but for some reason it's only in my individual files folder on the shared drive, not any of the case files.

Weird )

All of the files (except about one) in that folder are hidden files, and there's nothing untoward in the properties either.


In other news, I came home to (a) a leaky binbag dripping fat inside my bin (yeuch) and (b) a surprise through the letter box in the form of Nightmare Revisited (from my mum), a version of the NBC soundtrack with the songs performed by different metal artists, as the Current Music testifies. It's very very strange indeed, but also interesting...

I also saw the perfect present for Paul's birthday but I'm going to look online for cheaper options because it was a rip-off in M&S. I was in there getting a curry for tea, before you ask. ;)


Oct. 30th, 2008 01:15 pm
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Journal re-tagging continues. On looking at the list, I have one thing to say:

"God GOD, that's a lot of shake fandoms!" :P

Was just in Tesco because I figured I would fare better getting a pumpkin now instead of later. Considering there were three left, turns out that may well be true. Anyway, it reminded me of when I was in there the other day and the entry I was going to do on getting home...

Periodically, the Tesco Metro in town decide to reverse their escalators, presumably to save on belt wear or whatever. Anyway, this decidedly simple action is enough to make ordinarily intelligent (at least, one assumes) people into blathering idiots.

I understand that we get used to things being a certain way, and when that changes it is quite confusing. But that isn't any excuse for the common sense lapse which results in the following:

Pushing past other shoppers who are coming off an escalator which is going DOWN, only to then attempt to go UP on the same escalator because it was that way around the other week, and then look surprised when it's not any more. You'd think the people coming OFF THE ESCALATOR would be enough of a tip-off...

People are weird.
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I forgot to mention the Rude Woman I encountered in Somerfield over the weekend. She was in front of me in the queue (whilst Paul was getting a lottery ticket at the cigarette counter) and had balanced her basket precariously on the end of the checkout.

She took a heavy item (which was counter-balancing the entire thing) out of one corner of the basket, as a result of which the rest of it started to succumb to gravity. So, being a helpful sort, I reached out to stop it from falling off the checkout and smashing her box of eggs.

Did I receive a 'thank you' for this noble gesture?

Of course I didn't. Merely a silent scowl and her grabbing the basket to put it more firmly on the checkout. How DARE I touch her precious shopping, lest I befoul it with my strange hands!

She was quite well-dressed and buying organic veg, not even remotely chavvy or anything like that, and I would say she was in her 30s (though I'm not good at age-guessing). Absolutely no excuse except sheer bad manners. Snooty cow.

Next time I'll let her basket fall on the floor, eggs and all.

After that, she then proceeded to take bloody ages about packing her stuff, putting her purse away and getting out of the way, as long as it took for all of my stuff to be scanned, which meant I was then also holding up the line packing my shopping.

Can anyone think of a reasonable explanation as to why I've been HUNGRY for three days straight? Like, literally. An hour or so after eating, I'm just starving again. It's really very odd. And in direct comparison to last week, when I was barely hungry at all...

My body is weird.

I posted the fourth and final chapter of the PotC fic last night, having finally managed to end it. *points in a vague FFN-type direction* Now I must get back to that bloody UB fic before it disappears for good.

Tonight I will compile memories to post on [livejournal.com profile] phanwank...
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...Wispas are back. :D


At the very least, the newsagent on Corporation Street sells them.

Can they stick around this time, lovely Cadbury people? :) Fankooplz.
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Kiwi posted this one on Facebook. It literally had me in hysterics...

And this is a strange talking cat. A lot of the 'talking cat' videos on YouTube are just cats meowing in a vaguely 'conversational' fashion, but this is just plain weird...

The blurb from whoever posted it reads:

My cat can say hello, she only does it when shes looking for you though once you call her or she sees you she'll stop so I had to set the camera up and leave it for awhile until she did it.
She does this at least 10 times a day shes does it in the morning when she wants us to get up, in the night when shes bored and wants us to get up and when shes finished eating and want to know what room were in (which is what shes doing in this video hence the lip licking, shes cleaning them).
Its nothing to do with hairballs as she never coughs up a hairball after doing it
Its not because shes in heat she was spayed around 14 years ago, shes 16.

Heres what I think its sounds like shes saying:
"Hello, Hello, Hello, I Know Hello, Hello Hello Hello. Hello. I'm Alone, I'm on my own, I'm Alone, I know hello."

When my mum and I had Paws, there were a couple of occasions when he was heard to say "Mummy". He only did it twice that I can remember, and both times were on the way back from the vet or the kennels, whilst he was in the travel cage. I don't mean it was a meow that sounded like the word, it was the actual word.

And someone else heard it, too. We had someone else pick him up once and afterwards, she said... "Er... this will sound crazy, but... does he usually talk?"

Paws would only say "Mummy" if he was frightened, presumably because he'd heard me saying it as a kid when I needed something.

He also used to say "no", but I think most cats manage that one. :)

Apparently one of our other cats learnt to impersonate the magpies, too. Cats are weird, but fun. :)
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It occurs to me that I've managed to watch a quite insane amount of films this month. Mamma Mia, Dark Knight and X-Files at the cinema with various different people, and countless others at home, including: Brazil, The Mummy and The Mummy Returns one week after each other, Atonement, Pirates 2 and 3 (in the same day), some of Chaplin and Bowling for Columbine, although that's technically not a film... I'm sure there are a few more that I'm forgetting.

Pirates fic is up to 3K words at last count, though I added some yesterday...

This is boring. )

This is a very rambling entry, from which you should be able to tell that there is nothing to do at work today. *rolls eyes* The lack of children on the buses is much appreciated, but other than that, the summer holidays are a pain in the bum. The children are all over town instead, and the people with children are off work and unable to give the WPOs any work. :P

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] miss_scooter should know that the gum stuff in the tin seems to work on my hair, to a degree, but when I get it trimmed I'll get him to take more off the top because it's just too heavy... I think my hair officially repels everything I throw at it barring straighteners...

I'm going to sign this off now before I ramble any further...
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I just sat down to watch La Vie En Rose on Sky Premier, only to discover they seem to have messed up the subtitles, with every line in about 20 actually showing up. I don't think it's intentional (if so, WHY?) but yeah, my French ain't that good. :P Judging by what I just read briefly on IMDB, it seems like the plot jumps around all over the place to different bits of Piaf's life, so it wouldn't even be that easy to follow even if I could figure out what was going on in each scene. As it stands, the lines which have been subtitled correctly look like some kind of plot skeleton around which you must fill in the gaps. Make your own plot!

X-Factor it shall be, then. If I can't have culture, I'll watch some freaks trying to sing. :P

On the other hand, I managed to watch Atonement last night, which was bloody brilliant. Must get a hold of the book, now.

Also, 3K words on Pirates-fic and counting. :)
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My hair = FAIL.

My hair thinks: "Gravity FTW!"

My hair says: "Products: DO NOT WANT."



You get the idea.

I've tried product after product after product all to no avail. Supercuts-Derek used wax AND hairspray to attempt to hold the style, and it had succumbed to gravity within five minutes. I've tried "wonder wax" (which made it feel disgusting) and Bed Head texturising paste (which added texture but no structure) and out-of-bed fibre putty (did nothing) and this morning even L'Oreal 'indestructible' gel. Which my hair, of course, destructed.

The gel has worked best of everything, but apparently I need a whole tube to get it to work, if this morning is anything to go by.

But of course, as soon as I sleep on it a little weird, it gets a kink in it the size of the frelling Eiffel Tower which no amount of water, gel, wax or flattening will tame. The hair, it doth mock me.

Someone needs to invent permanent hair thinning. NOW.

The only thing which works is hair straighteners, which doesn't do me much good when it's this short other than to sort my fringe out. Apparently even my uber-barnet of hairy dooooom cannot repel 200-degree ceramic. Take THAT, you evil mass of dead skin cells! Ha!

Srsly. This is getting a little boring now. I mean, what else can I do, short of hanging upside down until the product sets?


*iz ded*

Jul. 28th, 2008 05:35 pm
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Oh my God. OH MY GOD.



That is all.

(I made the horrible error of mopping the kitchen floor a few minutes ago and right now am meant to be doing prep-work on my Greek-style pie because it takes so bloody long to cook, but am taking a breather from the OHGODSOHOT. Alas, the mopping was an essential chore because Paul spilt an entire glass of wine on the floor last night. To be fair, it was an accident. We bought a bag of Maris Piper potatoes and 90% of them had gone completely rotten and spongy and LEAKED everywhere, so he touched one and - understandably - recoiled in horror, sending the glass flying... But still. GAH. SO BLOODY HOT.)

ETA: YAY THUNDER! (It's about time...)
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[livejournal.com profile] ihasacortina may well be the greatest LJ community in the history of LJ communities.

That is all.

Edit: Although I am massively disappointed by the lack of Boosh!macros. :)
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I got a little bored and googled "T'eyla Minh" (my online presence is quite terrifying) and found this: my first Ugly Betty fic being recc'ed! (First entry in the post. Not sure it's technically a rec, but it's quite exciting.)


It still doesn't beat doing an image search on "jeremy finch" and having a picture of me and him come up. Amusing.
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So, [livejournal.com profile] yoshi and I have been working through The 10th Kingdom. I'd forgotten the sheer brilliance. Anyway, we just started on episode 2 last night, and as a result, for some reason, my brain gave me a mostly nonsensical Wolf/Virginia-centric dream. Much appreciated, but somewhat strange considering the first time I watched the series (back in sixth form) that ship took over my dreams then, too...

Which is precisely why, when I go to see the new X-Files movie in August (and seriously, I'll go on my own if I have to), despite the fact it's been years and I'm no longer obsessed with it (but, wow, good times...) I will doubtless squee like a fangirl at the inevitable MSR. :D

Old ships never die; they just wait, dormant, until such time as they have reason to pop up again. So much for objectivity, though. ;)

In other news, the credit card bill is currently quite horrendous, so no more spending. We have been quite bad, really, but at least both of us are paying it off. Must lay off it until December, October at the earliest. I'm hoping by the time my mum's birthday rolls around in August I'll have actual money to spend...

Went out last night to see Clare-from-Uni at the Green Rooms, which was nice... the paintings are completely different from when I was there in March for Lisa's birthday, so that was bizarre. Also I'd forgotten how expensive it was (£6.30 for a JD&coke and a vodka&pineapple!) but I'm probably too used to Wetherspoon's prices... Still, a pleasant evening of reminiscence and general nattering.

Barely any work here today but what there is has been urgent - typical. Must pay off first card payment tonight / tomorrow. I tried to do it online earlier but there doesn't seem to be an obvious manner of doing so, so I'll have to wait until tonight and check the back of the statement.

PS: In completely unrelated news, I'm trying to find some decent pictures of Justin Lee Collins; one of him grinning (maybe with two thumbs up) and one of him looking miserable. It's for an icon. Google were unfruitful. If anyone could help, that would be marvellous...


May. 1st, 2008 01:08 pm
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As an addendum to yesterday's post, apparently the rest of season 2 of UB will be back on Channel 4 on 30 May. So, a whole nother month to wait... this is from someone on the forums, though, so I hold little to no hope it's actually true...

Paul and I are going to Asda tonight for our bi-monthly Meat Excursion, although mostly because we've run out of everything from toilet roll to fabric softener. At least everything runs out simultaneously... and at least, equipped with a credit card, my current account will not reel from the gutpunch that is the inevitable expenditure... I will be financially sound by the end of this year, dammit. :P

I'm currently in the process of trying to find somewhere for a friend from Uni to live for six months, and luckily enough, Richie is moving out of his room. Would be nice if she took it up, as it's only up the road from me. :) I would offer our attic, but to be honest it's more fair to pay someone to live up there than the other way around... aside from the fact that it's full of my boxes, it's cold in winter, hot in summer, and the ceiling is caving in and is literally held up with sellotape... so not exactly habitable.

Here's hoping the nice weather holds out for the weekend and bank holiday, even though we're going to be moving furniture on Saturday. I'll be sure to post before and after shots. Even bought a new duvet cover last night from Roseby's that was reduced from £19 to £9.50, in honour of the occasion. ;)
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I've been intending to do this entry for ages and keep forgetting. I was reminded of it last Monday at swimming with [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess during one of our usual weird conversations.

Anyway: Eddie Izzard quotes/notions that would make good band names. :)

Apparently there is a band called 'The Hair Thieves', and that provoked me to come up with a few more... Feel free to add to the list. :P (Also, bonus points to anyone who can complete the full quote...)

Hairnets and Dogfood
Earwig Chutney
Spider Gravy
Cake or Death (obvs. :P)
Covered in Bees (with optional extra 'eeeeee's :P)
Cannot Access Printer
I've Got Legs
Pants Left in the Wash
Action Transvestite
So Yeah (Added 15.45)

Actually, it's a lot harder than I thought. I need to rewatch my Izzardy goodness. Any more?

New icon.

Mar. 8th, 2008 04:40 pm
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A very silly icon based on Mitchell & Webb's 'cheezoid' sketch from Thursday night. It amused me far more than it should have done. :)

Possibly to be used on general silly posts, but mostly made because I am ridiculously amused by silly voices. Although not quite so much as I am by people getting hit in the head...
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A warning on my bag of yoghurt-coated peanuts:

"May contain traces of peanuts and other nuts."

You don't say...

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I appear to have started a meme. :)  Go me.

In other news: today is my last official day of leave (at least until 2/3 May, when I'm having two half-days to accommodate Rocky Horror; that'll be flex anyway).  The weekend doesn't count.

I have achieved very little, as usual, but at least I cleared my floor of boxes.  Today I might get off my arse and watch something, rather than sitting in front of the computer all day playing Solitaire.

I desperately need a bath - I'm sure you all wanted to know that - but I'll wait until I've changed the bed.

That's it.  Nothing else.
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Oh, also, Jack Sparrow says-

"Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow."

Shush. Yes. Captain Jack Sparrow wishes a Very Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] setting_sun. May you loot lots of ships and mince around like a loon.
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I just went on a mini adventure to the post office.  Not my usual post office, hence the adventure.  I had only the vaguest idea where it actually was, so ended up going the long way there and the short way back, up the ends of roads I'd only seen from the other side.  Quite strange.  Also, it's very windy and rainy.

In any case, Eni's very late birthday present has now been posted and should arrive, postal service permitting, very shortly.

I'm about to install one of our old games that I never got around to playing, John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles.  I watched my mother playing it briefly when we first got it about five years ago, and I suspect I may only be able to play it in daylight...

Nothing else to report.  I need to pack a bag later.
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With Eni, of course.

Posting this here because I'm not entirely sure she got the link during the multiple bootings...

The Adventures of Staple Man! )

It's safer not to ask, but suffice it to say it had something to do with Virtual Staplers.  The Internet is a scary place.


Mar. 7th, 2006 12:20 pm
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LJ informs me that it's [livejournal.com profile] tengirlsago's birthday, so Happy Birthday to her. :)

There's going to be a post here later. I say that all the time and then never have the energy to do it. But there will be, because my LJ is sorely overdue a Good Long Rant.

There may be a few changes around here.

Tonight I have to go to Tesco to get caster sugar and self-raising flour. Tomorrow I have to make cakes, which I will probably bring home again after the party because nobody'll eat them, as usual...

For now, I have a couple of dreams to post about, so I'll do that...
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I shall make like [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings and provide something of a Hair Diary, in picture form... except I'll have to do it tomorrow or tonight instead, because I can't access half the photographs due to the BCC internet being an ARSE. As usual.

It'll be better when I have New Hair to put on the end anyway. Today's icon is a starter...

That's what this post was going to be. Instead, it shall now be a lamentation of the fact that we went to the Yard and lost about £20 in the ITBox... although we won about £6 of it back in the pub quiz game... The Hangman in that machine knows our frelling weaknesses and deliberately gave us the sport category on the final letter of every puzzle. Bastard machine.

Other than that, nothing very eventful happened yesterday.

I'm so glad I have tomorrow off. I'll have to go into work earlyish on Monday to do the whiteboard, though...

Tonight: dye hair. Damn, forgot to warn mother earlier on the phone.

Tomorrow: 11.30am, hair appointment. Home by 1.00pm, eat lunch, lounge around online, decide whether planned MGM outfit is suitable for whatever the weather's doing.

Saturday: cat-sitting for [livejournal.com profile] purrr3 again.

Sunday: going home.
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That was quite a pleasant weekend.

Friday, er... not much, really. Watched the usual evening fare of The IT Crowd with Noel Fielding guest-starring as the Goth in the Cupboard ("Why are there no Cockney goths?" "They're too cheerful...") followed by My Name Is Earl... and then some of The Friday Night Project though I wasn't really paying attention.

Saturday we headed back to mine earlyish so I could get changed and such, since we were going out to meet [livejournal.com profile] metalmikey666 and [livejournal.com profile] rubytitania in order to get ticket money off them. First we headed out to Scruffy's to meet someone else, but he wasn't there. Then off to the Windsor for some food, and then finally on to the Flapper to meet Laura and Mike.

We stayed there til about midnight just drinking and chatting, so it was quite subdued.

The new taxi system on Broad Street is frelling annoying. We hailed a cab before it could turn around because I didn't want to pay the inevitable extra it would cost to get back onto the Hagley Road, seeing as they're all pointing towards town (er, stupid?), and one of the taxi marshalls made us get out again and wait in the queue, which meant the journey cost me £11.50 instead of £9.00. Yes, I'm sure it's safer and more fair and whatever, but it's still bloody annoying that I have to fork out an extra two quid because the taxi's facing the wrong way.

Sunday was spent doing nothing, really. Watched De-Lovely in the evening and that was about it. Also saw the final episode of Rock School and watched Final Destination 2, which was... well, easy.

Today I need to leave work fairly early to go to town and get wrapping paper and David's birthday card, because it's tomorrow and I'm woefully unprepared. On which note, I'll send [livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing's card tomorrow... so it should only be, oh, four days late.

I need to get back into my previous motivated mindset, as these past couple of weeks I've been sort of dwindling again back into evening non-activity. Mostly I'm getting home a lot earlier these days so actually have time to do things, but I still feel like I'm not really achieving very much, and after a brief writing/reading spurt I seem to have dried up again.

Also feeling like my journal is becoming rather redundant and I'm only updating it out of habit these days.

Is anyone still reading?

No? I didn't think so. Well, I'll probably continue to fill cyberspace with nothingness anyway.

Right. Once more, I have a pile of typing to do, but luckily most of our Chairs are on leave this week, so I'll have time to get through it all. Too much time, probably.
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So, after the complaining and ranting and whatnot on Friday, everything turned out okay. The thing arrived from eBay so I need to wrap that tonight (in a sense), and my mother pointed out that even if I get the chain fixed on my pendant (which I found upon looking again once I got home... typically) it's likely to break again anyway, so that doesn't matter. So the tickets to Jerry Springer: The Opera will have to do as the present.

Anyway, yeah, weekend mostly involved Twin Peaks-watching (I want season 2, you bastards!) and various movies: Airheads and Gangs of New York, which is quite insanely long, quite pretty, but seemed to have very little plot. I think it's probably one to watch when not lounging around, really...

I have two days of work tomorrow and Wednesday! Tomorrow we're going to lunch at the Victorian Restaurant and then hopefully onto the cinema to see Walk the Line... also going to investigate how much that rosé champagne is that M&S are advertising, just out of interest...

Wednesday day will be spent probably watching DVDs, and in the evening we're seeing Jerry Springer, which should be good. I kind of wish I'd booked off Monday and/or Thursday as well, but never mind.

Tonight I need to write various cards, which I then need to get sent off before Friday. Hm. Oh, Eni, not sure if I'll actually be able to make it this coming weekend to see you, but I'll let you know either way... if not I'll make it in a couple of weeks after I've been paid. :P

Nobody got back to me about Rocky Horror, therefore nobody else is coming. You were all warned. Tickets will be booked this afternoon. Or actually, probably tomorrow when I'm in town already...


Jan. 14th, 2006 09:34 pm
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Okay.  Can anyone hazard a guess to where I might have stashed away seven passport-sized photographs?  I need one for my CentroCard form and it took me about six months to find them the last time...

This is infuriating.  I can see them, I just can't find them.

Edit, 21.44: Never mind. I found 'em. I'd conscienciously 'tidied' them into a carrier bag of miscellaneous junk under my bed. I really need to stop putting all of my junk into carrier bags and actually sorting it out...
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Belated, but there we go.

Not sure why I chose this icon; possibly because this time last year I was in full-swing with my Most Haunted obsession/addiction, which has since gone awry for various reasons.  I gave up on the last series about halfway through it when it was apparently becoming endless, but I'll probably just... get the DVDs.  Eventually.

Anyway, New Year's Eve was spent drinking rosé and flavoured vodka and Buck's Fizz whilst watching Spy Hard (I swear, it's about twice a surreal as it should be when you're drunk), and New Year's Day was spent lounging around doing nothing.

Today we watched Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, but the player wouldn't play the second disc so the extras will have to wait.

There were going to be some resolutions in this post, but I'm too tired, so I'll have a think about them tomorrow and do a post about it later.  There might be a 2005-reflective post, too, if I can be bothered.  Right now, I need to eat, read the Jonathan Creek fic from Eni, and think about going to bed so I can get up in time for work tomorrow.  I have a feeling a pile of work will be awaiting me.  Meh.


Dec. 2nd, 2005 11:13 am
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[livejournal.com profile] yoshithedragon slogged through the pouring rain last night to turn up at my house unannounced to make up for random horribleness on Wednesday night.

I have the best boyfriend ever.

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Yes, I'm still here.

I was going to update on Sunday and couldn't be bothered.

The weekend was the same as usual, really - lots of video/DVD-watching, eating, and very little else. We got through all seven episodes of Into The Labyrinth, which is so terrifyingly 80s it's untrue, plus Sid and Nancy and Road to Perdition. Also Starship Troopers. And X-Factor, obviously.

That's about it.

We saw Saw 2 yesterday. Rather pointless to offer up a review as everyone else will have said the same thing, though I thought it was a lot cleverer than the reviews gave it credit for. It still somewhat reminds me of The Hole in the way it's put together and shot, and I did like how the first story linked with the second one.

Welcome to the monotony of my life.

I'll do an entry about our Unit Meeting later, as that'll be long and ranty and my brain's hurting too much to do it right now.
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I forgot to add this.

Whilst watching The Worst Witch, as mentioned, I realised that Harry Potter is basically a glorified version of it (which it's been accused of before, I think), but not only that, the characters are very very similar.  (This is in jest, HP-fans.  Don't hurt me.)  Observe:

Mildred Hubble - Ron; not particularly good at spells and a bit ditsy.  Has a certain talent for flying after a lot of practice.
Maud Warlock - by the 'best friend' reasoning, Harry; she's slightly better at the magic, but there's no direct connections there.  Mildred's the main TWW character but she's not very Harry-like.
Ethel Hallow - some bizarre hybrid of Hermione and Malfoy, as she's good at everything but also a complete bitch to Mildred... her father works for some wizardy council, I think.
Miss Hardbroom - well, blatantly Snape. :)
Miss Cackle - Dumbledore; friendly and approachable head mistress.
The flying teacher whose name I've just forgotten - ditto...
The Grand Wizard - Gilderoy Lockhart; all the women fancy him.

Okay, mostly direct links and some rather more tenuous ones.

That is all.
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Oh, shut up, LiveJournal.  My password has been the same for four years and nobody's hacked it yet.

I constructed a letter/rant in my brain all the way home just now, and I'm going to write it down probably just before I go to bed, even though I know I'm far too cowardly to do anything with it other than that, whether that's handing it on, putting it here, or whatever.  I might show it to someone for a second opinion, but I doubt I'll even get that far.  But I think writing it down would help get the crap out of my brain.

For now, I'm going to eat my George-Foreman-grilled steak and chips.
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...Priscilla-fic exists.

I have read none of it yet, so can make no comment on the quality. ;)


Oct. 17th, 2005 07:24 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] rachel2205!

Can you email me your current address please?  Just so I know where to send your CD. :)  (teylaminh at yahoo dot co dot you kay)
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But that's purely a matter of opinion. ;)

Where do you live?

If you use the map function you can pretty much find your exact street (at least for the UK; haven't zoomed far enough in on the US just yet to see if the streets work on that) even though bits of the satellite don't zoom in completely.  There's lots of in-depth pictures of the East side of Birmingham, but not for the middle or North, South and West.  Humph.

Anyway.  Clickity click. :)

(If you zoom in to a random number, you end up in the middle of Europe somewhere, in a desert.  Try to find yourself without the map first; I guarantee, no matter how good your Geography skills are, you'll be lost within seconds. :D)
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For some reason, since moving it, my computer is working marginally faster...

That's not possible...

...is it?

Maybe it was bored. ;)
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I found this entry last night accidentally posted to [livejournal.com profile] mosthauntedgeek, which nobody thought to tell me about. It's meant to be backdated to August 20th, but LJ's being an arse.

Well, a couple of icons, at least, which is more than usual.  I was awake at 8.30 and up at 9.50.  Go me and my alertness.  I think I had about 10 hours of sleep or thereabouts, so if that hasn't satisfied my brain, I don't know what will.  Here's hoping the unusual and welcomed lack of tiredness lasts.

I'm meant to be seeing [livejournal.com profile] yoshithedragon later to buy him a hat (from Monsoon in the Bull Ring - gawd help me; I hate that place) and then we're probably going to the Wellington, but if he doesn't get his lazy hungover arse out of bed soon to phone me, he can buy his own frelling hat.

Just realised it's Lorna's birthday tomorrow, and, yet again, the days have all merged together so much I completely forgot.  So, she'll be getting a present quite late, then.  I suck. :(

And have just realised my mood swings appear to be dominant today, as I've gone from fairly positive to irritated in the course of writing this entry.  Meh.

I think I'll watch some more Jonathan Creek.
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Congratulations to all those receiving A-level results today. You're making me feel old. And also reminding me of how frelling annoying it was that my English A-level coursework was all grade A and I got a B because examiners hate my writing style. Consistently.

I'm stuck in work until 5.30 today in an effort to make up hours that seemed to vanish into oblivion, though I'm hoping to fiddle my clock card so it looks like I was in at 9.00 yesterday, not 10.00. Don't know if it'll work, but I can blame the crappy clocking in machine running out of ink or something...

Currently text-tennising with Eni about Jonathan Creek (woo!) and killing time until I can go into town to meet Paul and some random Inliners. Apparently. I need a drink. Also some sleep. Definitely having a quiet night in on Friday after the disaster of last week.

Am dragging my mother to the Wellington on Saturday again, which should be interesting...

Er, what else, what else... Hm.

I missed Most Haunted on Tuesday so will have to catch the repeat on Sunday night.

Is this the most boring entry ever? I believe it is. Hurrah.

Right, I'd better attempt to do some work, I have a huge backlog to get through and it's not getting any smaller by my staring at it. But it's so hot.


Aug. 15th, 2005 08:57 am
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So. Yes.

I went to the Hill on Friday to meet random Inliners, etc for karaoke. The only problem was that as soon as I left the house, my brain decided to shut down. Thus, I spent the entire night being horrendously tired, trying not to fall asleep, and not really talking to anyone except for a brief conversation with [livejournal.com profile] rubytitania about tattoos and Buffy. We left about 11.00ish (I think) and got the bus back to Paul's - after a brief disagreement at the bus stop which was completely my fault for being moody in the first place - and, seriously, the entire 15 minute walk from the bus stop to his house is a complete blur... I was that tired.

Saturday was a day of lounging around. We watched the final four episodes of season 1 of Dead Like Me and then headed out to Kings Heath for his friend's birthday. We stayed there for an hour and then headed off into town to go to the Welly.

Hurst Street, please note: you need more than one cash point. Thank you. (That being said, there's one in O'Neills, but it's one of those that charges you £1.25 for the privilege of using it.)

Anyway, we saw and enjoyed Champagne Shirley and a bit from Vanilla, and Big Drunken Camp Paul showed off his equally amazing singing voice. We have decreed to buy that derelict building nearby and open a gay bar. Applications for bar staff readily accepted. :P

Good things about the Welly:

1) It's still gaining popularity so it's never rammed in there on Saturday nights.
2) It's populated by lovely people.
3) The drinks are fairly cheap.
4) They serve real Coke. This is the mark of a good pub.
5) There's always plenty of paper in the ladies', which seems a very minor thing, but always irritates me about large chain pubs when they don't have enough, especially on busy nights...

Upon leaving (at about 2.00am), we acosted Sober Paul and asked him very nicely to ask Asa on our behalf if he would sing Starlight Express for us at Hallowe'en (I'll post more about that later), since he burst randomly into the main song on Thursday when we mentioned it. The likilhood of him remembering is quite slim, but we can hope. ;) We would've asked him in person, but he was chatting with his mates and [livejournal.com profile] yoshithedragon was too drunk to cope with more abuse from Big Camp Drunken Paul.

Sunday we watched Nightmare Before Christmas and series 2 of Spaced, which was quite enjoyable.

I think that's about it...
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F.A.O. [livejournal.com profile] frightened, and any other interested parties.

I refer you to this amusing thing on [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess's journal: If straight people are giving you grief, ask them the following questions...
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Just a very quick one. Proper update at a later date as I am currently being attacked... Met up with [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess for lunch and then wandered for a bit, ending up at the Stage for a drink (the one just outside the Wetherspoon's under the library). Cue a man on a mobile phone demanding that everyone leave as they were evacuating the City Centre.

So we headed to Broad Street and started walking, and after chatting to a Friendly Policeman, were informed to get off the main road and out of town. They'd also stopped all the buses.

So we started walking again, and finally a 128 turned up (there's luck; a bus I can actually get home...), apparently the only bus still going out of Brum.

Bomb scare, apparently.

There's nothing on the news yet, of course. After all, we're only in Birmingham...


Jul. 2nd, 2005 12:48 pm
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It comes to my attention:  I am very, very glad I didn't go to the shindig last night.

You mad, mad drunken people.

Oooh, Semagic auto-detected my current music. Clever little thing.
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As anticipated, and despite the best efforts of mice and men (etc) I have managed to achieve nothing this week in the slightest.  However, I will momentarily attempt to finish typing up the Act 2 libretto for [livejournal.com profile] collie_wing and maybe attempt my next LJ layout.  Possibly a CD.

My head hurts and my eyes ache.  I feel hungover even though I didn't drink last night.  Went to a picnic in Pij to see off [livejournal.com profile] _ebb_ with various other Inliners, though I was quite antisocial for much of it and the last couple of hours in the Briar I think I spoke about thirty words in total due to complete mental exhaustion.  Meh.

I'll sign this one off, I think.

For anyone I may have promised/offered anything, or for anyone expecting something from me not yet received: I'm sorry.  I suck.
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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] desired_destiny!

And before I even get started on reading the comments on last night's entry... um... yeah.  Will people please tell me to shut the Hell up and stop whining?  Thanks. :|


May. 25th, 2005 04:03 pm
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Look at me! I'm updating at work!

Carefully, looking over my shoulder...

We have Internet access, wooo!

I have nothing constructive to say whatsoever, of course, except that this new development has helped somewhat to calm down the horrible mood I've had all day.

Over and out. :D


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