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Right, I will approach this in much the same manner as the previous one by going through the score song by song.

Before that, though, there's something I forgot to mention in the first post - it's more of a general observation anyway so it doesn't really fit any specific scene...

Basically, the whole show was imbued with additional irony by the sheer fact that it was Glenn Close starring as Norma Desmond - not least because she last played the role on Broadway 20 years ago. All of the references to Norma's "return" to Hollywood and her status as a big name at the time were doubly relevant. In particular, this exchange:-

JOE: Norma, they don't want you in every scene.
NORMA: Of course they do - what else would they have come for?

Given that (I assume) quite a lot of the audience were only there to see Glenn Close, or specifically to see her in this show, that part was especially ironic, and there was definitely a murmur of amused acknowledgement from the audience.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the rest of the write-up - hopefully this one will not take me seven hours like the last one did...

Act Two )

Well, this one did not take quite as long as the last one, but I still have no idea where any of it came from.

My next task is to start a complete overhaul of "Tango Up On Sunset" to try and include all of these new feels and theories. I am looking forward to that, in a vaguely masochistic kind of way...
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Okay, let's get this show on the road.

I am going to break this down scene by scene as per the title tracks on the libretto, because otherwise I am liable to just ramble in a nonsensical fashion until my head explodes, and am also very likely to forget something important. I am going to reference my headcanon(s) quite a lot also, so I'm going to include explanations of those at relevant points - I should point out these headcanons have mostly arisen out of that period in 2002-2003 where I was writing a lot of fanfiction in the wake of "Tango Up On Sunset", elements of which have become so ingrained into my understanding of the show that I often forget that other people are not privy to them. :)

Anyway, now that I've dragged myself away from Tumblr, without further ado...

Act 1 )

Okay, this took far longer than expected, and I still have the whole second Act to get through. Hopefully by the time I get to that, I won't forget all the other things I wanted to say.

Watch this space!
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I will do a proper update at some point, probably tomorrow or at least next week. Not that very much has happened, but I've been intending to do it for ages. I don't have time now as I have to run off to a pre-concert rehearsal at 1.30 for the first concert of many this season, the Karl Jenkins 70th birthday celebration (choir is one of the things I need to update about).

Anyway, without further ado, here is a 40-question shipping meme I found on Tumblr. I would fill it out there but I dislike their cut text format. :P

40-question Shipping Meme )

Okay, that took much longer than I thought it would. Now, to rehearsal!
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I haven't updated since April and now that I am, it's to get stuff off my chest – I actually drafted this entry on 30th June and it’s taken me so long to post it that I’ve had to amend it. :P

Mostly I haven't done anything exciting since April because I'm still bloody skint - other than decorating the lounge, and I already shared the pics of that on Facebook. :P (We finally got around to hanging pictures over a month later – after filling all the holes we were rather loath to put more in the walls!)

Anyway, here is my venting, in no particular order...

Vents are actually one of the problems... )

It's not all doom and gloom, though. :P

I am still enjoying my job. Everyone is very stressed at the moment because of the new Strengthening Families Framework which has been in place since March, because we are crashing in blindly for the most part and communication at all levels seems to have ground to a halt. The good thing is we're all in the same boat, so we are all offloading at each other in work rather than taking it home with us - and they're actually valid things to be stressed about, rather than the petty stupidities that caused such major issues in Legal.

There are a few colleague issues creeping through the cracks - a couple of my colleagues can be a bit annoying, and one of them is your classic example of doing the bare minimum rather than trying to exceed in any way then complaining that she won't pass her PDR... but it's nothing I can't deal with, and I'm learning to rise above it - it helps that the team has a really good relationship (both working and personal) and everyone mucks in to help each other out. It's such a breath of fresh air after my experiences at both Legal AND Ladywood, and makes me very glad that I chose to work at South rather than anywhere else.

Being skint does mean that Paul and I are catching on boxsets. Our Farscape rewatch is on temporary hiatus, as is the JC rewatch as I just keep forgetting about it and series 5 was such a mess of fail, but we are now on season 4 of Frasier and have just finished both Bates Motel and Fargo. We've just made a start on American Horror Story: Asylum as well, which is already looking as creepy/WTF as the first season.

My Frasier ramblings got long... )

I really wish I had the time and mental capacity to do in-depth rewatches for everything, like I’ve done for Jonathan Creek, but I think I’m up to my fifth 90’s show boxset now (Frasier, X-Files, Buffy, Farscape, Creek) and there are not enough hours in my life, especially given the sheer amount of episodes! If you tally them up it’s a cumulative 36 seasons, over 800 episodes, and I do not even want to think how many hours. I did attempt it for TXF but only got three episodes in before I gave up, and as much as I’d love to attempt it for ‘Scape, I think it might actually break me within half a season. :P

This is why I have a tendency to ignore most modern-day series, or for those I do watch I only do so without such a vested interest. I have too many old fandoms still vying for supremacy, and too many work-in-progress fics for most of them, to start investing energy into shiny new ones. :P

Aaaaanyway, I think this is quite long enough. I had intended to post some fic somewhere whilst I was off, and didn’t quite get around to it… but hopefully I will actually manage to get the JC stuff online this year. :P

Over and out.
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As if falling back into Frasier, Farscape and X-Files wasn't bad enough - and also Buffy as Denise and I progress further through that re-watch - I am still periodically flailing about POTO. :P

I went to Denise's on Saturday, initially because we were going to continue the Buffy-athon, but instead I inflicted shared the POTO 25th anniversary concert (and latterly the 1925 silent film, just for comparison purposes).

POTO is a really weird thing. I fall in and out of it regularly, and the the only time I fall back into it is after actually seeing/reading some version of it. I finished "Whisper" in a creative flurry after my first viewing of the gala concert; "Freedom from Darkness" (my first proper POTO fic) and its sequels came from the germ of an idea after I first saw the show in Birmingham, aged 16; and my Mary Sue story / A-Level creative writing assignment was written following my first reading of Susan Kay's Phantom. When I'm not flailing about it, though, I kind of forget the power it has over me. I'll go for months - even years - without reading/writing fanfic or even thinking it about it at all. I still count it as a fandom, of course, and it's always there in the periphery of my mind, but until the point when it actually takes over my head again I tend to file it away somewhat as one of those frivolous fandoms of my youth.

Although if the recent rewatches have proven anything, it's that those so-called frivolous fandoms of my youth were more important than I gave them credit for. ;)

Anyway, the point is, it's the most horrendously addictive thing in the world. I can remember listening to the soundtrack almost constantly on several occasions in my teens and 20's, and nowadays, each and every time I've watched the 25th anniversary gala, I am overcome by the desire for MOAR PHANTOM.

That being said, because it's been 1.5 years since the gala concert and because I've watched it three more times since then - which isn't much in the grand scheme of things but if I were still a student I imagine that number would be more like 300 - I felt like doing an entry about some of my favourite things about the performance...

POTO 25 Awesomeness )

I shall now come out of the cut to briefly mention this other, semi-related thing which I discovered on Saturday whilst we were watching the 1925 silent film, which [personal profile] commoncomitatus will also appreciate. I was IMDb-ing to find out where they'd filmed it, because the Palais Garnier interiors were so accurate (soundstage 28, apparently, where many of the sets still remain and which is rumoured to be haunted), and in the process of reading the trivia page I learned the following exciting nugget of information.

The ornate bed in Christine's bedroom is the same one used by Gloria Swanson 25 years later in Sunset Boulevard. Which explains why it was so bloody familiar!!

These fandoms are content to remain intertwined, apparently. :D

Okay, I think this is long enough. I might come back with exciting POTO screencaps at some other juncture when I have more spare time. Watch this space. :D
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...and with something other than Creek-related fandomosity, here's an entry with actual substance!

At work, we are officially a "citywide" service (even though PSS doesn't work like that and we are all still based at our usual office locations), which means that we can be sent to minute all over the city. So yesterday morning I was sent to Tamebridge House.

Cut for length. )

In other news: last night we started watching Farscape. :D As Lloyd was nice enough to get me season 2 for Christmas, and thanks to the announcement of a potentially imminent movie (OMG OMG OMG), I had already decided that 2014 would be the year of marathoning it, and as there was nothing better on last night we slotted the first two episodes in before watching My Mad Fat Diary.

Talking of which: last night's episode was just... augh. Such a heart-wrenchingly accurate portrayal of how everything can spiral into utter bleakness and completely defeat you...

Anyway. Farscape thoughts! )

And that's that - for now. I actually attempted to do this for X-Files but as Denise and I have now hit season 2 and were watching 5-6 episodes in a go, I kind of gave up. I might come back to it when I have some spare time and get up to speed, though - I have so many thoughts and feelings re: Mulder/Scully on my second full rewatch.

I think that'll do for now. I suspect I will need to make more Farscape icons soon, though. :D
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So, series five of Jonathan Creek started last night (only just in February, it seems). As you might have guessed, I approached this situation with no small amount of trepidation, given the low-flying rumours and episode information handed out beforehand...

I can safely say it wasn't as bad as "The Clue of the Savant's Thumb" - but in fairness, very little could be as bad as that - and I think in many respects I approached series five in much the same way as I approached the POTO movie ten years ago, i.e. that I'd built it up to be so horrendously awful that anything more than that would have been a bonus.

(The irony of these two things being a decade apart has only just occurred to me.)

Anyway, some thoughts under the cut, rambling, shambolic, and with hopefully slightly less capslock abuse than last time, but I promise nothing! (Also: this icon makes me feel better.)

The Letters of Septimus Noone )

So, there it is. Let's see what the next two weeks have to hold. I can't say I feel much better about the possibility of Caroline Quentin returning, even at this juncture, but let's not count our chickens, eh? ;)

In other news, I have a very annoying tickly cough which I suspect is as a result of there being no heating at the Access Centre and thus breathing in recycled fan-heater air. I've been sneezing / sniffly for months now so I wish it would just turn into a cold and be done with it!
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I still need to do a post about The Choir: Sing While You Work - it was another casualty of my week off in January, when the only thing I achieved was copious hours of sleep. Next year I'm going to try and get some time off that's actually around Christmas, imagine that...

Anyway, in the meantime, because it's January, I'm floundering in another JC fandom resurgence. I suspect half of the reason for this is completing the fanfic for Denise, "A Creekmas Carol", on New Year's Eve (a week late, actually), which resulted in not only a "director's cut" (one scene re-written with a different outcome, and a What Happened Next) but a load of other stuff, too: another post-ALTAF plotbunny, and an extension of an already-compelted series 3 tag. Consequently, I have a lot of loose ends to type up - and for every page or two I type up, I produce about twice as many by hand an hour later.

(A couple of nights ago I made a start on the JC/POTO crossover. I am officially doomed.)

So, anyway, last night on Tumblr someone posted an article under the JC tag - I have no idea where from - regarding the upcoming "series 5", i.e. the three new episodes. (Renwick fancies himself a bit Moffat/Gatiss-y. Pretty sure only Sherlock can get away with three-episode serieses. :P) Given the epic fail that was the Easter Special, I've been approaching these with some trepidation, not least because Sheridan Smith has quit due to conflicting priorities - and I'm still convinced Renwick threw a hissy fit and she walked out because of that. I simply can't fathom how the show can work now - Renwick deliberately set up new!Jonathan in such a way as to completely disregard his previous life, and the final scene with Joey really seemed like a heavy-handed attempt to force things back to how they were in anticipation of three new episodes. Like Renwick wrote a full-stop and the BCC turned it into a semi-colon. :P

So, the thing on Tumblr contained the barest murmur of Caroline Quentin expressing an interest in returning for one of the episodes.

That's good, right? That's what I've been moaning about and hoping would happen for the past 14 years?

In some respects, yes. But OH MY GOD, I am so conflicted about this. So obviously my LJ bears the brunt. (Some of what I say here may spill over into my upcoming J/M essay, or vice versa, because my headcanon is so ingrained now - and makes so much more sense than what's on screen - that I can't help but refer to it...)

My Conflicted Feelings, Let Me Show You Them. )

Incidentally, I have no idea when the new episodes are airing, which is kind of a blessing as I won't be constantly counting down days in cold dread / inevitable excitement. Either way, I'm sure my LJ will be a minefield of brain-broken ranting. Consider this fair warning. :P

Okay, I'm going to post this before it gets any longer, and read / work on some fic to take my mind off it all. Over 'n' out.
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The hiatus is over and the re-watch has finally come back to life. I'd been saving up quite a lot of Thoughts until we got to this episode, for the most part because it contains a Very Important Character Reveal which, more often than not, I almost wish had never been thought up... but more on that later.

This is one of my favourites: after the snarkathon that was "Time Waits for Norman", Jonathan and Maddy are heading in a slightly more positive direction, and there are lots of lovely moments - which of course means this one has quite a lot of screencaps, too. ;)

Series 2, episode 3 -  )

I had a feeling this one would be long, simply because I had so many things I needed to say, but this has taken me about three hours!

By next week I need to finish my Gallows Gate tag - but before that I need to get the final couple of paragraphs of the Pirates fic done. Thank anything I have Friday off!

Oh, and I still need to start screencapping series 3. If you thought this episode was bad for picspam, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Over and out.
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Okay, finally getting around to posting this... (Oh, also: I've finally set up Semagic to cross-post to DW automatically when I post here, as I kept forgetting and had repeatedly imported my old LJ entries to DW, thus ending up with older entries 3 or 4 times. I've deleted it all and started again, with cross-posting now happening by default...)

To explain: I'm working on a post-Easter Special angstfic for Jonathan Creek, the first draft of which I sent to [personal profile] commoncomitatus, typos and all. Following that, we somehow ended up having the Epicest Jonathan Creek Fandom Discussion of All Time, which now deserves to be noted on LJ along with all the in-depth episode write-ups.

My initial plan was to finish the story first so I could post the emails in their entirety, in context... but instead I'll go from a point that makes somewhat more sense outside of the context of the fic. Unfortunately I still have to explain the basic concept of the story, which is spoiled underneath this cut here. )

That being said, here is the Fandom Discussion - all typos as per the original emails, including one particularly spectacularly hilarious one from Eni. The only additions / amendments are to put in words that were missing, just so it's a bit easier to read. The first few emails are snipped to take out some irrelevant / nonsense bits, and there are also some spoilers for the Doomfic and/or my ALTAF-verse, but probably nothing more than I've already mentioned on LJ elsewhere. I've also colour-coded: mine are purple, Eni's are green.

In which we analyse the Easter Special to death and back and still get nowhere. SPOILERS and FLAIL beneath this cut. You were warned. )

So, there you have it. All other Jonathan Creek fandom discussions and/or theories are hereby null and void. :P

Oh, whilst I'm here, as I haven't updated in ages - new job is going much better now. I'm pretty much always busy and too tired when I get home from work to actually update, but so far I'm really enjoying it. This is a strange, alien feeling after the last few months of hating every second of every day in Legal! I've also covered two cases at New Aston House in Newtown, which transpires not to be too bad to get to (45 minutes door to door because I can get the train halfway). So yeah.

The only odd thing is that - obviously - I've run into people I used to work with at Ladywood. Amanda is my acting manager, Tina H is still the Senior Admin Assistant for West&Central, and Cynthia still works as a Clerk... but so far we've all been dancing around Sandra-gate and the reason I left Children's Services in the first place... which is kind of weird, but also a relief. The only person I've spoken to about it properly has been Jenny, because she knew about it before she had anything to do with Child Protection, from knowing me personally. So yeah. I'm pretty sure both Amanda and Tina are fully aware of my history with Child Protection AND my reasons for leaving, and the silence has been mutual. Frankly, I'm not going to complain.

This is long enough already, so: over and out, for some indeterminate amount of time...
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This is very, very long overdue, for which I can only apologise. We watched the episode in question on 24th February (a day late because on the Saturday I fell asleep at half-five, all the long hours at work having finally caught up with me) and the re-watch is temporarily on hold whilst I catch up with screencaps and [livejournal.com profile] cloudsinvenice catches up on her end of the re-watch. Just as well really, because my two weeks "between jobs" have been mostly unproductive. I'll do a proper write-up probably tomorrow about the non-uneventful side of my leave, and my last day at Legal. (Obviously, despite all good intentions to the contrary, I have done nothing but oversleep for a fortnight.)

Anyway, onwards.

Series 2, episode 2 - "Time Waits for Norman" )

Right, thankfully the self-imposed hiatus means I can catch up on my screencapping, so I'll toddle off and do the rest of series 2 now...
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Right then, we're on to series 2. As much as I have lamented the fact that this show is so short, it will at least make the re-watch less of an epic marathon...

Series 2, Episode 1 - "Danse Macabre" )

Next week will be "Time Waits for Norman" - I don't have many pictures for that one, for reasons which will become apparent... Once we get past the halfway point of series 2, however, I anticipate things will start to get very interesting indeed...

Click here for "Time Waits for Norman"...
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I have been looking forward to this one for AGES. :D Predictable fangirl is predictable.

Series 1, Episode 5 - "The House of Monkeys" )

Next week we start on series 2 with "Danse Macabre", and at some point during that week I need to collect some series 2 screencaps, because frankly these write-ups take long enough as it is. :) (I really wanted to make an icon for this episode but I'm not suitably inspired. Maybe later...)

Click here for "Danse Macabre"...
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Okay. Not many screencaps for this one because there weren't many J/M moments that were easy to capture - the episode has plenty, though. :) (Also no icon because, well, not many screencaps.)

I should also point out, in case anyone thinks my episode memory is astounding, that I've been recapping with the aid of the in-depth episode guides on JonathanCreek.Net, which are a godsend even if her character observations are annoying. :P Anyway...

Series 1, Episode 4 - "No Trace of Tracey" )


Click here for "House of Monkeys"...
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Right. Unsurprisingly, I may have quite a lot to say about this one. ;)

Series 1, Episode 3 - "The Reconstituted Corpse" )

Right then, there we go.

Just realised I didn't manage to make an icon this week... I've been staring at the caps for ages but no inspiration is striking, alas. So I'll just have to use Jonathan's good old-fashioned "eww" face... which I suppose is at least vaguely apt. ;) I think the main reason for that is because I've been trying to beat the "Crooked Lane" tag into submission now for over a week, and it's really starting to slow me down (Millennium Eve fic aside) - I put a dent in it on paper this morning so with any luck I can get it finished tonight after Glee. DAMN YOU FIC I WILL END YOU.

A brief reprieve from ship!flail next week, thankfully - though this re-watch is definitely proving interesting in terms of the subtext - at least until "House of Monkeys", at which point you should be VERY, VERY AFRAID. Oh, wait - didn't I say that last week too? I'll say it again: VERY, VERY AFRAID. :D

Over and out.

Click here for "No Trace of Tracey"...
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Right then, here we go... SPOILERS within for the episode and the DVD extras.

Series 1, episode 2 - "Jack in the Box" )

That's that. Next week: "The Reconstituted Corpse". BE AFRAID.

Transcript for the Deleted Scene )

Click here for "The Reconstituted Corpse"...
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I, er, did actually write down some notes last night, but they comprised the word "Kwiksave" and a teeny tiny Jonathan/Maddy exchange which had somehow escaped my notice before now... That being said, I shall doubtless ramble incoherently in amongst the Epic Picspam - and this one is actually quite epic, though the rest are less so.

Oh, be forewarned that basically the purpose of this rewatch is to geek out over Jonathan and Maddy (for research purposes, you understand) so the majority of the Thoughts are going to be about them. The impossible crimes are just padding. :P

That being said: ONWARDS.

Series 1, episode 1 - "The Wrester's Tomb" )

So, there we go, first episode done. I anticipate these write-ups are going to get flailier and longer as the series progresses - there are some I have a lot to say about, and I make absolutely no apologies for the unabashed shipping within. :D

Roll on next weekend!

Click here for "Jack in the Box"...
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Saturday was quite busy this week, as it was Jade's 20th yesterday (1st April) and one of Paul's colleague's 30th, so we had two separate sets of things to go to. We went to Jade's in the early evening, drank and watched TV and laughed at her hyperactive dog, got delayed an hour waiting for our taxi (we ordered three, the first two turned up and the third went AWOL) and then went to the Vaults for an hour or so. It was a bit noisy in the bar, but I definitely want to go back and try the restaurant as the building itself is very cool - though the cocktails are hideously expensive.

Yesterday we were going to do a ghost walk with Darren and family but we were much too tired and had things to do. Operation Salad Lunches is in full swing now so we went to Bearwood to get supplies (more salad, couscous, plus some bits for tea - we somehow still managed to spend £50), and then I spent much of the day doing washing as the weather was nice. (Our garden gets the sun pretty much all day, so is great for drying things.) We had a leg of lamb from Aldi for dinner with roasted veg and minted potatoes, and then Paul fell asleep watching Anchorman and refused to go to bed. :P

I've purposely left the beginning of this entry quite sparse as I have a lot to say about the other thing I did on Saturday, which was to have a girly afternoon with my mum watching Love Never Dies, the Phantom sequel, on Blu-Ray on the shiny LED TV. So of course I have quite a lot to say. ;)

Love Never Dies Review - contains massive spoilers! )

Hmm. Yes. I suppose I expected LND to bring some of these feelings out again, but despite all that, it has a few nice moments. I might buy the soundtrack at some point, and I will probably watch it again now that I'm not going in "cold", but I think I'm going to have to look at it like a big-budget fanvid or it'll make me crazy.

Right, I think that is quite long and boring enough. I actually went looking for LND fanfic last night and for some reason had not anticipated that the majority would be missing scenes for "Beneath a Moonless Sky". (Like the badfic authors needed any more excuses.)

I wrote this at work today to get it out of my brain and subsequently was not exactly productive. Oh well. :P After the gym today Paul and I met up with Lloyd and Denise at Las Iguanas and had lovely Mexican food, so that was nice. I basically had fish and chips but the chips were sweet potato, which I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed, so I will definitely be buying more in future. :)

Right, that's it. I shall post this and probably go to bed. :P
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OKAY. Second attempt at this, as we had a power cut at work and it ate my first draft (and I had to finish it at home because I was busy). Thankfully I hadn't written very much in the way of Actual Thoughts...

And, before I properly begin - HOLY CHRIST IT'S HOT. Apparently it's meant to snow by the end of the week, after averaging about 30 degrees on Saturday just gone. I second [livejournal.com profile] flatline2010's Facebook status - the world is broken.

Anyway, we - Paul, David, my mum and I - went to see Phantom of the Opera last night for its 25th anniversary performance at the Royal Albert Hall - via Vue at Star City, I should say, as tickets for the Albert Hall were £25 for standing only - up in the gods and riiiiight at the back - and £250 per person for a box seat. Frankly, none of us are that rich. :P

We had seats at the middle in the back, which actually were okay because it was showing on Screen 1. I suspect this is better treatment than it would have received at Cineworld had they gotten their grubby paws on it - their description of the plot was decidedly sarcastic on their Twitter feed, to say the least...

The concert / show is being released on DVD and Bluray in November so be warned that if any POTO fans on my f-list are reading this, there will be specific, performance-related spoilers... It was streamed live around the world in any event (and apparently not-so-live as I think there are further showings this week), though obviously taking time zones into account, people may well have missed it.

Review / Ramblings - probably LONG and contains SPOILERS. )

I totally wish Sunset Boulevard were so popular, but alas I feel a 25th anniversary performance of it may be a distant dream. Although at this rate the movie version is never going to get made either, so I suppose that's a blessing in disguise. ;)

Needless to say, I am now suitably reinspired to finish "Whisper", my latest POTO fic, though I may have to change tactic slightly. Fic spoilers / boring stuff )

Watch this space; I might even post it soon!

I was looking online for a photograph to post with this entry, but thanks to the 2004 movie being so prevalent, I failed. In any event, I was going to post a picture of the moment Erik draws Christine through the mirror, or more specifically the moment he actually appears, because basically it's the sexiest thing EVAR and I just... do not know why. Something about the cape and the mask and the smoke, I think; either that or I've finally gone mad. ;)

On that note, I shall flee.
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I am bloody well determined to finish this, even if it takes me all year. Anyway, as I'm (temporarily) back in Fandom Mode, and the second of these is quite relevant, I might as well get these up. I wrote them months ago anyway. :P

Initially I intended to post the first of these separately, and then the second one in a joint post with number 22, but as 21 ended up really long as well, it makes no odds to post them both here now. Enjoy. :)

Days 20-21 )

You have no idea how long that took...

Okay, I should probably make some food now. :P
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RIGHT THEN. I'm now not doing anything this weekend except a ridiculously hard concert in a place that's almost impossible to get to if it rains (i.e Worcester) so I'm going to attempt (being the operative word) to get the Fandom for February meme under my belt. If only because I intended to do Movies for May and can't if the Fandom meme is still outstanding. Also I have two of these posts already mostly written up, which was done before I fell out with February and gave up on it. :P

Also Paul is having a games night (I cooked a chilli - OM NOM NOM) so I can't watch the Giles+Sue Royal Wedding (though, yeah, WTF is up with the no advertising, Beeb?! I only found out via Twitter that it was tonight.)

Okay, without further ado, here is the first catch-up post. I might post another one later. We'll see.

Day 19 )

LONG CATCH-UP IS LONG. Thankfully I wrote most of that at work back on 19th February. :P
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I haven't really talked about season 2 aside from the first episode and the Rocky Horror Glee Show, but I really enjoyed it last night, I think mostly because Sue had some of the best lines ever. My favourite was "Spongehair Squarechin" in reference to Will. Awesome.

Glee )

Aaanyway. It's very quiet here today and obviously it's Tuesday so I'm here until late. Next week will probably be even worse as it's the Easter break. The week after that I care not as I'm on leave anyway. :P

PS: Eni, we did discuss this briefly on Twitter but for clarification, I am off 18th to 21st April (excluding bank holidays) and then again from 3rd to 6th May (again excluding bank holidays), so if you want to arrange a day or two to come down here I can sort out your Secret Birthday Present... seeing as we clearly won't be in the process of moving at that point, I am free all the days... Also if I know your date of arrival I can book the Titanic exhibition at O2 around it. ;)
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Okay, I should try and get back on track with this, seeing as it's now March. Just as well I decided to move the films meme to May instead...

Day 17 )

Right. I wrote this at work because I knew it would be long. I think perhaps I should have done this last week after all, as it's quite effective stress relief. I think I'd forgotten that until Monday night's Glee; I'm feeling a little better this week, which I think is down to the episode being utterly brilliant and the fact that it made me cry. It was only a small emotional purge, but it did the job.

It also transpires I will not be sitting opposite Forgetful after all, as the two Legal Assistants in our team have decided to sit at those desks instead. So that's a relief. I’m still dreading the floor move to some degree as it will disturb our peace, but we’ll see how it goes.

I forgot to post this last night, so here’s the next one, too.

Day 18 )

Thankfully that was a short one. Days 19 and 20 are both going to be quite long, I think, so I’ll post them as and when I find time…
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Here's an interesting quandary for you: when I came back to work on Thursday after three days of leave, the work was two days behind and there were about 35-40 items in Winscribe awaiting transcription. This morning we were well within the 24-hour turnaround and there were seven items. It doesn't take a genius to work out what happened there. :P

Actually, I need to do a separate post about a related annoyance which cropped up during the course of writing this entry... Not sure when as this fandom catch-up is eating my life.

Aaaanyway, I'm still catching up on the fandom meme, so here we go.

Days 15 & 16 )

I was meant to post this last night but we had Alex and Dina over for dinner - Paul cooked spicy peanut soup (which sounded weird but was delicious) and I did a blue cheese, mushroom and butternut squash risotto. We should be going to see Matthew Bourn's Cinderella ballet night (it's set in the Blitz apparently!) as my mum and David are too ill to go, so we're just waiting on them to pop the tickets through the door.

The plan for the fandom catch-up is: Day 17 this evening if I get chance, as it's long. Days 18 and 19 over the course of tomorrow, as 19 is long. Day 20 on Monday as it's long. The days 21 and 22 on Tuesday as they should hopefully be short, and then I'm caught up. In theory, anyway. :P
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Okay, both of these should (hopefully) be quite short.

Days 13 & 14 )

Hungry now. I might do 15 and 16 as one post again tomorrow in a bid to catch up. 17 and 19 are both going to be long so I might spread them out with 18 over the course of the weekend. :)
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Not much else to discuss today, except that I am now not at work until Thursday, WOO!

Day 12 )

That's that. I am readying a rock to hide under for tomorrow's post...
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Okaaaaay. Here's another I did at work. Today's is going to be loooooooong and wordy and epic. Consider yourself warned.

Day 11 )


Thankfully it's been quiet today so I could actually work on this. Otherwise I would probably have been up all night trying to get it done.
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I'm so glad today is a short one. And also very apt. :P

Day 10 )

Okay. I think I will go to bed early and attempt to get some of my various JC thoughts tidied up / written down. Unless I type any of them up in the meantime, of course. ;)
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I'll just go straight into this one. Once again, mostly typed at work on better keyboard and to get the majority of the words down. :P

Day 09 )

Thankfully, I get a grace period of one day for tomorrow's post, before the epicness that will be Day 11. Oy.
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The majority of this was written at work, in the hope that my only task on getting back from choir will be to screengrab my picspam from the DVD's. (I have a feeling Google will not help me with this one.) Also I really want to give this pairing the attention it deserves, and thus would rather write this whilst I'm still mostly awake, and not brain-dead from the Bach. :P


Day 08 )

I think this is so far my biggest word-dump (and my biggest picspam) in this meme, though I doubt that will remain the case. ;)

I'm thinking I might move the Movies one to May (equally alliterative) to give myself some time to recover from this one. And also because the concept of trying to fit 30 meme days into 28 actual days is quite painful.

Okay, this post has taken a cumulative seven million hours to post, but at least I got it up before midnight. :D

*awaits inevitable flail and capslock abuse*
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Well, the oven appears to be working now, indicator light and all. In any case, I managed to cook my dinner without setting off the alarm.


Day 07 )

Hm, that'll do. Glee is on in a bit and apparently it's the Rocky Horror episode so doubtless I will have things to say. I'm partway dreading it, actually, but at the same time hope it's enough to keep the MTV idiots happy and stop them doing a remake. I dunno if that's still in the pipeline anyway... but hopefully a Glee version will be enough to get the kids interested in the original, thus negating the need for a remake. ;) (Though, the only character I could remotely see as Frank [Puckerman] is in jail, I think? Hm, this could be... interesting.)
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Life stuff first. Paul had to do a repair job on the oven door yesterday, as the seal was hanging down and heat was escaping to the degree that the smoke / heat detector went off during the week. I had a bit of a panic earlier because the temperature indicator light wasn't working properly and I was paranoid that the seal was still inadequate, so ended up using the slower top oven instead. On testing if a few minutes later the light was working perfectly again (i.e. actually turning off at the right temperature instead of staying on) so with any luck it's fixed.

Anyway, not much else happening, so onward with the meme. Fandom is more important than life anyway. :P

Day 06 )

Right. I now need to have a shower, as tea look longer than anticipated thanks to oven!paranoia and my delaying it longer than I intended. I will endeavour to do a double-post some point next week, seeing as I didn't manage it today...
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Had a lazy one today. I do however appear to be HUNGRY, despite having eaten three hours ago, which is either because I've been eating less during the week (I only had one day where I came in over 2000 calories, woo!) or because I'm coming down with something - it's hard to tell. I have another week of work to get through and then three days off, then I just have the rest of February and March to survive before my April leave...

Anyway, without further ado: Day 05 )

Okay, apparently I now have food so I shall end this post. :) I might do a double one tomorrow to get the extra day in, but I'll see how it goes...
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Today has been mostly full of suck: Pret gave me latte instead of mocha, but I was so tired I drank it anyway because, frankly, it had caffeine in it. Yesterday all the WPO's had a meeting with the Big Boss of Legal Services, who is doing the rounds of different grades to tell us how appreciated we all are in these hard times of voluntary redundancy and saving millions of pounds. It was quite frustrating; the KEH typists are even worse than my lot, if you can believe it, and I was going to bring up the IKEN parties issue to establish where the stupidity had come from, but I couldn't be arsed. Even though my colleagues weren't that annoying today, it all got to me and I was full of rage all morning, then shattered all afternoon.

I came home, had toast, pate and cheese for tea followed by a scone with clotted cream and raspberry jam, then played a couple of hours of Epic Mickey (which is SO SO EPIC) to wind down, except now I'm stuck again and going around in circles gets frustrating after a while. ;)

Anyway. Meme tiemz. (This may be slightly spoilery...)

Day 04 )

Phew, only just got that up before midnight...
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Posting a little earlier tonight because I want to watch Skins at 10.00. ;)

Day 03 )

Aww, bless. *squishes*

Tsk. I have no relevant icons for this post. I shall have to rectify that immediately. :D
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Right then, here we go. Prepare to scrub your eyeballs.

Day 02 )

Phew. I can't believe I wrote more words about my least favourite ship than I did for my favourite. So much hate, though. So much.
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Here we go, then... bit late in posting, but since I started this ball rolling I should stick by the rules. :P

Day 01 )

*ahem* So much for the short explanation. :P
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Okay, so I swore I wouldn't do one of these bloody memes again, but then I was struck with the brilliant idea to do one for fandom (shipping, specifically) and one for movies. I figured "Movies for March" was good and alliterative, and since Valentine's Day falls in February it seemed a good choice for shipping, but that doesn't look right, so it's "Fandom for February". :P I could wait and do Shipping for September, but I'm quite excited about doing it now, and my Muses have a tendency to come out of hibernation around this time of year, so with any luck posting about shipping (which I do so like to do) will poke them into alertness.

I've basically taken the original list of questions and changed 'song' to 'ship' (and ditto 'movies' when I get to that one), except for where they made no sense. For the song meme I posted links to Youtube; for fandom / ships I think picspam is in order. For movies, er... maybe the trailers, I haven't decided yet. If you want to play, there are rules under the cut.

List and Rules )

I will commence this when I get in from choir tonight, or possibly tomorrow if I'm too tired. I will probably start thinking of answers very soon so as to make things easier. As ever, that first question is the killer and I wish whoever made this meme had put it at the end. It's like, how do you choose?

Anyway, the game / meme is open for all to participate. Have fun!
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A kitchen experiment, that is. Couldn't decide what to make for tea tonight so improvised to use up ingredients.

Recipe: Spaghetti and Meatballs )

In other news, I just left a Facebook status to the effect of: I've been playing Sims 3 for about two days and I'm already shipping Gwen and Holden, the two characters in my tutorial game. (They're housemates / good friends.) I am officially BEYOND HELP.
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It's been quite a fandom-filled weekend. I did intend to post before now announcing these things in case anyone didn't know, but meh. Forgot. Anyway.

Ashes to Ashes series 3 kick-off - includes spoilers )

And then on Sunday, we had the eagerly-awaited Easter special of Jonathan Creek )

I'm sure I did have more to say, but I think that last section just broke my brain, and I have to cook tea when the oven's heated up. :)

Over and out.
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Had coffee this morning because I was exhausted. I've been having half-remembered dreams in deep sleep for the past few days and they always leave me more tired than I should be. Given I've not had coffee for a few days (it was either Friday or Thursday when I had my last one) it has only half-succeeded in waking me up, with a bonus side effect of my head feeling incredibly floaty. I also feel mildly panicky / highly strung / shakey. If this is what caffeine does to me, I don't ever want to try anything stronger, thank you. I mean, I pretty much stopped drinking because I didn't like being drunk, for a number of reasons: I prefer being in control of my faculties, for one, and I talk absolute bollocks when I drink too much. I am also, bizarrely, entirely aware that I'm talking said bollocks, yet equally am unable to stop it. It's a lack of control I'm not entirely comfortable with any more...

In other news, we have run out of headed paper at work. Literally. It was supposed to have arrived on Monday, but as far as I know there's nothing. At the moment the only solution is to photocopy it onto some of the follow sheets I've been slowly collecting, but even that will only last so long. Hopefully when the new batch arrives it won't have the same spelling error as last time (they spelt "exchange" wrong)...

In other, unrelated news, there's a building to let on our road which used to be a newsagent with a flat over it. It's absolutely massive, to say the least. I want to open a cafe / coffee shop there, as there seems to be a cafe on every single side street in Kings Heath and they're always all packed. I would call it OM NOM, which is obviously the perfect name for a greasy cafe. Not that we're going to rent it or anything. Just mentioning. :)

It was the series finale of Ashes to Ashes last night. Possible spoilers )

Not much else to report. Choir rehearsal tonight where I will have to explain my non-attendance on Saturday and apologise profusely for the book being returned late... ah well.
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There's a lull in the work (already!) so I shall take the opportunity to return to my regularly-scheduled ramblings, and write down that Jonathan Creek series 3 theory I keep mentioning. I apologise in advance to Eni for breaking her brain. :P

Before that: for anyone not on Twitter and thence not following Alan Davies's feed, there's another special due for next Easter. :) Nothing else known as yet...

Thusly. )

I think that's more than enough. Ended up a lot longer than I'd anticipated...

That being said, I shall post this and flee.
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Okay, this final section will be devoted to the ‘ships. Of course. These are in no particular order except for the last one. ;) I've talked about the SB ships before at some length in my old shipper posts, but every time I come back to it, I find more stuff to ramble about. Er, sorry.

Oh, and before I start, after a comment from Paul last night and also reading online reviews, it turns out the gigantic portrait at the back was of Gloria Swanson. Which makes an awful lot of sense, though I'm kicking myself for not realising. :)

Saturday, Part 3 )

Right, I think that’s MORE than enough. I didn’t mean for it to be this long, honest.

I’ll get the photographs up some point this week on Facebook and Flickr respectively, and spend Saturday indulging in scanning the UK tour brochure to make Faith/Jeremy manips and icons, because my journal needs more SB, dammit. Perhaps a layout? We shall see.

Normal service – by which I mean moaning, whinging and rambling about X-Files – shall be resumed some point next week. I hope. ;)
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It's not often I do two of these in a row (pretty much) but I watched two more last night and they both warrant discussion, though for different reasons...

Three of a Kind )

That's enough on that one. The sillness continued in the next episode, the ending of which I watched twice. ;)

The Unnatural )

I shall stop there, because otherwise I will go on forever about nothing but the cuteness, and as much as the ending warrants it, it would get boring for everyone else.

*incoherent noises of joy*

Okay, I'm done. :)
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Blatantly stolen off [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure, because I have nothing else to do while I wait for Paul to come home...

Shipper Meme )

If I wasn't so tired, I could probably go on and on and on about my 'ships, but I would be regurgitating stuff I spent a long time thinking about once before, despite the addition of a couple new fandoms. I really should get paid for this sort of thing. ;) A quid for every ship I spot before it happens or the rest of the fandom notices would have been a nice little earner by now, and God knows I'm an expert. :P
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Yesterday evening was entertaining. (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

Firstly, though, the saga began at lunchtime when I took those jeans back to Primark to swap to the next size up. The queues in there were absolutely horrendous, although luckily the queue for the Customer Services desk wasn't so bad as everywhere else.

Until I went home, things actually weren't too bad. There was no work from about 10.30 onwards, barely, so I got some writing done for my Jonathan Creek fic... The prologue and first two chapters are complete, I just wish I had somewhere to post it. My favourite part of fanfiction is sharing it, and with a fandom like JC the places to share it are few and far between...

Anyway, I left a bit earlier than usual, having stayed later than I intended to on Monday, and went to Boots to get some more anti-perspirant. I picked up their own brand of "expert" anti-perspirant, going on the theory of cheaper things working better than expensive things (at least in terms of medicine, if not computers...) and this morning it's held out so far... or at least, it's held out better than Mitchum, which is frelling useless.

I was knackered last night, so the entire journey home was annoying, and when I got in I decided to try the jeans on again. Which still don't fit... or... well, they do, but not properly, and they look too tight. I am half-tempted to hang on to them in the event I ever lose weight, but I might as well just get the £4.00 back. So that didn't put me in a very good mood, to say the least.

So I had a lie down for a nap, but sleep wouldn't come because a very long rant was going around my brain which mostly involved various statements addressed to various people/things, telling them to faff off. Only in stronger terms, obviously. Just as well I didn't go on the PC, really, as I would probably have regretted it...

Actually, in retrospect, the evening wasn't as bad as I thought. I was just tired and very grumpy and things had conspired against me... There was also this thing in my head that when I joined the choir my mum promised to go to all the concerts and yet as thus far only been to one, and will only be going to the opera concert in May, but neither of the Mahler performances. Each time there has been a more than valid reason for not going (with the exception of the last Christmas one, which was my own stupid fault for not being organised enough) but to my mind, last night, those reasons were excuses. The difference between the two is quite significant when your brain is on a ranty tangent, obviously...

Paul got back later than anticipated because he'd gone out for "one drink" (my arse...) because a bloke he works with is having a bad time of things, but nevertheless he went to the chippy on the way home. Just as well, really, because I definitely needed some comfort food last night.

I was also a little disappointed with the finale of Ashes to Ashes. Not with the episode itself, per se, but the Inner Shipper is not very happy. Spoilers / ponderings )

Today I'm wearing one of my new tops and some new shoes I bought a few months ago, some flat, flexible turquoise pumps. They're still in the sale at Priceless and are incredibly comfy (no foot crampage either...) so I may go and get some more later. I could do with a variety of different-coloured shoes...

I think there's some kind of away day or something today as the only people in are the support staff and the locums, so there is nothing to do. I wish they'd plan ahead for things like this and offer us the opportunity of half-staffing or something, as there's little point in coming into work and being paid to do nothing - you might as well be at home...

Meh. I shall post this now before I spend the rest of the morning rambling about nothing...
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Despite only leaving the house 5 minutes late this morning, I didn't get to work until 9.50. I was stuck on the bus for at least an hour between Moseley and Balsall Heath because of heavy traffic. Whilst waiting, two ambulances went past in the direction of whatever was holding everything up, so obviously I assumed there'd been some kind of horrible traffic accident.

When we finally reached Moseley Baths, the culprit turned out to be a piddly bit of road works on both sides of the road just before the Baths, which was holding up the traffic in both bloody directions. I ask you, what was wrong with waiting until the weekend?

So that was fun.

Last night was about decent television, although I do wish the BBC wouldn't compete with themselves as well as everyone else. There were at least three things I wanted to watch last night: Ashes to Ashes (9.00pm on BBC1), the new That Mitchell & Webb Look (9.00pm on BBC2) and My Street (9.00pm on C4). Luckily Mitchell & Webb were on replay, but no sign of the street thing yet... the ending was good, so I wish I'd watched it. Channel Four is unwatchable through the aerial so I couldn't even tape it...

I am thoroughly enjoying Ashes..., though. As much as I enjoyed Life on Mars, this is different because I at least remember most of the 80s...

On shipping )

In short, Gene/Alex FTW! ;)

Aside from the horrible journey this morning, today hasn't been too bad... Not long after I'd sat down, one of the senior solicitors from next door popped over to ask if I'd done the 8-page file note for her last night, then said it was "spot on!" (no amendments) and that she'd passed the message of thanks onto Marie for me as well. :D Oddly enough, during our team meeting yesterday (which was very silly and not even remotely serious throughout) it was discussed that all the teams have to go through the questions on the Staff Satisfaction Questionnaire and talk about how they can be improved or changed, and I was thinking something along the lines of gaining more job satisfaction through better praise and reward systems.

The people here are generally a lot more praising and appreciative of the typists than at Ladywood (or the rest of the Council in general, judging by the piss poor rates of pay we get elsewhere outside of Legal) but still, it's nice to be told. ;) I do feel a little like I'm making some small waves here. I'm the least senior WPO in the team (the temp aside) but have already been told that I give the impression of being here a lot longer. I was quite shocked recently to see amendments that came back for one of the long-term WPOs where the fee earner hadn't dictated which part of the UK the DX address was for and the WPO had sent it back to ask - which would be fair enough for something outside of Birmingham, but they should KNOW by now that C&J are based in Northfield, or AC are Birmingham 1, etc. It's like learning postcodes - makes your job easier and quicker. Are they all that lazy so as not to have learnt them, or am I just expecting too much?

Ah, well, this new performance-based payscale will hopefully separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were. I think some of them have only ended up as seniors because they've been here for centuries...

Half an hour til lunch. I am tempted by Pret soup today as one of them is mushroom risotto... mmm, rice. Of course, I will probably also have rice at wagamama later as I will inevitably be indecisive and fall back onto the chicken curry, but still... at least that's different rice. ;)

I shall now sign this off.
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[livejournal.com profile] yoshi and I just sat and watched the last five episodes of Life On Mars series 2 in one sitting (the first three having been watched over the course of the week), and subsequently, I have one thing to say.

I am always right.

Also, that it's been a very, very long time since I sat and watched - and got addicted to - a 'ship which was so heart-achingly wow, with such a gratuitously satisfying ending.  Chuffing marvellous.

I must now go off in search of better fic than that which lies on FFN, with LJ being the first port of call...

Last night I could not get to sleep because I was in vast amounts of pain, having got back from the pub (for tea) and spent the next hour doing washing up and cleaning the kitchen and rearranging the cupboards to make more glass space.  We have a McDonalds-shaped three-week mission ahead of us to collect the latest Coke glasses, but previously no room to store them...  Anyway, eventually I just had to get up and take a couple of co-codamol because I couldn't find a position to lie in which didn't make the pain worse... they took about half an hour to kick in, and this morning I woke up feeling sort of pleasantly numbed...

Had to take two more at about 4.00 today but hopefully if I get back onto the Valerian it'll clear up again... I suspect that having to climb three flights of stairs every morning at work is not helping in the slightest, as the three-week lift refurbishment turned into six, as of last week.  They should just put us in a new building and be done with it, says I. :P

We ordered Chinese food for dinner, but as it's a Thai/Malaysian place also, the portions were bloody enormous and we are therefore having Chinese food for Sunday lunch as well.  I had "Double  Happiness", which consists of egg fried rice (lots of it), crispy chicken, crispy duck and curry sauce.  It's not dissimilar to the chicken kitzu curry I like at wagamama, except with better rice.  YUM.

Here ends the entry.  I will post the solution to the Yammish riddle on Monday, if I remember.


Mar. 4th, 2007 10:52 pm
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I had forgotten that unusual joy in discovering new sites full of fanfic.  It took a Google search to find one other than those created years ago, but I managed to find a selection of Jonathan Creek fanfic (Jonathan/Maddy fic, at that) to satisfy my craving for a bit.

It's Americanised and the characterisation is mostly quite rubbish... but sometimes, that doesn't matter.  Warm fuzzies, mmmm.

I have chocolate, I have wine, and I have fanfic.  All is right in the universe.

(Except our leaky front window...)

Oh, dear.

Dec. 19th, 2004 11:03 pm
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Question: is 'shipping for fish a new personal best, or a new personal low?

Yup, I just caught Finding Nemo on the Disney Channel, and am now a fully fledged Marlin/Dory shipper.  There really is no hope, is there?

In other news, I just wrapped most of my Christmas presents.  Most of you will get them on Christmas Eve; anything going overseas will be horrendously late; cards and most other presents are going to be sent tomorrow afternoon, hopefully including Eni's and if not that'll be sent on Tuesday; Alison, you'll get yours on Wednesday.  And then tomorrow after work I have to actually buy the rest of the presents.  Joy.

I really wish I'd booked this week off as well.  It's not so much the not wanting to go into work... or, well, it is, but it's also the not having any time to finish my shopping. Bah.  I hate the pre-Christmas brain-drain.


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