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Arising out of a conversation with [personal profile] commoncomitatus on Saturday on AIM (which, as an aside, we ended up using due to having issues with YIM - my old contacts list was a gut-punch of nostalgia!), I thought it pertinent to update my list of works in progress / to-be-written stories, as I'm pretty sure it's gotten bigger since the last time I did one of these posts...

These are in no particular order but I will at least attempt to cluster them together under separate fandoms, and I'll do the fandoms alphabetically. Pretty sure at this juncture I don't actually have to denote what the pairings will be. :P

Hopefully I haven't missed anything.

Current Works in Progress )

I was also going to list the amount of things which are finished and pending sharing online (FFN and/or AO3) but frankly this is long enough already. :P

My brain is a massive filing cabinet. I'm beginning to suspect this is why my short-term memory is so shoddy...
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... on episode 3.

Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster )

I can't believe this season is half over already. :( Six episodes? NOT ENOUGH.
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I finally have a spare few minutes, so here's the first update of 2015. In fairness, nothing much has really happened, as for most of January and February I've been skint due to our early pay dates.

I hate February. :P

Anyway, here's what's been happening both work-wise and otherwise.

Writing )

In other news, however, work is... having issues, shall we say.

Work Stuff )

Anywaaaaay, yes, TL;DR: work is poo but still better than before.

I think I might have a couple of embroidery updates I forgot to post, but I'll wait until I've done another one. Embroidery has been put on hold of late anyway as it's far too cold, but I have three racked up in the footstool now and about six more on my Amazon wishlist. I blame Vicky (from uni) for this as she's gotten into cross-stitch and her updates on Instagram just make me want to get back to my own.

I would promise not to leave it so late next time but... yeah, that would be a lie. :P

Over and out.
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Here's a bit of an update. And by a bit, I mean a lot, though much of it has no substance. (Also, I am no longer on my period, but I rarely get to use this icon...)

Looks like the summer is officially over. Britain has once again done its usual trick of going from one extreme to the other; I've been freezing for the past two weeks but steadfastly refusing to put the heating on because it's frelling August, not that you'd believe it from the temperatures lately. (Having said that, today it seems to have brightened up a bit...)

Earlier this month I googled to find out when the Birmingham International Food Fair would be taking place this year, then misread a whole bunch of anomalous results about last year's dates and thought they were for 2014. This resulted in us (Paul, my mum, David and I) going into town on Sunday to enjoy said Food Fair, only to arrive at the usually designated area and become utterly confused.

Thankfully there was stil a load of free entertainment happening around Southside (by the Hippodrome / Arcadian) so we sat and enjoyed that instead, but TBH I was mostly pre-menstrual and felt rubbish about my failure to read properly. It seems to be the case that the International Food Fair isn't on this year at all, which is a shame as it's always really popular despite BCC's complete failure to advertise it. My inner cynic suspects it may never come back now; it's often hailed as being the "sister market" to the Frankfurt Christmas Market, but I've always got the impression that BCC grudgingly allowed it to happen and weren't that invested in it. (Whereas the stupid Christmas market will be advertised several months in advance and doubtless get EVEN BIGGER now that space at the front of the library has opened up.)

My PMT came to a head with a godawful migraine on the Sunday, which I think was partially caused by having to squint in the sunlight. We had been planning on eating at the Food Fair so instead ended up going to Big Wok (or getting a baguette, in Paul's case, as on the evening he went off to help Darren with his Two Towers beer festival). Big Wok was nice enough, but I'd been looking forward to the lovely French food. :( On the plus side, we couldn't really afford the Food Fair so we did at least save ourselves some money... but then, we couldn't afford to go last year either, and if it's never coming back I've missed my last opportunity now to get some lovely cheeses and whatnot. Best. Gruyere. Ever.

My PMT also (AGAIN) ruined my enjoyment of seeing Wicked for Lorna's birthday at the Hippodrome on 21st August. It didn't particularly help that we were at the subtitled version, as that just kept distracting me out of the action on stage. Nevertheless, here is something resembling a review.

Thoughts on Wicked. )

On Monday, thanks to period pains and awful weather, I did absolutely bugger all except sit on the laptop all day.

Except for this... )

Anyway. On Tuesday we are going to Brighton, staying for two nights and returning via London with an eight-hour stopover, as it's been far too long since we had a good old wander abaht. With any luck the weather will clear up by then...

Also: I still have this sodding UTI or whatever it is. Just finished my two-week course of antibiotics and it's still hanging around - after a brief period where I thought it had gone away - so I think I might just take myself to A&E this weekend as I suspect the GP will still not actually do anything about it. I could go after we get back from Brighton but I don't want my entire fortnight of leave to be a write-off of trying to sort out health problems.

Just realised I forgot to recount the GP fail from my last visit... )

I'm struggling to remember any point this year where I've actually been healthy. :(

That was a bit of a moan again. It doesn't help that work is a massive ball of stress at the moment due to continued breakdowns in communication; last week I likened it to our team being under an umbrella in a rainstorm of information, i.e. nothing actually gets through to us. Things change literally week on week (sometimes day on day) and everything we do know is through hearsay. It's frustrating and disheartening, and every single day is a battle of not understanding, not being able to help people and not knowing where we stand. But at least everyone is similarly afflicted, and it's not just me. :P

Hopefully next time I update it will be with something more positive, i.e. a Brighton write-up.
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I was going to include this in my last post but figured it was long enough already. ;)

Pic 13/?? )

At some point soon I am going to post a LOAD of stuff to FFN and/or AO3, namely my very recent Frasier fic, my finished-last-year-but-still-being-constantly-tweaked PotC story, "Oranges to Florida", and the JC tags, as I don't think there are going to be any more now, though they have consistently surprised me in that area. :P

Ever since "Whisper" received such a cold/silent reception on FFN I've been anxious about posting anything ever again, for any fandom. When I finally finish "A Shade of Blue" I will probably take "Whisper" down, edit heavily to cure some canon discrepancies that were helpfully pointed out, then repost it so the two stories can go side by side in preparation for the Ripper story...

Anyway, yeah. Fanfic anxiety sucks. :(
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I haven't updated since April and now that I am, it's to get stuff off my chest – I actually drafted this entry on 30th June and it’s taken me so long to post it that I’ve had to amend it. :P

Mostly I haven't done anything exciting since April because I'm still bloody skint - other than decorating the lounge, and I already shared the pics of that on Facebook. :P (We finally got around to hanging pictures over a month later – after filling all the holes we were rather loath to put more in the walls!)

Anyway, here is my venting, in no particular order...

Vents are actually one of the problems... )

It's not all doom and gloom, though. :P

I am still enjoying my job. Everyone is very stressed at the moment because of the new Strengthening Families Framework which has been in place since March, because we are crashing in blindly for the most part and communication at all levels seems to have ground to a halt. The good thing is we're all in the same boat, so we are all offloading at each other in work rather than taking it home with us - and they're actually valid things to be stressed about, rather than the petty stupidities that caused such major issues in Legal.

There are a few colleague issues creeping through the cracks - a couple of my colleagues can be a bit annoying, and one of them is your classic example of doing the bare minimum rather than trying to exceed in any way then complaining that she won't pass her PDR... but it's nothing I can't deal with, and I'm learning to rise above it - it helps that the team has a really good relationship (both working and personal) and everyone mucks in to help each other out. It's such a breath of fresh air after my experiences at both Legal AND Ladywood, and makes me very glad that I chose to work at South rather than anywhere else.

Being skint does mean that Paul and I are catching on boxsets. Our Farscape rewatch is on temporary hiatus, as is the JC rewatch as I just keep forgetting about it and series 5 was such a mess of fail, but we are now on season 4 of Frasier and have just finished both Bates Motel and Fargo. We've just made a start on American Horror Story: Asylum as well, which is already looking as creepy/WTF as the first season.

My Frasier ramblings got long... )

I really wish I had the time and mental capacity to do in-depth rewatches for everything, like I’ve done for Jonathan Creek, but I think I’m up to my fifth 90’s show boxset now (Frasier, X-Files, Buffy, Farscape, Creek) and there are not enough hours in my life, especially given the sheer amount of episodes! If you tally them up it’s a cumulative 36 seasons, over 800 episodes, and I do not even want to think how many hours. I did attempt it for TXF but only got three episodes in before I gave up, and as much as I’d love to attempt it for ‘Scape, I think it might actually break me within half a season. :P

This is why I have a tendency to ignore most modern-day series, or for those I do watch I only do so without such a vested interest. I have too many old fandoms still vying for supremacy, and too many work-in-progress fics for most of them, to start investing energy into shiny new ones. :P

Aaaaanyway, I think this is quite long enough. I had intended to post some fic somewhere whilst I was off, and didn’t quite get around to it… but hopefully I will actually manage to get the JC stuff online this year. :P

Over and out.
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Somewhat overdue an update - this is what happens when I have work to do.

Firstly: in writing news, I've finished my latest Pirates story, "Oranges to Florida", inasmuch as it's done on paper but I have 6.5 hand-written pages still to type up. Once that's done I will give it another once-over before posting to FFN / plugging on Tumblr. I've been trying to keep the style consistent, but a recent bout of reinspiration has meant that the latter half of the story is more dialogue-heavy than the beginning (and indeed more than I envisaged when I started), as well as including more from Jack's POV in addition to Elizabeth's. (Also, thanks to starting to follow the Sparrabeth blog on Tumblr halfway through writing it, the ending went in a direction I hadn't quite intended because my head was full of meta and subtext and FEELS. I'm not complaining, though, because it ends with some bloody glorious angst. :D)

Paul and I have finally made some progress in moving around the upstairs rooms, although the plan did change a little bit. We're about halfway done now - the daybed and TV / video storage unit (ex-wardrobe) have switched rooms with the PC and cube unit (effectively making the larger spare bedroom the office rather than the box room). This has meant that Denise and I were able to commence our X-Files rewatch on Sunday as we have somewhere to actually watch the videos. :D

In the process of room rearranging I thankfully uncovered my Sims 3 disc so have installed that on the laptop. It now runs properly and has already eaten about 16 hours of my life; at some point soon I'm going to start creating my own (hopefully fandom) characters, and I'm already dreading the insanity that will inevitably ensue... I think I'll probably start with Jonathan Creek; if I'm successful in orchestrating a Sim!Harry, I will be sure to share the (doubtless terrifying) results. :D

After tweeting a random conversation about badgers at work this afternoon, it has also resulted in potentially re-starting the Grand Jonathan Creek Watchathon soon with [personal profile] cloudsinvenice. (Badgers = Jonathan Creek. So shall it be forever amen.)

The conversation in question went something like this:

Karen, who walks to work: I saw a badger walking to work this morning.
[Cue jokes about the badger going to the office.]
Me: Did it have a briefcase?
Maria: *has hysterics*

(We were all very tired and it was quiet in the office. :P)

As for the X-Files rewatch, on Sunday we managed to get through the first seven episodes ("Pilot", "Deep Throat", "Squeeze", "Conduit", "The Jersey Devil", "Shadows" and "Ghost in the Machine" - the fact that I still remember these without looking them up demonstrates how many times I've seen season 1). My intention this time around is to (a) finish all nine seasons, even though it's going to take a bit longer than last time, and (b) top up my original LJ episode reviews / recaps with different episodes. In all likelihood, however, I will just go on Tumblr and flail at the shippiness instead. :P

Rewatches with friends are fun. :D

A few thoughts so far... )

Still not much to say about the actual episodes yet, as season 1 was a hodge-podge of "monster of the week" and early conspiracy stuff before the proper mythology set in, but I'll try and do an update every time we watch some episodes, at the very least. (I do, however, reserve the right to continually flail over "Post-Modern Prometheus". All my life.)
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Apart from my subconscious being evil, I haven't actually updated properly about what we got up to over Valentine's Day. As it transpires, thanks to migraines and fandom, we did not get up to very much.

Cut for length )

Anyway, migraine(s) aside, on Saturday we did the Jonathan Creek re-watch (of course), as well as Captain America and Thor, in readiness for Avengers Assemble on Sunday night. I would say more but, you know, migraine - plus we didn't watch Avengers until late Sunday night and I'd already broken my brain with JC fandom stuff by then...

Fandom Stuff )

So yeah. I would probably have more to say about Avengers Assemble but unfortunately, the JC stuff ate my brain.

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I'm only doing a three-day week, y'see. My goal for my three-day week is to finally drag my flex into a sensible negative, and seeing as I got in at 8.25 this morning (because Paul had a meeting at 8.30 so we both left early) I should be able to gain an hour if I leave at 5.15 - assuming I have anything to do, that is. (David is out at a meeting all morning and there's barely anything in typing either.) I'll get my standard 7.18 hours for Thursday and Friday so anything over and above that for the next couple of days is a bonus, basically. :)

Yesterday was deathly boring, but thankfully I've got just enough writing energy left to see me through. Fandom Stuff, as ever. )

In other news, I've been thinking how to tackle Lisa's rainbow birthday cake and I have a pretty good idea how to achieve it. Probably the easiest thing is to make a double-batch of cake mix (so four eggs / 8oz ingredients), weigh it, divide it into seven and colour each bowlful separately, then essentially bake seven different cakes and stick them together. Works in theory, whether it works in practice remains to be seen...

The whole thing is going to get covered in chocolate fudge anyway, so as long as the layers look neat on the inside I'm not too worried about the outside - assuming it doesn't collapse under its own weight, obviously. That being said, not sure on filling - chocolate spread? Nutella? Marmelade for a chocolatey-orangey flavour? Answers on a postcard...

Right, this has killed the morning, at least. Hopefully I'll have something to do after lunch.
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Well, actually, we intended to be productive, but it got scuppered.

On Friday we had Lisa over for tea, as she was belatedly bringing over Paul's birthday presents. I cooked her a fish curry with brown rice (because we are healthy) and then we sat and watched Moon. It ended up being quite a late one - I think I went to bed around 1.00am...

On Saturday we went out to get some supplies and stuff for tea (including some very nice steaks from the butcher which were a bargain at £3.50 each) but then didn't manage to do very much else because I had a(nother) migraine - my own fault really, as I'd had two glasses of wine and a bottle of cider the night before. I did try and fend it off before bed by having some water, but no joy. It persisted all day and was the annoying sort of migraine where I forgot about it until I did something silly like bending and straightening, which would make my head pound incessantly. So we didn't manage to go through any boxes on Saturday.

We watched Jonathan Creek at six as usual (actually, the migraine might have been a good thing as it subdued me somewhat; I'm wary of my squee not ruining the episodes for Paul!) and then I pootled about on Little Big Planet whilst Paul cooked dinner. Then we watched The Artist, at least until the last half-hour or so when Paul fell asleep. Obviously. :P

Oh yeah, and in the morning we made some pineapple sorbet - initially this was to get rid of some accumulated egg whites in the freezer, then it transpired not to need any egg whites after all. I need to give Katie the recipe later so I'll post it here too. It tastes amazing. :)

On Sunday, therefore, we were still intending to go through boxes, except I was struck with the Ovary-Kicking Period of Doom and spent the day not doing very much at all. Namely, sitting on the sofa with my wheat bag and catching up on EastEnders (I'm finally up to speed now after being persistently a week behind since Christmas), playing a bit of Red Dead Redemption and doing my JC write-up. Chicken stir-fry for tea and then the evening spent being distracted by Tumblr, as usual. I got a few words of fic down but nothing particularly substantial - I want to get the tags done and dusted pretty sharpish as I need to print them off for Eni for her birthday. (The post-ALTAF angst is still not cooperating, either. Grrr.)

I also seem to have acquired several plans for my two weeks off work. Cut for length. )

This week I'm only in work three days (yay!) because we've booked off Thursday and Friday. Normally for Valentine's Day we book a meal somewhere but we're both skint; my other plan was to have a day trip to Stratford, but trains are just as expensive, so instead we have a vague plan of going to the Sea Life Centre as I have a 2-for-1 voucher that I think is still valid... Then I'll probably cook that monkfish that's been in the freezer for ages, as I'd been saving it for a special occasion - which will work out much cheaper than going for a meal as all I'll have to buy is Parma ham and Arborio rice (for the samphire risotto).

Which reminds me: we've been engaged a year as of today! That's really gone quickly. :)

Oh yeah, and the other thing that happened this weekend was I finally bit the bullet and added Sharn on Facebook, she added me back, it's all good. I feel silly for worrying about it now. Socially Awkward Penguin, thy name is [livejournal.com profile] teylaminh. She asked for details of my leaving do, so if she could come that would awesome. I apologised for delaying so long in getting in touch and she admitted to being just as guilty, so yes. The internet is magic, and I should not be so paranoid.

Okay, there's nothing to do today and this entry has only taken me up to 11.00am. THIS is why I can't build flex, dammit. (I even got up early today in an attempt to fool the snow, then it took me half an hour to leave the house due to tired fuzzy-headedness and I missed the before-eight bus by a matter of seconds so was still late. I don't know why I bother.)
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We went to see Les Misérables last night. Pretty awesome.

Les Mis Thoughts - contains SPOILERS )

Overall then: highly recommended indeed. First entry on my "fandom: les misérables" tag!

I have no idea why I thought it would be a good idea to go and see a three-hour long, emotionally draining musical after my Legal Assistant day - we didn't get back until midnight and today I'm exhausted. Definitely worth it, though.

That other fandom, you know, the one I've barely talked about lately... )

My leave date is now confirmed as 22nd February, with my new start date as 11th March, and I've sent an "unpaid leave" request through so hopefully payroll will get the hint and I won't have to argue with them later... The next month is going to be very very tight indeed, but at least March payday is exactly four weeks from February's, so with any luck the new job will make the month fly past...

Okay, I think this is long enough.
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Legal Assistant day yesterday was quite good (other than the hour or so in the afternoon where everyone in South went to a team meeting and I had nothing to do - although I was helping Lisa out with a few bits and pieces). I didn't do very much really but it seemed to take all day...

Also managed to go to the gym AND swimming this week, which is an achievement on last week (snow notwithstanding; I would have done both if the public transport was in any way reliable). The gym was rubbish though - still full of new-year-resolution-y types so I couldn't get near half of the equipment, and several of the treadmills were out of action, too. Meh.

Yesterday I finally got the phonecall (or, well, I called back) about organising a start date for the new job. Apparently the CRB isn't needed after all as the process has changed, but the medical check has come back clear, so today I'm just sorting out notice period and whatnot with Sue so I can hand my notice in (hopefully) as of Monday - so potentially a start date of 4th March. (February is a blissfully short month!)

Today I was intending on getting an eye test, as the world has become significantly blurrier lately, except it'll have to wait until Monday now. I was going to get my 'spare' pair done as my main pair - I've not been able to wear them for two years because the last time I got my eyes tested it cost so frelling much for one pair of lenses that I could only afford to get my main pair altered, then kept forgetting about the other pair. As this pair are now looking a bit scruffy I had decided to get my red frames done as my main pair, then get two more sets - another spare/second pair and some prescription sunglasses. Since I've run out of money again, the plan changed to just getting the one set done and then getting new frames when I've got the spare cash for it.

Except, obviously, I couldn't find the bloody spare pair last night. I thought I could picture where it was but apparently I was wrong, so this weekend we need to turn the house upside down. Thankfully that will mean emptying some more boxes so we can start rearranging the upstairs rooms, but yeah, annoying. I can't see properly, dammit. :P

This morning, it transpires my job hunting could not have come at a better time. The WPO's are going to become part of Professional Support Services, thus no longer under the umbrella of Legal Services, which basically means they'll be offering a typing service to everyone. There may even be potential job losses, though having already lost four staff through "natural wastage" and me going hopefully quite soon, that might be a saving grace.

I suspect they may lose several more staff before the financial year is out. :P

Just a bit of fandom stuff )

Right, over and out. Let's see how much fail my colleagues can cram into my next month of working at Legal, eh?
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Fandom stuff first to get it out the way...

Writing Update )

Okay, not quite so short as I expected!

Now for the dilemma. HALP. )

Mrrg. Life is complicated. Advice please.

I suppose I ought to do some work now. Going to the gym later so stuck here til six - hopefully the work will hold out that long.
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Yesterday was mildly ridiculous.

As a reminder, on Wednesdays I wear my Legal Assistant hat. Thankfully the network was up and running again (after being dead as a dodo on Tuesday), but we are still missing a laptop and Sukhwinder was due in, so I couldn't use her desktop. Naz said I could use Natasha's, as she wasn't coming in, and I'd no sooner got set up when Natasha arrived (heavily pregnant, in the snow), so I had to log out and give it back.

We then searched fruitlessly for the keys to someone else's pedestal so I could use theirs, to no avail. David happened to be sitting at that particular desk yesterday and suggested we should set up a base unit on one of the agile desks for me and Gaynor to use, and just label the desk accordingly as a non-agile agile desk. So I went to find Marvin to ask him - he agreed to find a base unit, but then there was no spare desk to use. He found me an old HP laptop (all of ours are Lenovo) and set me up on Lotus Notes, which subsequently took ages to load. Then the IKEN upgrade kicked in, threw a wobbly because Notes was still trying to load, so I restarted.

And then had to sit there for another half-hour whilst Windows updated. I finally got logged in around 11.15am, two hours after I got to work.

Aside from that it was a good day - Naz gave me plenty to do (though Jas was quite put out that she didn't get to "have a go" - her words!), including a police disclosure request, statement requests, creating a case plan and updating a bundle. Quite varied yesterday. Still don't think I could do it all the time, though. Notwithstanding the stressful morning (not being able to do anything is one thing, but when it's completely beyond your control it's horribly frustrating), I now finish work on Wednesdays absolutely shattered, presumably because my brain is working harder than usual.

I suspect this will be the case for a couple of months when I've started the new job, too, having said that. CRB stuff is sorted, now just waiting on both that and the medical checks to clear, then I can hand in my notice. THEN, I can let people know and start organising a leaving lunch / drinks.

Oh yeah, and for some reason my fingers have started peeling, so now I'm trying to work out when I was stressed enough to have caused it. There was that photocopying-related stress last week, but I can't imagine that being why. Most odd.

Fandom / Writing Stuff. )

Of course, work is conspiring against me by being uncharacteristically busy. :P The day definitely passes quicker doing Legal Assistant work, that's for sure...
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Today is going to be great fun - thus far (9.30am) nothing networked actually works. No IKEN, no Lotus Notes, no Winscribe, and no printers. This is what happens when you're reliant on technology to do your day job.

Such being the case, as I have nothing better to do, this entry may be long. Also: more opportunity to work on fanfic, though doing so on the lower ground floor (I'm secretarying today - or trying to, in any event) is even more paranoia-making than upstairs. Still, it's better than twiddling my thumbs.

Thankfully, I have my CRB paperwork to sort out today at 2.30, after which I am fully intending on going home - it's a half-hour walk there and back again, so by the time I get back here it'll probably be around 3.15 anyway, and if the network doesn't come back up I'll be sitting here doig nothing for another two hours, and I can do that at home, thanks. :P (Except I've had to ask Paul to email on my behalf to double-check it's still happening, as I can't access my emails.)

I warned about the fandom stuff, right? )

The other thing I was going to talk about was the timing of this period of fandom flail.

Interesting... )

Okay, I shall post this and attempt to kill the next couple of hours somehow. If the network isn't back tomorrow I don't know what I'm going to do - we can't even photocopy or scan because you have to log into the MFD's in order to do so, and they're also dead!!
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In the light of "Jack in the Box" I am half-tempted to do a tag for Every Episode Ever Except Series 4. I have a little spark of inspiration for something, but I'm going to let it brew for a while and see if anything comes of it. If not a tag, then I suspect the "X Times" story will now cover all the episodes so it can go in there.

In other news: it's been snowing. On Friday we were released from work at 1.00pm - thankfully, we did actually receive the Inclement Weather Notice, which means I get credited back to 4.15 in any event (my negative flex thanks you, Mr Chief Executive). Paul and I were supposed to be going to Ben's leaving do at the Jeckyll and Hyde, and thus had been intending on staying at work until gone five, but instead we had one drink in the (very very crowded) pub and headed off to get the train an hour or so later. We decided to get the train because as we approached Colmore Row it was eerily quiet and we figured no buses were going to get through. We were on the train by 2.00pm, home by 2.45. I can't get home that bloody quickly on the bus on a normal day!

On Saturday we walked to Thimblemill Cemetery to take some photographs. Very pretty. Other than that, we've spent the weekend indoors in the warm, catching up on television and continuing the Jonathan Creek re-watch. (The current weather also makes me want to write a fluffy snow-themed story, but I think it would have to be a one-off, out-of-context thing. Rain features quite heavily in the tags, but seeing as "Omega Man" is set in June 1999, and I have Maddy leaving at the end of August of that year, there's no scope for wintry weather!)

This morning, the bus turned up on time, which saved me having to walk to the train station. It was also on time Friday morning after the first flurry of overnight snow. Why is it they can run the buses properly in this sort of weather but not all the time? The mind boggles.

Tag Project Update )

Ho hum, boring today. This weather is delaying my New Job quite horrendously - I was supposed to go to Margaret Street on Friday lunchtime to sort out the CRB paperwork, but it got put back to Tuesday - if the snow doesn't clear I very much suspect it'll get put back again. I don't want to hand in my notice until all the CRB and medical stuff is clear, and I am starting to get a bit antsy now because I kind of want a start date, you know?

Oh, bugger, and I still need to text Sharn. I got her mobile number off Kemi but keep forgetting / being too scared to use it. COME ON, SELF, YOU CAN DO IT.
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"Defying Gravity" came on my MP3 this morning - the Glee version, obviously - and reminded me I forgot to post about season 4.

I'm already an episode behind because we missed it on Sunday and I've been too tired since then to concentrate on anything except ALL THE FEELS resulting out of the Jonathan Creek fandom flail. Maintaining momentum on more than one fandom at once is nigh-on impossible. Anyway, a few thoughts under the cut regarding episode 1, and I might actually start watching them and tweeting simultaneously as of next week.

Minor spoilers, but spoilers nonetheless )

I have so much stuff on Sky+ to catch up on: last week's Glee, two weeks' worth of EastEnders (the New Year week stuff was so long I ran out of time last weekend - I have about nine episodes to watch now), plus three brand new shows: The New Normal, Utopia and My Mad Fat Diary. Not to mention two seasons of American Horror Story, two seasons of Grimm and all of The River. Oh, and Ripper Street (for research!) and Victoria's Children and just not enough hours in the rest of my life now that I'm re-watching Jonathan Creek. Seriously. Can I have a month off work?

I've said this several times over the past couple of weeks, but: as much as I'm enjoying the flurry of creativity and feeling the need to nurture it as far as I can, it couldn't have come at worse time. Falling back into fandom is all well and good if you don't work for a living! I don't want to abandon all the JC stuffs now they've come so far, but I'm not sleeping properly and SO TIRED it's not even funny any more. Fandom-induced insomnia is better than work-induced exhaustion, but only just. :P

Paul has asked if we can make the JC re-watch more than one episode a week. I can sort of see where he's coming from because it's ridiculously addictive (and in any event we won't finish watching in time for the Easter special), but in order to find time to construct proper LJ posts AND find time to watch other things, I don't think it's even remotely manageable. I've been abandoning him every evening since the reinspiration struck to go upstairs and work on fic (also: the office is warm, dammit), which I feel really guilty about even though he's very understanding of my need to Get The Words Down, but I'm so knackered from the lack of sleep that that's literally all I'm doing with my evenings lately. Especially because it's frelling freezing right now and I don't want to move once I get warm. :P

In writing news: the tags continue to grow. I want to get some words down on the "Crooked Lane" tag today (as we have no work) - which cannot, will not, shall never be as long as the "Three Gamblers" tag (12,516 words, FFS!) and "The Day Before the Day" (almost the same again) because it comprises a conversation and NOTHING ELSE. There is no way in hell it can go over 3000 words. Right? Please?

Once that's done I will start giving thought to posting them somewhere. And work on the companion fic. And then doubtless include MOAR TAGS as I progress through the re-watch. Bloody hell, this show. I feel like it's taking revenge on me for all those cumulative months of not writing by throwing words upon words upon more words at my brain.

Yeeah. That being said, I'll start poking at that tag now. Over and out.
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Sorry for all the Creek-related spamination lately, but I'm trying to maintain momentum throughout this period of fandom reinspiration. For the most part, it keeps me sane at work (though you will notice that since successfully applying for the new job, I've stopped moaning about my colleagues - it's not worth the effort any more) and I've reached the point of starting to embrace the exhaustion now, because at least there's a valid reason for it.

Anyway. [livejournal.com profile] cloudsinvenice and I are commencing the Grand Jonathan Creek Watchathon this weekend (no set time or day), whereupon we shall both be blogging about it (and, in my case, picspamming). Other people are more than encouraged to join in, if you own, borrow or can otherwise procure the entire series. :D

The spamination, therefore, is likely to continue for AT LEAST another 18 weeks (the total amount of episodes starring Caroline Quentin), if not longer - though once we get to series 4 I suspect my actual blogging will dwindle, as will the picspam. The only screencap I want to get from series 4 is from "Seer in the Sands", of Maddy's email sign-off to Jonathan.

As for writing... )

I am SO GLAD it's Friday. Re-watch notwithstanding, it'll be nice to have more hours of the day to play with: fandom flail is a timesink of the worst kind, and the more time I have to indulge it, the better.

I have been so distracted by JC lately that I've not even watched the New Year's EastEnders yet! I might get that over with early on Saturday, then tackle this week's episodes on Sunday. Too many shows, not enough brain.

Over and out. For now. *doomy music*
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This morning I had one of those terrifying, synchronistic moments where my MP3-player gave me a song that was so poignantly accurate I simply had to vent it. Obviously, the manner in which I vented it was tweeting [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus (who is on holiday, which only makes it worse that I felt the need to destroy her brain with it, too - but yay for modern technology not leaving me in fandomic limbo!) telling her to Google the lyrics in light of the piece of fic I sent her last night.

And then, of course, all the people on the bus think I'm a weirdo for trying not to laugh at my phone.

The song is P!nk's "True Love" (from her new album - click the link for bonus Lily Allen!). The fandom, obviously, is Jonathan Creek. The worst part is the last time the song rolled around (because my MP3-playlist is alphabetical) I struggled to think of a 'ship to which it could relate. Then this morning I nearly facepalmed from obviousness.

Fics are progressing... )


Coming out of the cut for this. [livejournal.com profile] cloudsinvenice, when are you good to start the joint re-watch? GETTING ANTSY OMG. It occurs to me I've not re-watched them on the MAHOOSIVE telly yet either (other than occasional glimpses on Watch when it's on), so coupling that with the fact the PS3 upscales the DVD's, I'm even more excited. :D

That being said - anyone else care to join us in the Grand Jonathan Creek Watchathon? (I still need to download "The Grinning Man" and "The Judas Tree", but frankly everything after series 3 is moot anyway. I need to re-watch both series 4 and the recent specials for context and research purposes, but nonetheless I do not relish the idea of suffering through those six episodes of Carla. Meh.)

Anyway, whenever the re-watch starts I'll announce it, and anyone with access to episodes is free to join the fun. :)
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Back at work after a week off. I was actually quite productive to start with, last week - on Wednesday I got loads of things done, then on Thursday and Friday I was really lazy, mostly because my head has been full of Jonathan Creek fanfiction ideas and simply will.not.shut.up. I've been getting very little sleep - about four hours last night I think - and I'm so tired it's not even funny... but the icon is apt, nevertheless. I'd much, MUCH rather be ficcing - I produce my best writing in the small hours and when half-asleep. I'd wager the same is not true of my day job. :P

New Year's, etc. )

Today: nothing in Winscribe, hence the entry. I really want to work on my latest JC fic idea but this environment is not particularly conducive to the style I want to write it in (i.e. angsty over-verbosity / pretty wording), so instead I might get some more words down on the tapas!fic, as it forms a section of the "Three Gamblers" episode tag and is pretty much the only thing I now need to do on the Tag Project. That in itself shows how productive I've been; a week ago I would have lamented how far I had to go before they were done.

Ramblings about JC fic )

Okay, I do believe that's long enough.

Leaving work early today as I need to go to Bearwood to buy a plunger - our toilet is alternately not flushing properly, draining slowly, or gurgling ominously. It initially did it just before Christmas then corrected itself overnight, now it's doing it more regularly and I'd rather try and solve the problem before we bother the landlord...
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Okay, okay, I get it, already! I will never refuse to write for POTO again!

Cut for rambliness. )

In other news, we have a very busy few days ahead. Over the weekend the landlord's gardener came and sorted out the drive, patio and garden, all of which look amazing now. Much better than we could have achieved ourselves (and in any case it would have taken us weeks; killing the weeds was turning into an uphill struggle). The gardener also helpfully mowed the lawn and strimmed the hedge, and took out the big dead tree. Now my plan for a vegetable patch may come to fruition (ho ho)!

Also we went into Birmingham on Saturday so I could spend some of my back-pay - more kitchen bits from Livstil (two sieves, a new pizza cutter, two good-quality pie / flan dishes, and new measuring cups), and some bits from New Look (tartan shoes, a hoodie which is a bit too small so needs to be exchanged, and finally some jeans that fit). Had lunch in Cafe Rouge, which took bloody ages as usual because for some reason they cannot seem to cope when they have more than five customers. For tea we had scallops with black pudding and pea puree (courtesy of Paul), and a recipe from Jamie's Great Britain of pork and apple rice salad, which was lovely. (We picked up the pork belly from the markets for £1.95 - bargain!)

Oh, and yesterday I decided to rearrange the kitchen again, to minimise space in which to pile up washing up, and to maximise space elsewhere. Looks pretty good, actually. ;) (Other than that I have been mostly playing Red Dead Redemption on the X-Box.)

On Thursday, we're going to see the Killers. :D OMG SO EXCITE. Thankfully we have Friday off, but it'll be spent getting in food and cooking things for our Hallowe'en party, which was meant to be on Saturday but we got a last-minute invitation to a birthday party. Then next week I'm seeing Evanescence on the Thursday, and going to Paul's mum's for fireworks on the Friday. :)

Thankfully I am now on leave of absence from choir until next September, so will have a bit more spare time to throw at things like Christmas. I'm hoping to be able to go and see either the November concert or Messiah (just to see what it sounds like from the other side) but will have to see how things go.

So yeah. Probably going to be quite busy for the foreseeable.
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Look, it's not about work! ;)

This has been floating around my brain for a while now. As it's quiet today I thought I would finally try and turn it into coherent words.

Has anyone else read the news story lately about the publishing company which is taking classic novels and adding "missing scenes" of a risqué nature? More under here. )

You'd think, after doing nearly 12,000 words on the subject of fanfiction for my dissertation, I would have got all of this out of my system by now. Mind you, back then the lines were not so blurred...

I need to do another post at some point about season 3 of Glee, as it finished a few weeks back and I've just started a re-watch with Paul. Normally my repeat viewings are not so close behind the initial showing, so it's been quite interesting seeing how certain events at the start of the season have shaped later episodes. I've had some thoughts brewing for a while about the finale anyway, but as this is quite lengthy, it can wait a bit longer...

I have to say, it's refreshing to use my LJ for something a bit more intelligent than office-related rage. If this was a proper blog, I can't quite see it reaching the point of "Julie & Julia". ;)
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I sent off the job thingy this morning, after going through pros and cons this weekend of both my current job and the Legal Assistant one. I have nothing to lose by trying. Having an interview and then thinking about whether or not to accept it is not really an option because of the tight timescales (interviews will be tomorrow, with the person starting on Wednesday), but we'll see what happens.

If it hadn't been for having to email the expression of interest this morning, I wouldn't even be in today, as my back is in pieces. I have no idea why, seeing as I didn't do anything this weekend which might have aggravated it. Friday was spent on the sofa, as was Saturday, and all we did yesterday was hang some pictures to clear a shelf in the bedroom - and even then, Paul did most of the hammering and climbing on chairs. All I can think is that the decision to actually go for the job was a de-stress reaction, as my back does tend to flare up as a result of things like that. But yeah, it suddenly started hurting yesterday about 2.00pm, co-codamol is doing nothing, and I might well go home at lunchtime and lie on the sofa with my wheat-bag again. I was tempted to take Valerian last night... might try that tonight and see what happens. I can't afford to be off sick tomorrow either given there may be an interview happening - hopefully it won't clash with Caroline's maternity leaving lunch as that would be irritating... especially since, you know, if I get this job Tuesday will be my last day sitting with South Team.

Er, yeah, anyway, I will stop projecting possible outcomes. In other news, I had yet another POTO story idea this morning. I blame listening to the Crawford/Streisand "Music of the Night" duet on my MP3 player mostly for this, although frankly it could be the painkillers. :P

Cut because you're not interested in any more of these insane concepts, I'm sure. )

It would have been nice if all these story ideas could have come in a slow trickle rather than hurling themselves into my brain like bloody lemmings. :P

In other other news, now that I've reached the end of my PDR year, GodSquad has taken back the job of tidying up the IKEN contacts. She's just sent an email saying she's going to try and get rid of the duplicated addresses. HAHAHAHA good luck with that. If I didn't have time to do that then I'd love to know why she does, considering the reason I took the job off her in the first place was because she didn't have time!!

In any case, her email is a stark reminder of why I was job-hunting in the first place. So, thanks for reassuring my decision, GodSquad. :P
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I am starting to wish I'd never woken the Erik!Muse up. Whilst he understandably went into shell-shocked hibernation at the arrival of various aliens, movie stars and spacemen in his lair (read: my brain), all that hiding has apparently given him plenty of time to do what he does best and devise insane ideas, which he is now punishing me with as revenge for the invasion of privacy.

Someone please stop me before I think this is a good idea, for the love of anything )

So, let's see how long this one remains in the realm of "not being written, thank you" before I cave under the pressure. :P
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...but for getting distracted by all the work insanity. To update on that situation: Spellathon hasn't put any work in today, and her case summary got finished at some point this morning. That "urgent" case summary, which she demanded for 2.00pm Court run yesterday, is for a hearing which is not until 23rd May. So not only did she panic us unnecessarily, she's now throwing a strop.

I am actually disappointed the hearing is on 23rd May, as I was very much hoping it would have been this morning and she'd turned up to Court without a case summary. :P (As much as she would like to have laid the blame on us, of course, there's no way she could have gotten away with it because it would have been down to her own disorganisation.)

It does sort of feel like she put in all the urgent jobs merely out of spite in the end. It really does need to be taken higher, to her line manager preferably, but I very much doubt that will happen unless she repeats this behaviour again in a few weeks' time - which is very likely as she'll only last a few days doing her own typing - and we all start moaning again.

I still don't know what Moany's problem with Strict was, either, despite having the conversation again this morning with Noor. Apparently after completing the case summary she was "going to bring it up" in her 1:1 (OH NOES) and Noor only went to Senior to apologise for not doing it herself! (Er, her mother was sick, I'd say that takes priority.) So much fail, Moany. SO MUCH FAIL.

Anyway, here's the good thing: the epic POTO/Jack the Ripper crossover thingamabob. [livejournal.com profile] cloudsinvenice - I know you've offered to beta (which does not get [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus off the hook either), if I get that far, and I am going to reveal the main plot as well as the Twisty Ending under the cut so I don't forget things, so if you'd rather not be spoiled you can avoid this bit. :) I know when I used to beta "blind" the surprises were all the more surprising and made things easier to judge, if that makes sense... So yeah, anyway, here goes. This story has become sentient and has a plan to take over the world. )

I told you it was epic. :D

PS: If I fail at Sherlock Holmes fic-writing, I am more than open for [livejournal.com profile] cloudsinvenice to co-write! Frankly, I'm going to need all the help I can get. ;)
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As promised, here is a list of my WIP's. Bearing in mind this is just what's on the computer, not taking into account the hand-written bits and pieces in the Folder of Fanfic. :P

In no particular order except obviously alphabetical. )

So, that's it. I don't particularly want to count, and as I already said, this is just the stuff which is typed; I have no idea how much else I have knocking around - and this list does not include any of my original stuff. I never finish original stories either, so that would be basically all of them.

Erm, any requests? :P
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Buggeration; I've just remembered the other thing I was going to mention re: Sherlock Holmes / POTO nonsense. It completely fell out of my head yesterday.

Cut for obvious reasons and more potential spoilers. )

So, now I've got all the Sherlock Holmes insanity out of my system, I need to clear my brain to attempt to review The Artist tomorrow. I anticipate this will have the same fandom-relating effect except with Sunset Boulevard; silent films are to SB what the Palais Garnier is to POTO.

On that note, it is now lunchtime.
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I've been scribbling a bit more down of the "Whisper" epilogue, not through any conscious effort but merely because it came to me. I do want to finish it, so any extra words are a bonus, but I haven't been actively clamouring for any inspiration.

Cut because nobody cares and because I'm basically hashing stuff out... )

Er, yes. Muses are not a force to be reckoned with, apparently.

In other news...

Two Messiah concerts down now, Christmas Treats on Sunday and then a busy week in the run-up to the Big Day. I'm not particularly looking forward to working the three days between Christmas and New Year, but at least I have the first week in January off to recover...

As for Messiah, apparently our Symphony Hall performance on Friday night was one of our best ever (after the concert, Adrian was apparently beseiged by members of the CBSO singing our praises), apart from us being Classic FM's "Messiah of choice" for the festive season. It even seemed better in Town Hall this year, perhaps because we're now getting more used to the acoustics. I used to prefer the SH performance because the hall is so much bigger, but we can hear a lot better in TH and it all sounded much sharper. (The only trouble with doing Messiah at SH is that we have to sit on the platform rather than in the choir stalls, which perhaps accounts for the fact that we can't hear the orchestra or each other properly...)

Annoyingly, right before the final movement of Part One ("His yoke is easy"), a tickly and painful cough worked its way into my throat. It's not only the highest movement in the entire piece (the only one to go to a top B), it's also full of fiddly semi-quavers, which were impossible to sing through and in fact only made matters worse. Miming is really frelling weird, I have now discovered; I then spent the entire interval coughing and drinking water in an attempt to clear it. Thankfully the second half was okay. :P

Yesterday I went to the carol service at Birmingham Cathedral with some other work people (Sian, who organised it, Kemi, Natasha, Dave and Jerome), which was quite a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Sian read about it in the weekly news bulletin email and then asked around if anyone wanted to join her (I think she didn't want to go on her own) - as it transpired there was someone there from almost every tier of Legal Services from Chief Solicitor to WPO, which was accidental but fortuitous. ;)

Last night Paul and I put another big dent in our Christmas shopping – only a few more bits to get now. I did the post office run this lunchtime; the inland packages should reach their destination on time, but I'm not so sure about Katie's... I might be lucky. :) It would be remiss of me not to get her Christmas present to her on time considering she sent hers early this year. (Alas, I am not that organised.)

Now, the run up looks something like this:-

Sunday (18th) - Christmas concert at Town Hall;
Monday (19th) - Paul at Broken Amp;
Tuesday (20th) - Carmina Burara rehearsal;
Wednesday (21st) - my team lunch, Paul at another gig;
Thursday (22nd) - Christmas food shop;
Friday (23rd) - family over at either ours or Paul's mum's;
Saturday (24th) - pick up goose from butcher, relax a bit, go to pub;
Sunday (25th) - DEATH. Er, I mean, Christmas. :P And it's my turn to make dinner.

Good God, that's a lot of dates. ;)

I hate December.

Work is periodically up and down lately, though where we used to get peaks and troughs on a monthly basis, they are now literally over the course of a day: we go from having nothing to having six urgents in a row.

I intended to post this entry last night (it wouldn’t post at work, though I’m not sure if that’s because of the DDOS attacks or work’s internet being poo, or perhaps a combination of both), as well as work on the epilogue some more, but shopping, wrapping and showing wiped me out.

Also it seems Paul might have ‘flu – actual ‘flu, not man ‘flu. He was shivering last night and couldn’t get warm. His forehead felt normally warm (i.e. not burning up) but yeah, obviously he’s not at work today. As long as I don’t catch it – I forgot to get a ‘flu-jab this year and I have a concert on Sunday!!

Over and out, and Merry Christmas if I don't manage to update before then.
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So, this morning there was a present and card on my desk (I haven't opened it yet, though), which makes up for the lack of anything on Friday... possibly I may have over-reacted a little, though I still feel a little justified about feeling upset at the time. :P

Weekend... )

So, that was that. Paul kept assuring me that Sunday was in fact just a hangover and the rest of my 30s wouldn’t feel like death. :P

In other news, nobody has reviewed “Whisper” yet. :( I suspect anyone who still remembers me from my earlier days in the fandom has now moved on or disappeared, unless by some miracle my reputation precedes me with anyone else… I shan’t be posting the next chapter until I’m sure it’s being read, though, so anyone lurking needs to bloody well tell me so if they want to read any more. :P

Reviews are both a curse and a blessing when it comes to writing fanfic, and somehow I always forget in the excitement of actually getting something to a shareable stage. Ah well. We’ll see.


Oct. 18th, 2011 03:02 pm
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The Phantom fic is finally finished - apart from the epilogue, but there's no rush on that, really - and I've posted the first chapter!


Not sure what the posting schedule will be yet - I haven't ever been in a position of being able to post chapters regularly from a completed story, but I'm glad I made the decision to get it done and dusted before releasing it on the masses. :P

Er, I'll do a proper birthday update when I'm back at work tomorrow. Needless to say it was drunken and I spent much of my actual birthday with a hangover / migraine. :P

Anyway, just thought I'd post that bit of excitement. :D

Now watch it get ignored, unless anyone who has me on author-alert is still alive...


Oct. 10th, 2011 12:03 pm
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This weekend was mostly spent being a massive geek. Apart from this bit which wasn't. )

Anyway, after that wasted morning and early afternoon, we decided to investigate downloading games onto the Wii. Here comes the geekage )

On a final note, I will re-post these details here in case anyone missed them on Facebook:-

30th Birthday Drinks

Saturday, 15th October at 7.00pm at the Kings Head Pub in Bearwood (formerly the Quantum), which is on the corner of Hagley Road and Lordswood Road. If coming by bus you can get the 9, 126 or 140 from Colmore Row (they go from the same stop), all of which stop opposite Bearwood Bus Station (on Hagley Road). Alternatively, if you live on the route, the 11 goes past it. The 11C stops right outside or the 11A on the other side of the road, both on Lordswood Road. It's a pretty massive pub so you shouldn't be able to miss it. :P

If Bearwood is too far away for people then I'm also having post-work drinks at about 4.30ish on the Friday, starting at Colmore Bar & Grill, which is near Pij and part of the new(ish) Premier Inn. Currently there's only two or three definite attendees from my work lot, plus myself and Paul, because... yeah, I'm so popular. :P Caryn is one of the definites and will be slightly late as it's her birthday a day before mine so she's going for a massage (fair enough!) but she assures me people will congregate on the afternoon... clearly she has more confidence in them than me. The other two are Gaynor and Marvin. Hopefully other people will come. :|

Also the time on Friday may be subject to change as inevitably, last minute stuff will crop up... As to Saturday, I'm having a family meal beforehand at 5.00pm and hopefully we'll be done in two hours, but if you arrive and can't see us just send me a text to say you're there and I'll find you afterwards. It's a very nice pub and also very big so hopefully space won't be an issue...

I think that's everything. Work has been annoying as ever, but nothing so horrendous that I've felt the need to blog about it... Tonight I need to unpack some more stuff before I waste my evening on fandom stuff. Oh, adulthood, you great bore...
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I think I need a new icon of some description, containing the words, "I'd rather be ficcing". (I also need to make a new Google Earth "home" icon, now I come to think of it, so maybe I'll do that tonight.)

I'm still very much trapped in Phantom Mode at the moment, whilst trying to maintain momentum on my other 'ships so they don't fall out of my head in the process of finishing "Whisper". Ideas for the ending are coming thick and fast of late and I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up. I very much appreciate being able to write during daylight hours (as opposed to two in the morning), but honestly, brain, why must you always do this when I'm at work?!

Some ramblings about fanfic - including spoilers for my POTO story, if anyone cares... )

Well, that was a lot of words about nothing, wasn't it? At least when I was writing all the time I didn't feel the need to ramble excessively about it. :P

In other news: work is being mildly annoying, still, but I can't be bothered to moan about the same old stuff. Also, I have ten days of my twenties left (meh) and I'll do a Facebook entry about drinks and whatnot. [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus, I need to send you an email also. Watch those respective spaces.

Over and out.
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OKAY. Second attempt at this, as we had a power cut at work and it ate my first draft (and I had to finish it at home because I was busy). Thankfully I hadn't written very much in the way of Actual Thoughts...

And, before I properly begin - HOLY CHRIST IT'S HOT. Apparently it's meant to snow by the end of the week, after averaging about 30 degrees on Saturday just gone. I second [livejournal.com profile] flatline2010's Facebook status - the world is broken.

Anyway, we - Paul, David, my mum and I - went to see Phantom of the Opera last night for its 25th anniversary performance at the Royal Albert Hall - via Vue at Star City, I should say, as tickets for the Albert Hall were £25 for standing only - up in the gods and riiiiight at the back - and £250 per person for a box seat. Frankly, none of us are that rich. :P

We had seats at the middle in the back, which actually were okay because it was showing on Screen 1. I suspect this is better treatment than it would have received at Cineworld had they gotten their grubby paws on it - their description of the plot was decidedly sarcastic on their Twitter feed, to say the least...

The concert / show is being released on DVD and Bluray in November so be warned that if any POTO fans on my f-list are reading this, there will be specific, performance-related spoilers... It was streamed live around the world in any event (and apparently not-so-live as I think there are further showings this week), though obviously taking time zones into account, people may well have missed it.

Review / Ramblings - probably LONG and contains SPOILERS. )

I totally wish Sunset Boulevard were so popular, but alas I feel a 25th anniversary performance of it may be a distant dream. Although at this rate the movie version is never going to get made either, so I suppose that's a blessing in disguise. ;)

Needless to say, I am now suitably reinspired to finish "Whisper", my latest POTO fic, though I may have to change tactic slightly. Fic spoilers / boring stuff )

Watch this space; I might even post it soon!

I was looking online for a photograph to post with this entry, but thanks to the 2004 movie being so prevalent, I failed. In any event, I was going to post a picture of the moment Erik draws Christine through the mirror, or more specifically the moment he actually appears, because basically it's the sexiest thing EVAR and I just... do not know why. Something about the cape and the mask and the smoke, I think; either that or I've finally gone mad. ;)

On that note, I shall flee.
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In the course of - once again - fandom rediscovery, I've been re-reading old fanfic over the past few days. Initially this was just for Sunset Boulevard because that was the fandom in question, then Phantom and, more recently, Voyager because [livejournal.com profile] doec reminded me of a specific story/script and I randomly decided to read that as well - and subsequently reminded myself that one of these days I was going to turn them all into prose. ;) (I wrote script-format fic for Voyager for years, at least until I started writing 'properly' for Farscape and other fandoms in prose...)

Anyway, I digress. Rambling 'neath the cut - this entry ended up a lot longer than I intended... )

One day I will have a moment of blinding clarity where I pinpoint the reason for this fandom; either that or it will remain forever inexplicable. Until then, I shall continue to engage in Epic Character Study Discussions with like-minded friends and enjoy the rollercoaster while it lasts...

Eni - if I don't respond to your latest email today then it will have to wait until I've got the internet, by which point I will have had More Thoughts upon Thoughts, but I promise it'll be the first thing I do. ;)

F-List - I'm on leave for two weeks as of tomorrow and also possibly going to Paris if we can get cheap flights/hotel last minute, so I shall be appropriately silent until Sky come to install our intarwebs. Don't do anything interesting while I'm gone, 'kay?


Jun. 7th, 2011 12:18 pm
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Okay. I really want to talk about last night's episode, mainly because I was flailing too much at the time... This will contain SPOILERS.

Curse you, Sue. )

Unfortunately, it left me so emotionally drained that I didn't get any fic done last night, aside from a few lines when in bed of the Angstfic. I really need to start typing that up and turning it into proper words...

However, I did start another episode tag at work yesterday for "The Eyes of Tiresias", which in my head-canon comes before "The Curious Tale of Mr Spearfish" and henceforth that is the actual episode order. :P (I reject your chronology and substitute my own.) I need to change a couple of aspects but I think it should work as a good grounding for the Theory, in line with the "Black Canary" tag. Hopefully I can get that finished today.

I really want to re-read [livejournal.com profile] redux_08 again (the PotC:AWE rewrite) but am holding off until I get some of the JC fic out of my system, as I don't want to jinx it when I've made so much progress. I was intending to undertake the Redux after I'd had a Pirates marathon, but in capping for the Fandom Meme I essentially... already did that, albeit at 20x speed. ;) And anyway, it's a retelling of AWE so technically I don't need to watch that one, and I caught Dead Man's Chest on BBC2 shortly before seeing On Stranger Tides...

In other news, the house hasn't disappeared off the website yet (from either agent), but Paul did receive a call yesterday from Tom Giles & Co (who were initially letting it) to ask if we were still interested. He politely fobbed them off by saying it was too far out for us (heh!). Either we looked really interested (they didn't follow up at all on the Abbey Road property two weeks ago) or the landlord has told them he's let it through someone else and they're chasing everyone to find out who screwed them over. ;) I'm sure they can't trace it back to us in any event but yeah. I'm hoping our tactical moves haven't caused undue problems. I'll be glad when the credit checks are all done and dusted and we have proper confirmation that we can move in, as currently we're kind of in limbo...

At the end of the day, though, the landlord has said we can have it and, well, he has the final word, and chose to let it through someone else in the first place. Plus I trust Connells, a nationwide company, more than I trust an individual business in Oldbury who dither too long about their properties. Sorry, TG&Co.

Er, yeah. Anyway. I'm a bit out of sorts today as I'm sans-caffeine, thanks to another possible kidney infection from too much coffee and relief from house!stress, so I'm on the water again. I ate a tonne of dried cranberries last night so with any luck I can fight it off by the end of the week...


Jun. 6th, 2011 12:11 pm
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Right, I know Eni is impatient to hear the full story, and I've already shared the news on Facebook and Twitter, but for those who may have missed it...

We has a house! )

We were very busy for the rest of the day after that. After going to my mum's we all headed into Birmingham for the Caribbean Food Festival which Andrea had organised, arriving just in time to hear Dominic (her nephew) performing a set. We tried some punch, had curried goat with rice+peas, sat in the sunshine for a bit and then decamped to a pub to kill time before going to the Crescent for an amateur production of Sweeney Todd.

The production was actually really good, considering it wasn't professional. The two leads were amazing, Sweeney especially. I think because it was final night he may have been giving it a lot more than usual (I think he was crying at the end during the bows so clearly the adrenaline rush had kicked in), but the bit where Sweeney snaps in Act One was incredibly powerful. Mrs Lovett had great comic timing as well. Also Johanna had a really nice voice, which made a change from the last version I saw where she was just a teense too operatic. :)

So yeah, it was pretty good. Unfortunately I still haven't learned not to drink before shows; I went to the loo when we got to the theatre then had a J20 thinking I would be okay, only to have to run to the loo AGAIN 30 minutes into the show because I was bursting, couldn't remember when the interval was and couldn't concentrate... Stupid body.

We didn't get home until about 11.00pm on Saturday, so it was a very long day. On Sunday I finally got to have a lie-in. Thanks to house-viewings, we've had to get up at 7.30 or 8.00 for the past three weeks on a Saturday, so thank anything that's over with. :P We did intend to go down to [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess's for her birthday thingy, but by the time I'd woken up enough to text her everyone else had left, and I didn't fancy contending with Sunday service transport, so we're going to try and meet up at some other point. Seeing as we'll soon be living quite close to her anyway it may be easier to do some kind of mutual new-house-viewing. :)

The writing flurry continues to disrupt my sleep (probably about 2.00am when I finally nodded off last night? I have no idea), but I have now finished the first chapter of the Doomfic and the Angst is coming along nicely, too. I need to start thinking about a title for the Doomfic soon...

Right then, I think that's about everything. I imagine all future house-related posts will be (a) packing stress or (b) unpacking stress, both of which are infinitely better than (c) crap houses stress. ;)
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As wholly anticipated, the sharing of fic and rambling incessantly about Jonathan Creek over the bank holiday weekend has resulted in a fanfiction word-dump of epic proportions. Or, well, epic by my standards these days, anyway. ;) I normally have a writing flurry around February / March so it's a little late coming this year. :P

This will probably get long so I'll cut it... )

In other fandomic news, I'm going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides tonight at IMAX (60ft 3D piratical Johnny Depp, oh yeah baby). It's a shame Keira Knightley and Orlando Spoon Bloom aren't in it, as it sort of scuppers my preferred 'ship and I'm not really looking forward to Penelope Cruz's character as Jack's love interest, but apparently there's a lot of subtext to that relationship, in the latter part of the film, which reflects Jack/Liz, so... yeah. There's a post I have been waiting to read on [livejournal.com profile] sparrabeth about the subject, but I've been holding off until I've seen it and passed my own judgement.

On the plus side, Barbossa's still in it, and Ian Macshane as Black Beard should definitely be interesting - from the trailer it also looks like Keith Richards has made an apperance again as Jack's father, so let's hope he's better used this time. :D (His brief appearance in At World's End was rather overshadowed by the fandom's anticipation of his being there...)

Doubtless I shall review tomorrow, and with any luck the Pirates!Muses won't kill off my Jonathan!Muses in one fell swoop.
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I turned the three-day Bank Holiday weekend into four days by having Friday off. Initially we were meant to use this day for house-viewings but only managed to get one in, on the Saturday. Instead I used Friday to have a much-needed lie-in, and we didn't do anything except go out for a very nice curry at Pangaea in the evening.

House viewing )

After that we went home via town, realising on the way there that it was Pride weekend. We had some breakfast in the Briar (having left too early to have any before), where we ran into Abi and Anna (ex-Inliners), who were fuelling up for the parade. Unfortunately I have been too knackered to enjoy Pride in about four years so we decided against it, instead popping into the Works (picked up a new recipe book, containing useful information on how long to freeze stuff, and some presents for a one-year old), and then into GameStation (three Wii games obtained - Wii Music, Super Paper Mario and a Star Wars game for Paul).

I spent the rest of Saturday catching up on EastEnders and watching How to Train Your Dragon, which was quite good, whilst Paul was out for Jon's birthday drinks at the Yardbird (I wasn't in the mood for a loud pub or going out again).

On Sunday we went to Jen and Dave's for Acacia's first birthday bash. We had bought her a harmonica (well, that was more for Dave) and a duck hand-puppet that quacked three different tunes (Frere Jacques, London Bridge and Old MacDonald, if I remember rightly). It took Paul and I at least an hour to figure out that the different 'notes' the duck quacked were not random; shamefully, Dave figured it out in about three seconds. :P

I had taken an antihistamine before going to Jen and Dave's because they have cats, except I foolishly bought Sainsbury's own the last time because they were half the price of Benadryl for twice as many tablets, and only realised they weren't non-drowsy about half an hour later. Thankfully the party didn't last too long and we were back home again by about 3.00. I pottered about online for an hour or so and then joined Paul in a two-hour nap.

Oh, I forgot to mention - our oven is broken again. As a first attempt Paul stuck down the bottom lip of the seal again in the hope that would help, as it appeared to be not heating up and circulating cold air, but after a quick Google search it transpires it's the heating element that's broken. It is actually very easy to replace oneself if the oven is set up in such a way as to be able to unscrew it by just taking the back wall of the cavity off, except (of course) with ours you have to go in from behind, which means disconnecting the electrics. So that'll have to be a call-out job (found somewhere online which will do it for about £120 all in, which is cheaper than a new cooker). Thankfully the grill acts as an oven also, so we've had to use that. As a result, however, we ended up ordering pizza on Sunday night.

I can pretty much guarantee that once we've fixed the oven, the next thing to die will be our fridge. The door seal is not looking healthy as it is, and this flat seems content to drive me mad before we get a chance to move. :P

Fandom-Filled Monday )

Back at work today and it's a long time until my next leave. Once Paul's leave year refreshes in July I need to book my time off in September for a holiday, but I will probably need a day or two before then in any case... No choir tonight as it was a bank holiday yesterday and also half-term this week, so we're going to the gym instead, with our last personal training session tomorrow. Or, well, we're going to ask if we can drop to an hour per fortnight for a bit as £80 per month (£40 each) is more manageable than £160...

Ah, and it's now midday so I can post this. Huzzah.

PS: It has just occurred to me that I could use the Wayback Machine to retrieve my old Brinkster site, possibly. Hmmm. *scratches imaginary beard*
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Thanks to last night's epic post and picspam I couldn't get to sleep thanks to Random Jonathan Creek Thoughts for various fics that I have on the go. (Also I was exceedingly restless for some reason and couldn't get comfortable - I think it's the weather getting slowly warmer.)

Nothing to see here... and probably only of interest to one person. :P )

...what did I tell you? ALWAYS FEBRUARY when this happens. It will now continue for the rest of the month and some of March before I dry up again. I don't understand it and I can't explain it, but it's the best I can hope for lately so I shan't complain.

Work irritation to post also, but that can wait until tomorrow, as we have a team meeting this afternoon and doubtless there will be more to add. :P
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As ever, new Jonathan Creek has inspired me to RITE MOAR FICK. As a result of which I am getting No Sleep and can absolutely guarantee that when I'm actually on leave and have time to indulge the addiction, my Muse will flee for the hills. Because it's cruel like that. Maybe this time it'll actually be nice to me for a change. *crosses fingers*

My episode write-up/review/thoughts prompted a comment tennis with Eni, which is self-evident. To save you having to translate the flailing incoherence (literally!), here are some details about the fic ideas that came to fruition in the process. Obviously these are mostly for my own benefit, because I've been half-planning this fic since the last special, and thanks to last night's tennis it now has something resembling a plot!

Epic JC Fic of Doom (3) )

So, that's that. Potentially quite en exciting project. Actually, I haven't been this excited about a fic since "Breakfast on Sunset" resurfaced in the midst of my post-Sunset madness, and it's somewhat refreshing to get that feeling back. :)

Title suggestion, anyone?
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I think this office has something against me. Not content with breaking my chair, on Friday my monitor had lost some pixels - just a line or two at the bottom, across the task bar. This morning they've spread to incorporate my top left hand corner and most of the title bar.

Thankfully IT are going to order me a new one, and it doesn't affect my actual working area too badly... yet.

Weekend )

At some point this weekend we also attempted to watch the final episode of Psychoville on replay, only to discover that despite putting every other bloody episode on there, the BBC have decided not to put the last one on there. I suspect this is because the DVDs have just been released. Hopefully it'll be on the online iPlayer somewhere, though. Stupid BBC.

We decided to watch a film and, after several minutes of perusing the On Demand films without success, decided on the awful-sounding Deadgirl, whose summary actually made it sound worse than it really was. Comments / spoilers )

On Sunday morning Phil turned up to fix / replace our kitchen light (so at least we can now cook properly in the evening), without any warning. We knew he was coming at some point this weekend, and he happened to turn up just as I was getting out of the shower. He then borrowed Lisa's chair to turn off the fuse in the porch, resulting in her shouting irritatedly up the stairs at us... A bit later on when Paul popped out to get cigarettes, he thought Lisa was blanking him, but it turned out later she just had her headphones on and couldn't hear him, and also that she was annoyed with Phil for not warning us when he would turn up, as she was in her nightdress when he arrived, rather than annoyed with us... though we probably should have warned her nonetheless.

We decided to go to Wetherspoon's for Sunday dinner because I couldn't be bothered to cook. So, five minutes before we left, my body decided to punish me for no apparent reason with crippling stomach pain. So I barely even managed half of my roast pork before we had to go home. I ended up having a fitful nap for about an hour or so (thankfully some of the pain had subsided by then) and we watched telly for a few hours. I caught the last hour or so of the shot-for-shot remake of Psycho (not as bad as anticipated; Vince Vaughn should do more serious films) and we started watching a docu-drama on Peter Sellers that we taped about two years ago and forgot about, starring Geoffrey Rush. Always an underrated actor, IMHO. Didn't finish watching that, as I was tired, except then thanks to my nap I didn't actually nod off until around 1.30...

Paul also has a bad stomach this morning so it's obviously something we both ate. I suspect it was the remaining sausages from the fridge. I felt somewhat ill halfway through eating mine, and Paul finished them off... There was nothing in our Experimental Tea which might have poisoned us (it was basically just chicken, tomato and onions) so that only leaves the sausages...

Still a bit grumbly this morning. I wouldn't mind, but I've been good all week - no takeaways, sandwiches with brown bread, and mostly real food with vegetables included. Stupid body.

Bit of a hectic week coming up. It's my mum's birthday tomorrow (need to finish stuff tonight and wrap presents) and we may or may not be seeing her then, depending on what they're doing... I have half of Thursday off as flex, so will be going to get my hair cut at lunchtime, then Paul and I are going to the Bodyworks exhibition at the O2 on Friday (£28 for the coach tickets - yay National Express), then I'm going to We Will Rock You on Saturday afternoon (mum's birthday present) with her and David, then we're going to La Fibule for dinner in the evening.

I do believe that's everything.

No, wait, fic stuff... )

Right, THAT is everything. ;)
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One of the office printer is making a noise that sounds suspiciously like "om nom nom" whenever it feeds paper through. It keeps making me snigger but I can't explain why, because I don't think anyone would get it...

This morning Paul's 6.30 alarm woke me from a potentially interesting (if surreal) Sunset Boulevard-related dream. It differed somewhat from my usual fare of SB dreams, but obviously only came about because I re-read the prologue and first chapter of the SB/BaT crossover last night. Clearly, it doesn't take much for it to re-invade my brain. I'll post it under a cut out of sheer laziness because I can't be bothered to do a separate entry...

Bizarre SB dream )

Er, yes. *pats brain* Whatever, dear.

The other thing I want to talk about is this...

[livejournal.com profile] joetimewaster posted a link recently to the marvellous Sims 3 story of Kev and Alice (stick it in Google - I believe it's on Wordpress somewhere), which is absolutely frelling wonderful. As a result of this, I have come to the following two conclusions:-

  1. I have thus far avoided being sucked into the brain-destroying, life-eating land of the Sims (save for several hours wasted on Sim City 2000) purely through self- and sanity-preservation. I know my tendencies. I have an addictive personality when it comes to stuff like this. However, that being said, I must have Sims 3. Alas, at present I have neither sufficient RAM nor enough hours in my life, so it'll have to wait until one or the other becomes available. ;)

  2. This is quite possibly the future of fanfic. I know in the past that people have created character simsets out of fun, but seeing as how Sims 3 seems to be almost akin to artificial intelligence in the way the characters develop, the possibilities are endless! Plus it would be kind of fun to create your favourite characters and see how alike you can get them to 'real life' with personality traits, and then see if they interact in the same manner. Fascinating. :D

In other news, I have been sucked well and truly into Big Brother this year - how adorable was Sree last night? Rodriguo FTW! Or possibly Lisa. Or Angel. And I think Freddie/Halfwit/Anarchist Tory is going on Friday by the looks of things. And GAH Marcus is annoying - for which I apologise profusely, and I got my hair cut last night, but nothing much else. :)
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If anyone was wondering where yesterday's entry went, I re-filtered it to a more selective friend-group. If you can still see it, this paragraph does not apply. :P

Paul didn't go out last night as intended because I was upset; we had comforting soup for tea (although I'd bought myself a curry from Marks and Spencer, self-indulgently, in the event that he did go out) and I finally got around to typing up the end of my Jonathan Creek "Omega Man" fic, to share with Eni and distract her from her kitchen ceiling stress.

Also had some very good news over the course of the evening - effectively ending this bloody three-bad-things awfulness - but I probably won't share that for a while.

I'm feeling better this morning. Paul has some options, we discussed them last night, and even though the choices aren't perfect they are nonetheless a whole lot better than unemployment. The sun has finally come out again, also, which has lifted my mood a bit (quite terrifying how much the weather suited my general state of mind last night - we went to the pub and got completely soaked in the downpour), and we have a team lunch this afternoon at Bella Italia - pleasant food and pleasant company. (Goodness me, it's nice not to dread team lunches...)

I seem to be cursed by odd-numbered years. Possibly this is a self-fulfilling prophesy, but it's still quite strange.

I have a photo to post and an icon to make, which is this weekend's task. I also have an overdue embroidery scan to share. Bad Stuff tends to put a damper on any kind of positive productivity, hence why I forced myself to finish typing up my fic last night, despite not really being in the mood and spending some portion of the allocated two hours fiddling with Winamp to update my 'all tracks' playlist with newly-ripped music. (On that note, I am currently addicted to both "Drastic Fantastic" by KT Tunstall and "Day & Age" by the Killers. The latter is absolutely amazing, incidentally. I also caught Brandon Flowers on Jonathan Ross the other week and his prettiness only made my unprecedented Killers-addiction all the worse. :P)

Anyway. Bad Stuff is rubbish, but this too will pass. Eventually. In future I will consider more carefully how/where I post my horrific over-reactions to set-backs, however, if only out of self-preservation of my sanity.

I think that'll do.
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So, I have two day trips to blog about and a meme to do. I was insanely busy at work on Tuesday and Wednesday (as a knock-on effect of having to help out West/East teams the Wednesday before [i.e. the 20th], resulting in almost falling behind in our own team's work) and didn't find time to update, and then have been too tired / disinclined to actually update whilst at home.

I also have another embroidery scan to post when I get home, as I've finally finished the insane amount of mid-brown. I started the darkest shade of green yesterday then realised I'd completely misread the colour chart and done it all the wrong colour - thankfully there wasn't too much of it, but still, a good three hours' worth of work to redo...

Anyway. I'm just taking a little break before commencing the three-tape dictation of DOOM that is sitting on my desk. Super-long entry commences... NOW!

Day Trip to Glastonbury, Saturday 23rd May )

After that was the bank holiday weekend, and as far as I can remember I don't think we did anything. Paul was working on the Monday anyway, so I doubt anything exciting happened. I was then at work for two days, before having flex and annual leave on Thursday and Friday.

(Half) Day Trip to Worcester, Thursday 28th May )

Aaaand finally, the meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] 803am...

Comment to this entry and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You must then update your journal and answer the following questions:

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3. Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
4. Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5. Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

I was given Farscape, Jonathan Creek and The X-Files by Eni... Here we go... Probably LONG )

Phew. *wipes brow*

Oh, and finally finally (honest), talking about Jonathan Creek, have some fic-like ramblings... )

Right, that's enough for one day. Normal service will be resumed shortly. *posts and runs*


May. 21st, 2009 05:15 pm
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I went to drop off the prescription at lunchtime and they have put a note on it saying I need it by Friday. So I'll ring up tomorrow to find out. I didn't get to eat until 2.00pm, however, because the traffic conspired against me all the way there and back, and then there were people EVERYWHERE as I was trying to get some food on the way back to work.

Listening to music on the way back, I was reminded (yet again) of an idea I keep having for a Carnivále fic, of all things. Whenever I hear "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" by Cher I want to write a story set at some point in the future after the series - I have thus far held off on actually thinking too hard about it because we haven't finished watching the second/final season yet, and I have no clue how it might end. But in any case... )

Right, another day over. Just hanging around to see if there are any amendments to the urgent I just finished, and then I can go home...
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Firstly, Yesterday )

Secondly - AGAIN - my GP surgery.

Thus. )

Also I have no sodding money (so what else is new), except we've run out of food and need to go shopping, and with the current natural (rather than economic) climate I'm beginning to feel like I haven't seen the sun since That Heatwave of 2005 and may never do so again for the foreseeable. Was that the sun's last hurrah or something? It's been bloody dire ever since.

A somewhat better thing is that last night I actually got a decent amount of words done on my Jonathan Creek "Omega Man" tag fic - some of it typed, then a bit more when I went to bed. I won't say anything remotely pre-emptive at this point about where I might post it or whatever, because that's usually a recipe for utter failure. So: I've done a bit of writing, and we'll leave it at that.

I'm so glad I have three days off next week.
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Just going through my 'Personal' folder at work in an effort to find something to finish (I have various bits of writing knocking around in there - the folder is hidden and the majority of its contents password protected, so hopefully nobody will stumble on it...) and came across the following.

I started it about two (?) years ago after posting my Jonathan Creek drabble, "The Thin Blue Line" (which has now grown into "A Lot to Answer For"). In that post I asked people to suggest fandoms for further drabble efforts, and had two votes for Red Dwarf, so attempted it.

It's been sitting in the folder for all that time, at the grand total of 38 words. Barely even half a drabble. As I am unlikely to finish it, I thought I'd throw it out to the f-list to see if any interested parties fancy having a go...

It's set in series 7, though my episodic knowledge is rather sparse these days. That episode where Lister dreams about Ace, at any rate.

Want, take, have, credit, as they say.

He missed Rimmer. This wasn’t the best realisation Lister had ever come to. It wasn’t the sort of thing people did in polite society. Missing Rimmer. And of course, that smegging dream kept coming back to haunt him.

I mean, it's not bad, I just have no idea how to finish it, if I ever knew in the first place.

One for the slash fans, maybe? ;)

Other news: possibly TMI )

I also have my interview for the act-up post tomorrow, 12.30pm. Gaynor assures me I don't have to wear a suit (I'm not even sure if the bloody thing still fits...) but I will probably at least attempt to be vaguely smart for the occasion. Wednesday is my early day, so I won't have to wear it for long. They will announce the successful applicant at 2.00pm, who will then subsequently get the chance to minute the team meeting at 2.30pm... ;)

To-do list for tonight: (1) have shower; (2) remove nail varnish (perhaps re-polish with other colour?); (3) sort out outfit / try it on; (4) attempt to have an early night.

I am still in alternating states of panic and serene calm, which I imagine will be the case until I know for certain either way. It does mean that for the moment I can't actually fill out my PDR properly because I might be changing job roles, so it's all a bit up in the air.

Anyway, wish me luck.

Nothing much else to report. I should hopefully be going to Glastonbury with [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings on the 23rd, so need to investigate train times (to Bristol) this week, and probably book my tickets in advance, given they were horrendously expensive last time. That's after I double-check the date in my diary to make sure I'm not doing anything. Should be able to take lots of photographs, in any case. :)
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I mentioned this briefly on Twitter, but here is the longer version.

I had this incredibly surreal dream yesterday morning that I absolutely cannot remember in the slightest, except that I think I was trying to escape from cavaliers / terrorists / pirates (all three at once), woke up briefly and then went into another dream wherein I was trying to describe the previous dream to my mum. Odd.

Before that dream, however, I can remember having a very brief JC-related bit of randomness before Paul's alarm went off at 5.45am and woke me up (he'd forgotten to turn it off from the day before). All I can remember is that it was set at the end of series 3 and they'd just finished this harrowing investigation, and had decided to go on holiday somewhere. There was some mention of how much time Adam would let Jonathan have off, and that's all I can remember.

Afterwards, I ended up not being able to get to sleep for another hour or so (thus leading into the surreal and mostly-forgotten dream above) and ended up with two vaguely interesting JC fic ideas.

The first is the "Omega Man" tag I wanted to do, though at the moment all I have for that is a couple of random images which may not lead anywhere.

The second is a post-series 3 notion incorporating a scene which was going to be in my last chapterfic effort before it dried up. Details )

That's about it, really. I should probably go to bed.
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My hips are absolutely killing me today, I can only assume as a result of yesterday's jaunt around the park. That's what you get for not leaving the house for two weeks, I suppose.

So, I've done nothing very much at all today as a result, other than bring laundry from the attic (carefully) and change the sheet on the bed-sofa in the living room, which now looks a lot tidier.

Under the cut is the first scan of many of my latest embroidery project. I would post what the finished product is meant to look like, but that would ruin it. ;)

Scan 1/? )

This one will probably keep me going for a good while. I need to stop now because I've nearly reached the edge of my 10" hoop and am waiting for the frame to arrive from Readicut so I can get on with it properly.

And that's it. I do have a random JC post-ep fic idea wandering in my brain (for "The Omega Man") and also want to talk about series 3 in general in terms of Jonathan/Maddy (which... yeah, very interesting... there's a level I'd not noticed before and I need to write it down once Paul and I finish the re-watch) before it all goes to buggery with "Satan's Chimney". The post-ep story doesn't really have a plot yet, just an image. That ending is just... cruel and unfair, and needs something doing to it. I shall probably put it on [livejournal.com profile] jonathancreek if it doesn't get too long, to at least scout out potential interest / audience for "A Lot to Answer For" should it ever get further off the ground...

Anyway, that's all for today.
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...for fear it'll come back and bite me in the eema, but in any case...

We are now over halfway through series 3 of Jonathan Creek (only two more episodes with Maddy in *sniff*), today getting through "The Omega Man" and "Ghost's Forge" (no idea why the title of the episode has an apostrophe when the entire point of the episode is that the house name does not - David Renwick messing with our minds, or just lazy editing?).

Anyway, whilst watching "The Omega Man", I was bitten on the ankle by a rabid plot bunny demanding I write a crossover with X-Files. The presence of the US Government just makes it TOO EASY. I can totally imagine how it starts.

Mulder: Hey, Scully, I got tipped off about this great case in England, wanna hear?

Conversation / file gets intercepted or whatever, cue the US Government getting shipped out to England to capture the so-called EBE in order to Deny All Knowledge, which then subsequently disappears into thin air and results in Jonathan ending up on the case (as per the episode), and Scully, eventually, being right for once that it wasn't paranormal in the slightest. :D

I will absolutely not be writing this idea - *squishes plot bunny* - but just wanted to let it air itself in public before I file it safely away in the "Not In A Million Lifetimes" drawer.


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