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I've had a bit of an entry going around my brain all weekend and have not quite gotten around to formulating it into anything concrete. To be honest, though, I don't think I'll bother, as I don't think articulating it in an artistic fashion will really help. I'm having a fandom-related emotional crisis at the moment wherein my supposed writing abilities are in question, and am in a bit of a quandary. I'm hoping some of the reaction can be attributed to PMT - which is what I explained my bad mood away as this weekend - becase I am getting occasional twinges of "wimmins", but it might just as easily be another bloody UTI from all the coffee I have to drink to function as a human being first thing in the morning.

Less coherent version here. )


In other news, my choir is dumb. Our next concert is shaping up to be an epic failure in terms of attendance. It's supposed to celebrate our 90th birthday, so in their infinite wisdom the concert planning group decided (a) to schedule it for 5th November - Bonfire Night - when people will have much better things to be doing involving, y'know, fireworks, and (b) to perform two pieces nobody has heard of. And then they wonder why nobody's buying any tickets. Like the Bach Mass, we are required to attend a certain amount of rehearsals in order to do the concert, and thanks to missing a few this season I'm on the borderline again.

This season is insane, as usual. We have no less than six concerts before January (I'm doing five of them), like Christmas isn't busy enough already. Once again I'm finding the constant pressure to attend and sell tickets to things people don't want to see to be tiring, and once again I'm considering leaving - the changes they keep making "for the better" seem only to make everything more pressured. One of those pre-January concerts is Carmina Burana with the Royal Philharmonic and that's literally the only thing - aside from the Christmas stuff - keeping me there at present, but at this rate I don't think I'm going to have the energy for it, especially as I'm working on 30th December when we're doing said concert. Messiah mid-week is exhausting enough before Christmas.

I'm pretty sure hobbies are not supposed to be this bloody irritating.
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All this LJ DDoS attack stuff is making me paranoid about losing eight years of my life, so I've backed up my LJ to Dreamwidth.

Predictable username is predictable

Obviously if it all gets sorted I'll continue to use LJ. :P

Edit: Or, well, still waiting on the entries to copy over. But you knew what I meant...

Layout Woe.

Dec. 3rd, 2009 10:31 pm
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I had this brilliant idea to attempt my new Priscilla-themed layout, because I remembered many moons ago doing a temporary Rocky Horror layout wherein I used Component and managed to position a banner at the very top of the page, and subsequently drop all the component-y bits below the banner. So I made a lovely banner for my knew layout (it was humungous, though, in retrospect) only to discover that either (a) my memory of which layout I used is faulty or (b) they've stopped using that function these days.


As Eni is more than likely interested, I then turned my banner into a background, but now have no clue what to do with it. So for her benefit only, it's here.

Anyway, I've reverted back to my good old traditional Component layout for now. It's been a while.

I frelling hate S2. Always have and always will. I was happy learning S1 before they changed it. BAH.
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So, on Saturday night we went to see a delightful piece of cinema entitled Antichrist... Commentary and spoilers, though it's only on until Wednesday if you live in Birmingham... )

Small things have been irritating me this weekend. I have ordered a new printer from e-Buyer (£80 all in for the printer, USB cable and spare cartridges, plus £10 delivery charge), and did so on Friday night in the hope that next day delivery would result in getting it on Saturday. Obviously, they don't deliver on Saturdays except for an extra charge, and it wouldn't have been until this weekend. So it's arriving on Tuesday (note to self: remind Lisa so she is hopefully in), which is still okay because I ordered it so I could copy some CDs for my mum. Except then I forgot my bloody password, and the 'changed password' link they emailed me didn't work, so we had to set up an account in Paul's name to bloody order the thing. Thankfully there was no hassle with PayPal, and I didn't have to contend with the Lloyds TSB cardsafe thinger, which I've literally had to change the password on about sixteen times because I didn't remember which one I'd used. I think the first time it turned out that by 'Password', they meant 'Mother's Maiden Name', but I've had to change it so many times I've run out of memorable passwords - there are only three or four I use for most things. So anyway, that entire thing was aggravating.

Then I was generally annoyed by Cineworld being crap with their screening times and extortionate prices (and the fact that we wouldn't be able to see it off peak because they're only showing peak-time screenings).

THEN, on Sunday I got annoyed with the sewing machine, whilst trying to adjust Paul's new trousers. For starters, the bobbin clutch wheel is completely stuck closed, and I don't have a screwdriver with a narrow enough shaft to try and loosen the screw, which I think may help - though if not I have no other solution. Thankfully I then found a bobbin with black thread on it - though my other solution was to use my JML travel sewing machine just to create a bobbin - except I think it's different thread to my main reel, so I absolutely could not get the stitch tension right. In the end I gave up and tacked them by hand, but I'm going to buy some better quality black thread tonight, make a bobbin from scratch and try again. It's annoying because when I made my tie-backs the machine was working perfectly.


It seems the root cause of my annoyance is just Things Not Working, to be honest. Which is entirely understandable.

To top that off, this morning MS Word ate a memo I'd typed before I had a chance to save it, after I'd deleted the tape. Thankfully the file note was still intact. Bloody thing. I assume it was a temporary network fritz (as usual), but still annoying.

Reet then, nothing else to report. Hopefully we will be able to see Coco Before Chanel (preferably without morons in the cinema) before it ceases to show anywhere... Also hope to be back on track with sandwich-making for work this week, as we were very bad last week. We are also back on track with Real Food, as I made a beef bourgignon last night and we're having chilli tonight...


Oct. 20th, 2008 11:57 am
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I still can't access my Yahoo!Mail, even at work. I am now of the opinion that this is definitely Their Problem.

If you need to email me for whatever reason, you'll have to use teylaminh at cliffhanger dot com.

I can get LJ comment notifications from the homepage, thankfully...
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Once again, I am having trouble logging into my Yahoo!Mail. I cleared my history and TIFs the other day and it worked for about three days but now is refusing to load again. All other Yahoo! pages are fine.

The 'Answers' section seems to imply this is definitely a Yahoo problem rather than anything to do with my browser / connection / PC, and also quite possible a conflict with IE7. Given it will load at work (who are still in the Dark Ages with IE5), I'm somewhat tempted to believe that... Also, this is a new PC (as in, only four months old) and it was working absolutely fine until only a few days ago.

Of course, it could also be Virgin being arses.

I'm going to download Firefox to see if it'll load through that - any other suggestions in the meantime?

(Annoying. I was going to start re-tagging my LJ, but it'll have to wait now.)

Edit, 1.13: There are multiple questions on the Yahoo Answers section about this, so I'm just going to assume that it's them being the suck. Good to know it's not just me, though bloody typical that my account is one of those affected.

I started re-tagging, going backwards. Got as far as June 2008. This is going to take weeks...


Jun. 11th, 2008 06:49 pm
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Well. We have a vaguely Derren Brown-themed layout. Mostly pleased with it other than the fact that the bloody entry borders simply WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY in S2 for some ungodly reason. Annoying. And obviously, LJ "no longer supports" S1 any more.

Anyway. There we go. Gone for a slightly different colour scheme than my usual, also...

Edit, 23.07: It's now vaguely more presentable. Tabular Indent remains the only layout I can do what I want with, but it's temperamental and annoying. I will probably tweak it again at some other point. I completely fail to see the point of being able to make entry boxes transparent when the "blank" command doesn't work for, e.g. the header / sidebar. Rather defeats the purpose.

Ah well. Expect temporary fritzing and changes if you happen to wander over...


Feb. 8th, 2006 08:55 am
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Okay, LJ.

I appreciate that you're trying to make the site more secure. But you have caused annoying problems at the same time:

LJ-esque rant beneath here )

I'm quite tempted to email them, actually, because surely the more people bring up this point, the quicker it'll get resolved. I hate emailing support, though, because they usually send you an automated response until you bug them enough that they read it properly...

So, currently quite annoyed about this, as my journal layouts take a lot of time to do, as did my mood theme, and the fact that neither of them are working is really not very amusing.

In other news, I need to take a trip to the jewellery quarter today, because if I don't I'll never get the thing I need to do done in time. It would help if I had the thing in question with me, of course. Never mind. I'll just be information-gathering today, and can hopefully sort it all out on Friday.


Edit, a few seconds later. OKay, the style codes aren't broken after all. But it's the principle of the thing, as other people have also complained about this. Unless they just fixed it in the past ten minutes...


Feb. 6th, 2006 09:18 pm
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Well, until LJ fixes the mood icon glitch, I'll just have to use one of the defaults.

I think the solution may be to delete it and start again, but apparently even after you do that it defaults all the picture URLS to "#invalid", and doesn't let you edit it.  Which is annoying.


I think I might go and watch Sunset Blvd.  It's been a while...


Jan. 30th, 2006 10:23 pm
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Things that are Aggravating, Things that are Good, and Things that are Strange.

The fact that I've been trying to book tickets online for Jerry Springer: The Opera since lunchtime and our crappy BCC internet connection refuses to load the damn pages and so does AOL because it's a complete bastard.  I've asked my mother to book them for me tomorrow, but I'll try it again first thing tomorrow morning at work when the entire council and its dog aren't trying to access their online email or whatever.

Despite both my Matalan and Amazon money being paid out of my account, I'm still £142 in credit.  But my rent and ticket-buying will kill that pretty swiftly, alas...

I had a dream about Harry Potter last night.  I would ordinarily filter my dreams but this one doesn't need much interpreting... though quite why I'm dreaming of Harry Potter, I don't know.  From what I remember, they were all in about their fifth year (they all looked about 16 or so, and this was movieverse) and had to undertake some kind of project, either in small groups or individually (that wasn't particularly clear).  Harry had, for some reason, asked Snape for advice on his project, and Snape had shown him to a Top Secret Room in a bit of the castle that only he had the key for.  There was a lock on the door that was specifically designed "to make sure the ghost was locked in", but I have no idea why... I've neve heard of a ghost-proof lock, either, but there we go.

So Harry found whatever it was he was looking for, and then Ron and Hermione came to look for him, and they were a couple... in fact, they were a very couply couple indeed.  Hermione was wearing a pale blue jumper, too.  I don't know why that's relevant, but it sticks in my memory.

I am quite confused by this dream because a) I'm not remotely obsessed with Harry Potter, as it's mostly just a passing interest and b) I don't know enough about it to even ascertain my favourite 'ship, though I understand that Ron/Hermione is a popular one.

So, yeah.  That was odd.
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But luckily, the feeling is quite mutual at the moment.

eBay.co.uk has worked perfectly well from home before now, or so I am led to believe, until the day when I acutally want t frelling well buy something and then it plainly refuses to load the bidding page.

(Voyager seasons 1-7 are currently at £92, y'see...)

Screw this, I'm going to spend money on Amazon.

AOL, if I ever meet you or any of your staff, I will personally stab you to death with a rusty spork.  You bastard.


Jan. 5th, 2006 07:46 pm
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However, I have just discovered that my website doesn't work.  The account has apparently expired, even though I paid them in full about two weeks ago and everything on my account at the site is telling me I'm paid up.  I'm hoping it's just a glitch.  I'm pretty sure it was working the other day because my mood icons were all showing up.  Meh. I mean, I have all the main pages saved to my hard drive, but that's beside the point, rather.

Edit 19.58: Automated response came through telling me to visit the payments page. Which I did. AND IT SAYS I'VE PAID FOR EVERYTHING! I have the email from them to say "payment received", the money has left my account, the invoice also says "PAID" on it. Someone made a mistake. I wonder how many more times I get to reply to the automated response before someone actually pays attention...?

Edit 20.33: Got an actual response; apparently I registered the domain with my old another.com email address and then the hosting with the new one. Except my another.com account has expired and I can't log in with it (and can't get the password emailed to me, either, because I can't access it) so now I'm sort of stuck. But at least their helping people are actually helpful.

Edit 21.38: Sorted! The very nice helpdesk person moved the domain account to the current email address so it's now all paid for. Panic over. I'm definitely going to leave them some nice feedback. :)
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LiveJournal just ate my entry.

I'm too tired to type it all again.

So you'll have to make do with this one instead.
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Chapter 12 of Sweet Intoxication, after another year-long hiatus.  It's not good, but dammit, it's something.

Things that are annoying about fanfic.net:

1) The new layout is horrendously confusing.  I mean, really.  It's better, certainly (there's finally a 'delete chapter' function, which has been long overdue), but confusing.
2) The summary section, not content with already stripping the "/" symbol and making pairing notation impossible, now strips the frelling hyphens as well, which just made my update-note look like it was written by someone with no knowledge of grammar.  Which is irritating.

I'm sure there are more, but I covered them in [livejournal.com profile] stop_the_badfic many moons ago.

It annoys me in general that they have to resort to such methods to stop crappy writers from writing imcomprehensible summaries.  They try to make the site more accessible, but they move further and further from their motto ("Unleash your imagination and free your soul!") whenever they do.

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We've had AOL Gold Broadband nearly a year now, and during that time I've been unable to use MSN Messenger because AOL are bastards.

We're getting rid of AOL soon.

But the fact remains, not having MSN has resulted in my bout of antisociability online in general.


Also, unrelated: I had a brilliant idea for a new MH icon this morning on the bus. Well, technically, I half-had the idea about three months ago when I bought Series 3 on DVD and watched the Tamworth Castle episode, but it finally solidified into a proper idea this morning. It's also a format I might use for any upcoming "my fandom" icons for Jonathan Creek, if it works.

Yay, random creativity...
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In an addition to yesterday, now only my LJ friends can comment.

Trolls, anonymous or otherwise, are effectively banned.

You have a vendetta against me, that's fine, but I don't have time for it. 'Kay? Have a nice life.
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My post for [livejournal.com profile] mosthauntedgeek will have to come a day late, as I left it at work.  And AOL's being a pain in the proverbial and won't load any pages... except, of course, it's an evil bastard of an ISP, so IE won't load any pages, either.  *kicks it*

Anyway.  Yesterday evening was mostly taken up with finding cinema listings (my God, there's nothing on at the moment; the only two watchable things seem to be The Interpreter - NicoleKidmanYay! - or Constantine... or possibly Valiant) and playing YIM!Pictionary with Eni, which was... entertaining.  I only really recall Zhaan vanquishing Scorpius with her Rainbow of Doom, but it was incredibly amusing nonetheless...

Today was.. blah.  I think I'm coming down with something as my throat's killing me and I can practically feel my sinuses filling with goop.  In fact, Paul and I spent a good fifteen posts or so complaining about the fact that we were both ill, though he seems somewhat the worse for wear...  Anyway, there was a meeting this morning with Owen about the impending inspection that's happening on 4th July, which eventually turned into a tirade from various Social Workers and Team Managers.  Cynthia and I were the only people from our team in attendance since nobody else had arrived, and it didn't really concern us that much anyway.

By the end of it I was about ready to collapse - we got there pretty much last and there were no seats/tables left to sit on so we had to stand, and I think I've discovered why the rest of the building's so damned cold - all the heat is apparently being pumped directly into CM4's office, the buggers...

So that was scintellating. Not.

Spent the rest of the day idly ambling through work, trying to avoid doing any distributions because I thought we'd run out of blue paper, though there is apparently now more in admin so it must've bred overnight.  I think I did about one actual set of minutes and then spent the rest of the day copying out old Strategy Meetings into the new template.  I think doing anything more cognitive would've resulted in my falling asleep, though.

Things got slightly more entertaining when Liz H reappeared from her CPRSMT (whatever it stands for) meeting, complete with a copy of the Children Act 2004... which she wanted three copies of so each of our Chairs had their own copy.  So that took another half an hour, after I'd copied each individual page and then sent it through the copier again to get it double-sided... I did manage to get rid of the insanely long single-sided version by giving it to the Social Worker who randomly requested a copy when she saw me doing it...  Of course, I got back upstairs and was told that the entire thing's available on the Internet anyway... >.<

Blaaah.  Need sleeeeep.
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I just tried to find a page on the old fahrbot site over at Brinkster, only to find that the site no longer exists, due to 6 months of inactivity.  Which is fair enough, because I was going to move things to a sub-domain on teylaminh-dot-com at some point anyway (though also annoying, because the files are spread across two computers and also probably mostly lost unless I can manage to log back into the old subdomain on averre-dot-net...) so it doesn't matter that much.  Except that Eve's nursing site was also hosted there.

So I check my old Zircona site on a whim, to find that thats been bloody well deleted, too, for the same reason.  Every.  Single. Page.  Which is bloody irritating, as I was planning on keeping all my various photo selections on there to save having to move them.  There's all sorts on there.  A selection of Sunset and Cats write-ups, amongst others, various files I only had saved to brinkster's servers (which is my own dumb fault, and partially due to computer breakdown) that, okay, I could probably re-write a lot better, but it's the principle of the thing, as well as Eve's Paris page and Sweet's birthday page (though I do still have all the pictures for that.)  That's about two years' worth of work, all gone. It wasn't good work, particularly, and this will mean my new site'll be forced to have actual content other than writing, but it's bloody annoying.

You bastards.

Some warning would have been nice, y'know.  Perhaps an email saying "you have nearly reached your six months of inactivity limit", so I could log in, mess with something, and go away again.  As far as I can recall, I didn't get anything telling me my time was up (not sure about the fahrbot site as that was a custom email address that I don't even remember) and I'm sure I visited both of the sites quite recently, so this has only happened within the last week or so.

I'd email to complain, but it would be pointless, because they've removed all the files anyway.

I reiterate:  you bastards.
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Is anyone else having trouble connecting to MSN/Hotmail, or is it just mine that's refusing to cooperate with AOL?
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So, AOL says you can't use Outlook, does it?  Well, you can, if you know where to look.

So, finally, I can receive and send email from my website account.  Which is something incredibly trivial and minor, but it's been bugging me for ages, dammit.  I love that AOL doesn't count on people being too clever for it. ;)
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But no, it's just livejournal's backlog.  I would've thought it would be infinitely more sensible to just not send them, really, because I, for one, checked the comment-count semi regularly as soon as I realised LJ wasn't sending comment notifications (especially since I was in the middle of MH-esque comment tennises on the community, so I just figured there were too many at once for it to cope with anyway...)

Anyway, tomorrow the office is going out to lunch to have a Cheering-Up Day, which apparently happen quite often whenever Liz (one of the Review Officers) gets annoyed with life in general. We're going to a very nice vegetarian restaurant that I am assured I will like, so we'll just have to see what happens.  Apparently, the desserts are to die for, so that should make up for it if I don't like the rest of the food. :)

Edit: P.S.: [livejournal.com profile] izzles, I have received the book and will read it when I'm less tired, but I have to say from reading the explanations alone I'm quite intrigued. And a tad scared, but... I'll be brave. It can't be as scary as the crossover me and [livejournal.com profile] last_dance were meant to be writing, that's for sure. Will definitely feedback as and when I feel the need, so don't be surprised if you either get random little reaction-y emails, or one long reaction-y essay...


Jun. 15th, 2004 02:55 pm
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Well, Yahoo! Messenger won't connect in the slightest.  And Yahoo! Mail wouldn't let me in at first, so I had to go in through the back door.  But to counter all of that, they've upgraded their mail service so there's a 100MB inbox limit and up to 10MB of attachments allowed, and considering that it's my main mail client, this is a Very Good Thing.


Edit: Of course, if it ever lets me check the rest of them...
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Have reverted back to my old Phantom layout for a while.

Ye gods. It should not take this long to reinstate a layout I've already used.  Except, for starters, the overrides and colours I'd saved back seem to have vanished without a trace from my computer, so I had to start from scratch, which means the colours aren't the same as before, which is annoying me.

Secondly, livejournal is being a royal pain in the arse, so editing the style again took frelling hours with restarting/resending/re-pasting.  It took me far too long to get the damned links central, and now they're refusing to cooperate anyway.  The frelling userpics thing is still messing about, so God only knows when they'll show up.  It took me fifteen minutes to upload three icons.

And then the overrides wouldn't work, despite the fact that they were using exactly the same overrides as before but with the relevant information changed for the comment links/margins.


Livejournal hates me. It's official.

On the plus side, yesterday was spent achieving 130 comments, yo!  I wouldn't advise reading it.  It's somewhat without point.


May. 31st, 2004 05:49 pm
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Okay, HTML geniuses.  I have a problem. (So what else is new?)

Why, when I put a table on my page, does it not obey the font size command in my style sheet?

Screenshot under the cut for example )

See?  The smaller (body) text is the CSS-instructed Tahoma sized 8.5px; the larger, where the table starts (there are going to be two columns; I just haven't done the other one yet...) is still Tahoma, but, well, clearly not at size 8.5, and there's no HTML font size value equivalent, and I would quite like my tables to follow my CSS, so why are they not doing it??

*mutters*  Any suggestions?  Any idea how to fix it?  Anyone?

Edit at 18.31: Still haven't solved it. There doesn't seem to be any feasible reason why it's doing it, other than to infuriate me... I mean, surely tables are, y'know, as much a part of the body-bloody-text as everything else is? Gah, I don't know. Help from people better at this than me is muchly appreciated.

In any case, if there are any (new) people on my friends-list who haven't seen my site *cough*orsignedtheguestbook*, please do so. Those that have, it's got more pages. Woo.

...not done yet, oh, not yet, not yet...

Further edit at 21.06: Have fixed it. Was about to do as [livejournal.com profile] flatline2010 suggested, but then remembered how to implement CSS commands into general HTML... but in any case, I should probably set up table commands in the CSS for the long term... (No, it really didn't take me two and half hours. I disappeared to mess about with prettifying said content, and watched Eastenders...)
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I guess it's a good job I'm in a reasonably good mood, so I found the latest incoherent and snarky review amusing more than aggravating.  It even fulfills all the criteria:

1. Anonymous, in fanfic.net terms (a person who calls themself 'Buffy Fan'.  Gee, there's original...) and with no email address, check.
2. It was good enough to caution me as to the 'bad language' used and the fact that it was a bad review.  How nice.
3. Picked up on all the bad points, check.  Didn't read carefully enough as to understand that I wasn't actually saying, for example, that Buffy saw Spike die.  What I said was that she was there before he did, and the point that Xander was trying to make was that he wasn't there before Anya died, when it mattered, which Buffy was.  Character-bashing (completely irrelevant to the fic, in fact), check.  I mean, yes, by all means, you have every right to be anti-Joyce.  But she's not even in the fic.  At all.  (Yet...)
4.  Well done you, you picked up that "IT'S NOT DIFFERENT!!!!!!" (capitals not mine, exclamation points probably an over-exaggeration...) - well, duh.  What part of "It's a big cliché!" didn't you understand?  I know it's not different.  That's the whole point...
5. Character defence to the death, check.  So you like Kennedy.  So I don't.  Deal.

I'm getting better at this, I think.  Less homicidally enraged, at the very least.

I'm beginning to think I might have a stalker. Maybe it's the girl I reported. :D  If whoever it is continues to attack me, however, I may have no choice but to just disable anonymous reviews.  The majority of reviewers are users anyway.  I won't do that unless I have to, though, because then I'll get someone saying "If you let ppl leave anonymoss reviews you'll get more reviews!"

Fanfiction.net: your one-stop site for pointless drama...

(That should be their new slogan...)

Edit, a few seconds later: Upon re-reading, it's even more amusing... Looks like they maybe paid more attention than I thought. The review, with comments. )

Here endeth the rant. Pity I can't track the IP address or something. Maybe I should take it as a compliment that someone thinks I'm important enough to waste their time flaming. ;)
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Internet's being an arse.  Naturally.  I wish they'd anticipate the fact that at the start of term there are inevitably going to be an entire university's worth of people trying to access the internet...

Anyway.  Got post today: random stuff from home including a post card from Katie from NY, a sock I lost before I came back (yay sock!) and a letter from the bank to inform me about the Chip and Pin system...

The other was a parcel containing Alison's mix tape.  Yay mix tape!  And it reminded me that I completely forgot to post the playlists of the other two.  So.

Mix tape playlists. )

So, that's it.  Many thanks to Alison.  I'm only up to Way Over Yonder and thoroughly enjoying it so far.  This'll last me a few weeks going to and from work, so hurrah.

Keep them coming, people!  Incidentally, this challenge is open to people who live overseas, too, not just those I know in person.  If you want to send me anything, email me (this username-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) and I'll send you my address.  I'm not paranoid because I'm only living here for, like, two more months anyway, so if you want to stalk me, you'll end up stalking someone else.

I reiterate - SEND ME A MIX-TAPE!!  I'll listen to pretty much anything but rap and really, really annoying pop (and if anyone sends me Avril Lavigne, Britney or Steps, they're going to live to regret it...) so the choice beyond that is entirely up to you.  Send me music!  Feeeeed me!


That being over with, here's the CD I'm about to make for Katie.

Crai EPs + random stuff )


Apr. 3rd, 2004 01:47 am
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Plagiarising bitch-girl emailed me.  This gets better and better.  Not only is she an AOL-er, but her address is written in sTiCkYcApS (wow, that's hard to type...).  And the email?

From: [omitted to protect the idiotic]@aol.com
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 21:45:43 EST
To: teylaminh@cliffhanger.com
Subject: reported?

Yeah, what did u mean by being reported? what did i do? who are you?

Sent twice.  Oh, joy.  It's almost not worth it, but... oh, what the heck.  Let the battle of the flames commence...

Am currently working on pretentious reply, despite my tiredness.  I'll keep people posted...

Edit, not twenty seconds later: she deleted the fic! Ha! Talk about innocent until proven guilty...

Further edit: Okay, so she didn't send it twice. This is the second one )

Yes, because hurling abuse at me is going to help your cause so much... I'd reply to that one as well, but at the moment I can't be bothered. It's a roundabout way of accusing me of plagiarising her; I would say, "check the upload dates, moron", but she's deleted it, so I can't. In any case, I caught her, so that makes it all better.

'Tis done.

Mar. 30th, 2004 09:37 pm
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I reported the plagiarising-bitch-girl who stole my story.  Probably be a while before it's dealt with, but I feel better.  I also left a review saying "Consider yourself reported. I think you know why." which, while not exactly mature, will probably scare her a little.  I wonder if she'll email me.  Be fun arguing it, I think...

Will keep everyone posted.  I read a few more of hers today; most are better than the bits I showed last night, but the beginning of her Chosen fic is also really, really familiar to one I read a while back... Just random sentences, you know?  And the same plot and pretty much the same Buffy/Spike conversation.  Probably me being paranoid.  It wouldn't surprise me if she did it to someone else...

In any case, hers only got 3 reviews where mine got 13 (well, she's got 4, now...) and I'm contenting myself with the fact that, modesty thrown aside, mine was way better anyway.  Not perfect, by any means, but better.


Mar. 30th, 2004 03:46 am
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I don't believe this.  I really don't.  Someone plagiarised me.

Okay.  Okay, I won't jump to conclusions.  And I was going to go to bed about half an hour ago, but the Spuffyfluff craving got the better of me (and in the absence of food not stopping me being hungry, I figured anything was better than nothing...) and I went on a random search.  And I found a decent fic, all things told, and checked out the author to see if she'd got any short offerings I could devour before bed.  And, wonder of wonders, she'd written a Touched-fic.

Nobody seems to write Touched-fic; there's plenty of Chosen missing-scene fic, plenty of post-Chosen, plenty for Lies My Parents Tod Me and who knows what else besides, but it seems the most wonderfully Spuffy episode of the season is getting ignored.  Which, okay, fair enough, maybe people aren't brave enough to handle it; it's the same reason most people let Beneath You alone.  Didn't stop me from trying.  So, anyway, I was happily reading said Touched-fic, and then I realised that it was awfully, awfully familiar.  Perhaps too familiar.

But stop.  Think.  It's possible.  It really is possible; it's within the realms of plausibility that two people could use the same turn of phrase for the same character's feelings.  But this is too much.

You can see for yourself.  If you want to read the whole things, the first chapter of mine is here and the one I just read is here.  Mine was published on June 30th 2003, and the second part uploaded on July 8th.  The one I just read was published on October 23rd 2003.  Far enough away that people would have forgotten all about mine, or missed it entirely.

If you don't want to read the whole thing, I present the case for the prosecution under the cut...

Comparisons. Make your own conclusions... )

So, what do you think?  I mean, it's fairly obvious that she blatantly ripped off my idea, for what it's worth, as well as most of my prose and character-suppositions.  Should I rat her out on it in a review?  Report her?  I know FFN have a policy to deal with plagiarism, but I'd need to check up on that, and they're so bogged down with mail at the moment it'd be a month before anyone took action.  I don't really want to let it lie because, y'know, it's my bloody fic, and one I happen to be rather proud of, but... oh, Christ, I don't know.  Any and all advice would be welcomed, please...
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watched above film in america noir today.  the entire thing.  neil campbell believes in showing us research material in its entirety and letting us draw our own conclusion, unlike dave brottman, who shows us 15 minutes of carefully selected clips and talks for the remainder of the 3 hours...

anyway.  double indemnity: 1944, screenplay by raymond chandler, directed by billy wilder.  and despite sitting very firmly on the sunsetgeek, it leaked out during the opening sequence.  (can i help it?  woman on a staircase!  mention of said staircase!)

anyway.  was good.  and amusing.  two notable quotes, one of which i wrote down, the other of which i've forgotten and which was, annoyingly, the better one.  there's probably a screenplay around somewhere.  the one i wrote down was: "now get outta here, before i throw my desk at you!"

barton keyes is very cool. :)

that's it.  too tired to remember the rest.

in other news, i don't know what my computer's up to, but it's very annoying, and if i have to reinstall again, i may have to smack someone.  it's my own fault.  the process of events went something like this:

i went to amazon to find a soundbite so i could try and remember the alanis song i really liked in sixth form.  i couldn't remember the title, the tune, or any of the lyrics.   in order to play amazon soundbites, i needed to download real player.  well, okay, fair enough; the bbc site uses real player files, too, so it's not completely redundant.  i downloaded, and restarted.  and found the song - "thank u", it turns out - and now have it in my head, which is neither here nor there because at least now i know which album i need to get to obtain it - and then went off to try and find an MP3 of it to download, just out of curiosity.

i found a site that looked promising.  it asked that people downloading the MP3s install a software plugin, to prevent other sites stealing their files.  which is fair enough, so i - rather stupidly; everyone throw fruit now - downloaded said plugin.  which didn't seem to actually install, and every time i tried to download the MP3 it insisted i download the plugin instead.

cue a crash. not uncommon.  and a restart.

upon restarting, my desktop is covered in tons of random icons for buying things and online casinos and junk that i don't want, plus an annoying desktop taskbar thingy that seems to serve no feasible purpose but to be bright blue and irritating.  i shut it down, informed it that, no, i did not want it to run on startup, and deleted all the bloody icons it had chosen to put there.  and went to find a different MP3, which also failed, but i didn't really care about the song by this point.  whatever i downloaded has also seen fit to change my homepage to its own rather than the university homepage.  i changed it back, but it's still trying to redirect through the one it replaced it with...

a while ago, the first time i installed MSN Messenger Plus, i did the default install and ended up with an annoying blue search toolbar in IE; it's get-rid-of-able, but it turned up whenever i opened a new IE window.  (and IE really needs a command for getting rid of toolbars altogether, rather than just not showing them...)  the next time i installed Plus, i wised up and did the custom install, which gave the option to install without the sponsor advertising (aforesaid annoying toolbar) and it went away.  anyway, with whatever i downloaded, i am now getting:  annoying toolbar (which now won't load so i can't screencap it), and popups where there should be none, including livejournal, fanfic.net when the ad blocker's on, and just appearing at random for no reason.

photoshop crashed a grand total of five times last night, so i reinstalled it.  i'd like to think it's just a photoshop thing, but i doubt it very much.  now, whenever i click on the IE icon on either my quicklaunch or my desktop, it doesn't open. nor does double clicking the yahoo!mail alert envelope, nor livejournal's friends list option. the only way i can get into IE is through My Computer, using the address bar.  earlier, IE did eventually open, but only after five minutes of thinking about it; now, it's not opening at all. it makes the about-to-open noise, but nothing happens.

there's also annoying things in  programs called "coupons and offers" and the like that are undeletable. and i've tried. six times.

needless to say, i am not impressed.  computer's also just being generally slow.  i'll see if it gets any better, but i fear a reinstall may be on the cards again...


edit after another crash: well, IE seems to be working now, so clearly norton did something right before it crashed. and on the plus side, i seem to have acquired a Google toolbar that blocks popups, which is v. useful and somewhat makes up for the sheer amount of the bloody things.
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so, the internet went down last night.  which was annoying, of course, but it's back now, so i can upload chapter two of the latest buffyfic. or rather, the first part of chapter two, since it's being ridiculously long.  why not just make the second part chapter three, you ask?  because i'm doing a song per chapter, and i've still got half the lyrics to do, that's why.

finally sold steve on the screenplay idea, even though i've now got a load of pointlessness i didn't really want in it just to make it more plotty... bah.  never mind.

this is for carrie, because she asked... )
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all right, maybe that's slightly rash... but why is something that works perfectly well on someone else's page never seems to work when i try to adapt it?

i refer, dear readers, to this - don't bother clicking the links, they don't go anywhere - which was meant to have nifty little rollovers like on [livejournal.com profile] last_dance's homepage (her little flamey circly things in the vase...) and seeing as i stole her exact html and turned it into what i needed, why doesn't it work?

*takes deep breath*

it's bound to be something really obvious. so i'll take a step away and not kill things and tomorrow i'll be able to spot it... i suppose this serves me right for trying to be a smartarse...

ignore the rant. thanks to something i remembered spotting on [livejournal.com profile] guide, i managed to fix it, albeit by going about it in a completely different way...

the mood remains, however. ;)


Jan. 30th, 2004 12:22 am
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i can finally check my bloody email!


Jan. 13th, 2004 03:59 pm
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yahoo messenger is being an arse. first, it keeps telling me my username is invalid. so i figure it's a firewall thing, change the settings, and then change them back again. it connects, for all of 20 seconds, then crashes, then won't connect at all because it keeps saying my username is invalid. it also keeps logging me off because (apparently) i'm logged in on another machine. (rather exciting, since it seems i can split myself in two...)


now, i get the following message:

"System: Your account has been locked for security reasons.
Please click on the link below for help:


edit: it's clearly just yahoo generally being an arse. messenger is connecting, now, but the mailbox doesn't work properly...


Dec. 6th, 2003 01:12 pm
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well, i just spent about two hours making a pretty buffy "chosen" icon, but i am now reliably informed that the network is currently not able to upload anything, so i can't show it to you.


you'll just have to take my word for it that it's wondrous. :P
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and how bloody annoying is the new hotmail layout? just at random...

going now. :)
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that glorious time is upon us once more: when i realise i have four days in which to write an essay i was set a month ago. luckily, it's 50/50 theory/personal experience, so it shouldn't be too bad...

and i got a book (on post-modernism, with a quote i actually needed!) out of the library for the first time in my entire time at uni, including the O.T. year. i feel all academic...

but yes. still no internet, as you may have gathered. apparently there was talk in one of the other blocks about "a meeting" and "discussion about compensation", but we're not holding out any hope of it happening. everyone i speak to about this vehemently insists that the internet is back up in peter hilton, to which my answer is "not in our flat, it's not..." - and come on, six people can't be wrong, can they?

grr. my irateness is dwindling to an annoyed fuzz, but that'll probably change if it's not back very soon when i'm trying to research the next two pieces of coursework...

that's everything. now i must go back and start this essay.
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we still have no internet access. this is a given of the semester, i feel. i get the distinct impression it will continue to be a given for next semester and possibly the semester afterwards, but, then again, they may prove me wrong.

anyway. i present, for your reading pleasure, Reasons Why Having No Internet Access Sucks...

Reason the First
well, for starters, most of my life is constituted of what i do online: email, messengers, and fanfiction, to name but a few. hence, doing all of the following on average twice every week, and in a public place where people being in the immediate vicinity make me twitch uncomfortably, is a Bad Thing.

Reason the Second
i haven't 'spoken' to anyone for what feels like absolutely ages. this includes people i could just as easily telephone, obviously, but for some reason it's not the same... but it also includes people i don't even see that often (sweet, eve, etc.) and i miss having 1am angst sessions and manic conversations about monkeys...

Reason the Third
naomi and i are meant to be writing a crossover, which was planned almost a year ago on a whim, and which i have been looking forward to writing for bloody ages. it is impossible to write a sodding fanfic when you can't communicate with the person you're writing it with and bounce ideas around on MSN. similarly, i'm meant to writing a crossover with jenny-in-georgia, and i can only speak to her online.

Reason the Fourth
it is incredibly inconvenient having to remember to carry a zip disc around with me whenever i'm going to check my emails, just in case there's something i need to download. it is incredibly inconvenient having to remember to put certain things onto said zip disc in case i want to upload something. it is incredibly inconvenient having to take pictures back and forth between university and my own computer if i'm trying to make a layout for something. you get the idea.

Reason the Fifth
having reinstalled my computer again, i have practically nothing on it. i have the very basic windows version of MSN messenger, which i only set up so i'd know if the computer was connecting or not (obviously, it's not), but have yet to download YIM, AIM, the livejournal windows client, copernic, etc., etc., etc.. my desktop is bare. i am also missing the farscape and buffy fonts, which is incredibly irritating.

Reason the Sixth
i'm getting a dot com at christmas. i already fear that i won't even be able to create the site if the FTP uploader won't connect over the network, short of having to email them and beg for a port number that works, but that's if we even get the bloody network back.

Reason the Seventh
every single one of my modules this year is based in some part online. which, ordinarily, in the comfort of my own room on my own computer, i would not be so annoyed about. but having to find online resources in the library is very, very annoying, since i always forget what i'm meant to be looking for, or the disc to save it back to, or can't get to a bloody computer in order to find said resources...

Reason the Eighth
my independent studies being in fanfiction, and fanfiction being a predominantly, if not entirely, internet-based phenomenon, i would rather search the endless ream of buffy fics for a couple to compare/contrast in the middle of the night when i have nothing better to do, than on a computer in a room full of people staring over my shoulder... and also on the fanfiction issue, any uploading i do myself is delayed by at least 24 hours by the time i've got the disc to uni and put it on the site, which means that i can't even play on when the 'peak' times are for uploading so it doesn't get buried in seconds...

Reason the Ninth
checking my friends list is really annoying. it's bad enough getting the curious glances when people spot the edward scissorhands-emblazoned screen, but the various community posts take up lots of space to the degree that i have not only stopped posting in them, but stopped even checking them until i have enough time to do so at my leisure.

Reason the Tenth
my new academic year's resolution was to read every single livejournal friends entry and reply to it in some form, and to always be listening to something so it made my life look at least slightly more interesting. which, obviously, isn't happening...

Reason the Eleventh
i can't do livejournal angsts in the middle of the night. which i suppose on some level is a good thing, but still...

Reason the Twelfth
the lack of internet access has inadvertently been the reason for my resigning as a beta-reader, even though that was mostly my own fault for being a moron.

Reason the Thirteenth
i have no idea what's going on in most of your lives, especially naomi's, because i get most of such information from messenger conversations...

Reason the Fourteenth
YIM pictionary...

Reason the Fifteenth
i can't read fanfic in a public computer lab! it's Wrong!

i'm sure there are many more, and i could keep going forever on this, but you get my drift. jesus, how do people live without the internet? more to the point, how do people live without their own computer and printer? take my PC away for a month and i start going stir crazy...

although i guess those sorts of people have what are generally constituted as 'lives'...

and! as if the internet being down was irritating enough, not only is david brottman in hospital (which is actually good because we can use our own resources instead of the 8 specific ones he'd set for the coursework) but dave ellis - course leader and my independent studies tutor - is off until at least the 20th november, and the proposal deadline is the 21st.

GAH. in a word.

anyway. on the plus side of things, i finally managed to turn some of the orphan eyes screenplay into prose, which i just sent to eve and sweet in its entirety (what there is of it) for opinions... but here's the decidedly bizarre opening sequence (it's only short) for your reading pleasure. this one is shaping up to be a novel i may actually finish...

comments would be appreciated, but i know you won't bother. i sound like a comments-whore, but i just don't care.

Orphan Eyes - the opening )

that's the opening. i'm not sure if it's trying to be first person or second person, or what, but it seems to work. the bulk of the novel is in your usual third person prose, although it's going to leap around between the main time it's set, flashbacks, and flashforwards, for each of the characters, at random intervals (all very post-modern, dahlink) and possibly i'll bring that ^ style back at some point.

but yeah. i don't know why i bother.


Oct. 20th, 2003 12:22 pm
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photos are all smalled(ish) and uploaded to brinkster, and can be viewed in all of their blurred and random glory, right here. ordinarily, i'd apologise for the quality of them, but since most of them aren't taken by me, i don't see why i should have to. :P

i was going to do the above in a politically correct way because we spent this morning discussing it, but there isn't enough there for me to poke fun at. i suppose i could say i made them size challenged and that they're diminished in quality and logically challenged...


well, we still have no internet, and i'm sure their month is now up. this is most annoying. however, i think they're going around halls making sure everyone's got rid of the Nachi worm from their computers, which is what they should have bloody done in the first place rather than trusting people to do it for themselves. or, at least, they should have offered us free CDs since, obviously, we can't download it because we can't connect to the internet. but then, logic never seems to come into these things. i feel like sticking a note on my door - "i've got windows '98. don't bloody bother." because it'll save them a lot of time...

*sigh* anyway, thanks to all those who offered handwriting services either in comments or in person. i'll let you know when they're required.

i will take this opportunity to pre-plug a fantastic new thing currently showing on sky one, called dead like me - a girl gets hit by the toilet seat off mir, and becomes a grim reaper (and i think i've already mentioned this...) and it's absolutely frelling wonderful. it seems a rather thin plot premise, but you wouldn't believe the amount of interesting deaths they can come up with (methinks the writers have, um, issues...) and there's the usual does of angst underpinning the comedy. i'm already fighting nautica off with a blunt stick.

the crossover is growing at an alarming rate, and i think i'll go and update the cast list i did a while back. or just repost it...

i think that's pretty much everything...

don't hurt me for the photos; i know not what my inner sadist does...


Oct. 8th, 2003 04:18 pm
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net status: still non-existent.

although i did see a bloke with something circuit-board-looking in the office yesterday, so that's something.

television coming on thursday - going to try plugging the DVD player into the scart socket of the video (since it'll be the crappy-ass old TV from when i was about 10 and doesn't have a scart socket) and if that doesn't work, off to comet to buy a new one. oy...

just about to attempt a new LJ layout, but seeing as this isn't my computer and i can't edit the image at all (hopefully it'll work, though, since i think i did most of the work for it last night) it probably won't work in the slightest. (also the worst thing about reinstalling everything is i forget how much bloody everything i have. once all the hardware's done - printer, scanner, two different cameras - and the usual software - office, works, fine artist, photoshop/imageready, camera software, scanner software, corel printhouse, etc, etc, - there's all the stuff i need to download and can't - AIM, MSN, YIM, the LJ client, copernic, about 15 different fonts i'd forgotten i'd downloaded - AND my entire sodding favourites list...)

remind me to backup everything next time...

anyway, if the journal looks weird for a few seconds if you happen to look at it, blame the fact that i haven't tried to do a layout for months, and i've only got random scrawled numbers to aid me in my entry-positioning. gah. anyway, it's come about because i got bored and watched edward scissorhands last night, complete with tim burton commentary (he giggles; it's adorable. also, johnny depp threw up twice in filming, and at least 20% of the scars on his face were actually real...) and during the edward/kim "hold me" moment, i whimpered, and immediately decreed it would be a layout...

that is, assuming it works. anyway, i'll go upload the picture, if it'll let me... it did. but it still won't let me do the bloody PotC comic strip... bloody HELL...

okay, here i go to do the layout. much jubilation will hopefully follow once it's done.
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we still have no internet, as you may have gathered from my weekend absence. and villagephotos refuses to upload my picture because it's 70KB too big, and i can't even edit it here because these computers don't like jpgs.

i'm getting just slightly irate. i am beginning to be of the general impression that they're not fixing the network at all, but are merely saying that they are in order to shut us up. this is most irritating. and it wouldn't be quite as irritating had my television not blown up on saturday night, which in itself would not be that irritating (i do, after all, have a birthday coming up) if i hadn't been doing work/reading/notes all day and finally sat down to watch brainless programming at seven o'clock, when the damn thing popped and died.

and that wouldn't be too bad, if i had internet access.

in a word, grr.

on the plus side, i have (re)discovered classic fm, having nothing better to do with my time than attempt to programme my radio before realising i need a radio times to do so, and found it to be Muse-food of the highest degree. hurrah!

anyway, the thing i was going to upload was, in fact, something i did last night whilst very bored. when we got our first computer (with a grand total of 8MB HDD and windows 3.1; this was back in 1995), it came with Much Software, including a rather wonderful programme called "fine artist", which provided many hours of pointless entertainment. it still works (better, in fact) with windows '98 and 56GB HDD, which is always fun, and when combined with the screencapping ability and photoshop, you can have lots of silly fun with it.

hence, using its comic-strip-making function, i made a very silly pirates of the caribbean cartoon, with no actual drawn characters and very little plot. you can see it. eventually. i'm just whetting your appetite for it...

anyway. i also started another jonathan creek fic, despite vehemently telling my Muses to shut the hell up. they never listen; i hope to god i don't obtain a jonathanMuse - the wussy spikeMuse is bad enough. but yes, the fic. lorna's probably the only one qualified to give it any feedback, so i'll put it under a cut. (the theory being that lorna ranted about series four about as much as i did, and probably for mostly the same reasons.) so here's the first bit. more coming if anyone replies, and if not, i'll keep it to myself... :P

ordinarily, i would fully justify everything, but this keyboard is awful, and i'm also using the online updatey thing rather than the windows interface (wantinternetbackNOW!!!) so i'll just do the other formatting. that'll take me long enough. be grateful. :P

including: carla-bashing! brooding jonathan! flying adam klaus! )

next is a flashback bit to what happened after that awards ceremony (final episode of series 3) and jonathan brooding a little more, then the entire premise (my god!) of the fic actually turns up. i'm not promising it's a good premise, but it's something, and it suits my angst-ridden cause.

none of you care, do you? :)

right, i'll be signing off, now. probably check again tomorrow.

oh! one other thing. am seeing rocky again on october 15th with a friend from my course - it's her first time *evil grin* and we're in the second row *eviller grin*. and i have no costume. bugger.

charity shops, ho!
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internet is STILL down, hence, am using university computer. huuuuge monitor (screen-wise and actual depth-wise; god bless the LCD!) which is really high up, and horrible keyboards that i cannot type on. bah. anyway. yes. internet still down, apparently for another month.

we have a flat of netheads. you see our predicament.


ho hum. week finished now. assignment for apocalyptic and paranoid cultures is hideously evil and will involve doing Actual Work, which'll make a bloody change. ;)

have a random quiz, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] frightened

bah )

i think that's everything. i hate trying to be original on a strange computer...


Sep. 26th, 2003 11:23 pm
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okay. so you might have noticed my absence lately. blame the network. there isn't one. the internet is down, having worked sporadically on saturday and first thing sunday morning, before dying a death, and they're still (apparently...) fixing it...

hence, my friends list is enormous, and i cannot be arsed to read through it all.

anyway, have some randomness:

~ new room is fine, if warm, but i won't complain since i spent most of last year being cold.

~ flatmates seem pleasant enough

~ enrollment is a pain in the eema, but was otherwise painless this year.

~ the creative writing course leader is a sadist - a core module, at 9am monday morning.

~ saw nosferatu with naomi this evening at symphony hall; it wasn't as good as the phantom showing last year, but was interesting nonetheless...

~ my computer has 56GB and a new sound card. i am pleased.

~ i finally managed to catch the first episode of - you guessed it - band of brothers. except i missed the first half an hour, and i now suspect that jeremy may be in the second one (seeing as they don't get to england til halfway through the first episode, and the british army-type personage definitely wasn't him, unless i just wasn't paying attention, which i doubt very much) and it doesn't appear to be on in the near future. bloody hell.

however, i shall prevail! i mean, this is frelling ridiculous! how can stalking him be easier than trying to find his last known television performance?* even if i have to get someone to buy me the sodding box set. i mean, i do want to watch the rest of them anyway, honest... *innocent smile*

i think that's about it...

so, yes, apologies for absence. i will read through everything as soon as the network's back up...

* he was also in an episode of pirates, apparently, although i have no idea which one. maybe with the current pirate-mania, cbbc will deign to repeat them... then i'll discover he's man-in-a-sack or something. :P


Jul. 7th, 2003 11:04 pm
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typical. on the day i actually have something to post to fanfic.net, the sodding thing breaks. again. and i shouldn't be this pissed off, but it's frustrating, dammit. i was up til sodding 4am finishing that damned fic!


every day, they disprove their motto a little more...
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well, that was actually relatively painless. except that speedis is still being an arse (how do i manage to find the most broken picture host known to man? how?) so i had to open a new villagephotos account to host the background, and because it's so huge that means it'll be constantly cutting off and ugh, but anyway. for the moment, at least:

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well, here's a lowdown of the glorious day had so far...

for starters, when i got back from uni, the following was under my door...

that frelling network )

well, i read that before going out shopping, and was fuming nicely about it... as opposed to what i anticipated, they're not cutting off messenger connection, but 'small changes' will have to be made - which means they're not going to tell us those changes. no, they're going to let us all fumble about messing with port numbers til something works. and my FTP uploader still won't connect, even when i tell it what port to use. bah. so anyway, just because some moron in halls decided to download porn from somewhere, the rest of us have to suffer, and if i happen to disappear on messenger around about the 2nd of may, you'll know why.

*heavy sigh* anyway, so i went to town, muttering to myself, and you know how when you're annoyed, everything else, every little tiny thing, then annoys you more? yeah, i had one of those days...

1) i was shopping for bread, but was hungry at that precise moment, so went to k.f.c. where there was a queue, because there were only two people on the till, and the fries weren't cooked yet. and there was a baby crying its head off, being ignored by whichever parental body was with it. and then someone knocked over a chair. and dropped a tray. and by the time i left, the noise level was starting to get to the "okay, i'm going to kill someone" stage...

2) next stop, click, to get the damn manchester pictures developed - i'll have them saturday, incidentally - and as soon as i go through the door, a man looking at photo albums knocks them off the shelf, on top of me. thanks. really kind. and since when did the default picture size become 5x7? and why does getting them done 4x6 take four days longer??

3) oh, oh, yes. today i was having one of those days where every single tiny bug in the immediate vicinity becomes instantly attracted to me, and each one manages to fly up my nose, in my mouth, or in my eyes. do you know how annoying that is? in fact, do you know how disgusting that is when you're entemophobic? gah...

4) next, boots. surprisingly, no queue, and they have a new system so it doesn't take them 15 minutes plus to get your prescription, so that wasn't too bad. except i was going to get some gel or something to try and get rid of the wart or whatever it is on my left thumb that won't bloody go away... but there was a queue of people buying food, and i couldn't be bothered.

5) okay, why is it, do you think, that when you're trying to find a birthday card, and you want some space and privacy (as much as possible, anyway) to peruse the shelves, that the entire damn population of the city suddenly comes into the shop and starts looking at the same rack as you, over your shoulder? huh? can anyone explain that? which is why i didn't stay in clintons, plus, they didn't have the card i was looking for... so off to whsmiths after boots, to find a card - whereby the same thing happened... only this time, add women with enormous sodding pushchairs passing through to the list. but i did, at least, manage to get the card.

6) sainsbury's, which is hellishly awful at the best of times. i swear, i must have had my shopping list on my forehead or something, because whatever i wanted, there was some idiot standing having a chat in front of it.

and i was going to go to matalan to try on the jeans i saw in there the other day (they're yellow-striped falmers...) just out of curiosity as to what actual size i am (and to see if i wanted to buy them after all) but by that point, i was about ready to kill everyone and leave the streets paved in blood while i stood there cackling maniacally, so... i figured it was time to go home.

jesus frelling christ, i hate people... so, really, the network administrator people being total arses wasn't what i needed. i wonder if "my entire social life being on messenger" constitutes 'my welfare'...?
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so it looks like i'll have to kerb my addictive posting habits, since they're now instilling 3 posts per day for free users.

this sucks. 5, fair enough, but 3??

anyway. now that's out of my system.

i am, to put it, lightly, getting just a tad nervous about saturday. more so than at the final night of sunset, which admittedly wasn't even that justified, but this is... frelling scary.
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okay, so it transpires that villagephotos is enforcing the maximum-25 photo limit, so at some point i have to move all my photos AGAIN, before i use up all the space on fahrbot for hosting...

the internet world discriminates against poor people. this sucks.
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Your display name cannot contain certain words, such as some Microsoft product names, and words or phrases that are considered vulgar or offensive. There are also some commonly used terms that are invalid for use in display names including "email," "member," "system," "account," and "tech."

so reads the criteria for MSN screennames. so. having just discovered the song "being alive" and decided that i really liked the lyrics (sondheim, from company, 1970), i decided to change my screenname to the following:

"...i'll always be there, as frightened as you, to help us survive..."

and MSN throws up an error message telling me it's invalid.

i blink. go "what?!". and try it again. same result.

off i go to the help pages to find above criteria. i blink again, frown in consternation, and mutter about it. i try again. same result, of course.

so, eventually, it lets me have "i'll always be there, as frightened as you" as a screenname. without the last four words. i try "to help us survive" on its own. this, apparently, is invalid.

what the frell??

i shall have my revenge. just you watch.

(p.s.: apologies for the cross-posting here and on ~peevish...)
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apologies to anyone who was trying to talk to me on MSN. the frellin' thing suddenly decided not to connect me...


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