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Today is going to be great fun - thus far (9.30am) nothing networked actually works. No IKEN, no Lotus Notes, no Winscribe, and no printers. This is what happens when you're reliant on technology to do your day job.

Such being the case, as I have nothing better to do, this entry may be long. Also: more opportunity to work on fanfic, though doing so on the lower ground floor (I'm secretarying today - or trying to, in any event) is even more paranoia-making than upstairs. Still, it's better than twiddling my thumbs.

Thankfully, I have my CRB paperwork to sort out today at 2.30, after which I am fully intending on going home - it's a half-hour walk there and back again, so by the time I get back here it'll probably be around 3.15 anyway, and if the network doesn't come back up I'll be sitting here doig nothing for another two hours, and I can do that at home, thanks. :P (Except I've had to ask Paul to email on my behalf to double-check it's still happening, as I can't access my emails.)

I warned about the fandom stuff, right? )

The other thing I was going to talk about was the timing of this period of fandom flail.

Interesting... )

Okay, I shall post this and attempt to kill the next couple of hours somehow. If the network isn't back tomorrow I don't know what I'm going to do - we can't even photocopy or scan because you have to log into the MFD's in order to do so, and they're also dead!!
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Well, that was an up-and-down sort of four days...

Easter Weekend )

So, that was our Easter weekend. I had planned to get through a load of washing, but obviously the weather conspired against me. According to the weather forecast it's also going to be grim when we're away in Tenby next week, although they also said we would have ten solid days of rain in Birmingham and there's blue sky out there today, so maybe they're wrong. ;)

Here's the recipe for the Indian-style prawn toasts, off the top of my head... I might have missed something seasoning-wise but I think this was the process.

Recipe: Indian-Style Prawn Toast )

Today I have managed to injure myself twice in the space of 30 minutes, firstly by bashing the back of my hand off the corner of a desk (I actually have a lump there now), and secondly by walking into the door frame on my way downstairs (probably going to be a lovely bruise). I'm going to the gym later so let's see what else I manage to do. Also my fingers are peeling at a rate of knots, so no chance of getting my nails done all pretty for going away next week. Bah.

Okay, I think that's long enough. Over and out.
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... we have the internet at home. It was supposed to be yesterday but anyway, it all works and my Wii is networked up, too.

Now, to catch up on my backlog of Fandom Stuff. :P
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That ^ is the mood I am in today. My body did its usual trick of giving me migraines on both days of the weekend, only to miraculously make them go away on Monday morning. Actually, Saturday's wasn't too bad and didn't kick in until the afternoon (after we'd got back from shopping), and Sunday's kicked in mid-morning, went away with Migraleve and then came back in the evening, which I think is because I ended up having a snooze whilst watching The Simpsons...

I took the Yellow Tablets last night before going to bed in an attempt to fend off Migraine Mark II. I don't feel as tired as I have done in a while, but I think that's because taking painkillers before bed tends to lead to a somewhat better quality of sleep, Still did not want to get up this morning, though.

I will be SO GLAD when January is over.

Technology is Stupid )

Paul and I were meant to visit The Gym for an induction / introduction on Saturday. We put it on the calendar and everything. But we were both absolutely knackered and didn't bother. I now have some new scales, thanks to my mum getting me some from the Argos in Merry Hill (seriously, does every Argos in Birmingham only stock one of everything?), which are both pretty and more accurate than my previous ones. It's payday tomorrow so Paul and I are going to Matalan as he needs more work shirts and I need gym-type clothing, a sports bra and some proper supportive trainers. I was going to get some from Deichmann (they had Nikes for £30) but it's apparently closed for refurbishment. What with January thus far conspiring against me in one way or another, it's probably for the best if I leave gym membership until February...

Nothing to do here today, can you tell? )

Anyway, despite today being boring, the morning has gone surprisingly quickly, so I shall post this and wait out the next half an hour until lunchtime...
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Yup, nothing much happened this weekend... However, as there's already nothing to do here (10.50am) I shall ramble about it anyway.

Cut for length. )

Oh yes, we had to put the heating on by Saturday afternoon, and I've left it on since. It's officially winter. I was trying to hold out as long as possible, but I've been cold since about mid-August.

There might be a hen-night-type deal this Friday for my mum but we're not sure yet, as several people are on holiday, so it'll depend on availability. I've booked the day off anyway, initially because I didn't want to run out of energy by 10.00pm, but even if it doesn't happen the day off would be much appreciated.

At some point this week I need to watch Order of the Phoenix and give it back to Gemma at work - on Thursday I ended up embroiled in a rambling conversation which started off about comedy and moved somehow onto Harry Potter, so Gemma lent me the DVD. I had planned to watch it this weekend but didn't find time / forgot, and I don't want to hold onto it for too long...

Choir restarts tomorrow - hopefully I won't be too knackered to enjoy it. Just before the break I missed the final two rehearsals because I was on leave (bad, I know) and because I wasn't feeling any love whatsoever for the two pieces we were rehearsing... I know when things come together it will sound brilliant (I hated the Verdi when we did the opera concert, then ended up liking it immensely once we got the hang of the Italian), but I wasn't in the mood for stumbling over things. I probably should have practiced it over the break, but time has run away with me as usual... I'm muchly looking forward to doing Faure's Requiem in April (finally, something I know!!) and of course there's Christmas to look forward to, despite the sheer amount of hard work in November.

Ah well, at least it'll stop me doing nothing.

Right, that killed an hour or so (with some typing in the middle), so I'll post it and find something else to do.
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Bit of an up-and-down one...

I spent most of Friday (because it was fairly quiet) constructing an LJ entry which never saw the light of day. On re-reading this morning, I'm somewhat glad. I was exceptionally cranky on Friday, frelling exhausted and fed up of the world in general. I think perhaps it's just a weird effect of my current Pills, whereby they stop any and all "wimmins" but still occasionally sting me with PMT just to remind me that my hormones are as angry as ever. Also, Paul's (lack of) job situation is exceedingly stressful, as evidenced by the fact that over the course of the weekend my fingers have started peeling.

Anyway, just be glad I didn't post my rambling angst. There are days when I feel like I'm going slowly insane, but perhaps it's best not to share these things with an unwilling audience.

So, on Friday night Paul did his usual trick of having "two drinks", whereby I ended up leaving him six missed calls and a snarky text ("How long does it take to have one drink?! I'm hungry!") because as ever he had stayed out longer than intended and left me hanging on to eat until he got home. The way this is supposed to work is that he just outright tells me that he's going to be late instead of fobbing me off with "two drinks" so I won't moan at the time, so at least then I can just have some food and leave him to it. It's getting kind of boring now, having the same argument every single damn time.

The weekend )

Aaand back at work today, somewhat quiet, hence the entry. Actually not as tired as last week, thank goodness. Apparently everyone was tired last week - I blame the bank holiday.

Over and out.
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I Can Haz Funkshunal Ikwipmint? )

In other news, Paul is currently out of work again and also struck down with lurgy (hopefully not the dreaded Pig Plague), I'm absolutely skint to the extent that pay on Friday will not even bring me out of my overdraft - though to be honest I've been too scared to check my account balance this week - and starting to feel like there is no way out of this limbo I presently find myself in. I'm basically trapped in a deep, dark pit, attempting to scrabble to the surface and finding no purchase. If someone could please provide a rope ladder or a lottery win, that would be most helpful.

PS: [livejournal.com profile] 803am - I keep forgetting to mention this, and meant to comment on your X-Factor entry - given that this year's initial auditions are in the style of Britain's Got Talent and in front of a HUGE AUDIENCE, I'm suddenly very glad I won my bet last year. :P

Edit, 13.16: M has just redeemed himself by complimenting both my hair and my lunch (leftover enchiladas) - because I am that shallow.
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I think this office has something against me. Not content with breaking my chair, on Friday my monitor had lost some pixels - just a line or two at the bottom, across the task bar. This morning they've spread to incorporate my top left hand corner and most of the title bar.

Thankfully IT are going to order me a new one, and it doesn't affect my actual working area too badly... yet.

Weekend )

At some point this weekend we also attempted to watch the final episode of Psychoville on replay, only to discover that despite putting every other bloody episode on there, the BBC have decided not to put the last one on there. I suspect this is because the DVDs have just been released. Hopefully it'll be on the online iPlayer somewhere, though. Stupid BBC.

We decided to watch a film and, after several minutes of perusing the On Demand films without success, decided on the awful-sounding Deadgirl, whose summary actually made it sound worse than it really was. Comments / spoilers )

On Sunday morning Phil turned up to fix / replace our kitchen light (so at least we can now cook properly in the evening), without any warning. We knew he was coming at some point this weekend, and he happened to turn up just as I was getting out of the shower. He then borrowed Lisa's chair to turn off the fuse in the porch, resulting in her shouting irritatedly up the stairs at us... A bit later on when Paul popped out to get cigarettes, he thought Lisa was blanking him, but it turned out later she just had her headphones on and couldn't hear him, and also that she was annoyed with Phil for not warning us when he would turn up, as she was in her nightdress when he arrived, rather than annoyed with us... though we probably should have warned her nonetheless.

We decided to go to Wetherspoon's for Sunday dinner because I couldn't be bothered to cook. So, five minutes before we left, my body decided to punish me for no apparent reason with crippling stomach pain. So I barely even managed half of my roast pork before we had to go home. I ended up having a fitful nap for about an hour or so (thankfully some of the pain had subsided by then) and we watched telly for a few hours. I caught the last hour or so of the shot-for-shot remake of Psycho (not as bad as anticipated; Vince Vaughn should do more serious films) and we started watching a docu-drama on Peter Sellers that we taped about two years ago and forgot about, starring Geoffrey Rush. Always an underrated actor, IMHO. Didn't finish watching that, as I was tired, except then thanks to my nap I didn't actually nod off until around 1.30...

Paul also has a bad stomach this morning so it's obviously something we both ate. I suspect it was the remaining sausages from the fridge. I felt somewhat ill halfway through eating mine, and Paul finished them off... There was nothing in our Experimental Tea which might have poisoned us (it was basically just chicken, tomato and onions) so that only leaves the sausages...

Still a bit grumbly this morning. I wouldn't mind, but I've been good all week - no takeaways, sandwiches with brown bread, and mostly real food with vegetables included. Stupid body.

Bit of a hectic week coming up. It's my mum's birthday tomorrow (need to finish stuff tonight and wrap presents) and we may or may not be seeing her then, depending on what they're doing... I have half of Thursday off as flex, so will be going to get my hair cut at lunchtime, then Paul and I are going to the Bodyworks exhibition at the O2 on Friday (£28 for the coach tickets - yay National Express), then I'm going to We Will Rock You on Saturday afternoon (mum's birthday present) with her and David, then we're going to La Fibule for dinner in the evening.

I do believe that's everything.

No, wait, fic stuff... )

Right, THAT is everything. ;)
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So, on Saturday night we went to see a delightful piece of cinema entitled Antichrist... Commentary and spoilers, though it's only on until Wednesday if you live in Birmingham... )

Small things have been irritating me this weekend. I have ordered a new printer from e-Buyer (£80 all in for the printer, USB cable and spare cartridges, plus £10 delivery charge), and did so on Friday night in the hope that next day delivery would result in getting it on Saturday. Obviously, they don't deliver on Saturdays except for an extra charge, and it wouldn't have been until this weekend. So it's arriving on Tuesday (note to self: remind Lisa so she is hopefully in), which is still okay because I ordered it so I could copy some CDs for my mum. Except then I forgot my bloody password, and the 'changed password' link they emailed me didn't work, so we had to set up an account in Paul's name to bloody order the thing. Thankfully there was no hassle with PayPal, and I didn't have to contend with the Lloyds TSB cardsafe thinger, which I've literally had to change the password on about sixteen times because I didn't remember which one I'd used. I think the first time it turned out that by 'Password', they meant 'Mother's Maiden Name', but I've had to change it so many times I've run out of memorable passwords - there are only three or four I use for most things. So anyway, that entire thing was aggravating.

Then I was generally annoyed by Cineworld being crap with their screening times and extortionate prices (and the fact that we wouldn't be able to see it off peak because they're only showing peak-time screenings).

THEN, on Sunday I got annoyed with the sewing machine, whilst trying to adjust Paul's new trousers. For starters, the bobbin clutch wheel is completely stuck closed, and I don't have a screwdriver with a narrow enough shaft to try and loosen the screw, which I think may help - though if not I have no other solution. Thankfully I then found a bobbin with black thread on it - though my other solution was to use my JML travel sewing machine just to create a bobbin - except I think it's different thread to my main reel, so I absolutely could not get the stitch tension right. In the end I gave up and tacked them by hand, but I'm going to buy some better quality black thread tonight, make a bobbin from scratch and try again. It's annoying because when I made my tie-backs the machine was working perfectly.


It seems the root cause of my annoyance is just Things Not Working, to be honest. Which is entirely understandable.

To top that off, this morning MS Word ate a memo I'd typed before I had a chance to save it, after I'd deleted the tape. Thankfully the file note was still intact. Bloody thing. I assume it was a temporary network fritz (as usual), but still annoying.

Reet then, nothing else to report. Hopefully we will be able to see Coco Before Chanel (preferably without morons in the cinema) before it ceases to show anywhere... Also hope to be back on track with sandwich-making for work this week, as we were very bad last week. We are also back on track with Real Food, as I made a beef bourgignon last night and we're having chilli tonight...
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At the moment it feels like my creativity and productivity are being sapped from every direction by apathy and total exhaustion, which kind of sucks. Also, this weather = depressing. I'm moving to France. I'm pretty sure the shock of being able to get a train in the snow would wear off eventually. :P

We went to Matalan last night to get Paul some work stuff - shirts and trousers - and ended up spending £93. Admittedly, £15 of that was on a proper set of Cole & Mason salt / pepper grinders, as the ones we got from TK Maxx some time ago are rubbish, and I got two tops I probably shouldn't have done, but they are very funky - one is bright electric blue and asymmetrical (I'm very much loving the 1980s revival right now) and one is in shades of brown and orange, asymmetrical panels and Oriental-like. The rest was three shirts, two pairs of trousers (a bit too small so will have to go back - we didn't have time for Paul to try them on) and three ties, so really not too bad. I wasn't expecting to spend that much so it's gone on the credit card. Meh. So much for paying it off before Christmas. :(

Also at around 6.45 I found a voicemail on my phone from - AGAIN - the bank. The usual spiel of "We really do need to talk to you". I'm not even going to bother ringing them back. I've had two sodding account reviews in almost as many months - I had one in June and another one back in about April or May, and I know full well they're just going to call me in, sit me down, say everything's fine and then proceed to try and sell me a loan to pay off the credit card. If it's that desperate they'll ring me again at some point, and the last time I 'forgot' to ring them back it took about a month for them to try again. So, yes, it's clearly OMG SO IMPORTANT that they had to speak to me.

FFS, I didn't have this bloody trouble when I was a student. They didn't even bug me when I went over my overdraft. Now I'm in gainful employment they want to talk to me all the time. Just... bugger off, bank.

Aforesaid Small Drama )

Anyway, hopefully all of that will blow over eventually...

It's still busy at work but I'm just not in the mood. I'm basically stuck in this endless cycle of grey, rainy days, trudging through the working week so I can enjoy the weekend purely because I don't have to get up early or go outside. :(

PS: The man just came to fit the part for our half-broken printer. Bear in mind it took a month to produce an invoice asking us to pay £25 before they could even order the part, which was the little pick-up roller on the paper tray which grabs onto the paper to feed it through. So. £25 to clip a small plastic device onto an axle. I'm in the wrong job. Seriously.
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I don't think I did recount on here my Nero Saga...

Cut because it's long and tedious. )

The public service announcements are actually more requests. I have now not only lost my Photoshop 7 CD, but my version of Office 2003, which disappeared bloody months ago even before I moved.

I know I copied PS7 for Eni at the very least, and I copied Office 03 for someone at BCC ages ago also (who I'll contact if all else fails). I can't remember if I also copied it for Eni. So really this is a plea to Eni rather than anyone else, unless they can help. ;)

Eni, can you copy my copy of PS7 for me? And Office 03 if you have it? (I have Office 00 - and I know I did you a copy of that, too - but it's really bloody annoying. Admittedly not as annoying as 07, of which there is a free trial on this PC - gah, idiot proof much? Why can't they just leave things how they are? What's with the stupid bloody massive buttons everywhere? *grumblegrumble*)

Aaaand finally, here's a poll, because I'm ridiculously ambivalent / indecisive and literally can't decide what to do.

[Poll #1391887]

Because I do want to grow it out (and will have to get it trimmed at some point eventually to ease this task) but equally I want to cut it off again. I call upon the collective brain to make my decision for me.
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Had my supervision / 1:1 / PDR / whatever yesterday and warned Marie about the Invitation of Doom. As I was off sick on Monday, I don't know if Raj ever did get back to me about it, but I've heard nothing all this week. I should probably email again to find out what's happening, though it is tempting to now not bother in the slightest... Anyway, as a result of warning her, I ended up recounting about Sandra and generally having a good old moan about Social Services, and Marie now also hopes that the reason for the invitation is because of a complaint about Sandra...

It's weird to reflect on that period of working at Ladywood. At the time, it felt like I was the only one who'd noticed, but as I think back, I can't have been. Towards the end she made it more than obvious what she thought of me. I really really hope someone else has lodged a complaint. It would be no less than she deserves.

In other news, my MP3-player nearly died a death last night. You're not that interested... )

Of course, I also need to get a new printer, though they're cheap enough on ebuyer. I should get one soon, though, because I need to do another CD for Katie...

In other other news, I painted my nails last night for the first time in about a year... In the process I also cleared out my dead bottles of varnish; out of about 30 I managed to save maybe eight (including a limited edition turquoise which I'm pretty sure I can't get any more). All the others were beyond redemption (i.e. rock solid and defying gravity, or simply unopenable), and those I've held onto can be saved with a drop of nail polish remover. So, my nails are now chocolate brown, slightly glittery. Soon I shall rebuild my empire of nail varnish! *evil laugh* One of the colours I had to throw away was an iridescent blue-green that I was using on a belt which has some gems missing, as it's exactly the same colour as the gems. Ah well...

We have a quiz after work tonight; last time our team came 9th (out of 14 teams) so hopefully we will do slightly better this time...
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I was going to share photographs of the purple hair, but it'll have to wait because my phone is being an ARSE. It was more than content to email the photograph from yesterday (the PC desk) but is now refusing to cooperate. I dunno if it's Virgin or the phone itself, but it's incredibly annoying. I have the Motorola Phonetools software, but it's more trouble than it's worth trying to get it to recognise the bloody phone in the first place.

Meh. I shall reinstall Paul's Samsung software and bluetooth them to him, as that seems to work better. Watch this space.

Just as well I decided against posting the photographs of more free stuff to see if there was interest, really. I figured there's never interest, so no point bothering. I noticed the base of my t-shirt drawer was sagging and decided to have a bit of a clear out, so have a pile of about six tops I never wear to take to the charity shop. Including my infamous Not-A-Lesbian shirt, because it is no longer valid - or at least the "No, I haven't got a boyfriend" part...

Bah. I would like a camera now, please. As the bank have upped my credit card limit to £4,100 for no apparent reason I might just treat myself for my birthday...

Oh, and we're seeing Sound of Music in London on 18th October for the matinee. I'll figure out drinking and whatnot nearer the time, if I can be bothered.

STILL no Amazon order, and also no bus pass, which expires on Wednesday. Fuck's sake, TWM, get your bloody act together. D'you think I've offended the postman or something?
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Apart from going out to turn our bags of pennies into real money and use them to pay off some of the credit card bill, I've spent the entire day in front of the PC. The majority of that was spent ripping CDs to the hard drive (firstly using CD Grabber, then using WMP because it filled in the track numbers for me...) and then trying to get various attempts at FTP to work.

Cute FTP will not patch properly. I realise this serves me right for using pirated software, but still. So I attempted to find some freeware FTP and failed on all accounts. (Plz to be noting, various website people: do not claim something is "free" if in fact you mean "30-day trial". Thanking you.) Then remembered David copied me Dreamweaver some time ago. The FTP function on there is hellaciously awful, combined with Vista's weird file management system, but eventually I managed to upload the thing I wanted to.

Which was this. The prequel to my movie script, pre-renaming, and my Writing & New Technologies coursework. It was originally hosted on Brinkster before they deleted my account, so here it is again.

I should probably not spend the rest of the evening at the PC, really. But it's so preeeeeetty!
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PC completely non-functional yesterday, but started today. Hm. Sporadic, therefore, but at least it sort of works. I think buying a new machine may definitely be in the innings. As I've got it working fairly early today I think back-up of miscellanous files may be the plan for today.

Being PC-less has somewhat scuppered the majority of my productivity for the fortnight, as a lot of it was fic/website-related. Meh.

Paul was working until 8.00pm yesterday due to having to train people on scanning, so I ended up traipsing into town so we could eat. Luckily he has Friday off. I was hoping for a nice daytrip to a beach somewhere, weather permitting, but thanks to being PC-less I've not been able to check trains or anything... anyway, the weather will probably conspire against us, so we may just go to the monsters exhibition at the Gas Hall instead.

Nothing much to do today really. I've cleaned the grill pan this morning (it filled the kitchen with smoke on Saturday when I was using it) and will probably do the glass from the front of the oven later as it's gone an interesting shade of orange.

That's about it.

Whilst PC is working:

~ Back up scans and random new files
~ Write down Katie's address to send CD
~ Check internet-related stuffs
~ Order bike from Woolworth's online (I went into the shop and despite them having it at the front of the store, apparently you still have to get it ordered in. Um, yeah. Pointless much?)

That'll do. Am tempted to leave it on to prevent further breakage but gah, the electricity...
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Weekend )

Yesterday )

Which brings us to today. Obviously, the PC is no longer broken, as I am typing an LJ entry. It didn't work this afternoon when I tried to turn it on but for some reason was absolutely fine a few hours later when Paul came home. Oh, and he managed to leave his keys at home today, as well as his (dead-batteried, admittedly) mobile. Cue me trying to get in touch with him via a very circuitous route involving 118 118 and attempting to send a text to his work email - I presume the latter was intercepted by the firewall, however. Anyway, I did manage to get through and he came home early to beat me going to choir and not being around to let him in.

More Carnivále later. Hopefully if the PC can survive a little bit longer we won't have to get a new machine just yet, so *crosses fingers* here's hoping.

That's everything. Must update food diary.
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Not a good morning so far... Upon getting to work, I had to take the stairs because for some reason the lift decided not to work. Of course, it was fully functional again not five minutes later... And then MS Word decided to crash for no apparent reason (although it seems to be fine now, and I didn't lose anything important...)

And it's Tuesday, so I'm here until at least 5.45... meh.

I keep waking up at 5.30am lately, too. The same happened to Paul after we moved the room around, but to be honest I've been waking up at 5.30am for quite a while. Maybe I should just... get up when that happens. Do some washing or something. Mind you, last night we ended up going to sleep at about 10.15, which might account for it...

Actually, I probably should have anticipated this: the network went down last night at around 3.45pm and it's usually a portent of doom that work is going to be doubly annoying as a result. As it happened, I was leaving at 4.00 anyway, but unfortunately had to first solve the problem of what to do with the document I was working on. Especially as Word crashed, so I then couldn't open the other (already saved) document to print it off, and also (due to network outage) couldn't email the docs to the fee earner in question.

Instead, I had to print off the one that was open (and thankfully autorecovered) and save it to My Documents and then put a little post-it on the print-out saying that a) the network was down; b) the printed document is not on the network drive and I will move it tomorrow; and c) the non-printed document IS on the network drive and its reference is XXX. (Just in case the network came back later and she wanted to work on it...)

Which I didn't think was too complicated, but apparently so. Probably should have just left it at "I'll email them tomorrow".

I am constantly amazed by how the presence of a computer can turn ordinarily intelligent people (and in this case we're talking solicitors) into trembling balls of paranoid fear. And the way people manage to conveniently forget all the things they already know when faced with being asked to do something familiar in an unfamiliar way. Meh.

(The network is okay again this morning, but still a little ponderous...)

My tattoo is still healing, although some of the scab is weird and squidgy instead of crusty, mostly where it bled profusely. I should probably have a shower tomorrow and aid the falling-off process... At least it's not itching...


Apr. 26th, 2006 12:49 pm
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I think that may have just made my morning.

I just finished typing a tape from Vel. She finished the report but must've forgotten to stop recording, because it carried on for the remaining minute or so of the tape and revealed her battled with a flying insect. I heard "Get out of here!" and "The window's open!" quite distinctly. :)

I'm not entirely sure whether to be amused, or terrified that this is the single highlight of my day...

The downside is, I just tried to open a file off the P drive - to help out a completely useless Social Worker who is always completely incapable of finding these things for herself - and it crashed my entire PC. Luckily, Word auto-recovered 90% of the document I'd been typing...
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Well, everything server-related is working again this morning... except, of course, my email. I'm on BCCMail01. You'd think they'd fix the first server, um, first.

My slim hope that they might have extended the closing date on the job/s I was going to apply for - due to the website being non-functional yesterday - was dashed to the rocks. Having still heard nothing about the one in Legal, I'm really not holding out much hope. I'm hereby giving up on the finding-a-new-job front for at least another couple of months. It's not worth the bloody energy expenditure.

Amanda and Cynthia are on a minute-taking training day thingy today (hence the making-a-map on Monday) so it's just me and Sandra today. Oh, joy. I need to phone Tina H and tell her/ask her if I can have half of next Tuesday and all of Wednesday as flex/annual leave, since my email's blantantly not going to be accessible this side of 2007...

Also, wow, I'd forgotten how annoying getting three buses was. Which is really quite bad, considering I've only been getting the train into work (via town - the bus is marginally more reliable the other way) for about a week...

This morning I had a very strange dream; I can't be bothered to do another post about it, so I'll stick it under a cut. Here. )


Okay, Sandra just walked in. I swear the room just got physically colder... No, I'm not kidding.


Resume... )

The whole thing left me feeling quite uneasy, for some reason, probably because it didn't really end properly... COnsidering it was so fragmented, I'm surprised at how much I remember.

Sandra has now gone away again to minute a combined meeting for six children. And, as usual, she hasn't said a single word to me all morning. Ho-hum. At least I can do my work in peace without one of her annoying phonecalls going on in the background.

Oh, and this morning I was rung by Chris Wilson at Silvermere. He Chaired a meeting for us the other week and I typed the minutes for him yesterday and faxed them over (due to being without email) for amending. There was only one amendment, and he was incredibly impressed. My reputation now extends further. :)
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...have a LiveJournal.

Hm, not quite as catchy as "have a Kit Kat".

But I am, nonetheless, having a break. I've typed 8 sets of minutes today, pretty much non-stop except for half an hour for lunch and a couple of small conversations. Oh, and sending a fax, which was an unfortunate necessity due to email being dead.

There was a fire, apparently. In the server room. It doesn't help that my mailbox is apparently on one of the least reliable servers they seem to have. But it has meant that I can't check or send any email, which has meant resorting to the ever faithful (heh) floppy discs to hand over minutes to Chairs. And also, Carefirst doesn't work, either. All in all, rather a shambles.

Why can't the bloody phones ever give up the ghost when things like this happen?

The really annoying thing is I can't access birmingham.gov.uk or any of its pages because it's housed on one of the dead servers. And I had a couple of job applications to send off today, because today's the closing date. I thought it was Friday, because I'm stupid, but that's beside the point. I'll have to try and access it at home and hope it works from there, but I don't hold out much hope - and besides, I need to re-write the application form blurb again.

Although having said that, I've rather lost the will to live on the job hunting side of things. They all want at least two years of experience and I only have 22 months, so they won't even get through the initial shortlisting stage.

Have I mentioned enough times this month how much I HATE job-hunting?

The only reason I'm even doing it is because it's reached the point where it's either Sandra or me. I can't work with her and I have no intention of putting up with more of her crap without anything being done about it. The crap is sporadic, but it comes in large bursts and only serves to make me angry and frustrated... which is, unfortunately, also the reaction I have to searching through job pages and applying for things.

On the plus side, I discovered today that the temporary contract I thought I was on was, in fact, only temporary, and since finishing my probationary period I have now been recommended for the permanent position. Which I think I may have been told and forgotten all about, but it's still nice to know.

Bah. Work sucks. Real life is evil. Find me a nice big rock to crawl under or bash my head into a bloody pulp with. Now, please.
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Well, sort of.  Connection can't seem to cope with three computers online at the same time, at least as far as loading pages is concerned.  As you can see, Semagic (and messengers, I presume) are loading just fine.  IE is shaking its head forlornly.

Could possibly also have something to do with the fact that I'm connecting wirelessly to a snazzy new Wanadoo router with a generic wireless aerial, which is, er, taped to the back of my PC...  So, you see why I also need to upgrade.

Mrgh.  This is annoying.  I have an Amazon order I couldn't send from work, and now I can't send it from here either.  Stupid internet.
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I don't have the energy any more.  It was, as usual, formulating into coherence in my head on the bus (as these things have a tendency to do) but I lost it again in the incidents since coming home.

I made food, which I ate whilst watching A Child's Cry For Help, a horrendous made-for-TV movie that I caught on Sky Premier... I think it snuck over from Real Movies, somehow... so yeah, that was interesting.  Mother with Muchausen's Syndrome by Proxy, etc.

Then I went upstairs to put away clean clothes.

Now, see, when I came home on Sunday, I discovered that my bedside lamp was mysteriously broken.  It's one of those really bright desk lamps that swivel.  The base has completely cracked.  It hasn't fallen on the floor as far as I know, it's just... broken.  It still works, but it won't stay in one position.  So I've had to bin that.  And found another, functional lamp in the back bedroom/study that I can use instead, which is far prettier anyway.  I just need to paint it black because it's olive green at the moment.

So, because that lamp won't fit on my shelf, I had to put it on top, which meant a) doing some dusting (ha.  Or not) and b) moving stuff around to accommodate it.  Which resulted in my large, A3 clip framed New York print falling off the wall, down the back of the shelves, and onto the floor.  Surprisingly, the glass remained intact.

Until I stood on it.  In slippers, luckily.

Which meant I had to vaccuum to get rid of the deadly little slivers of glass in my rug.

And now I really can't be arsed to rant.  I'll probably save it til tomorrow afternoon when I'm bored, or something.
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At least I'm updating more than [livejournal.com profile] yoshithedragon. :P Didn't do an update yesterday because... well, I couldn't be arsed, really. Since working on my embroidery and actually watching some of my DVDs, I'm finally realising that my life does not revolve around LJ.


I stayed in until 9.00, when I headed off into town to meet Paul after [livejournal.com profile] metalmikey666's birthday do at the Hill. Since I was about 20 minutes early I stuck my head in for a bit, and was reminded why I loathe the place... but anyway, at least I showed some willing and said hello to some people (though by then, only Laura, Mikey, Lod and the Jos remained, as far as I can remember...)

Headed back to Paul's and watched My Name Is Earl, then went to bed...

Had a late breakfast, and watched... er, some movies. I honestly don't remember which. Oh, wait, the second one was Free Enterprise, which was about two Trekkies meeting William Shatner and realising he was, in fact, an egotistical nutter... quite entertaining. One of them was Eric McCormack (Will from Will & Grace) which made it funnier than it should have been.

Oh, that was it, we watched Akira, because the last time I'd seen it was after [livejournal.com profile] falling_softly's 21st birthday party, at about 1.00am, whilst drunk, and it seemed to be about 5 hours long and end about 17 times. It makes only marginally more sense when sober.

After that we headed out to Tor's for dinner, stopping en route to buy a bottle of wine and a lottery ticket (still didn't win) and going into a local pub to kill time. The place's reputation as a local dive wasn't helped in the silghtest by the empty Special Brew can lying under our table...

Tor had cooked us homemade pizza, which was very very nice. She and Dave have a Staffs. Terrier called Stella, who is mad and affectionate and JUMPS on you, and who spent most of the night lying on people, grunting. Their cat is understandably traumatised.

Headed back to mine after that, and went straight to bed because it was cold.

My grandmother and uncle came around for lunch, and we had to move the dining table up into the living room and added the piano stool and my desk chair to fit six people around it. We had a very nice leg of lamb (I have some for my lunch today) with all the trimmings, and my mum showed them the holiday photos from when she and David went to Turkey last year, before they finally went home.

The rest of the evening was spent messing about on Snood, and 'helping' with a jigsaw puzzle in the lounge, which eventually ended in taking over the thing entirely and planning tactical manouevres... Quite sedate, really.

Work was about the same as usual, really. Came home, ate, sat and did some embroidering, rang Paul, did some more, did some jigsaw, watched Paul McKenna...

A bit of drama at about 10.30, though. They realised Saw was on and decided to record it, and... well, then it all got a bit mad.

A while ago, David went and bought a DVD recorder without prior consultation with either of us (as he frequently does with big purchases), mainly because I wanted to put all my videos onto DVD, although that's now going to be very difficult. Anyway, there was a disc in the machine from Saturday night, when my mum had recorded a musicals programme off the BBC with Ruthie Henshall in it (which, incidentally, Vicky texted me about but I couldn't watch at the time) and before they did anything - after an argument about what mode to record the damn thing in, which resulted in David using a "you idiot" tone of voice by accident - she wanted him to protect it so it wouldn't get over-written.

So, she got the manual out, because that's what women do. Meanwhile, David started pressing buttons at random, because that's what men do. Or rather, that's what blokes do.

The end result, he managed to delete the thing we wanted protecting, then stormed off in a huff and apparently didn't say a word for the rest of the night. He did apologise this morning, though.

Honestly. What is it about men that they can't just read the frelling instructions?

So, anyway, I have absolutely nothing to do today. Literally. None of the Chairs are in, either. Looks like I'll be shredding, then.
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Right. Photo of skirt, before I forget. Here. )

Internet's still bost. This may be a sign to change ISPs.

Er, that's about it, really.

Oh, no it's not. More fun at work yesterday with Sandra.

Tina H came over to drop some SHAO typing off for me to do (one of their Chairs was having an 'urgent' day, for some reason, and their latest typist is off sick after four days of work; I'm almost tempted to offer to work both offices. Almost.) and said what Tina R had been saying to her about Shafiq's workload... and she's apparently told Tina R what me and Cynthia have been saying to her about it... basically that Shafiq's saying he's only 6 weeks behind, when we know otherwise.

The actual phrasing went something like this when she was telling us this:

Tina H: Yes, but Cynthia and Becky have both told me differently, and what reason would they have to lie?
Sandra: [sceptically] Well...

So she's implying I'm a liar now? Charming!

And then, after Tina'd gone and Cynthia was ranting away about this (because Tina's broken our confidence on things we've told her in supervision, and mentioned our names to Tina R), I was all for joining in the conversation, until Sandra told me to "turn around please, this is private"

I was very close to saying "if you've got something to say, you can say it to me as well", since I suspect she was bitching again about me telling Tina H about Shafiq's backlog. Which affects my own workload, thank you very much, so she should keep her nose out of it. But instead, stunned as usual by her behaviour, I turned around.

Whatever. I'm past caring now.

In a slightly more bizarre twist on things, Cynthia is now referring to me as "my girl". Which is strange. She's used it twice now to refer to me.

Anyway. It's cold in here, as usual. I have my hospital appointment this afternoon, and then my final counselling appointment at 4.30. I need to get insoles for my trainers. That is all.


Jan. 11th, 2006 09:05 am
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Went sale shopping last night, because Debenham's had a big sale on. Except, really, I wasn't in the mood for all the hassle of going through sale racks, especially since I seem to have lost my knack of homing in on the one, perfect thing that just happens to be in my size.

Anyway, I did manage to get some new trainers, and was then very naughty and got a skirt from Per Una at M&S... except their website sucks and I left the disc at home with the photo on it, so no photo yet. It's khaki tartan, asymmetrical, with three layers (two tartan, one slightly darker, and one mesh underneath) and a rouched bit at the side that pulls up... basically, it's a Victorian-era whore skirt, ankle length at one side and then just under knee length at the other.

The picture will explain better. Stupid M&S website. I suspect it's a brand new arrival that hasn't made it online yet.

So, both of those set me back £45 each (they're cheaper in America, too. Unsurprisingly.), and I once again learnt the joys of being a shoe-size 4.5 and a clothing size 13. Which, obviously, doesn't exist. I need to lose weight anyway; half of my frelling jeans don't fit.

So, yeah.

I'm very tired this morning... still having trouble getting to sleep at night even though I'm always sleepy, which is annoying. Luckily David was off today and I was leaving as he came back from taking my mum to work, so I blagged a lift. Ticket office was closed, had to get a Permit to Travel, blah blah blah. But I have a bottle of Mango Tango, so that makes it all okay.

Oh, yes, our internet isn't working. Well, the modem is working, but AOL is being a moron again and refusing to find the signal... the current suspicion is that David's been messing with things he doesn't understand, like blokes do, and has done something to the connection. His computer's next to useless but the CD-writer's faster, and my mum's is the one that controls the network and hence the one he also uses to get online with.

And this, dear friends, is why I am very protective of anyone touching my computer without prior permission. Luckily, because it's so slow, nobody ever wants to, even though it probably works better than the other two. :D (I will upgrade soon. I will.)

Right, best do some work, I suppose...

Oh, yeah, I forgot: I started reading The World According to Garp last night, which is quite good. I saw the film adaptation many moons ago and only remember the presence of Robin Williams, though reading the summary of the book reminded me of more.

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Networked printers are a pain in the eema. Especially when the network dies and they don't work.

I can't be bothered to retype, so I've copied it from the email I sent to Paul...

Ye Printing Faga

Sandra hands me a convening list to send out some invites as the Conference has been reconvened. Quite how she expects me to print them off is a different matter, since our printer has been b0rk since the network outage.

So, anyway, I have the bright idea of saving all of the bits I need to disc, taking it into the POs room and printing off on the non-used PC in there, as it has its own printer. Fine. Easy.

Except it does stupid things to documents and has made all the emboldened bits on the letters squashed together, for NO APPARENT REASON. Sigh. So I try to take the disc out to see if they're still the same on my comptuer (and being an idiot, had only saved them to that disc...) and it EATS the disc.

Right. So I come back to my desk and type them ALL AGAIN. And save them to another disc and ask Natasha nicely if I can use her printer instead, as she's nearly finished with it. Except this time, the disc refuses to load any of the documents and keeps hanging.

Okay. Cunning plan, think I - I shall save them to our shared directory! Except Natasha doesn't have access to that. Darnit. And, once more, I have only saved the docs. to a disc so have to retype them AGAIN! This time saving them to the shared directory and half-inching Amanda's computer to print off on HER printer. Which works fine, and I delete them from the shared directory...


...and then realise I meant to print off copies for the file as well. No problem, think I, I can photocopy them using the fax machine next door (for I am too lazy to go downstairs), except our fax machine is STUPID and feeds through 20 sheets at once, meaning I have to photocopy them all AGAIN on the right coloured paper.

Holy Hell's teeth on a bicycle. Can I go home yet?

So, that was fun.
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As much as the weekend was very uneventful, have an update anyway.

After my mood-swing-y entry on Saturday I sat and watched the final two episodes of Jonathan Creek, and decided, once again, that I wanted to re-write the series with Maddy instead of Carla, as all of the Compromising Situations only served to annoy me because it's the wrong pairing, dammit!  So, perhaps an ongoing task, but it'll satisfy my J/M craving.

Damn, I really need to upgrade this computer so I can use my new monitor and have a functional scanner again.  This is really bloody annoying.  Luckily, I'm in credit (£54.08, apparently) for the first time in about 3 years, so assuming I don't spend any more money, I should have some money for Derby.  Then I can save up again and upgrade the computer, and then I'll save again for London in October, and then will be able to pay my mother £300 of the £600 I owe her.  Hm, this is a good thing.

Then there's just that pesky student loan to worry about...

Anyway, where was I?  Oh, yes.  Midway through the final episode, Paul rang me and explained his horrible Friday - can't expand on that - and we negotiated new plans.  So instead of going into Brum to buy him a hat, we had a quiet night in instead.  Wherein we watched - as you may have guessed - the first series of Little Britain.

On Sunday, we managed to get up before noon, which is an achievement in itself.  Watched the last remaining episode of Little Britain and some of the extras on the DVDs, plus Pirates of the Caribbean (yaypirates!) and very little else.  Went into town to play some pool in the Flapper (the table, quite randomly, now hates me) and back to his.

This month has been quite horrendous, all told, for everyone.  The sooner it ends, the better.  I am personally looking forward to my time off (even though a couple of days of that will be taken up with the horrible task of agency-visiting...) and the chance to catch up on sleep and sanity, as well as the three days I'll be spending in Derby with Paul.  This (four day!) weekend should be nice and relaxing, too, and I think we all need it.

I have last week's Most Haunted to watch...

So, with that, I shall sign off.


Mar. 19th, 2005 10:27 pm
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Okay.  Floppy discs?  Need to be abolished.  Useless crappy pieces of hardware.

Was about to do some more work on chapter 8 of Come Forward, right?  So I managed to open the chapter file from the floppy I've been using to save it back to at work, and then attempt to explore the other files to find the snippet for the end of the chapter that I wrote ages ago, as I can't remember which chapter I stuck it on the end of.  Since my computer's been on since 11.00 this morning and I've been messing about in ImageReady for about four hours, it decides that my attempts to open more than one Word file will be thwarted and the entire programme freezes.  Somehow, in the process, it completely fucks up my disc to the extent that the drive won't even recognise it, and keeps asking me if I want to format the disc.

No, I do not want to format the disc!  I have a whole bloody chapter of writing on there, as well as miscellaneous other bits... though most of those are redundent anyway and the majority are MHgeek posts that are on the community anyway.

It wouldn't let me do a Save As... either because that's when it froze on me, and I can't copy the files over to the zip because it's not acknowledging that the floppy exists.

This sucks.  Hopefully it'll still allow me to do something with it when I'm back at work (we have Word 2000 there and I have Office 2003, which might be accounting for some things) so I can back it up, but really, I don't want to lose a good 1000 words of writing that took me far too long to complete, especially when I was getting right to the point when I could do something with it. (I know I have most of it saved to my hard drive at work, too, though frelled if I can remember if I saved the last edit... blah.)

I thought this evil piece of machinery was being ridiculously nice to me today.  It was lulling me into a false sense of security, the bastard.

But really, floppy discs are the most pointless, annoyingly crappy pieces of hardware to date, and should probably have been discontinued by now, especially given how large files are these days.  This is stupid.
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Dear Uniross Ni-MH AAA rechargable batteries,

you suck.  Your larger AA brothers suck considerably less and can power my camera - which undoubtedly uses more power per second than my MP3-player - for at least three hours of constant use.  You, however, cannot even power my MP3-player for 10 hours of playback, whereas the cheap-arse Superdrug AAA batteries give me at least 30 hours.

Kindly stop sucking.  I bought you so I would have to buy less of the aforesaid Superdrug AAAs, and you are not being very useful.


[livejournal.com profile] teylaminh

Yeah, annoying.  As was much of today until I got given stuff to type.  Still have two sets of minutes to do tomorrow, a couple of distributions, and a drenload of photocopying.  Woot.

Zoe's leaving on Friday.  :(  I mean, she was supposed to leave, like, in January, but anyway.  She's definitely leaving on Friday, and I is sad.  She sits opposite me and actually knows what she's doing, unlike the rest of us.  Cynthia was meant to have gotten her a leaving present, come to think of it... we put the money in for it and then forgot because Liz H's birthday came up.

Last Dead Famous tonight; can't remember who it's about.  And then, woo, more stuff.  Most Haunted Live # 14 (I think) 12-14th March (another late Monday, then) complete with Access All Areas on Living 2 (they really, really know how to milk this popularity lark...) and then Dead Like Me series 2 and Most Haunted series 6 both starting on 22nd.  At the same time, obviously.  I would like to thank the Academy Living for creating the very helpful Living +1.

Wow, television...

I'm exhausted and my brain doesn't work.  Early night tonight, I think.


Feb. 5th, 2005 10:36 pm
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I hate power cuts...

There we were, happily finishing drying the dishes, when everything went black.  All of our street and the one behind, but not, annoyingly, the new school/medical centre that's opened on top of the hill, which has its bright white lights on all the frelling time and probably needs an entire power station to run.  No, that was still lit.  Bastard.

Cut to much hurried lighting of candles, except the only trouble with the candles in my room is they're all in really crappy holders that are liable to fall over, or are near flammable things like curtains.  Managed to save the day with some tealights, though.

Gah, I hate it.  That sudden plunging into darkness.  You never realise just how dark dark really is.

This house also has a rather annoying tendency to fuse all the lights on the bottom and first floor if a lightbulb goes, though it doesn't do it very often.

Anyway.  I swear, my entire life revolves around electricity...


Nov. 6th, 2004 07:10 pm
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How difficult can it be to make one frelling CD, let alone four?

My frelling scanner's frelling frelled.  It goes through these periods whereby it randomly decides not to work, and the usual way of solving this problem is to uninstall and reinstall and start from scratch.

O-ho, not when you've got Win XP, obviously.  Software all installed absolutely fine, and it's detecting that there's a "USB Scanner", but can it find the drivers it's already got for it?

Can it fuck find the drivers.

Yeah, I'm annoyed by this.

My computer hates me, and now my sodding scanner's useless, so we're going to have to swap them around, and the other one's a Canon, which didn't work at all the last time I tried to install it.  Someone buy me a new computer, please.

I'll go away now.
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watched above film in america noir today.  the entire thing.  neil campbell believes in showing us research material in its entirety and letting us draw our own conclusion, unlike dave brottman, who shows us 15 minutes of carefully selected clips and talks for the remainder of the 3 hours...

anyway.  double indemnity: 1944, screenplay by raymond chandler, directed by billy wilder.  and despite sitting very firmly on the sunsetgeek, it leaked out during the opening sequence.  (can i help it?  woman on a staircase!  mention of said staircase!)

anyway.  was good.  and amusing.  two notable quotes, one of which i wrote down, the other of which i've forgotten and which was, annoyingly, the better one.  there's probably a screenplay around somewhere.  the one i wrote down was: "now get outta here, before i throw my desk at you!"

barton keyes is very cool. :)

that's it.  too tired to remember the rest.

in other news, i don't know what my computer's up to, but it's very annoying, and if i have to reinstall again, i may have to smack someone.  it's my own fault.  the process of events went something like this:

i went to amazon to find a soundbite so i could try and remember the alanis song i really liked in sixth form.  i couldn't remember the title, the tune, or any of the lyrics.   in order to play amazon soundbites, i needed to download real player.  well, okay, fair enough; the bbc site uses real player files, too, so it's not completely redundant.  i downloaded, and restarted.  and found the song - "thank u", it turns out - and now have it in my head, which is neither here nor there because at least now i know which album i need to get to obtain it - and then went off to try and find an MP3 of it to download, just out of curiosity.

i found a site that looked promising.  it asked that people downloading the MP3s install a software plugin, to prevent other sites stealing their files.  which is fair enough, so i - rather stupidly; everyone throw fruit now - downloaded said plugin.  which didn't seem to actually install, and every time i tried to download the MP3 it insisted i download the plugin instead.

cue a crash. not uncommon.  and a restart.

upon restarting, my desktop is covered in tons of random icons for buying things and online casinos and junk that i don't want, plus an annoying desktop taskbar thingy that seems to serve no feasible purpose but to be bright blue and irritating.  i shut it down, informed it that, no, i did not want it to run on startup, and deleted all the bloody icons it had chosen to put there.  and went to find a different MP3, which also failed, but i didn't really care about the song by this point.  whatever i downloaded has also seen fit to change my homepage to its own rather than the university homepage.  i changed it back, but it's still trying to redirect through the one it replaced it with...

a while ago, the first time i installed MSN Messenger Plus, i did the default install and ended up with an annoying blue search toolbar in IE; it's get-rid-of-able, but it turned up whenever i opened a new IE window.  (and IE really needs a command for getting rid of toolbars altogether, rather than just not showing them...)  the next time i installed Plus, i wised up and did the custom install, which gave the option to install without the sponsor advertising (aforesaid annoying toolbar) and it went away.  anyway, with whatever i downloaded, i am now getting:  annoying toolbar (which now won't load so i can't screencap it), and popups where there should be none, including livejournal, fanfic.net when the ad blocker's on, and just appearing at random for no reason.

photoshop crashed a grand total of five times last night, so i reinstalled it.  i'd like to think it's just a photoshop thing, but i doubt it very much.  now, whenever i click on the IE icon on either my quicklaunch or my desktop, it doesn't open. nor does double clicking the yahoo!mail alert envelope, nor livejournal's friends list option. the only way i can get into IE is through My Computer, using the address bar.  earlier, IE did eventually open, but only after five minutes of thinking about it; now, it's not opening at all. it makes the about-to-open noise, but nothing happens.

there's also annoying things in  programs called "coupons and offers" and the like that are undeletable. and i've tried. six times.

needless to say, i am not impressed.  computer's also just being generally slow.  i'll see if it gets any better, but i fear a reinstall may be on the cards again...


edit after another crash: well, IE seems to be working now, so clearly norton did something right before it crashed. and on the plus side, i seem to have acquired a Google toolbar that blocks popups, which is v. useful and somewhat makes up for the sheer amount of the bloody things.
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gods, but i hate XP.  was just helping becky install some fonts on her computer (plus a basic winzip tutorial so she can actually download them in the first place) and a process that is relatively simple with '98 becomes an impossible task with XP.

windows 98:

1) download font.
2) save back to desktop.
3)  open .zip file so it opens in winzip.
4) extract to desktop.
5) go to My Computer -> C:\ -> Windows -> annoying warning page that is pointless -> Fonts -> File -> Install New Font...
6) locate font in C:\WINDOWS\Desktop.  click on it. click on OK.
7) voila. a font.

windows XP:
1) to 5) are as above, minus annoying warning page because XP doesn't expect you to be messing about in the windows folder anyway.
6) attempt to find desktop in C:\WINDOWS
7) fail.
8) click on Start.  click on 'Find'.  look for 'Find' in order to do this.
9) fail. realise it's called 'Search...'
10)  search for 'Desktop'.  locate Desktop.  (this is not unlike the eddie izzard 'cannot access printer' sketch, in that i was going "but it's right there!")
11) copy font to My Documents in hope it'll be easier to find.
12) return to Fonts folder.  repeat File -> Install New Font... process.
13) search through C:\WINDOWS\Documents and Settings\[various users] until one yields the desktop and/or My Documents upon which the font is stored.
14) install font
15) repeat process once more, with desktop becoming more and more elusive.
16) finally put some fonts that i have already on a disk to make the finding process more simple after they've been extracted.

see that?  a whole nine extra steps just to install a font on XP.  not helped, of course, by the fact that a) XP is geared towards several users on one computer, hence the many different users with different desktops and My Documents folders (one of which was "All Users", plus "Owner" and "Rebecca" - it turned out to be in the latter...), b) i frelling hate laptops, which means i was having to give verbal instructions when it would have been quicker just to do it myself, c) becky's not the most computer literate person (e.g., "i don't know how to right click! i only know how to double-click, it does everything!" - but then proceeding to right click anyway. how can people do something but not know what it is?) and d) installing fonts is a complicated process the first time around unless you're already computer-savvy/curious enough to find where the fonts are stored in the first place, and to know that things need to be installed before they can be used...

so, to reiterate: gods, but i hate XP.  i am resigned to the fact that i will one day have to buy a new computer, and cannot demand that they install windows '98 on it.  but hopefully by then they'll have made XP less bloody annoying.  'user-friendly' my arse.  it's user-friendly if you're computerphobic, i'll agree, since the simplest tasks are spelt out for you, and when you install something, it tells you where you've installed it with useful highlighting in the start-menu.  but if you're trying to do something and it doesn't like it, boy, does it let you know...  it's like the goddamn office assitant to the power of fifty, only without the irritating animation...


Feb. 18th, 2004 12:02 am
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well, that was a barrel of laughs...

see, here's the thing. i have (or rather, had) a CD, upon which i was saving AIM conversations with katie along with a little linking thing to introduce them. they were all on a recordable CD, which roxio, for some reason, had managed to do the impossible with. you're not meant to be able to format recordable CDs; when you do, it makes them re-writable until you close them, which is a very good thing, but, as i said, technically impossible... anyway, having uninstalled roxio after the last CD saga, obviously, i couldn't access said CD-R to edit anything.

so, i had a cunning plan. i would install roxio, thus making the CD usable so i could save the files to my hard drive, delete the CD, uninstall roxio, and start over with nero. ha. ha ha ha.

nero and roxio don't get along. to such an extent that when i restarted, windows refused to load.

cue reinstalling of windows, and, of course, the twenty billion things i have on my computer (including that shitload of fonts i downloaded a month or so ago. oy...) i'm so glad i save everything to disc by habit...

anyway, at least my computer works again, as well as it ever does... and, even though it's now too late on livejournal...


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my parcel from katie has finally arrived. there was a parcel slip in my pigeon hole today with the words "see hall manager" on it, so naturally, i assumed i was in trouble for some bizarre unrelated thing - force of habit, i guess. anyway, the parcel had been sent by parcel force, which they don't deal with because they need signing for, and it had been in some person's room for ages and finally found its way down to the office.

as i was running to a lecture i didn't have time to actually pick it up, though, so i'll go and get it tomorrow.

in other news, my computer is being a complete arse and has so far, three times, for no seemingly apparent reason, decided to turn my CD-RWs into closed, non-do-anything-with-able CDs. this is very annoying. i'll attempt to format this one again once i've put everything on the hard drive for a third time, but i may give up and use a zip or two at this rate. but that's just irritating. i have a permanent zip that i used for writing and assignments, and the images are all on CD. i do that for a reason. i don't need my computer being randomly evil.

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yahoo=having a bad day...

large picture to demonstrate )

do we think, now it's upchucked, that it might start behaving again?

update on the revision: i have condensed my notes into 2ish sides of A4, which i shall read when i go to bed (which will be before 3am, yes it will) and tomorrow morning before the exam. with any luck i can blag enough of it when i'm in there to make up for anything i don't learn...

random: i have a thing about desktops; i think they tell you a lot about someone's personality. so, i invite you all to send me pictures of your desktop (if you don't have bandwidth) or post me them (if you do.) go on. it'll be fun...

hit "print scrn" on your keyboard with your desktop in view (it's aboove the 'insert', 'delete', etc keys, on the f-row) and then open an image editing programme - paint'll do fine - and hit ctrl-v. voila, a desktop. resize (unless it goes fuzzy, in which case, don't bother...), save, email/post.


Jan. 11th, 2004 04:42 pm
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well, that was interesting...

why is it, do you think, that when you have much, much better things to be doing, your computer decides to flip out completely and do something random?

today's adventure: whilst in a hurry earlier, i must have accidentally tried to drag when i should have double-clicked, which is easily done. however, it somehow managed to convince my CD-RW that it was full (all 650MB of it) when yesterday it had over half left. which meant it wouldn't let me save anything back to it, delete anything, or change anything. and considering it's the CD i put all my images on, this is a problem. it had somehow managed to write-protect itself, which is utterly pointless.

so, cue much disgruntled muttering, and trying to copy the files to my hard drive. which was fair enough, but i didn't realise exactly how many files there were, and since it kept coming up with error messages whenever it found a ws_ftp.log file, and some random .html and .txt files, the whole process took longer than it should have done. especially considering my computer hates me transferring files using explorer and slows right down whenever i try. anyway, i managed to save it all back. and attempted to reformat the CD. it crashed. joy.

luckily, i have another CD-RW, which i was using to compile the AIM conversations had with katie so i can send it to her when it's done. i also had a randomly formatted blank CD (non-rewritable) from something i was trying to do that didn't work. so i put all the AIM files on the formatted non-RW (formatting them makes them as re-writeable as is needed, they're just not as safe to use and come up with annoying messages whenever you eject them...) and reformatted the proper re-writable to put the images on, and now i think i'm sorted.

confused? i don't blame you...

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1) how long do we think it might take to rip my entire CD collection onto my hard drive?
2) how far do we think i'll get before my computer crashes?

*has just downloaded winamp and is feeling adventurous* i've got 85 albums (well, 85 CDs, anyway) and 27 singles; that's on average 4 songs per single and 12 per album, and probably the largest any MP3 can be is about 7MB, which is about 7.5GB in total (which, out of 56 remaining, isn't that bad...)

3) unrelated, but can anyone figure out why, all of a sudden, all of my posts under a given day are coming up as being done at the same time? there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with my style HTML, and while it's not that annoying, it does mean that going through entry by entry doesn't work...

bah. silly livejournal.

*has just solved problem* the 'update time automatically' feature had somehow become unchecked...

current music lyrics, because theyr'e pretty and i'm not going to link them to 'chosen' in the slightest. no... )

also, "The songs we write are fantastic, and/We are the best lyricists in the land" has to be one of the best lines ever... :) (Vile Bros. Mountain Band...)
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some things:

1) i must refrain from spending my time at uni sitting on top of the radiator, because i am inevitably cold when i come home again...
2) i am so, so glad someone invented LCD flatscreen monitors. so, so glad... (even if this one is fairly new and 17". it's still annoyingly blurry.)
3) i can't taype with this keybopard, as this uncorected liune demonstartes/ i mena, i can;t taype at the best of times, but this is the keyabord they gave me when my old one broke abou t thre years ago and it's the most nnoying thing in the univesre. nt to mention the fact that there are buttons where there shoudn't be buttns. its cares me and i cant find the bfreeling backpsace key. gahg.
4) wow. if you could read that, well done... i want to shoot myself for it. that reminds me of a fic i read many moons ago where spike sent willow an email (for no apparent reason), and couldn't figure out how to correct things. *giggles*
5) i hate mousemats. and mice that you have to move. should have brought home my thumb-rolling mouse...
6) i watched moulin rouge last night and was vaguely inspired to make a layout, which i will do when i am back and have the DVD to make caps with. and a keyboard with which i can type. everything's taking four times longer than it should do and this thing is not touch-typist friendly in the slightest.
*bash bash bash*

wow, cold fingers. ow.

7) 4 days til my dot com!!!
8) i started the buffyclichéfic. working title is now "broken"...

i think that's everything. going to bed shortly (how's this for impressive: i went to bed at 11.30 last night, woke up at 8.45, and then got another 3 hours or so extra, so i'm caught up entirely on sleep! woot!) tomorrow i have to go to bearwood to go to the bank and things. so... excitement. ;)

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still netless. i'm procrastinating; i actually came in today to get all of the stuff for critical theory off UDEL (various articles and things on the library network) so i can print them off later. i'm also going to check the careers website to see if there's any part time work on offer on there.

of the six applications/CVs i handed in, only one of them deigned to get back to me, and i didn't get that one. so i'm doing another search, and if that fails, i'll throw myself back on clive's mercy and beg for my old job back. (i didn't technically get fired, nor did i officially resign; i just said i was looking for something nearer to home. oh, it'll be hideous...)

anyway, yes, procrastinating. and trying to sort out the bloody fic issue with eve since it's blown up out of proportion thanks to my own idiocy. remind me not to let my personal issues interfere with everyone else's lives, won't you?

(i am blessed enough to have found an empty computer lab that also has flatscreen monitors and zip drives on all the systems; i am, however, constantly paranoid that someone will come in and kick me out...)

anyway. you may recall a while ago i was crossing-over 'farscape' with pretty much everything; one of the ideas-that-never-was was "the wizard of the u.t", which [livejournal.com profile] flatline2010 was supposed to write. hence, [livejournal.com profile] last_dance and i made him pictures (or rather, i found the originals and she did her photoshop magic act and turned them into the farscape cast...) and last night, being internetless and bored out of my head, i put them all into a composite or two, then turned them into desktop themes (although i think i need some kind of special programme to do so properly, since it's refusing to save back the screensavers or the actual desktop photos. my computer is also refusing to actually show any screensaver i set, for some reason.)

anyway. they were too big for villagephotos, but i put them into a webpage, here, for your viewing pleasure...

i think that's everything. oh, except that i just spent three days watching all three serieses of "jonathan creek" (the last one doesn't count) and the first christmas special. the only trouble is, i'm seeing fluffiness that isn't there (well, mostly; sometimes it's ridiculously fluffy), giggling mindlessly every time jonathan and maddy argue about something, and, to top that off, i appear to have inherited naomi's bloody slashbeast...

and i realise how much the jonathan/carla relationship/whateverthatwas didn't even compare to the wonderfulness of jonathan and maddy; david renwick was crazy to ever think that anyone could compare to caroline quentin, to be honest. the entire basis of the show was their chemistry!

but i think what definitely annoyed me most was the fact that she just vanished into midair without even a mention of where she was, or that she'd ever even existed. which seems rather implausible, considering that she turned jonathan's life upside down from the word go.

ugh. silly british programmers and their lack of respect for their fans...

anyway, it has led to my wanting to attempt j/m fluffangst fic, which is never a good thing. the last one i tried is still awaiting typing up because i keep cringing at it - they're not the easiest characters to actually characterise, oddly enough, and i'll be damned if i can even attempt to psychoanalyse them. the only recognisable expression for jonathan tends to be 'smug bastard' (which is adorable, incidentally) or general irritation, and his 'irritating crinkled look'. maddy's even tricker, being the queen of emotional barriers.

oh, i'll figure it out. i have an idea brewing, but it may require actually writing about carla, which means i'll have to re-watch "satan's chimney"... but at least maddy was - my god! - mentioned in that one...

end rant. job hunting, ho.
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huzzah! i finally have the photos, two weeks and £4.99 later... and they're still not even 6 x 4. ah well... such are the joys of photoshop...

okay, got sidetracked. latest email buddy from georgia sent me sunset fic. am now gibbering angst-induced wreck.

anyway. photos. scannage. yes. it'll probably repeatedly crash and make my whimpering into muttering...

right. so. had to reinstall the scanner, but they're done. crappy quality, but i think that adds to the charm, don't you?


May. 5th, 2003 07:58 pm
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3 restarts, 2 crashes, 1 mournful cry of "you lost the entire thing, you bastard! and we have a silly present for naomi.

remind me never to do anything thoughtful ever again, won't you?

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well, i do not have the manchester photos. not only do 6x4 take four days longer, they are also black and white, and hence take up to two weeks... which they conveniently failed to tell me on tuesday. and i wouldn't mind so much, but i was going to use some of them in my creative writing if they were suitable, which is in on the 13th, which is when the sodding photos'll come back...

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all right, since i've been telling mostly anyone who'll listen how much "chicago" annoys me, i figured the layout wasn't exactly relevant any more since i'd only done it whilst addicted to the soundtrack and drooling over the pretty visuals...

anyway, let me share my pain...

my initial plan for this was to attempt to find a decent screencap of 'the scream' from "tabula rasa", as per previous post, then cut out each individual character (or as many as possible) and put their head into a box and do a column of them down the side, and hence, amusingly silly layout. except most of the caps were too small and really crappy quality and about a split-second too early/late into the shot. well, okay. but i still wanted to do a buffy layout.

i cursed the fact that i didn't have season 6 on DVD, and the lack of caps. then rethought my plan. right. buffy/spike theme it is.

i found suitably-sized/quality caps of buffy and spike individually and together, and photoshopped my images to make a 1024x768 background (figuring it doesn't matter too much since i'm the only one who'll see it regularly). and then photoshop started making photoshop-about-to-crash noises and i had to restart.

and when i restarted... i got 5 desktops. which is fair enough, except a) photoshop is frelling impossible to use in 800x600 because the screen area isn't big enough and b) my layout was too big for me to test. anyway, i resized the background image (and then resized it again for whenever my computer deigned to behave in a single-desktop fashion) and attempted to upload it to the fahrbot account.

har. hardeharhar. could i? nope. because they've gone and changed The Network Settings again, so the FTP uploader wouldn't connect. oh, i just love our network providers, i really do...

anyway, she was online, and has been known to mess about with things on our site :-S, so i attempted to send her said file so she could upload it for me. except then MSN decides it doesn't want to send the file, so i had to email it. twice. because the first attempt was way too big.

so, anyway, eventually, i got my background up, which almost works in 800x600, if i take away my status bar. *sigh*

the computer's behaving now after shutting down (fourth time lucky) and turning off at the mains before restarting. it's being an utter bitch tonight, seriously. i'm thinking of naming it rasputina.

also, i realise the icon is scary and/or hideously cheesy, but it took me an hour, gosh darnit, and i ain't changing it now...

anyway, finally, i present: buffy/spike-orientated layout! because this is, in fact, what season marathons will do to you. (and if you're in 800x600 and can't read the bottom caption, it reads "In His Dreams...", which was an afterthought when i realised it was getting angsty in an annoying sort of fashion, and i'm the one who has to look at this every day...)

oh, and the buffyscape, which turned into the buffydiscscape, is now the buffypotterdiscscape. the fact that it's entirely too easy to incorporate all four fandoms should scare me, but it doesn't...
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want new monitor now... remember the whole five desktops shenanigans? well, here's the latest fun...

was web-building, as per usual, only this time, at least, was being constructive, doing my creative writing assignment, having realised i've made it hideously complicated for myself... anyway. i had about... seven windows open. and word decided to crash. of course. (oo, talking of which... *checks file does, in fact, still exist* oh, thank god for that...) and then it took everything else with it, including MSN messenger (which i wasn't even using, which i thought was rather impressive...)

so i restarted. and got five desktops, of course. see, i've figured out why/when it does it. when you go to your monitor settings, i think most new computers will let you go up to something obscenely high as a resolution, depending on what sort of monitor you have. mine alternates between having three settings (640xwhatever-it-is, 800x600 and 1024x786, which is what i like using) and five. if it decides it wants five settings to choose from, putting my screen resolution at 1024x786 is a Bad Idea, because when i restart, this happens...

i remembered to take a picture with the digicam this time. go me.

so, yeah, you try navigating that mess. it's difficult enough trying to find out which mouse cursor affects which desktop, and then, just imagine my pain when i forget which one that is. so, anyway, i'm getting used to it and can usually get to the settings to take it back down to 800x600. and usually, another restart will get me back down to the three settings my monitor likes.

not so the last four times. i'm stuck on 800x600, and everything big and evil and i want a new monitor now please...

oh, and hurrah. photoshop just crashed a-frelling-gain. it's going to be time for another re-install, i think, of everything. which means copious backing up of everything on my harddrive. joy.

and this, i realise, is completely trivial in light of the current world situation, but it's irritating, dammit.
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having scanned all 29 of the pictures i needed, i managed to save and cut out 7 of them before photoshop decided to crash and take the other 22 with it...


a re-scanning i shall go...

how odd...

Jan. 19th, 2003 03:02 am
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this computer makes SOS morse code noises at me, emanating from within the casing...

i think it might be trying to tell me something...
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okay. for the past *looks* 3 hours, i have been attempting to figure out how, exactly, to animate using adobe imageready. see, you need a degree in physics and russian to understand the help files alone. they are incredibly not helpful in the slightest.

anyway, with a lot of perseverance, screaming, and randomly clicking in the hope of finding something in english, i have managed to create something that might, on a good day, if you squint very hard, be considered an animated gif. it's not very interesting, but i'm quite proud of it nonetheless.

see! see my crappy animation!

i think animation of the lava lamps will have to wait for a while, as it will involve much copy-pasting and layering and things with photoshop and imageready, and i don't think my computer can cope right now...

but i feel all learnéd and proud of myself now! eee! animations!
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i'm really not. no.

despite the fact that it scanned all 27 of the birthday party photos perfectly (if slightly brightly) on the third attempt, and then decided to crash photoshop before i could save them.

that's no reason to kill the scanner. or throw the computer out of the window. no.

*backs away slowly*

so, yes, we do have photos of my birthday and hallowe'en. but you're going to have the week it'll take me to calm down to see them...
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it's a fine thing when you have to reinstall the sodding scanner because when you tried to scan faith brown out of the programme it crashed it... but what a claim to fame, huh? "faith brown killed my scanner!"

*ahem* anyway, the point of the entry - sweet's photos are all scanned and i'm just about to upload them. i also scanned michael bauer since he's only half a page ;) but decided to give the poor thing a break and leave faith and jeremy til tomorrow... especially as it nearly died on me again.

keep watching this space for when they're up...

and now for something completely different:

we have roadkill outside the halls. and not just any roadkill. rat roadkill. i have nothing against rats personally. i think they're quite sweet. but not when they're one with the tarmac... and i swear, it's a foot long without tail, and only semi-squashed... *grin* if it wasn't so, um, nasty, it would be quite cute. it's quite a pretty rat...

anyway. i'm disturbed. i'll, um, be doing those photos now...


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