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I drafted most of this entry on 20th March but then ran out of time to finish it, then was too busy on the weekend and forgot about it. 20th March seemed like as good a day as any to update, given there was a solar eclipse that morning. :) I am trying to get into the habit of updating at least once a month.

So, yes, there was a solar eclipse. Not 100% in Birmingham - I think we had maybe 90% but can't be certain - but it was very exciting nonetheless. Here in the office we worked out that the best way of viewing it was through the blinds, although there were a fair amount of people in the car park with pinhole cameras, too.

It was fab, actually - there was an air of tangible excitement at around 9.15 as everyone realised it was getting darker. (I imagine if I were still at Woodcock Street this momentous event would be greeted with disinterest and/or stupidity from my ex-colleagues...) My line manager was equally as excited as I was, so I felt somewhat less guilty for not doing any work for about half an hour. :D

The last time we had a solar eclipse visible in the UK was 11th August 1999. I remember because it was my mum's birthday. She was at work, but I can remember watching it out of the living room window, via a reflection in the roof of a car that was parked on the drive. Bizarrely, it was a red car, and for about an hour it didn't occur to me that it wasn't my mum's car (because she was at work) but someone else's. I remember that there were no shadows, the birds stopped singing - it was really eerie.

Not quite as eerie this time around, as there was more sun still visible, but as the sun re-emerged there were really pretty tree-branch patterns on the blinds.

Anyway, it cheered me up after a godawful journey on the bus that morning (the 120 was late so it was absolutely rammed, and since I have such a short journey to Bearwood it always makes me unnecessarily anxious when the bus is crowded...), although it did make the headache I woke up with worse.

In any case, last week was infinitely better than the previous one.

Cut for length... )

Some of the stress had also come about because we’re trying to get away for a long weekend in April as it’s our tenth anniversary, but everything is conspiring against us as usual by being too bloody expensive. Hotels and flights or whatever are doable, but it’s the bloody public transport costs ramping everything up. Hopefully we can manage to get a late deal of some description.

We also had a vague plan of having a proper holiday in September, but the last time we went away in April and September (in 2012 when we went to Tenby and Corfu respectively) it essentially bankrupted us. (It also didn’t help that we booked up to see the Killers in the November, which ate the final few dregs of the tax rebate I got.) Seeing as I am now waiting on my non-urgent hospital admission for a procedure under general anaesthetic, though, I don’t want to book anything for September in case it delays things. And also because I’ve been too ill / tired to make it to the gym since last May (meh) so don’t particularly want to go away in any case…

Anyway, March is nearly over (just three more birthdays to go!) and this weekend I actually managed to get a few hours to myself to put a dent in my EastEnders backlog and do some embroidery now that it’s warmed up enough to do so. Once I get through this week there are two four-day weeks courtesy of the Easter bank holidays, and then I have a week off, THANK GOODNESS.

Also, after finishing the POTOver story for Eni just in time for her birthday, I was working on the epilogue until the end of February, but lacked energy to carry on once the impetus to finish the main story had burned out – I will actually try and finish that soon both for her benefit and that of [personal profile] cloudsinvenice (who is beta’ing it for me), as whilst the story ended itself in a most satisfactory manner, there are a few parts that need proper closure.

I have a couple of embroidery updates to post as well (once I’ve figured out where I got to) so I’ll do those later. I reckon within 4-5 sessions it should be finished, and then I can start on my next one. :)
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Here's a bit of an update. And by a bit, I mean a lot, though much of it has no substance. (Also, I am no longer on my period, but I rarely get to use this icon...)

Looks like the summer is officially over. Britain has once again done its usual trick of going from one extreme to the other; I've been freezing for the past two weeks but steadfastly refusing to put the heating on because it's frelling August, not that you'd believe it from the temperatures lately. (Having said that, today it seems to have brightened up a bit...)

Earlier this month I googled to find out when the Birmingham International Food Fair would be taking place this year, then misread a whole bunch of anomalous results about last year's dates and thought they were for 2014. This resulted in us (Paul, my mum, David and I) going into town on Sunday to enjoy said Food Fair, only to arrive at the usually designated area and become utterly confused.

Thankfully there was stil a load of free entertainment happening around Southside (by the Hippodrome / Arcadian) so we sat and enjoyed that instead, but TBH I was mostly pre-menstrual and felt rubbish about my failure to read properly. It seems to be the case that the International Food Fair isn't on this year at all, which is a shame as it's always really popular despite BCC's complete failure to advertise it. My inner cynic suspects it may never come back now; it's often hailed as being the "sister market" to the Frankfurt Christmas Market, but I've always got the impression that BCC grudgingly allowed it to happen and weren't that invested in it. (Whereas the stupid Christmas market will be advertised several months in advance and doubtless get EVEN BIGGER now that space at the front of the library has opened up.)

My PMT came to a head with a godawful migraine on the Sunday, which I think was partially caused by having to squint in the sunlight. We had been planning on eating at the Food Fair so instead ended up going to Big Wok (or getting a baguette, in Paul's case, as on the evening he went off to help Darren with his Two Towers beer festival). Big Wok was nice enough, but I'd been looking forward to the lovely French food. :( On the plus side, we couldn't really afford the Food Fair so we did at least save ourselves some money... but then, we couldn't afford to go last year either, and if it's never coming back I've missed my last opportunity now to get some lovely cheeses and whatnot. Best. Gruyere. Ever.

My PMT also (AGAIN) ruined my enjoyment of seeing Wicked for Lorna's birthday at the Hippodrome on 21st August. It didn't particularly help that we were at the subtitled version, as that just kept distracting me out of the action on stage. Nevertheless, here is something resembling a review.

Thoughts on Wicked. )

On Monday, thanks to period pains and awful weather, I did absolutely bugger all except sit on the laptop all day.

Except for this... )

Anyway. On Tuesday we are going to Brighton, staying for two nights and returning via London with an eight-hour stopover, as it's been far too long since we had a good old wander abaht. With any luck the weather will clear up by then...

Also: I still have this sodding UTI or whatever it is. Just finished my two-week course of antibiotics and it's still hanging around - after a brief period where I thought it had gone away - so I think I might just take myself to A&E this weekend as I suspect the GP will still not actually do anything about it. I could go after we get back from Brighton but I don't want my entire fortnight of leave to be a write-off of trying to sort out health problems.

Just realised I forgot to recount the GP fail from my last visit... )

I'm struggling to remember any point this year where I've actually been healthy. :(

That was a bit of a moan again. It doesn't help that work is a massive ball of stress at the moment due to continued breakdowns in communication; last week I likened it to our team being under an umbrella in a rainstorm of information, i.e. nothing actually gets through to us. Things change literally week on week (sometimes day on day) and everything we do know is through hearsay. It's frustrating and disheartening, and every single day is a battle of not understanding, not being able to help people and not knowing where we stand. But at least everyone is similarly afflicted, and it's not just me. :P

Hopefully next time I update it will be with something more positive, i.e. a Brighton write-up.
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I haven't updated since April and now that I am, it's to get stuff off my chest – I actually drafted this entry on 30th June and it’s taken me so long to post it that I’ve had to amend it. :P

Mostly I haven't done anything exciting since April because I'm still bloody skint - other than decorating the lounge, and I already shared the pics of that on Facebook. :P (We finally got around to hanging pictures over a month later – after filling all the holes we were rather loath to put more in the walls!)

Anyway, here is my venting, in no particular order...

Vents are actually one of the problems... )

It's not all doom and gloom, though. :P

I am still enjoying my job. Everyone is very stressed at the moment because of the new Strengthening Families Framework which has been in place since March, because we are crashing in blindly for the most part and communication at all levels seems to have ground to a halt. The good thing is we're all in the same boat, so we are all offloading at each other in work rather than taking it home with us - and they're actually valid things to be stressed about, rather than the petty stupidities that caused such major issues in Legal.

There are a few colleague issues creeping through the cracks - a couple of my colleagues can be a bit annoying, and one of them is your classic example of doing the bare minimum rather than trying to exceed in any way then complaining that she won't pass her PDR... but it's nothing I can't deal with, and I'm learning to rise above it - it helps that the team has a really good relationship (both working and personal) and everyone mucks in to help each other out. It's such a breath of fresh air after my experiences at both Legal AND Ladywood, and makes me very glad that I chose to work at South rather than anywhere else.

Being skint does mean that Paul and I are catching on boxsets. Our Farscape rewatch is on temporary hiatus, as is the JC rewatch as I just keep forgetting about it and series 5 was such a mess of fail, but we are now on season 4 of Frasier and have just finished both Bates Motel and Fargo. We've just made a start on American Horror Story: Asylum as well, which is already looking as creepy/WTF as the first season.

My Frasier ramblings got long... )

I really wish I had the time and mental capacity to do in-depth rewatches for everything, like I’ve done for Jonathan Creek, but I think I’m up to my fifth 90’s show boxset now (Frasier, X-Files, Buffy, Farscape, Creek) and there are not enough hours in my life, especially given the sheer amount of episodes! If you tally them up it’s a cumulative 36 seasons, over 800 episodes, and I do not even want to think how many hours. I did attempt it for TXF but only got three episodes in before I gave up, and as much as I’d love to attempt it for ‘Scape, I think it might actually break me within half a season. :P

This is why I have a tendency to ignore most modern-day series, or for those I do watch I only do so without such a vested interest. I have too many old fandoms still vying for supremacy, and too many work-in-progress fics for most of them, to start investing energy into shiny new ones. :P

Aaaaanyway, I think this is quite long enough. I had intended to post some fic somewhere whilst I was off, and didn’t quite get around to it… but hopefully I will actually manage to get the JC stuff online this year. :P

Over and out.
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In the light of "Jack in the Box" I am half-tempted to do a tag for Every Episode Ever Except Series 4. I have a little spark of inspiration for something, but I'm going to let it brew for a while and see if anything comes of it. If not a tag, then I suspect the "X Times" story will now cover all the episodes so it can go in there.

In other news: it's been snowing. On Friday we were released from work at 1.00pm - thankfully, we did actually receive the Inclement Weather Notice, which means I get credited back to 4.15 in any event (my negative flex thanks you, Mr Chief Executive). Paul and I were supposed to be going to Ben's leaving do at the Jeckyll and Hyde, and thus had been intending on staying at work until gone five, but instead we had one drink in the (very very crowded) pub and headed off to get the train an hour or so later. We decided to get the train because as we approached Colmore Row it was eerily quiet and we figured no buses were going to get through. We were on the train by 2.00pm, home by 2.45. I can't get home that bloody quickly on the bus on a normal day!

On Saturday we walked to Thimblemill Cemetery to take some photographs. Very pretty. Other than that, we've spent the weekend indoors in the warm, catching up on television and continuing the Jonathan Creek re-watch. (The current weather also makes me want to write a fluffy snow-themed story, but I think it would have to be a one-off, out-of-context thing. Rain features quite heavily in the tags, but seeing as "Omega Man" is set in June 1999, and I have Maddy leaving at the end of August of that year, there's no scope for wintry weather!)

This morning, the bus turned up on time, which saved me having to walk to the train station. It was also on time Friday morning after the first flurry of overnight snow. Why is it they can run the buses properly in this sort of weather but not all the time? The mind boggles.

Tag Project Update )

Ho hum, boring today. This weather is delaying my New Job quite horrendously - I was supposed to go to Margaret Street on Friday lunchtime to sort out the CRB paperwork, but it got put back to Tuesday - if the snow doesn't clear I very much suspect it'll get put back again. I don't want to hand in my notice until all the CRB and medical stuff is clear, and I am starting to get a bit antsy now because I kind of want a start date, you know?

Oh, bugger, and I still need to text Sharn. I got her mobile number off Kemi but keep forgetting / being too scared to use it. COME ON, SELF, YOU CAN DO IT.
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Soooo yeah. I had a week off and did bugger all really. SO TIRED. Hardly surprising as it seemed to comprise a lot of walking - walked to the allotment and back on the Saturday (in heatwave), walked to Oldbury on Sunday (in heatwave), walked to allotment and back again on Monday (in heatwave - a pattern is forming), walked back from allotment on Thursday (got bus there from town), and then again there and back on Sunday (in downpour - got drenched), and then we walked into Bearwood on Monday.

The walking to Oldbury and Bearwood was because our bus is rubbish on Sunday service and in both cases we'd just missed one.

We have a half-strimmed lawn because our 10m extension lead wasn't long enough, and now we have a 30m lead of course it's been raining. The heatwave made me dehydrated, the walk in the rain made me cold. I can't win.

Also today at work it's been frigging freezing because the heating is off (because it's June, duh) and someone left a window open over the course of the bank holiday weekend. Cheers for that!

Anyway, Friday to Tuesday have basically been spent watching Paul play Red Dead Redemption on the X-Box and yesterday I did some embroidery, so here are some pictures.

Scans 60-62/?? )

So that's that.

Also yesterday I made blueberry muffins out of boredom. I was going to make patriotic Jubilee biscuits with Union Jacks and crowns and stuff on them, but couldn't be arsed. The muffins were sort of doomed, really: I ran out of plain flour so about a third of it was self-raising (they flattened like cupcakes instead of retaining their shape), and I'd literally just sifted the dry ingredients when I realised we'd run out of eggs, so I had to sent Paul out for some. Still, they taste okay.

Actually, we've done quite a bit of Proper Cooking this long weekend. On Friday we went to the fish market to fill a freezer drawer - £40 spent on mackerel, sea bream, some frozen queen scallops and king prawns, three chilli-flavoured lobster tails, two swordfish steaks and a bit of monkfish (the latter two are for special occasions). Saturday we did paprika beef in the slow cooker, which was very nice, with leftovers on Sunday with baked potatoes. On Monday I did a Goan fish curry (leftovers for lunch today), which was a bit too hot for Paul but very tasty indeed, and then yesterday Paul did a cottage pie. Tonight we're having lamb koftas with tzatziki to go with some mini pittas in the fridge, assuming I don't pass out from exhaustion first. :P

Last week my intention was to do a bit of work on my latest Pirates-fic, "Oranges to Florida" (songfic), as I'd done about 600 words at work on Friday. Of course, I didn't even look at it. Now watch it eat my sleep because I'm back at work.

I now have no more leave until September (excluding 17th August for Richie's wedding) unless I can sneak in a day or so in July. We're going away at the start of September and then I have a week off in October for my birthday, so I suspect the next two months are going to be long and arduous. :(

This was supposed to be a short entry so I'll sign off now. :P
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Even though I'm getting a little bit sick of the snow now, given its propensity to scupper all reasonable travel plans (my mum and David have cancelled tomorrow evening so we need to add them to the list of people we haven't managed to see before Christmas thanks to the weather...), at the same time I really do enjoy how pretty everything looks...

There are icicles everywhere! I don't think I've ever seen icicles in Britain, though they were everywhere when I was in EuroDisney back in January 2009, so I became a little obsessed with taking photos of them.

They're adorning all the gutters in Kings Heath at the moment, including ours. Under the cut are the Seriously Impressive Icicles I mentioned in my last post... I wish I could reach out and grab one just to measure it, but you'll have to make do with the photographs. :)

Seriously Impressive Icicles )

I just wish all of this wonderful snow had come next week so we could all enjoy it, rather than having to worry about getting to work, getting home again, or whether our pipes are going to freeze. Oh to be six years old again, eh?

Proper updates etc. next week hopefully. :)
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The past couple of days have been stupidly aggravating, and for once none of the aggravations are work-related... apart from the fact the office is so cold I have bloody frostbite on the backs of my fingers. Or at least something close to it.

I have cut the various letters as per their various recipients, for you to pick and choose as you please.

Dear TWM... )

Dear NHS... )

Dear NHS (take two) )

Dear Amazon... )

Dear TWM (take two) )

Just... seriously, universe? Cut it out, already.

I might as well add this one.

Dear Work... )

My plan for this evening was to leave work earlyish, go home to get changed, walk to the post depot then bus-hop to Aldi to get some shopping, come home, cook tea, and make a start on my Christmas Boxes for work. Instead, thanks to above-mentioned pharmacy stupidity and horrendous traffic, I merely went to the post depot on the bus (one stop further than home), then dragged my sorry self back to the house, which smells of the fish we ate on Sunday (and bin day isn't til Friday so we have another 24 hours of it to cope with). At this rate the Christmas Boxes won't get done by the 17th, the last day everyone's in before Christmas, but I'm hoping to get a rhythm going once I get started. I've bought all the ribbon now so I need to make them.

Because of the aggravation, Paul went to Sainsbury's instead to get stuff for tea and has put our casserole in the oven. I think if these things happened less close together I would be inifitely better at coping, but my greatest weakness is things beyond my control making my life difficult, especially when they cluster together over the course of several days.

Thankfully I don't have much more shopping to do, though we need to start populating the diary soon...

Anyway, I shall now sign this off because my hands are cold (which has been a theme of the past fortnight). I should probably post a photograph of my minor frostbite at some point, because it's really quite impressive.

Bored of winter now. I can haz spring?
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Looks scary when you put it like that.

So, yeah. I never did finish the other entry I started, though it was mostly just moaning about Primark sizing fail, and a small work annoyance which was going to regurgitate all the stuff I already rant about at great length.

I will be temporarily reverting to a Christmassy layout to get myself in the mood. Eni, I will email you later as I want some (minor!) tweaks to the SB!layout and am still in no mindset to learn S2. :P

Christmas Stuff )

So far, then, so good. I'm getting slightly better, year on year, at not getting horrendously stressed about Christmas, having learnt from previous experience that Having A Plan is better than not. It basically means I have be uber-organised and maintain energy levels for all the various aspects, but the end result - two or three days of relaxation and the end result of the hard work - definitely pays off. And this year I get the whole week off, so at least I get a proper break out of it, too.

Tonight's to-do list:-

  • Tidy up, do washing up, hoover carpets in living room, hall and landing;

  • Copy some CDs;

  • Start making my little Christmas Boxes for work (need to be done by 17th December);

  • Hopefully not freeze.

We thought the gas fire had stopped working on Tuesday, but it seemed fine last night. IT'S REALLY FRICKIN' COLD NOW, and even with the new roof the house is bloody freezing. Britain does not have discernible seasons any more, just Frozen or Heatwave. I was muchly amused last night by the BBC newsman's disgruntled and resigned tone of voice when talking about the snow and the fact that transport systems failed to cope again. All those politicians denying climate change need to stop living in a fantasy world and look at our current weather patterns over the past few years. If that's not an indication of climate change, I don't know what is.

One day, the Earth will fight back against all the abuse; of this I am certain. At which point, humanity will merely find another planet to populate and systematically destroy, assuming Mother Nature doesn't organise a mass cull before then. :P

Anyway, on that note, I shall sign this one off.
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I haven't actually remembered a full dream in a while (I started to write up the last one I remembered, but as I had no internet access at work it didn't get finished / posted) and for the most part lately my dreams have been fragmented, rather than the epic narratives I'm used to. I also still haven't gotten around to re-typing the dream I lost to work's power cut, though I have the written draft knocking about somewhere at home and can remember it still quite vividly...

Anyway, I can remember snippets of the various dreams I had last night / this morning between alarms, so here they are...

Dream Snippets )

No idea what any of it means, but the images were vivid enough to write down, so that's better than nothing. I've been having scrappy little dreams like this for about two months, off and on. Hopefully I can get back to non-linear, illogical and impossible-to-describe sagas soon. :)

In other news...

We had a concert on Saturday, for the MacMillan / Fauré. Seven Last Words from the Cross turned out to be a lot better than I think we were anticipating; the ending especially is really eerie. After that, however, the Requiem was a bit of a come down, though the fear was that if we'd done things the other way around (i.e. Fauré first and MacMillan after the interval), people would come for the Fauré and then bugger off. :P

We are now rehearsing for the vast amount of things to do for next season. On Tuesday we made a start on Parry's Best Pair of Nylons Blest Pair of Sirens, which is full of TRUMPETS and HORNS and is PATRIOTIC. *salutes* We also had a go at Bernstein's Chicester Pslams, which we are singing in Hebrew. I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus* will be amused to hear that. :P So far it's actually not as bloody difficult as the Italian was back when we did Aida, though I'm going to approach it in the same way of just Learning The Words instead of trying to read it...

We are also doing Fauré's Cantique de Jean Racine, Verdi's Requiem and also Durufle's Requiem (which I know I did with Derby Choral Union, but damned if I can remember a single note of it. I even went to find it on Spotify and it didn't ring any bells...) I'm not sure if we're doing all of those in the same concert, but it's a lot of work to get in nonetheless.

A few busy weekends coming up: going to Alex's this Saturday at some point, then next Saturday is Birmingham Pride parade followed by a wedding reception. And then it will be barbecue season, I imagine...

Anyway, that's enough of an update for now. I already tweeted and Facebook'd about Paul getting the job he applied for, so for the moment we're just waiting until his first paycheque (which won't be until 28th June, I think) and for all the formalities to be cleared, and then hopefully things will start getting better. FINALLY.

Seriously, 2010. You took your bloody time.

On a final note - it's absolutely gorgeous weather today. But no hotter, mmmkay?

*And if you're still wanting to come to a concert, Eni, I can't think of a better one than this... unless you've had enough Hebrew to last a lifetime already, in which case you can smack me upside the head...
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Electrics are back on, lift is functioning, heating is (just about) working, though the radiators are lukewarm and they're going to call the engineer out again just to double-check things are actually okay...

...but it did take me an hour and a half to get to work.

Okay. I admit that this more snow than most of us under the age of 30 have ever seen in our lifetimes here in Britain, but... come on! It's been snowing on and off for about three weeks solid, and when it hasn't been snowing there've been sheets of ice everywhere isntead, so why the panic like it's something new? Gah.

I know we're running out of grit and the roads are treacherous and blah blah blah. But the roads would be less dangerous if there weren't so many idiot drivers around making them dangerous.

Anyway, that's enough on that. I know that my opinions on this are unpopular. :P

Another potentially unpopular opinion )

I wrote down the basic points of my epic dream last night so will attempt to type it up again later on, assuming I can get home tonight without having to walk. It wasn't so much a lengthy dream, or even particularly involved / plot-driven, it was just very detailed and intricate in terms of its atmosphere. So, watch this space.

I also need to update about the weekend just gone...

On Friday night Lisa decided to cook for us, which effectively ended our what-to-have-for-tea conundrum. She made beef curry with wild rice and naan bread, which was very nice indeed. We then stayed downstairs in the warm and had a few drinks (Lisa and Paul considerably more than me and Pete [Lisa's bloke]) before finally going back upstairs at about 2.30am!

On getting home Friday night we realised that the bath contained a pool of water, there being a blockage. So the majority of Saturday was spent attempting to unblock the bath.

Epic Tale of Unblockage )

On Sunday, due to losing most of Saturday, we did absolutely nothing. :P

And this week, obviously, has been a constant stream of building-related woes. It feels like I've been back at work for months, and it's only been a week and a half. Bloody weather.
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*sings* Snow, snow, go away
I'd like to get home today...

I am currently debating whether or not to go to choir, given the weather. In all likelihood I would be better off in rehearsal and going home several hours after the post-work panic has dissipated, and thus hopefully the traffic also... If I decide to leave at a normal time and merely get stuck waiting for a bus for two hours, then I would obviously be better off in a warm rehearsal room...

I love how the snow conveniently happened two days before Christmas, disappeared for the entire festive season (I had a week off and nothing!), and then promptly started up again now that the brats children have gone back to school. Lucky them, though - I imagine the majority got a snow day, unlike us poor sods in offices who are wondering how the heck to get home in this weather...

I find it ironically unfortunate that the only reliable modes of transport when it snows are a bicycle or one's own two feet... Other solutions are sleeping in the office or finding helpful colleagues in city centre apartments with sofa space... Or, if I go to choir, politely ask if anyone can generously give me a lift home...

I remember several years ago on this very livejournal that I got up in the middle of the night (unsurprising, given I was at uni), just to tell people it was snowing. I lamented those boring adults who complained about snow - it was akin to not believing in fairies, all those killjoys destroying the snow by their very negativity - and hoping that I never became one of those people.


The last vestiges of my childhood have officially withered. :( *clings to balloon fights for dear life*

PS: As this is now the fourth winter in a row where we've had heavy snowfall and the local Councils have been completely unprepared for it, anyone who says this is uncommon and I should stop moaning can STFU. It's not much to ask that everything not grind to a complete standstill just because a bit of white stuff falls from the sky. It's the 21st century and we're killing the planet and this is going to continue for the foreseeable future - officialdom should GET IT SORTED already.

Buggrit, I'm moving to France. Kaymerciaurevoir.
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Yup, nothing much happened this weekend... However, as there's already nothing to do here (10.50am) I shall ramble about it anyway.

Cut for length. )

Oh yes, we had to put the heating on by Saturday afternoon, and I've left it on since. It's officially winter. I was trying to hold out as long as possible, but I've been cold since about mid-August.

There might be a hen-night-type deal this Friday for my mum but we're not sure yet, as several people are on holiday, so it'll depend on availability. I've booked the day off anyway, initially because I didn't want to run out of energy by 10.00pm, but even if it doesn't happen the day off would be much appreciated.

At some point this week I need to watch Order of the Phoenix and give it back to Gemma at work - on Thursday I ended up embroiled in a rambling conversation which started off about comedy and moved somehow onto Harry Potter, so Gemma lent me the DVD. I had planned to watch it this weekend but didn't find time / forgot, and I don't want to hold onto it for too long...

Choir restarts tomorrow - hopefully I won't be too knackered to enjoy it. Just before the break I missed the final two rehearsals because I was on leave (bad, I know) and because I wasn't feeling any love whatsoever for the two pieces we were rehearsing... I know when things come together it will sound brilliant (I hated the Verdi when we did the opera concert, then ended up liking it immensely once we got the hang of the Italian), but I wasn't in the mood for stumbling over things. I probably should have practiced it over the break, but time has run away with me as usual... I'm muchly looking forward to doing Faure's Requiem in April (finally, something I know!!) and of course there's Christmas to look forward to, despite the sheer amount of hard work in November.

Ah well, at least it'll stop me doing nothing.

Right, that killed an hour or so (with some typing in the middle), so I'll post it and find something else to do.
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At the moment it feels like my creativity and productivity are being sapped from every direction by apathy and total exhaustion, which kind of sucks. Also, this weather = depressing. I'm moving to France. I'm pretty sure the shock of being able to get a train in the snow would wear off eventually. :P

We went to Matalan last night to get Paul some work stuff - shirts and trousers - and ended up spending £93. Admittedly, £15 of that was on a proper set of Cole & Mason salt / pepper grinders, as the ones we got from TK Maxx some time ago are rubbish, and I got two tops I probably shouldn't have done, but they are very funky - one is bright electric blue and asymmetrical (I'm very much loving the 1980s revival right now) and one is in shades of brown and orange, asymmetrical panels and Oriental-like. The rest was three shirts, two pairs of trousers (a bit too small so will have to go back - we didn't have time for Paul to try them on) and three ties, so really not too bad. I wasn't expecting to spend that much so it's gone on the credit card. Meh. So much for paying it off before Christmas. :(

Also at around 6.45 I found a voicemail on my phone from - AGAIN - the bank. The usual spiel of "We really do need to talk to you". I'm not even going to bother ringing them back. I've had two sodding account reviews in almost as many months - I had one in June and another one back in about April or May, and I know full well they're just going to call me in, sit me down, say everything's fine and then proceed to try and sell me a loan to pay off the credit card. If it's that desperate they'll ring me again at some point, and the last time I 'forgot' to ring them back it took about a month for them to try again. So, yes, it's clearly OMG SO IMPORTANT that they had to speak to me.

FFS, I didn't have this bloody trouble when I was a student. They didn't even bug me when I went over my overdraft. Now I'm in gainful employment they want to talk to me all the time. Just... bugger off, bank.

Aforesaid Small Drama )

Anyway, hopefully all of that will blow over eventually...

It's still busy at work but I'm just not in the mood. I'm basically stuck in this endless cycle of grey, rainy days, trudging through the working week so I can enjoy the weekend purely because I don't have to get up early or go outside. :(

PS: The man just came to fit the part for our half-broken printer. Bear in mind it took a month to produce an invoice asking us to pay £25 before they could even order the part, which was the little pick-up roller on the paper tray which grabs onto the paper to feed it through. So. £25 to clip a small plastic device onto an axle. I'm in the wrong job. Seriously.
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Things are looking up today, as Paul has an interview this afternoon (at 1.00pm) for a job at Auchinleck House on Broad Street. His agency rang yesterday to let him know. I'm crossing all my fingers and toes and would ask everyone else nicely to do the same.

I hadn't even been at work an hour this morning when my chair decided to break. I wasn't even doing anything! Just sitting there happily typing away when the left front corner of it suddenly dropped a couple of inches. It's been quite wobbly for a while, admittedly, but yeah. I'm not taking any chances. I borrowed a spare chair (Adults Team use it to sit by the filing cabinet, it would seem) and have since been brought a different and somewhat more comfortable spare from downstairs. There might be a brand new one in the innings if it's approved, as they need to order another one for someone else.

Some brief work annoyance. )

The other annoying thing was trying to order food last night. Firstly we tried one of the many new southern-fried chicken places which sprang up in Kings Heath in the wake of KFC. We attempted to order from them shortly after they'd first opened, only to have their phone ring through to voicemail; assuming that was just an early opening glitch, we tried again last night - same result. So we won't be trying them again.

Then we tried another chip shop which had put a leaflet through the door advertising free delivery (we are lazy, you see), only to have them tell us they don't deliver. Er... okay then.

Eventually we went back to our usual delivering chippy, which we probably should have used in the first place. That or gotten off our backsides and walked ten minutes down the road. ;)

I got soaked on the way to work this morning. Was that the summer, then?

It still amuses me how much Britain panics when we have any extreme of weather; I mean, we had a proper extended heatwave in 2006 (i.e. that one which made me ill) and then we get one in 2009 for about two weeks and the warnings start being issued by the Met Office. ;)

Which reminds me, I think I forgot to mention that we caught the majority of Michael Moore's Sicko the other week. Conclusion? Move to France. They have things good over there.

Nowt else to report, except that I'm hungry and about to have my lunch...

Edit, 16.23: Paul thinks the interview went well; they'll let him know tomorrow.

In other news, we're going to try out the new griddle pan tonight on some steaks. I should not be so excited about this. :)
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Today Lisa and I had an adventure. Sort of.

We were meant to go to Ikea at about 12.00pm, only to discover that the car battery had died. Cue some brief panicked telephone calls, and then the nice man at the local garage jump-started the engine for us. Then it stalled and had to be jumped again, but then we went for a gentle drive to recharge it. Firstly around the back end of Kings Heath / Moseley, and then up to Wythall and Druids Heath. We stopped off at a farm shop and bought some bits and bobs (I got Paul a couple of bottles of Purity ale) and then we discovered a very convenient Aldi near the giant Sainsbury's at Maypole, so went in there as well. Stocked up on some bits like cheese and jars of curry sauce, for just under a tenner. Marvellous.

So, we're going to Ikea tomorrow instead, and hopefully the sale will still be on... not that I can remotely afford to be buying storage (my embroidery stand broke yesterday so I had to order a new one), but we need more DVD racks.

And now for the recipe, from last night: Recipe: Chicken Pasta Bake )

Nowt else to report. It's insanely warm today despite the brief bouts of rain, just really close and muggy and humid enough to get on my chest quite badly. Thank anything I'm not afflicted with hayfever.

I should probably tidy the living room if we need to build furniture at some point...


Jun. 15th, 2009 10:48 am
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On Saturday we had an impromptu barbecue. As Paul and I were heading out to get supplies - our new rule is to allocate a day each week, usually Saturday, to trying something new out of one of the many recipe books in the kitchen - Lisa decided that because it was a lovely day she was going out to buy a barbecue, so we went out again a couple of hours later to get more MEAT.

The barbecue was lovely. We had two different types of skewered kebabs (steak / prawn with peppers and mushrooms), steaks, hot dogs and burgers, and I'd done some boiled potatoes which we wrapped in foil and left on the grill. Lisa fed us absinthe towards the end of the night but it was incredibly strong so we both gave up within a few sips...

We went to bed quite early due to meat-induced tiredness, but it was an otherwise very pleasant day.

On Sunday, however, I spent the entire day on the sofa wallowing in self-pity, thanks to feeling like complete dren. I was wide awake at 8.30 and probably should have got up at that point, and was then wide awake again when my alarm went off an hour later, but alas went back to sleep for another hour.

I had some breakfast and then helped with drying up as there was a mound of dirty dishes to get through, but halfway through started to feel lightheaded and queasy so had to lie down. I was okay again a few minutes later so went downstairs to hang washing on the line, but then had to lie down AGAIN once I'd finished that, and then spent the rest of the day on the sofa. Paul had to cook the experimental dinner (it was supposed to be my turn) and bring the washing in for me because every time I stood up I thought I was going to fall over. Not very fun.

So, even though it was a gloriously sunny weekend, I only got to enjoy half of it. Stupid body. I'm hoping this isn't going to be a regular reaction to heat, because if it is, I think I'd rather it rain all summer... Plus I dread to think what would happen if I ever go away on holiday somewhere hotter than Britain.


I'm still not feeling quite 100% this morning, as it happens, though obviously I'm well enough to be in work, because my body is mean like that. I'm still a bit woozy-headed. I haven't really been eating properly lately, so I'll attribute the general unwellness to that rather than anything else. However, I have just spied some mini chocolate muffins, and chocolate is the answer to all of life's problems, so I shall have one.
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If anyone was wondering where yesterday's entry went, I re-filtered it to a more selective friend-group. If you can still see it, this paragraph does not apply. :P

Paul didn't go out last night as intended because I was upset; we had comforting soup for tea (although I'd bought myself a curry from Marks and Spencer, self-indulgently, in the event that he did go out) and I finally got around to typing up the end of my Jonathan Creek "Omega Man" fic, to share with Eni and distract her from her kitchen ceiling stress.

Also had some very good news over the course of the evening - effectively ending this bloody three-bad-things awfulness - but I probably won't share that for a while.

I'm feeling better this morning. Paul has some options, we discussed them last night, and even though the choices aren't perfect they are nonetheless a whole lot better than unemployment. The sun has finally come out again, also, which has lifted my mood a bit (quite terrifying how much the weather suited my general state of mind last night - we went to the pub and got completely soaked in the downpour), and we have a team lunch this afternoon at Bella Italia - pleasant food and pleasant company. (Goodness me, it's nice not to dread team lunches...)

I seem to be cursed by odd-numbered years. Possibly this is a self-fulfilling prophesy, but it's still quite strange.

I have a photo to post and an icon to make, which is this weekend's task. I also have an overdue embroidery scan to share. Bad Stuff tends to put a damper on any kind of positive productivity, hence why I forced myself to finish typing up my fic last night, despite not really being in the mood and spending some portion of the allocated two hours fiddling with Winamp to update my 'all tracks' playlist with newly-ripped music. (On that note, I am currently addicted to both "Drastic Fantastic" by KT Tunstall and "Day & Age" by the Killers. The latter is absolutely amazing, incidentally. I also caught Brandon Flowers on Jonathan Ross the other week and his prettiness only made my unprecedented Killers-addiction all the worse. :P)

Anyway. Bad Stuff is rubbish, but this too will pass. Eventually. In future I will consider more carefully how/where I post my horrific over-reactions to set-backs, however, if only out of self-preservation of my sanity.

I think that'll do.
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Firstly, Yesterday )

Secondly - AGAIN - my GP surgery.

Thus. )

Also I have no sodding money (so what else is new), except we've run out of food and need to go shopping, and with the current natural (rather than economic) climate I'm beginning to feel like I haven't seen the sun since That Heatwave of 2005 and may never do so again for the foreseeable. Was that the sun's last hurrah or something? It's been bloody dire ever since.

A somewhat better thing is that last night I actually got a decent amount of words done on my Jonathan Creek "Omega Man" tag fic - some of it typed, then a bit more when I went to bed. I won't say anything remotely pre-emptive at this point about where I might post it or whatever, because that's usually a recipe for utter failure. So: I've done a bit of writing, and we'll leave it at that.

I'm so glad I have three days off next week.
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Last week's stress has finally begun to manifest itself - the skin around my right middle fingernail is peeling quite horrendously, and the ring finger's started to go as well. Left hand is okay so far. I might put some Sudocrem on them tonight... All of my random stress reactions take about a week to kick in; at least this time I was expecting it. I'm usually trying to remember what kicked it off. ;)

They've turned the heating off at work this morning, so I had to run out at about 10.00 to get some hot chocolate in order to warm myself up.

Weekend was quite fun. Saturday morning was slightly marred by having a headache first thing, which I attribute to not eating properly. When I have brown bread every day I do tend to feel generally healthier, and my stomach has been a bit complainy of late, too. Back to the healthy(ish) eating today.

In the afternoon we went out to Alison's birthday picnic at Cannon Hill Park. Obviously, it was lovely and sunny on the way there - we walked from Moseley having just missed the bus - until we were walking through the park, when the heavens opened. The rain kept coming, off and on, for the majority of the afternoon, and the picnic took place on the bandstand. Much amusement was had, especially when Paul and Lloyd got fed up of sitting on the floor and went to fetch a picnic table, until someone said that the bandstand wouldn't withstand the weight, at which point they abandoned the table halfway up the slope... My description of this is done better justice by the photographs, which are on Facebook, here.

Paul and I left after an hour or so because we were cold from the walk in the rain. At the point we decided to leave it was chucking it down again so we held on for a bit and then - obviously - when we walked back to Moseley (uphill, gah), the sun had come out again. Typical. :P

In the evening we rented Zack and Miri Make a Porno from cable, which was actually surprisingly good...

Sunday was fairly sedate. We were going to go out if the weather was okay, but obviously it wasn't, so we stayed in. Watched the second Jonathan Creek Christmas special, "Satan's Chimney". I appear to be finding Carla a lot less irritating than the first time around, which is somewhat worrying. I now suddenly realise I completely missed the postcard scene... am now wondering if it was in a different episode entirely, though I'm fairly sure it's in "SC", because I mentioned it in my post-episode tag... Hm. Might need to re-watch and find it.

Some random thoughts )

Other than that, I did some more embroidery and watched The Unloved, part of C4's "Find Me A Family" season. Also made a spaghetti bolognese last night with some pancetta in it that we picked up from Sainsbury's, and mmmmmm nice.

I don't think there's much else to report.
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I swear to God, the next person who decides it's so very hilarious to laugh at me in a sarcastic manner, when I'm struggling through the downpour in stupid shoes and with wet feet, from the comfort and dry of their nice warm car... that person is going to get an umbrella to the face. I'm just saying. (At least nobody used me as target practice today.)

The first layer of Alison's bithday picnic cake is in the oven cooking happily away, and I've washed up all the utensils to make the second one. I should really buy another 20cm cake tin. I shall take a photograph of the limey lime cake of limey doooooom when it's all finished. My lime cake is even lime-coloured. Almost, anyway.

Nothing else to report.
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Far from having an horrendous journey home, I left at 3.30 and was home an hour later, which included the trip to Sainsbury's (whereupon I was queueing behind a woman buying nothing but Weight Watchers instant meals. Terrifying. I know they have their points system, but wow, REAL FOOD would be better.) BCC went into total Panic Mode and sent the message around that employees could leave at 2.30, and our office distributed a 'snow chain' type plan in the event that Birmingham was cancelled because of snow.

Schools are closed today. There was talk throughout the office yesterday of not being able to make it into work because a further five inches were predicted to fall overnight. Complete and total madness. Considering this is the third year in a row where we've been struck down with heavy snowfall, you'd think they might take that as a hint to BE PREPARED for once.

The funniest thing is that it didn't snow in the night at all, and the worst thing to deal with today is the fact that the snow will melt in the sun and then freeze overnight.

I'm quite childishly amused by the country's reaction.

Britain: OMGWTF we have six inches of snooooow! We can't run the traaaains! What do we dooooo? *runs around like a headless chicken*
Mainland Europe: Get a grip, you big wusses. *gets train to work in blizzard*

Seriously, though. It's looking like every winter is going to be like this for the forseeable future, at least until we stop killing the planet (and even then probably afterwards) so it would surely be in everyone's interests to actually invest money into sorting this problem out. Snow-ploughs. Better bloody trains. The 21st century has been here for eight years now; time to catch up.

Aaaanyway. I had quite a pleasant evening, all told. I did the washing up when I got back (not that pleasant, though I do find something quite theapeutic about things being CLEAN) and there was a (presumably teenage) boy staring out of the back window of the house opposite. I don't know if he was watching me or the snow. Paul waved at him later but he ignored us. ;)

Just before the sun went down I dragged Paul outside for a snowball fight and to take some photographs, and Lisa helped us build a snowman. I was going to go to the park to take photos, but I spotted from the bus that Highbury was full of schoolkids having snowball fights, and figured KH park would be as bad. Bloody kids ruining my fun. :P

There are pictures of our snowy garden and the snowman (or snowdeer, as he turned out to be) on Facebook, here...

After that we walked to the chippy to get food (it had stopped snowing by then) and then I had a shower. After which I was absolutely frozen so went to bed (at 8.00pm) to attempt to warm up and watch some more X-Files. I shall do a separate post later because I want to extol the virtues of "Triangle", which is second on my list of Best Episodes Ever, after "Post Modern Prometheus"...

So, quite pleasant. Second (and last) rehearsal of the madrigals tonight, and also Zadok the Priest (woo!). Thank goodness my voice came back. I was starting to feel quite despondent.

Anyway, I'll sign this one off and make a start on my X-Post after / during lunch...

Edit: New tag added, as apparently it warrants it.


Feb. 2nd, 2009 11:43 am
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Bad traffic and horrendous journeys notwithstanding...


Paul and I walked home from the pub (where we'd met [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess for Sunday lunch) in the snow yesterday, though it stopped shortly afterwards. When I left home this morning there was some on the ground but it was only snowing very lightly, and by the time I got off the bus in Birmingham it was a blizzard!

Thankfully on Mondays I get to leave early... assuming it keeps up, I might take the camera out to the park later and get some photographs. :) Hopefully if I leave at 4.00 the traffic won't be too bad...

We're a bit thin on the ground today, for obvious reasons. There's a fair amount of work, though, so hopefully we won't run out.

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That seems to have been the theme of the weekend.

Bristol was cold, too )

Sunday was thankfully a whole lot of nothing. I've finally finished season 3 of X-Files ([livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing is right about "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" - it's utterly brilliant, though I have no idea what the resolution of the case was meant to be...) and will make a start on season 4 tonight. Yay, shippiness. I can remember this season being the one when I was well and truly buried in the obsession and the shipping, so certain episodes stick out in my memory from it: "Unruhe", "The Field Where I Died", "Paper Hearts" and, of course, the inimitable "Small Potatoes" - I remember reading up on spoilers for that one in the early days of my uncle having dial-up and being VERY excited by the plot synopsis. Ah, those innocent days when I didn't fear spoilers. :D

Paul kicked my arse at Scrabble horribly in the evening (literally, he ended up over 150 points ahead of me within two moves) and that made me a bit disinclined to make an effort afterwards. I woke up at 4.00am and couldn't get back to sleep for another hour, so was absolutely exhausted this morning. Meh. Coffee seems to have helped marginally. I think it's definitely time to break out the winter coats, though...

Right. Now is when it starts to get busy. Here is an at-a-glance look at my December...

Wednesday 3rd - shopping day (and a lie in, hurrah)

Friday 5th - first Messiah concert (must book Paul's ticket for this one).

Saturday 6th - Jen and Dave coming over for dinner. Also tree is going up in the afternoon, because I want to get it over with.

Tuesday 9th - second Messiah concert (I might not do this one because it was knackering last time...)

Saturday 13th - possibly meeting [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings in Birmingham after she's investigated the German Market. (I'm going to take her to interesting shops in Moseley and Kings Heath...)

Sunday 21st - Christmas concert (yay!)

Wednesday 24th - I'm at work until 1.00pm (or possibly later as we're meant to be having a buffet at work) and then need to cram in seeing people at the pub, I presume, and seeing family on the evening.

29th to 31st - at work

1st January - Paul's birthday.

2nd to 9th January - off work. Hurrah.

Somewhere in between all of that I need to wrap presents and get stuff in the post, as well as write cards. But yeah, I hate this particular choir season because it's insanely busy. (And having TWO Missa Solemnis concerts didn't really help, either.) Tonight I have to book Paul and his mum's tickets for the Christmas concert before it sells out.

BUSY. I would like the television to stop telling me how few days there are left until Christmas, plz.
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I slept on the sofa last night. Admittedly it's a sofa which was originally my bed, so it was quite comfortable, but nonetheless, that is where I slept. The reason for this was because Paul has the lurgy (again! Or possibly the same lurgy as a month ago, we're not sure...) and I'd already spent an hour and a half trying to get to sleep against his horrendously loud snoring. Obviously, it's not like he could help it, but it was either sleep on the sofa or suffocate him with a pillow...

At one point I could still bloody well hear him through the wall.

Anyway, despite not getting to sleep until gone 1.00am and waking up at least three times in the night (one of which was due to Paul also waking up and finding me not there, and then coming to find me) I am surprisingly not tired today. I've always said, though, that I cope much better with lack-of-sleep tired than I do mental-exhaustion tired, because at least there's a valid reason for it. There's nothing more annoying than getting enough sleep but still being too knackered to do anything; it's usually the case that a lack of sleep results in uber-productivity in order to stay away - or at least hyperactivity.

I even got up at 7.00 and had a shower this morning as I didn't have time last night, what with choir, ordering food and watching Dead Set - which, by the way, you should ALL be watching, if you're not already - and left the house 10 minutes early just in case the mild smattering of snowfall made the traffic crazy. Thank goodness for half term, though; the buses and roads were empty... But GOOD LORD, it's cold out there.

Speaking of choir, two things to mention: firstly, I am no longer doing the rehearsal on Saturday because there's too much party prep for one person to do, and it also saves us having to rush to get the DVDs on Friday night, as we can get them on Saturday instead. If the attendees want to turn up slightly earlier, they can do, but only by about an hour or so, please. ;) Secondly, my decision to possibly leave after Christmas may well have been a bit rash, and was the culmination of feeling despondent and knackered as a result of said rehearsal being annoying. As I have effectively eradicated that problem, I will probably stay after all. The fact is, when I'm not tired I do enjoy it, and everyone seems to be quite excited about the prospect doing of Elgar's Dream of Gerontius in the summer, so I'm most intrigued as to why...

We were a bit thin on the ground last night, presumably because of the weather - as ever, the slightest bit of snow and Birmingham grinds to a halt. I'm quite glad, actually, that I was going home so late, as waiting for a bus at 5.30 would have been a completely fruitless endeavour...

I think today is going to be quiet. We should definitely be allowed skeleton staff at half term - although I suppose those with Small Children would still get preference. Bah.


Oct. 28th, 2008 04:04 pm
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Just an excuse to use this icon, as I so rarely can.

It is snowing. In October.

A few weeks ago I was wandering around Stratford in a t-shirt.

WTF, Britain?

Ah well. YAYSNOW!


Sep. 22nd, 2008 11:45 am
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Two of them this weekend, but before that: Heaven forefend, but the weather has actually been *gasp* warm. I got washing done! Imagine that!

Also, Paul made a valiant attempt at mowing the lawn, but couldn't find the extension lead so could only get so far down the garden, and also it seems to have turned into a jungle because of all the rain lately. The plants by the back door have taken over the path and the entire thing has become a veritable neighbourhood of spiders. :(

Aside from that and going out for shopping - I decided to make the mushroom-chicken-gorgonzola thing for tea, so had to get mushrooms... Lidl didn't seem to have vegetables other than potatoes, for some reason - we didn't do very much. I've been trying to pwn Super Mario level 6, but the boss level is impossibly difficult, and at some point I need to go back to level 2 and defeat the boss in a different way to open up level 4. (If you go through it normally, it goes 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 6 - 8, with 4 and 7 having to be opened in a certain way from levels 2 and 5 respectively. Madness.)

In the evening we rented Southland Tales because Paul really wanted to see it. Most. Confusing. Ever. )

Yesterday evening, on a slightly less confusing and more harrowing note, we went to see The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Spoilers and Thoughts )

On that note, I will stop, or this entry will never end

Paul has complained that we seem to have been accidentally inundated with Nazis lately, first with Cabaret (I had "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" stuck in my head yesterday...) and now with this. He thinks there's something wrong with me, but it was purely unintentional. :P Perhaps I should let that element of The Sound of Music be a surprise? ;)

In other news, I'm getting my hair trimmed after work. It's done that thing where it's gone from manageable to impossible within the space of a week. I'd forgotten the drawback to keeping it short. ;) I may dye it black again, so watch this space...

As you may have guessed by the length of this entry, there's very little to do at work again today... so I shall post this before it gets out of hand. ;)
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We had something of a blitz on the flat yesterday. I cleaned the kitchen on Wednesday night (or it might have been Friday, I can't remember now) and yesterday Paul did the floors and I did the bathroom - which included, I should add, mopping the walls.

Yes, you did read that right...

We needed a new mop, as the one we bought when we moved in was one of those bits-of-rope-tied-to-a-stick types and has gone all stiff and horrible. So we got a slightly better one, and a squeegy type one for the express purpose of cleaning the bathroom tiles. It's too small a room to get the step-ladder out, but the ceilings are too high to reach on my own.

The amount of dust up there was terrifying... After mopping they were literally 2-3 shades cleaner, and the colour of the water afterwards was horrifying.

Still - cleeeean now! I need to dust the shelves in the kitchen tonight and possible have a little rearrangement in there, as I am questioning the sanity of keeping the stereo on top of the microwave... :|

Shepherd's pie for tea yesterday (and lunch today), using frozen mash from Iceland for £1 a bag, which turned out to be much better value than Aunt Bessie's and just as tasty. We stocked up on some frozen stuff while we were in there to avoid having to go to Asda for another couple of months.

Oh, I thought I'd broken the fridge yesterday, too... I was cleaning the wall behind the bin because it tends to get covered in a fine layer of crud (to put it bluntly), and I unplugged the fridge in order to wipe down the top of the plug, and when I plugged it back in it made no sound... Seemed to be fine a few minutes later, though. It doesn't help that for some reason, there's no light in there...

In other news, still no sign of my bus pass. On checking the details of my account on the website it quite clearly states three important things:

1. The transaction / process is "Completed", which means...

2. ...the pass will be sent "2-3 days prior" to the start date

3. The pass should be from "05/09/2008 to 02/10/2008"

All of which mean they should bloody well have sent it by now. I will give them one more day (i.e. today) before phoning them up to shout at them.

Y'know, I cancelled my Centrocard for this exact same reason. TWM have usually been quite good about sending the pass out. Clearly my address is jinxed.

A little extra thing I meant to post about... )

Aaaand finally, I conceded defeat and put the heating on Friday night. Which is vaguely ridiculous, really, because it's only the beginning of September, even though the wind and rain would have you believe otherwise. *shakey fist* Stupid weather.


Sep. 3rd, 2008 06:42 pm
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In honour of going to see the show tomorrow, I have reverted (temporarily) to my old Cabaret layout. When I am so inclined I will make a brand spanking new layout, possibly Jonathan Creek because I've been saying so for ages and I sort of promised [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure...

Haven't scanned flyer, it'll have to wait.

Have, however, cleaned kitchen surfaces properly (i.e. by moving things) - though not the floor or shelves - and now waiting for (a) Paul to return and (b) the towels to finish washing.

My hands are cold. The weather's been just plain weird today. I could see my breath at the bus stop this morning. :/

Tags, etc.

Aug. 21st, 2008 10:39 am
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I think I shall re-tag my LJ this weekend - assuming I can get near the PC, that is. *rolls eyes* I decided to do this a while ago, admittedly, but a dream last night inspired me to actually get it done. My tags are a bit shambolic - I keep renaming them and then forgetting I've done it, hence hending up with two different types.

I've had three reviews on the PotC fanfic thus far, one of which from a very helpful lady who advised me on tips for Tia Dalma's accent, so I'm going to edit the first chapter with her suggestions and email her the bits I have in the second chapter. I love her accent, but it's very hard to emulate. At least Barbossa just talks like a clichéd pirate. ;)

As for the dream last night (or this morning, technically), the only part I can remember - perhaps the only part there was - involved PotC. That's what I get for working on fic before bed, clearly. And also for making a start on reading the quite marvellous [livejournal.com profile] redux_08 last night (AWE re-written with better mythology, background and Sparrabethness! :D)

Anyway, the dream )

And that's why I suddenly have the urge to go through my LJ and tag it properly. I'll have had the bloody thing seven years in September, mind you, so it'll be an ongoing process...

Is that blue sky I can see in the air? Will wonders never cease?! It's only, y'know, August... I told you the weather would clear up just in time for my moving furniture tomorrow. It MOCKS me. It does.

As a final note, I bought the 'New York' Impulse body spray last night (another of their 'limited edition' scents, though they've been around about a year now) as it was the only one I hadn't tried, and it appears to contain a particularly noxious chemical which is making my asthma flare up. *sigh* It's either that or the constantly changing weather lately. *shakes fist at Britain*

Still Cold

Aug. 15th, 2008 12:21 pm
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Luckily it's Friday so I am able to dress down and hence am wearing a big woolly cardigan. Both of my work cardies are drying, hence why I was freezing yesterday. Doesn't help either that apparently the rest of the office were overheating and keep putting the air conditioning on, which I sit right underneath...

I had to put the quilt on the bed last night, too. And I was still cold.

On the plus side, I managed to do about 2500 not-particularly-insightful words of my Pirates-fic. I want to get the majority of my 'plot', such as it is, down before I work on prettifying it. The brief writing lull since May has cast me out of practice again, unfortunately, and also it's a fandom which, writing-wise, I'm not familiar with. There are too many obviously recognisable characters; Jackisms are more difficult than you might think, then there's Barbossa and Tia Dalma, though I'm having fun with the latter. ;)

The part I got to last night didn't quite go in the direction I intended it to, but hopefully I can rectify that. As usual, my 'short' ideas end up being stupidly long...

It's a quiet one today. Roll on hometime.

A letter.

Aug. 14th, 2008 06:17 pm
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Dearest Summertime,

I can't help but notice you seem to have disappeared, quite without precedence.

Now, I know that you were quite vehement a couple of years ago; nay, you were insistent. And I must apologise for complaining quite so much as I did at that time, but you did make me very unwell. I also understand that last year, you may have taken a well-deserved holiday after bombarding us with such high temperatures in 2006, and that is quite understandable.

However, you appear to have no excuse this year. I apologise for whinging when it warms up, but there's no need to sulk about it. That heatwave the other week was actually rather pleasant, and some more of the same before your colleague, Wintertime, returns to duty would be much appreciated.

Ditheringly yours,

[livejournal.com profile] teylaminh

I had to put the fire on last night. IN AUGUST. Currently I am wearing a JUMPER. This is getting bloody stupid.

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Hangover + being at work = OW.

We went out last night for my mum's birthday. Generally a very pleasant evening, with the downside of the weather conspiring against me just for kicks. I decided to get the 1 from Moseley because we were meeting at the Figure of Eight on Broad Street, except the first bus which came along was a 1E, which only goes as far as Five Ways, so I had to walk from there. The exact moment I stepped off the bus, the heavens opened. I did consider standing in the underpass until it stopped, but I'd already got mostly soaked trying to get my bearings from the bus stop, so I just risked it. Whilst waiting to cross the road, a man in a car decided, because I must have looked so amusingly like a drowned rat, that waving at me in an obnoxious, "I'm in a car and dry, haha" fashion was hilariously funny and witty. If my hands hadn't been full, he would have received a less than kind gesture in return. Honestly, why are some drivers such complete bastards?

Anyway, we were going to go to Jimmy Spices, but instead went over the road to Foggs: Around the World in 80 Dishes, which turned out to sound more exotic than it actually was. It was pretty much exactly like Jimmy Spices: a buffet format with the focus on Indian / Chinese food and some vague attempt at Italian with some lasagne and pasta salads, although the food itself was a lot nicer than Jimmy's, I thought - not as overwhelmingly spicy and better choice for the starters. It took three attempts and four different servers to actually get our drinks brought to the table, though, and said drinks were quite expensive (£16.95 for a bottle of rosé, with a grand total of two to choose from, no less).

Afterwards we went back to the Figure of Eight for more drinks and random conversation, and then home. The wine finished me off... I think I fell asleep quite quickly, but woke up at 4.00am, dehydrated and too hot, so had to open the window despite the rain.

It's not a particularly bad hangover, but I'd still rather be in bed. :P I've been feeding it coffee, water and cocodamol in an effort to fight it off.

(Two hours later: feeling much better, though hungry. Nearly lunchtime, hurrah.)

Oh, and at the weekend I watched far too many films: most of Chaplin and then The Mummy on ITV1 on Saturday (they're showing The Mummy Returns this week) and Pirates 2 and 3 on Sunday evening, with a break in the middle to cook dinner. ;) I really like the third film, actually, despite the plotdump...

Tonight's chores to-do list, which nobody is interested in, but otherwise I'll forget:

~ put clean towels away
~ put in black load (the bad weather has made me very disinclined to do laundry)
~ tidy living room
~ do washing up
~ tidy bedroom.

In no particular order.

Right. Will post, and then carry on doing work.

*iz ded*

Jul. 28th, 2008 05:35 pm
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Oh my God. OH MY GOD.



That is all.

(I made the horrible error of mopping the kitchen floor a few minutes ago and right now am meant to be doing prep-work on my Greek-style pie because it takes so bloody long to cook, but am taking a breather from the OHGODSOHOT. Alas, the mopping was an essential chore because Paul spilt an entire glass of wine on the floor last night. To be fair, it was an accident. We bought a bag of Maris Piper potatoes and 90% of them had gone completely rotten and spongy and LEAKED everywhere, so he touched one and - understandably - recoiled in horror, sending the glass flying... But still. GAH. SO BLOODY HOT.)

ETA: YAY THUNDER! (It's about time...)
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That was quite pleasant.

Due to the nice weather on Satuday we decided to go out for the day. This was after an excursion to the butcher to stock up on meat (and also goose fat as it was better value that Somerfield), and to pick up some plug unblocker and washing liquid. There seems to be an epidemic of supermarkets no longer diong their own brand of washing liquid... I'm not paying £4.50 for a bottle of Persil when I can get two massive bottles of Somerfield's own for £4.00. It does the job.

The bath is now draining smoothly, thankfully. Our pipes are set up stupidly but I suspect it's because of having converted the house into flats. There is obviously a down-pipe from the bathroom as it has always been a bathroom, but subsequently the kitchen and bathroom sinks also join the same pipe from the bath so when you drain either of them it comes up into the bath. Nice. Anyway, I poured Mr Muscle down all three plugholes and have also now flushed it in both directions, which seems to have dislodged whatever was in there. Loooovely. (The downside is that the bathroom smells RANK when you pour dishwater down the kitchen sink. Obviously.)

After that, anyway, we wandered down to the Nature Centre at Cannon Hill Park as neither of us had been for years. A lot of the animals are either not there or being moved so some of the displays were empty, but it was pleasant nonetheless. Otters are cute, but I've always thought so... and so are meerkats, for that matter. :)

We had a bit of a wander around the park and the funfair (Paul won a snake on the hook-a-duck, which was SO EXPENSIVE. Gah.), and we were going to have a go in one of the rowing boats, except two selfish men decided to take the last two, thus scuppering our plans. So we wandered over to the other boating lake to go in a pedelo, except they were closing in three minutes. Bah.

I managed to navigate us back to Moseley on the 1 (which we waited ages for; clearly spoiled with the 50 these days) and we played half an hour of pool (which came to a grand total of £2.00) in Rileys. My brain was not willing to cooperate by that point...

Of the evening we watched the finales of I'd Do Anything (my hatred for the general public has increased. Jessie was CLEARLY the superior candidate...) and Britain's Got Talent (hatred for public somewhat declining, although meh to Escala* not even being in the top three...) and not much else...

Sunday was the usual, with the added excitement of a fox wandering into our back garden for a nap. No, really. It was totally surreal. He stayed there for about 15 minutes and then wandered off again through the fence. There are some photographs on Paul's phone which need to be uploaded. For a moment I was worried he'd just come into our garden to die, as he was very still. Very bizarre.

Also, we started watching Jack and the Beanstalk last night on Sci-Fi. Whilst it is very much appreciated that they're showing these mini-series, it would be better if they weren't trying to cram each one into three weeks instead of their allotted six. Tin Man was hard enough to follow without there being just under two hours of it each week, and Jack is almost as bad...

I think that's everything. Foxy pictures coming later...

*Okay. I am convinced that Escala once released an album and I can quite distinctly remember them playing their 'signature' tune a few years back on some talent show or another. This is about 5-6 years ago now. I also have it in my brain from somewhere that at least one of them went to my school - specifically the violin player. From a quick google search, I am informed that her name is Izzy Johnstone, and her age would place her either the year below me or two years below, depending on when her birthday is. Can any Old Edwardians remember her? She's horribly familiar and it's driving me mad...

(In this picture she's the one on the far left...)
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Kind of a bleh weekend, really...

Saturday was the usual fare of groceries and washing. Although what with the high winds I'm surprised I didn't lose any of my laundry in the process of drying it. The weather's been stupid this weekend, all told. On Saturday afternoon I turned the heating off, but by 6.00pm it was back on again.

Paul went out to a Eurovision party on Saturday and I stayed in. I watched the first four songs and decreed it to be a waste of time so went online for the rest of the evening (with a brief stint of watching "Britain's Got Talent" at around midnight due to boredom).

On Sunday we awoke to discover the leaky roof has gotten worse. Where before the drip was just coming out of one of the ceiling tiles by the bedroom door (in the hall, luckily, although it looks as though it started in the bedroom once and has been temporarily fixed and found a new way through) and now it's coming through the wood / paint of the structure above the step. Paul's going to ring Trevor today. It seems to be working straight through (rather than being a delayed reaction) so I suppose that's better than it sitting there...

Perhaps, like the boiler, this will convince our landlord that he needs to fix things properly rather than just rerouting the problem elsewhere in the hope it'll disappear. Meh. We put a towel down to catch the drips and hopefully it won't work through to Lisa's flat.

On Sunday I was horrendously tired for some reason and ended up having a nap at abour 5.00pm for an hour and a half. Which obviously made me feel worse than before.

Monday morning saw a very bizarre, lingering dream-within-a-dream (possibly; not sure on the ending) and another day of horrible tiredness with a bad back to boot. I didn't even do anything energetic this weekend. (Couldn't be arsed with Pride, and anyway the rain called off play on Sunday.) So I had a bath, nearly fell over from hunger in the shower (meh) and then managed to ruin our would-have-been-nice roast dinner by mis-timing by half an hour and then managing to burn the brocolli and cauliflower. It was edible, but only just. I suck. :(

Watched The Reaping last night, which was interesting. Strange. Bits of it reminded me of Silent Hill (the film) whilst other bits reminded me of Sanitarium (the game). Entertaining on the whole, though.

The office is bloody freezing today. *blows on fingers* I hate Spring. Never knowing what to wear for the best, stupid weather, fluctuating temperatures. Also, given how hot the recent heatwave was and that was only May, I dread to think what the summer's going to be like. I don't want to get ill again, thank you. Still, at least this office has air conditioning...

I'm sure I had something else to mention but I cant' remember what it was...
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That actually went surprisingly well...

For once, aside from the markers in the front row, the seating arrangements were a free-for-all within the sections, so I wasn't stuck at the back. As for the performance itself, the majority seemed to go very well indeed. Someone felt the end of the Carmen was a bit lack-lustre but personally I thought the first act went brilliantly. I did miss one entrance in the Gerschwin, that I can remember, but it was the last note anyway so hopefully nobody noticed...

The two female soloists were both brilliant, the baritone less so although his voice was okay. (Our other bloke couldn't do it, but at least we didn't have to copy insane adlibbing in "It Ain't Necessarily So", as that would undoubtedly have ended up messy...)

Afterwards we went to a pub to try and get a drink with Jade in tow... which obviously didn't work as she's 4-foot-nothing and barely even looks her age (16), let alone 18... Paul and I wandered back there after seeing off Jade and his mum and went home ourselves via the chippy.

Chippies in Kings Heath are annoying. The best (and closest to us) is Oceanna. They close at 10.30, even at weekends. Considering they're right opposite the Hare and Hounds pub, I'm surprised they don't stay open later as they'd do an awful lot of business from the local drunkards.

Further down the road are Hi Tide (chips are okay, haven't tried anything else) and King Kebab, which everyone raves about but the only decent thing there is the chicken kebab meat. The reason its so popular is it's open late and opposite the Goose (horrible pub). Hi Tide and King Kebab are directly opposite each other and both stay open until silly o'clock in the morning.

A new chippy has now opened up our end of the High Street (Deeno's), which we were going to try on Saturday. Unfortunately, they have also not figured out (despite being a few yards up from the local Wetherspoon's) that they need to stay open later than 11.00pm. So: chippies in Kings Heath are annoying.

We ended up walking all the way up to King Kebab and it wasn't even that nice, in the end. They charge half the price of Oceanna for a reason, clearly...

Aaanyway, that was about it for Saturday. On Sunday we played seven games of Scrabble, went out to buy the majority of ingredients for our roast chicken dinner, and I watched 'Stenders. With the chicken, we tried to marinate it in some honey-and-mustard salad dressing (the theory being it was oil based) which succeeded in browning the skin but only infused the chicken vaguely with flavour. Still, I'll try it again with skinned chicken next time... We also had some roast baby button mushrooms and mmmm... lovely.

This morning I am cleaning the washing machine with a dose of white vinegar and lemon juice, as it's starting to smell again...

It's bloody freezing in here. Stupid weather. They had the heating ON whilst we had that brief heatwave last week and it's off this morning as a result and subsquently chilly. My fingers hurt. :(

In other news, I've just signed up for Lloyds TSB's "Save the Change" scheme, where every debit card purchase is rounded up to the nearest pound and the difference put into a savings account, since I use my debit card frequently and copiously. My plan is also to then round up the money in the savings account to the next £10 at the end of each month so it's easier to see at a glance how much is in there...

(My plan for credit card repayage is to take whatever they ask me to pay, round up to the nearest £10 and double it...)

I have also booked a week off from 16 to 20 June, although I fear this may immediately result in the weather conspiring against me. Who knows, maybe I'll put curtains up or redecorate or something. ;)
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Aside from the tattoo-obtaining, it's been a generally pleasing weekend. The gorgeous weather has meant I've got lots of washing done in less time than usual, for a start.

Saturday was Laura's birthday, but I wasn't up to it. Instead, I sat around online and then decided to watch Anna and the King quite randomly. Mostly, I had convinced myself there was a scene 'missing' from The King and I which I thought was in A&tK and which apparently wasn't. Nevertheless, I do love the film.

Paul came back at around 4.00am after an eventful evening out during which someone with a out-of-date vendetta (and for no apparent reason) decided to pick a fight with him. Or rather, got his brother to do so, which makes it all the more pathetic. Luckily enough this happened right near the bouncers so nothing happened, otherwise it might have been quite messy...

On Sunday I watched The King and I after getting up early, having breakfast and cleaning the bathroom sink. Turns out my 'missing' scene was actually there after all. Somehow I was convinced the Siamese rendition of "Small House of Uncle Thomas" (i.e. Uncle Tom's Cabin) wasn't in the musical and remembered it being in the 1999 film instead (subsequently leading into the sub-plot about Tuptim's execution), but I was merely confused... Still, I hadn't seen either film in a while.

Hence, I spent the afternoon reading as much fic as I could find. A bit weird, what with it being essentially a true story, but the diaries of Anna Leonowens are only the basis of the story anyway, rather than the films being a true rendition of actual events...

Of the evening we sat and watched Tin Man, which was quite interesting... Spoilers )

So, I will definitely be following the rest of it.

That was about it, really... nothing much else to report. The tattoo is healing nicely but I can't lift my arm over my head, which is getting a little bit annoying... come on, scab - fall off!
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Okay. So I send this email, right? It's from one of our Solicitors to various people in the Press Office to do with this Order we're trying to serve on local newspapers to stop them writing about a case. Anyway. The details aren't that important.

The Solicitor the email is from only works Monday to Wednesday. Last night she took the draft email home to check the recipients and then came back to me this morning by telephone to confirm them. So I sent the email.

The following should be noted: there is a nicely visible, non-occluded box just next to the To and CC/BCC fields stating "Please reply to [name of Solicitor]". (This unfortunately does not create an automatic "replyto:" or my life would be a lot easier; instead it relies on the recipient to read and comprehend the message and insert a different name to mine after they hit 'Reply'. Nonetheless, it's clearly visible. Not secretly hidden or subtle.)

In addition, there is a line in the email which states, "In my absence, please fee free to contact [Senior Solicitor] or [Principal Solicitor]".

So what do they do?

Frelling well ring me, that's what.

I don't even know how they got my number, as the call didn't come through the switchboad but directly to me.

I even said to the person, "I am just a WPO" but he carried on waffling on. Eventually, I just told him, "Put everything you just said into an email and send it to [Solicitor]", which he said he would do, but given he continued talking even after I implied I couldn't talk to him I doubt the email will get where it's supposed to go.

I mean, seriously: how difficult is it to read simple instructions? I could forgive missing the little box, and I've had enough emails-intended-for-Solicitors to forward on in my time (it amuses me when they don't even think to CC the Solicitor into the email either; do they think it will magically appear in their inbox, or that I am their Seekrit Identitee?), but manging not to ring either of the two people who could actually have taken the call? Meh.

I got used to random calls in Child Prtoection because it was easy enough to blag my way through them. I was perceptive and knew where people were, case details, random helpful bits of information. Attempting to blag my way through a Legal call? No way. Not going to try.

For the sake of my sanity: READ THINGS PROPERLY.

In other news: last night I finished chapter five of "Strange Glue" with some Daniel/Alexis-type silliness. Their conversation turned out to be a lot easier than I was anticipating, but probably only because they're forced to be nice to each other instead of sniping. Nevertheless, I will tweak it tonight and type up what I wrote of chapter six so that I can get that finished and get back to regular updates, hopefully. At this rate, it'll be Christmas again before I finish it. Which would be apt, but still... if nothing else I could try and get it finished in time for the fic timeline to coincide with real life. After the Christmas section is done it skips ahead a few months for the final chapter...

Apart from the above annoyance, today is a lot calmer as regards work. Which luckily means people are leaving me alone and not stealing my work. (Although Sandra has developed a new annoying trait of taking a piece of work first thing in the morning from the night before, and booking it in under yesterday's date. We're meant to start a new page for each new day, and anything which comes in after 5.15 [or 4.15 on Friday] gets booked in as coming in at 8.45 the morning after. It's a minor annoyance, but I'm a stickler for rules and it messes my book up. :P)

I'm going to get a clock CD/radio for the bedroom from Argos later. I barely listen to the radio any more (need an MP3-er which has a tuner, I think) despite the stereo being tuned to every station you could ever want, and need to get back into the habit. Also, the only CD player we have in the bedroom currently is a walkman attached to some really old speakers (the kind which plug into a headphone jack and don't require any power), so it would be nice to have a proper one in there...

Aside from that, the weather has taken a turn for the worst again. Was that Spring, then?
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Today has been, by turn: stressful, mildly irritating, delicious, and too hot...


When I left last night at about 6.10pm, the work had accumulated in the tray (after a day of very little) at about 5.00pm when I was engaged in recreating a Court form from scratch for Ian. I booked in the seven or so pieces which had emerged and figured they'd keep me going for today. This morning when I came in the pile had bred overnight and grown fangs.

The new stuff included three amendments (all long tapes) and two urgents. I also overslept this morning because I was knackered (I presume the warmer weather lately has interfered with my sleeping patterns; of course, the second I change to the summer duvet it'll drop below freezing again...). I recall at one point in the middle of the night being half-awake and Paul rolling over to put his arm around me, accidentally poking me in the hip and me flailing like a madwoman... Anyway, thanks to being in a bit late Ian was all flustered because he had an Order to get to Court and so Gaynor M had to do it; apparently he accosted her on the staircase...

Mildly Irritating

When she brought it back she said she'd send Sandra up to get some work. Nearly an hour later, Carol turned up, by which point I was happily getting through the amendments and almost ready to start on the backlog. And then, of course, they were all over-enthusiastic in their helping, so by lunchtime the pile had dwindled...


Shaan invited me to wagamama to lunch, so at 12.00, off I went with her, Kate, Fahmeeda and Keith. I had the ginger chicken udon for a change (Paul and I are going on Friday prior to Jade's party so I decided against my usual chicken katsu curry) which was looovely. With the BOGOF vouchers it came to £7 a head - not bad.

Too Hot

On the way back, I didn't need my coat. This afternoon it's gotten gradually warmer and my anti-perspirant has been full of fail... although it's still lasted longer than most others, so Boots have, overall, not failed in that regard. I'll apply some Driclor on Thursday night just in case it fails again on Friday. The air con has been on for a few minutes but has now been turned off again. Looks like spring has definitely sprung.

Of course, whilst I was at lunch the majority of my work disappeared. I was only gone an hour, too...

Back to the mildly irritating - Sandra took a tape this morning (half a blue, which is the equivalent of a full tape; or, in English, 15 minutes-ish) at 11.30 and has only just brought it back. At 4.00pm. Apparently she'd just a WPO these days (or at least Wednesday-to-Friday) so I don't know what's taking her so long. Marie told me at my one-to-one that the rest of her team still think she's a secretary the rest of the time and keep giving her things to do, but she was supposed to have told Sandra to get WPO duties done first, not stop them to do other things. Meh.

Still, despite the mildly irritating, today hasn't been too bad. I was grumpy this morning (Paul didn't make sandwiches last night and then I was running late and couldn't be bothered to wait for him - just as well, what with the noodly goodness later... I think I need a wagamama tag. :P) but the coffee soon sorted that out. :P

I may leave a little earlier than intended today after all, assuming nothing desperately urgent comes in...
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When Paul left this morning he informed me it was snowing, however by the time I got up to go to the bathroom at about 8.15 it had stopped. Just before I went out (about 11.30) it was blowing up a hurricane out there and the street's recycling boxes were dancing across the road. Obviously the recycling collectors don't have enough common sense to, say, put them in our front gardens behind walls.

So, I went out wearing a hat and a warm coat, and it turned out to actually be quite warm out there with a cold, refreshing wind, so I got back sweating profusely. Niiiice. Then had to go out again to the post box and to get Paul some more cold tablets from Sainsbury's. They wouldn't sell me two packests of cold tablets and a pack of paracetemol, though, in case I tried to kill myself. ;)

The weather is somewhat akin to being by the sea today: warm with a strong breeze. Lovely. I think spring may officially have sprung.

I tried to put some washing outside to dry on Wednesday, incidentally, but the weight for four pairs of jeans was too much for the washing line to hold and it snapped again, this time at the opposite end. Trevor is apparently back from his holiday because yesterday I looked out and the lawn was mown and the washing line fixed (whilst I was in the attic, presumably), but I've bought a new one from Wilkinson anyway...

My Sekrit Packidge is now winging its way to a recipient on my f-list...


Feb. 1st, 2008 06:41 pm
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I'm beginning to think there are absolutely no doctor's surgeries worth their salt any more. Whilst my new one is miles better than my old one (the receptionists are human, for a start) it still has its problems.

I dropped my prescription off on Monday afternoon when I made my appointment for Thursday. There was a sign on the window saying that they now require 48 hours to process them instead of the usual 24, but that didn't matter because I had just enough medication to last until Thursday, when I would be picking it up and obtaining a new batch.

So, Thursday, I have my appointment and attempt to pick up my prescription. Which hasn't been done. The receptionist looks me up on the system and reads out something I've never heard of, and I explain that it's asthma medication - ventolin. She finds the evohaler prescription and says it'll be ready on Friday.

So, this evening, I get off the bus (in a blizzard, with a cold) and go to the surgery to pick up my prescription. I walk to Boots (halfway home) and get out the two prescriptions - one for my new pills and one for my inhalers. And realise that they've only bloody repeated the ventolin (which I don't urgently need) and not the seratide, which I've run out of. Obviously I didn't think to check the prescription at the surgery because I presumed they would get it right. And this was despite, when I dropped it off, the other receptionist saying it didn't matter if I hadn't checked the boxes because if I wanted everything on there it wasn't necessary.

So I didn't even bother getting that one. I have one remaining ventolin inhaler, but no seratide, and given that I have a cold and my chest is getting tighter, the former is probably just as well...

Now I'm going to have to take it back in on Monday and probably repeat the whole bloody fiasco all over again. Stupid surgery.

So, yeah, the snow would have been more appreciated if I hadn't had to walk home in it - which in itself would also have been more appreciated if not for the stinking cold. I had a cold in November, stupid body, I don't want another one. No time off work for this little typist, thank you very much, and if I have to miss choir again I will not be happy.
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Honestly, the communication in this place... I told Marie on Tuesday and Gaynor yesterday that I had a doctor's appointment this morning and yet they still thought I'd vanished off the face of the earth this morning. Subsequently, Sandra's taken ALL the work downstairs (including a couple of urgents for Ama, who is evidently not pleased), thus leaving me with nothing... and there's nobody in. I've just had to go and retrieve the stuff which hadn't been started, although unfortunately she still has the urgent - and didn't appear to be working on it when I was down there, either...

Anyway. Doctor stuff )

God, the weather was awful this morning... I bet our front window's leaked, too, as it was so windy. The majority of me stayed dry as I wore my full-length leather coat but my feet are a bit soggy... I should probably buy some more work shoes that are actually waterproof, but it's so difficult to find any which fit and are comfortable. I'll have another look in Priceless this weekend... I think my last pair accidentally ended up at the charity shop. If I could wear heels for more than an hour at time this wouldn't be a problem...

I think the weather got drastically worse whilst I was in the surgery, though, because there was snow (or possibly hail) on the ground outside when I came out... It can snow with pleasure, as long as it waits until the weekend...

This week's gone fast...

I need to post chapter eight of "Rain..." tonight or tomorrow (it's completely finished - just needs a few finishing touches) and then I can continue working on "Strange Glue" - which reminds me, I must make a start on chapter five, as I'm trying to stay one chapter ahead of myself... And I've started working on a slightly happier epilogue to "Rain" (a one-chapter piece) because the ending ended up a little ambiguous...

Anyway. Lunchtime.

Boo. :(

Jan. 11th, 2008 05:06 pm
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Well, it was snowing. :( We had a one-minute flurry (which obviously didn't settle due to the torrential rain today) and now it's gone again.

Stoopid Birmingham pollution.

However, I very nearly did as per my icon as I got off the bus, so that's something.

Real Post

Jan. 4th, 2008 11:26 am
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As the previous post was f-only and I didn't want to spoil the flow of it, here's a proper post for today.

There's nothing to do here again. I really hope it picks up next week or I'm going to go a bit mad.

To-do list for this weekend:

~ take down kitchen tube and take it to Homebase to get a replacement.
~ go to cinema to see Enchanted.
~ take down Christmas tree / decorations and rearrange furniture.

Not getting tattoos any more because I can't afford it - we don't know how much Paul's will cost, let alone mine, and anyway I can't decide where to get it. I must thank everyone for the great mass of responses. *rolls eyes*

Still no snow in Birmingham. Although given the absolute ridiculousness of last year's snow, I'd much rather it wait until the weekend anyway. Three hours to get home (a maximum 40-minute journey) is really quite unacceptable. I am aware that if I drove it would have taken just as long, but at least I wouldn't have been freezing, and the car wouldn't be full of people bloody moaning, and there wouldn't have been stupid bus drivers. Bad weather brings out the most obnoxious qualities in us all, especially where public transport is concerned. Queues? Push through 'em. Buses? Crowd onto them. Safety? Save it for good weather. It's insane.

I still don't quite believe that in the 21st century a city like Birmingham can come to a complete standstill when it snows for more than 24 hours. A lot of this is to do with the fact that most of the road layouts are just plain stupid, and people turn into self-centred idiots when faced with the problem of getting home in bad weather. But still. You'd think we would have solved it by now.

Anyway, that's enough about that. Snow at the weekend would be delightful, just as long as it can hold off until I'm home and warm.

This week has been far longer than it was. I'm so very glad it's Friday.
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...and, of course, just in time for Noor being off on annual leave, so I have plenty of work to do...

Somehow I've ended up with lots to write about without having really done very much at all. I think this is because the computer is in the coldest part of the house and it's too expensive to run an electric heater near it (as well as a lack of plugs) so I've not felt particularly inclined to sit there and write LJ entries... I shall cut where possible, as this is fairly rambling.

Concert )

So that was quite strange. Hopefully on Tuesday I should be able to pick up my Tewkesbury CD also, so watch this space for an MP3 of us performing. :D

We went to the Briar Rose for a drink afterwards, where we ran into [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess, who was out with Trev and Dave and some other people I didn't recognise... Then we walked Paul's mum to a bus stop and went to Wagamama for food, because it was quick and cheapish (although realised upon getting there that I'd forgotten not only my debit card but my bus pass... I had £7.00 on me to pay for most of my half of the food, and Paul scraped together enough change to get us both home... The perils of changing bags and getting taxis.)

Saturday night B-movie )

Sick leave television adventures )

So that's been quite entertaining, in a sort of horrific, "I can't believe I'm even watching this dren" kind of way...

Also... I have partly succumbed to I'm A Celebrity by virtue of Cerys Matthews, Anna Ryder-Richardson, Janice Dickinson being regularly tortured (quite deservedly) and Christopher Biggins. BIGGINS FTW! And Cerys if not!

Kitchen utensils )

And finally - it's frelling freezing. I spent most of yesterday completely holed up in the living room (with an OMG-uber-dramatic 'Stenders) with the fire on and the curtains shut in an attempt to remain warm, and subsequently, when I went into the kitchen to start cooking dinner (a very yummy pork joint from Sainsbury's), was very surprised to find the world had turned white.

It's a strange thing, being in gainful employment, when it snows. Because there's part of me that thinks "YAY! SNOW!" and another part which thinks, with equal integrity, "Shit, it's going to be impossible to get to work..." Mostly I try to suppress my inner grown up and let the bouncing three-year-old run rampant, but there's also another, even more grown-up bit which puts its hands on its metaphorical hips and quite firmly states "You're not going outside in THAT, you've got a cold", thus suppressing the desire to go out and build a snowman. Ah well.

Still, the early appearance of snow (might we dare to wish for a white Christmas?) is more than enough to warrant my Kim Boggs icon, and Monday is my early day so if there is any more snow I should hopefully beat the worst of the traffic...

I do believe that's everything.
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The past two days were most enjoyable...

On Saturday we did very little indeed except go out to the pub for dinner (mostly because it was such a nice day), ending up a little bit further afield than usual at the Kings Arms (I think), a local Amber Inn pub. I had a chicken madras with a side of potato and spinach, and Paul had a sort of mushroomy peppercorn sauce thing which was apparently very nice...

Then Paul headed off to [livejournal.com profile] shabe's birthday / house-warming party and I went home to mess about online for a bit.

I've done a bit of work on my newest Phantom fic, entitled "Whisper" and based on Katie Melua's I Cried For You. I'm currently writing two bits of it at the same time, though not intentionally. I started it somewhat in the middle and then decided to go from the beginning, so hopefully at some point the two bits will meet up... So far, quite pretentious. A beta (or at least a read-through) would be much appreciated just to see if any of it makes sense.

Yesterday was also lovely. We went to my mum's in a taxi, whereupon we had an impromptu barbecue. When the sun was out it was very warm, but the wind was blooy freezing. We battled it nonetheless and the food was very nice indeed.

David had bought mum a mini chocolate fountain so we tried to use that outside... and soon gave up when the chocolate ended up over most of the garden because of the gale. So that was amusing.

David then invited over Blanche and Chloe from next door to help us finish off the chocolate. Apparently David has befriended our previous neighbours-from-Hell as 'damage limitation' - it's Blanche's other, older daughter (Kim) and Kim's brats (Shannon and Courtney - chavalicious!) who are the problem, as they're over there constantly despite having somewhere to live of their own. Hence, David's plan is to try and get Blanche on our side so she can maybe stand up to Kim and make her bugger off to her own home.

In nine years of living at that house, it's the first time Blanche has set foot inside the front door, which I hadn't even realised... She is the self-confessed "neighbour from 'Ell from next doower" (you try and phonetically spell Yammish and see how far you get. :P) but seems to be otherwise pleasant.

Going 'home' always reminds me how much I love the accent. There's something quite comforting about it, something more lilting than Brummie.

Anyway. David got slightly drunk and decided to pay our taxi fare home (he gave the driver moer than enough to cover it, apparently) and I am slightly hungover this morning but at least I can leave early and things haven't been too annoying.

We're going to see Cats on Wednesday night, so that'll be nice... if only because these days, "Jellicle Cats" doesn't make me want to throw myself under a bus. The UK tour ain't London, but it's better than never seeing it again...
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The sum total of my productivity during my week off has been to clean the cupboard under the sink and finally sort the bookcase out, which Paul helped with yesterday.  I have a couple of books missing but hopefully they'll turn up if I ever get around to sorting out the boxes in the attic...

On Friday I was literally crawling out of my skin with boredom and we eventually went to Riley's and then O'Neill's in Moseley to kill a few hours.  The boredom would probably not have been so bad had I not been suffering from PMT and had the weather not been crap ALL WEEK.  I would've been much more inclined to actually, like, do stuff, if it hadn't rained every day.  I couldn't put any washing out, for a start, so couldn't be bothered to do any, and instead spent the entire week pretty much on the internet...  except for Thursday, when we went to visit Jenny.

So, yes, it's been quite annoying.  I guarantee as soon as I'm back at work on Monday the weather will be unbearably hot, just to be annoying.  On Friday night I had to put the bloody heating on...

And yes.  That's about it.


Jun. 28th, 2007 01:36 pm
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Has anyone else been really cold of an evening lately, or am I just a freak of nature?

Had to put my hand-made quilt back on the bed last night. To think, I was going to switch to the summer duvet back in April. Probably just as well I didn't...

Whist this is infinitely preferable to the heatwave we had last year, it would be nice if it wasn't having-to-put-the-heating-on temperature at night... I even had to sit in front of the fire on Monday evening.

Bloody global warming.

In other news, it's been nearly a year since we moved into the flat, which is cause for celebration (also read: a year without a big row over something, and only a few disagreements), but less so because the attic is still full of boxes. If I can screw the bookcases together this week then I can spend a day sorting through books. Lovely, lovely books. And then maybe I'll be able to find something to read.

Talking of reading, I'm trying again with Virginia Woolf's Orlando and finding it just as tedious as when I was forced to read it at Uni. I've re-read some stuff from the course and found it really good (it's difficult to really appreciate a book when you have a week to read it and subsequently have to analyse it) but Orlando is defeating me. I also started A S Byatt's Babel Tower but may have to start again as I've forgotten which plot thread goes where.

This was meant to be a short entry. I'll shut up now.


Apr. 7th, 2007 02:50 pm
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I have an inhaler, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wrysprygoat.  :)  I need to give it back when I've got my prescription on Tuesday, so will most likely pass it to [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess on Wednesday evening.

Ahhh... clear lungs!

So, yes.  Paul has gone to play badminton with Drew, hopefully to be a weekly thing as part of his new 'exercise regime'.  I will clean the kitchen floor and probably do the washing up and give the bathroom a bit of a clean as well, after this entry and when I've cooled down a bit.  It's a lovely day. I went out to get toilet roll and pick up said inhaler from Drew, and ended up having to take my coat off.  Also, I've put the washing outside to dry for the first time since we moved in.  Which reminds me, I must collect all the stuff from upstairs as well...

Early this afternoon I watched Birth.  I admit to having zoned out for about 10 minutes in the middle because it was slow-moving and a bit confusing, but what I saw was very good.  I have no frelling clue what it all means, but I think some of it was quite daring.  Might try and watch it again if I get chance, as I think it would benefit from further viewings...

I have nothing much else to say.  I am currently working through reading all of Midasgirl's fic on FFN, as I was out of the fanfic-loop for so long I missed an entire story.  And then I'll work on reading Reine's.  I really want to get back into fanfiction again.  I stayed up to finish reading a story last night until five to one in the morning, and I'd forgotten how much fun it was.  The emotions run so much higher in the small hours, and it makes the whole experience much more satisfying.

Ho hum. Chores to do, anyway.  Also need to change the bed and vacuum the mattress...
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Britian is woefully unprepared for bad weather. They managed to grit the roads adequately enough when it snowed on Thursday, but then decided that was the last of it, and, subsequently, when it snowed for two days in a row, panicked but didn't actually do anything about it.

It took me three hours to get home on Friday. I think that makes the top of my 'worst journeys of all time' list, although it's possibly only second to that disastrous coach-trip to Leeds in Febraury 2003...

Click here for my tale of woe. )

Seriously, though, why is Birmingham - Britain, in fact - so rubbish when it comes to bad weather? I'm not just talking snow - even when it rains the traffic goes wrong. In this case it's like they were only prepared for one day of snow and then the second day completely blew their minds... I'm sorry, but four inches of snow is not a viable excuse for the state of affairs on Friday night, when there are countries in the world where the weather is much worse, a lot more of the time.

Get with it, Britain. If the scientists are right and there are only gonig to be two seasons (a short, harsh winter and a long, hot summer) then there is more of this weather to come, so frelling well prepare for it. Get some bloody snow ploughs. You have NO EXCUSE in the 21st century for the appalling state of the public transport system when there's even a little bit of snow, let alone eight solid hours of it.

Anyway, ranting aside, I did enjoy the snow for the period I wasn't stuck in it. Snow makes me very happy.

On Thursday night I forced Paul to have a snowball fight with me, which he enjoyed very much against his better judgement, and we built a snowman. The snowman's feet are still struggling to melt in our back garden as of this morning... I'll post a picture of him when we have the internet.

(Oh, that's another thing, we were meant to have the internet on Friday night, but Ben was also stuck in traffic so we called it off. Which is really bloody annoying, because I have three days off work and wanted to catch up on some of my online stuff. Bollocks. Anyway, I've probably lost quite a few of my online acquaintances through lack of internet, so a few more days won't hurt...)

On Saturday we had breakfast at the local organic cafe (very nice) and then did a little bit of food shopping. On Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] marz109 came over for a bit because she was bored and now has her driving licence. Paul argued with me over going to the pub because I didn't want to go out, and we watched the first episode of Life on Mars (and now need to record series 2 to stockpile it for later) before tea. Then he buggered off out, came back about 10.30 and we watched episode 2. Spoilery if you've not seen it )

At least I only have two days at work this week.



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