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Arising out of a conversation with [personal profile] commoncomitatus on Saturday on AIM (which, as an aside, we ended up using due to having issues with YIM - my old contacts list was a gut-punch of nostalgia!), I thought it pertinent to update my list of works in progress / to-be-written stories, as I'm pretty sure it's gotten bigger since the last time I did one of these posts...

These are in no particular order but I will at least attempt to cluster them together under separate fandoms, and I'll do the fandoms alphabetically. Pretty sure at this juncture I don't actually have to denote what the pairings will be. :P

Hopefully I haven't missed anything.

Current Works in Progress )

I was also going to list the amount of things which are finished and pending sharing online (FFN and/or AO3) but frankly this is long enough already. :P

My brain is a massive filing cabinet. I'm beginning to suspect this is why my short-term memory is so shoddy...
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Somewhat overdue an update - this is what happens when I have work to do.

Firstly: in writing news, I've finished my latest Pirates story, "Oranges to Florida", inasmuch as it's done on paper but I have 6.5 hand-written pages still to type up. Once that's done I will give it another once-over before posting to FFN / plugging on Tumblr. I've been trying to keep the style consistent, but a recent bout of reinspiration has meant that the latter half of the story is more dialogue-heavy than the beginning (and indeed more than I envisaged when I started), as well as including more from Jack's POV in addition to Elizabeth's. (Also, thanks to starting to follow the Sparrabeth blog on Tumblr halfway through writing it, the ending went in a direction I hadn't quite intended because my head was full of meta and subtext and FEELS. I'm not complaining, though, because it ends with some bloody glorious angst. :D)

Paul and I have finally made some progress in moving around the upstairs rooms, although the plan did change a little bit. We're about halfway done now - the daybed and TV / video storage unit (ex-wardrobe) have switched rooms with the PC and cube unit (effectively making the larger spare bedroom the office rather than the box room). This has meant that Denise and I were able to commence our X-Files rewatch on Sunday as we have somewhere to actually watch the videos. :D

In the process of room rearranging I thankfully uncovered my Sims 3 disc so have installed that on the laptop. It now runs properly and has already eaten about 16 hours of my life; at some point soon I'm going to start creating my own (hopefully fandom) characters, and I'm already dreading the insanity that will inevitably ensue... I think I'll probably start with Jonathan Creek; if I'm successful in orchestrating a Sim!Harry, I will be sure to share the (doubtless terrifying) results. :D

After tweeting a random conversation about badgers at work this afternoon, it has also resulted in potentially re-starting the Grand Jonathan Creek Watchathon soon with [personal profile] cloudsinvenice. (Badgers = Jonathan Creek. So shall it be forever amen.)

The conversation in question went something like this:

Karen, who walks to work: I saw a badger walking to work this morning.
[Cue jokes about the badger going to the office.]
Me: Did it have a briefcase?
Maria: *has hysterics*

(We were all very tired and it was quiet in the office. :P)

As for the X-Files rewatch, on Sunday we managed to get through the first seven episodes ("Pilot", "Deep Throat", "Squeeze", "Conduit", "The Jersey Devil", "Shadows" and "Ghost in the Machine" - the fact that I still remember these without looking them up demonstrates how many times I've seen season 1). My intention this time around is to (a) finish all nine seasons, even though it's going to take a bit longer than last time, and (b) top up my original LJ episode reviews / recaps with different episodes. In all likelihood, however, I will just go on Tumblr and flail at the shippiness instead. :P

Rewatches with friends are fun. :D

A few thoughts so far... )

Still not much to say about the actual episodes yet, as season 1 was a hodge-podge of "monster of the week" and early conspiracy stuff before the proper mythology set in, but I'll try and do an update every time we watch some episodes, at the very least. (I do, however, reserve the right to continually flail over "Post-Modern Prometheus". All my life.)
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I am starting to wish I'd never woken the Erik!Muse up. Whilst he understandably went into shell-shocked hibernation at the arrival of various aliens, movie stars and spacemen in his lair (read: my brain), all that hiding has apparently given him plenty of time to do what he does best and devise insane ideas, which he is now punishing me with as revenge for the invasion of privacy.

Someone please stop me before I think this is a good idea, for the love of anything )

So, let's see how long this one remains in the realm of "not being written, thank you" before I cave under the pressure. :P


Jun. 7th, 2011 12:18 pm
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Okay. I really want to talk about last night's episode, mainly because I was flailing too much at the time... This will contain SPOILERS.

Curse you, Sue. )

Unfortunately, it left me so emotionally drained that I didn't get any fic done last night, aside from a few lines when in bed of the Angstfic. I really need to start typing that up and turning it into proper words...

However, I did start another episode tag at work yesterday for "The Eyes of Tiresias", which in my head-canon comes before "The Curious Tale of Mr Spearfish" and henceforth that is the actual episode order. :P (I reject your chronology and substitute my own.) I need to change a couple of aspects but I think it should work as a good grounding for the Theory, in line with the "Black Canary" tag. Hopefully I can get that finished today.

I really want to re-read [livejournal.com profile] redux_08 again (the PotC:AWE rewrite) but am holding off until I get some of the JC fic out of my system, as I don't want to jinx it when I've made so much progress. I was intending to undertake the Redux after I'd had a Pirates marathon, but in capping for the Fandom Meme I essentially... already did that, albeit at 20x speed. ;) And anyway, it's a retelling of AWE so technically I don't need to watch that one, and I caught Dead Man's Chest on BBC2 shortly before seeing On Stranger Tides...

In other news, the house hasn't disappeared off the website yet (from either agent), but Paul did receive a call yesterday from Tom Giles & Co (who were initially letting it) to ask if we were still interested. He politely fobbed them off by saying it was too far out for us (heh!). Either we looked really interested (they didn't follow up at all on the Abbey Road property two weeks ago) or the landlord has told them he's let it through someone else and they're chasing everyone to find out who screwed them over. ;) I'm sure they can't trace it back to us in any event but yeah. I'm hoping our tactical moves haven't caused undue problems. I'll be glad when the credit checks are all done and dusted and we have proper confirmation that we can move in, as currently we're kind of in limbo...

At the end of the day, though, the landlord has said we can have it and, well, he has the final word, and chose to let it through someone else in the first place. Plus I trust Connells, a nationwide company, more than I trust an individual business in Oldbury who dither too long about their properties. Sorry, TG&Co.

Er, yeah. Anyway. I'm a bit out of sorts today as I'm sans-caffeine, thanks to another possible kidney infection from too much coffee and relief from house!stress, so I'm on the water again. I ate a tonne of dried cranberries last night so with any luck I can fight it off by the end of the week...
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I am bloody well determined to finish this, even if it takes me all year. Anyway, as I'm (temporarily) back in Fandom Mode, and the second of these is quite relevant, I might as well get these up. I wrote them months ago anyway. :P

Initially I intended to post the first of these separately, and then the second one in a joint post with number 22, but as 21 ended up really long as well, it makes no odds to post them both here now. Enjoy. :)

Days 20-21 )

You have no idea how long that took...

Okay, I should probably make some food now. :P

Pirates 4!

Jun. 3rd, 2011 12:47 pm
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Well, I thoroughly enjoyed that, thank you. To quote my Facebook update: two hours of swashbuckling awesomesauce. :)

Before I post proper thoughts, though (perhaps 'review' is too strong a word), something else.

Indications the Fandom is Getting to You, number 42 (I haven't been counting, I just think it's appropriate...): your MP3-player mocks you first thing in the morning.

I turned it on as I was walking down the road to find it halfway through the last song I'd been playing (I listen to my entire tracklist in alphabetical order as it's more random than the bloody randomiser), which happened to be Brandon Flowers's "Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts" (OHAI song title!), and which also happened to contain this line: "you're flying away // while I'm stuck here on the ground". I didn't know whether to giggle or cry. ;)

This was swiftly followed by Catatonia's "Johnny Come Lately" (I wish I was joking, really), which commences thus: "I'm sorry you couldn't make it // You could have seen him, so weathered and dated" - GAH. That's like... the end of the Doomfic, if Joey's plan didn't work. (The rest of the song not so much, though. :P)

Thankfully I managed to get a Metro this morning and my music was merely background noise, so I didn't have time to think about the rest of it. :P

Aaaanyway, Pirates 4 thoughts under the cut. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - contains spoilers! )

I do believe that's everything. If you are planning on going, don't expect it to make any sense in relation to the previous films. It's almost entirely a standalone story, though a lot of that is due to the absence of Will and Elizabeth. If you prefer those two to Jack, then don't bother. If you want a jolly bit of oceanic adventure with some occasional slapstick, silly pirate voices and one-liners, and you go in expecting exactly that, you will not be disappointed. Don't try and over-analyse it in terms of your preferred mythology, 'ship, character or plot point; just enjoy the ride.

I think that's quite long enough. Now that I've got that out of my system (though I shall probably do a PotC marathon at some point and re-read [livejournal.com profile] redux_08), we return to your regularly scheduled Jonathan Creek madness. Over and out.
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As wholly anticipated, the sharing of fic and rambling incessantly about Jonathan Creek over the bank holiday weekend has resulted in a fanfiction word-dump of epic proportions. Or, well, epic by my standards these days, anyway. ;) I normally have a writing flurry around February / March so it's a little late coming this year. :P

This will probably get long so I'll cut it... )

In other fandomic news, I'm going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides tonight at IMAX (60ft 3D piratical Johnny Depp, oh yeah baby). It's a shame Keira Knightley and Orlando Spoon Bloom aren't in it, as it sort of scuppers my preferred 'ship and I'm not really looking forward to Penelope Cruz's character as Jack's love interest, but apparently there's a lot of subtext to that relationship, in the latter part of the film, which reflects Jack/Liz, so... yeah. There's a post I have been waiting to read on [livejournal.com profile] sparrabeth about the subject, but I've been holding off until I've seen it and passed my own judgement.

On the plus side, Barbossa's still in it, and Ian Macshane as Black Beard should definitely be interesting - from the trailer it also looks like Keith Richards has made an apperance again as Jack's father, so let's hope he's better used this time. :D (His brief appearance in At World's End was rather overshadowed by the fandom's anticipation of his being there...)

Doubtless I shall review tomorrow, and with any luck the Pirates!Muses won't kill off my Jonathan!Muses in one fell swoop.
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Bit of an update, as it's quiet today...

Includes: gym membership, house-hunting, mental health and wimmins - you have been warned. )

Okaaay, I do believe that's everything.

Whilst I'm outside of the LJ-cut I'll mention that my choir is doing Carmina Burana this Saturday at Symphony Hall (along with The Pines of Rome) at 7.30pm, if anyone is interested. I think tickets are about £16 or so. Paul is booking tickets shortly so let me know...

Also: YAY PIRATES 4!!! Hopefully seeing it at IMAX very soon so I shall review ASAP. (Why, hello, 60-ft-3D-Pirate!Depp... *drools)

Over and out.
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Mmm, four-day weekend. Most of which has been unproductive but sociable, so not an entire loss.

Friday - we rearranged the attic, which didn't take as long as anticipatd. The wardrobe is now storing all the videos and some boxes, thus clearing floor space, and the television is plugged in, to prepare for such an eventuality that we get a console of some description or an aerial at the very least, so that if people stay over they can watch it. :P

Most of the rest of Friday I spent finishing the [livejournal.com profile] redux_08 community. OMG, so good. Epic, but brilliant. I just couldn't put it down. I advise all others who were disappointed in At World's End to have a look - especially if you are of the Jack/Elizabeth school of thought. ;)

On Saturday I met up with Alison and we went to Kings Heath park for a bit, where we chatted and watched toddlers running about the place. Quite a nice day, weather-wise. Paul and I also watched the Simpsons movie in the morning on Sky Premier.

Yesterday we met up with Denise and Lloyd and not Derek, and subsequently Lorna and Bethan and several other people. I ran out of energy pretty quickly, though, for some reason, and we sloped off after a couple of drinks. One more drink in Bacchus and then home via Blockbuster to pick up some films. Once back we watched the first of them, Funny Games US, which was good, if a little slow and strange. I want to see the original UK version even if the American one is shot-for-shot, just because.

Oh, yes - also yesterday I encountered the biggest spider I've EVER seen outside of a pet shop, sitting on the reverse side of the voile at the windows. I thought it was a daddylonglegs at first because of the general shape of it, and then realised what the Hell it was. Needless to say, I legged it. Paul attempted to catch it, but apparently it ran away behind the wardrobe. Meh. I've been horribly paranoid ever since. *shudders* I'm amazed I managd to get out of the bedroom, in actual fact, as usually I end up frozen in terror at the very sight of the bloody things. Perhaps I'm getting slighty better...

Later today we having Lisa up for dinner, and that's about it. I'm still bloody knackered, though - four-day weekends are clearly not good for me.

The re-tagging of my journal didn't happen, either. Ah well, it's an ongoing process...

Tags, etc.

Aug. 21st, 2008 10:39 am
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I think I shall re-tag my LJ this weekend - assuming I can get near the PC, that is. *rolls eyes* I decided to do this a while ago, admittedly, but a dream last night inspired me to actually get it done. My tags are a bit shambolic - I keep renaming them and then forgetting I've done it, hence hending up with two different types.

I've had three reviews on the PotC fanfic thus far, one of which from a very helpful lady who advised me on tips for Tia Dalma's accent, so I'm going to edit the first chapter with her suggestions and email her the bits I have in the second chapter. I love her accent, but it's very hard to emulate. At least Barbossa just talks like a clichéd pirate. ;)

As for the dream last night (or this morning, technically), the only part I can remember - perhaps the only part there was - involved PotC. That's what I get for working on fic before bed, clearly. And also for making a start on reading the quite marvellous [livejournal.com profile] redux_08 last night (AWE re-written with better mythology, background and Sparrabethness! :D)

Anyway, the dream )

And that's why I suddenly have the urge to go through my LJ and tag it properly. I'll have had the bloody thing seven years in September, mind you, so it'll be an ongoing process...

Is that blue sky I can see in the air? Will wonders never cease?! It's only, y'know, August... I told you the weather would clear up just in time for my moving furniture tomorrow. It MOCKS me. It does.

As a final note, I bought the 'New York' Impulse body spray last night (another of their 'limited edition' scents, though they've been around about a year now) as it was the only one I hadn't tried, and it appears to contain a particularly noxious chemical which is making my asthma flare up. *sigh* It's either that or the constantly changing weather lately. *shakes fist at Britain*
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I've bitten the bullet and posted the first chapter of my Pirates fic on FFN.

Here Be Monsters.

Er, that's the title, not just a portent of doom, by the way. ;)

So much for it being a one-shot, huh? Not sure quite where to place the ending of part two just yet, but I thought I'd put the beginning out there for public consumption at the very least...

Aaanyway. As ever, writing is a rather alien concept for me at the moment, so reading of it would be appreciated. Oh, and it's Jack/Liz pairing, if you hadn't figured it out already.


Still Cold

Aug. 15th, 2008 12:21 pm
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Luckily it's Friday so I am able to dress down and hence am wearing a big woolly cardigan. Both of my work cardies are drying, hence why I was freezing yesterday. Doesn't help either that apparently the rest of the office were overheating and keep putting the air conditioning on, which I sit right underneath...

I had to put the quilt on the bed last night, too. And I was still cold.

On the plus side, I managed to do about 2500 not-particularly-insightful words of my Pirates-fic. I want to get the majority of my 'plot', such as it is, down before I work on prettifying it. The brief writing lull since May has cast me out of practice again, unfortunately, and also it's a fandom which, writing-wise, I'm not familiar with. There are too many obviously recognisable characters; Jackisms are more difficult than you might think, then there's Barbossa and Tia Dalma, though I'm having fun with the latter. ;)

The part I got to last night didn't quite go in the direction I intended it to, but hopefully I can rectify that. As usual, my 'short' ideas end up being stupidly long...

It's a quiet one today. Roll on hometime.
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Note to self: don't go to bed angry. You will feel slightly better first thing on waking, but this will turn into petty irritation an hour or so later.

The reasons )

Meh, I have three different sets of tickets to book and no bloody money, and I'm not supposed to be using the credit card any more until some more is paid off, especially as the Asda spend has gone out. I suppose I can just put them on there for now and pay it off next month. In which case, I should probably get them booked this weekend. And I still need to buy a printer and a replacement remote control for the DVD player, because ours broke the other week and we only have basic functionality on the front of the machine.

Thank goodness its an early day for me today. And also lunchtime.

End point: anything which makes me question my own self-worth, no matter how pointless or apparently trivial, is a thing to be avoided. Unfortunately it takes the damage being done for me to realise that.

PS: I was semi-inspired to write a PotC:AWE fanfic last night. It would be an alternative-ending to the sequence where Spoilers )

I may well write it, but that depends on whether the images turn into anything more. Last night's mental horribleness kind of beat the Muse into hiding, which was wholly unfair given my current (lack of) writing habits, AGAIN. I REALLY need to update "Strange Glue".


Jan. 1st, 2005 02:50 pm
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] scifinutter


yesterday I had a New Year's Eve party with Lorna, Naomi and Sarra.  Well, I say "party".  I think Lorna was right.  "There's food and classical music and none of us are drunk or throwing up - this isn't a New Year's Eve party!"  I planned enough food for three people and there was too much for four, but I'm proud of myself for managing to get it all presented and on the table in time for people arriving.  Including the little labels so people knew what everything was.  Mainly so I could label what was vegetarian-safe and what wasn't, though I then became really anal about it and labelled everything.  When I get the photos developed you can see the impressive spread.

The cheesy potato tubes seemed to go down quite well... :)

After food and present-giving (Naomi drew me another rendition of Mila... on a larger scale and with "less anime-hair".  I don't know which one I like better, because the original looked exactly like it did in my head, but the new one's preeeetty and she's all angsty and stuff.  When I have a functional scanner I'll post it.) we all migrated upstairs to the living room, where everyone marvelled at my wonderful tree and we watched Pirate of the Caribbean, and devised a drinking game as we were doing so.  Any time a category was spotted we shrieked "AVAST!" and had a drink.  This resulted in us getting slightly drunk.  But considering that these were the categories, it's hardly surprising:

1) "Pirates" said in a silly voice.
2) Any mention of the Black Pearl in a silly voice.
3) Close-up or obvious focus on Gold Piratical Coin.
4) Tragic Gormlessness (specifically Norrington)
5) Orlando Bloom nearly having an expression.  (The best was probably during the bar scene in Tortuga when he's leaning against the post, trying so hard to make an expression and failing horribly, and knowing it. :D)
6) Phallic symbols, including: swords, guns, big ships, large towers, etc.  Accompanied with a cry of "Phallus!".
7) Jack Sparrow (or anyone else) mincing.  (Jack Sparrow can mince while sitting down.  It's disturbing.)
8) Over-concern for large hat.
9) Wenches/bodice-ripping/heaving bosoms.
10) Slash. (*ahem*  Yes.  Much drunkenness.)
11) Innocent Piratic Puzzlement.
12) Anything even remotely orgasmic (specifically Barbossa and his apple fetish.)
13) Silly pirate noises.
14) Double acts (Murtog/Mulroy, Pintel/Ragetti, Jack/Will, etc.)
15) Occult Mists
16) "Parlez."
17) Any mention of eunuchs.
18) The goat.
19) "Savvy?"
20) Gibbs' flask.

So, naturally, by the time we'd finished Pirates and set about watching Naomi's copy of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, we were in no fit state to be objective, and spend the entire film squeeing over the slashy not-at-all-subtext and general gayness of the entire film.  It's like Billy Wilder looked into Naomi's pre-embryonic brain and designed a movie just to satisfy her whims, I swear.  Somehow, it also led into a conversation that comprised entirely of pronouncing countries/cities in their accents (such as "Noo Yoowak" and "Lahndan") and explaining to Sarra what "H/C" meant.

Best line probably had to be "Watson is always putting words into my mouth..." (with a smirk that suggests that's not the only thing he's... you get the idea.)

So, yeah.  Random drunken debauchery, woo!

Photos coming at some point, as well as some well thought-out hastily figured out New Year's Resolutions.  Which this year I will keep.  Yes, I will.


Jun. 18th, 2004 04:59 pm
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This is more a message for [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess than anyone else. [livejournal.com profile] potc_jack_liz is no more, because I just found [livejournal.com profile] _peasinapod_ instead and have joined that one, as it seems rather pointless having two communities dedicated to the same obscure pairing... Though I'm really quite annoyed that, even after trawling the list of communities interested in 'pirates of the caribbean', it didn't come up...

Right, well, I'm off to introduce myself.

I caved...

Jun. 13th, 2004 05:08 pm
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Remember absolutely ages ago I mentioned creating a PotC community?

Well, [livejournal.com profile] potc_jack_liz is now going live.  Though at the moment it doesn't look very pretty.  Also, the S2 style system is the most annoying thing ever.  Gimme S1 and it's crappy overrides any day...


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...Okay, I'm really not.  But I will do some before I go to work, honest.  I had to do something else before I went completely braindead.  Unfortunately, my sidetracking got sidetracked...

Have some random Johnny Depp )

And, to that end, does anyone want a random pirate icon?


Right. Work now. Yes, indeed.
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okay. so i caved. i'm sorry. but it was right there. *flaps*

found the PotC section on ff.net. some observations:

1) ye gods, i have never, ever seen so much mary sue fic in my entire life. i mean, really. no, calling it 'original character' does not disguise it as something better. it's a mary sue.
2) some bloody terrifying pairings, too, though surprisingly little jackwill.
3) i am hereby officially a jack/elizabeth shipper. oh, what? this is me; i love minority 'ships, and... yeah, blame the deleted scenes. they were more j/e-y than the movie was. but nevertheless, it seems to be the 'ship of choice for the better writers, so that's something. will definitely investigate more.

going to bed now... :)

also: it had to happen eventually and naomi and i didn't get there first. shame on us. (buffy/PotC crossover. amusing one, too. it even has a sock demon. :P)


Jan. 22nd, 2004 12:53 am
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well, i managed to get around to watching pirates of the caribbean, finally. i'd enthuse muchly about the deleted scenes, but i haven't actually been able to watch them yet. the DVD player refused to play them, the DVD-ROM is just being an arse in general, and this is most annoying.

(the blooper reel's good, though. and i managed to watch half of the scary 1968 disneyland PotC ride documentary before my screensaver cut in - you'd think there'd be some kind of automatic override or something. i mean, it's not like the computer's not doing anything... bah.)

anyway, i'll try it once more, and if i ever get to watch them, i'll let you know.

update: finally got it to work, though it crashed straight afterwards. nothing particularly slashy, as i'm sure some of you will be devastated to hear ;) but there is one scene between will and jack that might set the slashbeasts bouncing. another scene between jack and elizabeth that made nautica go "hmm?" in a sort of curious manner, which is a Bad Thing (will not go in search of fic. no. will sleep.) 2 deleted scenes from jack-and-elizabeth on the island, one of which is utterly adorably fantastic, and the other of which is making the tortured soul complex extend to jack sparrow. oh, dear god. other than that it's just the usual edited bits.
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finally managed to update the frelling PotC thing.

voila! )

loses something in the long wait, i feel. but anyway, there it is.

just about to tweak the layout a little more.

and, yes, the internet's still down...


Sep. 10th, 2003 09:33 pm
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just got back from pirates of the caribbean. it's frelling wonderful! 'arr!' is the new word of the month :)

jack sparrow reminded me horribly of spike, especially when bemoaning his incinerated rum ("but... where's all the rum gone?") and just, well, in general. the accent was very early-spike. geoffrey rush fabulous as always...

i think johnny depp is swiftly becoming one of my favourite actors. he scared me a little at first, but it was this and ed wood that proved he was capable of pretty much anything... so yes. we (as in me, [livejournal.com profile] last_dance and [livejournal.com profile] translucent) went back to the briar afterwards to drink rum. or, at least, rum cocktail...

also, [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess wasn't lying - there is an extra scene after the credits! woot!

but yes. that's it, i think. although i'm sure there was something else i was going to say... oh, probably just that it looks like the breakfast at tiffany's/sunset boulevard crossover is going to happen. basically, the premise is that norma makes joe leave (it's obviously not set in the actual sunset timeline since he's not dead) for his own good, and he goes to new york, and becomes paul varjak, and then it's breakfast at tiffany's until the end, and then holly goes back to doc and he settles for second best with The Woman (i'll learn her name at some point) - and then there's a happy ending. also a sad ending. there'll be two endings, since they're both good and i can't decide.

and it's all jenny's fault, so she's helping. gah.

ah! that was it. random train of thought; blame the rum. (arr!) the buffypotternetdiscscape is now the buffypotternetpriscilladiscscape, since it has been decided (by me, at random, on the bus, causing me to giggle all the way into town) that the cast of priscilla will turn up on sunnydale main highway, because mitzi has driven into the orange swirly thing. lines for this include:

(felicia) "bloody hell, mitzi, didn't i tell you not to drive into that thing? now we're in the back end of nowhere."

(buffy) "sunnydale, actually, and you're just in time for an apocalypse..."

and they do their act for lorne and make his brain explode from all the sexual tension. :)

tha'ts it...


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