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I am conscious that my last entry was bemoaning our house situation back in May, so I should probably update on that. (It's just as well I wasn't doing regular posting actually because the level of angst would have been through the roof.)

I also need to update about my health - both physical and mental - as although much of the emotional fall-out has been obvious from Twitter, nonetheless I think now is a good time to finally regroup and consider just how much of an impact this whole thing has had. I have been incredibly conscious of my own emotional well-being over the past year and a half as a result of the ongoing chronic health issues, which is probably a good thing because being able to reflect on things afterwards is really helpful in seeing that things have improved.

Anyway. First things first. I need to make a new Google Earth home icon.

House Situation Update )

Yeah, I probably should have updated some of this along the way, but TBH I was not really in the correct mindset to do so and it would not have been quite this objective... Such being said, onward to the health update.

Health Update )

I'm fairly certain I must have missed something out in all of this, but this is quite long enough already.

Now that things are calmer, I need to start prioritising my cinema viewing as there are at least four things on the list, including the new Tim Burton - that one is non-negotiable even if I don't get to any of the others. :P

I'll try not to leave it so long between updates next time. With any luck I can get back into embroidery soon.
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All moved in - well, almost. There's some stuff still at the flat, including food, but nothing too desperate. I will probably be without internet for a while (we don't even know who supplies our gas and electric at this point) so any and all updates will be from work. I'll do a separate friends-only post with my new address. :P

Anyway, here's how things went...

Thursday to Monday )

Aaand back at work today, in the first morning of testing buses. I left the house just before 7.45 and got in for 8.30, which wasn't too bad considering the Hagley Road traffic. I expected nothing less. I may experiment with maybe changing at Oldbury instead to get the 87 as that goes a different way, in case it's any quicker...

So that's that. There are still loads of things to sort out, like utilities and figuring out how the oven works, not to mention the rest of the kitchen stuff and the various things left at the flat, before we can even think about a house-warming, but with any luck we can get stuff sorted out soon. Considering how smoothly the actual move went, I'm not complaining. :)

Pictures coming when the camera's charged - I intended to do a 365 project of the new house from moving day onwards, but completely forgot in all the activity. But yes. Photographs soon.

PS: I haven't checked FB in ages - if you've done anything of note let me know, as it takes ages to check at work...
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I made this cake for Gaynor's birthday, using my basic cake recipe and adapting the flavouring as always. Here's the recipe because I'm quite proud of how it turned out:-

Recipe: Choca-Mocha-Amaretta Cake )

In other news - the letter / tenancy agreement has come through from Connells so we need to sign that and get some money sent over this week. I also need to send off my passport renewal so I actually have some ID (unless they'll take my Council badge as proof of who I am, that is).

My grandmother also wrote me a letter which came at the same time, enclosing a flyer for a house around the corner from her. She also rang me a couple of weeks ago saying she'd seen a house in Quinton to let as well. She means well, bless her; actually I remember we saw the house in Cradeley during our hunting and wrote it off because the kitchen was (surprise surprise) too small and the layout of the rooms was weird. I suppose I should ring her and tell her we've found somewhere; I was waiting until it was properly confirmed.

Also, the house has finally been taken down from rightmove by Connells, though it's still appearing with Tom Giles & Co. Hopefully we won't get randomers turning up to view because they're stubbornly holding onto it or the landlord's forgotten...

ONE MONTH TO GO OMG!!! :D I am fluctuating between excitement and dread at how much stuff's going to cost, but if all else fails the bank gave me a ridiculously stupid credit limit on the card so I can use that. Not that I want to, but it's there as a fallback.

Another cake to make tomorrow for Demanding's birthday (he's 65 on Saturday; I know I moan about him but I like him really... :P) which will be bigger and have WRITING on it. I may take a picture. ;) (Note to self, adapt recipe for satin icing for slightly bigger cake...)

That's about it.
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Our references from our respective employer(s) and landlord have now gone off so fingers crossed we'll have some good news this week about the house, and can start packing... Not a concept I am looking forward to but I won't make the same mistake as last time of filling a large moving box full of books and not being able to move it. :P

Our oven works again; a nice Italian man came out on Saturday eventually, after two deliveries of the wrong part to the shop, and fixed it in five minutes flat. It now heats up in about ten minutes, and I can COOK THINGS again, so hopefully we can stop eating junk food after the gym now. I had lots of good intentions but they were scuppered by exhaustion and a lack of oven. :P

Other than that, this weekend we didn't do very much. Went to Asda on Saturday to stock up and spent about £100, half of which was on booze (several bottles of wine, some beer, three bottles of cider, two bottles of vodka... they had a litre of Russian Standard for £16!!), I watched EastEnders (OMG David Essex!!) and then we went down to see Paul's mum to update on house-type things. We watched Staggered whilst there, a Martin Clunes film from the 90s. Quite amusing.

Sunday it was raining, so we stayed in and did nothing. Paul cooked a roast chicken dinner and we invited Lisa up and then all sat and watched The Kings Speech on demand, which was really good. Hard to explain why it was really good, but we all enjoyed it muchly. I might buy the DVD. :)

Also, I shall share with you my Relevant But Appalling Joke under the cut.

Really, it's absolutely terrible. Don't say I didn't warn you. )

Gym tonight. I need to get back into the habit of going three times a week and learn to manage my time better. It'll be better for me when we can go on Tuesday nights when choir breaks up as we're currently going on Mondays and Wednesdays, which are both supposed to be my 'early' nights at work. I did gain loads of flex the other week, but not being at home three afternoons a week is making me disorganised (as is having to constantly wash gym clothing and towels, making everything else pile up).

But yeah. I need to get back on track and start eating properly again because currently I'm maintaining my weight instead of losing it (at the first four-week weigh-in I'd put on 1kg, in fact), and I have until September to get trim - before ruining it all by eating junk whilst on holiday, obviously. Although hopefully the moving of boxes in (hopefully) about six weeks will help, too. :P I started my food/calories diary again but the lack of having an oven meant I kept forgetting (and felt guilty about the amount of pizza, etc., we were getting through), so I need to get back on track with that, too.

Okay, that's about it. Hopefully I will post soon with good news about the house...

Edit, 13.30: Refences cleared and offer letters in the post!


Jun. 7th, 2011 12:18 pm
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Okay. I really want to talk about last night's episode, mainly because I was flailing too much at the time... This will contain SPOILERS.

Curse you, Sue. )

Unfortunately, it left me so emotionally drained that I didn't get any fic done last night, aside from a few lines when in bed of the Angstfic. I really need to start typing that up and turning it into proper words...

However, I did start another episode tag at work yesterday for "The Eyes of Tiresias", which in my head-canon comes before "The Curious Tale of Mr Spearfish" and henceforth that is the actual episode order. :P (I reject your chronology and substitute my own.) I need to change a couple of aspects but I think it should work as a good grounding for the Theory, in line with the "Black Canary" tag. Hopefully I can get that finished today.

I really want to re-read [livejournal.com profile] redux_08 again (the PotC:AWE rewrite) but am holding off until I get some of the JC fic out of my system, as I don't want to jinx it when I've made so much progress. I was intending to undertake the Redux after I'd had a Pirates marathon, but in capping for the Fandom Meme I essentially... already did that, albeit at 20x speed. ;) And anyway, it's a retelling of AWE so technically I don't need to watch that one, and I caught Dead Man's Chest on BBC2 shortly before seeing On Stranger Tides...

In other news, the house hasn't disappeared off the website yet (from either agent), but Paul did receive a call yesterday from Tom Giles & Co (who were initially letting it) to ask if we were still interested. He politely fobbed them off by saying it was too far out for us (heh!). Either we looked really interested (they didn't follow up at all on the Abbey Road property two weeks ago) or the landlord has told them he's let it through someone else and they're chasing everyone to find out who screwed them over. ;) I'm sure they can't trace it back to us in any event but yeah. I'm hoping our tactical moves haven't caused undue problems. I'll be glad when the credit checks are all done and dusted and we have proper confirmation that we can move in, as currently we're kind of in limbo...

At the end of the day, though, the landlord has said we can have it and, well, he has the final word, and chose to let it through someone else in the first place. Plus I trust Connells, a nationwide company, more than I trust an individual business in Oldbury who dither too long about their properties. Sorry, TG&Co.

Er, yeah. Anyway. I'm a bit out of sorts today as I'm sans-caffeine, thanks to another possible kidney infection from too much coffee and relief from house!stress, so I'm on the water again. I ate a tonne of dried cranberries last night so with any luck I can fight it off by the end of the week...


Jun. 6th, 2011 12:11 pm
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Right, I know Eni is impatient to hear the full story, and I've already shared the news on Facebook and Twitter, but for those who may have missed it...

We has a house! )

We were very busy for the rest of the day after that. After going to my mum's we all headed into Birmingham for the Caribbean Food Festival which Andrea had organised, arriving just in time to hear Dominic (her nephew) performing a set. We tried some punch, had curried goat with rice+peas, sat in the sunshine for a bit and then decamped to a pub to kill time before going to the Crescent for an amateur production of Sweeney Todd.

The production was actually really good, considering it wasn't professional. The two leads were amazing, Sweeney especially. I think because it was final night he may have been giving it a lot more than usual (I think he was crying at the end during the bows so clearly the adrenaline rush had kicked in), but the bit where Sweeney snaps in Act One was incredibly powerful. Mrs Lovett had great comic timing as well. Also Johanna had a really nice voice, which made a change from the last version I saw where she was just a teense too operatic. :)

So yeah, it was pretty good. Unfortunately I still haven't learned not to drink before shows; I went to the loo when we got to the theatre then had a J20 thinking I would be okay, only to have to run to the loo AGAIN 30 minutes into the show because I was bursting, couldn't remember when the interval was and couldn't concentrate... Stupid body.

We didn't get home until about 11.00pm on Saturday, so it was a very long day. On Sunday I finally got to have a lie-in. Thanks to house-viewings, we've had to get up at 7.30 or 8.00 for the past three weeks on a Saturday, so thank anything that's over with. :P We did intend to go down to [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess's for her birthday thingy, but by the time I'd woken up enough to text her everyone else had left, and I didn't fancy contending with Sunday service transport, so we're going to try and meet up at some other point. Seeing as we'll soon be living quite close to her anyway it may be easier to do some kind of mutual new-house-viewing. :)

The writing flurry continues to disrupt my sleep (probably about 2.00am when I finally nodded off last night? I have no idea), but I have now finished the first chapter of the Doomfic and the Angst is coming along nicely, too. I need to start thinking about a title for the Doomfic soon...

Right then, I think that's about everything. I imagine all future house-related posts will be (a) packing stress or (b) unpacking stress, both of which are infinitely better than (c) crap houses stress. ;)
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I turned the three-day Bank Holiday weekend into four days by having Friday off. Initially we were meant to use this day for house-viewings but only managed to get one in, on the Saturday. Instead I used Friday to have a much-needed lie-in, and we didn't do anything except go out for a very nice curry at Pangaea in the evening.

House viewing )

After that we went home via town, realising on the way there that it was Pride weekend. We had some breakfast in the Briar (having left too early to have any before), where we ran into Abi and Anna (ex-Inliners), who were fuelling up for the parade. Unfortunately I have been too knackered to enjoy Pride in about four years so we decided against it, instead popping into the Works (picked up a new recipe book, containing useful information on how long to freeze stuff, and some presents for a one-year old), and then into GameStation (three Wii games obtained - Wii Music, Super Paper Mario and a Star Wars game for Paul).

I spent the rest of Saturday catching up on EastEnders and watching How to Train Your Dragon, which was quite good, whilst Paul was out for Jon's birthday drinks at the Yardbird (I wasn't in the mood for a loud pub or going out again).

On Sunday we went to Jen and Dave's for Acacia's first birthday bash. We had bought her a harmonica (well, that was more for Dave) and a duck hand-puppet that quacked three different tunes (Frere Jacques, London Bridge and Old MacDonald, if I remember rightly). It took Paul and I at least an hour to figure out that the different 'notes' the duck quacked were not random; shamefully, Dave figured it out in about three seconds. :P

I had taken an antihistamine before going to Jen and Dave's because they have cats, except I foolishly bought Sainsbury's own the last time because they were half the price of Benadryl for twice as many tablets, and only realised they weren't non-drowsy about half an hour later. Thankfully the party didn't last too long and we were back home again by about 3.00. I pottered about online for an hour or so and then joined Paul in a two-hour nap.

Oh, I forgot to mention - our oven is broken again. As a first attempt Paul stuck down the bottom lip of the seal again in the hope that would help, as it appeared to be not heating up and circulating cold air, but after a quick Google search it transpires it's the heating element that's broken. It is actually very easy to replace oneself if the oven is set up in such a way as to be able to unscrew it by just taking the back wall of the cavity off, except (of course) with ours you have to go in from behind, which means disconnecting the electrics. So that'll have to be a call-out job (found somewhere online which will do it for about £120 all in, which is cheaper than a new cooker). Thankfully the grill acts as an oven also, so we've had to use that. As a result, however, we ended up ordering pizza on Sunday night.

I can pretty much guarantee that once we've fixed the oven, the next thing to die will be our fridge. The door seal is not looking healthy as it is, and this flat seems content to drive me mad before we get a chance to move. :P

Fandom-Filled Monday )

Back at work today and it's a long time until my next leave. Once Paul's leave year refreshes in July I need to book my time off in September for a holiday, but I will probably need a day or two before then in any case... No choir tonight as it was a bank holiday yesterday and also half-term this week, so we're going to the gym instead, with our last personal training session tomorrow. Or, well, we're going to ask if we can drop to an hour per fortnight for a bit as £80 per month (£40 each) is more manageable than £160...

Ah, and it's now midday so I can post this. Huzzah.

PS: It has just occurred to me that I could use the Wayback Machine to retrieve my old Brinkster site, possibly. Hmmm. *scratches imaginary beard*
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Right, latest house-hunting update.

Back to the Drawing Board... )

On the plus side, the concert on Saturday evening was an absolute triumph. The BSSO's rendition of The Pines of Rome was amazing; for the final movement they'd positioned the trumpets behind the choir and when it built to a crescendo it was like being cocooned in a bubble of deafening sound. I've never experienced anything like it before. (I'd also never heard the piece before so the whole thing was a pleasant surprise.)

Carmina Burana was great fun to do; the last two movements are exhilerating. I like to think that God / the Raptors were so enamoured and distracted by our lung-busting rendition of "O Fortuna" that they forgot to end the world. :D Although if that prediction had been correct then I can't think of a better way to go, screeching about the unfairness and unpredictability of life.

Cut for nostalgia )

We went to the gym last night and had a go on everything, including the scary-looking and painful stepper machines. Our programme cards advised 10 minutes; I managed three and Paul managed one before his knee locked again. We had a very productive hour and then ruined it by having fried chicken. I need to get back on track with calorie-counting again because at the moment I'm eating junk food post-gym and basically maintaining a level of fatness, which isn't how it's supposed to work. I think I've actually put more bloody weight on, and all the sit-ups in the world aren't going to help if we keep going to the chippy afterwards.

On the plus side, everything feels like it's working, though at the moment I am in less pain after a regular session than with the personal trainer, so perhaps I need more discipline. :P

I think that'll do for today...
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I forgot to mention this in yesterday's über-post, but I remembered it again this morning with the remnant of a dream.

To Sleep, Perchance... )

Yes, I am probably mad. :P
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Bit of an update, as it's quiet today...

Includes: gym membership, house-hunting, mental health and wimmins - you have been warned. )

Okaaay, I do believe that's everything.

Whilst I'm outside of the LJ-cut I'll mention that my choir is doing Carmina Burana this Saturday at Symphony Hall (along with The Pines of Rome) at 7.30pm, if anyone is interested. I think tickets are about £16 or so. Paul is booking tickets shortly so let me know...

Also: YAY PIRATES 4!!! Hopefully seeing it at IMAX very soon so I shall review ASAP. (Why, hello, 60-ft-3D-Pirate!Depp... *drools)

Over and out.


May. 9th, 2011 12:25 pm
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I had a week off and did nothing, as usual. I hate that work saps my energy to the degree that my time-off productivity is scuppered. :P (Although given we were house-hunting for most of the earlier week, it's hardly surprising.)

What I've Been Doing... )

So that's about it. I haven't finished my embroidery as anticipated because I've been working on a tapestry whilst slobbing around to daytime television, and as ever I didn't even watch any of the DVD's I intended to. Apparently apathy infects everything I do lately, even things I want to do. Bah. Anyway, fingers crossed on (a) house-viewing and (b) the gym not killing me, and I shall doubtless update in both regards at some point in the near future.
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My first attempt at a fish pie went horrendously wrong. We didn't know what to have for tea on Sunday night and Asda sell convenient "fish pie mix" boxes containing salmon, haddock and smoked haddock, so I went with that...

Recipe: Fish Pie )

Unfortunately, because this week has been taken up with house-hunting and eating out we haven't managed to finish it yet. :P

I shall do a house-hunting update whilst I'm here... Houses )

So yeah. Still no joy, but I think we're getting there. I'm waiting for a "Eureka!" moment to hit me when I just know it's the right place, you know? Anyway, I'll update as and when, as ever...

Paul has his mates and brother around again tonight for another geeky game night, so I cooked a chicken tikka masala in the slowcooker (with mint and chilli raita and mango chutney, basmati rice and chappatis). OM NOM. Even though I messed it by putting the cream in at the start instead of the end. I don't think it made much difference, to be honest. I blame that on the fact that it took eight hours to cook and I'd only just got up when I was putting ingredients into the slow cooker. ;)

Oh, I also figured out where the other photograph of my embroidery went. I took it using Paul's phone (then bluetoothed it to myself) becuase the camera battery was dead. So actually the last picture I posted last time had another one before it, but to be honest I doubt you'd be able to see the difference. :P

That'll do for now.
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I started doing some more of The Embroidery on Sunday as the sun had come out and it's finally warm enough to take it up again (over the winter I finished a tapestry, fill-in-the-colours type project which is now awaiting framing). Apparently my last scan / photo was number 34, and I have up to 39 on the PC so I'm overdue with progress pics.

Scans 35-39/?? )

On Saturday it was our six-year anniversary. We spend the morning viewing a house in Harborne (on Tennal Lane, where the golf club is). We got there bang on time at 12.15, despite our internet failing in the morning so we couldn't check the exact location of the house. It transpired to be pretty much the last house on the street and we walked the entire length of it. The estate agent rep turned up 20 minutes late.

The house itself was pretty awful. It had a few nice features, and had apparently been "refurbished", but the kitchen was horrible and the bathroom was a bit grotty as well. The landlord had merely resealed the bath instead of replacing it and put in new lino, but we could see it wasn't properly finished. The rep had an embarrassing moment when trying to open the vertical blinds covering the patio doors, as when he pulled on the cord the entire blind / runner part wobbled and was coming away from the ceiling.

We decreed that one to be a write-off, which was a shame because the area itself was lovely. It just wasn't worth what they were asking for it; frankly I think they were charging for the fact it was in Harborne...

We went into Birmingham after that for a quick drink in Bacchus, but as it was so bloody hot on Saturday I got it into my head to get my hair cut. Pic under the cut )

Paul also bought me some lovely gloves / arm-warmer things from Disorder Boutique. These are all hand-woven individual pieces. I don't know when I'll get to wear them but they're very pretty...

She covets the precious things of the shop! )

We went to Bacchus after that for one drink, then headed back home again, whereupon I had a quick bath and we got changed and went to Jamie's for dinner. It was just as nice as last time, and the wait was shorter (presumably because they have more tables for two than for six...) I had the squid starter again and Paul had the meat antipasti, and we shared some ricotta bruscheta (om nom). For mains I had the carbonara, which was delicious, and Paul had a prawn pasta dish.

Sunday was sedate, and involved watching Date Night on the evening, which was surprisingly amusing.

Today we went to see another house, on Ridgeacre Road in Quinton. It was almost perfect except for being slightly over-budget and the kitchen (again!) being tiny. Which was a shame because despite being on a fairly busy main road it was really quiet, and the other rooms were a good size - bay windows upstairs and down at the front, with a trianguar feature window for the box room at the front, and a lovely bathroom. The kitchen was unworkable, though. It was smaller than ours is now and had about three cupboards. Seriously, Birmingham? Build bigger kitchens already!

Tomorrow we're going to view a detached bungalow in Quinton which looks very promising from the photographs (the other two have not had any interior photos so we did them first), with a good-sized kitchen and an interesting feature fireplace, and failing that there are still other properties in the line-up to view... Now that we've properly started the ball rolling and have seen what's out there, I'm feeling a bit better about things, and not quite as doomed to failure as before. I'm still really gutted about losing the property in Oldbury, but there are others out there just as nice. And we may not have to move to Walsall to find them as I was beginning to think. :P

That's it so far. I need to organise a Secret Thing for [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus's belated birthday present so will do that tomorrow and then let her know the arrangements, but that isn't until after the Royal Wedding and I have a concert to worry about in the meantime. Hopefully this week won't be too hectic.

PS: I have a recipe to post but I'll do that separately so this isn't too long. :P
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I don't think I've updated since lamenting the expensiveness of trying to rent a house, but as the position is now somewhat clearer and less jinxable, I can update on matters as they stand currently.

Things Are Occurring... )

Anyway, that's all that's going on at the moment. I will obviously update more as house-viewing progresses. Also, this time we WILL have a house-warming party, as last time we never really got unpacked enough to manage it. ;)
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Okay. So on Thursday I got it into my head to Make A Change. I have been suffering lately with... well, I suppose one might call it "ennui". I get this thing sometimes where I just want to DO SOMETHING, like get a new job or move house or shift furniture around (see also: "spatial cleansing" tag). So on Thursday night, out of morbid curiosity, I had a look to see what sort of typing jobs there might be in Birmingham which paid reasonably well.

Obviously there was bugger all in Birmingham - plenty of "typing from home" stuff and a lot of temporary / part-time positions, but most of the full-time positions are on what I was earning in BCC when I first started, and quite frankly I'm struggling as it is. Then I spotted one via Reed for an audio typist position at a legal firm in London, for £20K a year.

First I was like,"Okay, what's the catch here?" and then figured out that actually, £20K in London is probably the equivalent to what I'm on now here, and if I were to live in London I would be worse off, and if I didn't it would all go on hotel/lodging and travel. Aside from that, (a) job stuff is terrifying and (b) 147 people had already applied for it.

So instead I started house-hunting again. After several fruitless hours Paul and I discovered a "three-bedroom cottage" on Barn Road, which is literally five minutes away from where we are now, for £525 a month. For Kings Heath / Moseley that's insanely reasonable. There was no photograph on the website (always a bit dubious) and the website for the actual letting agent (Easy Lettings) was rubbish, and aside from that we couldn't find it anywhere else on the internet except the one "catch-all" website it was listed on.

So on Saturday we walked down to Barn Road to look and see if there were any houses to let. Riiiight at the very end of the road we did indeed find a house to let, with an agency called Midland Housing. On getting back we Googled them. They're asking for £800pcm, which frankly is extortionate for a three-bedroomed house, but I presume it's because the postcode falls under the all-holy Moseley and thus they can charge what they like. I think they'll be sitting on that one for a looooong time.

That was disappointing, to say the least, as if it had been anything up to £600 we would actually have considered it, if only because it was a lovely house and would be SO EASY to move into. Boo. :(

I've spent a couple more hours tonight searching on rightmove.co.uk, scouting out all of Birmingham and the outskirts (including Bearwood - there are loads of houses on the road where I grew up, and at least Sandwell Council aren't complete bastards like BCC), and have come to the conclusion that if I want to live in a nice area, in a house with a decently-sized kitchen and windows which are not pointlessly tiny, I need to pay about £100 more than if I don't. There are plenty of good-sized, affordable and attractive houses - and they're all in the shit bits of Birmingham. I don't want to live in Erdington/Sheldon/Perry Barr/Hockley/Handsworth/etc. I know that doesn't leave me much option, but I don't want to end up somewhere awful, with terrible neighbours or a high street where I have to look over my shoulder...

I am probably insanely over particular. We tried searching Kings Heath and Moseley and came up with nothing (except tiny houses, obviously), and there was a BEAUTIFUL place on Russell Road in an old Georgian house with the most AMAZING kitchen I have ever seen... but it was a shared house. The rent was stupidly cheap, too. I want to live in that kitchen. :(

Soooo yes. Still fruitlessly hunting. I am also constrained by my inability to drive and my reliance on public transport, so every time I find a house which is affordable, in a nice area and looks remotely promising, it turns out to be in the Arse End of Nowhere. Considering we can't afford a proper place to live until they either bring back 100% mortgages (not looking likely), we win the lottery or someone gives us money for a deposit, renting is currently the only option and even THAT is being scuppered, mostly by my desire to actually live somewhere I feel safe at night and can bloody well get to.


PS: Seriously, landlords/builders/converters, stop it now with the tiny kitchens. Or with the massive kitchens with NO BLOODY CUPBOARDS. Is it such an alien concept that people actually WANT TO COOK THINGS? Jesus.
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Paul's mate Alex is coming over tomorrow to see if he can fix the bath blockage, as he seems to know what he's talking about. *crosses everything*

The upshot of all this bath!drama, however, is this:

We've pretty much decided to start house-hunting after Christmas. (There was a conversation leading to this, honest! It wasn't that spur-of-the-moment...) I mean, we need to properly look at finances/incomings/outgoings and stuff, but we can get a three-bedroom house for only a little more than what we pay now for our one-bedroom, falling-apart flat. And if we can convince lovely housemate Lisa to move in with us, that would be even better. We like living with Lisa, so it would be nice if she could come, too. :)

But yeah. Trying to move before Christmas is a bad idea, so we'll probably wait until post-January paycheques to have another look at what's available. The bonus of house-hunting in winter is (a) you can see what the heating's like and (b) it gets dark earlier so you can see what the area's like at night. My proposal is to do house-viewings after work to scout out public transport / area / distance issues, and also to bring a 'grown-up' along like either of our respective mums, David, Darren and/or Andrea, etc, as people who have been through this several times have a better house radar, as it were. (Our scope of areas-in-which-we-would-want-to-live is somewhat limited to "the bits of Birmingham which aren't shit", incidentally, so that narrows the search somewhat! And obviously our lack of being able to drive is a bit constraining.)

Me personally, my preference is on "good light". I'm really weird about natural light; if a house looks dingy and foreboding from the outside I will not even consider it, and I think massive walls with tiny windows are a waste of good space. So yeah, if it were up to me we'd end up in a greenhouse. :P

So yeah! The negativity of "Fuck you, stupid flat!" has turned into a positive move for the future. We did say we'd only be here five years at most and it's been four, so... not far off.

Given my pronpensity to jinx things by being too excited, I shall not mention this again until such time as Things Happen. But I would appreciate positive vibes from everyone just the same...


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