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Paul and I went to Stratford-upon-Avon for our anniversary (9 years!). Initially this was because I realised we could get there from Langley Green and I thought it would be cheaper than going from Birmingham, then it transpired we would have to go through Birmingham on the train anyway so it wasn't. :P

That worked out quite well, as it transpired; I had intended to get my hair cut before going to Denise's on Saturday but I was too knackered, so I got it cut on Wednesday morning instead. Supercuts advised there would be a 45 minute wait but I was in and out within 20 minutes!

The farmers market was on New Street that day, so I had a very nice pulled pork bap for my lunch. Also there were owls! The photographs can be viewed here. :)

We finally managed to get to Stratford for about 2.30 (about an hour later than we initially thought due to doing washing up / laundry and other stuff before leaving the house) and found our B&B with no trouble whatsoever, as it was very close to the station. The landlady (Christine) was very accommodating - if you are ever in Stratford I can recommend Cherry Blossom House. We booked via Hotels.Com and it was £60 for one night in an en-suite double room, with a very nice breakfast in the morning.

Adventures in the Land of the Bard )

Overall it was a lovely couple of days - a bit tiring but nice to get away for a bit nonetheless.

As for Easter... on Good Friday we did barely anything, then on Saturday we popped into Birmingham to go to the markets for stuff for our Easter Sunday dinner of rolled pork loin (plus some additional bits for a stir-fry). For future reference, the Chinese grocer in the food market sells lots of interesting things (fennel and celeriac and reasonably-priced jars of spices, including about five whole nutmegs).

I also got some stuffing as I intended to make cushions, but then spent Easter Sunday mostly reading POTO fanfiction before cooking dinner, and then on Monday suffered with a persistent migraine.

Oh, and on the Sunday before I did a bit more on my embroidery:

Pic 12/?? )

Apologies if that picture is still showing up massive; it takes a while for Photobucket to react sometimes.

Anyway, I think that's everything. My next leave is on 6th May (the week after the bank holiday), following which I will hopefully be sharing before/after pictures of our newly-decorated lounge. :)
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Apart from my subconscious being evil, I haven't actually updated properly about what we got up to over Valentine's Day. As it transpires, thanks to migraines and fandom, we did not get up to very much.

Cut for length )

Anyway, migraine(s) aside, on Saturday we did the Jonathan Creek re-watch (of course), as well as Captain America and Thor, in readiness for Avengers Assemble on Sunday night. I would say more but, you know, migraine - plus we didn't watch Avengers until late Sunday night and I'd already broken my brain with JC fandom stuff by then...

Fandom Stuff )

So yeah. I would probably have more to say about Avengers Assemble but unfortunately, the JC stuff ate my brain.

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Well, actually, we intended to be productive, but it got scuppered.

On Friday we had Lisa over for tea, as she was belatedly bringing over Paul's birthday presents. I cooked her a fish curry with brown rice (because we are healthy) and then we sat and watched Moon. It ended up being quite a late one - I think I went to bed around 1.00am...

On Saturday we went out to get some supplies and stuff for tea (including some very nice steaks from the butcher which were a bargain at £3.50 each) but then didn't manage to do very much else because I had a(nother) migraine - my own fault really, as I'd had two glasses of wine and a bottle of cider the night before. I did try and fend it off before bed by having some water, but no joy. It persisted all day and was the annoying sort of migraine where I forgot about it until I did something silly like bending and straightening, which would make my head pound incessantly. So we didn't manage to go through any boxes on Saturday.

We watched Jonathan Creek at six as usual (actually, the migraine might have been a good thing as it subdued me somewhat; I'm wary of my squee not ruining the episodes for Paul!) and then I pootled about on Little Big Planet whilst Paul cooked dinner. Then we watched The Artist, at least until the last half-hour or so when Paul fell asleep. Obviously. :P

Oh yeah, and in the morning we made some pineapple sorbet - initially this was to get rid of some accumulated egg whites in the freezer, then it transpired not to need any egg whites after all. I need to give Katie the recipe later so I'll post it here too. It tastes amazing. :)

On Sunday, therefore, we were still intending to go through boxes, except I was struck with the Ovary-Kicking Period of Doom and spent the day not doing very much at all. Namely, sitting on the sofa with my wheat bag and catching up on EastEnders (I'm finally up to speed now after being persistently a week behind since Christmas), playing a bit of Red Dead Redemption and doing my JC write-up. Chicken stir-fry for tea and then the evening spent being distracted by Tumblr, as usual. I got a few words of fic down but nothing particularly substantial - I want to get the tags done and dusted pretty sharpish as I need to print them off for Eni for her birthday. (The post-ALTAF angst is still not cooperating, either. Grrr.)

I also seem to have acquired several plans for my two weeks off work. Cut for length. )

This week I'm only in work three days (yay!) because we've booked off Thursday and Friday. Normally for Valentine's Day we book a meal somewhere but we're both skint; my other plan was to have a day trip to Stratford, but trains are just as expensive, so instead we have a vague plan of going to the Sea Life Centre as I have a 2-for-1 voucher that I think is still valid... Then I'll probably cook that monkfish that's been in the freezer for ages, as I'd been saving it for a special occasion - which will work out much cheaper than going for a meal as all I'll have to buy is Parma ham and Arborio rice (for the samphire risotto).

Which reminds me: we've been engaged a year as of today! That's really gone quickly. :)

Oh yeah, and the other thing that happened this weekend was I finally bit the bullet and added Sharn on Facebook, she added me back, it's all good. I feel silly for worrying about it now. Socially Awkward Penguin, thy name is [livejournal.com profile] teylaminh. She asked for details of my leaving do, so if she could come that would awesome. I apologised for delaying so long in getting in touch and she admitted to being just as guilty, so yes. The internet is magic, and I should not be so paranoid.

Okay, there's nothing to do today and this entry has only taken me up to 11.00am. THIS is why I can't build flex, dammit. (I even got up early today in an attempt to fool the snow, then it took me half an hour to leave the house due to tired fuzzy-headedness and I missed the before-eight bus by a matter of seconds so was still late. I don't know why I bother.)
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Back at work after a week off. I was actually quite productive to start with, last week - on Wednesday I got loads of things done, then on Thursday and Friday I was really lazy, mostly because my head has been full of Jonathan Creek fanfiction ideas and simply will.not.shut.up. I've been getting very little sleep - about four hours last night I think - and I'm so tired it's not even funny... but the icon is apt, nevertheless. I'd much, MUCH rather be ficcing - I produce my best writing in the small hours and when half-asleep. I'd wager the same is not true of my day job. :P

New Year's, etc. )

Today: nothing in Winscribe, hence the entry. I really want to work on my latest JC fic idea but this environment is not particularly conducive to the style I want to write it in (i.e. angsty over-verbosity / pretty wording), so instead I might get some more words down on the tapas!fic, as it forms a section of the "Three Gamblers" episode tag and is pretty much the only thing I now need to do on the Tag Project. That in itself shows how productive I've been; a week ago I would have lamented how far I had to go before they were done.

Ramblings about JC fic )

Okay, I do believe that's long enough.

Leaving work early today as I need to go to Bearwood to buy a plunger - our toilet is alternately not flushing properly, draining slowly, or gurgling ominously. It initially did it just before Christmas then corrected itself overnight, now it's doing it more regularly and I'd rather try and solve the problem before we bother the landlord...
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I'm at work today (and yesterday), along with three other WPO's (should be four but Demoted is off sick), and apart from a brief flurry yesterday of urgents from Spellathon, presumably in protest over the fact she couldn't come into the office over Christmas - seriously, rather than appreciating the free days off, last year she felt the need to moan about the fact that she didn't celebrate Christmas so shouldn't be expected to have a day off (WTF??) - it's now gone very quiet. So here's an update.

Christmas, etc. )

Back at work Thursday, but I have next week off. My mission should I choose to accept it is to learn to make bread. I have a couple of bread-related books now - the new Mary Berry and a WI book that we were bought last Christmas. I really want to try and make focacia, but I know it's really difficult so might start with rolls or a basic white loaf. First I have to oil the big wooden board I bought from Ikea last year, as it's going to become my bread-making board. It's too bloody big to use for anything else (seemed like a good idea at the time), I don't have enough counter space for bread-making anywhere else, and the board can sit nicely on the kitchen table instead. ;)

I managed to post a photograph of our cream tea (because I'd laid everything out all pretty on the table) but have so far failed to take pictures of anything else. I think I'll charge the camera up and start doing so - next year I want to start taking more photographs again. I really need to get a new camera but I need to justify to myself that I take enough pictures to warrant a big SLR-type thing rather than another point-and-shoot...

Oh yes. Perhaps more important than any of this is the update on the new job situation. I'm sure most people have heard via Facebook already, but in any case: I had the interview on 17th December. I woke up with a headache, of course. I already know my migraines are stress-related, so it wasn't that surprising. I've been wibbling quite a lot over the test and interview, but it's been a very different sort of wibbling to any of the Legal jobs I've gone for - less "OMG BIG SCARY CHANGE" and more "OMG POTENTIALLY IMPORTANT CHANGE". I'm taking being nervous about the interview - rather than the life-changing upheaval - as a very good sign that I made the right decision in applying. Not that I had any doubt; once that decision was made it was very satisfying, not umming-and-erring like I normally would.

So yes, I had a headache. I cannot remember a single thing about the interview or even really what I said, except that they didn't ask the Equal Opportunities question and that's my best answer. :P I couldn't tell if it had gone well or horrendously or averagely, not that one ever really can, mostly because as soon as I'd left the building and started walking towards the Squeg to meet Paul, my head started pounding like a thousand elephants were doing Riverdance in my brain.

I was planning on going back into work. We went for lunch at the newly-opened Boston Tea Party on Corporation Street, as it's midway to my office (Paul had the day off to finish the Christmas shopping anyway), but by that point the migraine was making me nauseous as well, so I phoned in sick. I subsequently spent the day on the sofa watching EastEnders, and was well and truly monged on Migraleve by the time they rang me up about the job.

Long story short, I got it. :) It took me a while to process that because of the migraine, but when it finally clicked I was incredibly relieved and pleased. We actually went to see The Hobbit on the evening up at Giant Screen but I can barely remember anything about that either, except that it was quite pretty.

It's still conditional, as they need to do references and CRB / medical checks, so I haven't handed in my notice as yet. The reference request came in on Friday (21st December), which David bizarrely forwarded on to me to fill out myself (apparently this is quite common in Legal Services), so I threw something together. I don't think he had time to look at it, though, and as he's now on leave until 7th January I suspect I shan't be handing in my notice until mid-January. In which case, my estimate of mid-February for potentially starting really wasn't far off the mark. ;)

I'll fill out that Year in Review meme this weekend (well, it's traditional now) but 2012 has been a very strange year, all told - so many ups and downs I lost count. Work has been rubbish and soul-destroying on several occasions, but there have been so many amazing, wonderful things to counteract it. (I already suspect the meme may be too constraining to summarise the year.) I dunno, maybe when the eyes of the world are staring at your country for so much of the year (the Jubilee, the Olympics and Paralympics), it makes you think about your own contribution and the changes you need to make.

2013 is going to be better. Or at the very least, it feels like it might be the start of something. BRING IT, BIYATCH.

If I don't manage to update before January: HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!
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Using an old Somerfield magazine recipe, somewhat adapted...

Recipe: Lamb Koftas )

Simples. ;)
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Those three days were productive and lazy, in equal measure.

We have a tenant inspection on Wednesday. They're supposed to be every three months but this is only our second, as the first time the bloke didn't turn up, and then it took them another month to sort it out. Anyway, seeing as last time they were shocked and appalled that there were boxes in the spare room (OH NOES!) we decided to try and sort out the office if nothing else.

Weekend )

Last choir rehearsal tonight pre-concert on Saturday, which has inconveniently timed itself with the opening weekend of Dark Shadows, but that doesn't matter because we're going to see it on Friday night at the Giant Screen (formerly IMAX). :) I feel entirely unprepared for this concert, which is stupid considering I only missed one week of rehearsal, but we'll see how it goes on the day. We're doing Mozart's Regina Coeli, which is pretty, Bach's Mass in D (I think), which is horrendous, and Schumann's Requiem, which is okay. We're singing in annoying "Germanic" Latin again as a result. I have my re-audition in a few weeks so we'll see how that goes.

In other news, the gym and salad-eating is slowly working. I am nearly able to get back into my skinny jeans, which if they were stretchy would actually fit me now. I can't quite get back into the rest of my jeans yet, but it's definitely progress. I don't think I'll be quite at the stage I want to be by September, but the fat is moving around at the moment and I think I'm gaining better shape if nothing else, so we need to get back on track with twice-weekly gym attendance and actually start going swimming like we're supposed to, as we still haven't managed it. By the time we get to the weekend we're too bloody tired, but the past couple of weeks have been a bit up-and-down anyway as Paul's had a cold. I went on my own on Thursday out of sheer determination, and anticipate I will not manage to go at all during my week off. :P MOAR SALAD is now the way forward. (I have been experiencing the alien sensation of craving fruit lately, as my lunch has been comprising either sandwiches or a salad, with a yogurt, an apple, a clementine and a box of grapes for afterwards.)
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It's quiet today, so here's an update of my weekend...

Saturday )

Sunday )

Okay, I think this entry is more than long enough. Thankfully this weekend will be a quiet one. I had a migraine yesterday at work so left a half-three, then we both had a nap at about five o'clock. I'm getting much too old for all this. :P
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Just a quick entry to update on Christmassy type things...

So, despite not working Christmas Eve for the first time in ages, I was still knackered by the time we got to the pub, and didn't manage to achieve half the tidying up I wanted to do either. Of course, it didn't really help that on Friday I managed to catch whatever Paul has had for the past week or so, and have been coughing my lungs up ever since. (Yesterday and today it's turned into a cold and I didn't want to get up this morning. SO TIRED.)

I'm getting ahead of myself a bit, actually... Cut. )

I'm now back at work until Friday, alas. Thankfully there is actually plenty of work to do, as there was some left over from last week. This morning I slept through all of my alarms and didn't want to get up, though I'm waking up a bit now... Just trying to get through today and tomorrow now.

Oh, except I can't do the Carmina Burana concert on Friday as I can hardly talk right now and don't want to attempt singing when I've been coughing for nearly a week. I'm hoping now it's turned into a cold it might work its way out of my system, if not I'll have to go to the GP for some antibiotics... meh. I thought killing off a three-day cold in early December was too good to be true. :P
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This entry might be a bit all over the place because I am SOTIREDOMG right now and basically functioning on caffeine and will-power.

I finished all of my wrapping last night except for two things (one I forgot about, and one I couldn't quite remember who it was for), so now all that's left to do is the food shop (tonight) and seeing various family / friends before the Day - or after, in the case of some, as we have now run out of time. :P On Christmas Eve I need to do a bit of cleaning and washing before we go out to the pub - in addition to picking up the goose from the butcher - and change the bed. I have a bit of a tradition of buying myself new pyjamas to enjoy on Christmas Eve so I have that to look forward to as well (I am so middle aged).

We had our South/Education/2nd floor Christmas lunch yesterday at Chez Jules, which was very reasonabl (£16.50 for three courses) and very nice indeed. I would definitely recommend it. I'd actually been meaning to go for ages as I'd heard really good things, so would definitely want to try it on an evening as well. (Admittedly I am a sucker for French food; my top choice for the meal venue was Cote Brasserie but that was twice the price. :P)

I was the only WPO in attendance at the meal, despite Kemi inviting them all. We didn't even have a Support Team lunch this year so whatevs; I shan't let Senior deprive me of my Christmas lunch with my more preferable colleagues. The other WPO's can at least not moan that they weren't invited, though doubtless my disappearing for 2.5 hours yesterday will be the cause of grumbling. I worked through until five pretty much non-stop once I got back anyway, so they can't complain that I didn't pull my weight. :P

Once again this year I bought loads of Christmas cards and failed to get them written in time to hand them out at work, although I did at least get them in the post on time. I think all but Katie's presents have arrived at their respective destinations now, too...

Some ramblings about Xmas telly. )

I also have a load of Studio Ghibli films to watch as Film Four have been having a marathon and I've been recording them. I made a start last night with Latura: Castle in the Sky, which was equal parts beautiful and creepy. I think I have about 12 more to watch.

In case it wasn't obvious, I LOVE SKY PLUS. It is the awesomest invention in the history of ever. I never watch television in the week any more, I just catch up on everything at the weekend... although it does also result in backlogs where Paul and I don't have time to watch anything. We currently have two Misfits and four American Horror Story episodes to get through, and I'm a week behind on Glee... Gah, roll on our week off in January. We made a start on season 3 of Six Feet Under after finally finishing Firefly, but it's taken a backburner to Actual Television...

Anyway, that's enough rambling. Except to say that I'm enjoying my new sofa SO MUCH OMG. I've never had / bought a new sofa before and it's so squishy and comfy and amazing. (Oh, and I need to do another post at some point about some of the weird stuff that's been happening at my house / work, but that can wait until I'm a bit more coherent / succinct. *is mysterious*)

THREE DAYS TO GOOOO! *jingles bells*
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I forgot my debit card this morning, as it was still in the purse I used on Saturday night (along with all my non-copper coinage), which I didn't realise until I got into town. I got to the cashpoint with the intention of drawing money out on the credit card, only to forget my PIN when I got there.

Okay, I thought, maybe if I use a chip&PIN machine, maybe my fingers will know better than my brain. So off I went to Pret. Whereupon I drew a complete blank once again and gave up after two failed attempts. I asked if I could sign for it (at this point realising I'd actually forgotten to sign the card) but they couldn't make the machine work in that way, so basically I got a free breakfast. The benefits of going there every morning do pay off (they've given me a free coffee of their own volition before now) and I promised to pay it back tomorrow...

Meh. I still can't remember it, so at this juncture I may just ring up for a new one and then change it to the same as my debit card. :P At one point it was only one digit different from the door code at work, but that was two codes ago and now I can only remember the first bloody number...

Oh, for anyone who may be wondering: I didn't go to the wedding. Having managed to obtain Rachel's number (she hadn't changed it, but you can never tell these days) it transpired she couldn't go and thus had no details, nor did she know if Crystal still had the same number. Crystal also hasn't been on Facebook to see my message, and I'm not in the habit of sending out random texts to potentially dead numbers. On Thursday I was intending to ring up Aisha again, but by that point I was running out of energy and didn't bother. So I didn't go.

Weekend )

Anyway, I think that's about it...

Owwww. :(

Jun. 21st, 2011 12:08 pm
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Dearest ovaries,

Thank you for choosing, after all this time, to punish me for ignoring you, rather than easing me back in gently to the joys of womanhood.

No love AT ALL,

[livejournal.com profile] teylaminh

(Still, it's been a while since I got to use this tag and this icon! Though the latter is not strictly true. My PMT surfaced as snapping at Paul last night for showing off his new muscles [I remain fat, of course] and blowing up about something relatively inocuous at work this morning. Heh.)

Last night in my post-gym brain-fuzz I made myself a prawn and potato curry. The recipe serves four, so I halved it, with the intention of taking some for lunch today or whatever. Upon eating it later I thought to myself, "Hm, this is quite a bit hotter than last time". At which point it occurred to me that I forgot to halve the spices. I added a bit of cream (the only yogurt I had was orange-and-chocolate-flavoured) to try and tone it down but yeah. OW. Once it had cooled (temperature-wise) it was a bit better, although that could have been because I'd burned off most of my tastebuds by that point...

I had to throw the rest away unfortunately because it was too hot for (a) lunch and (b) Paul. Which is a shame because it actually cooked properly this time. :P

Instead, for lunch today I have a pheasant wrap, with some of the cranberry&honey sauce from Sunday as it needs using. :D

Today is slightly tedious as most of the fee earning staff are out at their training day. Ho hum.
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I did this last night on a whim with our roast pheasant dinner, alongisde my first attempt at Dauphinnoise potatoes - they turned out okay but I don't quite know how you're supposed to cook them alongside anything else because you have to turn the heat right down for the last hour... I ended up having it slightly too high (with the potatoes in the bottom of the oven) because the pheasant needed a hotter temperature.

Maybe if you have an Aga or something. :P (The top oven smokes too much to be used as an oven proper. In the end I had to leave the potatoes in there with it turned off just to keep them warm as they were starting to burn.)

Anyway. Here's the off-the-cuff side I did with it. I think this should be veggie-friendly if you can find vegetarian-friendly hard cheese... Posh Cheesy Asparagus and Beans )

On Saturday night we had a veritable cheese feast, thanks to visiting the International Food Festival after the gym that afternoon. We spent about £20 on cheese and £15 on hand-made chocolate, plus some very nice French bread. (Also got some duck and orange pate from Sainsbury's which is OMG amazing.) I went to the food fair specifically to get some more Gruyere, as the farm shop near Kings Heath sells it but it's not very good, and Capeling and Co very rarely have it in...

So we got some Gruyere from the French cheese stand, as well as some unpasteurised Pyrennian cheese and some Comté. And then some of the aforesaid Pecorino Romano from the Italian cheese stall, and some very expensive salami. The chocolate was also Italian (Bailey's, pistachio, mixed berry and orange flavours were our eventual choices) and is very rich so despite the price it'll probably last ages. Paul got himself some olives, and I had a kangaroo burger. :)

As ever, BCC failed to advertise said food fair until the very last minute - I spotted a poster about a week before and the marketing email came around at work the day before it opened, plus I'm sure it was on for longer than ten days last time. And of course they managed to time it perfectly to compete with the BBC Good Food Show. Seriously, is there not a big events diary somewhere that they could have checked? Stupid.

Nowt else to report except that I have to sign the letting agreement and sort out my passport tonight...


Jun. 6th, 2011 12:11 pm
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Right, I know Eni is impatient to hear the full story, and I've already shared the news on Facebook and Twitter, but for those who may have missed it...

We has a house! )

We were very busy for the rest of the day after that. After going to my mum's we all headed into Birmingham for the Caribbean Food Festival which Andrea had organised, arriving just in time to hear Dominic (her nephew) performing a set. We tried some punch, had curried goat with rice+peas, sat in the sunshine for a bit and then decamped to a pub to kill time before going to the Crescent for an amateur production of Sweeney Todd.

The production was actually really good, considering it wasn't professional. The two leads were amazing, Sweeney especially. I think because it was final night he may have been giving it a lot more than usual (I think he was crying at the end during the bows so clearly the adrenaline rush had kicked in), but the bit where Sweeney snaps in Act One was incredibly powerful. Mrs Lovett had great comic timing as well. Also Johanna had a really nice voice, which made a change from the last version I saw where she was just a teense too operatic. :)

So yeah, it was pretty good. Unfortunately I still haven't learned not to drink before shows; I went to the loo when we got to the theatre then had a J20 thinking I would be okay, only to have to run to the loo AGAIN 30 minutes into the show because I was bursting, couldn't remember when the interval was and couldn't concentrate... Stupid body.

We didn't get home until about 11.00pm on Saturday, so it was a very long day. On Sunday I finally got to have a lie-in. Thanks to house-viewings, we've had to get up at 7.30 or 8.00 for the past three weeks on a Saturday, so thank anything that's over with. :P We did intend to go down to [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess's for her birthday thingy, but by the time I'd woken up enough to text her everyone else had left, and I didn't fancy contending with Sunday service transport, so we're going to try and meet up at some other point. Seeing as we'll soon be living quite close to her anyway it may be easier to do some kind of mutual new-house-viewing. :)

The writing flurry continues to disrupt my sleep (probably about 2.00am when I finally nodded off last night? I have no idea), but I have now finished the first chapter of the Doomfic and the Angst is coming along nicely, too. I need to start thinking about a title for the Doomfic soon...

Right then, I think that's about everything. I imagine all future house-related posts will be (a) packing stress or (b) unpacking stress, both of which are infinitely better than (c) crap houses stress. ;)
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I have been stupidly productive on this since realising how close I am to finishing it. With any luck I'll get it completely done during my week off in May. :)

Scans 43-51/?? )

That's more than enough for now, and the product of a weekend's work so there's quite a lot.

On Sunday it was not only Easter but my grandmother's birthday, so we had invited her and my uncle over for dinner. They were due to arrive at 1.00, for lunch at 2.00, which Paul figured would be ample time considering they're always late. I managed to time lunch for 2.20 to give them plenty of time, and they were, indeed, an hour late. Just as we were trying to decide what to do for the best (finish cooking all the roasted stuff, keep it warm and then do the pans of veg when they arrived), they rang the bell.

I also made a summer fruits pavlova for dessert, which I thought was very impressive considering it was my first attempt:-

It came out of the oven perfect, but started to cave in under the pressure of the whipped cream and fruit - also I have no clue how you're supposed to achieve a "light dusting" of icing sugar because it goes everywhere. :P Still, it was very nice indeed.

Nowt else to report. Back at work tomorrow, but thankfully only for three days. Bit of a busy weekend, including (hopefully) a barbecue on Friday at my mum's if the weather holds out, and then the Bach concert in Worcester on Saturday. And then another week off, huzzah!

Right, going to sign this one off now as I have hiccups. Bah.
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I started doing some more of The Embroidery on Sunday as the sun had come out and it's finally warm enough to take it up again (over the winter I finished a tapestry, fill-in-the-colours type project which is now awaiting framing). Apparently my last scan / photo was number 34, and I have up to 39 on the PC so I'm overdue with progress pics.

Scans 35-39/?? )

On Saturday it was our six-year anniversary. We spend the morning viewing a house in Harborne (on Tennal Lane, where the golf club is). We got there bang on time at 12.15, despite our internet failing in the morning so we couldn't check the exact location of the house. It transpired to be pretty much the last house on the street and we walked the entire length of it. The estate agent rep turned up 20 minutes late.

The house itself was pretty awful. It had a few nice features, and had apparently been "refurbished", but the kitchen was horrible and the bathroom was a bit grotty as well. The landlord had merely resealed the bath instead of replacing it and put in new lino, but we could see it wasn't properly finished. The rep had an embarrassing moment when trying to open the vertical blinds covering the patio doors, as when he pulled on the cord the entire blind / runner part wobbled and was coming away from the ceiling.

We decreed that one to be a write-off, which was a shame because the area itself was lovely. It just wasn't worth what they were asking for it; frankly I think they were charging for the fact it was in Harborne...

We went into Birmingham after that for a quick drink in Bacchus, but as it was so bloody hot on Saturday I got it into my head to get my hair cut. Pic under the cut )

Paul also bought me some lovely gloves / arm-warmer things from Disorder Boutique. These are all hand-woven individual pieces. I don't know when I'll get to wear them but they're very pretty...

She covets the precious things of the shop! )

We went to Bacchus after that for one drink, then headed back home again, whereupon I had a quick bath and we got changed and went to Jamie's for dinner. It was just as nice as last time, and the wait was shorter (presumably because they have more tables for two than for six...) I had the squid starter again and Paul had the meat antipasti, and we shared some ricotta bruscheta (om nom). For mains I had the carbonara, which was delicious, and Paul had a prawn pasta dish.

Sunday was sedate, and involved watching Date Night on the evening, which was surprisingly amusing.

Today we went to see another house, on Ridgeacre Road in Quinton. It was almost perfect except for being slightly over-budget and the kitchen (again!) being tiny. Which was a shame because despite being on a fairly busy main road it was really quiet, and the other rooms were a good size - bay windows upstairs and down at the front, with a trianguar feature window for the box room at the front, and a lovely bathroom. The kitchen was unworkable, though. It was smaller than ours is now and had about three cupboards. Seriously, Birmingham? Build bigger kitchens already!

Tomorrow we're going to view a detached bungalow in Quinton which looks very promising from the photographs (the other two have not had any interior photos so we did them first), with a good-sized kitchen and an interesting feature fireplace, and failing that there are still other properties in the line-up to view... Now that we've properly started the ball rolling and have seen what's out there, I'm feeling a bit better about things, and not quite as doomed to failure as before. I'm still really gutted about losing the property in Oldbury, but there are others out there just as nice. And we may not have to move to Walsall to find them as I was beginning to think. :P

That's it so far. I need to organise a Secret Thing for [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus's belated birthday present so will do that tomorrow and then let her know the arrangements, but that isn't until after the Royal Wedding and I have a concert to worry about in the meantime. Hopefully this week won't be too hectic.

PS: I have a recipe to post but I'll do that separately so this isn't too long. :P
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I think I told most people about this on Friday when I actually saw them, but since Forgetful has just managed to annoy me again (and it's only half-ten), I need to vent it...

Friday onwards... )

That aside, on Friday we went to the Briar for Lloyd's birthday drinks, and did nothing all weekend except (as usual) play Super Mario Galaxy. IT IS INSANELY ADDICTIVE.

On Saturday I was in a baking mood for some reason, and after deciding that biscuits were too much of a hassle (my kitchen is too small for dough-rolling) ended up making a chocolate-orange cake with marmalade cream, as it was the only one in the book Paul would eat. As yet he has not eaten any of it. :P It turned out okay, though I might use pre-crushed almonds next time as my blender didn't do very well at those - but in the alternative, it whisked the egg whites in about 15 seconds. :) (I only discovered my blender had a whisking attachment about a month ago, after looking in the box for the slicing blade, finding a strange round attachment and looking in the manual to find out what it was...)

The marmalade cream was amazing, though. I will definitely make that again if not the cake. :) Here is a recipe for the cream if anyone wants it:-

Recipe: Marmalade Cream )

I also made us a steak-and-ale pie, made with Guinness (belated St Patrick's Day celebration) which was AMAZING. The Guinness really seems to work well because it's so thick, and the gravy was lovely. Also I never buy supermarket braising steak any more because it's better quality from the butcher.

We also bought two pheasants from the butcher (for £9.99!) and had one for Sunday lunch - wrapped it in bacon and shoved apple wedges into the cavities before roasting - which was nice. Still a bit of meat left so I can have pheasant sandwiches later in the week. :)

Anyway, nothing much else to report. We're two days behind on typing today thanks to my doing police tapes on Friday (go figure) so today is going to be busy, and that's about it. Over and out.

Oh, I also need to do a bit of an update about our current house-hunting status and adventures thereof on Saturday, but I'll do that when I get in later.
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Okay, I'm venting my frustration into experimental cooking. I made this up using a Jamie Oliver recipe as a base - his version was much too tangy for my tastes, so I've adapted it... I think this should serve one, but I'm a biffa. :P

Thai Green Chicken Curry )

Verdict to follow...

Edit, 20.22: Mm, quite nice. :)
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Last week was horribly stressful for no apparent reason, Friday especially so. I started writing a review of Black Swan, which we saw on Wednesday, but I couldn't finish it thanks to being busy and on reading it back it sounds horribly pretentious, so now I can't be bothered. In any case, it was a truly brilliant film and the highlight of my week.

It can only get worse, unfortunately. )

The WPO's are meant to be moving to the 2nd floor this week. I am dreading this more than you can imagine, and still have seven weeks to get through before my leave in April. If things get exponentially worse I am seriously considering getting myself signed off with stress, if only to poke management into some kind of action - when the inevitable question is asked, I won't hesitate to say what's stressing me out.

On the plus side, we tried out the Wii Fit this weekend and it's knackering. Paul's Wii Fit Age came out as 51, mine was 31. ;) Also my centre of gravity is almost completely central, which was nice to know. We tried some of the balance games and some yoga stuff (half moon is painful!) and if the aches I am suffering today are any indication, it must be doing something. Also I weighed myself twice by moving the board to a different bit of carpet, and the weight came out the same both times, so at least I have some functional scales now - at least until I live somewhere with even floors.

On Sunday we went to my mum's for lunch - quail wrapped in Parma ham to start (mm, tastes like a slightly gamey chicken), followed by one of Jamie's 30-minute-meals, which took an hour. :P It was pork loin with catherine-wheel sausage, celeriac mash and a sauce made of smoked bacon, chicken livers, rosemary and cream. Amazing. I was a bit wary of the celeriac mash because my mum said it tasted like celery, but it was actually surprisingly nice... So that's something I can add to my list of potato alternatives, anyway.

(Oh, and on Saturday I decided to use up the muffins in the fridge by having eggs benedict - Paul poached the eggs and cooked the bacon and I made the Hollandaise sauce, which for a first attempt wasn't bad at all. Mmmm, lovely.)

We had a go on Wii Sports Resort (obviously) and demonstrated Mario Galaxy and Epic Mickey. In the morning we also swapped our duff second-hand controller for another one (which works this time), and also the duff DS game for another Wii game, which looks quite pretty. I will probably have a go at it tonight.

Anyway, that's about it. Work is poo and I'm trying to get through the day-to-day without killing anyone, and I don't think it's going to change... There is good stuff, but it's hard to focus on that when I'm constantly exhausted.

If I don't post for ages, that's why. The fandom meme will resume when I have the energy. It annoys me that I only lasted two weeks before giving up on it, and that's making me even less inclined to finish it, but yeah. We'll see.
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I have fallen quite far behind on my Fandom for February posts. I will do an update later incorporating days 13 and 14, as they're both quite small, and then attempt to catch up with the rest over the course of the week. I think days 17 and 19 are both going to be quite lengthy, but there are some less wordy pairings as well. To be honest, it's probably going to run over into March anyway.

For now, here's a general update.

Thusly. )

So, back at work today. Due to some late nights this week (and late mornings), I had coffee this morning out of sheer habit, forgetting that in fact I've not had any in a week. I have fun jitters as a result (hence the icon). Just as well really as there is a backlog in the typing, and apparently whilst I was off the toilets were flooded, only to be back in service yesterday. Talk about good timing. :)

I think that'll do for now. Much work to do, can't waste time writing LJ entries. ;)

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus. We will try and find time to come up and visit you, if the birthdays in March ever let up... at which point you will receive a belated card and some variety of present, as I am horribly disorganised.
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Mrrg. Slept on sofa last night as Paul was snoring. Annoyingly enough, it wasn't even that loud, just badly-timed. Whenever I was about to nod off, he would start snoring again. Eventually I got bored of poking him and went to sleep in the lounge, which I think was around 1.00am. When my alarm went off this morning at 7.00 (after I'd already woken up a couple of times in the night) I gave myself an extra hour in bed. At 7.30 (second alarm) I went back to the actual bed. I think the mattress on the bed/sofa is on the way out, to be honest. It used to be really comfy but not so much now...

On the plus side, last night I was terribly organised and made sandwiches for work. I bought myself one of those cool bags to put my lunch in, as the fridges are work are always full of milk or people's groceries (and have a tendency to be thieved from). So for lunch today I have tuna sandwiches (on brown bread, with light mayonnaise), a yogurt and a smoothie. I do like smoothies, but they make my kitchen look like a murder scene. I'm not entirely sure how the smoothie will have held out, actually; I tend to use frozen fruit because (a) it's cheaper, (b) it doesn't go off when I forget to eat it and (c) it gives a lovely Slush Puppy type texture. I usually drink them straight away and this one will have been sat (admittedly in the fridge) for a few hours, so I'll probably have to shake it...

I think I forgot to mention, on Saturday we tried out the new slow cooker for the first time, making "Chicken with Chorizo and Beans", which was lovely. With preparation (pre-frying stuff) it took about six hours. There is loads of spinach left over so I'm going to find a sag aloo recipe this week. I have a book of 1000 Indian recipes and sag aloo is not in there (but chicken tikka masala is!!) Unfortunately Pret have stopped doing their delicious sag aloo soup.

If I'm rambling, it's because I'm so tired. I've had some coffee but it started to make me feel sick so I stopped drinking it, and now I'm filling myself full of water in an effort to rehydrate my brain. I brought my choir stuff with me today but I think I might give it a miss; when I'm over-tired the weekly struggle to keep up just upsets and infuriates me, and I'm not in the mood for that today.

Meh. I think I'll post this before it gets even longer. Most pointless entry ever? Yes, I do believe it is.
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...or cakes, at least. And we all know I'm actually the Queen of Angst, but that's neither here nor there.

I have baked a cake for work. Working in a place where people are receptive to my baking and actually eat it without suspicion or checking sell-by dates means that when I do feel like spoiling them with cake, I give enough of a shit to be creative about it.


My Christmas shopping is officially done. After being thwarted at every turn trying to get the last of Paul's presents, I eventually checked out his Amazon wishlist and got him six DVD's from HMV (three off his list and three surprises that I know/think/hope he'll like). And a copy of Girl, Interrupted for myself because it was a fiver. As a bonus, all the DVD's I bought Paul were on two-for-£10.

Just as well really; I went to GameStation on Monday night to pick up a DS game Paul wanted. Thankfully they still had a copy on the shelf (it was in the pre-owned section). Except apparently their stockroom was so disorganised they couldn't actually find the game to go in the box. The girl on the till said she'd been having this problem "all day", and yet nobody had thought to take the time to sort the bloody stockroom out. Just... WTF? It's the last shopping fortnight before Christmas, you'd think they'd get their act together. In the end I had to abandon the game for Paul and just bought the GBA version of Micro Machines instead, to play via the DS. Meh.

We have now just to do the food shop and see various people, wrap presents, and I need to get myself down to the post office fairly soonish otherwise nothing will get anywhere. Although given the potential weather conditions they probably won't anyway.

There are a few things stressing me out, but I shan't post about them here. One particular thing has me stumped and confused, but until I'm thinking more clearly and without the benefit of festive!stress, I should probably let it lie for a bit.

Om Nom.

Sep. 15th, 2010 08:13 pm
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The logic of buying enough spices to last several lifetimes has now made itself apparent.

On attempting to think of what to have for tea tonight, I went through the freezer and discovered therein a bag of frozen prawns. Having bought a new curry book from The Works the other day, I had a look for recipes involving prawns and discovered the below, which I shall now recreate for anyone else having a 'must-use-up-sundry-ingredients-in-my-kitchen' crisis...

Recipe: Prawn and Potato Curry )

Another one for the repertoire, anyway. :D

Now that Paul is finally home we can watch The Inbetweeners and then I think an early night is in order. I have a vat of chilli con carne to make tomorrow, in addition to ensure the majority of the flat looks presentable - more on that later...

Epic Update

Sep. 4th, 2010 02:01 pm
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Okay, I have music meme stuff and embroidery stuff to post, and in regards to the former I will just be re-starting where I left off, because I think my last meme post was on 27th August and I don't feel like doing that many in one go... I also have some other bits to update about.

Music Meme and Embroidery Pics 21-23/?? )

My week off is almost over and I have no idea where the time went... In brief:

Saturday - I made my first ever curry! We went to a nearby supermarket and got £15-worth (a full carrier bag) of spices in order to make said curry, followed by a trip to Moseley Farmers' Market for sausages, cheese, local ale, wine, etc. Spent rather too much money, but meh. Anyway, I've now rebagged all the spices (including a 1kg bag of garam masala - I'm going to be making a LOT of curry now...) and my kitchen smells divine. :D As for the actual curry, I did spiced fishcakes to start with a coriander chutney, followed by Anjum Anand's "Punjabi Chicken Curry", which was lovely. I forgot to put the chillies in, and also I put in too much water so it didn't quite go as the recipe stated and I had to thicken with cornflour, but it tasted delicious. Definitely going to make that again. :)

Sunday - I think I had a migraine. Can't remember.

Monday - went to visit [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings in Oxford, which was a lovely day. We had to change at Milton Keynes, where the structure they laughingly referred to as a bus station consisted of three portacabins and some pavement, with only a cricket ground nearby to break the tedium. It was about a 15-minute walk from the actual bus station in the city centre and thus not worth the effort. Milton Keynes is poo; everything is square and all the buildings are identical. Give me an organic rambling city any day.

As for Oxford, it was beautiful. I wish I'd been clever enough to go there for uni, really. Something about the surroundings inpsires you to Be Academic. We wandered around several of the colleges, found lunch in a quiet pub, and were briefly followed around by a strange-but-friendly cat. Photos are here.

Tuesday - nowt. Recovering from the day before!

Wednesday - we went out to see Avatar in 3D at the IMAX, having missed it the first time around. Review / Spoilers )

Thursday - more nothing. Did some more embroidery.

Friday - we were supposed to see Toy Story 3 but neither of us were particularly in the mood. Spent the afternoon searching for shoes for Paul as he's at a wedding today, then he went off to stay over at the bride's mother's (don't even ask, it's the weirdest wedding ever - Paul is a "bridesmate" for starters...) and I came home and watched Marie Antoinette, which we'd picked up at Blockbuster in the cheap sale DVDs rack. Quite an interesting film... Internet was deaded all last night (in addition to cable telly being half-b0rk all day yesterday and again today - you suck, Virgin). I stayed up til about 2.00am in order to knacker myself out before attempting to sleep, otherwise I wouldn't have managed it. Surprisingly, I actually had a fairly good night's sleep, although did have a very odd dream this morning that Paul had briefly come home before going back out to the wedding again...

Today - nothing much at all. Got up 10.00ish after finishing my current book ("Loves Music, Loves to Dance" by Mary Higgins Clark) and have pottered on t'internet since then. Should probably straighten my hair and get ready soon as I have to be at the same wedding's reception at 6.00. Given I hardly fit into any of my clothes any more, I have no idea what to wear. Meh.

Tomorrow - chillaxing and enjoying the last day of my leave. I should have booked another week. Hopefully I will be having another week off after my birthday anyway.

And that's it.
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Failed to do this again yesterday because I was too tired to go on the internet, go figure...

Full list.

Day 04 - A Song That Makes You Sad

Considering how often this reduced me to tears, it can only be...

Meryl Streep - "Slipping Through My Fingers" - from Mamma Mia!

I think I finally became immune to this beast after about... 20 listens? Yeah. No idea why, it just gets to me.

Day 05 - A Song That Reminds You Of Someone

I did have a song written down here, which used to remind me of Paul... except it doesn't any more, or at least not present-day Paul. :) It reminded me of Paul when we were first going out, so it's not that relevant now. So instead, here is something horrendously geeky.

Lily Allen - "Chinese"

This is one of those "once you have seen it, it cannot be unseen" situations. During the midst of post-Easter special madness, and the period shortly before that when I was attempting to finish the last of my episode tags, this song kept on reminding me of Jonathan and Maddy and her inevitable return. Or at least an inevitable return in which there was not a decade of complicated history and things had been actually normal before she buggered off to America.

Of course, once I'd made that association (it usually only takes a couple of lines or a few words to cause it) it wouldn't go away, and now I can't listen to it without thinking of J/M. Unfortunately, the Marks and Spencer's adverts have the same effect - you have no idea how bloody glad I was when they finally showed Caroline Quentin's character's husband in those adverts. Seriously.

Sad, but true. And alas, it's not the only song which does this. I have at least one for every fandom / pairing. :D

Aaanyway, that's it.

Just waiting for Alex and Dina to arrive for another of our dinner party, three-course menu efforts. This time we're having chicken liver pate with crusty bread to start (made by Paul - the pate, anyway), followed by steak-and-ale pie (me) and cheescake with strawberry coulis (Paul - his first ever dessert!) if it ever sets. :D

OM NOM. This time there will be pictures. ;)
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It's my mum's birthday today, so we're going over later for some food. We also went out on Saturday night to Strada (the one in the ICC), which was amazing. Everything from the wine to the dessert was faultless. OMNOM.

Monday at work was annoying. I have mellowed since and was too bloody tired to update about it at the time, but suffice it to say, it was to do with yet more colleague fail. I was on tape rota (I see how this works; I get lumbered with all of the previous week's backlog and whoever does Tuesday gets an easy ride) but seeing as on Friday night I was accosted (AGAIN) whilst trying to leave about an urgent, I decided to do that when I got in first thing instead. At around 10.00am (I think), Forgetful came downstairs to deliver some work and said, in an accusing tone:

"I thought you were doing tapes today."

Yes, but there are urgents, so I was helping. Her response was that "Normally whoever's on tapes just lets everyone else do the urgents". Pardon me for being remotely useful, then.

So pretty much from that point onwards I was waiting for hometime. Also my voice had packed up for some reason so I didn't really talk much all day, which everyone noticed (I'm not that talkative, honest!) and wondered why. Meh. Probably for the best, actually, or I would have shouted the odds to whoever was listening.

In other news, Arsey is apparently talking to me again. So I suppose I should change his alias. :) Maybe he was embarrassed about his conduct on the Day of the Move and decided ignoring me was better than apologising? That would explain his lack of eye contact in the lift the other day. Anyway, I was doing the rounds earlier with Noor's get-well-soon card and he was chatty and normal and actually initiating a conversation...

I'm very glad it's blown over, actually, as I was starting to worry there'd be an atmosphere, and as he's a locum there is every chance that he might end up working for South at some point (he already has once) and I didn't want it to continue if that was the case.

Nowt else to report. Hopefully I'll have time to post the music-meme entry later, though I have the majority of the other options written down on paper so as to make things quicker. It was just that first one which I found tricky, all the others were fine. :P
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Not that I have anything particularly substantial to update about, per se - I'm just feeling less half-dead than I have been for the past few weeks so should probably keep my LJ alive if nothing else.

Actually, I've not had any coffee since last Tuesday (I won't say I've not had caffeine because I've had Pepsi) thanks to my right kidney twinging ominously at me that morning and terrifying me into drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. Thus far my kidneys have consistently ached a bit, but haven't moved on to incapacitating agony, so I don't know if I just caught it in time or whether it's something else. In any case, I'm making a GP appointment on my way home tonight just in case...

So I attribute the general not-feeling-half-deadness to not being full of caffeine dregs. The first three days without coffee were pretty horrendous, actually, but I feel much better today.

Weekend )

In other news, Trevor-the-landlord has finally given in and replaced the roof, so currently we have no tiles. The horrendous rain on Sunday morning at least proved that the roofers left it waterproof, though after said rain woke me up I was then paranoid the ceiling was going to cave in and it took me a while to drop off again...

And I think that's about it. I've been too skint to do anything else, but hopefully things will start looking up soon. If Paul ever gets a start date for his job, anyway...
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I wonder how many KEVIHS girls on my f-list remember these...

Swirly biscuits!!

There was a recipe for these in the chocolate-themed cookery book I bought Eni for her birthday, and she kindly typed it out for me. In order to distract myself from election horridness, I have thrown myself into productivity today and decided to make them. (Am also making a chickpea, chilli and lime soup later for tea...)

The ones at school were about twice the size, obviously, but I'd wager the cooks had more counter space than me. :P

Not bad for a first attempt, though!

They taste just as good as the originals, too. :D


Apr. 29th, 2010 02:55 pm
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Interview seemed to go okay. It wasn't quite as surreal as the last one (for the secretary job) and I think I answered all the questions properly, though obviously it did suffer somewhat from the usual post-interview feeling of "Oh, I should have said such-and-such as well", but never mind. We shall see. I asked some pertinent questions about the role itself and it would be on a trial period for the first year, with a review after six months to see if the new structure is working and the senior WPO/Clericals are happy / capable in their roles, and then it would go properly permanent after a year...

Not sure when I get to hear back. I shall update again when I know more.

I left early to walk to the surgery to make an appointment and thankfully managed to get one on Saturday morning at 9.50am, which wasn't even an option when I rang up the other day. Hm. At least now I can take that last pill and not have to worry...

I was ridiculously early even after pottering about town, but I had the interview at 1.15 and was back on the bus home again by 1.40. Which included a trip to the Works (right next door) to pick up a couple of recipe books. Retail therapy, yo.

The books are a soup book by the New Covent Garden Food Co. (who make all the lovely fresh soups) which has lots of interesting things in it, and the other is "Cakes and Cookies" from the same range as my other favourite recipe books, which has some rather amazing-looking cakes in it. The baking bug has hit. I might attempt the spiral tea biscuits tomorrow (from the chocolate book I bought Eni for her birthday) and take photographs of the process so that she can see proof that the recipe is possible! Er, assuming I don't mess it up, anyway. :P

Right, nothing left to do now but sit tight. I will finish my penultimate Christmas decoration embroidery and make a start on the last one. I am determined to get these things finished before I go back to work! Will post photographs when they're all sewn and then again when I've finished them properly... Watch this space for many and varied updates.
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I did us a risotto last night, and I think I've finally perfected it. All measurements are somewhat approximate because I had less rice than I thought, but in any case, this is enough to serve two...

Recipe: Risotto )

That's it for today. Far too busy for anything else.
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So, it's 2010. Thank frell for that. Good riddance to 2009 and all its associated crapness.

Apparently my last proper update was on 14th December. I will therefore try not to ramble on excessively as I update about Christmas...

W/C 14th December )

Christmas concert )

W/C 21st December )


New Year, etc )

And that brings us to yesterday. I overslept somewhat and didn't get up until midday... In the evening I cooked for Lisa and her new bloke, Pete, and we watched Feast and the onset of Celebrity BB before bed.

And today I'm back at work. Obviously. :)

I think that's more than enough. :P
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We did our quarterly Asda shop last night because we had literally run out of food. We've not been able to properly stock up whilst Paul was unemployed (save for a couple of trips to Aldi for some basics). The fridge and freezer were bare and the cupboard contained only gravy, stock cubes, pasta and tuna. (You could argue that the last two constitute a meal in itself, but not all the time. :P)

Just over £200. But now the fridge, freezer and cupboards are quite literally full. The stuff that wouldn't fit into the freezer without rearranging the space-time continuum are in the fridge, so we had pork chops last night, then again tonight, and roast chicken at the weekend. It's quite lovely to open the fridge and be greeted with a choice. :)

So, we have a freezer full of MEAT and some fish (when some of the meat has dwindled I think perhaps a trip to the fish market is in order...), a fridge full of vegetables, condiments, cheese and sandwich fillers (paste and deli-style), and a cupboard full of tinned beans and tomatoes and yet more gravy, and stir-fry sauces and Super Noodles. YAY FOOD. We've been very lax in healthy eating of late simply due to a lack of choice, so hopefully now back on track...

Oh, and because Asda is the only place to do big tiger bread loaves (everyone else does piddly little ones for double the price), we got one of those, too. Even though white bread is horrendously bad for me and I'll be suffering for it by the end of next week. It just smells sooooooo goooood. Also makes fabulous toast.

So, this weekend I shall attempt to finish another Christmas decoration (hopefully) before we head out for Paul's mum's birthday surprise meal (mmm carvery) followed by possibly some fireworks somewhere. Must remember to charge the camera. There's nothing happening on Sunday, thankfully.

I should really start thinking about Christmas shopping and book off my 'shopping day'...

PS: If anyone wants a Christmas card, drop me an email with your address. teylaminh at yahoo dot co dot you-kay.
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I should have Fridays off more often. :)

Initially, I had booked Friday off in the event that my mum had some form of hen party / event / get-together. It was supposed to happen last week (because David's office people stag thing was happening on the 11th) but most of her office people were on holiday, and then it ended up being somewhat cancelled due to lack of interest. Booo, office people.

So instead, my mum popped over with my wedding outfit and wrist-corsage and fascinator, and Paul's button hole flower, and the traditional present-from-the-groom-to-the-bridesmaid to me from David, which is a lovely necklace and earrings set that matches the design of the jacket I'm wearing.

It then transpired that David had forgotten his keys so we drove to my mum's to let him in (arriving just as he was ambling down the road, luckily), and since everyone was too tired to go out again, we ordered in a selection of Thai starters / dim sum and gorged ourselves silly. Also plenty left for me and Paul to take home for our tea on Saturday.

We watched Derren Brown's first 'Event' programme ("How to Win the Lottery"), which was... really quite bizarre, and then a bit of the David Blaine "What is Magic?" show (I much prefer his street magic to his Crazy Endurance Stunts) and then got a taxi home.

Oh, yes, during the course of the day I got around to watching Order of the Phoenix, which was pleasant. I'm probably the only person left on the planet who hadn't seen it until now, but I'll cut for spoilers nonetheless... )

We then proceeded to go nowhere and do almost nothing all weekend. Bliss! I've FINALLY started up doing some embroidery again as I wasn't too knackered to attempt it, though unfortunately I may end up having to stitch photographs of it together rather than scans, as since installing the new printer there's no room to scan it on the frame, and I'm not taking it off the thing every time I want to scan it. We'll see how it goes; if photographs fail, I'll just have to scan the whole thing when it's finished instead, though that does rather destroy the point of the scans... we shall see.

In the evening we watched Hancock. Comments / Spoilers )

Sunday was very much of the same. The reason I should have Fridays off more often is that for the first time in ages I woke up on Sunday and didn't feel like crap, thus enabling me not only to cook Paul a proper full breakfast (literally the first time in absolutely ages) as well as my own (bacon and cream cheese on toasted bagel, yum), but tea later on. More of this, please, and less of the crippling headaches / stomach cramps, mmkay?

For tea on Sunday we had some burgers which my mum had picked up for us from Asda when they were on offer (£3.00 down to £1.00), with sun-dried tomatoes in them. OMG delicious. And there are two left. :D

Back at work today and it's somewhat quiet. Hopefully most people are now back off leave so it might pick up for the rest of the week. It's bad enough having to stay late Tuesdays, without having to endure the extra hour without any work to do...

Meh, I shall post this and flee. Will NOT have pasta for lunch, as I think three days in a row is rather excessive, even if it IS delicious from the new pasta place.


Jul. 13th, 2009 11:43 am
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Fairly eventful. Before that, though, I just want to share that last night, I dreamt we got five numbers on the lottery (admittedly the draw was done by buses pulling up to a bus stop, with their numbers corresponding to the lottery numbers) - what a shame to wake up and discover it wasn't true. :(

Went to see my mum on Saturday. We were going to have paella for dinner, but on arrival they'd changed their mind and were going to take us out to the Kings Head (formerly Quantum, formerly Kings Head) in Bearwood. Quite possibly the most expensive meal I've ever had, but also hands-down the absolute best I've had, too.

For starters, David and I both opted for the seared scallops with pea puree and crispy pancetta. Very nice indeed. Paul and my mum both had the chicken liver parfait with cumberland sauce, which was also delicious. I think I heard the waiter say the scallops were Michelin starred...

We had different mains: David had the steak (which looked delicious, though he wasn't inclined to share it. :P), my mum had the tuna, Paul had half a lobster, and I had the lamb shank. There was seriously enough meat on it to feed three people. And it was gorgeous.

Despite having half a sheep for my main course, I still found room for dessert in the form of a lemon tart with orange syrup, which was just as good as the savoury dishes. Quite often I find restaurants are let down by their sweets, but not so in this case.

Despite being expensive, however, it was very good value for money (especially given the size of my lamb!), and I would definitely recommend it. Their bar menu looks impressive, too... We put in the customer satisfaction cards to enter their monthly draw and try to win a meal for two...

They also do a good value set menu Mondays to Thursdays which also sounded very nice...

Got back and managed to catch the Killers live at T in the Park on BBC3, which was fortuitous. :)

On Sunday we had breakfast at the cafe in Tesco at Five Ways, en route to the cinema. I was still full of lamb and lemon tart, but managed a couple of vegetarian sausages and hash browns. I am now on a mission to find said sausages, because they were very nice - mostly potato, leek and carrot, I think, actual vegetables rather than quorn... I tried the little Tesco in the city centre, in the hope that said sausages were perhaps their own brand, but they didn't appear to have any vegetarian sausages at all... I've kind of gone off most breakfast food (at least at breakfast), you see. As such I've stocked up on croissants and muffins and want to find some veggie sausages because I think my constitution will cope better with those than full-on meat-filled ones.

After breakfast we went to see Bruno, which was even more gratuitous than Borat and about as entertaining... it had its moments Spoilers ), but seriously, one of these days Sasha Baron Cohen is going to get his head kicked in by angry racists / homophobes / religious nutters. There's one point where a chair comes very close to landing on his head, which is mildly terrifying. I quite agree that half of the time these people fully deserve to be baited in such a way, but I imagine there's only so far you can push before they turn violent...

The rest of the evening was spent watching the 'Stenders omnibus and fighting off tiredness, then watching the latest installment of Big Brother and finding Clue on ITV3.

So I've not really had time to think this weekend. Hopefully next week will be a quiet one.

I need to book some tickets to We Will Rock You tonight, before there are none left...
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Today Lisa and I had an adventure. Sort of.

We were meant to go to Ikea at about 12.00pm, only to discover that the car battery had died. Cue some brief panicked telephone calls, and then the nice man at the local garage jump-started the engine for us. Then it stalled and had to be jumped again, but then we went for a gentle drive to recharge it. Firstly around the back end of Kings Heath / Moseley, and then up to Wythall and Druids Heath. We stopped off at a farm shop and bought some bits and bobs (I got Paul a couple of bottles of Purity ale) and then we discovered a very convenient Aldi near the giant Sainsbury's at Maypole, so went in there as well. Stocked up on some bits like cheese and jars of curry sauce, for just under a tenner. Marvellous.

So, we're going to Ikea tomorrow instead, and hopefully the sale will still be on... not that I can remotely afford to be buying storage (my embroidery stand broke yesterday so I had to order a new one), but we need more DVD racks.

And now for the recipe, from last night: Recipe: Chicken Pasta Bake )

Nowt else to report. It's insanely warm today despite the brief bouts of rain, just really close and muggy and humid enough to get on my chest quite badly. Thank anything I'm not afflicted with hayfever.

I should probably tidy the living room if we need to build furniture at some point...


Jun. 15th, 2009 10:48 am
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On Saturday we had an impromptu barbecue. As Paul and I were heading out to get supplies - our new rule is to allocate a day each week, usually Saturday, to trying something new out of one of the many recipe books in the kitchen - Lisa decided that because it was a lovely day she was going out to buy a barbecue, so we went out again a couple of hours later to get more MEAT.

The barbecue was lovely. We had two different types of skewered kebabs (steak / prawn with peppers and mushrooms), steaks, hot dogs and burgers, and I'd done some boiled potatoes which we wrapped in foil and left on the grill. Lisa fed us absinthe towards the end of the night but it was incredibly strong so we both gave up within a few sips...

We went to bed quite early due to meat-induced tiredness, but it was an otherwise very pleasant day.

On Sunday, however, I spent the entire day on the sofa wallowing in self-pity, thanks to feeling like complete dren. I was wide awake at 8.30 and probably should have got up at that point, and was then wide awake again when my alarm went off an hour later, but alas went back to sleep for another hour.

I had some breakfast and then helped with drying up as there was a mound of dirty dishes to get through, but halfway through started to feel lightheaded and queasy so had to lie down. I was okay again a few minutes later so went downstairs to hang washing on the line, but then had to lie down AGAIN once I'd finished that, and then spent the rest of the day on the sofa. Paul had to cook the experimental dinner (it was supposed to be my turn) and bring the washing in for me because every time I stood up I thought I was going to fall over. Not very fun.

So, even though it was a gloriously sunny weekend, I only got to enjoy half of it. Stupid body. I'm hoping this isn't going to be a regular reaction to heat, because if it is, I think I'd rather it rain all summer... Plus I dread to think what would happen if I ever go away on holiday somewhere hotter than Britain.


I'm still not feeling quite 100% this morning, as it happens, though obviously I'm well enough to be in work, because my body is mean like that. I'm still a bit woozy-headed. I haven't really been eating properly lately, so I'll attribute the general unwellness to that rather than anything else. However, I have just spied some mini chocolate muffins, and chocolate is the answer to all of life's problems, so I shall have one.
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Last week's stress has finally begun to manifest itself - the skin around my right middle fingernail is peeling quite horrendously, and the ring finger's started to go as well. Left hand is okay so far. I might put some Sudocrem on them tonight... All of my random stress reactions take about a week to kick in; at least this time I was expecting it. I'm usually trying to remember what kicked it off. ;)

They've turned the heating off at work this morning, so I had to run out at about 10.00 to get some hot chocolate in order to warm myself up.

Weekend was quite fun. Saturday morning was slightly marred by having a headache first thing, which I attribute to not eating properly. When I have brown bread every day I do tend to feel generally healthier, and my stomach has been a bit complainy of late, too. Back to the healthy(ish) eating today.

In the afternoon we went out to Alison's birthday picnic at Cannon Hill Park. Obviously, it was lovely and sunny on the way there - we walked from Moseley having just missed the bus - until we were walking through the park, when the heavens opened. The rain kept coming, off and on, for the majority of the afternoon, and the picnic took place on the bandstand. Much amusement was had, especially when Paul and Lloyd got fed up of sitting on the floor and went to fetch a picnic table, until someone said that the bandstand wouldn't withstand the weight, at which point they abandoned the table halfway up the slope... My description of this is done better justice by the photographs, which are on Facebook, here.

Paul and I left after an hour or so because we were cold from the walk in the rain. At the point we decided to leave it was chucking it down again so we held on for a bit and then - obviously - when we walked back to Moseley (uphill, gah), the sun had come out again. Typical. :P

In the evening we rented Zack and Miri Make a Porno from cable, which was actually surprisingly good...

Sunday was fairly sedate. We were going to go out if the weather was okay, but obviously it wasn't, so we stayed in. Watched the second Jonathan Creek Christmas special, "Satan's Chimney". I appear to be finding Carla a lot less irritating than the first time around, which is somewhat worrying. I now suddenly realise I completely missed the postcard scene... am now wondering if it was in a different episode entirely, though I'm fairly sure it's in "SC", because I mentioned it in my post-episode tag... Hm. Might need to re-watch and find it.

Some random thoughts )

Other than that, I did some more embroidery and watched The Unloved, part of C4's "Find Me A Family" season. Also made a spaghetti bolognese last night with some pancetta in it that we picked up from Sainsbury's, and mmmmmm nice.

I don't think there's much else to report.
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But first: Scan 11/? )

Today, Lisa and I drove out to Knowle to scout out a potential pub for her to take her date to next week. We started off at Black Boy, where we had lunch (I had a huge steak and ale pie and Lisa had the cajun chicken), before wandering down the canal path to The Heron's Nest, for lovely summer cordial drinks. Then back to the first pub for dessert (sticky toffee waffle pudding for me, and chocolate sponge with ice cream for Lisa) and back home again. Far too much food, but fairly good value for the size of the portions.

We were out a good four hours. A shame the weather wasn't better, but no worse than expected considering it's a bank holiday. Just watch the sun come out again tomorrow.

Other than that the weekend has been lazy. Paul and I tidied up the hall on Saturday and then my mum and David came over to go to Byzantium - £70 all in for four people really isn't bad. Sunday Paul was at work, same again today. So much of the usual, really.

Nowt else to report.


Apr. 17th, 2009 02:14 pm
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Birmingham Hippodrome has ganged up on me; suddenly there are millions of things on over the rest of the year that I want to see. Of course, I also haven't been on their mailing list for years, which might have something to do with it...

In the hope of finding other interested parties (but don't expect me to organise anything without extreme cooperation from other parties...), here's a list of stuff I want to see...

We Will Rock You UK Tour - 1st July to 5th September. (As Paul doesn't like Queen I doubt he will want to see this with me - any takers?)

Little Shop of Horrors - 15th to 19th September.

Evita UK Tour - 5th to 17th October. (Anyone want to take me for my birthday? :D)

Rocky Horror Show - 2nd to 7th November. (YAY!)

Matthew Bourne's Dorian Gray - 10th to 14th November.

I think that's about it. I'm not even checking the Alex's listings.


Anyway, yesterday was our four-year anniversary. Quite a pleasant day, awful weather aside. We went briefly into town for a drink at Bacchus and then the Trocadero, one in the Yard of Ale, then back home for a bit before going out for the meal at Byzantium, a local tapas restaurant, at 8.00. We also stopped off at HMV to have a look and came back with £50-worth of CDs: an old PJ Harvey album, The Killers's latest album, Peter Docherty (the new solo album), the new Dido, the new Lily Allen, and the latest Seasick Steve. Some are mine, some are Paul's and some are joint purchases...

As for dinner, the food was lovely and the entire meal came to about £25.00, which was insanely reasonable. We were slightly ambitious in our choices (a little too much food), but it was all delicious. Starter dishes were flatbread, hummus and olives. I tried an olive, but found them intolerably weird. Mains were 'patatas bravas' (roast potatoes with tomatoes), mushrooms stuffed with tomato and red pepper, skewered chicken with vegetables, and calamari with garlic mayonnaise. YUM.

We would definitely go there again, and I would recommend it to anyone else seeking good food, good service and reasonable prices. Unfortunately I didn't have any room for dessert... ;)

We watched Benny and Joon in the evening before bed. Didn't get up today until about 11.30 and I had an insanely long dream, of which I can remember precisely nothing except the bit I will post separately in a moment. Paul is off now until Monday but today is a lazy day of not doing very much. Need to clean up in the kitchen, and I've done a blue load of laundry and a bit more embroidery, with more to come momentarily.
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Paul and I attempted to make pancakes for the first time last night. I made the batter and he did the cooking. Batter wasn't thin enough and the pan wasn't hot enough. Here's the end result:

The second one wasn't much better. Still, they tasted okay. :P
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Paul and I finished series 1 of Jonathan Creek last night, and I realised for the first time that Adam Klaus (as played by Stuart Milligan) doesn't actually appear in person after the pilot episode, where he's played, amusingly, by Anthony Stewart Head. He is mentioned in passing - at one point he's meant to be in Vegas - but is never seen.

Also, "House of Monkeys" is still my favourite episode. Not just because I'm that predictable, but because the Stranges' son is an absolutely brilliant character.

Other than that, the weekend has been pleasant. We went out for breakfast on Saturday due to a lack of breakfast-like food in the fridge, then Paul got his hair cut. Of the evening we went out for a meal at La Fibule in Moseley, which was very nice indeed.

For starters, Paul had the salmon / prawn concoction which I was going to have (glad I didn't as the salmon was raw) and I had the koftas wrapped in aubergine - another vegetable to cross off the list. Strange flavour, quite bitter.

For mains, Paul had the monkfish, which turned out to be a fish curry of sorts (very nice) and I had the "Poulet Khaddra", which was very similar to my mushroom&gorgonzola thing except that the chicken was rolled and stuffed with spinach and cheese, and the sauce was thicker. Delicious. I shall attempt to make it at home. ;) We shared some sauted potatoes on the side. Neither of us managed to finish our meals as there was so much food, but I had a valiant attempt nonetheless...

On getting home, we rented The Mist from On Demand (most depressing ending EVAR) and finally went to bed around 2.00am, I think. I had a Mist-like dream but can't remember much of it now.

Nothing much else to report, really. I'm about to run out of work in about 10 minutes - hurrah.
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Okay, here's a real entry, as there's 15 minutes to kill before I can leave work.

Asda shop last night wasn't as painful as anticipated. The carpark was rammed, but the store itself wasn't too bad. We managed to spend just under £120 just on the Christmas stuff, but about half of that was on booze which will last hopefully longer than the festive period: a box of wine, a bottle of Smirnoff, and a bottle of port for Paul for Christmas, which I'm going to wrap at some point before the day. Because, well, it's a present, innit.

We got a very nice looking beef joint for Christmas dinner which was about £8.00 (which is reasonable, for beef...) and absolutely tonnes of veggies to go with it, plus various bottles of nice juice and Schloer, that staple of Christmas. ;)

I also made a start on my hand-made card last night, for the competition (of sorts) on Christmas Eve. A few people seem to have made them out of office supplies (printer paper, staples) but Marie didn't expressly state we had to do that, so I don't consider it cheating to use the coloured card I bought to make Christmas cards two years ago and didn't due to creativity failure. Besides which, I'm far too competitive for my own good and, despite only remembering about it yesterday, am now in it to WIN! :P So far, so good, if a little rough and ready. I'll post photos tomorrow - would post a scan, but it's a pop-up card. :D I also would have finished it last night, but had to wait for the glitter-glue to dry.

We're going to Paul's mum's tonight so hopefully I'll have time to finish it when we get back... I just need to finish the 'tree' inside and embellish with copious glitter, hopefully without getting it into the carpet this time. Um. Also need to find my posh silver / gold pens, as they've gone AWOL from the craft box.

I'm meant to take the recycling home tonight, but collection day - normally Friday - falls on Boxing Day and I'm not sure if they're actually collecting. Paul and I will have more than enough recycling of our own over Christmas without adding work's collection of milk cartons and bottles, so it can wait until next week...

Right, that killed 10 minutes.

If I don't post again before Christmas (which, let's face it, is doubtful), then I wish everyone a very merry one indeed. But not so merry as to cause awful hangovers. ;)
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That was a pleasant, if slightly exhausting, weekend...

Starting with Friday night, and our first Messiah concert. Compared to the Beethoven it's positively relaxing. :P Paul came home about half an hour after me, drunker than promised (four drinks my big fat arse...) and without his phone, lost at some point in the process of going home. DRINKING IS BAD, MMKAY?

Saturday )

Anyway, at least now the tree is up and that's one element of stress dealt with.

Sunday was the direct opposite. Somehow over the course of Saturday night I drank three glasses of wine, so woke up feeling awful not only with a headache, but random aches and pains from all the hard work the day before. I watched a few episodes of X-Files in bed and then went back to sleep until 1.45. We completely forgot to ring people as promised, so that'll have to be done today.

Sunday night we ordered pasta from Pizza Hut / Pasta Hut (quite nice) which we ate in separate rooms because Paul was playing poker, and then he buggered off out for a drink with Alex (who is temporarily back from Gran Canaria) even though he's seeing him tomorrow, despite saying we would watch something together at 9.00. Thanks. :P

Anyway, work is okay today - plenty to do, so I won't get to leave early, but at least I'm not bored. Things are going to be quite frantic from now on.


Oct. 31st, 2008 05:19 pm
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It's nice to work in a place where my baking efforts are met with excited word-of-mouth and immediate delving into the tin, as opposed to suspicion and being ignored. At this rate I'll get a reputation as the resident baking mistress.

I made some cheesy biscuits for work. The recipe lies about the 15 minutes of preparation, though; all in all they took an hour to prepare and bake. I have also discovered new and interesting areas of pain as a result of dough-kneading and rolling out. OW.

I need to do more baking for the party, so that will take up most of Saturday morning...
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Thanks for the poll answers, those who voted. I was feeling somewhat despondent yesterday due to being tired and not knowing what I wanted, and I've finally come to a decision. Ironically, it's the decision I'd already made.

I'm going to stay at choir until Christmas, and then probably leave. If only because I've been rehearsing for the November concert for ages and it would be a waste of effort to quit now, and because I really do enjoy the Christmas singing. I will probably only do one of the Messiah concerts, though, as I seem to recall one of those was mid-week and hence knackering...

Still a little irked by the 1st November rehearsal being inconveniently timed to clash with my Hallowe'en party, but with any luck I can get a lift there and back and cut out on journey times. It's not the end of the world, just annoying.

Paul is right, though - I probably do need to joint something smaller and/or more local, if possible. I keep toying with the idea of am-op (Crossed Keys is based in Acocks Green) if I ever find enough confidence to do it, and I do enjoy the actual singing, just not the having to stay late at work or the constant travelling to the back end of nowhere, or the constant hassling people for tickets (and the stress of having to get them). I don't know if I'll join something else straight away, but I think I need a bit of a break nonetheless.

In other news, we have shiny new PCs at work today. :) The screen resolution is massive, though; so much space! (And they haven't disabled the majority of useful functions, either, so I can actually change my screen-saver at last.)

Of course, I just had to go through and add buttons to my Word toolbar and re-create my macros, but never mind...

And I have a Thai chicken & rice soup for lunch. YUMS.
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It were good. And, thankfully, free of screaming toddlers. ;) This entry will not be particularly insightful because a) I'm knackered and b) my finger hurts because I broke the skin around my nail, so typing is a bugger.

Thoughts )

That's all I can say. I did warn against the lack of substance.

I didn't end up stage-door-stalking Mr Sleep because my stomach was playing merry hell and I just wanted to lie down. I over-indulged horribly yesterday without intending to... I had a Pret cookie for breakfast, which will ordinarily last me until lunchtime quite easily. Except then there was birthday cake (sickly, buttery birthday cake of cakely deliciousness) downstairs, and home-made samosas (mmmm, samosas) on our floor, and it all went to hell. I had my lunch at lunchtime, and we went to Zizzi to make use of the voucher for dinner before the show, even though I wasn't hungry, after which my stomach was bloated, painful and making interesting noises... :(

If I'd been feeling well, I would have gone to find the stage door, but I just couldn't face it. I am more than happy to have seen Wayne Sleep performing in something, though, especially as I managed to miss him playing the Child Catcher in Chitty....

Today I am having a HUNGRY day. Or it could be wind, I don't know. ;) Thankfully the worst of the stomach grumbliness has passed today. I also have sniffles because of the damned weather. I concede; the heating is going on.

Also, I went into Primark yesterday lunchtime to buy a bra. Er, which you all wanted to know. ;) The one I was wearing was annoying me by being entirely the wrong shape, so I just had to get a new one and Primark was cheap and easy. I also managed to find a black / dark grey zip-up hoody, finally, though had to dig for one in a size 12 - and Primark's bizarre sizing fails again. It's practially too small - all my other size 12 tops from there have been fine. CONSISTENCY. Learn it.

Anyway. I treated myself to a M&S lunch today and there is tabbouleh in my wrap. :)
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Hrm. Compared to last week, which was absolutely frelling insane in terms of work to do, and generally annoying in terms of everything else because I was knackered for most of it, this week is the exacty opposite. There is now nothing to do.

On the plus side, I've managed to scrape my flex up to a full day at last, so with any luck I'll be able to have a random day off at some point. And choir starts again tomorrow, so the flex-building will be quicker.

I feel sort of restless today. I blame the weather. August has been rubbish and it's like I've been waiting for the weather to improve without it ever happening, which makes me... not want to do anything. It's odd. I'm lagging behind on household stuff like cleaning the kitchen and doing the washing because a) I've been too tired and b) if the weather is poo I can't put said washing outside and it takes a week to dry in the attic, so I end up falling behind with it.

The sense of restlessness manifested at the weekend, really. We had a quiet one for the most part. Paul was out on Friday night to celebrate his last evening of cigarette freedom, and then out again Saturday afternoon to play pool. I started various things whilst he was out and didn't finish them: reading fics, planned to update some of my own, started watching series 1 of Most Haunted and gave up after two episodes... And yesterday was the same. I sat through the 'Stenders omnibus and spent the next couple of hours trying to subdue the boredom until I could cook tea.

Ramble )

In other fandom-related news, Channel Four have finally pulled their fingers out to bring us the rest of season 2 of Ugly Betty. For some reason the DVDs haven't been released yet, so my plan of spiting them went out of the window. Never mind the fact that season three starts in about four weeks in the US. Ah, well, it was nice being up to speed for a while.

Also, someone has brought in some Herschey's mini bars from their holiday and yeah. America cannot do chocolate. Herscheys with fillings is okay (their "Crunch" equivalent was edible), but their bog-standard no-frills chocolate absolutely mings. It has this really awful aftertaste. They may excel at cookies, but they should leave the cocoa-based confectionary to the experts. Chocolate is the one thing that makes me glad to be British, and also a Brummie. *hugs the Cadbury factory*

(Note to self: send [livejournal.com profile] doec some Real Chocolate. :P)

That's about it...
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So, it was quite good. Not as good, I expect, as the London production, but enjoyable nonetheless. The special effects were pretty awesome. :) It's completely different from the film in that several bits are in different places and there are extra characters. I have no idea how it relates to the original book, though. Even the familiar songs sound unfamiliar because of the way they're arranged. Feed the Birds is still my favourite...

I was confused about where I'd booked our seats, as it turns out, because I thought they were in the stalls and in fact they were in the circle. Quite far back, but the view was okay. I'm not used to being that high up and not being able to see people's faces properly. Thank goodness those tickets only ended up being £20, though, as I think if I'd paid full price for them I would have been a bit pissed off.

Thanks for putting it on right in time for the summer holidays, Birmingham. Srsly. I really wanted to spend good money on tickets to have to strain to hear the entire thing over chattering parents and screaming children. *rolls eyes*

On that note, people and parents of Birmingham, please note the following:

1. When the music starts and the lights go down, that is a cue to STFU. It does not mean "start talking louder to hear each other over the inconvenient orchestra" and nor does it mean "slowly dwindle to silence after about five minutes". It means "be quiet now". Thank you.

2. Please do not fill your children full of sugar when they have to sit through just under three hours of theatre. Whilst it may shut them up temporarily and stop them whinging, it only means they will become hyperactive and jump up and down. Occasionally telling them "shh" every few minutes is not good enough either.

3. Also, seat-kicking is entirely unacceptable in any situation and I have no idea why you haven't yet drilled this into your little brats yet. (Thankfully, we were initially in the wrong row and hence moved away from the seat-kickers.)

4. If your child is too young to communicate in any other way than crying or screaming, they are too young to go to the theatre. Full stop.

Having said that, one small child did provide a moment of amusement at the start. The first thing on stage is a man emerging from a chimney. Said small child shouted "HELLO!" at him. :)

At the same time, though... it's not a pantomime. I'm all for taking your kids to pantos, and I'm all for providing cultural input via the theatre... but please, for the love of anything, teach them the difference between pantomime and musical theatre. When they grow up and go to Rocky Horror they can shout out all they like, but until that point, shut them up. KTHX.

We did go to Pizza Express for dinner, also, though it transpired the voucher had in fact expired on 7th August. I checked the bloody thing loads of times, too, and still got it wrong. It only came to about £10.00 a head anyway... Paul had a Four Seasons pizza and I had a chicken pasta dish containing musrooms, red onion and lots of cheese, with pesto, which was absolutely gorgeous...

Oh, and I forgot to mention - I bought some red pepper pesto houmous from Somerfield the other and it is MANNA FROM HEAVEN, not to mention moreish. (Also, turns out I like chickpeas.)

That will do for now. Tonight we're having some of the pork in a stir fry, and attempting to watch Dan: In Real Life before the end of the night so we can get the DVDs back to Blockbuster in time... I must also edit chapter 1 and post chapter 2 of the PotC fic...
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I think I have palate memory. It's like a combination of muscle memory and sensory memory (when a smell or noise reminds you of a time or place).

I had a Pret oat-and-chocolate-chip cookie for breakfast this morning (shut up, it's got oats in, it's healthy... :P) and the sort of slightly gooey bit in the middle really reminded me of porridge. Or rather, of what I remember porridge tasting vaguely like the last time I had porridge, which was probably about 15 years ago.

Given that my tastes have changed quite a lot over the past year or so (Lloyd was incredibly surprised to learn about my new Adventures with Vegetables, but he hasn't cooked for me since about 2002 so its hardly surprising...) and I am a fan of oats in most things, I think it may be time to try porridge again. And even if I don't like it, I can use the oats to make biscuits. ;)

Cheap, cheerful, healthy, energy-providing. Yes. Very much of the good. I have two weeks in which to get used to it and perfect making it quickly, also, so this is very well timed.

As for last night, Paul didn't so much wake me up as keep me up, so today I'm very tired, but now also buzzed on caffeine. I feel like Homer Simpson when he had to be a truck driver. Wednesday is an annoying day of the working week. Two days down, but still two to go until the weekend.

I need to do an Amazon shop, I think. Alanis has a new album out, and there are a couple of books I want to get (not that I've read all the others I've bought yet...) and maybe some DVDs. Will see what's on offer.

I shall now sign this off before the caffeine buzz fills it with rambly pointlessness...
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I did a quick google search this morning to see if the BBC site had a copy of Delia Smith's easy shepherd's pie recipe from her latest 'cheats' series. Not because I don't know how to make shepeherd's pie, but because I happened to catch that particular episode and decided to follow her suggestion of using frozen mash to put on top. Not because I can't make mash, but because it's bloody impossible to get it on top of the meat layer without it going horribly wrong.

(The reason for making shepherd's pie is because my grandmother and uncle are coming for dinner on Friday and it's quick, easy and traditional, and there's plenty of it. And I can make the basic bit before she arrives then shove it in the oven to finish it off, which makes things a lot easier, obviously.)

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Talking of scones, actually, I made some on Sunday for the first time since the above-mentioned incident at school, which was probably first or second year. (I forgot to add the sugar; the teaching assistant whipped out a mixer and helped me. :P) I think I'm getting better at dough-related cooking, but need to make them bigger as they're all about 1.5" across. :) Still, lovely with butter. I'll make some larger ones and get some cream to whip so we can have them with jam.

And whilst I'm here, I shall make a shopping list for Friday's meal.

  • lamb mince
  • frozen mash (Aunt Bessy's)
  • carrots & swede
  • broccoli & cauliflower
  • peas?
  • cheddar

That should do it. I'll probably chuck some garlic in because we bought four ENORMOUS bulbs from the local grocer so will be eating it for the next year... good job I like garlic, really.

Swimming last night actually wasn't too difficult, other than that one point halfway across the pool where the sun is blinding. Collisons ahoy. The only annoying thing is that Alison and I had to cubicle-share on arrival because, even though people aren't allowed in until 6.00pm, they're apparently starting to queue at 5.20. Grr. We had to wait until 6.30 to get in. I suspect this is because it's OMG summer so people are either (a) cooling down or (b) learning to swim in time for a holiday. Irritating. It's usually quite full just after Christmas when all the good intentioning people turn up, but they tend to disappear after a few weeks. I wish they'd refurb the other pool already. There is scaffolding up outside, which is promising...

So, we may be doing alternative activities for the summer if this keeps up. Which is kind of annoying, because swimming + summer = nice. Obviously, everyone else thinks so, too.

And another thing - why do people just STAND in the middle of the pool? They can stand by the edges, but nooo, they have to stand right where I'm trying to swim. I got completely trapped at one point by two slow-moving swimmers and a random standing person. Gah.

Anyway. Enough moaning. I will get a bike and cycle, ohyes. Unless, like all my other good intentions, it falls flat on its arse.

Oh yes, and we watched Sweeney Todd last night. :) That striped bathing suit still kills me...

I shall now sign this one off before it gets any rantier.


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