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Honestly, the communication in this place... I told Marie on Tuesday and Gaynor yesterday that I had a doctor's appointment this morning and yet they still thought I'd vanished off the face of the earth this morning. Subsequently, Sandra's taken ALL the work downstairs (including a couple of urgents for Ama, who is evidently not pleased), thus leaving me with nothing... and there's nobody in. I've just had to go and retrieve the stuff which hadn't been started, although unfortunately she still has the urgent - and didn't appear to be working on it when I was down there, either...

Anyway. Doctor stuff )

God, the weather was awful this morning... I bet our front window's leaked, too, as it was so windy. The majority of me stayed dry as I wore my full-length leather coat but my feet are a bit soggy... I should probably buy some more work shoes that are actually waterproof, but it's so difficult to find any which fit and are comfortable. I'll have another look in Priceless this weekend... I think my last pair accidentally ended up at the charity shop. If I could wear heels for more than an hour at time this wouldn't be a problem...

I think the weather got drastically worse whilst I was in the surgery, though, because there was snow (or possibly hail) on the ground outside when I came out... It can snow with pleasure, as long as it waits until the weekend...

This week's gone fast...

I need to post chapter eight of "Rain..." tonight or tomorrow (it's completely finished - just needs a few finishing touches) and then I can continue working on "Strange Glue" - which reminds me, I must make a start on chapter five, as I'm trying to stay one chapter ahead of myself... And I've started working on a slightly happier epilogue to "Rain" (a one-chapter piece) because the ending ended up a little ambiguous...

Anyway. Lunchtime.
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I love the irony of this: there was a van outside the office this morning collecting our confidential waste for shredding and recycling - obviously, a very green thing to do. Except it had its engine running, in order to shred the shredding. Nice going. :P

I posted chapter three of "Strange Glue" last night (I need to work on Chapter 5 before I post the next one, though) and also wrote a bit of chapters seven and eight of "Rain...", which has suddenly come out of hibernation. I had three reviews last night before bed - I checked again this morning to find 18!! One for "Rain" and the others for "Glue". Note to self: Shippiness Sells. (I'm really proud of what I did for "Rain" last night; the fluff completely came out of nowhere and took over, and means I don't have to do two alternative endings because I managed to combine them...)

Kate (Solicitor) made us all giggle this morning... She was trying to give out her email address to somebody clueless on the phone. (For clarity, our email addresses read as name_surname@... or name.surname@...). The conversation on our end follows:

Kate: "It's 'Kate', 'underscore'... no, it's like a line..." [cue much more of the same] "Do you want to just give me your email address and I'll email you..." [afterwards, hen the conversation was over...] "I can't spell it. It's a f*cking underscore!

Here's another one, though possibly it's another of those "only funny if you do nothing but type all day" moments: the tape I just picked up from Heather is a Statement of Facts (i.e. a document listing all the facts of the case / history that prove that a child should be adopted) and she began it with "This is for Judge X so it needs to be perfect." (Judge X hates the local authority about 95% of the time, for no apparent reason...)

I've finally been paid, four days earlier than usual but three days later than anticipated - it won't help that much with February being a five-week month, but Paul is meant to be givnig me lots of money in February to make up for it. At this rate I'll believe it when I see it, but only because having no money for a year has made me rather cynical...

Gosh, I'm tired. I woke up at about 5.00am today for no reason at all, and even though I've been going to bed early, it's only so I can write for a couple of hours without it ending up at midnight...

Ah well. Nearly lunchtime.
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So, Ama and I have a deal whilst Noor is on holiday. I am not to let anyone else take her tapes, and she will buy me chocolate before she leaves in February.

This is because Noor and I are used to Ama's (usually quite awful) dictation and generally get it done a lot quicker than the other WPOs in the team.

Of course, the other WPO in our team is Sandra, who works as a secretary on Mondays and Tuesday and occasionally deigns to turn up looking for work from our tray once in a blue moon, takes bloody hours about it and only manages to turn up when there's not enough work to sustain two of us, let alone three.

The last three times she's taken one of Ama's tapes she's taken all day to get it done, resulting in Ama stressing out and making me swear never to let her take them again, as above.

A couple of times I've managed to stop her picking things up (urgents, mostly) because I've been finishing something off, but this morning she booked in a full-tape dictation from Ama before I'd even arrived, and took it to do.

She signed it out at 8.30am.

When Ama returned from Court at about 1.45pm, it had still not been completed. So she went down to find out where it was and there was apparently still half a tape left. So, not over 5 hours to do a full tape, but over 5 hours to do half a tape? I know her dictation is difficult, but that is clearly unacceptable. I keep telling her to bring it up with Marie as there's nothing I can do about it (after the temp I'm the least senior member of the WPO team) but she doesn't want to...

Oddly enough, it appeared at 2.00, completed. God knows what she was doing for those first 5 1/2 hours before that she didn't do in the next 15 minutes, but I presume it equated to gossping and sendng emails.

So yeah. This is admittedly the worst its got to, but she's not much bloody help to us if we have to go chasing her work, and she's made some silly mistakes for other fee earners as well, like re-saving a template document under the same name instead of as a new file...

If it carries on I'm going to have to mention it in supervision... Luckily enough she didn't spot the urgent from Ian when she came up before otherwise that would have been gone an hour as well, especially as it involved making a table from scratch.

I despair, I really do...
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Can anyone else Council-wards please let me know when our bloody January pay day is?

I'm sure was told it was the 21st (i.e. today) but that appears not to be the case if my bank balance is anything to go by. It never occurred to me on Friday that I didn't get a payslip, but I was kind of counting on being paid today and I was sure January was always a week early because of December being the same.

I WANT MY WAGES, DAMN YOU! I drew £20 out this morning that I couldn't afford to because I thought I'd been paid...

So, yeah? Anyone shed any light please?
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I'm sure I had a longer dream than this, but anyway, here's the 5-minute snippet from just before I woke up.

Dream )

As for the random fic inspiration, I decided last night that I should do an Ugly Betty fic to the song "Strange Glue" by Catatonia. Lyrics ) I think the writers-strike-induced haitus is starting to get to me. But yeah, I can definitely use it for a current-season fic. "Rain..." isn't set anywhere in particular, but the current events in the show (spoilers) ) would make perfect fodder for using the song.

I happened to notice this whilst listening to Winamp last night; sometimes, songs just stick out for no apparent reason, though it's nice to be getting the inspiration back again, slowly.

Which reminds me, the PC started first time and kept going until I turned it off, and I was playing online games and listening to music at the same time without it freezing. Clearly it just needed a bit of a dust. Weird thing.

We had a bit of a move around in here today. I didn't move but used all the moving as an excuse to rearrange my desk. Knackered now, though. Could quite happily have a bit of a nap...
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Conversation this morning, regarding Marie's quite disgraceful drunken behaviour at the meal yesterday lunchtime, and the fact that she was supposed to be in a meeting that afternoon...

Gaynor M: Well... she is quite bubbly.
Me: Yeah, but there's a difference between 'bubbly' and 'been at the bubbly'...


Other than that, uneventful day so far today.

Things I MUST MUST MUST REMEMBER to take to work with me tomorrow:

  • Choir outfit;
  • Messiah music;
  • Music folder

Rehearsal is at 5.00, so I also cannot be delayed at work, either.

Given that the next Messiah is on Tuesday, I have requested flex leave for Wednesday 12th December, mainly because the concert doesn't end until 10.15 or thereabouts, and I will be knackered. So, if I get that day off, it will be my shopping day. Having a shopping day worked out quite well last year, and I'm setting myself (hopefully) a strict spending limit because I R skint. Cheap books from The Works all around, I think.

That's assuming I get it, anyway. There's supposed to be a meeting with Graham (personnel chap) about the block appeal for the WPO post that day, so I'm hoping I'm not obligated to attend. Nobody else is off that day so there's no problem there. I've started to dread trying to get time off, which is a bit of a shame...

Paul rightly pointed out last night that the bank probably only wanted to hassle me about upgrading to a 'Silver' account, as they sent with the letter the other day. If it's that desperate, I'm sure they'll ring me back, but it doesn't make the situation any less annoying re: opening hours.
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Today has been a bit up-and-downy. I went in to work earlier than usual (8.15) because there was a lot of work to do (mostly due to long tapes and urgents taking up all the time yesterday) and because we had our support team Christmas lunch from 12.00 to 2.00. The lunch was nice, although possibly the two glasses of wine I had did very little for my typing ability for the rest of the afternoon, and afterwards Gaynor (also two glasses to the good) decided the best idea in the world would be to stand on a stool and put decorations up. Resultantly, all the 'stars' of the office have stars over their heads: me, Noor, Gaynor, Dawn (clerical), a vague-direction-that-would-be-Sue-if-she-wasn't-ill, and an empty space by Heather... (basically, the support team, because we keep everything moving).

Also, as a result of doing lots of urgent work on a case this morning, Noor and I came back from lunch to find boxes of Maltesers on our desks as a thank you. :)

Yesterday was mostly rubbish (aforesaid work was annoying - I had more on this, but thanks to a man coming to test our monitors at lunchtime, my PC was turned off and the entry subsequently lost) and wasn't helped in the evening by the announcement in rehearsal that there are only single tickets left for the Christmas concert. I was meant to be buying 7 tickets for people to come and see me, and understandably, none of them want to sit on their own (four of them were my mum, grandmother, David and uncle, although he wasn't a definite, and the other three were Paul, his mum and his niece Jade), so now the only person still coming is Paul.

So that was a bit upsetting, really, and once again I hit meltdown for no reason except that it was my own stupid fault for not booking it sooner, and because I was tired and stressed and meh. I'm not enjoying this being-highly-strung business in the slightest, especially as I'm taking my pills and am relatively mentally sound as a result of such. I just want to come out of 2007 unscathed, please.

Anyway, yeah, to top all that off, I received a voicemail on my phone at about 4.05pm from the bank, someone asking me to call them back. Obviously I didn't hear the phone because I was, well, audio-typing, and trying to make my fingers go in the directions they were supposed to (after two glasses of wine), and didn't get the voicemail until I was on the bus at 4.45. So I decided to ring when I got in and - surprise, surprise - at 5.35 the bank was closed.

Yeah. Banks? You need to learn that PEOPLE WORK FOR A FUCKING LIVING. From 9.00 to fucking 5.00. Stay the fuck open, you bastards.

And obviously, the message didn't indicate what on earth it might be about, just that I didn't have to worry. Well, I AM worrying, so thanks a lot for more undue stress. Just what I needed. Brilliant. Really.


I live in hope that one day, public services will wise up to being in the 21st century...
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This week, the Alcester Road has been full of really stupid drivers...

On Monday (I think it was Monday, it may well have been yesterday...), some idiot in a van pulled up right next to the bus in a single lane, and subsequently, quite deservedly, lost his wing mirror.

This morning, we had one idiot parked on double yellow lines (in the bus lane), and another idiot driving half inside the bus lane, causing the bus to have to maneouvre around him.

If and/or when I ever learn to drive, I will take this piece of knowledge wherever I go: buses are bigger and uglier than cars. Don't take them on.

If I were to make a scale of bad drivers, I think people who do silly things around buses would come fourth. In third place would be anyone who beeps their horn unnecessarily. Second would be male drivers who beep their horns at women thinking it's flattering. And first would be that horrible breed of bastards who think it's everso amusing to drive through puddles at full speed and drench pedestrians. (I admit, the top two are close runners... but the puddle thing is just evil, and I've been on the receiving end of it twice.)

Bus drivers, incidentally, would come fifth. ;)

Other things )

In other news, the PC is still being weird - it took 2.5 reboots yesterday to get it to work and then it kept randomly slowing down. I say 2.5 because the first time I switched it on, it rebooted itself when I wasn't looking, after which it froze...

I did at least manage to get the tickets booked for the November concert, and, assuming there isn't going to be another postal strike, they should be delivered shortly.

There is very little to do at work again and another team's WPO just took the full-tape I was looking forward to killing time with. But at least it'll keep her out of my hair for an hour or so, and I have my PDR this afternoon. They were all meant to be yesterday but the morning sessions were cancelled due to nobody remembering to fill in their forms (um, DUH), and then the afternoon ones were also cancelled because Marie had to attend a Pay & Grading meeting. I don't have any issues or anything, it'll just get me away from my desk for a bit...

I think that's everything.
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I've put in a request for some leave, but I can tell it's probably going to be just as much of a hassle as Christmas...

Firstly, 14 and 15 February, so I can have Valentine's Day and the Friday afterwards off work. Alas, it's also half term, and Noor is also off for her last week of three weeks' leave then... Hopefully it won't be too much of a problem, but we shall see...

Secondly, I've tried to get the week before Easter off, from 17-20 March. Good Friday is 21 March and hence a Bank Holiday, and then the following Monday, and we have a concessionary day on the Tuesday which I have also asked for. Easter is more than likely going to be a problem because:

a) it's at the end of the financial year, hence everyone will be trying to use their leave up.
b) one of the WPOs wants to book a holiday over Easter so we've all had to think that far ahead to make sure she can have it
c) it's also a school holiday; childcare gets priority over exhaustion, I imagine.

So I more than likely won't get it.

Although having said that, when we had the Easter discussion at the team meeting, I did SAY I'd probably have the week before off, so hopefully it'll be on record somewhere.

And Marie is on leave this week so I have to wait until next week and hope that nobody sidewinds my leave request with their own with one of the secretaries in her absence...

Guh, booking leave should not be this stressful.

I have nothing else remotely interesting to say, other than I'm tired and there's no work and I'm stuck here for another SIX HOURS before I can leave because it's choir night. it's also another hour until I can go on lunch at 1.00. I hate Tuesdays.
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I couldn't really be bothered to explain last night, and also just felt like using the Mastercard advert format... but anyway, here's what happened on Saturday:

We went to see Drew in three plays at Langley School (Dovehouse Theatre) - which incidentally looks like the Best School Evar - and had an adventure on the way home...

Alison had rung Ambassador Cabs and specifically ordered a six-person taxi in order to take home herself, Drew, Drew's parents, and me and Paul. A regular, four-person taxi turned up about 10 minutes later. Paul and I graciously let Alison, Drew and his parents have the cab, as the driver said that a six-seater would be another half-hour wait. He then said he had called through to send another one for Paul and I, and that we should wait there in case it turned up.

Which, obviously, it never did. After 15-20 minutes Paul rang them up and it became quite apparent that no such taxi had ever been ordered. The woman on the phone was very apologetic, said they'd been having trouble getting a car out to us (you don't say!!) and offered us a local taxi number, but given that the whole point of ringing a taxi was to get home quicker, it seemed a bit redundant, at that point, to call for another, wait for it, etc., so we decided we'd walk up to the main road (Warwick Road) and get the two buses that would take us home.

It was about half a mile up Kineton Green Road just to get to Warwick Road alone, and obviously by that point the buses were on rubbish, about-to-clock-off-for-the-night service. The next 37 wasn't due for 10 minutes or so, and it said it was only a 5 minute drive to Westley Road in Acocks Green, from where we could get the 11 home, so we decided to walk. No 37 passed us during the walk, so it seemed like a positive move...

Anyway, we also wandered into Acocks Green station at one point to try and get to the bus stop, only to find it was closed, despite all its lights being on. Shut the frelling car park, you idiots, or something. Anyway, the 11 turned up pretty much straight away, and we were back within an hour and a half or thereabotus, which wasn't too bad, considering. But yeah, it was about four miles, judging by how long it took...

As if that wasn't bad enough, the driver on the way there (from the same company) was useless too. He turned up 15 minutes early and was incredibly arsey about it and said he'd wait five minutes. Which was probably just as well, considering he didn't know where he was going. He interpreted my vague "it's off the Warwick Road" as "I know exactly where I'm going", and got incredibly aggressive when, after getting lost and apparently going down entirely the wrong road, we tried to tell him as much. Luckily enough he did then find the road, but it was touch and go for a while.

So, yeah. Don't use Ambassador. They're usually really good, so it's a shame.

On Sunday we had another long walk to the Selly Park Tavern - it would have involved getting the 11 on a Sunday and then going down the Pershore Road - again, no buses seemed to go past us on our 15-minute jaunt down said Pershore, so walking turned out to be the best option. We met [livejournal.com profile] joetimewaster and [livejournal.com profile] miss_scooter there for Sunday lunch, which was very nice indeed, played the ItBox for a while and then got a taxi home.

And of course, they sent a bloody six-seater. This was A-Cars, though, but still, it's hardly bloody surprising they can't send six-seaters when you want them, if they just go on normal hire. They used to do this in Derby all the time; they would ask how many people it was for and still send a people-carrier for two people. Taxi firms are utterly shit these days, unless you live in London. ALL Birmingham cab firms should learn some kind of Knowledge; I don't care how many bloody provinces there are, just LEARN them.

Anyway, rant over. This morning I had to finish the same two-tape dictation I mentioned on Thursday ("Russian") because our 'other' typist took it Friday morning at 11.20 and managed a quarter of the first tape, in five hours. Given that it should have been given back at that time to remain within the 24-hour turnaround, this is fairly crap. So, yeah, that was fun. Once again, clearly, common sense prevails; for God's sake, if you're going to take something, at least make sure you know you can finish it. You should know how long something will take you by now...

Now I must go swimming...
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Another occasional series, perhaps?

Two random pieces of hilarity today whilst typing...

1) Legal Assistant dictates file front sheet, containing children's names and details of the parents and representatives. Second child's middle name is 'Usher' - naturally, named after the rapper. Legal Assistant pauses after the name, states "Oh my God!" and then carries on.

2) A side note on the typing instruction sheet from our slightly odd locum Solicitor (for a 2-tape dictation): "Red tape first. A War and Peace Epic - it even involves Russians." (Some of the family are Ukrainian...)

The second one nearly made me giggle out loud. A shame I'm off tomorrow - I'd love to see Noor's reaction to that one...

Ho hum.

Oct. 3rd, 2007 05:44 pm
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Today has been quite a strange day... Morning started off all right. Our side ran out of work and the other side had two urgents in a row (one was 1.25 tapes long) which I took off their hands, then I picked up the next in their pile which was also 1.25 tapes long and subsequently took me until 1.00pm due to the team meeting in the middle which was just over 2 hours long.

The meeting comprised mostly two things: panicking/grumbling about Single Status (notification letters have been put back AGAIN to November. We were meant to get these in June. It's not like people have BUDGETS TO WORK OUT or anything...), and arguing about Christmas leave.

We're only allowed three WPOs and three secretaries off any any one time, which is fair enough (equivalent to one WPO per team). I didn't bother trying to book any leave because essentially you get what you want a third of the time (there are nine of us) and in most cases the people with childcare problems get first digs anyway. Also, the Council are complete bastards, and Christmas Eve has been grudingly given as a concessionary day if we want to take it off...

Christmas Eve is fully booked off. I managd to sneak in one day which only had two people off before anyone nicked it. Subsequently, my Christmas period looks like this:

Monday 24 December - at work
Tuesday 25 - Wednesday 26 December - bank holiday (generous of them, I'm sure)
Thursday 27 December - at work
Friday 28 December - day off
Monday 31 December - at work
Tuesday 1 January - bank holiday

And then back to work again.

I honestly think that days like Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve should be bank holidays... who wants to go to bloody work on New Year's Eve when you're going to stay out until the small hours that evening? I certainly don't. I'm knackered enough at Christmas as it is without this on top of it.

Our leave allowance at Christmas entirely depends on how many fee earners are off; if nobody is in, Jane (AD) will allow more support off, which is fair enough. But for the interim, it's looking a bit grim. So apologies in advance for being a Grinch nearer the time. I'm mostly annoyed about Christmas Eve, because last year that was when I did all my last-minute shopping. I've determined to be uber-organised this year and get everything sorted well in advance, but meh. Already, MEH. That can't be a good sign...

(One of Ladywood's redeeming features was I pretty much got the leave I wanted WHEN I wanted it. Sucks to be in a team of mothers when you're young and sprogless, I guess...)

So, yeah, the leave thing probably put me in a bad mood, to be honest. I was going to stay until normal time today because Noor had to run off early (Wednesday is my early day, Noor usually stays until hometime) but after struggling to listen to a bloody awful fuzzy dictation at 4.15 I gave up and went home. ALL the dictation has been annoying today, not least because the long thing I picked up prior to the team meeting meant I didn't get to eat until 1.15...

Hello, moodswings. It's so good to have you back.
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Possibly this should have been a proper series of LJ entries, but as it stands I've scattered the reasons in and around other entries. I suppose so far the reasons would be mostly:

  • sane co-workers;
  • courteousness;
  • expected normal reaction to biscuit-like snacks;
  • no Sandra.

Here's today's reason: extreme changes to hairstyle actually result in a reaction.

I realise this totally makes me a horrible attention whore, but you know? I just don't care.

The amount of reaction can also be attributed to there being more people in the building, but anyway...

I was hoping that using aggressive two-in-one shampoo twice a day since Wednesday (more or less) would have got rid of the pink, but it's currently a slightly paler shade with the blonde starting to show through. I think maybe in another week or so it'll probably have gone and then I can dye it red or something (I get paid next Friday also, so I can at least afford the new dye), because blonde and my skintone do not get along. And pillarbox red tends to fade to auburn, which is nice...

(The AD just saw it and didn't look horrified. That's reassuring...)

So yeah. End point: this job is better than the old one. As of tomorrow I will have been here a year, which is terrifying.

I'm feeling much better today, which means the pills have kicked back in. I felt bloody awful yesterday. I'd like a weekend to go past where I don't spend the entire of Sunday suffering from a headache (which will, inevitably and annoyingly, then miraculously disappear by Monday morning) or generally feeling horrible. I lost most of yesterday to sleeping on the sofa. We watched Epic Movie in the evening, though, which was entertaining...

Things to do later:

  1. Bring clean washing down from attic, as it's been there a week.
  2. Put in another load of dirty washing.
  3. Juggle USB connections to at least get the bloody scanner working again.
  4. Change MP3 playlist and possibly rip more CDs.
  5. Put money into account from savings to cover Euros drawn out on Tuesday morning.
  6. Some other stuff.

Oh yes, and I updated the Ugly Betty fic finally. I don't have the exact link to hand, but if you go to my FFN profile it's the first story in the list. I uploaded chapter five on Saturday night... not sure if I even told people about chapter four, but there you are. No idea when I'll get chapter six up, but I do need to work some more on my POTO songfic. Being in the Opera House on Tuesday inspired a wonderful image of possible fic spoilers ). So that needs to go in there somewhere. Given it's mostly a reminiscence fic, it shouldn't be too difficult...

And yes. I believe that's it.


Aug. 24th, 2007 01:23 pm
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A disturbing concept: people at work with Facebook accounts. Discovered via accidentally seeing it over someone's shoulder, going to find them and looking at their friends.

That's all I really have to say. Fingers crossed new PC on Tuesday. *crosses everything* Assuming the universe doesn't conspire against me in some fashion...

Oh, and because I forgot on Monday, the translation of the Yammish roadsign follows. As a reminder, it read:

If yowm saft enuff ter cum down 'ere agooin wum, yowr tay ull be spile't!!

Cut in case anyone else wants a go. )

Over and out.


Jul. 10th, 2007 07:47 pm
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Tomorrow we have an away day for the entire Department, typists luckily included.  Luckily, because otherwise we'd run out of work.

Today was okay.  The usual.  An urgent half an hour before I wanted to leave which took 45 minutes; stuff like that.

I honestly don't know why I even started this entry, given I have nothing to say and nothing to moan about (is the universe asleep?) but, well, here it is.  Hurrah.

I have a two-meals-for-one voucher for wagamama in Birmingham that I am most likely not going to get to use.  If anyone can make more use of it than I can, feel free to have it off me...  I got it under false pretences in the first place - Shaan is apparently signed up to the website and was sent a voucher, of which she printed 15 copies and handed them out around the building.

One of my online buys is waiting for me at the local post depot, which is luckily only up the road (as opposed to frelling miles away), because it wouldn't fit through our letterbox.  Given it is either a small poster (in a tube, presumably) or two CDs, and they managed to fit a DVD box set through the door just before Christmas, I find this very surprising...

Anyway.  Enough of the pointless.  Redundent LJ?  Oh, yes...
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I need to start coming up with better subjects. Or just start doing more interesting things. I'm not sure which...

Aaaanyway. I can't even remember when I last updated. On Thursday at work I spent the majority of the evening helping Ama put up decorations on and around Gaynor's desk for her birthday on Friday. Which was good, because it gave the work a chance to pile up...

Paul went out on Thursday night and came back at about 1.30 in the morning, much to my irritation, and subsequently had Friday off sick... although this was mostly due in part to spending 45 minutes waiting for an 11 to turn up and getting fed up, and then learning that the entire 11 route was flooded. I don't think I can blame him for that, even though he was perfectly capable of going through town. :P

Friday was quite busy at work due to two people going on leave and trying to get all their work done before they went. I should probably have stayed later than I did, but it's just as well I left at 4.15 because it took me neary an hour to get home. I wanted to get to Symphony Hall for 7.00 to pick up our tickets. This gave us about an hour in which to cook, eat and get changed (in my case, anyway)...

We got a taxi in the end, because the traffic was awful. Then I got stuck in a queue at the box office (where there was one window open) because of the Slowest People in the World donig whatever they were doing there, and then we had a drink in the bar and listened to some free jazz from a hammond organ-led band which was playing there, before heading in to sit down...

Phantom Silent Movie )

I shall now stop rambling. It is a wonderful film, and I hope this means Symphony Hall will have more repeat showings of the other films they've put on over the years. I managed to catch Nosferatu with [livejournal.com profile] last_dance, but ended up missing Metropolis (to see, of all things, Spiderman 2...) and also the Chaplin double bill. As the Hall was packed on Friday night, with any luck the popularity of this showing will mean a repeat run of those films, or perhaps others which haven't been shown yet.

I can't help but feel the Electric should be taking the wheel in this regard, though. I have absolutely no inclination to spend any money there these days, especially when both screens are showing the same film, which you can watch up at AMC for half the price on a screen three times the size. The Electric is not about blockbuster movies; it's about traditionalism, and they would do well to remember that. I suppose, unfortunately, they're just trying to make money.

So, after the film we got a taxi back to Kings Heath and went to the Pear Tree to meet [livejournal.com profile] joetimewaster and [livejournal.com profile] miss_scooter, who had attended a BSL meet-up. The meet-up was abandoned, though, because apparently nobody from Jeanette's course had actually turned up despite encouragement from their course tutor...

We had a couple of drinks in there and nattered about television and film nostalgia, which was nice.

Got back and saw a bit of Jonathan Ross and the end of Big Brother and probably something else I don't remember, and that was about it...

On Saturday I had a morning of nodding off into a deep sleep about four times (complete with insane dreams) until Paul woke me up at 11.00 to tell me his Scrabble rack was rubbish and to offer to cook me breakfast. We did very little over the course of the day except spend too much in Somerfield (as usual) and watch television / play online.

Paul went out at about 10.00ish (a whole hour later than expected thanks to Justin's impeccable time-keeping, as usual) and promised to be back at 12.30 at the latest. He was actually back at 1.30 and was greeted with a "What the Hell time do you call this?!" as soon as he walked through the door. After some profuse apology / explanation he then left me alone to watch television in the front, turned the light off and promptly fell over against the radiator, almost breaking the contents of my bedside table, at which point I shouted at him to go away.

He emerged about 45 minutes later at 2.30ish asking if he was welcome, as he'd considered sleeping on the sofa. At least he was apparently true to his word and only drank orange juice instead of the beer he'd originally planned...

As a result of falling asleep in an annoyed state, I woke up on Sunday with a splitting headache, and spent the majority of the day on the sofa watching television, other than a brief trip to Sainsbury's to get bread. I nearly fell asleep before the second instalment of EastEnders, in fact, and spent the rest of the day trying not to fall asleep.

Paul cooked dinner (lamp chops, mm), which was very nice, despite the fact I'd been feeling out of sorts and slightly sick all day. As a result I didn't even have the energy to look at my next UB fic chapter, let alone fight with FNN's hellish upload interface. I should probably get it posted tonight if I can...

Luckily I feel much better this morning other than the usual tiredness, although I seem to be getting that thing again where I'm perpetually hungry no matter what I eat, but full as soon as I start. Very annoying...

Little tiny work moan )

At least on Mondays I can leave work early.  Roll on the lottery win, please.

In the meantime, here is a brief to-do list:

  • Upload third chapter of UB fic.

  • Give Eni list of musicals I have on CD.

  • Copy musicals if requested, and send.

  • Print off letter for Katie's CD.

  • Buy belated birthday / good luck card. (She's going back to college... 'chef school', apparently.) - tick!

  • Send CD and letter.

  • Upload BBC2 Sunset Blvd. recording MP3 to webspace.

Oh, and also, there was an Annoying Child in Birthdays this afternoon, as I was trying to get Katie a card.  Apart from the entirely different annoyance of the staff deciding to restock the shelves just before closing time (not to mention the awful traffic), said Small Child kept screaming "Mummy, I want a chocolate!" and banging on the glass by the till where the Thorntons continentals are.  And then proceeded to go underneath the lift-up bit of the counter where the staff enter and saw pawing the chocolate.  The mother's pathetic attempt was "No we don't" in response to "I want a chocolate" and "You're not supposed to be in there" or something equally pathetic.  The poor girl on the till was looking more and more flustered - I mean, what can you do?  If you grab the child and put it back in the main body of the shop, the parents'll do you for child abuse... but honestly, when the parents are doing such a piss poor job of disclipining their children and teaching them about where not to go in shops, it's hardly surprising so many of them end up as juvenile delinquents...

ANYWAY.  That's more than enough for one day. :P  I typed most of this at work - you can tell it was quiet. :)
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Last night's metres: 130. Beaten last week by 5.

As we'd just missed the bus (it doesn't matter HOW early we try and leave) we decided to walk back. The scenery looks a lot different when you're walking. We ended up following a trail of white paint that was dribbled on the floor all the way home, almost. At one point it had been dribbled into the outline of a person. "A giant's been murdered!" said I.

"It's a very funny shaped giant," said Alison.

"He's been beaten to death!"

We were also passed by a man who was humming rather ominously in an about-to-explode fashion...

During swimming we also ended up discussing Pirates 3, including what happened to Ana-Maria, Liz not being irritatingly feisty, and crabs that Should Not be rocks (& vice versa). All in all, quite a randomly entertaining evening.

Paul and I went to the pub for tea, which turned out not to be that good an idea. They apparently do a limited menu after 10.00, meaning "nothing fried or grilled". So, actually, their claim of providing a full menu until 11.00 is a big fat lie. I have half a mind to write to the Wetherspoon news magazine and indignantly ask the editor to fix my problem. :P

Anyway. Last night I remembered the golden rule about reading things on FFN - always remember to set the rating filter to 'All'. I'd forgotten that it defaulted to 'G - PG-13' in order to pwotect the childwen. It's usually the case that the better writers will have higher-rated fics (because they swear or something) and hence, you're more likely to find something readable.

Some ramblings about FFN. )

Now that little rant is over with, I'll get back to the point of the entry. Not that there was one, really...

Um. Yes. I was deathly tired this morning so ended up buying coffee. Since I burnt my tongue on my cupasoup yesterday I couldn't drink much of it until it cooled down, but I let it cool down so much I only managed to drink about a quarter of it. I can't stand cold mocha; it's not quite as bad as cold drinking chocolate, but certainly a close second. My retching hatred of cold drinking chocolate comes from deep-seated psychological issues, incidentally - my maternal grandmother apparently used to force-feed me cold cocoa. Until that point, my mother said, I used to love milk. Afterwards, I hated it. I still can't drink it to this day and only have it on cereal...

To make up for that, though, I had a Pret croissant, which was lovely and warm and crisp. Yum.

At least it's Friday tomorrow.

Work is thin on the ground this morning (lots of people in, most of them back off leave with no hearings and subsequently not doing any work) so I'll probably surrepticiously work on Rain Will Make The Flowers Grow if I can. I need to tweak the second chapter, and make the third one a bit longer. It's currently entirely a Daniel introspection thing which jumps all over the place and doesn't flow. It's possibly a little ambitious of me to try and get into the head of a character I don't know that well, but we'll see how it goes... With the exception of Sunset Blvd (which is exceptional in most cases of my fandoms) I don't usually start fanficcing until at least the second or third season, by which point I'm thoroughly drowning in it...

Need to get back into fandoms. All of 'em. There is ALWAYS room for more fandom.


Jun. 6th, 2007 05:58 pm
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Another tedious day at work today with nothing to do, although, that being said, I spent the best part of an hour today talking to various Service Birmingham technicians about printer IP addresses, firstly for Alastair and secondly for Noor...

The printer broke, see, whilst Noor was off sick.  By 'broke', I mean, 'got bored of its IP address and went to look for a new one'.  The IT tech came out to fix it, caught the old IP with a big net and tied it down.  Only in more technical terms, obviously.  Except in the process, somehow, a few of the PCs had decided to change their IPs as well, so I had to go around to various workstations and reconfigure the printer ports to the right address.  This has resulted (in my case, anyway) in the Port Name not matching the Port Address, causing much confusion to the man trying to base the settings on mine when helping Alastair to print...

Anyway, subsequently, Noor was unable to print because hers was one of the PCs where the settings were locked.  So she got Chris, our useless ITSO, to have a look at it for her.

So, down came Chris, BCC-provide manual in hand (yes, a manual), and sat there trying to fix it.  All he had to do was log in as an administrator and reconfigure the port address.  Instead, he decided to delete the other printer (which Noor was using in the interim) entirely, and completely fail to reconfigure the port.  When she asked if he could put it back, he said, "Oh, you'd better ask them to do it."  He did ring Service Birmingham and use his Almighty ITSO Power to get the call bumped to the head of the queue, but was unable to help other than that.

And so, I spent about 45 minutes running between Noor's PC and mine trying to help a poor, befuddled ITSO re-install the printer.  It turned out that the IP address actually had "IP" in it, hence it not working.  I suspect this was also Chris's doing...  At least it now works...

Then I had to ring them again later on because the printer is also printing everything fuzzy from trays 2 and 3, for no apparent reason.  We've switched from the machinery-breaking recycled paper back to the non-recycled, good quality stuff, and changed the toner, to no avail.  Hopefully it will take them less than a week to get to us this time...

In other news, three more reviews for Rain Will Make The Flowers Grow overnight.  I was going to change the title, but now I actually quite like it.  Makes a change from the pretentious one-word efforts.

I am also have a PM conversation via FFN with a fellow Sunset Blvd. obsessive whose fanfic I reviewed, which is quite nice.  I love finding fellow SB-fans.  Norma/Joe fans are few and far between, alas, but it's just a good, meaty fandom to get into involved discussions about, and I like that...

I think that's everything.  Must get clothing from upstairs and put it away.  I got through about five loads of washing at the weekend to make good use of the glorious sunshine, so we actually have almost everything clean now except what we've worn since Sunday.  Makes a change for the laundry basket not to be overflowing, too.

I'm such a housewife. :P

Oh, dear...

Jun. 1st, 2007 01:57 pm
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I seem to have been sucked into Big Brother already... this kind of thing usually takes at least six weeks. Well, at least I'll know what people are talking about...

Some thoughts )

Yup. Well and truly absorbed into BB this year. It's a bit like quicksand.

Apart from that, I also watched How Clean Is Your House? (which was more How Clean Is Your City?) and Embarrassing Illnesses, which was interesting but not quite as recoilingly entertaining as I'd hoped...

We also had v. nice sausages (courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess) with cheeeeeesy mash for tea. Yums.

Today has been mostly okay, at least until 11.40. I've had a constant supply of work to keep me going all morning, most of which came in yesterday night (after 5.15, and only about two between 4.45 and then) and a few from this morning. At 11.35, there were five reasonably-lengthed tapes in the tray. at 11.40, there was one left. ONE.

Val took three of them (!!) and Sandra (an entirely different Sandra, but the name seems to bring me bad luck) wandered up, had a couple of chats, and took ANOTHER piece of work. I have no idea why the three pieces were taken since they were from this morning, but presumably it's because they've run out downstairs. In which case, they should take ONE piece of work, not THREE. Do these people have NO common sense?? *bangs head forcefully against desk*

And now the fee earners are panicking because their work has gone elsewhere. Which is not my problem. I tried to resolve the issue and it didn't work. Maybe it'll reach a point where the fee earners get so annoyed with having to make so many amendments they'll request certain WPOs don't touch their work. I can but hope...

I am also fed up with stupid Social Workers who can't read simple instructions - especially when those instructions are written in LARGE RED LETTERS and placed on the email in two separate places... (Just nearly had to deal with a phonecall from a Social Worker who I emailed on behalf of Ama. Obviously, the person he really wanted to talk to was Ama, not me, but my name was on the email. It's like LAC invite letters all over again. "No, I don't know why your child is in care. I don't know why you've been invited either. Just attend the damn meeting.")

Grr. I was in a good mood until that happened...


May. 31st, 2007 06:31 pm
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I ran out of work again today due to everyone being on leave.  Noor is due back off sick leave next week and I guarantee that'll just put us in an even worse position in terms of workload.

Subsequently, I left at 4.45, and since getting home I've put out the rubbish and half of the recycling, and done the washing up from last night.  We look like alcoholics because we missed the collection a fortnight ago.

Anyway, here is another Public Service Announcement, to any interested parties...

Symphony Hall is showing The Phantom of the Opera (silent movie) with live organ accompaniment on 15 June 2007 (a Friday).  The first showing of this a few years ago was frelling awesome ("to speak in the vernacular of the peasantry"*) so I would highly recommend people going to see it.  So this is something of an open invitation for those who want to come.  As with Pirates 3 I don't want the hassle of trying to organise people, so if you're coming, come, and we'll go for drinks afterwards.  I'll probably be hanging around in the foyer or something. Or, at the very least, if you're coming and your tickets are booked, then you can let me know...

Tickets range from £5.00 to £18.50 with a very reasonable student / young person discount (which I still just about qualify for)...  There is more information here if people are interested.  The silent movie is one of my favourite film versions of Phantom and quite possibly one of the definitive visions.  Plus, you get to see Lon Chaney mincing. :D

* Guess that quote!
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Today has mostly been about:

...finishing other people's work...
...running out of my own work...
...writing bits of Buffy fic...
...& getting rained on...

I left at 4.30, but due to having to go to Tesco and Superdrug for various bits of shopping I didn't get back until 5.30, which was also accounted for by the fact I had to limp from leaving work onwards due to a random pain in my ankle.  My shoes don't appear to have rubbed me, so I don't know if it was a stone or something.  I've had the shoes for months without them rubbing.  Most odd.

I have cooked a bolognese sauce completely from scratch, but can't eat it until after swimming.  [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess is coming over before we go to the leisure centre to deposit MEAT left over from her barbecue.  Mmmm, meat.

Bolognese recipe )

Et voila!

The bit I tried earlier was very nice.  We've run out of ketchup otherwise that would have made it a lot more tangy, I think, but it's quite a success given it's my first attempt.  Since Lisa's mushroom concoction the other week I thought I'd chop them up as small as the onions in the blender, and the entire thing smelled gorgeous...  It's now covered with some foil on the hob for when I get back.

Aaanyway, I should now sign this off. :)

Edit, 22.23: Mmmmm, bolognese. :D I seem to have perfected the "throw things in and hope" way of cooking to a fine art.


May. 2nd, 2007 06:06 pm
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It's bloody typical, isn't it?  Just when I start having a social life and doing productive things with my time, the television mocks me.

Tonight's schedule:

Channel 4, 8.00pm, The Way the Other Half Learn (swapping three comprehensive kids with three private school kids; should be interesting and infuriating in equal measure)

ITV3, 9.35pm, Clue.  The film with Tim Curry, which I haven't seen since I was 14.  I might get back in time for this if the bus isn't poo.

Channel 5, 11.05pm, some thing about blokes who hoard stuff.  Car crash telly.

I'll have to tape the first thing anyway as I'll be gone by then.  I will hopefully be back in time for the film, but will most likely miss the beginning.  We shall see.

I'll probably have to tape the Channel 5 thing as well (assuming Channel 5 is tuned in on the video) because I'm bloody knackered.  After swimming will come death.

We had a team meeting of doooom today, which lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Slightly shorter than the last one, at least, and the first half an hour of that was taken up with the personnel manager guy telling us what he knew about Single Status, which is basically what everyone else knows, which is very little.  The rest was the usual.  I have another string of sorts to add to my bow, anyway, in that myself and one of the senior solicitors will be taking to Them Upstairs in IT about setting up an electronic 'library' for the team of Counsel advice and stuff.  It needs someone with at least a little technological know-how and a solicitor to say what goes in there when they set it up for us.  Should be an interesting experience, anyway...

I think that's it.  The weather is getting warmer and I am getting grumpier with it.  It can even out about now, maybe a little warmer in the evenings.  I don't want another summer like last year, thank you very much.  It was bad enough before I was ill and had cold flushes to go with it...
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There is no hope now. None whatsoever. The first vital step of Obsession has been fulfilled. Last night I had a dream about Ugly Betty. Worse, it was looking towards being shippy had I not woken up...

I blame going to read spoilers on Sunday, personally...

Cut for those who don't watch the show )

Does anyone watch Ugly Betty other than me and [livejournal.com profile] yoshithedragon? I know [livejournal.com profile] winter_jasmine made her position blatantly clear despite my best efforts to the contrary. :P

In other news, I think I'm actually looking forward to choir tonight for the first time in ages. Mostly this is because I'm not stupidly tired, thanks to an early(ish) night (despite the lure of Nitrome and their addictive games - try Skywire, it's frustratingly brilliant...), a bit of a lie in (7.40), and coffee. It's also because the pieces are finally starting to come together more than they were... which is just as well, given the concert is three weeks or so away. I must ring my mum tomorrow and ask her to get three tickets when / if she books so that Paul can go as well...

Unfortunately, looking at maps and such, I don't know if I'll be able to do the Tewkesbury concert. I was checking how to get to the abbey and it seems to be miles away from the nearest station. That isn't a problem in itself, but given there will most likely be a concert that morning / afternoon I'll probably have to make a day trip of it and hope there's something to do there in the interim. Paul also doesn't mind coming along for the entire day but doesn't fancy having to wander around on his own whilst I'm rehearsing, so ideally we could do with someone else going along as well...

I really hope I can do it, because the music is so lovely, and I know it'll sound gorgeous in the abbey. I'll have to see. The concert is at some point in June on a Saturday... I can't remember the actual date but it should be mentioned somewhere on the choir's website. I know [livejournal.com profile] wrysprygoat expressed an interest in coming to the May concert, if I'd realised it clashed with [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess's barbecue and discouraged her from that date. As it stands now neither of them are able to come and I will be attending the barbecue / party late. Sans barbecue, alas. :(

So, yeah. Day trip to Tewkesbury, anyone?

Also, I actually have work to do today, for a change, which might account for why the day doesn't seem to be stretching vast hours into the distance. Admittedly I just have a lot of very short tapes to get through, and nothing much has come in since this morning, but it might wake up a bit after lunch. I've noticed the majority of work seems to come in after the WPOs leave, when it comes in at all...

At least it's a bank holiday on Monday, and I have the rest of that week off. Tomorrow I also need to ring up and book our trip to the circus with [livejournal.com profile] joetimewaster and [livejournal.com profile] miss_scooter. There were some ticket discount vouchers on the bar in the Pear Tree. I haven't been to the circus since I was about 7 in BLackpool, unless you count Cirque du Soleil...

Hm, I think I need a to-do list.

1. Wednesday - phone mum re: concert tickets.

2. Wednesday - phone to book circus tickets.

3. Rest of week - investigate how to get to hotel holding Liz Hawthorne's wedding reception and how much it costs, etc, send back RSVP. Have actually asked Paul to do this tonight while I'm at choir.

Hoepfully the actual hotel won't be TOO much for a one-night stay... It's somewhere near Hereford from what I could tell from the road map. I'm hoping the hotel's website will have directions for people who, like, don't drive.

I am muchly looking forward to my week off. Mostly I intend to get lots of washing done so I can hang it outside (I only really get that chance at the weekend - the good thing is it only takes a couple of hours to dry, as opposed to a couple of days in the loft...) and very little else. Unless, as stated, I have some bookcases to sort out. I'll lose a day to the bank holiday, really, as Paul will also be off and we'll end up doing nothing. ;)

I should probably warn in advance, though, that my week off will result in visiting the small hours once again (old habits die very hard; you give me a week off and I'll completely revert to being nocturnal again like I was at Uni) and there are a lot of various things running around my head that I've just not had the time to think about properly recently. Which means that they haven't had time to coalesce into anything I can write down, luckily, so my paper journal has remained unbattered. So, just so you know, there might be some Good Ol' Angst appearing, unless I can sit on it. (Nothing serious; just stuff, really.)

This entry is full of purposeful pointlessness because I'm writing whilst waiting for tapes to rewind / precedents to load / things to print. But I will now sign it off, because I can't think of anything else to ramble about. Having work to do makes such a difference to my mood; today is a good day.


Apr. 30th, 2007 01:24 pm
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Conversation from this morning:

Trainee Solicitor: Someone's password-protected my trainee diary, can you get into it for me?
My mouth: The network is playing up at the moment; try it in a few minutes.

The lack of anything to do at work (as well as the annoyance of people taking all my work away) has clearly had an adverse stress reaction. My nails are brittle and the skin around them has started to peel. No noticeable extra hair loss so far, but it can only be a matter of time. I also have a headache gnawing away at my temples...

On Sunday we bought a bin for by the computer and a new washing up bowl, which is see-through. Hence making it easier to tell when the sink is disgusting. The old bowl was starting to split and was also so encrusted with grease that doing the washing up was a rather pointless process...

Yup, my life gets no more exciting than a new washing up bowl...

I've been watching a lot of those DIY SOS / House Doctor / generic decorating type shows lately. The US series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is simultaneously heart-warming and incredibly depressing, because you know they'd never be able to do the same thing over here. For those that haven't seen it, the EM:HE team go to someone's house, rip it down, and build it again so it fits their needs, i.e. disabled access with lifts. On the one I watched last night they also managed to raise a load of money to help the family pay off their mortgage repayments.

They couldn't do that here, because the majority of people live in a) terraces or b) listed buildings, and the land is all owned by councils. So you can't just rip someone's house down and build it again. FFS, you need planning permission to build a bloody shed in your own back garden. It's a shame, as I'm sure there are just as many needy, broke families in the UK who need a better home who might benefit from the EM:HE team bulldozing their house. But I suppose they'll have to make do with Nick Knowles and DIY SOS instead...

Mosty I'm watching them for decorating hints. There was a brilliant idea in one of them where they used an OHP to project a silhouette on the wall and painted around it so it was a 'negative' white silhouette on the main wall colour, which looked amazing.

In my week off next week I intend to repaint the stair-rails on the landing, as they do need repainting and I have some blue gloss to use up. We should probably tell Trevor first, but I'm sure he won't mind. Although having said that, Trevor's idea of nice decorating is magnolia. Sorry, we're going to paint the kitchen blue and the bedroom pale blue and turquoise anyway. And also possibly the living room brown will become red. Eventually :P

Before that, however, I need to buy paintbrushes, turps and sandpaper...

That's about the only productive thing I intend to do in my week off, unless we get bookcase before then, in which case I'll sort out books instead. ;)

I think that's about it... I actually have work to do today. Woo.
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I was hoping today wouldn't be as annoying as yesterday. So far... not so good.

For starters, it looks like I'm going to spend most of this evening arguing with the router and redownloading the firmware thanks to whatever site Paul was on yesterday. It threw up an 'error message' popup about registry cleanup (exactly as Lisa's was doing) and instead of clicking on the 'x' to close it he said 'No', and it started to download something. So he panicked and disabled the connection.

Upon re-enabling, it's now doing exactly what it was before and refusing to connect until a reboot of the router... I'm hoping it's a fluke but either way I'd rather spend my evening doing something else... assuming the firmware download works a second time.

So, that aside, this morning I discovered that we have no water. AGAIN. Last time this happened the water board actually fixed it by the time I got home, but nevertheless, it's annoying. I've had to brush my teeth at work...

Team meeting at 10.30, which should be suitably annoying / boring / moany.

There's also only a bit of work, though luckily so far (now at 9.50) nobody has come to take any of it away.

This week is taking forever. Last night we sat and watched old episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway? on the 'TV Choice' thing (previously Teleport), which was exciting. John Sessions was sort of sweet in a kind of 'luvvie' way, and dude, Jonathan Pryce used to be on it! Also, Paul Merton cannot act to save his life, which I suppose is rather the point.

They should bring back WLIIA, actually. I used to love it, at least before the annoying, below-par American version came along (by which I mean Clive Anderson left and it was presented by Jay Leno.. I think that's who it was.) I wonder who might be on it these days, though? Eddie Izzard would be brilliant, I think, and I wouldn't mind seeing Alan Davies on there. Caroline Quentin was ALWAYS brilliant when she was on. TBH most of the original contestants were irreplaceable, especially Ryan Stiles.

(Added 11.25) Well, the team meeting wasn't too bad for once. I seem to have thoroughly confused everyone over an email issue that's far too boring to go into. Marie brought up both of the items I brought to her attention in my email, at least.

Anyway. That’s enough. At least it’s Friday tomorrow.
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Although today is apparently Computer Annoyances Day. This post was going to go on [livejournal.com profile] co_workers_suck originally, but as it's more of a general Council suck I won't bother...

One of the trainees currently working for Adults team can be a little dippy at times. This is the same woman who kept calling me 'Rachel' the other day despite getting my name right on email.

Anyway, she is working at the one PC in the room which has trouble with its keyboard configuration, so symbols such as '@' and most others don't do anything when you try and make them work. I did try resetting them in Word for the '£' symbol but it ignored my command, so I suspect it's set to Japanese or soemthing annoying. Kind of beyond my realm of capabilities, and most people with the PC just grin and bear it.

So earlier I talked her through the copy-pasting-from-the-Character-Map process in order to get the '@' symbol to work. It's obviously too difficult a process to remember and she wanted an icon for it on the desktop... fair enough, I suppose.

So I start trying to make an icon for it in the usual way from the desktop, but I can't find it anywhere. And our PCs are set up in such a way that we can't right click on anything in the Start menu in order to find out its properties, and nor can we drag anything from the Start menu to the desktop. Sorry - no shortcut.

The IT Department are too bloody paranoid for their own good, but apparently not paranoid enough. We can't change our desktop picture or colour scheme or anything else (luckily they will let us change our screen resolution, otherwise I would go completely insane). Yet this past week due to the printer's IP address going roaming again and the address on the PCs also going roaming, I have been able to access the printer port settings and reconfigure them on more than one occasion. In fact I've only encountered one PC where the printer port settings were blocked.

This is presumably to make fixing such problems easier for IT staff without them having to log in as administrators, but if they were really THAT paranoid about us breaking stuff, surely an important thing like the printer port IP configuration would be blocked? Also, Windows does its usual "YOU MUST NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN THIS FOLDER!!!!111one!" thing on the Windows and Programs directory, but IT have done nothing to stop people going any further.

If they're going to be paranoid, that's fine. But at least be paranoid PROPERLY.


And to top that off, Paul's broken the internet, or something approximating to it. He's off sick again today and as punishment I'm making him put the washing upstairs to dry before it starts to smell. If he's well enough to go downstairs to reboot the router, he's MORE than well enough to go up to the attic. :P

AND I have no work. AGAIN. Our team meeting was adjourned until tomorrow due to someone else needing the room, which Marie conveniently forgot to tell us about. Although having said that, she did tell me it was on Thursday, but I assumed she was mistaken about the day.

I sent her the email this morning. Like so... )

Not a moment too bloody soon by the looks of it. This morning has been ridiculous.

There was nothing in the tray when I arrived so I amused myself with a pointlessly short tape from the other side, which took all of ten minutes. Then Alastair put an index in for amending - 20 minutes. Then there was a lull, and then Faten put in two long pieces; one 2 tapes, one whole tape. I booked those in, and whilst typing the first one a short one came in from Ian and a longer one from Alison.

Whilst I was typing, the following happened:

1. Val came up. She looked in the tray, realised there was only one piece of work remaining (at that point), left it there, and left.

2. Gaynor came up. She looked in the tray, and took the last piece of work. This was the whole-tape of Faten's, which she took at 10.00, and still hasn't returned (at 11.45, time of writing).

In the interim, I booked in the other two pieces mentioned.

3. Carol came up. She looked in the tray, and took BOTH pieces of work, and left.


I am going to start hiding work. I stayed later than I intended on Monday night because there was a 2.5-tape document in there which I wanted to take out, because I knew if that if I left early not only would all my work have vanished by the next morning, but the 2.5-taper would be gone all bloody day. I think if I can at least stop the taking-two-pieces-of-work issue, my life will be much easier.

(Added: 1.30) AND, I've just had a perfect example of why people should leave my work alone. One of the Seniors has just found some letters in her tray from Thursday (19th) which she needed to sent out that day. Someone else had taken them that day and according to the book they were brought back an hour or so later on the same day. The only theory that works is that they were brought back but put in the wrong tray and have only just found their way to the fee earner.

She asked me to change the dates to today with a big, obvious "dictated on" date on them to prove when they were actually meant to go out, and to have a word with the WPO in question. Who, of course, can't remember as far back as Thursday, let alone whose tray the work might have gone back to. She also had a very "What am I supposed to do about it?" attitude. Well, either way, I'm in the fee earner's good books for at least attempting to figure out what happened...

Gragh. I want to go home. Again. (And that was at about 12.00. I've not been able to access t'internet until now.) I intended to leave at 4.00 today but I'm waiting for Ian to finish dictating his urgent draft order so I can go. :(
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Before I recount it, though, a little bit of a moan.

Work is being poo today. The typing pile was enormous this morning but because everyone was so enthusiastic about helping there's now not much left. Luckily enough I have my PDR this afternoon but I'm so not in the mood for that. I was meant to make a list of things to bring up in my 1:1, but I can't be bothered...

What amuses me is it took three typists two days not to clear the backlog, and there wasn't even THAT much in there... Do they not have enough work in their OWN teams to keep themselves busy? At least nobody stole my frelling stationery this time. I have come back off leave before now to find ALL of my pens, pencils and post-its gone. I forgot to lock it in my drawer this time but most of it still seems to be there; in fact I have gained a sellotape dispenser.

To make things worse, our fast printer is broken, possibly due to the new paper we're using, which is recycled and much thinner / lighter than the old stuff. It was jamming and now won't work at all. The other printer is slow, has only two trays (there was letter headed paper in the second tray but personally I think that's an accident waiting to happen...), and so whenever I print letters I have to put the exact amount of paper in that I need. And usually have to wait until someone has finished printing off the entire encyclopaedia, or so it seems...

Also I'm getting a bit irritated by people thinking my name is Rachel. This is a curious phenomenon that has happened since I was a small child. Apparently 'Rebecca' is too hard to remember and 'Rachel' is the nearest thing. I might as well change my name and be done with it. The really stupid thing is, they KNOW what my name is... one of the trainees is emailing me something and I heard her doing the sound-out method for my name so clearly she doesn't think I'm actually called Rachel. Maybe it's easier to say. Mostly I manage to just block it out because it's happened for so long. Does this kind of thing happen to anyone else? I wonder what 'Rachel' ends up as for people who find THAT too difficult to remember?

Also, my legs ache. Luckily I'm not too tired due to an early night last night, but I don't know how good my swimming is going to be tonight. I have a drenload of washing up to do when I get in. Meh.

Anyway. Better things.

Monday )

Tuesday )
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There really is. I'm always ridiculously tired (probably because it's nearly the end of the week, but not quite), I'm in for a full day, and to top that off my PMT has kicked in with a vengeance. Not so much in the 'killing-the-next-person-to-annoy-me' way, but more in the 'can't-be-arsed' way.

I've had to resort to buying coffee (and a McDonalds muffin) this morning... although it doesn't seem to be as highly espresso'd as the last one, which is something. As in, it's actually drinkable. If I liked tea this wouldn't be half so bad; I feel rather like a pretentious yuppie buying my coffee from Pret-A-Manger, but it's the nearest coffee-selling establishment to work, and it's marginally cheaper and more palatable than Starbucks.

On hair )


At least the coffee has made me halfway human again. I was half-asleep on the bus earlier, although I travelled into town with Lisa and we shared a Metro paper, which helped. Add to this the OW PERIOD PAINS OW that have just kicked in (literally, at 9.30, ON BOTH SIDES) and this morning has been a bit meh.

There were six items in my tray this morning, and Liz still decided she was going to take two of them. And then brought one finished one back and took ANOTHER before she'd even finished the other one. And also completely ignored the one that was in there for copy-typing. Um? At least Val checks before she takes anything, and applies some common sense, rather than just diving in and taking stuff. I am now on the last piece of work and there's hardly anyone in, and those who are don't seem to be dictating.

I'm going to put a sign on the tray. "If there are less than 8 items in here, HANDS OFF!". Or possibly just suggest that if I need any help I'll ring Marie and ask. As it turns out, both the typists are off sick in the other team next door so I'll be helping them out today...

Now for something completely different, or, in other words, another part of a series I may begin on my LJ entitled "Evidence That Sandra Was Insane". We've already established she was a bitch, but more and more evidence is coming to light now I'm working with normal, rational people that she was, in fact, utterly barmy... and not in the endearing little-old-lady way.

A few minutes ago I went downstairs to the photocopying room to do more copies of my typing instruction sheets (which the fee earners fill in and put with their tapes so we know roughly what we're going to be typing) and decided to grab a box of paper whilst I was down there.

I got the lift back up again. As I was going through our automatic / push-button disabled access door (we used to have a wheelchair-bound lady working here, but she's off sick at the moment), our new locum Solicitor, Janice, saw me coming and opened the door for me and let me through.

A while back, I was struggling carrying something, though I don't remember now if it was a box of paper or an armful of files... but either way, it was heavy and awkward. I think it was files as I was coming out of Natasha's office. Sandra had just arrived and breezed into the room with an "You all right?", at the same time forcing her way past me and not even bothering to hold the door open.

If a well-educated, intelligent Solicitor, with every right to look down her nose at the low-paid typist, can open a door for me, that not only proves that Sandra is a bitch, but that there was something seriously wrong with her brain...

I'm probably a bit too hung up on Sandra's antics. But seriously. She's not normal.

I shall now sign this off.
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Under the cut.  Today was HELLISHLY boring.

Entry )

I left at 4.45 in the end, as there was no work forthcoming.  Marie emailed around all the fee earners to ask if they had anything the WPOs could do, which prompted Bernie to ask me what sort of things she meant, to which I replied, "Er... photocopying?"

I have a rather nice pasta creation for my instant tea (Paul is out with old friends so I don't have to cook actual food) containing lamb in ragu sauce with broccoli and shell pasta. I could very easily create this one myself, since we bought an instant pasta sauce (and more importantly, some tomato puree) on Saturday, and always have broccoli lying around.  Also, the huge (as in, three times the size of my head) bag of pasta I bought when we moved in is still going strong... that's a lot of pasta.

Swimming later, woo.  And then one more day of work before the long weekend... :)

In adding lots of random people-I-actually-know to my FaceBook profile thinger, I am quite amused by the 'connections' they ask you to make to the person.  'We went to school together' somehow doesn't seem adequate enough to cover 'and spoke on MSN for years', just as 'Met through a friend' doesn't quite cover 'squeed at various people in Blackpool"...  In any case, I blame Crystal for adding me in the first place. :)

Anyway.  I must finish my tea and finish packing for swimming and sort my bag out and make lunch for tomorrow, and not spend the next hour and three-quarters online.  No.  That would be bad.
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I think that worked.  I just remembered that I needed to change the settings for Outlook Express and my website emails, and it turned out to be easier to start from scratch.

Good things:  both my hosting people and Virgin are helpful people. And unlike AOL, who claim not to work with Outlook Express, Virgin actually tell you what details to put where so you're not fumbling around trying to make it work.

Nice people.  Evil AOL.

In the meantime, to ensure it works (and so I can put people on my SpamFighter whitelist) can people please send a short email to feedback at teylaminh dot com?  Ta.  Now I just need to go through the pages and find all reference to the old email address and change it...

I should probably mention, it's not going to be my primary email address.  That will still be the Yahoo! one.  Unfortunately they make you pay to synchronise it with Outlook otherwise I'd sync them all... ;)

So, yes.  At least I'm only at work for four days this week.  And four days next week.  And three the week after that.  Quite a relief.  Yay for Easter.

Today I had an amendment to do that wasn't mine, but as usual I did it because it was quicker that way.  I've pasted some bits of it (with personal details omitted, where applicable) under the cut just to demonstrate some of the horrible grammar in the thing.  I mean, it might just be me, but you'd think that the rest of the WPOs would have some sense of English, let alone common sense.  Or maybe I'm the only one who pays attention to what I'm typing...

OW. )

Yeah.  And they're all slow. :P

I do believe that's everything I was going to say.  I think I'll investigate the Doc/Seven fic on FFN for a bit, as a few seem to have come in recently...
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Under here )

Well, today was a bit mad in terms of work.  They were helping me this morning because - again - the pile was full of stuff from last night.  In the meantime, a whole bunch of urgent stuff came in, so I wasn't getting through the yesterday-stuff in the slightest, so they kept coming up to get rid of it... so by the afternoon, when they'd cleared the 'backlog' but there were STILL urgents coming in, I was starting to flounder a little bit... but after some manic super-fast typing, I managed to calm it all down again... there's about six things in the tray for tomorrow, plus whatever comes in overnight, and then the saga starts again. ;)

I suppose I'm just so used to NOT getting any help that it's a rather alien concept... but given the fiasco yesterday with the amendment that took 50 minutes of retyping, sometimes the help is less t han helpful.  I think I need to take a list into my 1-to-1, if it ever happens...

I must post a picture for [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings to show her the current length of my hair, at least before I cut it all off again.  I've still got the bright pink dye from last year that I was going to use for Pride and didn't get around to, so I've decided - or at least half-decided - to cut my hair short again and dye it pink for the duration.  I don't know what work will have to say about it, but at least the pink eventually dyes out and turns blonde.  Once the blonde has grown out I'll cut it again, and then start to grow it out - at least with straighteners that annoying in-betweeny stage won't be too aggravating.

It's just reaching a point now where it's getting annoying... it tangles as soon as look at it, and my original reason for growing it was that I was bored with it being short becuase I couldn't do anything with it - and I'm not doing anything with it now anyway.  Besides, I don't want to spend another summer like the last one with a huge mass of hair at my neck.  Yes, short, easy-to-manage hair for me, I think...  I'm only growing it out again because Paul has moaned so much about preferring it long...

So, yes, a photo, for posterity.

And that's that.  At least it's Friday tomorrow.
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...and I'm not even sure if I'm going to choir yet. Today might not even be long in the sense of time, just irritating. And it's only 9.30.

Before the moan, though...

Weekend )

The clocks going forward seems to have completely frelled with my body clock, for some reason. Maybe it's waking up in the mid-dark again or something, but I was exhausted yesterday and this morning I nearly didn't make it into work at all. I woke up with a headache and was falling asleep on the bus - even went so far as to buy mocha from Pret A Manger in a vain attempt to at least try and be human this morning. I need to get more hot chocolate so I can go back to making my own mocha...

My headache seems to have gone, and the caffeine has at least woken me up a little bit. I should ordinarily stay until 6.00 tonight for choir, but seeing as the majority of my work has now gone, and I have a cough that singing will most likely aggravate, I may not bother.

Work moan )

Anyway. Enough whinging. Even though I'd much rather be busy than have no work, so this stuff is annoying, it's still infinitely better than working with the Bitch Queen from Hezmana, and at least every other entry of my LJ isn't a whinge about her. :) I read back on those whinges a few weeks ago, actually, and was amazed I'd stood for it as long as I did. Her behaviour, in retrospect, was utterly appalling, but I think I mostly too stunned by her petty childishness to do anything about it. It's just not the behaviour you expect of an adult in a professional workplace, and that's probably why she got away with it.

In other news, I am currently weighing in at 10st and 6/7lb or thereabouts. Still overweight for my height. However, on the plus side, I can tell that the swimming is good for my arms, as they look discernibly slimmer and I can just about see muscles now under the flab, which is progress.

I'm hoping to get my bike back in time for the warmer weather, and my plan is to attempt to do some cycling as soon as I get in from work, and at weekends, as there is a perfectly suitable park only a ten minute walk away for this purpose. I'll probably start with just the weekends, though, as whenever I haven't ridden my bike for a while I can't move afterwards. I remember trying to ride it to Uni a couple of times in my first year, but the majority of the time it lived in the bike shed...

It's a shame, becuase I used to really enjoy bike-riding when my dad and I went along the canals in Netherton. I never wanted to ride it around my mum's house because of the local chav kids and because the nearest place was up a large hill... I always intended to ride it in the summer, and it never happened. So I'm determined to change that.

And then, I will kill two birds with one stone and cycle to swimming. :D I will GET FIT and LOSE WEIGHT if it kills me.

And I shall now sign this off.

ETA: Well, as we're doing Hymn to St Cecilia and the Bruckner Motets, I may go to choir after all. It's too pretty to resist. I'll just have to block out the annoying people.
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...of a sort, anyway. Typing this whilst updating an index.

In counting my instruction sheets, today I have done 28 pieces of typing (which equates to about 60 documents, all told), with two more still to go in the tray and the one I'm currently typing. I think the average here is about 10 per day. I've beaten my own record, anyway, and got through the substantial pile of work that has accumulated throughout the course of the day.

This is mostly because a) I was in at 8.30 and b) if I stop working I'll fall asleep. No, seriously. I don't feel quite as rough as I did just before lunch, but that's only due to being medicated.

My lungs and back really hurt and I keep sneezing so have probably infected the entire office, but since Noor is on leave I don't have much choice. The team next door have twice as much work as us, so are already using the cover temp (Val) so I can't really go off sick. I think I would get a NOC anyway if I did.

Hopefully it'll clear up over the weekend. I'll dope myself up on Benylin night-time tablets again tonight (they really work!) and struggle through Friday.

I SO deserve that curry at Wetherspoons tonight...
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1. I must remember, when I run out of medication, to throw away the empty bloody boxes. I had a brief panic last night because I realised I'd run out of Pills, which would have meant trying to make an appointment this morning, using up my lunch to go to it (assuming they had one today), waiting ages for the prescription, not being able to get it, and subsequently not being able to go swimming on Wednesday. But then I checked the date and GP address on the empty box this morning and it was my old surgery; I'd had a prescription since then, when I registered at the new surgery. So I checked in my purse - ah, glorious prescription!

2. Upon picking it up this morning (big queue at Boots, bus stuck in traffic, late for work) I ran into Pritpal from school. What with Crystal and Jenn at swimming, it's starting again... I wonder who else I'll run into? [ETA: I saw someone else in the sandwich shop, who I think was called Lucy. She was in my A-Level English group, anyway. I doubt she'd recognise me, and I don't think I turned round long enough for her to see me...]

3. Our fee earners need to learn that I cannot magically make their documents appear. Nor can I do five things at once. Bernie put an urgent in last night which I would happily have done this morning, had she not then put ANOTHER urgent in after that which was needed for the same time. And given I was in late (9.00 rather than 8.45) I lost the precious 15 minutes in which I could've done the first one. So instead I had to do one and give the other one to our temp (Val), so it didn't get done in time. But honestly, it doesn't help when Bernie asks me where it is in such a manner as to imply I should conjure it out of mid-air.

4. Add to that, "the printer's out of toner", "Tray 2 is empty" and "can you do this one next please?" and I've only just (at 10.00) managed to get into a proper routine.

5. On reading, and also writing )

I do believe that's everything.

Choir tonight. At least I'm not insanely tired for a change. I woke up at some point this morning thinking I'd fallen asleep with my side lamp on, as the room seemed distinctly blue, but it turned out to be daylight over the top of the curtains. I think Spring is trying to, er, spring. It just needs to warm up a bit. But not too much. about 10 degrees would be fine. :)
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I think last night's entry wins the award for "Most Pointless Ever". I had a point when I started, but I was obviously a lot more tired than I thought. Plus Paul had already drunk most of a bottle of wine before I got home and wouldn't STFU so I could concentrate on what I was trying to do, and I'd reached the point of tiredness where my brain was having trouble multi-tasking.

I was going to go on again after tea, but instead ended up watching "Interview with a Poltergeist", a documentary about the famous Enfield poltergeist in North London in the 1970s. Quite interesting, really, but quite a shame that at the time they didn't have the technology that the Most Haunted team do, since most of the video and audio footage leaves a lot to individual interpretation.

Probably just as well I didn't go on, anyway, because as soon as I got into bed I got out my personal journal and started scribbling in there like a madwoman. Starting that journal was probably the best thing I ever did, even though it sat empty for the best part of a year. Last night's entry was the first real, cathartic one in a while.

(I also lost the flow of that, because then Paul came to bed and got worried I was writing in it and kept interrupting me - "You're writing a lot! What's wrong?".)

I was going to tidy it up - as I often say I'm going to do - and put a version on here, but have since decided against it. I was also going to do a friends-filter rejigging, and decided against that as well.

I seem to have developed a particular sort of PMT that kicks in a week before I'm due and makes me supremely paranoid that nobody actually likes me, a paranoia which was triggered by several systematic events yesterday afternoon and evening. I can't be bothered to explain why, because I know full well it's petty and stupid... but knowing that doesn't make it go away.

The long and short of it is, whenever I lose friends, it's either into the ether, or to other friends, because they turn out to be cooler than me. I seem to end up as this floating entity somewhere in the middle of all the friendship, wanting to be a part of the energy and ending up as just... filling a gap. Sometimes the gap isn't there to start with.

This will pass in a week or so, I imagine, but it comes back every month and it's more than a little annoying. And, believe me, it's better than the previous bouts of ever-increasing PMT over as much as 72 days. This is just another of those annoying, niggling little issues that I should really try and deal with and will, as ever, wait until it goes away...

On the plus side, of course, writing things down did help immensely... and at least, these days, I have that luxury, and the words will actually transfer from brain to page without getting trapped.

Hopefully today won't be too annoying, and if it is then swimming tonight will calm me down again. Adrenaline = good for the soul. As is soprano singing. It's days like today I'm quite glad I don't work at LAO any more, as Sandra's very existence would be irriting.

Oh, and! Out of sight but not necessarily out of mind - if someone else's recent bullying case is anything to go by, I probably could've got Sandra fired for effectively bullying me, if I'd brought it up. I read the anti-harrassmnent policy back to front three times, but that only deals with specific harrassment issues like age, sex, sexuality, race, etc. There's no policy for 'general' harrassment.

And if the case Paul told me about the other day is also anything to go by, I could definitely have gotten her fired over her use of the term 'faggotty'...

I should stop writing this entry. My brain is full of randomness. Sorry.

*posts, closes window*


Mar. 6th, 2007 09:45 pm
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Tuesdays are exhausting...

I have to stay in work until 6.00 as it's easier than going home, losing the will to live and struggling back to choir, and today that was looking to be a very annoying thing, as we ran out of work at about 11.30.  Luckily it all started dripping in again at about 3.00 and by the time I left at 6.10 there were about five new bits in the tray plus one to book in.  So tomorrow shouldn't be too bad.

Rehearsals are going well.  Under the cut is a flyer for our May concert, for which I am trying to sell tickets...  Ignore that, no cut.  Paul scanned it as a 2-page .tif and right now I can't be bothered to argue with Photoshop and turn it into a jpg, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

And I'm sure I was going to say something else, but now I've forgotten it.  Brain = dead.
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(9.30amish.) The network is still dead. Well, I say "still". We had network connectivity for all of ten minutes yesterday, and just as I was about to get into My Documents to transfer all my files across from Tuesday, it died again. Maybe they didn’t expect such a rush…

What I love about this place is that even though nobody can access the shared drives, and hence can’t access our precedent files, the fee earners still keep putting work into the trays for typing and somehow still expect said work to get done within the hour. Funny, that. Obviously the WPOs are connected to an entirely different non-broken network… news to me.

This morning has been insane. Due to not being able to access the shared drives, I’ve had a pile of bundle indexes to do for Bernie, which this morning, (due to still having no bloody network access) I’ve had to copy type all from scratch just to do the amendments, because they’re needed for Court this afternoon. I then had another urgent for Alison B, and Alison M warned that she will probably have some urgent stuff to do as well. And probably some of the stuff that came in yesterday will end up being bumped to the ‘urgent’ pile as well…

I don’t know where all the bloody work was coming from yesterday – I’d like to know where it all was the other week when there were two of us here and no work whatsoever. Has the lack of network connectivity sent everyone into a flat panic?

As a result, I ended up working eight hours solid with only a break for lunch (and as soon as I went on lunch I got lumbered with two urgent pieces of work) and the hour or so we were in a team meeting. I left work 45 minutes later than usual (Wednesday is usually my early day) and didn’t have time to eat before going swimming, and was in a horrible mood.

Luckily, the swimming mellowed me out considerably. Alison and I ran into Crystal and Jenn, which was quite bizarre, and instead of doing lengths and killing ourselves like normal, we did a lot of widths instead. My foot only cramped up once, and I had a nice relaxing float in the waves rather than drowning – just as well, because the pool has been considerably deeper than usual the past couple of weeks and I can’t touch the floor any more…

My shoulders were aching a bit after swimming last night, but I’m surprisingly not in pain this morning. I slept pretty much straight through the night except for waking up after my dream (see below) and I’m luckily not as tired today as I usually am. Hurrah.

Anyway, as there is now a lull (and the network is back up, finally, at 11.30am) I’m working on this entry, mostly because I have a dream to write up, which I want to do before I forget it… Don’t read it if you’re easily scared or have a vivid imagination.

An actual nightmare. )

That took frelling ages to remember, but I wanted to try and get it all down.

It was really interesting, in its own way, as usually my nightmares are much more psychological than graphic – and the graphic things are never as scary as this. There was something of a psychological element to it (which is why I woke up so scared), but very few of my nightmares manage to seep into my awake consciousness…

At least actual monsters are better than the spate of almost-being-raped dreams that I had just before Christmas. They were fairly horrible.

My raspberry, strawberry and ‘hint of garden mint’ yoghurt tastes like the dentist’s office. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I suppose it’s healthier than chocolate…

Now I need to post this and do some work…
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I'm sure you remember Ye Bifcuit Faga of old, when I brought some biscuits into work that were barely even a month out of date and which Sandra moaned about for three weeks as soon as she found out.  Well, something today reminded me of that, and also proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that's she's clearly completely nuts.

We have a biscuit fund at work, except the girl who runs it and hence provides said biscuits is currently off sick.  However, some other biscuits mysteriously appeared this afternoon (I suspect it was Faten's doing) and they were surrepticiously, throughout the afternoon, eaten.  Some of the Solicitors are worse than others at stealing biscuits; Ian gets through more biscuits than anyone I know and is usually the first to complain or point it out if there are none.  There was also an amusing exchange yesterday when Terri went up to see what was left of the box of Chocolate Orange Segsations:

Terri:  *looks around, then quietly:* Does anyone want the last chocolate?
Me:  Well... they are Terry's, Terri.
Terri:  That's right, they are!  *takes last chocolate and walks back to desk*  Ha ha har!

Today after the new, mysterious biscuits turned up, Bernadette passed them en route to the fax machine, paused ponderously, and took one.

My point here is this:  normal people, when presented with biscuits, will eat them.  Normal people, when presented with biscuits, do not stare at the box long enough to even see if there is a sell by date, let alone if said biscuits have gone past it.

Hence, Sandra is not normal.  It's also further proof that nothing I ever did was good enough, and she seemed to be perpetually convinced I was trying to poison her.  Which, I suppose, would have made it all the funnier if I'd put sour milk in her desk drawer before I left...
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Or, at least, I did something this morning which FELT important. More important than just typing, anyway.

One of the Senior Solicitors in the Adults & Communities Team was rushing off to a meeting elsewhere and needed a letter typing up urgently. Normally the secretary does the typing for that team (or they do it themselves) but as Sue was busy and I'd just walked in the responsibility felt onto me. Afterwards I had to fax it to a third party and also to the Solicitor at wherever she was. I was entrusted with her mobile number, etc., etc.

This felt remarkably important, since normally all the WPOs do is type and that's it. And occasionally help out with PC trouble and miscellaneous MS Word-related issues. You'd think the lack of responsibility here compared to what I had to undertake daily at Ladywood would be, well, a relief.

More job stuff )

In other news, Birmingham is once again stuck in a snow-free bubble. I'm convinced the Council has put up a forcefield. 'Snot fair. Of course, it could have been equally unfair and snowed whilst I had the beginnings of my cold instead of the end of it, so I couldn't go out and play in it. But Paul won't have a snowball fight with me anyway, the spoilsport. :(

In other other news, we should be internetted at home this weekend, which is something of a relief.

I do believe that's everything.
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Birmingham City Council is very hot on new technology and making sure all of its employees know basically how to use it. Which is why, of course, the PCs are slow, the photocopiers are rubbish, and the printers break down. And it's also why their IT 'Helpdesk' doesn't actually help you, but refers you to someone else who invariably can't help you either...

All of these have one thing in common - they look pretty, but are mostly useless.

BCC's helpdesk is run by a company called Service Birmingham, which basically means they answer calls, write down the problem and give it to someone else. Their response time is faster than it was before, but at least when you were on hold for three hours you eventually got through to someone who could solve your problem, instead of someone who can't. (Although, actually, if you were on hold for more than about 15 minutes, the automated queuing machine would just cut you off... It has less patience than the average caller, evidently.)

So, I currently have two IT-related problems at work. One is that they forgot to give me access to the Legal Services Intranet when they moved my email over, which means I can't access important information and can't pull up a blank PDR (Personal Development Review) form to fill in. (Not that I want to, but, y'know...) The other problem is that one of the networked printers decided to stop working at about 11.30 this morning, for no reason at all, having been happily printing away not 15 minutes before. There is another network printer, which is showing up on my PC and letting me default it and choose it and all those nice things, but it refuses to print things for me. But then again, the printer I could print from (the one that is now broken) would steadfastly ignore all the build-in tray commands from the templates ad print everything from Tray 1 regardless, wasting letterheaded paper and trying my patience.

I telephoned our 'Helpdesk' about both of these queries. Service Birmingham referred the problems off to the appropriate helpy people and said they'd ring to arrange a date to fix the printer either this afternoon or tomorrow morning (given it's now 3.30, my bet's on the latter.) For the moment I am printerless and having to print from my colleague's PC, which is inconvenient for both of us. (Of course, it doesn't help that Legal Services is so very bogged down in paperwork...)

As for the intranet problem, the Lotus Notes team can't help because they don't have access to that database. It took them a swift 10 minutes to let me know they COULDN'T do something; it'll probably take a week to actually do it.

The further irony is that yesterday, at our WPO/Support Staff away day (well, away morning) at St Philips Chambers (very posh) it was suggested that, because the IT support is so crap, some of us could shadow the IT staff on the 4th floor and learn how to solve problems like this. It's a marvellous idea in principal, but apparently they've asked before and been refused because upper management in IT won't make anyone except IT staff into administrators (in case we, like, destroy the network or something, I suppose) so even if we've got the knowledge we won't be able to use it.

The argument is that if we learn this stuff it puts the IT staff out of a job. Well, tough cookies. Maybe if they DID their frelling job we wouldn't be asking. "Three working days" is NOT an appropriate response time in a Department with a 24-hour turnaround of work.

It is now 5.15 (it's been an ongoing process, this entry) and for the past hour or so my printing process has gone thusly, mostly because Windows XP is the bastard son of Bill Gates and should be shot into the sun:

1. Type work on my PC and save to filing system.
2. Log off PC.
3. Log onto colleague's PC now that she has gone home.
4. Open work, discouraging XP from trying to install things because it thinks I'm a new user (every time I log in.)
5. Print work off on remaining functional printer.
6. Discover that typing in the amount of copies doesn't work, for some reason, and waste time reprinting things on the right paper.
7. Close windows.
8. Log off PC.
9. Return to own PC, log back in.
10. Repeat process.

Needless to say, after doing this three times it was starting to get more than a little annoying, so once I've posted this I'm going home, late day or not. There's not much I can do without printer access, and IT are a waste of space...
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It's been a while, though not as long as when I was off sick... Am using internet at the new job surrepticiously at the moment since only the upper-type legals should have internet access.

New job is fine. It's a bit quiet at the moment, so I currently have nothing to do. The work here is mostly lots of short tapes containing letters, memos and faxes, with the occasional application forms or cover sheets to break up the tedium. There's also been a Cabinet Report that I tidied up for one of the Snr Soicitors... So, quite different from CP, and I've had to learn to slow myself down to make the work last a bit longer. Everything has a 24 hour turnover, but I'm still used to doing that for CP minutes...

I miss my old job at the moment but I'm thinking of it in terms of the bereavement process. I've been through 'denial' (in that I kept feeling, stupidly, as though this new job was a temporary position) and am now accepting of it. I emailed Amanda, Ivy, Natasha and Tina H this morning (deliberately excluding Sandra, obviously) to let them know I was settled in. I've been without email for a week as well, so the lulls in work have been unbearable to the point that I've read the Quality Assured System handbook twice... Anyway, apparently Keli (who was meant to be Sandra's other half) has had to be moved to GCH because they're understaffed, and Sonia - my replacement - has left already because there was too much work. Wuss. She should've seen the backlog I came back to in August. That was a lot of work.

She was also moaning when I left about the fact that a lot of the work was copy typing, because Tina had said it was audio. Er, no. 'Fraid not. We had a hectic week that week, too, and I was helping Ivy with queries, so I think possibly this may have scared her off. Sandra was also on leave - except for her little gatecrashing incident at lunch - so Sonia wasn't fully inducted to my life there... part of me really wants to believe Sandra drove her out.

SO they're currently typistless at LAO as well as at SHAO. Part of me wants to go back there part-time - on the days Sandra isn't there, of course - to help them out... but I know I can't, really... It's a shame I had to leave in the first place, but I just couldn't cope with that woman any more...

What else...? Oh, yes, yesterday I was very ill and queasy so had to leave at lunchtime and go home, on the basis that if I was going to throw up (or otherwise), I'd rather be in my own flat than at the office. Luckily I had enough flex to cover it. I got it all out of my system once I was in - and nearly threw up on the bus, it should be noted - and felt much better...

A man is coming to install cable for us on Friday, so, even though my computer is still buried, I should be able to check email and stuff on Lisa's if I ask nicely. We're going to sort out the router and such at a later date, but at least we'll have cable telly upstairs and a landline at some point.

And yes, there are still boxes everywhere. But I learnt how to make cottage pie on Sunday, so things are looking up.
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Today will be my last day at Ladywood. We've been out to lunch and I've said goodbye to my favourite colleagues. Sandra has been on leave for two weeks and the harmony here has been absolutely lovely. Her 'other half', Keli, is a nice girl and I'd love to work with her as we've clicked, but unfortunately, her arrival doesn't mean that Sandra is going. And that's the main problem.

They got me a card signed by admin and Chairs, £20 of Argos vouchers and 16 Ferrero Rocher chocolates (now down to 12). Sandra hasn't been around to sign the card, which is just as well. Unfortunately, she turned up at the leaving lunch with four-year-old daughter in tow (who is absolutely gorgeous and Sandra most certainly doesn't deserve her), not for my benefit but because it's Cynthia's birthday on Tuesday and she'd bought her a present. We didn't exchange words; I studiously avoided looking at her. She flounced off five minutes later and suddenly I could relax again. It sometimes feels like she does these things on purpose just to make me feel inadequate. Not content with having done so the entire time she's worked with me, she has to go and ruin my last day as well.

Good riddance, bitch.

I'm going to buy a goodbye card over the weekend to send back to LAO on Monday, as I didn't have time during the week.

Today will also be my last day of gratuitous internet abuse, since I'm not sure what my workload's going to be like and wouldn't want to be too presumptious in my first week by going online all the time, so until we get Telewest sorted (and my computer unburied) I'll be updating sporadically. I might attempt to keep a paper diary if anything interesting happens. Unlikely, but you never know...

Anyway, that's one milestone. The other is this: I will be 25 years old in one month and one day. So here is a list of things I would like.

~ Nina Ricci's new perfume. I don't remember what it's called but the bottle is shaped like an apple.
~ Givenchy's Ange ou Demon? perfume.
~ A Creative Zen Microphoto MP3 player, in black.
~ A new camera
~ A Motorola Razr phone

Naturally, I don't expect anyone to buy me any of these (though Paul may get me the first one) but I just thought I'd throw it out there. You know... just in case. ;)
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Internet wasn't working at work yesterday, so here's the entry from then:

1. The virus, whatever it was, is out of my system. I'm assuming, in that case, that my glands will de-swell on their own.

2. My asthma is fine (as usual).

3. My sweating could have a cause and I need to have another blood test, but for now I have been prescribed a special anti-perspirant to apply nightly. Fingers crossed.

Nothing much else to report.

Except that our printer's broken again. It's not the network card for a change, just that the fuser cartridge is bost. We should get another one tomorrow hopefully. I think the IT Services guy is getting quite fed up of looking at it...

Oh, and apparently, according to Liz D, they've all been singing my praises at SHAO all morning. Such a shame they couldn't have done that more often, really. I really want to tell everyone why I'm going - the real reason, aside from the easier travel and location and the extra money - especially seeing as Sandra's on leave for the next two weeks and won't be back until after I've gone... but I won't.

Ho-hum. I have the new typist shadowing me on Monday (must... resist... urge... to warn... about... Sandra) for my last week, so I need to try and clear my desk tomorrow a little bit. Empty the drawers and such.

As a random aside, when typing Raj's tapes, I've noticed he uses the word 'however' all of the time, almost as punctuation. I want to say "That word does not mean what you think it means."

So, I tried the uber-anti-perspirant (Driclor) last night. It stings like WHOA, but that's probably due to the alcohol content. So far this morning, it's 10.00am and I am Not Sweating, which is definitely a good thing.

I had my blood test this morning and I swear she took about a pint, as the doctor requested checking for everything. My arm HURTS now, and considering that the bruise hasn't gone from my previous blood test last week, and there's now going to be a bloody huge one on my right arm too, I'm going to look like a smack addict. YAY.
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Got bored of typing, so I just spend about half an hour transferring my old abbreviations/acronyms list (which I'd compiled about a year ago and subsequently deleted when I didn't leave - yay for the Recycle Bin) onto a spreadsheet, which already contains several useful addresses and a Birmingham postcode reference, because I was getting fed up of people not putting the area on attendance sheets.

So, having compiled this list, I then emailed my team to tell them as such, with a nice, helpful link to it on our shared directory. I did this a couple of months ago when I first compiled it, but it seemed to be ignored.

Doubtless this burst of initiative will piss Sandra off no end (as will the other email I sent yesterday informing people about the Lotus Notes server changeover and impending diary problems) because I'm ordering her around. :D

I love being the only computer literate one in the office. :)

Tina H said that when they get a new typist he or she will spend one week shadowing me, which I think is only fair. Amanda said to make sure I tell them the most important inforamtion - such as where the kettle is. I'm glad to say that I'm not used as a tea-girl, despite being Sandra's general dogsbody... but that's probably only because she doesn't have hot drinks...

Still in something of a silly mood. I need to get potatoes, an Evening Mail, Paul's tobacco and a part-bake baguette on the way home, for we are having bolognese. That is, assuming the meat has defrosted... I think I'm going to put back on all of the weight I lost whilst ill. Which may be a good thing, as all of my bloody jeans keep falling down...
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Sparked by a very silly conversation on the way home from the pub on Sunday night, after passing McDonalds and deciding whether it was worth buying McGrease just to get pretty Coke glasses...

I give you...

Because everyone wants a little alcohol with their Big Mac.

This would include the following:

McBeer - in 'lager' or 'bitter' flavour. McGuinness would be available on St Patrick's Day.

McSpirits - in a variety of flavours including 'vodka', 'brandy', 'whisky' and 'rum'. Larger chains would have more, obviously. Mixers would be the usual soft drinks offered (Coke, Sprite, Fanta, etc.)

McWine - in 'red' or 'white' flavour. Also available in 'mulled' at Christmas.

Both coming in Small, Medium or Large sizes, in the trademark cardboard cup, complete with straw.


I'm not sure it's going to work, really. :)

In other news - we appear to have vanquished the 'guests' in our kitchen - or, at the very least, they've disappeared. Am now paranoid they're trapped in one of the binbags and it's going to explode in a lovely, writhing mass... but anyway, tonight we're meeting in town and going to Argos to buy a bin.

I tried to buy a bin last night, but the manager kept whining at everyone to make their purchases and get out because it was closing in five minutes. I saw a couple in there, but bins are expensive. The only plastic ones they had came with entire kitchen sets (drainers, cutlery trays, etc.) and we don't need all that crap. I just want a big bin with a lid, preferably for under twenty quid. It's obviously too much to ask for.

Wilkinson would be an ideal place to get one, but they're few and far between these days, and the only ones I know of seem to be up the north end of the Midlands, in Dudley, West Bromwich and Halesowen...

As for work, I'm adopting a strategy with Sandra of not giving a shit. I don't answer to her, she's not my supervisor OR my superior, and quite frankly, I'm more concerned with getting through my three-week backlog than I am with doing whatever she decides to fob off onto me that she can't be bothered to do herself. She put my name on the duty rota even though Ivy and I are sharing it, because obviously, that three-week backlog is going to clear itself...

Apparently they're meant to be advertising my job to get a permanent typist in, but if that fails they'll get a temp in... and probably have the same problems as at SHAO whereby they terrify them on their first day and lose them a day later.

Hurrah, I'm leaving chaos in my wake. My work here is done.
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Firstly, the good news:

I got the job

They rang me yesterday just as I was about to go into supervision, which made my final supervision quite immensely pointless. It was basically "Yeah, Sandra's still annoying, but I don't actually care any more".

They're sending the letter out this week and I'm hoping to hand in my notice at the end of July, work through August here and aim to start the new job in September. FINALLY, I can get out of this place.

Which, considering what just happened, I'm very very glad about.

Raj just turned up, disrupting the quiet harmony in our office by being obnoxiously loud and rambunctious, and asked me how I did in my interview on Thursday. I told him I'd got the job and then, the following conversation ensued.

Raj: Ah, I knew you'd got it.
Sandra: How do you know, are you psychic or summink?
Raj: Ahhh, well, there are very good words about her in the Department, you know.
Sandra: Oh, right. Not from me.

She apologised afterwards whilst laughing at her little 'joke', but honestly, was that really necessary? I'm sure she means nothing by it, but at the same time, given her behaviour over the past year or so, I'm also not so sure... I certainly wouldn't put it past her to spread poisonous bile about me.

So, yeah, that didn't really help my already foul mood today, due to lack of sleep and the impending ridiculous temperatures. It was 40 degrees in our office yesterday. FORTY. They seriously expect us to work in these conditions. What's even more annoying is that nobody will commit themselves to naming a maximum temperature to work in. They recommend that an office should be between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, and that it should never go below 16, but there's apparently no upper limit. Staff are allowed to go outside intermittently for fresh air, but if they want to go home it's at the discretion of their manager.

Seriously. When it's anything over about 32 degrees, it's impossible to concentrate. The Department would be doing itself a favour by sending its staff home on hot days, because said staff are not exactly being productive when they have to take half-hour "fan breaks" after five minutes trying to work.

They have air conditioning in the main admin office, too, but nowhere else in the building. The excuse is that admin is the central hub where most people are passing through. Screw that; they're downstairs. Admin want to work up here for a bit and see how hot it gets...

I'm very tempted to leave early today...


Jul. 17th, 2006 03:20 pm
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Current situation is as follows:

~ temperature is creeping up to 36oC in the office, without the added bonus of a nice breeze as outside.
~ chocolate digestives melting.
~ have fan pointed at head previously had fan pointed at head, but Sandra has since made me turn it around so Amanda can feel some of it. This is actually impossible. Now have no air conditioning in the slightest, as I sit in a corner with no frelling windows.
~ moreover, Sandra has a desk fan pointed at HER head, not to mention the rotating one in the middle of the room. And she acts like I'm the selfish one. I vote we swap desks for an hour and she can see what it's like in MY corner of this oven, without a direct line to an open window and now without the privalege, even, of a rotating fan.
~ am actually considering going home or faking a collapse so I get SENT home. (Except I suspect, with the latter, that it would take them about an hour to even notice...)
~ BCC can't afford air conditioning, because they're cheaparses. Except, apparently, in the admin office, where it is pleasantly cool. It also apparently can't afford heating in the winter that actually works.

In summary: I hate this office, I hate Sandra, and I HATE HATE HATE this weather. I'm going at 4.45, if not earlier.
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Hm. As much as I'm getting used to them, I'm still not fond of interviews. At least I aced the audio-typing test...

They gave me half an hour, in which I had to type up an audio dictation of 11 different statements and a list of common legal words to make sure I could spell them. Things like "judiciary" and "prejudice" and "prove". I'm still not sure if I spelt "liaise" right ("liaise/liase"?) but that's one of my weaknesses. Bah. After the dictation there was then a proof-reading test to find the spelling/grammar errors. I did the entire lot in 15 minutes.

The interview was quite long. There were the usual two questions about prioritising workload and the Council's equal ops policy, and about six or seven others. One of them was "Give an example of when you have used word processing". Er, every day? Hm. I suppose they have to rule out anyone applying for it as a first job... There was also one about being flexible, one about meeting a deadline under specific circumstances, and some others I don't remember...

They said they'd get back to me by the end of the week, then must have realised it was Thursday and that such a task would be impossible, so they rang me to let me know they'd get back to me by the end of next week. So we shall see. If I don't get this one I'll just keep looking, as I'm now completely committed to getting out of here.

Cynthia's leaving do tonight, at All Bar One and then on to Risa. I'm bringing Paul for moral support, but will probably have to keep him away from Sandra, after everything I've told him about her...

We have more furniture in the flat now, luckily. My cubic shelving unit is in, and another bedside table. I've unpacked one suitcase of skirts/dresses and the only one left has jeans in... except the wardrobe isn't deep enough to hold most of my coat hangers. This is annoying. Hopefully we're getting another large chest of drawers so I'll just put most of my stuff in that, instead. Still pondering where to put furniture. And wondering exactly how I managed to fit such a vast amount of crap into such a small room...

Ho hum. It's all just a waiting game, really.
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1. Sandra, when you put a call through to me, at least TELL me who it is I'm going to be talking to. I'm typing an audio-tape, therefore I can't hear whatever you're blathering about on the phone.

2. Also, Sandra, stop eating all the fucking chocolates.

3. TV Licencing people, you evil, corporate frellniks, why can't I just make the usual monthly payments of £12 per month by Direct Debit for an ongoing period of time, instead of being charged twice that much because the bastard thing expires in January but still costs full price? I'll renew it in bloody July next year, okay? Jesus. Also, your stupid online form doesn't have a long enough character limit for the full name of the joint account from which I'll be paying it - and, furthermore, that joint account doesn't have a frelling chequebook, so telling me to put the full name "as it appears on your chequebook" is not the helpful information you think it is.

4. And what, exactly, was wrong with paying for a TV licence at the post office? Why must it now (well, after 31st July) be done either online or by telephone? What if I were a little old lady with my portable black and white telly, without access to a telephone and unknowledgeable about this new-fangled internet? Huh? THEN WHAT??

5. Raj, it's very nice that you're so jolly and everything, but it doesn't mean you can be demanding and expect everything done for you. I appreciate that this was the way things worked at Greencoat House, but here at Ladywood you will not be getting your personal assistant. Also, the pens that are marked "Flipchart Marker" are NOT for use on the whiteboard. The reason? They don't rub off, at least not without cleaning fluid. I've already told you the whiteboard pens are in the drawer, so frelling USE them, don't just reach for the first pen you can find and scribble on the board. Especially when what you scribble is actually wrong.

6. Also, everyone else, I labelled the drawers to make your life easier. If you're too lazy to read the labels, that's not my problem.

7. And could you stop rearranging my envelope drawer? Yes, you heard. MY envelope drawer. It's not the office envelope drawer. The envelopes are in the stationery cupboard, the same as always. The drawer by my desk is and always has been my drawer, and I would have appreciated you not delegating it to be the envelope drawer when I was ON LEAVE and therefore unable to argue. Unfortunately, there's no key, or I would lock you all out of it.

8. Social Workers, various and sundry, stop being pains in the arse and bloody well LOOK for things. They're not in one folder? Try another. Exhaust all possibilities before you come and whine at us about the minutes not being there. Because inevitably, they will be, and you will have wasted our time.

9. Other Social Workers, please learn about respecting personal space. Don't stand three inches behind my chair, and DEFINITELY don't back me into a corner. I will be more helpful if you give me space to breathe.

10. Birmingham City Council, or the Highways Department, or whoever, please can you resurface that bit of Warstone Lane just before Icknield Street? Every time a bus goes over it I feel my spine crack. I would be very appreciative, as would my back.

That makes a nice, even ten. I have my interview/typing test tomorrow, but I'm hoping the PMT will have passed by then. Everything in the universe is unnecessarily complicated, and usually because of money. Money should be abolished, and that's the only solution...


Jun. 27th, 2006 01:24 pm
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I hate coming back off leave...

Apparently I'm on the duty rota this week. News to me. I thought the new system was being implemented in a couple of weeks' time, not immediately after the decision was made. Someone could've told me... I can only access one of the diaries this morning, so nobody's going to be booking anything in today anyway.

And, of course, there's the usual backlog of emails and typing to sort through. I actually had to make a to-do list this morning to get through all of the various queries, demands and requests in my email inbox. Sue's found someone who can fix miniature audio-tapes and sent me two entirely separate emails requesting I send it back, and apparently rang to speak to me yesterday as well (er, yes, because the "I Am Out of the Office" auto-reply means I'm actually in the office, honest...) In the time it took to find someone who was able to fix a snapped tape, she could've just re-dictated the bloody thing.

Also a little message from Natasha on my desk asking me to make sure that the invitees to a review on Friday are aware of the venue. Well, it says the venue on the invite letters, so I would imagine so, yes. In short, it's taken me nearly an hour to start doing any actual work.

My shoulder is killing me, probably from sleeping on it weird last night. I managed to do a sort of vaguely half-arsed attempt at dusting (we have too many bloody ornaments) and vacuumed the living room, as well as cleaning the kitchen surfaces AGAIN and making the taps all shiny. I then proceeded to vegitate in front of the television for the rest of the day, since I'd already been to Asda that morning for some basics. I'd forgotten how heavy shopping could be.

I spent the majority of the late evening panicking because I didn't know what time mum and David were due back and figured it would be some point in the early morning. I woke up at about 5.15 this morning and they still weren't back, so cue another 15 minutes of panicking... and then they arrived. Phew.

With any luck, I should be actually living in the flat by the end of this week... but then, I said that last week...


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