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Back at work after a week off. I was actually quite productive to start with, last week - on Wednesday I got loads of things done, then on Thursday and Friday I was really lazy, mostly because my head has been full of Jonathan Creek fanfiction ideas and simply will.not.shut.up. I've been getting very little sleep - about four hours last night I think - and I'm so tired it's not even funny... but the icon is apt, nevertheless. I'd much, MUCH rather be ficcing - I produce my best writing in the small hours and when half-asleep. I'd wager the same is not true of my day job. :P

New Year's, etc. )

Today: nothing in Winscribe, hence the entry. I really want to work on my latest JC fic idea but this environment is not particularly conducive to the style I want to write it in (i.e. angsty over-verbosity / pretty wording), so instead I might get some more words down on the tapas!fic, as it forms a section of the "Three Gamblers" episode tag and is pretty much the only thing I now need to do on the Tag Project. That in itself shows how productive I've been; a week ago I would have lamented how far I had to go before they were done.

Ramblings about JC fic )

Okay, I do believe that's long enough.

Leaving work early today as I need to go to Bearwood to buy a plunger - our toilet is alternately not flushing properly, draining slowly, or gurgling ominously. It initially did it just before Christmas then corrected itself overnight, now it's doing it more regularly and I'd rather try and solve the problem before we bother the landlord...
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Mrrg. Slept on sofa last night as Paul was snoring. Annoyingly enough, it wasn't even that loud, just badly-timed. Whenever I was about to nod off, he would start snoring again. Eventually I got bored of poking him and went to sleep in the lounge, which I think was around 1.00am. When my alarm went off this morning at 7.00 (after I'd already woken up a couple of times in the night) I gave myself an extra hour in bed. At 7.30 (second alarm) I went back to the actual bed. I think the mattress on the bed/sofa is on the way out, to be honest. It used to be really comfy but not so much now...

On the plus side, last night I was terribly organised and made sandwiches for work. I bought myself one of those cool bags to put my lunch in, as the fridges are work are always full of milk or people's groceries (and have a tendency to be thieved from). So for lunch today I have tuna sandwiches (on brown bread, with light mayonnaise), a yogurt and a smoothie. I do like smoothies, but they make my kitchen look like a murder scene. I'm not entirely sure how the smoothie will have held out, actually; I tend to use frozen fruit because (a) it's cheaper, (b) it doesn't go off when I forget to eat it and (c) it gives a lovely Slush Puppy type texture. I usually drink them straight away and this one will have been sat (admittedly in the fridge) for a few hours, so I'll probably have to shake it...

I think I forgot to mention, on Saturday we tried out the new slow cooker for the first time, making "Chicken with Chorizo and Beans", which was lovely. With preparation (pre-frying stuff) it took about six hours. There is loads of spinach left over so I'm going to find a sag aloo recipe this week. I have a book of 1000 Indian recipes and sag aloo is not in there (but chicken tikka masala is!!) Unfortunately Pret have stopped doing their delicious sag aloo soup.

If I'm rambling, it's because I'm so tired. I've had some coffee but it started to make me feel sick so I stopped drinking it, and now I'm filling myself full of water in an effort to rehydrate my brain. I brought my choir stuff with me today but I think I might give it a miss; when I'm over-tired the weekly struggle to keep up just upsets and infuriates me, and I'm not in the mood for that today.

Meh. I think I'll post this before it gets even longer. Most pointless entry ever? Yes, I do believe it is.
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There's not much to do here (again!) so be warned in advance that this will probably be long... again. Sorry, I seem to be in a particularly superfluous mood lately.

MOAR SUNSET. Because, you know, there can never be too much Sunset. )

Yesterday afternoon I finally finished Chapter Three of the JC-fic, which is now officially titled "A Lot to Answer For". It needs going over again but at least it's done. Damn these characters who never talk to each other properly. :P I think I need to put together some kind of actual chapter plan for this story before it runs away of its own volition.

Might be a busy weekend - Paul is working Saturday and I have to go into Moseley to get a funky Mother's Day card, and then it's Paul's turn to cook the Mother's Day Lunch on Sunday. Must also get flowers to put on the table, tidy up so the place looks presentable - I mean, I'm sure they KNOW we're lazy slobs, but it's nice to keep up appearances (:P) - and figure out what to get as a present... which I should probably do tonight, actually. Hm, trip to the Pier, maybe.

I need to get my hair cut, but as I'm manning the typing on my own until April it's been quite difficult to get away early. Excellent for flex, obviously, but somewhat knackering.

Anyway. At some point I promise to write an entry which isn't about Sunset Boulevard or Jonathan Creek. Or X-Files for that matter. :P Fandom is infinitely more interesting than real life; go figure.
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...and another entry which will probably break Eni's higher brain functions (hence the icon, obviously).

It's kind of odd. I'm falling behind on my journal re-tagging, but at the moment it's as though the "fandom" tags are battling each other for supremacy. SB is winning at the moment, but Farscape is a contender for second place because I've tagged the first year or so of the LJ... Strange how our fandom habits are so cyclic. When I get to 2003 the Buffy tags will grow in number... and also, when it's all done, we get to see which 'celebrity' on my list I geek over more often. I did a bit of a re-read last night and there's a pretty strong leader at the moment - three guesses who . ;)

Finished series 2 of Jonathan Creek last night with "Mother Redcap", another favourite. Actually, I just like series 2 in general. Stuffs )

I pottered about online for a bit after that, not really doing much. It was a bit cold last night so I wasn't very inclined to type stuff. Went to bed at 11.00pm and then started to re-write the first chapter of the SB/BaT fic to make more sense of it, now that I've separated out the prologue elements. Didn't get very far, as re-writing by hand takes longer than typing, so gave up after half an hour or so. I still haven't got to the point I wanted, but for now I'm enjoying the brainstorming. More )

I kind of have this... horrible suspicion that my brain will overcome the SB and JC overload by attempting some kind of awful crossover, which would not only be completely impossible, but wrong on so many infinite levels of wrongness. They are both too complex to even attempt to join together, and the result would be some kind of horrifying chimera. Not to mention that the characters would be completely incompatible, and I'm stopping now.

I'm sure I had more I was going to say when this stuff was trampling through my head last night, but as usual it's fallen out of my ears this morning. I am also suffering caffeine withdrawal (slight headache) because I've managed to fall into a habit of one cup of mocha a day, and it's bad for me. So, as much as I am tired this morning, it's at least vaguely worth it for the creative productivity...

The network is as slow as a slow thing today, and there's also very little work. In any event, it's nearly lunchtime, so I'll post this and find something to do for half an hour.
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I slept on the sofa last night. Admittedly it's a sofa which was originally my bed, so it was quite comfortable, but nonetheless, that is where I slept. The reason for this was because Paul has the lurgy (again! Or possibly the same lurgy as a month ago, we're not sure...) and I'd already spent an hour and a half trying to get to sleep against his horrendously loud snoring. Obviously, it's not like he could help it, but it was either sleep on the sofa or suffocate him with a pillow...

At one point I could still bloody well hear him through the wall.

Anyway, despite not getting to sleep until gone 1.00am and waking up at least three times in the night (one of which was due to Paul also waking up and finding me not there, and then coming to find me) I am surprisingly not tired today. I've always said, though, that I cope much better with lack-of-sleep tired than I do mental-exhaustion tired, because at least there's a valid reason for it. There's nothing more annoying than getting enough sleep but still being too knackered to do anything; it's usually the case that a lack of sleep results in uber-productivity in order to stay away - or at least hyperactivity.

I even got up at 7.00 and had a shower this morning as I didn't have time last night, what with choir, ordering food and watching Dead Set - which, by the way, you should ALL be watching, if you're not already - and left the house 10 minutes early just in case the mild smattering of snowfall made the traffic crazy. Thank goodness for half term, though; the buses and roads were empty... But GOOD LORD, it's cold out there.

Speaking of choir, two things to mention: firstly, I am no longer doing the rehearsal on Saturday because there's too much party prep for one person to do, and it also saves us having to rush to get the DVDs on Friday night, as we can get them on Saturday instead. If the attendees want to turn up slightly earlier, they can do, but only by about an hour or so, please. ;) Secondly, my decision to possibly leave after Christmas may well have been a bit rash, and was the culmination of feeling despondent and knackered as a result of said rehearsal being annoying. As I have effectively eradicated that problem, I will probably stay after all. The fact is, when I'm not tired I do enjoy it, and everyone seems to be quite excited about the prospect doing of Elgar's Dream of Gerontius in the summer, so I'm most intrigued as to why...

We were a bit thin on the ground last night, presumably because of the weather - as ever, the slightest bit of snow and Birmingham grinds to a halt. I'm quite glad, actually, that I was going home so late, as waiting for a bus at 5.30 would have been a completely fruitless endeavour...

I think today is going to be quiet. We should definitely be allowed skeleton staff at half term - although I suppose those with Small Children would still get preference. Bah.
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Gah, I was SO TIRED last night. I left work at 4.45 and got home an hour later thanks to the worst bus journey I've had in a while... I decided to get the 35 because it was sitting there as I crossed Corporation Street and usually it's marginally quicker than the 50 as it's a slightly more direct route.

Possibly, when the doors clipped me as I stepped onto the bus because the driver hadn't seen me coming, that should have tipped me off...

The journey started out okay. We got as far as Highgate and then, er... well, I have no idea what the driver was doing, but somehow we ended up going down the Pershore Road, then turning left onto... Edgbaston Road? Whichever one it is with the MAC / cricket ground. Somehow he managed to get us back on track by the time we'd reached Moseley, but GAH. I was really starting to panic for a while. I mean, what do you do for the best? Get off and hope you can find another way home (if we'd gone any further down the Pershore I was ending to get off at the end of Fordhouse Lane and get the 11...) or just keep going and get irrevocably lost?

I suppose one good thing about Birmingham (especially that bit of Birmingham) is you can easily get back there, even if you can't get out again. ;)

Anyway, thanks to that journey (and also working full days all this week despite because of Noor's absence - I've soon gotten used to early afternoon leaving times) I was in no fit state to cook, so Paul did our stir fry. YUMS. (Remains of Monday's roast pork, fried until crispy, with green peppers, mushrooms, onion, garlic, and some Blue Dragon oyster sauce, with noodles.)

Watched telly for the rest of the night: My Name Is Earl and Big Bang Theory. Need to get both of them on DVD...

I did wake up once in the middle of the night at around 4.30am, which was quite surreal. I think I woke up as a combination of Paul rolling over to hug me and also needing the loo, combined with light coming through the curtains which made me think Paul had literally just finished reading and was randomly cuddling me, so I asked him to turn the light off. Most confusing.

I've been knackered all week, not to mention disorganised. Must get back into the proper habit of breakfast and packed lunches next week, and also not sleep horrendous amounts this weekend... I don't think it helped, really.

In other news, apparently the rest of season 2 of Ugly Betty was meant to start today, but apparently Celebrity Wife Swap is on instead, and obviously Big Brother starts soon after that. (Oh joy, more car crash television...) I checked the C4 forum this morning to see what the latest news is and apparently now it won't be on until the autumn. The US has had the season finale already and quite frankly, my patience is now wearing thin. (The reason C4 have given is that they had to plan their summer schedules whilst they still didn't know the outcome of the writers' strike, which I suppose is fair enough, but it would have been nice if they hadn't built our hopes up with S2 repeats on E4 and the endless torrent of complete and utter dross they were showing the UB slot on Fridays for the past three months...)

Anyway, as a result, I went to Amazon and have requested that they email me as soon as the season 2 DVDs are ready for pre-order. Up yours, Channel 4. :P (I wouldn't mind as much if I hadn't been waiting on seeing the end of season 2 before watching the season 1 DVDs Paul and I got for Christmas. I didn't want to start them because there are so many sub-plots that it would only confuse me. I may just make a start now in readiness for eventually getting season 2 DVDs...)

So, yeah. There we go.

In other news: the roofers are coming to fix the leak today, and I've hidden the washing that's drying in the bath by drawing the shower curtain across, just in case Trevor comes wandering in again (we're meant to dry it in the loft but it was so bloody cold up there I moved the drying rack downstairs). He'll probably go into the bathroom to look at the dodgy light pull, which will also be fixed next Saturday.

Also, we are having my grandmother over for dinner next Friday. Hopefully by then I won't be so completely knackered, especially as it's my turn to cook...

Which reminds me, we need to do a meat shop this weekend...

I shall now stop writing this entry before it gets even longer... ;)


May. 22nd, 2008 09:56 am
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Okay. So yesterday's entry was mostly about getting something out of my brain which has been fermenting long enough. Something incredibly minor kicked it off, pissed me off, and I figured venting it was better than stewing about it all day and sulking at work. I'm hoping that now I can just forget about it and get on with my life without worrying about this particular issue. What's done is done, and that's that. (Eni - remind me to email you, if you're absolutely deathly curious...)

Anyway, it obviously didn't help that I was tired yesterday. [livejournal.com profile] marz109 read the entry and then told Paul and he rang me up all worried, bless him. As a result we went out for food instead of finding something to cook, and went to Kings (local curry house) for a proper sit-down curry instead of a takeaway.

It was all very nice (mine had slices of boiled egg in it!), and the portions were actually a reasonable size rather than being enormous. As Paul rightly pointed out, when you go for a curry, nobody comes over to check if your food is okay, because they know it is. ;) We had a bottle of wine between us which for some reason made me very drunk/tired very quickly, so by the time we got home again I was exhausted. I did potter about online a bit (reading fic when half-asleep and tipsy is brilliant, by the way) and then fell into bed around 9.30, finally going to sleep about 10.30ish... no idea what time, actually. Early, at any rate.

So today I've had too much sleep instead of too little... Tonight I will attempt to be slightly more productive, as there's washing up to be done and I have to cook before Paul goes out for the gig later. Busy weekend for him this week: gig tonight, we're meeting his mates Vicky and Sarah tomorrow and then he's going to a Eurovision party on Saturday. It's also Pride on Sunday but to be honest, this year I'd rather just enjoy the extended weekend, especially as we no longer get 'Council Tuesdays' (obviously everyone else booked that one off before I could even think about it...) Here's hoping the weather is nice, anyway, as last year it rained all day and was horrible...

Oh, on a completely unrelated note, I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago and forgot. Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] metalmikey666, God hates Goths now, apparently... I really want to think it's fake, but at the same time I suspect it may be genuine. Worth a look, anyway, for the sheer "whuh??" factor.

Aaanyway. Better do some work, I suppose.
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Not a good morning so far... Upon getting to work, I had to take the stairs because for some reason the lift decided not to work. Of course, it was fully functional again not five minutes later... And then MS Word decided to crash for no apparent reason (although it seems to be fine now, and I didn't lose anything important...)

And it's Tuesday, so I'm here until at least 5.45... meh.

I keep waking up at 5.30am lately, too. The same happened to Paul after we moved the room around, but to be honest I've been waking up at 5.30am for quite a while. Maybe I should just... get up when that happens. Do some washing or something. Mind you, last night we ended up going to sleep at about 10.15, which might account for it...

Actually, I probably should have anticipated this: the network went down last night at around 3.45pm and it's usually a portent of doom that work is going to be doubly annoying as a result. As it happened, I was leaving at 4.00 anyway, but unfortunately had to first solve the problem of what to do with the document I was working on. Especially as Word crashed, so I then couldn't open the other (already saved) document to print it off, and also (due to network outage) couldn't email the docs to the fee earner in question.

Instead, I had to print off the one that was open (and thankfully autorecovered) and save it to My Documents and then put a little post-it on the print-out saying that a) the network was down; b) the printed document is not on the network drive and I will move it tomorrow; and c) the non-printed document IS on the network drive and its reference is XXX. (Just in case the network came back later and she wanted to work on it...)

Which I didn't think was too complicated, but apparently so. Probably should have just left it at "I'll email them tomorrow".

I am constantly amazed by how the presence of a computer can turn ordinarily intelligent people (and in this case we're talking solicitors) into trembling balls of paranoid fear. And the way people manage to conveniently forget all the things they already know when faced with being asked to do something familiar in an unfamiliar way. Meh.

(The network is okay again this morning, but still a little ponderous...)

My tattoo is still healing, although some of the scab is weird and squidgy instead of crusty, mostly where it bled profusely. I should probably have a shower tomorrow and aid the falling-off process... At least it's not itching...


Feb. 28th, 2008 11:02 am
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Yesterday evening was strange...

I got back early and did various household-type bits - washing up, put laundry to dry - and then went online for a bit waiting for Paul to get home from a funeral, at which he had drunk too much and eaten nothing... despite which, he wasn't actually as drunk as I was anticipating.

We used one of our Wetherspoon vouchers to get some food (two steaks and a bottle of wine for a tenner), got back home again at 8.30 and then went to bed. Admittedly I didn't settle down to sleep until about 10.30, but nevertheless... Woke up at 3.20 or thereabouts and then spent hours trying to get back to sleep again.

All in all I've had more than enough sleep to recharge my batteries and yet I am still tired. I wish my body would just decide how many hours is enough and let me know... it's anywhere between 6 and 8 these days. I've also never quite understood how getting too much sleep also results in tiredness... I think sleep is like a drug.

Pretty sure I had some strange dreams but I no longer remember them.

Also, during the couple of hours when I was trying to get back to sleep, my Inner Pessimist kept telling me what a bad idea a credit card was. Even when I am actually decided on something, it seems, I try to talk myself out of it. As this is true of most of my ideas, I shall henceforth apply my "notoriously bad ideas" tag to all credit card-related posts. All of my NBI have usually resulted in a positive outcome (all right, so maybe the second Little Shop trip plunged me into debt, but the fangirling was positive. Shut up. :P) after lots of undue stress, so I hope this will be no different.

I am hungry...

Oh, those yoghurt-coated peanuts I mentioned yesterday - I couldn't finish them (there were FAR too many) so I donated them to the office. Gone within the hour. I think Sandra would have incinerated them. :P

The time has come to start organising my life via to-do lists again... so here we go. Cut because you don't care... )

And with that very boring end, I shall sign this one off...


Dec. 20th, 2005 12:57 pm
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So, I was obviously tireder than I thought last night after I'd done all that tidying up. I woke up to my first three alarms, then managed to sleep through until 8.20, when I literally woke up, saw what time it was (thinking it was 7.20 instead), checked it properly and went "Shit!"

I was out of the house in 10 minutes. It's a shame I can't move that quickly on an ordinary morning, really...

I even got to work in an hour, because there was no traffic and the buses were being nice to me for a change. I can live with mornings like that.

Unfortunately, I still have to leave at about 4.45 today in order to get to the post office because I need to send stuff today for it to even get to people before 2006, let alone Christmas Day. Meh.

My My Fair Lady fic is coming along nicely and currently stands at just under 5000 words. :) I'll keep working on it this week and hopefully be able to email it on Sunday to the required person.

I love the sandwich shop by work. 58p for a giant sausage roll!

Also, the reason nobody can ever go on a diet in this office is because there's always chocolate, cake or biscuits lying around. There's still a quarter of my cake left from last week (seems to have gone down well after all), plus half a box of Cadbury's Heroes and another unopened one from Natasha, a couple of the biscuits left from Carol Wilkins, and a big box of Cadbury's biscuits, also from Natasha. So, no dieting happening in this office for the foreseeable.

Back to work, I guess.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [livejournal.com profile] krispen!  Hope you had a good 'un!

(Re: icon.  I have no clue where this birthday-pirate tradition came from, but I like it, so I'll stick with it...  Arr!)

Just a few things before I collapse...

Went to a birthday party of Paul's friend's fiance last night, which was quite pleasant.  Got to meet new people, etc., etc.  Downside of this is he's given me his bloody lurgy again, and, no, I'm not going to apologise for the cigarette rationing, because, yes, it is funny watching him suffer.  Especially in light of the cold germs.  So there.

Ho-hum, going to my father's tomorrow.  Will be able to get out of it early though, as I'm going to a Capones gig in the evening and want to go home and change/take cold medication beforehand.

Just watched Gothicka, which was quite interesting.  Can't be bothered to review it...

We had crispy duck pancakes for tea.  Very very nice...

Oh, and I had an afternoon nap at about 3.00 today and didn't wake up til 5.30... and before nodding off, I was going to make a post advocating the return of afternoon naps and the fact that they should really let people nap at work to boost post-lunch productivity (there was a thread about this on Inline last week, as it happens), until I realised that it took me another hour and some caffeine to kickstart my brain into gear again.  So, yeah, afternoon naps really not that productive...  I was just in dire need of more sleep.

Reet.  Bedtime.
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I wandered downstairs at 12.30 (gah, sleeping late again; here the cycle begins...) to find my mother off work because of her cough and watching a film, which now I must see the beginning of, if only to see the ending in context...

Guarding Tess, it's called.  I saw the last hour, maybe less, but it was really quite good.  The basic plot is that a secret service agent, Doug someone (Nicholas Cage) is assigned with his team to protect the president's widow, Tess someone (Shirley Maclaine) - I'm horrible with surnames...  Anyway, at first they just don't get on - she doesn't want the protection, she's stubborn, and he's at his wit's end.  At the point I started watching, she went for a joy ride with her chauffeur, Earl.  Turns out she also has an inoperable brain tumour.  She's being protected solely because she's a public treasure, apparently.  She gets kidnapped by Earl's sister and brother-in-law, and Doug figures out Earl's involved and gets her location out of him, thus getting there in time with the FBI, etc. and saving her life.

It's a comedy, done well, amusing but not overly so.  It's easy and fun to watch, but honestly, given the way they developed the relationship between Doug and Tess (intentionally, I might add, despite my initially seeking it out in subtext because of my inherent Norma/Joe-esque radar in these situations) it's quite a... dangerous subject matter to explore in a low-budget light comedy..  Older woman/younger man is never really explored without there being Ulterior Motives (even in Sunset the implications are less than innocent; I just... chose to ignore them. :P) so it was quite refreshing in itself, just watching these two grow fond of each other...  It was done so nicely, too.  Just slipped in there when nobody expected it, nothing explicitly said, nothing admitted, nothing happening, just... there.  Lovely.  I can see quite a few people who weren't expecting it just going "But he... and she... and they... oh. Okay."

So... I need to watch it again.  And I'm utterly ashamed to admit that not five minutes later, I wanted to write fic for it.  I need help.

I also watched the first night of I'm Famous and Frightened on Living, and I think I can safely say my IQ has dropped about ten points in the process.  I knew it wasn't going to be anywhere near as good as Most Haunted, but wow, I didn't think it would be that bad.  I mean, really.  It's utterly horrendous.  Keith Chegwin, you may have been doing live television for over thirty years (wow, really?) but that doesn't mean you're any good at it.  And no, I'm not just saying this because I'm biased as a MH fangirl.  It really, really was appalling.

And I'm listening to the two hour IF&F Extra in the background, and I feel my brain trickling out of my ears.  For the love of God, make them stop...
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It's been a strange morning, sleep-wise, all things told.  I didn't get to sleep until about 6.30am, and had left the curtains slightly open under the mistaken impression that when I finally woke up, the sunlight would at least drive me out of bed.  That plan consistently fails because a) I can't fall asleep in a room with annoying light in it (which is quite irritating at the moment, seeing as I need light to stop thinking about [livejournal.com profile] collie_wing's sodding haunted painting post, fake or otherwise...) and b) I'm really good at falling asleep after I've woken up, whether I need the sleep or not...

So, anyway, I set my alarm for 11.00.  Set it again for 11.45.  And 12.30. You get the idea.  And throughout all of this, I was plagued by exceedingly random dreams, only a couple of which I can remember in any vivid detail or make any sense of...

In one, I was looking out of the window, and there was a thunderstorm.  The sky was a deep, end-of-the-world-is-nigh blue, with purplish tinges, and I had the window shut so couldn't hear said thunderstorm, and only realised it was happening at all when a huge white fork of lightning came down from the sky and hit the ground.  A dark black cloud flew overhead with pin-pricks of light inside it, and it was the most terrifying thing I've ever seen...  Woke up from that one feeling quite odd...

The one after that was about me trying to get to work, probably because when I woke up at ten, I thought, I should probably just get up now, and then realised I'd be knackered at work if I did, not that I'm usually not, but anyway...  In the dream, I was getting ready for work.  For some reason, I was wearing my old black trainers (the wedge ones), and carrying my new bag, and come 7.20, I was still trying to get ready.  I remember looking out of the window and realising it was raining.  Everything was tinged dark blue, that is, not street-lamp-coloured.  I recall being quite happy about it raining, just because I always am when I have to walk somewhere. I'd rather walk in rain than sweltering heat, personally...

Anyway, somehow I managed to lose 25 entire minutes trying to sort out my jumper, which was refusing to cooperate or sit properly under my coat, so I thought I'd get a taxi because it would be quicker than running for a bus, and I was less likely to be horrendously late.  So I was walking, strangely, towards Friargate, but not from any of the usual roads, and higher up than I would need to be to get a taxi, and I knew this, but also recalled that taxis randomly stopped along that stretch anyway.  Everything was still blue-tinted.  While I was leaving halls, there were two or three blokes behind me chatting amongst themselves, one of whom had crutches (I have a vague recollection of seeing someone with crutches yesterday...) except he was using old-fashioned hooked walking sticks instead of crutches.  I couldn't walk fast because the backs of my legs were really, really aching.

(Side note, I have really vivid dreams when it comes to sensations; sometimes I wake up in pain in the same place as in a dream, which sort of implies the dream-pain is connected to muscle cramps.  Still, it's quite interesting...  The pinching-myself-to-see-if-it-hurts thing would never work with me; it'd still hurt, dream or not.)

I remember thinking that when I finally got to work, I'd be in no state to work anyway, but soldiered on.  I found a taxi, and got in, told him "Mickleover - the Vine" and asked him how much it would be.  He said £5.90 (not sure if that's accurate or not.  Probably is by the time they've taken traffic into account.)  The logic behind the taxi, you see, was that it wouldn't go all round the estate like the buses do, just straight up Uttoxeter Road, and thus, straight to the Vine.  Turned out my logic was flawed there...

The taxi became some kind of bus, in that were randomly lots of other people on it.  And it was suddenly daylight, and it was going in a route that was very similar to the one I used to travel to the Coopers Arms last year, around the local villages.  As it turned a corner, there was a house with a semi-burnt out roof, and I remember thinking I'd have to take some photos for [livejournal.com profile] urban_decay (residual from last night's unfinished tennis with Eni about life being dictated by LJ posts...)  As the taxi/bus rounded the corner, though, the other side of the house revealed itself, and there was a great big hole in the side of it, and the surrounding hillside/field, where there'd been some kind of explosion.  I mean, it was a huge black crater.  So everyone was looking to see what the heck had happened.

A Japanese bloke in front of me started talking to his (English) friend and telling him what had happened, but it became apparent he was actually describing random anime instead.

It got to Mickleover, and pulled up outside the Vine.  I paid my £5.90 (with a fiver and a pound coin) and he gave me a handful of change to sort through to get my 10p change; I remember not having time and hurling about 50p into my purse before legging it, and the driver saying "I've never seen anyone sort out 10p of coppers that fast before!"

So I got to work, and found Sue behind the bar looking frantic, having enrolled Shaun (his brother used to be the landlord before Steve) and some random punter to help out, despite the fact that there were only about two people actually in the place.  Sue lifted the hatch so I could get through to the back room, while I was muttering apologies, and I glanced at the clock to discover it was 4.30 (and I was meant to start at 4.00, which is obviously my brain's equivalent of 8.00) and apologised some more, and then the next thing I said was,

"Oh, great, I've left my-"

"...bag on the bus?"

At which point, she brought it through because the taxi/bus driver had found it and brought it in.  So, relief all around there...  She complimented the bag, and I got straight to work.  It turned out there was also some other random girl working there who'd been there longer than me, and actually slightly resembled either Naomi's friend Dee, or one of the girls I used to work with at the Coopers.  Anyway, instead of a dog, they had a cat (I think they do have a cat, actually... upstairs) and it was playing with... some kind of tray, managing to bounce on it like a pogo-stick.  We tried to stop the cat getting into the main bar, but it was so funny we had to let everyone see, so while the cat was bouncing around the room, and we were all giggling at it (and cat-owners know what cat-induced hysterics can be like...) the Evil Punter came to the bar.

He handed me a pint glass, and demanded two pints of the guest ales, the name of which I now can't remember.  Now, you know what it's like when you're horrendously late - you're flustered and your brain doesn't function.  So I started pulling the pint, before realising that a) it was Guinness (on the wrong side of the bar, and also on a pump, which was plain weird since it's on tap these days) and b) Shaun was apparently cleaning it, since there was the weird blue/green cleaning fluid coming out of it instead of beer.  At which point, I remembered him saying "Hang on a sec" and vanishing to the cellar.  Anyway, I moved onto the actual beer pump, and started pulling.  It was taking five times as long as it should have done, and was very hard work; generally, when the pump makes it hard work, you get accused of being bad at pulling pints, and no amount of plaintive cries of "It's the pump!!" seem to register.

So I pulled half a pint or so of this stuff, which was also really frothy so I had to let it settle, and started on the second one.  Evil Punter looked at me, and sayed "Well?"

I flapped about - metaphorically, because you can't flap when you pull pints, really - before realising he wanted to know how much it would cost, so I said, "Oh, uh... £2.31..."

He looked at the other half-pulled pint glass.  "Which makes..."

"£4.62. Sorry."

He plonked a tenner down on the bar after giving me a withering stare, and wandered off.  By the time he'd come back, of course, the damned beer had run out, which sort of explains the difficulty in trying to pull it, so I was looking for Shaun and apologising to Evil Punter, (who, of course, answered with "Typical!" as if it was my fault - side note, why do they think, when a certain regular beer is off, that asking for the landlord will miraculously make it appear?  It's off for a reason!)

And then more of the damn cleaning stuff started coming out of the bitter pump,some of which had ended up in the bloke's beer by this point due to aforementioned flusteredness.  The drip tray underneath was also full of foam, and I couldn't empty it into the sink because Shaun had plonked something else in there, and the other girl was tryng to juggle three trays-worth of dirty glasses with only two actual trays, and nowhere to put the extra dirty ones.

Somehow the Punter got his pints.  I took the tenner he put down and it took me three attempts to coordinate my fingers in the correct sequence for "4-6-2" (we don't have an itemised till, see; in all honesty, it's far quicker not having one, because you spend far less time on average looking for the damned buttons...) and another two attempts to find the "£10" button that would tell me what the change was, my brain not being in a fit state to figure it out by myself.

Naturally, I gave him the wrong change, and he gave me £1.05 back, "as expected".  He then followed this up by sitting on the barstool near the wall, sipping his pint, and saying, "You're just a bit thick, really, aren't you?"

To which I went into a tirade: "Look, I'm half an hour late, I'm flustered, we've got a new till with all the change in the wrong place, and just... just leave it, okay?" and stormed off into the other bar (where nobody was) before wandering back through to the glass-room bit, where the other girl asked if I was okay. I just said "He's such a complete bastard..."

That's all I remember.  It was very weird, though.  Luckily, we don't have any Evil Punters like him in real life.  There's the occasional few who ask you to top up their pint even if it's only got, like, a quarter-inch of head on it, but mostly they're quite friendly.

So, yeah.

Incidentally, Rachel, I'm trying to reply to your comment, but I'll say it here: glad you liked the cover, and I'll go look for my tape when the office opens in an hour.  Eni, I'll reply to your comment, too, when LJ cooperates...

That being said, here's hoping this posts...
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I wrote a post, at 5.45 this morning, because it was far too hot to sleep, and my brain was going into overdrive.  It was four and a half sides of A4 long, and I'm now considering not inflicting it on anyone.  It was basically a lot of ramblings about family... Maybe one day I'll post it.

That's all I had to say, really.  Now I have a photo gallery to make a start on that I've been putting off for far too long...


Jun. 2nd, 2004 02:50 pm
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Or, why BeX should go to bed before 5am...

Sunrise, at 4.30am.  It's just a shame I'm not far enough around to see the sun.  If I didn't fear insect invasion, I'd see what the view's like from the kitchen...

Edit, 15.39: I just remembered. I had a dream where I got my dissertation back (like I'd get everything else back - in my drawer, with tutor comments on the front) and Dave'd given me a "Ga" (I guess that's my brain's equivalent of an Fm) and there was all these things on it saying "Now, look, don't get me wrong. I liked this. But..." Laura (at work) dreamt she got a third. I'm hoping it's some unconscious response to that.


(Then again, I've never been prophetic before now...)


May. 12th, 2004 02:16 pm
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I hate this room.  I hate my bed.  I hate living next to the boiler...

So, we went out for a very pleasant drink last night at The Standing Order, where I had the chicken pasta alfredo, which was very nice.  We left at about half past ten and got back for 10.50 or thereabouts, sat in Vicky's room for a while and chatted, then disbanded.  I checked email, had a brief comment tennis on Eni's DJ (who is quite possibly the only girl I know other than Katie who'd spend an entire night in a computer lab...) and went to bed at about 1.30, feeling incredibly tired.  Then remembered I had to copy out the class notes from Writing for TV to include as a 'notebook' (stupid, stupid criteria.  Stupid, I tell you.) after we'd had lots of debating over it in the last session over what 'notebook' constituted, so, anyway, at 2am I was ready to fall asleep.

So, naturally, I lay there for another 3 hours trying to sleep because it was so damned hot.  Incidentally, I tried moving the bed around 90 degrees.  I can still open the drawers, and it means it's under the window so there'd be more breeze, and I have a ridiculous amount of floor space, but it means that a) there's not really enough room for the chair to be in the right place for the keyboard and b) my head is still by the boiler...  So I moved it back again.

I reiterate, I hate living next to the boiler...

So I spent the night periodically waking up, and I'd planned on getting up at 10.00 so I could get my essay printed off and up to uni by 11.00ish.  I woke up at 11.30 by the phone ringing, found my phone (read: alarm clock) on the bed, and had no recollection of it even going off, even though it must have done because it was turned on...  I don't like it when I can't remember stuff like that; it freaks me out...

Hence, very tired now.  Was going to do more Shakespeare but will wait til after America Noir tonight (Buffy, yay!) when my brain's functioning a bit better.  Have some random lists:

Things That Were V. Annoying About Today
1) The bus, which is meant to come every 10 minutes, not turning up for half an hour.
2) A sign outside Student Services that warned of delays this week due to assignment deadlines (like, all of them) and, despite this, there only being three members of staff on out of a possible six...
3) The semi-functional lift in E-block.  In general.
4) Automatic doors that don't work unless you're in a wheelchair and hence low down enough for the sensor to activate...
5) Automatic doors in general.
6) Jackson's not having individual curry sauce packets, only large jars or tins, which means I'm going to have to do something experimental with my remaining chicken tonight...
7) Idiocy of the general public.  Example: whilst checking post, I discover a card addressed simply to 'Amy Oliver'.  Fair enough.  The problem?  It's been put into the 'A' pigeon-hole.  Which means Amy probably won't get it because her surname begins with 'O', and that's where she's going to check.  Some people shouldn't be allowed to think...

To counter that,

Things That Were Rather Good About Today
1) The semi-functional lift in E-block actually being functional...
2) Running into people I know with rather terrifying frequency, mostly in said lift, namely, [livejournal.com profile] scifinutter on the way up to the seventh floor, where I was going to see if Mary was in; Rob from Creative Writing, coming out of the lift as I was heading back down, having failed to find Mary; Mary herself, getting into the life as I was getting out, which turned out to be perfect timing as she wasn't even staying in the office...
3) Getting the results for the last batch of Shakespeare Today assignments:

~ For the Hamlet analysis, 7.5 (B+)
~ For one I barely remember even writing, 8 (A-)
~ For the 'putting-people-onto-a-photo-of-the-Atrium-and-pretending-its-The-Tempest' one, another 8.

Y'know, I think I might just scrape an A- on this thing...


So the good doesn't really outweigh the bad, but the bad is a result of my being tired and cranky...
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Ye gods...

Okay, giving up now.  Nearly finished.  Will finish it tomorrow.  Yes.



Apr. 21st, 2004 03:26 pm
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Okay.  Tomorrow.  Will someone please phone me at, like, 10am, to get me out of bed?  I need to go into uni to get an IS cover sheet before I can get the bloody thing bound.  I was going to go in today, woke up at 10.30, and then looked again and it was 1.30, with no apparent transition between the two...

I frelling hate sleeping at uni.
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Well, I say 'bored'.  I mean, of course, 'procrastinating and determined to finish icon set tonight if I die trying'.  I think I may have to reinstall Photoshop, since it keeps closing for no reason... actually, I may time it in case it's some weird timeout thing...


Most Haunted icon set that will mean nothing to any of you )

Hurrah for pointlessness! Now, to bed!
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Gah, I hate the lunchtime shift.  Bloody Steve playing his bloody golf... *mutters*  It's not that it's boring... No, wait, utter lie, it is because it's boring.  It's only two hours, but I think I probably served about 15 drinks total, plus taking food orders, which, incidentally, is really frelling difficult when you have to use the till for drinks and the Pile of Change for food, and people will insist on ordering everything all at once.  For the amount of people we serve, we could easily just use one till for each thing and save a lot of hassle.

And, obviously, I had to get up early.  Well, 10.30, which is early when you've only had four hours sleep.  About that: I was actually quite tired at 2.00 when I went to bed, but then my brain wouldn't shut up until 6.00.  At about 3.00 I was struck with a random idea for an Edward Scissorhands fic, of all things (well, an inner Kim-monologue/perspective thingy...) and told myself not to write it because I'd never get any sleep.  I wish now I'd just written the damn thing; I wouldn't have lost any more sleep because of it.

Also keep coming up with random lines for the penultimate and final chapters of my latest Buffyfic (chapters 19 and 20, incidentally; I'm only on chapter 2...) but am, as yet, failing to come up with a plausible way to get rid of Kennedy.  She's not just annoying, she's impossible to write, so as of chapter 4, she's gone.  And then at some point I can write in Eni as Random Willow-Stalking Lady; they're going to meet randomly outside a theatre.  That's really only vaguely amusing if you're Eni... and even then, probably not so much.

I need to pack.  Going home tomorrow until Tuesday 13th.  Will attempt to do some dissertation whilst at home (and also some in the... okay, possibly not in the 2 hours before work...) even if said work is just going to Central Library to find random stuff on psychology...  I should probably make a list...

Anyway, I'll be in Brum during that time if you want to meet up...

Oh, yes.

Mar. 28th, 2004 08:02 pm
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Incidentally, due to aforesaid clocks changing, my sleeping pattern is now completely beyond redemption.  I didn't get to sleep til 7am and would have stayed up all night had I not been tired.  I woke up at 4pm, thus missing the entire of Eastenders (which wouldn't have been so annoying had I not actually needed to watch the entire omnibus this week...)  Hence, my plan for this evening is to stay up all night in an attempt to sleep at a reasonable time tomorrow, but at least I can make a start on my dissertation to help pass the time.  Or maybe I could try and phone Katie, six -hour time difference being what it is...

Odds I'll spend the entire night trying to get past level 4-1 of Zuma are...?
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I was awake at 5.00 this morning, or rather, I was still up at 5.00 this morning, and in that stage of sleep-deprivation where staying up all night seems a very plausible idea.  In any case, you can tell it's nearly summer here; the sun was already rising.  By June, it'll be light at 3am.  Not kidding.  And it's only in Derby, too.  In Birmingham, it's not light til at least 4.15... :)

The sun's off to the left, behind the building.
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So, I didn't get to bed til 5am again.  And I didn't get to sleep til at least after 5.30, because I heard the heating come on.  So I didn't go in to Scriptwriting because, well, I woke up at 11.00 and then fell asleep again, and woke up 20 minutes after it had started...  So I'll make a concerted effort after Easter to go to the, um...  one remaning session, and both tutorials.  Just because he'll probably demand I do anyway.

Stupid fantastically-written fanfic.  Bah.  Anyway, I was pondering whilst trying to sleep, and I realised:

I have a month and a day in which to write my dissertation.  Which sounds very scary, yes?  But then I broke it down:

That's approximately 30 days.
I need to write 10,000 (max) words in that time.
That's 3,333 words every ten days, more or less.
Which is 3,33.3 words every day.  I think even I can manage that.  And if I can condense the whole thing into the 8,000 word actual limit (Dave was being lenient with me...) that's even less words per day.

Of course, on top of that I've got to actually read the two Voyager novels (which I will do, very shortly. Yes, I will.) and find more bits about Post-Modernism and photocopy the bits about writing out of the book I found and do a little more research into the legal/psychological issues around it.

And, y'know, do my other coursework.

But hey, no problem...


Edit, ten minutes later: And how's this for weird. I'm pretty sure that this morning, I had a dream that Keith (the mod on the Tortured Space board) had replied to my PM to him about filling in my questionnaire from an anti-fic stance. If I go there now and discover he actually has, I think I'll be very scared...
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Yes, I did.  Stop raising your eyebrows. I wrote an entire five scenes of my television script, I'll have you know.  Which, okay, is really rather pathetic, but it did take me in excess of two hours and at least I have something to show people tomorrow.

Anyway.  Reading fanfic, naturally, because it's the best thing to do at nearly-to-three in the morning when you should be asleep, and because there's always that possibility you'll find something that isn't so horrible you want to gouge your eyes out with a rusty nail.  And really, I honestly do not know why I didn't read or even consider reading this one before now.

You know sometimes when you find a fic that's so utterly, utterly perfect you just want to laugh with joy?  When everything in it is just so perfectly rendered that it makes up for every single badfic ever written?  When the characters are more in-character than even the original writers could make them, and when their inner thoughts fit, and all the language usage is right, and even the most far-fetched of plots just works because the writer knows how to make it convincing?  When you can just see it, and hear it, and smell it?  When it's so utterly perfect that even the tiniest mistake - which rarely occurs - can be overlooked, because in the scheme of the greater good, it really doesn't matter?  This is one of those fics.  The kind that make you dance, and grin, and jump up and down and want to hug the author for being wonderful.  The kind that you really wish had been an actual episode, and not just because it's wish fulfilment, but because it's accurate and believable.

This is the kind of fic  - the kind of story in general - that everyone aspires to write.  No matter how good you may think you are, there is always - always - someone much better than you.  (Luckily, to counter that, there's usually about ten people who are worse...)  Somewhere out there, there's a writer who is completely perfect.  And even that writer probably aspires to greater things.

Naturally, this also means there's a writer out there who needs to be shot into the sun for crimes against humanity, but let's not dwell on that.  It's entirely too terrifying.

Oh, wow.  I think I'm in heaven.  It's definitely fodder for my defence of the genre, anyway.  There are days when I completely understand why some people hate fanfiction so much; and then there are moments, like this, when I want to put all the fantastic writers into a room and feed them chocolate, and point to all the anti-fic people, and say "See?  See?  You were wrong!  Fanfiction can be beautiful, dammit!"

Ah.  Back to the wonderfulness.  I might stop squealing with joy at some point before 5am.  It's very very tempting to miss the lecture, but... I missed the one two weeks ago, and that would just be bad.


Mar. 13th, 2004 02:34 pm
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y'know what?  i'm going to set up something on my computer that makes it automatically save back whatever i'm doing, and start the shut down process when the clock hits 2am.  and then make it refuse to turn on again until at least 9.00 the next morning.  the idea being that i'd get sleep, not come online at 4am to post annoying lengthy angsts, and just go to damn well bed.  which obviously doesn't stop me writing said angsts, but they're less likely to be inflicted on the general public...

on the plus, plus, plus side, it's raining again. i must have some weird form of SAD that means all kinds of weather make me happy. this is special rain; this is thunderstorm rain (though, obviously without the thunder) and it's diagonal and splodgy and i can hear it on the window, which is what made me look in the first place. yay! rain!


Mar. 9th, 2004 04:35 pm
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must, in future, get up when the alarm goes off instead of rolling over and going back to sleep.  it's really just as well there's no taught tutorials for shakespeare today, otherwise i would have slept through it this afternoon.  i was awoken properly by my mother ringing to finalise ticket details for the woman in white... (we're going on september 18th and making a weekend of it. :D)

anyway. in a moment i shall stop procrastinating and read hamlet. yes, i will.  i will not put it off til tomorrow.

but first... )
blah.  brain is dead.
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fanfiction type quiz )

i think i might be able to use that in my dissertation, even.  how cool.  not the result, obviously, but the quiz itself.  most of those answers are the reasons i'm listing as why fanfiction happens...

on the real life side of things, i was tired yesterday, for no good reason.  on 7 hours sleep, you'd think your body would be able to cope.  which is a sure sign my sleeping pattern is completely and utterly frelled again, and if it wasn't before, it bloody is now.  i managed to sleep through my alarm (phone alarm, right next to my bed) and didn't drag myself out of bed til 3.30.  well, that's, like, 12 hours sleep.  bah.  well, i'm seeing dave at 1.00 on monday, so before then i need to:

~ read the two voyager novels katie sent me, because they're now going to be used in lieu of the 'scapefic i can no longer find.  (it was in my favourites before the computer died...)  also, since they're actual publications i might get bonus points.  and one of them's by jeri taylor, who wrote for the show.  she was the on-board 'shipper responsible for such gems as 'resolution' (J/C-introducing episode) and 'someone to watch over me' (7/D) and in all liklihood the paris/b'elanna shippy ones, too.  hence why it sucked so much after she left.
~ throw something together this weekend about the two buffy fics to show that i can, in fact, link them to postmodernism.
~ read hamlet for shakespeare today.
~ re-learn postmodernism. or, at least, re-learn the j.f.lyotard stuff...
~ try to get my sleeping pattern back to something resembling human...  i'm ever more convinced i should just give up and become nocturnal. it would make life so much easier.  plus, if i ever did go to america, there'd be no jetlag because i seem to live in EST anyway...

no problem... *eyebrow*

could do with not having to go to work tonight, but i'm comforting myself with the idea that it's only 3 weeks til easter (more or less) and even though i've got three extra shifts over the next 2 weeks, i do get at least £99 out of the bargain. plus extra because i have to travel half an hour in either direction for a 2-hour shift...
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bex, stop bloody procrastinating and go to bed...

ye gods...

Jan. 3rd, 2004 03:07 pm
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so my intention of getting up early was somewhat hampered by being utterly exhausted and not waking up until jemma came back at 12.30 and made noise, but nevertheless, i did lots of work today. elevenish hours later, and what do i have to show for it?

one novel and two plays all covered with underlinings and little scribbled notes, lots of highlighting, and 1,801 words.

hm. well, i was aiming for getting half done today. will finish it tomorrow. it does, at least, seem to be going in something of a positive direction...

and then i'll give it in, go to the library, and start researching the other one for next monday. god, i hate being me...

and i will resist the urge to start the thing i really want to start. or rather, things, plural, of which "website!" is one and "novel!" is another, and "tattoo!" brings up the bottom of the list...
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wow, look at me all up before noon on a sunday. but only because a) vicky and i have to clean the kitchen and b) i woke up at 7am and 9am, reset the alarm for 10.30, and then decided it was too much hassle trying to get back to sleep. plus, i'll probably sleep through eastenders if i do manage to go back to sleep, and if not, then return to oz...

apologies for the pointlessness. but considering i've spent three days in a row sleeping in til 3pm, this is an achievement in itself... gah. i hate the end of term.


Dec. 8th, 2003 08:41 pm
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so, in stumbling into hideously horrible and scary spuffy badfic (scary smutfic, in fact, the worst kind) and suffering briefly from car-crash-syndrome (you just have to... keep... reading... *shudders*) i find the following review. this wins the award for Best Review Ever:

"D'Hoffryn, Lord of Arash'Maharr, wishes for you to be informed that he is displeased with your misspelling of his name. Anyanka, on the other hand, is probably giggling."

of course, the fact that it's nearly 2.30am may account for why i find it so amusing. but still... hee!
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but there is a purpose, honest. in the excitement of returnethed internet access, i forgot to mention today's purchases:

~ a bag, big enough to hold my folder, all embroidered and pretty.
~ more blank, coloured t-shirts for printing things onto
~ CDs: the magic of the musicals (4CD pack) and katie melua's "call off the search", which is very pretty, and everyone has to buy it...
~ a top from etam, which i'll wear on christmas eve if drinks happen.
~ a new phone, because my old one was irritating me. and, in the interests of being a Great Big Geek, here is a picture )so. yeah. that's it. :) going to bed now, honest.

guess what?

Dec. 5th, 2003 12:36 am
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well, the fac that i'm updating and it's, like, half past midnight should give you a clue.



as of nine o'clock this evening, apparently. woot, woot, woot, oh, yeah, and other exclamations of joy...

of course, this does mean that
a) i will never stop updating
b) i will never, ever sleep again
c) it will probably die first thing tomorrow when i'm up...

but still, woot!

incidentally, the new livejournal client by semagic is frelling wonderful... :)
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i'm beginning to realise i have levels of tiredness. mostly, i'm in the "oh-god-don't-make-me-move" level... today i'm in the "i've-had-three-hours-sleep" level. which means all of the following:

1) i am thoroughly pleasant. oddly enough. which means i'll be one stroppy tralk come midnight.

2) i am capable of talking at length about any given subject to anyone who'll listen (as kim and... the other lady whose name i've forgotten discovered this morning...)

3) i make silly impulse buys (even though i paid £11.69 from HMV. humph.) - but nevertheless, this will fill the catatonia-less void in my existence :D

4) i procrastinate something chronic because i know i won't be able to concentrate if i try to revise for the exam i must revise because i haven't yet and it's tomorrow. (see what i mean about the talking at length?)

so i shall eat lunch, finish listening to my nice new CD (it's very good. doesn't compare to the full catatonia sound, but nothing does. since most of the songs are written by cerys, it's still similar...) and my new layout (which will now probably take me many hours...) and check mail, then i'll revise. yes. and i won't come back til i know everything there is to know about nineteenth century poetry.

hah. yeah, right ;)
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i'm still up... ye gods...

of course, i didn't wake up til, oh, 3.00pm, but nevertheless. i've been playing annoyingly addictive online game thingies since about 5.00, and my right hand (mouse...) has seized up. ow.

i'd go to bed, but i have a craving for a mcdonalds breakfast... ;)
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even though i woke up in time, thanks to going in a pointless two hours early yesterday (turned out the module info day wasn't til next week, so i had to stick around til my hair appointment; talking of which, it's... rather short...) i was somewhat tired this morning, and realised it was bound to only be tutorials or something this afternoon, and managed to sleep through creative writing...

but to punish me for being a lazy tralk, my subconscious gave me the freakiest dream...

i was asleep in my room, and it was sort of dark because it was rainy and grim outside, and the door knocked. i opened it, and for some reason my grandmother was in the corridor. so i let her in, said hello, and then asked "how the hell did you get in?" (seeing as we need to buzz people up from this floor and then open the flat door as well) - and apparently sadia had let her in, but she called her something derogatory and vaguely racist (no change...)

anyway, i told her i was tired since it was about 8 in the morning and i didn't have to get up til about 11.00, so went back to sleep. she was sitting in the chair.

waking up again, i staggered to the ensuite, where the light wasn't working properly, and then.. next thing i remember, i was complaining about the fact that faber and faber publishers charge a sodding fortune for books by comparing my t.s.eliot poetry book to a much longer novel that cost half the price... then she wanted to take me for lunch and i said that would be okay because it was only tutorials in creative writing and i could miss it.

and then it just got really odd - she flipped out and went off on this weird parental rant about me skiving and not doing any work - and i was trying to show her past exam results because she was under the impression i was failing everything. and then she threw something out of the window (i think it turned out to be my record of achievement and some other things) and i was getting hysterical...

next thing was various gathered people including my mum and some others, and my grandmother was on some sort of 'trial' for what she'd done. 'twas most odd...

had a very odd sense of foreboding about it, though, not helped by the dingy rainy lighting that made everything very grey and white...

and then i had a shippy spuffy dream to make up for it ;)
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well, that was interesting. woke up today at 8.45 with intentions of getting to lecture at 10.00, as per timetable. got up. made and ate breakfast. promptly fell asleep again, and woke up 15 minutes ago.

wasn't that clever, huh?

and this means that my sleeping pattern is now re-frelled, a-bloody-gain, whereas if i'd managed to stay awake this morning i could have gone to bed at a possibly reasonable time tonight and ugh...

oh! oh! and to top that off, my coloured christmas lights have ceased to function, too. hurrah.
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okay, taking afternoon naps are all very well (or, in this case, going to sleep at 4pm and waking 15 minutes ago) but this only means i'll go to bed at 4am and the cycle will repeat itself.

but at least i have the next four days off :)
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and once again, ms. garland manages to channel my subconscious...

meep )

anyway, an update on my sleeping pattern, for all to enjoy: i got in at 1pm and fell asleep til 6pm. *sigh* and the annoying thing? i'm still tired...
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okay, so bedtime last night/this morning transpired to be 6am again, and i wasn't asleep til 7.43, which i know, because i got up to turn off my alarm clock before it went off at 7.45 and made sleep even more of a mystery.

so i have several options tonight:

a) get to sleep before 4am. unlikely.

b) get to sleep when tired, wake up at 11.00 the next morning no matter how tired i am...

c) stay up all night and go to bed at a reasonable time tomorrow. this, i feel, may be the only option, as i need to get my sleeping pattern back to normal in time for wednesday.

and oh, frell, i should be revising. sod, sod, sod...
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(i'm going to bed now. i'm still awake because i was finishing chapter 23 of "cradle"... when i'm on a roll, i'm really on a roll... g'night!)
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i did chapter 22 of "cradle". oh, yes, i did. i am a good and useful updater-type-person.

and now i'm going to bed. bad sleeping pattern frellage bad, bad, bad. and still getting disturbing images from this:

it's chiana! no, wait, it's aeryn. no, hang on, it's... faith brown??
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there's something so incredibly futile about waking up an hour before it gets dark...
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okay. body, this is ridiculous. i have had over 12 hours of sleep. it is not possible for me to be tired. moreover, i have an essay to do, and a choir rehearsal tonight; therefore, it is vital that my brain functions at more than a quarter impulse, and that my voice is not marred by the cough-that-won't-sod-off.


Today's Quote: "...If His Majesty cannot regulate himself, how should he regulate the country?"

(Fitzroy, "The Madness of George III", Alan Bennet)
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well, last night was incredibly bizarre...

at 10.41, i went to bed, having sat through 3 hours worth of "harry potter and the chamber of secrets" (which, by the way, was fun, and the spiders really weren't that bad) and having gone on a "let's see how lost i get if i go this way" route back from the station, and being incredibly tired. this would have been advantageous and gained me in excess of 9 hours of sleep.

unfortunately, i woke up again about 2 hours later at 1.15. and promptly angsted myself to sleep thinking about life, the universe and everything else, in the midst of trying to sort out the so-fluffy-i-could-just-die sunset thing in my head, so i can write it down for myself do it doesn't go out of my head in a week's time. at 4.30, finally, i fell asleep. dead asleep, no dreams, no nothing, and then the alarm went off at 8.00 and i had to drag myself into uni.

luckily, contexts two today was just tutorials, so i got home at 2.00 instead of what is normally 4.15, but what would have been 6.45 (if i was lucky) tonight thanks to a choir rehearsal for the UoD christmas concert in a fortnight's time. which i'm still going to, but at least i'm not in uni all day. and i still have to set the video for farscape.

in the middle of my personal angst last night/this morning, i had a waking nightmare of my calling aisha tonight, and asking if she knew something i didn't about rachel's 21st birthday party (it turns out the invitation just hadn't got to me until this morning) - which then decompiled itself into my asking her exactly what the three of them thought of me, and that i was sick of being the third wheel - to her and gemma in first year, to her and crystal in sixth form, to crystal and rachel. which would then end with us falling out probably permanently.

and, thank frell, the invitation came this morning, and my panic was over nothing. however, i get the impression it'll all be deathly awkward come the day because i haven't seen rachel in god knows how long, aisha since last september, and crystal since my b'day, and those three are still very similar, and i'm not. or maybe that's just my perception on it. who knows. i tried to figure this out once already this year and i can't be bothered to do so again.

anyway. after this, the angst just turned into general life angst, which happens on a semi-regular basis anyway. an what follows is a sort of internal monologue that was going on in my tired-and-refusing-to-let-me-sleep-and-intermingled-with-sunset-fluff brain. reading it is optional. i'm not expecting comments or sympathy or anything; i don't even know why i'm posting it, other than i have nothing else to do with it than write it down, and nowhere else to put it. it's not directed at anyone in particular; rather, it's directed at anyone who does, ever has, or ever will know me, anyone who reads my journal, anyone who doesn't, anyone who might. and whether it's even true to me any more is also debatable, but, anyway, here it is.

p.s: please don't read anything into this. as i said, i was really tired when this was going around my brain, and i'm pretty sure it wasn't even in my voice, so i'm going to blame one of the Muses. as joeMuse and normaMuse were busy trying to get my brain back onto the fluff, that narrows it down to four of them; it won't take me long to figure out who... but seriously. this means nothing. don't worry about me. i do, however, feel that they are valid hypothetical questions, in any case...

rhetorical and hypothetical - note these words! - questions, to whom it may concern )

to anyone that read it, i repeat, it means nothing... really. just tired ramblings from a confused brain at 3am.

however, i feel i should do some glorious farscape angstfic while i'm still in angst queen mode...


Oct. 20th, 2002 08:20 pm
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see, ordinarily, this would be where i do the post-party write up, with all the lovely things people got me/made me, and all the various interesting angsty things that happened.

except i've been up since 10.30 yesterday morning and the only sleep i've had has come in the form of an hour of semi-consciousness on lloyd's sofa (partially sat on by naomi) and another forty-five minutes or so of dead-to-the-world sleep on the coach (correction - tiny frelling red... thing that can hardly be constituted a bus) to derby this evening.

so needless to say i'm just a tad sleepy. i will have a shower (assuming they are now fixed) and go to bed and get 11 hours sleep for tomorrow. bad morning lectures :(
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today, i planned to get up early (well, okay, 9.30, which is early for me) and go shopping before the crowds hit town to get the various foodstuffs i actually need right now - that is, bread (the current loaf growing slowly mouldy *shudder* although still edible), frozen chips, more tuna (i have two tins; you can never have too much tuna), more cola (i seem to spend my entire life buying cola and/or fruit juice...), amongst others. then i was going to read more of wuthering heights (i got to chapter 4 last night. it's more readable than frankenstein, at least) and copy up the rest of my drama notes from thursday.

so i did wake up at 9.30. then set my alarm for 10.30. woke up at 10.30. slept through til 2.00.


okay. i can still do my reading and note-writing up. but the shopping will have to wait til tomorrow. i can live off waffles and burgers tonight, at least...

(the quote, by the way, is from 'red dwarf'. rimmer, in 'kryten', series two. the fact that i can still remember that impresses me deeply...)


May. 30th, 2002 12:08 pm
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well, i crashed out at 8.30pm, woke up in time for graham norton at 10.30, then slept through til 11.30 this morning... not bad...
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i am going to buy a rifle.

and shoot the bloody bird.

in the tree.

outside my room.

that starts singing.

at three in the morning.

every morning.

and doesn't. shut. up... (in fact, the bugger is still singing.)


May. 1st, 2002 06:09 pm
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okay, that was just bizarre. i got in at 3.30 from uni and then just crashed out on my bed. i've only just woken up. not only did i have a really freakin' strange dream that i probably couldn't describe if i tried, but i feel no better and have no idea what time it is... well, i feel like i don't. it feels like about 2pm or something...


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