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I have no idea why I delayed so long in getting back to this, as I was literally only a few stitches away from it being HALF DONE!

That being said:

Pics 18-19/?? )

Nothing else to report.
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I... actually had an X-Files episode write-up to put here, but I left it at work. So here are my very long overdue embroidery pictures instead...

First of all, something a bit different from my main project: Vickie bought me three mini kits for Christmas and I did two of them whilst I was on leave (although I'd forgotten about the third one, as it transpired, and only found it at the weekend when we were tidying up - I'll save it until next Christmas now.)

Christmas Bears )

And now for the big update on t'other one...

Pics 17-32/?? )

Anyway, there we go. Page 4 is actually nearly done now, which means I'm almost halfway through. :D

I will post X-Files episode 3 thoughts on the morrow.

PS: New icon!
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Embroidery first...

Pics 12-16/?? )

Now for work stuff. In Which Everyone Is Stressed )

So, there's that.

I have quite a busy weekend ahead, and given I spent the entire frelling Bank Holiday weekend with a migraine, hopefully this one won't be a bloody write-off as well. Because work being stressful is one thing; losing out on what little free time I do have thanks to my body being obnoxious is simpy not on. :P
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Well, I say quick, I have eight pictures lined up. This one is progressing a lot faster than I thought it would...

Pics 4-11/?? )

I should probably update about my concert on Saturday in Tewkesbury, but as I'm not even at choir tonight due to being exhausted, I'll leave it for now...
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The new one is growing a bit quicker than I thought it would...

Pics 2-3/?? )

Any guesses to what it is?
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Even though I spent my first three days of leave doing absolutely bugger-all, we nonetheless had a somewhat productive weekend...

On Friday, we spent the remaining £20 of our anniversary budget on ingredients for a special tea (Mexican-style chicken, which we'd made before ages ago; the sauce involves cocoa powder, it's nommy) and lemon meringue pie, which despite an early disaster with the pastry was nonetheless tasty.

On Saturday we decided to have a cheese feast for dinner so I made some proper rustic French baguettes (froze one), which were delicious. The recipe came from a Women's Institute book that I got a few Christmases ago and every single recipe in there involves ridiculously wet dough, but I'm getting a bit better at handling it (the trick seems to be to let the mixer do a lot of the work...)

On Saturday, we had an adventure with the neighbours' pets... Dog on the loose! )

On Sunday (as already stated) I finally made a start on my new embroidery. I did a bit more last night using an overhead lamp and that made things much easier to see (and did not result in a migraine) It's already starting to take shape. :)

I also forgot to mention that I didn't go to choir on Tuesday, mostly because at the start of my week off I was feeling generally meh. (I caught up on EastEnders on the Monday, which made me cry and was thus somewhat cathartic.) I am now wondering if it was merely self-preservation, as the week before that some of the choir members went on a trip to Paris. More )

Other things. Political Things, cut if you're not that way inclined. )

Anyway, that's enough about that. :P

As ever, it’s taken me a couple of days to actually post this, but tonight I am intending to be somewhat productive by printing out my old unicorn-embroidery chart for Vicky and getting it in the post for her, as well as sending her the details of the fan kit. And then hopefully more embroidery of my own.
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I finally managed to finish the fan this morning (and make a start on a new project), so here are the final two pics. :D

Pics 28-29 )

Off and on this took about 2.5 years to finish (mostly because I don't tend to do embroidery in winter as my hands are too cold, and also partially thanks to that stupid border being so bloody tedious) but it was definitely worth the effort.

I need to get this one and my unicorn framed at some point...

I also started my next one today as well...

Pic 1 / ?? )

Nothing else to report.
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I've had a week off work, as it was mine and Paul's 10th (!!!) anniversary yesterday. We went to Sea Life Centre and I'll be posting pictures on Facebook shortly. In the meantime, my plans to be even vaguely productive were scuppered by exhaustion, as usual, so here are some embroidery updates...

19-27/29 )

In a bit we're going out to get some ingredients for dinner (including lemon meringue pie because I just really fancy making / eating one). Had a very nice meal last night at the Pickled Piglet on Gas Street but I was absolutely stuffed to bursting afterwards. Hopefully going back to the gym next week if meeting commitments allow (i.e. if I am not being sent halfway across the city all week as usual)...
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Now that it's warmed up a bit, here are some embroidery pics. One of these is actually from around Christmas...

Scans 18-20 / ?? )

Nothing else to report. Updates may be a bit more regular depending on how much embroidery I get done over the next few weeks. ;)
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This will quite a quick one of very little substance; I will probably not update properly until after Christmas, because (a) things are starting to get busy now, and (b) at some point I still need to send [personal profile] commoncomitatus an offloady email, and I'd rather not attempt to do anything of more substance here because it may well turn into a rant. :P

Anyway, without further ado:-

Pic 17/?? )

Oh, I do just need to update about one thing: I was supposed to go to hospital for my urology appointment on Monday (1st December) but I accidentally went to the wrong hospital. As everything else so far had been at City, that's where I presumed the appointment was - despite reading the letter several times which informed me it was in fact at Sandwell General.

I actually got there 45 minutes early (though technically only half-an-hour as I was supposed to arrive 15 minutes early in any event) but as it was rush hour, even if I'd gotten a taxi I wouldn't have made it all the way to West Bromwich in time for the appointment, so I had to call and cancel it and am now awaiting another appointment. Hopefully it won't take as long to process as it'll already be in the system, but then again...

So yeah, I am an idiot. This came after two different incidents of my being an idiot on Friday afternoon as well (I had to leave work early to accompany Paul to the dentist to finally get his tooth extracted), whereby I bought ten 25-watt bulbs instead of 40-watt - though that was partially because the hardward shop from which I bought them has no logic whatsoever to how it stocks things on shelves - and then bought myself a baguette from Greggs only to leave it on the counter.

I blame either the painkillers, or just the pain. Even low-level for the most part, it's starting to fry my brain as well as my energy now. Meh.

That's all for now.
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I added loads of embroidery kits to my Amazon wishlist recently (despite having two lined up to do when I've finished this one) and looking at all the pretty designs just made me want to start sewing again, so here's a couple of pictures of the most recent progress...

Pics 15-16/?? )

I had intended to make Christmas cards this weekend, now that I have a vague idea of what I'm doing and what I want them to look like, but unfortunately Saturday was eaten up by Stupid Drama and today we had to go to an emergency dentist because Paul's infected tooth is giving him grief again (he was supposed to get the bloody thing taken out months ago).

I should probably update about aforesaid Stupid Drama but at this point it would be nothing except an incoherent outpouring of Thoughts, so I may wait until it's blown over a bit...
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I was going to include this in my last post but figured it was long enough already. ;)

Pic 13/?? )

At some point soon I am going to post a LOAD of stuff to FFN and/or AO3, namely my very recent Frasier fic, my finished-last-year-but-still-being-constantly-tweaked PotC story, "Oranges to Florida", and the JC tags, as I don't think there are going to be any more now, though they have consistently surprised me in that area. :P

Ever since "Whisper" received such a cold/silent reception on FFN I've been anxious about posting anything ever again, for any fandom. When I finally finish "A Shade of Blue" I will probably take "Whisper" down, edit heavily to cure some canon discrepancies that were helpfully pointed out, then repost it so the two stories can go side by side in preparation for the Ripper story...

Anyway, yeah. Fanfic anxiety sucks. :(
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Paul and I went to Stratford-upon-Avon for our anniversary (9 years!). Initially this was because I realised we could get there from Langley Green and I thought it would be cheaper than going from Birmingham, then it transpired we would have to go through Birmingham on the train anyway so it wasn't. :P

That worked out quite well, as it transpired; I had intended to get my hair cut before going to Denise's on Saturday but I was too knackered, so I got it cut on Wednesday morning instead. Supercuts advised there would be a 45 minute wait but I was in and out within 20 minutes!

The farmers market was on New Street that day, so I had a very nice pulled pork bap for my lunch. Also there were owls! The photographs can be viewed here. :)

We finally managed to get to Stratford for about 2.30 (about an hour later than we initially thought due to doing washing up / laundry and other stuff before leaving the house) and found our B&B with no trouble whatsoever, as it was very close to the station. The landlady (Christine) was very accommodating - if you are ever in Stratford I can recommend Cherry Blossom House. We booked via Hotels.Com and it was £60 for one night in an en-suite double room, with a very nice breakfast in the morning.

Adventures in the Land of the Bard )

Overall it was a lovely couple of days - a bit tiring but nice to get away for a bit nonetheless.

As for Easter... on Good Friday we did barely anything, then on Saturday we popped into Birmingham to go to the markets for stuff for our Easter Sunday dinner of rolled pork loin (plus some additional bits for a stir-fry). For future reference, the Chinese grocer in the food market sells lots of interesting things (fennel and celeriac and reasonably-priced jars of spices, including about five whole nutmegs).

I also got some stuffing as I intended to make cushions, but then spent Easter Sunday mostly reading POTO fanfiction before cooking dinner, and then on Monday suffered with a persistent migraine.

Oh, and on the Sunday before I did a bit more on my embroidery:

Pic 12/?? )

Apologies if that picture is still showing up massive; it takes a while for Photobucket to react sometimes.

Anyway, I think that's everything. My next leave is on 6th May (the week after the bank holiday), following which I will hopefully be sharing before/after pictures of our newly-decorated lounge. :)
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I'm over halfway through my week off and I've done bugger all - mostly due to migraines, but also due to laziness. Too much sleep. I blame Christmas and having to work for most of it - I had no idea what day of the week it was most of the time. :P

Anyway, that aside, I have done a bit more embroidery, so here's a couple of progress pics from today and yesterday. (There was definitely some progress made before this but I don't seem to have taken a picture. I've posted the last one for reference as it's been so long...)

Pics 10-11/?? )

I had good intentions this week to get some of my various fic loose ends typed up (I have at least eight for Jonathan Creek alone, if not more) but it's TOO BLOODY COLD. I have made a little progress on paper, but my folder is starting to fill up now! (I have some stuff I need to move into the other folder anyway - once I've extricated it from the pile of stuff in the office, that is. Once I've typed up written drafts I move them into a separate folder - I like keeping first drafts around even when they're done and dusted.)

Anyway, tea time now. Over and out.
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I kept glancing at this today and thought I should really get cracking with it again. So here are a couple more pics from today...

Pics 5&6/?? )

Nowt else to report. :)
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I really need to update on my two weeks off and my new job but meh. Later. Busy this weekend so maybe Sunday.

In the meantime, have some current embroidery progress...

Pic 4/?? )

Very very brief new job update: I had a half-day today due to CareFirst training at the Council House that was supposed to be from 9.30 to 3.30 but thankfully finished at 1.00. Now that I've had said training I should be able to use to my own CareFirst access rather than my acting manager's. My actual line manager has been off sick since I started so I can't do anything remotely useful - such as booking leave - and don't have a laptop or even a desk. I'm sitting at another off-sick colleague's desk and it's a mess of papers and clutter.

There's plenty to do, but at the moment I am nothing but an overpaid clerk/typist (essentially, the job I used to do when I worked for CP before I left to go to Legal) because I need my line manager actually present to sort things out. But yeah, busy doing something is still infinitely better than doing nothing, and they are very, very busy with awful backlogs right now. So yeah.

With any luck by April I should be doing the job they're actually paying me for. :P (Bonus: the bus journey is nowhere near as bad as I was expecting; it takes about an hour door to door, which is exactly the same as Woodcock Street was. So that's good.)

I will update properly when I'm not pre-menstrual, I think.
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...here are three shots of the new embroidery showing progress so far.

Photos 1-3/?? )

Anyway, I need to go bed in about half an hour to try and gain four hours' kip before we have to get up at 3.00am. Not sure how successful that will be, but it's a two-hour flight anyway. :P


Pics when I return. I have my phone with me so there might be some Instagram-spam if my international roaming actually works... in any event, we get back on 15th September (horrendously early in the morning), at which point I will update and post photos and probably do more embroidery. :P
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I had a marginally productive bank holiday weekend, if only for the following reason...

Embroidery Scans! )

I think I might document the progress of my new one in the same way, although my approach is going to be a bit different to last time - working in areas rather than colours. I only managed a little part of it on Monday so will take a picture of that and post it along with whatever I get done next time. I quite like letting people guess what it is, so I won't reveal the finished product. ;)
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Soooo yeah. I had a week off and did bugger all really. SO TIRED. Hardly surprising as it seemed to comprise a lot of walking - walked to the allotment and back on the Saturday (in heatwave), walked to Oldbury on Sunday (in heatwave), walked to allotment and back again on Monday (in heatwave - a pattern is forming), walked back from allotment on Thursday (got bus there from town), and then again there and back on Sunday (in downpour - got drenched), and then we walked into Bearwood on Monday.

The walking to Oldbury and Bearwood was because our bus is rubbish on Sunday service and in both cases we'd just missed one.

We have a half-strimmed lawn because our 10m extension lead wasn't long enough, and now we have a 30m lead of course it's been raining. The heatwave made me dehydrated, the walk in the rain made me cold. I can't win.

Also today at work it's been frigging freezing because the heating is off (because it's June, duh) and someone left a window open over the course of the bank holiday weekend. Cheers for that!

Anyway, Friday to Tuesday have basically been spent watching Paul play Red Dead Redemption on the X-Box and yesterday I did some embroidery, so here are some pictures.

Scans 60-62/?? )

So that's that.

Also yesterday I made blueberry muffins out of boredom. I was going to make patriotic Jubilee biscuits with Union Jacks and crowns and stuff on them, but couldn't be arsed. The muffins were sort of doomed, really: I ran out of plain flour so about a third of it was self-raising (they flattened like cupcakes instead of retaining their shape), and I'd literally just sifted the dry ingredients when I realised we'd run out of eggs, so I had to sent Paul out for some. Still, they taste okay.

Actually, we've done quite a bit of Proper Cooking this long weekend. On Friday we went to the fish market to fill a freezer drawer - £40 spent on mackerel, sea bream, some frozen queen scallops and king prawns, three chilli-flavoured lobster tails, two swordfish steaks and a bit of monkfish (the latter two are for special occasions). Saturday we did paprika beef in the slow cooker, which was very nice, with leftovers on Sunday with baked potatoes. On Monday I did a Goan fish curry (leftovers for lunch today), which was a bit too hot for Paul but very tasty indeed, and then yesterday Paul did a cottage pie. Tonight we're having lamb koftas with tzatziki to go with some mini pittas in the fridge, assuming I don't pass out from exhaustion first. :P

Last week my intention was to do a bit of work on my latest Pirates-fic, "Oranges to Florida" (songfic), as I'd done about 600 words at work on Friday. Of course, I didn't even look at it. Now watch it eat my sleep because I'm back at work.

I now have no more leave until September (excluding 17th August for Richie's wedding) unless I can sneak in a day or so in July. We're going away at the start of September and then I have a week off in October for my birthday, so I suspect the next two months are going to be long and arduous. :(

This was supposed to be a short entry so I'll sign off now. :P
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I am not at choir because (a) I forgot my music and (b) I'm in a bad mood so would probably not enjoy it - except obviously feeling guilty about not going is not really helping, either.

Anyway, I have some Life Admin to be getting on with, so here are the next two embroidery scans.

Scans 58 and 59 / ?? )

Right, now I have to send an email that I keep forgetting about.


Jan. 23rd, 2012 12:36 pm
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I haven't been able to update much this week because Paul and I are renewedly attending the gym, which is obviously eating a lot of time. We went on Monday and Thursday night, plus swimming on Sunday morning, which is our new regime.

The plan this time is to book a holiday for September in advance with the hope that it'll be an adequate incentive to lose the weight. Let's see how successful that is, eh?

Bit of a work moan - well, it's been a while. :P )

Boring Gym Bunny Stuff )

Embroidery-wise, I have two more pictures to post later on. They would have come sooner but I had to re-order the thread (again) because it ran out. I think this is a direct result of having lost the original thread list and the online pattern being very slightly different, but in any case, the ordered thread ended up being a different shade to that I'd already used, so I had to unpick what I'd already done and start again. Anyway, I got through two shades yesterday so will post those later.

I'm also going to do a Facebook album at some point of my various completed stuff, as I've been working through some of the half-finished bits in the footstool that my mum gave me and some are now done, in addition to what I already have framed, etc., and it would be nice to have a record somewhere. :)

Oh yeah, that was the other irritating thing. I ordered some apparently "wide calf" biker-style boots from eBay as in the picture they looked promisingly roomy. I couldn't pick them up from the depot until Saturday, and it transpires my definition of "wide calf" and that of the seller differs by about four inches. Also the boots weren't as good quality as they appeared in the picture (they were faux-leather anyway, but still) as they had no proper 'tongue' to speak of because it was all sewn together. Annoying because the foot part of the boot actually fit perfectly, for a change. So I'll be sending those back for a refund. I will keep searching, and actually measure my calves so I know what to go for. Some sellers are actually nice enough to specify the width measurement. (Although I am irrationally annoyed by them still being photographed on skinny models; clearly we can't be having fatties modelling them, can we? /bitter)

After the post depot we decided to get the shopping from Dudley rather than Bearwood for a change, and ended up spending £25 in Wilkinson. :P Some of it was stuff we actually needed, though (a hook for the bedroom door, a self-adhesive one for the bathroom, a new kitchen drainer, some tall glasses and a funky new bathroom set). We had a sharer in the Wetherspoon's which was actually really nice (either they're still using up the "Christmas chips" or they've changed them forever; I hope the latter. :D) I am tempted to try their other food now to see if it's as good.

Okay, I think this is quite long enough. Nearly lunchtime (chicken sandwiches om nom) so I'll post this and wait for the man to finish fixing the printer so I can collect my transcript. :P
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Hm, I did the new year meme but forgot to actually update about what Paul and I did during our week off. In truth, most of it was spent sleeping and watching television...

Week Off )

Back to the daily grind today. I wore my new coat this morning. Its long black floatiness makes me feel EMPOWERED. I'd forgotten that feeling of new-coat-joy. :)
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Now that the living room is mostly sorted, and because I had nothing better to do today, I finally got around to doing a bit more work on this...

Scans 52-57 / ?? )

Nowt else to report. Back to work tomorrow, OH THE YAYZ. My ears are still playing up but paracetemol seems to be taking the edge off a little, so that's something. I'll see how it is tomorrow morning and may make a GP appointment if it's no better...

Over and out.
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I have been stupidly productive on this since realising how close I am to finishing it. With any luck I'll get it completely done during my week off in May. :)

Scans 43-51/?? )

That's more than enough for now, and the product of a weekend's work so there's quite a lot.

On Sunday it was not only Easter but my grandmother's birthday, so we had invited her and my uncle over for dinner. They were due to arrive at 1.00, for lunch at 2.00, which Paul figured would be ample time considering they're always late. I managed to time lunch for 2.20 to give them plenty of time, and they were, indeed, an hour late. Just as we were trying to decide what to do for the best (finish cooking all the roasted stuff, keep it warm and then do the pans of veg when they arrived), they rang the bell.

I also made a summer fruits pavlova for dessert, which I thought was very impressive considering it was my first attempt:-

It came out of the oven perfect, but started to cave in under the pressure of the whipped cream and fruit - also I have no clue how you're supposed to achieve a "light dusting" of icing sugar because it goes everywhere. :P Still, it was very nice indeed.

Nowt else to report. Back at work tomorrow, but thankfully only for three days. Bit of a busy weekend, including (hopefully) a barbecue on Friday at my mum's if the weather holds out, and then the Bach concert in Worcester on Saturday. And then another week off, huzzah!

Right, going to sign this one off now as I have hiccups. Bah.
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Three more today before I carry on with it this afternoon.

Scans 40-42/?? )

In other news, yesterday I made my own butter using a trick I learned on Jamie's 30 Minute Meals. You put some double (or single) cream into a food processor with a whisk attachment and basically over-whisk it until it separates, then strain off the liquid. Simples, as they say. :) It tastes a bit creamy (obviously), but on bread you really can't tell the difference. For a first attempt it wasn' t bad, anyway...
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I started doing some more of The Embroidery on Sunday as the sun had come out and it's finally warm enough to take it up again (over the winter I finished a tapestry, fill-in-the-colours type project which is now awaiting framing). Apparently my last scan / photo was number 34, and I have up to 39 on the PC so I'm overdue with progress pics.

Scans 35-39/?? )

On Saturday it was our six-year anniversary. We spend the morning viewing a house in Harborne (on Tennal Lane, where the golf club is). We got there bang on time at 12.15, despite our internet failing in the morning so we couldn't check the exact location of the house. It transpired to be pretty much the last house on the street and we walked the entire length of it. The estate agent rep turned up 20 minutes late.

The house itself was pretty awful. It had a few nice features, and had apparently been "refurbished", but the kitchen was horrible and the bathroom was a bit grotty as well. The landlord had merely resealed the bath instead of replacing it and put in new lino, but we could see it wasn't properly finished. The rep had an embarrassing moment when trying to open the vertical blinds covering the patio doors, as when he pulled on the cord the entire blind / runner part wobbled and was coming away from the ceiling.

We decreed that one to be a write-off, which was a shame because the area itself was lovely. It just wasn't worth what they were asking for it; frankly I think they were charging for the fact it was in Harborne...

We went into Birmingham after that for a quick drink in Bacchus, but as it was so bloody hot on Saturday I got it into my head to get my hair cut. Pic under the cut )

Paul also bought me some lovely gloves / arm-warmer things from Disorder Boutique. These are all hand-woven individual pieces. I don't know when I'll get to wear them but they're very pretty...

She covets the precious things of the shop! )

We went to Bacchus after that for one drink, then headed back home again, whereupon I had a quick bath and we got changed and went to Jamie's for dinner. It was just as nice as last time, and the wait was shorter (presumably because they have more tables for two than for six...) I had the squid starter again and Paul had the meat antipasti, and we shared some ricotta bruscheta (om nom). For mains I had the carbonara, which was delicious, and Paul had a prawn pasta dish.

Sunday was sedate, and involved watching Date Night on the evening, which was surprisingly amusing.

Today we went to see another house, on Ridgeacre Road in Quinton. It was almost perfect except for being slightly over-budget and the kitchen (again!) being tiny. Which was a shame because despite being on a fairly busy main road it was really quiet, and the other rooms were a good size - bay windows upstairs and down at the front, with a trianguar feature window for the box room at the front, and a lovely bathroom. The kitchen was unworkable, though. It was smaller than ours is now and had about three cupboards. Seriously, Birmingham? Build bigger kitchens already!

Tomorrow we're going to view a detached bungalow in Quinton which looks very promising from the photographs (the other two have not had any interior photos so we did them first), with a good-sized kitchen and an interesting feature fireplace, and failing that there are still other properties in the line-up to view... Now that we've properly started the ball rolling and have seen what's out there, I'm feeling a bit better about things, and not quite as doomed to failure as before. I'm still really gutted about losing the property in Oldbury, but there are others out there just as nice. And we may not have to move to Walsall to find them as I was beginning to think. :P

That's it so far. I need to organise a Secret Thing for [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus's belated birthday present so will do that tomorrow and then let her know the arrangements, but that isn't until after the Royal Wedding and I have a concert to worry about in the meantime. Hopefully this week won't be too hectic.

PS: I have a recipe to post but I'll do that separately so this isn't too long. :P
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So much for my best laid plan for fandom post catch-up. Ah well. I'll just have to stay behind. I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to keep the momentum going - I'm actually surprised I lasted as long as I did. :P

I promised a work annoyance the last time I posted, in relation to the fact that I'd cleared the backlog on my return to work on Thursday. So here it is... )

Oh, and here's an extra, unrelated stupidity from Thursday... Communication fail )

ALSO ALSO, a while ago I mentioned a film I was trying to find from my childhood. Or rather, I could only remember the last five minutes because they were on the end of a video. I found it last night!

I had remembered it as being on the end of Mary Poppins. It turns out my intuition on that front was half-right. For some reason I'd got it into my head on Saturday to watch The Three Lives of Thomasina, an earlier Disney film, which stars the same two children as Mary Poppins. I think my mum must have taped this for herself (as her own childhood memory) because the film in question was actually after Thomasina, only to have Willy Wonka taped over it. The reason I remembered it so clearly was because I used to watch Willy Wonka a lot more as a child and thus would fast-forward the tape to that point, and the mysterious badly-dubbed film was thus on the end of it.

SUCH A MASSIVE RELIEF. Again, at least I'm not insane.

It was called Beyond the Dragon's Lair and was made in Romania in 1982. It does indeed involve a man and a woma on a rocky outcrop, though they are both fully clothed (not in loincloths as I remembered), and the man DOES spend the last 20 seconds of the film DRAWING WINGS on a big rock (though he doesn't make them - I think they do fly on them at some point, and I MUST have watched this film all the way through before it was taped over, because Willy Wonka was taped MUCH later than Thomasina.) The wings-drawing part was particularly vivid; also my music memory is much stronger, as I remembered it note for note!

So there you go. Thus far IMDB and Google have not been helpful but I'll investigate further tonight. I'M NOT MAD, HURRAH!

I very much doubt this will be the end of my quest to dig up childhood memories. I'm still waiting on a reliable torrent of A Connecticut Rabbit in King Arthur's Court, the Bugs Bunny cartoon no-one else but me remembers. Seriously, why is my childhood made up of bizarre televisual remembrances? Normal people remember songs. :P
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RIGHT THEN. Now that I've finally managed to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 all the way through without interruption from ignorant pissheads, I shall provide a review / thoughts... I intended to post this last night, but obviously our internet was down again. I swear Virgin Media just know when I have stuff I want to do…

HP7pt1 - probably contains spoilers )

So yes, that was quite enjoyable. As for trailers, Mars Needs Moms looks quite cool. In terms of upcoming films, I really want to see Black Swan, and The King's Speech to a lesser degree. It's Oscar season so a lot of good films are coming out. :)

Before HP7, incidentally, we went to Darren & Andrea's on Saturday afternoon / evening, as Andrea was building Paul a website for his and Richie's weekly acoustic night, Broken Amp. We had a go on their XBox Kinect, which is the weirdest thing ever... I think I still prefer the Wii, as you need even more bloody room for the Kinect and it's exhausting. AND TERRIFYING, as it watches you. Darren made us chilli and then we played four rounds of Scrabble and watched a bit of the run-up to the Comedy Awards before heading home. It was a pleasant, sedate evening.

On Sunday evening we invited Lisa up to share our roast dinner, as we had a gigantic pork shoulder joint from Asda. It was £7.00 for just under 6lb of meat!! It was quite possibly the best pork joint I've ever done: the scratching was lovely (apparently!) and actually crisped up, and the meat was just falling off the bone and coming off in those lovely tender stringy bits like you get on hog roasts. OM NOM. Obviously there's still loads of it left. I'm going to make some soup tonight to take to work, and will probably have some more nomalicious pork for tea. :)

Embroidery Stuff )

So, as I say, I meant to post this last night, but had no internet. Which was especially annoying because I didn’t actually sit down at the PC until I’d done the washing up, put washing in, made soup for work and eaten my dinner, which was about 7.30pm. So instead I uploaded the embroidery photographs to post later, and finally got around to installing Sims 3.

Oh, dearie me... )

I have some work annoyances to post, but I'll do them in a separate entry, as this is quite long enough...
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Okay, I'm finally going to finish this bloody music meme. Obviously, I've now lost the piece of paper I'd written my answers down on, so these will probably be different to my initial thoughts.

Music Meme, Days 27 to 30 )

I think that's quite a good point to end on. Thank frell that's done with. Never, ever ask me to do this again, Eni! :P

Okay, new embroidery picture next.

Scan 34/?? )

Aaaand that's about it for now. I will try and update around here more often, though apparently giving me ridiculous daily memes isn't the best approach. :P

I shall now watch the Giles+Sue Xmas special on iPlayer and probably post icons in the inevitable post-episode squeefest. Be warned.
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...or cakes, at least. And we all know I'm actually the Queen of Angst, but that's neither here nor there.

I have baked a cake for work. Working in a place where people are receptive to my baking and actually eat it without suspicion or checking sell-by dates means that when I do feel like spoiling them with cake, I give enough of a shit to be creative about it.


My Christmas shopping is officially done. After being thwarted at every turn trying to get the last of Paul's presents, I eventually checked out his Amazon wishlist and got him six DVD's from HMV (three off his list and three surprises that I know/think/hope he'll like). And a copy of Girl, Interrupted for myself because it was a fiver. As a bonus, all the DVD's I bought Paul were on two-for-£10.

Just as well really; I went to GameStation on Monday night to pick up a DS game Paul wanted. Thankfully they still had a copy on the shelf (it was in the pre-owned section). Except apparently their stockroom was so disorganised they couldn't actually find the game to go in the box. The girl on the till said she'd been having this problem "all day", and yet nobody had thought to take the time to sort the bloody stockroom out. Just... WTF? It's the last shopping fortnight before Christmas, you'd think they'd get their act together. In the end I had to abandon the game for Paul and just bought the GBA version of Micro Machines instead, to play via the DS. Meh.

We have now just to do the food shop and see various people, wrap presents, and I need to get myself down to the post office fairly soonish otherwise nothing will get anywhere. Although given the potential weather conditions they probably won't anyway.

There are a few things stressing me out, but I shan't post about them here. One particular thing has me stumped and confused, but until I'm thinking more clearly and without the benefit of festive!stress, I should probably let it lie for a bit.
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I did start an entry at work today because at around 11.00 it was very quiet. And then Last Minute Friday kicked in and I was busy all the rest of the afternoon. Bit of annoyance cropped up as a result, but I'll try and keep that together with the rest of the post, which I'll hopefully finish this weekend if I remember. I have since got home and had a shower and put my jammies on so I'm a bit mellower now...

Anyway. Music Meme, Days 23 - 26 )

Okay, that's that done.

Embroidery Scans 32-33/?? and Christmas Decorations )

That'll do. My hands are cold and I'm hungry.
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Because it's been a while, and I'm bloody well determined to finish this blasted "30 days" meme, even though it's now tripled in length...

Music Meme, Days 22-23 )

Right, now here's some more embroidery pics.

Scans 29-31/?? )

I do believe that'll do for now. I might finish the music meme before Christmas. :P
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I am determined to finish this bloody meme, even if it IS several days out of date now.

Day 21 - A Song You Listen To When Happy

Er, I don't have many happy songs. Nature of the beast, I'm afraid. So, um... *thinks*

Noisettes - "Beat of my Heart" - from Wild Young Hearts

As Noisettes are a recent discover for me, I thought it was about time I included one of their songs. Their album is mostly upbeat like this and I thought I'd gor for a song which (AFAIK) hasn't appeared on a bloody advert for something. :P

I found them when I heard "Never Forget You" on the radio on the way back from Prestatyn in 2009 (was it 2009? My concept of time is a bit frelled) and bought the album on 2-for-£8 at Asda along with Katy Perry's "One of the Boys" and have thoroughly enjoyed it ever since.

Whilst I'm on the subject of music, Brandon Flowers's solo album, Flamingo is too awesome for words. I'm seriously addicted to it, on the same level I was addicted The Killers' Day and Age last year. I will find an excuse to post one of his songs in this meme, so watch this space... :D

Embroidery Scans 26-27/?? )

Also, here is a photograph of our new Lime Green Toilet Seat )

And that's about it. There was another scan but (a) my stitching together of it looked frigging awful and (b) I couldn't actually tell what colour I'd done. The change was minimal enough for it not to matter... Sorry for the lateness on all this stuff; I was absolutely exhausted last week.

Addendum: Wychwood Brewery Photos from 18th September. :)
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Two more scans under the cut.

Scans 24-25/?? )

Music meme continues. I am determined to finish it having gotten this far, but it might take a while.

Day 20 - A Song You Listen To When Angry

I had a couple of options for this, but so as not to repeat artists, I've gone for this...

Skunk Anansie - "Brazen"

It's so gloriously ANGRY. I only own two Skunk Anansie songs, this and "Hedonism" (both of which I'd heard on the radio before) on a mix tape that Naomi made me several years ago. I intended to make a songset of Spuffy icons to this but never got around to it...

I might purchase their back catalogue eventually. They were popular during that period when I was just about discovering the world outside of musicals. :D

Epic Update

Sep. 4th, 2010 02:01 pm
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Okay, I have music meme stuff and embroidery stuff to post, and in regards to the former I will just be re-starting where I left off, because I think my last meme post was on 27th August and I don't feel like doing that many in one go... I also have some other bits to update about.

Music Meme and Embroidery Pics 21-23/?? )

My week off is almost over and I have no idea where the time went... In brief:

Saturday - I made my first ever curry! We went to a nearby supermarket and got £15-worth (a full carrier bag) of spices in order to make said curry, followed by a trip to Moseley Farmers' Market for sausages, cheese, local ale, wine, etc. Spent rather too much money, but meh. Anyway, I've now rebagged all the spices (including a 1kg bag of garam masala - I'm going to be making a LOT of curry now...) and my kitchen smells divine. :D As for the actual curry, I did spiced fishcakes to start with a coriander chutney, followed by Anjum Anand's "Punjabi Chicken Curry", which was lovely. I forgot to put the chillies in, and also I put in too much water so it didn't quite go as the recipe stated and I had to thicken with cornflour, but it tasted delicious. Definitely going to make that again. :)

Sunday - I think I had a migraine. Can't remember.

Monday - went to visit [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings in Oxford, which was a lovely day. We had to change at Milton Keynes, where the structure they laughingly referred to as a bus station consisted of three portacabins and some pavement, with only a cricket ground nearby to break the tedium. It was about a 15-minute walk from the actual bus station in the city centre and thus not worth the effort. Milton Keynes is poo; everything is square and all the buildings are identical. Give me an organic rambling city any day.

As for Oxford, it was beautiful. I wish I'd been clever enough to go there for uni, really. Something about the surroundings inpsires you to Be Academic. We wandered around several of the colleges, found lunch in a quiet pub, and were briefly followed around by a strange-but-friendly cat. Photos are here.

Tuesday - nowt. Recovering from the day before!

Wednesday - we went out to see Avatar in 3D at the IMAX, having missed it the first time around. Review / Spoilers )

Thursday - more nothing. Did some more embroidery.

Friday - we were supposed to see Toy Story 3 but neither of us were particularly in the mood. Spent the afternoon searching for shoes for Paul as he's at a wedding today, then he went off to stay over at the bride's mother's (don't even ask, it's the weirdest wedding ever - Paul is a "bridesmate" for starters...) and I came home and watched Marie Antoinette, which we'd picked up at Blockbuster in the cheap sale DVDs rack. Quite an interesting film... Internet was deaded all last night (in addition to cable telly being half-b0rk all day yesterday and again today - you suck, Virgin). I stayed up til about 2.00am in order to knacker myself out before attempting to sleep, otherwise I wouldn't have managed it. Surprisingly, I actually had a fairly good night's sleep, although did have a very odd dream this morning that Paul had briefly come home before going back out to the wedding again...

Today - nothing much at all. Got up 10.00ish after finishing my current book ("Loves Music, Loves to Dance" by Mary Higgins Clark) and have pottered on t'internet since then. Should probably straighten my hair and get ready soon as I have to be at the same wedding's reception at 6.00. Given I hardly fit into any of my clothes any more, I have no idea what to wear. Meh.

Tomorrow - chillaxing and enjoying the last day of my leave. I should have booked another week. Hopefully I will be having another week off after my birthday anyway.

And that's it.
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Yesterday was quite pleasant. I was only at work for three hours, because I had to leave shortly before 12.00 to go and pick Lisa up from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (the old one). She'd gone in for A Procedure (not sure she would forgive me for disclosing which!) which required her to be under heavy sedation so she wasn't allowed to be released into the wild on her own. ;)

I got the train down and managed to find her without any trouble, thanks to asking for directions when I rang up to confirm the collection time. The receptionist helpfully informed it was the Green Zone on the fifth floor. Which was just as well, because I'd never been to QEH before and it's frigging massive. Clearly those weeks of placement as an OT must have been good for something, even if it's only being able to navigate hospitals. :P

Anyway, we got a taxi home and then sat and watched telly for five hours. Lisa has bought some DVD box sets recently and rather than inflicting Alias on me partway through (she's on series 3), we decided to give Love Soup a go... Details / Review )

Following that, at around 6.30pm, Lisa went up the road to get herself some chicken, and I went back upstairs to await Paul's return home. We had steaks with baked potatoes and salad (Paul) or butternut squash (me) for dinner, and we caught up on the new series of X-Factor. I know full well this will make me angry again, but as it's the last series ever I thought it would be remiss of me not to snark it. :P

And that's that. Thank anything, I have a week off next week. Spring cleaning is on the cards, as well as a trip to Oxford to see [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings, assuming the trains aren't completely useless...

Whilst I'm around, here's some more stuff...

Music Meme catch-up )

And now for another bit of embroidery...

Scan 20/? )

Okay, I think that's everything. Now to check train times.
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So I don't end up behind again...

Day 13 - A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure

Avril Lavigne - "I'm With You"

I hated "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boi" with a fiery passion. But after I'd got off my high horse and made my peace with Avril a bit, I actually really liked this song. I only own it in the capacity that [livejournal.com profile] pandorasblog sent me it on a mix tape, but that still counts... Besides which, "My Happy Ending" was okay, too, if insipidly determined to get in your head...

Now onto the embroidery...

Scan 19/? )

Right. I suppose I should go to bed. I'm going to be exhausted this week for the pure fact that I have next week off and my body wants to rest already. :P
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Here are three (!) new embroidery scans. Two of these should have been posted last month but I've been too tired to think straight; cheers, work.

Scans 16-18/? )

Sorry about some of the blurriness. It's quite difficult to get the two photographs the exact same size and my m4dd photoshop skillz are not up to scratch. ;)
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Primark's sizing logic confuses me. Aside from the general lack of consistency, I mean. I went in earlier to find a new black cardigan because one of my work cardies has given up the ghost (it got snagged in the washing machine) and managed to find one vaguely suitable for work, and whilst in there picked up a funky sequinned waistcoat thing and two pairs of leggings. I managed to find one pair of normal leggings in a size 14 (wasn't going to risk the 12 after previous experience with their sizing system) and then picked up another pair of control leggings in a 12-14. This is where the sizing logic confusion comes in.

There was one pair left in the 12-14, a few in 16-18, and absolutely tonnes of 8-10. Because obviously, the majority of women who actually are size 8-10 do not require control leggings and therefore are not buying them!

Anyway. The cardigan, it turns out, is apparently supposed to be worn as a top in and of itself because it has a strange scoop neckline and is very tight at the waist (and, in that regard, designed to be worn by a giant; I know I'm short in the body, but not that short) and barely fits over the top I'm wearing today. Hopefully it'll stretch. My other cardy's in the wash.

On Saturday we went to Jen and Dave's for dinner, which was quite enjoyable. Far too much food, but it was all delicious (if cheaty :P), and we played Team Trivial Pursuit to finish the evening - three rounds. I also had my first ever play on a Wii and want one now. I whupped Paul's arse on bowling and basketball after about two attempts at learning how the Wiimote thing reacted, and was then coaching him. :P I am teH roxxors.

On Sunday we had intended to go to the cinema but were both too knackered, so stayed in. I have nearly finished my sixth decoration (still four to go), and got some more presents wrapped up. They went in the post today and I need to finish Eni's tonight to get that sent off. Ye GODS, the queue. Well, not really a queue; they have a ticket system now and I was number 77 - when I arrived they were calling number 5. Once they hit the 50s things seemed to go a bit quicker though. Nevertheless, it ate my lunchtime.

Right, things to do tonight: finish Eni's present; finish sixth decoration / start seventh; have some food; have a shower. Then sleeeeeep. Hm, maybe my subject is wrong; it's not so quiet after all.

PS: Eni, your present arrived. I had to do a patch-up job on some of the wrapping paper where it had torn in transit, but did not see anything to indicate what it was, other than being generically book-shaped. :P
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For some reason lately, people have been infuriatingly dim-witted.

Cut because it's stupid and petty but I need to vent it before I hit someone. )

Nowt else to report, alas. I finished my fifth Christmas decoration embroidery last night (five more to go - argh!) and took photos of that and the fourth one, except our internet was down and I couldn't post them. Will do that tonight if it's back up.
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Not sure if I'll get these finished in time, but in any event...

Decorations 3/10 )
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Priscilla review is still not forthcoming. I intended to work on my shorter work version this weekend but was scuppered by a horrendous cold and didn't bother.

Hm, I think I need to update from a little earlier...

My mum popped around on Wednesday night to drop off some bits and bobs, including some extraneous birthday cards and my present from my grandmother - a pair of fuzzy Ugg-boot style slippers, which are lovely and warm. I was intending on buying some new slippers anyway, so that'll save me some money. :D

She also brought over my rucksack and sleeping bag (not that I ever intend to go camping again, but it'll be useful if anyone's sleeping over and we run out of beds / duvets), and a full set of good quality saucepans and Tefal frying pans. They're redoing the kitchen again, including a new oven/hob, and they can only use certain types of pans on there, so I've inherited her old ones. We tried them out last night and wow, I'd forgotten the difference a decent set of pans can make. We've been using Trevor's stuff since we moved in in terms of saucepans, and they're rubbish...

(The one good thing is that I now have a large, deep frying pan / saucepan with a lid, so can finally make all those recipes which call for such. Like jambalaya! :D)

On Thursday I had a bad throat, though it wasn't too bad. Then we went to visit Paul's mum of the evening, where my cat allergy kicked in and set the cold off properly.

Friday the cold wasn't too bad. I forgot to change my bus pass datecard and for the first time ever the bus driver actually noticed. He was willing to let me on anyway, but I didn't want to run the risk of there being an inspector on the journey home, so had to buy a Daysaver. The cold wasn't too bad, though was getting worse by the afternoon, and I left at 4.15 to attend my GP surgery at 5.00pm for a 'flu jab and asthma check-up.

It took half an hour just to get out of Digbeth. I have no clue why. The traffic just simply wasn't moving. By 4.45 I was only at Highgate, tried to ring the surgery to tell them I might be late for my appointment (which I'd thankfully already moved from 4.45 to 5.00 in case of traffic issues... pre-emptive much?), except their answering machine message takes forever to finish and halfway through my phone announced "One minute remaining!" and subsequently cut me off, so I just had to pray I'd get there in time. Thankfully it then only took 10 minutes or so to get to Kings Heath and I legged it to my appointment just in time.

The walk home (and presumably the 'flu jab) finished me off. I popped into Wilko for more fabric softener and new toothbrushes and toothpaste, then into Sainsbury's to stock up on juice and get something for tea. I finally got home about 5.30 and promptly put on my pyjamas and wallowed in self-pity for the rest of the evening. Didn't even feel like having the curry I'd bought, but ate it anyway...

Paul rolled home around 11.30 or thereabouts from his night out (somehow going from somewhat tipsy to completely drunk after one more drink), at which point I fed my cold a Benylin night-time tablet and went to bed.

Thankfully the worst of it had passed by Saturday. Paul was in work until about 1.30, and I spent the day working on my Christmas decoration embroideries. I managed to finish a whole decoration over the course of the weekend (whilst watching Oklahoma! on Saturday, heh), and made a start on the first colour of the next one. Three down, seven to go... I'll try and remember to take a photograph tonight.

We watched Teeth on Saturday night, on Filmflex; not 10 minutes into it the doorbell rang, so we unplugged it. Bloody Trick-or-Treaters. I absolutely was not in a Hallowe'en mood this year. Just as well we didn't have a bad movies night because I would still have been full of cold and absolutely knackered. As to the film, it was weird but enjoyable... though I'm guessing the males in the audience would appreciate it less. ;)

Aaand that's about it. Except that it again feels like something's brewing at work. Christmas leave is sorted out; we've now been asked to request our Easter leave! I hadn't even thought that far ahead yet! *depairs*

Over and out...


Oct. 14th, 2009 12:51 pm
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Here's a bit more work humour for you, even though I know it's not funny outside of the office. I like to record these things for posterity... (Er, not verbatim because I can't quite remember it...)

Cut because it's mostly for my own benefit. )

Anyway, even though it was somewhat inane, it brightened up my morning.

I was so tired this morning that I bought a croissant from Pret and then forgot about it until 10.20... (I got into work at 9.00). Not quite so nice after being zapped in the microwave for 45 seconds, unfortunately. I was hungry when I bought it, but was then concerned with drinking my coffee (mmmm, liquid sanity) and forgot it was there. Oh, well.

For some reason I couldn't get to sleep last night. We went to bed around 11.00 and Paul nodded off almost straight away, but it took me a couple of hours to nod off, despite being really tired beforehand. I had various bits of songs going around my head, which didn't help, starting with Sea Drift (the horrendously difficult thing we're doing for the November concert; even Adrian said that if he ever met Delius in a bar he'd hit him upside the head... :P) and then I think it was the Killers. Can't remember. Annoying, though.

Work moaning )

*ahem* Sorry, just had to get that off my chest...

In other news, I've been trying to get a plain, black, v-neck t-shirt for work. I did have one, but it has gone AWOL in the flat, presumably to the same place as the big nail clippers and the metal tape measure. I swear we have Gremlins, or perhaps a particularly mischievous poltergeist... it's getting a bit silly now. (Having said that, I did find my bicarbonate of soda*, at the back of the cupboard behind the six-tonne bag of pasta...) Anyway, do you think I can find a black t-shirt? No, of course not. I've tried Primark, New Look, Peacocks and Store 21 (in Kings Heath) to no avail... next course of action is Matalan, but I don't really want to traipse that far just for a t-shirt - and I know full well that as soon as I buy one, the one I lost will miraculously reappear...

My new embroidery frame arrived this morning, so I'll put my ongoing / on-hiatus project onto that, as I transferred the Christmas decorations to the old one on Monday. Will post a photograph of the first completed one soon... I did realise last night, however, that I've measured my fabric partitions wrong and divided it into eight segments, and there are 10 decorations. Bugger. Thankfully, some of them are narrow, so I might be able to rectify it...

I'm sure I had another thing to post about, but I've forgotten it... probably for the best, as this is quite long enough already.

Over and out.

* Here's a handy tip from the ever-resourceful Kim and Aggie, which works wonders. If you have a blocked drain, pour down half a cup of bicarb, half a cup of salt, and half a cup of white vinegar. This part is quite fun for the chemical reaction, though the fumes are a bit rank (unless you like vinegar...) Leave it five minutes and then pour through with boiling water. I didn't think this would work but it's actually unblocked our bath (as much as it's possible to do) and it's draining at a reasonable pace now. So, forget Mr Muscle, go for the all-natural solution. :) I wish I'd known this when our kitchen sink was blocked rather than attempting to kill myself with chlorine gas...
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Paul has a job! Hurrah! It's based at Lancaster Circus and has the potential for lots of overtime (paid at time and a half), so even though it's not as much money as he was hoping for, he can still pull in the equivalent that he was on before. Also the basic rate can increase based on performance, which is always of the good. It's still via an agency, but never mind. JOB!

Thank anything for that. I was starting to feel the panic set in.

Not much else to report. I ordered a new (bigger) frame last night for my Christmas decorations, though depending on the size of the fabric I might put the ongoing project (the one I've been posting pictures of) onto the new one and the new-and-hopefully-finished-by-Christmas embroidery onto the old frame.

I am officially middle aged, it would seem.

This morning has been about typing endless emails (plus scanned documents) and nothing remotely substantial; I can feel the brainrot setting in. Give me a juicy two-tape report, someone!

This lunchtime I have to go out to buy socks, as my feet got soaked on the way to work and are now uncomfortably damp and itchy. Meh.


Oct. 5th, 2009 11:22 am
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Guess who burnt her index finger on her hair straighteners this morning?

I was fumbling blindly for the on/off switch and missed it by an inch. Luckily I didn't press it hard against the ceramic, nor for any extended period of time, but it stings like a bugger. Meh.

Still nothing particularly interesting happening. I started a new embroidery on Saturday (or, well, I started sewing it on Sunday because it took so long to sort the threads out), a set of Christmas decorations, which hopefully I can finish by Christmas so we can use them. I need to buy another rolling frame, though, as the fabric is huge and my round hoop is unsuitable.

We wasted most of Saturday to sleep, apparently, not getting up until midday. I did us a roast chicken dinner (first time in aaaages) in the evening, including Experimental Potatoes courtesy of Jamie Oliver. Finally, here's a veggie-friendly recipe!

Recipe: Experimental Potatoes )

Not much else to report, really. Some exciting things coming up:

16th October - my birthday. I'm at work on the actual day but my mum and David are treating Paul and I to a meal at Ponte di Legno, the Italian restaurant in Moseley which we have yet to try, which has received excellent reviews... hopefully it'll live up to its reputation. We're not seated unil 9.30, so hopefully I won't be too exhausted by then...

17th October - possibly some manner of pubbage, I'm still undecided... watch this space / Facebook.

W/C 19th October - NOT AT WORK! Yay!

23rd October - going to London to see Priscilla (OMGYAY), with a meal beforehand at our favourite Bistro (and buying Eni some food, too, as a thank you for the tickets). We have yet to book a hotel, though. Hopefully we can do a bit of exploring on the Saturday as I'd like to go to Portobello Road market and have a look-see, or maybe Camden again... Not that I have any money... hopefully I might get a bit of birthday money to spend.

Aaaanyway, this is me dropping in again, and I shall now drop out and find something to do. Bit quiet here this morning, hence the entry.
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I know it's been a while, both in terms of general updating and embroidery updating, but I was too bloody tired last week to do much of anything. Weekend was mostly spent tidying and subsequently slobbing around; we watched This is England last night, which was interesting.

Anyway. Since installing (both physically and computer-wise) the new printer, I no longer have enough room to scan my embroidery, so I've had to take photographs instead. In retrospect I probably should have done this in the first place, because it's quicker, though loses some detail...

Anyway. Pic 15/? )

The wedding photos are finally uploaded and put on a CD to sent to my mum, and Paul will put them on Facebook later. I shall also put a selection on Flickr.

Nowt else to report.
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I should have Fridays off more often. :)

Initially, I had booked Friday off in the event that my mum had some form of hen party / event / get-together. It was supposed to happen last week (because David's office people stag thing was happening on the 11th) but most of her office people were on holiday, and then it ended up being somewhat cancelled due to lack of interest. Booo, office people.

So instead, my mum popped over with my wedding outfit and wrist-corsage and fascinator, and Paul's button hole flower, and the traditional present-from-the-groom-to-the-bridesmaid to me from David, which is a lovely necklace and earrings set that matches the design of the jacket I'm wearing.

It then transpired that David had forgotten his keys so we drove to my mum's to let him in (arriving just as he was ambling down the road, luckily), and since everyone was too tired to go out again, we ordered in a selection of Thai starters / dim sum and gorged ourselves silly. Also plenty left for me and Paul to take home for our tea on Saturday.

We watched Derren Brown's first 'Event' programme ("How to Win the Lottery"), which was... really quite bizarre, and then a bit of the David Blaine "What is Magic?" show (I much prefer his street magic to his Crazy Endurance Stunts) and then got a taxi home.

Oh, yes, during the course of the day I got around to watching Order of the Phoenix, which was pleasant. I'm probably the only person left on the planet who hadn't seen it until now, but I'll cut for spoilers nonetheless... )

We then proceeded to go nowhere and do almost nothing all weekend. Bliss! I've FINALLY started up doing some embroidery again as I wasn't too knackered to attempt it, though unfortunately I may end up having to stitch photographs of it together rather than scans, as since installing the new printer there's no room to scan it on the frame, and I'm not taking it off the thing every time I want to scan it. We'll see how it goes; if photographs fail, I'll just have to scan the whole thing when it's finished instead, though that does rather destroy the point of the scans... we shall see.

In the evening we watched Hancock. Comments / Spoilers )

Sunday was very much of the same. The reason I should have Fridays off more often is that for the first time in ages I woke up on Sunday and didn't feel like crap, thus enabling me not only to cook Paul a proper full breakfast (literally the first time in absolutely ages) as well as my own (bacon and cream cheese on toasted bagel, yum), but tea later on. More of this, please, and less of the crippling headaches / stomach cramps, mmkay?

For tea on Sunday we had some burgers which my mum had picked up for us from Asda when they were on offer (£3.00 down to £1.00), with sun-dried tomatoes in them. OMG delicious. And there are two left. :D

Back at work today and it's somewhat quiet. Hopefully most people are now back off leave so it might pick up for the rest of the week. It's bad enough having to stay late Tuesdays, without having to endure the extra hour without any work to do...

Meh, I shall post this and flee. Will NOT have pasta for lunch, as I think three days in a row is rather excessive, even if it IS delicious from the new pasta place.
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So, went to Ikea, spent just over £100 and it went on the credit card. Though really, that's not bad considering I got all of the following:

2x DVD cabinets
2x CD cabinets (dunno if we might need another one, though)
1x griddle pan
1x wok (£2.93! Bargain!)
1x lime green bathmat
1x set of funnels for kitchen
1x set of cutlery
100 tealights

My first attempt at DIY is under here )

We're going to have to move some furniture.
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I didn't find the colour chart in the end, but downloaded it from the website. I then spent a couple of hours matching up the (different) symbols and colour names, which thankfully were written on the hank cards. I now have a nice, neat chart with the new and old symbols and what colours they need, and hopefully this time it won't get eaten.

That being said, here's the latest scan. Not very much different from last time, but more of the darker green is now done.

Scan 14/? )

I'll do a proper update at some point - probably when I get back to work and have nothing to do. :P

Was meant to go through the attic today but really cannot be bothered. I'm still reeling a bit from the SB news and not feeling particularly inclined to do anything. I ended up ordering a pizza last night because I couldn't be arsed to cook (Paul was working 2.00 til 10.00pm anyway), and also because our kitchen striplight has gone and hence cooking after the sun goes down is incredibly difficult. I have a candle in there, but it doesn't help much.

Anyway. Back to more embroidery, I think.


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