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As promised, here is a list of my WIP's. Bearing in mind this is just what's on the computer, not taking into account the hand-written bits and pieces in the Folder of Fanfic. :P

In no particular order except obviously alphabetical. )

So, that's it. I don't particularly want to count, and as I already said, this is just the stuff which is typed; I have no idea how much else I have knocking around - and this list does not include any of my original stuff. I never finish original stories either, so that would be basically all of them.

Erm, any requests? :P
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Right, since the transcription nonsense the other week, I've been trying to keep my head down, and other than a few minor irritations (the same old story of people not reading / paying attention to the emails I send for informative purposes) things haven't been too bad. On the Monday after the event, I emailed Senior with my observations of what occurred in respect of the transcription, including Demoted's refusal to undertake the work and my worry that it might be perceived that I was 'avoiding' the work in Winscribe, and she responded in fairly reasonable terms that indeed, it is not my place to sort out Demoted when she's being difficult, and thanking me for trying to sort things out in her absence.

Boring work stuff - not moaning! )

So last week was rather uneventful other than the above, though nonetheless I only managed to spend one evening actually at home. Monday we went to the pub with Lloyd and Denise, Tuesday (obviously) I had choir, Wednesday was Noel's birthday so we went to Paul's mum's, Thursday GLORIOUS NOTHING (read: catching up with household chores like laundry) and Friday we went back to the flat for Lisa's birthday and enjoyed a very tasty curry. Graham (the new tenant) popped down to join us and it we got to know him a bit better; it transpires he's a complete lightweight when it comes to booze.

It just took me about ten minutes to remember what we did on Friday; this month is so insane that my short-term memory is frelled. I did, however, enjoy my quiet weekend, as this week is also going to be insanely busy. On Saturday we finally went through the freezer and filled out the whiteboard, realising the insane amount of food we had bought but not eaten. If we are actually organised we won't have to go shopping for at least another month. (Ah, it's so scintellating being a grown-up, innit?)

So, this week:-

Monday (yesterday) was meant to be a gym day but neither of us really fancied it, so instead we went to Bella Italia. Oops.

Tuesday (today) - last rehearsal before Equinox.

Wednesday - going to Spring Hill Tesco to pick up chicken livers and various other ingredients in advance of Mother's Day

Thursday - spare shopping day in case Tesco have no chicken livers, also getting cards/gifts.

Friday - leaving work at half-three to get home and bake cake.

Saturday - rehearsal at 11.00am, concert at 7.30pm, out of house all day, Paul going out to get meat and Guinness for main course and whatever else is left to buy.

Sunday - up early to make pate and whatever else needs making, tidy and clean lower floor of house, rest for a bit, family arriving at 6.00pm, eat, drink, sleep.

The week after that is mostly uneventful except for seeing Oliver! on Wednesday. :)

On Sunday we went out for a pub lunch at the Kings Head, walking to Bearwood and trying out the Abbey for a quick drink. Seemed okay on the Sunday but I wouldn't want to go there of a Friday evening.

Roll on April and our week off; even if we can't book anywhere to go it will be nice not to be at work. :P

Oh, and talking of which, we've finally booked our holiday for September. 11 nights in Corfu. :) I've booked off an extra two days (18th and 19th September) in addition to the two weeks I already had as we arrive back at 6.30am on the 16th and I'll need more than a day to recover. :P

Okay, that's more than long enough. Over and out.
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Paul and I got some more presents last night - all that remains is something else for Robin / Bumble, which Paul is going to hunt for at the same time as shopping for me. I also have £9 left to spend on something for him to make up the £30 limit.

Next week's evenings have gone from being fairly quiet to being jammed!

Monday - Paul at Broken Amp.
Tuesday - last choir rehearsal before Christmas.
Wednesday - meeting [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess at the pub to hand over pressies pre-Christmas as she won't be around on Christmas Eve.
Thursday - going to see grandmother.
Friday - nothing. Yet, anyway. :P

Tomorrow we're going to Jen and Dave's for dinner so I will need to wrap their presents tonight. Paul's working in the morning so will meet Lisa and I in town on the way there. On Sunday we're hoping to go and see Paranormal Activity (I've bitten the bullet - as much as I know full well I'll be backed firmly into my chair with horror, I also know I'll regret it if I miss it at the cinema) and maybe a ride on the wheel, so I must remember to take the camera with me. Might take it on Saturday as well.

I cannot be any more sociable than I already am being, so please - don't ask me to do anything else.

Nowt else to report. It's been quiet here the past couple of days. Today I've allocated myself the task of sorting through our filing cabinet full of police videos. Might as well make a start on that.

Two hours later...

Police evidence cataloged and databased. Now back to my day job. :P
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So, despite the start of yesterday, my shopping day didn't turn out as bad as anticipated.

Cut for length )

I have also finally allocated which of the gifts I've bought are for Paul's birthday and which for Christmas, so I could figure out his spend limit on me. I've spent FAR too much money on his birthday (especially considering last year was his 30th...) but I'm hopeful he'll like everything I've chosen. Bloody men are impossible to buy for. ;)

The remainder of December looks like this:

Saturday 12th - meal at Jen and Dave's.
Monday 13th - get stuff in post / hand out cards.
Wednesday 16th - support team lunch
Thursday 17th - visiting grandmother after work
Friday 18th - south team lunch (I'm going to be fat by the end of the month)
Sunday 20th - Christmas concert
Tuesday 22nd - Asda shop
Wednesday 23rd - pick up turkey, family over
Thursday 24th - at work until 2.30 (amount of work pending) and then pubbage
Friday 25th - CHRISTMAS! Off until January!! YAY!

*checks* Nope. Amazingly... still not stressed. Aside from that little glitch yesterday, anyway.

Right, that's QUITE long enough. *stops rambling*
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So, Christmas has nearly descended upon us. Time to start getting organised. My diary is starting to fill up already, so for my own benefit more than anything else, here's the dates I need to organise myself around:-

Cut because it's just for my own benefit. I need a big wall calendar. )

In other news, despite our efforts to boycott X-Factor after last week's 'deadlock' debacle, we ended up watching the Sunday night results nonetheless. I've tried to avoid rambling about it (because I shouldn't even be watching it because GAH, the brain-melting horror) but I seem to keep getting sucked in. Quite frankly, it's been a total farce this year, and I'm not just talking about 'Jedward'.

This is probably only of interest to one person... )

Aaaaaand breathe.

Bloody reality television. We caught the first episode of I'm A Celebrity... and thankfully, it's not as horrendously addictive. Kim Woodburne FTW! GTFO Jordan! And that's all I'm saying on that.

Anyway, that's more than enough. I shall post this and have some lunch. This ranting is hungry work. :P
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Back from London - proper update to follow, as I had about three hours of sleep last night and am about to go to bed. I think I'm only still awake but for the grace of good coffee and sheer will power.

In summary (in no particular order):

  • Priscilla was a thousand worlds of awesome and a big "THANK YOU!" to Eni for buying the tickets. :D *hugs*
  • Apparently Bernadette is channelling Norma Desmond. Quite terrifying.
  • We spent FAR too much money today but so totally worth it nonetheless.
  • Barely took any photographs but have video footage of a man escaping a straitjacket and chains in three minutes...
  • My leg hurts - explanation forthcoming...
  • My super-cool uber-pointy Moulin Rouge ankle boots of Victoriana doooooooooooom are IMPLEMENTS OF TORTURE. Waah.
  • National Express have a Big Ranty Email heading their way quite shortly for the bloody fiasco on Friday afternoon...
  • Southerners are wusses.

As I said, full write-up to follow. Possibly tomorrow, more than likely on Monday over the course of the working day. ;) Pictures will inevitably come a bit later.

Night night.

*falls asleep*


Oct. 5th, 2009 11:22 am
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Guess who burnt her index finger on her hair straighteners this morning?

I was fumbling blindly for the on/off switch and missed it by an inch. Luckily I didn't press it hard against the ceramic, nor for any extended period of time, but it stings like a bugger. Meh.

Still nothing particularly interesting happening. I started a new embroidery on Saturday (or, well, I started sewing it on Sunday because it took so long to sort the threads out), a set of Christmas decorations, which hopefully I can finish by Christmas so we can use them. I need to buy another rolling frame, though, as the fabric is huge and my round hoop is unsuitable.

We wasted most of Saturday to sleep, apparently, not getting up until midday. I did us a roast chicken dinner (first time in aaaages) in the evening, including Experimental Potatoes courtesy of Jamie Oliver. Finally, here's a veggie-friendly recipe!

Recipe: Experimental Potatoes )

Not much else to report, really. Some exciting things coming up:

16th October - my birthday. I'm at work on the actual day but my mum and David are treating Paul and I to a meal at Ponte di Legno, the Italian restaurant in Moseley which we have yet to try, which has received excellent reviews... hopefully it'll live up to its reputation. We're not seated unil 9.30, so hopefully I won't be too exhausted by then...

17th October - possibly some manner of pubbage, I'm still undecided... watch this space / Facebook.

W/C 19th October - NOT AT WORK! Yay!

23rd October - going to London to see Priscilla (OMGYAY), with a meal beforehand at our favourite Bistro (and buying Eni some food, too, as a thank you for the tickets). We have yet to book a hotel, though. Hopefully we can do a bit of exploring on the Saturday as I'd like to go to Portobello Road market and have a look-see, or maybe Camden again... Not that I have any money... hopefully I might get a bit of birthday money to spend.

Aaaanyway, this is me dropping in again, and I shall now drop out and find something to do. Bit quiet here this morning, hence the entry.
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Once again, there's nothing to do at work (I started this entry at 9.35am), which can only mean that next week it'll either be more of the same (gah) or insanely busy to compensate. There is literally no midpoint here; it's all or nothing. Tomorrow I'll have been at this job for three years, and more or less with the Council for four years in an official capacity, excluding my time spent as a temp. (So next year, I get an extra day of leave to play with, woo.)

Today my LJ is eight years old. Not quite all growed up, but we're almost into double figures. I had actually started this insanely long essay on why I got my LJ and my life since then, but I figure nobody is actually interested. I did just over 1000 words and gave up... I glanced at it out of the corner of my eye and thought "My God, that's long"... and if I'm thinking that, I dread to think what everyone else would think.

This is precisely why I'm rubbish at Twitter. :P

If anyone is remotely interested in my ramble, I'll be willing to share. I don't think there's anything there which people don't know already, however. I've mentioned most of my life stuff on here in some capacity over the course of eight years, so I have no idea why I decieded to reiterate it in a word-heavy form. Because I can, probably.

Er... I'm at a bit of a loose end now.

In 29 days it is my birthday. If anyone is feeling generous, here's a list of ideas. :P

  • Lush stuff - soap, bath bombs, shampoo, etc. Gift sets are fine. I'm really not fussed.

  • A Jar of Pens from Muji (they have them in the window - the little felt-tips. Dunno why, I just like them.)

  • Vouchers for clothes/shoes/entertainments.

  • Anything off my Amazon wishlist (search by email: teylaminh at yahoo dot co do you-kay), which I'll update tonight. I haven't prioritised any of it because it's also an aide memoir for me to buy stuff...

  • Make me something - a CD, fanfiction, drawing, etc. (See interests list for fandoms and pairings of choice. :P Bonus points if it's Norma/Joe, Jonathan/Maddy, Erik/Christine or Daniel/Betty...)

There's nothing else I particularly want, or at least nothing I would expect friends to buy for me. Or, well, there are things I want which money cannot buy, like sanity.

I imagine there'll be some form of drinkings on the 17th (Saturday) but will announce nearer the time. Tradition dictates this will take place at the Briar Rose, unless I can think of anywhere else.

Um. Right. I am now very definitely bored. Some people are dictating, so hopefully we'll have something to do soon.

*goes to sleep*
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Paul and I both have the week of 22nd June off (though I am somewhat tempted to book the week after as well, because a week is never quite long enough) so here is a list of things I hope to achieve during that time:-

1. Clean the oven.

2. Sort the attic (again).

3. A day trip out to the sea if the weather is nice - this will be very spur of the moment. At the moment the plan is to go to Prestatyn by train as that's nearest / cheapest, but Lisa has offered to drive us somewhere, too, if she comes with us.

4. Do some writing.

5. Get around to creating that writing journal.

6. Continue LJ re-tagging.

I think that's enough.
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Last week's stress has finally begun to manifest itself - the skin around my right middle fingernail is peeling quite horrendously, and the ring finger's started to go as well. Left hand is okay so far. I might put some Sudocrem on them tonight... All of my random stress reactions take about a week to kick in; at least this time I was expecting it. I'm usually trying to remember what kicked it off. ;)

They've turned the heating off at work this morning, so I had to run out at about 10.00 to get some hot chocolate in order to warm myself up.

Weekend was quite fun. Saturday morning was slightly marred by having a headache first thing, which I attribute to not eating properly. When I have brown bread every day I do tend to feel generally healthier, and my stomach has been a bit complainy of late, too. Back to the healthy(ish) eating today.

In the afternoon we went out to Alison's birthday picnic at Cannon Hill Park. Obviously, it was lovely and sunny on the way there - we walked from Moseley having just missed the bus - until we were walking through the park, when the heavens opened. The rain kept coming, off and on, for the majority of the afternoon, and the picnic took place on the bandstand. Much amusement was had, especially when Paul and Lloyd got fed up of sitting on the floor and went to fetch a picnic table, until someone said that the bandstand wouldn't withstand the weight, at which point they abandoned the table halfway up the slope... My description of this is done better justice by the photographs, which are on Facebook, here.

Paul and I left after an hour or so because we were cold from the walk in the rain. At the point we decided to leave it was chucking it down again so we held on for a bit and then - obviously - when we walked back to Moseley (uphill, gah), the sun had come out again. Typical. :P

In the evening we rented Zack and Miri Make a Porno from cable, which was actually surprisingly good...

Sunday was fairly sedate. We were going to go out if the weather was okay, but obviously it wasn't, so we stayed in. Watched the second Jonathan Creek Christmas special, "Satan's Chimney". I appear to be finding Carla a lot less irritating than the first time around, which is somewhat worrying. I now suddenly realise I completely missed the postcard scene... am now wondering if it was in a different episode entirely, though I'm fairly sure it's in "SC", because I mentioned it in my post-episode tag... Hm. Might need to re-watch and find it.

Some random thoughts )

Other than that, I did some more embroidery and watched The Unloved, part of C4's "Find Me A Family" season. Also made a spaghetti bolognese last night with some pancetta in it that we picked up from Sainsbury's, and mmmmmm nice.

I don't think there's much else to report.
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Just going through my 'Personal' folder at work in an effort to find something to finish (I have various bits of writing knocking around in there - the folder is hidden and the majority of its contents password protected, so hopefully nobody will stumble on it...) and came across the following.

I started it about two (?) years ago after posting my Jonathan Creek drabble, "The Thin Blue Line" (which has now grown into "A Lot to Answer For"). In that post I asked people to suggest fandoms for further drabble efforts, and had two votes for Red Dwarf, so attempted it.

It's been sitting in the folder for all that time, at the grand total of 38 words. Barely even half a drabble. As I am unlikely to finish it, I thought I'd throw it out to the f-list to see if any interested parties fancy having a go...

It's set in series 7, though my episodic knowledge is rather sparse these days. That episode where Lister dreams about Ace, at any rate.

Want, take, have, credit, as they say.

He missed Rimmer. This wasn’t the best realisation Lister had ever come to. It wasn’t the sort of thing people did in polite society. Missing Rimmer. And of course, that smegging dream kept coming back to haunt him.

I mean, it's not bad, I just have no idea how to finish it, if I ever knew in the first place.

One for the slash fans, maybe? ;)

Other news: possibly TMI )

I also have my interview for the act-up post tomorrow, 12.30pm. Gaynor assures me I don't have to wear a suit (I'm not even sure if the bloody thing still fits...) but I will probably at least attempt to be vaguely smart for the occasion. Wednesday is my early day, so I won't have to wear it for long. They will announce the successful applicant at 2.00pm, who will then subsequently get the chance to minute the team meeting at 2.30pm... ;)

To-do list for tonight: (1) have shower; (2) remove nail varnish (perhaps re-polish with other colour?); (3) sort out outfit / try it on; (4) attempt to have an early night.

I am still in alternating states of panic and serene calm, which I imagine will be the case until I know for certain either way. It does mean that for the moment I can't actually fill out my PDR properly because I might be changing job roles, so it's all a bit up in the air.

Anyway, wish me luck.

Nothing much else to report. I should hopefully be going to Glastonbury with [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings on the 23rd, so need to investigate train times (to Bristol) this week, and probably book my tickets in advance, given they were horrendously expensive last time. That's after I double-check the date in my diary to make sure I'm not doing anything. Should be able to take lots of photographs, in any case. :)


Apr. 17th, 2009 02:14 pm
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Birmingham Hippodrome has ganged up on me; suddenly there are millions of things on over the rest of the year that I want to see. Of course, I also haven't been on their mailing list for years, which might have something to do with it...

In the hope of finding other interested parties (but don't expect me to organise anything without extreme cooperation from other parties...), here's a list of stuff I want to see...

We Will Rock You UK Tour - 1st July to 5th September. (As Paul doesn't like Queen I doubt he will want to see this with me - any takers?)

Little Shop of Horrors - 15th to 19th September.

Evita UK Tour - 5th to 17th October. (Anyone want to take me for my birthday? :D)

Rocky Horror Show - 2nd to 7th November. (YAY!)

Matthew Bourne's Dorian Gray - 10th to 14th November.

I think that's about it. I'm not even checking the Alex's listings.


Anyway, yesterday was our four-year anniversary. Quite a pleasant day, awful weather aside. We went briefly into town for a drink at Bacchus and then the Trocadero, one in the Yard of Ale, then back home for a bit before going out for the meal at Byzantium, a local tapas restaurant, at 8.00. We also stopped off at HMV to have a look and came back with £50-worth of CDs: an old PJ Harvey album, The Killers's latest album, Peter Docherty (the new solo album), the new Dido, the new Lily Allen, and the latest Seasick Steve. Some are mine, some are Paul's and some are joint purchases...

As for dinner, the food was lovely and the entire meal came to about £25.00, which was insanely reasonable. We were slightly ambitious in our choices (a little too much food), but it was all delicious. Starter dishes were flatbread, hummus and olives. I tried an olive, but found them intolerably weird. Mains were 'patatas bravas' (roast potatoes with tomatoes), mushrooms stuffed with tomato and red pepper, skewered chicken with vegetables, and calamari with garlic mayonnaise. YUM.

We would definitely go there again, and I would recommend it to anyone else seeking good food, good service and reasonable prices. Unfortunately I didn't have any room for dessert... ;)

We watched Benny and Joon in the evening before bed. Didn't get up today until about 11.30 and I had an insanely long dream, of which I can remember precisely nothing except the bit I will post separately in a moment. Paul is off now until Monday but today is a lazy day of not doing very much. Need to clean up in the kitchen, and I've done a blue load of laundry and a bit more embroidery, with more to come momentarily.


Feb. 18th, 2009 11:06 am
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Ho hum, another tedious day at work. Bloody half term.

This will probably be rambling because I have nothing else to do. Meh.

So, I'm on leave next week. Various stuff I want to try and get done, including the usual spring cleaning (the kitchen floor is disgusting), going through the attic again and making curtain tie-backs.

I had managed to clear lots of floor space in the attic, but since Lisa is now storing some of her stuff up there as well, that space has been eaten up. I want to try and organise it so there are three distinct areas of my stuff, Lisa's stuff, and Trevor's stuff. And also I need to sort out the videos in the cabinet again as they're not in order any more since we moved them up there. I should probably print the lists off again to stick to the door...

Oh, wait, I don't have a functional printer. BAH. I need to buy one when I've been paid, so that'll have to wait until March.

More spending on things I don't need... )

As for the tie backs, I intended to make these whilst off in October and ended up not bothering, so I should definitely try and get them done next week. I bought all the interfacing and the rings in October, and hopefully they won't even take me that long. I'm making them out of a red corduroy dress which I've worn all of once, about 10 years ago, and if there's enough fabric left I want to make a waistcoat with a corset-style back on it and maybe hook-and-eye fastenings on the front. I need to get some lining first, though. If I make it to fit me now, hopefully the corset back will enable it to still fit if I lose weight. ;)

That should be more than enough for a week off - four days, actually, as we're going down to London on the Friday. Hoping to get tickets for that human body exhibition at O2, though at this short notice it's doubtful. We shall see.

Reet, I'm going to post this before it gets any longer. SO GLAD I'm not in next week, though I'm losing the will to live this week already...


Feb. 11th, 2009 01:14 pm
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We did our ICC background music thing last night. (If I didn't mention this, or if you've forgotten, the choir were requested to sing at the Voice09 conference last night, providing background music in the form of 12 madrigals and then doing a performance of Zadok the Priest, for which we were paid about £3000. Obviously, the members don't see any of this money, but it should soften the blow of rubbish ticket sales.)

Not that good, really. )

I was going to get the number 1 bus home, but none of their timetables seem to be consistent with each other. I'm sure the one in Moseley says it keeps running until about 11.00pm, but the ones of Broad Street say it stops running at 6.00pm. I did intend to check online beforehand (I figure that's probably the most up-to-date information) but forgot. Tell me, what IS the point of a bus service that stops running at 6.00pm? The 258 is the same. Utterly rubbish. Anyway, I ended up having to walk all the way across town and didn't get back until 9.00pm as it was, even though we were only rehearsing until 8.00.

Ah, well. Now we can concentrate on the Elgar and Rossini pieces instead. What we did last night didn't seem TOO hard, but time will tell... At the moment it's just a relief to be able to sing again after having to sit it out for two weeks.

In other news, the rest of February is looking to be quite busy...

14th - Valentine's Day. Unfortunately it's on a Saturday, so I imagine most places will be rammed, but we've booked a table (just about) at La Fibule in Moseley, which is apparently Moroccan. Our initial plan was Ponte di Legno (Italian place on Woodbridge Road) but they weren't answering their phone, and Byzantium (Tapas restaurant in Kings Heath) were fully booked. Our seating at La Fibule isn't until 9.30pm, but at least it's booked.

21st - David's birthday. We're going to my mum's on the 20th to stay overnight and they'll cook us a meal.

W/C 23rd - using up my annual leave, though I still have to us up a half-day somewhere.

27th - going down to London in readiness for...

28th - seeing Sunset Boulevard with Eni for her birthday. YAY! I've read one review, which had no complaints about the performances, just that the set seemed very minimalist... I shan't pass judgement until I've seen it, but the minimalist set worked brilliantly for Sweeney Todd when we saw that... I don't know if it'll work with something like SB because it's very extravagant, but having said that, the UK tour only had 2-3 sets anyway, even if the staircase was elaborate. It should be interesting, at the very least. And, well, it's Sunset Boulevard in the West End so that's quite good enough for me. (David Willetts is playing Max, also, so that should be cool. :D)

And then I think March is chock-full of birthdays. And April is our anniversary, and a week of leave for me. :D

I think that's enough for one entry, especially as I have an X-Post to do. :)
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Now feeling MUCH better, thankfully, though still backed up full of goop. The cough has subsided from the weekend, too. I managed to do the concert yesterday with no coughing fits or singing issues. All in all it was a very enjoyable concert (aside from baking in Town Hall's choir stalls) and went a little way to restoring my Christmas spirit, which had been waning on Saturday thanks to losing an entire week of productivity to illness.

As a result, however, I need to make a mad dash to the Post Office this afternoon instead. I have one package to send within the UK and one international card and all the others have stamps on. [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure, I apologise in advance if your present doesn't get to you before Thursday... I've missed the 'last recommended posting day' to get it there, alas, and given the size I don't want to know how much it would cost by special delivery... Stupid cold scuppering my plans...

I also need to wrap the bloody thing before I can even go down to the Post Office, as Paul finished wrapping my stuff yesterday and used up the remainder of the paper, so I had to buy some more this morning.

I have some more ramblings about X-Files to write which are a few episodes overdue, but they can go in a separate post. There might be an icon or two making an appearance soon... :)

Three days until Christmas and there's still lots to do: no rest for the wicked disorganised.

Tonight: Asda chrimbo food shop, after I've been to the Post Office.

Tomorrow: Paul's mum's to hand over presents. We were meant to go to Asda on Tuesday but it had to be rearranged.

Wednesday is Christmas Eve. I'm working in the morning and then going for drinks in the Briar... although possibly home first. I was meant to make a cake or similar for our team lunch but I literally have no time to do it so they'll have to make do with something bought instead. Maybe some mini houmous and something to dip in them... :D Hoooooumous...

Oh, and despite best efforts, things seem to have been absolutely rubbish at work whilst I've been gone. The work piled up and nobody wanted to help. The principal for our team (Dave) has now gotten involved where Sandra is concerned, though, so that's a step in the right direction (she took a tape at lunchtime and wasn't seen again until gone 4.00). Apparently one of the Seniors in Central Team has also asked that their typists not do work for any other teams, which is rather missing the point... and obviously because the work was piling up, people were putting urgents in, which made it pile up even more. Apparently Noor stayed until 6.10 on Friday afternoon to get through the pile. I always seem to pick the exact wrong times to go off sick...

Right, that's more than enough. I'll post some Christmassy pictures when the full quotient of presents are under the tree and we've tidied up everywhere - don't ask me WHEN, but it'll be done - and might even take some on Christmas Day for once.


Dec. 12th, 2008 12:06 pm
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The above can best describe my current mental state. The pre-Christmas stress is manifesting in Going Slightly Mad this year. Well, it makes an interesting change from feeling trapped and rushed...

My back keeps twinging ominously and feeling like it wants to flare up to remind me its there. Which is annoying, as I've not had an incident with it for several months and thought it had got better, but in any case I've proved that it gets worse at times of stress. I placated it last night with Olbas Oil and a hot water bottle. Not quite as effective as the eucalyptus-y aromatherapy stuff Lisa gave me last year, but has the same basic ingredients. As I put it to Paul, "Mmm, burny burny soothing". :) (It achieves the same effect as that 'deep heat' stuff but without the minging smell and with the added bonus of being able to remove the heat when it gets too much...)

Still a little achey this morning, but I do at least have cocodamol at work. I should probably stock up on various medications before Christmas in case I come down with a cold or something...

Anyway. Tonight Paul and I are going to attempt to finish Christmas shopping, as for the majority of the next two weeks we'll be seeing various people before the actual day. We're seeing most people after the concert on the 21st, but as we can't do Christmas Eve this year we're trying to at least see people for more than 10 minutes, and to avoid having to drag presents to the Town Hall...

So, from what I can remember, the run up to Christmas looks like this:

Tonight (12th) - finishing (or trying to, at least) the shopping. I only have my grandmother, David, Darren, Andrea and Patrick to get things for, plus some additional stuff for my mum and hopefully something for Alison, but if not she can have it later.

Tomorrow (13th) - seeing Sweeney Todd at the Crescent with [livejournal.com profile] herringpricess in the afternoon, when I can hopefully hand over her present and card. Saturday morning to be spent wrapping some stuff up.

Sunday (14th) - going to see my grandmother - must remember to check train times. Hopefully my father will not repeat his trick from last year of sneaking up to the front door to post a card and then running off again.

Tuesday (16th) - last choir rehearsal before Christmas.

Thursday (18th) - going to my mum's for tea.

Sunday (21st) - concert.

Monday (22nd) - going to Asda for Christmas shop - basics only so we don't spend a fortune.

Wednesday (24th) - at work until lunchtime and then presumably the Briar Rose...

Then it's finally Christmas, and then from 5th to 8th January I'll be at EuroDisney with Vicky and her parents, which I'm hoping the break will have given me enough energy to enjoy. (I am unfortunately at work from 29th to 31st December, but have manged to get 2nd January off...)

All a bit hectic. In between all that we also need to try and see Darren and Andrea and the kids but that's an as-and-when situation, really. And also wrap presents / send cards, which I think may happen at some point next week if I've got everything...

I'm hungry. :( Ah, well. Lunchtime in an hour...
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That seems to have been the theme of the weekend.

Bristol was cold, too )

Sunday was thankfully a whole lot of nothing. I've finally finished season 3 of X-Files ([livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing is right about "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" - it's utterly brilliant, though I have no idea what the resolution of the case was meant to be...) and will make a start on season 4 tonight. Yay, shippiness. I can remember this season being the one when I was well and truly buried in the obsession and the shipping, so certain episodes stick out in my memory from it: "Unruhe", "The Field Where I Died", "Paper Hearts" and, of course, the inimitable "Small Potatoes" - I remember reading up on spoilers for that one in the early days of my uncle having dial-up and being VERY excited by the plot synopsis. Ah, those innocent days when I didn't fear spoilers. :D

Paul kicked my arse at Scrabble horribly in the evening (literally, he ended up over 150 points ahead of me within two moves) and that made me a bit disinclined to make an effort afterwards. I woke up at 4.00am and couldn't get back to sleep for another hour, so was absolutely exhausted this morning. Meh. Coffee seems to have helped marginally. I think it's definitely time to break out the winter coats, though...

Right. Now is when it starts to get busy. Here is an at-a-glance look at my December...

Wednesday 3rd - shopping day (and a lie in, hurrah)

Friday 5th - first Messiah concert (must book Paul's ticket for this one).

Saturday 6th - Jen and Dave coming over for dinner. Also tree is going up in the afternoon, because I want to get it over with.

Tuesday 9th - second Messiah concert (I might not do this one because it was knackering last time...)

Saturday 13th - possibly meeting [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings in Birmingham after she's investigated the German Market. (I'm going to take her to interesting shops in Moseley and Kings Heath...)

Sunday 21st - Christmas concert (yay!)

Wednesday 24th - I'm at work until 1.00pm (or possibly later as we're meant to be having a buffet at work) and then need to cram in seeing people at the pub, I presume, and seeing family on the evening.

29th to 31st - at work

1st January - Paul's birthday.

2nd to 9th January - off work. Hurrah.

Somewhere in between all of that I need to wrap presents and get stuff in the post, as well as write cards. But yeah, I hate this particular choir season because it's insanely busy. (And having TWO Missa Solemnis concerts didn't really help, either.) Tonight I have to book Paul and his mum's tickets for the Christmas concert before it sells out.

BUSY. I would like the television to stop telling me how few days there are left until Christmas, plz.
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Telephone call received from Raj, who - of course - didn't introduce himself but opened with: "You sent me an email?"

He seemed to think someone else had invited me to his supervision even though said email came from him... In any event, he says he's emailed Tina R's secretary to find out what's going on and will let me know. Apparently she's not in until Monday, so I'll just have to sit tight until then...

From the sounds of it, he doesn't remember who I am. ;)

God know what's going on.

Another interesting point I think I forgot to mention: the email came to my name but with "Social Services" after it as the directorate; when I moved they changed it to "Legal Services" but kept the same account, which sort of implies it's come out of an old address book entry.

Hrm. Guess I'll find out next week then.

(If I have been stressing and panicking over nothing I will NOT BE PLEASED.)

I didn't have to sleep on the sofa last night, thankfully, though for some reason am more tired than yesterday. I have a hectic couple of days coming up: I need to make cheesy Hallowe'en biscuits tonight for work (should probably make some kind of leaving cake for Heather but won't have time, I don't think; I have a 1kg tub of margarine to use up so need to make many cakes), then we're seeing Nosferatu tomorrow, party on Saturday, and then a busy couple of weeks, too.

As for cakes, I have at least two lined up: Hallowe'en cake for Saturday / possibly just fairy cakes as they are easier to eat, and birthday cake for Paul's mum. And possibly two Christmas cakes for work and family.

I think I've caught Paul's bloody lurgy. WONDERFUL.
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So, here we go - a write-up of London and some other stuff...

London, including show spoilers )

The photos (all 12 of them) are on Facebook but I think they're friends only... They're not that exciting.

On Sunday we popped up to visit Tor and the new baby, which mostly involved horror stories about the birth and trying to calm down the dog, who gets ridiculously excitable around people. Eventually she settled down on the sofa next to me, at least until the doorbell rang. I was supposed to make cakes for work but failed horribly, opting instead to slob about watching my soap and, later in the evening, Fantastic Four, which was brainless and amusing.

And today I am back at work, being regaled with stories of how Sandra has been useless all of last week. Hurrah.

Some annoying things )

There may be some manner of birthday drinking on Saturday but I'll see how I feel on Wednesday. If I'm knackered by then, it's not happening. By all means, though, feel free to celebrate my birthday without me; it's not like I'll be the life of the party.

Things I need to do tonight:

1. Washing up / clean kitchen.
2. Re-pot plant from Lisa (birthday present) so it doesn't die like the last one.
3. Make cakes for work.
4. Have a shower.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 05:23 pm
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This entry is of no consequence except to say that choir restarts tonight and thankfully, I am neither knackered nor stroppy, which makes a change. :) I will probably be horrendously tired by the end of rehearsal, and my not-quite-a-cough has decided to return for no apparent reason, which should make actually attempting to sing quite interesting.

This entry is merely a to-do list for myself so I don't forget these things:

  • Book concert ticket for Keith.
  • Arrange who wants tickets in immediate family/friends and book those too.
  • Photoshop Vicky's flower-tattoo design.
  • Redo LJ layout.
  • DON'T FORGET TO GO TO CABARET ON THURSDAY NIGHT. (I probably won't, but you know.)

That'll do pig.

We just had our BEST meeting, which was actually fairly productive, and - like all of our other team meetings - tinged with a hint of silliness. It's one of those "you-don't-have-to-be-mad-to-work-here..." situations. I have managed to get myself lumbered with the responsibility of being our fund-raising / charity monitor because I suggested we should do more charity work. Am considering turning Talk Like A Pirate Day into a possible charity venture (though possibly only with dressing like a pirate) to raise money for a suitable cause, e.g. Shelter or Save the Children... we'll see. I'll probably chicken out at the last minute.

Right. 40 minutes to kill before I can leave. Best post this and get on with some work, really...
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Hangover + being at work = OW.

We went out last night for my mum's birthday. Generally a very pleasant evening, with the downside of the weather conspiring against me just for kicks. I decided to get the 1 from Moseley because we were meeting at the Figure of Eight on Broad Street, except the first bus which came along was a 1E, which only goes as far as Five Ways, so I had to walk from there. The exact moment I stepped off the bus, the heavens opened. I did consider standing in the underpass until it stopped, but I'd already got mostly soaked trying to get my bearings from the bus stop, so I just risked it. Whilst waiting to cross the road, a man in a car decided, because I must have looked so amusingly like a drowned rat, that waving at me in an obnoxious, "I'm in a car and dry, haha" fashion was hilariously funny and witty. If my hands hadn't been full, he would have received a less than kind gesture in return. Honestly, why are some drivers such complete bastards?

Anyway, we were going to go to Jimmy Spices, but instead went over the road to Foggs: Around the World in 80 Dishes, which turned out to sound more exotic than it actually was. It was pretty much exactly like Jimmy Spices: a buffet format with the focus on Indian / Chinese food and some vague attempt at Italian with some lasagne and pasta salads, although the food itself was a lot nicer than Jimmy's, I thought - not as overwhelmingly spicy and better choice for the starters. It took three attempts and four different servers to actually get our drinks brought to the table, though, and said drinks were quite expensive (£16.95 for a bottle of rosé, with a grand total of two to choose from, no less).

Afterwards we went back to the Figure of Eight for more drinks and random conversation, and then home. The wine finished me off... I think I fell asleep quite quickly, but woke up at 4.00am, dehydrated and too hot, so had to open the window despite the rain.

It's not a particularly bad hangover, but I'd still rather be in bed. :P I've been feeding it coffee, water and cocodamol in an effort to fight it off.

(Two hours later: feeling much better, though hungry. Nearly lunchtime, hurrah.)

Oh, and at the weekend I watched far too many films: most of Chaplin and then The Mummy on ITV1 on Saturday (they're showing The Mummy Returns this week) and Pirates 2 and 3 on Sunday evening, with a break in the middle to cook dinner. ;) I really like the third film, actually, despite the plotdump...

Tonight's chores to-do list, which nobody is interested in, but otherwise I'll forget:

~ put clean towels away
~ put in black load (the bad weather has made me very disinclined to do laundry)
~ tidy living room
~ do washing up
~ tidy bedroom.

In no particular order.

Right. Will post, and then carry on doing work.
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PC completely non-functional yesterday, but started today. Hm. Sporadic, therefore, but at least it sort of works. I think buying a new machine may definitely be in the innings. As I've got it working fairly early today I think back-up of miscellanous files may be the plan for today.

Being PC-less has somewhat scuppered the majority of my productivity for the fortnight, as a lot of it was fic/website-related. Meh.

Paul was working until 8.00pm yesterday due to having to train people on scanning, so I ended up traipsing into town so we could eat. Luckily he has Friday off. I was hoping for a nice daytrip to a beach somewhere, weather permitting, but thanks to being PC-less I've not been able to check trains or anything... anyway, the weather will probably conspire against us, so we may just go to the monsters exhibition at the Gas Hall instead.

Nothing much to do today really. I've cleaned the grill pan this morning (it filled the kitchen with smoke on Saturday when I was using it) and will probably do the glass from the front of the oven later as it's gone an interesting shade of orange.

That's about it.

Whilst PC is working:

~ Back up scans and random new files
~ Write down Katie's address to send CD
~ Check internet-related stuffs
~ Order bike from Woolworth's online (I went into the shop and despite them having it at the front of the store, apparently you still have to get it ordered in. Um, yeah. Pointless much?)

That'll do. Am tempted to leave it on to prevent further breakage but gah, the electricity...


Jun. 12th, 2008 11:43 am
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Strange night's sleep. I slept straight through, but didn't manage to go to bed until half an hour later than anticipated, thanks to tweaking my LJ layout. I really need to learn the S2 style system one of these days, as the defaults are so restricting / glitchy...

Then, despite being horribly tired, I couldn't get to sleep because for some reason my eyes started itching in an allergic-type fashion, which was incredibly annoying...

This morning I had a strangely fragmented dream which finished off with the couple from this year's Big Brother (Lisa and Mario), who owned an online dating service and really wanted to sign me up despite the fact I was with Paul... it was very odd.

Today I have spent half an hour destapling old instruction sheets from August 07 onwards, because when Kathy does the stats she keeps bloody bringing them back in case there are any queries, which there never are, and they've slowly started piling up on top of the drawers under my desk. So I fed the green recycling bin and saved a few trees...

Must tidy up flat tonight in readiness for grandmother arriving. Just for the sake of appearances, you understand. I don't want to look like the slob I am, obviously. Anyway, the bathroom needs cleaning since Phil came to fix the light, as there's plaster on the floor, and the stairs need hoovering (Paul's job), and I need to find somewhere for that bin liner full of board games to live. I was going to put them in the sideboard and then remembered that's where I put my sheet music...

Nothing much else to report, really. The last week before impending annual leave of any kind (whether long or short) is awful. I want to go back to bed. :(

Oh, before I forget: something resembling a to-do list for my week/s off:
  • Update fics - Jonathan Creek and "Strange Glue"
  • Read Eni's Seekrit Fanfik
  • Work on Voyager page for website (I made some vague attempt but need to brush up on my HTML and also make it much less complicated than at present...)
  • Start re-watching The X-Files - there's absolutely no chance in Hell of finishing all nine series before the new movie opens in August but I can have a fair go...
  • Watch some DVDs
  • Day trip with Paul on 20 June (no idea where as yet)
  • Remember to go to choir / swimming
  • Obtain bike
  • Ride bike
  • General housework
  • Possibly obtain material for curtains
  • Make tie-backs at the very least
  • Attempt to tag entire LJ

That's more than enough to be going on, really.

Also, very little work here today. *goes to sleep*
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My long Easter leave officially begins today, and so far I have done blissful nothing except go out for toilet roll, eat breakfast and read fic. Ahhh. This is the life.

Yesterday was a long day. We had to leave for London at 8.00 and it was probably just as well we did as it took over three hours to get to the O2 arena thanks to traffic because of the high winds, road closures and works on the motorway. I'm not enirely sure how the O2 arena (nee Millennium Dome) is meant to inspire awe, as I still think it's an ugly blot on the landscape, but at least now it's being used for something rather than just sitting there. Y'know, it was kind of hard for us Great British public to be proud of something completely useless. Anyway, we got there with an hour and a half to spare before entering the exhibition, so decided to have a drink. We went to 'ha ha' (bar and grill place) where they sat us down to take our drinks orders rather than letting us order them at the bar. I ordered a smoothie so it took them 15 minutes to bring the drinks...

We had decided to try and eat before going into the exhibition, hence getting there earlier than we needed, but considering how slow the service was, we decided to wait until afterwards. After the first round of drinks we moved to the Newt and Cucumber a little further down 'Entertainment Avenue' (a little Disney, perhaps, O2?) where there was apparently going to be another 15 minute wait on food (which was also horrendously expensive, as was everywhere else), so we just had another drink in there. I tried a new Apple and Blueberry J2O, which was quite nice.

The 'avenue' bit of the arena was really cold, also, but at least the bars and restaurants were heated, as was the exhibition itself. I was dreading the presence of a few school trips that were milling around, but luckily most of the kids there weren't too annoying. There were also no toilets for the duration of the 2-hour trek around the exhibition, and depsite going to loo in the pub not five minutes before going in, for the last half-hour or so I was absolutely bursting, which somewhat ruined my enjoyment of it. It's a tad difficult to concentrate or hold your interest in history, even if it's history you're actually really interested in, if you're trying not to wet yourself - and I have exceptional bladder control, so that's how bad it was. That was a little annoying.

The exhibition itself was good. SO MANY PEOPLE, but luckily the information on the exhibits was repeated inside the cases and on all four sides of them, so you could at least read about stuff even if you couldn't see it straight away. There were some pretty amazing artefacts in there. Spoilers in case anyone else is going to see it )

After that we went back to the car and headed home again, getting stuck in yet more traffic and motorway works and finally getting back to Kings Heath at around 7.45pm. We had tea in the Red Lion (local Ember Inns pub) - so much for the nice lunch in London, also, though it would have been horrendously expensive - and then home.

Next week I will make a start on my list of chores for this period of leave. It's not all relaxing and fun, you know...

  • clean cupboard under sink (again)
  • clean corner cupboard
  • find somewhere to put board games
  • sort through boxes in attic
  • possibly move furniture

That'll do. All this is assuming my back doesn't play merry hell with me as usual, as it's taken until today to calm down since flaring up on Sunday... STUPID BODY.


Feb. 28th, 2008 11:02 am
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Yesterday evening was strange...

I got back early and did various household-type bits - washing up, put laundry to dry - and then went online for a bit waiting for Paul to get home from a funeral, at which he had drunk too much and eaten nothing... despite which, he wasn't actually as drunk as I was anticipating.

We used one of our Wetherspoon vouchers to get some food (two steaks and a bottle of wine for a tenner), got back home again at 8.30 and then went to bed. Admittedly I didn't settle down to sleep until about 10.30, but nevertheless... Woke up at 3.20 or thereabouts and then spent hours trying to get back to sleep again.

All in all I've had more than enough sleep to recharge my batteries and yet I am still tired. I wish my body would just decide how many hours is enough and let me know... it's anywhere between 6 and 8 these days. I've also never quite understood how getting too much sleep also results in tiredness... I think sleep is like a drug.

Pretty sure I had some strange dreams but I no longer remember them.

Also, during the couple of hours when I was trying to get back to sleep, my Inner Pessimist kept telling me what a bad idea a credit card was. Even when I am actually decided on something, it seems, I try to talk myself out of it. As this is true of most of my ideas, I shall henceforth apply my "notoriously bad ideas" tag to all credit card-related posts. All of my NBI have usually resulted in a positive outcome (all right, so maybe the second Little Shop trip plunged me into debt, but the fangirling was positive. Shut up. :P) after lots of undue stress, so I hope this will be no different.

I am hungry...

Oh, those yoghurt-coated peanuts I mentioned yesterday - I couldn't finish them (there were FAR too many) so I donated them to the office. Gone within the hour. I think Sandra would have incinerated them. :P

The time has come to start organising my life via to-do lists again... so here we go. Cut because you don't care... )

And with that very boring end, I shall sign this one off...
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I have added the [livejournal.com profile] all_unwritten community to my friends list. It's basically a word/photo prompting community and whilst I don't particularly feel the need to join it, I'm hoping the prompts will poke the Muses into something other than Ugly Betty fanfic. Not that I'm complaining, mind. It would just be nice to stretch the ol' writing muscle a bit.

So. Here's hoping.

Talking of which, I really really need to bloody well finish the "Rain..." epilogue and write chapter 5 of "Strange Glue" so I can post chapter 4. The staying-a-chapter-ahead-of-myself technique is a good one for getting stuff done if I can stick to it...

I'm actually looking forward to rehearsal tonight, for the first time in absolutely ages. I'm not horribly tired (although will be by the time I'm going home) and the opera stuff - evil Verdi Italian awfulness aside - is really great fun to sing. Yay on enjoyment of activities I should be enjoying, rather than dread, I suppose. :)

Swimming last night was also productive. Up to 10 lengths now, which equates to about 200m. Also the bank have finally agreed to give Paul a loan holiday so I'm stressing a little less about affording David's birthday on Friday.

This week's to-do / activity list:

Wednesday - Kiwi's civil partnership celebration drinks, which I think are happening at the OJS.
Friday - gathering for David's birthday: meal at wagamama following by drinking.

Was meant to be seeing Sweeney Todd then but will have to call a rain check, alas. Ah well. I might join them for one drink whilst waiting for Paul to get into town from work, but we'll see how it goes.
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Today has been INSANE. I mean, really. There are only two types of working day in this place: slow and lazy, or busy and frantic. Yesterday was the same, with everything I did being either urgent or an amendment, with more stuff subsequently becoming urgent. Just as well I'm trying to build flex as my early days (usually Wednesday and Monday) have disappeared this week - I was here until 5.15 yesterday, 6.00 today (normal) and then here until 5.15 tomorrow as a few of us are going to see Sweeney Todd at the Odeon at 5.30 (woo!) - it's been literally years since I saw something there...

Well, I shall bash out a couple more tapes before I go to choir, hopefully, and clear the rest tomorrow assuming it's not so insane. I dread to think what I'll come back to on Monday after my two days off...

I ventured out at lunchtime today to find a Valentine's card for Paul and WOW. Talk about last-minute shoppers. I could barely get near the stand in WHSmith's to find one, and eventually just grabbed the first non-descript, non-tacky, pretty-looking card I could find and got out of there. Town was just bloody ridiculous. Bloody half term. Children should be banned from going into Birmingham until they're 18, whether they are with their parents or otherwise, and that's final.

The plan for the rest of this week is as follows:

Wednesday - Work; Sweeney Todd of the evening
Thursday - Valentine's Day. Must get ingredients for meal and chocolate-type stuff. Make start on copying CDs for Eni.
Friday - Day off: finish copying CDs (hopefully), plus GP appointment in the morning so I'll at least be up early and some home baking. Meal at 7.30 at the local French restaurant.
Saturday/Sunday - venturing down to Essex to see Eni. By train, as it cuts out the Saturday morning Hell of Victoria station. Meh.

And then back to work, oh joy. But then it's nearly March and hence nearly time for my two weeks off, which I DESERVE after today. :P

That'll do for now.


Feb. 4th, 2008 02:55 pm
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So, we didn't end up seeing Cloverfield on Sunday because Paul caught my cold - fine by me, because mine's gone. ;) I can deal with 24-hour illnesses, thank you. So, instead on Sunday I watched the usual fare of EastEnders, and I have to say, the Dot Branning one-woman-show episode was absolutely amazing. With June Brown being so long-standing on the show it's nice that they treat her character with so much respect, and the entire concept of people giving messages to Jim (or to John Bardon, depending on how you look at it) was executed well. I got a bit teary-eyed at one point (the "everything I've ever cared about gets taken away from me" bit, specifically), which I suppose was inevitable, and the whole thing was just so... low-key and subtle. Marvellous.

I also watched the first episode of Nighty Night on Virgin Central, but I'm not sure I can watch it with the protagonist being so bloody awful... They managed to show series one of The League of Gentlemen just long enough for us not to see the final episode, mostly because it only works sporadically and I'm convinced they only want you to watch one episode per day, because it never seems to work when you try to watch a second one.

Also, I spent the majority of Saturday evening writing the follow-up story (epilogue/sequel) to "Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow", with some additional stuff on paper last night, which is now nearly complete. I'll post the final chapter of "RWMtFG" tonight and then get the sequel finished up to post at some point, and then I can get back on working on "Strange Glue".

Also last night I was struck by another random idea for a fic, but I don't know how easy it would be to pull it off... Details / spoilers ) I think we can safely say that my inspiration is well and truly back, and also doesn't seem to have been adversely affected by my pills (having said that, I'm switching to the new ones soon...) I have no idea where this came from, but I'm certainly enjoying it. :D

*hugs Muses tightly* Don't ever disappear on me again!

Who knows, at this rate I might even finish some of my old stuff...

Some point this week I should probably book my coach tickets to London... It's cheaper than Megabus these days, and they're more regular. Hopefully the crowds at Victoria won't be quite so insane as they were the last time I went, as that was the last Saturday before Christmas...

Also: must buy cooking chocolate, chocolate fingers and chocolate buttons for a sekrit perpus. ;)

Nothing to do here again today, other than the usual computer-related problems (I am a helpdesk, apparently). Need to leave early anyway to drop my prescription off (again!) and get some stuff from Somerfield...
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The next couple of months are shaping up to be quite exciting. I have a diary to keep track of these things, but I'll put them here, too...

14th February - Valentine's Day - day off work, possible trip planned to Derby for the day, because I haven't been back for ages.
15th February - another day off work, which will be spent burning CDs and finding a present for [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure's birthday. Paul and I also have a table booked at a local French restaurant on Poplar Road (it was booked out on Valentine's Day) which is apparently really nice.
16th February - day trip to Essex to see [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure. Mostly, it's probably cheaper for me to go there, and anyway I fancied going on the Tube for some reason. ;)
12th March - Tutankhamun Exhibition at the O2 Arena
15-25th March - sum total of Easter leave, weekends and Bank Holidays included. Ahhhh, leave. :)
31st March - seeing Derren Brown live at the Derby Assembly Rooms (Wolverhampton was sold out).
7-8th April - Jen & Dave's wedding up near Manchester. Hopefully I won't be ill for this one.
16th April - our anniversary. Dunno what we're doing yet.

I think that's more than enough for the time being. At some point I need to book up for Mary Poppins at the Hippodrome but that can wait until I have some money. I'm not too fussed about where we sit for that.

Today I went out to buy some new / spare shoes for work as my others got completely sodden on Thursday morning with the rain. The new ones are equally not waterproof as they have little holes in the top, but at least it's a spare pair, and they're really soft and comfy. I nearly got a pair of heels to go with them but I would rarely wear them so decided not to bother. Also went to pick up my prescription (for the Pills) and popped to Wilkinson to get a potato peeler, and came out with an ice cream scoop and some more tongs...

Tomorrow we should be going to see Cloverfield, assuming I don't have a headache...

Hm, I'm tempted to tweak the first chapter of my latest Phantom fic and put it up... Damn those addictive reviews...
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This is mostly for [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure but it's here in case anyone else is remotely interested...

As you can see, my idea of capitalisation alphabetising, even, leaves a lot to be desired sometimes - it makes sense in my head, honest. :P

Comprehensive list of musicals and soundtracks that I own on CD... )

The terrifying thing is that they comprise about 80% of my CD collection. :D What can I say, I like soundtracks...

Anything you want, let me know.
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] izzles.

The Rules:

Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 TV shows/movies you like(d).
Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
Have your friends guess the show names.


1.  Garage Door / Melodrama / Chimpanzee
2.  Horror for Kids / Evil Toy / Microscope
3.  Door Knocker / Worm / Bad Smell
4.  Electric Carving Knife / Lips / Motorcycle
5.  Ping Pong Ball / ABBA / Drinking Contest
6.  Fairy Tale / Suburbia / Mad Scientist
7.  Narcolepsy / Absinthe / Maharajah
8.  Austria / Whistle / Gazebo
9.  Apple Tree / Flying Monkey / Hourglass
10.  Monkey / Gold Coin / Face Slap

(Quite a lot of my favourite films have monkeys in them...)

TV Shows

1.  Lost in Space / Death / Female Warrior
2.  High School / Lesbian / Microchip in Head
3.  Post It / Black Comedy / Undead
4.  Assistant / Nephew / Magazine
5.  Psychiatry / Housekeeper / Manchester
6.  Cancer / Implant / Cellular Phone
7.  Illusion / Murder  (There were only three, and the third one is too obvious.)
8.  1930s / Dust Bowl / Good vs. Evil
9.  Mining Ship / Android / Hologram
10.  Hair / Ape / Shaman

Some of those are quite obvious, I think... at least if you've seen them.
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  • played Scrabble
  • lost once; won once
  • installed Trillian
  • screwed up Trillian with out of date skins
  • deleted Trillian
  • redownloaded Trillian
  • gone on a hunt for Winamp skins
  • and subsequently downloaded about six of them
  • and considered making one
  • installed Triazzle
  • played lots of Triazzle
  • watched Animalympics
  • eaten some food
  • taken lots of heaving breaths
  • and attempted to add [livejournal.com profile] 87wt2gsq7's fotolog to my RSS feeds, without success

So, an incredibly productive day, as you can see.

Going to phone the doc's tomorrow for an emergency appointment, if only because I also need to get my prescription repeated and might as well do it while I'm there asking about my sudden asthmatic relapse. Seriously, this isn't funny any more.

Now I shall probably sit online all day and do even little.  Tomorrow I will be productive.  Honest.
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Despite feeling rubbish today, here are some very good things.

1. I appear to have lost another 3lb without even trying.  I'm down to 10st.

2. My Animalympics video arrived. :D  Which I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] broken_sticks will be quite pleased about.

3. My mood theme works again.  And I keep forgetting just how frelling cool it is.  See!

4. My plan for my mum's birthday will be possible after all, since David wasn't thinking that far ahead.  So, I should be able to take her to see Les Misérables in London this August, and spend some time in the capital while I'm at it.  Which has all sorts of possibilities for meeting people and shopping and taking pictures and generally having a nice time.  Hurrah.

5. Paul's been invited for the testing stage of the job he applied for recently that pays ridiculous money.  So yay for that.

6. I'm being cooked for tonight, by virtue of the fact that if I stand up for too long I can't bloody breathe...

7. I forgot to mention on the previous post that I only used my specific Swircle-mentioning "I PWN N3M0!" icon because I haven't mentioned the Swircle in ages, and hence haven't had a chance to use the icon.  Which isn't so much a good thing as... a fact.

That's about it.


Mar. 16th, 2006 08:03 pm
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Internets is all mine now, and seems to be working marginally better.  Luckily, a new aerial was going to be part of the upgrade plan.

Anyhoo.  Amazon order has finally been sent (after some glaring and swearing and angry quadruple-clicking) and consists of the following:

Gary Jules - Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets (the album that's got "Mad World" on it; it was worth the £2.00 different to get the bloody album rather than the single)
Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway (shut up)
KT Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope (I've liked what I've heard on the adverts...)
Babyshambles - Down in Albion (for Paul)
Animalympics on VHS (if I visit [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure belatedly for her birthday, depending on finances, I'm taking this with me.  ALL 1970s animated movies are teH gay.)
[Top Secret Thing] on DVD (for [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure; part two coming when I get around to going shopping, hopefully next Wednesday)

Now I need to go and update my wish list...

Oh, and what's with the bloody weather today?  It's March, for crying out loud!  I love snow as much as the next child, but come on, universe!  We would like some warmth now!
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I rejigged my friends filters a bit because they were getting too confusing.

So, the 'public' ones (i.e. ones that aren't just for my own benefit) are as follows under the cut. If you want to be included/taken off any of them, leave a comment and I'll consider it.

Filters )

If you're not on a list, it's not because I don't like you. ;) It's just because I don't know you as well as someone else and don't want to subject you to my personal/fandom/unconscious ramblings.

I also have a filter with all the Inliners on it in case of, like, announcements or something. Ones that nobody outside of Inline would be interested in, at least.

That is all.
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So, today I finally sorted my videos out, since David put the shelves into my ex-wardrobe on Friday night.

For those of you who were ever in any doubt about how many videos I actually own... )

I'm seriously considering opening a frelling library or something. Seriously.  There's so much random crap in there, I'm sure someone would want to borrow it.  The thing is, I can't throw any of the bought things away because they're nostalgic.  The same is true of some of the bits that were taped for me when I was very small, like my first copy of The Sound of Music, grainy though it may be.

If anyone's deathly curious, the full list is here:

If you thought the photos were bad... )

Wow.  That's terrifying.  Out of those, I also have several of them on DVD and would feasibly consider selling the videos to people for a reasonable £5.00 each... I'll keep you posted.

Video marathon, anyone?

Okay, this entry killed 45 minutes of time, so I'll check my f-list, read my email, and pack for the next two days before heading out in the cold...

(PS: It feels like the only thing holding my teeth to my gums is the plaque. But I still won't go to a dentist, thank you.)
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I have achieved an amazing amount of things tonight, all things considered... especially since I got about 5 hours of sleep last night due to a random coughing fit and Paul's phone making noises three times between 3.30 and 5.00am.  Bastard thing.

I have:

  • moved my stereo from one side of the room to the other so it's now nicely positioned on the shelves/bookcase/cubic thing;
  • tidied the shelves as a result so they're no longer full of crap;
  • moved the assorted, aforesaid crap around a bit so it at least looks tidy;
  • gone downstairs to help elevate the fridge-freezer;
  • moved my Farscape DVDs and re-writable CDs into a more accessible area;
  • piled up the Farscape videos in order of watchingness, to be moved back into the other room as they dwindle;
  • hoovered;
  • dusted, including the three inches of fluff behind the monitor;
  • cleaned my keyboard.  I'd actually forgotten what colour it was;
  • moved some other stuff around;
  • and generally tidied up.

Mmm, productivity. I guarantee the tidiness will last a grand total of one day.

So, stuff this week: tomorrow, attempt to get more hours in than I did today; Wednesday, Chinese Christmas lunch and possibly going out in the evening, not sure yet; Thursday, nowt; Friday, meeting up with Aisha, Crystal, Rachel and possibly Gemma at Bella Italia; Saturday, going out for drinks with [livejournal.com profile] falling_softly and whoever else deigns to turn up; Sunday, opening presents, etc.; Monday (Boxing Day), going to Paul's and then on to Kings Heath to cat-sit.  Beyond that, no idea... possibly ice-skating at some point. Hopefully.  I want a nice, quiet New Year's Eve so you'll have to find someone else's house to trash this year, I'm afraid.

Only marginally quieter than last week, then, really...
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  • There are some days when you shouldn't get out of bed. I'm in one of those moods where I want to have an argument with someone, and unfortunately Paul seems to be my prime target. As usual. I'm biting my tongue so I don't throw a million pointless barbs at him (most of them not even relevant and which don't even bother me ordinarily), but it's a struggle...
  • I am seriously starting to consider becoming teetotal after Christmas (there's too much booze around to start before) but that would probably result in my never going anywhere ever again, because being around drunken people when drunk is bad enough... when sober, it's just annoying.
  • Which is actually kind of annoying in itself, as I like the occasional drink... and then instantly remember why I don't, as my inhibitions get lower and I make an idiot of myself. Because alcohol is the root of all evil.
  • I'm sure I'll commit myself (or not) to this when I'm in a better mindset to make the decision.
  • Dinner at my grandmother's wasn't as bad as I was anticipating, just quite surreal because I've not seen my uncle in about 6 years...
  • I need to do some work now.
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My Christmas shopping is done and dusted.  And if it's not, I don't frelling care.  Okay?  Good.

So, I need a shower right now.  Tomorrow I'll do my Christmas cards, Saturday I'll probably try and post them (yes, including all those that need to go from the Post Office; the walk will do me good...), Sunday I'll just curl into a ball and sleep...

I might attempt to make a CD when I've had my shower, but we'll see.

Advice I will be providing after today's endeavours in town:

1. First-time shoppers at Lush require instructions, dammit.  It's a big confusing mass of soap and smellies.
2. £5.00 is an impossibly small amount of money with which to buy a decent present.  (I settled on some red Fair Trade earrings from Shared Earth and a Ma Bar of cocoa bubble-stuff from Lush, since all but Natasha in our office are mums...)
3. Bus drivers, please note: if you are stuck in traffic or attempting to move out from a bus stop, if you can't pull out, don't.  It only results in sharp braking and frayed nerves...
4. Clinton needs to learn that just because it's Christmas doesn't mean everyone wants sparkly/boring colours of curling ribbon.  Of course, it would help if I hadn't lost the bright yellow I bought in August...

Anyway.  Shower.
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Well, I made the cake. I didn't have the time/energy/inspiration to do anything with it other than dribble chocolate fudge on it... that fudge is annoying, though, because it's meant to be swirlclable and all it does is sink. It tastes nice, however, so that's the main thing.

Also managed to find the CD player and the speakers, but not the adapter, so have brought in two sets of batteries in the vain hope they'll be enough to power the damn thing. Also brought a cassette of Christmas songs as well as the two CDs, as I remembered our radio had a tape-player in it.

Tonight, the four of us are going to visit my grandmother for dinner... this has the potential to be horrendous in various ways, so I'll either update with rantiness on the morrow, or not update for several days due to the brain-frell...

Tomorrow, after my appointment (which seems like I'll be having a lot to talk about; I had my doubts about her at first, but she's good. She saw through my self-protective/avoidance barrier in seconds...), as well as Friday, I must do the following.

~ get cards for mum, David, and Paul &
~ buy the rest of mum's present &
~ work's Secret Santa present &
~ black/white curling ribbon, if such exists.
~ ask if a specific shop does vouchers.
~ DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE FOR SELF, NO MATTER HOW PRETTY IT IS! (I went back to Reveal yesterday for the red&black stripey jumper they had... which was lucky, as they'd knocked £3 off the price since the other week.)
~ buy a tonne of 1st class stamps.
~ write cards.
~ make CDs for Katie and [livejournal.com profile] pandorasblog, which isn't so much a Christmas present as a reply... sorry, I suck.
~ take some photos for a Secret Purpose.
~ work on/finish My Fair Lady fic. The basic idea is formed and the text is starting to coalesce, but it's all in a very random order and needs to be sorted out... which I am doing by hand, editing as I go, before retyping when it's due to be emailed. I was going to print it off, but she's more likely to get it for Christmas this way...

So, busy. Hence the other reason I'm not going to the MGM.
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Wow, I don't update for three days and my friends-list explodes. Again.


Friday was... er, I don't remember. The usual, I suppose. There was an amusing moment on Thursday when we went out for a working lunch to a pub in Cape Hill that used to be a Wetherspoons and has since been taken over... we walked in and all the old men in there stopped talking. It was like a Western.

Saturday I got up ridiculously early to go to Essex and dlliver a coat to [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure. This went surprisingly well, the only hiccup being the insanely long queues for tickets at Victoria, as half of the ticket machines weren't working. Ditto for the change machines by the 20p-charge toilets. They have everything covered, but only when everything's working... After that it was pretty easy to find Hainault, and the journey back was easy as well.

I had to give a random foreigner some directions to Russel Square, and I remembered that he had to change at Green Park, which I was quite impressed about, considering it's been nearly a year since I was there. :)

I love the Underground more the longer I use it. I know if I lived in London I'd be fed up of it within about a week, but still. I just love it. There's something very... mysterious about it, I suppose. Something magical, to think there's an entire city built on top of miles of tunnels. I don't know...

Anyway, we watched Sparky's Magic Piano (wherein we gave it a live action cast - including Danny de Vito and Meryl Streep - and compared it to Tubby. No children's film is safe...), Pokémon: The First Movie and Pokémon 2000 (OMG Jessie & James are teH cutest!) and The Birdcage, since I didn't get to see all of it back in February. I also met her two cats, one hamster, and her mother.

Gat back to Brum at about 10.50, exhausted. But it was a good day, nonetheless.

Sunday was spent doing very little; watched 'Stenders (it's getting good in time for Christmas!) and series one of Monkey Dust ("HULLO! I'M BRIAN BLESSED!!") before going back to mine and catching the end of the Royal Variety Performance...

These coming two weeks are going to be mad.

Tonight: check we have ingredients for a cake. Find personal CD player, Christmas CDs and portable speakers. Make Christmas card list. Get David's present off Amazon. (Latter two done whilst at work.)
Tuesday: make cake. Put everything ready so I don't forget it.
Wednesday: work picnic lunch (hence cake) and start writing Christmas cards.
Thursday: go into town post-appointment to finish shopping. Sorry, only family and anyone I can think of things for are getting presents this year; I don't have the money or energy...
Friday: Christmas MGM.
Saturday: death. Please?

And at some point we need to put our tree up at home since it's not up yet due to nobody ever being there at the same time.

I want to sleep until February.

As for today, both Amanda and Cynthia are off sick. Wonderful.
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Some things:

+ It's snowing!
+ A LOT!
- but unfortunately not enough that we can go home early. :(
- and I have to go home through town so I can get a bus pass, which'll take hours.
+ I have chocolate.
- which will probably make me sick.
+ but I don't care. Mm, chocolate.
+ I have decided to try and read The Da Vinci Code before the movie comes out.
+ it's nearly Oscar-time so all the good films are coming out in the cinema.
- I probably won't get to see any of them.
- Johnny Depp won't win anything.
- none of the films I like will get recognised.
+ but at least they're actually on.

In other news, Sandra further proved her idiocy this morning in a discussion about X-Factor, in that she's rooting for Chico. She's also been humming Shane's rendition of "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" all morning, out of tune.

Save me. :(

Edit: + It's getting heavier!
- But my colleagues are complaining. :(
+ My inner Kim Boggs wants to run around outside and start dancing, but I think that would get me certified.
- as would trying to take a photo of the car park with my camera phone... ah, frell it. *takes one*
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1. LiveJournal not sending comment notifications is frelling annoying.  Unless it is, and you just all hate me.
2. Counselling is turning out to be quite revealing, in a sort of "nnnghIdon'twanttogothere" manner.
3. I have been writing again.  Quite randomly, at work, and part of "Broken Record" that I'm not meant to be writing yet as it's about 15 chapters away from where I am at the moment.  But nonetheless, it's writing, it's coherent, it doesn't make me want to gouge my brain out with a rusty fork when I re-read it, it's just over 1500 words, and it's Spuffy.  Or will be, at any rate.  Hurrah.  And, more to the point, I'm getting paid to do it...
4. I went into Waterstone's to get my mother's Christmas present (from the children's section) and realised, when faced with lots and lots of books that I suddenly want, that my inner bookgeek is still as rampant as ever, just subdued by the general meh-ness of life.
5. Travelling by bus destroys my soul to the point of nothing.
6. It's fucking cold out there.
7. We've been warned about snow twice this week and there's been nothing so far.  Come on, Britain.  Gizzus some snow.  I owe Paul a snowball down the neck.
8. H&M has more lovely stuff.  I must go on a shopping spree.
9. I'm going to Worcester's Christmas Fayre tomorrow.
10. The Frankfurt Market in Brum has exactly the same stalls selling exactly the same things as last year; this is disappointing.
11. I won't be able to go to [livejournal.com profile] darkstar_1984's party on 3rd December because I'm seeing My Fair Lady that night, if me and Vicky can ever organise it.
12. I might be meeting [livejournal.com profile] bizarrethe2nd on Saturday. :D
13. Apparently, they're shutting the Forum at the end of the month, because "it is not being used as we initially envisaged."  So, basically, everyone's using it to talk to each other about things that aren't council-related/council-praising/council-policy.  Right.

That is all.
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Okay. Tonight I'm going to attempt something resembling proactivity.

~ I still owe [livejournal.com profile] pandorasblog a mix CD so will start working on that tonight and start thinking of tracks.
~ I might attempt some Raoul-esque preamble for the current chapter of Sweet Intoxication just to break up the E/C fluffiness.
~ whilst listening to the soundtrack, as I'm sorely overdue for doing so post-show...

Otherwise, I still want to try and do the following:

~ rewatch all of The X-Files now that my videos are accessible. I very very nearly rekindled the fandom last summer watching repeats on FX289 (now just FX...), along with building on my now-dwindling Most Haunted obsession, and I'd forgotten how much fun it was. It's something I really want to come back to with a maturer outlook, as it defined so much of my teens, as the series was so very clever in places that I probably missed it with the general squeeing...
~ read the Discworld novels whilst attempting to finish HP:OotP, as well as the drenload of Stephen King lying around on the same bookcase.
~ find Hannibal and read that.
~ sort Farscape videos into coherent order so that I can initiate [livejournal.com profile] yoshithedragon into its wonderful head-frelling world.
~ upgrade the computer, when I have enough money to do so.

I think I'm going to fail horribly. In any case, here's some activity for the week coming:

~ Thursday - buying new phone.
~ Friday - going to the theatre to see Mrs Brown's Last Wedding
~ Saturday - meal with Aisha, etc., and then going to the Hill for [livejournal.com profile] marz109's birthday.

I want a quiet weekend at some point, please. Just Friday, Saturday and Sunday spent doing NOTHING.
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Dear Universe,



Or, in more words... )


Oct. 16th, 2005 10:08 pm
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Bits of this birthday have been lovely.  Other bits have been less so.

For the record, presents received were:

~ Most Haunted Live 3 DVD (note to self: delete from Amazon wish list)
~ Charlie & the Chocolate Factory film cell mounted in clear plastic display thingamajig, sort of coaster-sized.
~ CATCF-themed chocolate bars.
~ Corpse Bride fridge magnets
~ some absinthe.  Yes, real absinthe.  It's not as green as I was expecting and the bottle claims it to be 55% proof.  It was bought in Devon from a little shop selling wine and various cooking oils and comes in a special little bottle.  Possibly I will never pluck up courage enough to drink any of it.  It smells of aniseed.
~ Shock Treatment on video, watched this afternoon.  It's so terrible it's actually good.  Not at all like I was expecting, either.
~ big fluffy chenille scarf, black
~ turquoise fishnets
~ a cake, which I haven't tried yet.
~ and dinner.

Most of today was spent lounging around doing nothing.  We watched the final two episodes of Carnivale (which ended in a cliffhanger of horrible proportions and I want season 2 on DVD now dammit) and Shock Treatment, as mentioned, before heading out into town.

Birmingham sucks on Sunday.  I mean, really.

Bacchus had stopped serving food just as we arrived at 6.00, so we went up the road to Bella Italia.  Which, aside from not being the plan, seemed a little... weird, considering the last time we were there.  The change of location has probably upset me more than it should do for the fact that I knew we wouldn't be able to eat at Bacchus, and I'd been really looking forward to it since planning it about three months ago.  Not to mention certain lack of attendance - moreover, lack of communication in regards to such - on Saturday at the pub and the fact that I had to contend with my father this morning, discovering that I really, really can't even look at him any more, let alone try to hold a civil conversation.

Anyway.  On the plus side, the Briar was refreshingly empty, as they're closing for refurbishment as of tomorrow and were only letting in families, couples, or non-rowdies due to the football (which was also, apparently, why the pubs were all closing early).

At least I'm not back at work til Thursday.  Frell knows what my mood's going to be like in London on Tuesday.  I've already forewarned [livejournal.com profile] yoshithedragon that I may not be present on the coach home...

I think I just need to sleep.  Or something.
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First and foremost - the panic's over.  [livejournal.com profile] venuselle is back home and well, but I won't go on about it any more, as she's probably getting sick of it now.  So that's that.

Since I got pestered mercilessly and my idea of a dramatic hair-revealing didn't go down very well, here's a couple of hair shots.  [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings should be proud of me. :)

They don't really do it justice... )

So, Skippy's CD is now done and hopefully it'll lure him to the mini-MGM/karaokeness tomorrow at the Hill.

Since I probably won't get to update until at least Monday, here's a lowdown of the days approaching.

Work as usual, then off the Hill from 4.30ish onwards for karaoke and Brethren meetingness, with possible Secret LocationTM to follow depending on how tired I am.  If I'm exhausted this may be moved to the following night.

More drunkenness with friends at the Briar Rose from 3.00pm onwards.

Six month anniversary, and my birthday.  You couldn't make it up.  So we're going back to Bacchus, the location of our first date, for a nice lunch.  I'm really looking forward to this.

Annual leave for three days.  Monday is to recover from the weekend...  I'm getting my hair cut at 10.00 and then going to Maskerade to see if they have those wings they had last year.  Also want to pop into town to see if they've still got that top I liked in the-shop-I-don't-remember-the-name-of-that's-on-the-corner-of-New-Street-and-Corporation-Street.  I am likely to fail in both of these tasks, but it'll be nice to have a day free.

London, baby!  Moreover, Phantom of the Opera, baby!  Can I get a "HELL, YEAH!"


Ah, frell you, then.  But nevertheless, OMG, Phantom.  In London.  Just.  Wow.  *excited*  More ramblings under here; cut for the squeamish. :D )

Okay, calming down.  I'll be much worse than this on Monday.

Recovering from Tuesday, obviously. ;)  We're not getting back til gone midnight, and there's no bloody way I'm going to work after that. :P

So, there we go, a hectic few days coming up.  With any luck, I should at least come back to some actual work to do.  Today was tedious and tomorrow will be about the same, unless Natasha or Paul give me any more minutes.  I have lots I could be doing, but admin still haven't ordered us any more blue paper so I can't do any of my distributions.

Anyway, now I have to go and write an explanatory letter thingumajigger to go with the CD, so I'll be off.
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Just about to eat dinner...

This weekend has mostly been about:

~ watching series 1 of Carnivale, which is very very good indeed.  Up to episode seven so far and still thoroughly confused, so I'm hoping the various plot points will, well, come to a point.  Highly recommended viewing.  Dark, disturbing, and brilliant.
~ lounging around doing very little
~ shouting at Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh on X-Factor for being complete idiots when choosing their final four acts.  Talentless hacks, the pair of them.  Mind you, according to Ant and Dec's Gameshow Marathon, Mr Cowell was responsible for Zig and Zag, so it's hardly surprising.  I want Sharon to win; she's got the best acts, Chico aside, and he was her only bad choice.
~ drinking wine
~ waiting for buses
~ cooking Bizarre and Wonderful Creations with pork and/or bread
~ sleeping

And that's about it, or so I am reliably informed.


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...my ear, that is.  Just finished an hour-long phone conversation with [livejournal.com profile] mercurycirce about nothing in particular, though mostly fandom and relationships (real ones, not fandom ones) and general nattering.  Random, but enjoyable.

I miss the days of extensive phonecalls to friends.  I wouldn't know how to get hold of most of them now...

Anyway.  This has now thoroughly delayed my packing for the weekend, so I'll do that now and get to bed.

Checklist of stuff

~ clothing, etc
~ MS Office CDs
~ Phantom of the Opera soundtrack
~ find my frelling deodorant, which decided to disappear first thing this morning
~ remember to unplug phone from charger before sleeping


I'll update Sunday.
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Interests meme. )

I'm sure there was another meme somewhere this morning on an Inliner's LJ (it was orange on my f-list) but it seems to have disappeared and I feel like I've lost a few brain cells as a result.  Meh.

My room is now slightly tidier.  The clothes are put away, and the floor is somewhat clearer.  I was just about to rearrange the CDs a bit to try and fit the cassettes in the top unit, when the bottom one (there're three) made an ominous creaking noise and jerked in a downwards direction.  The screw's basically turning in the wall, so that's going to need re-fitting.  That's what you get when you try to attach things to walls that're made of cardboard.

I have a bit of peeling skin on my thumb and it really hurts when I type. :(

But yes, I can now see the floor.  Not organised by a long-shot, but my back has been aching since we first put the new furniture in and has only just subsided properly this week (stupid body) so I've been rather disinclined to do anything.

On the plus side, I've been taking Valerian root capsules in lieu of suspicious sleeping pills, and the effect has been quite positive. They don't knock me out, per se, but I'm mostly so tired they don't need to... but I'm waking up a lot more alert.  Depending on the amount of sleep I get, I've even been hyperactive some mornings (hyperactivity is a side-effect of my being lack-of-sleep tired, unfortunately, which I think is purely my brain's way of staying awake for the day).  I'm still tired of a morning, but not to the same extent.  I can actually function as a human being without feeling half-dead.  In short, this is dealable.  I need to try St John's Wort, though, as that's an anti-depressant as well.

This weekend will be hectic:

~ Tomorrow I'm going to the Barton Arms for Mr Capone's birthday, then possibly on to the Hill.
~ Saturday, I'm being dragged out to Jimmy Spices (again!  Was there yesterday for the meal!) to meet Paul's friend, Belvinder, and then possibly on to the Capones gig at the Bear, depending on the time.
~ Sunday, my grandmother is coming for lunch, where she will probably - once more - flirt shamelessly with my boyfriend. ;)

I'm feeling oddly and uncharacteristically positive.

I blame the Valerian.


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