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Fandom dream last night (filtered), about Ugly Betty. Some rather boring pondering thereon. )

Bugger off, life. Go and bother someone else.

(Oh, and the typing faga continues: 1 hour and 45 minutes for half a tape this morning. Which is still better than nearly 6 hours for a full tape, but this morning it was an urgent. In my brain, "urgent" translates as "back within an hour" - and she sent an email in the course of typing it. Or more than likely before even starting it. I might take photocopies of our typing book and highlight the offences to Marie when I have my supervision, whenever that is, because it's getting silly. It reflects badly on me and our team's turnover, because when things don't come back within the expected (i.e. 'my') time, I'm the first port of call for the moaning.)

I should sign this off. I'm far too tired to be trying to think, let alone string coherent sentences together.
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It's kind of bizarre how the universe starts to conspire against you when you're approaching PMT...

Having said that, work seems to have mellowed me a bit - or it could just be the coffee...

The traffic was awful this morning around by St Martin's / Moor Street. Everyone had pretty much ground to a standstill and was stuck for about five minutes. In the end I got off a stop early and walked from St Martin's (up the bloody great hill) to work - I was only 15 minutes late by the time I'd been to Pret for coffee and a croissant... Of course, I happened to wear a shirt today, which now has delightful sweat patches due to the walk...

Executive decision: I'm making a doctor's appointment when I take my prescription in. This is for two reasons:

1. I need to get a referral for physio for my back. Lisa has also recommended acupuncture, but I suspect that will not be as free as NHS-provided physiotherapy. As there will doubtless be a waiting list, I can at least content myself that light exercise (i.e. swimming) will also help a bit.

2. I've nearly run out of pills, which is a perfect opportunity to ask about trying something different. I'm getting very fed up of the annoying side effects (weight gain, for one, and I'm convinced the hyper-hydrosis is connected; I only noticed it really during the heatwave, though in retrospect I think it must have started earlier.) As I've mentioned before, I do't want to stop taking them because they balance my hormones to a manageable degree, and my periods are actually regular and can be planned for, instead of being a long-awaited surprise. So really, I just need to ask if another type of pill or method will work to that same, positive degree, but eliminate the side effects. My suspicion is that all of these things work the same, but it's worth a try...

Choir last night was much more entertaining. We didn't do the horrible Verdi (I'm sure I will grow to like it when I know it a bit better) and instead practiced a bit of the Borodin (Russian's brilliant to sing), a women-only bit of Carmen with Adrian ("The Card Song") whilst the men did a men-only bit with Colin, and the beginning of the Mahler. Which is absolutely beautiful - lovely haunting dischords. I need to find a copy to listen to, I think... There is an absolutely brilliant top C in the final piece of Carmen (in "The Toreador's Song") right at the end, which I can actually, surprising, hit. I can only hope we're doing that last in the line-up, though...

Another post will house my dream from this morning, so as not to make this entry too long. I need to get into the habit of filtering the dreams properly. I've had lots of bizarre dreams of late that I keep forgetting to write down, another habit I need to break.

Wrote more of the UB fic last night, though it was mostly pointless ramble to get it to the place I wanted it to be. Chapter 1 is pretty much done, though, so I'll try and post it tonight.

That's about it. Dream post next.


Jan. 15th, 2008 01:46 pm
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Haven't really done anything - quiet weekend, writing fanfiction. Second choir rehearsal tonight and I hope to God this bloody opera stuff gets easier.

Went swimming with [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess for the first time in five weeks yesterday and didn't drown - we managed eight lengths but it took a bit longer than usual. I'm hoping swimming will be good for my back, anyway.

The latest Ugly Betty fic is coming on in leaps and bounds, which I suspect is because of the hiatus. I really need to finish the other one, but may post the first chapter of this one (hopefully tonight or tomorrow) as it's now finished, to make people aware of my presence again... It's not like the other one is in plot limbo, I just keep losing inspiration for it...

Vicky (Uni Vicky) has invited me to EuroDisney with her parents and herself (four-people-are-cheaper, obviously) some point next year so that'll be cool. May have to take a day out to go to Paris, though. Also would love to be able to make my own way there via plane and train again, but suspect that would be rather stupid on my own, even though I remember the route. The train navigation was my favourite bit of the holiday in September, second only to the Palais Garnier. I hate being reliant on tour guides and taxis, it takes all the fun out of things...

I think that's about everything. Watch this space for the UB-fic update, if anyone cares...
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We had a relatively quiet weekend, all told, in that we didn't leave the house at all on Saturday (and subsequently didn't get a lottery ticket; luckily, our numbers didn't come up) and only went out on Sunday to get veg and essential other stuff.

On returning from Sainsbury's on Sunday I picked up the vast pile of post that had arrived for me on Saturday; two things from the bank, one from Centro.

Firstly, a bank statement, politely informing me what I already knew - i.e. I am skint and, before getting paid, was just over £1000 overdrawn. Thanks, Lloyds TSB, I really needed to know that...

Secondly, a letter from the bank informing me that my Graduate account will expire on 3rd January and be turned into a Classic account, meaning that my vast interest-free overdraft is no longer interest free. Given my current state of debit, this is not a good thing.

And thirdly, my bus pass is going up to £51 a month. Which I wouldn't really mind so much if they improved the bloody service when they put the ticket fares up. I remember the good old days (i.e about 7 years ago) when a 'short hop' was 30p, and the off-peak full fare was 80p. I also remember when bus fares were calculated by how far you were travelling. It's all very well having the 'short hop' fare, but I resent paying a quid to go two stops, quite frankly, and think that the fares should be relative to the length of the entire journey. So, for example, a 'short hop' on the 11 route would be from Selly Oak to Acocks Green, or Bearwood to Winson Green, not "one fare stage", whatever that equates to these days...

Bollocks to Centro, anyway; I might just go back to a TWM pass even though I can then only use half the buses on the 50 route without having to pay 50p.

Anyway, after reading all of this I set about cooking breakfast (one of those potato saute things from Sainsbury's because everything edible was frozen) and after lots of banging around and sighing from the general direction of the kitchen, Paul came in to give me a hug, at which point the floodgates opened.

2007 has kind of sucked as it is, so I didn't really need the bank adding to my current money stress by getting rid of my interest-free overdraft. Also, them similarly reminding me that it's been four years since I graduated and I've done nothing of any value with my life (and the general assumption that degree = high-paying job) really wasn't what I needed right now.

So that rather put a damper on things, to say the least, although it was good to get it out of my system. Now I've just got bloody Christmas to get through. It's three weeks away - how the frell did that happen?

Some pondering )

I think I was going to say much more than that, but it's bloody freezing in here. The heating broke last week at work from Thursday morning to Friday afternoon, and it's apparently back on today, not that you can tell... I am eating cupasoup (or, technically "Cup of Soup", from Aldi...) in an effort to keep warm and fend off my hunger.

I shall now sign this off.
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The past two days were most enjoyable...

On Saturday we did very little indeed except go out to the pub for dinner (mostly because it was such a nice day), ending up a little bit further afield than usual at the Kings Arms (I think), a local Amber Inn pub. I had a chicken madras with a side of potato and spinach, and Paul had a sort of mushroomy peppercorn sauce thing which was apparently very nice...

Then Paul headed off to [livejournal.com profile] shabe's birthday / house-warming party and I went home to mess about online for a bit.

I've done a bit of work on my newest Phantom fic, entitled "Whisper" and based on Katie Melua's I Cried For You. I'm currently writing two bits of it at the same time, though not intentionally. I started it somewhat in the middle and then decided to go from the beginning, so hopefully at some point the two bits will meet up... So far, quite pretentious. A beta (or at least a read-through) would be much appreciated just to see if any of it makes sense.

Yesterday was also lovely. We went to my mum's in a taxi, whereupon we had an impromptu barbecue. When the sun was out it was very warm, but the wind was blooy freezing. We battled it nonetheless and the food was very nice indeed.

David had bought mum a mini chocolate fountain so we tried to use that outside... and soon gave up when the chocolate ended up over most of the garden because of the gale. So that was amusing.

David then invited over Blanche and Chloe from next door to help us finish off the chocolate. Apparently David has befriended our previous neighbours-from-Hell as 'damage limitation' - it's Blanche's other, older daughter (Kim) and Kim's brats (Shannon and Courtney - chavalicious!) who are the problem, as they're over there constantly despite having somewhere to live of their own. Hence, David's plan is to try and get Blanche on our side so she can maybe stand up to Kim and make her bugger off to her own home.

In nine years of living at that house, it's the first time Blanche has set foot inside the front door, which I hadn't even realised... She is the self-confessed "neighbour from 'Ell from next doower" (you try and phonetically spell Yammish and see how far you get. :P) but seems to be otherwise pleasant.

Going 'home' always reminds me how much I love the accent. There's something quite comforting about it, something more lilting than Brummie.

Anyway. David got slightly drunk and decided to pay our taxi fare home (he gave the driver moer than enough to cover it, apparently) and I am slightly hungover this morning but at least I can leave early and things haven't been too annoying.

We're going to see Cats on Wednesday night, so that'll be nice... if only because these days, "Jellicle Cats" doesn't make me want to throw myself under a bus. The UK tour ain't London, but it's better than never seeing it again...
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I've written two entirely separate LJ entries at work and emailed them home to myself for posting, only to either forget or just not be arsed when the time came to actually do so.  Neither of them were particularly interesting, anyway, and the second one mostly involved whinging about the usual.

On Friday I seemed to be perpetually starving so Paul and I decided to use the voucher and go to wagamama for dinner.  I also managed to get a voucher to Skippy as well, so felt less guilty about using it.  The food was very nice and with the voucher only came to about £16.00, including a side dish and a drink each.

On Saturday we were meant to go to the Jewellery Quarter for their craft stalls and whatnot, but it was far too hot to go anywhere by train.  I was up bright and early to go and collect my poster from the post depot (which is STUPID and closes at midday, everyday - clearly only unemployed people need to collect their bloody parcels).  We went into Kings Heath for breakfast and then went shopping, because Paul wanted to get some trousers in case he has an interview (his sister-in-law is working on getting him a new job with her agency) and ended up buying four new ties and some pants.  We the bought blue tack and meat and that was about it.

In the afternoon we went to visit Paul's mum so he could pick up his suits from there and see which ones still fitted, and we got back at about 7.00ish and ordered take-away fried chicken for tea, in the height of laziness...

We are both horribly skint and the savings account is taking a beating as a result.  Probably just as well we didn't try and get a holiday this year, really.  I already owe it about £250 which isn't looking likely to be going back in any time soon.  I was hoping to be back on track by April and it all seems to have gone wrong somewhere...


Anyway, still an hour until EastEnders, so I might either go and lie down or play some Scrabble and lose horribly, as always...


Jun. 20th, 2007 10:37 pm
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As punishment for all the eating out and subsequent overspending, my body has somehow managed to put on half a stone.  Half a frelling stone.  Bringing my weight up to 11st.  Given I was 'officially' overweight at a stone lighter, this is incredibly annoying.

I would like to think that it's because the swimming has been doing some good and turned the fat into muscle (which is, of course, heavier), or my scales are rubbish, but somehow I don't believe either of those, and the real reason is that I'm a big fat pig.

On and on and Ariston... )

I had a lot more to say but since having a bath my eyes are tired and I need to sleep...
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I forgot to set my alarms last night and subsequently woke up this morning, peered curiously at the clock and realised it was 7.50. I still managed to be on the bus by ten past, too...

I am now very tired due to not waking up properly...

However, I did have a very strange dream. Stranger, in fact, than the one I had last night where I was the daughter of Jack Nicholson in The Shining and he was scaring my friends at dinner...

Dream )

It made a lot more sense when I was dreaming it. Always the way...

I meant to post last night to say that after I'd had to take a team photo in the afternoon, I was then called upon again to take photographs of the team at their desks. Lee was the only one who was happy with his picture on the first shot; the others are all prima donnas. It provided some amusement for a while, anyway... We coined the phrase "hot-jacketing" after Alastair decided to borrow Lee's jacket for his first photo, and because Sue decided she looked better at Lee's desk and said they should all use Lee's desk, until realising that would like they had one desk between them, hence hot-desking, and further hence hot-jacketing.

*watches tumbleweed*

You probably had to be there...

Last night after choir I watched the majority of Lenny's Britain (I think that's what it was called) where he went back to his roots and rode the 74 bus to West Bromwich, and also met various Black Country people including a couple getting married, some midwives, and the residents and care workers of the residential home named after his mother, in order to see how humour was used to get through the various aspects of life, from birth to death...

Some ramblings )

I'm also still watching Big Brother and I'm still convinced the twins are sharing a brain. It's probably the only way they can string a sentence together, and they can barely do that... To further my celebrity lookalike theory, [livejournal.com profile] butterflyburn pointed out that Nicky looks like a character from Thomas the Tank Engine, whilst Seany, in his sunglasses, is the spitting image of Mick Hucknall... (or a young Benny Hill, apparently). Also, Tracy is quite facially similar to Claudia Black, but I'm pretty sure the C4 casting people wouldn't have realised that...

I need to stop watching horrible reality television. At least the new series of My Name Is Earl starts on Thursday.


Jun. 8th, 2007 12:11 pm
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Last night was odd...

I started feeling incredibly tired as soon as I got on the bus, to the extent that I read a bit of the Birmingham Mail I'd picked up for Paul, then sat staring out of the window. Too tired, even, to remember to put my MP3 player on.

I got in and asked if he wouldn't mind cooking, then went to lie down for a nap, in which I probably got about 20 minutes total sleep in the hour and a half I was in the bedroom.

At about 7.45 I gave up and dragged myself back out of bed, still deathly tired, and went to watch some rubbish television while Paul cooked (and filled the kitchen with smoke - our grill needs cleaning again), then went online for as long as my brain could cope, then watched Big Brother, then went to bed and attempted to sleep until 1.30am.

Obviously, I was too tired to sleep, as well. My eyes were aching but my brain wouldn't shut up, and then I'd just nod off and Paul would wake me up (either with "Are you awake?" or just by snoring...) so, all in all, a horrible night's sleep...

And naturally, I am today exhausted. Apparently I even look tired, which is an achievement. At least it's Friday. Tomorrow I need to take my bike down to Halfords for them to have a look at it... hopefully it WILL only be £25 to give it a service and not anything more.

Talking of Big Brother, I realised last night that Charley really, horribly reminds me of Sandra. I think it's the accent more than anything else, but wow. She has the same typical Londoner attitude and doesn't know when to shut up. She even looks a little bit like her...

*shudders* I just can't get rid of the woman.

I think that's about it. Finale of Ugly Betty tonight, and even though I'm thoroughly spoiled I'm still very excited. At least the fandom is steadily growing and there should be a fair amount of fanfic to keep me going between seasons... besides, end-of-season fanfic is ALWAYS fun. :)


May. 21st, 2007 12:56 pm
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It's actually been a productive one...

Saturday, including concert. )

Sunday )

And that was that. We also taped Tribe and watched Lenny Henry's list of the best telly ever.

This morning I had to pause tactfully in order to have some work to keep me going for more than ten minutes. I took the first bit and then, realising that one of the floaters was looking for work and checking out the dates/times on both this team and the one next door, I waited after I'd finished it. The next two pieces were short, the third long. I was right; the floater took both short pieces. If I'd taken the first one, the long piece would have disappeared (most likely all morning).

It's like a bloody military manouevre...

Tonight I need to pick up my prescription (which I forgot to do on Friday - I always manage to run out of medication at the end of the month when I'm skint...) and get pitta bread from Somerfield. I have two weeks off from choir, so tomorrow we should be going to see 28 Weeks Later if I'm not too exhausted...

It's Pride this weekend. I had planned to get my hair cut and dye it pink and whatever but honestly, I don't have the bloody energy. As it's also a bank holiday, Council employees get a four-day weekend, and by the sounds of things we're already meeting up with about fifty million people and I WANT TO SLEEP THROUGH IT. Aside from that, I HAVE NO MONEY. It's still disappearing at a rate of knots.

Everything is annoying. Every single person on the bus this morning was rude and taking up an entire seat so they could read their Metro or whatever. Also, to the man I subsequently had to sit next to who had to spread his legs so far apart I was perched on the edge of the seat: frell you, and I'm glad you fell asleep and probably missed your stop. The ignorant people in Greggs this morning can go and throw themselves under buses, too. Clearly I am standing here with a bottle of drink for no reason.


Anyway, I'd better post this and eat my lunch...
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Today was one of those days of running into people I know, and all in the space of 30 minutes.

Firstly, I Becky P (a trainee who has now moved on to pastures new) spotted me on the bus, though at first I didn't recognise her due to her hair being different...

Then I spotted [livejournal.com profile] broken_sticks bus surfing as he got off.

And then I saw [livejournal.com profile] composim coming out of work as I got off the bus.

Small world, really, innit?  Kings Heath, I mean. ;)


Apr. 30th, 2007 01:24 pm
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Conversation from this morning:

Trainee Solicitor: Someone's password-protected my trainee diary, can you get into it for me?
My mouth: The network is playing up at the moment; try it in a few minutes.

The lack of anything to do at work (as well as the annoyance of people taking all my work away) has clearly had an adverse stress reaction. My nails are brittle and the skin around them has started to peel. No noticeable extra hair loss so far, but it can only be a matter of time. I also have a headache gnawing away at my temples...

On Sunday we bought a bin for by the computer and a new washing up bowl, which is see-through. Hence making it easier to tell when the sink is disgusting. The old bowl was starting to split and was also so encrusted with grease that doing the washing up was a rather pointless process...

Yup, my life gets no more exciting than a new washing up bowl...

I've been watching a lot of those DIY SOS / House Doctor / generic decorating type shows lately. The US series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is simultaneously heart-warming and incredibly depressing, because you know they'd never be able to do the same thing over here. For those that haven't seen it, the EM:HE team go to someone's house, rip it down, and build it again so it fits their needs, i.e. disabled access with lifts. On the one I watched last night they also managed to raise a load of money to help the family pay off their mortgage repayments.

They couldn't do that here, because the majority of people live in a) terraces or b) listed buildings, and the land is all owned by councils. So you can't just rip someone's house down and build it again. FFS, you need planning permission to build a bloody shed in your own back garden. It's a shame, as I'm sure there are just as many needy, broke families in the UK who need a better home who might benefit from the EM:HE team bulldozing their house. But I suppose they'll have to make do with Nick Knowles and DIY SOS instead...

Mosty I'm watching them for decorating hints. There was a brilliant idea in one of them where they used an OHP to project a silhouette on the wall and painted around it so it was a 'negative' white silhouette on the main wall colour, which looked amazing.

In my week off next week I intend to repaint the stair-rails on the landing, as they do need repainting and I have some blue gloss to use up. We should probably tell Trevor first, but I'm sure he won't mind. Although having said that, Trevor's idea of nice decorating is magnolia. Sorry, we're going to paint the kitchen blue and the bedroom pale blue and turquoise anyway. And also possibly the living room brown will become red. Eventually :P

Before that, however, I need to buy paintbrushes, turps and sandpaper...

That's about the only productive thing I intend to do in my week off, unless we get bookcase before then, in which case I'll sort out books instead. ;)

I think that's about it... I actually have work to do today. Woo.
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Today has been quite productive.  This morning I put some washing out to dry, and put the bed linen in to wash.  Messed around online for a bit, and then paul helped me put the bed linen out before we popped out to Somerfield to buy cheese.  Well, technically we went out for broccoli, but since the only cheese left in the drawer was parmesan, a cheese shop was overdue.

We came back with mature cheddar, wensleydale, red leicester and brie.  So at least now when we offer you cheese and biscuits, the options won't be "Er... oh.  Cheddar."

And then we had a bit of a spring clean.  Paul vaccuumed the stairs for me and then I did the landing and hallway, and we put boxes in the attic so the bit at the top of the stairs is now clear and ready to receive bookcases.  And once we have bookcases I'll be more inclined to sort through the boxes in the attic properly...

The washing has been brought in, also, because the neighbours are having a barbecue.  I am muchly looking forward to Alison's barbecue on the 19th, even though it does fall on the same day as my concert.  Barbecued food will be a nice reward, I think. :)  Oh, and if Alison is reading, there's a gas barbecue being sold for just under £60 at the discount 'miscellaenous furniture' store by McDonalds.  Failing that, apparently Somerfield are selling various types of barbecues quite cheap as well.

I am going to attempt to make a strawberry parfait for said barbecue, if I can get a tin to freeze it in.  I may make lemon cake as well.  It depends how creative or culinary I'm feeling. ;)

As mentioned yesterday, the overhead views of Birmingham on GoogleMaps are now in more detail, so in honour of the occasion, have some random icons:

Rather self-explanatory.

If anyone wants one (and you live in a well-developed area, i.e. not a small village in the middle of nowhere), gimme your postcode!  And any, er, distinguishing features about your house that I could spot from the air, i.e. "bright pink car on drive" or "second house after the gap" or something like that.  A house number won't really be any good ;)  They will obviously be subject to the level of zoomification that Google gives; most major cities seem to have a very close zoom level, but then there are sections of field where you can see each blade of grass, but not the house ten minutes down the road.  I suppose it depends on where the satellite is.

I will screen comments in case people are uber-paranoid about people stealing their postcodes.
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Or so says [livejournal.com profile] composim, anyway...

Murder mystery party was quite fun, but there was a bit too much information in the player manuals to try and remember so we were constantly flipping back after being accused of stuff with "Um... hold on..."  Met some nice friends of Drew and much fun was had.  Photograph is here...

Today we slept in until 12.30. I was very very tired and still am and want to go back to sleep...  Paul has now gone out to play badminton with Drew and we're going shopping when he's back...  I should do a really long post for the Most Haunted community I joined on Thursday but I can't be bothered, so I'll do it tomorrow instead...

Under the cut is the musings on fandom that I wrote in my paper journal on  Thursday night, tidied up a bit...

Fandom )

So, there you go.  I think today I will work on making a prettypretty banner type thing for my Come Forward MH-novel thing, so I can give it a proper link when I do my uber-post on the new community.  It'll stop me falling asleep, at any rate...

This morning afternoon we've been looking around online to check the pricing for Warwick Castle and Dudley Castle, as we decided on a whim to visit one of them on Monday after lunch.  Originally I was thinking of Dudley Castle because we can get there on the 126 bus from town and you no longer have to go through the zoo to get to the castle... except there's still only the single admission price of a tenner, whicih seems a bit steep if you don't want to see the insane animals.  Warwick Castle is slightly pricier at £15.95, and we'd have to go on Tuesday instead to accommodate actually getting there and having enough time to see it before it closes - of course - at 5.00pm.  www.thetrainline.com is annoying because it won't let you check train prices without registering an account - I don't want to BUY them, stupid website - so I'm estimating that it would cost about £15 to get to Warwick on the train.  But it's probably cheaper than that on Chiltern since they only charge you £15 to go to London...

There doesn't seem to be a direct bus from the station to the castle, either, so it's a mile walk, but at least it'll be a pretty walk so that's okay.  This is when not being able to drive becomes a REAL pain in the arse.  Anyway, Chiltern apparently do a special entrance offer that (on investigation) costs the same as Centro's and saves you a grand total of 95p.  However I suspect that Chiltern charge less for the privilege of travelling than Centro do.  Since I can't check the ticket prices, I wouldn't know.  *eye roll*

I think we're set on going to Warwick Castle, anyway.  Which'll be nice.  Giving up on the tattoos idea because I don't know what I want and most of my custom stuff will cost twice as much as usual.

Everything's so expensive, these days.  *sigh*

Anyway.  Photoshop time.
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Here's the entry I forgot to email home yesterday. I would put it under a cut, but there are cuts within it...

After my last entry on Saturday I finished the majority of chores (put half the clothes away, had tea), had a bath, and watched the end of the 100 Greatest Tear-Jerkers thing on Channel 4. I was quite horrified to discovered that Titanic came third (must... kill... public...) but that was made up for by The Green Mile coming second. I can't remember what was first... I might go and see if the full list is on their website as I'm intrigued what ended up on there... What was more annoying even than Titanic was the fact that it was being presented by Jimmy Carr. They'd have this lovely, melodramatic clip from a film dealing with a sensitive issue (like Sophie's Choice or The Elephant Man), and then he'd open his big mouth and make me want to slap him. There are times when sarcasm is appropriate, and times when it isn't. A list of great tear-jerkers is one of those latter times.

Jimmy Carr has apparently studied the 'science' of jokes, or so he was saying to Jonathan Ross. Which, I suppose, rather explains why he's such a crap comedian. There's no point finding out what makes a 'perfect joke' if you can't deliver it properly, or with any sense of self-deprecation. He takes himself FAR too seriously to be even remotely likeable.

On Sunday, we didn't do very much. We had to pop out, firstly for eggs, and then for more beer for Paul. Luckily, both the halal butcher/greengrocer and the off licence were open.

Paul played more of his silly UFO game (five hours) and I watched the first two episodes of a Channel 4 dramatisation of Zadie Smith's White Teeth, the first chapter of which I remember reading at uni. Might look for that on Amazon... There are still two episodes left to go, so I'll see if I can squeeze them in this week, before they disappear off the replay thing...

We cooked our enormous leg of lamb (£7.00ish from Aldi) and invited Lisa up for Sunday lunch. The lamb was frelling gorgeous, if I do say so myself. We watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (I'd forgotten how funny it was) which Noel got me for Christmas, and then Lisa went downstairs.

I've taped a programme on the Turin Shroud and The Passion of the Christ to get around to watching at some point. I say 'at some point' because I still have a load of stuff to watch from when we moved in, let alone Christmas...

On Monday we had lamb sandwiches for brunch and then headed out to go to the cinema to see Sunshine. Reviewish and spoilers )

We also saw lots of trailers for several things, including 28 Weeks Later. I'm not sure on the plausibility of a sequel for 28 Days Later, but it looks as visually interesting as the first one and might be worth a look... My favourite bit of 28DL was the swooping shots of a deserted London, and I'm not sure how they can top that...

I need to make a list at some point of all the stuff coming out from May onwards so that I don't miss anything. There are at least six things on the list already:

1. 28 Weeks Later (11 May, I think)
2. Spiderman 3 (which I'm not THAT keen on, but will only kick myself for not seeing at the cinema afterwards)
3. Shrek 3 (WOO!)
4. Pirates 3 (*bounces*)
5. Harry Potter 5 (must finish book before June.)
6. The Simpsons Movie (in July)

Plus a few others, no doubt. Saw IV should be due at Hallowe'en as well...

Anyway. After that we tried to get a drink in the Figure of Eight. The barmaid had poured my drink and THEN decided that she was going to check for ID. According to the Wetherspoons magazine all of their pubs are now cracking down / joining in with the "Under 21" rule. So that rather put a damper on things, and after that I couldn't be bothered with pubs any more so we went home and got a curry.

At this rate I'm going to have to carry my bloody passport around with me, which can only result in my losing it right before I actually need it.

Pub Moan )

ANYWAY. Moaning aside... er, here's more moaning.

Work Moan )

Just as well I'm not at choir tonight (we get this week off) and I can leave at a reasonable time. They probably don't even need me here today, but since Noor is off (seriously, you have to book you leave three years in advance to beat her to it...) I have to be in. Ordinarily at Easter I take the concessionary on Tuesday and then Wednesday to Friday as leave, but that isn't an option here. I've got next Monday and Tuesday off, but that's only because it's our anniversary.

We're supposed to be going to Bacchus, assuming they're not shut or something equally annoying, and possibly Dudley Castle, as it's nearer and cheaper than Warwick Castle. I also wanted to get some photos in Warstock Cemetery but I doubt my camera will hold together long enough and I'll spend most of the time trying to keep it in one piece.


I will be calm. I will. I am only in for four days. *breathes*

(Added, 1.40) Apparently Noor is going to be off sick for two weeks, which means two more weeks on my own seething at being 'helped' when there's not enough work to warrant it. I am SO taking some well-earned leave at the end of this, dude. Maybe the rest of the week off after the first May bank holiday...

I'm considering mid-June or early July for the theme park trip/s, so watch this space. I'll post entrance fee/train deal details nearer the time to get a better idea of numbers.

Yesterday evening I went to bed at 10.30 because I was tired (it's paid off, though, as I actually feel like I got enough sleep for once). I'm sure Paul thought I'd gone to bed early because I was annoyed with him for snapping at me. Amazon are selling Dead Like Me season 2 and Life on Mars series 2 at discounted prices (DLM2 for £30 instead of £40, and LOM2 for £21.85 [ish] instead of £40.) There are also a couple of books I want to get as well. Knowing that Paul also wants to see DLM and LOM series 2, I suggested we should get them, to which he replied that "we don't have the money".

To which I replied, "I'll remember that the next time you want a crate of beer". He'd had a bad day at work and was cranky, which is fair enough, and it's not like I don't take my bad days out on him, but still. I was thinking of him when I suggested it.

Money Moan )

*sigh* I'm sure it'll get better. It's just been like this since about February, and it's frustrating.

Roll on the April pay rise, please. I could do with a few extra quid a month...

I shall now stop moaning and get this emailed / posted...


Apr. 10th, 2007 06:16 pm
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How very annoying.  I spent the majority of this morning writing an LJ entry, and then forgot to email it home to myself.  Bugger.  Probably just as well, though, as I was annoyingly pre-menstrual this morning and it was mostly full of whinging.  It does, however, also comprise a write-up of Sunday and Monday's activities, so I might just post it tomorrow morning instead...

Anyway.  I went to get my prescription from the doctor's and there was no hassle whatsoever (my old surgery would probably have lost it or held onto it until I physically put it into their 'repeat prescriptions box'...) and will pick it up from Boots tomorrow, which means I can give [livejournal.com profile] wrysprygoat his inhaler back. :)

The thing I now realise I forgot to put into it is that Paul and I are buying each other tattoos for our anniversary.  Er, not matching ones or anything, that would be weird.  But I can't decide what to get, and given I have bits of my body reserved for other tattos I may never get (but hold out for nonetheless), I'm sort of at a loss...

Paul thinks I should make a start on getting the stars done on my left leg.  I want them to start at my ankle and go all the way up my leg, around the leg, in all different shapes and sizes with a few maybe coloured in.  But my legs are too flabby at the moment so I don't want to get it done, lose weight and have it go saggy.  The tattoo place in Kings Heath had some lovely little butterfly tattoos, but I don't know where I'd get it...  I'm also sort of restricted by work.  Marie knows about all of them and doesn't mind, but, you know.  I don't want a big one on my forehead or anything. :)  I should really get my POTO one finished, but I still need to work on the design to get it right.

Any suggestions?


Apr. 7th, 2007 02:50 pm
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I have an inhaler, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wrysprygoat.  :)  I need to give it back when I've got my prescription on Tuesday, so will most likely pass it to [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess on Wednesday evening.

Ahhh... clear lungs!

So, yes.  Paul has gone to play badminton with Drew, hopefully to be a weekly thing as part of his new 'exercise regime'.  I will clean the kitchen floor and probably do the washing up and give the bathroom a bit of a clean as well, after this entry and when I've cooled down a bit.  It's a lovely day. I went out to get toilet roll and pick up said inhaler from Drew, and ended up having to take my coat off.  Also, I've put the washing outside to dry for the first time since we moved in.  Which reminds me, I must collect all the stuff from upstairs as well...

Early this afternoon I watched Birth.  I admit to having zoned out for about 10 minutes in the middle because it was slow-moving and a bit confusing, but what I saw was very good.  I have no frelling clue what it all means, but I think some of it was quite daring.  Might try and watch it again if I get chance, as I think it would benefit from further viewings...

I have nothing much else to say.  I am currently working through reading all of Midasgirl's fic on FFN, as I was out of the fanfic-loop for so long I missed an entire story.  And then I'll work on reading Reine's.  I really want to get back into fanfiction again.  I stayed up to finish reading a story last night until five to one in the morning, and I'd forgotten how much fun it was.  The emotions run so much higher in the small hours, and it makes the whole experience much more satisfying.

Ho hum. Chores to do, anyway.  Also need to change the bed and vacuum the mattress...


Apr. 1st, 2007 11:13 pm
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Friday - nothing much, as far as I remember.  Food at the pub, and back in time for Ugly Betty.  Which keeps on surprising me.  I've lost track of the amount of episodes there've been now, but it seems to me they're winding down (or up, cliffhanger style) for the end of season 1.  I just hope this doesn't get cancelled before it's time like everything else good to ever come out of America...

On Saturday we went to Aldi in Selly Oak to get LOTS of shopping.  £50 worth of shopping.  At least the fridge and cupboards are full now.  And I think that was about it.  I watched telly, Paul hogged the PC.  That's it.  And I can't remember what I watched, either...  Oh, except we finally got around to watching King Kong on Sky Movies, as they were finally broadcasting its three hours at a reasonable time.  Quite impressed, really.  Minor Spoilers )

Talking of FFN, I was quite disturbed to discover that there was a category on there, the last time I visited for EastEnders.  Yes.  THAT EastEnders.  I could've understood it if there was any current 'ship to speak of.  God knows when the Kat/Alfie storyline was ongoing I had my own thoughts of fic - neatly squashed almost immediately - going through my brain.  Even the Dennis/Sharon pairing was fic-worthy.  But most of the stuff on there is of the annoying Mary-Sue-falls-into-Walford type.  People are WEIRD.

There's still no category for Sunset Blvd., for which I am actually glad.  As much as I have lamented the lack of fic, once there's a category on FFN the badfic is inevitable, as is the deluge of Joe/Betty OTPers, and I don't think my brain can handle that.  I likes my elitist fandom as it is.

Also still no category for Jonathan Creek, for which, again, I am glad.  The last batch I found was entertaining and nice in its own way, but the characterisation kind of fell apart as soon as the American author went near it... given that they don't understand our sarcasm or the subtle nuances in our various dialects. ;)

Oh!  But!  Wonder of wonders!  The Phantom category FINALLY has a 'world' filter, so you can get rid of all those HORRIBLE movie-based fics and filter by book or musical.  It's been WAY overdue.  I'd still prefer an entirely separate category, I think... at least we had a little grace period before the REALLY horrible stuff turned up, because none of the annoying movie fangirls realised it was a book...


Today I have mostly watched television and done embroidery and written this entry, and that's about it.  I'm going to see what other horrors FFN holds, and then I'm going to bed.  At least with all the bank holidays coming up, I have a four day week, followed by another four day week, and then it's our anniversary so I have a three-day week.  Sounds good to me. :)
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Under here )

Well, today was a bit mad in terms of work.  They were helping me this morning because - again - the pile was full of stuff from last night.  In the meantime, a whole bunch of urgent stuff came in, so I wasn't getting through the yesterday-stuff in the slightest, so they kept coming up to get rid of it... so by the afternoon, when they'd cleared the 'backlog' but there were STILL urgents coming in, I was starting to flounder a little bit... but after some manic super-fast typing, I managed to calm it all down again... there's about six things in the tray for tomorrow, plus whatever comes in overnight, and then the saga starts again. ;)

I suppose I'm just so used to NOT getting any help that it's a rather alien concept... but given the fiasco yesterday with the amendment that took 50 minutes of retyping, sometimes the help is less t han helpful.  I think I need to take a list into my 1-to-1, if it ever happens...

I must post a picture for [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings to show her the current length of my hair, at least before I cut it all off again.  I've still got the bright pink dye from last year that I was going to use for Pride and didn't get around to, so I've decided - or at least half-decided - to cut my hair short again and dye it pink for the duration.  I don't know what work will have to say about it, but at least the pink eventually dyes out and turns blonde.  Once the blonde has grown out I'll cut it again, and then start to grow it out - at least with straighteners that annoying in-betweeny stage won't be too aggravating.

It's just reaching a point now where it's getting annoying... it tangles as soon as look at it, and my original reason for growing it was that I was bored with it being short becuase I couldn't do anything with it - and I'm not doing anything with it now anyway.  Besides, I don't want to spend another summer like the last one with a huge mass of hair at my neck.  Yes, short, easy-to-manage hair for me, I think...  I'm only growing it out again because Paul has moaned so much about preferring it long...

So, yes, a photo, for posterity.

And that's that.  At least it's Friday tomorrow.


Mar. 27th, 2007 11:20 pm
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Well, feeling much less aggravated now.  I did go to choir, in the end, and managed to ignore the silly chattering people.  Honestly, you wouldn't think these girls are in their late 20s with all the silliness.  This is stuff I used to do in Chamber Choir when I was 17, for goodness' sake, and I grew out of it the moment I joined a proper choir at Uni, even when I'd joined with a friend.  (I admit my days in Chorus in my first year were mostly very silly, but I blame Angela for that.  Which reminds me, I must bite the bullet and see if her phone number is still right, or if I have her address.)

Anyway.  Hymn to St. Cecilia really is lovely, as are the Bruckner motets - yes, even the one with that horrifying top B... meh.  It's going to be a case of 'Aim and Hope', I think.

The other day, on the way home, I spotted a house for sale on the Moseley road.  Does anyone want to buy me a house?  Or have a spare £353K lying around?

There's no way we could get a mortgage that size.  Er, unless there are a couple of other people who want to share a house and earn about 20K each. ;)

Just look at the size of that main bedroom.  It's twice the size of our lounge!

Anyway, after that we did a quick search for houses under 100K (given that it's probably the very maximum we'd be able to get) there are a few dotted around, but they're mostly in shit areas or are horrible houses.

Actually, this was quite interesting.  It's one of those apparently 'up-market' apartments in the city centre in Broadway Plaza (where the AMC cinema is) and it's £67,500 for 50% ownership, which implies they sell for around £140K.  And... well, it's a bit shit.  The close-ups of the room photos show how poky they are.  If I'm paying £140K for a living space, I want more room than that.

I guess it's just proof that the housing market, especially in Birmingham, is utterly ridiculous.  The only way we'll be able to afford a halfway decent house is when the market crashes again - and honestly, it has to.  It can't keep growing like it is or nobody will be able to live anywhere, and nobody will get on the property market unless they're inner-city yuppies with more money than sense.  When my mum and I moved out of Bearwood we sold our house for £46,500, and bought the new one for £38,000.  We should've waited a couple of years, as by 2000 the terraces in Bearwood were selling for a minimum of £100K.

It doesn't help that nobody seems to build HOUSES any more, only stupid 'luxury' apartments like those at Broadway Plaza, which are usually open-plan or just plan ugly and too expensive for sense.  And most of the houses that are built are only to fulfill a demand or fill in a gap in the landscape.  There are lots of beautiful buildings along, say, Hagley Road, which could be turned into flats, but most of them are lying dormat.  (Mostly because the Council decided they were going to widen the road but didn't think to ask the homeowners if they could chop bits off the end of their driveways, so the idea was abandoned, and the majority of the buildings left derelict.)

If the Council is apparently so short on housing, why don't they do something with all of those buildings?

Or perhaps I'm just being too obvious...

Anyway.  Houses are expensive, and we are poor.  And that's that.
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1. I must remember, when I run out of medication, to throw away the empty bloody boxes. I had a brief panic last night because I realised I'd run out of Pills, which would have meant trying to make an appointment this morning, using up my lunch to go to it (assuming they had one today), waiting ages for the prescription, not being able to get it, and subsequently not being able to go swimming on Wednesday. But then I checked the date and GP address on the empty box this morning and it was my old surgery; I'd had a prescription since then, when I registered at the new surgery. So I checked in my purse - ah, glorious prescription!

2. Upon picking it up this morning (big queue at Boots, bus stuck in traffic, late for work) I ran into Pritpal from school. What with Crystal and Jenn at swimming, it's starting again... I wonder who else I'll run into? [ETA: I saw someone else in the sandwich shop, who I think was called Lucy. She was in my A-Level English group, anyway. I doubt she'd recognise me, and I don't think I turned round long enough for her to see me...]

3. Our fee earners need to learn that I cannot magically make their documents appear. Nor can I do five things at once. Bernie put an urgent in last night which I would happily have done this morning, had she not then put ANOTHER urgent in after that which was needed for the same time. And given I was in late (9.00 rather than 8.45) I lost the precious 15 minutes in which I could've done the first one. So instead I had to do one and give the other one to our temp (Val), so it didn't get done in time. But honestly, it doesn't help when Bernie asks me where it is in such a manner as to imply I should conjure it out of mid-air.

4. Add to that, "the printer's out of toner", "Tray 2 is empty" and "can you do this one next please?" and I've only just (at 10.00) managed to get into a proper routine.

5. On reading, and also writing )

I do believe that's everything.

Choir tonight. At least I'm not insanely tired for a change. I woke up at some point this morning thinking I'd fallen asleep with my side lamp on, as the room seemed distinctly blue, but it turned out to be daylight over the top of the curtains. I think Spring is trying to, er, spring. It just needs to warm up a bit. But not too much. about 10 degrees would be fine. :)


Mar. 19th, 2007 01:37 pm
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Well, that was a relaxed-ish weekend after my not-so-relaxing week off...

On Saturday we headed into Kings Heath, firstly, to get Mother's Day presents and cards. Poplar Road and Instores proved lucky for that. Then we got back and did nothing for a bit and then headed out into Birmingham to meet Lloyd et al for his birthday drinks at the Briar.

I much preferred the Briar before it was refurbished. I very much appreciate that it is now non-smoking (a pub where you can breathe and don't come out smelling of other people's smoke? God forbid!) but do not appreciate that it now has big screens showing sports. I liked it WITHOUT the sports.

At least I managed not to get into any arguments. I think that may have been partly due to [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess's influence, as she is quite calming. Probably just as well, with Lloyd's knee-jerk reaction apparently being to throw large blocks of wood at people...

I gave a miss to playing the "I Have Never" game, because honestly, it's a bit pointless. I have never done anything. I am, of course, innocence personified. So there's very little point in playing a drinking game where one drinks if one has done the things in question, as I would have drunk precisely nothing.

At 9.00ish everyone headed off to a gig at the Actress and Bishop. I wanted to go home, but ended up going to the Yard of Ale with Paul to play on their ItBox.

And then he reached the annoying stage of drunk and was being irritating on the bus home, took something I said entirely the wrong way, and sulked for the rest of the night. And, as usual, demanded we watch a DVD in bed and fell asleep halfway through.

On Sunday we were having both mothers over for lunch. So in the morning we headed out to Sainsbury's to buy wine and veg. We got IDed in there because the server was under 18, so decided to get everything elsewhere and ended up walking to Somerfield instead.

I hate that I should be expected to carry ID around with me (which in my case is a passport) just because stupid teenagers can't wait until they're the legal age to buy bloody alcopops. Yes, CLEARLY I am under 18.

Anyway, dinner was nice. Paul's mum was waiting over an hour for a bus and only just got there in time for it being served, after David went to pick her up.

I now have my keyboard and music, hurrah. It's currently on the landing but that will probably have to change. I might hide it under the sideboard instead.

The weather is CRAZY.
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Firstly, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [livejournal.com profile] falling_softly.  Which of course means today's icon is a pirate, according to tradition.  Or something.

Anyway, despite telling myself I wouldn't do anything remotely energetic today (and I still have to go and get more rubber gloves and that bloody superglue, which can wait until after lunch), I have achieved the following:

1)  Put clean washing upstairs to dry.

2)  Put tablecloth back on table, rearranged chairs in readiness for Sunday.

3)  Sorted through big yellow plastic box and put miscellaneous junk into miscellaneous junk box in attic, jewellery boxes in bedroom, vaguely oriental-inspired boxes into living room, and other bits elsewhere.

4)  Put various bottles for recycling into big empty yellow plastic box.

5)  Moved wooden bookcase to bottom of staircase.

6)  Taken books out of various carrier bags and put onto bookcase in somewhat random fashion, as they won't be staying there indefinitely.

7)  Put other boxes onto bookcase.

8)  Covered bookcase in pretty throw.

9)  Vaccuumed the hallway, which is now clear.

10)  Tidied the living room a bit.

11)  Tidied shelves by computer.

12)  Put recycling paper into bigger box, thus saving space.

And now I'm done.  It looks much better.  We're getting there, at least.  Of course, now the attic stairs are mostly inaccessible without being very careful, but they're less hazardous than they were before, so that's a bonus.

Tomorrow I will relax, hopefully.  On Saturday we need to go Mother's Day shopping... I would try and find a card today, but I only have about £1.50 in my purse...

Anyway, I shall now see if my pasta has finished cooking.  Mmmm, leftover bolognese... :)
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Achieved so far today:

Out of bed by 11.00.

Washing up done.

Kitchen surfaces clean.

Load of washing in machine, including tablecloth.

Meat taken out of freezer for dinner.

Breakfast eaten.

Still to do:  shopping.  According to my Lloyds TSB account balance text this morning I am already horrendously overdrawn, and it's two weeks until payday.  Alas, most of the stuff I need to get is essentials.  Also put star lights up in hallway, and remember to eat early before going swimming.

This entry is pointless.  There is a filtered dream post coming next which will be slightly more interesting...
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Well, some internet is better than no internet, but the connection seems awfully temperamental.  Yesterday morning it worked fine, but then in the afternoon we had to reboot the router before it would acknowledge the internet connection.  This morning it works (after a ten minute wait)  but is deathly slow.  Like, dial-up slow.  Semagic loads just fine, but it hasn't managed to load Livejournal properly and isn't acknowledging Yahoo in the slightest...  *kicks internet*

I do believe my slow PC is partially to blame for this, but it's still bloody annoying...  Hopefully if I ever upgrade it might be better, but until then we'll just have to deal with it... meh.

Anyway, yesterday was quite nice.  Firstly we did our usual trick of going out shopping for five items and spending over £40 on general shopping.  Which is probably why I never have any money left.

Got back, had some lunch, and attempted to use the internet, only to fail and instead finish Myst.  Then I sulked for a bit and watched the pilot of Nip/Tuck on the Virgin Choice channel (I think that's what it's called), which has archived the first couple of episodes of various serieses on there.  As much as I prefer Sky to cable, the Teleport Replay and Teleport Movies are a nice bonus...

Then in the evening we headed off to the abode of [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess and [livejournal.com profile] wrysprygoat for dinner.  Drew cooked us a very nice veggie lasagne, and in the evening we played Scrabble and made things out of play-doh.  There's something quite therapeutic about play-doh, and the smell reminds me of childhood.

Which was quite strange, actually, since that morning I'd bought some tinned turkey breast from Sainsbury's to use for sandwiches, which was another vestige of my childhood was nostalgia in smell and taste form.

Anyway, assuming this thing posts, I might get to check my friends list at some point this bloody afternoon.


Feb. 21st, 2007 10:19 pm
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Back from another swimming session with [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess.  Having both taken a week off due to Valentine's Day last week, it seems that whatever step towards recovery my feet took in Week Two has gone away again.  My left foot cramped up within 10 minutes and hurt like a bastard, and to the point where it forced my toes out of alignment.  It's very irritating, as it also effectively stops me swimming until I can relax it enough to move again.

I also nearly drowned in the wave machine again. :(

Each week I am discovering New and Interesting Muscle Areas that I didn't know a) existed or b) could be exercised by swimming.  This week it's my lower back.  My right knee is also whinging, but that's knackered anyway.

My feet need to stop cramping.  I really want to start up trampolining again, and with my feet in their current state it's not going to be possible, as in trampolining they will not only take a lot of impact, but have to be pointed, both of which are currently what causes agonising muscle cramps.  I have hope that with further progress I will not only be fitter, but my various aches, pains and problem areas will start to heal themselves.

Anyway, now I'm exhausted.  With any luck I will sleep straight through tonight.  A lot of other people have been having trouble sleeping of late as well, so I therefore attribute it to the weather being warmer.  Tonight I'm leaving the bedroom window open as a trial.

Woo, woo, internet.  How I'd missed you.  *hugs internet.  kicks infra-red wireless doorbell*

I need a swimming-y icon.
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I do like time off work, you know. It takes me about two days to kick myself into productivity, but once I do, I actually manage to achieve stuff.

I am actually fairly certain that nobody is really that interested in my day to day life, but I’m of the opinion that I will read back on this journal in a few months of years (as I frequently do) and remember things better for writing them down at the time.

Wednesday )

Thursday )

Friday )

Over the weekend, we did very little. I finished the curtains on Saturday – the white floor-length voile in the bedroom looks SO much better than the half-window net that was there before, and the black voile in the living room takes the edge off the harsh sunlight first thing in the morning, and should look lovely in summer. I also created a tie-back for the yellow voile in the hallway using the purple ribbon that was on my Lush giftset, and Paul helped me hang blue voile across the hallway so that now the lower bit of the landing looks like an actual room. Very nice. Pictures coming, etc, etc…

More Life on Mars. Paul went out with Alex at about 7.30 and I sat down to watch the premiere of Brokeback Mountain at 9.00, though only managed to watch the first hour of it before Paul came back and I turned it off, which was the easier option than trying to watch it over his drunkenness. What I saw was good, at least.

Sunday was also uneventful but for a couple of games of Scrabble. I reinstalled Myst on my PC and started to play it again (although as it’s designed for Windows 95 at the latest and requires 256 colours, it has a tendency to either crash or freeze and then return with the colours all wrong.)

And that is everything.

There is nothing to do at work today. So I start rambling about annual leave. )

So, yeah. As I already stated, I couldn’t be bothered to mess with the network on Thursday, so I’ve come back to it this morning. Ben has suggested buying a double-protected anti-interference cable to try, but before that eventuality, we have three immediate ports of call.

1. Tortuga. Ben thinks there might be some electronic interference causing the cable to drop packets. The only thing even remotely nearby, other than the PC itself, of course, is our infrared wireless doorbell. So firstly I’m going to move that away from the PC and into the living room, where hopefully it won’t interfere with anything else.

2. See if our connection will work with Lisa’s cable unplugged. If this is the case, then it is either a router problem or a Telewest / Virgin Media problem.

3. Phone Telewest, to make sure they are providing us with what they said they were. We specifically had the higher broadband speed for the purposes of networking, so it’s best to double-check it will actually support one…

And failing that, it’s the router being an arse.

I’m not prepared to drag my PC downstairs and try all combinations of short cables to check it if works, because it’s a hassle I can’t be doing with. However I am at least fairly confident that we will overcome this annoyance and finally Have The Internet.

I shall now sign off this ridiculously long thing and post it.
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Britian is woefully unprepared for bad weather. They managed to grit the roads adequately enough when it snowed on Thursday, but then decided that was the last of it, and, subsequently, when it snowed for two days in a row, panicked but didn't actually do anything about it.

It took me three hours to get home on Friday. I think that makes the top of my 'worst journeys of all time' list, although it's possibly only second to that disastrous coach-trip to Leeds in Febraury 2003...

Click here for my tale of woe. )

Seriously, though, why is Birmingham - Britain, in fact - so rubbish when it comes to bad weather? I'm not just talking snow - even when it rains the traffic goes wrong. In this case it's like they were only prepared for one day of snow and then the second day completely blew their minds... I'm sorry, but four inches of snow is not a viable excuse for the state of affairs on Friday night, when there are countries in the world where the weather is much worse, a lot more of the time.

Get with it, Britain. If the scientists are right and there are only gonig to be two seasons (a short, harsh winter and a long, hot summer) then there is more of this weather to come, so frelling well prepare for it. Get some bloody snow ploughs. You have NO EXCUSE in the 21st century for the appalling state of the public transport system when there's even a little bit of snow, let alone eight solid hours of it.

Anyway, ranting aside, I did enjoy the snow for the period I wasn't stuck in it. Snow makes me very happy.

On Thursday night I forced Paul to have a snowball fight with me, which he enjoyed very much against his better judgement, and we built a snowman. The snowman's feet are still struggling to melt in our back garden as of this morning... I'll post a picture of him when we have the internet.

(Oh, that's another thing, we were meant to have the internet on Friday night, but Ben was also stuck in traffic so we called it off. Which is really bloody annoying, because I have three days off work and wanted to catch up on some of my online stuff. Bollocks. Anyway, I've probably lost quite a few of my online acquaintances through lack of internet, so a few more days won't hurt...)

On Saturday we had breakfast at the local organic cafe (very nice) and then did a little bit of food shopping. On Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] marz109 came over for a bit because she was bored and now has her driving licence. Paul argued with me over going to the pub because I didn't want to go out, and we watched the first episode of Life on Mars (and now need to record series 2 to stockpile it for later) before tea. Then he buggered off out, came back about 10.30 and we watched episode 2. Spoilery if you've not seen it )

At least I only have two days at work this week.

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There has been an IT-type man wandering around our office lately sorting out various problems and making sure everyone is on the correct versions of things. My Lotus Notes is now blue and has pretty letterheads (which makes a change from the horrible 256-colour pixellated things they used before). Yesterday he was asking everyone if they had internet access... so I said I did, but it was an old Social Care and Health password. Which is true.

It seems like they may be gearing up to give everyone in Legal Services internet access, rather than just the solicitors. Which is nice. In SC&H we had access so we could look at stuff on Care Knowledge. It may be there's a similar thing for Legal. But anyway, it's a very nice gesture...

In other news, I am getting quite into Ugly Betty right now. I wasn't sure what to expect when it was advertised, but it has proven itself to be very good. I just hope, like everything else clever to come out of America, that it doesn't get cancelled before its prime.

And, yes, I'm already shipping it. But considering I've not had the energy to watch or ship very much of anything before now, I'm quite pleased about that.

I've also started watching Most Haunted again since discovering their new medium (Gordon?) is no longer there and Derek has been fully replaced by the ever-loveable David Wells. Of course, Derek's absence is still obvious at times, but I'm more than happy with David taking his place. The next live show, whenever it is, is in Transylvania, so that should be really good. I'm quite liking the new format for Most Haunted Extra as well, with Karl giving away little secrets of television, although it's still not as good as the Series 5 episodes with the silly outtakes. I wish they'd find a format and stick to it...

Seether's "Broken" was on my MP3 player this morning and I got slightly nostalgic for the good old days of MH, before it went overseas and Derek and Yvette started snarking. (The reason being that "Broken" provided the lyrics for my old D/Y LJ layout... and the animated icon used in this post, in dedication to the moment I squealed like a lunatic and fell off the sofa...)

Anyway. I also randomly missed Asa this morning too, although frell knows why. He was just heading off to Gran Canaria when we went to the Welly on my birthday, and I didn't actually get to say goodbye at the end of the night because a certain someone was too drunk and moaning to go home. We were supposed to give Sober Paul one of our mobile numbers to get in touch in case he came back (which was Asa's suggestion, not just presumptuousness on our part) and forgot.

I dunno, it's just not the same without Vanilla...

Also, and finally, I was re-reading my paper journal the other night, and it seems the apathy that took over everything started as early as December 2004, although at least at that point I still had the mental capacity to whinge about it. I think the lull in writing came around February 2005, as there is a lull at that point until I was first going out with Paul in April, when I started writing things down for posterity. And then it completely dries up again until about October.

Maybe I should stop trying to figure out when I went crazy. But since I already know why, I keep trying to backtrack to find the initial starting point. Possibly that was just 'leaving Uni' or 'getting a job'.

Anyway, I should sign this one off.
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It is now February. Well, okay, it has been February for the past five days, but as today is Monday it feels like a better starting point. And my resolution for February was to make a start on my simply-but-effectively-named "soup diet".

The original plan was to eat nothing but soup for lunch until I lost some weight. However, I now realise that this is a very stupid plan, so it's been varied to eating soup for lunch for the first week of every month, with some extra variations for days like Tuesday, when I'm in work until 6.00 and don't get home until 9.15. And, of course, it includes the other sundries like a nice bread roll with butter and a yogurt.

So, I started it this morning. So far, so good. Half a tin of soup, a crusty roll and a yogurt are actually surprisingly filling. My plan for tomorrow thus far is to take sandwiches for lunch and then finish off the other half-tin of soup at about 5.30 before I leave work so I'm not dying of starvation at choir later.

With the swimming, proposed bike-obtaining-and-then-riding in the summer, and also possibly trampolining and rock climbing, funding allowing (and assuming the Epic Centre IS still there and isn't full of ravers after all - because really, the prospect of a building full of high climbing walls and drunken, stoned/high/E'd-off-their-faces people does NOT sound like a good plan to me) I will hopefully start to lose some weight at some point.

And as soon as I have some bathroom scales I will do my very best to bore you all to death with my monthly weigh-ins. :P

Anyway, I'd best get back to the complete lack of anything work-related...


Jan. 31st, 2007 10:45 am
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I'm going swimming with [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess tonight, in an effort to stop sitting on my big fat arse and start doing some exercise. We're going to Cocks Moors Wood Leisure Centre, which is just up the road from me. Hurrah.

Of course, I haven't been swimming in frelling ages so will probably attempt to do a length and die halfway through. We shall see. Practice makes perfect, and I was quite good at it at primary school. (I got both the Junior and Senior Swimming Cups by the end of year 6 at our Speech Night.)

I don't have any goggles or swimming cap, alas, and have no idea where to buy them from. I might have a little look at lunchtime but failing that will hope that the Leisure Centre has a shop where I can get some.

Now for what the title refers to... I went onto the birmingham.gov.uk site to find out how much it costs to go swimming these days and discovered that CMW does trampolining courses / sessions for adults. I used to go to trampolining lessons (with Aisha) at Hadley Stadium in Bearwood / Cape Hill when I was 15/16, initially as part of the physical aspect of my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. It was so much fun I carried on doing it.

It's a bit like gymnastics in that most kids (girls mostly) start it when they're five or six, so the other two girls our age were much further advanced than us at the time. It was also full of small children, most of whom were lovely.

Anyway, it turned out to be very good exercise for my legs (I used to have very well defined calf muscles as a result) so I figure something that's fun can't be bad.

I'm going to see if they have a leaflet or something when I go to the centre tonight (the website isn't very clear other than the times/days) to see how much it costs and what the nature of their sessions are.

In which case, would anyone up Kings Heath end (or within easy access of the 50 bus route) be interested in joining me for some Tiggerific bouncy fun? I don't mind going on my own, but it's better to go with a friend.

From what I can see so far, adult trampolining is on Monday evenings, 6.15 - 7.00pm. It looks like a full 'course' is £33, but I'm hoping they might do it on a weekly sessional basis as well. If it's £33 for a course it might have to wait until I have some more money.

It also means the start of my week will look like this: Mondays - trampolining; Tuesdays - choir practice; Wednesdays - swimming; Thursday to Sunday - death. But I am determined to lose weight by the summer, damnit. I can't eat any less.
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To be honest, I've spent most of the weekend feeling quite unwell due to the cold I managed to catch during my last week at work. It wasn't bad enough to warrant time off, which is probably just as well, because the other WPO in this team has also been off sick. I think the Council has its own special kind of lurgy...

On Saturday I was meant to take Paul out for the day (despite us both being broke and me trying to save money) but we called a halt to the proceedings late in the afternoon because my head hurt and I had a sore throat... But anyway, we firstly went to see the Superduperspective exhibition of 3D 'moving paintings at the Waterhall Gallery. Very entertaining and very clever. It's been extended to February 18 and it's well worth a look if you want half an hour or so of free entertainment and optical illusions are your kind of thing...

Then we wandered to the Ikon Gallery to see what pretentiousness they were exhibiting, but they were between installations so it was closed...

After that we went down Broad Street and stopped for drinks in the Figure of Eight, where we ran into [livejournal.com profile] flatlin2010 and Denise, and shortly thereafter [livejournal.com profile] falling_softly, who were on their way to see Smokin' Aces and quickly discovered the shitness that is Birmingham cinema times. Lloyd broke the ItBox and then it was fixed and we wasted some money in that, before they wandered off to the cinema and we headed towards Riley's.

We got as far as the Wetherspoon's by the library and gave up because I was in pain. Paul reminded me umpteen times that I owed him a night out and I complained that I never had any money. In the end we went to Tesco to get some food and something for dinner.

We went to bed at about 9.00 and watched the DVD of The Producers in bed (the new, musical version). Some thoughts, possibly spoilery )

On Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] joetimewaster was coming round with [livejournal.com profile] miss_scooter to get our internet all networked up. I had booked Monday off specifically for the purpose of spending the day surfing the internet, which was a very stupid thing to do as it just tempted fate... Everything worked except for the 15m of cabling between the router and my computer, annoyingly - we even tried the same cabling between the router and Lisa's PC downstairs (where the modem is) and it still didn't work.


So I spent most of Monday going to Selly Oak on the bus to get to PC World to see if I could get more cable there. Where it cost £35.00 and I didn't bother, instead asking Paul to email Ben and get him to get us more cable online, where it costs about a tenth of the price. PC World are rip-off merchants.

So we still don't have the internet. I wasn't feeling particularly well yesterday and the price of cable in PC World annoyed me... I had to go into Kings Heath to buy Paul some more work shoes so I thought I'd make the best use of the time and tried to buy a Valentine's card. Except I'd managed to time it so that all of the Camp Hill girls (but no boys...?) left school at the same time, and instantly filled up the card shops trying to get cards for their boyfriends. I gave up trying to find a card after the fifth rude person pushed past me without an 'excuse me', and because all the cards were either annoying, cheesy or just plain ugly. I am very particular when it comes to card-buying, but it does make the task very irritating.

Anyway, the other cable has been ordered and will hopefully work this time, and should be delivered by the end of the week..

Oh, and no, we don't want wireless, so don't suggest it. :P

I ended up having an on/off nap on Monday afternoon between 4.00 and 6.00 and then we went to Wetherspoons because I was in no fit state to cook.

I'm supposed to be going to choir tonight, but since I haven't had an unbroken night's sleep since Friday because of my cough (and because of the noisy bastards next door partying until 6.00am) I'm exhausted, and in no fit state to sing, either.

I've booked three days off from 14 - 16 February, and hopefully by then the internet will work.

Nothing's ever simple, is it? *sigh*

Anyway, as soon as I do have the internet, I will be posting some photographs from London that date back to October, and some photographs of the flat for those that haven't seen it yet. There would have been before/after photographs, but my camera wasn't uncovered until most of it was sorted. Of course, there will be photos assuming I can get the camera to work long enough - the battery cover broke off at London Zoo (it had an argument with the floor) and, of course, it's spring loaded. I need a new camera. :(
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Quiet weekend for once. Been calculating my finances and have allocated myself £20 per week spending money until the end of February, by which point my bank account should be looking a bit more healthy (this takes into account booking up for Cats in Birmingham after I get paid next Friday). We were meant to try and sort out the bedroom (which basically involves putting the cuddly toys PROPERLY on top of the wardrobe and finding somewhere for all of my bags to live, in order to get rid of the two big boxes on the floor and gain some space again), but couldn't be bothered in the end.

Suffered with a headache on Sunday and had a nap after the EastEnders omnibus. Paul went to Richie's gig, I had a shower and watched Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events on DVD. That is all.

Brief update into the Life of BeX.

+ window still leaks. Suspect this may have to be fixed via landlord.
+ currently without washing machine since boiler refit, as Phil forgot to plug it in and I'm not sure if it was intentional or forgetful. Must ring Phil to find out.
+ subsequently need to do some washing
+ should phone grandmother to arrange her coming over for dinner. Can't be arsed.
+ am getting new phone tonight, a Motorola RAZR V3 (ph34r my inner poser) because my old Siemens is irritating me. Got it for £67.50 on eBay, brand new and boxed. Lovely.
+ current celebrity crush: Noel Fielding. I fear Boosh fangirling can only be a step away.
+ as a result of which I have started to like Russell Brand... for this I also blame The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, where Noel and Russell were teamed together. "The Goth Detectives" should be an actual series. And if there isn't Noel/Russell slash out there already, dude, there so should be.
+ addicted to Celebrity Big Brother and wanting Cleo to either win the show or lose her sanity totally.
+ should be internetted quite soon and all for under £30.00. Hurrah.
+ after which I will create and post a few new icon ideas: Little Britain meets Wellington snark, and some of my favourite bits from Jerry Springer: The Opera.

That's about it, I think.


Nov. 20th, 2006 02:18 pm
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I am still alive.

All of the Solicitors and Legal Assistants are at an away day today so we ran out of work in our room at about 10.00 and started hijacking it from the other two teams (who always seem to have twice as much.) I am learning to slow my typing speed down so as not to run out of work. I'm far too used to enormous documents - and probably that three-week backlog after I was ill didn't help, either.

My computer is no longer buried and Ben is (hopefully) coming over on Sunday to look at it and advise on networking, so with any luck I will have internet access by Christmas. (On that note, Telewest are being bastards, but never mind that.) The bedroom looks more presentable now and this weekend we're going to attempt to rearrange the living room.

My mum got us our chairs from Ikea (should get those on Saturday) and is going to get our Christmas tree from Homebase. I'm determined to have the place at least vaguely presentable by Christmas...

The new Dyson is bloody wonderful. :)

I am a member of the City of Birmingham Choir and did my first concert on Saturday, a performance of Berlioz's Te Deum. There is a Christmas carol concert on Sunday 17 December at 2.30pm if anyone's interested, or we'll be carol singing in the Bull Ring on 6 December, 1.30 to 3.30. Hurrah, carols!

Also, here's two annoying things:

1) My website appears to have become deceased, as does the host site (www.34sp.com). I'm not sure if the latter is due to annoying work internet access, so if anyone could check that for me I would be very grateful. I also can't get into my www.mail.com account to even check if they emailed/advised me of anything. It's not such a problem for the site itself as all the content is on my hard drive, but it's all the pictures I had saved on there which bothers me, as I'll need time to go back through old LJ entries trying to find dead links so I can recreate the file systems and just argh.

2) Sainsbury's never have any bread when I want to buy any. We normally get Warburton's white because it's the nicest non-fresh bread and we both like it. Except Sainsbury's didn't have any, so I had to get Hovis square white instead... which used to be really nice, except now they've changed the recipe and put "wholemeal goodness" in it. Here's the thing: if I want brown bread, I'll buy brown bread. I want white bread, ergo I do not want "wholemeal goodness" in there. The "best of both" stuff mings. I'm eating healthily enough; stop shoving it down my throat.

That is all.

I just thought I'd resurface as it's quiet, since Eni texted me to make sure I was still alive...

I haven't checked my friends list in well over two months, so if anything deathly interesting has happened, feel free to email me or leave links in comments. Ta.
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Long time no post. Hope everyone is still alive and still has me friended; if not - eh, it's your loss. :P

In brief:

~ had very nice Thai food and plenty of time off work to enjoy my birthday and received lots of nice things, including every episode ever of Dangermouse and Jack Sparrow's hat.

~ visited London from 20th to 23rd October (ended up staying one night longer than intended) to see The Producers and Avenue Q and [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure and lots of animals, which were all very enjoyable. We spent too much money and giggled quite a lot. There'll be a proper write-up, complete with pictures, when - as usual - I have a computer again.

~ had a Hallowe'en gathering on Saturday that comprised a total of five people but was quite pleasant nonetheless. Watched a very silly B-movie called Vault of Horror that completely defied any logic we tried to attach to it.

Other than that, I am currently quite irked by the following:

~ we bought a £289 Dyson on Sunday for £180, but had to have the display model due to them selling out. We got it home to discover the bloody hose was missing so I have to go back to Currys (in the Bull Ring) to shout at another gormless sales assistant. That's after I spend an hour trying to find one.

~ Argos, and their persistence in not reordering the black chandelier that I want for the bedroom (it's only small and £20). I spotted it back in September when I had a £20 voucher to spend, and their helpful stock-check machine told me that the sales assistant could order one for me. The sales assistant couldn't order one - in fact, she couldn't even tell me when the next batch would be arriving, or even ordered in. Let it be noted that they have apparently sold out city-wide; so basically 3000 people in Birmingham have ordered the same lampshade. Er, right. Of course they have. I tried again earlier and still no joy, so I suspect they may quietly discontinue it without actually telling anyone, which is incredibly annoying. (I wonder if city-wide includes Oldbury... or if I can order it online, which may be my last resort.)

~ in summary - Argos R suck.

~ the flat is falling apart, literally. The curtain runners in the living room AND the bedroom have both fallen out of the wall because the plaster and brickwork is crap (but at least the one in the living room still works) and now the sink is coming away from its mounting... Also, the pressure on the boiler doesn't want to stay where we set it, and the stairs smell musty. I can't complain too much because it's a very old house, but still, I'm beginning to see why the rent is so cheap...

~ Birmingham trying to be London. Paul and I both bought funky trainers in Sole in London's Neal Street (near Covent Garden) only to discover an exact replica of the same shop - with the same trainers and the same sale - yesterday. This is annoying, as it rather negates the "I went all the way to London for these!" factor of buying them.

~ The Bull Ring also R suck.

I need to get back to work...
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Today will be my last day at Ladywood. We've been out to lunch and I've said goodbye to my favourite colleagues. Sandra has been on leave for two weeks and the harmony here has been absolutely lovely. Her 'other half', Keli, is a nice girl and I'd love to work with her as we've clicked, but unfortunately, her arrival doesn't mean that Sandra is going. And that's the main problem.

They got me a card signed by admin and Chairs, £20 of Argos vouchers and 16 Ferrero Rocher chocolates (now down to 12). Sandra hasn't been around to sign the card, which is just as well. Unfortunately, she turned up at the leaving lunch with four-year-old daughter in tow (who is absolutely gorgeous and Sandra most certainly doesn't deserve her), not for my benefit but because it's Cynthia's birthday on Tuesday and she'd bought her a present. We didn't exchange words; I studiously avoided looking at her. She flounced off five minutes later and suddenly I could relax again. It sometimes feels like she does these things on purpose just to make me feel inadequate. Not content with having done so the entire time she's worked with me, she has to go and ruin my last day as well.

Good riddance, bitch.

I'm going to buy a goodbye card over the weekend to send back to LAO on Monday, as I didn't have time during the week.

Today will also be my last day of gratuitous internet abuse, since I'm not sure what my workload's going to be like and wouldn't want to be too presumptious in my first week by going online all the time, so until we get Telewest sorted (and my computer unburied) I'll be updating sporadically. I might attempt to keep a paper diary if anything interesting happens. Unlikely, but you never know...

Anyway, that's one milestone. The other is this: I will be 25 years old in one month and one day. So here is a list of things I would like.

~ Nina Ricci's new perfume. I don't remember what it's called but the bottle is shaped like an apple.
~ Givenchy's Ange ou Demon? perfume.
~ A Creative Zen Microphoto MP3 player, in black.
~ A new camera
~ A Motorola Razr phone

Naturally, I don't expect anyone to buy me any of these (though Paul may get me the first one) but I just thought I'd throw it out there. You know... just in case. ;)
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Last night I made possibly the healthiest meal in a while, though that was rather negated by the sheer amount of it.

Pesto chicken pasta )

I also did this with home-made garlic bread (yes, I am a kitchen goddess) and it was lovely. There was rather a lot of it, so I had the rest for my lunch today... The only bad thing was that the yoghurt overpowered the pesto flavour a little bit, so I might try it with double cream next time (just to make it slightly less healthy...)

Tonight I'm leaving work at about 5.30 to go to a rehearsal for the City of Birmingham Choir (if I can find the bloody place), in the hope of auditioning next week. Christmas just isn't Christmas without a good sing-song, so I'm biting the bullet and trying to join up. Here's hoping my soprano hasn't withered and died. Wish me luck!
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Spent this evening ferrying the boxes of kitchen stuff - and one box of books - to the flat.  And that was about it.

Tomorrow I will do nothing, because I'm exhausted.  Paul is seeing [livejournal.com profile] marz109 early in the evening and then coming over to mine later.  On Saturday morning we're going to the flat to see Lisa-from-downstairs and discuss the bills/council tax, and hopefully get to the bank to set up an account before it closes.  Banks are stupid.  They close at 5.00, and at weekends.  You know, the times when most people don't have to go to work.  Doctor's surgeries are almost as bad, but at least they're open late.

Sunday, hopefully, we'll be able to move the bed in, assuming we can fit the mattress into someone's car.  Double mattresses have enough give to be able to, er, fold them... don't they?

Oh, and I've got a typing test/interview for the Audio Typist job (the Chief Exec's one) on 13th July.  Yay.  It looks like I'll be interviewed by the same Human Resources woman, too...
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On Friday, if it wasn't obvious from my post that day, I decided to start attempting to pack stuff up.  So I put together a box, and started to fill it with books.  Then I tried to move it.

I got it halfway down the first flight of stairs, and then managed to get it wedged between the bottom step and the bookcase, and it was too heavy to move.  So, I got another box and put some of the books in that one, making sure it was light enough to carry, and deposited a few more books on the staircase until the first box was light enough to manouevre past the bookcase.  I got it down another flight of stairs until halfway down the second one, where, again, it got wedged on the bookcase.  So I took even more books out of it and finally managed to get it down the stairs.  I filled them up with DVDs after that, and there are now three boxes in the hall full of books.  There are also still books on the landing that didn't fit, plus all the hardbacks.

After that, I had a shower and went into town to meet Paul.  We went to the Shakespeare in the city centre.  A slightly drunken woman coerced us into going in there when I said it looked full.  She wandered off with her friends (apparently to the Newt) and then came back an hour or so later to have a bit of a shout and try to beat up the bar manager, who called the police.  He looked a bit like Alan Davies...

Saturday, we had to get up early and get to the flat for 9.30 to await washing machine delivery men.  This was via Sainsbury's to get magazines and puzzle books, as, obviously, there's no television or stereo in there as we have yet to actually move in.

A delivery man appeared at about 11.30.  Bloody typical.  There was only one of him, and he said that they would be there before 2.00.  Trevor-the-Landlord was due to turn up at 12.30, so we rang him to put him off, then rang him again when they'd arrived.  The machine was fitted fairly quickly, anyway, and the fitting charge was only £20.  It's a nice, simple washing machine with one temperature dial and a 'start' button, designed for washingmachineaphobics like me.

Trevor turned up shortly afterwards to mow the lawn, collect the first month's rent and depost, and collect the guarantee paperwork for the washing machine. Managed to clear up a few questions about what we can do to the walls in regards to fittings and such.

Finally, at 3.15, we left the flat, went to the pub for a bit, and went back to mine via the chippy, where the stupid girl got the order wrong AGAIN.  She's obviously the granddaughter of the family that own it and she'd rather spend her summer doing, well, teenage things, rather than getting covered in chip fat.  She's also incredibly dim.

Today I have cleaned the kitchen and played Scrabble a bit and not much else.  Had to take a short trip to the shops to get bread, as the stuff in the breadbin had gone mouldy and the other stuff is frozen.  Mum and David are getting back some point tomorrow, so I'm going to hopefully go to Asda for some bits of food shopping and hoover/dust as much as I can.  I'm still somewhat recovering from Friday's moving endeavours, though, so I don't know how long it'll take.

I'm knackered... Bedtime.
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I am informed that it is [livejournal.com profile] cloudjuice's birthday, which means that at about this time in 2002 we were sitting in the ballroom of a hotel on the outskirts of Blackpool, reeling from meeting James Marsters and watching Buffy and LOTR winning every single one of SFX's awards.  Except for Sexiest Woman (Claudia Black) and Best Visual Effects (Farscape), which resulted in much bouncing and squeeing.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her, anyway.

Nostalgia )

My Meat Loaf CD fritzed and I lost the flow of this, but I think that's more than enough for one night.  Tomorrow I will expend energy into tidying, dusting, hoovering and making the house look presentable before my mum and David get home.
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My body has yet to understand the concept of period pains coming before the thing in question. Meh. They're not as bad as they probably could be, but they are made worse by unnecessary stomach pain...

Executive decision: the barbecue is cancelled, mostly due to lack of interest. I can't really afford it, I can't really be arsed, and there was only one definite attendee anyway. Either way, this is my last effort to be sociable. You all know where I am.

Anyway. On Tuesday night, I decided to watch White Noise, which turned out to be quite a bad idea because I'm generally not very good at horror films. I liked it, anyway. Echoes of The Ring in places, completely inaccurate in terms of what EVP is actually like (it's rarely as clear as they were making out), but a clever twist at the end anyway. Would have been a lot less scary if Paul hadn't decided to ring me at 10.30 and scare the bejeesus out of me, since the phone rang at the exact wrong time.

As a result, I ended up watching another hour of television to calm myself down. A random episode of Life Begins, as it happened, and was very tired most of yesterday.

We met up in town after work and ate at the Yard of Ale. They've changed their menu and made it boring. Which is apparently the in thing these days, since Wetherspoons did exactly the same, having abolished their delicious shredded BBQ pork baguettes and the interesting-looking platter that I never got a chance to try. Bastards.

After that we hopped on a bus down to Tanoshi Bar, which used to be The Lazt Word, next to Morgan Computers on Hagley Road. It's now a Thai restaurant/bar. It's very pretty. They have swinging chairs downstairs (like you see in American films on the front porches of ranch houses) and the upstairs is painted green and gold with amazing wooden tables that look like bits of tree trunk. Fairly reasonably priced. I didn't try the food but it all looked very nice.

We were there to hear Richie do his first solo acoustic gig, and were led to believe that it was to start at 7.30. This was the original start time before it was moved from the James Brindley. It turned out that it didn't start until 9.00.

So naturally, by the time Richie had gone on, half an hour late, and performed, I was whinging and wanted to go home. Paul whinged back, convinced me to stay for another drink, and we sat through the quite boring second performer (a girl from Gibralta) and some of the third. Naturally, when I got home it took me ages to get to sleep again, despite nodding off in the pub.

Knackered again today. To-do list:

~ Tape House and... the other thing I don't remember, for David. Repeat next week.
~ Go next door and tell Jean that I won't be there at the weekend and ask her to water the plants in the back garden and the tomatoes in the back room.
~ Attempt to pack stuff...
~ Remember cheque book.
~ Empty dishwasher, clean George Foreman grill.

I think that's it, actually...

Ho-hum. Work.
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Another journey home from work, another idiot driver.  This time I was on the paved bit halfway across the dual carriageway and the driver of the last car before I crossed was grinning out of the window at me like a moron.  I mean, seriously.  Twice in the space of as many weeks.  This is getting annoying.

In other news: quiet evening, spent doing more embroidery and half-watching UK Food because David's in charge of the remote as usual.  I feel horrible and bloated from too much food.  Possibly should start eating bran flakes again.

Going to Paul's tomorrow as it's the 16th (13 months!) and because I can't see him Wednesday due to the Bloody Football taking over everyone's lives as usual.  I may barricade myself in my bedroom with a DVD instead.  Anyway, tomorrow we are also celebrating his pay rise, as this means we'll be able to afford the flat and random luxuries.  Talking of which, I saw some gorgeous throw cushions in Urban Outfitters this morning.  May have to go and see how much they are.

In other random news, I was hunting for GP surgeries near the flat, and the nearest one, literally a road away, is owned/run/whatever surgeries are by [livejournal.com profile] cloudjuice's mum.  How's that for coincidental? :)

I think I'll lumber around online for a bit and then read some more of Legacy, which is proving to be very good already.  I'd forgotten just how engaging Susan Kay is an author.  I wonder whatever happened to her?
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For some reason, whenever I complain about being uninspired and unable to write, I manage to write something. The something being about four paragraphs of random Buffyfic for the end of "Broken Record", which I'm never going to get to use because I'll never get that far, but anyway. It's something.

So, an update.

Friday was boring at work. In the evening, Paul and I saw an amateur production of Little Shop of Horrors with Alison and Drew. Quite good, all things told. Audrey and Seymour were both good, though there were a few glitches with microphones and horrible accents. I think they may have stolen the Audrey II handpuppet from the production I saw in Leeds and painted it yellow... either that or there's a company somewhere that specialises in Audrey IIs...

So that was entertaining. It was by the Crossed Keys Musical Theatre Co., who apparently meet somewhere in Acocks Green. Am half-considering phoning up for an audition, but this may have to wait until Paul and I are in situ in Kings Heath, as it's nearer...

After the show, we dragged Ali and Drew to the Wellington, where Gobby Paul hurled some abuse at us, called us "the camp table" and likened me to Nana Miskouri. He also tried to make us get up and do karaoke as it was fairly empty in the back room. We left at about 11.30 (to a "T'ra, wenches!"), convinced that we could get a 45 on Bristol Road and then realising we'd have to walk half a mile to get one... luckily, the last one was at 00.13 so we were home reasonably early, and without the inconvenience of a taxi.

One good thing to come out of the evening was some confirmation that Asa/Vanilla is back from wherever he went off to at Hallowe'en, and our Pride Weekend is now sorted out. Vanilla's doing a show on Friday night so we'll be at that, then follow the parade on Saturday and most likely end up at the Welly again, and then Vanilla's on again on Monday night. God bless Council Tuesdays. :D

All this, of course, is money- and energy-dependant. I need to adjust my rainbow flares so that I can walk in them, but at least I've found my bandana from last year.

Saturday was quite sedate. I went home at about 5.00ish because Paul was going to a gig at the Market Tavern and I didn't have the energy for it. Instead, I stayed in, did some embroidery (nearly finished the blue!) and watched Hide and Seek, starring Robert de Niro and Dakota Fanning. Which was actually quite good, and at least I know now that Dakota Fanning isn't just another annoying child actress, as she's really quite good.

David fell asleep twice during the duration and subsequently missed the twist at the end... and didn't understand the film. He was, of course, wide awake again afterwards when he realised Independence Day was on. We're trying to educate him with some decent films, but it's just not happening. I suppose I should be glad we got control of the evening's viewing for once. Makes a bloody change. :P

I went back to Paul's on Sunday (horrendous journey there with buses being late), where we watched EastEnders and "Backwards" of Red Dwarf, then went into town to waste money in the Flapper's ItBox. I have learnt that I can play much better pool on American tables as opposed to rubbish little British pub ones. So there we go.

We watched a couple more episodes of Red Dwarf once back (or was it one?) whilst eating half of a gigantic cheesy-mash bolognese. We had the other half for lunch today.

The weather is horrible... possibly I'd be feeling better about it if I was wearing a hoody of some description, rather than a velvet blazer. Oh well.

Quite a nice weekend, really. I think next weekend should be quiet and sedate to save energy for Pride...


May. 9th, 2006 06:56 pm
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I hardly got any sleep last night.  I was tired when I went to bed at about 10.00, read for an hour (currently reading A Brother's Journey by Richard B Peltzer, brother of the famous David A Child Called It Peltzer.  Like the trilogy, it's addictive, car-crash syndrome reading) and then spent another two hours trying to sleep.

I think I must've just passed out from sheer frustration at some point, as I woke up again some hours later when it was just about light (probably about 5.30; it usually is) with a crick in my neck to end all cricks.  I fell asleep on my back with my head at a strange angle.  So I moved my head about cautiously to unstiffen it, and fell asleep again - this time on my side - until my alarm went off.

Went to work via Tesco to get some more butter for work.  Tuna sandwiches and a cornflake cake (a biscuit-shaped one) for lunch.  Mm. :)

So, yes.  Tired.  I suspect it's stress/worry about this impending work assessment tomorrow.  I rang up this morning to confirm my attendance (should have done that on Monday, whoops) and was then rung by someone else from the team to ask if I was coming.  She sounded nice enough. I'm hoping it won't be too bad.  Presumably, if I pass this assessment then they'll invite me back for an interview.  Considering I wasn't even expecting to get this far, it's quite surprising.

Anyway, that's tomorrow.  My hair is now straightened.  I need to shave my legs, and hope my graduation suit still fits.  Stupid expanding arse.

Tina R caused some more chaos today.  Vel is leaving on Thursday.  Her - or rather, Liz H's - diary is full of meetings that will need Chairing.  We have no Chair.  Tina R decides to tell us today that we'll have to spread the 18 meetings for the month across Natasha and Shafiq's diaries.  Luckily, Natasha can cover nine of them without us having to move them, and the rest will have to be reconvened.  Joy.  Amanda has threatened for herself and Sandra to stop minuting because they won't have time to do both that and reconvening, never mind their other duties.  It's not just as simple as moving a meeting - you have to find a place to put it, check that the Social Worker can make it, possibly move it again (repeat ad nauseum), telephone people or send out invitations, and then wait for the complaints to roll in...

So, end point, if they stop minuting meetings, the Chairs have to do them, which means I have to type them, and I'm only just finishing the backlog from my week off at Easter.

Also, Amanda said today that Tina H is handing over some of her staff to Carole Sefton (her equivalent at Silvermere) to reduce her workload a bit.  Two of them are me and Cynthia.  Er, okay.  I presume she's going to tell me this on Thursday in my supervision.  I suspect this is because I keep whinging about Sandra, so if we have different supervisors there's nothing that can really be done.  Which sucks.  But nevertheless, I'm telling her about that Invitations Saga from a month or so back (where she blamed me for something that was her fault), probably off the record, because even if nothing gets done about it, I will at least have told someone.

Part of me really hopes I get this legal job.  Part of me just wants everyone else in HoB Children's Services to STFU, piss off, and new workers to come in that I can mould to my evil plans get along with on a regular basis.

I also sent off for an application pack for a General Assistant job in a school in Harborne.  It's only Scale 2 and term-time only, unfortunately, which would mean getting bar work during school holidays.  But the prospect of term-time only is still very appealing, despite the money.  We'll see.  It's annoying that school jobs never have online application packs, though.  They encourage you to apply online, and even though the application form is there, there's no job description so you can easily see what you're applying for - and, the Council being the cheaparses they are, it takes five working days to get to you.  And they don't email them, because they're not in electronic form.  Every other Directorate manages it, for crying out loud...

Bah.  Anyway.  We're having home-made fish pie for tea (with cauliflower and broccoli mash with cheeeeese on top!) so I'll sign this off, and spend the evening not panicking and not thinking about the impending assessment tomorrow.  Oh, and finding out how to claim that tenner we won on the Lottery.
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Hm. Interesting. This weekend has been quite lucky all around, really. Friday was MGM-night, which saw a greater turn out than last time and more people at the Flapper than I've ever seen in my whole life. Probably because it was the first warm, summery day we've had in months and everyone headed for the nearest beer garden.

We discovered that the Flapper's ItBox, at least on Friday, was set up for idiots, since we put two quid in and played at least 8 games off that because the Ant and Dec game kept giving us the Back To School category. As a result, we decided to come back to it at another time and win lots of money.

The evening was quite subdued, all things told. We were informed by Tom that the Inline forum is now being fully investigated and they're targetting the top 10 posters. Once again, this makes me quite angry. The fact that nobody had the foresight to realise the 'chat' privilege would be abused is bad enough; trying to make up for their own stupid mistake now is just plain ridiculous. It means that good workers are being penalised and investigated just because - god forbid - they tried to stop their brain from leaking out of their ears during work hours. If the investigators actually looked at productivity, they'd probably find it was higher for those using the forum.

Anyway. I won't get started; the entire thing makes me very annoyed and it's not worth the energy.

On Friday afternoon, I came home to find a letter on the kitchen counter inviting me to a 'work-based assessment' for that Legal typist job I applied for. Not sure if it's just the assessment or whether there's an interview as well, but either way it's this frelling Wednesday at 11.30. I think they literally got that letter out within their 4-week timescale, just when I'd given up any hope of hearing back at all. This has resulted in my feeling rather apathetic and meh about the prospect of the entire thing, especially given I know nothing about Legal and didn't bother to do any research because I didn't expect to get this far. So, yeah. I have to look presentable in two days. Considering I look and feel like a large blob, this isn't going to be very fun.

Saturday we did nothing except play Scrabble. All day. 10 games, and the second tournament. Plus a trip to the off licence for wine and a lottery ticket. We had a very nice spaghetti bolognese with home-made garlic bread for tea, though.

Sunday we played some more Scrabble in the morning (help, am trapped in addiction) and then went to the Flapper to kill their ItBox. We won £8.00 out of it, stuck a couple of those into the pool table, and then put the rest back in again. The coins were sticky and disgusting because someone had spilt something horrible in the collecting tray. Nice. The bar staff are tramps, obviously.

Upon leaving the Flapper, we heard a Very Angry Man shouting into his mobile phone about how he'd been stranded in Birmingham. He then threw his phone into a hedge and shouted "What are you looking at?!" to an innocent Chinese bloke who was walking on the other side of the road and not even looking at him. Purposely, I imagine. We shuffled behind him (going in a different direction, luckily) with our heads down trying not to giggle, as he was clearly in search of someone's head to kick in by that point...

We went to Sports Cafe expecting it to be empty, only to find it completely full. Damn. So instead we went to Sainsbury's on Broad Street to get some wine, except they'd sold out of the nice rosé they'd had on Friday. Cue a trip (and a long walk) to the off licence once back home, to get crisps as well.

More Scrabble. Which resulted in an argument, somehow, and with arguing also going on downstairs, I wasn't a very happy camper, to say the least. Mum and David are arguing about money because our water heater's given up the ghost (the shower is heated separately, luckily), and they need to get rid of the lock-up. So basically they now want me to move out as quickly as possible so they can get rid of the stuff in the lock-up, and Paul and I still don't have a frelling timescale on when we can move in. Being in this endless limbo is almost worse than not getting the flat at all...

However, on the plus side, we checked the lottery numbers last night and discovered we'd won a tenner. It only took, oh, four months...


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