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As if falling back into Frasier, Farscape and X-Files wasn't bad enough - and also Buffy as Denise and I progress further through that re-watch - I am still periodically flailing about POTO. :P

I went to Denise's on Saturday, initially because we were going to continue the Buffy-athon, but instead I inflicted shared the POTO 25th anniversary concert (and latterly the 1925 silent film, just for comparison purposes).

POTO is a really weird thing. I fall in and out of it regularly, and the the only time I fall back into it is after actually seeing/reading some version of it. I finished "Whisper" in a creative flurry after my first viewing of the gala concert; "Freedom from Darkness" (my first proper POTO fic) and its sequels came from the germ of an idea after I first saw the show in Birmingham, aged 16; and my Mary Sue story / A-Level creative writing assignment was written following my first reading of Susan Kay's Phantom. When I'm not flailing about it, though, I kind of forget the power it has over me. I'll go for months - even years - without reading/writing fanfic or even thinking it about it at all. I still count it as a fandom, of course, and it's always there in the periphery of my mind, but until the point when it actually takes over my head again I tend to file it away somewhat as one of those frivolous fandoms of my youth.

Although if the recent rewatches have proven anything, it's that those so-called frivolous fandoms of my youth were more important than I gave them credit for. ;)

Anyway, the point is, it's the most horrendously addictive thing in the world. I can remember listening to the soundtrack almost constantly on several occasions in my teens and 20's, and nowadays, each and every time I've watched the 25th anniversary gala, I am overcome by the desire for MOAR PHANTOM.

That being said, because it's been 1.5 years since the gala concert and because I've watched it three more times since then - which isn't much in the grand scheme of things but if I were still a student I imagine that number would be more like 300 - I felt like doing an entry about some of my favourite things about the performance...

POTO 25 Awesomeness )

I shall now come out of the cut to briefly mention this other, semi-related thing which I discovered on Saturday whilst we were watching the 1925 silent film, which [personal profile] commoncomitatus will also appreciate. I was IMDb-ing to find out where they'd filmed it, because the Palais Garnier interiors were so accurate (soundstage 28, apparently, where many of the sets still remain and which is rumoured to be haunted), and in the process of reading the trivia page I learned the following exciting nugget of information.

The ornate bed in Christine's bedroom is the same one used by Gloria Swanson 25 years later in Sunset Boulevard. Which explains why it was so bloody familiar!!

These fandoms are content to remain intertwined, apparently. :D

Okay, I think this is long enough. I might come back with exciting POTO screencaps at some other juncture when I have more spare time. Watch this space. :D
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This morning I had one of those terrifying, synchronistic moments where my MP3-player gave me a song that was so poignantly accurate I simply had to vent it. Obviously, the manner in which I vented it was tweeting [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus (who is on holiday, which only makes it worse that I felt the need to destroy her brain with it, too - but yay for modern technology not leaving me in fandomic limbo!) telling her to Google the lyrics in light of the piece of fic I sent her last night.

And then, of course, all the people on the bus think I'm a weirdo for trying not to laugh at my phone.

The song is P!nk's "True Love" (from her new album - click the link for bonus Lily Allen!). The fandom, obviously, is Jonathan Creek. The worst part is the last time the song rolled around (because my MP3-playlist is alphabetical) I struggled to think of a 'ship to which it could relate. Then this morning I nearly facepalmed from obviousness.

Fics are progressing... )


Coming out of the cut for this. [livejournal.com profile] cloudsinvenice, when are you good to start the joint re-watch? GETTING ANTSY OMG. It occurs to me I've not re-watched them on the MAHOOSIVE telly yet either (other than occasional glimpses on Watch when it's on), so coupling that with the fact the PS3 upscales the DVD's, I'm even more excited. :D

That being said - anyone else care to join us in the Grand Jonathan Creek Watchathon? (I still need to download "The Grinning Man" and "The Judas Tree", but frankly everything after series 3 is moot anyway. I need to re-watch both series 4 and the recent specials for context and research purposes, but nonetheless I do not relish the idea of suffering through those six episodes of Carla. Meh.)

Anyway, whenever the re-watch starts I'll announce it, and anyone with access to episodes is free to join the fun. :)
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The last two weeks have been rather insane. I'll do a separate post later about this morning's work-related idiocy.

Gigs and parties. )

So, that's that. The Killers gig has basically made me go a bit crazy fangirl, repeatedly listening to Battle Born and appreciating it even more than before the concert. It's my favourite album by far - as addictive as Day and Age and Hot Fuss, but less hit and miss, with just as many potential classics. As a result, I want to get the album's logo - a lightning bolt - tattoed on my person. I already have plans for an ouroboros on my right inner forearm / wrist, and I want to get the lightning bolt underneath it. Paul has not helped by suggesting we should both get matching lightning bolts.

It would be much more than just a Killers reference, however: it would be a memory of the gig, a sneaky reference to Rocky Horror, and a symbol of my love of thunderstorms. The ouroboros is a symbol of rebirth; the lightning bolt is for battle born, the wording of which is taken from the Nevada state flag (I want to visit Las Vegas; in fact I want to honeymoon there). I love the sentiment of the two together, a brand to mark the turning point I seem to have reached in my life at the moment. Also, they're one of the only bands Paul and I both like (though we like different songs and different albums: in his head there is nothing to top Hot Fuss, in mine they just keep on getting better) and the first Proper Gig we've both been to, so it would be nice to commemorate that experience as well.

Not sure when I will get them done, but hopefully soon. I'm feeling the desire for new ink really badly right now: mostly to get the ideas in situ before they fizzle out on me, but also craving the pain/adrenaline to reaffirm my own aliveness.

In that vein: I totally need some Killers icons.

Next entry: fee earners waste our time with pointless tasks out of paranoia that could have been avoided in the first place by not being skinflints.

Over and out.
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So, on Friday night I went to see Dark Shadows at Giant Screen with Paul and my mum. It was very enjoyable indeed, thank you. :)

Incredibly spoilerific thoughts under here )

Hm, that ended up a bit more philosophical than I expected...

In other news: on Saturday we had our "Classical meets Romantic" concert. Frankly, I was quite glad when it was over with. I don't especially like singing in Town Hall anyway (the changing facilities are a pain, and the choir stalls are cramped), and everything felt a bit under-prepared because we were focusing so much energy on Equinox back in March. I'm pretty sure there were sections of the Beethoven I hadn't seen before during rehearsal. I personally didn't feel it went that well, but I was also really tired on Saturday anyway (post-squee comedown from Friday night).

There's too much going on at Symphony Hall this month that I want to see: Karl Jenkins on the 27th and Dracula (the Legosi one) with a live orchestra score on the 29th. It also transpires Katie Melua is touring and appearing there on 12th October; I did a search for tickets last night and there are only the back few rows of the Grand Tier left - or you can get them through touts for upwards of £85 (they retail at £32.50!) I wish I knew about this stuff sooner. :( I think Vicky's bought me the new album for Christmas anyway, so I won't have heard it by October in any event, but it's still irritating.

I also need to find money from somewhere to book Phantom for the UK tour - it hits Birmingham in March 2013 and tickets go on sale next Monday (ten months in advance). I am utterly skint and they cost as much as going to London. It's been 15 years since the last tour (I saw it in Birmingham in August 1998) so I want to see it on that basis, as it was something of a rite of passage and the start of an up-and-down love affair with the fandom when I was 16, but it's so expensive and I'm worried that by the time I have enough money to afford it, there'll only be rubbish seats left. :(

Ho hum.

Some good stuff )

Okay, that's long enough I think. ;)
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For anyone who hasn't yet heard via Facebook or text message (not many!), here is the official announcement.

Paul and I are engaged. :)

The ring is actually a teense too big so I'm going to get it resized this lunchtime, after which I will post a proper photograph.

If you're curious, he bought it on a whim on the way back from his business course on Saturday, pretended he couldn't get the internal porch door open (it sticks sometimes) and knocked so I'd come to let him in, whereupon he was waiting on one knee in the porch. He was going to wait until April so I was definitely surprised!

So, there we go. I wouldn't get too excited just yet as it will probably be the longest engagement ever until we have any money. :P
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OKAY. Second attempt at this, as we had a power cut at work and it ate my first draft (and I had to finish it at home because I was busy). Thankfully I hadn't written very much in the way of Actual Thoughts...

And, before I properly begin - HOLY CHRIST IT'S HOT. Apparently it's meant to snow by the end of the week, after averaging about 30 degrees on Saturday just gone. I second [livejournal.com profile] flatline2010's Facebook status - the world is broken.

Anyway, we - Paul, David, my mum and I - went to see Phantom of the Opera last night for its 25th anniversary performance at the Royal Albert Hall - via Vue at Star City, I should say, as tickets for the Albert Hall were £25 for standing only - up in the gods and riiiiight at the back - and £250 per person for a box seat. Frankly, none of us are that rich. :P

We had seats at the middle in the back, which actually were okay because it was showing on Screen 1. I suspect this is better treatment than it would have received at Cineworld had they gotten their grubby paws on it - their description of the plot was decidedly sarcastic on their Twitter feed, to say the least...

The concert / show is being released on DVD and Bluray in November so be warned that if any POTO fans on my f-list are reading this, there will be specific, performance-related spoilers... It was streamed live around the world in any event (and apparently not-so-live as I think there are further showings this week), though obviously taking time zones into account, people may well have missed it.

Review / Ramblings - probably LONG and contains SPOILERS. )

I totally wish Sunset Boulevard were so popular, but alas I feel a 25th anniversary performance of it may be a distant dream. Although at this rate the movie version is never going to get made either, so I suppose that's a blessing in disguise. ;)

Needless to say, I am now suitably reinspired to finish "Whisper", my latest POTO fic, though I may have to change tactic slightly. Fic spoilers / boring stuff )

Watch this space; I might even post it soon!

I was looking online for a photograph to post with this entry, but thanks to the 2004 movie being so prevalent, I failed. In any event, I was going to post a picture of the moment Erik draws Christine through the mirror, or more specifically the moment he actually appears, because basically it's the sexiest thing EVAR and I just... do not know why. Something about the cape and the mask and the smoke, I think; either that or I've finally gone mad. ;)

On that note, I shall flee.
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I turned the three-day Bank Holiday weekend into four days by having Friday off. Initially we were meant to use this day for house-viewings but only managed to get one in, on the Saturday. Instead I used Friday to have a much-needed lie-in, and we didn't do anything except go out for a very nice curry at Pangaea in the evening.

House viewing )

After that we went home via town, realising on the way there that it was Pride weekend. We had some breakfast in the Briar (having left too early to have any before), where we ran into Abi and Anna (ex-Inliners), who were fuelling up for the parade. Unfortunately I have been too knackered to enjoy Pride in about four years so we decided against it, instead popping into the Works (picked up a new recipe book, containing useful information on how long to freeze stuff, and some presents for a one-year old), and then into GameStation (three Wii games obtained - Wii Music, Super Paper Mario and a Star Wars game for Paul).

I spent the rest of Saturday catching up on EastEnders and watching How to Train Your Dragon, which was quite good, whilst Paul was out for Jon's birthday drinks at the Yardbird (I wasn't in the mood for a loud pub or going out again).

On Sunday we went to Jen and Dave's for Acacia's first birthday bash. We had bought her a harmonica (well, that was more for Dave) and a duck hand-puppet that quacked three different tunes (Frere Jacques, London Bridge and Old MacDonald, if I remember rightly). It took Paul and I at least an hour to figure out that the different 'notes' the duck quacked were not random; shamefully, Dave figured it out in about three seconds. :P

I had taken an antihistamine before going to Jen and Dave's because they have cats, except I foolishly bought Sainsbury's own the last time because they were half the price of Benadryl for twice as many tablets, and only realised they weren't non-drowsy about half an hour later. Thankfully the party didn't last too long and we were back home again by about 3.00. I pottered about online for an hour or so and then joined Paul in a two-hour nap.

Oh, I forgot to mention - our oven is broken again. As a first attempt Paul stuck down the bottom lip of the seal again in the hope that would help, as it appeared to be not heating up and circulating cold air, but after a quick Google search it transpires it's the heating element that's broken. It is actually very easy to replace oneself if the oven is set up in such a way as to be able to unscrew it by just taking the back wall of the cavity off, except (of course) with ours you have to go in from behind, which means disconnecting the electrics. So that'll have to be a call-out job (found somewhere online which will do it for about £120 all in, which is cheaper than a new cooker). Thankfully the grill acts as an oven also, so we've had to use that. As a result, however, we ended up ordering pizza on Sunday night.

I can pretty much guarantee that once we've fixed the oven, the next thing to die will be our fridge. The door seal is not looking healthy as it is, and this flat seems content to drive me mad before we get a chance to move. :P

Fandom-Filled Monday )

Back at work today and it's a long time until my next leave. Once Paul's leave year refreshes in July I need to book my time off in September for a holiday, but I will probably need a day or two before then in any case... No choir tonight as it was a bank holiday yesterday and also half-term this week, so we're going to the gym instead, with our last personal training session tomorrow. Or, well, we're going to ask if we can drop to an hour per fortnight for a bit as £80 per month (£40 each) is more manageable than £160...

Ah, and it's now midday so I can post this. Huzzah.

PS: It has just occurred to me that I could use the Wayback Machine to retrieve my old Brinkster site, possibly. Hmmm. *scratches imaginary beard*
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Okaaaaay. Here's another I did at work. Today's is going to be loooooooong and wordy and epic. Consider yourself warned.

Day 11 )


Thankfully it's been quiet today so I could actually work on this. Otherwise I would probably have been up all night trying to get it done.
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The majority of this was written at work, in the hope that my only task on getting back from choir will be to screengrab my picspam from the DVD's. (I have a feeling Google will not help me with this one.) Also I really want to give this pairing the attention it deserves, and thus would rather write this whilst I'm still mostly awake, and not brain-dead from the Bach. :P


Day 08 )

I think this is so far my biggest word-dump (and my biggest picspam) in this meme, though I doubt that will remain the case. ;)

I'm thinking I might move the Movies one to May (equally alliterative) to give myself some time to recover from this one. And also because the concept of trying to fit 30 meme days into 28 actual days is quite painful.

Okay, this post has taken a cumulative seven million hours to post, but at least I got it up before midnight. :D

*awaits inevitable flail and capslock abuse*
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The subject will become apparent... I was going to wait a while on this entry but might as well get it over with.

I'm very glad that January is finally over, seeing as it seems content to keep kicking me in the arse. The following course of events are not bad, per se, but somewhat annoying.

You couldn't make it up... )

So yeah. Seriously, January? I mean, I get that this is your way of sort of making up for being completely crap up 'til now, but honestly, there are better ways. :P

Very busy.

Jul. 27th, 2009 01:22 pm
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Because it's summer, quite a few of our WPOs are missing, and as a result some of the work on the other side of our floor dates back from Wednesday last week. Which has the knock-on effect of everything else being urgent. We also have quite a bit on our side so our capacity to help out is limited. Meh. Plus Keith's bloody printer still doesn't work properly so that's just adding to the stress today.

In other news, I saw the trailer for Alice in Wonderland over the weekend, and ZOMG it looks AMAZING. Stick a search in Google if you're curious. I am currently more impressed by Burton managing to make Depp look scary rather than gothpaint pretty for the first time in forever than anything else, though the entire thing looks awesome. Also incredibly surprised that it's a Disney production... I thought they still weren't talking to Burton after Black Cauldron. Here's hoping they don't try and quash his creative vision with cute animals or whatever. A shame we have to wait until March, but at least there should be 9 to enjoy in September / October (IMDb doesn't give a UK release date, as per usual).

PS: If you disagree with my enthusiasm, I refer you to the 'contentious opinions' tag, which is your cue to be quiet. That is all.

Also watched I Am Legend on Saturday night, which was highly enjoyable. I like the fact that these days, "the future" is set only a few years from now - I'm also thinking of Children of Men as an example - and is either dystopian or the end product of humanity's mess-ups. It makes a change from old-fashioned sci-fi where "the future" was the 21st century. It also amazes me that Star Trek's First Contact Day will actually occur within most of our lifetimes, when it wouldn't have done back when the original series first aired. Admittedly I'll be about 70, but still. It makes you start to wonder if by 2076 we will actually have made 'first contact'...

Okay, I'm blathering on a bit. Must finish lunch, fix the bloody printer again (sigh) and get one with some work...
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I happened to tune into Paul O'Grady this afternoon because there was literally nothing else on, only to discover that Kathyn Evans and the cast of Sunset Boulevard (well, some of them - no Dave Willets or Ben Goddard) would be performing "With One Look" at the end of the show.

So, first of all I texted Eni to tell her.

Then I taped it. Of course. :D
Quality isn't perfect because our aerial is rubbish, but still. Eeeee!

Brief conversation afterwards between Paul and Kathryn reveals that the London run has been extended to SEPTEMBER. Which, OMGYAY!

This means I can take my mum for her birthday (but alas not myself for mine, booo) in August and just... there more time to save up to see it again. The April run was due to end on the 18th, when [livejournal.com profile] yoshi and I are meant to be seeing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Wolverhampton, except his brother hasn't actually booked the tickets yet - we even agreed last night that if he hasn't done so within a week we'd just damn well go to London for the final night of SB anyway, because FINAL NIGHT and yeah. So now we don't have to.

I'm so so so pleased! An extended run means that audience reactions are positive and gleaming - Kathryn even mentioned that they've pretty much had a standing ovation every single night - and if that's the case then perhaps a second UK tour isn't such a distant possibility as I thought. *crosses absolutely everything*

This fandom makes me happy. It has, in the past, caused its fair share of angst, but dear GOD. I'll take the angst with a pinch of salt if it can continue to make me this cheerful. :D
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It's not often I do two of these in a row (pretty much) but I watched two more last night and they both warrant discussion, though for different reasons...

Three of a Kind )

That's enough on that one. The sillness continued in the next episode, the ending of which I watched twice. ;)

The Unnatural )

I shall stop there, because otherwise I will go on forever about nothing but the cuteness, and as much as the ending warrants it, it would get boring for everyone else.

*incoherent noises of joy*

Okay, I'm done. :)
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That is all.
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Happiness Is...

...waking up to This Almighty Thunderstorm, about ten seconds after my alarm - more than enough to drive me out of bed and my brain has been pleasantly buzzing ever since (though the effect is far better when it's dark out...)

...running into an Inliner on the bus. Which, in itself, was fairly insignificant, but it reminded me that I've gotten to know too many new people to count these past couple of months (as well as adding to my LJ f-list substantially), and now have a group of acquaintances with whom to get regularly drunk with. Moreover, I have a group of acquaintances who like to spread gossip like little old ladies. Which, for some reason, is something I've never experienced before.

...two months, one week and a day. Not that I'm keeping track, or anything.

...waking up this morning without feeling dizzy or my head pounding, as I have done for the past two days running. So I can only attribute it to the heat. Stupid weather.

...chocolate. I bought a huge Galaxy bar last night and forgot how nice it is straight out of the fridge on a warm night.

...the OMGuber-squee cuteness of David W and Matthew on the final night of Most Haunted Live. Seriously. I think half of the audience squeed, too. And someone even texted in to say how sweet they looked. Honestly, MHOTP? So not making it up any more. They're bringing it on themselves!

...not being completely exhausted. Tired, certainly, but not mentally, physically and emotionally drained. I'm definitely blaming the heat...

...drag cabaret on Saturday. So this in itself is a reminder. This Saturday (25th June) at the Wellington, at some point during the evening, we'll be showing support for Marco, as I mentioned in my post-Pride post. Come and join us!

Quick update before Amanda arrives in the office.

I don't remember when I last updated, but anyway. This week has been weird. Wednesday morning I had off sick, and turned up at 11.00 figuring some hours were better than no hours at all. I went to bed with a headache and woke up with slightly less of one, tried to get up and felt really queasy and dizzy, so went back to bed. Woke up at about 9.00 and felt a lot better so called in to say I'd be late, and spent most of the day being light-headed and wobbly. I was the same most of Thursday, too.

Wednesday night was spent house-sitting (read: watching DVDs in someone else's house) at Paul's brother's new house, wherein nothing frellingwell worked. No, really. The remote control for the DVD-player refused to function, we had to steal a VCR from one of the kids' rooms, there was mould growing both in a coffee-mug and on the bread (word to the wise: mould doesn't flush), there was no spare toilet roll, and they have a grand total of one drinking glass, so we were drinking red wine out of mugs. Very classy, I'm sure you'll agree. Otherwise a pleasant evening, though.

Nothing much else to report, really... David was out having a meal with his family last night, so mum and I had the house to ourselves, after a trip to Argos/Homebase/Asda. I watched Tuesday's MHL and she came to join me. Not quite quality time, but it was quite pleasant, nonetheless.

So, yes. I should really update more often, then I wouldn't have to do insanely long posts to clog your friends-lists... (And I really need a more specific 'happiness' icon...)
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I was having two conversations at once last night, one with [livejournal.com profile] bizarre_imagery and one with [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure, and some of the bits of conversation just need to be chronicled...

Fliss!Randomness. )

Eni!Randomness - lots of it. )

Bravo to anyone who survived all of that.  It was hilarious at the time...  I swear, one day we will destroy the world.

So, today I have been in an insanely good mood.  The office has been nice and quiet and, aside from having the Distribution of Ultimate Death (6 kids...), I've even had very little work to do so spent the majority of my time mucking around on Inline...  There was surprisingly little mickey-taking on there, even though Jonathan/unprouncable-name-guy outright outed us in his MGM post... still confused a couple of people though, which is always fun.  Of course, the good mood was only elevated by my extreme nervousness about phoning Tor about the MHLive tickets... I went outside in my lunch break to do so and she was lovely...

Actually, the entire thing was disastrous, amusingly so.  I phoned up and said I'd have the four tickets (Steve and Kate can go so I've only got to sort out the other one) and she'd give my name and details to the ticket company and effectively bump me to the front of the queue.  So, five minutes after this call I remembered I hadn't given her my phone number, and had to call again.  An hour or so after that, there was a voicemail message from Tor on my mobile saying she'd lost my address and could I phone up to give it to her - I phoned up and she'd popped out, so I had to phone again, so now, hopefully, it'll all get sorted.

And then later I managed to cut Paul off on my mobile. Oops.

So, yes.  Randomness last night also helped with the good mood, though at the time I was in "I love eeeeveryone!" mode, as the Eni!snippet demonstrates...  However, I was in such a good mood I've gone the entire day with no caffeine, so by home time I was half-dead.  Ah, well.

Hee.  It didn't hit me til at least 12.30 that OMG I'M GOING TO MOST HAUNTED LIVE!!!  :D :D  Juuuust a tad excitable about that.  I've warned the office that I will be utterly unbearable for the next two weeks... possibly, this is not warning enough.  Seriously.  I was practically bouncing off the walls today.

In which case, I should probably stop typing... :)


Apr. 15th, 2005 04:58 pm
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Found on the doormat: a mysterious envelope, plain but for my address and a Stockport postmark.

The Antix Production studio is based in Cheshire.  Which has a Stockport postcode.

I am now, to coin a phrase, shitting myself.

Fangirling?  Terrifying.

Edit: It's opened... not so terrifying.

Tor has written back and offered me, Steve and Kate King, and Amy ([livejournal.com profile] lone_gunwoman) tickets to the next MHLive. ;) I have to phone her up and say which day I'd like... :D

See, perserverance will get you everywhere. ;)


Mar. 18th, 2005 11:57 pm
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Forgot to mention:

I'm seeing Meatloaf at Warwick Castle in July!  W00t!!
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] killer___queen's influence, I've finally gotten around to using that dye that was lying around the bathroom and turned my hair black again.  I was enjoying my brief stint as a red-head, but the roots were getting obvious and it was starting to fade anyway, so now it's back to black.  W00tah!

Will take photo when it's been straightened.  Before I combed it I looked oddly like Edward Scissorhands.

Only, y'know, without the scars and the terrified expression...

Edit: Why did it take me this long to see the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory trailer?? *Burtonsquee* (Well, probably because I stopped posting/reading in [livejournal.com profile] timburton and managed to miss the fifteen million links to it...)

Looks absolutely frelling amazing.

However, just one thing: anyone who tells you it's a remake of the 1970s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is not only lying, but wrong. It is not. It is, in fact, an adaptation of the novel by Roald Dahl, which the 1970s version with Gene Wilder was not. Yes, yes, we all know Burton made a mistake by 'reimagining' Planet of the Apes, but he's not doing that now. He's making a new movie; he's not trying to steal anyone's childhood memories. Honestly, I wish he'd done the adaptation of Matilda, because that film was appalling...

Tim Burton should definitely make adaptations of all the Dahl novels. Definitely. I've been wanting an adaptation of The Twits for some time now.

And the music's by Danny Elfman, so yayyyy!

Definitely going to be a Johnny Deppish year for films, though. Charlie, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and The Corpse Bride (very very excited about that, too...) all in the runnings so far. It seems to be a rule of thumb that Tim Burton+Johnny Depp=absolutely nothing can go wrong. So all in all, I'm very happy with Hollywood right now. :D
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No, seriously, it really was.

Write-up under here. Photos, etc. )

And that, as you can see, was teH Weekend of Ultimate Gayness.  It was also teH Weekend of Synchronicity, teH Weekend of Ultimate Random, and teH Weekend of 'teH'...

I'm utterly exhausted, but at least my ears have stopped ringing...

Eni, feel free to link the photos.  Er, assuming you don't hate me now. :P

I shall now end this insanely long post...
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I'm seeing Derek Acorah tomorrow!  And if that wasn't enough, I'm seeing Eni tomorrow, too!  And we're going to drink mocha and watch DVDs and have lots and lots of alcohol, apparently...

Fun, fun, fun!

Eee, Derek Acorah. :D  With me going dressed as Yvette Fielding, of course.  Because I am teH uber-geek.

So, yes, I shall be in Manchester until some point on Saturday (though I have to work tomorrow morning before heading up there, boo) so everyone kindly refrain from doing anything interesting.  I shall provide a full report on my return.

Or, er, actually, I will probably provide a full report about three months after that, because I suck.

Listening to the original Phantom soundtrack almost makes it easy to forget the movie ever existed.  Almost.  *sigh*

Anyway.  If I've forgotten anything now, it'll have to stay forgotten...

Time for bed.
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I'll try that one again.  The Corpse Bride trailer, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] bizarre_imagery

Duuuuuuuude.  *staaaaares*

Cinema trip, anyone? :D
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Okay.  This time tomorrow I'll probably be either in the theatre drooling over Michael Crawford, or standing outside the theatre waiting for Michael Crawford so I can fangirl him.  I have no idea how successful I'll be, but here's hoping.  I am, after all, teH uber-fangirl.



Just in case you didn't catch that the first six hundred times this year. :D

So, since I'm going to be absent for three days, kindly refrain from doing anything even remotely interesting until I'm back.  Tomorrow morning I have to get up early so I can dye my hair (going red this time, just for a change) and make sure we've got everything and find a pad I can fit into my bag.  Bah.  Oh, that reminds me.  *charges batteries for camera*

Oh, bugger, and the others are going.  I can't charge two sets at once, damn you!

And, see, if the theatre trip wasn't enough, there's the tour of Drury Lane, which is right near Aldwych Underground, and they're both old Most Haunted locations (I'm getting through them, slowly) because my geekiness knows no bounds. :D

Okay, I shall end this post before I lapse even futher into incoherence.  See you all on Sunday night/Monday morning with a write-up, no doubt.


Sep. 25th, 2004 11:54 am
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(Last post for a while, honest...)

Just been to the website for The Woman in White.  Michael Crawford's barely recognisable. :D  Look!!

It has, however, had some wonderful reviews so far, and as I've said all along, Lloyd Webber really knows how to do Victorian melodrama, and I have absolute faith in him.  And at any rate, seeing anything on the stage it's designed for makes it three-hundred times better than any tour could be, and now I'm really starting to get quite excited... And quite frankly, I think I'm going to dissolve when Michael sings anyway, so the show won't really matter. :)

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As before, I've listened to it once through already, so this is general reactions on the second listen.  I would've done immediate immediate reactions, but they would have been even less coherent.  I mean, technically I should do this tomorrow after I've slept and the cold's cleared up a bit, but... seriously, illness-induced reactions?  Such fun.  Though I think we've learnt that I really should not listen to this when I'm this ill...

Act Two, as before )

Done.  God.  I miss it so much.  However, the rumours of a second tour are only that - rumours - so I'm not going to get my hopes up. Especially not going to get my hopes up for Faith being back in it, either.  But God.  I say again, why couldn't they at least have televised it?  Unless they did and it was on BBC3 or something annoying like that, in which case, it might be repeated at some point...

Want Sunset back!!  And I want the pirate video someone made at one of the Birmingham performances, too, even though it'd probably cost more than what I'd have to pay back when I got sued...

Okay, I'm going to bed now.  Well, I might read some fic and then go to bed...  I think I've subjected you to enough of my ramblings on this...
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So, I managed to get the first act of Sunset Boulevard before going out, plus about two minuts of Act Two, which leads me to believe there was an interval.  Would have reviewed at the time, but the computer wasn't on.  So, here's something of a review, while I re-listen and make comments.  This will, of course, make no sense if you're not listening a) to the same thing I am and b) in the same way I am.

Before I begin, though: I had my apprehensions and nearly didn't bother trying to tape it because of the hassle involved (it's hassle enough trying to switch tapes without the added bonus of not actually being there to turn them over, hence why I just tried to get what I could with a 90 minute tape.)  With any luck Naomi's managed to fenangle something either with her computer or taping me the second half.  Then I thought, 'Dude, it's got Michael Ball in it', which is reason enough, plus, I've only ever heard Petula 'Award Winning Performance' Clarke singing "As If We Never Said Goodbye" and was quite intrigued as to her portrayal.  Nobody - and I mean nobody - will ever top Faith and Jeremy in my book, just because... well, because.  I've given enough reasons to justify that as an answer.  So.  Here we go.  I shall doubtless not get to bed now til at least 2am, which is somewhat annoying as I want to get up reasonably early to achieve all the things I was meant to have achieved already, and I probably won't get to post this for, oh, another three days, as the network is still playing silly buggers.

Anyway, without further ado: A shambolic not-quite-review of the First Act of Sunset Boulevard on Radio 2 )

Right.  Shambolic, for which I apologise, but you were warned.  Want Act Two.  Wonder if I could write to them and ask if they have plans to repeat it...

It's not a patch on the tour.  I'm biased and I admit it.  The tour = satiated Nautica.  The tour = much fic.  The tour = Jeremy + Faith + chemistry + beautiful people + wondrous casting.  The tour = perfection itself.  And Sunset = definitely not good for my health, but we already knew this...  Actually, going back to that 'beautiful people' comment, that's probably part of it I never even considered before.  We all know I think Jeremy's gorgeous (heh, yes, that's how it all started, remember?) but, wow, Faith was just beautiful...  in, like, a really terrifying way.  Those eyes, dude.  And her entire stature and presence just... beautiful and dangerous and rather frighteningly sensual, as even Lloyd Webber noticed, and it worked.  I may follow the other 'ships, but nothing's going to convert me from Joe and Norma, ever.

I... forgot the point I was going to make somewhere in there, but it had something to do with shippiness and was probably pointless anyway. :)  I shall stop now.

Hurrah.  Sunset-nostalgia.
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*eyes glaze over at utter wonderfulness* that's the site for big fish. it takes a while to load, but the music's just... guh... *dissolves* it's all elfman-symphonic-orchestra-tuning-uppy and ohdeargod...

i have to see this film. i have to get the soundtrack. i must spend my entire student loan on multiple viewings and the DVD...

tim burton+danny elfman=god.
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see, the only good thing about really, really bad angsting is that when the PMT finally ends (that's what it was, apparently), i'm ridiculously hyper for days :D

it's christmas! yay! *mad laughter*
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okay. for anyone who watched children in need. the "we will rock you" bit. somebody buy me the singer for christmas. please? *biggrin*

additional - his name's tony vincent. he was on "masterpiece". i knew he was familiar... someone buy him for me anyway? or tickets to the show in london so i can drool over him live?

picture can be found here - click on "the team" on the left and then tony vincent on the right. preeeeedy :)
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right. on sunday i bought the andrew lloyd webber "masterpiece" video (filmed in beijing) here we go :)

"jesus christ superstar" collection:

with someone called tony vincent as judas. he was scary, but very pretty :)


with elaine paige, of course :) and i think it's now a pre-requisite for anyone who's ever played norma desmond that they must be able to get down a flight of stairs in one smooth movement...

"the heart is slow to learn":

this is a frelling wonderful song (lyrics to be posted in next entry) and was originally stated by lloyd webber to be in what he "hoped would be the sequel to the phantom of the opera", but it never happened. anyway. it's incredibly annoying, and i wish he'd never bloody told us, because now i just want to know who the frell sings it!! (that, and it's a really good sunset-related song, but that's another point entirely...)

"the beautiful game" snippets:

the overture is nice. but the song he's turned "the heart is slow to learn" into, "let us love in peace", is horrible! which therefore implies that the apparent sequel to phantom isn't, in fact, happening. see, i think he was going to base it on the frederick forsythe novel, realised it was, to coin a phrase, a pile of dren, and decided against it... ;) but anyway. grr...


elaine paige singing "memory" still makes me sad, though not as suicidally so. plus it was a very odd version...

"the phantom of the opera" selection:

here we had kris phillips doing the phantom, and he was quite good. as this is merely an introduction to the chinese people into the wonderful world of lloyd webber, however, i will ignore all discrepancies and let them off ;)

"sunset boulevard":

kris phillips again, and i admit to being slightly worried having seen him just playing the phantom. my first thought was 'he looks too old', but then he sang the theme with just the right amount of smart-arse cockiness and won me over ;) then was "the perfect year". what can i say but "awwwwwwow!" it was shippy, shippy, shippy! and elaine paige is tiny (either that or kris phillips is incredibly tall, i'm not sure which) and it was all adorable and wow.... i think i squashed my huggy cushion beyond redemption. i spent the entire thing releasing all the pent-up "eeeeee!"s from seeing the show. it wasn't as ee-worthy as jeremy and faith by any means, but wow... it'll bloody do when i get shippy tango scene cravings :D oh, and she sang "as if we never said goodbye" in yet another completely different way to glenn close and faith brown... and equally well.

the rest is pretty much non-descript. can i say again that tony vincent was preeeddy... ;)

okay, lyrics to "the heart is slow to learn" to follow...
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photos! lots more! whole film! sweet's! ahahaha!

*ahem* yes. photos. better photos than mine. will be scanned later when the scanner wants to cooperate...


including: an action shot of me and lloyd bouncing, jeremy's plant (with jeremy, this time :P), faith brown signing, and me talking to a shape behind faith which is, in fact, allan ;)

but yes. photos!
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I will LJ-cut it because it's very long... Enjoy!

The SFX Event - a Synopsis )

If you're still alive, keep reading. It only gets better. However, you'll probably all want to kill me...

Saturday 22nd June 2002 )

And finally... Sunday will have to go in another entry, because LJ is informing me that there aren't enough characters to do it. So... um... yes. Useful. See next entry...
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well, i'm back from the con. i'm also tired as hell (having only got three hours sleep friday night) and i'm off to eurodisney tomorrow at 7.00, so i must go to bed.

in a week's time, there will be two very lengthy posts here, for the con (which, by the way, simply rocked) and my holiday...

so, until then, mes amies, i shall leave you in suspense and with this quote:

andrew: "i'll give YOU ridges..."
alex: "no you won't..."

(it will all make sense. honest.)
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awwwww!! this is so adorable!! bubble bee game!! awwww!
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this is the kinda review you want. this is just the kind of nice comments that keep you writing and make you all warm inside.

whoever this person is, i love them :)

"Wow, what can I say, that was an incredibly beautiful piece of descriptive prose, I absolutely luved your handling of that possible scene! It was everything I expected from you, I've read several of your fics before but this is the first time I've actually been moved to comment - which is nothing special on my part I'm just not given to reviewing, it's just that you've completely blown me away with this one and I had to say something:) My god, it was soooo beautiful and definitely tearworthy...makes me think now more than ever how the PTB are going to fix this."

to get someone to review who never reviews - that's one of my aims. to get them to review this nicely is just an added bonus :)


Oct. 9th, 2001 10:49 am
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Since I was unable to post this last night because the network died on me again, I shall have to post it now.

"Bob and Rose". 'Tis beauteous!

Still makes me squeal, every single week, and what's more... *giggle* What is it with Alan Davies and him giggling, and why is it so damn adorable?! :D

And Bob's mum is cool :)

Okay, um... yeah, gush over.
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Just how adorable is "Bob and Rose"?

The trailers for the upcoming episodes never fail to make me squeal. I haven't squealed, not properly, since about Season 6 of "The X-Files" (i.e. the one before it all went strange), or since "The Nanny" was still being shown on Sky One.

"Bob and Rose"! More to the point, Alan Davies! Playing a gay man (it SO doesn't work, though... he just doesn't have the look or the voice for it even though he plays the character well...) - what is it with me and gay men??


When this comes around again (say in about 15 years...) I am taping it, definitely...

And, finally... he giggled!! Alan giggled... *SQUEAL!!!*


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