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We went to see Les Misérables last night. Pretty awesome.

Les Mis Thoughts - contains SPOILERS )

Overall then: highly recommended indeed. First entry on my "fandom: les misérables" tag!

I have no idea why I thought it would be a good idea to go and see a three-hour long, emotionally draining musical after my Legal Assistant day - we didn't get back until midnight and today I'm exhausted. Definitely worth it, though.

That other fandom, you know, the one I've barely talked about lately... )

My leave date is now confirmed as 22nd February, with my new start date as 11th March, and I've sent an "unpaid leave" request through so hopefully payroll will get the hint and I won't have to argue with them later... The next month is going to be very very tight indeed, but at least March payday is exactly four weeks from February's, so with any luck the new job will make the month fly past...

Okay, I think this is long enough.
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So, on Friday night I went to see Dark Shadows at Giant Screen with Paul and my mum. It was very enjoyable indeed, thank you. :)

Incredibly spoilerific thoughts under here )

Hm, that ended up a bit more philosophical than I expected...

In other news: on Saturday we had our "Classical meets Romantic" concert. Frankly, I was quite glad when it was over with. I don't especially like singing in Town Hall anyway (the changing facilities are a pain, and the choir stalls are cramped), and everything felt a bit under-prepared because we were focusing so much energy on Equinox back in March. I'm pretty sure there were sections of the Beethoven I hadn't seen before during rehearsal. I personally didn't feel it went that well, but I was also really tired on Saturday anyway (post-squee comedown from Friday night).

There's too much going on at Symphony Hall this month that I want to see: Karl Jenkins on the 27th and Dracula (the Legosi one) with a live orchestra score on the 29th. It also transpires Katie Melua is touring and appearing there on 12th October; I did a search for tickets last night and there are only the back few rows of the Grand Tier left - or you can get them through touts for upwards of £85 (they retail at £32.50!) I wish I knew about this stuff sooner. :( I think Vicky's bought me the new album for Christmas anyway, so I won't have heard it by October in any event, but it's still irritating.

I also need to find money from somewhere to book Phantom for the UK tour - it hits Birmingham in March 2013 and tickets go on sale next Monday (ten months in advance). I am utterly skint and they cost as much as going to London. It's been 15 years since the last tour (I saw it in Birmingham in August 1998) so I want to see it on that basis, as it was something of a rite of passage and the start of an up-and-down love affair with the fandom when I was 16, but it's so expensive and I'm worried that by the time I have enough money to afford it, there'll only be rubbish seats left. :(

Ho hum.

Some good stuff )

Okay, that's long enough I think. ;)
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We've made a good head-start this year on actually Seeing Films We Want To See... and there are two new Tim Burtons due this year so hopefully it will continue (Dark Shadows in May and the stop-motion animated (!) remake of Frankenweenie in October).

We went to see The Artist at the Electric on Saturday. Just as well we booked in advance as all three showings were sold out. It was horrendously expensive, though, as we decided to book a sofa and it came to just over £25. I'm sure those sofas were £10 originally. You should at least get a free drink included! Anyway, it did seem the ideal setting for such a film, and the audience actually wanted to be there - I anticipate if it's on beyond a week anywhere else it will be mostly full of ignorant kids who actually aren't interested in the film, or haven't realised what it is.

Anyway. Thoughts - with spoilers, obviously. )

This weekend has gone much too quickly. Before the film on Saturday Paul was at his business course again and I tidied the bedroom a bit (dusting / hovering) before going to meet him at the cinema, then we went to Wagamama for tea. Sunday was very lazy indeed because we were both shattered.

Back to the gym today, so let’s hope it doesn’t kill me as I haven’t been since October. :(
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We went to see the new Sherlock Holmes last night, on Orange Wednesdays at Cineworld. Orange Wednesdays are the only exception to my rule of only seeing films at IMAX or the Electric (thanks to AMC fail when we saw Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and my being generally opposed to Cineworld's ethos) and there seems to be a direct correlation between how busy the cinema is and how bloody quiet it is, as both times now we've seen a film there on a Wednesday evening in a packed auditorium where everyone shut up - as opposed to half-empty auditoriums where noisy bastards feel a need to fill the silence.

I wouldn't go there normally considering it's now £6.85 for a single ticket at peak time (with an extra few quid on top if it's in 3D)! I don't mind paying a tenner for IMAX because, you know, it's a 60-foot screen; we saw Sherlock... on Screen 12, one of Cineworld's smallest screens. I mean, it's still bigger than Screen 1 at Odeon but, you know, for nearly seven pounds I expect better when the film hasn't even been open that long.

To prove the point about why I dislike their treatment of films: they're showing a Luc Besson film entitled The Lady, which is only on Wednesdays at lunchtime. We're several editions behind on Empire presently so I've not heard of this, but Cineworld's treatment of it alone makes me think it would actually be quite good, if I had time to see it. According to Cineworld logic, only unemployed people want to see arthouse films. Which is about as ignorant as Jeremy Clarkson's presumption that only poor people use public transport.

Plus they were obviously sore about Vue obtaining the rights to the POTO 25th anniversary gala - and thus lots of money - considering their sarcastic 'summary' of it on their Twitter feed. :P

Anyway, gripes about the company aside, here are some thoughts on Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I think actually I should have bought the first one on DVD already to re-watch it, as I'd kind of forgotten HOW AWESOME it was. Thoughts under here - contains spoilers, obviously. )

Right then, here's the separate cut with my POTO-related ramblings, which I want to keep apart from the film thoughts because they're only semi-related... In which Erik is vocal again. )

Fandom makes me crazy, apparently. But I think we already knew that.

In other news, I was supposed to re-start gym attendance this week but being insanely busy has put a damper on. Paul's Monday nights have now been reclaimed, as Broken Amp is going monthly rather than weekly, but he was at Alex's this week, then I had choir on Tuesday and we went to the cinema last night, obviously, so I need a quiet end-of-week before going out to the cinema again on Saturday for The Artist at the Electric.

We booked to see it at the Electric thinking it wouldn't be on elsewhere, and naturally, because it stormed Cannes it's on everywhere. Still, it will be interesting seeing it at the Electric and for once I don't mind them showing a mainstream film. :P (Even they've relegated it to Screen 2, though.)

I also want to try and catch Hugo in 3D at the IMAX whilst it's still showing. It's nearly Oscar season so there will hopefully be some good stuff in the pipeline (although War Horse is being trailered to death), but even if there isn't, the new Tim Burton endeavour, Dark Shadows, opens in April or May. It looks gothalicious so I am very much hoping for an IMAX release. 60-FOOT GOTHIC JOHNNY DEPP, HELLO. :)

Right then, I think this entry is MORE than long enough, so I will sign it off. Apparently with my LJ these days you get nothing or you get epic spam. Sorry.

Pirates 4!

Jun. 3rd, 2011 12:47 pm
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Well, I thoroughly enjoyed that, thank you. To quote my Facebook update: two hours of swashbuckling awesomesauce. :)

Before I post proper thoughts, though (perhaps 'review' is too strong a word), something else.

Indications the Fandom is Getting to You, number 42 (I haven't been counting, I just think it's appropriate...): your MP3-player mocks you first thing in the morning.

I turned it on as I was walking down the road to find it halfway through the last song I'd been playing (I listen to my entire tracklist in alphabetical order as it's more random than the bloody randomiser), which happened to be Brandon Flowers's "Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts" (OHAI song title!), and which also happened to contain this line: "you're flying away // while I'm stuck here on the ground". I didn't know whether to giggle or cry. ;)

This was swiftly followed by Catatonia's "Johnny Come Lately" (I wish I was joking, really), which commences thus: "I'm sorry you couldn't make it // You could have seen him, so weathered and dated" - GAH. That's like... the end of the Doomfic, if Joey's plan didn't work. (The rest of the song not so much, though. :P)

Thankfully I managed to get a Metro this morning and my music was merely background noise, so I didn't have time to think about the rest of it. :P

Aaaanyway, Pirates 4 thoughts under the cut. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - contains spoilers! )

I do believe that's everything. If you are planning on going, don't expect it to make any sense in relation to the previous films. It's almost entirely a standalone story, though a lot of that is due to the absence of Will and Elizabeth. If you prefer those two to Jack, then don't bother. If you want a jolly bit of oceanic adventure with some occasional slapstick, silly pirate voices and one-liners, and you go in expecting exactly that, you will not be disappointed. Don't try and over-analyse it in terms of your preferred mythology, 'ship, character or plot point; just enjoy the ride.

I think that's quite long enough. Now that I've got that out of my system (though I shall probably do a PotC marathon at some point and re-read [livejournal.com profile] redux_08), we return to your regularly scheduled Jonathan Creek madness. Over and out.
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RIGHT THEN. Now that I've finally managed to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 all the way through without interruption from ignorant pissheads, I shall provide a review / thoughts... I intended to post this last night, but obviously our internet was down again. I swear Virgin Media just know when I have stuff I want to do…

HP7pt1 - probably contains spoilers )

So yes, that was quite enjoyable. As for trailers, Mars Needs Moms looks quite cool. In terms of upcoming films, I really want to see Black Swan, and The King's Speech to a lesser degree. It's Oscar season so a lot of good films are coming out. :)

Before HP7, incidentally, we went to Darren & Andrea's on Saturday afternoon / evening, as Andrea was building Paul a website for his and Richie's weekly acoustic night, Broken Amp. We had a go on their XBox Kinect, which is the weirdest thing ever... I think I still prefer the Wii, as you need even more bloody room for the Kinect and it's exhausting. AND TERRIFYING, as it watches you. Darren made us chilli and then we played four rounds of Scrabble and watched a bit of the run-up to the Comedy Awards before heading home. It was a pleasant, sedate evening.

On Sunday evening we invited Lisa up to share our roast dinner, as we had a gigantic pork shoulder joint from Asda. It was £7.00 for just under 6lb of meat!! It was quite possibly the best pork joint I've ever done: the scratching was lovely (apparently!) and actually crisped up, and the meat was just falling off the bone and coming off in those lovely tender stringy bits like you get on hog roasts. OM NOM. Obviously there's still loads of it left. I'm going to make some soup tonight to take to work, and will probably have some more nomalicious pork for tea. :)

Embroidery Stuff )

So, as I say, I meant to post this last night, but had no internet. Which was especially annoying because I didn’t actually sit down at the PC until I’d done the washing up, put washing in, made soup for work and eaten my dinner, which was about 7.30pm. So instead I uploaded the embroidery photographs to post later, and finally got around to installing Sims 3.

Oh, dearie me... )

I have some work annoyances to post, but I'll do them in a separate entry, as this is quite long enough...

Epic Update

Sep. 4th, 2010 02:01 pm
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Okay, I have music meme stuff and embroidery stuff to post, and in regards to the former I will just be re-starting where I left off, because I think my last meme post was on 27th August and I don't feel like doing that many in one go... I also have some other bits to update about.

Music Meme and Embroidery Pics 21-23/?? )

My week off is almost over and I have no idea where the time went... In brief:

Saturday - I made my first ever curry! We went to a nearby supermarket and got £15-worth (a full carrier bag) of spices in order to make said curry, followed by a trip to Moseley Farmers' Market for sausages, cheese, local ale, wine, etc. Spent rather too much money, but meh. Anyway, I've now rebagged all the spices (including a 1kg bag of garam masala - I'm going to be making a LOT of curry now...) and my kitchen smells divine. :D As for the actual curry, I did spiced fishcakes to start with a coriander chutney, followed by Anjum Anand's "Punjabi Chicken Curry", which was lovely. I forgot to put the chillies in, and also I put in too much water so it didn't quite go as the recipe stated and I had to thicken with cornflour, but it tasted delicious. Definitely going to make that again. :)

Sunday - I think I had a migraine. Can't remember.

Monday - went to visit [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings in Oxford, which was a lovely day. We had to change at Milton Keynes, where the structure they laughingly referred to as a bus station consisted of three portacabins and some pavement, with only a cricket ground nearby to break the tedium. It was about a 15-minute walk from the actual bus station in the city centre and thus not worth the effort. Milton Keynes is poo; everything is square and all the buildings are identical. Give me an organic rambling city any day.

As for Oxford, it was beautiful. I wish I'd been clever enough to go there for uni, really. Something about the surroundings inpsires you to Be Academic. We wandered around several of the colleges, found lunch in a quiet pub, and were briefly followed around by a strange-but-friendly cat. Photos are here.

Tuesday - nowt. Recovering from the day before!

Wednesday - we went out to see Avatar in 3D at the IMAX, having missed it the first time around. Review / Spoilers )

Thursday - more nothing. Did some more embroidery.

Friday - we were supposed to see Toy Story 3 but neither of us were particularly in the mood. Spent the afternoon searching for shoes for Paul as he's at a wedding today, then he went off to stay over at the bride's mother's (don't even ask, it's the weirdest wedding ever - Paul is a "bridesmate" for starters...) and I came home and watched Marie Antoinette, which we'd picked up at Blockbuster in the cheap sale DVDs rack. Quite an interesting film... Internet was deaded all last night (in addition to cable telly being half-b0rk all day yesterday and again today - you suck, Virgin). I stayed up til about 2.00am in order to knacker myself out before attempting to sleep, otherwise I wouldn't have managed it. Surprisingly, I actually had a fairly good night's sleep, although did have a very odd dream this morning that Paul had briefly come home before going back out to the wedding again...

Today - nothing much at all. Got up 10.00ish after finishing my current book ("Loves Music, Loves to Dance" by Mary Higgins Clark) and have pottered on t'internet since then. Should probably straighten my hair and get ready soon as I have to be at the same wedding's reception at 6.00. Given I hardly fit into any of my clothes any more, I have no idea what to wear. Meh.

Tomorrow - chillaxing and enjoying the last day of my leave. I should have booked another week. Hopefully I will be having another week off after my birthday anyway.

And that's it.
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Okay, it's taken two days to do this thanks to lack of internet at work and Virgin Media being poo (as usual) last night. Two entries to post, one friends-only because it's about work. I would backdate but then nobody'll read them. :P

I'm still alive, and also still reading my f-list, in case you were wondering. I'm just being a little bit hermit-like in general lately. Also I'm absolutely skint so haven't really been doing anything particularly interesting. However, I have seen a couple of films recently, and my LJ is long overdue a good old rant, so here I am: updating with two film reviews and a moan. :P

Firstly, last Tuesday (2nd March) we went to see The Lovely Bones - spoilers under cut )

Then on Sunday, we went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D... Rant and review - spoilers again. )

I do worry, sometimes, that Tim Burton is losing his magic touch. His latest films still retain his special mark of genius, but it's not quite so obvious as in his early work. Where The Corpse Bride was clearly a triumph of stop-motion technology, for example, it falls down on the enchantment and timelessness of Nightmare Before Christmas. I think the answer is that he needs to produce more original work (like Nightmare and Beetlejuice) rather than re-inventing old stories. That's where his talents lie; he's an artist, not an adaptioneer. But that being said, I do think he has the best approach to musicals that I've seen thus far, and I'd like to see more of that.

Anyway, that's more than enough. We shall now return to our regularly scheduled not!posting.
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It's been a while since I updated. I've not been feeling very updatey, really. Here's what I've been doing lately.

Watching Stuff )

This week at work has been much more bearable than last week, not least because we have heating / a working lift / electrics, and there's been plenty of work to do. I'm trying to make up some hours because I need to take 1.5 flex days before the end of January and currently have 0.14 of an hour. Don't think I'll manage it somehow. (I need to take 1.5 days because Legal's 8-week flex allowance is three days total rather than two, and if you take two days in one four-week period you must take one in the other, ditto for 1.5 - I took 1.5 flex days before Christmas, so am rather stuck.)

Singing Stuff )

Aaand finally... Money Stuff )

Anyway, that'll do. I think I've not been updating because it would be mostly doom and gloom. I'll come back when things are looking up. So... probably in about five years. Bye.
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I've barely had time to think this weekend...

On Saturday it was the concert. It did feel like we'd spent so much time rehearsing Sea Drift that Sea Symphony barely got a look in, which was also exacerbated by most people in the choir having already sung it once or twice before. Not so good for us young 'uns who've never seen it before. I think there was one bit during rehearsal on Saturday I'd never actually seen before in my life; thankfully, Vaughan Williams is fairly easy to sight-read, and there are several repeated themes within the piece...

The concert itself seemed to go okay. Only bad thing was that Paul couldn't attend because our bedroom ceiling was leaking. Presumably the leak from last year (which is now fixed) found a new way through. He didn't want to leave it because it was right next to the smoke detector (or possibly even coming through the smoke detector), which is hard-wired. He phoned the landlord but obviously, nothing has yet been done about it...

That wouldn't have been so annoying if I hadn't traipsed all the way to Symphony Hall on Friday to get him a ticket, and it was £21 we could have saved. Bah.

On Sunday I met up with Vicky (from Uni) because she was in Birmingham and wanted to give me my Christmas present. Paul came with me so we could go to the cinema afterwards, thus I spent almost the entire time we were out paranoid that the flat would catch fire (from a potential spark from the smoke detector - how's that for irony?) or the roof cave in.

Vicky and I had a bit of a natter in the Squeg (I needed breakfast) before she and her mum and nan went off to the German Market, and Paul and I made our way slowly to the cinema. We played on the ItBox in the Squeg first, then went into Cyber Candy to check it out (bought some terrifyingly sugary Jolly Ranchers, a rather disappointing fake Kinder Egg, and some strawberry Pocky! They sell American cereals, too, like Count Chockula and Froot Loops, but they're like £6.70 a box...) Then we had some food in the Windsor, and made our way up to the cinema.

Very little actually showing at any reasonable time, obviously. 9 appears to have finished (great...), and everything else was on at stupid times. The Fourth Kind was only on at 11.30pm (er, okay) and I don't think Saw VI was on the list, so the only remaining option was Up in 3D, whcih wasn't on until 4.00pm (we got there at 3.00). So we went down to the Figure of Eight to kill some time.

Film Review )

In other news, Paul has agreed to go on the big wheel with me this year (preferably at night so he will hopefully freak out less, though it's unlikely, and so I can take some photographs of Birmingham by night), though he tried to make a deal that he would only do so if I would see Paranormal Activity at the cinema. Thing is, I DO want to see the film, just NOT AT THE CINEMA. The sensory overload will absolutely kill me, and I won't sleep for about two days. I was bad enough after The Blair Witch Project and The Descent. The only horror films I make an exception for are the Saw series and anything foreign with limited release, out of principle. Otherwise, it's a no-no on horror films in surround sound. :P

After the cinema we had another drink in the Briar Rose before heading home, finally getting back just before 8.00. I watched the EastEnders omnibus and the end of I'm a Celebrity..., we had some dinner, and went to bed.

So, rather a busy weekend. And yet more busy weekends up until Christmas, so don't ask me to go anywhere. :P
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I should have Fridays off more often. :)

Initially, I had booked Friday off in the event that my mum had some form of hen party / event / get-together. It was supposed to happen last week (because David's office people stag thing was happening on the 11th) but most of her office people were on holiday, and then it ended up being somewhat cancelled due to lack of interest. Booo, office people.

So instead, my mum popped over with my wedding outfit and wrist-corsage and fascinator, and Paul's button hole flower, and the traditional present-from-the-groom-to-the-bridesmaid to me from David, which is a lovely necklace and earrings set that matches the design of the jacket I'm wearing.

It then transpired that David had forgotten his keys so we drove to my mum's to let him in (arriving just as he was ambling down the road, luckily), and since everyone was too tired to go out again, we ordered in a selection of Thai starters / dim sum and gorged ourselves silly. Also plenty left for me and Paul to take home for our tea on Saturday.

We watched Derren Brown's first 'Event' programme ("How to Win the Lottery"), which was... really quite bizarre, and then a bit of the David Blaine "What is Magic?" show (I much prefer his street magic to his Crazy Endurance Stunts) and then got a taxi home.

Oh, yes, during the course of the day I got around to watching Order of the Phoenix, which was pleasant. I'm probably the only person left on the planet who hadn't seen it until now, but I'll cut for spoilers nonetheless... )

We then proceeded to go nowhere and do almost nothing all weekend. Bliss! I've FINALLY started up doing some embroidery again as I wasn't too knackered to attempt it, though unfortunately I may end up having to stitch photographs of it together rather than scans, as since installing the new printer there's no room to scan it on the frame, and I'm not taking it off the thing every time I want to scan it. We'll see how it goes; if photographs fail, I'll just have to scan the whole thing when it's finished instead, though that does rather destroy the point of the scans... we shall see.

In the evening we watched Hancock. Comments / Spoilers )

Sunday was very much of the same. The reason I should have Fridays off more often is that for the first time in ages I woke up on Sunday and didn't feel like crap, thus enabling me not only to cook Paul a proper full breakfast (literally the first time in absolutely ages) as well as my own (bacon and cream cheese on toasted bagel, yum), but tea later on. More of this, please, and less of the crippling headaches / stomach cramps, mmkay?

For tea on Sunday we had some burgers which my mum had picked up for us from Asda when they were on offer (£3.00 down to £1.00), with sun-dried tomatoes in them. OMG delicious. And there are two left. :D

Back at work today and it's somewhat quiet. Hopefully most people are now back off leave so it might pick up for the rest of the week. It's bad enough having to stay late Tuesdays, without having to endure the extra hour without any work to do...

Meh, I shall post this and flee. Will NOT have pasta for lunch, as I think three days in a row is rather excessive, even if it IS delicious from the new pasta place.
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Bit of a quiet one last night. I escaped from work at 3.30 because I was insanely tired (but had no caffeine, as I've not been able to get to sleep the past two nights), we had dinner fairly early and then Paul went out to watch the football at Alex's. Whilst he was out I ended up watching (finally) Howl's Moving Castle, which I'd taped over Christmas.

Some thoughts. )

Paul returned shortly after it ended (it's quite long, much more so than I was expecting) and we settled down to watch the kick-off of Derren Brown's The Events on C4, where he predicted the lottery numbers - all six correctly. On Friday he reveals all; apparently it took him a year of intensive work. It should be noted that his predicted numbers were totally not the numbers stuck to the lamp-post in the advert... the entire thing's very mysterious right now, what with the backwards website (retsehcnaMdetinU.com) and "It will be you" messages. I suspect that all of this has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual programme, and as ever Derren is just messing with our minds.

Went to bed after that, and I think I must have nodded off before Paul came in only to wake up shortly afterwards, as I can definitely remember him asking if I was okay because I was trying to get comfy...

Whilst I'm here, I'll share my dream from the other day. Can't be bothered to filter it, but I just want to share the trauma. Dream: Teeth Trauma. )

Grah. *shudders* I HATE HATE HATE teeth trauma dreams. I had one when we last stayed over in London (February) which I now can't remember, but I was paranoidly checking my teeth were intact for about two hours after I woke up. Awful. This one wasn't as bad, I think because it provoked that reaction within the dream itself, but on thinking about it afterwards it was fairly horrible...

Okay, I think that's everything. I have tomorrow off (initially in case there was a hen do - still not sure if there is, but a day off is a day off) so will get around to watching OotP and probably SLEEP a lot.
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Bit of an up-and-down one...

I spent most of Friday (because it was fairly quiet) constructing an LJ entry which never saw the light of day. On re-reading this morning, I'm somewhat glad. I was exceptionally cranky on Friday, frelling exhausted and fed up of the world in general. I think perhaps it's just a weird effect of my current Pills, whereby they stop any and all "wimmins" but still occasionally sting me with PMT just to remind me that my hormones are as angry as ever. Also, Paul's (lack of) job situation is exceedingly stressful, as evidenced by the fact that over the course of the weekend my fingers have started peeling.

Anyway, just be glad I didn't post my rambling angst. There are days when I feel like I'm going slowly insane, but perhaps it's best not to share these things with an unwilling audience.

So, on Friday night Paul did his usual trick of having "two drinks", whereby I ended up leaving him six missed calls and a snarky text ("How long does it take to have one drink?! I'm hungry!") because as ever he had stayed out longer than intended and left me hanging on to eat until he got home. The way this is supposed to work is that he just outright tells me that he's going to be late instead of fobbing me off with "two drinks" so I won't moan at the time, so at least then I can just have some food and leave him to it. It's getting kind of boring now, having the same argument every single damn time.

The weekend )

Aaand back at work today, somewhat quiet, hence the entry. Actually not as tired as last week, thank goodness. Apparently everyone was tired last week - I blame the bank holiday.

Over and out.
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I think this office has something against me. Not content with breaking my chair, on Friday my monitor had lost some pixels - just a line or two at the bottom, across the task bar. This morning they've spread to incorporate my top left hand corner and most of the title bar.

Thankfully IT are going to order me a new one, and it doesn't affect my actual working area too badly... yet.

Weekend )

At some point this weekend we also attempted to watch the final episode of Psychoville on replay, only to discover that despite putting every other bloody episode on there, the BBC have decided not to put the last one on there. I suspect this is because the DVDs have just been released. Hopefully it'll be on the online iPlayer somewhere, though. Stupid BBC.

We decided to watch a film and, after several minutes of perusing the On Demand films without success, decided on the awful-sounding Deadgirl, whose summary actually made it sound worse than it really was. Comments / spoilers )

On Sunday morning Phil turned up to fix / replace our kitchen light (so at least we can now cook properly in the evening), without any warning. We knew he was coming at some point this weekend, and he happened to turn up just as I was getting out of the shower. He then borrowed Lisa's chair to turn off the fuse in the porch, resulting in her shouting irritatedly up the stairs at us... A bit later on when Paul popped out to get cigarettes, he thought Lisa was blanking him, but it turned out later she just had her headphones on and couldn't hear him, and also that she was annoyed with Phil for not warning us when he would turn up, as she was in her nightdress when he arrived, rather than annoyed with us... though we probably should have warned her nonetheless.

We decided to go to Wetherspoon's for Sunday dinner because I couldn't be bothered to cook. So, five minutes before we left, my body decided to punish me for no apparent reason with crippling stomach pain. So I barely even managed half of my roast pork before we had to go home. I ended up having a fitful nap for about an hour or so (thankfully some of the pain had subsided by then) and we watched telly for a few hours. I caught the last hour or so of the shot-for-shot remake of Psycho (not as bad as anticipated; Vince Vaughn should do more serious films) and we started watching a docu-drama on Peter Sellers that we taped about two years ago and forgot about, starring Geoffrey Rush. Always an underrated actor, IMHO. Didn't finish watching that, as I was tired, except then thanks to my nap I didn't actually nod off until around 1.30...

Paul also has a bad stomach this morning so it's obviously something we both ate. I suspect it was the remaining sausages from the fridge. I felt somewhat ill halfway through eating mine, and Paul finished them off... There was nothing in our Experimental Tea which might have poisoned us (it was basically just chicken, tomato and onions) so that only leaves the sausages...

Still a bit grumbly this morning. I wouldn't mind, but I've been good all week - no takeaways, sandwiches with brown bread, and mostly real food with vegetables included. Stupid body.

Bit of a hectic week coming up. It's my mum's birthday tomorrow (need to finish stuff tonight and wrap presents) and we may or may not be seeing her then, depending on what they're doing... I have half of Thursday off as flex, so will be going to get my hair cut at lunchtime, then Paul and I are going to the Bodyworks exhibition at the O2 on Friday (£28 for the coach tickets - yay National Express), then I'm going to We Will Rock You on Saturday afternoon (mum's birthday present) with her and David, then we're going to La Fibule for dinner in the evening.

I do believe that's everything.

No, wait, fic stuff... )

Right, THAT is everything. ;)
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So, on Saturday night we went to see a delightful piece of cinema entitled Antichrist... Commentary and spoilers, though it's only on until Wednesday if you live in Birmingham... )

Small things have been irritating me this weekend. I have ordered a new printer from e-Buyer (£80 all in for the printer, USB cable and spare cartridges, plus £10 delivery charge), and did so on Friday night in the hope that next day delivery would result in getting it on Saturday. Obviously, they don't deliver on Saturdays except for an extra charge, and it wouldn't have been until this weekend. So it's arriving on Tuesday (note to self: remind Lisa so she is hopefully in), which is still okay because I ordered it so I could copy some CDs for my mum. Except then I forgot my bloody password, and the 'changed password' link they emailed me didn't work, so we had to set up an account in Paul's name to bloody order the thing. Thankfully there was no hassle with PayPal, and I didn't have to contend with the Lloyds TSB cardsafe thinger, which I've literally had to change the password on about sixteen times because I didn't remember which one I'd used. I think the first time it turned out that by 'Password', they meant 'Mother's Maiden Name', but I've had to change it so many times I've run out of memorable passwords - there are only three or four I use for most things. So anyway, that entire thing was aggravating.

Then I was generally annoyed by Cineworld being crap with their screening times and extortionate prices (and the fact that we wouldn't be able to see it off peak because they're only showing peak-time screenings).

THEN, on Sunday I got annoyed with the sewing machine, whilst trying to adjust Paul's new trousers. For starters, the bobbin clutch wheel is completely stuck closed, and I don't have a screwdriver with a narrow enough shaft to try and loosen the screw, which I think may help - though if not I have no other solution. Thankfully I then found a bobbin with black thread on it - though my other solution was to use my JML travel sewing machine just to create a bobbin - except I think it's different thread to my main reel, so I absolutely could not get the stitch tension right. In the end I gave up and tacked them by hand, but I'm going to buy some better quality black thread tonight, make a bobbin from scratch and try again. It's annoying because when I made my tie-backs the machine was working perfectly.


It seems the root cause of my annoyance is just Things Not Working, to be honest. Which is entirely understandable.

To top that off, this morning MS Word ate a memo I'd typed before I had a chance to save it, after I'd deleted the tape. Thankfully the file note was still intact. Bloody thing. I assume it was a temporary network fritz (as usual), but still annoying.

Reet then, nothing else to report. Hopefully we will be able to see Coco Before Chanel (preferably without morons in the cinema) before it ceases to show anywhere... Also hope to be back on track with sandwich-making for work this week, as we were very bad last week. We are also back on track with Real Food, as I made a beef bourgignon last night and we're having chilli tonight...
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We went to see Public Enemies last night. It was... okay. Considering we had to hang around Broadway Plaza until 8.05 to see it only to be vaguely disappointed that it wasn't mind-blowing didn't help, and nor did the fact that I kept getting distracted by little irritations, like the fact that they hadn't quite managed to cover up Johnny Depp's finger tattoos, or that the make-up in general was really heavy-handed in places.

More )

I've been tired and irritible all week. I think the downpours all week haven't helped in the slightest, nor has the fact that we still don't have a functional kitchen light. The washing up has piled up, I'm falling behind on laundry (because I can't put it outside to dry and obviously the heating isn't on to dry towels, etc. on the radiators, though I have been sorely tempted the past couple of days...), and as much as I'd love to blitz my negativity into cleaning or whatnot, I just don't. have. the energy.

TGIF indeed. A quiet weekend hopefully.

*crawls under rock*
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I have no idea what's going on with my nose lately. I think it's left over cat-allergy from Sunday night because we went to see Pauls' mum. The antihistamine successfully prevented my eye from flaring up (which was just as well considering the cat is affectionate / clingy to the point of looking offended if you stop stroking him; it's quite cute, he lifts one front leg as if to wave at you and attact your attention...) but I started sneezing after a few hours. It was also quite chilly on Sunday night, which didn't help... I took a Benilyn night-time cold tablet before I went to bed (good quality of sleep, hurrah) and was a bit sniffly yesterday too, then made the mistake of wearing the same top when I got in as yesterday, which was obviously covered in cat hairs and drool, which set the sneezing off again.

I was incredibly bunged up last night, too, and still a bit this morning. Which, in the middle of the current global swine flu panic, is making me somewhat paranoid. To be honest, I blame the quite awful weather of late, and the fact that the temperature can't seem to find a happy medium to stick to and went from Swelteringly Hot to Actually Quite Cold in the space of a day once that heatwave finished.

(Just managed to drop my coffee cup onto my keyboard; thankfully the lid was still on and there doesn't appear to be any damage...)

So, I am a bit tight-chested today, which isn't very fun. :(

Paul went out yesterday because his mate Alex is back from Gran Canaria (permanently, apparently)... I was going to go with them originally, until Alex did his usual trick of inviting more random people along, including Tony, who scares the Hell out of me. Paul assured me he would be sober this time (the first and last time I met him he was incredibly drunk and generally the kind of person I avoid like the plague as a result) but meh. I was also feeling kind of horrible last night so couldn't be bothered.

So instead I finally got around to watching The Libertine, which Noel bought me a while back for either a birthday or Christmas and which has been on the DVD rack along with all those other DVDs I never get around to watching. Possible spoilers )

Not much else to report except that as a result of Paul going out (and the tight-chestedness), I didn't get to sleep until about 1.30am. Bah.


Jul. 13th, 2009 11:43 am
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Fairly eventful. Before that, though, I just want to share that last night, I dreamt we got five numbers on the lottery (admittedly the draw was done by buses pulling up to a bus stop, with their numbers corresponding to the lottery numbers) - what a shame to wake up and discover it wasn't true. :(

Went to see my mum on Saturday. We were going to have paella for dinner, but on arrival they'd changed their mind and were going to take us out to the Kings Head (formerly Quantum, formerly Kings Head) in Bearwood. Quite possibly the most expensive meal I've ever had, but also hands-down the absolute best I've had, too.

For starters, David and I both opted for the seared scallops with pea puree and crispy pancetta. Very nice indeed. Paul and my mum both had the chicken liver parfait with cumberland sauce, which was also delicious. I think I heard the waiter say the scallops were Michelin starred...

We had different mains: David had the steak (which looked delicious, though he wasn't inclined to share it. :P), my mum had the tuna, Paul had half a lobster, and I had the lamb shank. There was seriously enough meat on it to feed three people. And it was gorgeous.

Despite having half a sheep for my main course, I still found room for dessert in the form of a lemon tart with orange syrup, which was just as good as the savoury dishes. Quite often I find restaurants are let down by their sweets, but not so in this case.

Despite being expensive, however, it was very good value for money (especially given the size of my lamb!), and I would definitely recommend it. Their bar menu looks impressive, too... We put in the customer satisfaction cards to enter their monthly draw and try to win a meal for two...

They also do a good value set menu Mondays to Thursdays which also sounded very nice...

Got back and managed to catch the Killers live at T in the Park on BBC3, which was fortuitous. :)

On Sunday we had breakfast at the cafe in Tesco at Five Ways, en route to the cinema. I was still full of lamb and lemon tart, but managed a couple of vegetarian sausages and hash browns. I am now on a mission to find said sausages, because they were very nice - mostly potato, leek and carrot, I think, actual vegetables rather than quorn... I tried the little Tesco in the city centre, in the hope that said sausages were perhaps their own brand, but they didn't appear to have any vegetarian sausages at all... I've kind of gone off most breakfast food (at least at breakfast), you see. As such I've stocked up on croissants and muffins and want to find some veggie sausages because I think my constitution will cope better with those than full-on meat-filled ones.

After breakfast we went to see Bruno, which was even more gratuitous than Borat and about as entertaining... it had its moments Spoilers ), but seriously, one of these days Sasha Baron Cohen is going to get his head kicked in by angry racists / homophobes / religious nutters. There's one point where a chair comes very close to landing on his head, which is mildly terrifying. I quite agree that half of the time these people fully deserve to be baited in such a way, but I imagine there's only so far you can push before they turn violent...

The rest of the evening was spent watching the 'Stenders omnibus and fighting off tiredness, then watching the latest installment of Big Brother and finding Clue on ITV3.

So I've not really had time to think this weekend. Hopefully next week will be a quiet one.

I need to book some tickets to We Will Rock You tonight, before there are none left...
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Right, can get back to 'proper' updates now.

Firstly, the slightly overdue Coraline mutterings and related ramblings... Contains Spoilers )

Sorry, that went on a bit.

This next one will be shorter: Paul finally convinced me to watch Rebel Without A Cause last night (I did want to see it, was just never in the mood) and I quite enjoyed it. For those who don't know - and perhaps Eni might be interested in this - the scenes at the abandoned house are actually the same one from Sunset Boulevard - the exteriors, at least. Not quite sure about the interiors, as it looked to me as though the entire layout was reversed. Still, it was quite exciting to see it in colour. :D

It also inspired a sentence, of sorts. A throwaway comment from Joe, either in his voice or just in his narrative style, about how one day that house might be abandoned and kids would use it as a castle... because SB is all about the inter-referential fun.

Fiiiinally, my bizarre dream. Not enough to properly warrant filtering it, so it's public. Caged animals )

I do believe that's everything. I had another jaunt to Acock's Green this lunchtime to get more food colouring paste for Alison's birthday picnic cake, and thankfully the trains did not conspire against me for once. Rather, my own stupidity did, as I managed to go the wrong way out of the station and added 20 minutes to my overall time. Boo.

Need to pick up some other bits of shopping tonight, including lime marmelade...

Over and out.
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The frame arrived this afternoon, so I've done a bit more of my embroidery. Scan 2/? )

Yesterday I ended up watching The Water Horse and The Colour Purple, both thanks to Sky Movies, as the usual terrestrial fare for Bank Holiday Monday was useless. Today I got out the DVD of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because I missed it on Sunday due to cooking dinner. As much as I enjoy the film, the constant Americanisation really starts to grate after a while. Not just the mentions of 'candy' where they mean 'chocolate', but the monetary unit being dollars. It seems to be set in this bizarre Anglo-American hybrid of a place which can't decide where it wants to be. Other than that, though, I still love the little references to previous films (Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood; even the TV Room glasses are somewhat reminiscent of Nightmare Before Christmas...) and the general visual prettiness...

Trailer for Corpse Bride on the DVD so I might watch that tomorrow. I'm actually quite overdue a Tim Burton marathon, though it will involve digging out the videos from upstairs as I don't have a full collection on DVD as yet... Hm, perhaps at some point. I'll add it to the never-ending to-do list.

It's mine and Paul's anniversary on Thursday (four years) and we're going to a local tapas restaurant called Byzantium, so that should be nice. Paul also has a four-day weekend from Thursday so hopefully we might get a bit of spring cleaning done...

Nothing else to report. Over and out.
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Well, it turned out to be less exciting than planned, as the weather called off play and our fireworks didn't happen. They were meant to be on Saturday, but Darren and Andrea were taking the kids to see the Christmas lights switch-on in Birmingham, so we moved it to Sunday, and then Paul's mum decided to cancel because of the rain. Ah well. We are hopefully going to do the fireworks next Sunday, assuming the rain doesn't persist.

So instead, on Saturday night, we decided to watch The Orphanage again. Further ponderings - contains spoilers. )

On Sunday, Paul went out for a couple of drinks with Drew and I watched EastEnders and then made a birthday cake for Paul's mum, whicih we're going to take over tonight with her presents. I attempted to make satin icing again and for once it almost worked perfectly - there were only a few bits where it didn't quite cover the cake, and it was soft enough that I was able to fix it without it looking too awful. I need to buy a Teflon sheet, really, as rolling it out on the chopping boad didn't work as well as hoped. I also attempted to mix red and blue food colouring to make purple, but unfortunately the blue was so strong it ended up a sort of dark grey-blue. Still quite interesting. The icing I used to write on it also ended up a sort of peachy colour because the red just isn't very good, but for a first attempt at writing on a cake with an icing bag it's really not too bad. The icing was a little too runny, though, and despite halving the recipe there was still loads of it left... I'll post a photograph later.

Oh, the cake itself was a normal (vanilla) flavoured cake with a layer of whipped cream in the middle. Whipping the cream was really bizarre: it took ages to thicken and then suddenly, in the last five seconds, became the right consistency... (There was going to jam in there too, a la Victoria sponge, but it had gone mouldy...)

On Sunday evening, after watching the David Bowie episode of Flight of the Conchords, Paul and I ended up watching Labyrinth to see who was right about whether they'd stolen an actual line from the film... Turns out I was right: they hadn't. :P In any event, I was long overdue a Labyrinth rewatch, and it's always fun.

We then rented Superhero Movie (brainless fun) from On Demand as it was the only thing we could agree on. It's still full price as it's new, but so is everything else I want to see. I'm hoping the majority of this stuff will be on the normal movie channels come Christmas...

Ugly Betty season 2 is finally out on DVD, at long bloody last. By the time we get season 3 in the new year we'll be an entire series behind the US, which sucks, considering we were only a week behind at the start of last season. Stupid channel 4.

Anyway, this morning has gone incredibly quickly for some reason, so I shall post this...
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That was a nice quiet weekend, for once. Paul's lurgy is taking ages to work out of his system so he spent the majority of the day taking tablets and sitting on the PC / using the DS. We popped out to Sainsbury's for some basics and stuff for dinner (chicken pesto pasta; I've perfected it with creme fraiche, although it has the unfortunate smell, whilst cooking, of old socks...)

In the evening we watched Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes, as Paul had never seen it all the way through and I hadn't seen it since the DVD release, which was probably about 2002 or thereabouts. We had to start again, though, because a conversation somehow ensued about space travel, aliens, alternative universes, ghosts and everything in between, all from me saying that if I won the lottery I would spend it all on a tourist space flight. ;)

The ending is totally WTF, and even though die-hard Apes fans slated the Burton "re-imagining", I think it does have some good elements. The extras show just how much effort went into the make-up and also 'ape school' for the actors so that they could learn to move like apes, and there are lots of references to the original ("Get your hands off me, you damn dirty human!", as an example...) and various other things. There's a direct quote from Batman and it's full of some typical Burton elements. I personally enjoyed the way the spaceship was half-buried in sand in a very similar way to the Statue of Liberty in the original. Paul was having great fun slashing General Thade and his second-in-command, also. ;)

Sunday was much of the same. Lisa decided she wanted to make the front 'garden' (I use that term loosely) look a bit better because she's having a visitor over in a couple of weeks, so she went out to buy liner and pebbles. It looks much better already, though we're going to get some plants to put there as well. We should probably tackle the back garden again at some point; the bit we weeded and tidied up last year has gone wild and mad because of all the rain and desperately needs taming. I'm tempted to rip the trailing plant up and start again with actual flowers or something.

I watched more X-Files (I've started my re-watch, finally, though have not yet been inclined to use my 'X-Filter' to make posts... I don't think there's that many people left on it because of deleted journals / f-list purging... I've just watched "Lazarus" so there's still a long way to go) and EastEnders. At 9.00pm Alison rang me to ask me to email Danielle because she'd been locked out of her house. Other than that, it was an uneventful evening.

Oh yes, and we dyed my hair purple. Surprisingly, it actually worked. I'l post a photo later if I can find a good enough light to stand in; it looks vibrant red-purple in bright light and just dark purple normally. Woo, purple. It's a bit fluffy at the moment because of the provided conditioner, so hopefully it'll calm down once I wash it normally.

In other news, my Amazon order was apparently dispatched on Monday and it has yet to turn up. Stupid Royal Mail.


Sep. 22nd, 2008 11:45 am
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Two of them this weekend, but before that: Heaven forefend, but the weather has actually been *gasp* warm. I got washing done! Imagine that!

Also, Paul made a valiant attempt at mowing the lawn, but couldn't find the extension lead so could only get so far down the garden, and also it seems to have turned into a jungle because of all the rain lately. The plants by the back door have taken over the path and the entire thing has become a veritable neighbourhood of spiders. :(

Aside from that and going out for shopping - I decided to make the mushroom-chicken-gorgonzola thing for tea, so had to get mushrooms... Lidl didn't seem to have vegetables other than potatoes, for some reason - we didn't do very much. I've been trying to pwn Super Mario level 6, but the boss level is impossibly difficult, and at some point I need to go back to level 2 and defeat the boss in a different way to open up level 4. (If you go through it normally, it goes 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 6 - 8, with 4 and 7 having to be opened in a certain way from levels 2 and 5 respectively. Madness.)

In the evening we rented Southland Tales because Paul really wanted to see it. Most. Confusing. Ever. )

Yesterday evening, on a slightly less confusing and more harrowing note, we went to see The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Spoilers and Thoughts )

On that note, I will stop, or this entry will never end

Paul has complained that we seem to have been accidentally inundated with Nazis lately, first with Cabaret (I had "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" stuck in my head yesterday...) and now with this. He thinks there's something wrong with me, but it was purely unintentional. :P Perhaps I should let that element of The Sound of Music be a surprise? ;)

In other news, I'm getting my hair trimmed after work. It's done that thing where it's gone from manageable to impossible within the space of a week. I'd forgotten the drawback to keeping it short. ;) I may dye it black again, so watch this space...

As you may have guessed by the length of this entry, there's very little to do at work again today... so I shall post this before it gets out of hand. ;)


Aug. 26th, 2008 11:07 am
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Last night was pleasant. Lisa came up to share our bank holiday dinner of roast pork with trimmings, and then we watched Cloverfield. Comments/spoilers )

Going to see Mary Poppins tonight, hurrah. And going to Pizza Express for tea to use up the voucher before it expires.

In other news, I have the longest file note known to man to tackle - 2.5 blue tapes, which equates about about 1 hour 15 minutes of dictation - so I'd better get on with it...
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Well... three, anyway. That's all this weekend has involved, really.

On Saturday I met up with Denise (and subsequently Lloyd, as it turned out) to see The X-Files: I Want to Believe. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you very much. Some thoughts )

Of the evening Paul and I attempted to get Batman Begins to work on Virgin, but they were full of fail. So instead we watched it on Sunday morning, and then headed out to see The Dark Knight in the afternoon...

More thoughts )

In other, non-film-related news, Centro have forgotten to send me my pass AGAIN. That's twice they've managed it. I was going to switch back to a TWM card anyway, and this has provided a more than adequate excuse, You fail, Centro. I was only holding onto the Centro card as a means of using non-TWM buses, and having a 'Zone 1' card means I can get as far as the Jewellery Quarter / Five Ways on a train and hence there's little point in having one. When I was using the train regularly it worked out cheaper, and perhaps if Kings Heath station ever re-opens I may go back to one, but it's not worth the extra money any more. Both Centro and TWM are obviously in league with Satan, so it's a literal case of the lesser of two evils. ;)

I'm on my own this week. So far it hasn't been too annoying... Anyway, I'll post this and do another hour's work, then it's lunchtime... *munches on Scotch egg*
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Another fairly sociable weekend, which seemed to invole an awful lot of films... I have rambled an awful lot in this one, so I've cut where appropriate.

I don't think I've updated in a while, so: on Thursday I made a seafood risotto using a recipe I got online by Jamie Oliver, which was actually as easy as he said it was. I decided to cook the prawns, salmon and scallops separately in a frying pan so as not to confuse things, which meant the risotto was as stodgy as a brick. Also, the recipe called for an amount of grated parmesan, but as our parmesan is powdered (it's generic 'Italian hard cheese' from Asda, in a plastic box) it ended up being ridiculously cheesy... Nevertheless, despite the fact you could build a house with it and my pans SUCK, it was actually very tasty.

Friday night was quite sedate for me, although Paul went out for drinks after work, came home (we had some more of the risotto and I still had to throw a little bit away - I think I'll halve the recipe next time...), and then went out again. I wasn't best pleased about this because I basically saw him (sober) for all of twenty minutes, but I did get the PC to myself for the evening. :P I had a play around on DOSBox and managed to get Simon the Sorcerer to work from the CD, though I am failing to get the Puzzle Pack to work because it was designed for Win 95/98 and will not install on XP or Vista, but is too advanced for DOSBox. (Although I think it might work with the SCUMMvm emulator, will have to investigate...) Got quite a way through it by remembering what I did last time but am now at a dead end again.

Paul rang me up at quarter to midnight to say he was waiting for a taxi, after which he talked bollocks at me for a while. Came home utterly plastered and hence broke his promise. :P

Saturday, we got up earlyish and went for brekkie at Wetherspoons, pottered around the house for a bit and then left for my mum's. I aimed to get there for 2.30 but hadn't banked on Hagley Road traffic (going through town is probably still bloody quicker than waiting for the 11 to turn up) and got there around 2.45. David was playing a Queen DVD and seemed to have convinced himself that Queen (circa 1985) were influenced by the Phantom movie (2004). Er, no, David. ;) Freddie was already dead by the time the movie was made, although I'm pretty sure the original musical and Queen influenced each other back and forth, judging by some of the videos...

Random Phantom-esque theory... )

Aaanyway, at around 3.45 we headed off for the Barbecue of Doom at Quinton Church. The horrible thought did occur that my grandmother might have invited my father and not told anyone as a 'well-meaning' surprise, but then I remembered that even if she had, he would only have refused and/or had a strop when she didn't want him to bring Annabelle... So obviously, he wasn't there, thank anything. Nevertheless, the BBQ wasn't as bad as I think my mother was anticipating. The food was good (if cold, to David's chagrin) and there were some sane people at our table, not too many screaming children, and the weather was okay (at least it didn't rain...) We won a pack of playing cards in the raffle as by the time our number was drawn, the good prizes had gone. It was either cards or a set of golf tees. ;)

Back at my mum's, we spent a good hour or so arguing over what DVD to watch, before eventually settling on 300. STABBITY! )

After that we argued a bit more over what to watch next, despite it being midnight and everyone being tired. My mum, Paul and I all agreed on Harvey, which David then denied they even had, despite Paul suggesting it because it was on the rack. Meh. In the end we watched the beginning of Eddie Izzard's Glorious but gave up at around 12.30 and went to bed. David also wanted to watch the first 10 minutes (the opening sequence, basically) of the POTO movie, which prompted Paul to want to see the rest of it... I grudgingly agreed we could watch it on Sunday. ;)

In the morning, my mum cooked us breakfast and we went through the pile of car-bootable DVDs in the office, taking home a bagful, and there's also a pile in the living room of stuff I want copying... I forget now what we picked up, but I do now have a full set of Pirates DVDs, including the "lost disc" version of the first one.

Does anyone want a copy of the 2-disc Special Edition of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (that's the first one)? Because I now have two. I'm not sure if Lisa ever bought herself a copy, though, so will ask her as well. It's free, as ever, to a good home.

I've also borrowed a selection of DS games (Tetris, Brain Training, 42-games-in-one, and Barnyard on GB Advance) from my mum, as I'm bored of Pirates 2 and Monkey Ball. ;) Had a go at Tetris and Barnyard last night, but at least I have some entertainment for a bit. :)

On the way home we stopped at the cinema to see WALL-E. Review / Spoilers )

Sorry, I went on a bit, there. I was very impressed with this one. I need to make a list of stuff to see over the coming weeks, though. X-Files is out on 1 August and I also want to see The Mist and Hancock and Dark Knight - hopefully at IMAX if it's not too expensive... Also Mamma Mia. ABBA FTW, and Meryl Streep makes everything she's in brilliant. ;)

The rest of Sunday was relaxed. 'Stenders of the afternoon, and we did watch POTO of the evening. I think my hatred of the majority of it has mellowed since its release (this was only the second time I've seen it, for that reason) and whilst the same things still irk me (casting, majoritarily, and the fact that they moved the chandelier incident to somewhere completely different, for no apparent reason) I will admit that the visuals are mostly stunning. I already reviewed it the first time and mostly my opinions haven't changed. ;) You can find it in my December 04 backposts if you're desperate. :P But as a result I started to re-read the original novel, so yay. We got halfway through the insanely long documentary on the second disc before giving up at midnight, so will watch the rest of that tonight. Phantom documentaries never get old, even when they regurgitate information. The origins fascinate me.

And that, finally, is that. I apologise for the longness. Must remember to update more often, or actually do stuff in smaller batches. ;)
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This weekend has been quite insanely sociable...

On Friday, as already mentioned, I moved some bookcases, after traipsing to Iceland to get party food for Saturday.

On Saturday morning, having eaten no breakfast, Paul and I set about moving the videos up into the attic. This didn't actually take too long, so then we started to move the wardrobe up as well. Naturally, we got it nearly to the top when my mum and David turned up, so I was effectively trapped in the attic for a while until we could get it into the room. Then I had to put the piles of videos on the bed back into the wardrobe/unit to get them out of the way (and clear a path to the bed) in case anyone needed to stay over.

Anyway, we now have a shiny new(ish) telly and there is lots of wall space behind it, and my space-age lamp is now a focal point rather than being hidden up high on top of the wardrobe like it was before... And also a black bookcase awaiting shelves and books, so the Book Corner is almost complete...

After that we went out to get food from McDonalds... I think the rain put a lot of people off, as for once it wasn't completely rammed. (I blame the unprecedented McDonalds craving on the girl who got on the bus on Friday with Burger King...) Then we headed off to Blockbuster to find some Rubbish Films (TM) for the evening's festivities, and THEN a trip on the 11 to an off-licence in Cotteridge which sold Brothers Strawberry Perry, as Somerfield did not. As soon as we got off the bus it started hammering it down, of course, so it's probably just as well I hadn't put any washing out like I was intending when I got up and the sun was shining...

Got in, had a bath, and waited for people to arrive...

Movie Night )

On Sunday I didn't do much, at least by comparison to Saturday, but did go out to the pub for lunch with [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess, as she was unable to go to the movie night. That was pleasant, as we haven't seen each other in a while, and we had a natter and caught up and stuff. Alison walked home and I got the bus because my leg was hurting from all the furniture-moving the day before (still does a bit today) and sat down to watch 'Stenders on replay. Paul inflicted Human Traffic on me after dinner, which was okay... possibly I am rather missing the point, as for the majority of the film (especially the come-down scenes) I was just thinking "And this is meant to be fun... why?" Still, John Simm, yay.

Back at work today and nothing to report. Except that there's going to be more Jonathan Creek at some point this year. Derek mentioned this on Saturday as coming from the mouth of Alan Davies himself, presumably on QI, which we'd missed (and which isn't on Iplayer - WTF, BBC? Bastards.) and I went to check this morning. I was holding some vague hope for a return of Caroline Quentin, but the article states Jonathan will have yet another new female sidekick... We can only hope she won't be as cataclismically annoying as Carla Borego. (I mean, I love Julia Sawalha, and it's a testament to her acting ability that she could make me HATE HER so much...)

So, the lack of Maddy = sad. The comeback of Jonathan = marvellous, however. Perhaps it'll balance out. I hold out no hope whatsoever of them remembering to mentionh Maddy this time, though... it was tagged on at the end of the last series as something of an afterthought (or so it appeared) and it's been five years since then. Part of me thinks they won't forget her, but a bigger part of me knows full well that Renwick has never been that focused on the Jonathan/Maddy dynamic insofar as it was actually there when he was writing, and he's more than happy to try and recreate that dynamic with Jonathan's latest assistant. FAIL. In a word.

Hrm. I'm betting on a Christmas special, in any event...

I shall now sign this off, as it's getting far too long. I had more to say about the Jonathan Creek thing, but it fell out of my brain on the bus journey home thanks to screaming children and general tiredness. Bah.
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Weekend )

Yesterday )

Which brings us to today. Obviously, the PC is no longer broken, as I am typing an LJ entry. It didn't work this afternoon when I tried to turn it on but for some reason was absolutely fine a few hours later when Paul came home. Oh, and he managed to leave his keys at home today, as well as his (dead-batteried, admittedly) mobile. Cue me trying to get in touch with him via a very circuitous route involving 118 118 and attempting to send a text to his work email - I presume the latter was intercepted by the firewall, however. Anyway, I did manage to get through and he came home early to beat me going to choir and not being around to let him in.

More Carnivále later. Hopefully if the PC can survive a little bit longer we won't have to get a new machine just yet, so *crosses fingers* here's hoping.

That's everything. Must update food diary.
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Kind of a bleh weekend, really...

Saturday was the usual fare of groceries and washing. Although what with the high winds I'm surprised I didn't lose any of my laundry in the process of drying it. The weather's been stupid this weekend, all told. On Saturday afternoon I turned the heating off, but by 6.00pm it was back on again.

Paul went out to a Eurovision party on Saturday and I stayed in. I watched the first four songs and decreed it to be a waste of time so went online for the rest of the evening (with a brief stint of watching "Britain's Got Talent" at around midnight due to boredom).

On Sunday we awoke to discover the leaky roof has gotten worse. Where before the drip was just coming out of one of the ceiling tiles by the bedroom door (in the hall, luckily, although it looks as though it started in the bedroom once and has been temporarily fixed and found a new way through) and now it's coming through the wood / paint of the structure above the step. Paul's going to ring Trevor today. It seems to be working straight through (rather than being a delayed reaction) so I suppose that's better than it sitting there...

Perhaps, like the boiler, this will convince our landlord that he needs to fix things properly rather than just rerouting the problem elsewhere in the hope it'll disappear. Meh. We put a towel down to catch the drips and hopefully it won't work through to Lisa's flat.

On Sunday I was horrendously tired for some reason and ended up having a nap at abour 5.00pm for an hour and a half. Which obviously made me feel worse than before.

Monday morning saw a very bizarre, lingering dream-within-a-dream (possibly; not sure on the ending) and another day of horrible tiredness with a bad back to boot. I didn't even do anything energetic this weekend. (Couldn't be arsed with Pride, and anyway the rain called off play on Sunday.) So I had a bath, nearly fell over from hunger in the shower (meh) and then managed to ruin our would-have-been-nice roast dinner by mis-timing by half an hour and then managing to burn the brocolli and cauliflower. It was edible, but only just. I suck. :(

Watched The Reaping last night, which was interesting. Strange. Bits of it reminded me of Silent Hill (the film) whilst other bits reminded me of Sanitarium (the game). Entertaining on the whole, though.

The office is bloody freezing today. *blows on fingers* I hate Spring. Never knowing what to wear for the best, stupid weather, fluctuating temperatures. Also, given how hot the recent heatwave was and that was only May, I dread to think what the summer's going to be like. I don't want to get ill again, thank you. Still, at least this office has air conditioning...

I'm sure I had something else to mention but I cant' remember what it was...
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Aside from the tattoo-obtaining, it's been a generally pleasing weekend. The gorgeous weather has meant I've got lots of washing done in less time than usual, for a start.

Saturday was Laura's birthday, but I wasn't up to it. Instead, I sat around online and then decided to watch Anna and the King quite randomly. Mostly, I had convinced myself there was a scene 'missing' from The King and I which I thought was in A&tK and which apparently wasn't. Nevertheless, I do love the film.

Paul came back at around 4.00am after an eventful evening out during which someone with a out-of-date vendetta (and for no apparent reason) decided to pick a fight with him. Or rather, got his brother to do so, which makes it all the more pathetic. Luckily enough this happened right near the bouncers so nothing happened, otherwise it might have been quite messy...

On Sunday I watched The King and I after getting up early, having breakfast and cleaning the bathroom sink. Turns out my 'missing' scene was actually there after all. Somehow I was convinced the Siamese rendition of "Small House of Uncle Thomas" (i.e. Uncle Tom's Cabin) wasn't in the musical and remembered it being in the 1999 film instead (subsequently leading into the sub-plot about Tuptim's execution), but I was merely confused... Still, I hadn't seen either film in a while.

Hence, I spent the afternoon reading as much fic as I could find. A bit weird, what with it being essentially a true story, but the diaries of Anna Leonowens are only the basis of the story anyway, rather than the films being a true rendition of actual events...

Of the evening we sat and watched Tin Man, which was quite interesting... Spoilers )

So, I will definitely be following the rest of it.

That was about it, really... nothing much else to report. The tattoo is healing nicely but I can't lift my arm over my head, which is getting a little bit annoying... come on, scab - fall off!
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That was quite a pleasant weekend...

I don't think we did anything productive on Friday except go to the pub for tea... definitely need to break that habit again, it's getting to be a regular thing.

On Saturday morning Paul went out to the bank to turn his collection of 5p pieces into actual money - £10's worth, in fact. (There's a gigantic box of pennies still to sort out...) Then later that afternoon we braved the awful weather to go and see The Orphanage (or El Orfanata, if you want to be specific) before it stopped showing. As ever, Cineworld pulled firsts on it and treated it with very little respect, but at least we got to see it...

Review / spoilers )

Most definitely recommended - try and see it before your local cinema gives up on culture...

Later that evening we watched The Witches of Eastwick just because it was on, although Paul managed to fall asleep before the end.

Sunday was alternatively lazy and busy. Paul went out at 12.45 to play badminton with Drew - or not, as it transpired, as Drew, having reminded Paul that the clocks went forward, then forgot to change his own watch and was an hour late. So obviously Paul took that as an adequate reason to go drinking. Whilst he was doing that, I did some housework; as ever, one thing led to another, so I cleaned the bathroom, then hoovered the bits from the side of the cooker in the kitchen and cleaned the floor (vaguely), then hoovered the landing, dusted the bedroom, hoovered the living room, and got as far as stripping the bed before I had to have a sit down because I'd not had any food before starting... When I start things I tend to spot other things that need doing.

Paul came back and proclaimed that it was a nice day and we should go out again. He made it out to sound like the most glorious summer day in the history of all summer days, when in fact it was just about average for the end of March - the sun was warm but the wind was cold. Nevertheless, I didn't need a coat. We had one drink in the Pavillion where I got a bit upset because Paul was trying to be nice about supporting me in whatever I decide to do with my life, but the conversation was frustrating me more than it should have done... Then we moved on to the Kings Arms for some food (just sandwiches and some chips, which somehow came to over a tenner...) and a couple of drinks, then went home again.

And then we dyed my hair, which is now red. Not as red as I was hoping, but it's better than nothing. I need to get it cut at some point this week before the wedding on Monday. The back is far too thick so possibly layers may be in the pipeline.

Oh, my credit card PIN has turned up, now I'm just waiting on the card. First purchase will be a new camera, at long last, which Paul will pay for half of.

Tonight we are going to see Derren Brown in Derby, so I'm leaving work at 3.30. I can't decide if I'm more excited about Derren or going to Derby for the evening. ;) It's been a long time, and I do miss it there, especially as it starts to turn into summer...

Anyway, that's this entry done with, I think...
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Here we are, then, my final day of leave. As ever, I've had lots of time off work and achieved very little, although I suppose slightly more than usual...

We were supposed to rearrange the bedroom furniture on Saturday but that plan was scuppered by Paul having a cold and therefore not feeling remotely inclined to do anything energetic, which is fair enough, I suppose. Really we should rearrange it at the same time as redecorating, but I just had a must-move-furniture vibe going on...

So, Easter, then. On Friday night we traipsed to the Junction in Harborne because Heather had finally passed her driving test and wanted to celebrate. It took ages to get there because the buses were on Saturday service (which, with the 11, might as well be non-existent) and it was the other end of Harborne compared to the bus stop, but nevertheless, the pub was okay. Whilst there I spoke very little (the music was just that little bit too intrusive and the table was too wide, besides which Jen, Lisa and Heather had ensconced themselves into a corner before we arrived so we couldn't hear them at all), practically sat on top of the radiator because we were by the door and it was bloody freezing, and also tried some pistachios, for which I have now acquired a taste. That'll be a decent snack food, at least.

I was still feeling vaguely 'meh' for most of the night (in writing things down in my proper journal, I narrowed this down to the fact that everyone around me is doing all the things I want to eventually achieve, with Heather driving, Jen getting married in two weeks and Paul's mate Tor being pregnant - my body clock is tick-tocking quite substantially) but then it turned out to be PMT as the promised 'spotting' side effect of my new pills kicked in. Not sure if this will be a regular feature or not; at least with the others my periods were regular, so I hope these don't make them irregular again...

Anyway, Saturday we did mostly nothing, I think, except watch Delicatessen. Paul wasn't that impressed, but I liked it. I need to dig out The City of Lost Children again and re-watch it...

On Sunday I cooked a roast pork dinner (which is becoming my speciality; Paul's is roast chicken) and we're having the remains of that in a stir-fry tonight. And of course, I watched the dirge-like angst-fest of Easter Eastenders; I think right now, all the characters are getting right what they deserve: Lucy, Tanya, Ian and Max inclusive. I am following the emerging Phil/Shirley ship with some interest, mind you... The writers have this uncanny way of making previously incompatible characters seem perfect for each other without an obvious shift, which is nice. :)

Yesterday involved similarly doing nothing. We used another two-steaks-and-a-bottle-of-wine voucher to eat at Wetherspoons (must break that habit again...) and watched half of A Scanner Darkly before sleepiness kicked in. Given I'd already watched all of Annie and the majority of Prince of Egypt (which was a somewhat interesting experience given Discovery's 'Egypt Weekend', which I missed most of, unfortunately) I think three films in one day was more than enough to be going on with. Oh, and I think I also watched Mr Bean's Holiday just because it was on, which actually wasn't too horrendous. But possibly only because I like Mr Bean, in that clinging-onto-the-last-vestiges-of-my-childhood kind of way.

Back to work tomorrow, which I'm partially glad about. Being off work gives me rather too much time to think about stuff and I'll be glad of the distraction. Once I finish this entry and my lunch I need to make fairy cakes (change of plan from original idea) for work, but that shouldn't take too long. I only hope I managed to get a bit more sleep tonight than I did last night: I was awake from about 5.00 to 6.45 for no other reason than my brain refused to STFU, but at least I managed to catch up on that between 8.30 and 10.30... strange dreams included.

I suppose I should sign this off...
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This weekend was actually semi-productive, even though the productivity was quite boring in and of itself...

On Saturday we were actually up before 10.00. I headed out to pick up my prescription (finally, I have some medication!) and other bits, including stuff to make a shepherd's pie later in the evening (onion, carrot, swede), meat from the butcher and a lottery ticket.

Then I decided to sort out the pile of miscellaneous paper and card that had accumulated in the living room, managed to form a sizeable pile of recycling, file away the payslips and bills, and then discovered a boxful of random stuff which must have been on the shelves since the day we moved in, and a box of ornaments which are now on the shelf freed up by said box.

We went to the pub for one drink and picked up some stuff from the off-licence on the way back. I have a bottle of blue Reloaded Red Square in the fridge which is really gloopy and quite horrible, but I think I've just lost my taste for alcopops in general really... I should probably finish it, though.

The shepherd's pie was very very nice and very large, so we have the remainder for lunch today. It also turns out I like swede, and I made a valiant effort with the carrots (Somerfield were selling a bag of diced carrot and swede for 60p) but I'm afraid they defeated me after a while... Still, an effort is an effort, and I'm slowly trying to extend my repertoire of vegetables-I-will-eat. In any event, it's better than about three years ago when all I would eat were potatoes and parsnips. :P

Of the evening we watched The Passion of the Christ, which was... well, what it says on the tin, really. Cut for rambling. )

Anyway, that's enough about that.

Sunday was equally lazy and involved doing some embroidery and finally sitting down to listen to Danny Elfman's Serenada Schizphrena, which was... interesting. I need to listen to it again a bit more thoroughly but there are some very nice moments in it, a lot of it is very typical Elfman but with a more, um, symphonic approach...

I shall leave you with a recipe for my shepherd's pie...

Recipe: Easy Shepherd's Pie )

Lovely jubbly. :)

I am becoming quite the culinary goddess. I'm going to attempt something from our new Italian recipe book for Valentine's day, so that should be interesting...
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Before anything: Piece By Piece is looking up to be as good as, if not better, than Call Off the Search, but I'm only up to track 2 at the moment...

Weekend update:

Friday: Mrs Brown's Last Wedding was frelling hilarious.  About 25% of it was completely adlibbed by the lead and author, who plays Mrs Brown, and he had most of his cast corpsing and lost for words on many an occasion, as well as the entire audience.  The highlights were probably when he walked into the set (head first), decided randomly to twist the nipples of two of his male cast members, and the "blow job" joke, which went something like this.  Mrs Brown quotes a joke from one of her son's dirty magazines (having found them under his bed), something like "I feel like a prostitute on a bad day: all dressed up and no-one to blow", then asks what a blow job is, the answer to which is "about twenty quid"... she then later proceeds to offer 'extra blow jobs' to the plumber and his mates...

It did result in random hilarity in the curry house later when discussing who'd pay, as David annouced, "I think I have a blow job in my pocket"... honestly, it's just not something you want to hear at the dinner table. :P

A fry/George-Foreman-grill up in the morning, followed by watching Catchphrase (horrible stupid new ones) and me losing horribly.  We left at 4.00 to amble down to Aisha's house so she could drive us to Harborne for the meal.  As it transpired, it was just me, Paul, Aisha and three of her Uni friends... all pleasant enough but frighteningly med-studenty...  The pizza was gorgeous, though.

We left at 6.30 to get to town to meet [livejournal.com profile] marz109 for her birthday celebrations, running into [livejournal.com profile] darkstar_1984 at the same time.  The night was fairly slow and attendees included temper!Paul, lucretia and her OH, Max, as well as [livejournal.com profile] broken_sticks, Kiwi and Abi's mate.  We went to the Gallows towards the end of the night until closing time, then everyone else decamped to Eddies No. 8 (next door) whilst we went home.

Nothing.  Watching stuff.  We finished watching Disney's Aladdin, which took three days due to watching it in bed and falling asleep... also The Stepford Wives, which was brilliant.  Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close, Bette Midler, Christopher Walken.  Duuuude.  Also contained this brilliant and probably unintentional in-joke (spoilers under the cut) )  I don't know why so many people didn't like it.  Also, the more I see Glenn Close, the more she terrifies me, and the more I know she'll be perfect when they get their arses into gear and make this damned Sunset Blvd. movie-musical... even though I think Ewan McGregor as Joe is a huge mistake.  But anyway.  *cheerleads for Glenn!Norma*

We ate and did more nothing, watched Red Dwarf series 7 (Extended Versions of three episodes) and complained that post-series 6 it was just trying to take itself too seriously as science fiction instead of laughing at itself... but on the plus side, the video has the entire Arnold Rimmer song at the end. :D  We also watched The Worst Witch (OMG so 80s) and didn't have time to watch Interview with the Vampire...

I'm taking Into the Labyrinth (both videos) to Paul's on Wednesday as it's been ages since I watched it, and, dude, it's got Ron Moody in it!


Today I was Hellish tired and eventually had to make some coffee just to give myself a caffeine boost.. luckily, I drink coffee so rarely it doesn't take much to pep me up again and the following two-ish hours passed relatively quickly.

I have Achieved SomethingTM  in putting my uber-camp purple fluffy fairy lights around my wardrobe TV unit.  Looks cool. :)

Brief review of 'Piece By Piece' )

I'm pondering, when I've starte re-watching every single episode of The X-Files (nearly 200, by my estimation), whether I should review them or put some thoughts on LJ, as I'll be coming at them from a more subjective, mature point of view... and I should probably filter them so non-interested parties can ignore them.  So if you want to be added to my soon-to-be-created X-Filter (oh, dear), let me know...
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You'll all be glad to know that what I thought was the start of my PMT on Tuesday turned out to be the end of it.  In which case, the Valerian definitely takes the edge off by generally being more awake. But only just.

Last night I had an extreme allergic reaction to one of Paul's cats, which decided to come and sit on me for a couple of hours.  My cat allergy is a weird thing; instead of sneezing, my left eye just swells up and starts watering like crazy, and itching, so I rub it, so it itches more, etc, etc.  It was still swollen two hours later and this morning it looked like I'd been punched in the eye.  It's still significantly smaller than the right one.  Madness.  I'm hoping it does go away soon.  Stupid allergies; why couldn't I be allergic to something I don't like?

We watched Terry Gillliam's Brazil, which was... very, very strange, with lots of familiar faces. It stars Jonathan Pryce, and there's also Ian Holm, Michael Palin, Robert de Niro, Bob Hoskins, and various others. Jonathan Pryce used to be pretty, which was quite disturbing. I can't even summarise the plot except that it's set in some bizarre 1950s-esque future. Something of a cynical take on buereaucracy, I think.

As a result, I think Pryce is becoming one of my favoured actors. Since De-Lovely, anyway, and his performance of "Blow, Gabriel, Blow!". I'd forgotten until last night when explaining it about the interesting twist at the end, so may have to watch that again very soon...

Anyway, now the brain-mrrgh is over and done with, at least for the time being, I've suddenly realised that it's nearly Hallowe'en!

So now I'm in a rush trying to make an effort, obviously.  I think my decided costume plan for Saturday is to be "suicide goth", and will basically comprise the following: black pinstripe mini-skirt; spider-web/stripey tights; pinstripe corsetty thingumabob; black glittery spirally see-through shirt; big boots.  Also copious gothpaint and hoping to create slit wrists with latex rubber stuff (that I used to try and make a Bajoran nose, back in the day, before I bought a proper one...) and blood red lipstick, if itl'l work.  Going to wash my hair tonight, straighten it tomorrow and then attempt to spiral-curl random sections of it for interest, which'll probably fail horrendously but is worth a try nonetheless.

So tomorrow I have to go to Woolworths to find either black hair dye (for Paul's mime outfit - by the way, we have some white gloves)  or hair spray and possibly some fake blood, even though the city and its dog will also be desperately trying to find Hallowe'eny stuff.

And  now, to get you all in the mood, have some recipes, courtesy of Asda about 6 years ago...  Measurements in metric and imperial, but sadly no cups for you Americans...

Hot Spiced Apple Juice )

Pumpkin Turnovers )

Savoury (Bat) Biscuits )

Apple & Cinnamon Crumble Bars )

There you go.  I fully expect everyone to have made at least one of these by Monday.

Friday, Paul and I will be carving the pumpkin.  And not making pumpkin turnovers, because I have no puff pastry...  Saturday will be spent probably trying to dye his hair.  Sunday is meant to be spent making biscuits, as above.  This should be interesting.

So, yes.  My hair desperately needs a wash, so I'll sign this one off...
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So, I saw The Corpse Bride this evening...

Review herein - possible spoilers )

Go see it!  Honestly, two Burton films in the space of as many months?  I can live with this...

Also saw the trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and it looks bloody amazing.  Can't wait. :)  [livejournal.com profile] rubytitania and [livejournal.com profile] venuselle, we have to organise a trip to see it.  Also saw the end of the trailer for Brothers Grimm, which looks... interesting.  And also Lassie, which looks shit and over-dramatic with horrible child actors.

Some random whining under here, cut for your deliberance. )
Normal service will be resumed shortly.  Unless I happen to fall under a bus, or something.
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So, I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night.  Immediate reaction included a lot of hyperactive squealing, bouncing up and down, and giggling.

Best. Film. Ever.

Or, at least, best film this year...

Spoilers and review here. )

I could say a whole lot more, but I'm about to run off again to watch Haunted Mansion - not quite as up market, but eh, it should be entertaining.  The overall verdict, though?  Watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Not only beautiful, but intelligent with it.  If it's the only film you see this summer, you won't be disappointed.  And we still have Corpse Bride to look forward to this winter.

That's all I've done this weekend...
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I was going to attempt to do this at lunchtime but LJ was refusing to cooperate over the BCC servers, and I was far too tired last night after I'd sifted through the influx of comments.  So, this may not be as coherent as I'd like, but it's something resembling a review nonetheless.

Sin City - Spoilers ahead )

So, there we go.  I would definitely recommend this one, whether you've read the graphic novel or not.  I know people are saying it's close to the novels in terms of design and story, but, obviously, fans of the novels would have to find that out for themselves.  Definitely go and see it.

In other news - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opens in July, yay!!  The more I see of the trailers and publicity shots, the more excited I get.  This one's going to be good, people.  I can tell.  Burton is definitely back on form, and with Johnny Depp at the helm it's going to utterly, utterly wonderful.  Yes, even with the terrifying teeth.  I can't wait. :D

I'm going to make a doctor's appointment.  Two issues of concern, health-wise, at the moment, but before I do make the appointment, I want people to let me know if I'm just being a hypochondriac...

Health Issues. Nothing icky, but cut anyway. )

So, you should probably anticipate either an update on said health, or a long rant about the uselessness of my doctor's surgery/the price of medicine these days.

Oh, yes.  And today we had a Unit meeting again to discuss various issues, which resulted in us arguing for 10 minutes about something that wasn't even a problem because Sandra basically didn't listen to what I was saying, and because she and Amanda didn't want to do something that was in their frelling job description.  Cynthia was on my side, luckily.  The temptation to ask my agency to get me another position somewhere grows ever stronger, and I'm honestly only staying out of (misguided?) loyalty to a team that I can barely work with any more.  The system seemed to work just fine when I started nearly a year ago (Jesus, that's depressing...) and it's all changing. I don't like change, especially when the arrangements that were in place originally still work just as well as they did before.  I also don't like people interfering with my systems by rearranging the drawers so I can't find anything, or putting stuff in my in-tray for me to do when it's not completed and then complaining because it was wrong because they gave me the wrong instructions and then making out it was my fault, or giving me stuff to do that it's not even my job to do and then getting arsey when I say I won't do it right that second.

And breathe.


This week's going to be frelling aggravating again, I can just tell.  Not to mention the fact I need to work doubly hard to get everything done before I get more piled on me next week, which isn't going to happen when the forum's right there for me to play on...  So I apologise in advance to Paul for any ranty emails he may receive, and to the Inliners for any annoyed foruming...

I swear, this entry's taken far too long to complete.  My brain hurts, my eyes hurt, and I should probably go to bed.  Which is actually a very good plan, as it'll stop me finishing this post with a long, rambling nothingness about feeling trapped and wanting to escape, because I can feel it trying to worm its way onto the page, but I'm not going to let it.  I know it won't solve anything anyway.  So instead I'll end with this.

I am trapped.

I do want to run away.

But I can't.  Because for all the reasons I want to, there's the same amount of reasons I can't.

And on that piece of crypticness, I shall go.
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So, quite an enjoyable evening yesterday. Paul phoned on Monday night whilst drunk and hyperactive to ramble down the phone at me for an hour and a half. I think Eve thought I'd abandoned her, though, as I ran away from our AIM conversation to answer it. Must plan a trip to her city-that-I'm-not-allowed-to-mention so they can meet at some point... Anyway, the outcome of this conversation was the making of a deal, wherein Paul could give me (back) his bloody lurgy in exchange for one of two equally horrendous options: a) not smoking all night; b) arriving at work for 9.00am.

The eventual deal was settled at not smoking and coming into work at 9.30. More on that later...

So, we went to see The Jacket, starring Adrien Brodie and Keira Knightly. It looked interesting from the trailers, but wasn't what I was expecting at all... Spoilers and review under here. )

That's all I can really say without spoiling it completely. Post-movie discussion via email this morning with Paul tried to ascertain whether or not it created a paradox (I think we decided it didn't), so it's not exactly the most linear narrative in the world. It is, however, gloriously and wonderfully post-modern, very pretty, and well worth a viewing.

We also saw the trailer for Sin City and woooow. It looks frelling amazing, all done in black and white but with little touches of colour for people's eyes and neon and stuff. So I've decided that if I ever finish Orphan Eyes and it's ever made into a movie, it so has to be done like that.

Orphan Eyes ramblings/spoilers under here, too. )

So, anyway, after the film we wandered to the Flapper for drinks and pool and I stole Paul's cigarettes so he couldn't cheat. In the end I let him have two of them back before he went on a murderous rampage, and the deal from now on is that he's only allowed one every two hours when we're out. For numerous reasons; the main one being they taste foul... *ahem* Cue amusing conversation in the pub that basically ended in his realising that I am cruel, heartless, evil, and mean.

Took him long enough. ;)

Today has been mostly uneventful, but was one of those days... you know those days?  Those days when you spend about five frelling hours on average just waiting for buses?  Yeah, one of those days.  Not helped by feeling all blah with a sore throat (and suddenly, random pains in my stomach.  How bizarre.) and aching all over.  Definitely coming down with something.  There was a very odd moment at the third bus stop of the morning whilst waiting for the 101, though.  Young Mother with Small Child asked me to escort said Small Child onto the bus for her while she struggled to collapse her pushchair.  So there's me, bag in one hand and Small Child in the other, trying to get onto a bus with - of course, because it was late - no seats whatsoever.

Oh, yes, and Liz broke the shredder.

That's actually about it.  Definitely a day of doing nothing whatsoever tonight.
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Today has been about: waking up at 12.15 from a freakish dream that I must now attempt to remember and write down, momentarily; watching DVDs, namely The League of Extraordinary Gentlmen and Van Helsing.

Spoilers for both under here. )

So, yeah.  Not exactly productive today, but at least I've crossed those two off my list.  Will attempt to remember dream now.
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My hair straighteners came this morning!  I ordered them via a seller on Amazon, and I must go to the site and give them a good recommendation, because I only ordered them on Thursday night, and they've come as special delivery.  So, I have £83.00 worth of GHD ceramic straighteners, which, obviously, we had to try as soon as they'd arrived.  They do heat in 6 seconds, terrifyingly, and they work on completely dry hair, and even managed to straighten out my mother's hair, too.

Anyway, after that we went into town for various things.  Got some heat-protection oil for use with said straighteners from Superdrug, and went to Reveal to see if I could find a new black cardigan.  Reveal's a very bad place to take me.  I came out with a black cardigan (with one of those wonky, diagonally fitted zips, very odd), a beige jumper (they were 2 for £15), some fishnet sleeeeeves (with thumbholes!) and a new coat.  It's a duffelcoat in cream with pink/purple tartan-type stripes, with a hood and furry cuffs.  That was a ridiculous £15, too.

Also went to HMV and got the American Beauty music, as I've been meaning to get it for a while.  Prettiness.

Went to Thorntons and WHSmiths, too, for birthday stuff.  And then off down to UGC to see A Very Long EngagementSpoilers herein )  Everyone has to see this one.  I'm serious.

So, a rather pleasant afternoon.

I'm hoping I don't have to go to my father's tomorrow.  I can't remember exactly when he said he was flying out to pick up Annabelle, but I'm sure he said it was the 6th... doubtless there'll be many angry/ranting/disbelieving posts very soon, so consider yourselves warned...  Anyway, I have far too much I need to do:

~ get screencaps lots of screencaps, for various purposes up to and including the MHOTP! challenge...
~ make a t-shirt, amongst other things
~ write and sent [livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing's birthday card - talking of which, what's your address again, please?
~ do another bloody London write-up
~ share graduation photos, though I might wait until I get the official one sent through
~ start reading Derek Acorah's book before I get it signed.  It'd look bad if I turned up with it blatantly unread...
~ finish chapter 7 of Come Forward, dammit.

On the plus side, I did finally put all of my writing into a better container.  The two folders were beginning to get a bit full; one of them was stuffed with Star Trek/Sunset fic alone.  So now they're in one of those concertina-file thingies instead, and I've taken all the various bits of writing out of the back of my A4 pad, as it was starting to look a bit over-stuffed.

Over and out.
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Went to see Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events today at the Odeon in Quinton, seeing as it was nearer than heading towards Dudley or Birmingham.  It was the only film showing there this afternoon, and when we arrived, the doors were locked.  About five minutes before it started, they finally let us in.

It would've been more enjoyable had it not been for the twenty or so annoying chavkids who descended upon first the front row, and then the row behind us, who had clearly been kicked out of the house by their parents and weren't interested in seeing the film in the slightest.  One of them actually fell asleep.  And cue two hours of chatting, sweet wrappers, mobile phones, seat-kicking, and general annoyance.

I was, however, very amused by the boy in the row in front, who couldn't have been more than about 9, with his grandparents.  He was singing along to the Dido and Abba songs (White Flag and Dancing Queen) that were playing before the trailers aired... I sense a drag queen in the making. :D

So, the film. )

Not a very good review, sorry.  If I see it again at some point I'll try again...

Today has been taken up with that and the rest of my MH DVDs, so I'll sort the photos, etc. out tomorrow night, I promise...

Edit, 22.56: I also realised something else that really annoys me about the POTO movie, but I'll wait until I'm in a better state to articulate it... because obviously, I can never stop ranting about it... :)


Dec. 30th, 2004 10:47 pm
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Must stop watching sad films.  Just saw AI on BBC1 and am now sniffling my head off.  Stupid poignant ending. :(

Good film, though. :)
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UGC cinema.  4.20pm.  Screen 6.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera.

It came.  We saw.  I conquered.

A lengthy review/rant/ramble herewith. Definite spoilers. Definite fandomnity. Enter at your own risk. )

Phew.  I warned you it'd be long.  I wonder if LJ'll complain about it.

In a different vein, a film that is definitely on my to-see list is the new one from the director of Amélie, called A Very Long Engagement (I think) - it's also starring Amélie's Audrey Tatou, and looks utterly beautiful.  But before then, I'm still trying to find somewhere that's still showing Ladies in Lavendar, and I want to see that Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, or whatever it is.

I repeat: fandom is exhausting.
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(This is the most appropriate icon I have, for the moment.)

Today we traversed into Birmingham to go to Beatties to get some knitting pins. We had lunch in the Victorian Restaurant (in the Western Arcade, near Coffee Republic at the back of Rackhams) which was quite pleasant, and experienced the following random amusement: a woman and her mother (presumably) sat at the table near ours just before we left.  She perused the menu for a bit, then sent the waitress away to enquire about something I didn't quite hear; on her return, she ordered, as follows:

"Right, I'll have the beans on toast, please.  With cheese on top, if possible, but it doesn't matter if not.  And can you make sure the beans are well done, please?"

Firstly: who the Hell goes to a restaurant and asks for beans on toast?  And secondly: "well done"?  How can you even tell?

In other news, Shelleys has relocated to above Barratts on New Street, and, quite frankly, they should've stayed where they were.  There's about a quarter of the stock they had before, and none of the interesting/insane drag queen shoes that used to line the shelves.  It's too bright, there's only one floor, they've only got brand new stock, and they've ruined my favourite shoe shop.  Bastards.  Luckily, a discount shoe store has taken up residence in Shelleys' old building, and seems to be selling off all of their old stock, so I'll go there instead.

We also investigated Selfridges for the first time, which was an experience I could happily have lived without.  Upon finally gaining entry (dude, seriously, make the doors more obvious) we were assaulted by the smell of coffee, which shortly turned into the smell of hot fat from the sushi bar. The eat-while-you-shop theory is all well and good, but possibly works better in an open space.  Ugh.  Besides which, the music was annoying and loud, and everything was way out of my price range (though they did have some rather cute Ruby Gloom tops), and the ten minutes we spent in there were ten minutes I would rather have spent, oh, breathing.  The Armadillo will not claim another victim in me, no sirree.

And then we went down to UGC to see Finding Neverland, at long last.  I'm sure I spotted [livejournal.com profile] shoeboxgirly on the way in, incidentally...  Review/thoughts follow; possible spoilers.

Finding Neverland; or, Why I Don't Do Sad Movies In Cinemas. )  Next on my list is Birth or Ladies in Lavendar, and the new adaptation of The Merchant of Venice looks quite good, as does The Forgotten, with Juliana Moore.

Go and see Finding Neverland, people.  You won't be disappointed.  Johnny Depp so deserves a Best Actor Oscar for that performance, and if he doesn't get one, I'm going to be very annoyed.  Kate Winslet probably won't even be nominated for Best Actress, though, as her performance was good, just not outstanding.
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Well, today was certainly interesting.  Cynthia was on leave and Sandra was off ill, which just left me and Zoe manning (or womanning, I suppose) the office, except then Zoe went to minute a conference, and I was left on my own.  Which was of the good, in a way, because it meant I got a good few hundred words of chapter 5 of Come Forward done without having to watch over my shoulder.  And also of the bad, because I was left answering phones, trying to find out where the hell Breda was (she's the Chair who's taking over all of Judy's old cases; she tends to just not turn up to conferences) and counselling a decidedly stressed social worker in the process...  Oy vey.

Other than that, it was uneventful.  Except then someone phoned up looking for Dawn, who we hadn't seen, prompting Zoe to theorise that there was a great hole in the sky sucking up all of our Reviewing Officers...

After that, I met up with [livejournal.com profile] last_dance outside Lloyds TSB/Pij, so we could go and see The Grudge, her being the only feasible person I could see it with.  I also wanted to get some photos of the Wheel with the Hall of Memory in front of it.

Some photos; blurred but artistic. )

And then we saw the film.

The Grudge; or, Why I Don't Do Horror Films In Cinemas. )
This was going to be far more coherent, but I'm tired.  Other films I'm hoping to see this season are: Finding Neverland, hopefully on Saturday; Birth, with Nicole Kidman, my theory being that she's not in a film with Johnny Depp yet, but I can watch two separate ones and pretend; Ladies in Lavendar, because it looks quite interesting.

Apparently the Phantom movie opens in December.  Some Phantom movie ramblings. )

So, yes.  I need to think about fluffy bunnies and happy things, for various reasons.
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This was going to be posted last night, but I couldn't be bothered to go downstairs to turn the modem on, so I'm posting it now...

But before the review, an update as to my ever-interesting work life...

1) Due to offices moving upstairs/downstairs and the having to cram three people into a two-desk office, our Child Protection Unit fax machine has been relegated to the now-empty downstairs office, and it's not plugged in yet.  So that means we have to use the one in the admin office downstairs.  Which meant that I had to fax my timesheet to Tina H at Small Heath and ask her very nicely if she would fax it straight to the agency for me, because if she sent it back to the main fax machine, I probably wouldn't receive til about a week later...

2) If that wasn't enough, the photocopier ran out of toner.  And they won't buy any more toner because there's a new photocopier still to be installed, at some point in the future.  And considering that half of my job when I'm not typing is to circulate minutes - which requires making manymany copies - I couldn't actually do my job today.  Which meant I spent four hours sorting out the filing cabinet, first putting all the files back into alphabetical order, and then going through them to make sure they'd all been filed in the right order.  I got as far as the Ms and then my brain started to shut down.

3) An agency worker started yesterday to help Cynthia out.  She didn't come back, because she didn't like the work.  So we've asked the agency to stress, for future reference, that the job will be practically nothing but photocopying and typing/sending out of exceedingly boring letters.  We've got another one starting on Monday, even though we'd decided by this point that it was easier just for me to help as I know vaguely what's going on and it saves having to teach yet another temp the horrendously over-complicated procedures required...

So, that was fun.

What was really fun was going to the cinema with Aisha tonight.  We saw De-lovely, the biopic about Cole Porter.  Absolutely frelling wonderful film, and everybody has to see it...  On the same note, everybody has to see Finding Neverland when it opens - it's about J.M.Barry writing Peter Pan, and it stars none other than Mr Sparrow himself, Johnny Depp (who seems to have suddenly gotten very good at accents.)  The Depp fangirl must be unleashed and obeyed, dammit!!

There's also a war comedy called Churchill: The Hollywood Years which should be seen for the cast alone.  Rik Mayall, Vic & Bob, the skinny guy from "The Office"... and a whole lot more.  The tag line is "Based on an actual war..."

Oh!  And Vanity Fair, too, which seems to have an equally exciting cast including Jim Broadbent and Reese Witherspoon, and Julie Christie, which amuses me...

I'm also hoping to see Saw (sorry...) at some point, because it looks visually quite interesting from what I've seen...

Anyway.  De-lovelySpoilers, if anyone's planning on viewing. )

It needs to win Oscars.  For everything.  And now I need to go buy the soundtrack.

And now for today:  today, I cooked a meal for three people.  Yup, that meal.  It all went quite swimmingly and was not only edible but actually very nice...  It was a meat pie (pork with onions, rice, and special hard goat's cheese) with filo pastry, and then diced herbed potatoes deep-fried like chips.  I'm incredibly impressed with myself, it has to be said. :D

Woo, meal!  We're going to be eating the damn thing for the rest of the week, though...
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So, today I went into Brum to find birthday presents for my mum.  After extensive wandering (well, extensive considering how hot it was and my tendency to avoid the Bull Ring as long as is humanly possible...) I came back with:

~ a vaguely art deco-ish locket thing from Argos
~ a dragon statuette from Evolution with pretty blue glass wings
~ a Chinese good luck charm from the random Chinese shop that's sprung up in the Pavillions
~ some over-the-knee socks, some of which are for me...

Also had a look in Shelley's and failed to get anything in my size.  I'm clearly slipping.

Anyway, tonight Sky finally showed The Ring, so I watched it.  Have to say I much preferred the original Japanese one; far more spooky and intense.  Nevertheless, it still put my nerves on edge, was fairly attactively shot, and seemed to pretty much follow the plot of the original.  The 'ring' metaphor was cleverer in the original, too...

Oh, and before I forget, here's three efforts of the Greta Garbo icon.  I think I like the last one best...

... ...
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So, Spiderman 2. Probably no spoilers, but read at your own discretion anyway. )

So, there we go.  Worth seeing, but don't expect anything intelligent or thought-provoking.  We saw it at the UGC on Broad Street, incidentally, which is fast becoming one of my favourite cinemas.  The Odeon is just nostalgic, really, though as a cinema it's not really that good, excepting screens 1 and 2.  Star City is severly overrated; it's too big and too loud and it doesn't get enough people to justify the effort they put into it (though the three special screens with the special chairs and private bar somewhat make up for that... I kid ye not. They exist.  I saw Scary Movie there with [livejournal.com profile] scifinutter during teH Summar ov M0viez!)  But UGC's nice, with lovely big screens, and it also shows randomly obscure things on occasion that we are now sorely lacking in thanks to the Electric closing down (bastards.)

But it reminded me why I love cinema.  Okay, so I wasn't exactly watching Gone With the Wind, but... it doesn't matter.  It could be the worst film in the world, but it's the experience of cinema that I love, the grand scale of it, the way it sucks you in.  Theatre does that, too, but to a lesser degree, depending on the show; audience participation brings it closer, I guess.  I think I forgot my point.  But basically, right before the film started, I was sitting there basking in the hugeness of the (blank) screen and thinking, "Wow, it doesn't get any better than this... Escapism, here I come." or some such. Probably less coherent than that and more along the lines of, "Duuuuuude.  Big."

Oh, and that vegetarian restaurant we went to for lunch was really quite nice; I had an Italian herb cheeseburger that consisted entirely of vegetables and I ate all of it, and I think I tried couscous, too.  Possibly.  It was something rice-looking that tasted of... green.  Oddly nice, though.  Helped get to know the office people better, too, which is always good.  They all think I'm crazy.  My work here is done.

Final note: Halle Berry as Catwoman?  BLASPHEMY!  It's Michelle Pfeiffer in the sewn-up catsuit or nobody.
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I finally got to watch Road To Perdition tonight, catching it randomly on Sky Movies 7 (formerly Sky Moviemax 2...)  I really wish I'd managed to see it at the cinema, because it's visually beautiful.  Tom Hanks is fantastic as usual, and the boy playing his son is also very very good.  Wonderful film.  Everyone needs to see it.

I suck at reviewing, sorry...

It's actually quite ironic (or something) that I've been listening to Seether's Disclaimer II for the entirety of my MH obsession and most of the writing of Come Forward (up to chapter 3, incidentally), yet the lyrics to this particular song struck me as being very apt for my Sunset Boulevard fic-timeline...

Lyrics herewith. )

All right, all right.  Angsty and melodramatic.  The tune's pretty, okay?  It was the line about the photo, is all.  It's a key part of the entire fic, and once I'd got that mental image, the rest of the lyrics just seemed to fit.  Oddly, there aren't that many songs that DO fit Sunset, so I'm especially impressed that something by Seether, of all people, should be so apt.

I'll shut up.  I presume I'm going to my father's tomorrow; he hasn't texted to cancel (my father understands text messaging; I'm somewhat scared by this...) so that means I have to get up early.  Joy.  At least I can distract myself with EastEnders.  Failing that, the evil of I'm Famous and Frightened is apparently showing live at 2pm, so I'll watch that if I get absolutely desperate. I gave it a miss tonight as soon as I realised they'd decked the male celebrities in kilts.  Keith Chegwin in a kilt was disturbing enough; I didn't stick around to see Handy Andy Kane in one...

Edit: Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] collie_wing, I got your postcard this morning! :D


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