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I was going to include this in my last post but figured it was long enough already. ;)

Pic 13/?? )

At some point soon I am going to post a LOAD of stuff to FFN and/or AO3, namely my very recent Frasier fic, my finished-last-year-but-still-being-constantly-tweaked PotC story, "Oranges to Florida", and the JC tags, as I don't think there are going to be any more now, though they have consistently surprised me in that area. :P

Ever since "Whisper" received such a cold/silent reception on FFN I've been anxious about posting anything ever again, for any fandom. When I finally finish "A Shade of Blue" I will probably take "Whisper" down, edit heavily to cure some canon discrepancies that were helpfully pointed out, then repost it so the two stories can go side by side in preparation for the Ripper story...

Anyway, yeah. Fanfic anxiety sucks. :(
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As promised, here is a list of my WIP's. Bearing in mind this is just what's on the computer, not taking into account the hand-written bits and pieces in the Folder of Fanfic. :P

In no particular order except obviously alphabetical. )

So, that's it. I don't particularly want to count, and as I already said, this is just the stuff which is typed; I have no idea how much else I have knocking around - and this list does not include any of my original stuff. I never finish original stories either, so that would be basically all of them.

Erm, any requests? :P
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Still no internet at home; they came to instal Sky TV (painlessly, as there was already a dish) on 6th September, with the phoneline being activated a week later, but the broadband line won't be activated until next Friday, apparently. So much for my best-laid plan of having two weeks off work and catching up on internet-stuff. I haven't checked Facebook or Twitter in that time, incidentally - nor LiveJournal either - and have only checked emails briefly, so if you've done anything important that I need to know about, let me know here. I'll be checking Facebook at lunch but only scanning it briefly. :P

So, two weeks off...

Cut for length. )

Back at work today and thankfully it doesn’t appear to be too busy, which makes a change. I shall now post this and trawl through my Facebook feed… Photos of various things coming once we have internet, so watch this space…

PS: I forgot again, but it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arr, avast, etc.
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Okay, I should try and get back on track with this, seeing as it's now March. Just as well I decided to move the films meme to May instead...

Day 17 )

Right. I wrote this at work because I knew it would be long. I think perhaps I should have done this last week after all, as it's quite effective stress relief. I think I'd forgotten that until Monday night's Glee; I'm feeling a little better this week, which I think is down to the episode being utterly brilliant and the fact that it made me cry. It was only a small emotional purge, but it did the job.

It also transpires I will not be sitting opposite Forgetful after all, as the two Legal Assistants in our team have decided to sit at those desks instead. So that's a relief. I’m still dreading the floor move to some degree as it will disturb our peace, but we’ll see how it goes.

I forgot to post this last night, so here’s the next one, too.

Day 18 )

Thankfully that was a short one. Days 19 and 20 are both going to be quite long, I think, so I’ll post them as and when I find time…
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Here's an interesting quandary for you: when I came back to work on Thursday after three days of leave, the work was two days behind and there were about 35-40 items in Winscribe awaiting transcription. This morning we were well within the 24-hour turnaround and there were seven items. It doesn't take a genius to work out what happened there. :P

Actually, I need to do a separate post about a related annoyance which cropped up during the course of writing this entry... Not sure when as this fandom catch-up is eating my life.

Aaaanyway, I'm still catching up on the fandom meme, so here we go.

Days 15 & 16 )

I was meant to post this last night but we had Alex and Dina over for dinner - Paul cooked spicy peanut soup (which sounded weird but was delicious) and I did a blue cheese, mushroom and butternut squash risotto. We should be going to see Matthew Bourn's Cinderella ballet night (it's set in the Blitz apparently!) as my mum and David are too ill to go, so we're just waiting on them to pop the tickets through the door.

The plan for the fandom catch-up is: Day 17 this evening if I get chance, as it's long. Days 18 and 19 over the course of tomorrow, as 19 is long. Day 20 on Monday as it's long. The days 21 and 22 on Tuesday as they should hopefully be short, and then I'm caught up. In theory, anyway. :P
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I'm so glad today is a short one. And also very apt. :P

Day 10 )

Okay. I think I will go to bed early and attempt to get some of my various JC thoughts tidied up / written down. Unless I type any of them up in the meantime, of course. ;)
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Life stuff first. Paul had to do a repair job on the oven door yesterday, as the seal was hanging down and heat was escaping to the degree that the smoke / heat detector went off during the week. I had a bit of a panic earlier because the temperature indicator light wasn't working properly and I was paranoid that the seal was still inadequate, so ended up using the slower top oven instead. On testing if a few minutes later the light was working perfectly again (i.e. actually turning off at the right temperature instead of staying on) so with any luck it's fixed.

Anyway, not much else happening, so onward with the meme. Fandom is more important than life anyway. :P

Day 06 )

Right. I now need to have a shower, as tea look longer than anticipated thanks to oven!paranoia and my delaying it longer than I intended. I will endeavour to do a double-post some point next week, seeing as I didn't manage it today...
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Okay, so I swore I wouldn't do one of these bloody memes again, but then I was struck with the brilliant idea to do one for fandom (shipping, specifically) and one for movies. I figured "Movies for March" was good and alliterative, and since Valentine's Day falls in February it seemed a good choice for shipping, but that doesn't look right, so it's "Fandom for February". :P I could wait and do Shipping for September, but I'm quite excited about doing it now, and my Muses have a tendency to come out of hibernation around this time of year, so with any luck posting about shipping (which I do so like to do) will poke them into alertness.

I've basically taken the original list of questions and changed 'song' to 'ship' (and ditto 'movies' when I get to that one), except for where they made no sense. For the song meme I posted links to Youtube; for fandom / ships I think picspam is in order. For movies, er... maybe the trailers, I haven't decided yet. If you want to play, there are rules under the cut.

List and Rules )

I will commence this when I get in from choir tonight, or possibly tomorrow if I'm too tired. I will probably start thinking of answers very soon so as to make things easier. As ever, that first question is the killer and I wish whoever made this meme had put it at the end. It's like, how do you choose?

Anyway, the game / meme is open for all to participate. Have fun!
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I'm sure I've used that subject title before... Anyway, stolen off [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus, whom I suspect will be the only person to play.

Reply with a show/fandom, and I'll tell you the following:

› Favorite character.
› Least favorite character.
› Prettiest character.
› Character I'd marry.
› Favorite pairing.
› Favorite episode.
› Unpopular opinion.

My fandoms are listed in my interests, or my tags list, but I think most of them are obvious. :P

G'wan then.
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Okay, here we go. I can't promise either creativity of anything remotely substantial...

List and Answers )

Well, that was that. Actually not as fun as I was anticipating, but I'll attribute that to character-choice fail, as I thought said choices would be funnier than they apparently were. That'll teach me. :P
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Stolen off Eni again...

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions.

01. Jonathan Creek.
02. Ugly Betty.
03. The X-Files.
04. Farscape.
05. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(Bearing in mind I'm long over-due a re-watch on the last two...)

Questions )

That was fun. I like fandom memes.
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So, I have two day trips to blog about and a meme to do. I was insanely busy at work on Tuesday and Wednesday (as a knock-on effect of having to help out West/East teams the Wednesday before [i.e. the 20th], resulting in almost falling behind in our own team's work) and didn't find time to update, and then have been too tired / disinclined to actually update whilst at home.

I also have another embroidery scan to post when I get home, as I've finally finished the insane amount of mid-brown. I started the darkest shade of green yesterday then realised I'd completely misread the colour chart and done it all the wrong colour - thankfully there wasn't too much of it, but still, a good three hours' worth of work to redo...

Anyway. I'm just taking a little break before commencing the three-tape dictation of DOOM that is sitting on my desk. Super-long entry commences... NOW!

Day Trip to Glastonbury, Saturday 23rd May )

After that was the bank holiday weekend, and as far as I can remember I don't think we did anything. Paul was working on the Monday anyway, so I doubt anything exciting happened. I was then at work for two days, before having flex and annual leave on Thursday and Friday.

(Half) Day Trip to Worcester, Thursday 28th May )

Aaaand finally, the meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] 803am...

Comment to this entry and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You must then update your journal and answer the following questions:

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3. Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
4. Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5. Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

I was given Farscape, Jonathan Creek and The X-Files by Eni... Here we go... Probably LONG )

Phew. *wipes brow*

Oh, and finally finally (honest), talking about Jonathan Creek, have some fic-like ramblings... )

Right, that's enough for one day. Normal service will be resumed shortly. *posts and runs*
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It's taken a while to get this up, but here it is. I commented on [livejournal.com profile] collie_wing's assocation meme and she gave me these five things to explain:

Association Meme, again )

Hmm, very thought-provoking associations. Cheers, [livejournal.com profile] collie_wing!

I like this meme. Give me more things you associate with me, f-list!
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Blatantly stolen off [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure, because I have nothing else to do while I wait for Paul to come home...

Shipper Meme )

If I wasn't so tired, I could probably go on and on and on about my 'ships, but I would be regurgitating stuff I spent a long time thinking about once before, despite the addition of a couple new fandoms. I really should get paid for this sort of thing. ;) A quid for every ship I spot before it happens or the rest of the fandom notices would have been a nice little earner by now, and God knows I'm an expert. :P
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Well, not so much a meme as a long questionnaire thing, but I have nothing better to do. Possibly I should stop hanging around online after I've done this, though, as I'm getting a crick in my neck... *adjusts chair*


I quite enjoyed that. Insanely long, but I do like talking about fanfiction. *points to dissertation link* ;) *would point to dissertation link if it was still there...*
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Was just investigating on Amazon to see how much getting stuff on DVD would set me back... Several problems, really.

Frasier has only been released up to season 4 that I can see, so no chance of a full, 10-season boxset release any time soon, and it'll probably be horrendously expensive when it happens since the individual serieses are about £35 each.

DS9 and Voyager have full-season sets out, but they're both £450. Four hundred and fifty quid! I mean, I want them, but they're not worth that much. Way to sponge off the die-hard Trekkies, you capitalist bastards...

The Nanny only has seasons 1 and 2 released on the UK site, and they're only in Region 1. I'm not holding out much hope for a British release, so they'll have to wait until I get a multi-region player...

Friends DVD sets are still dirt-cheap in Asda, so I'll probably get them as and when. Not particularly high on my priorities at the moment...

Carnivale and Dead Like Me's season 2s will hopefully be getting a UK DVD release soon. I may splurge on that Twin Peaks set, though... anyone got a clue if Season 2 was going to get a release in the end or not? Originally the sales were low so they weren't going to bother, or so I heard...

I'll investigate stuff like South Park and Pokémon (the videos were a rip-off; we want full-season box sets, please) later... and, ooh, that reminds me that they had ALL the Looney Tunes on DVD in HMV last year...

But in summary, this sucks quite a lot. But I think I'd like to make a start on getting Frasier first, because I caught some of season 1 last night on Paramount and had forgotten how wonderful it was. :D Looks like it'll be a box-set per month for a while... it's more fun collecting that way, anyway, and honestly, the level of geekiness I used to have is pretty much going to be condensed to Burton-stuff, because it's all marvellous. Maybe Farscape just because it deserves it...

So, yeah. Will have a look tonight, compare prices in HMV tomorrow night in town, and see. I get paid tomorrow, anyway.

Yes. There'll be a real entry later. I just wanted to vent about the stupidity of DVD releases for a bit.
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I've written about 1000 words of fic this evening.  Prior to that, I re-read the entire of Sweet Intoxication to try and get reinspired, as well as most of Come Forward, and a couple of fics from random fandoms - mostly awful, but anyway.

Considering I've not written anything even slightly creative in... gawd, ages.  Five months?  I can't even remember...  Considering that, this is definitely a positive development.  1000 words of fic - of anything, really - is quite pathetic by my previous standards, but after the rut I've been in for so long, it feels bloody marvellous...

I was feeling so completely, utterly helpless...  it's so strange, to have all these words, pictures and movies in my head and not be able to write them down or articulate them in any useful fashion.  Even when I had the time, I couldn't make the words flow.  I couldn't get them from my brain to my fingertips, or at least to coherency.  Somehow, somewhere, they were getting lost in translation, popping up for a fleeting moment to remind me of my creativity, before disappearing to some dusty filing cabinet in the back of my brain.  Even this entry isn't how I pictured it in my head, because the words are going too fast for me to catch them.

This is why I needed the time off.  My head has been full of a million thoughts and feelings and stories, full to bursting, with no means of release.  To stay up even this late (oh, how I miss those 4.00am struggles to finish a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter...) is a welcome change, knowing I don't have to get up tomorrow to go to work, knowing I won't be utterly exhausted.  I needed this time to find myself again, find that part of myself that lived only for writing... and I think I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

It's going to take time and effort.

Things are getting better now.  The job situation is stabilising; I'll be earning more money, as well as enjoying all the benefits of a proper employee, and by being in position - having already held down the job for over a year - my future prospects may be better.  I'm hopeful that the counselling will help, even though I know, through the nature of my personality, it's going to be hard work and emotionally taxing.

I refuse to be an outright optimist.  Things go well, but then even more things go horrendously badly to make up for it, and this is how things have always been.  I know that once I return to work in a week or so, the overwhelming tiredness will take over again... but with any luck, it may be conquerable.

I need to get back into writing, and through writing, back into fandom.  I miss fandom.  I miss the in-jokes, the quotes, the finding of new friends.  I miss being part of a greater whole, and the knowledge it brings.  I miss the character voices in my head, keeping me awake until Stupid O'Clock when I'm trying to sleep.  Fandoms come and go, but they linger.  My fandoms have been many and copious, but they have stayed with me.  More than anything, I miss the escapism that fandom brings, and the catharsis and satisfaction of fanfiction.

Still.  1000 words.  I'm getting there.
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Since my DVDs are about to be rehoused (again - getting yet another holder to attach to the first one and thereby making one free-standing unit) I did a list, as requested, so that my mother knows what DVDs I have in case she and David get bored of hers...

In creating said list, I realised exactly how odd and varied my collection of DVDs really is...

As you can see. )

I'm slowly building my Tim Burton collection,as I have most of the others on video already... we're also slowly building a Johnny Depp/Nicole Kidman collection when they're cheap enough to stock up, though the Depp one is bigger at the moment. :)  But... yeah, really bizarre collection.  Add that to the random Disney, mad uber-special effects-y things (like The Mummy 1 & 2) and Vincent Price/horror collections downstairs, we've got a veritable library of oddness. :D
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Yeah, nice way to start the week.  I did some minutes from Sparkbrook to help out their typist, who was snowed under in DoH minutes from four different chairs.  I did them all before the Christmas break and sent them back.

Yesterday morning - aside from discovering that my computer account had actually expired because they'd only set it up on a six-month basis, and then realising that, holy crap, I've been there six months - I got an email from one of the Chairs, Maxine, who I'd typed about 8 sets of minutes from tapes for.  It was a decidedly arsey email informing me that none of the minutes had any clear agendas or recommendations on them and that their typist had to correct them all when she was inundated.  I sent an apologetic email back, and then realised she'd CCed it to Tina Hartland (my line manager) and Tina Roper (the HOB manager) and thought, "Oh, shit."

So, today, Tina Hartland came over to do Sandra's CareFirst training.  I was worried.  She came in, sat by Zoe, and then said "Did you get that email?" in an incredulous tone.  Apparently, the agency temp over there had done exactly the same as me, and Tina told me to just ignore the Chair because she'd gone off on one about it.  So I didn't get in trouble, which was nice.

Some points to consider in all of this:

1) Nobody, except for Sue (who's just really anal about everything) includes the agenda in their minutes.  Especially so with the new templates, which make you put all the information in little allocated boxes which have clear, succinct headings already.  The only time you even need the agenda is for the meeting itself.  I have never had to type an agenda for any Chair in six months of working for Child Protection, and that's for five - five - different Chairpersons.
2) If they knew the minutes were going somewhere else to be typed, then surely someone should have had the foresight to perhaps mention that the system was slightly different.  Or am I supposed to be psychic?
3) Believe it or not, I do have my own priorities in my own office.  One of our Chairs, Liz D, was moving to Small Heath as of January, and was trying to shift her backlog before she left, so I had plenty of my own to do in the last couple of days without worrying about Sparkbrook's backlog as well.  And I'm sure they would have complained more if I'd left before finishing everything and their already-late minutes weren't received until yesterday.
4) I did, in fact, put the recommendations on there.  Quite clearly.  Every time.  Despite the pointlessness of it, since they're just repeated as the tasks directly underneath.  If they're in the wrong place, it doesn't take that long to move them, or have they not heard of copy-paste?
5) Just because the agency temp screwed up, don't take it out on me because I've got email access.  I did you a fucking favour by typing the damned things in the first place, and got them all done in the space of three days.  And surely the fact that two different people - one working at that office - made the same mistake indicates that perhaps it's something to do with the dictation in the first place...

So, yeah.  Annoying, but not worth worrying about.  Next time Sparkbrook ask for help, I may just refuse...

In more amusing news, we broke a chair today.  Well, Zoe did, anyway.  Liz D ordered a chair for her office at Small Heath, y'see, but for some reason they decided to deliver it here.  Zoe was about to tell the delivery bloke not to bring it all the way upstairs, but was too late, so we left our office to find the exit blocked by a very large, very blue executive chair.  Zoe 'tested' it.  Well, it was right there. :)

Cynthia and I were there, too, and Sandra at her desk behind us.  Cynthia and Zoe were having a race to see who got to try it out first, and from that point, hilarity ensued...

Cynthia: Ommm, Zoe, I wanted to try it out first!  [Cynthia, being a mother, makes that noise we used to make at school.  The "ooommmm, I'm telllliiiing!" noise.  That one.]  Has it got that special bit on the back for your back?
[Cue much prodding and poking of new chair, still partially wrapped in plastic.]
Zoe: [moves the arms of the chair] Ooh.  Oops.  [More playing with chair.  Zoe gets out of chair.]
Cynthia:  I wanna try it!  [Cynthia sits in chair, expecting it to be teH uber-comfort, and looking quite disappointed when it turns out to be... well, a chair.  Cynthia proceeds to mess about with the levers on the underside of it.]  Argh!  [The back of the chair has moved into a reclining position.  And stuck.  We can't get it back.  Cynthia gets out of chair.  We wheel it into Liz's old office and find a space to put it in.  Zoe resumes her seat in the chair to try and fix it.]
Zoe: What did you do, Cynth?
Cynthia: I dunno, I just pulled one of them lever things.  Ommm, we broke it...
Zoe: [proceeds to pull levers in the hope of the chairback returning to its previous position.]  Ooh!  [As if the stuck chairback wasn't bad enough, Zoe has now managed to tip the entire seat part forwards and slid off the chair almost onto the floor.  By this point, Your Humble Typist is doubled over in hysterics.  Zoe gets off the chair.]  Oh, well that just looks even worse now.
[We spend ten minutes playing with levers and generally physically abusing this poor chair, but it won't budge.  It looks ridiculous, and slightly forlorn.  Cynthia has long since left us to it, and my photocopying has been abandoned, and we're both having hysterics.  Possibly all of the social workers on our floor believe us insane, especially Charlie, who happens to wander past in the midst of our chair-abuse.]
Charlie: What's going on in here?  There's a lot of laughter...
Me: Zoe broke the chair.
Zoe: It's not broken.  We just need to... [continues playing with levers.  I sit on chair and see what I can do.  I manage to get the back to move, but it won't stay in any given position, and the seat just won't budge.]  We'll just... say it arrived like that.  Honestly.  Shoddy workmanship.

It's moments like that, when all the work stops and we end up in random hysterics, that I love my job.  And it's moments like the arsey email that make me want to walk out.  But luckily, the good moments tend to outweight the aggravating ones.

In other news (as if the post wasn't long enough already), I got to catch the 'encore presentation' of Carnivále last night.  It's very atmospheric, and reminds me of X-Files, a little, in the way its filmed.  And it's got Michael Anderson (the midget from Twin Peaks) and Clea Duvall in it, and the giant from Big Fish, and a Repressed Clergyman who is blatantly going to Go The Way of Sin and Debauchery at some point.  Quite looking forward to the rest of it.  They seem to be showing the entire series, two episodes a night, all of this week, so I'll have to tape it.

And a meme, to make the night complete, stolen off Eni. )

And now I'll sign off.

Wait, no I won't.  I just remembered I still owe people things.  [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure I still owe a love post and a DJ comment (gah) and [livejournal.com profile] collie_wing I also owe a love post.  Will definitely remember to do those things.  Yes.

Wow, that was a long post.  Sorry. :)
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The write-up's done as far as Friday night's fangirling, and I'll try and finish it tomorrow.  There's been something of a delay because my scanner refused to function (well, actually, the computer ran out of RAM and gave up trying to scan anything...)  so I can't post it yet anyway, even if it was finished.  So, tomorrow, you shall learn about my weekend.

Now for the meme...

My ships. All of them. Hopefully. )

Dammit. I couldn't make it a nice round 100... I'll stop now...

And that's not even all of them, and I'll probably remember a whole tonne more after I've gone to bed, but I have to get up in the morning, so I shall call it a day.

So, who do you ship for?
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I was meant to be looking for a printable map that we can use over the weekend, but decided to read through the friends-list of [livejournal.com profile] _mhotp_ instead, just to see what kind of mad people are frequenting it (even though I know most of them) and discovered intriguing meme-age...

"...it might be cool to start a meme where you list all the first lines of your fics and then people write drabbles in the comments with the same first line."

And, yeah, maybe if you don't want to do a drabble, I felt like putting the first lines of my fics.  I looked at my fanfic.net profile the other day, which informed me I had 40 stories published there.  40! Over six fandoms, admittedly, but still quite impressive.  Anyway, here are the first lines from each of those fics, in no particular order, just to celebrate my terrifying copiousness... I'd do the first lines from all of my fics, but we'd be here all night.

And let's see how well some of you know my fic; if not the actual fic, then guess the fandom.  I think [livejournal.com profile] ennixeve may have something of an unfair advantage in that regard...

First lines. To drabble or not to drabble, as you prefer. )

Now I need to find that map.  Thinking about it, that subject would make a pretty good first line, too...

Maybe I'll do a non-FFN version of this at some point just for some variation.
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You know what the one phrase is that I shout at my computer screen above all others?  Course you don't.

It's this:

"THEY'RE NOT [insert colour here], DAMMIT!!"

In reference to eye colour.  Because, honestly, if you haven't figured out the main characters' eye colour from either a) watching the show, b) publicity shots where the eye colour is frelling emphasised or c) reading other people's fic, then you seriously need to reconsider your geekness.

And this, more to the point, is why I'm so, so annoyed by the fact that I have no frellin' clue what colour Jeremy's eyes are (though they are possibly blue, which is fitting, in a way) because Faith's were definitely green, and that worked in my fic, and just... it's annoying.  Plus, you know, black and white movie, so I can't exactly find out from that.

I would explain why having blue eyes would be fitting, but then I'd be here all night, and I need to go to bed soon.  If I can ever stop reading X-Files fic, that is.  There's no going back, now.  I'm definitely getting re-obsessed/addicted to it.  Just watch; next I'll dig out my horrendous fics and read through them all.  And that would be a very, very bad thing.  Yes, it would.


Jun. 5th, 2004 01:15 pm
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Well, Becky and Jemma have gone home, which just leaves me, Charlotte and Lydia behind in the flat, though it might as well be just me for the amount of socialising they do...  I don't know when Jemma left; I presume last night.  Becky knocked on my door four minutes after my alarm went off - good timing, otherwise I'd have fallen asleep again - and my glasses fell apart as I grabbed them because the screw fell out, so I'll have to get those fixed later.  (Luckily, I have another pair.)

The end is nearly here.  I'm going on the 19th (which reminds me, I must email my father about taking half of my stuff home before then; I dreamt I forgot last night, and the consequences were less than good.) and will be pretty much on my own until then, save for [livejournal.com profile] last_dance coming the weekend before so we can see Harry Potter and take some photos before I leave the prettiness for good.

It's been a strange year, all told.  More sociable than all of the others put together, and I've probably made more friends I'll actually stay in contact with than ever before, in the flat alone: I still owe Vicky a gallery page for her website, which I may attempt later if my eyes ever stop aching, and I've got Becky's email address and a command to stay in touch; I've still got Clare's mobile number and should probably try to meet her over the summer, and while I don't have Jo's number, I'm sure we'll meet up at graduation.  It's probably a little early to be reminiscing, but I'm in the mood, now...

Some random memories and thoughts. )

(And the odds of me doing another post exactly like this one on the 18th is very, very likely...)

Gah. I need more sleep.
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There's nothing quite like fanlistings to make you realise that there are some scary people out there.  Was browsing through 'ships at random.  Seriously.  Some people are terrifying...  When I have more time I might actually join a few, though...
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I'm reaching that stage of work-induced frustration where I want to either cry or rip my brain out.  Ever had that?  Not pretty, let me tell you...

Hence, memeage for the fic-writers amongst you.  And anyone who cares in the slightest, which is probably nobody.

Pick five, or ten, or more, of your fic titles. List them in your journal and explain how you came up with each one. Post this promptly as well, so that the meme spreads.  Extended because of the mass of fandoms... )

Well, that's it.  Share and share alike, I say.  Back to the screenplay...
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It has come to my attention that I must stop coming up with ideas.  What follows is, for once, not a list of WIPs.  It is, in fact, a list of things I have promised myself I'll write at some point, but actually failed to start, most of which are actually crossovers.  In no particular order:

1)  "Leviathan Rouge" - Farscape/Moulin Rouge! crossover.  I still really, really want to write this, but it'll have to wait til the 'scapeMuses wake up again.  At least I'd come up with adapted names for everyone...
2)  The Farscape/Les Misérables crossover.  Needs to wait until such time as a) I remember the actual cast list, b) I listen to it again and c) as above...
3) "The Wizard of the UT" - there's really no excuse. It even has pictures.
4) "The Crossover of Doom" - perhaps when Naomi and I are both work-less, it'll actually get finished.  Or started more than it already is.  Some of the 'verses have been started, but Naomi still owes me the end of the PotterVerse bit, and her idea on how, precisely, Jack Sparrow ends up in Sunnydale.  But on that note, I also have to get Mitzi, Felicia and Bernadette there, too...  Damn these interconnecting Silly!Verses!  Damn them!
5) "Come Forward", which I really really want to start now...
6) "Sunset At Tiffany's" because I've just been emailing Jenny some ideas, and it now has four different endings. )
7) A Buffy/Pirates of the Caribbean crossover, that Eni is going to help with because she kept giving me silly mental images of Buffy wearing a too-tight corset and falling into the sea.  And Riley wearing a stupid wig...
8) A Buffy/Phantom of the Opera crossover that was decidedly less well-established, plot-wise, than...
9) "The Phantom of the Sickbay", a Voyager/POTO crossover with a Doc/Seven pairing.  I think I was going to write it with Katie, actually.
10) The idea for the Kim inner-monologue Edward Scissorhands fic I came up with the other night...
11) The sequel to "Broken Record", which, in all honesty, I can't even start until I've finished "Broken Record"... ;)  (Is it bad I can name an actor that my original character looks like?)

I'm also pretty sure there's even more, but that's all that spring to mind immediately.  Gragh.  Work, damn you.
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in reference to this comment conversation, beneath the cut lies the first bit of [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure's birthday present, because it's easier than printing it off...

Drutania, the Queen of the Fairies )

of course, i would have done it sooner, had i not needed to go away to redownload interesting fonts first...

and then, this is stolen off [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess...

First Online Fandom: X-Files, probably. That was the first I went on message boards for...
Current Online Fandom: Buffy/Farscape/Pirates of the Caribbean, mainly. The other fandoms are less online-y.
First Fandom Crush: Meep. Er. Mulder. I know, I know...
Current Fandom Crush: Spike, obviously (Season 4 eyeliner-Spike takes precedence over most...) Niles Crane. Jack Sparrow (yes, I am a sheep.) Joe Gillis, but that comes and goes, and you all know the reason *mutters*. And... oh, go on then. Doyle. I'm sure there's more than that. Oh, wait. Julian Bashir. :)
First Fanfic Pairing You Wrote: Mulder/Scully.
Latest Fanfic Pairing You Wrote: Buffy/Spike, probably...
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although i'm probably only more aggravated by this because i'm in one of those moods where every tiny little thing pisses me off beyond reason.

fucking angel is being fucking cancelled. which shouldn't annoy me, per se, because i'm not exactly an angel fangirl or anything. but it's yet more proof that the decent stuff gets dumped for no apparent reason. one day, when the channels are populated by reality shows and soaps and horrible made-for-TV movies, and production companies are clamouring for something new, original and clever, you know what the creators should do? they should all live together in a cave somewhere and keep their ideas to themselves, and show them only to an elite few. they should start their own television channel to show things on, and only tell a few people about it on pain of death if it gets leaked. they should bring out DVDs and videos for only those who appreciate it.

that's what they should do.

because now, you see, there's no farscape (because, despite the fact that there'll be a mini-series, i somehow suspect that the liklihood of the bbc a) knowing this and b) getting a hold of it before, say, sky one or scifi UK does, is very slim indeed. in some ways, i really wish sky had gotten a hold of it in the first place; at least it might have been advertised to an adequate degree and gotten the recognition it deserved.), and there's no buffy, and no x-files, and after this year no more angel and no more frasier, and without caroline quentin, jonathan creek's not even as enjoyable as it used to be. (yes, i'm hung up on that. live with it.) there's no decent trek - i'm sorry, enterprise is bloody unwatchable - and i gave up on friends a while ago. i've never watched er or 24 and i don't really want to start now. i keep meaning to watch stargate but continually miss it, and feel bad about that as it is because it was 'scape's main rival on scifi US.

the only decent thing to watch - the only thing i can even vaguely imagine myself getting obsessive over - is the recent dead like me. it's utterly fantastic. there are several problems with this:

1) it'll never go mainstream. sky one hyped it, because that's what sky one do. if it gets to terrestrial at all, it'll end up on channel four and be shown at some ungodly hour, and will then get low ratings and not be brought back.

2) there is a proposed second series in the pipeline to be filmed this june. promising? maybe. but we know how fickle these production companies are. as soon as they need the money for something else it'll probably get axed. and why...?

3) ...because it's probably too clever for the majority of audiences to understand. farscape: case in point...

4) it'll never go mainstream beyond sky because it has swearing in it. lots of swearing. by - shock! horror! - minors. and it's about death, and it's a comedy. the poor sensitive british public will complain, more so if the bbc get their grubby paws on it. it's a catch-22. if the bbc get it, it'll be confined to bbc2 at a timeslot too early for its content, and it will get edited to death with a chainsaw and sellotape. failing that, it'll remain as it is meant to be, and be shoved to a 2am slot where nobody can watch it. or it'll end up on channel four, where the same problem remains - remember what they did with angel? (oh, look, we've come full circle...)

star trek nearly got axed.
roswell nearly got axed.
buffy nearly got axed.
farscape got axed.
the lone gunmen got axed.
randall and hopkirk (deceased) got axed (admittedly the new version, which was apparently crap, but i liked it...)
firefly got axed.
angel is getting axed.

do we sense a pattern here?

this rant isn't even going anywhere particularly sensible. i just had to get it off my chest. and while i'm at it, here's some other unrelated rants that you probably shouldn't read if you value friendship )

my sleeping pattern's frelled again; you can probably attribute this post to that fact. i am cursed by random images from dreams i never remember in their entirety...

last night, i dreamt i had a conversation with aisha. we were in the audience of some kind of ceremony, and beforehand, i'd said something that led into us having tearful confessions whilst being shushed by the other audience members, and my hugging crystal a lot. i can't remember exactly what i said, now. it related to gemma - as these things often do; i swear, when i'm in therapy, she'll be the cause of all my trust issues - and i think it was something along the lines that because of her abandoning our friendship, i was seeking revenge by hurting my remaining friends - crystal and aisha in the dream - by putting up a facade that wasn't really me. and for some reason, this really hurt aisha, and she was determined to talk it through with me. possibly i'm imagining that one of them said, "so we've all been living a lie where you're concerned? is that what you're telling me?" but i do remember aisha and i both being in tears (in the audience), and i was saying "please, can we not talk about this now? please..." and she said, "no, i have to know." and then there were apologies, and crystal was trying to find out what happened, and i was hugging her like she'd disappear if i let go...

last night, i dreamt i drowned. i was in a pool, i believe, and i was too deep, and i was climbing to the surface, but then my lungs couldn't hold any more, so i let out the breath i was holding and then breathed in, and as the water filled my mouth and throat and lungs i couldn't see the surface any more and just started to sink. it was so vivid; thinking about it now, it scares me a little that it was so very peaceful when it happened, and that i didn't even panic...

last night, i dreamt i gave [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure birthday cake. it was blue and white, with silver candles, and red writing icing. she ate the icing from around the edge (all ornate and piped, the likes of which is beyond my skills), and the chocolate fudge filling, and saved the cake for later. i said, "oh, you..." at her, and then we wandered off. and then she was at my house (at home), having stayed the night for some random reason (i'd even relinquished my bed and slept on the futon for the night; clearly, my subconscious is a better hostess than i) and my mother had put yellow voile curtains in her room just like those in mine, and all the furniture had moved. the walls were painted cream, and there were flowers on the bedspread. it was a glorious summer's day, with late evening sun pouring through the window from utterly the wrong angle to reality, birds singing in the trees, and i said, "doesn't it make the room so much warmer?" and she agreed, smiling, and everything was right with the world.

last night, i dreamt in symbolism, and i pre-empted the hours to a somewhat scary degree... i'm not entirely sure what to make of the dreams. happy? sad? meaningful? or the confused ramblings of a mind that thinks too much?

i should stop finding things out. i hereby decree i shall live in a dark room for the rest of my life...
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in response to this, and because i'm bored, i give you:

pirates of the uncharted territories (or possibly peacekeepers of the caribbean)

jack sparrow - crais, who has had his ship, the black moya, stolen
will turner - john (obviously)
elizabeth - aeryn.
barbossa - d'argo
norrington - ack, um... oh, velorek. why not. or Annoying Blond Man from LATP
random pirates - everyone else
oh, and obviously chiana has to be the monkey...

you can see i haven't really thought it through that well...

pirates of sunnydale (because it has a similarly huge cast.)
jack sparrow - well, obviously, spike...
will turner - it should so be xander...
elizabeth - anya or buffy... either would work.
barbossa - giles (just picture him doing the accent.)
norrington - angel.
and more random pirates...

i suck. i'll try again when i've got the DVD...
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i wasn't going to post this, but since [livejournal.com profile] last_dance isn't here, and i wanted to show her, i'll put it here and she can find it when she's back online. for everyone else, here's a sneak preview of a possible section of The Crossover of Doom...

Lj-Cut for Your Convenience! )

yay for sillyfic! naomi, get your arse online.


Sep. 10th, 2003 09:33 pm
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just got back from pirates of the caribbean. it's frelling wonderful! 'arr!' is the new word of the month :)

jack sparrow reminded me horribly of spike, especially when bemoaning his incinerated rum ("but... where's all the rum gone?") and just, well, in general. the accent was very early-spike. geoffrey rush fabulous as always...

i think johnny depp is swiftly becoming one of my favourite actors. he scared me a little at first, but it was this and ed wood that proved he was capable of pretty much anything... so yes. we (as in me, [livejournal.com profile] last_dance and [livejournal.com profile] translucent) went back to the briar afterwards to drink rum. or, at least, rum cocktail...

also, [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess wasn't lying - there is an extra scene after the credits! woot!

but yes. that's it, i think. although i'm sure there was something else i was going to say... oh, probably just that it looks like the breakfast at tiffany's/sunset boulevard crossover is going to happen. basically, the premise is that norma makes joe leave (it's obviously not set in the actual sunset timeline since he's not dead) for his own good, and he goes to new york, and becomes paul varjak, and then it's breakfast at tiffany's until the end, and then holly goes back to doc and he settles for second best with The Woman (i'll learn her name at some point) - and then there's a happy ending. also a sad ending. there'll be two endings, since they're both good and i can't decide.

and it's all jenny's fault, so she's helping. gah.

ah! that was it. random train of thought; blame the rum. (arr!) the buffypotternetdiscscape is now the buffypotternetpriscilladiscscape, since it has been decided (by me, at random, on the bus, causing me to giggle all the way into town) that the cast of priscilla will turn up on sunnydale main highway, because mitzi has driven into the orange swirly thing. lines for this include:

(felicia) "bloody hell, mitzi, didn't i tell you not to drive into that thing? now we're in the back end of nowhere."

(buffy) "sunnydale, actually, and you're just in time for an apocalypse..."

and they do their act for lorne and make his brain explode from all the sexual tension. :)

tha'ts it...
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You've read the Cookie Monster fic...

You've raised eyebrows at the Chatfic...

You've giggled hysterically at the Pantsfic*...

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

Minh and Cyril present...

The BuffyPotterNetDiscScape

(title subject to change)


John Crichton
Aeryn Sun
Ka D'Argo
Bialar Crais
Sikozu Shanu
Captain Braca
Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
Buffy Summers
William "Spike" d'Bloody
Rupert Giles
Dawn Summers
Willow Rosenburg
Tara McClay
Xander Harris
Anya Jenkins
Captain Jack Sparrow
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger
Serverus Snape
Draco Malfoy
Rubius Hagrid
Dobby the House Elf


A vast array of barbarians, healers, monks, valkyries, wizards, knights, and samurais, amongst others, and the premiere appearance of the Amazing Floating Action Tags!

Also starring, due to popular demand**:
[livejournal.com profile] teylaminh as Godlike-Alien Minh
[livejournal.com profile] ennixeve as Godlike-Alien Ennixeve
[livejournal.com profile] last_dance as Godlike Alien pet Io'Nim

and, in their debut appearance***,

[livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing as Dulcima, the Godlike Alien Chief
[livejournal.com profile] frightened as P'xym's, the Apocalyptic Sock Demon

Join the intrepid adventurers of the Uncharted Territories as they race to stop an apocalypse! Follow their trans-dimensional journey into the Buffyverse! Regale in the presence of random characters from other fandoms! Point and laugh at the blatant Mary Sue!

The Crossover. Coming to a fanfiction site near you. Soon...

*If you haven't read them, do so. Go on.
**Well, I say popular. It's unlikely. But it needs a premise, and the godlike aliens seem to be a good one from where I'm sitting.
***Of course, she doesn't know this yet. Although I guess she does now. Um. *hides*
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due to a change of plan, i am now actually going to SFX on may 17th and 18th. there are very few people i actually want to meet at the con itself, excepting nicole de boer (ezri dax), but there are a heck of a lot more guests at the london expo (which i get free entry to), including...

~ andy robinson, again.

on sunday only:

~ robert llewellyn (kryten) and norman lovett (holly)
~ chris barrie, who is also hosting the awards ceremony.
~ i've heard something about christopher lee, but i have no idea precisely what he's doing.


~ robert picardo. yes, you heard me. robert "the doctor" picardo.

any requests for autographs? katie gets instant first call on rob picardo after me ;)

*bounce bounce* ohmyfrellinggod!!!
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finally! the SFX event video has arrivethed :)

and i watched it today (well, most of it; i skipped through joe pantoliano and shiri appleby and the one from 'mutant x' - i'll watch them later) and wheeee!

okay: it's 2 and a half hours long and it reminded me how much frelling fun the con was :)

sid and andy - first of all - they left in the ridges bit!! so for anyone who wants it, i'll be attempting to transcribe it at some point. second of all - they left in sid telling everyone the story of terry farrel sniffing his neck, which i shall also transcribe. all sorts of other wonderfulness on their section, all of which i remember as it was taken from the first morning :)

paul goddard - also all taken from the first morning, when he was a little nervous. however, the yayness is attributed to the fact that shilpa can be heard asking her question - and this, by the way, is the one question we couldn't remember later, so that's definitely a bonus :D

emma caulfield - they bleeped out her 'eff off' when asked to sing the bunny song, but it's obvious all the same. and they used footage from saturday and sunday. can't remember most of hers, but she's lovely.

james marsters - taken from both days again. god, i'd forgotten how much he rocks. seriously. he's so friendly and wow. and the best line - upon seeing himself on the big screen: "wow! i'm tall. for once in my life." :D and it's incredibly amusing that with a single spike-smirk he can reduce the entire audience to a pile of goo... (and kept promising to strip, only to rebuke with "you guys didn't pay that much to get in here, y'know...")


okay, i wanna meet him again. he ROCKS!

so it's all amazingly wonderful and beautious and rah!
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well, my plans for them possibly finding a reason to bring back doyle in 'angel' have been thwarted.

glenn quinn's dead. possible drug overdose or heart attack.

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right. have stopped fuming somewhat. this is the non-pretty and non-interactive version of the quiz-that-never-was.

The "How Much Of A Fangirl Are You?" Quiz

(All right, so it's basically one long in-joke… what the hell, enjoy it :D)

Question One:
You watch a television series on a regular basis and there is a distinct possibility of missing the next instalment. Which of these is the most likely to happen?

1 - you'll try not to miss the next one, but you won't be incredibly annoyed if you do. It's bound to be repeated eventually.

2- you will make sure not to miss the next one, and if you do, you will sulk for a couple of days, but then consider that either someone will have taped it, or it'll be on again.

3 - you won't miss the next one. It's a matter of life or death that you find out what's going to happen to that particular character, and it was a cliff-hanger, dammit!

4 - the idea of missing the next one is completely unthinkable. And should something occur that might cause you to do so, you'll set the video just in case - after all, you tape it every week anyway.

5 - as in 4, you'll set the video if you're going to have to miss it. But it'll annoy you that there's about 20 seconds of pointlessness before the actual episode starts on the tape. Especially if there's breaks in the middle, too.

6 - if you miss the next episode, you will complain about it continually for a year. You will probably burst into tears when you realise. You will feel cheated of the best thing in your life, and will probably be suicidal.

7 - you will not miss the next episode. Your body clock and weekly lifestyle revolves around that particular timeslot. You leave the channel on for two hours in advance in case they show it early without telling you.

Question Two:
Okay, so you don't miss it. Instead, it gets cancelled for a week or two because of sport. Your reaction?

1 - you're not too bothered. It's beyond your control anyway.

2 - you're bothered. Why does sport have to take over everything you watch anyway? However, you will wait patiently until your show returns.

3 - you're annoyed. It's not like there isn't enough sport on all the other channels already, that they have to put it on this one, and this week, of all times. You sit fuming quietly for a week.

4 - you're angry. You consider writing to "Points of View" to complain about the appalling treatment your show is receiving. You get as far as the first draft, but don't send it.

5 - you're very angry. You write that first draft and send it off in all its ranty glory. Then you make a point of boycotting the channel for a week, just so they know you mean business.

6 - you are furious. You start to plan the imminent demise of the Head of Scheduling.

7 - words do not describe how angry you are. You go outside and kill defenceless small things and tell absolutely everyone you know about the heinous crime that has occurred in the hope that they will help in your crusade against evil.

Question Three:
Okay, so you've reached the end of the series without a glitch. Of course, it's ended on a cliff-hanger. You:

1 - are momentarily bothered by the ending for a few minutes, but quickly become engrossed in something else and can wait patiently until it returns.

2 - aren't surprised. They do this every year. This one just happens to be the worst yet and you're not going to sleep til you find out what happens. Then you forget about it a week later.

3 - were expecting it, but are still surprised by the outcome. For a couple of weeks, you hypothesise about how they're going to rectify the situation, but then you realise their own efforts will be better and give up.

4 - mutter irritatedly. Not another cliff-hanger? Now you're going to have to wait 9 months to find out what happens.

5 - scream. Loudly. You discuss it with other fans for a couple of weeks, then go off to find spoilers and news as soon as you can, preferably with detailed plot synopses and reviews.

6 - scream. Loudly. A lot.. Then you rock quietly for an hour chanting "it'll all be fine, it'll all be fine, it'll all be fine…" before going off to find happy-making fanfic where it IS all fine, because you don't trust the writers as far as you can throw them.

7 - are speechless. You can't believe they just did that. Within an hour, you have written at least 2 fanfics (or one very long one) around the ending, either fixing it or making it worse in an attempt at catharsis. You continue in the same manner until the series returns.

Question Four:
All right. Now there's nothing on television for you to watch, so you find your favourite series of books to read through again in order to keep your mind occupied. You get to the bookcase to find that the first one/your favourite one is missing. Your reaction?

1 - you are very briefly puzzled, then remember that you lent it to a friend a week ago. You shrug and go onto the next/your second favourite, making a mental note to get it off them as soon as you can.

2 - you are puzzled. You don't remember lending it to anyone, which can only mean that someone has borrowed it without your permission. You immediately scour the house before discovering that it's been put back at the wrong end of the bookcase, by yourself, the last time you read it.

3 - this annoys you intensely. Someone has obviously stolen it. You mutter obscenities under your breath and plot to steal something of theirs, when they suddenly bring it back with an apology.

4 - you growl. Nobody touches your books.

5 - it's annoying, yes. But you know that one off by heart anyway, and you know of a good website that'll give you the full text. In fact, you've already printed off a copy in case of just such an emergency.

6 - you immediately send out a search party. Police may be involved. You will not rest until that book is found. In fact, if it doesn't turn up, you'll use the insurance money to buy 15 more copies and the appropriate security measures so this doesn't happen again.

7 - your first reaction is panic. You need that book to live. Then you remember that the local bookshop had it on offer yesterday - at the time this irritated you. I mean, how dare they sell it at a discount price!? Now, you reconsider and go off to buy it - you arrive, but it's been bought. So you write to the author. He/she knows you personally anyway.

Question Five:
Having finished all of the books, you're at a loose end. Now what? Then, completely out of the blue, something sparks your interest. What happens next?

1 - your new-found interest will keep you occupied for a while, but you really have more important things to worry about., such as, y'know, living.

2 - it's about time! You were starting to get bored of waiting for that new series to start…

3 - it's sparked your interest to such a degree that you start to research it and learn more about it. You're glad of the distraction this provides.

4 - you love getting new interests! And for some reason, they quickly seem to escalate into obsessions, but, hey, what's one more for the list?

5 - the new interest very swiftly takes over your life. You can't help it. This sort of thing just happens ALL the time.

6 - 'interest' is a severe understatement. Before you even realise it, you're irreversibly obsessed and inflicting it on those around you.

7 - you start theorising, hypothesising, analysing, and even fanficcing said new interest with a passion, almost immediately. Within a few months, you've even met Important People associated with it, and they know you by name.

Question Six:
You see your favourite movie star, 'character', or author in the street. Which of these most closely resembles your reaction?

1 - You don't have a favourite star, actor, or author, but you recognise someone you understand is famous in the street. You decide not to bother them. They are, after all, only human.

2 - you spot them and take notice, but aren't sure if it's really them. After some consideration, you go up to them and ask - upon discovering it's them, you calmly say hello and compliment them on their work, then walk away with no further comment and let them get on with their business.

3 - you immediately walk up and ask for an autograph, because you collect them, and have your little book with you. Or, at the very least, you have something you can later stick into the book.

4 - you immediately run up and ask for an autograph on any available inorganic surface, hold a brief conversation about their work, then continue on your way.

5 - you immediately run up, ask for an autograph ON A PART OF YOUR OWN BODY, then hold a pleasant and intelligent conversation for a few minutes, before allowing them to escape when it's obvious they're getting bored.

6 - you immediately run up to them, squealing and bouncing up and down for five minutes while you attempt to regain your thoughts into something resembling English. Once you have, you ask for an autograph on absolutely anything INCLUDING your own body, as many times as is physically possible in case you lose one of them.

7 - you do as described in 6. Then, in addition, you demand physical contact such as shaking their hand or, if you're feeling brave, a hug. Your camera-radar kicks in and you find a tourist to take a photograph so you can prove it to all your friends later. In the most extreme cases, said famous person has already met you at least once, and knows you by name.

Question Seven:
Last one. One word: fanfic.

1 - fanfic? What's that?

2 - fanfic… oh, you've heard of that, but you're not really sure what it is. Isn't that something obsessed fans do?

3 - you dread that word. It conjures up horrible images of bad grammar, spelling and characterisation, and from what you understand, it's all porn anyway. You'd rather leave it to the real writers.

4 - you've read some and found it quite enjoyable, but wouldn't attempt it yourself. You're not too keen on those 'slash' pairings either…

5 - you write it, you read it, you love it. You think it's a great way for fans to show their appreciation of something. Your own fanfic total is between ten and thirty, but most of your friends don't 'get' it.

6 - you write it practically all the time, and your total is in excess of 30, and for multiple fandoms. You write it in addition to your original work. All of your friends do it, too. You have a beta-reader to make it perfect, or you are one yourself, or both. Fanfic is one of the most important things in your life.

7 - your fanfics are infamous in the online world. You have sent your fic to someone associated with the show. They have read it., and commended you on it. You know for a fact that certain characters from the show/book/movie/whatever are residing permanently in your head, and you are not worried by this. It only helps, after all.

Count up your answers. If you are mainly:

1 - Not-A-Fangirl. You're not even a fan. You've never been interested in anything long enough. Real life is far more interesting, thank you.

2 - Fair-Weather-Fan. You think you could be a fan of something, if you tried hard enough, but you can't be bothered. You'll watch something if you like it, but will probably forget if it's cancelled for a week.

3 - Trusting Fan. You trust the higher powers of your favourite thing intrinsically, and realise that whatever happens is beyond your control. You'd rather not know about those obsessive types, though. They're too extreme for your liking.

4 - Wannabe Fangirl (or boy.) You're obsessed, or getting there, and you know it. Possibly, you'd rather not be, but it's beyond your control at the moment. You've heard that being a fangirl (or boy) can be interesting, but you don't know quite how to go about it, and doubt you have the confidence to be that excessively giggly in public.

5 - Almost Fangirl (or boy.) You're nearly there, friend. Write a couple more fics, fine-tune that manic giggle, and you'll be able to join the ranks of fangirls (and boys) in no time at all. Try going to a con or organised event and see how you get on.

6 - Healthy Fangirl (or boy.) You wilfully admit to being a fangirl/boy, but know it can't last forever, thanks to the low attention span of your obsessive nature. However, while it lasts, you're going to enjoy it, because having obsessions is fun! Meeting a star or celebrity associated with it would be cool, but you're not going to go out of your way for it to happen.

7 - Incurable and Unhealthy Fangirl (or boy.) If it were possible to be any more obsessed with something, then you'll be the first to get there. You are incapable of not getting obsessed and/or addicted to something, no matter how hard you try. You get regular exercise from continual bouncing up and down, and tune your vocal cords with perpetual squealing. When you meet famous people (including those who already know you), you lose all coherent thought, and people are scared to know you for fear of it rubbing off on them. Congratulations!

there. bloody quizilla...


Aug. 22nd, 2002 07:08 pm
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listening to "MOTN", i came up with this, off the top of my head. which, frighteningly enough, could work in some bizarre way...

a buffy/phantom parody/crossover of the "this character equals that character" variety... and frighteningly, it works in more ways than one...

christine, in the scheme of things, could possibly only ever be buffy. dawn would work, but i couldn't bear to write it...
the phantom could be either giles or spike. giles because of the age difference (and because that would be interesting...) and spike because he lives underground ;) i'm tempted to use spike because of the unrequited love thing... but it needs to be giles for the father thing... oh frell it, it can be spike. he'll look better in a tux...
raoul could also be spike. (or at the very least, spike when he was human... i knew william reminded me of someone :D) alternatively, if i've got spike as erik, raoul could be... riley? angel? ha! angel... :)
meg - willow or dawn. possibly anya. dawn would make sense if erik was spike for the whole getting-into-the-lair-at-the-end thing...
andre/firmin (the managers) - okay, so here's where it falls apart... one could be giles, i guess (thus meaning i have to cast spike as erik...) and the other would be... oh! of course! wesley!
carlotta (the prima donna) - hm... anya..?
piangi (the tenor) - xander...
madame giry - if dawn is meg, then... joyce, i guess.
buquet - frell knows... clem... except i'll have to kill him off... maybe i'll write in a plot twist so i don't have to.

so. that means:
christine - buffy
erik - spike
raoul - angel (oh, that's just too hilarious for words... plus it means spike gets to try to kill him a lot.)
meg - dawn
andre - giles
firmin - wesley
carlotta - anya
piangi - xander
madame giry - joyce
buquet - clem, for now.

see, this is the problem with having shows with too many characters...

(the line in question of MOTN that provoked this is "let the dream begin, let your darker side give in", which for some reason reminded me of the buffyspike thing... and the whole buffy-is-attracted-to-the-dark thing.)
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well, i'm back from the con. i'm also tired as hell (having only got three hours sleep friday night) and i'm off to eurodisney tomorrow at 7.00, so i must go to bed.

in a week's time, there will be two very lengthy posts here, for the con (which, by the way, simply rocked) and my holiday...

so, until then, mes amies, i shall leave you in suspense and with this quote:

andrew: "i'll give YOU ridges..."
alex: "no you won't..."

(it will all make sense. honest.)


May. 18th, 2002 02:27 am
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oh, oh, oh!!!

SFX con. i knew it was going to be worth it, i just knew it...

we have no more farscape people other than stark (paul goddard) so far.


alexander siddig (aka the delectible doctor bashir) is gonna be there!!!!! i guess this is when i really find out if i look like kira, huh?

okay, i'm going to be a wreck... i just know it...


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