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I briefly mentioned this on FB and Twitter but here's the full-blown version of our unsuccessful Sunday afternoon daytrip.

In Which I Am Once Again Punished For Not Driving )

So yeah. That was our weird, unproductive Sunday afternoon.
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So, despite the start of yesterday, my shopping day didn't turn out as bad as anticipated.

Cut for length )

I have also finally allocated which of the gifts I've bought are for Paul's birthday and which for Christmas, so I could figure out his spend limit on me. I've spent FAR too much money on his birthday (especially considering last year was his 30th...) but I'm hopeful he'll like everything I've chosen. Bloody men are impossible to buy for. ;)

The remainder of December looks like this:

Saturday 12th - meal at Jen and Dave's.
Monday 13th - get stuff in post / hand out cards.
Wednesday 16th - support team lunch
Thursday 17th - visiting grandmother after work
Friday 18th - south team lunch (I'm going to be fat by the end of the month)
Sunday 20th - Christmas concert
Tuesday 22nd - Asda shop
Wednesday 23rd - pick up turkey, family over
Thursday 24th - at work until 2.30 (amount of work pending) and then pubbage
Friday 25th - CHRISTMAS! Off until January!! YAY!

*checks* Nope. Amazingly... still not stressed. Aside from that little glitch yesterday, anyway.

Right, that's QUITE long enough. *stops rambling*
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Saturday = FAIL )

Sunday was sedate by comparison. The usual. EastEnders and embroidery. We also investigated the new bargain shop at the end of our road, which isn't as bad as anticipated - lots of good deals on all sorts of things, including sweets, so we've been ridiculously unhealthy all weekend. Meh.

Today I had my follow-up appointment at the hospital and everything is fine so I've been discharged. Trying to get to work through Bristol Road traffic wasn't so much fun (probably should have gotten the train, really) and I finally got in at 10.15 or thereabouts. We have been ridiculously understaffed all day (so what else is new - where the bloody hell is everyone?!) and helping out the other side AGAIN. Noor, who normally stays late on Mondays, had to go at 3.30, and I went at 4.00. Fuck it, I've had enough of being the only one willing to stay late, quite frankly. Sandra and Joy were both in anyway, they can do some work for a change.

Cleaning the bathroom on my return home has clearly not mellowed me, sorry. :P

*goes away*


Feb. 11th, 2009 01:14 pm
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We did our ICC background music thing last night. (If I didn't mention this, or if you've forgotten, the choir were requested to sing at the Voice09 conference last night, providing background music in the form of 12 madrigals and then doing a performance of Zadok the Priest, for which we were paid about £3000. Obviously, the members don't see any of this money, but it should soften the blow of rubbish ticket sales.)

Not that good, really. )

I was going to get the number 1 bus home, but none of their timetables seem to be consistent with each other. I'm sure the one in Moseley says it keeps running until about 11.00pm, but the ones of Broad Street say it stops running at 6.00pm. I did intend to check online beforehand (I figure that's probably the most up-to-date information) but forgot. Tell me, what IS the point of a bus service that stops running at 6.00pm? The 258 is the same. Utterly rubbish. Anyway, I ended up having to walk all the way across town and didn't get back until 9.00pm as it was, even though we were only rehearsing until 8.00.

Ah, well. Now we can concentrate on the Elgar and Rossini pieces instead. What we did last night didn't seem TOO hard, but time will tell... At the moment it's just a relief to be able to sing again after having to sit it out for two weeks.

In other news, the rest of February is looking to be quite busy...

14th - Valentine's Day. Unfortunately it's on a Saturday, so I imagine most places will be rammed, but we've booked a table (just about) at La Fibule in Moseley, which is apparently Moroccan. Our initial plan was Ponte di Legno (Italian place on Woodbridge Road) but they weren't answering their phone, and Byzantium (Tapas restaurant in Kings Heath) were fully booked. Our seating at La Fibule isn't until 9.30pm, but at least it's booked.

21st - David's birthday. We're going to my mum's on the 20th to stay overnight and they'll cook us a meal.

W/C 23rd - using up my annual leave, though I still have to us up a half-day somewhere.

27th - going down to London in readiness for...

28th - seeing Sunset Boulevard with Eni for her birthday. YAY! I've read one review, which had no complaints about the performances, just that the set seemed very minimalist... I shan't pass judgement until I've seen it, but the minimalist set worked brilliantly for Sweeney Todd when we saw that... I don't know if it'll work with something like SB because it's very extravagant, but having said that, the UK tour only had 2-3 sets anyway, even if the staircase was elaborate. It should be interesting, at the very least. And, well, it's Sunset Boulevard in the West End so that's quite good enough for me. (David Willetts is playing Max, also, so that should be cool. :D)

And then I think March is chock-full of birthdays. And April is our anniversary, and a week of leave for me. :D

I think that's enough for one entry, especially as I have an X-Post to do. :)
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All these tapes in my head swirl around
Keeping my vibe down
All these thoughts in my head aren’t my own
Wreaking havoc

(From "Tapes" - Alanis Morissette)

These lyrics kind of sum up my brain at the moment. Nevertheless I'm overdue an update, so here is something resembling one.

An update. )

That's about it. At the moment my brain is full of what the heck I'm doing week after week, so if I don't update, that'll be why...
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My theory, as I've often said, is that Travel West Midlands is actually the Devil incarnate. By that logic, the black cabs are Mephistopheles, the Tempter; they lie in wait on the coldest nights of the year when your bus hasn't turned up, luring you into their warm interiors with the promise of a speedy return home for ten times the price.

It appears that the various rail companies are in on it as well. By this reasoning, TWM clearly cannot be the Devil, merely one of his more incompetent messengers. Public Transport in general is the Devil, with Richard Branson as his cackling and sadistic sidekick (imagine the South Park movie but with Richard Branson in place of Saddam Hussein...)

Things I have discovered this morning in my hunt for cheap travel to London by train:

  1. Cheap train travel to London doesn't exist. Possibly a given, but anyway...

  2. Virgin, as you may have noticed, are proudly advertising their Amazing Train Service, whereupon you can travel from Birmingham to London Euston in a mere 90 minutes! And it's true: you can. I've been on a Virgin train to London, and it does only take 90 minutes. Unfortunately, it's nigh on impossible to get a seat because half of the train is First Class and half of what remains is taken up with reserved seats. The reason people reserve seats is because it's impossible to get one otherwise; as you can imagine, one can only appreciate this irony when one is not squashed up against the window in that little niche by the door...

  3. Despite this Amazing Train Service to London - which only takes 90 minutes - if you want to come home again (and why on Earth would you want to do that? London is the only place anyone should ever want to be!) it takes twice as long! Which explains why when I came home from Eni's in February I didn't get back until about 9.30, despite leaving Essex at 6.30 (and it's only 45 minutes back into London from there)... Er, a bit of a con, Mr Branson?

  4. Not only this, Virgin will charge you £50 for the privilege of travelling on one of their "comfortable" (cramped, fully-booked and half-empty because of First Class) trains, so you can get to London super-fast! (unless you want to come home, sorry, that'll take longer). Up yours, Virgin.

  5. As a result of which, if I want to leave London at 9.30 in the evening on Saturday, I have one of two options: changing twice in the middle of the night, or not getting home until gone 1.00am. Exactly HOW is this meant to be acceptable when I'm paying over £50 for a ticket?

  6. Oh, but it gets better. Chiltern have a better idea about train times, at least (the 21.40 train gets back at 00.01 with no changes), and they are a lot cheaper for only a slightly longer journey (8.55 departure arrives at 11.06). The rich people can stick with Virgin, ta. However... their Incredibly Useful and Wonderful Off-Peak Open Return used to be a nice friendly £15.00, and the restrictions were actually doable. It has now gone up to £18.00 with a restriction of arriving in London after 1.45pm. The problem? Our matinee show starts at 2.30. It doesn't allow for any kind of delay either on the journey there or with the tubes, so just NO.

  7. Chiltern charge £29.50 for a day return. It's still better than Virgin.

Going by coach or Megabus would be an option but then we're very limited by the travel times and also, it takes three hours to get there and always gets caught in traffic on Baker Street / Oxford Street, without fail. Occasionally they'll let you off at Marble Arch just before it gets to Victoria, but it's rare.

All of this wouldn't be problem if the hotels in London weren't Hellaciously Expensive as well, thus scuppering plans of making a weekend of it. I'm trying to SAVE money, and Public Transport is making that very difficult. Maybe... and in all actuality this may be true... maybe London is the Devil. It would explain a LOT.
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...continued yesterday. I rang them up at 12.45 to be informed that the person who could help me was on lunch. So I rang back at 1.15 and went through the rigmarole of my name, postcode, yes I did upload a photo, to be informed that it was sent out on the 1st. They said they'd send it out again.

Then, an hour or so later, rang me back to say they were sending it special delivery. Originally to my home address, but when informed I would be at work* took that address instead, so it should hopefully arrive this morning. *crosses fingers* I've bought a Daysaver just in case.

So, they have at least redeemed themselves slightly with the special delivery thing, which is more than Centro ever managed...

For anyone interested, we have an open rehearsal next week. Ask me for the details if you want to come. I may leave at the break, though, because open rehearsals have an extended break and we don't end until 8.45pm, which is very annoying.

I don't have anything else to add to this entry really... We've run out of butter and, er, my washing is dry? I'm not very exciting lately.

* Clearly only unemployed people get the bus. Well, Jeremy Clarkson would certainly have you believe that.
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We had something of a blitz on the flat yesterday. I cleaned the kitchen on Wednesday night (or it might have been Friday, I can't remember now) and yesterday Paul did the floors and I did the bathroom - which included, I should add, mopping the walls.

Yes, you did read that right...

We needed a new mop, as the one we bought when we moved in was one of those bits-of-rope-tied-to-a-stick types and has gone all stiff and horrible. So we got a slightly better one, and a squeegy type one for the express purpose of cleaning the bathroom tiles. It's too small a room to get the step-ladder out, but the ceilings are too high to reach on my own.

The amount of dust up there was terrifying... After mopping they were literally 2-3 shades cleaner, and the colour of the water afterwards was horrifying.

Still - cleeeean now! I need to dust the shelves in the kitchen tonight and possible have a little rearrangement in there, as I am questioning the sanity of keeping the stereo on top of the microwave... :|

Shepherd's pie for tea yesterday (and lunch today), using frozen mash from Iceland for £1 a bag, which turned out to be much better value than Aunt Bessie's and just as tasty. We stocked up on some frozen stuff while we were in there to avoid having to go to Asda for another couple of months.

Oh, I thought I'd broken the fridge yesterday, too... I was cleaning the wall behind the bin because it tends to get covered in a fine layer of crud (to put it bluntly), and I unplugged the fridge in order to wipe down the top of the plug, and when I plugged it back in it made no sound... Seemed to be fine a few minutes later, though. It doesn't help that for some reason, there's no light in there...

In other news, still no sign of my bus pass. On checking the details of my account on the website it quite clearly states three important things:

1. The transaction / process is "Completed", which means...

2. ...the pass will be sent "2-3 days prior" to the start date

3. The pass should be from "05/09/2008 to 02/10/2008"

All of which mean they should bloody well have sent it by now. I will give them one more day (i.e. today) before phoning them up to shout at them.

Y'know, I cancelled my Centrocard for this exact same reason. TWM have usually been quite good about sending the pass out. Clearly my address is jinxed.

A little extra thing I meant to post about... )

Aaaand finally, I conceded defeat and put the heating on Friday night. Which is vaguely ridiculous, really, because it's only the beginning of September, even though the wind and rain would have you believe otherwise. *shakey fist* Stupid weather.
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Or I need to make entries which are about one thing instead of many. :P

Cut cutty cut cut... )

Was that rambly enough for you?

PS: To any that may be interested, there's another open rehearsal for the choir in a couple of weeks. I'll scan the flyer tonight and post it...


Aug. 8th, 2008 12:07 pm
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See subject. Meh.

I had an early night last night and appear to have had too much sleep instead of too little, as I'm exhausted... Although, having said that, because I've been on my own at work this week (both Sandra and Noor are off) I've been doing full days every day instead of being able to leave early on Mondays and Wednesday as usual. Thankfully it hasn't been too insanely busy (no panic dictation) but I suppose the full days may account for the tiredness.

I've had some coffee and now I'm all jittery. I attribute this to the fact I've been trying to cut down on morning coffee and now my body is all OMGYAYCAFFEINE! Oddly, I feel kind of... drunk. The combination of half-asleepness and too-quick coffee consumption. I can remember feeling like this on the Mocha Crawl of Ultimate Random in Manchester with Eni allll that time ago, but that was after about three mochas... Hrm.

REALLY strange dream this morning (filtered post), vaguely Phantom-related. I've been re-reading the original novel, so I suppose it's at least vaguely sensible...

I phoned Centro about my travelcard yesterday. Both times this has happened they have failed to offer an apology, merely a confirmation that they haven't sent it... which I would have thought was blatantly obvious, but anyway. At least this time the woman on the phone offered to send it first class, rather than saying it would either be with me in a week or I'd have to go and pick it up... Hopefully it should turn up tomorrow. I also cancelled it whilst I was on the phone so will get this month's payment refunded (I think), and I need to get some photos done this weekend to apply for a normal bus pass again. (Note to self: check pricing online.)

Thank anything, we have a quiet weekend. I'm vaguely hoping for some half-decent weather so I can put some washing out (bed linen, specifically), but given the miserable weather this week, I doubt it will happen. Typical British summer: one week of sweltering heat, then the Weather Gods realise their mistake and dump buckets of water on us. :( And not even any thunder to make it interesting, either.

It's my mum's birthday on Monday. I've got her something from Pier already but will have a look down Poplar Road on Saturday to see what else I can find. We're going to Jimmy Spices on Monday evening for a meal, which should be nice...

Anyway. Best sign this one off...
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Well... three, anyway. That's all this weekend has involved, really.

On Saturday I met up with Denise (and subsequently Lloyd, as it turned out) to see The X-Files: I Want to Believe. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you very much. Some thoughts )

Of the evening Paul and I attempted to get Batman Begins to work on Virgin, but they were full of fail. So instead we watched it on Sunday morning, and then headed out to see The Dark Knight in the afternoon...

More thoughts )

In other, non-film-related news, Centro have forgotten to send me my pass AGAIN. That's twice they've managed it. I was going to switch back to a TWM card anyway, and this has provided a more than adequate excuse, You fail, Centro. I was only holding onto the Centro card as a means of using non-TWM buses, and having a 'Zone 1' card means I can get as far as the Jewellery Quarter / Five Ways on a train and hence there's little point in having one. When I was using the train regularly it worked out cheaper, and perhaps if Kings Heath station ever re-opens I may go back to one, but it's not worth the extra money any more. Both Centro and TWM are obviously in league with Satan, so it's a literal case of the lesser of two evils. ;)

I'm on my own this week. So far it hasn't been too annoying... Anyway, I'll post this and do another hour's work, then it's lunchtime... *munches on Scotch egg*
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Today has been unnecessarily annoying, and I already want to go home. (As I type this, I've been at work less than an hour...)

For starters, this morning on the bus I was sitting behind the LOUDEST MAN IN THE WORLD, who was having a conversation on his mobile. Also, the battery died in my MP3 despite being fine yesterday so I couldn't listen to any music, although that was probably just as well as Loud Man would undoubtedly have drowned it out...

As for work... there's nothing to do on our side of the building, even though yesterday was insane with urgents (four in a row, at one point, even though they didn't have to be urgent - at lunchtime, no less) and long tapes. So I've been taking work from the other side as they need cover. Everything I've picked up thus far has been too short to even be bothered with (all less than a minute in length), and the second tape of the morning was so fuzzy it was almost completely inaudible. I got what I could out of it and then gave up after 20 minutes. I almost didn't bother trying to type it, but this particular fee earner would doubtless assume the WPO was at fault rather than her crap tape...

I'm not as tired as yesterday, but the general irritation has rather put a damper on, and made me feel a bit meh - like, there's little point being awake if everything's going to be annoying. I'm feeling suspiciously pre-menstrual. I seem to get semi-regular PMT without the actual M part occurring afterwards these days. Whilst the latter is appreciated, the former is not.

Also, I seem to have damaged my left thumb in some fashion. There is a very faint bruise there which doesn't hurt when I poke it, but I can't grip or put any pressure on my left hand without it screaming in agony. Presumably it's another war(drobe) wound from the furniture-moving on Saturday, and it didn't seem to kick in until yesterday when I was doing the washing up and trying to grip a plate. Stupid body.
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Gah, I was SO TIRED last night. I left work at 4.45 and got home an hour later thanks to the worst bus journey I've had in a while... I decided to get the 35 because it was sitting there as I crossed Corporation Street and usually it's marginally quicker than the 50 as it's a slightly more direct route.

Possibly, when the doors clipped me as I stepped onto the bus because the driver hadn't seen me coming, that should have tipped me off...

The journey started out okay. We got as far as Highgate and then, er... well, I have no idea what the driver was doing, but somehow we ended up going down the Pershore Road, then turning left onto... Edgbaston Road? Whichever one it is with the MAC / cricket ground. Somehow he managed to get us back on track by the time we'd reached Moseley, but GAH. I was really starting to panic for a while. I mean, what do you do for the best? Get off and hope you can find another way home (if we'd gone any further down the Pershore I was ending to get off at the end of Fordhouse Lane and get the 11...) or just keep going and get irrevocably lost?

I suppose one good thing about Birmingham (especially that bit of Birmingham) is you can easily get back there, even if you can't get out again. ;)

Anyway, thanks to that journey (and also working full days all this week despite because of Noor's absence - I've soon gotten used to early afternoon leaving times) I was in no fit state to cook, so Paul did our stir fry. YUMS. (Remains of Monday's roast pork, fried until crispy, with green peppers, mushrooms, onion, garlic, and some Blue Dragon oyster sauce, with noodles.)

Watched telly for the rest of the night: My Name Is Earl and Big Bang Theory. Need to get both of them on DVD...

I did wake up once in the middle of the night at around 4.30am, which was quite surreal. I think I woke up as a combination of Paul rolling over to hug me and also needing the loo, combined with light coming through the curtains which made me think Paul had literally just finished reading and was randomly cuddling me, so I asked him to turn the light off. Most confusing.

I've been knackered all week, not to mention disorganised. Must get back into the proper habit of breakfast and packed lunches next week, and also not sleep horrendous amounts this weekend... I don't think it helped, really.

In other news, apparently the rest of season 2 of Ugly Betty was meant to start today, but apparently Celebrity Wife Swap is on instead, and obviously Big Brother starts soon after that. (Oh joy, more car crash television...) I checked the C4 forum this morning to see what the latest news is and apparently now it won't be on until the autumn. The US has had the season finale already and quite frankly, my patience is now wearing thin. (The reason C4 have given is that they had to plan their summer schedules whilst they still didn't know the outcome of the writers' strike, which I suppose is fair enough, but it would have been nice if they hadn't built our hopes up with S2 repeats on E4 and the endless torrent of complete and utter dross they were showing the UB slot on Fridays for the past three months...)

Anyway, as a result, I went to Amazon and have requested that they email me as soon as the season 2 DVDs are ready for pre-order. Up yours, Channel 4. :P (I wouldn't mind as much if I hadn't been waiting on seeing the end of season 2 before watching the season 1 DVDs Paul and I got for Christmas. I didn't want to start them because there are so many sub-plots that it would only confuse me. I may just make a start now in readiness for eventually getting season 2 DVDs...)

So, yeah. There we go.

In other news: the roofers are coming to fix the leak today, and I've hidden the washing that's drying in the bath by drawing the shower curtain across, just in case Trevor comes wandering in again (we're meant to dry it in the loft but it was so bloody cold up there I moved the drying rack downstairs). He'll probably go into the bathroom to look at the dodgy light pull, which will also be fixed next Saturday.

Also, we are having my grandmother over for dinner next Friday. Hopefully by then I won't be so completely knackered, especially as it's my turn to cook...

Which reminds me, we need to do a meat shop this weekend...

I shall now stop writing this entry before it gets even longer... ;)
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Starting with Friday. Having left work, I got to Moor Street to discover the police had blocked off the bus stop lane due to an accident. So I walked down to Digbeth Cold Storage to wait for the 50 there, only for the information thing to tell me there wasn't another one for 18 minutes. Ordinarily I would have just waited, but I didn't know if the buses were actually getting that far into town, and also we had to be in Solihull for 7.30 to see Drew's play, so I was in a bit of a rush.

So then I walked all through the market to get the 35. Luckily it didn't take long to get there, even though it was completely rammed and full of obnoxious school children. Yes, all these people coming up the stairs need to sit down. MOVE YOUR SELFISH ASS.

Also luckily, as it was still fairly early, the 35 didn't get stuck in traffic in Moseley. I picked up my prescription on the way home (wonder of wonders, they actually got it right this time) and dropped it in Boots, before heading back home.

Paul got back shortly after me and we checked bus times for getting to Solihull. Just as well we left with plenty of time to spare, as I'd forgotten quite how long the walk down Kineton Green Road was. Anyway, the play itself (Ghost Writer, about the ghost of a playwright's wife coming back to haunt him to help solve her murder) was very good. We ordered a curry on getting in, as it was too late to go to the pub.

Saturday, luckily, was quite sedate other than to get some bits of shopping (still managed to forget eggs, bread and juice, naturally). I watched the week's EastEnders on Replay as I'd miss it on Sunday, and made a lasagne in the evening for tea, which was quite nice.

Sunday involved our second Mahler performace in the Town Hall, which seemed to go a lot better than last week at Tewkesbury. It was easier to see the conductor, we weren't drowned out by the orchestra, and we weren't bloody frozen, either. (Quite the opposite, in fact, and despite having a much bigger changing room in the form of the lower bar, it was horrendously stuffy in there.) The ending is amazing and my heart was pounding afterwards.

We went for drinks after the concert with Derek and Denise, which was quite pleasant, although didn't get home until midnight. I seem to be reliving the reheated lasagne this morning but hopefully my earlier injection of fibre (a Pret 'love bar', full of oats and nuts and, er, toffee) will sort that out. I really need some cranberry juice...

Hopefully whatever has died in my stomach will pass on peacefully by the end of the day...

I'm on my own at work this week and so far, no work. There's a surprise.

And finally, my perfume has arrived! Despite the ebay seller saying there was no cost for P&P, I have to pay an £11.95 customs charge to collect it... meh. At least it's turned up. I was beginning to wonder where it had got to...

I suppose I'd better go and look for some work...
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Despite only leaving the house 5 minutes late this morning, I didn't get to work until 9.50. I was stuck on the bus for at least an hour between Moseley and Balsall Heath because of heavy traffic. Whilst waiting, two ambulances went past in the direction of whatever was holding everything up, so obviously I assumed there'd been some kind of horrible traffic accident.

When we finally reached Moseley Baths, the culprit turned out to be a piddly bit of road works on both sides of the road just before the Baths, which was holding up the traffic in both bloody directions. I ask you, what was wrong with waiting until the weekend?

So that was fun.

Last night was about decent television, although I do wish the BBC wouldn't compete with themselves as well as everyone else. There were at least three things I wanted to watch last night: Ashes to Ashes (9.00pm on BBC1), the new That Mitchell & Webb Look (9.00pm on BBC2) and My Street (9.00pm on C4). Luckily Mitchell & Webb were on replay, but no sign of the street thing yet... the ending was good, so I wish I'd watched it. Channel Four is unwatchable through the aerial so I couldn't even tape it...

I am thoroughly enjoying Ashes..., though. As much as I enjoyed Life on Mars, this is different because I at least remember most of the 80s...

On shipping )

In short, Gene/Alex FTW! ;)

Aside from the horrible journey this morning, today hasn't been too bad... Not long after I'd sat down, one of the senior solicitors from next door popped over to ask if I'd done the 8-page file note for her last night, then said it was "spot on!" (no amendments) and that she'd passed the message of thanks onto Marie for me as well. :D Oddly enough, during our team meeting yesterday (which was very silly and not even remotely serious throughout) it was discussed that all the teams have to go through the questions on the Staff Satisfaction Questionnaire and talk about how they can be improved or changed, and I was thinking something along the lines of gaining more job satisfaction through better praise and reward systems.

The people here are generally a lot more praising and appreciative of the typists than at Ladywood (or the rest of the Council in general, judging by the piss poor rates of pay we get elsewhere outside of Legal) but still, it's nice to be told. ;) I do feel a little like I'm making some small waves here. I'm the least senior WPO in the team (the temp aside) but have already been told that I give the impression of being here a lot longer. I was quite shocked recently to see amendments that came back for one of the long-term WPOs where the fee earner hadn't dictated which part of the UK the DX address was for and the WPO had sent it back to ask - which would be fair enough for something outside of Birmingham, but they should KNOW by now that C&J are based in Northfield, or AC are Birmingham 1, etc. It's like learning postcodes - makes your job easier and quicker. Are they all that lazy so as not to have learnt them, or am I just expecting too much?

Ah, well, this new performance-based payscale will hopefully separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were. I think some of them have only ended up as seniors because they've been here for centuries...

Half an hour til lunch. I am tempted by Pret soup today as one of them is mushroom risotto... mmm, rice. Of course, I will probably also have rice at wagamama later as I will inevitably be indecisive and fall back onto the chicken curry, but still... at least that's different rice. ;)

I shall now sign this off.
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I think I last updated on Thursday, so here we go...

Firstly, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure, as I completely forgot to text yesterday. Hope you had a good one.

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday was the usual fare of EastEnders watching and very little else. We watched The Pursuit of Happyness in the evening (after Wife Swap, of course) and subsequently I dreamt that I was an intern at a stockbroker firm and the written exam was about The Mighty Boosh... bizarre, to say the least.

So, that's that. Back to normal for a while now. Three more full weeks of work and then my Easter leave, which I am muchly looking forward to... Having said that, there is still plenty to do in the interim...
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...and about 25 more years, and I could be Norma Desmond.

(Sorry about the blurriness; I couldn't be bothered to mess with the digital camera so I used the webcam.  It could do with a bit of exercise anyway. :P)

There was going to be a longish rant here about idiots in cars who think it's funny/cute to beep their horn at you.  But since having a shower has mellowed me out, it'll be slightly shorter.

I was beeped at whilst walking up the main road after work earlier.  This is annoying at the best of times, since my instinct is to look and then realise they're beeping at someone else entirely - except this time, I was confronted by some idiot gawping at me and waving.  No, I didn't know them.  I was wearing tight-ish jeans (not by choice; my arse has expanded) and was the only female on the pavement, but that's no excuse.  The male argument at this point would be "You should be flattered" - screw that, thank you very much.  My argument is that blokes who beep their car horns at women on the street should have said car horns wired into their privates so they get a similar shock when they decide to beep at said women.  Negative conditioning and all that.

Because, y'see, when I've just left work, am listening to my MP3-er and am also tired and grumpy, when I get a sudden shock like a loud noise, my first instinct is to lash out and kill things.  In which case, the idiot waving at me should be very glad he was safely behind the protective body of the car, and that he wasn't stuck in traffic.

Also annoying was the fact that I had to wait for the next train because the 5.35ish, peak time train from Snow Hill to Stourbridge Junction was two carriages long, so by the time it'd even left bloody Snow Hill it was rammed.  I suspect it may also have been late, as the next one turned up a lot sooner than I was expecting.  That one wasn't much better, either, being only three carriages long, but that one carriage makes a hell of a difference.  Whose bright bloody idea was that, anyway?  Yes, encourage people to use public transport, but make sure it's unreliable, uncomfortable, and generally unpredictable before you do so.  I wish I was that clever.  Really.

Er, yes.  Despite this, all is now well in the world, as we're having exotic-sounding sausages and mash for tea (some of them have cheese in!) and if I'm not exhausted tomorrow I'll be going to see [livejournal.com profile] butterflyburn's band, Sinistra, at Scruffy Murphy's tomorrow.  In which case, I apologise in advance if I don't make it...

Message end.
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I left work at 7.45. I proceeded to wait 15 minutes for a 126. I missed an 11C in Bearwood by about 10 seconds (it was stuck at the traffic lights and I knew full well he'd never let me on even if I ran) and then proceeded to wait another half an hour for the next one, which took SEVEN HOURS to get to Winson Green, and while I was waiting for the 101, three more sailed past the end of the bus stop. THREE. Presumably the three I could have boarded whilst waiting for the first one.

It's things like this which frustrate me. I think I'd be less annoyed if TWM stopped putting their fares up and were actually honest about their services. "Yeah, well, there's a timetable there, but we can't promise it's accurate. What with the traffic and everything. It might turn up eventually and we'll claim it was there the whole time and you missed it while you were standing there. Here, have a free magazine to read while you wait." rather than "We are wonderful! Go by bus!"


I left before 8.00am specifically to get in before 9.30!

Also, it's bloody cold out there.


Mar. 10th, 2006 08:22 pm
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You'll all be glad to know, I found my bus pass.  Under the bed.

I had a nap when I got in.  Or tried to.  I lay down at about 6.00 and despite the fact that my eyes physically hurt, I didn't nod off until about 6.45 so didn't get that much sleep.  I hate my brain's complete inability to switch off.  At least when I was going through whatever I was going through (I'm loath to call it 'depression' for fear of all the actually depressed people on, like, pills and stuff leaping down my throat) I could get to bloody sleep when I was tired instead of lying awake for hours.  I'm not sure which I prefer.

Also, it took me an hour to get home by bus this evening.  And Paul's been waiting for an 11 for about 45 minutes.

I am going to blow up all the buses.  And then all of the cars.  And then build more buses that will be on time because there'll be no traffic to hold them up.

This entry is fragmented because I'm hungry and tired.
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Further annoyances I have since discovered:

1) Centro will charge me £5.00 for a new card. Or, to translate, they will charge me £5.00 for the privalege of losing it and having already had to spend £3.00 on a DaySaver this morning.

2) The CentroCard is valid on the bus, train and metro. Except apparently it's not valid to use on the Metro for Zones 1 and 2. Which is, er, most of it. The Metro only goes about as far as Zone 4. So, er, what's the frelling point? And why can't they just sell a card that you can use on the bus and the train. They have one for just bus and Metro, for goodness' sake. And honestly, who even uses the Metro?

Please be on my floor. Please.
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So, yesterday was interesting and annoying in equal measure.

It was Liz's last day, so we were having a leaving lunch in the Conference room. I made some fairy cakes (which actually got eaten this time) and we had a ridiculous amount of food.

We started preparing everything at about 11.00, which included cooking stuff, decorating the room, putting the food out, etc, etc. Nina (annoying Senior Prac from upstairs; she's a very good social worker, but she's demanding and irritating and won't accept no for an answer) wandered down to ask me to tell her when everything would be ready, so I said we were aiming for 12.30.

I was in the kitchen chatting to Tina H about stuff while we finished microwaving the rice, having left an empty room for ten minutes. I went back in to put out another big serving spoon and the bloody Social Workers were queuing to get into the room.

It's just as well the chicken balti Liz had made was the last thing to go out, or there would've been none left for us. I was especially annoyed by this, as I'd taken my camera in and wanted to get a photograph of the spread.

I'd also planned to get some photos of the team for Liz but work stress got in the way of it. I don't know why I bother.

(Mrrrgh. Go away, phone. I don't want to talk to Maxine.)

So, anyway, in all of this, we discovered this morning that we'd forgotten to give Liz her card. She liked the bracelet part of the present and said nothing about the perfume, so she either hates it or has about six bottles of it already... Which is my fault, as that was my idea, and I was the one who found out which one it was that she used to wear...

I left work at about 4.15 and was back an hour later (258 bus's fault) and left the station to find a rainbow in the sky, which was quite pleasant. I did take a picture with my phone, but I'm not sure if it came out... will find out later.

Anyway, I headed back out again at 6.00ish. Had to wear my trainers because my feet were being annoying and cramping up again, but since they're sparkly it didn't look too bad, and my jeans were long enough to conceal them anyway.

I wasn't looking forward to going that much, and I've realised that my nervous reaction of yawning uncontrollably, tired or not, is more of an anxiety reaction than anything else. We started at All Bar One, and due to aforesaid anxiety I drank my first glass of wine a bit too quickly. We had some of their little platter things (6 for £20) between four of us, which were quite nice.

There were 8 of us at the start: me, Liz, Sandra, Natasha, Cynthia, Amanda, Val (who will be replacing Liz in a couple of weeks) and Liz's friend, and Val left at about 8.00. Also, Cynthia and I were wearing the same bolero top, which luckily nobody except us noticed...

We went to Risa afterwards, where we all got IDed. Liz thought the bouncer was kidding, until we spotted a sign on the door that said if you looked under 25 you'd be asked for ID. Ironic, considering I was the only one there who was actually under 25. They let us all in, anyway...

In Risa I had two vodka and pineapples and one glass out of a pitcher of Sex on the Beach (orange, cranberry and vodka) and was feeling drunk-tired but not overly so. We sat and talked until the music got too loud (I hate that) and I left at about 11.00.

Which is when the annoyance started.

I was waiting for the 126, which was due at 11.10. At 11.05, all of the buses due at that time turned up - on time. I waited until 11.15 and presumed that the 126 had come early and I'd just missed it, so I wandered off to get a taxi.

I'd no sooner got into the taxi when the 126 pulled up three cars behind. Which meant that I spent a tenner on a taxi that I didn't have to.

And this morning I couldn't find my bus pass.

Okay. So it was in the (large, flat; large enough for a bus pass but not large enough that it would fall out) back pocket of my jeans while I was waiting at the bus stop. I took it out when the fleet of 11.05 buses turned up, just in case one of them (ha!) was mine. Then I put it back, and I know it was in there because I had my hands in my back pockets to keep them warm.

So it's either fallen out in the back of the taxi (no idea how) or it's on my bedroom floor somewhere from when I took my jeans off again. I didn't have time to look properly this morning, but I'm incredibly annoyed by this. If my bloody bus had been on time, I would've put it straight back into my purse after getting on the bus, rather than leaving it in my back pocket in the taxi. If it's not in my room, I'll probably never see it again, as I have no idea which taxi firm it was.

I'm sure I can phone Centro and tell them, but it's still annoying, and it'll probably be a battle of wills.

I became convinced a long time ago that TWM is, in fact, the Devil incarnate. However, I am now led to believe that they're in cahoots with Broad Street taxis. I mean, on Friday and Saturday nights they don't serve the top end of it, so you either have to walk all the way down to McDonalds/OhVelvet, or get a taxi. They're only every half an hour, and even then they're not on time, so you get cold/bored/tired, and so you get a taxi.

The taxis, by this logic, are therefore Mephistopheles, the Tempter. Sitting there in their warm, comfortably-furnished queues, their little orange signs glowing appealingly, whispering "Travel in meeee."

Either way, they're all bastards, and they need to go back to the depths of Hell from whence they came.

I am not impressed. I really hope it's on my bedroom floor. :(
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Interesting one, today...

I was in extremely early, for a start... which is why half term is generally A Good Thing, because the buses aren't packed.

I did extremely little until people started arriving, and then I started doing work.  Luckily I have extremely copious amounts of work, so I had something to do all day, at least.

Sandra arrived at 9.40 and said nothing.  In fact, she said nothing to me all day.

She whinged momentarily when one of the Social Workers said they'd seen her new coat - for which she paid just over £100 in Mango - in Marks and Sparks for £75, because her reputation, apparently, was in shatters. Aside from the fact she only bought the coat because she saw one just like it in a movie, and the way she wanders around in it you'd think she was the Queen or something.  Honey, I will always have a better coat than you.  Once you accept that, things will be much better for you.

Mostly I was doing stuff for Natasha today; random bits and bobs.  And then I was summoned into CM3's office because Virginia and Gail had ganged up on me and told their new SSWA how good I was at Them Computers, and I ended up staying in there for 10 minutes helping everyone out.  One of them offered me the Team Assistant job since their TA left recently... but I refused.  So that was quite entertaining, at least.  Especially when the aforesaid Social Worker grabbed me by the wrist so I couldn't leave.  But when I'm generally more accessible than our AWOL ITSO, it's to be expected.

I left at about 5.00, fifteen minutes after Sandra (at least she deigned to say goodnight...) and got on a train that was empty, pretty much, which was extremely fortuitous.  However, I was then waiting half an hour for a bus, which was extremely annoying.

All right, maybe it wasn't that extreme today, but I had the idea for this entry in my head and decided to run with it...

It should be more coherent, but I've just got in, done some washing, changed my bed, tidied my room and wrapped/created things for Paul's present, so I am, to coin a phrase, knackered.

Just eating my fish pie and waiting for Paul's imminent arrival into our House of Germs.  I managed to escape his lurgie last night but David's got it as well, and the long wait for the bus this evening has made me all sneezy and snuffly, right in time for my annual leave - hurrah.  Thank you, TWM.

Anyway.  That's all.
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I did an entry this afternoon at work, because I was losing the will to live...

This afternoon's entry )

So, yes, not that exciting, really.

It took me slightly longer to get home today than I would like.  I left work at 5.30 and got back at 6.45, due to train stupidity.  It was delayed by 10 minutes and subsequently rammed (mostly because it was only two carriages long - nice planning there, Centro) and then another one turned up 5 minutes or so later that was empty.  The bus wasn't too bad.  Also, the lights in the tunnel just before the station weren't working, so there was a big, spooky chasm to the right...

We're having enchiladas for dinner. :)

Going to Paul's tomorrow so will update on Thursday, assuming anything exciting happens, which it probably won't.  We're still working through Twin Peaks so should at least get up to episodes 2 and 3 tomorrow night.  It's not like there's anything on telly.
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Sometimes, I honestly wonder how people get to be managers...  You'd think it would involve some level of people skills, right?

Tina R doesn't seem to possess any.  She can flip from being sane and pleasant to angry, ranting and terrifying at the drop of a hat, then switch right back again to apologise if you happened to get the brunt of her rage.  She's demanding and stubborn and impatient and fails to understand the phrase "she's on the other line at the moment".  And she also sends emails last thing on a Friday afternoon (at 3.45) that send the entire office into a tizzy.

The email )

So, yeah.  I sense a team meeting may be coming very shortly.

I think what pisses me off the most about this is that we weren't even consulted and didn't know the Tinas were even having a meeting.  Having expressly stated my workload is currently huge and I can't do any more cover, they go and assign me more work to do for bloody GCH, when the ideal solution would be to get another typist there, rather than dumping it all in my hands because I'm efficient.  There are limits to my efficiency; I'm only human, FFS, and they'll be the first to complain when I'm drowning and need help.  And then who are they going to turn to?

This Asylum Team typing thing also has repurcussions for Cynthia, because she's refusing to distribute them, and rightly so.  They're not our cases, and she has enough to do considering she's only part time.

It also seems like they haven't taken into account that I don't drive and am reliant on either getting a lift or using public transport, and to get to GCH would involve at least two buses in and out of the city centre.  Or they have and, as stated, Maxine is coming over to LAO.  Which I really don't want, because if she's as snarky in person as she was via email I'm just going to refuse to type for her.  I sent her a polite email back last time explaining that our Chairs do things slightly differently and frelling apologising because she made me feel so guilty about it, and she replied, grudgingly, saying I was right.  Quite frankly, I don't need that kind of hassle going on when I've already got Sandra to contend with.

We definitely all need to get together and discuss this.  Tina H hasn't phoned us up or anything since Friday, so she knows she's going to get her ears bitten off the next time she sees us...

In other, unrelated annoyances, I'd left my phone off silent today and received a text message while it was in my bag.  My phone makes a slightly comedic "Boooing" noise when it gets a text and it's fairly loud.  The message came through and both Amanda and Sandra looked up, giving me filthy looks.  Which I wouldn't be annoyed about if everyone else didn't leave their phones on the loudest bloody setting all day, especially Cynthia and Amanda, who get texts and phonecalls all day on their mobiles.  So that was rather irritating.

I'm also bloody exhausted because it took me an hour and a half to get home.  I missed my first train by about 30 seconds and the next one was delayed by 5 minutes or so, then I was waiting 30 minutes for a 258 so didn't get back until 7.00, having left 11.5 hours earlier this morning and having been at work since 8.30.  Seriously, if I don't gain some flex out of this week I'm going to hurt people.

Aaanyway.  I'm going to have a bath in a bit and then snuggle up in bed with my embroidery.  Or perhaps try and turn my little inspiration from Friday night into something recognisable.
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I got the train home today (£1.50 single from Jewellery Quarter to Rowley Regis) and it took me 45 minutes to get back instead of the usual hour and a half.  This is a Good Thing, although I need to find a better place to cross the dual carriageway so I'm not walking back on myself about half a mile. It's about a 10 minute walk to the station from work (uphill, mostly) so this also means getting some exercise on a daily basis as well.  Definitely of the good.  Now I must investigate how much train/bus/metro combined passes are, as it'll probably save me some money; I'm spending random £1.60s all over the place getting to/from Bournville to see Paul.

[livejournal.com profile] tengirlsago and [livejournal.com profile] bizarrethe2nd, thanks so much for the Christmas cards!  You both have lovely handwriting and I now feel somewhat ashamed of my untidy scrawling...  Fliss, I promise, we will meet in 2006.  I shall warn all appropriate parties/universes beforehand, obviously... ;)  Though I managed to meet both [livejournal.com profile] beyondthebadge and [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure on several occasions without ending the world, so we may be safe. :)

I don't want to go to work tomorrow.  Amanda's off, Sandra's in, Cynthia's in for about 5 hours, and sod it, I'm going home at 3.30.  Then getting ready to go out again to meet Aisha at 6.45 before heading off to Bella Italia.

I also had a nice idea for Christmas that I shall put to Paul tomorrow: since we can't spend Christmas Day together but are meeting up on Boxing Day to go and catsit for [livejournal.com profile] purrr3, we should wait until then to open our mutual presents (there's one addressed to both of us from my grandmother.  Aww...) and pretend it's Christmas Day then... but we'll see.  I need to give him the stuff for his mum and brother anyway, but I'll just hold onto his presents until I see him Boxing Day so he won't have any choice. ;)

Right, I need to go to bed...  LAST DAY OF WORK TOMORROW!!
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On 1st December 2005, I said:

My theory that TWM are in league with Satan was proven again today, though, by the fact that I - and, in fact, a bus load of people - had to endure the journey with some squawking, loud teenage girl at the back laughing like a foghorn with her friends.  For about 45 minutes, in traffic.  Journeys like that are little experiences of what Hell must be like, seriously.

Today, I had to endure another bus journey with the same frelling girl, though this time with less of her friends.  Before I turned Meatloaf up to drown her out, I heard her saying something like "They [the bus passengers] are probably all thinking 'oh no, it's the girl with the laugh again'."  Which, quite frankly, should be more than enough of a tip off that she should shut the fuck up.  Or at least learn to laugh more quietly.

Seriously. It's eardrum-splitting.  And she was in the seat behind me.  Once is bad enough; two journeys with this girl is more than I can stand.

Luckily, I just about made it to the post office, so everything's now sent off.  I could've left work slightly later if I'd known I'd be waiting 15 sodding minutes for a bus to turn up, so as a result I've managed about 6.5 hours today.  So much for building my flex back up.  Meh.

Anyway, I'm far too tired to think and my fingers are far too cold to type, so I'll... wait for the oven to be free, have my scampi and chips, have a bath/shower, and probably go to bed..
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...as per this. )

It has snowed considerably more here than it did in Birmingham city centre, but it still took me nearly two hours to get home... I left at 5.25 and got back about 6.45.  Bastard traffic.  I was waiting 15 minutes for an 8, then another half an hour or so for something that would take me home, since the first 126 that went past in either direction - luckily, homewards - was packed to the gills, as was the 128 I finally managed to get on...  Also, my trainers can't grip in slush so I had to walk through three inches of snow to get down the hill, so my feet were frozen.  I mean, I like snow and everything, but why does it result in such bloody chaos?

I mean, aside from the fact that TWM are messengers of Satan..

I have decided: every person who damns the snowfall makes another snowflake die.  Which is why just when the snow's getting good and pretty and deep, it stops again.  STOP KILLING THE SNOW, YOU FASCISTS!

Some pictures )

That's it, I think...  I remembered the other night that I'd started working on a PADD-style layout to use for my Star Trek fic-page on my website, so I might go and find that in a moment and see how it was coming along...
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Seriously, WTF is up with the traffic this week?

It took me 90 minutes to get to work yesterday and about the same today, which is even more annoying considering I was actually up on time and was hanging around 15 minutes for a 126 (which, let it be noted, has been "improved" and should come every 10 minutes). I'm having one of those weeks where I seem to waste most of my life waiting for buses, and if not waiting for them then waiting on them.

Has there been a freak earthquake somewhere? A flood?

I mean, seriously. WTF?

Anyway. I upped my dosage of Valerian last night to two instead of one, which seems to have helped a little. I woke up with stomach pain but I think that's because I fell asleep on my back, which never happens.

I'm meant to be going to Paul's tonight, but mum and David are having the day in France (via the Tunnel) to bring back lots of lovely booze and the washing up hasn't been done and I don't like leaving the house obviously empty overnight (holidays excepted as usually a friendly neighbour knows and keeps an eye on things), so I may have to try and convince him to come to mine instead...

First counselling appointment tomorrow; by my calculations, they should end right before Christmas. Oh, won't that be fun.

Today is going to be loooong and teeedious. I need some typing. Like, now.


Oct. 12th, 2005 06:55 pm
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Okay, here's the thing.  It should not take me twice as long to get home than it does to get to work in the first place.  Aside from the annoyance, it's just not fair.  Especially when there's a rainstorm out there of Mancunian* proportions.

Honestly, Britain.  The London Underground is attacked and everyone goes about their business.  A little bit of rain and the entire of bloody Birmingham's gridlocked.  Forget bombs; try terrorism by weather.**

So, yes.  That aside, wheeee!rain!

When I've eaten, I shall dye my hair.  Then there shall be photos. :D

* Maybe that's a tad overstating it.  Biblical, maybe...
**I do not, let it be noted, advocate terrorism of any kind, nor am I understating the atrocity of the London bombings.  Just to clear that up.


Oct. 5th, 2005 06:55 pm
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One day, I shall be in a mental institution.  And the cause of my imprisonment there will be this:

I will be trying to get to an appointment via bus.  I will have left in ample time to get there, and will have been delayed because of general incompetence, traffic, non-bus-pass-friendly buses and lack of regard for passengers.  And I will go insane and KILL PEOPLE.


The problem with the oven turned out to be that it was somehow set on auto-cook, which I only realised when I noticed a little flashing "A" on the clock.  Whipped out the instruction manual and it's fine now, and my fish and chips are happily cooking away.

Paul is due at 7.00 or thereabouts, assuming he's still coming.

I've sorted through my audio-tapes and put them onto the CD rack. They were taking up three boxes and are now taking up two compartments and one box of things I will never listen to again, including a Kylie album I was the proud owner of, aged six.  And in that vein of nostalgia, two young mums got on the 258 this afternoon with toddling Norfolk House School children in tow, and I couldn't help but smile.

The photocopier's still broken.

Nothing else to report.

Oh, except this: I have a hankering to make a CD/mix tape.  Who wants one?  State in comments your preference for CD and/or mix-tape and I shall inflict some music on you, make you a pretty cover, and keep myself vaguely occupied.
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This month has sucked, to quote Buffy, beyond the telling of it.

Well, most of it has.

I did not sleep well last night.  Was being oddly distant (apparently) with Paul for no apparent reason and irritable in general, kept having half-waking dreams about nothing in particular (though in residual memory, I'm sure I dreamt about the keypad on his mobile...) and woke up defeatedly at 7.30.  The bus took 15 minutes to turn up and then saw fit to sit at a later stop for five minutes (there is very little in the world more annoying than that), as well as getting stuck at every single set of traffic lights between Five Ways and work.  So I got to work at 9.30, which is an improvement on most, but would have been about 20 minutes sooner if not for the above.

Not a good start to the day.

Since I was due for My CareFirst training at Chamberlain House (Kings Heath) that afternoon, I decided to buy some lunch from the local newsagent, and got one of those pasta-n-sauce things... but forgot that I needed a) a saucepan/microwaveable container b) milk c) something to measure above with, so couldn't actually cook the damn thing.  It didn't matter, though, as it transpired, as I just left work at 12.00 and had comfort food in Subway instead and still got to the training before everyone else - and let it be noted, I was going by bus and didn't have a clue where I was supposed to be...

The 50 is a good bus.  It is regular and frequent and on time.  Other buses should learn from this.  But that's neither here nor there.

More suck came in the form of Paul's bank being arseholes and not giving him the loan extension they promised in the first place, which means he has no money and can't afford Derby, which means the whole thing is cancelled.  Watch this space, as I go slowly stir crazy from two weeks in the house.  He emailed me to tell me so and then rang me up five minutes later, which only made things worse because he kept frelling apologising, so I had a little cry about it and seethed for about two hours until it was time to go.

Hence, comfort food in Subway, in the form of hot chicken on Hearty Italian (6-inch) with barbecue sauce...

The training was meant to be from 1.30 to 4.00 and lasted just over an hour in the end, as it was designed for training social workers and was barely relevant to our job except to show us what the new, easier menus look like on the programme.  If it had been just me, it would have been over in about half that time, but I have some rudimentary knowledge of computers to start with...  Tina H gave us all permission to go home and claim pay til 4.00, but I have a serious amount of work to get through before I go on leave so I got a lift back to work (I'm an idiot...) and left at 5.30.  But with any luck, I should be able to leave at 3.30 tomorrow if I get in early enough...

I'm having my pasta and sauce for tea. Unfortunately, my brain is so addled, I can't even read the instructions, so it's being made for me.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, my body is finally rebelling against the head-explodiness by giving me another kidney infection, so it looks like tomorrow will mostly be spent on the phone cancelling hotels and booking emergency appointments...

If you don't mind, I'm going to follow Maddy's advice.  If you want me, I'll be in the corner waiting for oblivion.
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So, quite an enjoyable evening yesterday. Paul phoned on Monday night whilst drunk and hyperactive to ramble down the phone at me for an hour and a half. I think Eve thought I'd abandoned her, though, as I ran away from our AIM conversation to answer it. Must plan a trip to her city-that-I'm-not-allowed-to-mention so they can meet at some point... Anyway, the outcome of this conversation was the making of a deal, wherein Paul could give me (back) his bloody lurgy in exchange for one of two equally horrendous options: a) not smoking all night; b) arriving at work for 9.00am.

The eventual deal was settled at not smoking and coming into work at 9.30. More on that later...

So, we went to see The Jacket, starring Adrien Brodie and Keira Knightly. It looked interesting from the trailers, but wasn't what I was expecting at all... Spoilers and review under here. )

That's all I can really say without spoiling it completely. Post-movie discussion via email this morning with Paul tried to ascertain whether or not it created a paradox (I think we decided it didn't), so it's not exactly the most linear narrative in the world. It is, however, gloriously and wonderfully post-modern, very pretty, and well worth a viewing.

We also saw the trailer for Sin City and woooow. It looks frelling amazing, all done in black and white but with little touches of colour for people's eyes and neon and stuff. So I've decided that if I ever finish Orphan Eyes and it's ever made into a movie, it so has to be done like that.

Orphan Eyes ramblings/spoilers under here, too. )

So, anyway, after the film we wandered to the Flapper for drinks and pool and I stole Paul's cigarettes so he couldn't cheat. In the end I let him have two of them back before he went on a murderous rampage, and the deal from now on is that he's only allowed one every two hours when we're out. For numerous reasons; the main one being they taste foul... *ahem* Cue amusing conversation in the pub that basically ended in his realising that I am cruel, heartless, evil, and mean.

Took him long enough. ;)

Today has been mostly uneventful, but was one of those days... you know those days?  Those days when you spend about five frelling hours on average just waiting for buses?  Yeah, one of those days.  Not helped by feeling all blah with a sore throat (and suddenly, random pains in my stomach.  How bizarre.) and aching all over.  Definitely coming down with something.  There was a very odd moment at the third bus stop of the morning whilst waiting for the 101, though.  Young Mother with Small Child asked me to escort said Small Child onto the bus for her while she struggled to collapse her pushchair.  So there's me, bag in one hand and Small Child in the other, trying to get onto a bus with - of course, because it was late - no seats whatsoever.

Oh, yes, and Liz broke the shredder.

That's actually about it.  Definitely a day of doing nothing whatsoever tonight.
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Today, as days go, wasn't too bad.  The battery ran out on my MP3-er and practically deafened me in the process, but I knew that was going to happen sooner or later this week.  Inline wasn't too snarky, I had some email tennises with some people, and supervision with Tina was fine, and she's going to get me access to CareFirst because she hadn't realised I'd not got it.  I got through to the IT Helpdesk relatively quickly and they sorted out why my email wasn't working.

There was a bizarre piece of bizarreness when I phoned the MHLive ticket people to check if they'd got my email address right, at the exact second the bloke who answered the phone happened to be sending the e-ticket... which was incredibly impressive, to say the least.

One of our clients got arrested in the corridor at about 2.00pm, with much swearing and shouting.  The two officers eventually called for backup because he was resisting arrest, and another four cars turned up - for one fourteen year old boy.  Of course, that set Cynthia off being upset because her son's fourteen, but aside from that it was quite exciting.

I left at 5.00 to go and pick up my prescription.  My surgery has recently opened a pharmacist in the same building to make getting your prescription easier... but I absolutely hate it.  The staff are slow, even though there's always a Head Pharmacist in there, there's about three of them, but only one of them ever wants to serve you.  Grudgingly.  And it's tiny, so it was full of people.

Nevertheless, prescription having been obtained (the NHS are now charging £6.50 per item...), I wasn't in such a bad mood... until I started waiting for the bus. It was only about 5.45 by this point.  Twenty minutes later, I was still waiting for sign of any bus, let alone one I could catch...  Then I got a call off mum saying that she and David were at the The Dog, and if I walked down I could get a lift home... unfortunately, she thought I was at the Bearwood bit of Hagley Road, not the Sandon Road bit of Hagley Road (it's about an extra quarter-mile to walk), so I was decidedly aggravated by the time I got there...

And now I'm just frelled off with the entire world, for no feasible reason.  I'm also very tired, which might have something to do with it, but being frelled off for no reason makes me frustrated, and I'm hungry, and I want everything to bugger off an leave me alone now, please.

None of this being helped, of course, by the fact that there is still no e-ticket in my inbox, nor my Junk folder.  I'll give it until tomorrow and then call again Thursday, which I'm sure will piss them off, but I can't help being paranoid when the damn thing's in two weeks and I don't even have tickets yet.

Which reminds me: two of my people may not be able to go, so there's two Most Haunted Live tickets up for grabs (well, I presume, if I ever get them) if anyone wants them.  If you live in London, that would also be a bonus... though quite frankly, by this point, I couldn't care less.
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New friends-list/Inline-type people.  Hello, people.

This means no more posting-avoidance...

Um.  Today was boring, really.  The only amusement came with an exceedingly random text-message tennis with [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure (ackshitI'llreplytotheswirclesoonhonest!) because it happened to be snowing.  Alas, her new and exceedingly stupid phone :P does not save the sent messages, so I only have my half of the conversation.  It ended up with me accusing her of stealing our snow because whenever she texted me back it would stop, and then somehow onto how many syllables we could cram into a single message (I think she won, with 'disestablishmentarianism' and 'antidisestablishmentarianism' in the same text) and... back to snow-stealing.  And randomness.  It was random.

Not that I should really expect anything else.  Shame about the sent-text-loss; it would've been amusing to post it...  (Edit after reading Eni's version of events: I had apparently forgotten about the asparagus and the psychically-controlled intergalactic spork... Yeah.  Random.)

Everything else was boring, really.

There was a public transport survey woman at the bus stop; apparently they're checking where people are coming from and going to in order to try and improve bus transfers.  Screw that; improve the damned buses first, it would be a start.  Y'know, have them actually running on time, or something.  That'd be a novel concept...  In any case, I couldn't finish her questions because my bus happened to turn up - on time, for the first time in about 6 weeks, so I couldn't even complain about it not running on time...  Fate has a sense of humour, apparently.

Nothing else to report...


Mar. 1st, 2005 06:22 pm
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Feeling a lot less aggravated today, though only after a while.  The car refused to function again this morning so I got the bus.  Stupid woman at the front of the queue didn't make herself obvious enough and the bus drove straight past (though in fairness to Stupid Woman, he was going at quite a lick anyway and clearly had no intention of stopping) and then the 11C stopped at a completely different stop to the one it stopped at yesterday. Look, 11C, just because you've been diverted down Hagley Road doesn't mean you can cause more annoyance by randomly changing your mind about where you stop.

Anyway, much calmer now.  Semi-considering going to the Inline MGM on Friday as I'm being coerced by random people, so will have to think about it...

Heads-up to Yoshi, etc., if they happen to wander over here. :)

Oh, yes, and the stupid on-bus CrystalEyes television/entertainment/information system decided to proclaim the Oscar winners in big, bright letters. Thanks a lot.  Though I suppose it does save me watching them and being disappointed, after four hours, to discover that Johnny Depp wasn't chosen a-frelling-gain for Best Actor.  Philistines.  I guess Finding Neverland was too long ago for the ancient Academy members to remember, and it lost out to the third bio-pic of the year - and De-Lovely wasn't nominated even once!!

Academy Ancients - you suck!

Nothing else to report.  Will try to make a start on chapter 8 of Come Forward tonight.  (Oh, and Sweet/Eve, if you're that desperate to read something of mine that's original, there's 7 chapters worth of a novel sitting right under your noses over at FictionPress under my Electra Creek pseudonym.  Not... terribly original, granted, but it's better than nothing, right?  So stop complaining and gimme some reviews! :P)
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Firstly, *puts on protective armour*



22's not so bad, honest...  Er, there was going to be a link here, but I didn't get home until 6.00 and my enthusiasm has somewhat waned, so I'll do it on Saturday.  Ditto on the still-pending love-post...

Yeah.  Some scaffolding collapsed in town and the police, in their infinite wisdom, re-routed all the traffic down the two busiest roads out of town.  As a result the buses were taking an hour to get around Colmore Row.  I didn't leave work until 5.00 and didn't get to town until 5.30, which was when I gave up and walked before I'd even got to Colmore Row.  Broad Street was equally horrendous, but once on Hagley Road it seemed to speed up a bit (if only because the driver was making up for lost time) and I got back at about 6.15 or thereabouts.  Ugh.

I have two choices to get home: into town and out again, braving Hagley Road traffic, or getting three buses - two of which are rarely on time - and braving City Road traffic.  If it wasn't so far I'd ride my bike...

But on the plus side, someone from IT Services got back to me, and spend about half an hour on the phone sorting out me, Amanda, and Sandra with drive access and email.  Patient computer services people are a godsend.  I think he was more amused than anything, at me going "Oh, hang on... what?  You want what?  Oh, right.  Yeah, okay, someone else wants access to that..."

Also, no more screencaps tonight, either, because... gragh. Tired.
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"It's typical, isn't it?  We've been in deep space for three million years at this bus stop for quite a few hours, and there hasn't been one.  Then, all of a sudden, five of them turn up at once..."

So, this morning was bloody ridiculous.

We were late leaving the house, see.  Only by about five minutes.  It doesn't make that much difference to my journey, just means I end up getting a later and slightly more crowded bus because all the annoying Aston boys and 'oh-so-trendy-because-we're-not-using-the-far-more-efficient-school-bus' Handsworth girls.  Anyway, as you might have noticed, it was raining this morning.  And for some reason, the fact that it was raining meant that every driver in the world simultaneously went:


Because, obviously, leaving earlier when its raining is really logical. *shrug* Don't ask me.  It was a complete mystery as to where all the random traffic in Bearwood - and all points between it and Ladywood - came from.  The first 11C that came to the bus stop - a nice, centrally heated and non-noisy shiny new 11C - said, quite politely, "Sorry - Not In Service".


Well, okay, fine.  I'll just wait for the next one.

This was at about 7.50.  I'm normally on the bus by then.

8.45.  Still standing at the bus stop, getting slowly drenched (the brim of my Eponine!hat was actually dripping) and incredibly annoyed, and two 258s, three 120s and two 128 buses have all gone past.  This is quite impressive in itself, given that all three of those services only run every 20 minutes as it is, and are rarely on time.

Finally, an 11C turned up.  Luckily, a nice new one.  I sat upstairs, listening to my MP3-er and slowly dripping all over the floor, and sat it out in the horrendous 9.00am traffic up City Road.  I figured even if I went through town I'd get stuck, and the traffic's always worse on Hagley Road and the journey takes twice as long.

9.15 (already an hour late for work) I'm waiting for my second bus outside Winson Green prison - my route is so salubrious, you notice - and luckily, a nice warm 101, which I ride for all of three minutes, turned up.  Before that, guess what?

Four 11C buses sailed past the end of the road, one right after the other, give or take the occasional car.  i finally got to work, drenched and disgruntled, at 9.30.  9-frelling-30!!  I'm normally in at 8.15!!  This couldn't happen on the week when I can afford to lose the hours, could it, noooo...

See, the thing about 11C buses... is they're crap.  And the thing about Travel West Midlands, the service of Travel West Midlands, your basic Travel West Midlands service... is it's crap.  So how are you supposed to get to work?!

Oy - and, indeed - vey.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - 11C buses are, in fact, exactly like black holes. :)

Anyway, having finally got to work, all went fairly well, aside from the social worker who was adamant she wanted copies of things that she can already access and print off from the U:/ drive.  Er, not gonna happen.  I have a pile of typing nearly a foot high.  You want photocopies, do them yourself.  You should have them anyway.  That's what those pretty blue things are that we send to you through the post.  Ye gods...

And I also met Breda for the first time.  She's the Reviewing Officer who's replaced Judy (the one who gave me the tapes for typing; I really miss them.  Sue Stokes' are practically incoherent... she has conversations with people in the bloody middle of them!)  So, Breda wandered into the office, and I did a comedy double-take.  I swear.  She looked exactly like Faith Brown.  Same hair, same height and general shape, same sort of style.  I was very, very disturbed, and spent the majority of the time she was talking to Cynthia staring at her.  I'd spoken to her on the phone before, but never seen her.  On closer observation, she actually looks nothing like Faith in the slightest, but on first glimpse... wow, that was disturbing.  She even has a very similar personality.

We should all be very, very glad at this moment that there are no male personages who could be Joes... because that would be even more disturbing, and my RP shipping begins and most definitely ends with Most Haunted, thank you very much.  However, that being said, there is a delightfully camp new social worker in CM6, who has taken it upon himself to ask me and Zoe for help whenever he gets confused.  Ah, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship... ;)

Over and out.
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You'd think, it being a Saturday yesterday, that British Rail would kindly refrain from doing engineering work between Derby and Birmingham.  That'd be clever, but probably crediting them with far too much logic.  So.  Train was diverted to Leicester (or, alternately, became a bus that stopped at Burton and Tamworth) and took an hour and a half, so I got to Birmingham at a fairly reasonable 4.20pm.  I left the flat at 2.00, incidentally.

But then, because bad things follow on from other bad things when you're in a hurry, I managed to do the unthinkable - I got - wait for it - onto the wrong bus.  In my defence, an 'E' looks remarkably like a '6' when it's in pixels and you can only see the left hand edge of it.  So I got halfway to Acock's Green on the 12E, panicked, got off, went into "bus stop on the other side of the road" radar mode, and got a 31 back into town.  I finally got home at 5.30, got changed and made up, and we ran out to get to the NEC.

Evanescence. Dude.  I mean, really.  DUDE.  Glitterati, the first support act, were okay: not spectacular, not appalling, just mediocre.  Seether, the second support/guest, were rather good (and gave Amy Lee a chance to warm up both herself and the crowd) and I may have to buy the album...

As for Evanescence?  So frelling cool.  It was basically the entire of Fallen plus one extra, with lots and lots of screaming for "Tourniquet", "Going Under", "Bring Me To Life" and "My Immortal" (especially so for that one because it was Amy on piano at the start).  There was also a particularly haunting vocal intro to one of the songs, but now I don't remember which it was...

Her skirt, incidentally, was to die for (and knee-high docs!), and I want her hair, like, now.

I was deaf in both ears, and I was going to be a Greebo and buy a hoodie, but they were £40.00.  Also a very odd range of people in attendance, in terms of age and fashion.  I think their evil plan is to take over the world...  And the evening was finished off by having a very nice curry, so yay for that.

Next time I'm getting in early enough to stand...
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Well, I went an entire week without the Internet. No big, you might think. But I did it willingly. I needed the time out.

Anyway, apologies for whatever I said last post; I don't remember, but I know I wasn't in the best of moods. I did an incredibly lengthy and rambling and thoroughly irritating post on the train (more on that in a moment) on the way home, but it's still in the notebook and will probably remain there. In any case, I've caught up on sleep, if not work - still have 10,000 words to write, alas - whilst at home, as well as finishing chapter two of Broken Record. Priorities, people. :)

Will doubtless see several of you tomorrow, some of whom I must talk to about Top Secret Things, but I don't think either of them read this any more...

Anyway, the train thing. You have to do it at least once in your lifetime, I think. I got on the wrong train. All right, stop laughing. In my defense, the train to Crewe shouldn't even have been at that bloody platform in the first place, and I couldn't hear the announcements over screaming children and station traffic. They didn't check the tickets until Uttoxeter (two stops later) and then I got off at a place called Blythe Bridge, waited twenty minutes for another train (the next wasn't until an hour after that; there was a pub nearby, but I had images of it being "A Local Pub for Local People" and was very glad the train to Derby turned up) then finally got home three hours later than anticipated. But it was interesting, to say the least...

Went on a three mile walk in the Lickeys on Tuesday, and will post interesting photos when I'm back on... Tuesday, oddly enough.

Don't think there's anything else of interest. I got bought clothes! It's been so long! And will wear the new jeans on Monday, doubtless to much pointing and laughing because I'm a Big Greebo in them. Have still not sent Eni the Sunset CDs, cannot be buggered to read the communities on my friends list, so I hope there's not too much from everyone else to plough through... I think that's it.

Signing off now. Only on to check email - incuding to see if there's anything from Plagiarising Bitch Girl, who maintains she'll just repost. Well, hon, I can play the game as long as you can; you repost, I'll re-report. Anyway, if there's anything from her, I'll delete it unread. I am washing my hands of the entire incident.

That's it...
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spoilers for season 7 lie within )

anyway, aside from that, there's news apparently that they're stopping the bloody derby - birmingham train service. how frelling pointless is that? that screws up anything going to nottingham and sheffield, because they go bloody through derby on the way to birmingham. geez...

that's about it...
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i can start doing real entries again.

okay, so i've spent basically the last week walking bloody everywhere, including about 4 hours of solid walking in manchester, walking to and from uni on monday and thursday, and walking into town, and down to laverstoke last night. so i'm slightly tired, and my legs and ankles hurt.

which is why i decided to get the bus in today. see, my theory in moving into these halls was that the bus came every 10 minutes instead of every 30 minutes. which appears to be true.

i had a 9 o' clock lecture, so, knowing the journey only takes about 10 minutes on a good day and 15 in bad traffic, i left at 8.30. i waited. the bus appeared, sailing past princess alice court, where there was an even longer queue of people, and then sailing right past us.

well, fair enough. there'd be another one soon enough.

another one came along. it let on many people at princess alice, became full, and drifted past us again. by this time i was not only slightly disgruntled, but it was also 8.50 and i was heading dangerously close to being late.

then, wonder of wonders, another bus appeared. and it wasn't full. and i finally got to uni at 9.10, only slightly late...

i shall concede defeat and walk in every morning, and if don't feel like walking, i'll leave at sodding 7.30...

*heavy sigh*
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right... i'm back.

why is it, i'm online practically all day every day and both the beeb message board AND the blvd board are completely dead, and i go home for the weekend, and when i get back, they've both exploded with messages??

*heavy sigh*

anyway. i would just like to say that virgin trains are the transport of the devil. unless you've pre-booked a seat, it's physically impossible to sit down, and for some reason, there are always about 500 people trying to get from birmingham to derby (or edinburgh, or somewhere on that route) at the exact same time as me on a sunday evening...

and people wonder why i'm antisocial... ugh...

yargh. revision bad... am reaching that stage where i just want to bash my head into the desk repeatedly...
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today had a definite feel of 'monday' about it...

i got up in ample time and got out. then realised i had no money and had to steal 90p from the kitty (which i WILL pay back later...)

the bus was meant to arrive at 10.30 so i could get in for 11.00 for the module info day.

the 10.30 bus simply failed to turn up. the 11.00 bus was late by 15 minutes and didn't arrive til 11.15, which meant i didn't get there til 11.45 and completely missed the info thing...

i made a doctor's appointment for thursday afternoon so i can get this bloody cough looked at again...

and town was just busy as frell, again, and all i wanted was a phone topup card and a french loaf (and i had to get a big french loaf as they'd run out of the little ones, AGAIN!)

and tomorrow i have to plead insanity to mary and get the module handbook out of her so i can peruse it at my leisure.

and i STILL have to do my 20th century fiction coursework, but i will start that in due course...

so it was, over all, a very crappy morning.


i checked the post.


and i haven't read it yet, and eve's getting impatient, so i'm about to do just that... and it's hand addressed, no less :D

will be back very shortly...


Feb. 24th, 2002 01:35 am
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have i mentioned lately how much i hate... well... everything?

okay, better narrow that down...

1) trains. i left at 3.00 to get to brum at some point before 6.00 so i could wander aimlessly and not, therefore, be late. i got to the station in time to get a train at 3.45 ish, but i'd just missed it. the next was at 4.11; it got stuck at nottingham because of signal problems. after that would have been 4.35. the engine broke down... at nottingham. i finally got on a train at some point, 4.50, i think, and got to brum for 5.30, which was actually better since i had less time to kill...

2) buses. now, see, derby (and uh, every other frelling city in england) has the right idea - the buses (shock! horror!) give change... and the drivers don't get mugged!! imagine that!! they have change under their window, and they're perfectly safe, and they don't have to be protected by glass! so, anyway, me, lloyd and sarra went to see "moulin rouge" (and hee!!! my book is now up here with me and there shall be parisian goodness on my journal very soon!). i had to pay for lloyd since he had no money since he spent it on food. but then again, he gets to pay for my rocky horror ticket (no, i hadn't forgotten that...). so, because of this, i had abour 40p in change, and my bus fare is 90p. i drew out a tenner. i briefly considered begging poverty at the bus drivers, but i know they only ever put the evil bastards on the night shifts and it would be utterly pointless. i thought there must be a newsagent around here somewhere that's still open. how wrong i was. my second thought was mcdonalds, having already missed my 11.30 bus by this point, i figured i could kill time in there. they weren't letting anyone in. which meant i had to get a taxi. and all because TWM doesn't give frelling change...

however, they did redeem themselves a tad when i left again this afternoon. he couldn't see me in the filthy bus shelter so when i saw him coming a foot away, his reaction time wasn't brilliant... but at least he stopped, albeit half a mile down the road...

3) taxis. apparently, the cost from the ramp by the pallisades to home is supposed to be £8.00. it cost me £9.20. not impressed, i have to admit. and eeeevil scary man in the taxi queue... (luckily, he was ahead of me...)

add to that, walking, when a strange man appeared from underneath the bridge and decided to follow me through the park. luckily, the walk isn't that long, it was still light, i was carrying a heavy bag i could have hit him with, and i managed to lose him at some traffic lights. i don't know if he was following me, but it was awfully convenient that he just happened to emerge from under the bridge as i stepped off it...

and there's too much on ITV. i wish permission to delete the bastard of a channel from the airwaves. either that or go on the roof and turn the damn aerial around... "pop idol" should be damn well finished! we don't NEED an extra hour of the frelling thing! argh!

rant over...


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