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I just went through all my entries (backwards) to January of this year and tagged them.  Only four more years' worth to get through.  *eyeroll*

Several people are graduating very shortly, and I remembered that I didn't actually get around to sharing the photos from mine back in January.  So, here's a selection.

x3 )

I'll get the camera out at some point and take a photo of the actual photograph, as it's all been framed and I don't have a functional scanner as yet.  So, yes.  That was my graduation.
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My dissertation is now completely HTMLed and uploaded for your reading pleasure:

Fanfiction - A Post-Modern Genre for a Post-Modern World

Well, Dave gave me a B, so it can't have been all bad. :)


Aug. 1st, 2004 10:30 pm
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I forgot to mention, in getting that 2.1, I also got a B for my dissertation.  Go me and my insanely long ramblings about fanfiction!!
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So, today was quite interesting, all told.

I wasn't due at the new job til 1.00 so I helped out (for free, I might add) at EIP doing some data inputting.  There were 700 of the damned things to go through (using an ancient system whereby the keys on the keyboard don't do what they're damn well supposed to, at least as far as we of the Windows generation are concerned...) and I got through about 75 in three hours, which really wasn't bad going.

12.40 I got driven to work - the Child Protection Unit for Ladywood - and was shown the ropes by the old temp.  Compared to last week it's all very straightforward (logging onto the computer aside...) and really is practically nothing but typing.  Audio typing's kinda fun, but I really do need to take some better headphones with me tomorrow...

I'm insanely tired, though; nearly fell asleep on the bus, in fact.  And got home to find that - finally - my results have arrived.

And what do I have to show for my three years of not very hard work?

"Second class honours, first division", apparently, which I'm taking to mean is a 2.1, which is precisely what I expected.  So, yay.  I have a degree.  I am officially a Bachelor of the Arts.  Is anyone else scared yet? ;)

Why the Hell am I still typing?  I get to spend 8 frelling hours typing.  Good job I enjoy it, huh? ;)
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Okay.  So, on the Shakespeare Today reactions page (basically coursework updates, etc.) Mary informed us that the end-of-year meetingness for the students and lecturers was taking place on the 1st June (that is, today) at 6pm in Revolution.

However, last Wednesday, we all decided that must be wrong, because there's an exam on the 2nd, and they wouldn't want us going into our exam hungover, would they?  Well, I went today anyway, just in case, having double-checked that Mary had, in fact, said it was on the 1st.  I turned up at 6.30 or thereabouts, and there was nobody there who was familiar.  I ordered a half of cider so as not to look like the sad woman in the corner.  (Well, that failed, but anyway, the thought was there...)

I did spy Mary just before I was about to leave, presumably meeting up for some other course, media studies, or something.  Hm.  Clearly, she just got confused.

Nevertheless, it's very annoying.  I got made up and everything.  And dressed accordingly for the rainy weather, so tomorrow it'll be hot and I'll have to decide all over again.

And now I shall go back to being the sad woman in the corner, and watch Eastenders...
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So, livejournal informs me it's [livejournal.com profile] krispen's birthday, so


to her. :)  Also a belated one to Katie, but I email/texted hers already...

Now for the dream.  You know when you just have lots of unrelated bits of dreams that somehow seem to make sense when they go together, but then don't in the slightest when you think about them later?  Yeah, it was one of those...  Also, I would like to stress that parts of this are in no way an indication of my conscious mental state. :)

This is a long one... )

Nothing much else to say...  Now I should probably make Vicky's CD...
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We survived. :)

Arrived at about 9.30 and promptly went to the Union Arms to get drinks, then wandered outside to investigate the fun fair.  There were no Waltzers :( but the Ferris Wheel and Dodgems were indeed free, as was the incredibly terrifying and bloody painful simulator...

Oh, yes, and when we arrived, we had our picture taken by a bloke from BBC Derby (for a best dressed couple competition.  It's amusing when people think me and Lloyd are a couple [more on that later...] :)  In any case, we could get a free meal out of it if we win.)  Then later on, we had our photo taken again by a woman from the Derby Telegraph, so I'll post links/scans if we appear on either...

*checks*  Ha! Why, here we are!  Vote for us.  You know you want to... :D  (Though they neglect to mention Lloyd's cat ears - well, my cat ears, that he chose to wear - which were undoubtedly the reason we got picked on...)

Incidentally, my stealing back the cat ears then resulted in us getting in an argument about it in the HEAP (where the live comedy was) and causing the girl a few rows back who started it, by addressing me as "girl with the cat ears", to apologise.  Amusement.  Comedy itself was also very funny.  Some bloke who randomly walked in and made an arse of himself had his phone stolen by the first comedian, got ejected by security, and lost his phone.  Still don't know if he actually got it back...

I ran into Clare (not Coleman; other Clare) randomly at about 3am, when we meandered inside to find somewhere to sit.  Her boyfriend kept falling asleep so she was chatting to us; we should both be visible on the Survivors Photo if it's ever put anywhere (I think it's in the Telegraph so will buy one later tonight...)  It also turned out she went to Lloyd's school, which was incredibly random...

Took some photos from the top of the ferris wheel, but they probably won't come out.  I have six left to take, so I'll probably take it with me when me and Vicky go to Alton Towers just to use it up...  Was going to post the picture she took of us before we left, but the one up there ^ is better... :)

Today I was very bad, and bought this )

Anyway, photos coming later...  I'm bloody exhausted.  We got in at about 6.30 and I got about 5 hours sleep max...

Frell it.

May. 13th, 2004 05:44 pm
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981 words out of 1000.  Screw it.  I'm done.  *prints*

And on that anti-climactic note, I say, hurrah, my coursework's all finished. :)


May. 12th, 2004 02:16 pm
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I hate this room.  I hate my bed.  I hate living next to the boiler...

So, we went out for a very pleasant drink last night at The Standing Order, where I had the chicken pasta alfredo, which was very nice.  We left at about half past ten and got back for 10.50 or thereabouts, sat in Vicky's room for a while and chatted, then disbanded.  I checked email, had a brief comment tennis on Eni's DJ (who is quite possibly the only girl I know other than Katie who'd spend an entire night in a computer lab...) and went to bed at about 1.30, feeling incredibly tired.  Then remembered I had to copy out the class notes from Writing for TV to include as a 'notebook' (stupid, stupid criteria.  Stupid, I tell you.) after we'd had lots of debating over it in the last session over what 'notebook' constituted, so, anyway, at 2am I was ready to fall asleep.

So, naturally, I lay there for another 3 hours trying to sleep because it was so damned hot.  Incidentally, I tried moving the bed around 90 degrees.  I can still open the drawers, and it means it's under the window so there'd be more breeze, and I have a ridiculous amount of floor space, but it means that a) there's not really enough room for the chair to be in the right place for the keyboard and b) my head is still by the boiler...  So I moved it back again.

I reiterate, I hate living next to the boiler...

So I spent the night periodically waking up, and I'd planned on getting up at 10.00 so I could get my essay printed off and up to uni by 11.00ish.  I woke up at 11.30 by the phone ringing, found my phone (read: alarm clock) on the bed, and had no recollection of it even going off, even though it must have done because it was turned on...  I don't like it when I can't remember stuff like that; it freaks me out...

Hence, very tired now.  Was going to do more Shakespeare but will wait til after America Noir tonight (Buffy, yay!) when my brain's functioning a bit better.  Have some random lists:

Things That Were V. Annoying About Today
1) The bus, which is meant to come every 10 minutes, not turning up for half an hour.
2) A sign outside Student Services that warned of delays this week due to assignment deadlines (like, all of them) and, despite this, there only being three members of staff on out of a possible six...
3) The semi-functional lift in E-block.  In general.
4) Automatic doors that don't work unless you're in a wheelchair and hence low down enough for the sensor to activate...
5) Automatic doors in general.
6) Jackson's not having individual curry sauce packets, only large jars or tins, which means I'm going to have to do something experimental with my remaining chicken tonight...
7) Idiocy of the general public.  Example: whilst checking post, I discover a card addressed simply to 'Amy Oliver'.  Fair enough.  The problem?  It's been put into the 'A' pigeon-hole.  Which means Amy probably won't get it because her surname begins with 'O', and that's where she's going to check.  Some people shouldn't be allowed to think...

To counter that,

Things That Were Rather Good About Today
1) The semi-functional lift in E-block actually being functional...
2) Running into people I know with rather terrifying frequency, mostly in said lift, namely, [livejournal.com profile] scifinutter on the way up to the seventh floor, where I was going to see if Mary was in; Rob from Creative Writing, coming out of the lift as I was heading back down, having failed to find Mary; Mary herself, getting into the life as I was getting out, which turned out to be perfect timing as she wasn't even staying in the office...
3) Getting the results for the last batch of Shakespeare Today assignments:

~ For the Hamlet analysis, 7.5 (B+)
~ For one I barely remember even writing, 8 (A-)
~ For the 'putting-people-onto-a-photo-of-the-Atrium-and-pretending-its-The-Tempest' one, another 8.

Y'know, I think I might just scrape an A- on this thing...


So the good doesn't really outweigh the bad, but the bad is a result of my being tired and cranky...
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250 words to go.  I can do this.

Of course, I do have 2000 to do tomorrow for Friday, but... I'm going out tonight anyway.  Tomorrow afternoon, I have my last ever lecture.  Scary, huh?  Plus, we get to watch Buffy... :D  Finally, I'm going to know more than everyone else.  Possibly...

Hm.  Someone's cooking cheese.  Now I want cheese on toast.  Should keep me going til we go out, anyway.


May. 10th, 2004 10:48 pm
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I've definitely been at uni too long.  Managed to do 1500 words in about two hours, give or take the break for eating and procrastinating.  Wow, bring back the days of 1500-word essays being the norm.  And luckily, my America Noir's only 1500 words, too, which means I'll have to plan it very carefully so as not to ramble and go way over the limit.

I can do this.  I can do this.  I can.  I can.
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Ye gods...

Okay, giving up now.  Nearly finished.  Will finish it tomorrow.  Yes.

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DVDs I now own:

~ The Dark Crystal, Collector's Edition, which I watched last night.  There was only one bit of that I remembered from my first viewing, aged about four, which was when the Emperor of the Skesis (which are so the aliens from Farscape's OOTM) died and his face caved in, so I was very glad to discover it wasn't as horrendous as my imagination remembered it to be...  I mean, it's still vaguely disturbing, but.. not as bad as I was expecting.  Interesting film, incidentally...  Looks like half of the creatures got turned into goblins later on...
~ Labyrinth, at last. :)
~ Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
~ Boys Don't Cry, just to add some angst...

And also tape two of Angel, which I'll watch at some point and do my full reviews/comments on the episodes when I have time and episode titles.  I watched Tuesday's in the process (well, the repeat), and the best line, I think, has to be:

Cut for Spoilerness ) And it wasn't funny for about two seconds, then suddenly it was hysterical...  I missed most of the scene because of that...

Going to get my hair cut tomorrow, assuming I can get up early enough.  Determined to finish this screenplay tonight, so then tomorrow I can do the evaluation and start my America Noir (which'll have to be on the feminism question because I have all the stuff I need for that and no time to do any of the others), which I shall finish on Tuesday, leaving Wednesday and Thursday to finish Shakespeare.  Gah.  I want my week back...

Back to the screenplay.


May. 5th, 2004 07:28 pm
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Do some work, woman.

Re-writing of screenplay that's due in on Monday sounds like a plan from where I'm sitting.  Whoever saw fit to steal my week, kindly give it back now.

Edit: Monday?? I meant Wednesday...
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Well, the dissertation is handed in and thereby out of my hands.  I went to see if I could get my Shakespeare marks, but I don't think Mary was in and I didn't want to knock on the door and find she wasn't.

It's a beautiful day.  It's hot, but breezy, and I have bare arms.  Soon, it shall be thunderstorm weather, and I shall be joyous.

Will update after I've been to town...

It's done!

Apr. 25th, 2004 03:46 pm
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It's bound!  It has floppies attached to it!  It has been proof-read!

Yt ys done!

(And it's probably got lots of mistakes, but I'm not going to read through it again...)
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*stares in awe at the Word document in front of her*

I finished my dissertation.


I don't think this is sinking in.

I finished my dissertation.  I finished my dissertation.  I finished my dissertation.  I finished my dissertation.

Did you get that?


Well, I mean, it still needs proof-reading (which I'm going to have to do without printing it off, because, good God, that's a lot of pages, so I'm asking for trouble there...) and printing and binding and probably a complete overhaul, but dude, it's in on Monday, and right now, I'm ready to let my brain dissolve and trickle slowly out of my ears.  Plan for tomorrow is all of the above; [livejournal.com profile] scifinutter's driving me to Staples to get it bound.

The stats, in keeping with tradition, and because I know how much you all care. :P

Words: 11289 (oops...)
Pages: 60, which is exactly what I allowed for. ;)  40 of those are the actual dissertation, the other 20 are appendices...
Footnotes: 47.  [livejournal.com profile] frightened is still the Grand Mistress of footnoting.  Those footnotes comprise 691 words, but a few of them are random bits of Buffy canon that I didn't want to use my actual word count explaining...
Appendices: 7; two glossaries (fanfiction and post-modernism), the questionnaire, and three fanfictions, one of which is on a floppy disc.

And then, at some point, I have to put the whole thing - appendices and footnotes and all - into HTML format so I can show everyone who wanted to see it.  Though may have to set up a password protect thing on it and make a contract so I don't get plagiarised.  Then you can all read it in all its utter awfulness.

Ye gods, but that was horrendous.  In a sort of vaguely interesting and marginally fun way... But still.  Horrendous.

*dies now*
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Well, I finally finished reading Mosaic, though I admit to cheating and ignoring much of the annoying Kazon stuff.  The Kazons have always bored me, for some reason.  Anyway.  1000 words to go.  I should be done by midnight...

Edit, 22.11: With all this writing about fanfic, I wanna write some, gosh darnit. *twitches* Especially since my Broken Record songlist is on my notice board right in front of me, staring me in the face and mocking me with its wanting-to-be-incorporated-ness. Of course, the bit of fanfic I want to write can't be written for another 17 chapters, but, y'know...

*stops diverting attention. gets back to work*

At random.

Apr. 24th, 2004 06:42 pm
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Word count after WiW = 9953.

Wonder if I'll get away with doing 47 words on the Trek-ness. ;)

God.  I think I'll definitely have to take some words out...
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Y'know that feeling when you're climbing a hill, and after, say, an hour or so, you think that the top must surely be coming soon, but when you look up, there's another mile and a half to go and it's only getting steeper?  I'm having that feeling.

I've nearly done the Willow in Wonderland analysis, and much as I would like to finish the entire thing today, I don't think it's going to happen.  I can't get it bound* today (the printshop on Bridge Street was closed when I wandered past at half-three, for some unfathomable reason), and I suspect the Irongate stationers will be shut tomorrow.  So, I shall have to do it on Monday anyway.  Which is fine by me, because it gives me an extra day to read Mosaic...

I'll finish the WiW part, at least.  If I don't finish that, I'll lose the flow completely...

(Update, while I'm here:  WiW section has 1720 words, and my total is 9481.  Oh, yeah.)

I think I'm going to run out of hill. That should be interesting.

*Not 'binded', as the girl I overheard on the bus yesterday seemed to think...


Apr. 24th, 2004 02:16 pm
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Change of plan...  Was going to do 1000 words on the longer Buffy-fic, but I've got 600 already and I'm only halfway through commenting on the first chapter (of 8), so, I think, I'll do 2000 on the fic, and 1000 on the Trek novels... my argument there is that, despite saying that the novelisations are basically just published fanfictions, they are, nonetheless, published, and also, one of them is by one of the creators, so it doesn't technically count as a fanfiction.  (And, of course, I still haven't finished Mosaic...)

There's not that much i can really say about them, though.  There are similarities and there are differences, I can just about relate them to the show, but only when I've figured out whem each was written and how that places them, season-wise, and there's comment I can make about Diane Carey in general, but... hm, I'm sure I'll think of a way to link them to post-modernism somehow...

Gah, gah, gah.  I will finish this tonight. I will.


Apr. 24th, 2004 12:40 am
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I think a section of my brain may actually have died.

Tonight was insane.  Though, oddly, not as insane as some nights, just... because I was tired to start with, it seemed more insane.  I did get bought a drink (yay, J2O!), and then another, but since I had one I had a quid off the bloke instead.  Gotta love regulars.  Got tormented by John and the other Guiness bloke again, but that's just part of the deal now..  But anyway, there were just random instances where my mind shut off entirely.

Example one: two blokes come in.  I've never seen them before, but that's nothing new.  One orders a bottle of Becks, the other orders "brown ale".  It took me three attempts to figure out he meant Newcastle Brown.  Which is even worse because a) there's nothing else with 'brown' in its name, so I could've guessed and b) the bloke was actually from Newcastle, so a little common sense would have implied that's what he meant.

Example two: more new people, a couple.  Boy orders... oh, I can't even remember.  Probably Carling.  Girl orders vodka and coke. I go through the usual - "ice and lemon?  House or Smirnoff?"  She says yes to ice and lemon, and requests the house stuff.  Since I've run out of lemon in the lounge, I put the ice in, get lemon from the bar (which takes about ten seconds) and by the time I get back, I'm adamant she ordered Malibu.  Luckily, I always double-check.

Also?  It took me 15 minutes to type this because my fingers won't function.

I was going to do more dissertation tonight, but I think the words 'frell that' spring instantly to mind.  I'll try to get up early and finish it before the shops close...

(Incidentally, I'm eating the remainder of the microwavable fried rice I got to have with my curry yesterday, because I have no butter to put on bread.  It reminds me of when I was little and we'd get a curry, and the bloke at our local Chinese restaurant would put in a special portion of egg fried rice for me...)

Ugh.  Sleeeeeeep...


Apr. 23rd, 2004 05:48 pm
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Ah. Much better.  It's amazing how much difference being able to see the floor makes.  Also managed to clearn the sink and get rid of the terrifying green patch around the hot tap, hoovered, dusted, emptied the keyboard of crumbs, cleaned the gunk off my monitor (that's made quite a difference, too...) and generally tidied.  The sun is shining, and my room smells of Christmas because of the new air freshener (it's one of those glass Airwick ones, Berries and Spice scent.  Lovely.) but that'll probably last all of a week...

The fact remains, however, that I still have rather a lot of work to do, so back I go.  Currently proof-reading.


Apr. 23rd, 2004 03:56 pm
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It's all very well choosing fanfictions from Buffy because you know enough about it as a basis for comparison, but wow, it's amusing trying to write an academic essay about it.  It's not every day you get the phrase, "because she had to send her lover to Hell" in an essay...

(Don't ask.)

Incidentally, word count = 7178, 1486 of which are for the Buffy-fic analysis, leaving 2822 words to go.  Bugger.  Methinks I shall have to go over the word limit.

Oh, heck, it's not like they're going to sit there and count them.

*checks footnotes and appendices out of curiosity*  I have 408 words in footnotes (29 of them, so far) and 7159 in appendices (!)  Though, to be fair, about 3500 of that is the fanfictions themselves.

Edit (at 16.40): Word count is now 7745, and the short fic analysis is as done as it's going to be. There's much more I can say, but not enough words if I want to say enough about the longer one and the novels (which I still haven't finished reading; I'll take it to work tonight and read it on the bus, just so I can read enough for comparison...) I would do the WiW bit now, but my room is a complete mess, as is the desk, and I simply can't cope any more. Must... tidy...
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Managed to do 753 words, but my brain just isn't in it.  Word count now stands at 6445.  I have a plan!  Go me!  Observe:

I have 5000 words (ish) to fill. More like 4500, but anyway.  That means:

2000 on Carousel and Being Human analysis.
1000 on Willow In Wonderland (which, incidentally, is rather good...)
2000 on Fire Ship and Mosaic, the latter of which I have yet to finish reading.

Hurrah!  A plan.

Don't know what to do about the conclusion.

Also, I put my SPACKLIES stuff into an appendix yesterday, but seem to have lost 'eclecticism' and got three of the others twice, somehow, so I'll have to do that again when I get in tonight.  I will finish this bastard of a dissertation tomorrow, god dammit.

Ooh.  Reminds me.  *does test print to see if margins are still screwing up*  Hurrah.  They are not.
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I didn't get 3000 words done as I intended.  Well, I did, but about 2000 of them were just re-writing all the stuff I put in livejournal earlier.  Current word count is 5837, leaving 4163 to do on the texts.  Guh.  Wonder if I'll get away with it.  It was meant to be 40% on fanfiction itself and 60% analysis, and I've got more 40% fanfiction, 20% post-modernism and 40% analysis... but I guess the post-modernism/fanfiction links are sort of analysis.  Right?  Right?

Not looking forward to blagging said analysis, incidentally.  Though I know a few things I can say, and the fics have plenty of notes on 'em; it's just the Voyager novels I don't know what to say on...

Anyway.  Hair )

Gah. Tired.  I will go to bed before 3am and get up before noon. I will.
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How surreal.  I just went to the bathroom, which is on the courtyard side of the building, and the outside smelt of fresh Spring rain.  So I opened my window (which is roadside) and it smells like fresh wet concrete.  Not that this is interesting in the slightest, I realise, but it was weird...

Word count for "Is It Post-Modern?" currently stands at just under 1000 words.  2000 more to go today and then I can relax a bit before finishing up tomorrow.  I have to do things tomorrow, so I don't want to be struggling to write more than I have to.

~ Get up on time to go into Uni and go to the Student Office to get a cover sheet; also check my drawer in case there's one in there, but I doubt it, and find out the Creative Writing deadline.
~ Go shopping for frozen food, coke, and bread.  And butter and eggs...
~ Get birthday cards for Clare (Coleman) and my grandmother, and send them both.
~ Re-copy second SB CD for Eni because it doesn't work.
~ Do more work.

Which leaves Friday to finish up, and Saturday to get it bound...
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Chapter breakdown:

Introduction -  290
What is Fanfiction? - 1130
Why Does Fanfiction Happen? - 1239
Legal Implications - 778
Fanfiction in the Public Eye - 675
What Are the Problems? - 425

Total for first section - 4537

(Gah, you can tell I'm running out of steam by the end, there...)

So, here's a plan: the post-modernism links are now going to form the start of my analysis bit, so I have less to write about the texts.  I'll do that after I've eaten, because it's easy, and then I'll finish reading 'Mosaic' and do a review of Hair, possibly not in that order...  I have about 3000 words on post-modernism already, but I can make it shorter, so... 2000 words on post-modernism, which leaves 4000 to do on the five texts.  That's 800 words per text.  Ish.



Apr. 20th, 2004 06:43 pm
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Word count: 4246.  And I still have a chapter and a half to go for the bloody first section.  I knew I could've done an entire dissertation on the history/origins/problems/good things about fanfiction alone...  Ah, well.  The analysis/post-modernism bit is interesting, too.

Sorry, he'll just have to cope with it being over the damned word count.  Eni, I'll do you a review of the Hair soundtrack when I've finished my first section.  I reckon I can get it done today, giving me til Friday to do the other 6000 words (which includes the junk on post-modernism that I have already...) giving me Saturday to get it bound, and Sunday to relax.  Then I have to do my blimmin' America Noir coursework.  And watch Blue Velvet at some point...


Apr. 19th, 2004 05:09 pm
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Word count: 3818.  About to do some more after I've had a shower.  Checked the IS handbook, which says we have to hand in two copies, and that the CAMS handbook tells us about binding, which it does, so hurrah.  All I have to go in for now is to check the handin date for Creative Writing and get a coversheet.

Went to post office.  Eni's Sunset Boulevard CDs are in the post being sent first class, as is the other Top Secret Thing Sent To Someone's Parent.

Also went to check my post.  Eni's Hair CD has arrived, and I shall listen after aforesaid shower and dissertation-writing.  Told office lady about the annoying music-playing bloke beneath me (I know who it is, too.  His surname starts with the same letter as mine, so obviously, his post was in the same pigeon-hole.)  She said she'll tell the night supervisor to talk to him about it tonight, and if it doesn't stop, to phone up said night supervisor when it happens again.  Odds he won't play any music tonight?

Also, random amusement: Becky broke the microwave last night. Or, more specifically, she blew it up.  Well, it blew itself up, but she'd just used it, so I'm blaming her.  They've fixed it now, so none of us'll starve...

I'm sure there was something else...
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Current word count: 3177.  Which leaves 823 words for the remainder of the 'public eye' section.  Definitely giong to have to shove the 'Is is post-modern' bit into the second bit.  Bah.  Anyway, at least I've managed to reference something academic other than the dictionary now... :)

Incidentally, the ideas for Sunset at Tiffany's just keep on rolling.  Every time Jenny emails me I end up grinning like a moron...
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Current word count: 2490.  I could do 10 more to get it to 2500, but, well, I can't be arsed.  My "Legal Implications" section is done, albeit much shortened, and I've got the intro for the "Fanfiction in the Public Eye" chapter, which is basically dealing with what people think of it (writers, readers, those that hate it - and, of course, all my questionnaires were done by people who like fanfic, so I'll have to remember some of the things said by Cardelia on the Beeb board about it about a year ago...) and examples of 'official' fanfiction in the form of novelisations and 'sequels' to novels...  Should be good.  I need more bloody words, dammit.  Unless... oh, I guess I could shove the "Is It Post-Modern?" stuff into the analysis as a basis if I do run out of words in the history section... especially seeing as I have about 2000 words on that already and that only leaves 4000 for the analysis. ;)  Cunning.

Gnn.  On Monday I'll wander into Uni and investigate handing in and things... and see if I can find that .pdf file on UDo that told me all about handing it in...


Apr. 15th, 2004 06:06 pm
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Word count now stands at 2106 of 4000 for the first section.  The bad thing is, I'm nowhere near halfway, so may have to cut it up... or just, y'know, go over the word limit.  So long as i've got a 40/60 split between the background/analysis, I'll be fine... he'll just have to cope with it.  Anyway, my 'why it happens' section is done-ish.  Needs tweaking because it's a pile of annoying ramble, but it's done...  I'm beginning to wish I hadn't agreed to work tonight, because, y'know, that's four hours I lose that I could be doing work in.  Or, possibly, I should've woken up before 1pm...
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1261 words total at the moment; intro is 301 (grr, stupid 1...) and the first chapter is 960, but there's still a bit to do.  Most of that is, admittedly, some ramble about dates when things happened, but, hey, it's all words, right?

Maybe if I try to average a chapter and a half per day...

Edit at 16.50:Chapter 1 done and standing quite happily at 1052 words, bringing my total to 1353 of 4000. I've now hit a dead end because I need to go to the library at Cedars tomorrow (assuming it's even open) and peruse a psychology textbook to see if there's anything on catharsis... Look, I need to reference something academic, okay? ;)

Still, I feel like I've done some work, and I had a feeling that once I got it started, it honestly wouldn't take that long. In any case, my brain's dissolving from overuse, so I'll read s'more of Mosaic (I finally finished Fire Ship; I managed to read half of it in 2 nights at home; it took me about a week to read three chapters when I was here...) and probably eat something, then see if I'm inspired later to do a bit about plagiarism... Or maybe the analysis section; I don't want to leave that til last and sit staring at it for five hours hoping it'll write itself, 'specially since I have to do 6000 words for that. Mind you, that's 6000 words to stretch over 5 texts...
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Introduction is done, standing at 290 words.  I bloody hate doing introductions.  Conclusions are even worse...

I reckon if I try and average just over 1000 words per day - which'll depend entirely on the functionality of my brain, the cooperation of my fingers when typing, and what I'm writing about - I should be done by the Friday before it's due in, giving me the weekend to get the thing printed and bound.  Tomorrow I'll go in to see if a) Dave is in and b) he'll see me very quickly so I can ask about the official deadline date and actual laying out and stuff.  And if he's not, I'll ask at Student Services.  Also, c) to find out the hand-in date for my Creative Writing TV script so I know how quickly I'll have to write the damn thing.

I'm beginning to suspect they possibly have not told us everything they should have told us in regards to Independent Studies...  And also that I should have started this a month ago, but, well, some things never change, and my procrastination is one of those things.

Talking of which... back to the dissertation.
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Gah, I hate the lunchtime shift.  Bloody Steve playing his bloody golf... *mutters*  It's not that it's boring... No, wait, utter lie, it is because it's boring.  It's only two hours, but I think I probably served about 15 drinks total, plus taking food orders, which, incidentally, is really frelling difficult when you have to use the till for drinks and the Pile of Change for food, and people will insist on ordering everything all at once.  For the amount of people we serve, we could easily just use one till for each thing and save a lot of hassle.

And, obviously, I had to get up early.  Well, 10.30, which is early when you've only had four hours sleep.  About that: I was actually quite tired at 2.00 when I went to bed, but then my brain wouldn't shut up until 6.00.  At about 3.00 I was struck with a random idea for an Edward Scissorhands fic, of all things (well, an inner Kim-monologue/perspective thingy...) and told myself not to write it because I'd never get any sleep.  I wish now I'd just written the damn thing; I wouldn't have lost any more sleep because of it.

Also keep coming up with random lines for the penultimate and final chapters of my latest Buffyfic (chapters 19 and 20, incidentally; I'm only on chapter 2...) but am, as yet, failing to come up with a plausible way to get rid of Kennedy.  She's not just annoying, she's impossible to write, so as of chapter 4, she's gone.  And then at some point I can write in Eni as Random Willow-Stalking Lady; they're going to meet randomly outside a theatre.  That's really only vaguely amusing if you're Eni... and even then, probably not so much.

I need to pack.  Going home tomorrow until Tuesday 13th.  Will attempt to do some dissertation whilst at home (and also some in the... okay, possibly not in the 2 hours before work...) even if said work is just going to Central Library to find random stuff on psychology...  I should probably make a list...

Anyway, I'll be in Brum during that time if you want to meet up...


Mar. 28th, 2004 07:56 pm
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Well, I was going to sing in the Taizé thing again.  I offered my services when Ginny emailed, she sent me the music, I made some effort to sightread it this afternoon... but now I'm just confused.

See, the Taizé service was due to start at 8.00.  She asked us to arrive at 7.00 for a practice.  Now, as you know, the clocks went forward last night.  And I know it's not just me and Vicky being delusional, because Teletext and my computer both told me so.  The cathedral clock, when I arrived at five to seven, was still informing the city it was five to six.  Derby is an hour behind the rest of the world.  And when I arrived, there was a service going on, either the 6pm service that was meant to happen, starting early, or the end of it, overrunning.  I came back five minutes later and it was still going on, hovered outside for about 10 minutes, then gave up and came home again.

I'm thoroughly confused and didn't want to wander into the middle of a church service with no apparent aim, so now I just can't be bothered.  And anyway, I have 400 words of Shakespeare left to write, and that sodding Carey novel still to finish...
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So, I managed to do everything I planned on doing, and did some work at the library to boot.  Well, I did the beginning of the glossary for my dissertation, but most of that'll be easier to do typing than writing out first...  I got off a stop too early for Blockbusters and had to walk rather far (but it's been ages since I even went on that bus, and most of the stops seem to have vanished anyway, as well as the majority of the pedestrian crossings.) and realised that Friargate is possibly the prettiest bit of Derby, building-wise.  It's all Victorian.

Talking of which, I need someone to come here and join me while I wander around taking pictures.  I've formed a semi-itinerary, and you get a free guided tour of Derby's best random buildings...

I bought some blank cassettes for the flat, but went temporarily numerically dyslexic and bought 60 minute ones instead of 90 minutes, so grrr to that.  Still, 60 minutes is better than nothing.

New shoes! )

Bought purely out of necessity because my others are falling apart.  £15 in the sale at Dolcis, down from £25.  Hurrah for sales.

Right, now I must type up my not-yet-a-glossary, finish it at some point, think about what to write for Shakespeare, and possibly eat something...
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I've now read the first nine chapters of Fire Ship, the Diane Carey novel, and also skimmed ahead to the ending (force of habit, I think), which just made me go "ooookay..." and I can think of several things I'd like to say about this particular novelisation when I come to write about it.  Unfortunately, I'm having to merely compare it to the Jeri Taylor one, so... in any case, I know that one's going to be better.  She did, after all, create the characters in the first place.

I'm so bad at academia, it's scary. :)  But since I've only got an hour before I have to go to work (grr.  I swear, if I didn't need the money...) I suppose I can at least try and start the sillyfic idea I had at 3am...
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So, I didn't get to bed til 5am again.  And I didn't get to sleep til at least after 5.30, because I heard the heating come on.  So I didn't go in to Scriptwriting because, well, I woke up at 11.00 and then fell asleep again, and woke up 20 minutes after it had started...  So I'll make a concerted effort after Easter to go to the, um...  one remaning session, and both tutorials.  Just because he'll probably demand I do anyway.

Stupid fantastically-written fanfic.  Bah.  Anyway, I was pondering whilst trying to sleep, and I realised:

I have a month and a day in which to write my dissertation.  Which sounds very scary, yes?  But then I broke it down:

That's approximately 30 days.
I need to write 10,000 (max) words in that time.
That's 3,333 words every ten days, more or less.
Which is 3,33.3 words every day.  I think even I can manage that.  And if I can condense the whole thing into the 8,000 word actual limit (Dave was being lenient with me...) that's even less words per day.

Of course, on top of that I've got to actually read the two Voyager novels (which I will do, very shortly. Yes, I will.) and find more bits about Post-Modernism and photocopy the bits about writing out of the book I found and do a little more research into the legal/psychological issues around it.

And, y'know, do my other coursework.

But hey, no problem...


Edit, ten minutes later: And how's this for weird. I'm pretty sure that this morning, I had a dream that Keith (the mod on the Tortured Space board) had replied to my PM to him about filling in my questionnaire from an anti-fic stance. If I go there now and discover he actually has, I think I'll be very scared...
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I know, I'm slow. You don't even have to click this, it's pointless. )

God, will someone bloody tie me down and make me do some work?  I'd suggest someone steal the power cord for my computer, but then a) I'd have to go on a random killing spree to purge the insanity, and b) I do actually need the computer.  Oh, I know.  Steal my network cable.  Yes.  That'd do it.  Managed another three pages of the Voyager novel.  I'm hoping the Jeri Taylor one'll be easier going; in this one, Diane Carey's just trying too hard, and it's... well, not painful, so much as unnecessary.  I'm sure it'll all become clear later on, mind you.

I'm just contenting myself with the fact that in just over a month everything'll be over, and the fact that my dissertation is half-writen in my head already and really, it shouldn't be that difficult to complete once I get off my arse and start it properly...
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why, yes, i do believe it is.

oh, internet, how i adore you.

articles on fanfiction.  lots of them.  mostly on theories behind mary sue (which, incidentally, i could write a whole nother dissertation on if i was so inclined) and some very very useful things about television fanfiction.

this makes the fact that i'm skiving america noir today (didn't get to bed til 5am, didn't wake up til 2pm, thus, do not have enough hours in the day to attend my lecture and get some work done) a lot less guilt-making.  i knew that somewhere there had to be something on the 'history' of fanfiction; i've read so much random stuff about it over the years it would have taken hours to find the different sources, but this'll do nicely.

looks to be an interesting site in general, actually.  hm. happy reading. :D
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okay.  the kenneth branagh hamlet, aside from being four hours long, is also fantastic.  there is way, way too much to analyse in only 500 words, and that's on only one viewing.  god knows what else i'd come up with after a few more watchings.  i think i may have to buy a copy of it at some point, since blockbuster's want the video back on friday...

edit: 911 words. dammit. stupid branagh and his stupid cleverness.

edit: down to 750ish. i'm not taking any more out, and really, it doesn't look like it's over 500...


Mar. 10th, 2004 08:19 pm
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i'm pretty sure the lecture today on edward hopper's artwork would have been far more enjoyable had i not been so tired.  (five hours sleep + three hour evening lecture = bad)  when i'm tired, the annoyance of the general populace increases, oh, tenfold.  so that meant i wanted to scream at the stupid chatting people to shut the hell up, and smack the people using their mobile phones as a light source (he put us into darkness to view the slides properly; i imagine it's rather pointless taking notes on artwork unless you can then find every one of those pieces of artwork to refer back to...)

will eat and go to bed and possibly watch a video, then sleeeep...


Mar. 9th, 2004 04:35 pm
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must, in future, get up when the alarm goes off instead of rolling over and going back to sleep.  it's really just as well there's no taught tutorials for shakespeare today, otherwise i would have slept through it this afternoon.  i was awoken properly by my mother ringing to finalise ticket details for the woman in white... (we're going on september 18th and making a weekend of it. :D)

anyway. in a moment i shall stop procrastinating and read hamlet. yes, i will.  i will not put it off til tomorrow.

but first... )
blah.  brain is dead.


Mar. 8th, 2004 03:25 pm
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i'm having one of those days where everything i touch falls apart, and everyone on the street is determined to be annoying, whether they know it or not.

however, i have spoken to dave about dissertation stuffs and all seems fine, and in the process, got my first shakespeare today assignment back - 7.5, which is a B or thereabouts.

went shopping; had to buy a new potato peeler (the other one is bent beyond redemption from trying to use it as a form of leverage to separate some frozen pork steaks...) and a new frying pan, since my non-stick one is now always-stick. only problem there is the damn thing doesn't fit in the cupboard.  we have ridiculously small storage space...  also had to buy a new ruler because mine broke yesterday.  they don't seem to sell the folding-in-half ones any more, but i got one that rotates in half instead. it has a protractor in it. i'm easily amused. ;)

and my mum just phoned - she's booking us tickets for the woman in white (aforementioned michael crawford thingummy in london) for the secondish week of it.  yayyyy!  i did text angela to tell her, but it's too late now... anyway, she's a lawyer, she can afford her own tickets ;)  so, hurrah!  i will resist the urge to tidy up my only known one-off POTO fic and send it to the palace theatre.  will.... resist....

that's it.  i've done far too much today to read any more of hamlet right now. i'll think about that tomorrow (i'm scarlett o'hara) so i think maybe i'll redo the livejournal... or start on my mood theme. or something.
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fanfiction type quiz )

i think i might be able to use that in my dissertation, even.  how cool.  not the result, obviously, but the quiz itself.  most of those answers are the reasons i'm listing as why fanfiction happens...

on the real life side of things, i was tired yesterday, for no good reason.  on 7 hours sleep, you'd think your body would be able to cope.  which is a sure sign my sleeping pattern is completely and utterly frelled again, and if it wasn't before, it bloody is now.  i managed to sleep through my alarm (phone alarm, right next to my bed) and didn't drag myself out of bed til 3.30.  well, that's, like, 12 hours sleep.  bah.  well, i'm seeing dave at 1.00 on monday, so before then i need to:

~ read the two voyager novels katie sent me, because they're now going to be used in lieu of the 'scapefic i can no longer find.  (it was in my favourites before the computer died...)  also, since they're actual publications i might get bonus points.  and one of them's by jeri taylor, who wrote for the show.  she was the on-board 'shipper responsible for such gems as 'resolution' (J/C-introducing episode) and 'someone to watch over me' (7/D) and in all liklihood the paris/b'elanna shippy ones, too.  hence why it sucked so much after she left.
~ throw something together this weekend about the two buffy fics to show that i can, in fact, link them to postmodernism.
~ read hamlet for shakespeare today.
~ re-learn postmodernism. or, at least, re-learn the j.f.lyotard stuff...
~ try to get my sleeping pattern back to something resembling human...  i'm ever more convinced i should just give up and become nocturnal. it would make life so much easier.  plus, if i ever did go to america, there'd be no jetlag because i seem to live in EST anyway...

no problem... *eyebrow*

could do with not having to go to work tonight, but i'm comforting myself with the idea that it's only 3 weeks til easter (more or less) and even though i've got three extra shifts over the next 2 weeks, i do get at least £99 out of the bargain. plus extra because i have to travel half an hour in either direction for a 2-hour shift...
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so, the internet went down last night.  which was annoying, of course, but it's back now, so i can upload chapter two of the latest buffyfic. or rather, the first part of chapter two, since it's being ridiculously long.  why not just make the second part chapter three, you ask?  because i'm doing a song per chapter, and i've still got half the lyrics to do, that's why.

finally sold steve on the screenplay idea, even though i've now got a load of pointlessness i didn't really want in it just to make it more plotty... bah.  never mind.

this is for carrie, because she asked... )
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well, i was going to go to bed, but the fire alarm just went off...

finished now, obviously.  they didn't tell us what had caused it, either.  doubtless they'll complain about the abundance of residual christmas stuff in the corridor on monday when they do the flatcheck...
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sorry the present sucks, if it's even managed to get there... my Muse has been annoyingly absent and sporadic of late, so i can't even present you with random fic...  but anyway, jubilations to thee.

today i should... probably type up my america noir notes, seeing as the lecture's cancelled. or... start my dissertation. or something.  but you know i'm not going to...


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