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I am bloody well determined to finish this, even if it takes me all year. Anyway, as I'm (temporarily) back in Fandom Mode, and the second of these is quite relevant, I might as well get these up. I wrote them months ago anyway. :P

Initially I intended to post the first of these separately, and then the second one in a joint post with number 22, but as 21 ended up really long as well, it makes no odds to post them both here now. Enjoy. :)

Days 20-21 )

You have no idea how long that took...

Okay, I should probably make some food now. :P
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Thank anything, my stomach seems to have settled itself today. Mind you, yesterday I threw as much at it as I could: cranberry juice, Tums, baked potato, and tuna sandwiches later in the evening using the remainder left over from lunch. I also had a bath, which seemed to help a bit...

Paul went out last night so I spent the evening reading fic. I've been re-reading a Buffy fic I abandoned during the going-insane period, Eurydice's "Promise of Frost". I think I'd stopped reading at about chapter 15, and there are 55 in total. I got to about 46 last night and then gave up. I admit to skimming through some of it to get to the Spuffy goodness, but I'll probably read it properly at some point. Having exhausted the Ugly Betty category's offerings for the evening, I was bored...

Work lasted until 10.50 today and now I have nothing to do. I should really work on some writing, but I'm in the position where all my fics are either at home or at a boring point where nothing happens. I keep re-reading old notes for things and getting reinspired, but only for the fun bits. ;) The parts that lead up to the fun bits are usually my stumbling block, unfortunately... talking of which, I need to get back to work on "Strange Glue" - chapter five is half-finished and I haven't even made a start on six yet.

Still, the reinspiration is something.

I have something to post later on from this morning's Metro which completely broke my brain, incidentally...

Now I'm bored again. Meh. If I could find the Metro thing on the website I'd post it now, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be there. Also this morning, I'm sure I spotted an article headline about Derren Brown whilst skimming, clicked somewhere, went back, and it had gone. Hm. Worthy of Mr Brown himself... Is it a Jedi mind trick? Ironic, most definitely. ;)
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Credit card arrived last night, is now activated, and I bought some perfume off eBay. Paul now needs to spend £24 on something so it's even, to facilitate easier paying off.

It's a bottle of Anna Sui's "Ooh La Love", which looks to be another of those annoying limited edition release perfumes, but at least I have one now. Or will have, when it arrives from Hong Kong...

Went swimming with Alison last night for the first time in about four weeks, and we managed 8 lengths... the 9th one killed us. Still, considering when we started we couldn't even manage one, it's a bit more impressive... (I should hasten to add, the eight lengths are not in one go...)

Paul has posted the Derren Brown photos on Facebook and I will be working on icons and such this weekend...

Oh, and last night I was reading through the lyrics list for "Broken Record" and was half inspired to continue it for the first time in ages... just, some of the songs are so perfect, and some didn't have notes on them because they were just a general aura of the chapter, so I managed to fit some bits I've written around them. Which was good. I hold out no hope of ever finishing it, still, but it's nice that the inspiration came back, albeit briefly...
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...the accompanying letter from Joss Whedon with the Angel 5-season box set, as promised...

Note: will contain spoilers for those who haven't seen any/all of Angel...

Dear Angel fan... )

I love that Joss writes his characters like he talks. :)  That's why Firefly is so recognisably his...
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[livejournal.com profile] buffyseason8

Best. Thing. Ever.

There was going to be a longer post here, but it was promising to be pretentious and self-pitying, so I won't bother.  There was also going to be an update on last night's non-picnic that didn't happen at Sutton park, but that's too complicated, too, and my brain's shutting down.

So tired.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  Walk Through the Fire is a fantastic song.  It does have some flaws (Anthony Stewart Head's section being far too low for him, for one) but those are countered by the utter wonderfulness of the rest of it.  It blends parody and an actual decent proper musical montage into one song, and some of the harmonies are frelling gorgeous - especially that bit when Sweet sings "She will come to me" as Buffy sings "These endless days are finally ending in a blaze", which consistently sends little tingles down my spine.  And I love how Spike's and Sweet's voices are so well-matched when they're singing their bit.  And I love Tara's descants, and Willow's little throwaway line, and the fact that she just has that one line on her own because she's not that good on the singing thing compared to everyone else, so it's just quite sweet.  (And I love that Tara has this amazing unknown talent when Willow doesn't... don't know why, I just love it.)

I'm done waxing musical, honest.  But it's a fantastic song.  It really is.
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I realised I haven't actually done a proper entry for a while, but then again, I haven't really done anything particularly exciting or worthy of note.  My room is pretty much sorted, though.  I'm starting to realise I have too much stuff to intelligently fit into the amount of space I have, and I definitely cannot buy any more videos because I have nowhere to put them, literally.  All my shelves, drawers, and boxes are full.  I also cannot buy any more clothes without throwing some more out, and I've already been through them once...

Job hunt is currently non-existent.  I should probably go around Brum at some point and look in pub windows, and I have an appointment at the Job Centre on the 6th, with lots of scary forms to fill in in the interim.  I only hope they're more bloody coherent than those damned Student Loan applications...

I am, as you may have noticed, rather horrendously trapped in my Most Haunted obsession, and I've been spending lots of time posting in [livejournal.com profile] mosthauntedgeek, which is why it feels like I've done lots of posting recently.  (To that end, look, another icon.  At least I'm honest about it. :P Hey, is it my fault they force Derek and Ivvy to do adorable posed photoshoots?)  Come Forward is off the ground, and chapter two is now written, plus I spent today making up a chapter plan for it, and I have to say, I think it's going to work.  I wasn't entirely sure I could pull it off, but... you know, I think I might.  I've also been watching the edited-to-half-an-hour repeats of Series 1 on Ftn, which are Mondays, and Wednesday-Friday at 9pm (Tuesday being the original MH-night, but is now Dead Famous night, which is pretty much the same thing, but with Gail Porter, set in America, and trying to contact famous people instead of random ghosts... Though I think Derek contacted Charles I once...)  A fix is a fix in any form.  Alas, I'm slipping into old shipping habits and watching Derek and Yvette's every move like a hawk...

As for [livejournal.com profile] mosthauntedgeek, in the wake of the Derby live show, it's all non-stop action with screencaps - mainly for my benefit, and I think someone's going to shout at me for clogging the community up with random shippiness - and icons and CF updates and member questionairres.  All good fun.  I've also obtained an insane amount of random friends from the same community in the space of about two days, namely, (in no order), [livejournal.com profile] izzles, [livejournal.com profile] tengirlsago, [livejournal.com profile] thescruffydog, and before that, [livejournal.com profile] killer___queen, [livejournal.com profile] pandorasblog and [livejournal.com profile] lutonairport.  And at the rate we're shipping, I may have to add [livejournal.com profile] desired_destiny, too, as I've just noticed she's added me... (I wondered how long that'd take :P)  Yay for complete and unabandoned geekness. :D

Hello to all the new people, incidentally, and it's nice to meet you...

I was also added, it seems, by [livejournal.com profile] nessaelerrina, who has also added other Buffyfic authors such as the inimitible Kallysten and Eurydice (who wrote the fic I'm enraptured with, "Promise of Frost"), so I feel rather humbled.  I apologise, in that case, for the decided lack of anything Buffyesque on my journal of late...

And, if that wasn't enough, I'm currently having a very interesting debate on [livejournal.com profile] starsareageless, the previously rather arrid Sunset Boulevard community, with [livejournal.com profile] fullofstarlight about the various pairings.  It's here, if anyone wants to read my incredibly long and rambling, uh, ramblings...

Me, [livejournal.com profile] last_dance and my mother are going to Alton Towers on Thursday, including a sleepover at mine the night before and after, so hurrah.  I shall inflict MH on her and watch her suffer...  Gah, see what I mean?  Completely trapped...

Oh, and this is why I started this post in the first place, and my above comment on the lack of Buffyness is now completely redundent.  My brain's going at a rate of knots lately; in the middle of writing chapter 2 of CF, I was struck with a random bit of conversation for the epic Buffyfic.

Buffy/Giles type conversation, including definite spoilers for aforesaid fic... )

Of course, it's very rough.  I didn't want to write random bits of dialogue before I actually got to that point in the story - and I've been looking forward to writing that part for ages - but I've also got a sheet of A4 somewhere with other random dialogue on to include later, and I had to get that down before it went away completely...

And that, I think, is everything.  Wow, does this make up for the lack of posting?

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] last_dance, you can see the prettypretty Jack Sparrow poster when you come, because it's in a confined space and too close for me to get a decent picture...

Now I'm off to make  Karl/Yvette icon to compensate for the Wrongness... :D


May. 7th, 2004 01:46 pm
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How typical...  Two years on (and it seems like they did that on purpose), my Sunset obsession starts to dig its claws back in, and I realise it's May, and I have yet to change my calendars.  So we have Spike staring off into middle distance.  Which is okay.  But Farscape decrees May to be Aeryn month, and presents me, naturally, with Chiaerynaith.  Not that exact picture, but I can't find the truly terrifying one, and getting up to take a photo would be too much energy expenditure at this point.

Meh.  Terrifying.  (And for all those who missed the Chiaerynaith phenomenon and don't have a clue what I'm on about, I shall explain if required.)

PS: Naomi!  Scan the terrifying birthday card!!
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A shame, really, that said ending wasn't for any actual episode of anything.  Specifically Buffy.  Not that "Chosen" wasn't Spuffy enough.  Or, well, it wasn't, really, but considering everything that had happened up to that point, and the previous year, we couldn't have asked for much more, and with the inclusion of Angel, Joss put himself into a really bad, on-the-brink-of-fan-warfare place.  I digress.

A dream.  As you may read, though it takes a while to get to the Spuffiness )

Spuffy, Spuffy, Spuffy!  Wow, I woke up feeling all warm and fuzzy and shippy, and sorta peaceful. My subconscious loves me.  The best part is, the dream even allowed me to rewind (literally) the final Spuffy moment in the 'credits' so I could watch it again, which, as far as I can remember, I've never been able to do before.

Also, somehow, I don't know when, I have to turn it into a fic.  Purely because the imagery was so rich and it was so completely uber-fluffy.  In fact, Cut because it spoils the ending of the sequel to my current fic, and hence the current one, too, and also because you don't care. )

Wow, but that was a long entry.  I just made Eni a certified fangirl in the subject area of Stage Door Lurkage (literally).  I don't know if that's a wise plan considering she's seeing Aly Hannigan tonight... :)

New icon!

Apr. 26th, 2004 01:17 am
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Yes, I'm an addict.  This one was inspired by an old email from Jenny, since I was attempting to compile them all earlier.  We were having an exchange about the Sunset movie, including this particular scene, which is when Norma visits Paramount.  Joe sneaks off up to the Readers' office to chat with Betty, chucks some random ideas at her for their screenplay, and promptly legs it.  She threatens him with an apple as he runs off; it's amusing.  What's more amusing is Jenny's conviction that she should have actually thrown the damn thing at him, because it's rather pointless to threaten as such without following through.  So then, of course, I started thinking about what might have happened if she had, since I bet Joe'd have a lot of fun explaining that bruise away... *evil smile*

So, rather than trying to fic it, I iconed it.  Rather proud of this one...  (And I just bought new icon space so I can upload more than 15 without having to delete any more; I like them all.  Well, except my animated 'The Four' because it's jerky and badly done, so one day I'll make it better.  And now I can do the entire songset to "That I Would Be Good" and use them all...)

Now I have to mess with Vicky's new tattoo design.  We should be getting new ones on Saturday. :D

Edit, 02.20: I finally got around to making my "The Four" icon better. Here's the original and the new one (left and right respectively):


Much better, don't you agree? Plus, I finally managed to get my nifty fading in-and-out back. :)
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Incidentally, as a random aside, remember the all-holy wonderful Spuffy fic from the highest arched ceiling of heaven?  The one that had me rhapsodising a few weeks back?  She updated.  And I'd actually forgotten how fabulous it really was.  (And no, not just because she referred to Spike as 'Vampentino' and caused me to cackle hysterically...)

Fic, dude!  It's like chocolate for the soul. Or something.
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Gah, I hate the lunchtime shift.  Bloody Steve playing his bloody golf... *mutters*  It's not that it's boring... No, wait, utter lie, it is because it's boring.  It's only two hours, but I think I probably served about 15 drinks total, plus taking food orders, which, incidentally, is really frelling difficult when you have to use the till for drinks and the Pile of Change for food, and people will insist on ordering everything all at once.  For the amount of people we serve, we could easily just use one till for each thing and save a lot of hassle.

And, obviously, I had to get up early.  Well, 10.30, which is early when you've only had four hours sleep.  About that: I was actually quite tired at 2.00 when I went to bed, but then my brain wouldn't shut up until 6.00.  At about 3.00 I was struck with a random idea for an Edward Scissorhands fic, of all things (well, an inner Kim-monologue/perspective thingy...) and told myself not to write it because I'd never get any sleep.  I wish now I'd just written the damn thing; I wouldn't have lost any more sleep because of it.

Also keep coming up with random lines for the penultimate and final chapters of my latest Buffyfic (chapters 19 and 20, incidentally; I'm only on chapter 2...) but am, as yet, failing to come up with a plausible way to get rid of Kennedy.  She's not just annoying, she's impossible to write, so as of chapter 4, she's gone.  And then at some point I can write in Eni as Random Willow-Stalking Lady; they're going to meet randomly outside a theatre.  That's really only vaguely amusing if you're Eni... and even then, probably not so much.

I need to pack.  Going home tomorrow until Tuesday 13th.  Will attempt to do some dissertation whilst at home (and also some in the... okay, possibly not in the 2 hours before work...) even if said work is just going to Central Library to find random stuff on psychology...  I should probably make a list...

Anyway, I'll be in Brum during that time if you want to meet up...
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Well-written Spuffiness + Michael Crawford + "Music of the Night" = guhhhhh...

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This one's for the Buffy geeks who are also soapgeeks.  Which is... probably precisely none of you, but here it is anyway.

So.  Eastenders.  Current 'ship of choice now that Kat and Alfie is resolved, though not precisely without angst, is Sharon/Dennis.  I'm wondering if I'm really the only one sitting there going "What's the big deal? She's adopted!  He's not even her real brother!! at the television; actually, I'm probably not, since the BBC message board txtspkers seem to advocate it, too.  Oh, how low I have come, to ship for 'Stenders.  I formally apologise.  Just be glad I didn't put it in my shipper post; believe me, I get worked up enough over both of my preferred 'ships in it to warrant a few hundred words, and if you hurl Ash/Shirley into that mix, well, we'd be here all night.  (Alas, that one's been killed off. Bastards.)  So, anyway, Sharon/Dennis.  This one's almost as addictive as Kat/Alfie was (though Alfie had the tortured soul thing down better...) and I just figured out why.

They're Buffy and Spike.  And they have their very own Dawn and Giles.


Sharon: she's blonde.  Last year, her fiancée died in a fire, him being a fireman and trying to get Little Mo out.  She mopes about pretty much everything.  She's headstrong and knows what she wants, and doesn't let people get in her way.  She's adopted.  Her mother died when she was 14 (? - not sure, was young at the time...) and her Dad (the infamous Dirty Den Watts) has just resurfaced from 'the dead' (i.e. Spain) to come back into her life to tell her how to run it. She has a younger sister (not by blood; Den's daughter by her friend Michelle, who was Pauline's daughter; I swear, everyone in that bloody Square's related somehow...) who provoked her to get in touch with her brother (Den's son by someone else), Dennis, and also brought Den back from Spain.  I never said this wasn't complicated.
Buffy:  she's blonde, though that's debatable. :)  Um... her various boyfriends are gone or technically dead, and both try to help the underdog in some fashion.  She mopes about pretty much everything.  She's headstrong, yada yada.  She's practically as well as adopted by Giles.  Her mother died when she was 18.  She has a younger sister (not by blood, technically...) who, um, told her Spike was in love with her, and... okay, can't link to Giles.  But you get the idea.
Dennis: bad boy turned good through the love of a woman.  Doesn't get on that well with Den.  Is fawned over and generally annoyed by younger sister, Vicky. Spent far too long attempting to convince Sharon she did, in fact, love him back.
Spike: need I say more?

Then, obviously, Den is Giles and Vicky is Dawn (she's almost as annoying, for the record.)

Tee hee.  Don't you love synchronicity?

You can come out now.  The scary soaplady has gone.
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Yes, I did.  Stop raising your eyebrows. I wrote an entire five scenes of my television script, I'll have you know.  Which, okay, is really rather pathetic, but it did take me in excess of two hours and at least I have something to show people tomorrow.

Anyway.  Reading fanfic, naturally, because it's the best thing to do at nearly-to-three in the morning when you should be asleep, and because there's always that possibility you'll find something that isn't so horrible you want to gouge your eyes out with a rusty nail.  And really, I honestly do not know why I didn't read or even consider reading this one before now.

You know sometimes when you find a fic that's so utterly, utterly perfect you just want to laugh with joy?  When everything in it is just so perfectly rendered that it makes up for every single badfic ever written?  When the characters are more in-character than even the original writers could make them, and when their inner thoughts fit, and all the language usage is right, and even the most far-fetched of plots just works because the writer knows how to make it convincing?  When you can just see it, and hear it, and smell it?  When it's so utterly perfect that even the tiniest mistake - which rarely occurs - can be overlooked, because in the scheme of the greater good, it really doesn't matter?  This is one of those fics.  The kind that make you dance, and grin, and jump up and down and want to hug the author for being wonderful.  The kind that you really wish had been an actual episode, and not just because it's wish fulfilment, but because it's accurate and believable.

This is the kind of fic  - the kind of story in general - that everyone aspires to write.  No matter how good you may think you are, there is always - always - someone much better than you.  (Luckily, to counter that, there's usually about ten people who are worse...)  Somewhere out there, there's a writer who is completely perfect.  And even that writer probably aspires to greater things.

Naturally, this also means there's a writer out there who needs to be shot into the sun for crimes against humanity, but let's not dwell on that.  It's entirely too terrifying.

Oh, wow.  I think I'm in heaven.  It's definitely fodder for my defence of the genre, anyway.  There are days when I completely understand why some people hate fanfiction so much; and then there are moments, like this, when I want to put all the fantastic writers into a room and feed them chocolate, and point to all the anti-fic people, and say "See?  See?  You were wrong!  Fanfiction can be beautiful, dammit!"

Ah.  Back to the wonderfulness.  I might stop squealing with joy at some point before 5am.  It's very very tempting to miss the lecture, but... I missed the one two weeks ago, and that would just be bad.
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I know, I'm slow. You don't even have to click this, it's pointless. )

God, will someone bloody tie me down and make me do some work?  I'd suggest someone steal the power cord for my computer, but then a) I'd have to go on a random killing spree to purge the insanity, and b) I do actually need the computer.  Oh, I know.  Steal my network cable.  Yes.  That'd do it.  Managed another three pages of the Voyager novel.  I'm hoping the Jeri Taylor one'll be easier going; in this one, Diane Carey's just trying too hard, and it's... well, not painful, so much as unnecessary.  I'm sure it'll all become clear later on, mind you.

I'm just contenting myself with the fact that in just over a month everything'll be over, and the fact that my dissertation is half-writen in my head already and really, it shouldn't be that difficult to complete once I get off my arse and start it properly...
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i'm really liking doing these.  the only really time-consuming bit is finding the caps in the first place...

icon used is the better one; the one below is the same bit of lyric, but it's not as good...

all images from normal again, obviously...  i may do a spike-like one from beneath you or lessons at some point for the same line.  in fact, it pretty much applies to all of them.

any character-specific requests?  colours? episodes?
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i need to get out of this habit of finishing a very small percentage of the work i have to do, and then going off and doing something more interesting that takes four times as long... of course, it wouldn't have taken as long in the first place if my computer wouldn't keep crashing...

anyway, this is first of a song-set to alanis' that i would be good, not done in any order except that this was the line of it that inspired the set in the first place.  they're not all going to be spuffy (one might be buffy/giles, one applies to cordy...) but they'll all pretty much follow this format...

want, take, have.  credit me, if you do.

the lyrics, if you were curious )

oh, so spuffy :D

incidentally, as of 8pm tomorrow, i'm getting XP. i concede defeat; this is bloody ridiculous.  feel free to point and laugh.

edit before bed: computer remained stable enough (but only just and with copious saving) for me to do another.

i'll tweak it later. it's a little too bright and green...
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oh, that's just infuriating...

i finally managed to post the first bit of chapter 2 of broken record last night.  i checked my review inbox to find two new reviews.  and they were for something else entirely.  in fact, they were for something i posted two years ago...

of course, ff.net is behind on its email sending, so for all i know they might have been given weeks ago.


also, i should probably email the reviewer and say that the erik in the 'dark secret love' story isn't, in fact, real, but purely in the main character's imagination... but i guess half the fun is that it's not entirely obvious that she's completely nutso...

edit, in the name of procrastination: oh, and a spuffy songfic done for anything off evanescence's "fallen"? redundant. (even though, yes, i'm using one entitled 'my immortal' as a chapter... but that's not a song songfic, and it fits the scene...)
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fanfiction type quiz )

i think i might be able to use that in my dissertation, even.  how cool.  not the result, obviously, but the quiz itself.  most of those answers are the reasons i'm listing as why fanfiction happens...

on the real life side of things, i was tired yesterday, for no good reason.  on 7 hours sleep, you'd think your body would be able to cope.  which is a sure sign my sleeping pattern is completely and utterly frelled again, and if it wasn't before, it bloody is now.  i managed to sleep through my alarm (phone alarm, right next to my bed) and didn't drag myself out of bed til 3.30.  well, that's, like, 12 hours sleep.  bah.  well, i'm seeing dave at 1.00 on monday, so before then i need to:

~ read the two voyager novels katie sent me, because they're now going to be used in lieu of the 'scapefic i can no longer find.  (it was in my favourites before the computer died...)  also, since they're actual publications i might get bonus points.  and one of them's by jeri taylor, who wrote for the show.  she was the on-board 'shipper responsible for such gems as 'resolution' (J/C-introducing episode) and 'someone to watch over me' (7/D) and in all liklihood the paris/b'elanna shippy ones, too.  hence why it sucked so much after she left.
~ throw something together this weekend about the two buffy fics to show that i can, in fact, link them to postmodernism.
~ read hamlet for shakespeare today.
~ re-learn postmodernism. or, at least, re-learn the j.f.lyotard stuff...
~ try to get my sleeping pattern back to something resembling human...  i'm ever more convinced i should just give up and become nocturnal. it would make life so much easier.  plus, if i ever did go to america, there'd be no jetlag because i seem to live in EST anyway...

no problem... *eyebrow*

could do with not having to go to work tonight, but i'm comforting myself with the idea that it's only 3 weeks til easter (more or less) and even though i've got three extra shifts over the next 2 weeks, i do get at least £99 out of the bargain. plus extra because i have to travel half an hour in either direction for a 2-hour shift...
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Yeah, I know, they're never that interesting.  Look, do you want these or the ones about y-k-w again?  Right. Thought so. :P

So. Buffy dream.

Before I do, however: my subconscious has a landscape all of its own.  It has a little world that the dreams inhabit.  Parts of it claim to be real places.  I know this because I've dreamt about them before, and they re-occur.  There's a bit that's like Greece, or Ancient Rome, with lots of ruined stone architecture.  There's the great wooden tower, whose actual construction still hasn't been revealed to me entirely.  There's swimming baths; there's a round, bottomless pool set deep into Grecian rock; there's a whole system of underground tunnels; there's a theatre; there's a place that seems to be Devon, or possibly Dover, or some combination of the two; there's a city, with a great, glass tower block; and there's a garden.  That's just the start of it.  Trying to map it is impossible, though, because the places are completely unrelated geographically and physically, only tenuously linked.

(The dream with Aisha and Crystal the other night, I believe, actually happened in the wooden tower, now I come to remember properly.)

So, last night's Buffy dream happened in the place that claims to be Devon.  And, as usual, it would make a very good (admittedly fantasy) fic could I remember all of it.  Not all of the characters were there; Buffy and Spike were there, as were Willow and Tara, and quite possibly Anya, but I think that's it.  And I was there, though at one point I was Buffy (even though I was talking to her at the time...)

Anyway.  Aside from being in Devon (my subconscious was very specific about this matter) and mostly outisde, there was also a house.  Which I've also dreamt about before.  Only now it's gottten bigger.  It only seems to have one staircase, though, which implies the damn thing's only getting taller... but the house was a very important aspect of the dream.  There was an enemy character (who was male, but that's all I remember) and... there was an aeroplane.  The first random section I remember was being in a car, driving along Devon-esque roads (only there weren't such high hedges) and said plane flying low above the ground right over the car.  It later turned out that the enemy person had a plan where he was shipping (or flying) out various people to somewhere, whilst keeping the other half locked in a big gothic house (which rather oddly resembles the big gothic pirate caves that I dreamed about the other night.  How bizarre.)

Enter the Buffy cast, apparently on holiday or just there for some reason that must have made sense at the time.  And the next random section, where they - or we, since I was there, but they didn't seem to be that I noticed - were exploring said house.  There was a boy there who was either Gus from EastEnders or Gunn from Angel.  We were exploring every room.  Then, on reaching the top floor, I think Xander was there because he was complaining in case they all got killed.  On the top floor, the room opened up into a big, white, wooden deck type area, that was open to the elements and build partway into the cliff face, which had a slight incline down to a beach, where there were six motor boats docked.  These boats, apparently, proved what we'd all suspected from the beginning, that the enemy-type man was indeed shipping half of his guests (? - that made sense in my head) out to who knows where.  They'd be put on the boats, shipped to the opposite beach (it was quicker than going by road, apparently) and onto the aeroplane.  The other half got imprisoned.

Then someone apparently spotted us, and we scrambled up the cliff.  My flatmate Lydia was there, and she was lagging behind, and because we slowed down and the sand was shifting beneath our feet, we got caught, and had the privilege of being the last to board the plane, which was apparently the worst punishment, the lack of available seats meaning that the final few boarders needed to sit around the edges, like on a boat.  This is more or less where I remember it to the end.

There was a whole bit missing when we were on the boats.  After the boats was a long trek over the Devon hills to the plane.  The hills were very green, and yellow, with dry-mud gaps where there should have been hedgerows.  The sky was a brilliant pale blue, but there was no sun.  I've dreamt of these hills before; the last time, they were in a dream with the theatre (though it was small, then, too; it's grown since) and underground tunnels, and the mad rabbit guy from The Red Thread...

Then I was Buffy, and also talking to Buffy - I think I'm starting to figure out that this is the subconsious equivalent of writing a third person story from the perspective of one character - and... she was walking arm-in-arm with Willow, who had split with Tara earlier in the proceedings over something.  I remember her saying, "I'm so sorry, Will, this was all my fault." - the fact that they'd gotten caught and couldn't get out of it.  Then they passed the other half of the guests, as they were being ushered into the big gothic house, and - of course - Spike was there.  He was part of the group, and the same punishment applied to the house people, too, being last to go in.  Buffy/me/whoever broke off from Willow for a moment saying that she'd catch up, and ran over to attract Spike's attention, whereby they hugged and got all the goodbyes over with in the few seconds they had left before they got seperated.  She told him she loved him, and it was almost the opposite of 'Chosen', in that he acted like he believed her.  It was gloriously angsty, but kinda hard to describe any other way.  Then he got dragged off and Buffy ran after Willow to catch up.  They were talking about something; at that point, Tara went past with Dawn (?), talking about the time apart from Willow and how she didn't want it to be that way any more, and that she'd gone out with someone else very briefly during their split.  Willow overheard; she was then in tears, sobbing to Buffy that she'd remained faithful, and it wasn't fair.  Which Tara overheard (she was rather loud...) and Buffy told Willow to go and talk to Tara (for some reason, it was important that they all remained together, which is why they were walking in twos.)

Then Buffy was talking to possibly-Anya, saying "I told him I loved him.  And you know...?  I think maybe I do."  Which just made it even worse, even though she seemed to be at peace with the situation.  They were, in fact, the last to board the plane, which was now looking more like a ferry...  There was a strange bit where Buffy threw an empty bottle over a balcony section, resulting in a scream from below, but nothing came of it other than that...  They were flying low over the roads and hills, and Buffy was looking for the gothic house in hopes that she could see Spike and wave goodbye, but it was nowhere to be found.

And that was pretty much it, since that's when I woke up.

It was just one of those dreams that left me with such a feeling, I had to write it down.  However, I then figured out how it might have ended, and the significance of the empty bottle (other than, maybe, it having something to do with Eni...)  See, the reason the house and the plane were so full is that they had to be filled to capacity or the enemy person's boss would say he hadn't met his quota of captives.  So every last seat needed to be filled.  So, by throwing the bottle, Buffy had managed to possibly kill the person it landed on.  So then they'd have to go and get someone from the house to fill the plane quota (I think the house was less important because it could just be filled up when the next few people arrived) which would, of course, be Spike, because he was the last one in.  Or something.  It made sense when I thought it, anyway.

So, that was that.

oh, god...

Feb. 24th, 2004 02:17 am
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i'd completely forgotten how utterly fantastically adorable and hysterical this fic was.  though i must really learn not to read the damn thing at 2am...  and i'm only on chapter 3.  the really funny bit starts in chapter 4. oh dear...


incidentally, that chapter four cookery section? that's me. i mean, seriously.
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in reference to this comment conversation, beneath the cut lies the first bit of [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure's birthday present, because it's easier than printing it off...

Drutania, the Queen of the Fairies )

of course, i would have done it sooner, had i not needed to go away to redownload interesting fonts first...

and then, this is stolen off [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess...

First Online Fandom: X-Files, probably. That was the first I went on message boards for...
Current Online Fandom: Buffy/Farscape/Pirates of the Caribbean, mainly. The other fandoms are less online-y.
First Fandom Crush: Meep. Er. Mulder. I know, I know...
Current Fandom Crush: Spike, obviously (Season 4 eyeliner-Spike takes precedence over most...) Niles Crane. Jack Sparrow (yes, I am a sheep.) Joe Gillis, but that comes and goes, and you all know the reason *mutters*. And... oh, go on then. Doyle. I'm sure there's more than that. Oh, wait. Julian Bashir. :)
First Fanfic Pairing You Wrote: Mulder/Scully.
Latest Fanfic Pairing You Wrote: Buffy/Spike, probably...
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the bbc2 repeats of season 7 of buffy are on friday nights/saturday mornings at 1.00am. apparently. notice their fantastic advertising of this fact, as usual...
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had another buffy dream last night. would make a very interesting fic if i could remember it...

it was very bizarre, now i come to think about it. most of it took place in a house, which was possibly buffy's, but also possibly not. and i remember the following characters being there: buffy, spike, willow, tara, giles, and andrew. probably some others, but they weren't important.

now, i know it had a plot at one point. and i remember (frighteningly) that spike appeared to be wearing a terrifying green anorak/parka type jacket. with a big shazza pocket on the front. we won't dwell on that. :) um. it seemed to be an episode. and i think they were... trying to trick buffy? possibly. i know that i saw the 'trick' twice over, once from buffy's point of view, and then again from everyone else's, so i knew how it was done. and she was pregnant, and it was meant to be spike's, or that's what she wanted him to believe, and he was being aloof and trying to pretend he didn't want anything to do with her. (badfic, ho!) she wasn't obviously pregnant. i think she'd just found out...

ah! yes! and then giles made them take a vote on whether or not she should keep it (because it was spike's...) and... she voted for 'yes', as did tara, willow sided with giles' 'no', and then spike finally voted for 'yes', and caused buffy to leap on him with a hug. though he pushed her off afterwards. this was apparently a good thing, though, a sort of defining step between the two of them, and buffy was happy about it...

and then there was this random bit where they were all sat at the dinner table, and they were trying to figure out how old spike was (which i think i was doing before i fell asleep, which could explain it...) and, for some reason, andrew was a vampire, too. and he was about 1000 years old. hm. except then they were like "you're not a vampire, nimrod..." which was weird...

anyway. then it was me, and i was upstairs in my room at home. and i thought we'd moved house, but all my furniture was in my room, and the room looked bigger, and then i realised we hadn't moved house at all. so i turned on the computer, all set to turn the manicness of the buffy dream into a fanfic (ye gods, my entire subconscious is post-modern...) and then it was christmas eve. and i was living with my grandmother.

somehow we ended up in an argument about something, that then turned into me trying to tell her that buffy wasn't anti-christian (or some such), which she wouldn't listen to. and i believe i was trying to explain because we were having spike over for dinner (hey, wouldn't that be fun?) but in the end we agreed to disagree and i went upstairs to sulk. and then i was trying to text him (?) or at least someone, to say please could i go around there for dinner instead because i didn't want to stay at home. and then she came upstairs and we attempted apologies, and after that i don't remember much. although i do remember gushing a lot about buffy and how it was more than 'some girl killing things'...

wow. bizarre.

wish i could remember the episode part properly, though. would make interesting ficcingness...

also, on the plus side, it turns out purging of any kind - including the projectile-vomiting-of-bodily-fluids kind - is generally rather good for you, as i'm feeling much better today. i was all full of the joys of spring this morning, but less so now it's gotten dark...
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This is something I was thinking about at about three o'clock this morning, whilst trying to get to sleep (despite being tired, oh, six hours earlier...) but I thought I'd share it. We all know (and if we don't, where have we been, pray?) that I'm a shipper of the highest order. I am, in fact, a Professional, except I don't get paid. If, however, I could earn a pound for every 'ship I've managed to predict before it happened or was obviously going to happen, I would be a very rich lady.

So. This post is going to be long, and in it, I shall attempt to explain, for no reason at all other than I feel like it, what couples I ship for (in the main, anyway; I'll exclude the various movie ones because they're ultimately pointless, with a few exceptions as you'll see...), when I did, and why, and any associated rants. But I'll try to keep the rants short. :)

Feel free to comment/critique/add your own. It's a free-for-all. I'd appreciate feedback on my ramblings, if only to commend my efforts. :)

1 - Buffy, Farscape, X-Files )

There was going to be more of this, but I can no longer type, so will finish it tomorrow. Or probably not tomorrow, because I have an essay to start. Perhaps after essayness. Anyway. There will be much more. I have many fandoms still to do...
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bob monkhouse is dead... there goes a little bit more of britain...

anyway, on a less morbid note, have some randomosity:

~ [livejournal.com profile] translucent has converted me to being a predictive text user. although so far i've had to teach my phone the word 'frell', unsurprisingly, and it persists in using 'of' instead of 'me'. but nevertheless, it's considerably quicker and not as annoying and confusing as i first thought, and i'm going to kill her, because it gives me one less thing to complain about. ;)
~ just watched the first third of the three-night most haunted live, and am continually inspired to write an original story about similar characters... but i'll probably explain that more if and when i ever get around to writing it...
~ got the evanescence my immortal single. it's way better than the album version - the vocals and the arrangement in general is better, the video is pretty, and just wow. everyone buy it!
~ watched a mid-season episode of the 10th kingdom at random today. most of you probably haven't got a clue, but here's the buffy cast crossover version, which'll never get written, but is fun to do anyway...

virginia - buffy
tony - giles
wolf - spike (pointy teeth; major predator issues...)
wendell - xander
the queen - willow
snow white - tara (don't ask. that makes sense in context.)
troll king - riley (*snigger*)

and there it sort of falls apart because i've forgotten most of the characters. but yes... i definitely have some sort of incurable disease. ;)
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xander/dawn shippers scare me... i mean, even more than the dawn/spike-rs... at least that's based even remotely in canon... although, i suppose there was the end of that one episode with the xander&dawn conversation, but still...
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not my best, but i just had to... i love that entire sequence and the doodle needed to be an icon... i debated between 'jealous vampire crap' and 'tall, dark & forehead'...


spike's snarkiness only makes me love him more. :D
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so. "chosen". cuts and minor rants thereof shortly, after this announcement, for anyone that missed it: as of 16th january, the entire of season 7 will be shown again, weekly, with late night uncut repeats. so, hurrah for someone being sensible... (i get the impression, more often than not, that there is one single solitary geek on the scheduling team...)

right, so, the cuts were, as i wrote them down:

1) last night, for starters, i'm pretty sure they cut the first saying "that bitch..." to spike. not that important, but annoying nonetheless.

2) when she 'split' caleb, we only saw the upward motion. it was meant to be buffy slamming the scythe between his legs, his wide-eyed expression of horror, and then the upward slice. and here's the really stupid thing - they kept angel saying "okay, now i'm pissed" - and, in fact, much of the other cursing throughout that was too hard to cut. more on that later...

3) the conversation between robin and faith was severely cut, too. during the whole "i am so much prettier than you" thing, there was a whole section missed out. faith was supposed to say "that was rock 'em, sock 'em!" (in response to the sex...), and then they cut robin's truly fantastic, "don't get me wrong, it was nice enough, and you're very... uh... 'enthused'..." or whatever it was. i'd go to buffyworld to get the exact quote, but yeah, it was missed out. annoying, though not exactly vital...

4) the final battle was cut lots, too, i imagine, but from what i specifically remember, i think they edited the stabbing-of-buffy somewhat. i'm pretty sure that we actually saw the sword going through her and then out again before, rather than just the wound.

5) anya. it was a blink-and-you-miss it moment to begin with, so quick they shouldn't really have had to cut it at all. but cut it, they did, so we didn't see anya getting sliced in half. in fact, the only way we would have known anya had died would be from the shot of her lying on the ground, and xander's conversation with andrew at the end.

6) and here's where my point about the cursing comes in: they cut spike's truly fantastic "oh, bollocks..." as the amulet does its thing. i really wish they'd left that in. it seems like a very insignificant line, really, but the fact that it's there at all is to remind us that it's spike, and even when he's saving the world, he doesn't change... :)

frell, i miss spike. :( am going to have to watch season 4 of angel... am also regrettably going to have to write the post-chosen fic. bugger.

i think i'll type up the plan for that, actually... then you can all talk me out of it...

much of what i said about 'chosen' the last time still holds - though i'm more coherent this time - but here's a little more i noticed... firstly, that standing-on-opposite-sides-of-the-room thing is still very cruel, but it's spawned so much missing-scene fic i probably shouldn't complain. the other buffy/spike scene seemed so much better this time around - and i'm going to have to make an icon of the angel doodle, because it's so funny...

the final battle - the entire ending, in fact - seemed so much more poignant this time. maybe because i wrote the counterpoint fic having not seen it for ages, and it seemed to fit. i don't know. but anyway, i whimpered muchly at the 'i love you' and spike burning up never fails to get to me anyway, not because it's spike (although that's part of it; they always kill the best ones. bastards.) but because it just makes me think about what he sacrifices, and more importantly, what he didn't get a chance to sacrifice. the fact that even when he's on the brink of death he puts buffy first and the fact that, my god, she so doesn't deserve it.

*sigh. mutters* i could go on and on about this; watching 'end of days' yesterday only made it worse. i've been totally on spike's side since 'crush', so i suppose i'm biased...

oh, and the bit with robin's "surprise..." - the look on faith's face. it's so much a "you bastard..." expression. :D

anyway. i'll stop. here's the plan of the fic, cut for your convenience. all are entitled to comment except [livejournal.com profile] falling_softly, on a matter of principle. :P

Death by Cliché - a working title )

you can kill me now :)

additional fic bit )
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well, it was actually quite nice. laura and naomi (jemma and becky's friends) did come, bearing their pizzas; hence, we had rather a lot of plates of sandwiches (think four) between three of us, plus sausage rolls and crisps (which - ha! - did get eaten) and the cake that i made (more on that later) and rice krispie cakes, amongst others. so needless to say there are lots left... anyway, we played that game where you stick a post-it on someone's head, and then have to guess who you've got on your own head. (i ended up as madonna - and no, i did not cheat - and jim carrey respectively...) after that the party sort of disbanded to jemma's room, so me and vicky and the other laura went to vicky's room and drank what remained of the alcohol. and watched "stitch - the movie", which is apparently hilarious at 2am when you're drunk... (hence, most of the comments i replied to last night happened in a semi-tipsy state...)

anyway. the cake. well, the chocolate cake worked better than the other one, but they both sank (which is partially the fault of the oven, i realise, since the gas marks aren't labelled so i'm pretty much guessing where gas mark four is...) i put the chocolate one on the bottom, spread it liberally with vimto jam and chocolate fudge (which was rather thick because it's meant to cover and fill a cake, not just fill it) and then put the vanilla cake on top of that and the remains of the fudge. then i set about making satin icing for the First Time Ever.

amazingly, it worked. it was a little dry, but after some liberal kneading and punching it all stuck together. then i tried to dye it red. oh dear. oh dear, oh dear. see, we have this paste food colouring, which is marvellous stuff. but have you ever tried colouring icing that you've already mixed? remember when you tried to make orange plasticine at school from red and yellow by blending it? think along those lines... in the end i got a sort of dark salmon pink that looked red enough to be red. and i looked like i'd committed a bloody and horrific murder with my bare hands...

they're still very slightly pink, to be honest. anyway, then began the very fun task of trying to roll it out. suspecting it might dye the table, i tried icing-sugaring my cutting board. it stuck tot he cutting board. same was true of tinfoil. eventually i managed to spread it out on clingfilm, but by this stage it had dried out, so i'd added water which made it go gloopy so i had to add more icing sugar and the kitchen looked like it had been snowed on, and get it on the top of the cake. except it was too dried out to cover the whole thing, so it ended up with a sort of... hat... of icing.

then i decorated it (the best bit) with mini-meringues and writing icing and made it very pretty.

the general concensus was that it was a) edible and b) rather nice. so that's something... picture of the cake and the table coming later...

moving on.


it's been a while since i had a good vivid (and bizarre) dream to type up. parts of this i barely remember, and parts i remember very well indeed (you won't be surprised by which parts, trust me...) and it left me feeling alternately warm and fuzzy and utterly terrified...

what i remember of the beginning is lisa and bart simpson, very briefly. also showers. and the playing of CDs. this section did have a plot, of sorts, but i only remember fragments of it now. but i do remember that bart and lisa turned up right at the end of the first section, which led into the next section by the fact that they were both servants in a grand house, and their job was to clean the showers...

the next section was the servants. there was a mixed bunch of them. the 'leader', or the one who seemed to be ordering the rest around, anyway, looked a lot like my heather character from the first novel-that-never-was, only... more bossy... there was also an old butler/gardener type person of the riff-raff sort of appearance, and other maids, etc, one of whom was me. except this was one of those dreams where i was alternately watching it, or jumping from character to character, so for a while i was one of the maids, and briefly i was the leader character. oh, and there was also a bloke who looked like westley from the princess bride, who seemed to be the love interest for the heather-character... wow, this was more confusing than i thought...

anyway, the guy who ran the house was ranting completely randomly that his rooms were Private, and that the staff shouldn't have gone in there without his permission (despite being told to clean everywhere...) - and the heather character, it seemed, had a temper as volatile as her master's, so they were arguing about it, and he said that "the house is my place!", to which she said that the garden and grounds were theirs, to which he slammed the door. so she locked him out of the garden.

then the house and garden started to look exactly like my nan's old house, and all of the servants were living in the garden shed... and they were rapidly running out of food. shades of orphan eyes, i feel... anyway, it was one of the maid's birthdays - the one i was 'playing', it seemed - and her other half was on his way to bring gifts and more food. at this stage, i start to think possibly this maid was buffy, because when the person turned up, it was, of course, spike.

he came with the following: a carrier bag, containing (apparently) the kittenspike picture (*ahem*) and various cards from family, etc, and two fresh chickens for the people to eat. as you do. and then the person-who-i-was-who-was-possibly-buffy was hugging spike to death because they'd missed each other. i wonder, is it wrong i can still remember exactly how cuddly james marsters was? ;)

anyway, since he was staying (well, obviously...) they were trying to sort out sleeping arrangements (if the person was buffy, it seems a rather pointless exercise... :D) then there was this very, very bizarre section where the guy who looked like westley was watching possible-buffy-person and spike snuggling in the back garden (aw...) and being jealous because the heather-character wasn't as willing to snuggle. or something. it was odd, anyway.

but cuddling spike was nice ;)

after that... oh, yes. i was dawn, or somebody dawn-like, and i was in a car with a bloke who looked like danny de vito, and i was testing him on hair-styling tips. very weird. he was doing rather well, frighteningly enough. and then i noticed that we were driving towards the NEC, and that it was the beginning of december, which meant we were going to the clothes show...

we got there and then danny de vito turned into spike again (now the thought of spike and dawn going to the clothes show is making me giggle. i may actually have to turn that into a fic...)

and then it got very scary... there was some mad woman there who seemed to have it in for me and everyone else there. i remember her hacking some girl's hair off who was getting a style done at the show, and then there was this very disturbing section where she was attacking me and i had to get the scissors off her and cut off her fingers...


but yeah, that was it. can still envisage cuddling spike, which is in turn very nice and unspeakably cruel to my psyche. gah. i need to read some fluff, now...
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gnnnn! dear christ.

i'm going to end up doing an "end of days" counterpoint at this rate... i forgot how arghish that conversation was.

i'm going to have to go through that on freezeframe; i'm absolutely convinced you can probably pinpoint the exact second spike's heart shatters...

my mantra for the year: buffy, you are an idiot...
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but before that rant, another...

went into work tonight, having swapped shifts just for this week with the other girl they have working there, since she was going to the christmas ball. i did not go to said ball because a) the tickets were only £2.50, which implied it was basically very crap and b) it was at destiny and elite, which scares me...

anyway. i went to work feeling slightly ill, and now, combined with standing (or slouching) for three and a half hours, cigarette and cigar smoke, the smell of beer, and half a pint of sickly sweet over-syruppy pepsi, i am feeling even iller. the exact cause of my illness is unknown, but i demand that ti go away before tomorrow so i can actually eat some of the party food without feeling sick. basically, my body is making stomach-empty noises and stomach-about-to-upchuck noises at the same time, and whenever i sit down it feels like my kidneys are being rammed into my intestines.

so, yeah...

anyway, the rant.

*beats the BBC editors around the head with a book labelled "imagery for beginners", repeatedly*

i refer, obviously, to tonight's haphazard editing of buffy... "touched" is by far my favourite episode of the season along with "chosen", "storyteller", and "beneath you", and luckily the spuffiness of it came out relatively unscathed. however, because i'm obsessive and watched the buffy/spike conversation scenes about seventeen times over, and the whole everyone-having-sex montage bit, too (it was easier than fast-forwarding to the spuffy... :P) i noticed the following:

1) during spike's rant about buffy, the conversation is meant to go as follows. the line omitted by the BBC - for obvious, if utterly stupid reasons - will be in normal text...

BUFFY: Fine. The stage is yours. Cheer me up.
SPIKE: (pauses) You're insufferable.
BUFFY: Thank you. That really helped.
SPIKE: I'm not trying to cheer you up!
BUFFY: Then, what are you trying to say?
SPIKE: I don't know. I'll know when I'm done sayin' it.
Something pissed me off, and I just... Unattainable. That's it...


see? it may seem like a very insignificant line, but it's about as humorous as the scene gets, and i happen to like that line. (what's even worse is from a few episodes back [i forget the title] where spike and anya were wandering in the alley and she was teasing him about the Magic Box Incident. he was meant to say, after the "you're like a dog with a bone" thing, and her "what's your point?": "so, it's my bone. so just drop it.". they cut the 'my bone' line. bastards.) not to mention the fact that they cut it with a rusty breadknife...

2) the everybody-having-sex montage. which wasn't a montage any more. the original run ran as follows: buffy/spike conversation leading to the "hold me" thing [which never fails to get to me even now. the buffy/spike theme in the music is so much less cheesy than buffy/angel ever was. of course, i'm biased...]; then faith talking to the first/mayor and robin, ending with the kissage; then willow and kennedy (DIE DIE DIE!) and the 'losing control' thing; then anya complaining to xander with "i think if we're done having sex, then everybody else should just knock if off..."; then, buffy/spike, then robin/faith, then willow/kennedy, then anya/xander, and then back to buffy and spike.

the entire sodding point is that everyone's having sex except buffy and spike. it's meant to be an ironic contrast to what happened last season; it's essentially the climax (sorry...) of all the relationships that have been built on this season, and a whole lot of other wonderful things that i'm too tired and ill to think of off the top of my head. so what do the beloved beeb do? they cut the robin/faith and willow/kennedy scenes out completely, so we only get spuffy - xanya - spuffy, and no sense of imagery whatsoever. the fact that the robin/faith and kenlow are implied is irrelevant! the whole point is the visual... thing of it!

losing brain cells by the second here... you know what i mean, i'm sure.

gah. gah. gah. someone please make them stop...

and on that note, i shall read my friends list, re-read my "touched" fic to make myself feel better, and probably go to bed...
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having found yet another image host that seems (for now) fairly cooperative, i can show you the buffy-icon-that-can-never-be (i took out the interesting fades but it's still 153KB), and this is what it looks like:

i'm especially proud of the willow bit... it seems to work better than the others. and as for why: well, i had to turn the quote into something, and when i watched "chosen", i just suddenly realised how old giles looked... so i was trying to find caps that reflected that. (they're from "welcome to the hellmouth" and "chosen", respectively, for each character...)

so, yeah. there it is.


Dec. 8th, 2003 08:41 pm
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so, in stumbling into hideously horrible and scary spuffy badfic (scary smutfic, in fact, the worst kind) and suffering briefly from car-crash-syndrome (you just have to... keep... reading... *shudders*) i find the following review. this wins the award for Best Review Ever:

"D'Hoffryn, Lord of Arash'Maharr, wishes for you to be informed that he is displeased with your misspelling of his name. Anyanka, on the other hand, is probably giggling."

of course, the fact that it's nearly 2.30am may account for why i find it so amusing. but still... hee!
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for those of you suffering from buffy withdrawal who will take anything they can get:

virtual season 8 is here. yeah, so it's fic, but at least it's good fic...

i can see!

Dec. 3rd, 2003 11:46 am
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why can i see? because i just got my hair cut and got rid of the great mass of fringe obscuring my vision. hurrah! whenever i attempt to grow it out, i always get bored. i suppose i was just born to have very short hair.

anyway. there's supposed to be some kind of lecture in this room, but as it's empty i thought i'd invade and runawayveryfast if someone comes in looking lecturer-like. and this computer is set at 800x600 resolution despite having a flatscreen (the result being too-large and oddly-blurred text) and i can't read my journal properly. which does not mean i'm going to start catering for every resolution. no frelling way. it just means i'm going to complain muchly over the fact that they've disabled any way of changing the bloody settings back to what they were to stop people breaking the computers. which is fair enough, but still...

we spent most of last night taking silly pictures with various digital cameras and putting up yet more christmas decorations - two letter banners and little cardboard trees and more lights. i think we just might have the most festive flat in the block, at least, if not the entire halls. although i'm sure there's someone outdoing us somewhere.

at rehearsal last night, beata (scary german conductor lady whose name i can't spell) said she was sorry there wasn't more for me to do. believe me, one verse, an interconnecting line, and various random ad libbed harmonies and descants is enough... and she wants us to form a choir; i met with a girl who'd turned up for the first two *ahem* rehearsals of chorus before we killed it, and we decreed we would leap on anne hollinghurst to ask to do something for easter. i should probably email her after christmas...

i am, however, hideously out of practice since leaving DCU, and my 'h's keep clicking, which is very, very annoying, considering my first line is "mary hail"...

why do i do these things? why?

i am debating going home since i have two hours to kill before my other lecture. the library is full of people, so research is out of the question. they should devise a new system. they should give the antisocial people-phobic people special cards and special days when they can have the library all to themselves without everyone else crowding them. yeah. that'd be a good plan. :)

i am ashamed to admit that i have failed in fighting off my buffy sequel idea and am probably now going to write it, despite telling myself that there was no way i was going to put myself into another 'cradle'-esque, unfinished rut by trying to do a post-season-7 fic. but the idea won't go away, and, clichéd though it may be, i like it, dammit!

and no, i'm not going to tell you what it is. :P

talking of which, i need to add an author's note to chapter two of the counterpoint to explain to the stupid people...

i think that's about everything.

oh! except that i watched 'interview with the vampire' last night for the first time in ages, and it reminded me why i really, really wanted a film of 'the vampire lestat'. in fact, what they should have done was:
a) filmed all three of the vampire trilogy books ('interview', 'lestat' and 'queen of the damned') in the same sort of time period - i haven't seen the new QOTD but from what i heard it was terrible, and claudia black with her one line was the best thing in it.
b) if they'd done that: not cast tom cruise as lestat. he's perfect as IWTV's lestat, but would have been terrible as TVL's lestat. brad pitt i can cope with. this is the only known film on record to make him look vaguely attractive. there's just something about vamp makeup and green eyes...
c) definitely NOT cast antonio banderas as armand. if not for the fact that armand was meant to be 16 and auburn... (and because my brain kept saying "butbutbut vamp!" at me, which is a Very Bad Thing.)

then it would have been very, very good. there was a very scary moment during the creation of claudia. when she's drinking from the maid and looking up at louis, it was [livejournal.com profile] last_dance. i mean, seriously. wow.

and that's it. except it did inspire the buffy sequel, or at least inspire me to make a plan for it. vampires, okay? and i was very tired...

i also finally saw 'the princess bride' on sunday, which was very amusing, if only because the short dude with the spaniard and the giant was the guy who played the grand nagus on DS9, and seeing any ferengi out of makeup is funny. (snyder!)

right. going.


Dec. 2nd, 2003 12:20 pm
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i emailed this to a couple of you already, but here it is for everyone else:


power to the people! (even though all i did was sign a couple of petitions, but still, i did follow the campaign ardentlyish and was as irate as everyone else that it got axed, especially after That Finale.)

see, i knew kemper would get us the ending. i just knew it.

with many thanks to her most high imperial deific and worshipped being, the all-knowing dulcima ;), aka [livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing, for the link. hurrah! i have four more hours of geekdom to watch! my life is not over! yayyyy!

anyway. i need a haircut rather desperately, and the campus place appears to be closed again. everywhere's closed lately. including the very useful scoop-n-save place where i get cheap ingredients from. bah. so, yeah... i need to walk back, now, and try to get an appointment somewhere else...

i don't think there's anything else of much interest... can't remember if i mentioned about buffy getting a place in the 100 top sexy moments in the channel four poll, and if i did, i apologise, and if not, well, there it is. much whooping and squealing and "yay buffy!" did ensue, although i got rather irritated by the silly UK magazine editor lady not having a clue what she was on about, and the fact that they attributed its position in the list as entirely down to sarah michelle gellar. um. hello? james marsters is way prettier... :P (it was the... building sequence from 'smashed', incidentally... although i would argue the dream sequence in 'dead things' was kinkier.)

i'm shutting up now...

see, this is what happens when we have jeremydreams on sunday night and spikedreams on monday night... and unfortunately, i barely remember either of them. except that the former was overseeing an exam (like at school, wandering between the rows of students) and i ended up throwing a pencil at him, and he was in a house with some random bodyguard trying to keep him out of the public eye despite the fact that nobody but me knew who he was. clearly, i'm dangerous. and all i remember of the spike one is an argument with someone who may have been flat-vicky over a picture of him. i think.

wow. coherence. don't you love it? yay for three hours sleep...

i'm going, now. hair appointments must be made, rehearsals must be attended (i'm going "to be used" for the solo, apparently. bugger my bloody inner exhibitionist...) and... i guess work should be done. maybe i'll try and read trainspotting. if i start posting in scottish dialect, you'll know why.

and did i mention YAY! for farscape yet?

new fic!

Dec. 1st, 2003 04:17 pm
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i finally finished my 'chosen' counterpoint, and it can be read right here, if you would be so kind. well, the first part, anyway. the other two are written, but i'm waiting for reviews before i post them.

review whore? me? never...

in other news, i got my HC2 this morning, and they've decided that i'm not eligible for free prescriptions any more. because, yeah, earning £31.50 a week really pays my £54.11/week rent, doesn't it. *rolls eyes*

don't think there's anything else of interest...
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in reverse order of subject...

was finished on wednesday night, to a satisfying degree - in that it is, at least, in english, and has enough pretentious commas to make it look better than it actually is. i hope. but i'm very proud of myself for managing to write in monday night's mad post-modern moment in eastenders, especially after arguing that soaps were essentially realist narratives. anyway, yes, it's finished... next up is the phantom adaptations one for contexts, which should be fun to do; the only bad thing is having to refrain from ranting...

i'm just off to town (once i've updated) to get the card to make my christmas cards. the rubber stamps have been found, in a carrier bag containing the felt i was using umpteen years ago to make [livejournal.com profile] scifinutter an ash-from-pokémon-shaped voodoo doll, which i never finished. because that's a really logical place to put rubber stamps when you have a box full of them somewhere else. yes. so, anyway, that'll be done in a moment.

associated with christmas - i'm roped into the uni student-staff choir again, whereby we stand in the atrium and lead the audience and do a couple of performance pieces. and since this time it's not being led by terrified-of-solos david hodges, i actually got to volunteer for the solo. y'know, one day i'll learn to control that. it's like an automatic reflex. someone says "oh, there's a solo, would anyone like-" my hand goes up before i know what i'm doing.

on the plus side, it puts me in good favour with the conductor lady, who then had me singing the tune over the top of everyone else's harmonies (which was just as well, because they were too low for me. :P) and kept grinning at me. i'm such an attention-seeker.

so, yeah, assuming the solo remains mine, and anyone wants to come and hear me warble in a ben de'ath-like manner, the concert is on tuesday 9th december at the university, 5.00-6.30ish (i think) and it's your common-or-garden carol service type thing, with the added bonus of people banging in and out of lectures.

oh, god... remind me why i'm doing the solo again?

but yes. hopefully i'll be able to convince most of the flat to come. becky has been complaining that she still hasn't heard me singing, so here's her chance. :)

the pantsfic got recced! look! - with thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing for telling me about it. that thing is going to haunt me until i die. i can see the gravestone now; under the epitaph, it'll read, in tiny letters, "oh, and she co-wrote the pantsfic." with a little pair of underpants engraved underneath it...

that's about everything... off to town i go.

oh, and i've nearly finished my 'chosen' counterpoint fic; i'm on the last scene, having managed to drag the filler section out rather pointlessly. it is, of course, shamefully angsty and fluffy, being written in the tail-end of PMT where everything even slightly shippy makes my brain tingle. *ahem* TMI? but anyway, it's nearly done, then i have to do 'end of days' (although it's rather redundant and would end up as spike ranting...) and then i have to avoid, avoid, AVOID doing a sequel with a prophesy, a child, and spike, even if it does fit the song from miss saigon absolutely perfectly.

nope. not going to do it.


i'm not.


i'm going to, aren't i?

*sigh* well, in any case, i need to finish this one and chapter it and post it...

okay, going now...


Nov. 10th, 2003 12:19 pm
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ah... there's nothing like five lovely reviews to brighten your morning right up. :D

four for part ten of sweet intoxication and one from jenny on my counterpoint for "touched" (i'm working on one for "chosen" at the moment, but it's refusing to cooperate. and i should've done the "end of days" one, already...)

anyway. yayreviews!

notyaynointernet. also the fact that i have to clean the showerroom later because we're having a flat inspection tomorrow... i guess i should probably dust my room, too. or try to make the wires at the back of the computer look less like a fire hazard.

nothing else to report. my life is dull.
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because this will probably never end up on fanfic.net because it's destined never to be finished, and because i decided to do a random illustration that i wish to share... be forewarned that said illustration isn't very good because i can't actually draw that well, but it's as good as it gets, i'm afraid.

Random Untitled Snowfic )
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that, and some ambitions, most of which are completely impossible...

The Ramblings

~ Seven sunsets over Cretan mountains, wondering why it takes so long to traverse the sky and only seconds to crash into the sea. The purple-pink-orange-blue of the aftermath always seems more beautiful.

~I watched a boy building a river in unbearable heat, and wished to live by the ocean, again.

~ Waiting for sunrise at thirty-thousand-feet, and watching as the world grew bright from sunlight struggling to peek over the edge of the earth.

(And, for the possible Buffy-fic, amongst others...)

~ "Not allowed to scream, not allowed to cry, even though Xander's missing an eye..." - which occurred to me randomly while suddenly remembering that lovely moment between Xander and Willow at the hospital, after the Caleb-incident in "Get It Done" (I think) - although I may not actually write the Willow-fic, it seemed like it would be something random she might think. Based, of course, on the rhyme in "Hush"...

~ She'll bare her soul like she's bared her flesh before now. 'One day, she'll tell you', so Cassie said... - for my "Chosen" counterpoint, the trequel to the one for "Touched". I have to do the "End of Days" one first, and I'm uninspired for it. I shall proceed to poke my SpikeMuse.

The Ambitions in no particular order. Mostly impossible.

1) When back at university, I plan to Cook Properly at least once a week, and if not, then at least twice a month. I can't live on pasta forever, and one day I might actually move out of home and have to fend for myself. I bought special herbs in Crete, and dammit, I'm going to use them.

2) Find Kiwi Liquer. A restaurant man in our favourite restaurant made us luminous green cocktails comprising the following:

1 shot kiwi liquer
1 shot peach schnapps
1 shot vodka
soda water.

they're yummy and get you drunk very fast. if i can find the liquer i'll make up a bottle for halloween...

3) Visit all the places I've never been.

4) Go to Paris.

5) Spend time in every village, town, city, state, and country in the world. (Even though I'd probably finish my journey when I was about 90.)

6) Learn Greek.
There were more. I've forgotten...
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now, the spike-centric dreams i can understand and accept perfectly happily. the spike/willow-esque one that was the provocation to start 'cradle', i can understand, almost. the gemma-appearing dreams are confusing the hell out of me. but this just takes the biscuit.

last night's offering was buffy-centred, i suppose. it entailed me being driven somewhere (i think it was choir, or something) along a very long road - the route was walkable, but along a very busy road and took about an hour - but that was just something i vaguely remember. the most part of the dream was about fanfic... i think. it had the general feeling of being fanfic, anyway.

there was a particular fic that the dream centred around. i'd filtered the buffy section of fanfic.net (as usual) by buffy/spike. there was a random fic thrown in there by someone who, to quote lloyd, was 'venomatly' anti-spuffy (you either love 'em or hate 'em...) and had posted their fic in there to annoy us. clicking away innocently, we all read it.

it turned out to be buffy/willow-centric. but it was so incredibly well-written that the authoress had managed to convert, or, at least, convince, the readers that buffy/willow was completely fabulous. except, this being my brain, and therefore being sporadic, i didn't so much read it as see it. maybe it was a fan-movie, or something. (no. i don't remember details. :P) i remember leaving a very impressed and gushy review along the lines of "wow, seriously. i'm convinced!"

then there was a very bizarre section whereby i'd been driven to wherever it was i was being driven to, and the authoress was there, and i congratulated her in person. she turned out to be a complete bitch (actually, she was rather faith-esque, only she was blonde, i think, and actually more bitchy) and we had a long argument about respecting your public and accepting praise when it was given. i stormed out, two hours before i was meant to be picked up, and started the long walk home...

random other bits come back to me... i remember a section with giles knocking annoyedly on the door and buffy and willow just ignoring him. *giggles* and i remember there was a general feeling that was like a combination of season 7 buffy/spike and willow/tara, combined, which i suppose makes sense... and i think it all took place in some kind of cabin... or, no! it was a boat! made of dark wood! because then there was another bit that was (apparently) x-files, where one of mulder's, um, exes turned up. i think. and she was familiar for some reason, but now i can't remember who she was...

i woke up semi-convinced i was a buffy/willow-er...

hm. odds i'll get bored later and go off in search of b/w fic? gah...
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by reviewing the latest fic.

this might be the last buffy fic for a while, since i'm meant to be finishing my POTO fic before midasgirl lynches me. of course, now i've said that for the world to see, my spike muse will probably plant himself firmly on the floor of my head and start singing "i shall not be moved". oy.
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(cross-posted on [livejournal.com profile] teylaminh and [livejournal.com profile] spuffyness for geeking and relevance, respectively.)

i have just realised that practically the entire of evanescence's "fallen" album relates to buffy (well, buffy/spike, anyway) and while ordinarily i'd just put this down to current obsessiveness, it's too much of a coincidence. i've also attempted to fit it to other 'ships i support, and it doesn't fit like it does for buffy/spike. hm. do we think evanescence are, perchance, buffy fans? i hate to be one of those people who post lyrics, especially since i've already done a messenger-conversation-post, but i have to prove it... i won't deeply analyse, but the more you look, the more you find, and that's half the fun, so i'll leave it to you.

going under )

right. hands up those who remember spike's line on "i'm drowning in you, summers"? for frell's sake, this is spike! "not tormented daily, defeated by you"? "i'm dying again"? "go on and scream, scream at me"? it's not just me, is it? i mean, i'm not imagining it, am i?

bring me to life )

and, in contrast, this one is so obviously buffy... the second line reminds me of bad smutfic... *ahem* oh, frell it, the whole thing's buffy in season six while she was sleeping with spike. possibly a more, um, pleasant buffy. a non denial-buffy, but buffy, nonetheless. onwards...

everybody's fool )

getting scared yet? back to spike, pretty much the entire of his feelings in season 6 in a nutshell. i envisage a spike inner-monologue as he watches her hang with the scoobs, when she refuses to tell them about their 'relationship', or maybe right after she's broken up with him. the "look, here she comes now" bit is very much a snarky spike...

the title of the next one alone is enough :)

my immortal )

annoyingly, this one's very buffy/angel-ish. very, um, season 3 buffy. oh, yes, they are so buffy fans...

haunted )

this is more both of them, yes? first buffy, then spike, again, during season 6. possibly early season 6 before "smashed" or even before OMWF.

the next, "tourniquet", isn't so relevant, even if it is annoyingly hummable... (and irritating in that she pronounces it 'turn-i-ket' instead of 'tor-ni-kay'). "imaginary" has pretty lyrics but is really more drusilla-esque... actually, it's probably saner than dru could come up with. anyway. oddly enough, the next three, on the second half of the album, seem to relate to season 7. on we go.

taking over me )

oo. wow. now that one's impressive. the first bit's buffy, sort of, although it's not perfect. the chorus is entirely buffy, right before "showtime" when she rescued spike from the first. remember, she did admit after "first date" that she wasn't ready for him not to be there, and right before he was taken by the bringers, she said she believed in him. anyway, the second verse is spike, during "potential". not sure on the last verse, but it's kinda pretty anyway...

my last breath )

okay, i just typed that out and started thinking about spike in "chosen" (not to spoil for those who've not seen it) and ended up nearly in tears. oy. but seriously, that's spike, and it's "chosen", and just wow. and the last bit's buffy... sort of. or possibly it could be spike again, at some point in either "touched" or the post-angel-argument in "chosen". wow. i will resist the urge to songfic...

whisper )

all right, less with the buffy/spike, but still very "chosen", this time buffy's perspective... especially that last verse. although, thinking about it, the beginning's very much like "touched" (at least, it's like "touched" the way i imagined it :P)

and with that, i shall end this, possibly my geekiest entry ever, and leave you in peace.

could someone please wean me off evanescence? please?


Jul. 1st, 2003 12:50 am
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right, let's see...

thursday night was spent at the briar rose. here's a formal apology to her for not turning up at revolution. by 8pm i was already too drunk to make it there and it's also a bloody long walk. anyway. to make up for that, here is the beginning of your present, because i have no money. i'll buy you a card at some point this week and stick it in the mail, if you would be so kind as to email me your postal address.

anyway. apologies again.

everyone else should click that link, too. it's my latest buffy fic, and spoils for season 7. anyway, spuffy fans, click away. and review!

so, the weekend after that was spent mostly with her, who came and invaded my house to watch season seven of buffy. so. friday was mainly spent watching buffy as far as showtime, i think. then saturday was spent watching the rest of it, finally finishing at 1.15am, and then we decided to watch cats, as you do... all this interspersed with eating. sort of. there's a limit, it seems, to how many pringles your body can actually cope with...

sunday - random films. hurrah! in searching for harry potter and the philosopher's stone, we discovered the intensely scary and very confusing cité des enfants perdue (the city of lost children), which is a bizarre french thing. and having finally sat through amélie on thursday, i gave up pretty much halfway through. anyway, then we watched harry potter, and then we watched ed wood (which led to us decided to randomly make a silent movie with transvestite vampires doing an array of bizarre hand gestures a la vampira and bela lugosi, entitled "bride of the hand!"... more on that when we have a plot premise...) through all this was much giggling and discussion on The Crossover, whose cast list is getting longer by the bloody minute. it's going to be... interesting, let me put it that way...

current favourite mental images:

1) harry, ron and hermione all bouncing around giles' ankles accusing each other of things, and him finally cracking and saying "look. i am not bloody dumbledore, all right?!"

2) dobby the house elf, in an attempt to save "mr potter, sir!" from the apocalyptic sock demon by banging his head against its leg.

3) spike, with kitten ears, playing a guitar in a drunken impromptu band formed so that lorne can read their future. to which lorne states, "okay, i can't see anything beyond the sexual tension. would you please stop?"

4) this one just came to me. d'argo being dragged around by his tongue by buffy, who has just overheard dawn telling someone that he 'tongued' her...

and many others. ohhh, dear...

so, yes, after that we decided it was just too much, and went for a walk. for three hours. to warley woods, infamous place-of-getting-very-lost. we got lost. because i couldn't find lightwoods park (eventually found it via hagley road after about 2 hours) and then went in search of a chip shop that was open because we were hungry. we failed in this endeavour and ended up going along my old road (eliminating two more chip shops in the process) and finally crawling into the local pizzaria to buy chicken and chips. it was that state of hunger where anything tastes good, even deep fried chicken and almost-potato. all in all, it was about a 5 mile walk. and then we decided to watch more films...

to wong foo, thanks for everything, julie newmar and the adventures of priscilla, queen of the desert, to be precise. in that order, because she hadn't seen them. by 2am, the sheer utter adorable campness of the latter resulted in us bouncing up and down, giggling hysterically, and going "aw! aw! awwwwww!" at the blatant mitzi/felicia (or anthony/adam) slash. whee! or possibly even bernadette/mitzi. it's just one long flirt, really.

um. monday morning was spent watching the wizard of oz, just for a change of pace. for the first time, in all the fifty possible times i've seen it, i noticed that the scarecrow was carrying a gun in the forest... random, huh?

so that was the weekend. i'd catch up on my friends list but i'll be here all night. tomorrow...

(that link again: counterpoint - "touched". review. go on.)
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something i said to myself (and partially thought) whilst watching "becoming - part ii" on sky one this evening...

'dear god, but i want season 2 on DVD. spike is frelling ethereal!'

and looks, like, 25, but wow, he was all glowy in the dark... i thought i loved souled spike? bitchspike's bloody wonderful! even if the accent leaves a lot to be desired. and even if he supports manchester united...


yes, the hormones are back, and they're sadistic. we apologise for the inconvenience.


Jun. 18th, 2003 02:38 am
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after nearly eleven months.

and many sleepless nights.

and much frustrated screaming.


is bloody finished!!!!

*jumps around the room*

tomorrow, i'm going to buy cake to celebrate. and now everyone is obligated to review, purely because i deserve it :P this is the first chapter fic i have ever, ever, EVER finished, and it's also probalby the longest. doesn't that deserve a review? huh? please?

oh, screw you... :P


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