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...and with something other than Creek-related fandomosity, here's an entry with actual substance!

At work, we are officially a "citywide" service (even though PSS doesn't work like that and we are all still based at our usual office locations), which means that we can be sent to minute all over the city. So yesterday morning I was sent to Tamebridge House.

Cut for length. )

In other news: last night we started watching Farscape. :D As Lloyd was nice enough to get me season 2 for Christmas, and thanks to the announcement of a potentially imminent movie (OMG OMG OMG), I had already decided that 2014 would be the year of marathoning it, and as there was nothing better on last night we slotted the first two episodes in before watching My Mad Fat Diary.

Talking of which: last night's episode was just... augh. Such a heart-wrenchingly accurate portrayal of how everything can spiral into utter bleakness and completely defeat you...

Anyway. Farscape thoughts! )

And that's that - for now. I actually attempted to do this for X-Files but as Denise and I have now hit season 2 and were watching 5-6 episodes in a go, I kind of gave up. I might come back to it when I have some spare time and get up to speed, though - I have so many thoughts and feelings re: Mulder/Scully on my second full rewatch.

I think that'll do for now. I suspect I will need to make more Farscape icons soon, though. :D
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I'll just go straight into this one. Once again, mostly typed at work on better keyboard and to get the majority of the words down. :P

Day 09 )

Thankfully, I get a grace period of one day for tomorrow's post, before the epicness that will be Day 11. Oy.
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So, I have two day trips to blog about and a meme to do. I was insanely busy at work on Tuesday and Wednesday (as a knock-on effect of having to help out West/East teams the Wednesday before [i.e. the 20th], resulting in almost falling behind in our own team's work) and didn't find time to update, and then have been too tired / disinclined to actually update whilst at home.

I also have another embroidery scan to post when I get home, as I've finally finished the insane amount of mid-brown. I started the darkest shade of green yesterday then realised I'd completely misread the colour chart and done it all the wrong colour - thankfully there wasn't too much of it, but still, a good three hours' worth of work to redo...

Anyway. I'm just taking a little break before commencing the three-tape dictation of DOOM that is sitting on my desk. Super-long entry commences... NOW!

Day Trip to Glastonbury, Saturday 23rd May )

After that was the bank holiday weekend, and as far as I can remember I don't think we did anything. Paul was working on the Monday anyway, so I doubt anything exciting happened. I was then at work for two days, before having flex and annual leave on Thursday and Friday.

(Half) Day Trip to Worcester, Thursday 28th May )

Aaaand finally, the meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] 803am...

Comment to this entry and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You must then update your journal and answer the following questions:

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3. Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
4. Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5. Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

I was given Farscape, Jonathan Creek and The X-Files by Eni... Here we go... Probably LONG )

Phew. *wipes brow*

Oh, and finally finally (honest), talking about Jonathan Creek, have some fic-like ramblings... )

Right, that's enough for one day. Normal service will be resumed shortly. *posts and runs*


Jan. 26th, 2009 11:03 am
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Another slow day at work today. Apologies in advance if this ends up being a bit rambling...

Paul was working on Saturday, so I used the time alone to do something productive, which equated to cleaning the kitchen and bathroom - although not the floors. I managed to get the weird crud off the bath near the plug / taps area - it came off surprisingly easily, actually. The enamel is in bad condition so foam and stuff ends up clinging to the surface, meaning it was worse than it looked...

Also found a home for the vast collection of biscuit tins I've accumulated from work, finally.

I've also booked tickets to see Sunset Boulevard in London, which is mine and Paul's birthday present to Eni. Row D in the stalls. :) Vicky had sent me a promo-code for a discount (£50 tickets for £25) but it didn't actually work, which seems to be because none of the tickets actually cost £50... Anyway, at full price they still cheaper than equivalent seats for Sound of Music...

I also discovered that I can book the B&B near Kings Cross - where we all stayed in January before / after the Eurostar - from their website, though I can only book a minimum 2-day stay, so we'll have to go up on the Friday and leave on Sunday. Which, actually, probably works out better, as it doesn't mean we'll be rushing on the Saturday to get into the city, get changed, etc... Since my birthday trip in October was somewhat done on a budget (cheap seats and the matinee, so no overnight stay), this will feel more like a proper theatre trip, at least...


We're going on 28th February. Oddly enough, when Sweet, Eve, Lloyd and I saw the final night of the UK tour, that was on 28th September... :)

Sunday was nothing much, really. Paul was meant to go out and play badminton but Drew was ill, so it was cancelled. We invited Lisa up for Sunday lunch and then inflicted Rocky Horror Picture Show on her, as she'd never seen it (!) Another one for the ranks when it tours again, anyway... I might make a RH-themed layout, actually... at the very least, one of the shots inspired me to make an icon...

Some fandom-ramblings. )

I told you it would be rambling. ;)

In other fandom stuff, I have one episode of season 5 of X-Files to get through, and then the first movie. I had a bit of hiatus over Christmas but started up again this week. I am now just attempting to organise my time in order to watch the film through in one go...

Right, I'm going to post this one now before it gets any longer...
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Here's part two.  It's just like being back on the message board. :)

John Quixote )

"John Quixote" was Death By Pop Culture in the most wonderful way, y'know... I probably could have analysed it even more, but it was getting stupidly long already.

Terra Firma )

The first post about this one, I imagine, was probably incoherent expressions of joy.  I can vividly remember literally jumping around the room and squeeing after the episode.  Twice Shy )

I can't remember what the abbreviation stands for.  Help?  Either way, this was in two posts...  ACOD )

"They cancelled this?" indeed.  This is the only fandom to capture my thoughts and imagination to such a degree... although having said that, I can harp on about shippiness forever, as my posts about such demonstrated.  I'm hoping, though, when I finally get around to my big X-Files re-watching, that I'll be able to think about them as much as I did for Farscape.  There are, after all, nine seasons' worth of it. :)

And, finally, with a heavy heart... Bad Timing )

I didn't expect it to end up as long as it did... but at least, with nifty LJ-cutting, it hasn't completely killed everyone's friendslists. :)

I hope this foray into my old fangirlishness was entertaining, anyway.
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At least, it is if you don't like Farscape.  I just found a load of old BBC message board posts that I'd saved back from the Good Old Days during seasons 3 and 4, before Auntie Beeb shut the Cult forums and before I stopped posting on them for my own sanity.

All of them are LJ-cut by episode/theme. Paul - there are definite spoilers here, so don't read it. :P

I never did get to 500 posts on that forum, alas, but my 500th post was certainly cause for celebration.  I think this must've been midway through season 3.  Also, this was back in the day when I didn't capitalise. Woo.500th post! )

During the between-season hiatus and subsequent Farscape Withdrawal Syndrome (henceforth to be referred to as FWS), Eve and I decided to form the FWSP (P for Prevention) game.  As per this post here. )  Of course, some idiot posted not 10 seconds later - or possibly after we initially annouced it, without the rules - to say "I'm expected to follow another poster's rules?  No thanks!".  Whatever, mate.  It's your loss. :P

This was the first week's challenge.  I don't remember how long it went on for, but we had a large list of topics, and the game really seemed to kick off and resulted in some wonderful discussion.  It was our brainchild, and we couldn't have been more pleased by the outcome.  I don't have any of the actual discussions, alas, as I only saved back my own posts (it was easier to write them in Word and copy them over, because the forum only allowed 500 words per post so it was easier to do a wordcount that way) but some of them were quite thought-provoking.  Anyway, here's the first one.

Week One )

Of course, all of this was before the news came of the cancellation, as I know I'd already stopped posting by then.

This is the list of topics that we had planned, with our names in brackets to indicate who was posting/collating each one.  I don't remember if we got through all of them, though a struck-through version states we only got as far as number 13...  The FWSP was fun, but the worst bit was collating the information at the end.  I seem to have blocked that ordeal from my memory, and if anything, it only goes to prove that I had far too much time on my hands back then...

The List )

To be honest, I think we'd exhausted all avenues of discussion by that point anyway... and, yeah, you can totally tell our preference for the shippy episodes. :D

In respect of question 15 about the translator microbes, I also seem to have made the following post about language in Farscape, because it was a topic that had been bugging me for a while.  It looks like it was also a discussion topic, too.

Language )

I don't seem to have the reply I made to myself, however, but I'm sure I've explained my theory on Translator Microbes once before anyway.  And if I haven't - well, that's what the comments are for. :)

Now for some episode reviews/write-ups, which I used to post after every episode, as did everyone else.  At least mine had more substance to them than Anna Sun's ("I liked this episode.  I thought it was very good." - she was 18 frelling years old!)  There's not that many of them and they're only for seasons 3 and 4, mostly the latter.  Enjoy. :)

The Choice )

LMAO.  I'm a bad, bad author, plugging away, there...

Fractures )

This one was actually before the 500th one, but I wanted all the episode posts together and in order.I Yensch, You Yensch )

If anyone's wondering, all of the "Don't yell at me" bits in relation to fic is because of a fic-war that started about a year before, during the season 2-3 hiatus.  I started a 'rolling' fic thread, and since the board's default set up was to show lots of posts (I think it was the first few posts in any given thread, though it could be changed to just the subjects... I can't really remember) all of the anti-fic readers started shouting at us because they didn't want to look at it.  Our fic - and us - were effectively driven from the board, never to darken the pages with our drivel again.  I never did forgive the poster who started it... but as I recall, he complained about everything, and was never happy, even when an episode did exactly what he'd been asking one to do the week before.  I'm so glad I don't have to deal with him any more.

We head now into Season 4 (I've lost the rest of season 3, and I'm sure I did a DWTB post, though it was most likely incoherent) and the looming end of the series...

Promises )

Natural Election )

A Prefect Murder )

LJ is complaining about the length of this, so I'll have to do it in two posts...
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So, I've backed up all of my pictures and fonts and random bits from My Documents, and then went through old Zip discs (as you do) to see what was on them.  I found a whole bunch of old MSN/YIM conversations with Naomi, in one of which we discuss how to make a Farscape silent movie.  I may transpose that one at some point, because it's funny...

Anyway, in doing so, I also found this rather wonderful picture of Stark's mask, which I must have snurched from somewhere to help her draw it for the Farscape Horror Show artist's impression (which is unfortunately no longer online due to dead webspace, I believe...):

As a result, I also made two icons out of it.  Up for grabs with keyword credit, as usual.

I'll probably be using the 'hidden talents' one...
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Okay. So, melodramatic whinings aside, here's a lowdown of the weekend.

On Friday night I finally got around to making the two CDs I intended to (though not the one I was intending for [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings, as that'll take more work...) and did an accompanying letter/lyrics for one of them, which pretty much took all night after I'd done covers and whatnot... which were quite possibly the most unoriginal covers ever (it's very difficult to turn the cover of Catatonia's Equally Cursed & Blessed into anything other than it is, but since I'd named the random mix on the end "Thoughtless", I just did a little thought bubble coming from the fox with the word in it...) so shouldn't have taken the amount of time that they did.

Things were going just fine until I decided to go to bed at around midnight... cut for lengthy explanation )

Anyway, after all of that, I finally sat down and finished my cards and wrapping, finally having lunch at 3.00 and watching the drama settle down a bit. Paul turned up shortly afterwards and we had another chat about things (luckily, I'd calmed down by then), then settled down to make a start on watching Farscape...


This continued into Sunday - after a break for the X-Factor repeats (why am I not surprised by that result...) and Eastenders - and we reached, um, the first one with Maldis, the title of which I can't quite remember. I'd forgotten how fomulaic the early episodes were, to be honest - the trouble with wandering into the series mid-arc is that the earlier, alien-of-the-week episodes are lost... though even with that formulaicness, there are hints of canon. We've already learnt within 6 or 7 episodes that Sebaceans lack the gland to regulate heat, that Luxans have hyper-rage, that Zhaan is a 9th level Delvian Pa'u and was once capable of great violence, etc., etc., etc.

Simply put, I'd forgotten how bloody wonderful it was. And that most of my favourite lines are from Aeryn, though my personal favourite so far has GOT to be from... er... red-people PK root-planting planet episode (meh...), when Aeryn has to do The Science Thing and complains that she had to "think really hard!" :)

So, with that ridiculously long update, I shall sign off and get back to work...
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I'm still addicted to Katie Melua's new album, so much so I haven't had time to listen to the Green Day one yet.  I've been meaning to post the lyrics to the following song here for ages because the first time I heard it I cried.  Not openly, just a little.  Aside from the obvious (you'll see), there's just something about it.  And then I realised how much it reminded me of John and Aeryn from Farscape, circa season 3 in Infinite Possibilites: Icarus Abides (with TaylnJohn rather than MoyaJohn, or John Black if you prefer...) and also of the end of season 2, Die Me Dichotomy.

Read on, and you shall see.

Just Like Heaven )

The kind of lyrics that look wonderful on their own without the music as well.  The tune itself is quite bizarrely upbeat.

And then, there's this one, the track following, which I also liked before I realised that it inexplicably reminded me of Erik and Christine in Phantom of the Opera, more from Christine's individual perspective than both of them.  (Just Like Heaven can be read in both directions, John or Aeryn.)  Very definitely post-plot.  If I'd finished my other song fic I could so use this one as well...

I Cried For You (Mary's Song) )

Katie's lyrics have come on in leaps and bounds since Belfast (Penguins and Cats), though that one was good in its own surreal, symbolic way.

I am very much loving this album.  *hugs it*
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BBC review of the Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars DVD.

"Farscape gets a decent send off."  Yes, it does.  I quite agree.

But not by you, you cheap bastards.


Feb. 16th, 2005 07:37 pm
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My Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars DVDs arrived today!

Which isn't as squeeful as it will inevitably be for Eni when hers arrive, but still.  Yay!  Deleted scenes!

New girl started at work today, finally.  She was meant to start last Monday, but never mind.  And naturally, this is right when everything's calmed down so she'll have practically nothing to do.

Rather like me.  I spent the majority of the morning attempting to get through to the frelling IT Helpdesk to talk to someone about getting access to the shared directory, failed four times, and finally emailed them.  I suspect they may ignore me entirely, as there is one IT helpdesk for the entire of the council... which is a lot of people.

All of whom seem to be breaking their bloody computers.  >.<

On the plus side, I spent the afternoon on the Inline message board (again), and won the daily quiz.  So tomorrow I am to be quiz-mistress, and on Friday I must come up with questions for someone else to host.  It sounds more confusing than it is.  And what do we reckon are the odds that tomorrow afternoon I won't have room to breathe, let alone host a quiz?

Anyway.  Life Begins starts tonight, and I am not going to miss it.

More screencaps coming on Thursday for the [livejournal.com profile] _mhotp_ challenge, as I'm too tired to fight with the DVD-ROM tonight.  It was being a pain in the proverbial yesterday...
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Didn’t get around to posting this one last night as it was later than I thought.  Bloody Hagley Road traffic.  Anyway, some thoughts on ‘Scape and thereby definite spoilers, beneath the cut.

Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars – some thoughts. Click me, Eni. Cliiiiick meeee! :P )

So, now for today.  There was some random excitement when a car driving a speed hit a parked car, lost control, and ended up on its roof right outside our building.  Everyone in our office congregated in Liz's room to be nosy, and one of the TMs called the police.  There was some miscommunication along the lines when people were trying to figure out what had happened.

"What's happened?  There's a car on the roof??"

"No, there's a car on it's roof..."

Two fire engines and two police cars turned up, and then a bunch of firemen proceeded to stare at it and mutter a bit about how to right it again.  They reminded me inexplicably of men doing roadworks, actually, in that it seemed to take 4 of them to do the work and one to think about it.  I was about to head out to lunch at the time, but that was put slightly on hold while we waited for the emergency services to turn up.  Crappy response time, guys.  Seriously. :P  After that we got bored as the car had stopped smoking and there were no casualties, so I headed out:

"Would anyone like anything that isn't a fireman?"

By the time I'd walked back the car was right side up again and most of the officials had gone.  Well, it was exciting for a few minutes.

I tell ya, it's all go in Ladywood. :D

And now, a mini-rant:  Something else that annoys me about the Phantom movie. )

Here endeth the rant.  Yeah, I'm whinging.  But... ugh, it's all I can do, and even if nobody else understands the importance of this movie, I do, and if I don't complain about it, nobody will.  Except lots of people are, so I'm not the only one whinging over nothing. :P

Wow, long post.  I shall go now.  I'll work on getting MHOTP! screencaps when people give me more to find.  Also, the MH interview I found last night keeps seeping into the periphery of my mind and making me snigger.  If I ever see Karl Beattie in the street, I shall slap him for emotional torment.


Jan. 26th, 2005 08:49 pm
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That's it, then.  No more Farscape.  At least this time we got a proper ending. :)

A real post coming later, hopefully better thought-out than the one I scribbled in my diary last night, as I have a lot to say... whether it's right or not. :)

And yes, I did cry.  Though not for the reason I was expecting.  It never fails to amaze me, this series.

Until later, I'll be quiet.  Comment if and when you want to borrow the video.
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Just watched the first half of Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars, and... it's interesting.  And it's Farscape, but with, like, spangles.  And a teense of dumbing down because they're trying to continue a horrendously complicated plot arc whilst not confusing any new viewers, though said dumbing down is done in a lovely self-ironic way that the fans can smirk about it.

Dude.  I had forgotten how frelling exhausting it was.  What with the random angst and the shrieking and the "WTF?!" and the hysterical giggling and the general confusion, I mean.

Roll on next Tuesday!!
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...or the bad news?

BBC, you suck big drannit arse.

Because blatantly, alienating the fanbase with crappy scheduling and bad editing and no promotion whatsoever isn't good enough for you, no, no, no.  You don't even fight for it?  Well, frell you, BBC.  Just shows how much you  'appreciate' your geeky little Sci Fi audience, doesn't it?  And honestly, I still contest that Sky One should've bought the rights in the first place, because it would've gotten a Hell of a lot more advertising.  The ratings'll be higher for that, at least; the only bad things are the fact that it'll have breaks in, and the fact that most newcomers won't really know what it is, as they didn't have the series before it.

Wait.  A memory stirs.  The BBC couldn't bloody get rid of it fast enough.  When it was time for the final four episodes of season 4, BBC2 showed them twice-weekly and got the whole thing over with as quickly as possible.  Rather than extending our viewing for the allocated time (longer, in fact, because of the usual Christmas schedule/random annoying sports event cancellation fiasco), it was cut short by two weeks.  Cliffhangers are way more effective when you actually have to wait the allocated seven days for the frelling conclusion, morons.

On the plus side, at least if it's on Sky One, it'll be on at a reasonable time (albeit apparently in two bits rather than four), and won't be edited to nothingness to Pwotect the Innocent Childwen, and we might actually get to see it as Kemper&Co. intended.  That's a blessing, at least, albeit a disguised one.  So, this means I have until January to catch up on everything.  And obviously, I will be taping it religiously, so anyone who wants it can borrow it gladly.

But, of course, for those people who don't have satellite television or Freeview, this is bad news, especially as SciFi UK still have the repeat rights.  So, on the plus side, Amazon are very, very nice people.

It begs the question, however: why are we to be condemned for loving something, for fighting, for wanting justice?  Why are we surrounded by automatons who do their master's bidding?  Why does everything have to boil down to who has the bigger bank balance?  Why is passion never enough?  Why is it that those of us who truly appreciate the beauty and intelligence in this world get voted out by an idiotic, senseless majority, and why is it that no matter how loud you shout, there aren't enough people out there listening?

Those with Sky, I implore you: watch Farscape.  Even if you don't know what it is.  Just tune to Sky One on January 16th and watch it.  If you're a fan who doesn't have Sky, but you know someone who does, invade their house, hold their remote control to ranson, bribe them, buy them dinner, do whatever it takes to get that channel on.  The ratings of this miniseries will dictate whether or not we get a full-length, big-screen movie, and I imagine the same'll go for the sale of the DVDs when they're released.  Do it.  Do it for the minority, the underdog, the persecuted.  Do it for Pilot, for Rygel, for DRD Pike, so they're not condemned to eternity in a darkened box stuck on a shelf.  Do it for Ben.  Do it for Claudia.  Do it for Anthony and Raelee and Wayne and Virginia and Gigi and Lani and Paul, and all the others.  Do it for Kemper, for O'Bannon, for their amazing team of writers and directors and editors and art supervisors and musicians and composers.  Do it for Moya, and Talyn; for John and Aeryn and their future; for D'Argo, for Chiana, for Scorpius, for Sikozu; Hell, do it for Harvey.  Just do it.

And if you won't do it for them, do it for me. Do it for all of these lovely people, too, and more besides.  Do it for the fans who might've been, who could be still.  You might know a closet 'Scaper, too afraid to reveal their terrible, awful secret - that they watch an intelligent show which has muppets in it, and made-up words.  Out them; drag them kicking and screaming to the fore of their geekdom, and tell them to do it, too.

You know you want to.

Edit, after some searching: Okay.  Wonderful.  It turns out that Sci Fi UK don't actually have the repeat rights for the mini.  Instead - as I believe I feared before - it's been jointly bought by both Sky One and Channel Five.  Channel.  Frelling. Five.  Excuse me if I find the fact that the BBC, the longest-established and furthest-reaching television institution in Britain, if not the world, bowed down to Channel Five, just slightly pathetic.  If it'd just been Sky One, fair enough.  Sky One and Channel Four, fair enough.  But Five?  Jesus.  And I pay my license money for this?  What, pray, is my money actualy buying?  Another fifteen series of Changing Rooms and seven more 'reality' shows making 'celebrities' out of annoying people who shouldn't even be contributing to the gene pool?

The answer to that question, obviously, is 'yes'.  But at least Sky One will treat our mini-series with the respect and love it deserves, commercial breaks aside.  I'm condoling myself with that, if nothing else.

On the other end of the 'passion' scale, the Phantom movie is almost upon us, and so far I've managed to avoid the trailers except for fleeting glances, and will be seeing it on the 10th, if all goes to plan.  I'm dreading it far less.  From what I've seen, it does look very 'movie-ish', and I do think it could work well, though this obviously does remain to be seen.  The Phantom is far too young, because Joel Schumacher didn't want to make a "middle-aged" film - obviously, he hasn't encountered the armies of phangirls that prevail in the phandom - but it has some good names in it in the form of Miranda Richardson, Simon Callow, and a couple of others I've forgotten...  I thought this day would never come, and still somewhat wish it hadn't, but my main fear in all of this was that the movie would become the 'definitive' version and the stage show would disappear into the limelight.  Andrew Lloyd Webber has, however, reassured people that the show is still going strong and will continue to do so... so my fear on that side of things is waning a little.  I suppose as long as he's getting bums on seats booking months in advance, it'll stay open.

Wow.  Fandom is exhausting.
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Got back about an hour or so ago... haven't checked email or read friendlists or anything like that yet, but am about to do something resembling a write-up (with photos) that will be up some point tonight or tomorrow depending on whether or not I fall asleep in the process of writing it.

But overall, a completely wonderful weekend was had, and I am now the proud owner of the following:

A box of very nice Galaxy Silk Collection chocolates.
Farscape season 3 deluxe DVD sets 3.3 and 3.4.
Buffy character collection DVD (Spike) with very very pretty cover artwork :)

And I still haven't managed to watch Big Fish having bought it early in the summer holidays, and Van Helsing is on the list to buy, as are the ridiculously priced X-Files video box sets in the Works for £9.99 each, which, obviously, I'm going into Birmingham to buy tomorrow, if I can still move.  There's also two new Most Haunted DVDs coming out very soon, so all in all I'm going to have a lot of watching of things to do.

Anyway.  Write-up coming momentarily, after I've read my emails, etc.


Sep. 23rd, 2004 10:31 pm
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Okay.  You know you're never gonna find fic when you're the only one on livejournal who lists the pairing as an interest.

Sikozu/Scorpius, obviously. ;)

(And, oddly, Dax/Bashir, too, but I know I'm not the only one who likes that.  Hrm.)

Let the Sik-Scorp-ers unite!!


May. 7th, 2004 01:46 pm
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How typical...  Two years on (and it seems like they did that on purpose), my Sunset obsession starts to dig its claws back in, and I realise it's May, and I have yet to change my calendars.  So we have Spike staring off into middle distance.  Which is okay.  But Farscape decrees May to be Aeryn month, and presents me, naturally, with Chiaerynaith.  Not that exact picture, but I can't find the truly terrifying one, and getting up to take a photo would be too much energy expenditure at this point.

Meh.  Terrifying.  (And for all those who missed the Chiaerynaith phenomenon and don't have a clue what I'm on about, I shall explain if required.)

PS: Naomi!  Scan the terrifying birthday card!!
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Wanted to attempt another black&white/coloured icon like the Betty one last night, and asked [livejournal.com profile] ennixeve if she had any requests.  Assuming she'd say "Max", I started thinking along those lines.  So, naturally, she suggests Farscape.  But at least she saved me the trouble of finding her a picture.

Have stolen one for my own use; all others are up for grabs, as usual, even though none of you care. ;)  Lyrics from Closest Thing to Crazy by Katie Melua, stemming from the associated AIM conversation.

... ... ... ... ... ...

I think I exhausted all possibilities for the lyrics...
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Okay.  So.  We know about the mini-series already.  We weren't supposed to, technically, since Kemper&co. didn't officially release the information and, at least according to what I heard, it was meant to be a secret.  In any case, we all knew about it via the Save Farscape site.  The getting of this mini-series is, of course, completely wonderful.

It might be slightly less wonderful than we thought...

If that link doesn't work, and it might not as it gets moved around, just click on the 'SciFi Channel' link and you'll find the article in the listing.  If not, well, it's not that interesting, and the gist is basically that the new mini-series is going to be shown on SciFi US.  There's been some discussion on Tortured Space about it.  Some points raised:

1) The fact that SciFi US are showing it is sending inexplicable shudders down everyone's spines.  Somehow, the thought of them getting their grubby paws back on our show is completely unpalatable, when they made it quite clear that they wanted nothing more to do with it.  Nobody bought the funding excuse, I'm afraid.  If that was really the issue, then they could at least have had the decency to let Kemper end the series properly.  If that was really the issue, the fan reaction wouldn't have been so immense.

2) Apparently, they are also claiming that it's entirely them responsible for resurrecting it.  Sounds to me like they're just covering their own backs and pretending like they had nothing to do with its cancellation in the first place.  What's next?  Blaming the fans for the cancellation?  Angry letters are already being planned, but, obviously, after the show is actually aired...

3)  There's been much worry lately about whether our beloved Beeb will show it or if they even know about it at all.  Apparently they're keen to show it, which is a step in the right direction.  Lately, though, their treatment of science fiction fans in general has been appalling - remember the Buffy scheduling?  That was the final season they did that to, and Buffy probably gets them higher ratings than Farscape ever has.  The BBC2 6.45 sci-fi slot seems to have been obliterated.  Even if they rectify that and do get the mini-series - all four hours of it, which I'll comment on in a moment - it'll be edited to death and shown at the wrong time, as usual.  If there's any hope at all, the title, spoiler of title ), might imply enough violent content that they put it on at the right damn time...

4) And if the Beeb don't show it?  It's left to the realm of Channel Four and Five.  The problems?  Ad breaks.  More horrendous editing.  The fact that not all of Britain can even get Five (a similar argument to what might happen if it goes straight to SciFi UK, who have the repeat rights; they do, at least, show them unedited...)  A break with tradition.  Similarly awful treatment of science fiction in general...

So, while the BBC's treatment of Farscape wasn't exactly perfect, it's still miles better than C4 or Five could do.  It's pointless to hope the BBC might finally see sense, but the thought of either of those two channels getting it sends waves of disgust rolling over me.  We're very definitely stuck between a rock and a hard place...  I really, honestly believe that if Sky One had initially bought the rights, it would be doing far, far better over here; Sky One have a knack when it comes to advertising, and when something's popular on there, it tends to get snapped up really quickly by terrestrial.

5) Does anyone else feel like the entire situation is just really... childish?  Or, at least, SciFi's reaction to it is...  The cancellation always seemed off to me - and everyone else, most likely - and I think the reason is it seemed like a jealous reaction... Farscape had what most others shows didn't, and Sci Fi cancelled it to make room for other things.  The fans retaliated in what could be construed an equally immature way - writing letters en masse, sending crackers and bras, throwing proverbial tomatoes at Bonny Hammer (not that she didn't deserve it) and fighting it to the death.  So SciFi conceded defeat; this mini-series has a definite vibe of "Oh, fine.  Jeez, have your damn series back." and it just makes the success seem really bitter...  We didn't win; they just got pissed off with our whining and tried to placate us.

Which doesn't, obviously, negate the fact that we are getting a mini-series, and it's the very, very best we can hope for... so for that reason, we're going to cherish it and welcome it with cookies and open arms.

6) As mentioned, the mini-series is four hours long, possibly in four one-hour instalments, or two two-hour ones.  Either way, that four hours out of what should have been twenty-two.  Talk about throwing us a bone.  It's not enough.  Farscape was supposed to end after season 5, not after Season 4 plus 4 hours...  Kemper had that much planned.  The cancellation not only screwed the fans over, it messed up Kemper's vision, too.  Is it too much to ask that he manage to achieve what he wanted in just four hours?  No, because I have faith in him,  He's never disappointed us, he's never disappointed his cast, and that's why I believe he can do it.  It doesn't make the wound any less raw after what SciFi did to us, but it's something.

He left that cliffhanger there for a reason.  It would have been so much easier to take off the 'To Be Continued', to end the season right there... but he didn't.  There were too many unanswered questions, and he knew that the fans would want to know.  With any luck, those questions will get answered; knowing Kemper, he'll pose us even more and then leave us hanging again... but even so, we're getting Farscape back for four more hours, and even though it's not nearly enough, it's still more than we could ever have hoped for.

I realise that I am not exactly qualified any more to do fan rants about Farscape, since I sort of abandoned the obsession at some point last year, and the extent of my fighting for the show was to sign online petitions.  I didn't even bring my videos with me to university, because I knew I didn't have another series to record.  I'm ashamed to admit that I did pretty much give up, where others kept fighting.  Despite that, I'm still on tenterhooks waiting for the mini-series, I'm still overjoyed we're even getting it, and the cancellation did sting, albeit a good few months after the initial news (I think, at the time, after Cats had been closed earlier that year, my brain just couldn't cope any more.)  I didn't earn this.  I probably don't deserve to be so happy about it.  But no matter what, it's Farscape, and I'm proud of everything everyone did, even though I wasn't a part of it; it proved that the death of something loved can provoke a huge reaction, and it brought the entire fanbase closer together because of it.  Some dropped out of campaigning, others kept slogging on, but we all hoped it would prevail.

And look.  It did.

We're getting a mini-series, dudes.  I don't know when, I don't know where, but we're gettting it.

(Damn, I need a Farscape icon.  Just thought the wording was apt on this one, though...)
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This is something I was thinking about at about three o'clock this morning, whilst trying to get to sleep (despite being tired, oh, six hours earlier...) but I thought I'd share it. We all know (and if we don't, where have we been, pray?) that I'm a shipper of the highest order. I am, in fact, a Professional, except I don't get paid. If, however, I could earn a pound for every 'ship I've managed to predict before it happened or was obviously going to happen, I would be a very rich lady.

So. This post is going to be long, and in it, I shall attempt to explain, for no reason at all other than I feel like it, what couples I ship for (in the main, anyway; I'll exclude the various movie ones because they're ultimately pointless, with a few exceptions as you'll see...), when I did, and why, and any associated rants. But I'll try to keep the rants short. :)

Feel free to comment/critique/add your own. It's a free-for-all. I'd appreciate feedback on my ramblings, if only to commend my efforts. :)

1 - Buffy, Farscape, X-Files )

There was going to be more of this, but I can no longer type, so will finish it tomorrow. Or probably not tomorrow, because I have an essay to start. Perhaps after essayness. Anyway. There will be much more. I have many fandoms still to do...


Dec. 2nd, 2003 12:20 pm
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i emailed this to a couple of you already, but here it is for everyone else:


power to the people! (even though all i did was sign a couple of petitions, but still, i did follow the campaign ardentlyish and was as irate as everyone else that it got axed, especially after That Finale.)

see, i knew kemper would get us the ending. i just knew it.

with many thanks to her most high imperial deific and worshipped being, the all-knowing dulcima ;), aka [livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing, for the link. hurrah! i have four more hours of geekdom to watch! my life is not over! yayyyy!

anyway. i need a haircut rather desperately, and the campus place appears to be closed again. everywhere's closed lately. including the very useful scoop-n-save place where i get cheap ingredients from. bah. so, yeah... i need to walk back, now, and try to get an appointment somewhere else...

i don't think there's anything else of much interest... can't remember if i mentioned about buffy getting a place in the 100 top sexy moments in the channel four poll, and if i did, i apologise, and if not, well, there it is. much whooping and squealing and "yay buffy!" did ensue, although i got rather irritated by the silly UK magazine editor lady not having a clue what she was on about, and the fact that they attributed its position in the list as entirely down to sarah michelle gellar. um. hello? james marsters is way prettier... :P (it was the... building sequence from 'smashed', incidentally... although i would argue the dream sequence in 'dead things' was kinkier.)

i'm shutting up now...

see, this is what happens when we have jeremydreams on sunday night and spikedreams on monday night... and unfortunately, i barely remember either of them. except that the former was overseeing an exam (like at school, wandering between the rows of students) and i ended up throwing a pencil at him, and he was in a house with some random bodyguard trying to keep him out of the public eye despite the fact that nobody but me knew who he was. clearly, i'm dangerous. and all i remember of the spike one is an argument with someone who may have been flat-vicky over a picture of him. i think.

wow. coherence. don't you love it? yay for three hours sleep...

i'm going, now. hair appointments must be made, rehearsals must be attended (i'm going "to be used" for the solo, apparently. bugger my bloody inner exhibitionist...) and... i guess work should be done. maybe i'll try and read trainspotting. if i start posting in scottish dialect, you'll know why.

and did i mention YAY! for farscape yet?


Sep. 7th, 2003 09:01 pm
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whilst pottering around on my computer, i finally got my copy of "scratch 'n' sniff" (farscape, season 3, the episode they showed at an ungodly hour so everyone missed it) to work. see, windows media player needed telling where the file was - i finally found the letter eve sent me telling me which it was - and it played in a tiny little window that wouldn't full-screen itself. then i tried it with the DVD player programme, told it what drive to play from, and it found the file right away, and let me full-screen it.

so :P to windows media player...

anyway. worked last night, 6.00 - 2.30, which was knackering... then we decided to go for a drive up clent hills to see if we could find mars away from the light pollution (we didn't) and i decided i would never survive living in the country. it's too dark. ah, i'm a true city girl...

what else... no, i think that's it...

oh, only that i cannot for the life of me decide what to go as for halloween.
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the buffy meme, farscap-ised. answer, damn you! )

seemed longer when i made it... anyway. fill in! share!
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go to this thread on the beeb farscape board. it's zhaan! on our little board!

of course, you can only reply if you're registered, but still, whee!
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a warning, to whom it may concern...

okay, next monday - final ever 'farscape.

saturday following - 'cats'.

meep. anyone got any spare prozac?
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so. let us mourn the loss of great things. here's my list; feel free to add your own as appropriate. in no particular order:

1) starting with tonight's escapade into what used to be jonathan creek, allow me to mourn the loss of maddy. carla, i can tell, is only going to get more irritating. want maddy back now. "the three gamblers" (final episode of series three, if anyone remembers that far back) showed potential for the jonathan/maddy relationship, bizarre though it is. the episode before that had them bloody sleeping together, and they want us to believe that this means nothing? that jonathan would fall back on carla, of all people? geez. an explanation to maddy's whereabouts was given in a throwaway line in the last christmas special, "satan's chimney", when carla was introduced - the blonder, slimmer new female lead. hm. pandering to male audiences, anyone? i wanted acknowledgement of maddy's existence, at the very least. whether they like it or not, it was the tension between maddy and jonathan that kept the majority of viewers interested - it's a fact of life, human instinct. ferchrissakes, when mulder went AWOL, at least they made a fuss about it.

which brings me nicely on to...

2) the x-files - i stuck with it til the end, albeit very badly for season 8 before rediscovering its wonderfulness in season 9. it represents the end of an era for me. well, it represents 9 years of my life that i wasted obsessing about it, but it's all the same in the end... at least x-files got a decent send off, and there's talk of a second movie. anything that reaches cult status within two seasons will never die...

3) farscape, of course, will be no more in two weeks' time. and the circumstances surrounding this turn of events suck in the suckiest way possible. it's going to end on a cliffhanger, and it's going to be horrible, and we're all going to cry for a week. or i will. whatever, it's going to be the most evil cliffhanger imaginable and i'm actually scared. above that, i'm disappointed and frelled off beyond belief that something like farscape, which - shock! horror! - has decent writing, believable characters and - oh, god, no! - deals with real issues that could, perhaps, affect real people, and not in a prettyprettyfluffy manner, either, gets cancelled, while things like big brother and the countless other pointless reality shows keep on getting damn well made.

hence, there are about a million tiny little loose ends thrown in amongst the larger main ones that will never get tied up; who the father of aeryn's child is (because we still don't know for sure); whether that baby will even be born; what scorpius' motives are; the ever-deepening relationship between him and sikozu; the recurring tension between chi and d'argo; where the heck noranti came from; how jool's doing; whether they'll all get home; whether there'll even be a happy ending. but these things mean nothing to television executives, of course, just the fact that they apparently can't afford to give us that much. i have faith that, given time, kemper and co could have adequately written an ending, but they weren't even given the chance. that, i think, probably sucks the most...


this, possibly, is a rant that should have come back in september. moving on...

4) buffy the vampire slayer - if anyone hasn't already heard, season 7 is to be the last. but at least buffy will have time to write a proper ending, which is more than farscape got. i still dread, though, that joss will prove himself to be the evil-anti-spuffy i think he is, in which case i'll be ranting a lot more come the end of the season...

5) frasier is also on its final season - season 10, admittedly. i am only glad that they finally redeemed the niles/daphne storyline after about 8 years of niles- and viewer-torture. i don't hold out much hope for roz and frasier, despite their also sleeping together at the end of last season. it seems to have been conveniently ignored. but i do have at least some faith in the writing team and they'll probably surprise me...

6) futurama, i think, also got axed by fox. which is quite suspect when you consider the similarities between it and farscape, but i won't read anything into that and turn it into a conspiracy... i think it got axed because it wasn't doing as well as its big sister, the simpsons - well, duh. the simpsons has been running for about twelve bloody years; futurama's only been going for what? five? and it's probably only seen as 'scifi' even though it's also an animation, and we all know the stigmae attached to that, don't we?

7) going away from television a moment - cats is closed, as you all know. (incidentally, go here and click on the "cats and me" link, for my long-awaited eulogy-of-sorts.) it's also touring at the moment and i'll be seeing it in 2 weeks. oh, two weeks? whee! *ahem* anyway. yes. it's touring. and rather than going to the brum hippodrome, it's going to the wolverhampton grand. which is more expensive. so thwarting my plans of seeing it many many times, and similarly thwarting plans of front row seats because i should really have booked it by now...

8) i worry intensely about the phantom of the opera, the more things are said about the movie, which is now definitely going ahead because they've found a director, and it seems that antonio banderas is still being considered for the lead. i've give up hope entirely in that regard, and hereby state for all and sundry (well, those who read this and/or care in the slightest) that i will not be seeing it. in fact, i hope it flops and teaches andrew lloyd webber a lesson. and believe me, if it had anyone but antonio banderas being considered, i'd be praying for it to get oscars. that aside, what worries me even more is the prospect that, once filmed, it'll be considered some kind of 'definitive' version of the show, just like the video for cats was. the result of that was the show closing. if andrew lloyd webber closes phantom, one of his most successful and sell-out shows... god, there are no words for the sense of dread i get thinking about it...

9) back to television. deep space nine ended a while back. i miss it. i'm fed up of constant frelling the next generation repeats. d.s.9 was far superior, in my opinion (which is undoubtedly in a minority) and yet has it ever been repeated? not that i can remember on terrrestrial... however, i can't rant about the show itself, because, as finales went, the d.s.9 one was perfect. they tied up the war arc, the focussed on what all the characters were going to do next, they redeemed themselves on the dax/bashir plotline, even, to some degree (even though they tortured the odo/kira-ers beyond belief in the process) and they left it wide open for a movie sequel. that's how you do a finale.

10) voyager, on the other hand... voyager's finale sucked. i mean really. it can be summed up as "oh, no, not another temporal prime directive storyline.", of which berman and braga seem to be far too fond (look at the pilot of enterprise, for god's sake... that's as far as i managed to watch...) i mean, come on, guys? blowing up the borg and changing the future? can't you do any better than that? not to mention pairing chakotay and seven and managing to alienate two groups of shippers at once. just because one of the actors thinks it's a good idea (jeri ryan, i think it was, in fact...) doesn't necessarily mean it IS a good idea. jesus... also, there was nothing even remotely decent, character's-future-wise. nothing. all the reunions, save for the oh-so-precious meeting between admiral paris and tom and b'elanna, voyager's couple of choice for the entire damn run, were conveniently avoided in the hope we'd all forgotten. what happened to libby? mark? t'pel? (no, not t'pol... t'pel was tuvok's wife...) b'elanna's father? seven's aunt? and what about the maquis?

you see?

i could go on longer, but i won't. there's too many things. however, people may feel free to add their own, as i said...
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currently, the phrase, "Turns out, Scorpius is like eighty-five percent water. Who knew?" is making me cackle hysterically.

from here, if you're curious. he finally updated...
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i'm getting that feeling again.

that feeling like i'm going to fall out with every-sodding-body i know, for one reason or another, over completely pointless things, and probably beyond my control. i spent the entire morning having a ranting match with someone on the farscape bbc board, when normally i would have stepped back and let it fly. i feel like just picking fights with people, just shouting "what's your goddamn problem?!" just so i can clear the air.

tensions are rife over "farscape" now there's only however many episodes left to go. four? something hideous like that. tensions are even further fraught over the fact that the beeb are showing two episodes a week as of next week, and they believe this to be good scheduling...

hence, everyone i know through "farscape" is getting pissed off, (rightly so) and it's making me pissed off even more than i am already about everyone taking it out on each other at every available opportunity. last week was frelling hellish, with one thing or another - saturday night, for two hours during "little shop" and those ten minutes of rambling conversation/gush with y-k-w were the high point of the year so far. for the former, i was just completely relaxed (until the last ten minutes or so, at which point my nerves kicked in again) and i realised, not for the first time, that i'm only ever completely, utterly happy when i'm sitting at a show (depending on whether or not my "iwannabeinamusical" hormone is active or not...) because i adore the genre, and i admire the people who perform in it even though i could never aspire to their standards. i'm humbled, but euphoric.

on a semi-related note, my body completely is not strong enough to cope with the demands my emotions put on it, as proven by my collapsing after meeting him...

i have a proposal to make.

everyone who is angry, for whatever reason - here is your chance to vent. comment on this post. rant at me, rant at the world, rant at yourself, whatever. if you rant at me, especially, feel free to bitch, because if anyone's angry with me i'd appreciate knowing why instead of wondering, constantly, what i've done wrong. i put it to you all: "what is your problem?"

i can't promise not to pass judgement, because right now i'm feeling too opinionated for my own good, but i will promise not to rant back unless i'm agreeing with you.

bring it on.
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remind me not to get into arguments with people as opinionated as me...

argument about last night's 'farscape' on the board for your enjoyment...

and i still keep remembering saturday night, random things i'd forgotten about... like the fact that he remembered my name - it was in the letter, obviously - and little things which it's probably not so healthy for me to dwell on. not to mention the little things i'm annoyed i didn't remember to take notice of - like working out how tall he is, or what colour his eyes are (that is annoying me; i'm pretty sure that faith's are green and i managed to use it in the fic, so knowing jeremy's would help a lot. artistic curiosity. [ha, that excuse'll get old fast...] and infatuated-fangirl curiosity...) and all the things i meant to ask but didn't because my brain wouldn't engage. and that moment when i spotted him across the room and got this really bizarre feeling, like i was about to face my goddamn destiny or something. i'm crazy; this much i've figured out. god...

and incidentally, if i find out said eyes are green, i'll be a goner for sure...


Jan. 28th, 2003 01:00 pm
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this won't make sense to many of you, but i'll say it anyway.

the deplorable anna sun (or AnnaSun Spank you very much!) from the bbc farscape board, has, for some unknown reason, found the poems i posted under my other pen name about a year ago. and not only that, she's blimmin' reviewed them...

in a word, meep.

(oh, and on a slightly less scary note, although only just, there were about 5 reviews for cradle on random chapters from someone called "timeends" who seemed to make random comments... but hey, i'm only 19 away from 200 reviews now, so i won't complain :D)
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firstly, because it's completely inescapable...

farscago! (or maybe chicape)

roxie hart - chiana
velma kelly - aeryn (oh come on, it'd be funny... at least her hair's the right colour...)
billy flynn - john. obviously. screw the shipping...
mama - zhaan
mary sunshine - sikozu or jool. i vote sikozu. she's less annoying.
amos - d'argo
fred casely - anyone who chiana's slept with who died early in the proceedings of an episode...

however, it does prove my point that 'farscape' can be crossedover with anything, including 'buffy'. in fact, the only things that won't work are 'the phantom of the opera' and 'sunset boulevard' (and believe me, i've tried. actually, they WOULD work, but not in any character combination i want to think about... much as john/zhaan would be interesting, it's not something i'm particularly desperate to investigate in a fic. and while i could do aerynchristine and johnraoul, i'd have to be a christine/raoul shipper and that's never going to happen. hence, dilemma. anyway, i digress...)

anyhoo. stemming from previous post, i give you:

buffycago! (or would that just be "sunnydale"?)

roxie - buffy
velma - anya (velma killed her sister and husband. it's a very tenuous vengeance demon link.) failing that, i'll fall back on cordy. old bitchy cordy.
billy - spike (the william thing)
mama - after ruminations with naomi, the first option is d'hoffryn
mary sunshine - willow
amos - angel
fred - riley. then i get to kill him.

this version sticks to my shipping of roxie/billy along with buffy/spike, and manages to get in angel AND riley at the same time ;)

the other alternative is:

roxie - willow. or maybe anya.
velma - buffy (and we kill off dawn by default :D)
billy - giles. i can see that, actually...
mama - ... the second option is lorne from "angel". suits him ;)
mary sunshine - again, anya, or willow, depending on who's roxie...
amos - although it goes against all my shipping, spike. because "mister cellophane" and just aw...
fred - oz... or xander... ha! xander ;)

naomi's right. i need a 12-step programme. for everything.
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ow. brain going to explode from over-shippiness. john and aeryn and sikozu and scorp and niles and daphne, all in the space of 5 hours. a girl can only squeal so much...

and then, having calmed down, i mistakenly re-watch the last 15 seconds all over again, which makes me giggly for the second time tonight.

i really shouldn't get so emotionally attached. but jesus, i'd missed the shippiness...
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in 9 weeks (gah...) "farscape" airs its final episode of season 4. well, give or take a break for some pointless sports event or another. anyway. in at least 9 weeks... and it's a given, this being "farscape", and the kemper and his minions of terror being the evil sadists that they are, that it will not only end on a cliffhanger, but it'll be a hideously angsty painful one, too. with very little hope of a resolution unless they find a way to get it to us.

anyway. she has suggested that perhaps a getting-together-group-watching session may be in order. this does not seem like something one can sensibly watch alone. as for where, well, that'll be sorted nearer the time, if it even goes ahead. but i'm just wondering if anyone else (britainwards) wanted to join in.

and if it ends in a group suicide, we all know who to blame :P
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...and further proof that you can pretty much crossover farscape with absolutely anything...

farscape meets harry potter

harry = john
ron = d'argo
hermione = aeryn
mcgonagall = zhaan
dumbledore = pilot
ginny = chiana
snape = scorpius
malfoy = crais (or braca, depending on whose side you want crais to be on...)
and finally, hogwarts = moya

tee hee. this was naomi's fault, by the way.
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well, that was interesting...

today was the rehearsal for the concert tonight. anne, who gives me a lift back every week, had asked if i could try and make it there at 10.30 to help with chairs - i said i would, if i wasn't packing and/or asleep. so i woke up at 9.30, promptly thought 'screw that' and went back to sleep again, after setting the alarm for 11.30.

i'm pretty sure i don't remember the alarm going off again. next thing i knew i was semi-awake thinking 'i wonder what time it is? and looking at my clock and promptly going "frell!!!" (yes, i DO say that in real life...) because it was 1.12. the rehearsal was at 1.30. so i got up, dressed, and legged it down the road in about 5 minutes,a nd got there at 1.31. not bad ;)

and i watched "once more, with feeling!" twice last night, once while taping, and then the last 10 minutes (from giles' song onwards) again. for some reason, those final parts really got to me. for example:

~ the pairing of tara and giles in their duet is just really frelling cool.

~ this exchange between buffy and spike made me go "ouch" both times over. i'd never realised before just how owwy it is...

spike: forget them, love, i've got your back.
buffy: i thought you wanted me to stay away from you. isn't that what you sang?
[then the xander/anya exchange]
spike: fine. i hope you dance 'til you burn. you and the little bit...

owww... when buffy's pushed him so far that he wants his bit to burn, you know it's bad.

~ and then the entire of 'walk through the fire', which is a great song anyway, but specifically this line: "i will walk through the fire, 'cause where else can i turn?" again, i say, owww... this, followed by spike's rambling ruminations on his 'plan', starting with "first he'll kill her, then i'll save her" - which can only mean that he would turn her if he had to, and at this stage would probably do it willingly and regret it afterwards. and then, followed with "no, i'll save her, then i'll kill her" - which can either mean he's really had enough, or the same as the other one.

~ the final refrain of sweet's song is also scarily poignant. "what a lot of fun / you guys have been real swell. / and there's not a one / who can say this ended well. / all those secrets / you've been concealin' / say you're happy now / once more, with feelin'!" etc. it's so true. i think last night was actually the only time i really listened to the lyrics properly. or i've been listening to it so long on the soundtrack without the pictures that it suddenly made more sense... i dunno. weird, anyway...

wow. remind me never to watch that late at night again...

oh, then i rewatched monday's 'farscape' and sat there going "meeeep" for the entire everyone-as-everyone-else sequence because a) claudia black frelling IS chiana at times, and b) the aforementioned faith brown resemblence. meep, meep and triple meep...
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i did chapter 22 of "cradle". oh, yes, i did. i am a good and useful updater-type-person.

and now i'm going to bed. bad sleeping pattern frellage bad, bad, bad. and still getting disturbing images from this:

it's chiana! no, wait, it's aeryn. no, hang on, it's... faith brown??
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magentasky's dollmaker died a death. i got bored. i found another...

all right, so that last two suck. and in case you were wondering - sikozu shanu, scorpius, and the borg queen...

oh, dear, it's started...

the first is claudia black at the event on saturday, that i did at random to cheer up eve. the second is, well, a fairy. a very bright one... and the last two are eve, now i know what she looks like ;), and sweet thing, as i remember her from manchester. minus glasses.

lorna. who'll kill me. blame naomi for telling me to do it. and you'll have to imagine the trenchcoat... the other one is betty schaefer. i'm not even going to try and do any of the other SB characters...
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i'm currently resisting the temptation to post on the bbc farscape board under the post about the claudia and wayne event that i couldn't afford to go to, with the words "i hate you all..."

it's taking every ounce of my will-power, i can tell you...
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yesterday, i said to her - "one day, they have to put john in drag."

looks like i'm always right, too :P
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she and i have a whole bunch of these to go on fahrbot.com when it's done and dusted (give us another 4 years; we might have something resembling content... :P) but here's one to be going on with:

minh and cyril's silly caption collection:

(i do realise it's somewhat illegible. this was an experiment, and i have been duly shouted at for it. it says: "Erk... all right. I... I didn't see that. Very sorry, sir. I'll let you finish... um... interrogating..." it appealed to my recently released inner john/scorp-er. at least, that's what naomi thinks...)
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in addition to this plea, i would like to add that there is an email address at CrackersDoMatter@yahoo.com which the cast and crew know about. If you want to say a few words, feel free to do so...
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the news: scifi channel US, in their infinite wisdom, the same wisdom bestowed on all networks at network school, have decided... to cancel "farscape"

this is the same kind of idiocy as portrayed by paramount and berman and braga with voyager, and the absolutely hideous pairing of chakotay and seven of nine, for which nobody has forgiven them.

network owners have death wishes.

and there will be a much longer rant on this subject coming up later...
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so i went to lloyd's on friday to help him write something. this went hideously wrong and we ended up writing fanfic...

here be sillyfic

sweet - dialogue-only fic included above. it resembles yours to begin with, but hey, it was 1am. sorry...

and the second one i'm going to extend into a full-blown sillyfic and put on FFN at some point...
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I will LJ-cut it because it's very long... Enjoy!

The SFX Event - a Synopsis )

If you're still alive, keep reading. It only gets better. However, you'll probably all want to kill me...

Saturday 22nd June 2002 )

And finally... Sunday will have to go in another entry, because LJ is informing me that there aren't enough characters to do it. So... um... yes. Useful. See next entry...


Jun. 9th, 2002 09:45 pm
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go here to see why. but be quick, i don't know how long it'll stay there... (if not, scroll down, you'll see. also, don't hang around there too long or go exploring if you want to remain spoiler free.)


(and many thanks to her for letting me know.)

oh. my. god. i'll be back when i've finished bouncing idiotically...
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i'm going to kill john. i am. even though i vaguely recall mentioning this on saturday night, but, just because i listen to the frelling soundtrack does NOT mean i want the idea permanently embedded in my brain...


"labyrinth" meets "farscape". my original idea being to do a role reversal and have john as sarah, but upon realising that sarah has black hair...

jareth - john. okay. hear me out. envisage our favourite goblin king. now envisage john. amalgamate. giggle extensively. :D and, naturally, this would be john doing the PK accent because just mmmmmmm...
sarah - aeryn. you know what, now i really want to hear claudia do that whole "through dangers untold" spiel...
toby - okay, bear with me... maybe it could be a Prowler that john steals when she complains about it...? i'll work on it...
hoggle - rygel? similarish personalities...
ludo - d'argo, obviously.
sir didymus and ambrocious - for some reason... i can't get the image out of my head of a really vicious stark being piggy-backed around by chiana... oh, come on! she IS the dulux dog!!
the little goblin inside the humunculus - crais. obviously. just imagine him saying the "that wasn't very nice!" line :)
the goblins - DRDs

okay, that's... well... crap. i'll work on it.

but again, i say. i am going to kill john.


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