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In the course of - once again - fandom rediscovery, I've been re-reading old fanfic over the past few days. Initially this was just for Sunset Boulevard because that was the fandom in question, then Phantom and, more recently, Voyager because [livejournal.com profile] doec reminded me of a specific story/script and I randomly decided to read that as well - and subsequently reminded myself that one of these days I was going to turn them all into prose. ;) (I wrote script-format fic for Voyager for years, at least until I started writing 'properly' for Farscape and other fandoms in prose...)

Anyway, I digress. Rambling 'neath the cut - this entry ended up a lot longer than I intended... )

One day I will have a moment of blinding clarity where I pinpoint the reason for this fandom; either that or it will remain forever inexplicable. Until then, I shall continue to engage in Epic Character Study Discussions with like-minded friends and enjoy the rollercoaster while it lasts...

Eni - if I don't respond to your latest email today then it will have to wait until I've got the internet, by which point I will have had More Thoughts upon Thoughts, but I promise it'll be the first thing I do. ;)

F-List - I'm on leave for two weeks as of tomorrow and also possibly going to Paris if we can get cheap flights/hotel last minute, so I shall be appropriately silent until Sky come to install our intarwebs. Don't do anything interesting while I'm gone, 'kay?
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Right, latest house-hunting update.

Back to the Drawing Board... )

On the plus side, the concert on Saturday evening was an absolute triumph. The BSSO's rendition of The Pines of Rome was amazing; for the final movement they'd positioned the trumpets behind the choir and when it built to a crescendo it was like being cocooned in a bubble of deafening sound. I've never experienced anything like it before. (I'd also never heard the piece before so the whole thing was a pleasant surprise.)

Carmina Burana was great fun to do; the last two movements are exhilerating. I like to think that God / the Raptors were so enamoured and distracted by our lung-busting rendition of "O Fortuna" that they forgot to end the world. :D Although if that prediction had been correct then I can't think of a better way to go, screeching about the unfairness and unpredictability of life.

Cut for nostalgia )

We went to the gym last night and had a go on everything, including the scary-looking and painful stepper machines. Our programme cards advised 10 minutes; I managed three and Paul managed one before his knee locked again. We had a very productive hour and then ruined it by having fried chicken. I need to get back on track with calorie-counting again because at the moment I'm eating junk food post-gym and basically maintaining a level of fatness, which isn't how it's supposed to work. I think I've actually put more bloody weight on, and all the sit-ups in the world aren't going to help if we keep going to the chippy afterwards.

On the plus side, everything feels like it's working, though at the moment I am in less pain after a regular session than with the personal trainer, so perhaps I need more discipline. :P

I think that'll do for today...
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So much for my best laid plan for fandom post catch-up. Ah well. I'll just have to stay behind. I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to keep the momentum going - I'm actually surprised I lasted as long as I did. :P

I promised a work annoyance the last time I posted, in relation to the fact that I'd cleared the backlog on my return to work on Thursday. So here it is... )

Oh, and here's an extra, unrelated stupidity from Thursday... Communication fail )

ALSO ALSO, a while ago I mentioned a film I was trying to find from my childhood. Or rather, I could only remember the last five minutes because they were on the end of a video. I found it last night!

I had remembered it as being on the end of Mary Poppins. It turns out my intuition on that front was half-right. For some reason I'd got it into my head on Saturday to watch The Three Lives of Thomasina, an earlier Disney film, which stars the same two children as Mary Poppins. I think my mum must have taped this for herself (as her own childhood memory) because the film in question was actually after Thomasina, only to have Willy Wonka taped over it. The reason I remembered it so clearly was because I used to watch Willy Wonka a lot more as a child and thus would fast-forward the tape to that point, and the mysterious badly-dubbed film was thus on the end of it.

SUCH A MASSIVE RELIEF. Again, at least I'm not insane.

It was called Beyond the Dragon's Lair and was made in Romania in 1982. It does indeed involve a man and a woma on a rocky outcrop, though they are both fully clothed (not in loincloths as I remembered), and the man DOES spend the last 20 seconds of the film DRAWING WINGS on a big rock (though he doesn't make them - I think they do fly on them at some point, and I MUST have watched this film all the way through before it was taped over, because Willy Wonka was taped MUCH later than Thomasina.) The wings-drawing part was particularly vivid; also my music memory is much stronger, as I remembered it note for note!

So there you go. Thus far IMDB and Google have not been helpful but I'll investigate further tonight. I'M NOT MAD, HURRAH!

I very much doubt this will be the end of my quest to dig up childhood memories. I'm still waiting on a reliable torrent of A Connecticut Rabbit in King Arthur's Court, the Bugs Bunny cartoon no-one else but me remembers. Seriously, why is my childhood made up of bizarre televisual remembrances? Normal people remember songs. :P
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I can't think of better subjects for these, really...


Day 07 - A Song That Reminds You Of A Certain Event

This is an exception to the "songs I own" rule.

Aqua - "Turn Back Time"

Technically it's only the chorus, though I do remember the song being in the charts... This was used for the Sky One trailer for the Season 5 finale of The X-Files. Sky One have always been really good with their trailers (it's part of the reason I really wish they'd had Farscape to begin with rather than Skiffy / BBC2), and I can still remember that particular trailer. The focus was on Mulder and Scully (Sky One knew us so well :D) and the arrival of Fowley putting a spanner in the works. In the episode, there is a brilliant scene where Scully is going to tell Mulder something, but she sees him in the room with Fowley holding his hand, and instead she chickens out, goes back to her car and phones him instead, pretending to be on the move. The trailer had a couple of seconds from that moment of Scully in her car and it was heart-wrenching.

Aside from that particular event, it also leads into several other events, because Season 5 ended whilst I was on work experience in year 11, and thus a couple of weeks away from That Summer Holiday between GCSE and A-Levels. Back in the days when we actually HAD summer, rather than intermittent rain and occasional sunshine. It was the summer I saw Phantom in Birmingham, the summer of The X-Files first movie, and more than that it's a summer I remember to this day with fondness, and memories of ice-skating, cinema trips and gleeful obsession.

In which case, it's also quite an apt song title for the event(s) in question. :)
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I wonder how many KEVIHS girls on my f-list remember these...

Swirly biscuits!!

There was a recipe for these in the chocolate-themed cookery book I bought Eni for her birthday, and she kindly typed it out for me. In order to distract myself from election horridness, I have thrown myself into productivity today and decided to make them. (Am also making a chickpea, chilli and lime soup later for tea...)

The ones at school were about twice the size, obviously, but I'd wager the cooks had more counter space than me. :P

Not bad for a first attempt, though!

They taste just as good as the originals, too. :D

Not again!

Feb. 7th, 2010 12:14 am
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Okay. So I managed to find Paradise eventually (the animation I vaguely remembered from childhood) and now I have an even more random thing I'm trying to find...

I don't think I even saw the entire film at the time (I was VERY young and I think it was on the end of something else, as in, it had been taped over...) All I can remember is that there was a man and a woman, on some kind of mountain or rocky outcrop, and the man made himself a pair of wings. I remember him designing them (possibly with chalk on the rocks) and then making them out of sticks and feathers or such like.

I also think it was foreign - like, German or Swedish - because I can sort of half-remember it being dubbed. I'm guesing it was made early 80s / late 70s.

I hold out no hope of finding it, but anyway... if anyone has a clue...?

Damn you, brain!

In other news... this is that Bugs Bunny cartoon I mentioned a while ago with the total eclipse. Thank frell for Google. :D

Edit@00.32: - But alas, not even the Internet can find me an online video of it. Amazon.Com have it on VHS but I'd need to find someone to convert it for me or put it on DVD. Still, it's VERY tempting...
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Rocky Horror's in town this week (Metro reminded me) and I'm not going. Given I've not missed a UK tour date since first seeing it in 1998, this is a rubbish situation to be in.

Some Ponderings and Reminiscence... )

I think I'll post this before it gets any longer. I really wish fandoms didn't have to be so complicated...

OMG 80s.

Apr. 1st, 2009 04:17 pm
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I just spent about three hours watching clips of Woof! on YouTube, and then got to thinking about other stuff I used to watch back in the 80s.

I think [livejournal.com profile] frightened is literally the only person I've spoken to who still remembers T-Bag in any of her incarnations... It was so long ago that I'm only halfway certain this is the one I saw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJLZ-6moBEQ

I can definitely remember a girl in yellow, but I thought she had a gold bag... she does have gold shoes, though.

In any event, there seem to have been about a million series of it.

The internet is a dangerous, brain-eating monster... I spotted Mike and Angelo earlier... :D I must, however, have some food...

Addendum, 17.45: WANT.
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...that animated short I couldn't remember?


By a very circuitous route - we happened to watch Kill Bill Vol. 1 earlier, and the music behind the sword-making scene was "The Last Shepherd" by a pan-flutist named Zamfir. I said to Paul that the music on the animation was a lot like it, and then it twigged it might even be the music.

So I went to Amazon and found the soundtrack, then stuck the track name into Google, which took me to Wikipedia, which took me to Zamfir's credits on IMDb, where I had a total EUREKA moment and found the bloody short film, which is called Paradise. It's not all on a black background as I remembered, but it EXISTS, which means I'm not insane or delusional. :D




Mar. 16th, 2009 07:33 pm
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Gah, I've got that thing in my head again where I try to find random vestiges of my childhood which nobody except me remembers...

I had this video when I was a kid. At my grandmother's house. I can't remember now which of them it was, but it was one that I used to watch quite a lot - so it was either the Beatrix Potter ballet, Doctor Doolittle (as in the musical), The Glass Slipper or any one of a number of Rolf's Cartoon Time episodes.

Anyway, on the end of said video was an animation which keeps coming back to haunt me. I have no idea what it was called, only that the animation was very stylised - everything was on a black background, I think, or possibly it was all psychedelic. I think it was all lineart. I can't remember even if it had narration, though I imagine it must have done. All I can visualise is that there was a peacock, I think, or some other manner of bird, and it was set in India. It might have been a myth or something. And there was definitely music, though it would defy me to try and describe it...

Does this ring a bell with anyone? I have absolutely no clue what it was or where to find it, or even if it exists outside of that video. And, y'know, short of visiting my grandmother and hoping she still has it, I don't know what else to do...

There are other things I keep remembering, too, but that one's been bugging me for months. The other one is a Bugs Bunny movie / episode (can't remember which) where he's a... knight, I think? There's definitely a dragon in it, and a total eclipse of the sun. Possibly might be easier to find, though...

If anyone can wrestle my bizarre childhood memory animation from the vast depths of the internet, I would love you forever. :D Because it'll turn out to be like those Garfield episodes, where the entire script / score is actually deeply embedded in my brain, so deeply I can't actually access it until the thing in question pokes it into life. Because my brain, like myself, is an incurable hoarder...
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That was quite pleasant. Paul was working silly shifts this weekend (2 til 10 both days) so I basically had the weekend (and the computer!) to myself. Despite that, I was even marginally productive - cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, planted the kitchen herb garden pot, and got some bits of shopping on the Sunday.

Of course, the rest of it was spent on the PC. ;)

I've spent most of the weekend indulging unashamedly in Sunset Boulevard fandom, basically - re-reading old fic, e-mail tennises with [livejournal.com profile] sweeterthing and Jenny (from Georgia) about SB fic and introspection, and chatting to Eni on YIM after scanning the old UK tour brochure. Which reminds me, I must scan the APR libretto pictures, too.

Sunday was mostly spent working on my new layout, which I'm still not entirely happy with... haven't even attempted to code it yet. I was going to use the 'Expressive' layout but the CSS looks really bloody complicated, and I'm somewhat out of practice, but I think I can achieve the same effect using 'Bloggish' - i.e. a background and a header banner. I have the background sorted, but need to work on the banner. As ever, these things look so much more impressive in my head, and would be a lot easier if I could draw. My Google image hunt was less than fruitful, to say the least, though I did have a second option for the picture that I might try... :P

As a result of re-reading the e-mail tennises with Jenny, I was randomly reinspired last night to make a start on our SB / Breakfast at Tiffany's crossover, the unoriginally titled "Sunset at Tiffany's". I think that was actually going to be the real title, too, but I might come up with something else... This was the thing which was going to have four different endings because we couldn't decide which one we preferred. I imagine Mr Capote is turning in his grave, but probably no more than Mr Wilder is. ;)

Random fic details, for those who might be even remotely interested... )

I absolutely cannot find words to express how glad I am that I got to see the London production of Sunset. It is a fandom that is very high on the list of favourites, and I can't believe I fell out of it. I felt so ALIVE on 28th February; I've not enjoyed a show like that since... I can't remember. The Woman in White, probably, as after that point things started to go downhill. Before seeing SB again I was almost about to give up on writing completely (as a result of too many issues to mention), but it has reinspired me to the point of absolute ridiculousness - for fanfic, for icons, for thought-provoking discussion, for general creativity. I can't explain why, and I don't want to analyse it. There's just something about the story which has always captured my imagination and never let go, and somehow, I'd forgotten that.

Glumness )

Meh. Sorry, this started out as a positive post. In any case, many many thanks to Eni for putting up with my inane messenger ramblings of late...

Anyway, in other news, this month is horrendous for birthdays and events, including Mother's Day. And then in April its our anniversary (four years!), and hopefully after that I should have some money. I say this every year, of course. One year it might be true. :P

Right. It is now lunchtime, so I shall post this and have my sandwich.
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...with a bit of random humour from work, though I think - as ever - it's probably not that funny outside of the environment.

Peter is dictating a letter and and the address is incredibly silly. Something similar to "The Building of Greeting and Homeliness" - that level of silly pretentiousness. Anyway, he starts sniggering through the address and then goes:

"Terribly sorry. It is very childish to laugh at somewhere's address. [comedic pause] But I did."

As usual, it loses a lot in the re-telling. Still, it amused me.

In all the Sunset-related excitement, I forgot to actually update about Sunday...

Sunday )

On Friday at work our team are having a Red Food Day in honour of Comic Relief - one week before everyone else's fund-raising efforts, because we're weird like that. Team meeting today is going to discuss final arrangements. We're meant to have enough food to feed our building and the other teams in King Edward House, but I don't know if we'll manage it. Should be fun, though.

Right, I'd better get back to doing some work. I have to try and leave early today (assuming there's anyone around to offer cover - I seem to be the only one willing to stay late when needed) to trek to Acocks Green and get some red paste food colouring, as the liquid stuff is useless, and obviously the supermarkets don't stock anything else. Apparently there's a cake decorating shop in Acocks Green so I'll go find it later.

Back to the typings.
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Another fairly sociable weekend, which seemed to invole an awful lot of films... I have rambled an awful lot in this one, so I've cut where appropriate.

I don't think I've updated in a while, so: on Thursday I made a seafood risotto using a recipe I got online by Jamie Oliver, which was actually as easy as he said it was. I decided to cook the prawns, salmon and scallops separately in a frying pan so as not to confuse things, which meant the risotto was as stodgy as a brick. Also, the recipe called for an amount of grated parmesan, but as our parmesan is powdered (it's generic 'Italian hard cheese' from Asda, in a plastic box) it ended up being ridiculously cheesy... Nevertheless, despite the fact you could build a house with it and my pans SUCK, it was actually very tasty.

Friday night was quite sedate for me, although Paul went out for drinks after work, came home (we had some more of the risotto and I still had to throw a little bit away - I think I'll halve the recipe next time...), and then went out again. I wasn't best pleased about this because I basically saw him (sober) for all of twenty minutes, but I did get the PC to myself for the evening. :P I had a play around on DOSBox and managed to get Simon the Sorcerer to work from the CD, though I am failing to get the Puzzle Pack to work because it was designed for Win 95/98 and will not install on XP or Vista, but is too advanced for DOSBox. (Although I think it might work with the SCUMMvm emulator, will have to investigate...) Got quite a way through it by remembering what I did last time but am now at a dead end again.

Paul rang me up at quarter to midnight to say he was waiting for a taxi, after which he talked bollocks at me for a while. Came home utterly plastered and hence broke his promise. :P

Saturday, we got up earlyish and went for brekkie at Wetherspoons, pottered around the house for a bit and then left for my mum's. I aimed to get there for 2.30 but hadn't banked on Hagley Road traffic (going through town is probably still bloody quicker than waiting for the 11 to turn up) and got there around 2.45. David was playing a Queen DVD and seemed to have convinced himself that Queen (circa 1985) were influenced by the Phantom movie (2004). Er, no, David. ;) Freddie was already dead by the time the movie was made, although I'm pretty sure the original musical and Queen influenced each other back and forth, judging by some of the videos...

Random Phantom-esque theory... )

Aaanyway, at around 3.45 we headed off for the Barbecue of Doom at Quinton Church. The horrible thought did occur that my grandmother might have invited my father and not told anyone as a 'well-meaning' surprise, but then I remembered that even if she had, he would only have refused and/or had a strop when she didn't want him to bring Annabelle... So obviously, he wasn't there, thank anything. Nevertheless, the BBQ wasn't as bad as I think my mother was anticipating. The food was good (if cold, to David's chagrin) and there were some sane people at our table, not too many screaming children, and the weather was okay (at least it didn't rain...) We won a pack of playing cards in the raffle as by the time our number was drawn, the good prizes had gone. It was either cards or a set of golf tees. ;)

Back at my mum's, we spent a good hour or so arguing over what DVD to watch, before eventually settling on 300. STABBITY! )

After that we argued a bit more over what to watch next, despite it being midnight and everyone being tired. My mum, Paul and I all agreed on Harvey, which David then denied they even had, despite Paul suggesting it because it was on the rack. Meh. In the end we watched the beginning of Eddie Izzard's Glorious but gave up at around 12.30 and went to bed. David also wanted to watch the first 10 minutes (the opening sequence, basically) of the POTO movie, which prompted Paul to want to see the rest of it... I grudgingly agreed we could watch it on Sunday. ;)

In the morning, my mum cooked us breakfast and we went through the pile of car-bootable DVDs in the office, taking home a bagful, and there's also a pile in the living room of stuff I want copying... I forget now what we picked up, but I do now have a full set of Pirates DVDs, including the "lost disc" version of the first one.

Does anyone want a copy of the 2-disc Special Edition of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (that's the first one)? Because I now have two. I'm not sure if Lisa ever bought herself a copy, though, so will ask her as well. It's free, as ever, to a good home.

I've also borrowed a selection of DS games (Tetris, Brain Training, 42-games-in-one, and Barnyard on GB Advance) from my mum, as I'm bored of Pirates 2 and Monkey Ball. ;) Had a go at Tetris and Barnyard last night, but at least I have some entertainment for a bit. :)

On the way home we stopped at the cinema to see WALL-E. Review / Spoilers )

Sorry, I went on a bit, there. I was very impressed with this one. I need to make a list of stuff to see over the coming weeks, though. X-Files is out on 1 August and I also want to see The Mist and Hancock and Dark Knight - hopefully at IMAX if it's not too expensive... Also Mamma Mia. ABBA FTW, and Meryl Streep makes everything she's in brilliant. ;)

The rest of Sunday was relaxed. 'Stenders of the afternoon, and we did watch POTO of the evening. I think my hatred of the majority of it has mellowed since its release (this was only the second time I've seen it, for that reason) and whilst the same things still irk me (casting, majoritarily, and the fact that they moved the chandelier incident to somewhere completely different, for no apparent reason) I will admit that the visuals are mostly stunning. I already reviewed it the first time and mostly my opinions haven't changed. ;) You can find it in my December 04 backposts if you're desperate. :P But as a result I started to re-read the original novel, so yay. We got halfway through the insanely long documentary on the second disc before giving up at midnight, so will watch the rest of that tonight. Phantom documentaries never get old, even when they regurgitate information. The origins fascinate me.

And that, finally, is that. I apologise for the longness. Must remember to update more often, or actually do stuff in smaller batches. ;)
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And also not quite as insanely busy as anticipated...

On Friday night, Paul went out to see a gig at the Station. Around 9.30 he texted to say he was going back to Richie's afterwards, and I killed time by finding Day of the Tentacle to try out on DOSBox. I can't remember what time I went to bed, but in any event woke up at 2.30am to find him still not back. And, being somewhat half-awake, phoned him up and demanded he come home because I hadn't anticipated him staying out quite so late. Which resulted in a less than pleasant discussion a few minutes later, obviously, and some awkwardness the next morning as well, but at least the air had cleared by the afternoon.

Of the evening Paul was supposed to be going to a house party in Stoke, which was apparently meant to have a barbecue, except I suspect the rain called off play. He didn't go in the end, as it transpired, due to toothache. Also, I'd put some washing out to try in the frankly glorious weather that morning, only to have to rush it back inside when the heavens opened three hours later. *shakes fist* Curse you, weather god!

[livejournal.com profile] last_dance came over that evening (by bike, which was incredibly impressive), whereupon I fed her bolognese and we watched Sweeney Todd, followed by The Never-Ending Story II, as Naomi had also come along so I could return her copy of the novel, having borrowed it about four years ago... Paul joined us for the second film and wow. SO CONFUSING. It's like they took a few random elements of the book and attempted to force a plot out of them. Plus they missed out my favourite bit about the 'Many-Coloured Death' and when Bastian wishes himself to be King of the Night Forest, which I felt was a bit of a cop-out because I was looking forward to seeing how it translated to film. Meh.

It was very odd, though. We couldn't make any sense at all of what was happening. Yes - three reasonably intelligent adults failed to decipher a children's film.

Sunday was mostly sedate, with the afternoon taken up with a surprise party for Paul's brother Darren, who has recently achieved his Doctorate. So that was quite nice. Afterwards Paul and I decamped to his mum's house for a bit, half-watching the A Bit of Fry & Laurie marathon that Noel had already started, before getting a taxi back around 11.00, and then ordering in a take-away.

Unfortunately, thanks to a combination of buffet food, the two smoothies I had and the two bottles of flavoured perry, my IBS has returned with a vengeance today. I haven't had proper fibre intake for a few days, too, so the 'diet' must start properly again this week. I'm going to have the bike off Paul's mum but need to get a bicycle pump before I can ride it, so need to pop down there one of the days to bring it home. We were going to take it last night but didn't think it would fit in the taxi...

Anyway. I'm feeding my stomach probiotic yoghurt and dried cranberries in the hope of flusing the badness out. Yay.

PS: Now that I have a functional PC / DVD drive again, I need to make some Tim Burton-themed icons. Ohyes.
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Well, that was marginally productive. I created a few empty boxes and made some more floor space.

I admit, my main reason for going up there to root through the boxes was to unearth some old toys and have a good play, but I didn't get that far. ;) Instead I have filled up a bin bag, a box of paper and card for recycling, a carrier bag for the charity shop and another carrier bag of stuff to sort through later. Also brought all my various silly character bags (Elmo, etc) down but stil need to find a place to put them... they are currently in a pile on the bedroom floor.

I also uncovered a Box of 80s! I would take pictures but my camera is still broken and I couldn't get the Motorola thing to work and can't be arsed to fight with it again... It is now a Bag of 80s instead. I went through it with a vague nostalgic glee (a lot of it is hand-made necklaces my mum made in my childhood) and a lot of giggling, and have retained it for now to show Paul later, though I'm half-considering holding onto it for costume purposes... stuff like this is always handy. There are lots of bangles ('gold', 'silver' and neon-coloured) and crazy necklaces and a pair of quite horrible plastic earrings which are square-shaped with a round hole in the middle - and if that wasn't 80s enough, they are coloured turquoise and cerise pink in a sort of marble effect. Awful, but brilliant. Oh, and some NEON GREEN SHOELACES, which I just couldn't throw away. I mean, come on - they're NEON GREEN!

I've also got some stuff to put into a Sekrit Packidge for someone on my f-list, which I shall endeavour to send out tomorrow after I've scanned it... Just because I give stuff away doesn't mean I can't not hoard it. ;)

Anyway, that's that. I did some general rearranging up there, too, so there's more floor space, as we're hoping to inherit an exercise bike from Paul's mum which we intend to put by the window in order to watch the world go by whilst getting fit. Hopefully, anyway. It's always worth a try.

And now, I shall have some lunch, watch some telly (Mr Kyle's informative and intelligent chatshow started 40 minutes ago :P) and finish my embroidery, whilst waiting for my back to stop aching. As ever, my body scuppers my plans for further productivity...
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I am nothing if not a self-fulfilling prophesy.

I'm re-reading my journal from end to start, for no other reason than I'm bored. I found this in an entry whilst I was still at Uni, on 13 March 2004 at 4.02am. It was towards the end of my final year when I was full of angst about what the hell I was going to do next, and the post was a long rant about the same...

"get job. (attempt to continue writing, before watching creativity wither and die completely.) the end."

That's really quite depressing. :(
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [livejournal.com profile] joetimewaster, first of all...

I have a cold, or at least something resembling one. Spent most of yesterday with a sore throat and most of Friday with a cough, and this morning I'm full of snot. Lemsip cold tablets are fairly crap, it seems, but I can't be bothered to go out and get any Benylin Night & Day. At least the Benylin ones actually knock me out when I want to sleep; there's nothing in the Lemsip tablets to make you even slightly drowsy, which kind of sucks. Given that they're "Cold & Flu" relief tablets and they're struggling to cope with my cold, I dread to think what might happen if I did have flu...

Anyway. Paul went out to a party last night and returned about 20 minutes ago and has now popped out to Sainsbury's for stuff. I was meant to do lots of stuff last night, not the least of which was adjusting my choir skirt, but due to feeling generally rubbish I spent all night watching crappy television, and also The Devil Wears Prada, which was interesting to compare to Ugly Betty in some ways... I'll have to hope the cold clears up by Wednesday so I can adjust my skirt then...

This morning / early afternoon I finally got around to putting the washing upstairs to dry (I'm definitely buying Lenor softener again, it's lovely) and randomly decided to look in a box marked "X-Files Stuff - Fic" out of curiosity. Because obviously an old box is much better storage than, say, a folder. Anyway, within said box I discovered my VERY FIRST FANFICTION, and it wasn't even for The X-Files.

My First Ever Fanfic, ladies and gentlmen, was for Red Dwarf and was a very bad parody of A Christmas Carol. I was going to re-type this, but I think it deserves to be immortalised in its original, badly-typed glory (I wrote it on my dad's crappy electronic typewriter), so it's scanned, under the cut.

I did promise a Red Dwarf drabble a while ago, so you can have this instead...


A Red Dwarf Christmas Carol )

Reviews are appreciated. ;)
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Garfield: His 9 Lives arrived for me yesterday. :)

We had food at the pub because, well, it'd been a while, and watched the new sketch show on E4, Dog Face, which was very strange indeed...

Later that I evening I went to bed and watched the Garfield video to wallow in childhood nostalgia. I remembered more of it than I'd originally thought, as it turned out (even reading some of the quotes on IMDb jogged some memories), and the piano-cat animation, "Diana's Piano", STILL makes me bloody cry.


Lengthy ponderings - contains spoilers )

The odd thing is, I used to watch my original copy of this video lots of times as a child and it didn't start affecting me until much later on, when I was about 9 or 10, I think. As with The Land Before Time, I was hoping that by the age of 25 I would have got over whatever emotional mess-ups caused the original upset and be more able to cope with it... but as it turns out, I didn't. I could put it down to some kind of bizarre 'muscle-memory' due to nostalgia, but it still doesn't properly explain it... But yeah. Crying at cartoons. Fun.

(The most annoying thing? The majority of movies that make me cry involve some form of parental death. The cat/piano thing is just ODD. It actually makes MORE sense for it to affect me NOW than it did THEN. Ah well.)

No work in here again today. It will doubtless pick up again after lunch - or during lunch, as has been the practice all week - and I'll end up staying late. But no matter, for I am off next week.

I shall have some lunch shortly and then try to entertain myself for a bit. TGIF, that's what I think.
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Good Things:

1. Thanks to Google and a random download, my keyboard is now British again.

2. Between us Paul and I managed to install a 4-port USB 2.0 PCI card into the PC, with the help of a screwdriver and some PCI screws from my old machine (the new one had none, for some reason) so I can now, at least plug in high-speed devices such as my Creative Zen MicroPhoto...

Bad Things:

3. Except that the bloody thing still won't work. It connects, the PC finds it, but then it says it's not working properly and won't do anything else. Also, because I haven't managed to do anything with it since buying it, the battery is completely dead and you can't actually do anything with it unless it has some small amount of battery life. It refused to charge at all through the wall charger but I've left it charging anyway (it also refuses to charge via the PC like it's supposed to - apparently you have to set it as a 'removable disk' but if I can't turn it on I don't quite see how)... Since I've had to essentially buy a new PC and a bloody PCI card to boot, I've essentially paid full price for the bloody thing anyway...

4. Apparently Windows XP Essential (my new OS) doesn't actually have any support for the UK (INternational) keyboard layout. Well. Screw you then, Microsoft, you American bastards.

Further Good Things:

5. Anyway. At least I now have a functional scanner. Paul will be making use of it later.

6. To make up for the crappy MP3 stuff, I hunted through IMDb for an old Garfield movie I remembered from my childhood, and have subsequently bought Garfield: His 9 Lives on VHS from Amazon. Thank you, Internets.
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I'm giving up on the theme park. Despite the initial enthusiasm I now get the impression people are no longer interested. Just as well, really, because I'm skint.

So, instead, I am offering a trip to Saltwells Nature Reserve in Netherton, and possibly also the park / canals depending on time constraints and weather. If it rains on whatever day we organise I will call it off and probably cry...

My dad lived in Netherton until about 1997 and we used to go cycling in the park and around the canals, and before I could ride a bike we used to walk down to the reservoir and nature reserve. There are abandoned claypits (now reclaimed by nature) and I remember there being a natural spring and big rocks you can climb. (Although given I was about 10 at the time I imagine the rocks aren't as big as I thought...) It's a place I remember quite fondly from my childhood and for some reason today I decided to go back there.

Paul may not be able to get the time off work so if anyone else would like to join me for a day of appreciating nature (and nostalgic reminiscing) at some point between 2 and 6 July, let me know. Maybe a packed lunch picnic in the park and some playing on the swings?

I will be getting there by bus. This will involve two buses from Birmingham (one to Dudley, one from there to Netherton), plus whatever you use to get to Brum in the first place, and a LOT of walking. I advise wearing good shoes. The reservoir / reserve is also at the bottom of a ridiculously steep hill, so I'm just warning you in advance that it's NOT fun trying to get back up it...

Mostly, I'm wondering whether I can still remember the short cuts through the backstreets from the park (logical starting point) to my dad's old street, so I can find the reservoir. I haven't been there in over 10 years, so it could be interesting.

So, yeah, any interested parties can leave a comment in order to organise a day and time and suchlike. I'll want to get there fairly early because of transport issues, but I'll check the bus timetables if it's happening. Incidentally, I think you can get to Netherton using a West Midlands bus pass, but at the very least you can get as far as Dudley. ;)

Anyway, I am cooking sausages and mash for tea and later we're going out drinking with my mum and David somewhere in either Moseley or Kings Heath.  If we ever decide where...
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Well, some internet is better than no internet, but the connection seems awfully temperamental.  Yesterday morning it worked fine, but then in the afternoon we had to reboot the router before it would acknowledge the internet connection.  This morning it works (after a ten minute wait)  but is deathly slow.  Like, dial-up slow.  Semagic loads just fine, but it hasn't managed to load Livejournal properly and isn't acknowledging Yahoo in the slightest...  *kicks internet*

I do believe my slow PC is partially to blame for this, but it's still bloody annoying...  Hopefully if I ever upgrade it might be better, but until then we'll just have to deal with it... meh.

Anyway, yesterday was quite nice.  Firstly we did our usual trick of going out shopping for five items and spending over £40 on general shopping.  Which is probably why I never have any money left.

Got back, had some lunch, and attempted to use the internet, only to fail and instead finish Myst.  Then I sulked for a bit and watched the pilot of Nip/Tuck on the Virgin Choice channel (I think that's what it's called), which has archived the first couple of episodes of various serieses on there.  As much as I prefer Sky to cable, the Teleport Replay and Teleport Movies are a nice bonus...

Then in the evening we headed off to the abode of [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess and [livejournal.com profile] wrysprygoat for dinner.  Drew cooked us a very nice veggie lasagne, and in the evening we played Scrabble and made things out of play-doh.  There's something quite therapeutic about play-doh, and the smell reminds me of childhood.

Which was quite strange, actually, since that morning I'd bought some tinned turkey breast from Sainsbury's to use for sandwiches, which was another vestige of my childhood was nostalgia in smell and taste form.

Anyway, assuming this thing posts, I might get to check my friends list at some point this bloody afternoon.
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There has been an IT-type man wandering around our office lately sorting out various problems and making sure everyone is on the correct versions of things. My Lotus Notes is now blue and has pretty letterheads (which makes a change from the horrible 256-colour pixellated things they used before). Yesterday he was asking everyone if they had internet access... so I said I did, but it was an old Social Care and Health password. Which is true.

It seems like they may be gearing up to give everyone in Legal Services internet access, rather than just the solicitors. Which is nice. In SC&H we had access so we could look at stuff on Care Knowledge. It may be there's a similar thing for Legal. But anyway, it's a very nice gesture...

In other news, I am getting quite into Ugly Betty right now. I wasn't sure what to expect when it was advertised, but it has proven itself to be very good. I just hope, like everything else clever to come out of America, that it doesn't get cancelled before its prime.

And, yes, I'm already shipping it. But considering I've not had the energy to watch or ship very much of anything before now, I'm quite pleased about that.

I've also started watching Most Haunted again since discovering their new medium (Gordon?) is no longer there and Derek has been fully replaced by the ever-loveable David Wells. Of course, Derek's absence is still obvious at times, but I'm more than happy with David taking his place. The next live show, whenever it is, is in Transylvania, so that should be really good. I'm quite liking the new format for Most Haunted Extra as well, with Karl giving away little secrets of television, although it's still not as good as the Series 5 episodes with the silly outtakes. I wish they'd find a format and stick to it...

Seether's "Broken" was on my MP3 player this morning and I got slightly nostalgic for the good old days of MH, before it went overseas and Derek and Yvette started snarking. (The reason being that "Broken" provided the lyrics for my old D/Y LJ layout... and the animated icon used in this post, in dedication to the moment I squealed like a lunatic and fell off the sofa...)

Anyway. I also randomly missed Asa this morning too, although frell knows why. He was just heading off to Gran Canaria when we went to the Welly on my birthday, and I didn't actually get to say goodbye at the end of the night because a certain someone was too drunk and moaning to go home. We were supposed to give Sober Paul one of our mobile numbers to get in touch in case he came back (which was Asa's suggestion, not just presumptuousness on our part) and forgot.

I dunno, it's just not the same without Vanilla...

Also, and finally, I was re-reading my paper journal the other night, and it seems the apathy that took over everything started as early as December 2004, although at least at that point I still had the mental capacity to whinge about it. I think the lull in writing came around February 2005, as there is a lull at that point until I was first going out with Paul in April, when I started writing things down for posterity. And then it completely dries up again until about October.

Maybe I should stop trying to figure out when I went crazy. But since I already know why, I keep trying to backtrack to find the initial starting point. Possibly that was just 'leaving Uni' or 'getting a job'.

Anyway, I should sign this one off.
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I am informed that it is [livejournal.com profile] cloudjuice's birthday, which means that at about this time in 2002 we were sitting in the ballroom of a hotel on the outskirts of Blackpool, reeling from meeting James Marsters and watching Buffy and LOTR winning every single one of SFX's awards.  Except for Sexiest Woman (Claudia Black) and Best Visual Effects (Farscape), which resulted in much bouncing and squeeing.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her, anyway.

Nostalgia )

My Meat Loaf CD fritzed and I lost the flow of this, but I think that's more than enough for one night.  Tomorrow I will expend energy into tidying, dusting, hoovering and making the house look presentable before my mum and David get home.
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So, I decided to dig out my old Garfield videos.

The first one was Garfield In The Rough, where Jon takes them all camping and they get attacked by an escaped panther.  Mostly, this reminded me why I hate panther noises, as I seem to recall watching it quite late one night and it scared the Hell out of me.  It's taped on an E-30 (yes, 30) that my mum stole from Central television when she still worked there in the early-mid eighties.  It has five minutes of Blockbusters on the end, which was quite possibly the precursor to Crap Student Television.  They so need to repeat that.  Like, now.  And wow, ancient old adverts!

The other one was Garfield In Disguise, where he and Odie go trick-or-treating.  I have the final ten minutes or so (the tape cuts off) of Garfield Goes To Town on the end of some episodes of Red Dwarf that I'd taped over that and the Smurfs movie...  Anyway, nothing much else to say about that one, except that it had two episodes of Rolf's Cartoon Time on the end of it!  I'm still undecided as to whether it was better than Rolf's Cartoon Club or not, given that the latter had annoying children making stupid animations.  At my nan's house, I had an entire video of Rolf's Cartoon Time knocking around, along with the original Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Movie (with the opera at the end) and the Beatrix Potter ballet... I don't know where either of those went, although I did manage to re-tape The Glass Slipper a while ago.  Must rebuild childhood video collection...

I had renamed both of the Garfields as Garfield - "Naughty Cat" and Garfield and the Pirates respectively.  To this day, I was actually convinced the second one was called that.  Garfield meets ghost pirates, so that's at least fairly logical.  I have no explanation for the first one, except that I was a very strange six-year-old, and I named my Fluppy Dog (who remembers those?!) 'Cuddleflap' despite the fact it came with a name anyway... no, I don't remember what its actual name was.

At the end of all this, I have learnt only the following:  George Bush is, in fact, Popeye the Sailor Man.  I support this theory with a quote: "There ain't no such thing as pirates, Olive.  They're a fragmentation of the imaginamation."  The defence rests.

Also, what is it with everyone fancying Olive Oyl?  She's shapeless and whiny.  *shrugs*  Mad cartoon people.

Perhaps the worst thing is that every single thing on both of the tapes had somehow managed to etch itself onto my unconscious memory, which was also the case when I watched The Phantom Treehouse the other night.  There is no escape from your background, it seems.
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In another turn-up for the books, I've been offered an interview for the Legal job, right when I thought I'd messed the whole thing up royally.

It's next Tuesday. Meh. I need to get my mum to alter those black trousers she gave me (they're about a foot too long) so I can look snazzy in my mini-tailcoat suit...

Still pondering what to do about the possible CPA job now that I've calmed down...

In other news, I decided to dig out my video of The Phantom Treehouse last night for some unfathomable reason, and discovered it was on the end of The Land Before Time (number 1 of 17 million - the original and best). This was the first film ever to make me cry. I was about 8 years old. And for some reason, it still does. I'm 24, for crying out loud! I'm not allowed to cry at a frelling Don Bluth animation!

So, anyway, I then discovered that Treehouse was actually after The Water Babies - the mad 1960s version with Christopher Tomlinson and half-animated - but I wasn't in the mood to cope with the gay seahorse, so I fast forwarded through that. I'd forgotten how bloody awful Treehouse is, but all the same, it was pleasantly nostalgic...

The outcome of this was that I started to remember another film from my childhood that may have been by the same people behind Treehouse, as it was also Australian and badly animated. All I remember was that there was a train, a little girl, and the train driver... and these two lines of dialogue:

Girl: (to random people somewhere in the plot) We're outlaws!
Driver: She means, heh, in-laws!

Which looks quite disturbing, but I think he was trying to explain that they weren't criminals. I think it also had a dragon in it, or some kind of monster. Damned if I can remember the bloody title, though. I used to watch it at my dad's, too, so the tape's probably long gone by now.

Any suggestions? I'm hoping [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess might be able to help, as she seems to have been subjected to the same level of awful children's films as I was... (talking of which - I've still got your Tubby the Tuba video...)

Edit, 13.27: It turns out the other one may well have been The Steam-Driven Adventures of Riverboat Bill. Well, I was close with the train. I knew it involved lots of coal-shovelling...

Further edit, 13.42: Just in case you didn't believe me about the gay seahorse... )
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So, the work-based assessment I had on Wednesday morning took a grand total of 20 minutes, plus the 35 I was waiting in reception because I was early.  10 minutes were a proof-reading test, 5 minutes for copy-typing, and 5 minutes for audio.  I finished the audio-typing with no problem, finished most of the copy-typing (as far as I could tell), and finished the proof-reading, though that was tricky because I have no idea how legal minutes are meant to be laid out, and they're not like CP minutes.  I corrected the spelling and punctuation errors, at least.

Anyway, the outcome of the assessment will indicate whether they invite me back for an interview, so I'll just sit and wait, I suppose.

Today was Vel's last day before she goes on maternity leave, so we had a leaving lunch for her.  Except she had an antenatal appointment and didn't make it back to the office in time, so she bought cakes for us instead.  We sat and ate them on the lawn outside the office.  Quite pleasant.  She hugged everyone when she left and is looking forward to coming back in January because we're all so much more helpful and efficient than Greencoat House.  Once people come to Ladywood, they never want to leave.

Also, Liz D will be returning to us in about four months as well.

I'm not sure, if I do get this job in Legal, if I'll go for it.  I went into this only really hoping for the interview experience, but the offices for Legal Services make Children's Services (that's the accepted abbreviation, by the way) look like cardboard boxes.  All their PCs have Windows XP and flat-screen monitors.  It's not fair.  And anyway, Vel's really nice and Liz Davis is brilliant fun to have around the office, and if Sandra's going part-time in September that'll be half of the problem gone... I just don't know.  But I suppose I'll cross that bridge when it's built.

I'm very tired today.  I'm not sleeping well again, most likely because I'm stressed over the possibly impending interview.  Annoying.

Tomorrow I'm going to see an amateur production of Little Shop of Horrors with [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess and [livejournal.com profile] wrysprygoat, and obviously with Paul as well.  On Satuday he's abandoning me to go to a gig, which I just don't have the energy for, and we don't have a plan beyond that.  I fear the nostalgia Little Shop will bring, but I'm very intrigued as to the differences between this production and the one I saw in 2003, that was designed for the little theatre in Leeds.  I dug out the programme the other day to show Paul and waves of memories swept over me: 21 years old, broke, not caring, and trapped in a self-induced agony of infatuation.  Because, I'm sure, we all remember Ye Faga of Jeremy.  Even so, it'll also remind me of trapping him in conversation for about half an hour and being probably the happiest fangirl on the planet.  It's a moment that comes second only to James Marsters hugging me (twice!) at SFX 2002.

Sigh.  Nostalgia is a funny thing, really.

I should probably stop typing this entry before it becomes any more rambling and nonsensical.  There's lots of things buzzing around my brain at the moment that I feel a need to vent, but I'll just that down to PMT and not bore you all with it...

Check f-list; play mindless games; sleep.  That looks like a plan.
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Here's part two.  It's just like being back on the message board. :)

John Quixote )

"John Quixote" was Death By Pop Culture in the most wonderful way, y'know... I probably could have analysed it even more, but it was getting stupidly long already.

Terra Firma )

The first post about this one, I imagine, was probably incoherent expressions of joy.  I can vividly remember literally jumping around the room and squeeing after the episode.  Twice Shy )

I can't remember what the abbreviation stands for.  Help?  Either way, this was in two posts...  ACOD )

"They cancelled this?" indeed.  This is the only fandom to capture my thoughts and imagination to such a degree... although having said that, I can harp on about shippiness forever, as my posts about such demonstrated.  I'm hoping, though, when I finally get around to my big X-Files re-watching, that I'll be able to think about them as much as I did for Farscape.  There are, after all, nine seasons' worth of it. :)

And, finally, with a heavy heart... Bad Timing )

I didn't expect it to end up as long as it did... but at least, with nifty LJ-cutting, it hasn't completely killed everyone's friendslists. :)

I hope this foray into my old fangirlishness was entertaining, anyway.
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At least, it is if you don't like Farscape.  I just found a load of old BBC message board posts that I'd saved back from the Good Old Days during seasons 3 and 4, before Auntie Beeb shut the Cult forums and before I stopped posting on them for my own sanity.

All of them are LJ-cut by episode/theme. Paul - there are definite spoilers here, so don't read it. :P

I never did get to 500 posts on that forum, alas, but my 500th post was certainly cause for celebration.  I think this must've been midway through season 3.  Also, this was back in the day when I didn't capitalise. Woo.500th post! )

During the between-season hiatus and subsequent Farscape Withdrawal Syndrome (henceforth to be referred to as FWS), Eve and I decided to form the FWSP (P for Prevention) game.  As per this post here. )  Of course, some idiot posted not 10 seconds later - or possibly after we initially annouced it, without the rules - to say "I'm expected to follow another poster's rules?  No thanks!".  Whatever, mate.  It's your loss. :P

This was the first week's challenge.  I don't remember how long it went on for, but we had a large list of topics, and the game really seemed to kick off and resulted in some wonderful discussion.  It was our brainchild, and we couldn't have been more pleased by the outcome.  I don't have any of the actual discussions, alas, as I only saved back my own posts (it was easier to write them in Word and copy them over, because the forum only allowed 500 words per post so it was easier to do a wordcount that way) but some of them were quite thought-provoking.  Anyway, here's the first one.

Week One )

Of course, all of this was before the news came of the cancellation, as I know I'd already stopped posting by then.

This is the list of topics that we had planned, with our names in brackets to indicate who was posting/collating each one.  I don't remember if we got through all of them, though a struck-through version states we only got as far as number 13...  The FWSP was fun, but the worst bit was collating the information at the end.  I seem to have blocked that ordeal from my memory, and if anything, it only goes to prove that I had far too much time on my hands back then...

The List )

To be honest, I think we'd exhausted all avenues of discussion by that point anyway... and, yeah, you can totally tell our preference for the shippy episodes. :D

In respect of question 15 about the translator microbes, I also seem to have made the following post about language in Farscape, because it was a topic that had been bugging me for a while.  It looks like it was also a discussion topic, too.

Language )

I don't seem to have the reply I made to myself, however, but I'm sure I've explained my theory on Translator Microbes once before anyway.  And if I haven't - well, that's what the comments are for. :)

Now for some episode reviews/write-ups, which I used to post after every episode, as did everyone else.  At least mine had more substance to them than Anna Sun's ("I liked this episode.  I thought it was very good." - she was 18 frelling years old!)  There's not that many of them and they're only for seasons 3 and 4, mostly the latter.  Enjoy. :)

The Choice )

LMAO.  I'm a bad, bad author, plugging away, there...

Fractures )

This one was actually before the 500th one, but I wanted all the episode posts together and in order.I Yensch, You Yensch )

If anyone's wondering, all of the "Don't yell at me" bits in relation to fic is because of a fic-war that started about a year before, during the season 2-3 hiatus.  I started a 'rolling' fic thread, and since the board's default set up was to show lots of posts (I think it was the first few posts in any given thread, though it could be changed to just the subjects... I can't really remember) all of the anti-fic readers started shouting at us because they didn't want to look at it.  Our fic - and us - were effectively driven from the board, never to darken the pages with our drivel again.  I never did forgive the poster who started it... but as I recall, he complained about everything, and was never happy, even when an episode did exactly what he'd been asking one to do the week before.  I'm so glad I don't have to deal with him any more.

We head now into Season 4 (I've lost the rest of season 3, and I'm sure I did a DWTB post, though it was most likely incoherent) and the looming end of the series...

Promises )

Natural Election )

A Prefect Murder )

LJ is complaining about the length of this, so I'll have to do it in two posts...


Oct. 5th, 2005 06:55 pm
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One day, I shall be in a mental institution.  And the cause of my imprisonment there will be this:

I will be trying to get to an appointment via bus.  I will have left in ample time to get there, and will have been delayed because of general incompetence, traffic, non-bus-pass-friendly buses and lack of regard for passengers.  And I will go insane and KILL PEOPLE.


The problem with the oven turned out to be that it was somehow set on auto-cook, which I only realised when I noticed a little flashing "A" on the clock.  Whipped out the instruction manual and it's fine now, and my fish and chips are happily cooking away.

Paul is due at 7.00 or thereabouts, assuming he's still coming.

I've sorted through my audio-tapes and put them onto the CD rack. They were taking up three boxes and are now taking up two compartments and one box of things I will never listen to again, including a Kylie album I was the proud owner of, aged six.  And in that vein of nostalgia, two young mums got on the 258 this afternoon with toddling Norfolk House School children in tow, and I couldn't help but smile.

The photocopier's still broken.

Nothing else to report.

Oh, except this: I have a hankering to make a CD/mix tape.  Who wants one?  State in comments your preference for CD and/or mix-tape and I shall inflict some music on you, make you a pretty cover, and keep myself vaguely occupied.
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Person-nostalgia, this time.

A couple of times now, getting off the 101 bus in the City Centre, I've seen a girl getting on the bus who I'm convinced is Salma. Given that the 101 goes through Handsworth (down Ninevah Road) and she used to live on Antrobus Road (if I remember correctly) which is fairly close, it's probably her. She still has ridiculously long hair.

Whilst out at the Hill, I'm sure Mikey/Katie's mate was Sally Ryan - she was definitely Sally, and she could sing - but I'm only half-convinced.

A few weeks back, I spotted someone who I thought was Josiane (who only [livejournal.com profile] herringprincess will remember... possibly [livejournal.com profile] frightened if she remembers any of Drama Club) on a bus going towards Bearwood... and I saw her again this morning at the 11C bus stop at the bottom of Sandon Road. (I'm also convinced another old KEVIHS girl there is the sister of a girl I knew at primary school, as she looks a lot like her... but it's most likely not...)

Is anyone else going to emerge from the woodwork? You might as well do it now and get it over with...
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The amazon order finally arrived.

Currently listening to The Last Unicorn for the third time (after about an hour and a half playing Sanitarium for the second time...) and enjoying nostalgia.  I think I first saw this when I was about 8 years old, and the theme tune still makes my heart stop.  I have no idea why.  Go bad eighties lyrics with heroic instrumentals, I guess...

Jesus frelling Christ, it was hot today.  We stole another fan to put in the office which made very little difference whatsoever.  Roll on, winter.

When, of course, I will complain because I'm cold.  But at least -

Okay.  What the frell was that?  Something just cackled as my friends-list was loading.  *scared*  (And when I just reloaded it, there wasn't. That's just weird...)


Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  At least when it's cold, I can put extra layers and the heating on; nothing makes the heat go away, as fans just move it around a bit...  Anyway, I left at 4.20 as a result.  Early start tomorrow as it'll be a late one on Thursday morning, probably, though I suspect I will get no sleep whatsoever.

Oh, yes, and I spent the afternoon designing a bedroom via email. ;)
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(Name the mis-quote and I'll make you a CD... one with better music than the stuff I listed in the meme.  I don't know why.)

One day's worth of LJ posting missed and my friends-list explodes.  Guh.  Apologies if I missed anything, but you all post such long and erudite entries that my brain couldn't cope...


We went to Ikea to get new chairs and new drawers for my room (one that actually match the wardrobe...) and consequently spent the rest of the day putting together two of the chairs and beeswaxing them to make them darker.  Also managed to kill my hand by yanking the staples out of the bottom of the old chairs so I could take back the seat-covers I personally hand-painted.  We're forming a box of stuff that I may one day need when I venture into the Big Wide World and get a place of my own.  So far it's got aforesaid seat covers, a box of cutlery I bought at Uni, and a collinder.  Eh, it's a start...

We're doing the kitchen out, as I think I mentioned.  The reason this happened is because the fridge-freezer isn't big enough to accommodate three people's food, so David decided to bring his over as well, but it's one of those that's designed to be built into a unit, so we've replaced the cupboards and all the doors/drawers on the main units. It looks a lot better, but it also means we have to redecorate.

Eventually, we're hoping to move somewhere between Birmingham and Leamington (where David works), so doing the kitchen out will hopefully make the place more saleable.  The council are also finally fixing the frelling water leak, which will involve getting contractors out because there's two foot of concrete beneath the pavement and the water pipes are under that, which is about £2000-worth of repairs.  And obviously, we're not council tenants so will have to hope the water board's insurance will cover it.  But at least if it's fixed we'll have a frelling functional shower...

I'm not sure I want to move.  I like this house.  But another part of me just wants to escape, from everything; I'm getting the decorating bug again; I'm ready for the great adventure in the States... but at the same time, I hate disruption and chaos and would rather leave them to it...

Grah.  There are lots of thoughts in my brain, but I can't articulate any of them.  And I never thought I'd see the day when I had to admit to that. :(

Aside from that, we watched the random Queen tribute on Sky One prior to Dead Like Me (which remains one of the cleverest things on television) and contemplated on the final video they shot before Freddie's death... it's one of the most depressing things I've ever seen, and yet, at the same time... it's a blessing.  Only the good die young; there's a reason for that: so we don't have to watch them getting old, so the legend of their youth lives on.


Today was a day of mixed emotions.  The usual dread of going to my father's pervaded, of course, along with a curious sensation upon waking.  I dreamt I fell asleep with the television on and awoke to Graham Norton interview Robert Picardo, and when I woke to sunlight through the window, I felt like I was back in Derby.  Quite odd.

In the car, I was contemplating the imminent task of broaching the subject of not going there any more.  He asked me if "anything had been said" on Easter Sunday when we visited my grandmother, because apparently ever since then she's been pretty much ignoring Annabelle.  So, obviously, I lied through my teeth and said no.  My ability to lie convincingly (don't worry, I don't lie to my friends; I have no cause to) is an unfortunate quality I picked up from him, but sometimes, it comes in handy.  And in the midst of this, I was thinking to myself, "Can I do this?  Can I really break this family up more than it is already?  Do I want that sitting on my shoulders for the rest of my life?"  Because... because sometimes, it's strange - I don't like my father, but sometimes, I feel a certain fondness for him.  Fleeting, but there, and very disconcerting.

But then he goes and opens his mouth and it all shatters again.  I think about what he's done to the family, and it makes what I want to do pale in comparison.  Two things stick out in my memory from today's car journey.  The first was when I told him why I couldn't go last week - that I was meeting a random online person.  The conversation went something like this:

Him: I thought you said you were going to lunch.
Me: I was.  With the random online person.  (Apparently, the two aren't compatible...)
Him: Oh.
Me: Yeah, I met her through livejournal.  She was coming to a tattoo-convention.  She's a tattoo designer.
Him: Oh.  And does she have any on her person?
Me: Er, yeah.  Quite a few.  She's also a learning assistant and a few other things.  She was going because her designs were at the convention...

I think he disapproves of absolutely everyone I know that he's never met.  He disliked [livejournal.com profile] frightened by default because of her sexuality (which happened to come up in conversation by accident once, and I think he was more shocked to discover I didn't keep it a secret and, moreover, didn't actually care); he dislikes [livejournal.com profile] izzles because she designs pretty things for pretty people (he's come to terms with my tattoos because there's not a damn thing he can do about it, but doesn't like other people having them).  Sorry, guys. You don't fit into his ideal view of the world, I'm afraid.  Bah, I don't think I'm even making any sense.  Sorry...

The other snippet of conversation was this:

Him: I think Annabelle wants to ask you about your friend in American and your aspirations to burger bars.
Me: It's not a burger bar, it's a coffee shop!  And there's nothing to tell; it's a plan, it might not even happen for another six years.
Him: She just wants someone to talk to; she's on her own in the house during the week.

Firstly: I have told him, and everyone, countless times that the plan is for a coffeeshop, which is quite far removed from a burger bar.  Secondly, if you could've heard the contempt in his voice when he said it... I nearly completely flipped.  Aside from the fact that it's so much more than just being a coffee-waitress (it's helping a friend run her business, and, God-forbid, being somewhere I want to be doing something I want to do, and still having time to write) but the fact that he implied it's a waste of time and money and my education.  Which, yeah, it probably is.  But that's not his frelling place to say so.  He's done nothing towards my education, knows nothing about my life or my plans or who I am, and therefore has no fucking right to judge me on my aspirations.

Thirdly, in regards to Annabelle being lonely - what did he expect, anyway?  He's working five days a week like the rest of us; of course she's bored.  I vote we find her a friend, one who'll seduce her.  Just for my entertainment.  Application forms to be sent via comment, please.

After going to Kwiksave we had to take an excursion to Christ Church in Quinton (where my grandmother's worked for about 40 years as verger) because he needed the rector to sign his remortgage form as he's a solicitor.  We sat outside in the car until the end of service, which was meant to be at 11.30, but as it transpired it'd started late and they'd only just started the service at 11.45...  Anyway, it was quite odd, going back there, realising how much of my childhood had been spent within those walls, sitting quietly through endless communions, funerals and weddings, attending Evening Guild events and day trips, and decorating the huge tree for Christmas... I miss that, sometimes.  I wanted to get out of the car, wander around the building, perhaps go inside... it's been so long since I was in there and I remember every square inch of the building.  It was a strange sort of nostalgia.

The rest of the day held the usual aggravations with the music channels, but I'm learning, slowly, to block it out.

Back home, I watched the final hour of Brief Encounter and yearned to watch Casablanca, and then watched In America, quite an interesting film.  This entry's taken about 45 minutes because my brain won't function.  Bizarrely, I'm not dreading work.  I think it really does keep me sane.

Time for bed, said Zebedee.
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Got bored of Component (I have a very low attention span lately) and have gone back to my Sunset Blvd. layout.  This one reminds me of several things, namely...

1) Watching the movie on Eni's bed the first time I met her (back in February 2004) and decreeing that the shot would make a fantastic layout.
2) Finishing my dissertation.
3) My final year of Uni... or, at least, the final few months.

Teeny tiny entry-space, again.  For my next layout I shall endeavour to at least be able to fit a picture 500 pixels wide in the main entry area...


Mar. 29th, 2005 01:57 pm
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] flatline2010

Secondly, who remembers The Worst Witch?  Not the crappy series from CITV, the truly brilliantly awful film from 1986?

Well, You'll love this, then...

I'm struck with the overwhelming urge to watch it again, now... :D
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[livejournal.com profile] pandorasblog, I'm listening to your mix-tape again.  And it reminds me of the beginning of the summer, when I wasn't too exhausted and apathetic to think.

So, thank you. :)
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We went to Worcester today to see their Christmas market.  Apparently, it wasn't as good as last year.  There was morris dancing in the streets, and a steam-powered carousel, and lots of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts, amongst other things, but the stalls weren't that exciting.  However, while perusing one such stall, I heard my name uttered.  I looked up to see a tall man and a short woman in a hat.  After several seconds, I realised that said woman was Angela, from uni - the tall man was her other half, Glen, and the artwork they were selling was all his own.

So we chatted briefly (seeing as there was a large queue - well, mob - forming behind me) and caught up.  The weirdest moment was probably when Glen said "Oh, is this the one who writes?", to which she said I was.  He took off his top hat and gloves and shook my hand.  See, when I sent Angela all the random bits of Phantom fic, she read them to Glen, and he liked them.  He's had a book published himself, and told me in no uncertain terms that I should make a go of it as far as writing is concerned.  Which was nice.  My reputation precedes me, apparently.

Of course, it would help immensely if I had the bloody energy to write anything, and if my creativity wasn't slowly withering from sheer exhaustion.

And, since I brought it up. )

I'm wasting way too much energy on this.  If you think it's bad now, wait til I've seen it...
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Is it bad that whenever you hear "Hi Ho" from Snow White you can only remember the Gremlins singing it...?

And not, strangely, the songle...
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Sorry for the latest absence.  Blame tiredness, lack of internet access at work (can't have our Birmingham City Council employees surfing anything other than birmingham.gov.uk, can we?) and general blahness.

So, what have I been doing?  Typing.  Lots of it.  Distributions.  Slightly less of them.  And that's about it.  Except for this:

Sunday. Aisha's sister's wedding reception.  Me, Crystal, and her sister, Erin, were all waitressing.  At first, the thought of a mere three of us having to serve about 90 extended family members was a tad daunting, but not too much.  Aisha helped, which was fine, though she didn't have to and got her nice traditional outfit covered in curry.  Anyway, it was all horrendously disorganised, and could have been done more effectively if they'd assigned us a curry each (there were three different ones, so everyone got confused) rather than apparently randomly dishing them out.  And it would have been even better if Kareem (Aisha's brother), their mother, and random Indian people hadn't decided to help and filled the very small kitchen with more people than could easily fit in there, resulting in oil being split on the floor and yours truly slipping and falling over on it twice.  Yes, twice.  Unfair?  I thought so, too.

So now I have a rather large and purple bruise on my left knee, and have been unable to stand on my left foot for about two days.  At least is wasn't the right; the one I broke last summer.  That wouldn't have been very fun.

Anyway, I got about £25 out of it, so it wasn't all bad, and it was nice seeing Aisha and Crystal again and doing some reminiscing, and get this!  Miss Insch was there! And she remembered me! Purely because of the red stripey tights!  So there I was, clearing a table, arms full of dirty plates, having a conversation with my former headmistress about tights and university and such, getting gossip, requesting photos of the quartet, and being ordered to visit in late September to see the new sports block.  So.  That was nice.

Nothing else to report.  I'm sure there were lots of things I was going to say, but my brain is slowly dying...


Aug. 2nd, 2004 09:53 pm
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That was pleasantly random.  Crystal just phoned me to drag me out on Wednesday night to see Spiderman 2 with her and Aisha, and... wow, that was just like old times.  Insanely long and pointless phone conversations.  It was quite strange talking to her again.  And it seems that when it's just her and me, and no Rachel, she's... well, her.  Just like always, the same geeky insane Crystal.  So with it just being me, her and Aisha, Wednesday should be a very pleasant affair indeed.

I'm drowning in a sea of memories lately: the journey to work taking me past school; the re-emergence of my deeply buried X-Files geekdom; chatting to Crystal on the phone about Star Trek and Farscape and Buffy and everything else we had in common; reminiscing about Sci-Fi Club and finding she remembers the exact same things I do for the exact same idiotic reasons...  It seems that for every step forward I physically and metaphorically take in my life (finishing and obtaining my degree, holding down a full-time job), I take fifteen back in my mind.  Probably not the healthiest approach, but I've always been a creature of habit.

So, anyway, I shall see her on Wednesday, when I can lend Aisha Pirates of the Caribbean and hopefully get it back on the 15th after our waitressing services...
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I have finished Red Dragon (which is just as well, because the film's on Sky in August, so now I can watch it and do my English geek thing by comparing to the book...) and started Silence of the Lambs.

Well, wasn't that exciting?

Still don't know about what happened to the bedroom of the house five doors down.  We're hoping it was someone's stereo blowing up from excessive volume.

Talking of which, I had a battle with Neal next door (or possibly Louis, who lives two doors down) over who could play their music the loudest.  Final score: Seether 1, Annoying Generic Pop Band 0.  Har.  Also, note to general public: just because it is summer and you need to have your windows open does not mean the entire frelling street wants to hear your shitty music. Please learn this for future reference. Thank you.

I moved my room around, or part of it.  See, I needed to take a photo of the inner workings of the typewriter for my Non-Fiction page on the site (don't ask...) and couldn't get to it, and couldn't use it where it was - tucked between the drawers and the shelves near the computer.  And, well, originally I decided to clean my windowsill because it was looking decidedly skanky, which involved moving all the ornamets, polishing it, putting them back. And then I realised there was one missing, so I had to look down the back of the drawers.  I found it.  And then I decided that it would be a really good idea to move them and get the typewriter somewhere more logical so I could actually use it (it's not just a pretty keyboard, y'know...) having bought a ribbon and everything, and having still not yet written  anything of any consequence on it.  So I moved the drawers out, moved the typewriter on top of them, moved its little cabinetty thing (which is honestly serving no other purpose except to be useful storage for useless crap...) to the end of the TV/video unit, moved the drawers back into place, and put the typewriter on top of them.  So now I can use it.  Hurrah.  And then I had to dust everywhere else, obviously.  And sort my X-Files videos into the right order (I was sure I'd already done that, but apparently not...) or as near as dammit, and then I had to hoover, and when I'd finished, the phone rang.

How's that for good timing?

It was Aisha.  Her sister's getting married, y'see, and rather than it being a strictly social call, she was phoning me to ask if I wanted to waitress after said event.  Her mum's paying £5.50 an hour, and she's also trying to get a hold of Crystal for the same purpose, but she's being elusive, as usual.  Rachel's in Cardiff being a Proper Occupational Therapist, so she's out of the equation.  Anyway, I agreed, so that'll be about £20 worth on the 15th.  We had a pleasant chat about Angel, jobs, her elective that I'm meant to be joining her on in LA if it happens, etc.  And you know?  Nothing changes with Aisha.  It's bloody wonderful.  She's just Aisha.

And God, but I miss people.  I'll see Aisha on that Sunday, but I've not seen Crystal since... wow, the summer, I think, the same time I last saw Rachel.  Same goes for Angela because of random disorganisation that resulted in my meeting her as well as everyone else (and her meeting them by default; they all got on fine, luckily, but everyone likes Ang...) on the same day.  I've not seen Vickie (Johnston) since last June when she came to Derby; I've not seen Jennifer for centuries, and... to get to work I have to get the same buses I used to get to school when the 829 didn't turn up, and it's just slightly depressing.  Though not as bad as it would be if it was term time, I suppose.  But still, I wish I could get off at the Gurdwara, turn into Rose Hill Road, and make my way to the common room like old times...

*stops being nostalgic*

Nothing else to report. Over and out.


Jun. 5th, 2004 01:15 pm
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Well, Becky and Jemma have gone home, which just leaves me, Charlotte and Lydia behind in the flat, though it might as well be just me for the amount of socialising they do...  I don't know when Jemma left; I presume last night.  Becky knocked on my door four minutes after my alarm went off - good timing, otherwise I'd have fallen asleep again - and my glasses fell apart as I grabbed them because the screw fell out, so I'll have to get those fixed later.  (Luckily, I have another pair.)

The end is nearly here.  I'm going on the 19th (which reminds me, I must email my father about taking half of my stuff home before then; I dreamt I forgot last night, and the consequences were less than good.) and will be pretty much on my own until then, save for [livejournal.com profile] last_dance coming the weekend before so we can see Harry Potter and take some photos before I leave the prettiness for good.

It's been a strange year, all told.  More sociable than all of the others put together, and I've probably made more friends I'll actually stay in contact with than ever before, in the flat alone: I still owe Vicky a gallery page for her website, which I may attempt later if my eyes ever stop aching, and I've got Becky's email address and a command to stay in touch; I've still got Clare's mobile number and should probably try to meet her over the summer, and while I don't have Jo's number, I'm sure we'll meet up at graduation.  It's probably a little early to be reminiscing, but I'm in the mood, now...

Some random memories and thoughts. )

(And the odds of me doing another post exactly like this one on the 18th is very, very likely...)

Gah. I need more sleep.


May. 30th, 2004 06:34 pm
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Just watched the repeat of the final episode of Friends, completely by accident.  Wow.  Nostalgia, dude.

Not much to say, really.  The end of another era.  Rather disappointed that Joey and Phoebe didn't pair off since everyone else did, though. :(  (The Joey/Phoebe shippers really are a dying breed...)

I'm sure at one point I had a list of the amount of times Ross and Rachel had been on again/off again...

Anyway.  I have to work tonight, so am taping Casualty (why is it, the one time I watch in over a month, it's a two-parter??) but at least that's easier than trying to bloody well tape Radio 2... :)
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Or, in other words, I randomly decided to listen to Rocky Horror (really appalling awful London cast version, but I love it because it's so crappy, and the version of Once In A While has nice harmonies) and made an icon to celebrate the fact.  And naturally, whilst listening to it, I remembered how utterly fantastic it is, in general, and got nostalgic in the process.

I'd do a long, gushing entry that extolled the virtues of Rocky Horror, but to be honest, I'm too tired to do so.  So instead, I present a list of random things I remembered/thought of whilst listening to the soundtrack:

1) Listening to this particular version at home on a constant loop.  I think it was actually the first copy of the soundtrack I ever got, now I come to think about it, and only because it was £5.99 or something ridiculous.  'Course, now I have six different versions (except the Australian cast version because the front cover terrifies me...), each one slightly different.  But anyway, I remember listening to this one at home, on the old computer, waaay back when we lived at the old house.  Which means, even more terrifyingly, it must have been the one with Windows 3.1 on it, and it was in the front room, and I would sing along - with headphones -  incredibly loudly, thus providing an a capella concert of moaning and groaning scary voices...  Which means I was probably composing a lengthy letter to Jenn at the time...

2) When it got to "Damnit, Janet", I remembered the first time I saw the live show, with Jennifer and her dad.  We did this thing on the 'Janet's and the 'Oh, Brad's, where we'd just look at each other and say them.  It became a sort of tradition after that, when singing it to ourselves and when we saw it the second time.  So, naturally, that got me thinking about Jennifer in general, and the fact that I haven't seen her for absolutely sodding ages, and it wasn't that we fell out or even drifted apart, we just... didn't manage to ever actually meet up.  Must rectify that over the summer, I think.

3) I forgot how much Rocky actually gave me...
~ a whole tonne of online friends, some of whom I still know, some of whom I don't, and some of whom I'm still vaguely in contact with even if not regularly.  I'd say, actually, that after The X-Files, Rocky was my first online fandom.  The Zen Room was my local pub, a place to meet friends and get (metaphorically) drunk; Cosmo's factory was my Bible; Rocky Horror.Com was a place of wonder and fascination.  I still remember fondly how I would chat in the Zen til the early hours of the morning, getting to know people, arguing with Erik/Evildotz, or just plain being stupid; I remember cleaning out the Zen fridge; I remember LordRiffRaff throwing me in the pool; I remember discussing phobias with Carrie, and adopting far too many aliases.  And I remember my first day there, when avem and I sang bits of The Sound of Music for absolutely no reason, and I knew it was a place I'd belong.  It sucks now.  But our Zen was, is and forever shall be remembered as the Greatest Chat Room in the Universe.
~ as to those online friends, they were: Outcast Spice, whom I no longer talk to; Garak/Angelus/Mike, who I should really talk to again; avem, he of the jelly bean sending and Smartie-craving; Plague, who flirted with anything female that moved; Carrie, who I didn't really know that well, but whom I now know through livejournal; Katie and Traci, who swiftly both became two of my best friends, even though I haven't spoken to the latter for ages.  There were many, many more, too many to remember.  But I've made more online acquaintances through Rocky than probably anything else.
~ four wonderfully manic nights out to see the live show (3 times) and the movie (once) with various groups of friends.  There's nothing like dressing up (down?) in your underwear to bring people together.

And you know?  I still remember the first time I saw the movie.  It was on Sky Movies, before we got digital, at midnight.  I stayed up to watch the whole thing (we were taping it as well) because at the time, it was Gemma's pet obsession, and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about.  I was 16.  So I watched it, was thoroughly confused, and didn't see it again until some time after that.  The next specific viewing I remember was before Jen and I saw the live show, and I invited her over to watch it so she'd have a clue; that was the night I decreed I would be Magenta - and why, to this day, I'm not comfortable going as any other character - and the night we both realised it was Richard O'Brien singing the opening credits (even though, for the record, they're Pat Quinn's lips, and her reaction when she found out he'd sing it was, I quote, "You bastard!")  After seeing the live show, there followed a series of re-viewings by which I became completely obsessed, fell briefly in love with Frank N Further (everyone does; I think it's a rite of passage or something) and inflicted it on my family, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I've drifted in and out of the obsession since then, but it still remains.  Rocky is just one of those things you never stop loving, I think.

And, in the manner of curiosity, and since everyone remembers when they first saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I ask you: when was your first viewing?


Mar. 7th, 2004 01:26 am
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i was just adding more AIM files and descriptions to the list for katie (i'm on 35 out of about 130...), and it reminded me of the zen room.  that was how we met.  that was, in fact, how i met most of my early online people, some of whom i still talk to, some of whom i don't, but all of whom i remember with fondness.

i really miss the zen room.  it was no ordinary chatroom.  it was practically a real place; the people there were friendly (with the exception of a few) and friend groups formed.  everyone tackle-hugged when someone entered.  i remember well the day i cleaned out the zen fridge; that was the day i met traci, in fact...  there was a pool, which lord riff raff threw me into; with him, i discovered a hole beneath the big armchair that led to the nez, an alternate, upside-down universe.  there was a bar.  and a jukebox.  and i spent many a night in there, whiling away the hours in craziness.

of course, after it died, we all resorted to AIM instead.  and now it's back, but it's not the same...

anyway, most of the conversations i'm writing up for katie are about us writing "identity", the collaboration fic we did.  and i'd also sent her my first voyager fic, "lifeform", which i remembered as being hideous at the time, so i re-read it, and realised that, yes, it's still hideous now, even after lots of tweaking.

and then, on a whim, i thought i'd re-read my frasier fic (the same one i sent to [livejournal.com profile] frightened for her birthday so many years ago, because that, at least, was of a better quality, being written entirely by listening to the voices.

so i opened it up as it is on my website, before deciding it'd be easier to read the actual file, and as i closed it...

wow.  have you ever been struck by a wave of nostalgia so intense it actually knocks you back?  it was just the memory of a feeling, the remembrance of the mornings spent writing it, the episode that inspired it, the beginning of a new obsession... the days of freeserve and hour-at-a-time internet access, and emails through outlook that actually worked...

half a second later, it was gone.  but it was strong enough that i felt the need to write about it in my livejournal...

addendum whilst reading: still getting nostalgic waves. only now i just found this amusing sidenote in my 'stage directions' :"Lorna, BREATHE, damnit! I don't want to kill you!" it being, of course, the angsty shippy scene that i still adore to this day. i think i might have to turn this fic into proper prose one of these days, alongside "minh" (voyager bio-fic for my character) since i think my new, better writing style could do it justice, and the dialogue barely needs any altering... oh, i'll just add it to the WIP list... i didn't finish the damn sequel to it, either.
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why can't everybody just use the same damn kind of videos?  and DVDs, for that matter?  i mean, CDs use the same damned format...

i want this, dammit!

i remember watching that when i was very small, and just now, completely at random, i got the 'things could be bad' song in my head.  i know i had it on tape at my dad's, but the liklihood now is that it's gone.  he only kept my duckula tapes because he liked them himself...  and, of course, it's not available in england.  i mean, there's a very distinct possibility that it's absolutely terrible (as i discovered with the live action/animated the water babies, even if the camp seahorse is fantastic...) but i want it!

though... i knew of a place in dudley that would convert them for you.  probably for some extortionate price.

gah. unfair. bastards.
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nineties meme, snurched off shibaiko )

this meme brought to you from the girl who wants to go back in time and start again. life goes too fast.
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still trying to tidy up. so. much. stuff. where does it all come from? where? how can i have accumulated this much Stuff in 21 years?

oh, right...

anyway, whilst clearing out an old box full of junk/work from school - and after all, it's not like i need the pieces of artwork from year 3, is it? - i uncovered the Sixth Form Revue Sketch That Never Was! when it was our turn, salma and i suggested we'd write an x-files sketch to go in the revue - the plan was that it would be an ongoing theme, that recurred throughout the show - since nobody had ever done one before. alas, they gave us two days to produce the script, and we didn't finish it. but it shall live on! so here, i present:

'Skool of Mystery', a.k.a Mulder & Scully Go To KEVIHS )

i'm so, so sorry... on reflection, it wouldn't really have been that entertaining... but anyway, now you know what you missed. flame at will!
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...all. frelling. day.

well, more or less...

today, having decided that if she spends one more minute in this house/city/country/continent she will go insane, my mother decided to screw the finances and book us a holiday. so, as of august 12th, we will be in crete. rethymnon, to be exact, which sounds very nice and quiet and has a long beach that i will collapse on for 7 days.

so, yes. i shall be absent for a week, so kindly refrain from being interesting during that period.

things i must remember:

1) phone angela on or before the 8th, for she will be 25, and there must be jubilations.
2) in doing so, attempt to get her to abandon being a lawyer and go out for a drink.
3) buy card for angela.
4) buy card for mother.
5) buy card for lorna.
6) sort out livejournal thing. (deliberate crypticism.)
7) decide whether or not to get miss saigon soundtrack before seeing show on august 11th. (yes, we're flying out the night after...)
8) tidy room
9) possibly rearrange room, although this is unlikely.
10) make eye appointment to get new glasses
11) make hair appointment
12) dye hair

i think that's most of it. oh, and

13) write letter for katie-in-iowa, who is now katie-in-minnesota because she's moving out of her parents' house... she is, however, going to be without internet access (rather her than me. i'd be trying to find the nearest net-cafe already.) so we're going to be Proper Pen Pals and write each other letters. that last time i had a pen pal we ended up in a war to see who could ramble on for the longest amount of paper. i won, with 20 sides typed and 25 hand written (front and back!) at which point, a-levels started and we gave up. it was a fantastic summer, though. i will always associate the summer of 1998 with writing letters to jenn, and being hideously obsessed with the x-files (it was the year of the movie, and we were crazy) and phantom. ah. happy memories...

and, on that randomly nostalgic tangent, i leave you...
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wow, mondays are always so eventful when i actually go in ;)

critical theory - dave ellis made an eddie izzard reference this week! we're doing marxist critism and new historicism - he referred to eddie's sketch on archeology: "we've uncovered a series of Small Walls..." *grin*

i was struck with the most bizarre feeling in the lecture, though. there was a suddenly very school-like smell in the room that took me right back to english with mrs. porter, eddie izzard references and all...

and then when writing fic in the library *ahem* using a green inked fountain pen, i was suddenly back in year 8 german, when i had a very similar pen with the same colour ink. tres bizarre...

picturing books - two and a half nearly-solid hours of note-taking on "dracula", of which i read ten chapters in two hours last night (and two more during/before the lecture) of twenty-seven in total... anyway, in the lecture theatre, there are those cinema/theatre-style pull-down seats, and very little leg room, with little flippy tables attached. so i'd made myself an extra surface on the seat in front, upon which my bag was resting, and then upon which i'd balanced my folder, upon which to put my pencil case and bottle of water.

david brottman (in a surprisingly good mood, thank god) started the lecture. fifteen seconds in, my folder slides to the floor and takes all the contents on top with it. ker-assssh!


but scary brottman person picked them all up for me and didn't shout. hurrah.

that's about it, really. need new hand now. ow.
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the theme to "the last of the summer wine" should not still make me choke up...


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