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This is not work moaning, more, erm... mockery? I dunno. :P My colleagues have caught Stupid Plague this week. It must be the heat.

In no particular order... )

We have to laugh or we would cry go on a screaming rampage with bazookas.
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More moaning. Choir, this time. Other than to say I'm getting fed up of people picking and choosing which work they want to type as it's happened on no less than six separate occasions this week. The urge to kill is rising. Choir moaning under here. )

Blah blah moan moan.

Interestingly, in the midst of relating the Transcription Fail to Paul on Friday night, he asked me what I thought my nickname might be amongst my colleagues, if they were to adopt the same approach as me. At this juncture, I suspect it would be Moody. :P


Jan. 23rd, 2012 12:36 pm
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I haven't been able to update much this week because Paul and I are renewedly attending the gym, which is obviously eating a lot of time. We went on Monday and Thursday night, plus swimming on Sunday morning, which is our new regime.

The plan this time is to book a holiday for September in advance with the hope that it'll be an adequate incentive to lose the weight. Let's see how successful that is, eh?

Bit of a work moan - well, it's been a while. :P )

Boring Gym Bunny Stuff )

Embroidery-wise, I have two more pictures to post later on. They would have come sooner but I had to re-order the thread (again) because it ran out. I think this is a direct result of having lost the original thread list and the online pattern being very slightly different, but in any case, the ordered thread ended up being a different shade to that I'd already used, so I had to unpick what I'd already done and start again. Anyway, I got through two shades yesterday so will post those later.

I'm also going to do a Facebook album at some point of my various completed stuff, as I've been working through some of the half-finished bits in the footstool that my mum gave me and some are now done, in addition to what I already have framed, etc., and it would be nice to have a record somewhere. :)

Oh yeah, that was the other irritating thing. I ordered some apparently "wide calf" biker-style boots from eBay as in the picture they looked promisingly roomy. I couldn't pick them up from the depot until Saturday, and it transpires my definition of "wide calf" and that of the seller differs by about four inches. Also the boots weren't as good quality as they appeared in the picture (they were faux-leather anyway, but still) as they had no proper 'tongue' to speak of because it was all sewn together. Annoying because the foot part of the boot actually fit perfectly, for a change. So I'll be sending those back for a refund. I will keep searching, and actually measure my calves so I know what to go for. Some sellers are actually nice enough to specify the width measurement. (Although I am irrationally annoyed by them still being photographed on skinny models; clearly we can't be having fatties modelling them, can we? /bitter)

After the post depot we decided to get the shopping from Dudley rather than Bearwood for a change, and ended up spending £25 in Wilkinson. :P Some of it was stuff we actually needed, though (a hook for the bedroom door, a self-adhesive one for the bathroom, a new kitchen drainer, some tall glasses and a funky new bathroom set). We had a sharer in the Wetherspoon's which was actually really nice (either they're still using up the "Christmas chips" or they've changed them forever; I hope the latter. :D) I am tempted to try their other food now to see if it's as good.

Okay, I think this is quite long enough. Nearly lunchtime (chicken sandwiches om nom) so I'll post this and wait for the man to finish fixing the printer so I can collect my transcript. :P
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I meant to do this last night but had lots of photographs to post on Facebook so didn't have time. :P (If you're interested, there are pictures up now of our trip to Dudley Zoo and the four days in Paris.)

I have two other things to update about in the meantime; tonight I will attempt to get some of the Fandom for February backlog under my belt just to get it out of the way. :P

Recipe: Turkey Roulade Tapenade )

Now a minor, petty work annoyance, briefly mentioned on Twitter, in the form of Cake Rivalry )

After the Farmers / Arts Market, Paul and I headed into Birmingham for [livejournal.com profile] translucent's leaving drinks. We went to Las Iguanas first because I wanted Mexican food, where we made a headstart on cocktails before heading to Island Bar for the drinks in question.

Despite drinking about six or seven cocktails, I was actually surprisingly not drunk, just absolutely shattered. We left about ten-ish and managed to convince a taxi driver to cap the fare at £12.00 (bonus!). I think perhaps the highlight of the night was catching up with Clare as I haven't seen her since... wow, I was still at uni. Maybe about eight years? So that was lovely because she hasn't changed in the slightest. I tried to convince her to join CBC, also. ;)

On Sunday we mostly did nothing. I had a migraine kick in right as EastEnders started, which was a pain, but thankfully the Migraleve didn't mong me out so I was able to set the Wii up on our new wireless broadband (WOO!) without any fuss, then spent the evening after dinner catching up on overdue internet-related admin. :P I do still owe Eni some Thoughts, so I'll try and tackle those tonight. :)

I think that's about it. Hopefully updates will now be more forthcoming and regular, rather than every two weeks.
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So, this morning was fun. Not.

In which I am fast, but not that fast. )

Grr. I have since vented this at Sharn so feel a bit better. It doesn't help that I'm knackered from trying to juggle gym attending, cat-fostering until Saturday, and packing up the detritus of my life for the past five years (thus far I've done ornaments, Wii and DS games and our CD's - still everything else and furniture dismantling to go). I could do with the entire of next week off to get on top of it, but I have Thursday and Friday and the intervening weekend and evenings. Whoever stole the last month, kindly give it back!

With any luck Moany will stop talking enough to finish her police tape today and I can distract myself with the other one... :P She did eventually finish and I did mine in just over an hour, as it was only 10 minutes long and the interviewee basically said "no comment" as every answer. Ah well.

PS: Here's some lulz for you, in the alternative form of colleague stupidity. The above-mentioned faulty printer has a broken fuser cartridge, as I mentioned. Marie is visiting and asked what was wrong with it. Moany said it had a broken "fuselage"...
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Well, it's been a while...

Once again that quote from Scar is oddly appropriate... )

I know it's petty. Thankfully Forgetful has been off this week so I've not had to contend with her moody-arsed attitude. The IKEN thing is seriously pissing me off, though. If anyone had actually said anything then perhaps it might be okay, but the sense of being forgotten about is disconcerting and worrying.

I wasn't really in the mood for the gym yesterday and was quite stroppy about silly things like not being able to find a pair of 2kg dumb-bells and the step for the step-ups being too high, but the good thing about weights machines is you can imagine, for example, that you're crushing someone's head between your legs. :P Subsequently I wanted comfort food for dinner so we went to the chippy and ruined all the effort. And this morning I felt a bit sick so that just made it an even worse decision.

To make matters worse, there was a spider on my desk earlier. Only a little one. I squashed it under a Pret napkin and scraped it into my bin, and then spent the next hour or so feeling paranoid, with over-sensitive and tingly skin. Stupid phobia. I'm getting better at dealing with the actual bugs, in retrospect (I didn't shriek or ask for help), but the after-effects are the same as ever. I'm guessing they're a delayed reaction...

I might get some lunch from the food festival today... Just wish BCC had put it on for longer than ten days, the skinflints...
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I think I told most people about this on Friday when I actually saw them, but since Forgetful has just managed to annoy me again (and it's only half-ten), I need to vent it...

Friday onwards... )

That aside, on Friday we went to the Briar for Lloyd's birthday drinks, and did nothing all weekend except (as usual) play Super Mario Galaxy. IT IS INSANELY ADDICTIVE.

On Saturday I was in a baking mood for some reason, and after deciding that biscuits were too much of a hassle (my kitchen is too small for dough-rolling) ended up making a chocolate-orange cake with marmalade cream, as it was the only one in the book Paul would eat. As yet he has not eaten any of it. :P It turned out okay, though I might use pre-crushed almonds next time as my blender didn't do very well at those - but in the alternative, it whisked the egg whites in about 15 seconds. :) (I only discovered my blender had a whisking attachment about a month ago, after looking in the box for the slicing blade, finding a strange round attachment and looking in the manual to find out what it was...)

The marmalade cream was amazing, though. I will definitely make that again if not the cake. :) Here is a recipe for the cream if anyone wants it:-

Recipe: Marmalade Cream )

I also made us a steak-and-ale pie, made with Guinness (belated St Patrick's Day celebration) which was AMAZING. The Guinness really seems to work well because it's so thick, and the gravy was lovely. Also I never buy supermarket braising steak any more because it's better quality from the butcher.

We also bought two pheasants from the butcher (for £9.99!) and had one for Sunday lunch - wrapped it in bacon and shoved apple wedges into the cavities before roasting - which was nice. Still a bit of meat left so I can have pheasant sandwiches later in the week. :)

Anyway, nothing much else to report. We're two days behind on typing today thanks to my doing police tapes on Friday (go figure) so today is going to be busy, and that's about it. Over and out.

Oh, I also need to do a bit of an update about our current house-hunting status and adventures thereof on Saturday, but I'll do that when I get in later.
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Last week was horribly stressful for no apparent reason, Friday especially so. I started writing a review of Black Swan, which we saw on Wednesday, but I couldn't finish it thanks to being busy and on reading it back it sounds horribly pretentious, so now I can't be bothered. In any case, it was a truly brilliant film and the highlight of my week.

It can only get worse, unfortunately. )

The WPO's are meant to be moving to the 2nd floor this week. I am dreading this more than you can imagine, and still have seven weeks to get through before my leave in April. If things get exponentially worse I am seriously considering getting myself signed off with stress, if only to poke management into some kind of action - when the inevitable question is asked, I won't hesitate to say what's stressing me out.

On the plus side, we tried out the Wii Fit this weekend and it's knackering. Paul's Wii Fit Age came out as 51, mine was 31. ;) Also my centre of gravity is almost completely central, which was nice to know. We tried some of the balance games and some yoga stuff (half moon is painful!) and if the aches I am suffering today are any indication, it must be doing something. Also I weighed myself twice by moving the board to a different bit of carpet, and the weight came out the same both times, so at least I have some functional scales now - at least until I live somewhere with even floors.

On Sunday we went to my mum's for lunch - quail wrapped in Parma ham to start (mm, tastes like a slightly gamey chicken), followed by one of Jamie's 30-minute-meals, which took an hour. :P It was pork loin with catherine-wheel sausage, celeriac mash and a sauce made of smoked bacon, chicken livers, rosemary and cream. Amazing. I was a bit wary of the celeriac mash because my mum said it tasted like celery, but it was actually surprisingly nice... So that's something I can add to my list of potato alternatives, anyway.

(Oh, and on Saturday I decided to use up the muffins in the fridge by having eggs benedict - Paul poached the eggs and cooked the bacon and I made the Hollandaise sauce, which for a first attempt wasn't bad at all. Mmmm, lovely.)

We had a go on Wii Sports Resort (obviously) and demonstrated Mario Galaxy and Epic Mickey. In the morning we also swapped our duff second-hand controller for another one (which works this time), and also the duff DS game for another Wii game, which looks quite pretty. I will probably have a go at it tonight.

Anyway, that's about it. Work is poo and I'm trying to get through the day-to-day without killing anyone, and I don't think it's going to change... There is good stuff, but it's hard to focus on that when I'm constantly exhausted.

If I don't post for ages, that's why. The fandom meme will resume when I have the energy. It annoys me that I only lasted two weeks before giving up on it, and that's making me even less inclined to finish it, but yeah. We'll see.
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I have no idea when I last updated or what it was about, but here is what I've been up to...

Birthday Stuffs )

After that Paul and I both had a week off work. The beginning of the week mostly involved doing nothing, going to Aldi, and watching Duckula, in my case anyway. I've got through the first two discs so far.

On Thursday we headed off to London for a couple of days. London Stuffs )

In other, more positive news, TAX REFUND, BABY!!! Apparently for 2008-2009 I overpaid over a grand in tax! Considering I had to extend my overdraft again last month just in case I spent too much money in London, this little windfall is very much appreciated. In addition, I achieved my pay increment at work and should be getting a chunk of backpay tomorrow in my wages, which initially I was going to spend on an eye test and new lenses. Instead I'm going to use the tax refund to pay a chunk off the credit card and pay for the eye test, and hopefully spend the backpayment on something NICE for a change. :)

I anticipate something horrible will happen to me in due course when Fate realises she made a horrible error in judgement. But in the meantime, it's nice to have a bit of luck for once.

Also, I started watching Damages on Monday night and I'm about nine episodes in. Quite enjoying it, though I can't decide if Patty Hewes is pure genius or pure evil... Whichever it is, Glenn Close is sheer awesomeness incarnate, but we already knew that. :)

I think that'll do. :)
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So, today was annoying. I meant to leave at four; I left at six. That kind of annoying.

I was going to rant about it, but I don't have the energy any more. The only snark I can muster is the passive-aggressive message I left for Paul on the notice board in the kitchen* about the fact that he owes me three (underlined several times) rounds of washing up now. He had reduced it to two, but we have the gas man coming tomorrow and in my attempt to merely pile up the dirty dishes for Paul to do them tomorrow I was assaulted by a horrendous smell and decided to do it myself.

Anyway, the work annoying was the same annoying as it always is, revolving around Moany, Forgetful and Demanding, as per frigging usual. I might post about it tomorrow if I'm so inclined, but right now I just want CHIPS and SLEEP. Except CHIPS will entail actually having to move. Can someone email me some chips? Please?

* I bought this notice board back in July with the intention of writing upon it the contents of the freezer / fridge. I got as far as putting the fridge's contents on it but we never actually sat down to note what was in the freezer. The entire purpose of this was so we actually could get organised and get stuff out for tea in advance, like we used to when we first moved in and weren't so bone idle / tired, but then the freezer was empty again so we didn't bother, etc, etc. I wiped it clean the other day because most of the fridge stuff had also changed / gone and, well, at least I used it for something...


Aug. 4th, 2010 01:22 pm
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I just had the following exchange with a WPO colleague during our (wholly unproductive) team moanathon meeting. Surprisingly, Moany wasn't even there. This conversation took place with newly-aliased Forgetful, so-named for her previous statement about forgetting everything we'd learned about Iken because she would have slept in the interim...

Me: [regarding dictation] I've said to Lisa that if she has trouble using the untethered device, she can always use Kate's [her jobshare] when she's in.

Forgetful: That's not fair, you'll pick up a piece of work from Kate and discover it's Lisa.

Nice attitude. They don't like Lisa's work because (a) she never dictates matter numbers (which is why I produced a reference list of them) and (b) she likes scanning and sending emails, OH NOES THE HORROR. Which is exactly why I keep getting lumbered with it on a regular basis, because I do it without any hassle. (Lisa actually using the digital dictation system is a whole other rant, mind you, because of said scanning issue, and I tried to resolve it before it became a problem to no avail... My attempts to explain why it wasn't just as simple as giving her a dictation device and the appropriate training were not met with the appropriate enthusiasm. I have now washed my hands of it.)

Also discovered in course of said meeting that Forgetful had clearly completely ignored the helpful email sent some months back by one of our IT guys, attaching the desktop links for the other two shared drives on the network, subsequent to the original office move back in January. We use 'socshare' (Social Services), and there is also 'pubshare' (Public Law and Property) and 'litshare' (Litigation). Pubshare is used for Education Team's work and litshare for Employment's, hence why we needed access and links. She was asking where we were supposed to save work for Employment because they never make it clear, and I said their case files were on litshare, which was enough to send her into paroxysms of confusion and affrontation.

Look, if you ignore an email because you think it does not apply to you personally, that's not my problem. Considering everyone else knew what I was talking about, it clearly IS just you. Yes, fair enough, Employment shouldn't be using the network drives, but they are, and that's their choice. Until they start using Iken, just do as you're bloody well told.

GRAH, so frustrating.

As is having vegetable fail at Tesco. They had no parnsips AND no leeks. I know they're winter veg, but come on!

Update Time

Aug. 2nd, 2010 06:28 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus is forcing me to do one of those 30-day memes (and obviously picked the hardest subject possible, i.e. music) so I will start that when I've written down some possibilities and whittled them down. :P

In the meantime, here's an update of last week. Week of Sociability )

Less Pleasant Colleague Stuff )

That's about it, really. We are currently levelling out at 48-hour turnaround on work, which is better than seven days as it was a couple of weeks ago. Despite doing three long days last week, leaving early on Monday and two long lunches effectively killed off any flex I might have gained (I only got 0.10 of an hour), so I need to make the effort this week. It does seem that no matter how hard I work to get through the typing, it just keeps on coming. I hope when Noor finally comes back from sick leave we'll be able to cope a bit better; KEH typists were helping out but were more trouble than they were worth, and couldn't access the matters on IKEN anyway, so I think they've given up now.

Anyway, I should really tackle said typing, I suppose.

Edit at 18.20: The afternoon did not exactly improve. I had intended on leaving work at 4.30, and picked up a longish piece of dictation at just before 4.00 to kill some time. It was 25 minutes in length and shouldn’t have taken as long as it did, except the fee earner in question has to spell everything every single time (not being content to spell, for example, the child’s name the first time and expecting us to be intelligent enough to remember it two seconds later…), which uses up precious minutes, and also being overly verbose. I disapprove of the phrase: “… has the ability to be able to…”. Calling the Department of Redundancy Department!

Anyway, I finished that at about 4.45 (I think) and was just filling out the receipt for it to take it upstairs, when Senior 1 tells me she’s put something in as urgent and it needs to go out that afternoon. Right. Okay. So I do that, and am in the process of printing it off when Senior 2 comes up to me and says he’s put an urgent in that also needs to go this afternoon and could I please do it. Having already been thwarted in my first attempt to go home early, I reacted possibly less politely than I should have done, but did it anyway.

You know what? This is getting a bit tedious now. I’m rather sick of being the only person around after 3.30pm to do any urgents that come in. Also I seem to have done nothing except urgents today, and there’s a lot of it because we’re still behind and people are panicking.


It’s all flex. I just have to keep telling myself that. And I have a week off in September. I will doubtless return to similar levels of chaos as last time, but that seems to be par for the course.

On the plus side, I did manage to find a halfway decent cardigan in Primark with very little hassle, for once. It’s one of those buttonless ones with the dangly tails at the front. I have several tops which are longer than my standard cardigans / hoodies so it will come in very useful…


Jul. 15th, 2010 07:06 pm
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Dear People-at-the-Bus-Stop,

Why do you feel the need to try and get on the bus before the passengers disembarking have a chance to get off? Apart from being rude, what do you expect will happen? You're not going to get home any quicker than if you were to wait, unless those few seconds are absolutely vital. I appreciate, man-at-the-front-of-the-queue, that you did apologise to myself and the lady before me, but that does not negate the fact that your foot was already on the platform as soon as the doors opened.

No love,

[livejournal.com profile] teylaminh

It's not just randomers, either. As I was getting off the bus this morning (I had to sit upstairs because I left five minutes late - go figure - so I was one of the last straggers to get off), I think I saw one of the fee earners in Adults haranguing the driver. It sounded like her, anyway. It's not a fee earner I particularly miss since the move, as she was constantly pestering me and announcing her PC issues to the entire office. After the incident this morning, it reminded me that, yes, she did have an air of self-importance about her which would explain what I saw happening.

I assume she was trying to get somewhere on the 50 for a meeting or otherwise. As I and several other remaining passengers were still getting off, I spotted that she was standing by the driver's cabin. I think she was trying to ascertain how much it would cost, as I distinctly heard, "I've only got £3.50..." before I got off myself. And yes, there was a queue of people waiting to get on. The 50 stop is a busy one no matter what time of day it is.

I can almost accept it from teenagers and old people, the two groups who seem to believe the world owes them something (I can understand it from the pensioners; the 'yoofs' have no excuse), though it's still a sad picture of society in general that we live in a universe of self-absorbed egotism and downright rudeness. I just hope I don't reach the point of having so much money that I consider myself so entitled that the rules of manners no longer apply. Money buys you lots of things; it does not buy you respect.

I think perhaps this would not have annoyed me quite so much, if not for this week at work being completely horrendous. We are still three days behind on typing, and today I feel like I've been horribly unproductive, despite the fact I literally haven't stopped except for lunch. I don't mind being busy (I would rather have too much work than none at all), but there are limits.

Gah. Only one day to go, anyway.
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I'm not going for it. I've spent the past couple of weeks in a state of fluctuation about it. Whilst at work I wanted to go for it; when at home I emphatically didn't. The difference between work-brain and home-brain, clearly. Anyway, my final decision has come about as a result of a conversation with Paul on Friday night (he thinks they might be doing something very sneaky as the job description is so vague and unspecific...), plus Thursday and Friday being absolutely frelling stupid...

Details / moaning under the cut - very long )

So there you have it. As much as a pay rise would have been nice (and very much appreciated), it's not worth the hassle. The cut-off is Wednesday, and they're interviewing for it on 27th April whilst I'm on leave, so essentially it would be the same situation as last time where I'd be thrown into a job immediately on returning to work.

I should get my cost-of-living increase in this month's pay, and with any luck I will pass my PDR with flying colours and thus achieve my pay increment too. Which will be better than nothing, at any rate.
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I got into work this morning to find the heating was broken. Ten degrees celcius at 9.00am (I was delayed by traffic stupidity in the first instance), so I went straight back out to get a hot drink, following which I've been sitting here in my coat all morning.

The heating was fixed by about 9.45 or thereabouts, but given the office takes the best part of a day to warm up anyway, and is always quite chilly on Monday mornings even when the heating is working, over the course of a couple of hours the temperature slowly clambered to 15 degrees.

There are very few people in today, and thus there is nothing to do. At 10.15, David said that if the temperature had not improved in an hour of so, he was happy for Noor and I to go home and he'd take the blame for it if questions were asked later.

So, at about 11.30, the temperature had not improved sufficiently, and we still didn't have any work to do. He then set about trying to find someone appropriately in charge of the WPOs in Marie's absence to authorise us going home. He then came back from his mission to inform us that it was significantly warmer on the other side of the building, and our options were to either go and sit at a spare desk over there, or merely have an extended lunch until the building warmed up. He could see the lack of sense in having two dithering WPOs sitting at their desks with nothing to do, but didn't want to just send us home when it transpired that the WPOs over there (i.e. Marian) were staying put.

Anyway, a few minutes later Carol H wandered over, the secretary named on the rota as covering in Marie's absence. Obviously, she wasn't about to send us home. There was some discussion as to whether it was down to manager or employee discretion, whether we would lose pay or have to use up leave, etc; Carol went to "ask Jerome" (her Head of Service) and didn't reappear, so we assumed that we were not allowed to leave - neither of us are going to be so presumptuous to merely walk out without permission.

The most irritating thing in all of this was that Carol said we should go and sit over their side and help Marian - when we checked a few minutes earlier, there was no work anywhere, and no help therefore required. The suggestion of helping is not annoying in and of itself, as if there was any work to do it would be done with pleasure. It was the implication that we simply weren't bothering which irritated me. Noor and I are the only two WPOs who provide full cover at any given time. This issue has been raised over and over again without resolution, but that's neither here nor there. As ever, those of us who are willing to be flexible are penalised for it.

And now, to top it all off, the lift's broken.

I should have stayed in bed.
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So, it's 2010. Thank frell for that. Good riddance to 2009 and all its associated crapness.

Apparently my last proper update was on 14th December. I will therefore try not to ramble on excessively as I update about Christmas...

W/C 14th December )

Christmas concert )

W/C 21st December )


New Year, etc )

And that brings us to yesterday. I overslept somewhat and didn't get up until midday... In the evening I cooked for Lisa and her new bloke, Pete, and we watched Feast and the onset of Celebrity BB before bed.

And today I'm back at work. Obviously. :)

I think that's more than enough. :P
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For some reason lately, people have been infuriatingly dim-witted.

Cut because it's stupid and petty but I need to vent it before I hit someone. )

Nowt else to report, alas. I finished my fifth Christmas decoration embroidery last night (five more to go - argh!) and took photos of that and the fourth one, except our internet was down and I couldn't post them. Will do that tonight if it's back up.


Oct. 14th, 2009 12:51 pm
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Here's a bit more work humour for you, even though I know it's not funny outside of the office. I like to record these things for posterity... (Er, not verbatim because I can't quite remember it...)

Cut because it's mostly for my own benefit. )

Anyway, even though it was somewhat inane, it brightened up my morning.

I was so tired this morning that I bought a croissant from Pret and then forgot about it until 10.20... (I got into work at 9.00). Not quite so nice after being zapped in the microwave for 45 seconds, unfortunately. I was hungry when I bought it, but was then concerned with drinking my coffee (mmmm, liquid sanity) and forgot it was there. Oh, well.

For some reason I couldn't get to sleep last night. We went to bed around 11.00 and Paul nodded off almost straight away, but it took me a couple of hours to nod off, despite being really tired beforehand. I had various bits of songs going around my head, which didn't help, starting with Sea Drift (the horrendously difficult thing we're doing for the November concert; even Adrian said that if he ever met Delius in a bar he'd hit him upside the head... :P) and then I think it was the Killers. Can't remember. Annoying, though.

Work moaning )

*ahem* Sorry, just had to get that off my chest...

In other news, I've been trying to get a plain, black, v-neck t-shirt for work. I did have one, but it has gone AWOL in the flat, presumably to the same place as the big nail clippers and the metal tape measure. I swear we have Gremlins, or perhaps a particularly mischievous poltergeist... it's getting a bit silly now. (Having said that, I did find my bicarbonate of soda*, at the back of the cupboard behind the six-tonne bag of pasta...) Anyway, do you think I can find a black t-shirt? No, of course not. I've tried Primark, New Look, Peacocks and Store 21 (in Kings Heath) to no avail... next course of action is Matalan, but I don't really want to traipse that far just for a t-shirt - and I know full well that as soon as I buy one, the one I lost will miraculously reappear...

My new embroidery frame arrived this morning, so I'll put my ongoing / on-hiatus project onto that, as I transferred the Christmas decorations to the old one on Monday. Will post a photograph of the first completed one soon... I did realise last night, however, that I've measured my fabric partitions wrong and divided it into eight segments, and there are 10 decorations. Bugger. Thankfully, some of them are narrow, so I might be able to rectify it...

I'm sure I had another thing to post about, but I've forgotten it... probably for the best, as this is quite long enough already.

Over and out.

* Here's a handy tip from the ever-resourceful Kim and Aggie, which works wonders. If you have a blocked drain, pour down half a cup of bicarb, half a cup of salt, and half a cup of white vinegar. This part is quite fun for the chemical reaction, though the fumes are a bit rank (unless you like vinegar...) Leave it five minutes and then pour through with boiling water. I didn't think this would work but it's actually unblocked our bath (as much as it's possible to do) and it's draining at a reasonable pace now. So, forget Mr Muscle, go for the all-natural solution. :) I wish I'd known this when our kitchen sink was blocked rather than attempting to kill myself with chlorine gas...
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Okay, so on Thursday afternoon I had booked flex leave, which meant that I spent most of Thursday morning typing like the clappers to get the pile down to a manageable level, sending copious emails, hiding my stationery, etc.

I left work shortly before 1.00pm and went to get my hair cut, then went back via Wilkinson to pick up some bits, and some lunch from Greggs. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing various household stuff and dying my hair, which is now black again. :)

On Friday, we got up at 7.15 in order to catch a coach to London, arriving just after 12.20 and immediately tube-hopping to the O2, where we were going to see Gunther von Hagans' Bodyworlds Exhibition )

After that we had loads of time to kill so wandered around Soho for a bit (firstly getting lost - it all looks different in daylight!) to find the bistro we always go to. Lovely food, as ever. We had a couple of drinks in some pubs, and passed a liquor shop selling two rather exciting things: a bottle of Absolut vodka ensconced inside a red, besequinned jacket, advertised as "100% gay vodka!"; and, apparently, some fizzy vodka. Paul spotted this, though I didn't see it, however I made sure to inform Sharn at work this morning, who was suitably impressed. ;)

We also accidentally stumbld upon L'Escargot, Marco Pierre White's restaurant, down a back street in Soho. I literally double-taked and was like, "Is that the real L'Escargot?", and we wandered over to have a look at their prices. Surprisingly, they're no more expensive than some of the high-end of independent restaurants in Moseley...

Coach back was at 8.30 and I dozed off and on all the way back, which at least made the journey pass a bit quicker.

On Saturday I was knackered and slept in until around 11.00, before heading out to meet my mum and David to see We Will Rock You at the Hippodrome. OMG SO AMAZING )

In the evening we met up again to go out for a meal at La Fibule, which is where Paul and I went on Valentine's Day. It's quite pricey, but the food is absolutely amazing. For starters, Paul and my mum both had the three-cheese salad, David had... damn, can't remember, and I had the falafel, which was nice, if a bit dry. For mains, Paul had the king prawn skewers, David had the fish stew (which was a GIANT PILE OF SEAFOOD in sauce, amazing), mum had the Poulet Khaddra (which I had on Valentine's Day) and I tried the Tagine D'Agneu D'Asilah, which was lamb cooked in yoghurt, sage and mint. OMG so delicious. There was far too much, so alas I couldn't finish it, but it was so creamy and amazing. Wow. If it wasn't so expensive I would eat there more often.

It was baking hot in there, also, which given it's Moroccan makes for an authentic dining experience.

Sunday, thankfully, was lazy - I put washing out, watched EastEnders, had a shower, the usual.

Back at work this morning to find a note on my desk from Gaynor, apologising for the fact none of the work had been done in my absence (Noor is also on leave). Apparently one of the seniors in Central Team had decreed one particular fee earner's work to all be urgent, because they were holiday cover notes, thus effectively depriving us of one typist; another typist got lumbered with the three-taper off Lisa which was needed for Monday morning, which I had hoped to get done before leaving but had deprioritised to get through everything else, and after she'd finished that managd one other thing after lunch before swanning off at 3.30.

So this morning I had to do the 1.5-tape from Lisa (also needed for Monday, as above), plus the remainder of Thursday afternoon's work AND all of Friday's. By the time I left this afternon at 4.45, I had just caught up to the stuff from this morning.

I don't know why I bother trying to be organised. Meh.

Okay, that's enough for this entry. I should have done the WWRY review straight afterwards, but I was bloody knackered from all the rocking. \m/

Over and out.
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Things are looking up today, as Paul has an interview this afternoon (at 1.00pm) for a job at Auchinleck House on Broad Street. His agency rang yesterday to let him know. I'm crossing all my fingers and toes and would ask everyone else nicely to do the same.

I hadn't even been at work an hour this morning when my chair decided to break. I wasn't even doing anything! Just sitting there happily typing away when the left front corner of it suddenly dropped a couple of inches. It's been quite wobbly for a while, admittedly, but yeah. I'm not taking any chances. I borrowed a spare chair (Adults Team use it to sit by the filing cabinet, it would seem) and have since been brought a different and somewhat more comfortable spare from downstairs. There might be a brand new one in the innings if it's approved, as they need to order another one for someone else.

Some brief work annoyance. )

The other annoying thing was trying to order food last night. Firstly we tried one of the many new southern-fried chicken places which sprang up in Kings Heath in the wake of KFC. We attempted to order from them shortly after they'd first opened, only to have their phone ring through to voicemail; assuming that was just an early opening glitch, we tried again last night - same result. So we won't be trying them again.

Then we tried another chip shop which had put a leaflet through the door advertising free delivery (we are lazy, you see), only to have them tell us they don't deliver. Er... okay then.

Eventually we went back to our usual delivering chippy, which we probably should have used in the first place. That or gotten off our backsides and walked ten minutes down the road. ;)

I got soaked on the way to work this morning. Was that the summer, then?

It still amuses me how much Britain panics when we have any extreme of weather; I mean, we had a proper extended heatwave in 2006 (i.e. that one which made me ill) and then we get one in 2009 for about two weeks and the warnings start being issued by the Met Office. ;)

Which reminds me, I think I forgot to mention that we caught the majority of Michael Moore's Sicko the other week. Conclusion? Move to France. They have things good over there.

Nowt else to report, except that I'm hungry and about to have my lunch...

Edit, 16.23: Paul thinks the interview went well; they'll let him know tomorrow.

In other news, we're going to try out the new griddle pan tonight on some steaks. I should not be so excited about this. :)
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Firstly, Yesterday )

Secondly - AGAIN - my GP surgery.

Thus. )

Also I have no sodding money (so what else is new), except we've run out of food and need to go shopping, and with the current natural (rather than economic) climate I'm beginning to feel like I haven't seen the sun since That Heatwave of 2005 and may never do so again for the foreseeable. Was that the sun's last hurrah or something? It's been bloody dire ever since.

A somewhat better thing is that last night I actually got a decent amount of words done on my Jonathan Creek "Omega Man" tag fic - some of it typed, then a bit more when I went to bed. I won't say anything remotely pre-emptive at this point about where I might post it or whatever, because that's usually a recipe for utter failure. So: I've done a bit of writing, and we'll leave it at that.

I'm so glad I have three days off next week.
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I swear to God, the next person who decides it's so very hilarious to laugh at me in a sarcastic manner, when I'm struggling through the downpour in stupid shoes and with wet feet, from the comfort and dry of their nice warm car... that person is going to get an umbrella to the face. I'm just saying. (At least nobody used me as target practice today.)

The first layer of Alison's bithday picnic cake is in the oven cooking happily away, and I've washed up all the utensils to make the second one. I should really buy another 20cm cake tin. I shall take a photograph of the limey lime cake of limey doooooom when it's all finished. My lime cake is even lime-coloured. Almost, anyway.

Nothing else to report.


Mar. 31st, 2009 10:47 pm
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I haven't updated because I'm... not really doing anything. Today I made a start on reading Watchmen (about halfway through) and have given up on Little Women because my brain is not in the right mindset to attempt the language. So instead I shall start The Last Unicorn tonight.

Anyway, that isn't why I'm posting.

TPTB at fanfiction.net have finally realised that 'Musicals/Plays' needs to be a top-level category of its own, rather than being pushed into the 'Misc' category. As a result they've tidied it all up a bit and put the insane amount of Cats fic into a sub-category of its own.

For some bizarre, unfathomable reason, they have a Phantom of the Opera section in there. I say this is bizarre because there's already a perfectly adequate POTO section in the Books category, which contains four 'world' filters - book, movie, musical and alternate.

So, there are two whole fanfics in the Musicals/Plays category. Wow. Two! The last review of the first one contains the following words:

...I think it's such a shame that there aren't more stories for the Phantom of the Opera...it's such a beautiful movie, and I think it's a real shame no one writes anything for the fanfiction.

The kicker? In the proper POTO category under Books, there are just under 9000 stories.

Yeah, obviously nobody "writes anything for the fanfiction".

This? The whole reason the fandom is crumbling. Stupid bloody idiots who have only seen the stupid bloody 2004 movie and think it's the only version out there, and haven't realised it's a book. I mean, we did at least get a small grace period when the movie first opened, as it took the rabid Gerik phangirls a while to find the category, but yeah. The fic is just... getting worse. It used to be a mostly well-written category back in MY day. Before these young whipper-snappers came along.

And this is also the reason why I have never, ever suggested a Sunset Boulevard category on FFN, even though there are probably enough stories knocking around now to warrant one. Ditto Jonathan Creek (my own fics would be enough to warrant one), because these are my precious fandoms and I don't want them being invaded by reams of badfic. It's another reason I'm horribly dreading this new SB movie, if it ever gets off the ground, not only because I know they'll miss something glaringly obvious, not just because so far some of the casting decisions have been physically painful, but because it will suffer from POTO-syndrome. And SB so so so deserves more than rabid fangirls writing badfic and totally missing the damn point and pairing off Joe and Betty because it's 'safe' and 'easy', etc.

I need to make up t-shirts. "GET OUT OF MY FANDOM" or "PHANTOM: UR DOIN IT RONG".

Just... yeah.

Stoopid Hollywood. Get out of my fandom. NOW.
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People trying to book their easter / summer leave already has resulted in a massive fuss over nothing.

Last week various people were wandering around checking with the WPO team so they could try and book leave. People have deposits to pay on caravans and holiday cottages which are only available certain times, fair enough. Except unfortunately our line manager is off sick and has been since before Christmas, and apparently nobody is allowed to authorise our leave in her absence.

Actually, it's because they're trying to book EASTER and SUMMER leave, which are notoriously difficult times. Because if it were actually the case that no-one can authorise leave, I wouldn't have come in this morning to discover I can't have the week off in February that I wanted because someone snuck two flex days in when I wasn't looking, thus taking the amount of people off up to three. It's partially my own fault for waiting until this week to book it, but still quite annoying.

As it transpires, I've now had to book it from 9th to 13th March instead, which means that for the entire of March our team is going to be one typist down. Noor is off the first, third and fourth weeks of the month (in the same boat as having lots of leave to use up), and me the second. Hopefully it won't be too horrendously busy and/or stressful, but still, I'd rather not have had to book it off then, as I'd rather have it in February.

It also buggers up the plan I had, which was to book the Sunset Boulevard tickets for 13th February and then have a week off after that (although it was dependent on Paul being able to get the leave also). I need to book the tickets before the end of January to get a special half-price offer, also, so I'd rather the leave situation be sorted first.

The thing which irritates me more, though, is that they're bloody moaning in the first place. I know it must be frustrating when there's only a certain time period in which you can book your precious holiday cottage, but for God's sake, at least you can afford one. I would take whatever days I could damn well get if I could even afford a long sodding weekend somewhere, let alone a whole week. My last proper holiday (by which I mean the hot country, lying on a beach kind) was back when I went to Crete. Annual holidays (even twice a year, in some cases) are a privilege, not a right.

Although if it's this bloody stressful to try and get the time off, it's probably just as well I'm not going anywhere.

In other news, the road through Kings Heath was open and running freely this morning, despite being closed all day yesterday. I imagine they had no choice but to re-open it, or it would cause absolute chaos. Things were bad enough on Saturday, though possibly my experience was somewhat exacerbated by going in and out of Birmingham three times over the course of the day...

Also, I appear to have lost another two pounds, though it's admittedly difficult to tell with our cheap scales. I should really get some digital ones.

Despite bemoaning my failure to keep resolutions, I have a few vaguely achievable plans for this year.

Which I'm sure you don't care about... )

Gah, it's quiet here today. Just had an email to say our manager is back in tomorrow and will sort the leave out as a matter of urgency, thank goodness. I'm just waiting until it all blows over when it comes to Easter, quite frankly...
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A while ago, the Assistant Director here at Legal was doing the rounds of our team meetings in order to drive home the five 'goals' of Children's Services, during which she mentioned that the overall goal was - obviously - to protect children. She mentioned that we needed to try and dispell the myth that children are 'the enemy'. Young people in the 21st century are seen as this feral, uncontrollable, criminal force. It's not right that we should feel nervous around a group of 12 year olds, but the sad fact is that we feel as threatened by 12 year olds hanging around on street corners as we do by adult gangs. The sadder fact is that such children feel obviously threatened by each other, if the spate of teenage knife crim is anything to go by.

The AD is, of course, absolutely right. Children should NOT be seen as the enemy, because the local authorities (and, god forbid, their parents) should be working to protect them, educate them and give them the correct opportunities to become reasonable and productive members of society.

Thus far, this tactic appears to be failing horrendously. This morning, some horrible little chavvy oik of a teenage boy decided it would be utterly hilarious to come up behind me and knock my bus pass out of my hand into a puddle, as I was about to get on the bus. He let out a war cry (I wish I was joking), jumped in the air and then 'karate-chopped' my wrist, though all I could actually see was the blur of his white jacket. He was clearly showing off to his mates and looked old enough to know better. Initially I thought he'd bumped into me whilst running past, except upon looking down the road there was nobody running away, whereas there was a group of lads standing behind me looking very pleased with themselves.

Yeah. HILARIOUS. If I'd known for certain which one he was (they all look the same to me) I would have knocked his cap off his head. (Someone's done that to me on a bus before, too.) Except I wouldn't, because the last thing I want first thing in the morning is to get into some kind of pointless altercation with an immature brat trying to impress his equally immature and bratty friends. Taking the intellectual / adult highground doesn't really work against that kind of mentality.

Still, it's marginally better in Kings Heath than it was when I had to get the 11 to work and the 101 to town. There are only two schools on my bit of the 50, and one of them is KE Camp Hill. The other is Queensbridge, and they're both clear before Moseley so the kids are only on the bus for about three stops. On the 11 there were about four schools (George Dixon being one of them; oh, hurrah), and the 101 was a round tour of the worst bits of Hockley. I've had my fair share of horrible school-age children, thank you.

Perhaps, before we can educate children, we need to educate their parents. They're obviously getting it from somewhere...

In other news, I am feeling somewhat saner today. I appear to be moodswinging like WHOA lately, which I can only (I hope) attribute to pre-Christmas stress setting in. Paul and I filled in the diary last night in an attempt to organise the remainder of December, and it's going to be a case of fitting in various family members as and when there is space. Christmas falling mid-week is always a nightmare becuase there's half a week less than usual to cram everything into... or so it seems, anyway. I'm still convinced the days in December are actually shorter than any other time of year...

I still have far too much to do, obviously, but then, I always do. One of these years I'll start my Christmas preparation at least a month in advance...
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I forgot to mention the Rude Woman I encountered in Somerfield over the weekend. She was in front of me in the queue (whilst Paul was getting a lottery ticket at the cigarette counter) and had balanced her basket precariously on the end of the checkout.

She took a heavy item (which was counter-balancing the entire thing) out of one corner of the basket, as a result of which the rest of it started to succumb to gravity. So, being a helpful sort, I reached out to stop it from falling off the checkout and smashing her box of eggs.

Did I receive a 'thank you' for this noble gesture?

Of course I didn't. Merely a silent scowl and her grabbing the basket to put it more firmly on the checkout. How DARE I touch her precious shopping, lest I befoul it with my strange hands!

She was quite well-dressed and buying organic veg, not even remotely chavvy or anything like that, and I would say she was in her 30s (though I'm not good at age-guessing). Absolutely no excuse except sheer bad manners. Snooty cow.

Next time I'll let her basket fall on the floor, eggs and all.

After that, she then proceeded to take bloody ages about packing her stuff, putting her purse away and getting out of the way, as long as it took for all of my stuff to be scanned, which meant I was then also holding up the line packing my shopping.

Can anyone think of a reasonable explanation as to why I've been HUNGRY for three days straight? Like, literally. An hour or so after eating, I'm just starving again. It's really very odd. And in direct comparison to last week, when I was barely hungry at all...

My body is weird.

I posted the fourth and final chapter of the PotC fic last night, having finally managed to end it. *points in a vague FFN-type direction* Now I must get back to that bloody UB fic before it disappears for good.

Tonight I will compile memories to post on [livejournal.com profile] phanwank...


Sep. 8th, 2008 05:01 pm
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This afternoon has been infuriating, for absolutely no reason whatsoever...

Firstly, at 1.45pm, the panic alarm at work went off. Our team's reaction to this was not, in fact, panic, but a sense of befuddlement. After about a minute we decided we should probably vacate the building, and someone from upstairs informed us to do so, but upon getting halfway down the stairs we were then informed that it was an electrical problem, and not, in fact, a bomb.

I left work at 3.50, when it was STILL GOING ON, on every single landing, with periodic bursts of 500 decibel siren occasionally piercing through in our office. By the time I left, my left ear (the one closest to the door) was actually starting to hurt.

The bus journey home involved the usual fare of insane driver + squawking children, though thankfully the latter was few and far between.

I got off a stop early to investigate possibly registering at the newly-opened shiny surgery on Vicarage Road, because mine is annoying. I am now of the opinion that all NHS surgeries are annoying, and hence understand why people go private. According to the NHS website listing for the surgery, they close early on Wednesdays, which is the main grip I have with my current surgery. They're as bad as banks, except actually worse, given they don't open on Saturdays either. LOOK, SURGERIES. YOU ARE A PUBLIC SERVICE. CLOSING EARLY MID-WEEK AND AT WEEKENDS IS NOT HELPFUL.

Anyway, it took me about five minutes to find their front door because it's hidden round the back and only has one nonsensical signpost, and nothing over their front door to indicate that it's their front door. When I eventually got inside, I discovered that you can only register on Mondays and Tuesdays at 1.00pm.

Could you possible make youselves any less work-friendly? I'm really beginning to think it might be easier to register with a GP in Birmingham City Centre if they are so content to be completely inaccessible to those of us who work full-time. Employed people get sick, too. Strange but true.

So that's that. I won't be bothering, most likely. This is the first surgery I've encountered where you have to register at a certain day and time and it's really bloody stupid. My old old surgery made me temporarily register at the reception desk when I was practically doubled over in agony because of my kidney infection and didn't even bat an eyelid.

It's the NHS, I suppose - you get what you don't pay for.

Add to that the fact that about 50% of the people I encountered on the streets today obviously thought I was invisible or made of air, as they seemed content to try and walk straight through me.

And obviously, still no sign of the bus pass. I should really phone them today, but sensibility dictates I should wait until tomorrow, as I'm really not in the mood to speak to some gormless phone-monkey when they should have sent the bloody thing about a week ago. *burns TWM headquarters*

I'm already annoyed with my Cabaret layout, also, so have reverted to a calming pink-coloured one in the interim whilst I make a new one.
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So, it was quite good. Not as good, I expect, as the London production, but enjoyable nonetheless. The special effects were pretty awesome. :) It's completely different from the film in that several bits are in different places and there are extra characters. I have no idea how it relates to the original book, though. Even the familiar songs sound unfamiliar because of the way they're arranged. Feed the Birds is still my favourite...

I was confused about where I'd booked our seats, as it turns out, because I thought they were in the stalls and in fact they were in the circle. Quite far back, but the view was okay. I'm not used to being that high up and not being able to see people's faces properly. Thank goodness those tickets only ended up being £20, though, as I think if I'd paid full price for them I would have been a bit pissed off.

Thanks for putting it on right in time for the summer holidays, Birmingham. Srsly. I really wanted to spend good money on tickets to have to strain to hear the entire thing over chattering parents and screaming children. *rolls eyes*

On that note, people and parents of Birmingham, please note the following:

1. When the music starts and the lights go down, that is a cue to STFU. It does not mean "start talking louder to hear each other over the inconvenient orchestra" and nor does it mean "slowly dwindle to silence after about five minutes". It means "be quiet now". Thank you.

2. Please do not fill your children full of sugar when they have to sit through just under three hours of theatre. Whilst it may shut them up temporarily and stop them whinging, it only means they will become hyperactive and jump up and down. Occasionally telling them "shh" every few minutes is not good enough either.

3. Also, seat-kicking is entirely unacceptable in any situation and I have no idea why you haven't yet drilled this into your little brats yet. (Thankfully, we were initially in the wrong row and hence moved away from the seat-kickers.)

4. If your child is too young to communicate in any other way than crying or screaming, they are too young to go to the theatre. Full stop.

Having said that, one small child did provide a moment of amusement at the start. The first thing on stage is a man emerging from a chimney. Said small child shouted "HELLO!" at him. :)

At the same time, though... it's not a pantomime. I'm all for taking your kids to pantos, and I'm all for providing cultural input via the theatre... but please, for the love of anything, teach them the difference between pantomime and musical theatre. When they grow up and go to Rocky Horror they can shout out all they like, but until that point, shut them up. KTHX.

We did go to Pizza Express for dinner, also, though it transpired the voucher had in fact expired on 7th August. I checked the bloody thing loads of times, too, and still got it wrong. It only came to about £10.00 a head anyway... Paul had a Four Seasons pizza and I had a chicken pasta dish containing musrooms, red onion and lots of cheese, with pesto, which was absolutely gorgeous...

Oh, and I forgot to mention - I bought some red pepper pesto houmous from Somerfield the other and it is MANNA FROM HEAVEN, not to mention moreish. (Also, turns out I like chickpeas.)

That will do for now. Tonight we're having some of the pork in a stir fry, and attempting to watch Dan: In Real Life before the end of the night so we can get the DVDs back to Blockbuster in time... I must also edit chapter 1 and post chapter 2 of the PotC fic...
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Note to self: don't go to bed angry. You will feel slightly better first thing on waking, but this will turn into petty irritation an hour or so later.

The reasons )

Meh, I have three different sets of tickets to book and no bloody money, and I'm not supposed to be using the credit card any more until some more is paid off, especially as the Asda spend has gone out. I suppose I can just put them on there for now and pay it off next month. In which case, I should probably get them booked this weekend. And I still need to buy a printer and a replacement remote control for the DVD player, because ours broke the other week and we only have basic functionality on the front of the machine.

Thank goodness its an early day for me today. And also lunchtime.

End point: anything which makes me question my own self-worth, no matter how pointless or apparently trivial, is a thing to be avoided. Unfortunately it takes the damage being done for me to realise that.

PS: I was semi-inspired to write a PotC:AWE fanfic last night. It would be an alternative-ending to the sequence where Spoilers )

I may well write it, but that depends on whether the images turn into anything more. Last night's mental horribleness kind of beat the Muse into hiding, which was wholly unfair given my current (lack of) writing habits, AGAIN. I REALLY need to update "Strange Glue".
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A lovely weekend, all told. The weather has been gorgeous, I've managed to get two large loads of washing done and engaged in non-energetic activities despite the heat...

Mind you, Friday was kind of annoying. I did intend to write about it at the time, but in the end chose not to because most of the annoyances were petty little things (including a ridiculous Air Conditioning Drama at work, Sandra being completely useless again and my having to go and chase her - as a little test later on when I was bored, I copy-typed [and tidied up, putting in paragraphs] what she'd taken about five hours to do, and did so in 30 minutes...) which simply weren't worth worrying about.

Friday and Saturday )

Sunday was equally unproductive. After Eastenders Paul and I went for a walk in the sunshine, up to Highbury park and through it, then up to Kings Heath park and back that way. In the evening we watched Brazil whilst wilting from the heat, and then went to bed.

Hello, summer! :)

Mind you, when we had that heatwave two years ago, it was about this hot in early June and then kept getting warmer, so this is actually a lot better. This is NORMAL. And our office has air conditioning, so hopefully I won't get ill again...

Slight TMI, possibly )

Now I just need to Lose Some Weight. And also buy some better scales. I cannot have put on half a stone since I last checked. I just can't. If that's true, I was overweight a stone-and-a-half ago. :(

Aaanyway. That's enough of that. Over and out.

(PS: Note to self - check cinema times for new X-Files movie and post to Facebook for those going...)
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Today has been unnecessarily annoying, and I already want to go home. (As I type this, I've been at work less than an hour...)

For starters, this morning on the bus I was sitting behind the LOUDEST MAN IN THE WORLD, who was having a conversation on his mobile. Also, the battery died in my MP3 despite being fine yesterday so I couldn't listen to any music, although that was probably just as well as Loud Man would undoubtedly have drowned it out...

As for work... there's nothing to do on our side of the building, even though yesterday was insane with urgents (four in a row, at one point, even though they didn't have to be urgent - at lunchtime, no less) and long tapes. So I've been taking work from the other side as they need cover. Everything I've picked up thus far has been too short to even be bothered with (all less than a minute in length), and the second tape of the morning was so fuzzy it was almost completely inaudible. I got what I could out of it and then gave up after 20 minutes. I almost didn't bother trying to type it, but this particular fee earner would doubtless assume the WPO was at fault rather than her crap tape...

I'm not as tired as yesterday, but the general irritation has rather put a damper on, and made me feel a bit meh - like, there's little point being awake if everything's going to be annoying. I'm feeling suspiciously pre-menstrual. I seem to get semi-regular PMT without the actual M part occurring afterwards these days. Whilst the latter is appreciated, the former is not.

Also, I seem to have damaged my left thumb in some fashion. There is a very faint bruise there which doesn't hurt when I poke it, but I can't grip or put any pressure on my left hand without it screaming in agony. Presumably it's another war(drobe) wound from the furniture-moving on Saturday, and it didn't seem to kick in until yesterday when I was doing the washing up and trying to grip a plate. Stupid body.
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So far it hasn't been too bad. I didn't really want to get up this morning due to a late night (we watched Pan's Labyrinth until 11.15) but now I'm in and full of caffeine it's okay. Apparently there was a bit of a kerfuffle last week because the fee earners were panicking and Sandra was being useless, as usual, and also Heather has left so she was finishing everything up before leaving, but other than that it doesn't appear to have been too bad without me. I had to trawl through 115 mostly pointless emails this morning (only three of them were remotely relevant) and somehow managed to do exactly 36.5 hours before I went on leave, so haven't gained any more flex. Meh.

I have become addicted to "Patchworkz" on shockwave.com (it finally works!) which is very mouse-intensive and has given me RSI in my right thumb. I think my mouse is on the way out anyway, so I'll probably plug in the one that came with the new PC. It's a normal type of mouse but at least it's optical.

Still working through putting music on the hard drive. 2.5GB used so far up to F with some exclusions. Some of the CD information online is weirdly wrong. Like, on the De-Lovely soundtrack the information for track 7 is missing, so track 19 (the last one) just... ends up with no name. It's weird. I like the artwork function, though. It's funky, if a little temperamental. So far I'm not hating Vista, also (apart from some backwards-compatibility issues) which is a definite improvement on XP. So much so I haven't even felt the need to turn it into Win 98. ;)

I also ordered the new Alanis album (Flavo[u]rs of Entanglement) which arrived on Saturday. I'm really liking it so far. I think my favourite track is "Not For Us" although the lyrics of the final track (I suck at names) are also striking a chord. On the second bonus CD (I bought the deluxe edition) I also really like "On the Tequila", which disguises itself as a bouncy summer-type song but maintains Alanis's trademark cynicism. I'll post some lyrics later.

Last night I made a sausage casserole from scratch. So here's a recipe, mostly stolen from a google search and modified. I cooked it using the rescued crock pot which was originally under the leaky sink. (I soaked it twice in warm soapy water, before you ask. :P)

Recipe: Sausage Casserole )

Mm. I like making things from scratch and eliminating the need for jars. I have so far managed to stop buying bolognese sauce and now 'Sausage Tonight' type things. Must learn to make curry. Also 'Chicken Tonight' sauces, as they can't be that difficult to recreate.

Oh, incidentally? The shepherd's pie I cooked for my grandmother was totally delicious, thank you very much, although I served far too much of it. I should really stop praising my own cooking so much, but I'm so used to things going horribly wrong like when I was at school that it constantly surprises me that I can actually cook these days, when I've really only learnt properly the past couple of years or so. The key is confidence, experimentation and basic knowledge.

I have my PDR at some point when Marie's finished with Ann, so should probably get this posted. Longest entry in a while... you can tell I'm back at work. :P
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I spent a bit of money today. Not all of it was for me, though...

First of all, at lunchtime I went to Zavvi to look for Alison's present*, and failed horribly because they were apparently in the process of refitting the entire store, and only a little part of it actually contained things to buy. The man on the tills was supremely unhelpful - "It'll probably be upstairs in the comedy section". Will it? Will it really? Hm. Funny how it wasn't, then.

So, having failed on that count, I instead got hold of a complete set of St Trinian's films for my grandmother (excepting the rubbish new one, of course) if she ever manages to come here for her belated birthday dinner at some point, the 2-disc special edition of Sweeney Todd and season 2 of Carnivále, which all came to £55. Not bad.

Then, after work, I went to Primark. It's absolutely the worst shop ever. Even at 4.00pm the queues are ridiculous. The thing I completely don't understand about it, though, is the way people just... leave things by the queuing area, as though they've suddenly decided at the very last minute that they don't want those shoes or that top. It's weird, not to mention lazy and slobbish. Whilst in Primark I got some new socks and some support tights, finally, and spent exactly £12.00 in there.

I had a little look in the new shoe shop that's opened where Topshop used to be but there was nothing particularly exciting there. It's like Brantano only not as good, really.

And finally, I managed to get a new swimming costume - £14 from Bonmarché. I am officially now a middle-aged woman (and if age is all in the mind, and I feel frelling ancient, why can't I retire yet? :P). But seriously? It should NOT be this difficult to find a swimming costume just because the rest of the known universe can (a) afford a nice tropical holiday or (b) is a stick figure. SOME OF US DO NOT LOOK GOOD IN BIKINIS. End of story.

Both of these shopping experiences were marred by the RUDEST SHOPPERS KNOWN TO MAN. If they weren't barging through me, standing in doorways, pushing me out of the way or prodding/poking/pushing me and my bag, they were just... there. Being annoying. Shopping is bloody annoying where other people are concerned.

Anyway. I think there are just a couple of other bits to get for Alison and I'm done.

*Ali - this is the present I mentioned which you might think was rubbish. It was going to be a complete, 6-DVD set of Eddie Izzard performances. I figured you already have them on video but it's always nice to have these things on DVD. Ah well. If I find it again you can have it for Christmas...
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That was quite pleasant.

Due to the nice weather on Satuday we decided to go out for the day. This was after an excursion to the butcher to stock up on meat (and also goose fat as it was better value that Somerfield), and to pick up some plug unblocker and washing liquid. There seems to be an epidemic of supermarkets no longer diong their own brand of washing liquid... I'm not paying £4.50 for a bottle of Persil when I can get two massive bottles of Somerfield's own for £4.00. It does the job.

The bath is now draining smoothly, thankfully. Our pipes are set up stupidly but I suspect it's because of having converted the house into flats. There is obviously a down-pipe from the bathroom as it has always been a bathroom, but subsequently the kitchen and bathroom sinks also join the same pipe from the bath so when you drain either of them it comes up into the bath. Nice. Anyway, I poured Mr Muscle down all three plugholes and have also now flushed it in both directions, which seems to have dislodged whatever was in there. Loooovely. (The downside is that the bathroom smells RANK when you pour dishwater down the kitchen sink. Obviously.)

After that, anyway, we wandered down to the Nature Centre at Cannon Hill Park as neither of us had been for years. A lot of the animals are either not there or being moved so some of the displays were empty, but it was pleasant nonetheless. Otters are cute, but I've always thought so... and so are meerkats, for that matter. :)

We had a bit of a wander around the park and the funfair (Paul won a snake on the hook-a-duck, which was SO EXPENSIVE. Gah.), and we were going to have a go in one of the rowing boats, except two selfish men decided to take the last two, thus scuppering our plans. So we wandered over to the other boating lake to go in a pedelo, except they were closing in three minutes. Bah.

I managed to navigate us back to Moseley on the 1 (which we waited ages for; clearly spoiled with the 50 these days) and we played half an hour of pool (which came to a grand total of £2.00) in Rileys. My brain was not willing to cooperate by that point...

Of the evening we watched the finales of I'd Do Anything (my hatred for the general public has increased. Jessie was CLEARLY the superior candidate...) and Britain's Got Talent (hatred for public somewhat declining, although meh to Escala* not even being in the top three...) and not much else...

Sunday was the usual, with the added excitement of a fox wandering into our back garden for a nap. No, really. It was totally surreal. He stayed there for about 15 minutes and then wandered off again through the fence. There are some photographs on Paul's phone which need to be uploaded. For a moment I was worried he'd just come into our garden to die, as he was very still. Very bizarre.

Also, we started watching Jack and the Beanstalk last night on Sci-Fi. Whilst it is very much appreciated that they're showing these mini-series, it would be better if they weren't trying to cram each one into three weeks instead of their allotted six. Tin Man was hard enough to follow without there being just under two hours of it each week, and Jack is almost as bad...

I think that's everything. Foxy pictures coming later...

*Okay. I am convinced that Escala once released an album and I can quite distinctly remember them playing their 'signature' tune a few years back on some talent show or another. This is about 5-6 years ago now. I also have it in my brain from somewhere that at least one of them went to my school - specifically the violin player. From a quick google search, I am informed that her name is Izzy Johnstone, and her age would place her either the year below me or two years below, depending on when her birthday is. Can any Old Edwardians remember her? She's horribly familiar and it's driving me mad...

(In this picture she's the one on the far left...)
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Aside from the tattoo-obtaining, it's been a generally pleasing weekend. The gorgeous weather has meant I've got lots of washing done in less time than usual, for a start.

Saturday was Laura's birthday, but I wasn't up to it. Instead, I sat around online and then decided to watch Anna and the King quite randomly. Mostly, I had convinced myself there was a scene 'missing' from The King and I which I thought was in A&tK and which apparently wasn't. Nevertheless, I do love the film.

Paul came back at around 4.00am after an eventful evening out during which someone with a out-of-date vendetta (and for no apparent reason) decided to pick a fight with him. Or rather, got his brother to do so, which makes it all the more pathetic. Luckily enough this happened right near the bouncers so nothing happened, otherwise it might have been quite messy...

On Sunday I watched The King and I after getting up early, having breakfast and cleaning the bathroom sink. Turns out my 'missing' scene was actually there after all. Somehow I was convinced the Siamese rendition of "Small House of Uncle Thomas" (i.e. Uncle Tom's Cabin) wasn't in the musical and remembered it being in the 1999 film instead (subsequently leading into the sub-plot about Tuptim's execution), but I was merely confused... Still, I hadn't seen either film in a while.

Hence, I spent the afternoon reading as much fic as I could find. A bit weird, what with it being essentially a true story, but the diaries of Anna Leonowens are only the basis of the story anyway, rather than the films being a true rendition of actual events...

Of the evening we sat and watched Tin Man, which was quite interesting... Spoilers )

So, I will definitely be following the rest of it.

That was about it, really... nothing much else to report. The tattoo is healing nicely but I can't lift my arm over my head, which is getting a little bit annoying... come on, scab - fall off!


Apr. 26th, 2008 10:58 pm
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Okay, so the weather today has been nothing short of lovely, which was very much appreciated. Subsequently, the kitchen window has been open all day. Just before sitting down to get on the 'puter, I got Paul to shut said window and happened to be gazing around the kitchen.

Only to find, sitting on the wall over the cooker, a daddylonglegs.


For Christ's sake, it's not even summer yet! Why are the bugs out? And why do they always pick my living space to invade? GAH.

I now have insect-paranoia. It might be dead, but I've shut the kitchen door nonetheless....

Aside from that portion of horribleness, today's been mostly sedate. I got up this morning to go down to the post depot to pick up my perfume from ebay (note to self: leave feedback for seller), but having woken up with a headache I was a little out of sorts until at least 3.00pm. I got halfway to the depot before realising I needed to draw money out to pay the customs charge, so had to walk back again, and then forgot to get Paul's cigarettes when I was in Sainsbury's later.

So, haven't really done very much. Listened to music and done my puzzle book and put up a new washing line and that's it.

Last night we were at Paul's niece (Jade's) 16th birthday party at some random working men's club in Stirchley - or at least the function room upstairs. Her parents spared no expense (apparently it cost just under a grand!) and the whole affair was very impressive, if a little depressing... I mean, we were in the Old Fogies corner all night, surrounded by nubile young things with boundless energy, whilst I could barely keep my eyes open and just watching them was exhausting. I can still remember my 16th birthday party. It was a Hallowe'en party and had four guests, only two of whom stayed overnight. I didn't have that many friends.

Also met Paul's dad, which was an interesting experience given everything he's told me about him.

So, aside from feeling frelling ancient all night, I was also reminded of my own teenage years and how vastly different they were. My own life, in fact. I can hardly begrudge a 16-year-old when I was that age 10 years ago (meh...) but still, you know... kind of difficult to avoid comparing.

Also, if that's what 16-year-olds are wearing these days, it's no wonder half of them are pregnant. Jesus.

There were a couple of random amusements, though: Patrick (nephew) having a power nap for all of ten minutes before suddenly finding energy from somewhere again, and Paul deciding to inhale helium. Which really shouldn't have been so funny, but totally was. :)

Today we were hoping to catch Grindhouse at the Electric (which has finally redeemed itself for that reason) except because we only found out about it yesterday, naturally it was all sold out. There is apparently a showing at the Odeon on a Tuesday in May, which obviously rules itself out because of choir commitments, or it'll be on at stupid o'clock in the afternoon when most people have to work (these things always are, I find). Pretty annoying that we have to wait for a tour to see the films as they were intended thanks to a bunch of dumb Americans, but apparently there's going to be a 6-DVD set when it's released. It's especially annoying because I wouldn't ordinarily see either of the films individually and only want to see it because of the double-bill concept and the fake trailers, so, yeah - thanks, USA, for ruining that for us. You suck big donkey balls.

Anyway, this was meant to be a short entry. I am overly cranky thanks to suffering with a headache all day. I shall now sign this off.
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Today has been, by turn: stressful, mildly irritating, delicious, and too hot...


When I left last night at about 6.10pm, the work had accumulated in the tray (after a day of very little) at about 5.00pm when I was engaged in recreating a Court form from scratch for Ian. I booked in the seven or so pieces which had emerged and figured they'd keep me going for today. This morning when I came in the pile had bred overnight and grown fangs.

The new stuff included three amendments (all long tapes) and two urgents. I also overslept this morning because I was knackered (I presume the warmer weather lately has interfered with my sleeping patterns; of course, the second I change to the summer duvet it'll drop below freezing again...). I recall at one point in the middle of the night being half-awake and Paul rolling over to put his arm around me, accidentally poking me in the hip and me flailing like a madwoman... Anyway, thanks to being in a bit late Ian was all flustered because he had an Order to get to Court and so Gaynor M had to do it; apparently he accosted her on the staircase...

Mildly Irritating

When she brought it back she said she'd send Sandra up to get some work. Nearly an hour later, Carol turned up, by which point I was happily getting through the amendments and almost ready to start on the backlog. And then, of course, they were all over-enthusiastic in their helping, so by lunchtime the pile had dwindled...


Shaan invited me to wagamama to lunch, so at 12.00, off I went with her, Kate, Fahmeeda and Keith. I had the ginger chicken udon for a change (Paul and I are going on Friday prior to Jade's party so I decided against my usual chicken katsu curry) which was looovely. With the BOGOF vouchers it came to £7 a head - not bad.

Too Hot

On the way back, I didn't need my coat. This afternoon it's gotten gradually warmer and my anti-perspirant has been full of fail... although it's still lasted longer than most others, so Boots have, overall, not failed in that regard. I'll apply some Driclor on Thursday night just in case it fails again on Friday. The air con has been on for a few minutes but has now been turned off again. Looks like spring has definitely sprung.

Of course, whilst I was at lunch the majority of my work disappeared. I was only gone an hour, too...

Back to the mildly irritating - Sandra took a tape this morning (half a blue, which is the equivalent of a full tape; or, in English, 15 minutes-ish) at 11.30 and has only just brought it back. At 4.00pm. Apparently she'd just a WPO these days (or at least Wednesday-to-Friday) so I don't know what's taking her so long. Marie told me at my one-to-one that the rest of her team still think she's a secretary the rest of the time and keep giving her things to do, but she was supposed to have told Sandra to get WPO duties done first, not stop them to do other things. Meh.

Still, despite the mildly irritating, today hasn't been too bad. I was grumpy this morning (Paul didn't make sandwiches last night and then I was running late and couldn't be bothered to wait for him - just as well, what with the noodly goodness later... I think I need a wagamama tag. :P) but the coffee soon sorted that out. :P

I may leave a little earlier than intended today after all, assuming nothing desperately urgent comes in...
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...and about 25 more years, and I could be Norma Desmond.

(Sorry about the blurriness; I couldn't be bothered to mess with the digital camera so I used the webcam.  It could do with a bit of exercise anyway. :P)

There was going to be a longish rant here about idiots in cars who think it's funny/cute to beep their horn at you.  But since having a shower has mellowed me out, it'll be slightly shorter.

I was beeped at whilst walking up the main road after work earlier.  This is annoying at the best of times, since my instinct is to look and then realise they're beeping at someone else entirely - except this time, I was confronted by some idiot gawping at me and waving.  No, I didn't know them.  I was wearing tight-ish jeans (not by choice; my arse has expanded) and was the only female on the pavement, but that's no excuse.  The male argument at this point would be "You should be flattered" - screw that, thank you very much.  My argument is that blokes who beep their car horns at women on the street should have said car horns wired into their privates so they get a similar shock when they decide to beep at said women.  Negative conditioning and all that.

Because, y'see, when I've just left work, am listening to my MP3-er and am also tired and grumpy, when I get a sudden shock like a loud noise, my first instinct is to lash out and kill things.  In which case, the idiot waving at me should be very glad he was safely behind the protective body of the car, and that he wasn't stuck in traffic.

Also annoying was the fact that I had to wait for the next train because the 5.35ish, peak time train from Snow Hill to Stourbridge Junction was two carriages long, so by the time it'd even left bloody Snow Hill it was rammed.  I suspect it may also have been late, as the next one turned up a lot sooner than I was expecting.  That one wasn't much better, either, being only three carriages long, but that one carriage makes a hell of a difference.  Whose bright bloody idea was that, anyway?  Yes, encourage people to use public transport, but make sure it's unreliable, uncomfortable, and generally unpredictable before you do so.  I wish I was that clever.  Really.

Er, yes.  Despite this, all is now well in the world, as we're having exotic-sounding sausages and mash for tea (some of them have cheese in!) and if I'm not exhausted tomorrow I'll be going to see [livejournal.com profile] butterflyburn's band, Sinistra, at Scruffy Murphy's tomorrow.  In which case, I apologise in advance if I don't make it...

Message end.


Apr. 6th, 2006 07:32 pm
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After the annoying traffic fiasco yesterday, the day didn't get that much better.

I was grumpy anyway, which didn't help.  At some point in the afternoon I was forced to do another post on [livejournal.com profile] co_workers_suck about Maxine, because she decided to phone me up to tell me not to put "Muslim" in the 'Religion' field of the front sheet, because "Islam's the religion, okay?"  So, being possibly more anal than she is, I went through all of the Asylum LACs I've typed for her, which total about 25, to find out which ones I'd done wrong.  There were four of them.  Four.  And I remember quite clearly that they were recent ones, and I'd only put 'Muslim' and not 'Islam' because she dictated it in the first place.

Oh NOES!  She had to do one minor correction on what I presume were otherwise perfect minutes.  She hasn't said anything about them, but she hasn't sent me any more snotty emails either, so I'll take that as meaning they're okay.  I don't mind doing all this extra work, but a little fucking gratitude wouldn't go amiss.  Bitch.

And then, just as I'd come back from lunch, I had Amanda yelling at me because a foster carer had rang up complaining because her address had gone out on some minutes and now the child's mother had her details.  It turned out they were minutes that I'd typed.  Amanda bitched and moaned because "we've told you before not to put the foster placement address on there" - whereas I was, god forbid, actually using my initiative and trying to check these things before typing them.  As a general rule, if the carers want their address to remain confidential, they don't put it on the bloody attendance sheet.  It's also the Social Worker's responsibility to tell someone, or put a note on CareFirst or something.

And the address, of course, was on the attendance sheet. Shafiq phoned the carer back and sweet-talked her so she's not making a formal complaint, thank God, but apparently she'd originally not put her address, and then the Social Worker had told her to put it on there after the attendance sheet had already gone around.  If anything, it makes circulating the minutes easier.  But nevertheless, it's someone's responsibility to inform the Chair, admin, someone that the address should be confidential.

From now on, I'm going to be the dumb, brainless typist they clearly think I am, and save on the aggravation.  I'm fed up of making an effort.

The evening worked out slightly more pleasant, as Paul and I spent the night house-sitting at his brother and sister-in-law's place.  They have the tiniest kitchen known to man, with a very complicated oven and no microwave.  And their biggest frying pan is about 20cm across.  But other than that, we managed to cook a nice enough meal.

Contrary to yesterday, I was in work today at about 8.35, so I left at 4.30 because I was on my own.  The day wasn't too bad, really.  We learnt from Tina H that Ladywood is the only Area Office, CP-wise, to have internet access.  We are clearly more trusted not to abuse it than SHAO or GCH. :)  Which was nice.  What wasn't nice was getting an email from Justine, the GCH typist, asking me not to send original paperwork/tapes back to her, but to Maxine directly.  In other words, Maxine was bitching about pettiness again, this time via the typist.  I've never even met the woman and I can't stand her.

But, look what came in the post for me yesterday! )

I need a shower, and my teeth feel all skanky.  Which I'm sure you all really wanted to know.

MGM tomorrow at the Old Joint Stock.  Not really in the mood, but I'll make the effort anyway.

Four day week next week, and then I'm off for a week for Easter, yay.  Also, next Sunday will be mine and Paul's one year anniversary.  How's that for terrifying? ;)
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I realise of late that my journal is entirely comprising write-ups of increasingly similar weekends, but, well, I don't do anything.  In which case, I apologise for the tedium.

And in true form, here's another one.

On Friday, Paul was meant to be seeing some old friends for drinks, so I stayed in and... didn't do very much, as I recall.  I don't even remember what I did, but it probably involved sitting on my arse in front of the computer.  Oh, that was it, I downloaded Luxor (because the online version consitently refuses to load) and played that, with a break in between to watch My Name Is Earl - which I really enjoyed, for some reason.  The series has the potential to go on forever - assuming, that is, that it doesn't get axed in its prime, like all good American shows these days.

America - kindly stop being stupid, so the TV execs can stop cancelling all the intelligent shows.  Thank you.*

Er, yes.  Saturday morning, my mother and I traversed to West Bromwich to buy plumbing bits for the new sink, and various other things.  I got some Nytol that I'll try tonight to see if it works.  I'm currently stuffing myself full of various different pills and tablets... though admittedly, most of them are herbal.  Possibly TMI. )  Nytol is also herbal so shouldn't do any damage to me.  I love the instructions, though.  "Overdose: No cases known.  Users may become over-sedated." :D

Anyway, after that, we had lunch (egg mayonnaise + crispy bacon rolls... mmm) and settled down to watch The Corpse Bride, because my mum hadn't seen it and I was in a bad mood when i saw it at the cinema.  We got interrupted twice by phone calls - both off David - but eventually watched the whole thing.  I think I appreciated the prettiness a lot more this time around, at least.  I'll watch the extras at another time.  We were playing around with the stereo settings on David's DVD player and settled on "Hall", which makes it all echoey like you're in a concert hall. :D

After that we did our own thing for a bit, and I packed a bag to go to Paul's.  This is when things started getting annoying.

He was in Moseley having drinks with Mike, Laura and some others, and I'd already said I didn't want to have a drink or go to the pub.  Eventually I told him 'maybe' to shut him up.  I phoned him just as I was about to leave the house (about 6.00ish) and he said he'd meet me in Moseley.  I've only been to Moseley on my own on the bus about twice, and that was months ago, so I wasn't entirely enamoured with this prospect.  First he said they'd all gone to O'Neill's for food and I didn't have a clue where that was and wasn't in the mood to try and find it, so I asked him just to go home so I'd meet him there - if only to save myself going into Birmingham and out again, since I could get off the 126 at Bearwood and get the 11, as normal.

No, he said he'd meet me in Moseley, mostly because he wanted to convince me to have drinks, even though I was adamant that when I got there I'd just drag his ass back to Stirchley anyway.

So, I got to town, got on the 50, and phoned him to say I was on the way.  At which point, he tells me that he's in Kings bloody Heath and I should meet him at his house.  Luckily enough, the 50 hadn't pulled off yet, so I got off it and headed off to the 35 stop on Corporation Street.

I got on a 47, as it transpired, and texted him to say so.  He rang me when he got home and said that his mate Alex was also coming around for some reason (which I also wasn't pleased about, but that's neither here nor there) and I refused to tell him why I was annoyed over the phone.

I finally got there - running into Alex as he was leaving, luckily enough - and spent the next 15 minutes shouting at Paul.  Which was probably slightly unfair, but I'd just been all the way into bloody Birmingham and back again for no reason, and after he'd refused to take up my suggestion of going home, he then did exactly that.  Apparently, that was Alex's fault, as he'd phoned him while he was still in Moseley and made him go home.  But nevertheless, I was cold and hungry and tired, and I needed to vent.  Also, he was very slightly drunk, which didn't help matters.

After that, the weekend was far more pleasant.  Saturday night was spent watching television.  We moved the Freeview box upstairs to finish watching The 100 Greatest Actors (at least until no. 46) in bed.

Sunday was spent in a similarly laid back fashion, watching EastEnders (woo, the drama!). I got bored early in the evening, so we trekked off into town to go to the Yard of Ale to play their ItBox.  Hex Factor is bloody brilliant, if frustrating, and the Ant & Dec game also seems to pay out well.  We got more games out of it than our money's worth, anyway.

The original plan was to get food in town, but we spent so long gambling our my money away that we lost track of time.  The minimarket on Pershore Road was shut (because it was Sunday, duh) so we had pork chops and cheesy mash for tea, at about 10.45 in the evening.  Then we watched Scary Movie 3 on video, and went to bed.

Today was the usual level of tedious.  Tomorrow night I will work on the application form, as well as asking Natasha if I can put her down as a reference, since it's a typist position and she'll be the best person to give a good reference for me - she's done it completely off her own bat before now when I first threatened to leave/when they were threatening to get rid of the temps, so I'm sure she'll be glad to.  Plus Tina H, of course, who is currently off sick so I'll have to drop her an email to warn her, again, that someone might be phoning/writing for a reference.

On Wednesday we're staying at Paul's brother's house, as they're on holiday for two weeks, so that'll be nice.

This ended up rather longer than I intended.  I think I'll use up my final minutes of Luxor before bed...

*No offence to any Americans on my f-list - you're on there because you're not stupid. :)
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Well, yesterday was probably even less productive than Tuesday.  There's a pile of boxes in my room that I should be sorting through, but the health concern sort of put a damper on that.  Talking of which, I went to the doctor's yesterday and he says it's nothing, which I expected, but it's always good to get these things checked out.

My Amazon order arrived today, a whole week earlier than they estimated! :)  Which is a good thing, because it means that I can get the other half of Eni's present tomorrow and send it all off Saturday morning.

Tomorrow I was meant to be going to Liberty's for Tina H's birthday do, but since she hasn't texted me back any details of what time/where people are meeting, I'm sort of losing interest... I sort of want to go out, but sort of don't as well.  Ideally, I'd like to go to a nice quiet pub with my boyfriend where we can sit and just... chat.  You know?  Especially since we're also going out on Saturday night to see the ballet of Edward Scissorhands - which, by the way, I'm really looking forward to.

Have been investigating hotels for London in August - naturally, everything's ridiculously expensive because of the month, but my mum found a fairly cheap B&B in Kensington that'll be just under £270 for all four of us for two nights.  The important thing is to get the theatre tickets  booked, though, so we can worry about the hotel later.  But still, eeee, London!  Now I just have to decide what I want to see for my birthday this year.  I'll be 25, you know.  That doesn't happen every day.  I've run out of big musicals, though... I sort of wish Phantom had been this year, but at the same time I'm really glad it was last year.  Nothing will ever replace that fantastic moment when the chandelier rose and my mother and I both burst into tears.

Mind you, I'm pretty sure I'd manage to do that again... but it wouldn't be the same...

There's really no substance to this entry in the slightest.

I also need to get a Mother's Day card tomorrow.

Hot gravy + mouth ulcer = OW.
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Okay, this is getting a bit silly, now.

On Monday, I brought in a box of biscuits to work, as I think I mentioned. I intended to bring them in before Christmas, but didn't at the time because everyone had bought us biscuits/chocolates and it would've been silly. So I left it a bit, and forgot about them until my mum dragged them from the top of the fridge.

The date on them is 10th February 2006. So, yes, they're a month out of date. But they taste absolutely fine and they're still marginally crunchy, and they're mis-shapen to begin with, which is why they were cheap.

So, anyway, all week A Certain Colleague has been bitching about the fact that the biscuits are out of date. I'd swear she's convinced I'm trying to poison them all. She even tried to put me off cooking cakes for Liz H's leaving do, and as it transpired, the cakes were very much enjoyed by everyone (just like the Christmas cake I made, which was eaten by the majority of CM3...)

This first started on... Tuesday, I think. Natasha had a biscuit, asked who brought them in (I think; I wasn't paying attention) and was halfway through eating it when Sandra mentioned that they were "a month out of date". Natasha didn't seem to mind, as the biscuits taste fine.

I've been eating them all week, and I'm not dead yet. At least as far as I can tell...

The Faga Continued on Wednesday when Sandra, under a lot of stress and convinced she was making herself ill, said "Ooh, I think I'll eat a load of those stale biscuits and make myself sick." Charming. Except for the fact that they're not even stale! They're a little bit softer than they should be, but they're not stale, they're not mouldy, and they're not going to frelling kill her.

And today, it continued even further. Cynthia had take-away Chinese for dinner last night and is feeling a bit queasy/gassy as a result. "You never know," suggested Sandra, "it might've been a month out of date."

Okay. Point taken, already. The biscuits are out of date. Big fat hairy deal. They're more likely to get eaten at work, and until Sandra noticed the use by date on the box, they were being eaten with no qualms whatsoever.

I don't think anyone's eating them now. Whatever. All the more biscuits for me.
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So, yesterday was interesting and annoying in equal measure.

It was Liz's last day, so we were having a leaving lunch in the Conference room. I made some fairy cakes (which actually got eaten this time) and we had a ridiculous amount of food.

We started preparing everything at about 11.00, which included cooking stuff, decorating the room, putting the food out, etc, etc. Nina (annoying Senior Prac from upstairs; she's a very good social worker, but she's demanding and irritating and won't accept no for an answer) wandered down to ask me to tell her when everything would be ready, so I said we were aiming for 12.30.

I was in the kitchen chatting to Tina H about stuff while we finished microwaving the rice, having left an empty room for ten minutes. I went back in to put out another big serving spoon and the bloody Social Workers were queuing to get into the room.

It's just as well the chicken balti Liz had made was the last thing to go out, or there would've been none left for us. I was especially annoyed by this, as I'd taken my camera in and wanted to get a photograph of the spread.

I'd also planned to get some photos of the team for Liz but work stress got in the way of it. I don't know why I bother.

(Mrrrgh. Go away, phone. I don't want to talk to Maxine.)

So, anyway, in all of this, we discovered this morning that we'd forgotten to give Liz her card. She liked the bracelet part of the present and said nothing about the perfume, so she either hates it or has about six bottles of it already... Which is my fault, as that was my idea, and I was the one who found out which one it was that she used to wear...

I left work at about 4.15 and was back an hour later (258 bus's fault) and left the station to find a rainbow in the sky, which was quite pleasant. I did take a picture with my phone, but I'm not sure if it came out... will find out later.

Anyway, I headed back out again at 6.00ish. Had to wear my trainers because my feet were being annoying and cramping up again, but since they're sparkly it didn't look too bad, and my jeans were long enough to conceal them anyway.

I wasn't looking forward to going that much, and I've realised that my nervous reaction of yawning uncontrollably, tired or not, is more of an anxiety reaction than anything else. We started at All Bar One, and due to aforesaid anxiety I drank my first glass of wine a bit too quickly. We had some of their little platter things (6 for £20) between four of us, which were quite nice.

There were 8 of us at the start: me, Liz, Sandra, Natasha, Cynthia, Amanda, Val (who will be replacing Liz in a couple of weeks) and Liz's friend, and Val left at about 8.00. Also, Cynthia and I were wearing the same bolero top, which luckily nobody except us noticed...

We went to Risa afterwards, where we all got IDed. Liz thought the bouncer was kidding, until we spotted a sign on the door that said if you looked under 25 you'd be asked for ID. Ironic, considering I was the only one there who was actually under 25. They let us all in, anyway...

In Risa I had two vodka and pineapples and one glass out of a pitcher of Sex on the Beach (orange, cranberry and vodka) and was feeling drunk-tired but not overly so. We sat and talked until the music got too loud (I hate that) and I left at about 11.00.

Which is when the annoyance started.

I was waiting for the 126, which was due at 11.10. At 11.05, all of the buses due at that time turned up - on time. I waited until 11.15 and presumed that the 126 had come early and I'd just missed it, so I wandered off to get a taxi.

I'd no sooner got into the taxi when the 126 pulled up three cars behind. Which meant that I spent a tenner on a taxi that I didn't have to.

And this morning I couldn't find my bus pass.

Okay. So it was in the (large, flat; large enough for a bus pass but not large enough that it would fall out) back pocket of my jeans while I was waiting at the bus stop. I took it out when the fleet of 11.05 buses turned up, just in case one of them (ha!) was mine. Then I put it back, and I know it was in there because I had my hands in my back pockets to keep them warm.

So it's either fallen out in the back of the taxi (no idea how) or it's on my bedroom floor somewhere from when I took my jeans off again. I didn't have time to look properly this morning, but I'm incredibly annoyed by this. If my bloody bus had been on time, I would've put it straight back into my purse after getting on the bus, rather than leaving it in my back pocket in the taxi. If it's not in my room, I'll probably never see it again, as I have no idea which taxi firm it was.

I'm sure I can phone Centro and tell them, but it's still annoying, and it'll probably be a battle of wills.

I became convinced a long time ago that TWM is, in fact, the Devil incarnate. However, I am now led to believe that they're in cahoots with Broad Street taxis. I mean, on Friday and Saturday nights they don't serve the top end of it, so you either have to walk all the way down to McDonalds/OhVelvet, or get a taxi. They're only every half an hour, and even then they're not on time, so you get cold/bored/tired, and so you get a taxi.

The taxis, by this logic, are therefore Mephistopheles, the Tempter. Sitting there in their warm, comfortably-furnished queues, their little orange signs glowing appealingly, whispering "Travel in meeee."

Either way, they're all bastards, and they need to go back to the depths of Hell from whence they came.

I am not impressed. I really hope it's on my bedroom floor. :(
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I woke up today with sunlight pouring into my room for the first time in ages. Winter sunlight, more white than bright, but sunlight nonetheless. Unfortunately, it's far too cold to even entertain the notion that it might be nearly Spring. Bored of Winter now. Want heat, please.

Anyway, I scribbled my dream down last night and will type it up later. I took my posters downstairs this morning with all good intentions of bringing them in, and then managed to leave them on the kitchen table. Hurrah. Also completely forgot to a) take my SJW and b) put my other one in my lunchbox. I am rubbish.

I also have no work to do, so I'm hoping someone comes in to give me something at some point, though it's looking unlikely.

Quite looking forward to my flex day on Friday. Long weekend, yay!

Anyway, I have nothing more of interest to say, and there probably won't be any photos or anything remotely exciting until the computer's upgraded because I'm trying not to save anything to my hard drive that'll only get deleted again. Not that there was anything remotely exciting here to begin with, but anyway...

New icon, woo.

Tomorrow, Paul and I are going to the Yard of Ale to win lots of money from their ITBox. We got quite a bit out of it on Christmas Eve, too. This will mean, of course, braving the Bloody Football, although the Yard doesn't have a big screen, per se, so I'm hoping it won't be too bad.

Ranting about football under here. )

Having suitably annoyed you all, I shall now disappear, with my loathing for football still intact, before you all stone me or something.
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It's frelling annoying, that's why.

Today I was planning on leaving at 4.30 so I could get into town and get all the bits I needed - a card for David, some jewellery from Argos, and some wrapping paper.  As it turned out, I didn't get to leave until about 4.50, because the social workers next door kept summoning me into their office to help them with various computer problems - mostly related to online application forms being annoying when they were printing them.

There was, however, a nice moment when one of the newer Chairs, who's based at Silvermere, called Joan, had turned up to cover a conference for us and needed the Care Plan typing up.  She pretty much dictated it over my shoulder and then I tidied it up and printed it off.  She likes the way I lay things out so much she's going to take a photocopy of it to show the admin at Silvermere - go, go, typist revolution!  :D  She seems very nice, though, very fast-talking and incredibly cheerful, so when Liz H goes we're all really hoping we get Joan.  Probably won't, though.  I wonder if we can request our next PO?

Of course, the way things are going we'll all have left by then.  Cynthia's been doing her application form all morning and Amanda and Sandra are both considering looking elsewhere as well... I'm in two minds about doing the same, especially as there's a pro rata Scale 3, term-time only job going at Martineau Centre that's basically like what the CPAs do here, except for education.  Secretarial/Admin Assistant, basically typing, minuting, diary management, etc, etc... the closing date is Thursday, though, so I'd better make my mind up.  It's, like, half an hour from my house.  I could walk there, fer Chrissakes.

Also, it might mean I didn't have to put up with sentences like this. )

So, yes, anyway, didn't leave work til later than I was anticipating, so didn't get to town until 5.15.  I thought, well, Argos is nearest, I'll go there first and work backwards.

And then I remembered why I bloody hate Argos.

The queues weren't too long and the assistants weren't as gormless as usual, but she directed me straight to the jewellery counter (I was buying a set of five body balls, because I keep losing them off all my belly bars and it's annoying), whereupon the trouble started.  There was one woman serving at the jewellery counter, who seemed to be the slowest person in the entire world... and to make matters worse, she happened to be serving the most indecisive, oblivious, annoying customers ever.  Seriously, how long does it take just to buy a bloody watch?  Are you so self-absorbed, annoying couple, that you can't see the queue forming behind you, let alone the teenager you've dragged along with you getting bored out of her blonde little brain?

While I was waiting for someone to serve me (the One Server didn't even look in my direction once), the store tannoy thing announced that it was closing, and the manager started standing near the door threateningly trying to coax people out.  Eventually, after they'd shut the main tills, one of the other servers came over to help out, while Annoying Watch Couple bought their damn watch and then started to ask more bloody questions.  Ye gods.  By the time they'd left, new girl had gone into the back to get the merchandise for me and the other customers waiting, and the original server then decided to ask if we were all okay.

Bloody hell.

Luckily, WHSmith and Clintons were both still open so I managed to get the rest of what I was looking for (£3.70 for a card!  Apparently, it's expensive to have taste these days...), and then headed back to get the bus.  Which, by the way, if it had pulled up to the bloody bus stop it was supposed to, I could've run for rather than only realising it was my bus (from behind) after it had started to pull away.  The bastard drivers have done that on more than one occasion, too.  Once, it stopped to let people off a full two stops before the one it should've done, then proceeded to drive past the large queue of people waiting to get on... except we all chased after it so the driver had to stop.  I swear, it's only on the buses I get...

Anyway, got home, ate food, wrapped present, set video for Bones (we have a lot of those to watch...), wrote this, and will now briefly check my f-list and do some embroidery.  Hopefully after this week I should have enough flex to take a day off.
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Sometimes, I honestly wonder how people get to be managers...  You'd think it would involve some level of people skills, right?

Tina R doesn't seem to possess any.  She can flip from being sane and pleasant to angry, ranting and terrifying at the drop of a hat, then switch right back again to apologise if you happened to get the brunt of her rage.  She's demanding and stubborn and impatient and fails to understand the phrase "she's on the other line at the moment".  And she also sends emails last thing on a Friday afternoon (at 3.45) that send the entire office into a tizzy.

The email )

So, yeah.  I sense a team meeting may be coming very shortly.

I think what pisses me off the most about this is that we weren't even consulted and didn't know the Tinas were even having a meeting.  Having expressly stated my workload is currently huge and I can't do any more cover, they go and assign me more work to do for bloody GCH, when the ideal solution would be to get another typist there, rather than dumping it all in my hands because I'm efficient.  There are limits to my efficiency; I'm only human, FFS, and they'll be the first to complain when I'm drowning and need help.  And then who are they going to turn to?

This Asylum Team typing thing also has repurcussions for Cynthia, because she's refusing to distribute them, and rightly so.  They're not our cases, and she has enough to do considering she's only part time.

It also seems like they haven't taken into account that I don't drive and am reliant on either getting a lift or using public transport, and to get to GCH would involve at least two buses in and out of the city centre.  Or they have and, as stated, Maxine is coming over to LAO.  Which I really don't want, because if she's as snarky in person as she was via email I'm just going to refuse to type for her.  I sent her a polite email back last time explaining that our Chairs do things slightly differently and frelling apologising because she made me feel so guilty about it, and she replied, grudgingly, saying I was right.  Quite frankly, I don't need that kind of hassle going on when I've already got Sandra to contend with.

We definitely all need to get together and discuss this.  Tina H hasn't phoned us up or anything since Friday, so she knows she's going to get her ears bitten off the next time she sees us...

In other, unrelated annoyances, I'd left my phone off silent today and received a text message while it was in my bag.  My phone makes a slightly comedic "Boooing" noise when it gets a text and it's fairly loud.  The message came through and both Amanda and Sandra looked up, giving me filthy looks.  Which I wouldn't be annoyed about if everyone else didn't leave their phones on the loudest bloody setting all day, especially Cynthia and Amanda, who get texts and phonecalls all day on their mobiles.  So that was rather irritating.

I'm also bloody exhausted because it took me an hour and a half to get home.  I missed my first train by about 30 seconds and the next one was delayed by 5 minutes or so, then I was waiting 30 minutes for a 258 so didn't get back until 7.00, having left 11.5 hours earlier this morning and having been at work since 8.30.  Seriously, if I don't gain some flex out of this week I'm going to hurt people.

Aaanyway.  I'm going to have a bath in a bit and then snuggle up in bed with my embroidery.  Or perhaps try and turn my little inspiration from Friday night into something recognisable.
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My space bar wasn't working then.  Scary.  I shall not give up this keyboard.  It doesn't help that said spacebar is clogged up with stickiness.  I don't think I want to know.

Anyway.  Further to the update earlier today, here's the rest of what happened yesterday.

Cut for length and boringness )

Sorry for the length of it.  She just pisses.me.off.

On the plus side, there was a random amusement when an email came through about a Health & Safety check that's taking place in our building on 5th December.  This email was sent to Michelle Floyd, all of the Social Work Team Managers... and me.  Someone assumes I am the CP Team Manager.  Heh.  I emailed back saying "Er, I'm not the TM for this team.  That would be Carol Wilkins, who's based at Silvermere" so they forwarded it on to her.  I told her this when she came back up, and Tina exclaimed, "Well, you are very important."

Heh.  Whatever.

Right.  Yay, chicken kebab and chips with garlic mayo. :D
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Today was mostly tedious, with a smattering of annoying, and a periodic bout of randomness.

Tedious: I've had nothing to do all day except one tape, one letter and one distribution.  I would email Tina for more work, but the last time I did that she brought over Sparkbrook's LAC distribution backlog and I'm not prepared to do that again in a hurry, plus it'll take her a week to find me anything and by then I'll probably be bogged down in my own work again.  So instead I'll just quietly sit it out.

Annoying: I have been instructed by Sandra to keep a record of everything I'm typing so that in the event I'm off sick or on leave, they can all see, at a glance, whether or not I've typed something.  Possibly this is because someone rang up to enquire about some minutes and, rather than asking if I'd done them, Sandra decided she wanted something she could actually see.  I think Tina's in on this as well, though, so I'm slightly less annoyed about it, and it gave me ample chance to procrastinate whilst making a pretty table to tell them what I've typed, when and who it was for.  Hurrah.  I've even saved it on the shared directory and emailed everyone with instructions how to get to it, so there's no excuse.

Obviously, it's not enough that a) the actual things I've typed are saved on my computer, and with a little click of the mouse I can tell you when it was typed by comparison to when the Conference was and b) my memory retention is actually that good and I can pretty much remember which minutes I've typed and who for, especially if they've been having reviews since the year dot.  No, in the very rare even that I'm skiving off sick or on leave, they want reassurance that they can find a record of my typing.  I'm really starting to feel like nobody trusts me.

On the plus side, Amanda and I both still need to get our ID badges sorted out and they only do them on Mondays, so she's asked that I phone up to book us both in one Monday morning, so we can go into town and stay there to have a pub lunch.  I like the way she thinks. :D

Randomness: Someone - a mother, as usual - rang up today for Cynthia, but as she was photocopying, admin put her through to Amanda.  She was ringing up to complain about a letter that Cynthia had sent out, saying that it was "a pack of lies" and that the grammar and spelling were terrible.  It transpired she was talking about the covering letter that goes with the LAC minutes when they're distributed, which is, well, a basic covering letter... Cynthia's name just happened to be on the bottom of it, and even though it says in fairly large print and simply-worded sentences to take any and all issues up with the Social Worker, most of the time these people don't get on with their worker and want to talk to someone else, so they leap on the first other name they can find.  Which is what happened today.

The minutes, incidentally, are by no stretch of the imagination spelled or punctuated poorly.  I know this, because I was the one who typed them, from Natasha's audio, which, whilst sometimes incoherent due to the length of it (she's very very thorough...), I had tidied up whilst typing.  The bloody cheek. :P

I have a new phone!  *squee*  It's pink and shiny and sparkly and very unashamedly girly.  And as of 9.00 it'll be fully charged and ready to play with. :D  Whilst in Virgin and waiting for the phone counter woman to come back, I also did a bit of CD shopping and came out with:

~ Katie Melua's second album, Piece By Piece
~ Green Day's American Idiot, as I've loved all of their latest singles and have heard quite good things about the album
~ the first 1/4 of Paul's birthday/Christmas present.  He knows about three of the things already - two of them by request and the third after consultation - so I need to get something else as a surprise... bloody men being impossble to buy for *mutters*

Anyway, I'll listen to both of those when I'm less likely to get interrupted and not too tired to enjoy them.  I'm more awake today (as the length/quality of this entry proves) but not awake enough, and the awful bus journey home has sapped my enthusiasm somewhat.  I'd forgotten how bad it was trying to get home from Birmingham in rush hour traffic; it's bad enough from halfway down Hagley Road,  and that cuts out at least 30 minutes of traffic.  Insane.
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Dear Universe,



Or, in more words... )
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Because it's easier to blame the lowly typist, that's why.

Situation: today, there is a COnference taking place at 12.30 in Tipton. Last week, the Social Worker rang up to inform us of the address, which I wrote down, in full. House number, street, area. Since I can't change diaries (that's a personal choice in case I mess anything up, since everyone's so quick to blame me...) and can only read them, I leave the address with Sandra, who is on duty, so she can update the Chair's diary with the address.

So Sandra, in her infinite time-saving wisdom, only puts the street name and the area, not the house number. In my weekly note-shredding, I destroy the piece of paper I took the message on, presuming that all of the information would've been transferred to the electronic diary.

So, on Friday, Paul Burge asks me what the house number is for the conference. This morning, Sandra asks me the same thing and demands I contact the Social Worker (after finding out who that Social Worker is, of course) to find out the house number.

So I look on CareFirst to find out the Social Worker, which takes all of thirty seconds (maybe longer; the database is slow and irritating) and phone her, but she's not answering. After a bit more poking around on CareFirst I find the house number. The entire thing takes about two minutes, all told.

The plus side is, when I am similarly demanded to tell Paul this inforamtion, it's me who gets the praise.

But honestly, when will people learn to think for themselves? Everyone's been using CareFirst a lot longer than I have, but just because they've changed the layout recently (and made it easier, I might add) it's scared everyone into non-usability.


(And then, of course, I have to rearrange the filing cabinet again, an immensely complicated task which is explained to me twice, just in case I didn't understand it the first time...)


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