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Right. This is mostly a placeholder entry, or a precursor, I suppose, to a much longer entry (or more likely entries) because I won't have time to get down everything I want to before Paul and I go out for a meal later. (Our table is booked at 9.00pm and it's just gone 5.00 as I type this; yes, there is a lot to say!)

Anyway, to explain: on Thursday night, Paul, [personal profile] commoncomitatus and I went to see Sunset Boulevard at the London Coliseum. This would be an exciting enough event, but what made this doubly and especially special was the fact that Glenn Close was reprising her role as Norma Desmond in her West End debut, for a very limited five-week run. The only reason I knew this was happening at all was thanks to Eni tweeting it at me about a week before the tickets went on sale in September, which happened to be the day after payday.

When I heard about it, I was in simultaneous states of "We will never ever be able to see this, LIFE IS WOE" and "This is non-negotiable and we are seeing this no matter the cost". Thankfully the latter won out, because the seats weren't as pricey as expected. We were Row K in the dress circle, which was a little further back than I'm used to, but stalls were far too expensive. To be honest, barring being up in the Gods, the location of the seats wasn't particularly important given that this was quite possibly one of the biggest London theatre experiences in any of our lifetimes. It's up there on a level with seeing Michael Crawford in The Woman in White all those years ago, and indeed seeing the Actual Cast Who Are On The Soundtrack thanks to getting seats so early into the run.

So, Paul and I bought Eni a ticket for her birthday (in February), as well as it being my birthday present, because if there's ever a reason for someone to come back to the UK, it's to see Glenn Close as Norma Desmond in the West End, right? Exactly.

Needless to say, it was EPIC, so my impending write-up will be ridiculous - as they always are, but particularly so this time. Throughout the entire show I was having to make little mental notes - "I'm going to remember that, it's important!" - so they didn't fall out of my head, and honestly I think the only way I'm going to be able to approach said write-up is to literally break it down scene by scene, so I don't forget anything. Just, so many little nuances and differences and references, it was almost impossible to keep up!

Before that, though, I need to mention something else which is perhaps not quite so monumentally exciting but equally as important, which is this:

Eni and I have not met face-to-face / IRL in just over three years - she moved to Sweden shortly after I started in my CP job. Before that, we only ever really met IRL every few months or so around the time of our respective birthdays, and generally communicate through email / Twitter, occasional LJ comment tennises and even rarer IM sessions. On Thursday we were basically only in the same room for about three hours, if that, but the three-year gap did not even seem like ten minutes. (Though possibly the Underground shenanigans and rush to find the theatre meant that we kind of met in London and immediately started navigating rather than engaging in pleasantries! And TBF the majority of our email conversations begin in the manner of capslock'd flailing anyway.)

In particular, the interval of the show stands out for me because we spent the entire thing discussing headcanons and interpreting what we'd just watched, and basically just having a massive fangirl geek-out over Sunset. I feel very, very sorry for anyone sitting in our vicinity at that point, as they must have thought we were completely insane - particularly anyone who came along purely to see Glenn Close without any prior knowledge of the show / movie.

I also find it hilarious that within those said three hours of being in the same room, we managed to create a meme, namely #JewishMotherNorma. This came out of a discussion about the potential movie version of the musical, which seems to have gone quiet again (thank goodness) and an old rumour that Barbra Streisand was in the running to play Norma at one point - and whilst Barbra Streisand is awesome, neither of us can quite see her playing Norma, and if it were to happen then Norma would be a Jewish Mother. We then immediately came up with two examples of #JewishMotherNorma, namely, "Are you married? A nice boy like you should be married...", and making sure Joe is eating enough even though she's starving herself to prepare for Salome.

There will be more coming, believe me. :P

(This meme is a companion to our #SunsetBlvdExhibition meme, which was a series of terrible, terrible puns that arose out of my dreaming about a Sunset Boulevard exhibition, where we took SB quotes and made them vaguely relevant to exhibition-type words. When I say terrible, I mean terrible. "You know what you can do with your vi-queue-na" levels of terrible. Basically, we are awful people who should not be allowed near anything, or each other.)

The crux of this is that it really demonstrates the longevity of internet friendships and throws mud in the face of all those people who think they're not valid or not real or not "proper" friendships. It's always been the case that when I meet online friends IRL, even for the first time, it's like we've known each other for years - because ironcally, we probably have.

So yeah. I wanted to mention that in case it got lost in my latter write-ups, which I will now make a start on. Hoping to get at least one up on Sunday, if not both, as I think I may have to do one for each Act, unless it devolves into Yet Another Shipper Analysis and churns out a third. :P

Watch this space!

PS: In honour of the occasion I have switched back to the glorious SB mood theme that Eni made me. :)

Epic Update

Sep. 4th, 2010 02:01 pm
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Okay, I have music meme stuff and embroidery stuff to post, and in regards to the former I will just be re-starting where I left off, because I think my last meme post was on 27th August and I don't feel like doing that many in one go... I also have some other bits to update about.

Music Meme and Embroidery Pics 21-23/?? )

My week off is almost over and I have no idea where the time went... In brief:

Saturday - I made my first ever curry! We went to a nearby supermarket and got £15-worth (a full carrier bag) of spices in order to make said curry, followed by a trip to Moseley Farmers' Market for sausages, cheese, local ale, wine, etc. Spent rather too much money, but meh. Anyway, I've now rebagged all the spices (including a 1kg bag of garam masala - I'm going to be making a LOT of curry now...) and my kitchen smells divine. :D As for the actual curry, I did spiced fishcakes to start with a coriander chutney, followed by Anjum Anand's "Punjabi Chicken Curry", which was lovely. I forgot to put the chillies in, and also I put in too much water so it didn't quite go as the recipe stated and I had to thicken with cornflour, but it tasted delicious. Definitely going to make that again. :)

Sunday - I think I had a migraine. Can't remember.

Monday - went to visit [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings in Oxford, which was a lovely day. We had to change at Milton Keynes, where the structure they laughingly referred to as a bus station consisted of three portacabins and some pavement, with only a cricket ground nearby to break the tedium. It was about a 15-minute walk from the actual bus station in the city centre and thus not worth the effort. Milton Keynes is poo; everything is square and all the buildings are identical. Give me an organic rambling city any day.

As for Oxford, it was beautiful. I wish I'd been clever enough to go there for uni, really. Something about the surroundings inpsires you to Be Academic. We wandered around several of the colleges, found lunch in a quiet pub, and were briefly followed around by a strange-but-friendly cat. Photos are here.

Tuesday - nowt. Recovering from the day before!

Wednesday - we went out to see Avatar in 3D at the IMAX, having missed it the first time around. Review / Spoilers )

Thursday - more nothing. Did some more embroidery.

Friday - we were supposed to see Toy Story 3 but neither of us were particularly in the mood. Spent the afternoon searching for shoes for Paul as he's at a wedding today, then he went off to stay over at the bride's mother's (don't even ask, it's the weirdest wedding ever - Paul is a "bridesmate" for starters...) and I came home and watched Marie Antoinette, which we'd picked up at Blockbuster in the cheap sale DVDs rack. Quite an interesting film... Internet was deaded all last night (in addition to cable telly being half-b0rk all day yesterday and again today - you suck, Virgin). I stayed up til about 2.00am in order to knacker myself out before attempting to sleep, otherwise I wouldn't have managed it. Surprisingly, I actually had a fairly good night's sleep, although did have a very odd dream this morning that Paul had briefly come home before going back out to the wedding again...

Today - nothing much at all. Got up 10.00ish after finishing my current book ("Loves Music, Loves to Dance" by Mary Higgins Clark) and have pottered on t'internet since then. Should probably straighten my hair and get ready soon as I have to be at the same wedding's reception at 6.00. Given I hardly fit into any of my clothes any more, I have no idea what to wear. Meh.

Tomorrow - chillaxing and enjoying the last day of my leave. I should have booked another week. Hopefully I will be having another week off after my birthday anyway.

And that's it.
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So, I have two day trips to blog about and a meme to do. I was insanely busy at work on Tuesday and Wednesday (as a knock-on effect of having to help out West/East teams the Wednesday before [i.e. the 20th], resulting in almost falling behind in our own team's work) and didn't find time to update, and then have been too tired / disinclined to actually update whilst at home.

I also have another embroidery scan to post when I get home, as I've finally finished the insane amount of mid-brown. I started the darkest shade of green yesterday then realised I'd completely misread the colour chart and done it all the wrong colour - thankfully there wasn't too much of it, but still, a good three hours' worth of work to redo...

Anyway. I'm just taking a little break before commencing the three-tape dictation of DOOM that is sitting on my desk. Super-long entry commences... NOW!

Day Trip to Glastonbury, Saturday 23rd May )

After that was the bank holiday weekend, and as far as I can remember I don't think we did anything. Paul was working on the Monday anyway, so I doubt anything exciting happened. I was then at work for two days, before having flex and annual leave on Thursday and Friday.

(Half) Day Trip to Worcester, Thursday 28th May )

Aaaand finally, the meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] 803am...

Comment to this entry and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You must then update your journal and answer the following questions:

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3. Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
4. Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5. Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

I was given Farscape, Jonathan Creek and The X-Files by Eni... Here we go... Probably LONG )

Phew. *wipes brow*

Oh, and finally finally (honest), talking about Jonathan Creek, have some fic-like ramblings... )

Right, that's enough for one day. Normal service will be resumed shortly. *posts and runs*
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Just going through my 'Personal' folder at work in an effort to find something to finish (I have various bits of writing knocking around in there - the folder is hidden and the majority of its contents password protected, so hopefully nobody will stumble on it...) and came across the following.

I started it about two (?) years ago after posting my Jonathan Creek drabble, "The Thin Blue Line" (which has now grown into "A Lot to Answer For"). In that post I asked people to suggest fandoms for further drabble efforts, and had two votes for Red Dwarf, so attempted it.

It's been sitting in the folder for all that time, at the grand total of 38 words. Barely even half a drabble. As I am unlikely to finish it, I thought I'd throw it out to the f-list to see if any interested parties fancy having a go...

It's set in series 7, though my episodic knowledge is rather sparse these days. That episode where Lister dreams about Ace, at any rate.

Want, take, have, credit, as they say.

He missed Rimmer. This wasn’t the best realisation Lister had ever come to. It wasn’t the sort of thing people did in polite society. Missing Rimmer. And of course, that smegging dream kept coming back to haunt him.

I mean, it's not bad, I just have no idea how to finish it, if I ever knew in the first place.

One for the slash fans, maybe? ;)

Other news: possibly TMI )

I also have my interview for the act-up post tomorrow, 12.30pm. Gaynor assures me I don't have to wear a suit (I'm not even sure if the bloody thing still fits...) but I will probably at least attempt to be vaguely smart for the occasion. Wednesday is my early day, so I won't have to wear it for long. They will announce the successful applicant at 2.00pm, who will then subsequently get the chance to minute the team meeting at 2.30pm... ;)

To-do list for tonight: (1) have shower; (2) remove nail varnish (perhaps re-polish with other colour?); (3) sort out outfit / try it on; (4) attempt to have an early night.

I am still in alternating states of panic and serene calm, which I imagine will be the case until I know for certain either way. It does mean that for the moment I can't actually fill out my PDR properly because I might be changing job roles, so it's all a bit up in the air.

Anyway, wish me luck.

Nothing much else to report. I should hopefully be going to Glastonbury with [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings on the 23rd, so need to investigate train times (to Bristol) this week, and probably book my tickets in advance, given they were horrendously expensive last time. That's after I double-check the date in my diary to make sure I'm not doing anything. Should be able to take lots of photographs, in any case. :)
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But an enjoyable one, nonetheless.

I awoke ridiculously early (for a Saturday, anyway) and proceeded to make my way towards Birmingham, leaving Paul with a selection of various chores to do whilst I was out. I was heading off, excitingly, to meet [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings, who was supposed to come to Brum just before Christmas but for a lack of funds.

A Grand Day Out )

I should like the record to show, for Jackie's interest, that my area is not normally renowned for people dying on the high street. It's usually quite salubrious. :P

Today I've done not much - watched the Eastenders omnibus (the ending made me cry, damn you Stacey Slater and your dysfunctional family!) and made cakes for Paul's work, as they were moaning apparently as I wasn't well enough to make them over the New Year period. :P

Hopefully Jackie and I will get to meet again some point this year as she's invited me to her beloved Glastonbury. It was a thoroughly enjoyable meet-up yesterday. My favourite thing about meeting online friends whom you've known for a while online is that the conversation flows as though you've known each other for years. It's been the same with all the people I've met, from [livejournal.com profile] winter_jasmine to [livejournal.com profile] 803am. A strange phenomenon, really. :)
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I'm feeling better after my ranting session the other day, just haven't got much to update about.

I had a dream about Heath Ledger's Joker last night which is filtered as per usual...

I also appear to have lost 3lb. I'm crossing my fingers that it's not a random scales error or a fluke, but it could be because I lost my appetite a bit over Christmas. I think the horrendous over-eating at Disney was compensated for by the sheer amount of walking / shivering, and I've been quite sensible since coming back. We can only hope it's the start of a good thing.

I'm meeting [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings tomorrow in Brum, followed by Paul's birthday drinkings at the Briar Rose. Just in case anyone missed it on Facebook, it starts at 4.00 but you can turn up whenever.

Nothing else to report.
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This is the entry I was going to post yesterday but for not actually getting home til gone 1.00am *eyeroll*

This has been a fairly enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend, really. Saturday was energetic with moving of furniture and sorting of books (we now have an entire bookcase full of every single Discworld novel and a whole lot of Stephen King - if anyone hears me complain about being bored, kick me in the direction of said bookcase) and preparing to decorate the kitchen, including moving the piano and table to create more room in general.

Sunday I went to my father's and it was the same as usual...

Yesterday was brilliant. I went down to make breakfast to find the floor covered in wallpaper shavings as they were in the process of preparing to undercoat the wall. So I hastily went back upstairs to hide, and finally got around to copying The Woman in White for [livejournal.com profile] collie_wing (is it okay to send now?) and making a mix CD for Eni. I'll attempt to remember to send that this week along with Random Thing/s, and Katie's calendar/CD/letter. Was going to do that today and completely forgot...

About 12.00ish, Paul rang up to see if I wanted to go out that afternoon, which was fine by me as I had nothing else to do. So I made some lunch (in the living room...) and headed out to meet up at 4.30.

We wandered aimlessly into random pubs around Bennetts Hill/Colmore Row, including The Hill to enquire how much it would be to book the upstairs bit for the MGM on Friday. Stayed in there for a drink and then wandered next door to the Briar for some food...

...whereupon I happened to run into [livejournal.com profile] falling_softly, who was meeting up with his girlfriend Benita (? - I never did quite establish if that was right), [livejournal.com profile] flatline2010 and Denise, and [livejournal.com profile] frightened. Since I'd been planning a big meet-my-friends anyway, we decided to bite the bullet and join them...

A great time was had by all, at least as far as I could tell. Much drunken silliness ensued and the usual level of shouting, randomness and violence, with a healthy dose of Izzard quoting and a rather swirclical mention of fish nailed to crosses, henceforth known as crucifishion. I am possibly scarred for life by Derek gyrating. I had a fantastic quote-of-the-day from Paul from when he was apologising for his insane drunken flirting, even though I've forgotten it now... but I think Derek returning from the loo and exclaiming "Your boyfriend just jumped on me!" comes a close second...

Just about managed to catch the last bus home, anyway. The entire situation was bizarre and incredibly entertaining.

So, a fairly mediocre weekend became very very good indeed by Monday night. Yay for people getting along!

Yesterday involved going to Club HQ to see the Paddingtons with Paul, [livejournal.com profile] legs11 and Dave/LFNY, after getting briefly rained on earlier in the night.  The entire thing didn't end til at least 1.00am and we walked back to Colmore Row for taxis, but it was otherwise a pleasant evening.

This would've been more coherent if I were awake.

Oh, before I forget completely:

[livejournal.com profile] lone_gunwoman - the bus to London from Birmingham leaves at 11.30 so if you could get a train here for about 11.00 or 10.45 that would be good.  It costs a fiver and I'll book them in a few moments...  You can get a train to either Birmingham New Street or Birmingham Snow Hill (which is where it leaves from; it's only a short walk so it doesn't matter either way really) and I'll meet you at the station.  To that end: please could you email me:

~ your mobile phone number in case of emergencies/losing each other; I'll email you mine in a reply.
~ a photo of you or failing that a very accurate description. ;)
~ what time your train's getting in. :)

Address is my LJ username at yahoo dot co dot you-kay.  Also, the e-ticket advised that ID such as your passport might be helpful just to prove you're over 18, and in my case to prove I am who I say I am as the tickets are in my name.

We're meeting [livejournal.com profile] izzles and [livejournal.com profile] setting_sun in London outside the Victoria Apollo theatre at about 3.00, heading more off towards the centre to find sustenance before making the jaunt to Elstree for 5.30.  So, for all three of you: remember your ID, money, comfy shoes, and be warned I will be armed with a camera. :P  if [livejournal.com profile] izzles could also bring a map in case I forget, as we discussed, that would be very useful, too.  trainline.com told me that we had to go from St Pancras and the e-ticket says Kings Cross, but I'll double check that tomorrow...

Right.  I think that's everything.  I go collapse now...

PS: Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] ennixeve, and also to [livejournal.com profile] last_dance - are you having a drunken get-together this Friday and if so, where?  I will be at the Hill (next door to the Briar) for the majority of that evening but I'll endeavour to pop into wherever you might be (*cough*theBriarplease*cough*) if I can...
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F.A.O [livejournal.com profile] lone_gunwoman and [livejournal.com profile] izzles/[livejournal.com profile] setting_sun.

Most Haunted Live arrangements.

1) E-ticket has still not bloody well arrived, so I'm going to phone up again tomorrow to be paranoid at them again.

2) Because my mother is being paranoid at me, the arrangements re: accommodation and travel at the end of the night have changed.  Me and [livejournal.com profile] lone_gunwoman will make our way to Ellstree on the day from Birmingham (that much is sorted and easy), but to save on having to get to the other side of London or having to find a hotel at this late stage, the plan is now thus: David will pick us up at whatever godforsaken hour in the morning it all finishes and drive us both back to Birmingham, where [livejournal.com profile] lone_gunwoman is more than welcome to crash until Sunday and make her way back home from there.

So, there you go.

Graaaah.  I swear, there's a god, somewhere, that's determined to make anything I try to organise doomed to fail.  Every.Time.
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Well, that was interesting.  But then, my random trips to Manchester are rarely anything but...

For those who didn't know and don't have a clue: on Tuesday, [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure turned 21 (as the birthday post probably implied), and, stemming from one of our random comment conversations (the first, I believe), I decided to buy her a keyring because she didn't have one.  The initial plan was to send it to her in the post; except them it grew into two keyrings, a set of pencils (from another conversation) and the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack, plus a copy of Office 2000 (yay, CD-writers...) so I though it'd be easier and therefore more fun to actually go to Manchester to visit her.

So, that's why I went to Manchester.  Plus, random online person meetingage is always good, and there was no other excuse for a jaunt up there this time since there's no interesting shows on at the Palace.

Let's begin with the train journey.  Or rather, journeys, since it involves a change at Sheffield.  On the train from Derby to Sheffield, I encountered possibly the most impatient man in the known universe, with the attention span of a three-year-old to boot.  When I got on, the train was early, due to leave at 0916, so stood at Derby station for about ten minutes.  Impatient Man gesticulated at the window, a sort of one-armed, hand-waving shrug to indicate the object of his annoyance, as if addressing the train with the question, "And we're not moving... why?"  He did it again a mile or so out of Sheffield while we waited for station traffic to clear.  During the journey, he was shifting in his seat, playing with a cardboard flyer (trying to get it to stand on its edge, but he got bored with that when it fell over...) and, when I sneezed, he smiled.  Well, I'm glad my horrible virus amuses you, Impatient Man. I mean, geez, if the train doesn't go fast enough for you... wow, book a private jet or something.  Or, y'know, bring a book to read like the rest of the literary world...

Frellnik. :)  He was part-annoying, part-amusing.  Sheffield is quite possibly the most confusing station ever.  Normally, you get Arrivals boards and Departures boards. Not Sheffield.  Sheffield has one screen, listing 'From' and 'To' stations; very confusing. I nearly ended up getting on a train going from Manchester instead of to it... but anyway, I got there.  Manchester Piccadilly is like a bloody self-enclosed town; Birmingham New Street, take heed.

So.  Meetingness.  As will all people I've met from online (all, oh, three of them...) we got on just fine in real life, which is always good.  It always strikes me as very odd that it's the people you probably wouldn't ordinarily talk to that you end up getting along with when you find them online.  I mean that in a good way; it's not explained well, but I'm exhausted, so gimme a break.  After meeting, we went straight to her house - it's tall!  and thin!  and... house-like! - where I met various housemates whose names I've completely forgotten, and Woodstock the hamster.  And the other two, and the goldfishes (just to emphasise that there are more than one.)

Cake was consumed, and it was discovered to be edible...

Sunset Boulevard was duly inflicted; it's my task in life to make sure everyone I know sees this movie; those who haven't, let this be your warning. :)  Incidentally, the DVD?  So cool!  Must. Watch. Extras...  I think Eni's converted, anyway, though to which shipper group, I'm not entirely certain.  There was plenty of 'aw'ing going on during the New Year's Eve sequence, anyway ;)

Then, it was Quills; enjoyable despite a difference of opinion about the ending.  I think it's cool, she was bawling her eyes out (I'm sorry!  I forgot spoilers, if you haven't seen it... )  Well, okay, complete lie, but I didn't think it'd be that upsetting.  You have to admit, it's still a fantastic film... if probably a little more of Geoffrey Rush than we wanted to see... but anyway.

Films done with, we wandered to McDonalds for food, discussing internet addiction, then wandered back again so I could have Hair inflicted on me...

Obligatory Review of 'Hair' )

Okay, Eni.  Reviews of Sunset and Quills, please. :P

Then, off home I went.  Got chatted up by random drunken blokes.  (Incidentally, why do I only ever get chatted up by drunkards and random nineteen-year-old sk8ers??)  Otherwise, it was uneventful other than the very very noise people on the Sheffield - Derby train.

I'm bloody exhausted.  I was going to watch Jonathan Creek but it turns out I pressed the power button this morning instead of 'Timer Rec', so have missed it.  Most annoying.  Also, my images CD closed itself again, and somewhere in one of the various saving-to-my-harddrive processes, I appear to have lost an entire folder of images.  I mean, they weren't particularly important ones (it was my 'Random' folder), but, y'know... it's annoying.

I think I should probably go to bed, or something...

Oh, and before I forget, this is what the cake looked like... )
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one day i'll go south to see a show. excluding london, because, well, london. doesn't count...

there'll probably be a real writeup coming when i've done my sodding essay, but for now...

the journey was uneventful compared to last time (we didn't get lost!) and we were in sweet's BigHugeRangeRover as opposed to her littlebluecar from last time. which was nice. this time we managed to find the shops first time in manchester, and we didn't have rooms at opposite ends of the hotel, although we did have to walk a mile to actually find them... and after the show, at about 1am, lloyd and i ended up watching a film about lesbians (one with elle degeneres in, too), again...

the show was utterly wonderful, and didn't hurt as much as i thought it would, although it was touch and go for a while during jellicle songs for jellicle cats and also memory, but that was inevitable. once the ache had gone it was just bouncy. and we nearly got catted - by pouncival, again, who hovered at the end of our row, saw my ears, and gave me a very brief look before turning away, causing me and sweet to giggle a lot. so, yeah, it was very, very cool. and, although there was nearly a verse missing from bustopher jones, gus, the theatre cat was very good - jellylorum was practically a fangirl, which was lovely - and they left in the original ballad of billy mccaw as the duet between growltiger and griddlebone, which wasn't in either of the productions i'd seen before. the tugger was hilarious as ever, and mistoffelees just as adorable :)

so all in all, fabulous show, enjoyed by all. and i finally acheived at least one small goal, which was to go onstage in the interval and meet deuteronomy (scan of programme coming later), with whom i had the following conversation...

"it's very good..."

"thank you."

(indicating fuzzy fur coat) "i have a coat like that..."

"well, you know how warm it is, then."

and then the usual thanking and stuff. and had there been less people i probably would have revelled more in the fact that i was standing on the stage of "cats" for the second time in my life...

things that were sadly missed - the white fairy lights strung over the auditorium; the car number plate reading "TSE 1" (this read "NAP 16", which is either a very obscure reference to john napier, or simply because jennyanydots and then mungojerrie and rumpleteazer and various others take catnaps on it) also, it transpires, upon my reading the programme notes all properly, that the majority of this cast were in the final performances in london. which is sort of sad, in a way (although obviously not for them) but i feel kind of honoured, too... it does not, however, by any stretch the imagination, match the true magic and beauty of the show when it was in london, and no tour, no matter where it's held, will ever compare to that.

wherever it ends up (unless it's, like, dublin, or something), i am going to have my front row seats. as soon as i know where it's ending, i'm booking them. i'll sort out the transport later...
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Aaaaand finally...

Roadtrips, Fangirls, and 10086, the final run )
There will be photos and scans and all sorts of other interesting and beauteous things when I have them all/when I can be bothered/when I remember to do them. But for now, that was my weekend :)
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More on Saturday's escapades. The show itself. You can skip this if you want, but you'll never understand about the plant if you do ;)

Roadtrips, Fangirls, and 10086, continued. Again. )

Phew! Just got Sunday (boring bit) to type up, and my blow-by-blow account of the entire show, and things I noticed, which you don't have to read. Just something I want to do for future reference...
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Saturday follows, in two parts because it's long. And will be longer later...

Roadtrips, Fangirls and 10086, continued )

More coming in next one...
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Right. One write-up coming up, in 3 parts...

Roadtrips, Fangirls, and 10086 )

Saturday's entry will be more intersting and much, much longer, and will be up as soon as it's done. Watch this space...
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before i start, i'd just like to reaffirm something - philadelphia spreadable (not the light stuff, i mean the REAL stuff) is positively sinful... and i just remembered how the cheeseboard version is about four times nicer. waaaaaaant some...

right. anyway.

the concert...
was brilliant! i have learnt to judge them by how large my smile is when i walk out of them, and this was a 10 second grin. the final piece was really powerful, tom corfield is a frelling fantastic organist (and isn't it just one of those instruments you wish you could play? this one has all the pipes and everything... and four keyboards, and all the levers and doohickeys and pedals. and his feet move like in a dance, it's just... so... amazing... watching him... i mean, piano is bad enough, following two staves. three is difficult. four is damn near impossible, but... he did it. effortlessly. i am in awe of people like tom corfield... they make my own miniscule musical ability seem utterly, completely pointless... wow...) anyway, i digress... the soloists were good. the soprano made it all sound so easy, even on her top C, which i certainly don't envy her for... although considering how my range has gotten higher, but much, MUCH shorter, i could probably hit it. may try one day :) the tenor was good, nice voice. not too strained. the bass... was good, i guess. i admit to having a personal preference for tenors since i like hearing the words, and basses are pitched too low for that... but still, they were all excellent. and... david (conductor dude) kept grinning at us, and... it was just a great concert!

i appear to be rambling. i'm very tired, forgive me. i should sleep but i have bits of the mcalpin going around my head, so sleep won't be an option until my eyes start to close of their own volition...

anyway, yes, the other thing was...

meeting eve
it went so, so well!! it was like we'd known each other for years, there was no awkwardness or anything like that!! i mean, i've only 'known' her online since about christmas, and... we just got on so well... wow. and, (this is the sweetest thing...) she wrote me a note, thanking me for beta-ing her fanfics (which she only does, like, every other day...) and she wrote me a fanfic... for me, that's WAY up there with being serenaded, having a song written for me to sing, or having something dedicated to me... and it's a very good fic/poem, which had me grinning a stupid, moronic, shippergrin for about 10 minutes. i won't transpose it for you, but take my word for it. and... yeah, i gave her the moulin rouge CD/tape, and her mum bought me a drink in the pub while we were waiting for jenny, and... just generally aw!! and! no. explosions. *grin*

right. calm. not hyper. no. :)

will... read fic. will email eve, first, to thank her, then will read fic. then will sleeeeeep.
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tomorrow, several things are happening:

1) a rehearsal.
2) i have to buy a mother's day card, as i discovered this afternoon that it's mother's day on sunday.
3) a concert. said rehearsal is for this concert. it's in the cathedral, and we're singing durufle's requiem, which is very odd (i much prefer fauré), and colin mcalpin's "the prince of peace", which is even odder...
4) i'm meeting one of my online friends - eve - who i met at the bbc farscape message board. ironically, i've known her for the shortest time of all my online buddies, and she's the first one i get to meet... (but considering she's only at nottingham, it's not exactly a huge distance to travel). this should be most interesting :) and considering how we're psychic when online, in different cities... well, if you hear of explosions in the derby area, you'll know why :)

i'll let everyone know how it goes. unfortunately, i just finished the film in my camera so i can't take pictures of the event. anyhoo, wish me luck!

right. time for "frasier" *grin*


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