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There was a new Jonathan Creek Chrismas special last night, namely "Daemon's Roost". I knew this was coming but only knew it was on thanks to Denise texting me to ask if I was watching - to which the answer, obviously, was yes, though admittedly with a combination of trepidation and excitement. Trepidation because I fully expected to be disappointed, and excitement because NEW JONATHAN CREEK.

My immediate reactions are already on Twitter but, as ever, this deserves a full write-up. So without further ado...

Daemon's Roost - capslock warning )

Now that this is done, I have a half-drafted Year in Review Meme to post as well. Watch this space...

(PS: Apparently I haven't got any Creek icons on Dreamwidth. Derren will have to do instead...)
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I haven't updated since April and now that I am, it's to get stuff off my chest – I actually drafted this entry on 30th June and it’s taken me so long to post it that I’ve had to amend it. :P

Mostly I haven't done anything exciting since April because I'm still bloody skint - other than decorating the lounge, and I already shared the pics of that on Facebook. :P (We finally got around to hanging pictures over a month later – after filling all the holes we were rather loath to put more in the walls!)

Anyway, here is my venting, in no particular order...

Vents are actually one of the problems... )

It's not all doom and gloom, though. :P

I am still enjoying my job. Everyone is very stressed at the moment because of the new Strengthening Families Framework which has been in place since March, because we are crashing in blindly for the most part and communication at all levels seems to have ground to a halt. The good thing is we're all in the same boat, so we are all offloading at each other in work rather than taking it home with us - and they're actually valid things to be stressed about, rather than the petty stupidities that caused such major issues in Legal.

There are a few colleague issues creeping through the cracks - a couple of my colleagues can be a bit annoying, and one of them is your classic example of doing the bare minimum rather than trying to exceed in any way then complaining that she won't pass her PDR... but it's nothing I can't deal with, and I'm learning to rise above it - it helps that the team has a really good relationship (both working and personal) and everyone mucks in to help each other out. It's such a breath of fresh air after my experiences at both Legal AND Ladywood, and makes me very glad that I chose to work at South rather than anywhere else.

Being skint does mean that Paul and I are catching on boxsets. Our Farscape rewatch is on temporary hiatus, as is the JC rewatch as I just keep forgetting about it and series 5 was such a mess of fail, but we are now on season 4 of Frasier and have just finished both Bates Motel and Fargo. We've just made a start on American Horror Story: Asylum as well, which is already looking as creepy/WTF as the first season.

My Frasier ramblings got long... )

I really wish I had the time and mental capacity to do in-depth rewatches for everything, like I’ve done for Jonathan Creek, but I think I’m up to my fifth 90’s show boxset now (Frasier, X-Files, Buffy, Farscape, Creek) and there are not enough hours in my life, especially given the sheer amount of episodes! If you tally them up it’s a cumulative 36 seasons, over 800 episodes, and I do not even want to think how many hours. I did attempt it for TXF but only got three episodes in before I gave up, and as much as I’d love to attempt it for ‘Scape, I think it might actually break me within half a season. :P

This is why I have a tendency to ignore most modern-day series, or for those I do watch I only do so without such a vested interest. I have too many old fandoms still vying for supremacy, and too many work-in-progress fics for most of them, to start investing energy into shiny new ones. :P

Aaaaanyway, I think this is quite long enough. I had intended to post some fic somewhere whilst I was off, and didn’t quite get around to it… but hopefully I will actually manage to get the JC stuff online this year. :P

Over and out.
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Apparently the three new episodes, a.k.a Series 5, are due to be shown at some point in February. Not exactly sure when. In any case, given the latest news, at least it'll be over with quickly...

Cut because of minor spoilers. )

I am tempted to livetweet the new series when it's on, as I suspect I will have rather a lot to say once the incoherent silent rage has worn off, and it might be helpful to have a point of reference. :P

In other news, Paul and I have made a start on marathoning all eleven seasons of Frasier. :D We're currently halfway through season 1 (because they're only short, of course) and it's really great fun finally getting to see all the early episodes I missed the first time around. I didn't start watching properly until season 7, and even then managed to miss a few episodes (including the finale) because of Channel 4 rescheduling it...

So obviously, I spent the weekend reading fanfic (Niles/Daphne was one of my first 'ships, of course, then latterly Frasier/Roz) and episode transcripts and prematurely rewatching the season 7 finale on YouTube because OH MY GOD THAT EPISODE. (Resolving seven years of unrequited feelings / UST: ur doin it perfickly.)

Also I am amusing myself by retrospectively ascertaining where my Niles-crush came from whilst simultaneously trying to fight it off with a big stick (I think it was just lying dormant all these years). I can't even blame the frivolity of youth this time around. :P

It's a relief, actually - with three separate rewatches (X-Files, Buffy and now Frasier) in addition to the Grand JC Watchathon (which I must get back on track with), I do at least have something with which to distract myself from the above-mentioned fail...

And I'm determined to do a Farscape marathon this year as well, as Lloyd was nice enough to get me season 2 for Christmas. Not quite sure when, though - maybe when we're a bit further through Frasier and have finally finished Twin Peaks (it transpires watching a mind-mangling David Lynch show on a 12-inch screen at bedtime is not the best idea; we've moving it to the big TV downstairs instead...) I might actually attempt proper episode recaps this time around, as it's another of those fandoms which will benefit from being Older and Wiser. :)

(Oh, speaking of the TXF and BtvS rewatches, Denise and I have hit season 2 of both now. Which means abduction arc / "Irresistible" (a.k.a the Episode That Turned Me Into A Shipper) / "Humbug" (first comedy episode); and Spike, respectively. :D)

I think this is quite long enough. I'll try to update before the Creekfail occurs, but I promise nothing. ;)
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I still need to do a post about The Choir: Sing While You Work - it was another casualty of my week off in January, when the only thing I achieved was copious hours of sleep. Next year I'm going to try and get some time off that's actually around Christmas, imagine that...

Anyway, in the meantime, because it's January, I'm floundering in another JC fandom resurgence. I suspect half of the reason for this is completing the fanfic for Denise, "A Creekmas Carol", on New Year's Eve (a week late, actually), which resulted in not only a "director's cut" (one scene re-written with a different outcome, and a What Happened Next) but a load of other stuff, too: another post-ALTAF plotbunny, and an extension of an already-compelted series 3 tag. Consequently, I have a lot of loose ends to type up - and for every page or two I type up, I produce about twice as many by hand an hour later.

(A couple of nights ago I made a start on the JC/POTO crossover. I am officially doomed.)

So, anyway, last night on Tumblr someone posted an article under the JC tag - I have no idea where from - regarding the upcoming "series 5", i.e. the three new episodes. (Renwick fancies himself a bit Moffat/Gatiss-y. Pretty sure only Sherlock can get away with three-episode serieses. :P) Given the epic fail that was the Easter Special, I've been approaching these with some trepidation, not least because Sheridan Smith has quit due to conflicting priorities - and I'm still convinced Renwick threw a hissy fit and she walked out because of that. I simply can't fathom how the show can work now - Renwick deliberately set up new!Jonathan in such a way as to completely disregard his previous life, and the final scene with Joey really seemed like a heavy-handed attempt to force things back to how they were in anticipation of three new episodes. Like Renwick wrote a full-stop and the BCC turned it into a semi-colon. :P

So, the thing on Tumblr contained the barest murmur of Caroline Quentin expressing an interest in returning for one of the episodes.

That's good, right? That's what I've been moaning about and hoping would happen for the past 14 years?

In some respects, yes. But OH MY GOD, I am so conflicted about this. So obviously my LJ bears the brunt. (Some of what I say here may spill over into my upcoming J/M essay, or vice versa, because my headcanon is so ingrained now - and makes so much more sense than what's on screen - that I can't help but refer to it...)

My Conflicted Feelings, Let Me Show You Them. )

Incidentally, I have no idea when the new episodes are airing, which is kind of a blessing as I won't be constantly counting down days in cold dread / inevitable excitement. Either way, I'm sure my LJ will be a minefield of brain-broken ranting. Consider this fair warning. :P

Okay, I'm going to post this before it gets any longer, and read / work on some fic to take my mind off it all. Over 'n' out.
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Okay, finally getting around to posting this... (Oh, also: I've finally set up Semagic to cross-post to DW automatically when I post here, as I kept forgetting and had repeatedly imported my old LJ entries to DW, thus ending up with older entries 3 or 4 times. I've deleted it all and started again, with cross-posting now happening by default...)

To explain: I'm working on a post-Easter Special angstfic for Jonathan Creek, the first draft of which I sent to [personal profile] commoncomitatus, typos and all. Following that, we somehow ended up having the Epicest Jonathan Creek Fandom Discussion of All Time, which now deserves to be noted on LJ along with all the in-depth episode write-ups.

My initial plan was to finish the story first so I could post the emails in their entirety, in context... but instead I'll go from a point that makes somewhat more sense outside of the context of the fic. Unfortunately I still have to explain the basic concept of the story, which is spoiled underneath this cut here. )

That being said, here is the Fandom Discussion - all typos as per the original emails, including one particularly spectacularly hilarious one from Eni. The only additions / amendments are to put in words that were missing, just so it's a bit easier to read. The first few emails are snipped to take out some irrelevant / nonsense bits, and there are also some spoilers for the Doomfic and/or my ALTAF-verse, but probably nothing more than I've already mentioned on LJ elsewhere. I've also colour-coded: mine are purple, Eni's are green.

In which we analyse the Easter Special to death and back and still get nowhere. SPOILERS and FLAIL beneath this cut. You were warned. )

So, there you have it. All other Jonathan Creek fandom discussions and/or theories are hereby null and void. :P

Oh, whilst I'm here, as I haven't updated in ages - new job is going much better now. I'm pretty much always busy and too tired when I get home from work to actually update, but so far I'm really enjoying it. This is a strange, alien feeling after the last few months of hating every second of every day in Legal! I've also covered two cases at New Aston House in Newtown, which transpires not to be too bad to get to (45 minutes door to door because I can get the train halfway). So yeah.

The only odd thing is that - obviously - I've run into people I used to work with at Ladywood. Amanda is my acting manager, Tina H is still the Senior Admin Assistant for West&Central, and Cynthia still works as a Clerk... but so far we've all been dancing around Sandra-gate and the reason I left Children's Services in the first place... which is kind of weird, but also a relief. The only person I've spoken to about it properly has been Jenny, because she knew about it before she had anything to do with Child Protection, from knowing me personally. So yeah. I'm pretty sure both Amanda and Tina are fully aware of my history with Child Protection AND my reasons for leaving, and the silence has been mutual. Frankly, I'm not going to complain.

This is long enough already, so: over and out, for some indeterminate amount of time...
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I am still two write-ups behind, despite having promised myself I'd get them done this weekend. Am busy tonight and also Wednesday (meal for Jade's 21st) so hopefully on Thursday I might get at least one of them done.

Anyway, last night was the long-awaited Easter special of Jonathan Creek, namely "The Clue of the Savant's Thumb". I really wish it had been on Sunday night instead so I'd have a day to recover - as it stands, I didn't get to bed until gone midnight last night thanks to obsessively refreshing both Twitter and Tumblr for fan reactions, and even then did not get to sleep until nearly two.

I probably shouldn't be abusing New Job's technology to be doing LJ entries, but as it's quiet and nobody is looking (shhhh!) I shall at least try and get some of this nonsense out of my head before I attempt (and doubtless fail) to sleep tonight. (Entry also finished at home much later.)

Because seriously, I need to vent this. [livejournal.com profile] cloudsinvenice and [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure may both wish to wait until after they've watched before clicking the cut...

The Clue of the Savant's Thumb - quite obviously, contains SPOILERS and copious amounts of CAPSLOCK ABUSE. )

I hope the three episodes being filmed in the autumn are better - or that Renwick falls out with Sarah Alexander and finds some way to write her character out like everyone else. :P

Okay, hopefully now I've vented that I will actually get some sleep tonight. SO TIRED.
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I know that writing off a year before it's properly begun is generally a bad idea. But seriously, 2011, you need to start bucking your ideas up already.

Eni, when you said you wanted me to update more often, I'm fairly sure you didn't want daily rants. :P

Choir Rant )

It's especially annoying because there are a couple of old choir-type friends on Facebook who I'd like to invite to the open rehearsal next week, but I've already moaned about this in a status update and that would look a bit weird, to have complained about it in one breath and recommended it in another. Besides which, anyone who does turn up to the open rehearsal next week is not guaranteed to remain in their chosen part if they do pass their audition!

I am also annoyed that my 'cheaper option' for my latest glasses prescription actually isn't cheaper. SpecSavers are now charging a £39 "reglazing" fee (i.e. putting new lenses in old frames) on top of the cost of the lenses. Which makes their reduction on said lenses completely bloody pointless, as it still cost me £79 to do one pair. By the time I've done the second pair next month it'll have cost me just under £160 to reglaze my perfectly functional frames, which means it would have been cheaper to actually buy new frames. Said reglazing cost also doesn't guarantee against damage caused to the frames during the process, for which the customer is liable. I imagine this is to cover any frames brought in from other providers, but both my frames are the "Osiris" range, which are only sold at SpecSavers. Plus, you know, the glazers are presumably trained in their chosen profession, so WTF are they doing wrong if they manage to damage your frames?

Odd year syndrome, indeed. Maybe I should stop making plans now, before they get crushed by a boulder.
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The past couple of days have been stupidly aggravating, and for once none of the aggravations are work-related... apart from the fact the office is so cold I have bloody frostbite on the backs of my fingers. Or at least something close to it.

I have cut the various letters as per their various recipients, for you to pick and choose as you please.

Dear TWM... )

Dear NHS... )

Dear NHS (take two) )

Dear Amazon... )

Dear TWM (take two) )

Just... seriously, universe? Cut it out, already.

I might as well add this one.

Dear Work... )

My plan for this evening was to leave work earlyish, go home to get changed, walk to the post depot then bus-hop to Aldi to get some shopping, come home, cook tea, and make a start on my Christmas Boxes for work. Instead, thanks to above-mentioned pharmacy stupidity and horrendous traffic, I merely went to the post depot on the bus (one stop further than home), then dragged my sorry self back to the house, which smells of the fish we ate on Sunday (and bin day isn't til Friday so we have another 24 hours of it to cope with). At this rate the Christmas Boxes won't get done by the 17th, the last day everyone's in before Christmas, but I'm hoping to get a rhythm going once I get started. I've bought all the ribbon now so I need to make them.

Because of the aggravation, Paul went to Sainsbury's instead to get stuff for tea and has put our casserole in the oven. I think if these things happened less close together I would be inifitely better at coping, but my greatest weakness is things beyond my control making my life difficult, especially when they cluster together over the course of several days.

Thankfully I don't have much more shopping to do, though we need to start populating the diary soon...

Anyway, I shall now sign this off because my hands are cold (which has been a theme of the past fortnight). I should probably post a photograph of my minor frostbite at some point, because it's really quite impressive.

Bored of winter now. I can haz spring?
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So, Christmas has nearly descended upon us. Time to start getting organised. My diary is starting to fill up already, so for my own benefit more than anything else, here's the dates I need to organise myself around:-

Cut because it's just for my own benefit. I need a big wall calendar. )

In other news, despite our efforts to boycott X-Factor after last week's 'deadlock' debacle, we ended up watching the Sunday night results nonetheless. I've tried to avoid rambling about it (because I shouldn't even be watching it because GAH, the brain-melting horror) but I seem to keep getting sucked in. Quite frankly, it's been a total farce this year, and I'm not just talking about 'Jedward'.

This is probably only of interest to one person... )

Aaaaaand breathe.

Bloody reality television. We caught the first episode of I'm A Celebrity... and thankfully, it's not as horrendously addictive. Kim Woodburne FTW! GTFO Jordan! And that's all I'm saying on that.

Anyway, that's more than enough. I shall post this and have some lunch. This ranting is hungry work. :P
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I don't think I did recount on here my Nero Saga...

Cut because it's long and tedious. )

The public service announcements are actually more requests. I have now not only lost my Photoshop 7 CD, but my version of Office 2003, which disappeared bloody months ago even before I moved.

I know I copied PS7 for Eni at the very least, and I copied Office 03 for someone at BCC ages ago also (who I'll contact if all else fails). I can't remember if I also copied it for Eni. So really this is a plea to Eni rather than anyone else, unless they can help. ;)

Eni, can you copy my copy of PS7 for me? And Office 03 if you have it? (I have Office 00 - and I know I did you a copy of that, too - but it's really bloody annoying. Admittedly not as annoying as 07, of which there is a free trial on this PC - gah, idiot proof much? Why can't they just leave things how they are? What's with the stupid bloody massive buttons everywhere? *grumblegrumble*)

Aaaand finally, here's a poll, because I'm ridiculously ambivalent / indecisive and literally can't decide what to do.

[Poll #1391887]

Because I do want to grow it out (and will have to get it trimmed at some point eventually to ease this task) but equally I want to cut it off again. I call upon the collective brain to make my decision for me.
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This rant has been a VERY long time coming, but as it came almost completely to fruition in my brain on the way home, I might as well just write it and get it out of my system.


I need to stop now, because my hands are freezing. The heating was broken at work today and I've had cold hands since I got in, so that hasn't helped with the aggravation in the slightest. Sometimes, I just think all these gigantic companies - the NHS, Birmingham City Council, whatever - need to be taken apart, examined on a deeply molecular level, and put back together again by someone who knows what they're doing, someone with a fresh perspective and who lives in the fucking 21st century. FFS, give me a sledgehammer and I'll do it myself.

I apologise for the length, but these things just make me so frustrated and angry, and in the absence of being able to do anything about it, all you get is the verbosity. Meh.
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Or not, as it transpires.

I went into Primark after work (which was immediately a bad idea because it's the school holidays...) with the intention of looking for a swimming costume, on the off chance that they might have some new ones added to the range since last month. All they could offer me last time was a sporty-type costume (one of which I already have), a tarty one with a ridiculously low V, or a frumpy granny style all-in-one in a range of colours. Everything else was bikinis in every form you could possibly imagine.

This time they had a few more, including two I quite liked the look of, and herein I discovered three problems:

a) if you are under size 12, clearly you will not be buying a swimming costume, because you are slim, sveltesque and wish to show off your body in a skimpy bikini. This is actually not so; I am a size 12-14 but if I buy a costume that size it will probably fall off me.

b) all the styles which are not frumpy/sporty/slutty have halternecks and stupid clasp things at the back of them, for no other reason than it probably looks 'fashionable' - not entirely practical if I want to go swimming in it at my local pool.

c) if I buy a costume with cups in a size 10, the cups are too small. Because obviously, if you are a size 10, etc., etc.

Most frustrating. I have two cossies to wear swimming but one is looking the worse for wear and the other one just isn't that comfortable. Everything else I own is bikinis (I have three) on the off-chance I ever go on holiday again this millennium and am ever confident enough to wear them again, neither of which are looking particularly likely.

Anyway, despite that, I came out with two tops, some elastic headbands in glittery shades of blue and pink, and a pair of dark blue cords which don't fit. I couldn't try them on in the store because the queue for the fitting rooms was taking ages so I just bought the 12 and hoped - I can't even get my legs into them. They have them in black, white and pale brown also. I might take them back and swap them for the 14 in the vain hope I'm not too fat for those as well, and even though I would love to own a pair of white jeans, my big arse doesn't need the illusion of being any bigger, thank you.

Trouser situation therefore quite frustrating, but I haven't bought a pair of jeans or trousers in about two years (save for the suit I bought and that only just fits) so I have no idea what size I am any more. Apparently not a Primark 12. Which is another thing, I wish they'd get onto this 'new fitting system' they keep going on about and abolish the sizing system so there's some consistency. I can be a 10 to 14 depending on where I shop at any given time and I'd rather just be able to say "I'm size X" and be done with it. Anyway, at least the tops fit. One is a long t-shirt (£1.50) in stripes of orange and yellow and red which makes my thighs look even bigger, and the other is a pretty smock-top in dark cerise with a lace butterfly pattern on the front, which actually suits me by virtue of hiding said thighs.


So far, that new year's resolution of joining the gym has fallen flat on its backside due to a lack of funds.

If all that wasn't frustrating enough, the bus took ages to get home and I shared the majority of the journey with the loudest toddler known to man - I wish parents would shut their fucking children up instead of ignoring them... said child pretty much deserved it when his older sister smacked him on the head, quite frankly.

BAH. *munches on pistachios and waits for oven to heat up*
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So, as I mentioned, I watched this last night. The theme of the show, for those that don't know, is to put modern teenagers into an old-fashioned school environment for a month to see how they cope. I saw the one a few years back that put them into a 1960s comprehensive, or 'secondary modern', as they were called. This time, they're in a 1950's boarding grammar school, and split into same-sex classes in a bid to see who does better: boys or girls.

This entry may be controversial, and it's not open or up for debate - at least, not with me. I'm just attempting to re-inject some intelligence back into my journal, if only for my own benefit, because I'm starting to feel like my brain cells are shrivelling up. Anyway, back to That'll Teach 'Em.

On a purely superficial level, it's great entertainment. These kids don't have a clue what they're letting themselves in for, and their reaction upon finding that they're going to be split up is priceless. It also goes to show that they wouldn't even survive in a modern grammar school, let alone a 1950's one.

However... )

"Yes", I hear you shout, "it's all very well you preaching about this, but what do you have to show for yourself?" And yes, you're right. I have a grammar school education and a University degree, and I'm working in a low-paid admin job that I mostly hate, and that's so far under my abilities it's laughable. But that's not a product of my education; it's a product of myself. I'm crazy, and crazy people can't make important decisions about their futures. Until I'm such a position to think about mine, I'm going to sit here and eat my lovely cream bun.

I think I'm about done.
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So, Jerry Springer: the Opera was on BBC2 tonight.  I've taped it and will be watching it tomorrow.  Actually, we nearly saw the show in London back in October but decided there wasn't enough time given everything else I wanted to do, so I'm quite pleased the Beeb decided to show it.  Even though they nearly didn't.

Oh, for fuck's sake...  (Link from [livejournal.com profile] killer___queen's journal.)

Okay.  I'm an atheist, which is fairly common knowledge.  I'm not anti-Christian, or even anti-religion. I think faith and belief is a wonderful, powerful thing.  I know lots of lovely people from lots of different religions.  But they're not annoying evangelist extremist idiots trying to force their beliefs onto the rest of us.  And this rant is going to be incredibly incoherent as I'm tired and trying to fight off a cold and failing horrendously, but bear with it.  I'm not intentionally trying to upset anyone and I apologise if such happens; it's nothing personal to anyone who reads this.  (And if [livejournal.com profile] frightened wants to take this and run with it, I'll let her. ;) )

Some points.

Firstly: burning your TV licences.  Yeah, that's a good plan.  You'll be the first to complain when you get a huge-ass fine.  And really, it doesn't do anything.  The BBC probably couldn't give a damn whether or not your TV license is intact or a pile of ash, because you've already paid for it anyway, and they're not going to make a special list of people who've burnt their licences then remember not to fine them when the time comes to check people have got one.  It's not a protest, it's pathetic attention-seeking.  You are not martyrs, and in all liklihood, the executives up in their warm offices are staring out of the window laughing at you while you freeze your backsides off, and are about three seconds away from throwing a fire extinguisher out of the window in the hope it knocks one of you unconscious.

Secondly: "The use of foul language together with mocking Jesus Christ and portraying him wearing a nappy with sequins is highly offensive to Christians and we felt that it was totally wrong," apparently.  Is that a royal 'we'?  Just how many protesters are there in all of this anyway?  A whole country's-worth of church-goers?  I doubt it.  Most likely it's a few fundamentalists with nothing better to do than find things to complain about as being 'offensive' and 'wrong'.  Guess what?  Not everyone cares what you think.  Some people like foul language and obvious visual humour.  Get over it, and stop trying to shove your morals into our faces.

Thirdly: "He said the BBC would not risk upsetting minority faiths like Islam or Buddhism."  He's right, they wouldn't.  And they're not trying to upset the sodding Christians, either.  The BBC didn't produce the show; they didn't write it, and they weren't responsible for Jerry Springer's chat show in the first place.  They're not sitting there thinking, "oh, let's show this, it'll really upset those Christians."  They're just trying to provide an entertainment service, for those who cannot afford to go to London and see the show live, for those who've already seen it, for those who are morbidly curious.  They're highlighting the fact that this is a unique, interesting show that, yes, may not be to everybody's taste.    Deal the Hell with it.

Fourthly: "Because we are Christians they think we are fair game for any insults..."  When you act like morons, what more do you expect?  Shut the Hell up and follow your faith quietly like everyone else in the world, and we'll leave you alone.

Fifthly: "Religious leaders fear the hundreds of swear words the Springer show contains would cause offence when broadcast."  It's on after the watershed.  Also, human beings have this amazing little thing called 'free will', even though half the time they choose to ignore that fact.  Don't like it, don't watch it.  Yes, it's really that simple.  The television has an off-switch.  There are at least four alternative channels to choose from.  Nobody is forcing you to sit down and watch it.

Sixthly: I get the distinct impression that most of the hoo-hah is revolving around the fact that it's being shown on the BBC.  If it were any other channel - Hell, even another less-establsihed BBC channel like BBC3 or 4 - then the level of complaints wouldn't be so high.  If it was on Channel 5, nobody would bat an eyelid.  But because it's the almighty holy BBC, which - of course - never shows anything with swearing in, never shows anything controversial, suddenly everyone's up in arms about it.

Seventhly: leave my nightly entertainment the Hell alone.  Do I come into your Sunday communion or your carol services and complain that they're anti-atheist?  No, I don't.  Just because Christianity is one of the largest established religions in the world does not give you the right to inflict your beliefs on those of us that choose not to follow them.  I do not want to be saved; I will not be going to Hell, because that's your belief, not mine.  Go pray for someone else's salvation.  Put some of that energy you've been using to burn your TV licences and shout about it into, say, raising money for the tsunami appeals.  Do something useful for a change, and maybe we'll stop "insulting" you.

I think I should probably stop there.

This rant is brought to you by the letters O and Y, and is a product of having redisovered the truly terrifying Chick tracts last night.  Thank you and goodnight.

And, again, it's not directed at anybody I know. :)
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Okay.  So.  We know about the mini-series already.  We weren't supposed to, technically, since Kemper&co. didn't officially release the information and, at least according to what I heard, it was meant to be a secret.  In any case, we all knew about it via the Save Farscape site.  The getting of this mini-series is, of course, completely wonderful.

It might be slightly less wonderful than we thought...

If that link doesn't work, and it might not as it gets moved around, just click on the 'SciFi Channel' link and you'll find the article in the listing.  If not, well, it's not that interesting, and the gist is basically that the new mini-series is going to be shown on SciFi US.  There's been some discussion on Tortured Space about it.  Some points raised:

1) The fact that SciFi US are showing it is sending inexplicable shudders down everyone's spines.  Somehow, the thought of them getting their grubby paws back on our show is completely unpalatable, when they made it quite clear that they wanted nothing more to do with it.  Nobody bought the funding excuse, I'm afraid.  If that was really the issue, then they could at least have had the decency to let Kemper end the series properly.  If that was really the issue, the fan reaction wouldn't have been so immense.

2) Apparently, they are also claiming that it's entirely them responsible for resurrecting it.  Sounds to me like they're just covering their own backs and pretending like they had nothing to do with its cancellation in the first place.  What's next?  Blaming the fans for the cancellation?  Angry letters are already being planned, but, obviously, after the show is actually aired...

3)  There's been much worry lately about whether our beloved Beeb will show it or if they even know about it at all.  Apparently they're keen to show it, which is a step in the right direction.  Lately, though, their treatment of science fiction fans in general has been appalling - remember the Buffy scheduling?  That was the final season they did that to, and Buffy probably gets them higher ratings than Farscape ever has.  The BBC2 6.45 sci-fi slot seems to have been obliterated.  Even if they rectify that and do get the mini-series - all four hours of it, which I'll comment on in a moment - it'll be edited to death and shown at the wrong time, as usual.  If there's any hope at all, the title, spoiler of title ), might imply enough violent content that they put it on at the right damn time...

4) And if the Beeb don't show it?  It's left to the realm of Channel Four and Five.  The problems?  Ad breaks.  More horrendous editing.  The fact that not all of Britain can even get Five (a similar argument to what might happen if it goes straight to SciFi UK, who have the repeat rights; they do, at least, show them unedited...)  A break with tradition.  Similarly awful treatment of science fiction in general...

So, while the BBC's treatment of Farscape wasn't exactly perfect, it's still miles better than C4 or Five could do.  It's pointless to hope the BBC might finally see sense, but the thought of either of those two channels getting it sends waves of disgust rolling over me.  We're very definitely stuck between a rock and a hard place...  I really, honestly believe that if Sky One had initially bought the rights, it would be doing far, far better over here; Sky One have a knack when it comes to advertising, and when something's popular on there, it tends to get snapped up really quickly by terrestrial.

5) Does anyone else feel like the entire situation is just really... childish?  Or, at least, SciFi's reaction to it is...  The cancellation always seemed off to me - and everyone else, most likely - and I think the reason is it seemed like a jealous reaction... Farscape had what most others shows didn't, and Sci Fi cancelled it to make room for other things.  The fans retaliated in what could be construed an equally immature way - writing letters en masse, sending crackers and bras, throwing proverbial tomatoes at Bonny Hammer (not that she didn't deserve it) and fighting it to the death.  So SciFi conceded defeat; this mini-series has a definite vibe of "Oh, fine.  Jeez, have your damn series back." and it just makes the success seem really bitter...  We didn't win; they just got pissed off with our whining and tried to placate us.

Which doesn't, obviously, negate the fact that we are getting a mini-series, and it's the very, very best we can hope for... so for that reason, we're going to cherish it and welcome it with cookies and open arms.

6) As mentioned, the mini-series is four hours long, possibly in four one-hour instalments, or two two-hour ones.  Either way, that four hours out of what should have been twenty-two.  Talk about throwing us a bone.  It's not enough.  Farscape was supposed to end after season 5, not after Season 4 plus 4 hours...  Kemper had that much planned.  The cancellation not only screwed the fans over, it messed up Kemper's vision, too.  Is it too much to ask that he manage to achieve what he wanted in just four hours?  No, because I have faith in him,  He's never disappointed us, he's never disappointed his cast, and that's why I believe he can do it.  It doesn't make the wound any less raw after what SciFi did to us, but it's something.

He left that cliffhanger there for a reason.  It would have been so much easier to take off the 'To Be Continued', to end the season right there... but he didn't.  There were too many unanswered questions, and he knew that the fans would want to know.  With any luck, those questions will get answered; knowing Kemper, he'll pose us even more and then leave us hanging again... but even so, we're getting Farscape back for four more hours, and even though it's not nearly enough, it's still more than we could ever have hoped for.

I realise that I am not exactly qualified any more to do fan rants about Farscape, since I sort of abandoned the obsession at some point last year, and the extent of my fighting for the show was to sign online petitions.  I didn't even bring my videos with me to university, because I knew I didn't have another series to record.  I'm ashamed to admit that I did pretty much give up, where others kept fighting.  Despite that, I'm still on tenterhooks waiting for the mini-series, I'm still overjoyed we're even getting it, and the cancellation did sting, albeit a good few months after the initial news (I think, at the time, after Cats had been closed earlier that year, my brain just couldn't cope any more.)  I didn't earn this.  I probably don't deserve to be so happy about it.  But no matter what, it's Farscape, and I'm proud of everything everyone did, even though I wasn't a part of it; it proved that the death of something loved can provoke a huge reaction, and it brought the entire fanbase closer together because of it.  Some dropped out of campaigning, others kept slogging on, but we all hoped it would prevail.

And look.  It did.

We're getting a mini-series, dudes.  I don't know when, I don't know where, but we're gettting it.

(Damn, I need a Farscape icon.  Just thought the wording was apt on this one, though...)
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although i'm probably only more aggravated by this because i'm in one of those moods where every tiny little thing pisses me off beyond reason.

fucking angel is being fucking cancelled. which shouldn't annoy me, per se, because i'm not exactly an angel fangirl or anything. but it's yet more proof that the decent stuff gets dumped for no apparent reason. one day, when the channels are populated by reality shows and soaps and horrible made-for-TV movies, and production companies are clamouring for something new, original and clever, you know what the creators should do? they should all live together in a cave somewhere and keep their ideas to themselves, and show them only to an elite few. they should start their own television channel to show things on, and only tell a few people about it on pain of death if it gets leaked. they should bring out DVDs and videos for only those who appreciate it.

that's what they should do.

because now, you see, there's no farscape (because, despite the fact that there'll be a mini-series, i somehow suspect that the liklihood of the bbc a) knowing this and b) getting a hold of it before, say, sky one or scifi UK does, is very slim indeed. in some ways, i really wish sky had gotten a hold of it in the first place; at least it might have been advertised to an adequate degree and gotten the recognition it deserved.), and there's no buffy, and no x-files, and after this year no more angel and no more frasier, and without caroline quentin, jonathan creek's not even as enjoyable as it used to be. (yes, i'm hung up on that. live with it.) there's no decent trek - i'm sorry, enterprise is bloody unwatchable - and i gave up on friends a while ago. i've never watched er or 24 and i don't really want to start now. i keep meaning to watch stargate but continually miss it, and feel bad about that as it is because it was 'scape's main rival on scifi US.

the only decent thing to watch - the only thing i can even vaguely imagine myself getting obsessive over - is the recent dead like me. it's utterly fantastic. there are several problems with this:

1) it'll never go mainstream. sky one hyped it, because that's what sky one do. if it gets to terrestrial at all, it'll end up on channel four and be shown at some ungodly hour, and will then get low ratings and not be brought back.

2) there is a proposed second series in the pipeline to be filmed this june. promising? maybe. but we know how fickle these production companies are. as soon as they need the money for something else it'll probably get axed. and why...?

3) ...because it's probably too clever for the majority of audiences to understand. farscape: case in point...

4) it'll never go mainstream beyond sky because it has swearing in it. lots of swearing. by - shock! horror! - minors. and it's about death, and it's a comedy. the poor sensitive british public will complain, more so if the bbc get their grubby paws on it. it's a catch-22. if the bbc get it, it'll be confined to bbc2 at a timeslot too early for its content, and it will get edited to death with a chainsaw and sellotape. failing that, it'll remain as it is meant to be, and be shoved to a 2am slot where nobody can watch it. or it'll end up on channel four, where the same problem remains - remember what they did with angel? (oh, look, we've come full circle...)

star trek nearly got axed.
roswell nearly got axed.
buffy nearly got axed.
farscape got axed.
the lone gunmen got axed.
randall and hopkirk (deceased) got axed (admittedly the new version, which was apparently crap, but i liked it...)
firefly got axed.
angel is getting axed.

do we sense a pattern here?

this rant isn't even going anywhere particularly sensible. i just had to get it off my chest. and while i'm at it, here's some other unrelated rants that you probably shouldn't read if you value friendship )

my sleeping pattern's frelled again; you can probably attribute this post to that fact. i am cursed by random images from dreams i never remember in their entirety...

last night, i dreamt i had a conversation with aisha. we were in the audience of some kind of ceremony, and beforehand, i'd said something that led into us having tearful confessions whilst being shushed by the other audience members, and my hugging crystal a lot. i can't remember exactly what i said, now. it related to gemma - as these things often do; i swear, when i'm in therapy, she'll be the cause of all my trust issues - and i think it was something along the lines that because of her abandoning our friendship, i was seeking revenge by hurting my remaining friends - crystal and aisha in the dream - by putting up a facade that wasn't really me. and for some reason, this really hurt aisha, and she was determined to talk it through with me. possibly i'm imagining that one of them said, "so we've all been living a lie where you're concerned? is that what you're telling me?" but i do remember aisha and i both being in tears (in the audience), and i was saying "please, can we not talk about this now? please..." and she said, "no, i have to know." and then there were apologies, and crystal was trying to find out what happened, and i was hugging her like she'd disappear if i let go...

last night, i dreamt i drowned. i was in a pool, i believe, and i was too deep, and i was climbing to the surface, but then my lungs couldn't hold any more, so i let out the breath i was holding and then breathed in, and as the water filled my mouth and throat and lungs i couldn't see the surface any more and just started to sink. it was so vivid; thinking about it now, it scares me a little that it was so very peaceful when it happened, and that i didn't even panic...

last night, i dreamt i gave [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure birthday cake. it was blue and white, with silver candles, and red writing icing. she ate the icing from around the edge (all ornate and piped, the likes of which is beyond my skills), and the chocolate fudge filling, and saved the cake for later. i said, "oh, you..." at her, and then we wandered off. and then she was at my house (at home), having stayed the night for some random reason (i'd even relinquished my bed and slept on the futon for the night; clearly, my subconscious is a better hostess than i) and my mother had put yellow voile curtains in her room just like those in mine, and all the furniture had moved. the walls were painted cream, and there were flowers on the bedspread. it was a glorious summer's day, with late evening sun pouring through the window from utterly the wrong angle to reality, birds singing in the trees, and i said, "doesn't it make the room so much warmer?" and she agreed, smiling, and everything was right with the world.

last night, i dreamt in symbolism, and i pre-empted the hours to a somewhat scary degree... i'm not entirely sure what to make of the dreams. happy? sad? meaningful? or the confused ramblings of a mind that thinks too much?

i should stop finding things out. i hereby decree i shall live in a dark room for the rest of my life...


Dec. 27th, 2003 11:22 pm
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well, this was going to be a proper rant on the 100 greatest musicals thing, but since channel four doesn't have the list up on the site yet (bah!) it won't be. therefore, for the moment:

1) grease is, in no way, the greatest musical of all time. it's good, granted, but it's not the greatest. when the wizard of oz and the sound of music came in at 3 and 2 respectively, eyebrows were raised... with the latter, no matter what you may think of it, it is the best musical ever made ever, and grease has no right being at the top...
2) everything i voted for came in the top 40, so i guess that's something. from what i remember, nightmare before xmas was number 38, and once more, with feeling was 23. however, phantom and cats were both beaten by bugsy malone, for which there is just no excuse...
3) the top ten i think i can remember... hang on.

10 - moulin rouge!
9 - something i don't remember
8 - chicago
7 - the rocky horror picture show
6 - something else i don't remember...
5 - singin' in the rain
4 - west side story
3 - the wizard of oz
2 - the sound of music
1 - grease

okay, maybe not. but i do recall saying originally that if chicago came anywhere above number 20 i was going to hurt someone. at least having now seen the tour, i can see why the film was staged the way it was - it doesn't mean i agree with the direction, though. the trouble with these 100 greatest... lists is they make me continually want to slaughter the general public. there should be a rule - you are not allowed to vote in this poll unless you have seen at least 3 stage musicals. when it's pitched at a modern, movie-going public, it's inevitable that the greats get shoved to the sidelines...
4) someone complained that moulin rouge! was 'too claustrophobic'. um, duh. that's what the moulin rouge would have been like at the time... *rolls eyes* some people... although i did agree with most of the comments made - the fact that 8 mile is not a musical depite its getting into the list...
5) miss saigon came in at number 99, but i'll attribute that to the fact that most people probably saw the nominees and went 'miss who?' since it's not that well known.
6) something that continually annoys me: disney laying claim to nightmare as one of their productions. the truth of the matter is, they didn't want it! when burton pitched the idea, disney wanted to cutesify it and then didn't want it because there weren't cuddly talking animals and it was too 'dark' (just like all the stuff tim did for the black cauldron got cut...) but then, when they see the merchandising potential, it's suddenly theirs! it was by touchstone and buena vista! it's not a sodding walt disney film! gah!

my fingers are too cold to continue. but my wrath is great. 100 greatest musicals, my arse... i knew i should have voted more than once...
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but before that rant, another...

went into work tonight, having swapped shifts just for this week with the other girl they have working there, since she was going to the christmas ball. i did not go to said ball because a) the tickets were only £2.50, which implied it was basically very crap and b) it was at destiny and elite, which scares me...

anyway. i went to work feeling slightly ill, and now, combined with standing (or slouching) for three and a half hours, cigarette and cigar smoke, the smell of beer, and half a pint of sickly sweet over-syruppy pepsi, i am feeling even iller. the exact cause of my illness is unknown, but i demand that ti go away before tomorrow so i can actually eat some of the party food without feeling sick. basically, my body is making stomach-empty noises and stomach-about-to-upchuck noises at the same time, and whenever i sit down it feels like my kidneys are being rammed into my intestines.

so, yeah...

anyway, the rant.

*beats the BBC editors around the head with a book labelled "imagery for beginners", repeatedly*

i refer, obviously, to tonight's haphazard editing of buffy... "touched" is by far my favourite episode of the season along with "chosen", "storyteller", and "beneath you", and luckily the spuffiness of it came out relatively unscathed. however, because i'm obsessive and watched the buffy/spike conversation scenes about seventeen times over, and the whole everyone-having-sex montage bit, too (it was easier than fast-forwarding to the spuffy... :P) i noticed the following:

1) during spike's rant about buffy, the conversation is meant to go as follows. the line omitted by the BBC - for obvious, if utterly stupid reasons - will be in normal text...

BUFFY: Fine. The stage is yours. Cheer me up.
SPIKE: (pauses) You're insufferable.
BUFFY: Thank you. That really helped.
SPIKE: I'm not trying to cheer you up!
BUFFY: Then, what are you trying to say?
SPIKE: I don't know. I'll know when I'm done sayin' it.
Something pissed me off, and I just... Unattainable. That's it...


see? it may seem like a very insignificant line, but it's about as humorous as the scene gets, and i happen to like that line. (what's even worse is from a few episodes back [i forget the title] where spike and anya were wandering in the alley and she was teasing him about the Magic Box Incident. he was meant to say, after the "you're like a dog with a bone" thing, and her "what's your point?": "so, it's my bone. so just drop it.". they cut the 'my bone' line. bastards.) not to mention the fact that they cut it with a rusty breadknife...

2) the everybody-having-sex montage. which wasn't a montage any more. the original run ran as follows: buffy/spike conversation leading to the "hold me" thing [which never fails to get to me even now. the buffy/spike theme in the music is so much less cheesy than buffy/angel ever was. of course, i'm biased...]; then faith talking to the first/mayor and robin, ending with the kissage; then willow and kennedy (DIE DIE DIE!) and the 'losing control' thing; then anya complaining to xander with "i think if we're done having sex, then everybody else should just knock if off..."; then, buffy/spike, then robin/faith, then willow/kennedy, then anya/xander, and then back to buffy and spike.

the entire sodding point is that everyone's having sex except buffy and spike. it's meant to be an ironic contrast to what happened last season; it's essentially the climax (sorry...) of all the relationships that have been built on this season, and a whole lot of other wonderful things that i'm too tired and ill to think of off the top of my head. so what do the beloved beeb do? they cut the robin/faith and willow/kennedy scenes out completely, so we only get spuffy - xanya - spuffy, and no sense of imagery whatsoever. the fact that the robin/faith and kenlow are implied is irrelevant! the whole point is the visual... thing of it!

losing brain cells by the second here... you know what i mean, i'm sure.

gah. gah. gah. someone please make them stop...

and on that note, i shall read my friends list, re-read my "touched" fic to make myself feel better, and probably go to bed...
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in searching the guardian website for anything i can find on the phantom movie adaptation, i found this, from a while ago. like most things related to this movie, it provoked my brain to make hissing noises at me, and tell me to violently oppose everything hollywood does to anything...

Martine McCutcheon could soon land her second major musical role - playing opposite Antonio Banderas in the Phantom of the Opera. The ex-EastEnders actress is being "seriously" considered for the role which would thrust her into the big time.
According to People News, McCutcheon is keen to show off her highly-rated voice in what would be her first major Hollywood role, but faces stiff competition. Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman have also been rumoured to be up for the part of Christine.

A source is quoted saying: "Martine is keen to keep going with her singing; a musical film would fit the bill."

McCutcheon, 24, is currently starring in the West End musical My Fair Lady, but has been plagued with health problems since it opened a month ago and her understudy is still filling in for half the shows.

But, the Phantom's creator Lord Lloyd-Webber, who is heavily in the film, was fulsome in his praise for McCutcheon at her stage show's opening night. "She's a genuine star and there aren't a lot of them about," he said.

from may 4th, 2001

okay. first off, i do remember the rumours flying about martine mccutcheon, and i recall cringing about it... don't you think, though, that if they're having this much trouble casting something, it's a sign not to go ahead with it? the entire thing's like a portent of doom... i used to be at least slightly excited about this film, but as the casting decisions have gone on, i'm starting to dread it more and more...

anyway, back to the artcile: i will accept that martine mccutcheon was at least vaguely suited to the role of eliza (being, well, cockney), but christine? afraid not. no, no, no.

madonna: was very good as evita (despite lots of historical inaccuracies in general, but what can you expect) and would be frelling fantastic as norma desmond (well, maybe not fantastic. passable, at least, and better than barbra streisand, at any rate) but not as christine. she's about 25 years too old, for a start...

j-lo: you've got to be kidding me... the only way it would ever work would be if she was opposite antonio banderas. at least he's out. someone up there is listening.

nicole kidman: of the four listed, she's the only one i'd willingly see in the role, but i'm biased. the only trouble is, while she may have a good voice, she doesn't have the range or the power to play the part because she's not a trained singer; she's an actress who can sing; there's a difference. that, and she said after moulin rouge that she didn't want to pursue a singing career.

apparently, according to another article, kate winslet was also being considered, after lloyd webber heard her single for the last animated version of a christmas carol... and although there's no denying she was brilliant in quills, she is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a christine.

and there's the entire charlotte church saga, of course. wow, if she'd got the part i'd be going on a killing spree...

the apparently decided-upon cast is now listed at the internet movie database, and it seems that gerard butler is definitely going to be the phantom. the other names i don't remember (they're not Big Stars, as was originally anticipated, hence the casting arguments) except that simon callow is up to play andre, one of the managers - that should be interesting. miranda richardson's also mentioned, i think, as madame giry (actually, i can see that working) - so at least it's not going to be as hideous as it could have been.

but still. i'm dreading it. i'm dreading the screenplay (it already has one; it's called a libretto...), i'm dreading the directing (to be done by joel schumacher, who i will only remember as the man who ruined everything tim burton established with the batman films. ugh. batman and robin was horrible.), i'm dreading the cast, and i'm dreading the inevitable absence of songs.

i'm dreading it, but i'm curious as hell, and in all liklihood i'll end up seeing it. there's every possibility i'll enjoy it because it is, after all, phantom; but it'll be like chicago: i'll enjoy it, then i'll rip it apart.

but who knows - they might actually prove me wrong...

oy. i suppose i'd better look at some actual books...
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so. let us mourn the loss of great things. here's my list; feel free to add your own as appropriate. in no particular order:

1) starting with tonight's escapade into what used to be jonathan creek, allow me to mourn the loss of maddy. carla, i can tell, is only going to get more irritating. want maddy back now. "the three gamblers" (final episode of series three, if anyone remembers that far back) showed potential for the jonathan/maddy relationship, bizarre though it is. the episode before that had them bloody sleeping together, and they want us to believe that this means nothing? that jonathan would fall back on carla, of all people? geez. an explanation to maddy's whereabouts was given in a throwaway line in the last christmas special, "satan's chimney", when carla was introduced - the blonder, slimmer new female lead. hm. pandering to male audiences, anyone? i wanted acknowledgement of maddy's existence, at the very least. whether they like it or not, it was the tension between maddy and jonathan that kept the majority of viewers interested - it's a fact of life, human instinct. ferchrissakes, when mulder went AWOL, at least they made a fuss about it.

which brings me nicely on to...

2) the x-files - i stuck with it til the end, albeit very badly for season 8 before rediscovering its wonderfulness in season 9. it represents the end of an era for me. well, it represents 9 years of my life that i wasted obsessing about it, but it's all the same in the end... at least x-files got a decent send off, and there's talk of a second movie. anything that reaches cult status within two seasons will never die...

3) farscape, of course, will be no more in two weeks' time. and the circumstances surrounding this turn of events suck in the suckiest way possible. it's going to end on a cliffhanger, and it's going to be horrible, and we're all going to cry for a week. or i will. whatever, it's going to be the most evil cliffhanger imaginable and i'm actually scared. above that, i'm disappointed and frelled off beyond belief that something like farscape, which - shock! horror! - has decent writing, believable characters and - oh, god, no! - deals with real issues that could, perhaps, affect real people, and not in a prettyprettyfluffy manner, either, gets cancelled, while things like big brother and the countless other pointless reality shows keep on getting damn well made.

hence, there are about a million tiny little loose ends thrown in amongst the larger main ones that will never get tied up; who the father of aeryn's child is (because we still don't know for sure); whether that baby will even be born; what scorpius' motives are; the ever-deepening relationship between him and sikozu; the recurring tension between chi and d'argo; where the heck noranti came from; how jool's doing; whether they'll all get home; whether there'll even be a happy ending. but these things mean nothing to television executives, of course, just the fact that they apparently can't afford to give us that much. i have faith that, given time, kemper and co could have adequately written an ending, but they weren't even given the chance. that, i think, probably sucks the most...


this, possibly, is a rant that should have come back in september. moving on...

4) buffy the vampire slayer - if anyone hasn't already heard, season 7 is to be the last. but at least buffy will have time to write a proper ending, which is more than farscape got. i still dread, though, that joss will prove himself to be the evil-anti-spuffy i think he is, in which case i'll be ranting a lot more come the end of the season...

5) frasier is also on its final season - season 10, admittedly. i am only glad that they finally redeemed the niles/daphne storyline after about 8 years of niles- and viewer-torture. i don't hold out much hope for roz and frasier, despite their also sleeping together at the end of last season. it seems to have been conveniently ignored. but i do have at least some faith in the writing team and they'll probably surprise me...

6) futurama, i think, also got axed by fox. which is quite suspect when you consider the similarities between it and farscape, but i won't read anything into that and turn it into a conspiracy... i think it got axed because it wasn't doing as well as its big sister, the simpsons - well, duh. the simpsons has been running for about twelve bloody years; futurama's only been going for what? five? and it's probably only seen as 'scifi' even though it's also an animation, and we all know the stigmae attached to that, don't we?

7) going away from television a moment - cats is closed, as you all know. (incidentally, go here and click on the "cats and me" link, for my long-awaited eulogy-of-sorts.) it's also touring at the moment and i'll be seeing it in 2 weeks. oh, two weeks? whee! *ahem* anyway. yes. it's touring. and rather than going to the brum hippodrome, it's going to the wolverhampton grand. which is more expensive. so thwarting my plans of seeing it many many times, and similarly thwarting plans of front row seats because i should really have booked it by now...

8) i worry intensely about the phantom of the opera, the more things are said about the movie, which is now definitely going ahead because they've found a director, and it seems that antonio banderas is still being considered for the lead. i've give up hope entirely in that regard, and hereby state for all and sundry (well, those who read this and/or care in the slightest) that i will not be seeing it. in fact, i hope it flops and teaches andrew lloyd webber a lesson. and believe me, if it had anyone but antonio banderas being considered, i'd be praying for it to get oscars. that aside, what worries me even more is the prospect that, once filmed, it'll be considered some kind of 'definitive' version of the show, just like the video for cats was. the result of that was the show closing. if andrew lloyd webber closes phantom, one of his most successful and sell-out shows... god, there are no words for the sense of dread i get thinking about it...

9) back to television. deep space nine ended a while back. i miss it. i'm fed up of constant frelling the next generation repeats. d.s.9 was far superior, in my opinion (which is undoubtedly in a minority) and yet has it ever been repeated? not that i can remember on terrrestrial... however, i can't rant about the show itself, because, as finales went, the d.s.9 one was perfect. they tied up the war arc, the focussed on what all the characters were going to do next, they redeemed themselves on the dax/bashir plotline, even, to some degree (even though they tortured the odo/kira-ers beyond belief in the process) and they left it wide open for a movie sequel. that's how you do a finale.

10) voyager, on the other hand... voyager's finale sucked. i mean really. it can be summed up as "oh, no, not another temporal prime directive storyline.", of which berman and braga seem to be far too fond (look at the pilot of enterprise, for god's sake... that's as far as i managed to watch...) i mean, come on, guys? blowing up the borg and changing the future? can't you do any better than that? not to mention pairing chakotay and seven and managing to alienate two groups of shippers at once. just because one of the actors thinks it's a good idea (jeri ryan, i think it was, in fact...) doesn't necessarily mean it IS a good idea. jesus... also, there was nothing even remotely decent, character's-future-wise. nothing. all the reunions, save for the oh-so-precious meeting between admiral paris and tom and b'elanna, voyager's couple of choice for the entire damn run, were conveniently avoided in the hope we'd all forgotten. what happened to libby? mark? t'pel? (no, not t'pol... t'pel was tuvok's wife...) b'elanna's father? seven's aunt? and what about the maquis?

you see?

i could go on longer, but i won't. there's too many things. however, people may feel free to add their own, as i said...
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i'm getting that feeling again.

that feeling like i'm going to fall out with every-sodding-body i know, for one reason or another, over completely pointless things, and probably beyond my control. i spent the entire morning having a ranting match with someone on the farscape bbc board, when normally i would have stepped back and let it fly. i feel like just picking fights with people, just shouting "what's your goddamn problem?!" just so i can clear the air.

tensions are rife over "farscape" now there's only however many episodes left to go. four? something hideous like that. tensions are even further fraught over the fact that the beeb are showing two episodes a week as of next week, and they believe this to be good scheduling...

hence, everyone i know through "farscape" is getting pissed off, (rightly so) and it's making me pissed off even more than i am already about everyone taking it out on each other at every available opportunity. last week was frelling hellish, with one thing or another - saturday night, for two hours during "little shop" and those ten minutes of rambling conversation/gush with y-k-w were the high point of the year so far. for the former, i was just completely relaxed (until the last ten minutes or so, at which point my nerves kicked in again) and i realised, not for the first time, that i'm only ever completely, utterly happy when i'm sitting at a show (depending on whether or not my "iwannabeinamusical" hormone is active or not...) because i adore the genre, and i admire the people who perform in it even though i could never aspire to their standards. i'm humbled, but euphoric.

on a semi-related note, my body completely is not strong enough to cope with the demands my emotions put on it, as proven by my collapsing after meeting him...

i have a proposal to make.

everyone who is angry, for whatever reason - here is your chance to vent. comment on this post. rant at me, rant at the world, rant at yourself, whatever. if you rant at me, especially, feel free to bitch, because if anyone's angry with me i'd appreciate knowing why instead of wondering, constantly, what i've done wrong. i put it to you all: "what is your problem?"

i can't promise not to pass judgement, because right now i'm feeling too opinionated for my own good, but i will promise not to rant back unless i'm agreeing with you.

bring it on.
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(typed from a written version at about 11.00 this morning.)

today is sunday. as most of you know, sunday is the day when i am obligated to go to my father's house. i'm also obligated to talk to him. which is bizarre, really. because when i do, he's obviously not listening, and when i don't, obviously i'm sulking...

(as i write this, my grandmother just phoned. she's coming too. oh, joy...)

so, i shall present to you the case for the prosecution, m'lud. today's conversational topics:

1) movies i've seen recently.
- "the hole" - trying to explain the plot isn't easy, so i gave up and just told him to watch it.
- "fight club" - i managed to explain the plot pretty well considering i was half-asleep for most of it. and i gave away the ending in the process, in an attempt to prove it was good, because anything with the word 'fight' in the title is going to be nothing but gratuitous violence, isn't it? (well, okay, yes, but it's also got a very clever plot to go with it...)
- "harvey". at least he agreed it was good. and (to my astonishment) had even heard of it. but my brief explanation of the 'farscape' situation that was partly responsible for my watching it wasn't of any interest, of course...
- other films on this christmas, including "some like it hot". he reeled off the cast to me (yes, i know, thank you...) and proceeded to complain about marylin munroe. i can't even be bothered to explain.

2) television
- my discovery of "knightmare" - he's never even heard of it. why am i not surprised?

3) "sunset boulevard" and related topics
- well, i decided to tell him about that Weekend. i mean, you'd think he'd want to know what he paid for, yes? i recounted the story of friday and saturday's antics as briefly as i could, including the all-important account of our stage door antics. i should be grateful, i suppose, that he's heard of faith brown (although i recall that was a struggle the first time around) but when i began to recount the Stage Door Experience, and said that jeremy finch was the first to appear, i got:
"never heard of him."
"no, you won't have..." then, "he was in 'band of brothers'." (which was merely a point i was making that he wasn't a completely obscure actor)
"i didn't see 'band of brothers'..."

*heavy sigh* so, even if he had, i really doubt he'd remember the bit-part british paratrooper who appeared in one episode...

*clenches teeth* it's currently 11.45am. i'm tired. i'm cranky. i'm here til 18.00. and to top that off, this sodding house is freezing. (people have often said to me that i should just be glad my father isn't gay. my argument is that i'd really rather he was. at least he'd be interesting, non-prejudiced and have decent taste in music...)

(addendum after returning home.)

4) television, part two.

- all right, i will shamefully admit that i've become re-addicted to "eastenders" again. but it's still far less irritating than "coronation street" and "brookside". at least, that's my argument. anyway. my father is a great advocate of the blonde bimbo. his favourite musical 'artists' (i use the term lightly) include - wait for it - britney spears, christina aguilera, shania twain, shakira, and today i did espy an atomic kitten album on his table. etc, etc, etc... oh, and abba. because he likes the blonde one. "eastenders", being a soap, is meant to be a representation of the populace, and, therefore, the actors and actresses in it are not going to look like movie stars. they are going to look vaguely normal. and my father will persist in repeating the phrase, whenever a female character appears, "she's an ugly bitch, an' all..." no matter how much i tell him "yes, i know, you say that every week, it's not going to make it any more insightful the more times you repeat it..."


5) my grandmother
- my grandmother officially has the ability to kill my Muses where they stand. this is hardly surprising, mind you. and today really wasn't all that bad, just lots of little annoying things that start to grate on my nerves until i want to kill small creatures...

- she still wants my shaun the sheep bag. she seems to think that the more she whines about it, the more likely i'll be to give it to her. *ahem* nope, that's not going to work. oh, that, and she persists in calling it 'lamb bag'. did i mention she bought it a christmas present...?

- today i was using the spider bag. she found this equally adorable, of course. at least she doesn't want it. but did wonder which one i preferred. um. as if i'd actually thought about it...?

- before i move onto the main incident of the day, i'll just share with you the moment of utter random annoyance in the car as we were driving back. she asked me - and yes, i did hear her right - how i dried my hair... i mean, it's short, and i do nothing to it. i towel it and leave it! it's not a difficult concept.
"i just leave it."
"what, to dry on it's own?"
"you don't comb it?"
"yes, i comb it."
"what sort of comb?"
"just... a comb!"
"a wide-toothed one?"
"a comb! a normal comb!"

please clarify that i am in fact, speaking english! i mean, what is so hard to comprehend about the fact that i use a frelling comb!?

6) america, religion, and airports...
- okay, remember back in the summer i had a good old rant about my father's "american friend"? well, the time has come that they are going to meet. in america, obviously. despite the fact she has more money than him and was meant to be coming here in the first place. so, very soon, my father is going off to america, flying to new york, where he will stay for two days with said friend, before going by train to her cousin's place in annapolis and then on to wherever it is she lives...

conversation. i quote:
"you're not angry, then?"
"just jealous."
"yes, actually. very."

which is, of course, true. insanely and deeply and murderously jealous, in fact, for reasons i can't even begin to delve into. and no, i do not want a present. especially not "a cap with new york on it", thank you very much. but i asked for the following, nevertheless:

  • a chewing gum packet (with or without gum; i'm not fussy) - this is because aisha once produced a gum packet from her pocket and claimed it was my present, and, being an america-geek, i was incredibly pleased. needless to say, this request went down like a lead balloon in low gravity...
  • a photograph, if possible, of one of those cool gas stations that you see in movies. although i'm sure most of those really cool ones only exist in new mexico ;)
  • any coins left over that can't be changed back, to go with the $10 bill i already have from katie ;)

it's not much to ask for, really, is it? let's see how much of it i end up with...

anyway, the conversation between him and her got onto how he was getting to the airport - he's going by train, and was complaining that there was no direct train from his town to new street and he has to change at galton bridge. well, that serves him right for living in a different area code :P i suggested that perhaps getting the bus would be cheaper. but, oh no, that takes longer. feh. men. anyhoo, my grandmother suggested someone go with him to the station (no, really, i think he can manage it. he's a big boy of 51...) namely either herself or his brother.

cue the shouting. he wants nothing to do with his brother. he wants his brother to know nothing about his trip. my grandmother will not stop mentioning his brother, thus there is often much shouting that makes my brain start to ache intensely. they will never learn not to frelling provoke each other!!

(as for what happened - it's a long story that would take me too long to go into. wait for the autobiography ;) but bang goes my chance of asking my uncle to give me away if or when i get married. i grow ever more certain as the years pass that i don't want my father's side of the family in my life in any way, shape or form, and the sooner that becomes a reality, the better...)

this argument went on for a while. then he told her his itinerary (after going off on a tangent to explain the difference between going on a package flight and a personal flight...) and that the 6 cousins of his friends were all devout catholics. now, he is an athiest. he's also a baptised anglican, which makes it tricky. my grandmother thinks she's the epitome of good christianity, and this leads to much aggravation on both sides. she told him to "be careful" and not mention anything untoward about jesus or god, as he has a tendency to do. (if anyone wondered exactly why i'm so bloody opinionated, there's your answer...) he refused to listen. the argument ended on a somewhat sour note, as, in the midst of his anti-baptism rant, he shouted at her "what right did you have to baptise me?!"

a valid point, indeed. but not one you make to your mother. unsurprisingly, she refused to answer it and ignored the question entirely.

i recall saying "you have no idea how glad i am not to be baptised." at least, as far as i know, i'm not. my parents never baptised me. my mum suspects, however, that my grandmother may have done so in secret without telling anyone. i swear, if i found out that she did, it'll be the last she ever sees of me...

so, yes. good fun all round, really... and i was attempting to do sunsetfic at the time, and my Muses promptly gave up the ghost and hid until the shouting stopped. i don't blame them. family is bloody exhausting.
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this is the tale of four friends - an occupational therapist, an english student, a medic, and a physicist - although it mainly deals with the former two. and, for ease of writing, we will call them the o.t., the e.s, the m. and the p.

the story )

now for the rant, wherein i defend myself:

the rant )
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Okay, admittedly, the rant was meant to be on the cancellation of 'scape, but what the hell, I had a weird day and I might as well rant about that, instead…

the family rant )
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i was always under the impression one got p.m.t. immediately before the event in question... (which i realise may be sharing a tad too much, and for that i apologise, but i'm making a point...) but it turns out that either

a) i have permanent p.m.t. this is probably very likely
b) merely contemplating going to my father's house, on very little sleep, brings out the very worst in me. this is also incredibly likely. maybe it's a combination of the two.


if it was just him, i could probably just about cope. similarly, if it was just my grandmother, i could probably cope. but when it's the pair of them together, i really, really can't. they argue over stupid things. i get ratty with her. i get rattier with him but he doesn't notice. she lays on the guilt trips...

today's escapades, ladies and gentlemen: well, okay, she was only there for two hours - unfortunately, these happened to be the last two hours i was there, from 4 til 6pm, which meant, as she'd walked from her house, that she came in the car with us when he drove me home. that's usually the most bearable part.

anyway. she'd got yet another shopping bag, this time with a picture of three cats in halloween costume on the front. on a teeshirt, it'd be cute; on a shopping bag, it's just plain disturbing. anyhoo, she offers me a swap - her catsbag, for my shawn the sheep. my shawn the frelling sheep! so, needless to say, i decline the offer. she wonders if they're still available. considering i bought mine about 3 years ago, i have no goddamn idea...

i was particularly quiet today, partly because i was tired, and mainly because i was pissed off with the world at large for merely existing. i was fairly surprised to find out he'd noticed i was being quiet - could it be he's actually paying attention to me? or was it just because i wasn't babbling incessently, pretending i haven't noticed he's completely disinterested in my pathetic existence...?

in the car, the guilt trip started. she wants me to go and see her. this would entail my getting about 4 different buses, or her picking me up, neither of which is particularly favourable. she wants me, in fact, to see her on wednesday - and i'd already told her that i was going to derby with naomi on wednesday, which she knew because when i explained we were going to take pictures of the pretty graveyard, she asked why we were going "all that way" (it's about an hour by train...) just to take pictures of a graveyard when there's one at quinton. it's a very specific graveyard. and going to the one in quinton would entail phoning people because it's attached to the church and seems to be constantly locked (which seems a very silly sentiment for a graveyard, but anyway...)

then, to my father, she started telling about one of her friends, or something (i'd half-blocked her out by this point) and how their grandchildren were "having the time of their life" with their grandmother. "and then i think of my grand-daughter..."

ugh. the guilt-trips don't work in making me go to see her; they never have. they're just really frelling irritating and make me feel like a complete and utter bitch, and, in fact, only result in my swearing i'll never go to see her, ever, as long as i live.

i've now reached the point where it involves too much energy to even try and be civil for more than 5 minutes, and it's inevitably not worth it. she's getting older and more forgetful, i appreciate this. but she's like a child, and still thinks i'm one, and i've had this for the past seven frelling years. although she doesn't say so, it's like she thinks my entire life is a 'practice run' and at some point i'll make the 'right' decision (meaning i'll do what she wants me to). example - upon asking me, for no reason, what religion i was, i replied "i'm not", and she semi-laughed it off, as if, in another five years, i will find my god and be redeemed. she hasn't accepted that the nice little girl she looked after turned into an opinionated little bitch who doesn't have the urge to be a dutiful grandchild any more.

only another month til uni starts and i'll be free til christmas... and the irritating thing is, i love being at home, with my own room and all my friends - but i find myself increasingly wanting to move out on my own, just to get away from my father and his side of the family.

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i got my first flame. well. not so much a flame as something pretending to be constructive criticism.

and yes, so i don't accept criticism lightly. i have issues. deal with it.

here's the email i sent the reviewer. and i don't want any comments telling me i'm an idiot and should have just let it go; i couldn't let it go, and once i get thinking on these things, i have to go ahead with them. anyway... enjoy...

review+rant )

on the plus side, my room is tidy. odds it won't even last a week?
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ho-hum, another joyous day at my father's. and the thing with this heat is it not only pisses me off no end, but seems to make the entire universe seem four times more irritating than usual...

- whilst trying to watch "jurassic park" on sci-fi - even though i didn't know it was on and was only watching it because there was literally nothing else on. plus, i haven't seen it in years - he engages me in a long philosophical conversation about the various theories against the existence/reality of christ. this had originally stemmed from a reasonably sane conversation on whether it would be possible to re-create the dinosaurs, but these things do have a tendency to turn into religious debates. the thing is, i agree with him, but whatever i say (agreeing or telling an anecdote/theory of my own/whatever), he then ends up coming up with something else to disprove what i just said... which is, um, exactly what he'd just said. in short, my brain hurts too frelling much in this weather to have these kind of conversations and by the end of it i'm more annoyed than enlightened.

- while talking about poetry, for some reason - i think this stemmed from... oh, frell knows - i mentioned "rhapsody on a windy night", the subsequent fanfic, and the illustration that naomi did which perfectly resembled how the thing looked in my head when i wrote it, and how it looked in eve's head when she read it. all the while, my father is playing with a clothes peg - attaching it to his ears and generally being an idiot - which ordinarily i would find mildly amusing. however, when i'm trying to make a serious point about something which is important to me, god forbid, it only serves to make me wonder why i even bother...

- when showing my grandmother a general map of america that has all the state lines, but no towns/small cities, and attempting to show her where i have friends (and then explaining that no, they don't go to my university, i talk to them online...) she then starts gushing about me being wonderful. this pisses me off no end; it always has. mainly because i refuse to accept from anyone that i'm wonderful/beautiful/lovely/nice/whatever, but also because it was in the middle of, again, a point i was trying to make about something that was important to me...

- this, in fact, from last week - if she tells me about the perks of going into journalism one more frelling time, i swear i'm going to hurt somebody. i have no desire, nor have i ever had any desire, nor will i have any desire, to be a journalist...

it all seems very petty now it's written down...

- ah, yes, i forgot this one... my father and my grandmother are, between them, the most prejudiced people i have ever known. not in the violent way; in the not-grounded-in-any-logic, hate-them-because-of-their-skin-colour way. and for as long as i can remember, this has really annoyed me, not just because i've always had friends who are 'blacks' (although actually none of them are), but because no matter how many times i try to make it obvious that they're wrong, it doesn't sink in... and today, the conversation covered such diverse topics as:

~ the fact that birmingham has a "black bishop", and, apparently, this is a terrible, awful, ungodly thing. i would counter that any one member of the afro-carribean (et al.) community of birmingham probably has more faith in their little finger than my grandmother does in her whole being, despite her high-and-mighty attitude that she knows everything there is to know about religion. she thinks this, of course, because she's a verger. anyway... conversation moved on to, apparently, the possibility that there'll be a black james bond in a future movie - although i think, possibly, she might have mistaken the "MIB 2" advertising for this, but i didn't mention it - her plan-of-action being to write to 'someone' (she mentioned the sunday times magazine, where she'd heard the news) to complain that "james bond is meant to be a proper english gentleman, not a black bastard". at which point, all i wanted to do was get up and storm out, because ranting was beyond my capabilities and theirs to comprehend my point...
~then, dear friends, the icing on the cake - the archbishop, apparently, "supports those queers". at which point, i really did stop listening and tried to focus my attention on my buffy fic/watching voyager. the former was impossible as my muses had, by this point, gone into hiding; the latter was similarly impossible as my father then intervened with another inane comment.

and to top this off, there was a stupid, idiotic, pointless fly buzzing around my head by the window for five hours...

so, in summary:

a) my father is an idiot. i am ever more convinced of this fact. however, i am the world's most conniving daughter and this combination works quite well. (and, finally, he's sorted out the damn hotel for sunset boulevard... all those going, i'll let you know details when i know them myself.)
b) my grandmother will never change. she will also never realise that i'm not the sweet little girl she looked after, and i probably never will be, and the main reason for this is that it's her fault... but that's another incredibly long and tedious story that i won't recount here. you'll have to wait for the autobiography ;)
c) when the two of them get together, the urge to either obliterate the pair of them from the landscape, or kill myself slowly, becomes ever more tempting.
d) men like my father should not be allowed to breed. but that's probably quite a self-annihilistic thing to say.

anyway... in the car on the way home, i suddenly got the urge to climb to the top of the highest hill and just stand there a la julie andrews in "the sound of music", away from all the people, just overlooking the world. and i'm ever more convinced that one day, i will get the hell out of this country and tour america until i find somewhere i can feel completely safe, at home, and content. i no longer care how i get there, or why, but i'm going to get there even if it's the last thing i ever do...

rant over. i apologise. this has been brewing for a few weeks now and the heat of today finally brought it to the boil...
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this is a review for SB (currently in liverpool, found on the BBC website, apparently) which absolutely deserves to be 'MSTed', for want of a better word. but why... WHY... must they send critics to things they're obviously not going to like. aren't critical reviews supposed to provide an opinion that allows a potential viewer their own decision? so what's the bloody point of sending someone who's obviously going to hate something? ugh. i don't understand people. i also don't understand how this reviewer could find SO MANY trivial faults... i think he wandered into the wrong show...

anyway. here we go.

a ranting i shall go... )
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a grantle, i have decided, is a combination of a grumble, a rant and a ramble... so this is a grantle.

"sunset boulevard"... wow... just simply, utterly, wow... shall attempt to summarise and be coherent and numerical... and, for those seeking a summary which makes sense, go here.

1) the show begins on-screen. it shows a black and white close-up of norma desmond. she does her whole silent filmstar thing... the camera zooms in, then the audience is left facing the barrel of a gun... nice bit of foreshadowing, that ;)

2) this is the only show i remember where a) i didn't cry (which is either a good OR a bad thing. in this case it's a good thing, there was nothing really cry-worthy in it. which, again, can be a good or a bad thing...) and b) i didn't get the horrible feeling of wanting to kill myself halfway through. possibly because there's no young female lead in this. well, there is, but she's not the coolest character, and i'm too young to be norma desmond ;)

3) it's been a frelling long time since something i saw had a standing ovation at the end. faith brown truly did shine...

4) right, show chronology would be good... the set is, as usual with a lloyd webber production, amazing. a staircase on wheels, many yards of fabric to make gold rouched curtains, sliding set pieces, old bits of film set, a drop-down projection screen, and an actual working camera at the end (more on that later.) and everything slides together really wonderfully between scenes. there was only one major glitch - the set piece for schwab's bar obviously took longer than they anticipated to get set up, since the orchestra played the introduction to the song about 5 times over... other than that, the set was great ;)

5) lead guy was purrrdy :) his programme photo did NOT do him justice. he had a lovely smile...
[ADDENDUM 09/05/02 - hehe... the beginning of a beautiful infatuation...]

6) faith brown may not be glenn close (who is the definitive norma desmond in my opinion, because she looks manic most of the time anyway), and she may be a tad too busty for the part, but she was incredibly good. if it hadn't been so cold i might have attempted a backstage door stalking, but it really WAS cold...
[ADDENDUM 09/05/02 - i renounce that statement. faith brown is divine and brings a certain elegance to norma that glenn close lacked... this is not to say that i don't like glenn close - she really is totally manic in the most wonderful way... and gloria swanson is, of course, the original norma, and that can't be beaten. there is no definitive norma for me... my norma is a bizarre amalgamation of faith, glenn and gloria...]

7) the shipper in me has been hooked on this since i saw the movie. i'm incurable, what do you expect? add to that the fact it's practically the reverse of the POTO scenario, and i'm a goner. norma and joe deserve each other by the end, they're both as deluded as each other. thus, the act one tango scene is one of my new favourite theatre moments. but, see, in the soundtrack, it says that after they dance (and sing "perfect year". yes. the same one sung by dina carroll), norma kisses him. i was anticipating this and it didn't happen. nor did joe kiss her later when he comes back from artie's party. i was NOT impressed (even if the final kiss at the end of act one DID make me tingly all over... :D) however, they made up for it in kind in act two :) and threw some in where i wasn't expecting it. *sigh* i was well aware i was grinning like a moron, but by that stage, i really didn't care... and i need shipperfic. i will be the universe's first SBshipperficcer... (i just know i'm still going to be rambling about this later...)

moving on...

8) joe's big solo at the start of act two, appropriately entitled "sunset boulevard" also made me tingle. there was something about the guy's voice, the underlying chord, and the way it just sounds in a theatre...

9) norma's big scene at paramount studios when she sings "as if we never said goodbye" completely alone in the spotlight, then provoked my mother to say later that it's something everyone HAS to experience. she's done it herself. *sigh* so now i have to live up to her expectations as well as my own. great... anyway, faith brown ;) she was fantastic in the scene, her delivery just hit all the right metaphorical and literal notes. it's amazing how much more sense the words to something make when it's delivered properly...

10) dammit! i forgot to mention the headlights!! hee! there's a car chase scene, so they darkened the entire stage and had a couple of sets of headlights on wheels to roll around. it sounds corny but it was SO effective! and they ended it with overlaying the footage from the original film over the end of it... making me very glad i watched it before i went, or it would have made less sense.

11) screw the chronology... they missed out the naughty words!! well, word, singular, really. they left in the line "get me that shithead nolan", but turned, uh, 'frell' (artistic license :P) into "heck", as in "joe, what the heck brings you here?" it doesn't really have the same effect. possibly there were too many kids in the audience tonight. still, i find it highly amusing that they can disguise it as culture and then swear at us :)

12) i started humming the intro to act two without realising it... :-|

13) the worst thing about seeing a live show is that the whole thing seems to pass so quickly, and there's no rewind button. and i find if you sit too close, it never seems real somehow... it's like you're watching it on a huge screen. if you sit further back it makes the stage more... well... like a stage. probably just a me thing. anyway, yes no rewind button. which means if you miss something, you miss it... and if there's someone's head in the way, you definitely miss it... luckily, there wasn't, this time ;) however, i want to see it again. now.

14) i'm allowed to be obsessed now i've seen it, right?

15) the ending was clever. the famous closing line of the film is "and now, mister de mille, i'm ready for my close up", and there's a close up. obviously, you can't do that on stage. aha, but you can! the aforementioned camera came in handy here. they rotated the entire staircase so that norma was facing stage right, brought the semi-opaque screen down and had a camera on her face to do the close up... and the final image, with the last words of "with one look" ringing out, is on her eyes... her manic, insane eyes... it's a breathtaking moment.

and... the thing about musicals, no matter how sad the ending... is everyone comes out smiling. it doesn't happen often with plays...

now for the grumble/rant part.

i remember Theatre. it was an excuse to dress up. the ice-cream was in those little tubs with the wooden spoonsticks, or was cornettos. the lights would dim and a hush would descend on the auditorium. and out of the silence, the opening strains of the orchestra would begin.

now, people wear jeans. (someone had the audacity - or sheer blindness - to turn up in a "les miserables" tee shirt. to a lloyd webber show...) the ice cream is expensive, it's ben and jerry's. the lights dim, and people carry on talking. the orchestra starts, people still whisper, and rustle their sweets, and rumple their programmes. watches go off every hour, text messages hit mobile phones, and... it's just not the same.

the only thing that makes it seem familiar is walking to the seat while the orchestra tunes up. a tuning orchestra is one of the most amazing, beautiful sounds in the world... and even the metropolitan hell that is the new hippodrome seemed like a theatre from days of old...

i really think i'm too young to be so nostalgic over things like this ;)

oh, and here's what i bought:

1 souvenir brochure - £3.00
1 programme - £4.00
1 vocal selection - £10.00 (bloody cheap for sheet music! god only knows how much that'd be in a shop...)
1 keyring - £3.00
1 lapel pin - £2.50

coming to a grand total of £22.50, resulting in my mum having to go to the bank since i forgot my card. but as i bought the tickets (£55.00 in total...), i think i deserved a present ;)

anyway. i was going to also type up the beginnings of the fanfic. or rather, me trying to talk myself out of it, failing, and throwing ideas around. but it's long. so next time, i will :)

and now, good night.

PS: "frasier" - aw!! he proposed! and... and... just... niles. all crying and nervous and aw! *sigh*
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okay. i thought i'd post this, it's mildly amusing...

there is a story on FFN in the "phantom of the opera" section. in the summary, i quote, the author says the following: "NC-17 for future chapters. Slash. I AM NOT SLASHING ERIK!!!!!! Christine's son finds what he's looking for in the Opera House when a stranger confronts him."

see? 'kittenmalfoy' is not slashing erik. i have read it. he's not lying. there is no slashing of erik in any form, considering it's set, um, after his death in the susan kay novel... so. here we have the first two reviews (anonymity has been kept to protect the guilty, although god knows why...)

"Enjoyed? I am easily the harsh one in the poto section, but listen here: I see every other damn fandom get bastardized by slash totally f*cking up the character, but PotO is a whole different ball game! If you even HINT to Erik as a seventy year old man getting the hots for some little ditz zygote, I'm not going to be the only one seeking to hunt you down and roast your genitals on a stick. I speak for us all: Do not even THINK about it. slash. pah- do NOT bastardize Erik."


"No, DAMMIT! NOOOOOOOO! POTO-Slash is MY bag! Back off you insensitive.... *sniff* Even then, I only write for humor... Jesus God the man is STRAIGHT! No man who stalks a soprano for month is suddenly going to decide to swim both ways. ESPECIALLY not in the 1800s. So, why don't you just delete this and WWAD will decide to forgive you. :) 'K? Or else.... MST! Bwahahahaha!"

and yet again:

"Oh HELL no,you slash Erik and I slash you (with a weenie roaster or a bazooka,your choice) For God's sake,ERIK?!? GAY?!?! that is just WRONG!! Dont even THINK about it,save the slash for other sections,where slash actually would MAKE SENSE and where the fans arent so adament about protecting they're beloved characters mmkay?
That is all I have to say on the matter,
[name omitted]"

right. so. the first three reviews. they had plainly not read the story and simply gone straight in and flamed it. now, on to kat tharp, who is well known around this section for yelling at flamers...

"Oh, for God's sake. What does this poor author have to do to make you morons understand that she is not slashing Erik? Singe and Mytotimon (or whatever you call yourself) fair enough, but [flamer] posted her review after the author had psted in the summary in capital letters I AM NOT SLASHING ERIK! What do we have to do to keep this section friendly? If you don't like the story - don't review. If you can't say something nice, then keep quiet."

quite. you'd think this would be enough, wouldn't you? but no. alas, it continues yet more, with the addition of adrienne's little rant...

"1.) To the author: this seems to be going along fairly nicely, although there are some sentences that read awkwardly. Have you a beta? Also, these seem to both be original characters-- this isn't slash, this is fanfiction with gay/lesbian content.
2.) To my fellow reviewers: Oh, for Pete's sake. You would think that if an allcaps disclaimer didn't give you a hint that, no indeed, Erik would not be among those slashed in this story, the descriptions of the boy Christine's kid is after would: "He's very femininely built and his features are those of an innocent child. The man's truly beautiful" would-- does this sound like Erik to you? Or did you just not read far enough-- this story is about a page long, come ON, people, laziness! to notice that part? And then there's the homophobia. Most slash stories get at least a couple "o u suck that is sick and wrong!" reviews, but-- [first reviewer]? MUTILATION THREATS? Man, I really expected better of you. All of you; grow up."

and, the author did thank this reviewer and kat tharp for trying to help. however...

"Alright first off let me say this :
I am not a homophobe. I personally find anything racist in any form to be wrong,and yah call me a hypocrite but I dont believe in homosexuality. But I dont like go out and bash gay people over the head with rocks.
As for the story itself,it's ok. Slash isnt really my thing,but your writing style is pretty good,my only suggestion is you watch the spelling,but thats not really a big deal cuz Im guilty of that to. *grinz*
Anywhoze,I usually *dont* get involved in review 'wars' but I gotta tellya,Kat Tharp? Adrienne? Both of you can piss off. I mean,what the heck is your issue? Your trying to tell people *not* to review a story if they dont like it? I mean is that not the whole point of fanfictionet? To express ALL of our ideas freely? If I happen to NOT like a story then I WILL review it however the hell I want and if you guys cant deal with it then maybe you should be the ones not reviewing.

To the author: I do however apologize for my last review (not something I do often so dont get used to it!),I get a little *cough* over enthusiastic in my reviews sometimes,but hey can ya blame me? I thought you were going to slash my snookums! *huggles Erik protectively* Anyway,hope this kinda helps you out a bit,if it doesnt sorry.
~[name omitted]"

anyone who spells it "grinz" worries me intensely. but i digress. on we go...

this, from adrienne again...

"[name of previous reviewer]? I didn't object to the fact that you gave the story a negative review, I objected to the fact that you had very obviously not read the story before you gave it a very negative review(verging on a flame)-- that not only had very little to do with the actual story in question (which, again, you hadn't even read) but which also threatened the author with physical violence. I find this behavior to be both immature and reprehensible. Of course I don't think you shoudn't post negative reviews; my point that it's ridiculous to post reviews-- especially flames-- when you haven't even read what you're reviewing, and that those who do so deserve to be called on it. ."

you see, yet again, someone attempts to stop the bickering before it gets out of hand...

new reviewer: same old story...

"first of all-
to Kat:
you said if you don't like the story, then don't review. Well, what's the point of reviews? Reviews can be good or bad. A review is someone's OPINION of the story, whether they like it or not. Get the facts straight!
To the Author:
I have seen every other story mutilated by fanfics like yours! DO NOT take this beautiful story and turn it into something cheap and trashy!
PTO is sacred to its fans and just knowing a fanfic like yours exists makes me sick!
Now, I bet your all thinking, "prima donna, if you don't like these kind of fics, don't read them"
Well, just because I don't like something, doesn't mean that I can't give it a review! I can read and review however I like and if you don't like it, too bad!
I'm sure I speak for all REAL phantom phans when I say, DELETE THIS STORY!!!
(I know you're not slashing Erik, but stil...)Poor, poor Erik in the hands of your twisted imagination!!"

*sigh* still with me? i hope so. this saga is remarkably amusing, when you think about it... right. kat tharp again, who is gaining quite a nice hate club against her every time she reviews... (although, admittedly, she did report an MST fic to FFN staff and got it removed, which was a tad out of line...)

"My apologies to the author - I had intended not to use any more review boards as message boards, but I am extremely angry at the childish and immature review left by "[name of previous reviewer]", and I consider it my right to air my opinions as well as hers.
My objection to the earlier reviews was not that they didn't like the story. It was that the flamers plainly had not taken the time to read the story, or they would have realised that the description of the man as being "truly beautiful" was hardly compatible with Erik. As if the capitals disclaimer wasn't enough ... Their opinion was not of the story, but of a childish homophobic prejudice they had been fostering; immature, childish, and unnecessary, in my opinion.
And you accuse the author of cheapening the story of Erik anjd Christine - did it never occur to you that perhaps you ignorant people leaving such unnecessary reviews cheapens it even further? And - had you troubled to actually read the story, which you plainly had not (at least you flamers are consistent), you would have realised that the story does not include either Erik or Christine.
And as for the death threats and the order to remove the story? If you can air your opinion, so can Kitten Malfoy - at least the author makes some attempt at originality and creative thought as opposed to a blind and ignorant flame, in the manner of yours.
Do feel free to email me if you disagree with anything I have said."

now it starts getting interesting. reviewer prior to kat tharp then says:

"First of all, I am not homophobic. I believe it is okay for people to live out their lives as they please. What I am not okay with is people taking classic stories and turning them into trash. And, yes, we are all aloud to express our opinions, but this story is not an opinion. It is someone's twisted take on a beautiful novel. I know the author is not slashing Erik but just the thought of this story being related to PTO in any way makes me sick.
I am also sorry for my earlier review. I meant every word I said, but I should have said it a little more nicer, but I was REALLY upset about this fanfic. I still am.
This is my OPINION, you should definitely delete this story.
As a TRUE phantom phan, unlike certain other reviewers, I can't believe someone would do this to this story.
And, yes, Kat Tharp, I disagree with EVERYTHING you said. EVERYTHING. You obviously have no sense of reality."

grammar and spelling errors aside... lo, here cometh the bickering...

"Kat Tharp-may I ask what the hell has crawled up your ass and died?? You seem to be under the impression that if anyone doesnt share your opinions then there opinions are wrong,which in my opinon (hah)means that you should be the one NOT posting reviews or anything on this site,get a LIFE for God's sake,I totally agree with [name omitted, previous reviewer],POWER TO PHANS!! WOOCHA!!
To the author-sorry for using your review space as a message board,but Kat Tharp really cheesed me off..so sorry *grinz*
Im out like a hot tamale!!
*[name omitted]"


"Ehhhhhheheheheeee! This is no review board, it's a message board. FF.N WE NEED THE MESSAGE BOARDS BACK!

Hey [names omitted]! You should join the WWAD and we'll add another acronym to it- WWAKT. if you know that WWA means "Worthier Women Against", do I need to tell what the KT is? Might as well. Mme. Tharp? Die. You are just the rotting skunk on the side of the road here."

(for the uniniated, WWAD is "worthier women against the ditz", of which i am not a member... the ditz = christine. despite this, they all seem to like erik/christine shipper fics... i am a POTPAFOP - "phriends of the phantom against the fop", the fop being raoul. okay, that's boring, just thought i'd explain...)

again, i shall make no comment on the SPG errors in this... right. ms tharp again. now it starts getting interestng. we're halfway through, keep with it...

"Thank you all for the kind comments. :) May I just make one request? If you must personally abuse me - which I have no objection to, it gives me something to laugh at in between Blackadder and Fawlty Towers, but please do a spelling and grammar check? Some of my favourites so far are; "then there opinions are wrong" (their, not there) "we are all aloud to express our opinions" (allowed, not aloud) "I should have said it a little more nicer" (nicely, not nicer) "I bet your all thinking" (you're, not your), and please, abuse me personally, to my email account, as opposed to wasting ff.n space and this poor author's review board.
(Oh, and if you're all permitted to slag me off, I think I may just make one very small point - Erik is your "snookums", is he? *snort of laughter* Forgive me if that image brings tears of laughter to my eyes.)"

she makes a valid point. erik wouldn't be anybody's 'snookums'. *snort* pity she doesn't have a livejournal, she'd be a worthy member of 'peevish'...

okay, next person actually reviewed. what a concept... however...

"Hrm, well...decent writing, intriguing storyline...not bad at all. I can't believe there's been such a hullabaloo over this... Now please forgive me, KittenMalfoy, but I'd like to add my two cents: I've seen a lot of bad slash (tasteless, graphic smut with horrible grammar and spelling), but I've read some delightful fluff as well. I have no qualms with either original characters or homosexual pairings, and I'm somewhat unhappy with the behavior of the phans (Come now - "true" POTO phans? You'll find that "true" phans disagree all the time...how can that be? If they're all "true" phans of POTO.) Now, I don't think slashing Erik is a good idea, nor do I believe it can be done convincingly enough to make a good fic...but this doesn't have anything to do with slashing Erik! Ye Gods! I must agree with Kat and Adrienne on this one..."

this next one, i wanted to slap the person for, and rightly so...

"Thank you Kat Tharp for that wonderful spell check. I must assume [other flamer/reviewer/arguer] and I have made good arguments as that is the only thing you can find wrong with our messages. However, while we are on the subject of grammer mistakes, I must add my favorite to the list. "Please do a spelling and a grammer check?(obviously that should be ended with a period not a question mark)" Also, I do love your style of typing, "Do feel free to email me if you disagree with anything I have said." You must be one of those who speak with a phony British accent in public. You have requested that we email you with comments instead of using this "poor" author's message board. Perhaps we do not wish to email you, we prefer to have you make a fool of yourself in front of others than just through priviate emails.I might also add that this "poor" author is the one that wrote this horrible fic and I cannot possibly bring myself to sympathize with her and her "agony" over us using her review board as a message board. She's probably laughing over this and your sorry attempts at arguing a lost cause (I know I am). Face it, there are millions of phans that would agree with our side over yours. Deal with it. As for the comment on "true" phans, a true phan holds the Phantom of the Opera dear to their heart and would never, ever allow the story to be cheapened by stories like this.
I rest my case.
If anyone, anyone at all, agrees or disagrees with me, DO feel free to post it here or email me.
*yes, mocking of Kat Tharp's typing style was intended here*"

phony british accent, eh? she naturally assumes all people on FFN are american, apparently. and hence kat tharp's delightful retort, which i'm rather proud of her for :)

"Phony British accent? If you say so ... I actually happen to be British, and if my accent is something you can find fault with then bring it on! At least I can speak and type my own language with the sort of dexterity which erases the childish errors you and your cohorts are making.
I don't intend to post another review here, as ff.n removed the message boards a long time ago and I don't fancy making it acceptable to use review boards as message boards; I will doubtless end up breaking that resolution when one of you makes another juvenile and offensive remark which is probably inaccurate as you are *still* not bothering to read the story, and yet are flaming it. But let's be honest - the flames aren't really directed at the story anymore, are they? Since the author has proved stronger than most and has ignored your pathetic attempts to make him remove his story, you have instead fallen back on insulting me. And don't get me wrong - I find it intensely amusing. But it is irrelevant to the fic, and it would certainly be more appropriate to settle your grievances elsewhere.
(Oh, and just one last thing I forgot to mention earlier - please do make your little club for all those who hate me! Some of us gave up belonging to hate gangs when we were about fifteen. Guess you're all just slow developers.)"

the next review was boring, so i'll leave it out. it was a review, and basically saying the author has a right to do what he wants, and that he should continue.

now. i've been reading this 'message' board (which it isn't, it's a review board. they did, as kat says, take the message boards down when FFN had the big crash a few months back, and they haven't rebuilt them yet...) since about 2.00 (it's now 2.50) and i just had to say something. i read the fic, too :) so... my review. enjoy.

"Before I start, I'd like to say - this IS a review. If, however, you have given up on reading them for fear of yet more debating, I wouldn't blame you, but just in case you DO read them still, here's my review:

This is good. You have given ample warning that it's slash, you have quite obviously said you are not slashing Erik, and you are handling the complaints you're receiving a lot better than I would (and probably a lot better than half of the complainers would, as well...) The plot is building nicely, you have a firm grasp of your own characters, the history behind them, and, (the most important thing in my book) the basics of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. There is nothing worse than something that's so badly written it's unreadable... I, for one, would be interested in reading more.

Now. KittenMalfoy, you may ignore this part. It's my tuppenth's worth in the 'debate', which is really turning more into stupid arguing than anything else. Kat Tharp - I am also British, therefore we must both speak with the same "stupid accent", or whatever it was you were accused of. (I'm not quoting verbatim because, quite frankly, I don't want to.)

Anyway, I digress, the point I really wanted to make was this: I recall something very similar happening in the reviews for the last NC-fic that was in the POTO section, that is, a huge, insult-flinging swearing match that was pretending to be a 'debate', just as this is turning into. Now, forgive me for *trying* to be diplomatic... but if this continues, someone is going to complain to FFN staff, and they may well remove the entire damn section. I know none of us want this to happen (myself included, since I have 4 works of my own posted here), so, please, for the sake of the rest of us, *stop bloody bickering*! It's not funny, it's not mature, and it's not even remotely the point of the review board...

Oh yes. And another thing. I'm one of those readers who will check the reviews a thing gets before I read it, mainly so I know what I'm letting myself in for. Thanks to you lot, I've put off reading this very good fic simply because of the amount of arguing going on in the reviews... (and for that, I apologise to the author. I now realise my mistake in ignoring this for so long.)

Thank you. Over and out.

KittenMalfoy - more review - you are very brave to keep this up considering the initial response to it. I would have deleted the reviews, myself... but anyway, keep writing, and I hope you put more up soon.

(PS: I proof-read this review twice. If *anyone* even *dares* to try and correct my grammar, I will personally tear apart their own attempts... if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's SPG.)"

the longest of the lot. the rant-queen lives again. i should SO become a diplomat. (naomi, you are entitled to help me tear apart anyone's attempts at correcting me. i know you like it, too... :D)

right. if you've lived through this completely pointless entry, i commend thee. have a cookie :) talking of which, i'm absolutely starving. will get food, then will wait and see what the reaction is to my post :D
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don't read this, first of all, if you don't want spoilers for "enterprise".

it was on tonight. it's... interesting. it's also very funny. but i keep waiting for captain archer to say "oh boy", and a hologram in a snazzy suit to appear and tell him ziggy says there's a 90% chance that he's there to save the vulcan lady... (for those not in the know, he's played by scott bakula, aka sam beckett from "quantum leap") i swear, they HAVE to give dean stockwell a cameo!

and the vulcan lady in question, t'pol... um... seven of nine, but pre-kirk, basically. same premise. but i like her, she's funny, and nowhere near as annoying as tuvok.

they're gonna have a gay guy in it, (possibly) and it's the british one, and he likes blowing stuff up! tucker looks like barry bostwick. hoshi sato (i think that's her name) is quite cool, she's like a human translator microbe :)

the c.m.o, dr. phlox, is like a combination of the doctor and neelix off voyager. apparently, the writer's haven't decided where he's from yet. ahem, cop out, anyone??

and then there's porthos, the cutest character ever! they. have. a. pet. beagle! and it tried to hump t'pol's leg! (then again, so did tucker, but that's an entirely different story...)

so, yes, "enterprise" is off to a promising start. klingons, vulcans, and the suliban - strange bendy aliens, a la tooms... (and the vulcan ambassador guy was a vorta in ds9...)

they introduced "the new weapons" - phasers. "they have two settings - kill and stun. best not get them mixed up". (archer shoots a suliban) "well... stun seems to work..."

and and and... they mentioned rygel! it's a klingon word! i was sniggering my head off. actually, it's rigel 10, a... planet, or system, or something vaguely klingon.

i think that's about all i remember. oh yeah, continuity error so far in that klingons look like klingons as we know and love them... and this is pre-kirk, and in t.o.s. klingons didn't look like klingons... (remember, ds9, "trials and tribble-ations"? worf said "we do not like to discuss it...") i think they're going to explain that one later. i'll give them time.

and... shipping-wise, on first glance... i'm reckoning archer/t'pol or tucker/t'pol (but that, as you'll see, is WAY too obvious). and... the british one (forgot his name already) and... either tucker or mayweather... they have to do a slash plot or it's just not going to work! :)

so, that was "enterprise". for cast lists and dren like that, if you're desperately interested, go here.

now, something i just got sent, and completely unrelated.

on we go to "the phantom of the opera" movie. i will avoid ranting. first, read this. *relevant parts are emboldened by me* i will comment on the numbered points in a moment.

"The Sunday Express
January 6, 2002
(Many thanks to Joy Chettle)


There is good news and bad news for Michael Crawford fans. The good news is that he could yet star in the film version of Phantom of the Opera, as Antonio Banderas, I can reveal, has lost the role.(1) The bad news is that the prospect remains unlikely, since Banderas is being sidelined for his lack of box-office clout after a string of flops.(2)

Lord Lloyd-Webber has grown increasingly frustrated with the failure of Warner Bros. to give the project the green light, and has been reluctantly forced to consider other, more bankable, movie stars(3) to play the tragic anti-hero immortalised by Crawford on stage.

"No casting decisions have been made at all," says a spokeswoman for the composer. Last March, Banderas was enthusing about the prospect of making the film, revealing that he had already learned all the lyrics.(4) He said " I know Phantom like I wrote it - not just Phantom, but practically everything that Andrew wrote. Two weeks ago, Andrew called me. He was very excited on the phone and said 'Antonio, we got it. We've got the script that we want to have. And I wrote the new music I wanted to write.'"

What they didn't have was the money. At the Variety Club Christmas lunch in London's Hilton hotel, Lloyd Webber harrumphed that the movie had been delayed yet again. "Once again the movie isn't going ahead" he said. Some colossal flops starring Banderas, including period melodrama Original Sin, Crazy in Alabama and The Body, didn't help matters with studio bosses.

Now Lloyd Webber faces the difficult choice of persisting with Banderas and risking never getting the film made, or attaching another star - possibly John Travolta(5), who is known to be very keen. But he remains optimistic. "The project is definitely going ahead and is expected to be green-lit in 2002(6)," adds his spokeswoman."

right. here we go...

1)words do not describe my utter, complete joy. seriously. finally, we have prevailed. although i know they didn't listen to the phans (after all, what would WE know, we only love this thing to death, and know it inside out and back to front...) but. the banderas. is OUT!!!!!!! *does her little happy dance*
2) *sticks tongue out in a very childish manner* ha ha ha ha! the banderas is a flopper! that's very amusing :)
3) it's all about the frelling money! god-forbid they actually cast someone suitable for the damn role... no, it's all about how many bloody punters they can pull in! i think they completely underestimate the phan base this show has, and that it doesn't need a goddamn movie star. it's not like they need someone attractive, he's covered in makeup and a mask for the whole damn thing! *grunts in a very pissed off way* just get someone from the frelling west end. god, get dave willets! anyone! just get someone with the talent and the stage presence to pull it off! anyway, moving on...
4) so. he's learnt the lyrics. well, um... good!? i would hope so. what, he's gonna have an autocue all the way through?! and duh, the entire bloody phan community knows the lyrics, and probably knows them better than him, and DEFINITELY knows the character better. and, we don't want a spanglish phantom. or 'phamton', as he'd prefer to call it. *sigh*
5) *gulps fearfully* i recall saying a while back that i would see this with anyone but the banderas. but i never considered they might cast john travolta... i'll admit, he can sing better (hell, anyone can) than the banderas. again, i say, we don't need a movie star...
6) woo. we get a movie this year. famous last words...

on a final note, i'd just like to say that ewan macgregor would make a fantastic raoul! i would never have said so after "moulin rouge", but now... he'd be perfect, and shut the damn WB execs up, too...

and that, dear friends, is it. i hope you enjoyed my lovely rant.
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they showed a sodding NEW episode of 'scape at 11.20 last night with NO WARNING and they're NOT REPEATING it! AND i managed to miss the last episode of r&h(d) as well!

not. impressed.

here is the complaint i just sent to them. i never normally do this, but they've pissed me off once too often. enjoy...

I was wondering if you could explain why it was thought to be a good idea to show the "Farscape" episode "Scratch and Sniff" at 11.20 on Saturday night (23/11/01), rather than in the regular 6.45 Monday night slot. As a result of this change and not being informed about it, I missed the episode, as I am sure several other people may have done. I could understand if, perhaps, the content was unsuitable for the early time slot (obviously, I wouldn't know...), but if this is the case, why not show the programme at a later time? I suppose I should be grateful that the series' episodes are being shown in the correct order after the fiasco with the third series of "The X-Files", as the continuity of "Farscape" is tricky to follow at the best of times. This has not been helped, therefore, by the random re-scheduling of episodes with no forewarning. An explanation would be greatly appreciated.

May I also thank you for taking "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)" off the air for three weeks only to show one episode when it came back. Would it not have been more sensible to simply show the series a week earlier?

i. hate. the bbc.
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last night i spent a glorious two hours in the the deep south of 1950s america. last night, i cried twice. last night, i saw "whistle down the wind".

frelling good show, that. good songs throughout, good set, good cast (bloody good cast, the lead female did a ba(hons) in law before training in theatre studies - see, it is possible to get into something without 15 years training...), good music, and good seats, which always helps. the opening song made me tingly all over :) and the lead male was excellent. he could be valjean easily. anyone who can reduce me to tears in 5 minutes has talent (in a good way, i mean...)

however, there were two brats sitting in front of us, one of whom just had no ability whatsoever to sit still for more than five minutes. theatre just isn't what it used to be - there was a time when everyone would goddamn shut up when the lights dimmed, but those days are gone, and it took the opening chord to get everyone to be quiet, and still there were people chatting behind us. and then, there's always that one brief minute when i'm sitting there thinking it's just not fair, damnit. i should be up there, i want to be up there on that stage. i yearn too much and it hurts, but being the queen of the procrastinators means i'll never get there. *sigh* and then it's over, back to reality. i hate that part the most.

and, by the way, the hippodrome is nasty now they've refurbished it. it doesn't even resemble a theatre any more. it looks like an office block or something. and, idiot people that they are, they closed the merchandise store after the show when i wanted to go back to get stuff. at least they kept the auditorium intact, which is something, they just changed the carpet.

and then, i get back to uni, and the first thing that's said to me is "i have a favour to ask - can you please remember to get rid of your breadcrumbs off the counter?". no "how was your weekend?" or "how was the show?"

i think i'll just sodding well move out...

anyway, i also managed to buy my may ball dress, now i have to go home again next weekend to buy the boots to go with it. it's a red skirt under black mesh with a fitted strapless top. and, somehow, i got into the size 10...


Oct. 21st, 2001 03:14 pm
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i remembered!

actually, it was more in relation to the 7/d-ers and the j/c-ers (yes, us sad, pathetic shippers, don't you just love us..?)

and it wasn't as interesting as i thought...

what i was going to say was this: when the whole disgusting evil travesty of c/7 came to pass, the j/c-ers and the d/7-ers were irate at berman and braga (the writers) for ruining our dreams. here's the interesting thing: the j/c-ers started hating seven, because from their point of view, she'd messed up the j/c relationship. the d/7-ers, on the other hand, hated chakotay for the same reason.


what of the minority of us (like me and katie) who are j/c-ers AND d/7-ers? well... we still hated chakotay, curiously enough. it's horrible being a shipper when one half of the 'ship in question is the object of one's hatred and loathing.

through all this, everyone still hated neelix :)

okay, that was soooo boring! it just begged to be written down though, since, as i have already proven, i'm bound to forget it later. i just thought it was quite interesting how the 'bad guy' of the situation changed depending on the fans... and it mainly ended up as chuckles :) i'm sorry, but somehow, seeing as how the whole thing Was Neelix's Fault, i find it difficult to lay any blame on seven for it. it was neelix who got it off the ground, and chakotay who followed it through.

and the poor doc got sent through an emotional mincer all season... and, okay, so janeway almost turned into her bitter older self 30 years early, and didn't seem to care about anything but getting the ship out of things unscathed no matter who she upset along the way, but that's the writers' faults. and they shall be killed presently.

okay, sad geeky voyager rant over. there's plenty more of them here, for your enjoyment...

and i have a new printer! woo!

and it is huge :)

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Quote from Don McAlpine, the cinematographer for "Moulin Rouge" (no, I'm not obsessed... I was looking for something else, as it happens, and this came up. I think the MSN search is obsessed...) which so wonderfully demonstrates the problem with the youth of today...

McAlpine predicts Moulin Rouge will appeal to audiences of all ages.

"Romeo and Juliet I consider to be the rehearsal for this film," he said.

"People of my generation will be conned into believing they are watching a musical, which is what it is. It's a sing and dance show," McAlpine said.

"It will be disguised sufficiently well that the kids will still come along and love the vitality."

I despair!

First of all, why should it have to appeal to 'all ages'? Why not let it just appeal to people of a certain age? Okay, I appreciate every film-maker wants to win Oscars and things, but if I was a film-maker, I'd want to make something so bizarre and obscure that it became a cult classic. But that's just me.

The implication also being that the 'younger generation' won't willingly go to see a 'musical'. Admittedly, most of them won't. But the real musical fans will, because they want to. Not everyone who likes musicals are 'of his generation'. Some of us are, believe it or not, under 30.

Then there's that word: "conned". We don't want to be 'conned' into thinking it's a musical. It either is, or it isn't. Ah, but if it's advertised as a musical, nobody will see it; however, the musical cinema afficionados will realise that it IS one.

And it has some wonderful songs - the "Elephant Love Medley" is too clever for its own good, and in any other movie would be the cheesiest thing on the screen, but in "Moulin Rouge", it works. "Come What May" is very nice as well, sung to perfection by the leads. It's a typical musical love song, stuck in amongst all the trippiness and general insanity that is this film, and... somehow... it works.

Anyway, reviewing aside, I come to my final point (hopefully), which is that final part, "...disguised sufficiently that kids will still come along..." Disguised? As what, pray tell? The loathsome fact that "Lady Marmelade" is, and probably will be, the only song from it to hit the charts is a testimony to this 'disguising' of the film. Stick in an upbeat song, the kids will flock in. But kids, this isn't "Save the Last Dance" this time. This is a musical. It has people randomly bursting into song, for no apparent reason, it has dance sequences, it has cheesy, romantic special effects. Welcome to a strange forgotten world.

Interestingly, the addition of the 'popular' songs in "Moulin Rouge" are probably still far before the generation of any 'kids' that do go to see it (it has a 12 certificate), for example, "Like a Virgin", "Material Girl", and even "Smells Like Teen Spirit". And how many 'kids' will realise that "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" was originally sung by Marilyn Monroe? (Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm no expert, even though I act like it)

I appreciate the effort to bump up the Box Office status, and I'm ecstatic that it's at number one (for the time being, until the next action movie comes along and attracts hoardes of teenagers and footballers), but it's probably got there through people like me pestering other people to see it. Most people I know wouldn't even think twice about it. "It's a musical? Hmm, maybe not."

If musical cinema is to find its niche in society once more, it will not manage it by 'dumbing down' for society. It will manage it by being what it is - musical entertainment for the masses, for those who can't afford to see such things at the theatre.

"Moulin Rouge" is paving the way, slowly but surely. I just hope it can survive the ordeal intact. Maybe they should cast some real West End/Broadway stars, 'unknowns' in something and see what happens. I fear "Moulin Rouge" is only where it is because of it's two stars....

Rant over, will post now...


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