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Still trying to decide what to do with my LJ, given everything that's been going on. I'd literally just renewed my paid account so I need to look into maybe doing the same on Dreamwidth if I decide to fully migrate over there (/here, depending on where you're reading this!), if only so I don't lose all my icons. I really wanted to have finished retrospectively tagging my LJ, but I may have to give up on that...

Nothing much to really update about. I have finally uploaded my Sunset Boulevard fic, "Precious Illusions" to both FFN and AO3, for all the good that'll do in a minuscule fandom. Work continues to be a massive pit of management-related stress. There's a snap election coming up which I am anticipating with a constantly fluctuating state of hope / sheer dread, and I'm still debating what to do about that, mental health-wise. Cannot cope with any more politics, particularly when those politics are literally killing people.

Anyway, in the meantime, have a meme, as stolen from [personal profile] cloudsinvenice.

Comment with one of my fandoms and I'll tell you:

the character I least understand
interactions I enjoyed the most
the character who scares me the most
the character who is mostly like me
hottest looks character
one thing I dislike about my fave character
one thing I like about my hated character
a quote or scene that haunts me
a death that left me indifferent
a character I wish died but didn’t
my ship that never sailed

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I intended to post this before the new year but as I was working right up to the 30th I just didn’t find the time. I then had a week off which was mostly spent sleeping, due to a combination of knackeredness and ongoing ill health, which thereby scuppered anything remotely productive. Anyway, here it is.

”2016 )

So, there we go.

Back at work today. Still busy but at least I have somewhat more motivation now than I did before Christmas, so maybe my pile of outstanding work might get done by the end of the week. :P

Over and out.
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I normally leave this until at least New Year's Eve, but as I'm in work for two days with very little to be getting on with (what is the point of opening the office for three days, honestly?), and once I'm off again I will have no inclination to do anything remotely energetic, I might as well do it now.

I very much suspect this will not be particularly interesting.

2015 in Review )

So that's that. An uneventful year which has nonetheless been ridiculously difficult, because that Odd Year Curse is ever self-perpetuating.

Next year will have a rocky start, and there are things brewing which have the potential to be difficult, but please, PLEASE, let it be better than this one. I honestly don't know how much more pressure my brain can take before it implodes. :(
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A bit earlier than usual but I'll do it whilst I have a few minutes to spare...

Review of 2014 )
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I will do a proper update at some point, probably tomorrow or at least next week. Not that very much has happened, but I've been intending to do it for ages. I don't have time now as I have to run off to a pre-concert rehearsal at 1.30 for the first concert of many this season, the Karl Jenkins 70th birthday celebration (choir is one of the things I need to update about).

Anyway, without further ado, here is a 40-question shipping meme I found on Tumblr. I would fill it out there but I dislike their cut text format. :P

40-question Shipping Meme )

Okay, that took much longer than I thought it would. Now, to rehearsal!
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Because it is now traditional, the Year in Review Meme...

Thank God That's Over. )

For some reason 2013 felt like an uphill slog, I think probably because of my general lack of money and a few really massive family-related issues. I've been quick to call it an awful year because there weren't that many really good things to cancel out the bad things - it's been one thing after another with barely any grace period, or so it feels. On the plus side, it has gone ridiculously quickly since starting the new job.

With any luck this year Paul's job situation will sort itself either by virtue of becoming easier to deal with or him getting one outside of BCC at last, and that will mean setting the foundation stones of dealing with the debt piece by piece and having some spare money to play with. We might be able to have a holiday abroad - at the very least, I will hopefully not have to count my pennies halfway through every month to see how much to budget each week. Plans are afoot to sort out the living room and get the piano in situ, and we have plans for the garden as well. Slow and steady wins the race.

There is something oddly empowering about New Year's Eve and that transition into the new year - it's stupid when you think about it, because it's just a day, just the passing of time... but it has an essential psychological power to it. I will doubtless get halfway through January and start wishing it was over, but there are plans in my head; as long as I stay focused on them, they have every chance of happening.

One of these days, I might even shake off that bloody Odd Year Curse. ;)
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I think this might end up being long...

2012 in Review Meme )

And that's that. Tomorrow I need to make a meringue and a chilli.
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A bit late in completing this. I have no excuse, seeing as I've not been at work this week, other than catching up on tellybox viewing taking up most of my day. I've also had a cough/cold/sinus infection of some description since 23rd December, which is getting a bit tedious now. I might also have an ear infection to go with it, but I can't do anything about that now until Monday, if it gets worse.

Anyway, Meme )

Right, I only intended to go on the PC "for a bit", but this has taken longer than I thought. I suppose I should go to bed. :P

Belated happy new year, all!
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I am bloody well determined to finish this, even if it takes me all year. Anyway, as I'm (temporarily) back in Fandom Mode, and the second of these is quite relevant, I might as well get these up. I wrote them months ago anyway. :P

Initially I intended to post the first of these separately, and then the second one in a joint post with number 22, but as 21 ended up really long as well, it makes no odds to post them both here now. Enjoy. :)

Days 20-21 )

You have no idea how long that took...

Okay, I should probably make some food now. :P
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RIGHT THEN. I'm now not doing anything this weekend except a ridiculously hard concert in a place that's almost impossible to get to if it rains (i.e Worcester) so I'm going to attempt (being the operative word) to get the Fandom for February meme under my belt. If only because I intended to do Movies for May and can't if the Fandom meme is still outstanding. Also I have two of these posts already mostly written up, which was done before I fell out with February and gave up on it. :P

Also Paul is having a games night (I cooked a chilli - OM NOM NOM) so I can't watch the Giles+Sue Royal Wedding (though, yeah, WTF is up with the no advertising, Beeb?! I only found out via Twitter that it was tonight.)

Okay, without further ado, here is the first catch-up post. I might post another one later. We'll see.

Day 19 )

LONG CATCH-UP IS LONG. Thankfully I wrote most of that at work back on 19th February. :P
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Okay, I should try and get back on track with this, seeing as it's now March. Just as well I decided to move the films meme to May instead...

Day 17 )

Right. I wrote this at work because I knew it would be long. I think perhaps I should have done this last week after all, as it's quite effective stress relief. I think I'd forgotten that until Monday night's Glee; I'm feeling a little better this week, which I think is down to the episode being utterly brilliant and the fact that it made me cry. It was only a small emotional purge, but it did the job.

It also transpires I will not be sitting opposite Forgetful after all, as the two Legal Assistants in our team have decided to sit at those desks instead. So that's a relief. I’m still dreading the floor move to some degree as it will disturb our peace, but we’ll see how it goes.

I forgot to post this last night, so here’s the next one, too.

Day 18 )

Thankfully that was a short one. Days 19 and 20 are both going to be quite long, I think, so I’ll post them as and when I find time…
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Here's an interesting quandary for you: when I came back to work on Thursday after three days of leave, the work was two days behind and there were about 35-40 items in Winscribe awaiting transcription. This morning we were well within the 24-hour turnaround and there were seven items. It doesn't take a genius to work out what happened there. :P

Actually, I need to do a separate post about a related annoyance which cropped up during the course of writing this entry... Not sure when as this fandom catch-up is eating my life.

Aaaanyway, I'm still catching up on the fandom meme, so here we go.

Days 15 & 16 )

I was meant to post this last night but we had Alex and Dina over for dinner - Paul cooked spicy peanut soup (which sounded weird but was delicious) and I did a blue cheese, mushroom and butternut squash risotto. We should be going to see Matthew Bourn's Cinderella ballet night (it's set in the Blitz apparently!) as my mum and David are too ill to go, so we're just waiting on them to pop the tickets through the door.

The plan for the fandom catch-up is: Day 17 this evening if I get chance, as it's long. Days 18 and 19 over the course of tomorrow, as 19 is long. Day 20 on Monday as it's long. The days 21 and 22 on Tuesday as they should hopefully be short, and then I'm caught up. In theory, anyway. :P
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Okay, both of these should (hopefully) be quite short.

Days 13 & 14 )

Hungry now. I might do 15 and 16 as one post again tomorrow in a bid to catch up. 17 and 19 are both going to be long so I might spread them out with 18 over the course of the weekend. :)
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Not much else to discuss today, except that I am now not at work until Thursday, WOO!

Day 12 )

That's that. I am readying a rock to hide under for tomorrow's post...
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Okaaaaay. Here's another I did at work. Today's is going to be loooooooong and wordy and epic. Consider yourself warned.

Day 11 )


Thankfully it's been quiet today so I could actually work on this. Otherwise I would probably have been up all night trying to get it done.
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I'm so glad today is a short one. And also very apt. :P

Day 10 )

Okay. I think I will go to bed early and attempt to get some of my various JC thoughts tidied up / written down. Unless I type any of them up in the meantime, of course. ;)
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I'll just go straight into this one. Once again, mostly typed at work on better keyboard and to get the majority of the words down. :P

Day 09 )

Thankfully, I get a grace period of one day for tomorrow's post, before the epicness that will be Day 11. Oy.
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The majority of this was written at work, in the hope that my only task on getting back from choir will be to screengrab my picspam from the DVD's. (I have a feeling Google will not help me with this one.) Also I really want to give this pairing the attention it deserves, and thus would rather write this whilst I'm still mostly awake, and not brain-dead from the Bach. :P


Day 08 )

I think this is so far my biggest word-dump (and my biggest picspam) in this meme, though I doubt that will remain the case. ;)

I'm thinking I might move the Movies one to May (equally alliterative) to give myself some time to recover from this one. And also because the concept of trying to fit 30 meme days into 28 actual days is quite painful.

Okay, this post has taken a cumulative seven million hours to post, but at least I got it up before midnight. :D

*awaits inevitable flail and capslock abuse*
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Well, the oven appears to be working now, indicator light and all. In any case, I managed to cook my dinner without setting off the alarm.


Day 07 )

Hm, that'll do. Glee is on in a bit and apparently it's the Rocky Horror episode so doubtless I will have things to say. I'm partway dreading it, actually, but at the same time hope it's enough to keep the MTV idiots happy and stop them doing a remake. I dunno if that's still in the pipeline anyway... but hopefully a Glee version will be enough to get the kids interested in the original, thus negating the need for a remake. ;) (Though, the only character I could remotely see as Frank [Puckerman] is in jail, I think? Hm, this could be... interesting.)
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Life stuff first. Paul had to do a repair job on the oven door yesterday, as the seal was hanging down and heat was escaping to the degree that the smoke / heat detector went off during the week. I had a bit of a panic earlier because the temperature indicator light wasn't working properly and I was paranoid that the seal was still inadequate, so ended up using the slower top oven instead. On testing if a few minutes later the light was working perfectly again (i.e. actually turning off at the right temperature instead of staying on) so with any luck it's fixed.

Anyway, not much else happening, so onward with the meme. Fandom is more important than life anyway. :P

Day 06 )

Right. I now need to have a shower, as tea look longer than anticipated thanks to oven!paranoia and my delaying it longer than I intended. I will endeavour to do a double-post some point next week, seeing as I didn't manage it today...
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Had a lazy one today. I do however appear to be HUNGRY, despite having eaten three hours ago, which is either because I've been eating less during the week (I only had one day where I came in over 2000 calories, woo!) or because I'm coming down with something - it's hard to tell. I have another week of work to get through and then three days off, then I just have the rest of February and March to survive before my April leave...

Anyway, without further ado: Day 05 )

Okay, apparently I now have food so I shall end this post. :) I might do a double one tomorrow to get the extra day in, but I'll see how it goes...
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Today has been mostly full of suck: Pret gave me latte instead of mocha, but I was so tired I drank it anyway because, frankly, it had caffeine in it. Yesterday all the WPO's had a meeting with the Big Boss of Legal Services, who is doing the rounds of different grades to tell us how appreciated we all are in these hard times of voluntary redundancy and saving millions of pounds. It was quite frustrating; the KEH typists are even worse than my lot, if you can believe it, and I was going to bring up the IKEN parties issue to establish where the stupidity had come from, but I couldn't be arsed. Even though my colleagues weren't that annoying today, it all got to me and I was full of rage all morning, then shattered all afternoon.

I came home, had toast, pate and cheese for tea followed by a scone with clotted cream and raspberry jam, then played a couple of hours of Epic Mickey (which is SO SO EPIC) to wind down, except now I'm stuck again and going around in circles gets frustrating after a while. ;)

Anyway. Meme tiemz. (This may be slightly spoilery...)

Day 04 )

Phew, only just got that up before midnight...
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Posting a little earlier tonight because I want to watch Skins at 10.00. ;)

Day 03 )

Aww, bless. *squishes*

Tsk. I have no relevant icons for this post. I shall have to rectify that immediately. :D
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Right then, here we go. Prepare to scrub your eyeballs.

Day 02 )

Phew. I can't believe I wrote more words about my least favourite ship than I did for my favourite. So much hate, though. So much.
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Here we go, then... bit late in posting, but since I started this ball rolling I should stick by the rules. :P

Day 01 )

*ahem* So much for the short explanation. :P
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Okay, so I swore I wouldn't do one of these bloody memes again, but then I was struck with the brilliant idea to do one for fandom (shipping, specifically) and one for movies. I figured "Movies for March" was good and alliterative, and since Valentine's Day falls in February it seemed a good choice for shipping, but that doesn't look right, so it's "Fandom for February". :P I could wait and do Shipping for September, but I'm quite excited about doing it now, and my Muses have a tendency to come out of hibernation around this time of year, so with any luck posting about shipping (which I do so like to do) will poke them into alertness.

I've basically taken the original list of questions and changed 'song' to 'ship' (and ditto 'movies' when I get to that one), except for where they made no sense. For the song meme I posted links to Youtube; for fandom / ships I think picspam is in order. For movies, er... maybe the trailers, I haven't decided yet. If you want to play, there are rules under the cut.

List and Rules )

I will commence this when I get in from choir tonight, or possibly tomorrow if I'm too tired. I will probably start thinking of answers very soon so as to make things easier. As ever, that first question is the killer and I wish whoever made this meme had put it at the end. It's like, how do you choose?

Anyway, the game / meme is open for all to participate. Have fun!

Book Meme

Jan. 27th, 2011 11:13 pm
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Lengthy book meme / questionnaire stolen from [livejournal.com profile] pandorasblog.

And here we go... )

Well, that was quite long.

I had another go on the Wii tonight whilst Paul was out. Cycling is bloody bizarre and hard work. I seem to have gotten the hang of baseball (seemed easier with the Wiimotion Plus somehow!) and bowling again, still pretty rubbish at frisbee and had a go at canoeing too. I also had a go at Epic MIckey which is awesome but difficult, but I think that's because I haven't owned a console since the early 90s and that was a Master System II. SO. MANY. BUTTONS. (The game uses the remote AND the nunchuck and I can't coordinate my fingers properly yet). The gameplay itself is really cool, though. Will have a proper go this weekend when I'm less tired.

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Okay, I'm finally going to finish this bloody music meme. Obviously, I've now lost the piece of paper I'd written my answers down on, so these will probably be different to my initial thoughts.

Music Meme, Days 27 to 30 )

I think that's quite a good point to end on. Thank frell that's done with. Never, ever ask me to do this again, Eni! :P

Okay, new embroidery picture next.

Scan 34/?? )

Aaaand that's about it for now. I will try and update around here more often, though apparently giving me ridiculous daily memes isn't the best approach. :P

I shall now watch the Giles+Sue Xmas special on iPlayer and probably post icons in the inevitable post-episode squeefest. Be warned.
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I did start an entry at work today because at around 11.00 it was very quiet. And then Last Minute Friday kicked in and I was busy all the rest of the afternoon. Bit of annoyance cropped up as a result, but I'll try and keep that together with the rest of the post, which I'll hopefully finish this weekend if I remember. I have since got home and had a shower and put my jammies on so I'm a bit mellower now...

Anyway. Music Meme, Days 23 - 26 )

Okay, that's that done.

Embroidery Scans 32-33/?? and Christmas Decorations )

That'll do. My hands are cold and I'm hungry.
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I'm sure I've used that subject title before... Anyway, stolen off [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus, whom I suspect will be the only person to play.

Reply with a show/fandom, and I'll tell you the following:

› Favorite character.
› Least favorite character.
› Prettiest character.
› Character I'd marry.
› Favorite pairing.
› Favorite episode.
› Unpopular opinion.

My fandoms are listed in my interests, or my tags list, but I think most of them are obvious. :P

G'wan then.
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Because it's been a while, and I'm bloody well determined to finish this blasted "30 days" meme, even though it's now tripled in length...

Music Meme, Days 22-23 )

Right, now here's some more embroidery pics.

Scans 29-31/?? )

I do believe that'll do for now. I might finish the music meme before Christmas. :P
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I am determined to finish this bloody meme, even if it IS several days out of date now.

Day 21 - A Song You Listen To When Happy

Er, I don't have many happy songs. Nature of the beast, I'm afraid. So, um... *thinks*

Noisettes - "Beat of my Heart" - from Wild Young Hearts

As Noisettes are a recent discover for me, I thought it was about time I included one of their songs. Their album is mostly upbeat like this and I thought I'd gor for a song which (AFAIK) hasn't appeared on a bloody advert for something. :P

I found them when I heard "Never Forget You" on the radio on the way back from Prestatyn in 2009 (was it 2009? My concept of time is a bit frelled) and bought the album on 2-for-£8 at Asda along with Katy Perry's "One of the Boys" and have thoroughly enjoyed it ever since.

Whilst I'm on the subject of music, Brandon Flowers's solo album, Flamingo is too awesome for words. I'm seriously addicted to it, on the same level I was addicted The Killers' Day and Age last year. I will find an excuse to post one of his songs in this meme, so watch this space... :D

Embroidery Scans 26-27/?? )

Also, here is a photograph of our new Lime Green Toilet Seat )

And that's about it. There was another scan but (a) my stitching together of it looked frigging awful and (b) I couldn't actually tell what colour I'd done. The change was minimal enough for it not to matter... Sorry for the lateness on all this stuff; I was absolutely exhausted last week.

Addendum: Wychwood Brewery Photos from 18th September. :)
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Two more scans under the cut.

Scans 24-25/?? )

Music meme continues. I am determined to finish it having gotten this far, but it might take a while.

Day 20 - A Song You Listen To When Angry

I had a couple of options for this, but so as not to repeat artists, I've gone for this...

Skunk Anansie - "Brazen"

It's so gloriously ANGRY. I only own two Skunk Anansie songs, this and "Hedonism" (both of which I'd heard on the radio before) on a mix tape that Naomi made me several years ago. I intended to make a songset of Spuffy icons to this but never got around to it...

I might purchase their back catalogue eventually. They were popular during that period when I was just about discovering the world outside of musicals. :D

Meme Mania

Sep. 5th, 2010 01:38 pm
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Because I have nowt else better to do.

Day 19 - A Song From Your Favourite Album

I meant to include this on a different day and completely forgot, so I'll do it here. I can't find a video, so Google helpfully gave me the following:-

Cerys Matthews - "This Endless Rain" - from Never Said Goodbye

This is from Cerys's second solo album, probably my favourite of the three (the first, "Cockahoop" is all liberated, whilst "Don't Look Down" is more moody), and this is one of my favourite songs from that album. I just think the opening is so effective; you can really picture the rain falling down the window as you look out, waiting for it to stop, and the way that rainy days can make you feel... Especially in the current climate of 'endless rain' and periodic sunshine. It's very much a song for our time. Rihanna can have her "Umbrella" and keep it, thank you. :P

Album Covers Meme

1 - Go to Wikipedia for a random article - click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
2 - Go to Quotation Space for a random quote - click http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3. The last four or five words of the very last quote on the page is the title of your first album.
3 - Go to Flickr for an image uploaded within the last 7 days - click http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. Right-click/Save.
4 - Use Photoshop or similar to put it all together.
5 - Post these instructions and your music covers on your LJ.

x4 )

I have more embroidery pics but I'm charging the camera battery in order to upload them... Watch this space.

Okay, I need to eat something, and then find something to do for an hour and a half before EastEnders starts.

Mo' Music

Aug. 27th, 2010 09:36 pm
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Two-day meme catch-up. I'm sure you know the list by now. :P

Day 16 - A Song You Used To Love But Now Hate

I think 'hate' is a very strong word, but...

Celine Dion - "My Heart Will Go On" - from Titanic

I bought the single of this, because at the time it was on the radio constantly and always in my head (buying a song is the only way I can listen to it until I get bored, otherwise it would drive me mad). I then bought an album off the back of it which isn't too bad, but not the wisest decision I ever made... Anyway, as cheesy as this was back in 1998 or whenever it was, it's doubly so nowadays. It didn't help that it became one of those irritating songs that so-called talented tweens used to sing on morning television shows, which alas was also a fate suffered by "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" several years earlier.

Still. Celine is good to sing along to when you want to vent, at least. And I had my impression of her down pat at one point from the endless re-listens to this song. :D

Day 17 - A Song You Hear Often on the Radio

I don't listen to the radio. Hardly ever. Um. And if I do, it's Classic FM, and even that hasn't been for ages. So... I will go for something that I used to hear on the radio a lot in 1999 when I was doing my A-Levels. Heh.

Cher - "Believe"

This was constantly on the radio that year, along with Alanis's "Thank U" and Catatonia's "Dead from the Waist Down" and several others. I fail at modern music, sorry. :D (Also: yes, I do own this; it's on the Greatest Hits, which I bought only for "Walking in Memphis"... *ahem*)

My week off starts here, OH YEAH!
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Yesterday was quite pleasant. I was only at work for three hours, because I had to leave shortly before 12.00 to go and pick Lisa up from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (the old one). She'd gone in for A Procedure (not sure she would forgive me for disclosing which!) which required her to be under heavy sedation so she wasn't allowed to be released into the wild on her own. ;)

I got the train down and managed to find her without any trouble, thanks to asking for directions when I rang up to confirm the collection time. The receptionist helpfully informed it was the Green Zone on the fifth floor. Which was just as well, because I'd never been to QEH before and it's frigging massive. Clearly those weeks of placement as an OT must have been good for something, even if it's only being able to navigate hospitals. :P

Anyway, we got a taxi home and then sat and watched telly for five hours. Lisa has bought some DVD box sets recently and rather than inflicting Alias on me partway through (she's on series 3), we decided to give Love Soup a go... Details / Review )

Following that, at around 6.30pm, Lisa went up the road to get herself some chicken, and I went back upstairs to await Paul's return home. We had steaks with baked potatoes and salad (Paul) or butternut squash (me) for dinner, and we caught up on the new series of X-Factor. I know full well this will make me angry again, but as it's the last series ever I thought it would be remiss of me not to snark it. :P

And that's that. Thank anything, I have a week off next week. Spring cleaning is on the cards, as well as a trip to Oxford to see [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjottings, assuming the trains aren't completely useless...

Whilst I'm around, here's some more stuff...

Music Meme catch-up )

And now for another bit of embroidery...

Scan 20/? )

Okay, I think that's everything. Now to check train times.
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So I don't end up behind again...

Day 13 - A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure

Avril Lavigne - "I'm With You"

I hated "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boi" with a fiery passion. But after I'd got off my high horse and made my peace with Avril a bit, I actually really liked this song. I only own it in the capacity that [livejournal.com profile] pandorasblog sent me it on a mix tape, but that still counts... Besides which, "My Happy Ending" was okay, too, if insipidly determined to get in your head...

Now onto the embroidery...

Scan 19/? )

Right. I suppose I should go to bed. I'm going to be exhausted this week for the pure fact that I have next week off and my body wants to rest already. :P
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Augh. The last time I did this was on Monday so this will have to be under cuts. So without further ado: days 08 to 12...

Full list is here.

Days 08 to 12 )

Anyway. That will have to do as I have a lasagne to serve. :)
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I can't think of better subjects for these, really...


Day 07 - A Song That Reminds You Of A Certain Event

This is an exception to the "songs I own" rule.

Aqua - "Turn Back Time"

Technically it's only the chorus, though I do remember the song being in the charts... This was used for the Sky One trailer for the Season 5 finale of The X-Files. Sky One have always been really good with their trailers (it's part of the reason I really wish they'd had Farscape to begin with rather than Skiffy / BBC2), and I can still remember that particular trailer. The focus was on Mulder and Scully (Sky One knew us so well :D) and the arrival of Fowley putting a spanner in the works. In the episode, there is a brilliant scene where Scully is going to tell Mulder something, but she sees him in the room with Fowley holding his hand, and instead she chickens out, goes back to her car and phones him instead, pretending to be on the move. The trailer had a couple of seconds from that moment of Scully in her car and it was heart-wrenching.

Aside from that particular event, it also leads into several other events, because Season 5 ended whilst I was on work experience in year 11, and thus a couple of weeks away from That Summer Holiday between GCSE and A-Levels. Back in the days when we actually HAD summer, rather than intermittent rain and occasional sunshine. It was the summer I saw Phantom in Birmingham, the summer of The X-Files first movie, and more than that it's a summer I remember to this day with fondness, and memories of ice-skating, cinema trips and gleeful obsession.

In which case, it's also quite an apt song title for the event(s) in question. :)
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Actually managed to post this on time today.

Full list is here

Day 06 - A Song That Reminds You Of Somewhere

Dick Van Dyle / Sally Ann Howes - "Doll on a Music Box" - from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

This might seem rather an odd choice. I first watched this film (after owning it on video for several years) when I was 14, a couple of days before going to Gran Canaria with my mum. It was an absolutely brilliant holiday, arguably one of the best I've ever had, and thanks to re-watching this film several times before going (I used to re-watch stuff endlessly, a habit which continued into TV fandoms many years later) I was cursed with having most of the songs stuck in my head. For ages afterwards I would always associate the CCBB soundtrack with the holiday in Gran Canaria, and for some reason this song in particular is the only I remember most vividly. (Shipper instinct, probably. :D)

So that's that. :)

I have this on DVD actually. I may have to do a re-watch soon...

In other news, we went to see Inception today and it was awesome. Quite brain-manglingly plot-heavy but most enjoyable. I would review more but I'm far too tired. I did like the (very slight) nod to 2001: Space Odyssey, though I fear after finally watching that film I'm seeing it everywhere for evermore...
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Failed to do this again yesterday because I was too tired to go on the internet, go figure...

Full list.

Day 04 - A Song That Makes You Sad

Considering how often this reduced me to tears, it can only be...

Meryl Streep - "Slipping Through My Fingers" - from Mamma Mia!

I think I finally became immune to this beast after about... 20 listens? Yeah. No idea why, it just gets to me.

Day 05 - A Song That Reminds You Of Someone

I did have a song written down here, which used to remind me of Paul... except it doesn't any more, or at least not present-day Paul. :) It reminded me of Paul when we were first going out, so it's not that relevant now. So instead, here is something horrendously geeky.

Lily Allen - "Chinese"

This is one of those "once you have seen it, it cannot be unseen" situations. During the midst of post-Easter special madness, and the period shortly before that when I was attempting to finish the last of my episode tags, this song kept on reminding me of Jonathan and Maddy and her inevitable return. Or at least an inevitable return in which there was not a decade of complicated history and things had been actually normal before she buggered off to America.

Of course, once I'd made that association (it usually only takes a couple of lines or a few words to cause it) it wouldn't go away, and now I can't listen to it without thinking of J/M. Unfortunately, the Marks and Spencer's adverts have the same effect - you have no idea how bloody glad I was when they finally showed Caroline Quentin's character's husband in those adverts. Seriously.

Sad, but true. And alas, it's not the only song which does this. I have at least one for every fandom / pairing. :D

Aaanyway, that's it.

Just waiting for Alex and Dina to arrive for another of our dinner party, three-course menu efforts. This time we're having chicken liver pate with crusty bread to start (made by Paul - the pate, anyway), followed by steak-and-ale pie (me) and cheescake with strawberry coulis (Paul - his first ever dessert!) if it ever sets. :D

OM NOM. This time there will be pictures. ;)
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I didn't get to do this last night, so here's the next two days' worth of choices. The original list is here.

Day 02 - Your Least Favourite Song

I told myself when doing this meme that I would stick only to music I actually own, and I think with a few exceptions I have managed that. In which case...

Antony and the Johnsons - "Free at Last"

Now, don't get me wrong. I really, really like "I Am A Bird Now", the album this comes from. And for the most part the songs on that album are sheer brilliance. This particular song just doesn't do anything for me. I'm sure it has some great deeper meaning that I'm simply not understanding, but... I don't get it. It's the only song I regularly skip, both on the CD and on my MP3-player when I get to it.

Day 03 - A Song That Makes You Happy

I had a couple of choices for this, but I've moved one of them elsewhere, so:-

The Feeling - "We Can Dance"

I suggest you ignore the video and just listen to the song in the background. It's the only album version I can find - all the others are live mobile phone type uploads with people singing out of tune over the top. Suck.

This is a hidden track on the second album, "Join With Us", and it comes after the last listed track, "Greatest Show on Earth", which is quite slow and maudlin. When those synths kick in at the start, it never fails to make me smile. It sort of reminds me of Tubular Bells at the beginning, but the entire song is bouncy and chirpy. I think it makes less sense out of context of the preceding song, as you don't get the same sense of the change in mood, but nevertheless, I defy anyone not to start humming along. :D

That be it for now. I'll try and do the others on time. :)
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So I'm finally getting around to this. The reason for the delay is because the first question was insanely difficult. It's literally taken me a week to think about / whittle down the options.

Aaanyway, [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus asked that I do this, so here it is.

The List )

Day 01 - Your Favourite Song

It took me a long time to actually think about what my 'favourite' song was. I like lots of songs. A lot. But I definitely struggled to opt for a 'favourite' of those that I liked. In the end I decided it should be something from a musical, as it was the genre that shaped my early childhood until my mid-teens and I knew no better, and then it was a case of deciding which of my favourite musical duets / ballads to go for.

Michael Ball - "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" - from Les Misérables

I chose this song out of the many I love from Les Mis purely because I remember loving it before I knew where it came from. I have a vivid memory of tying a headscarf I was very fond of to a piece of garden bamboo cane and waving it around in time with this song when it was on television once, before I knew what the musical was about and that there is a great deal of flag-waving in it. :D The video is of the inimitable Michael Ball (who else?!) singing as Marius in the concert version at the Albert Hall for the show's 10th anniversary back in 1995. Les Misérables is 25 this year, so actually, I suppose it's quite apt.
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Stolen from Eni:

I write like
Margaret Atwood

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

That was using the first chapter of my Ugly Betty chapter-fic, "Strange Glue". I've never even read any Margaret Atwood, though some of her books are on my neverending list. :P

Bizarrely, using "Broken Record" (epic unfinished Buffy fic of doooom), I get this:

I write like
James Joyce

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

At least mine makes sense. Apparently my over-superfluous heyday is equivalent to stream-of-consciousness. I was expecting Virginia Woolf for the semicolon abuse. :P

The Pantsfic results in:

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Pantsfic: As Good As Da Vinci Code. :D

That's enough. Though I do wonder what my journal entries would bring up...

Oh, here we go. Random EastEnders-geekery from a few months back (shortest uncut entry I could find) gets this:

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Ha! My LJ is a horror story!!

Okay, I'm done. :D
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I almost forgot about this one... Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] commoncomitatus, who also chose the icons in question.

Icon Meme )

You don't have to take part if you don't want to...

I might do a lyrics meme later, though probably not for a bit as the PC just did its Angry Beeping of Doom again and I don't want to aggravate it... ;)

Icon Meme.

Apr. 13th, 2010 11:07 pm
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Stolen off a couple of people, though Eni did it most recently...

Icon Meme )

Nothing else to report. Waiting for my leave to start. That's about it.
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Okay, here we go. I can't promise either creativity of anything remotely substantial...

List and Answers )

Well, that was that. Actually not as fun as I was anticipating, but I'll attribute that to character-choice fail, as I thought said choices would be funnier than they apparently were. That'll teach me. :P
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I wasn't going to do this, for a fear of lack of reponses, but I think there is some potential for hilarity in any case, so here goes nothing.

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your flist to post questions in the comments. For example: 'One, nine and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?', 'Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?', 'Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?' 'Write a drabble in which three and eleven fight crime.' (...possibly not technically a question.)

3) After your flist has asked enough questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

Preferably I would like to include each character at least once, so ask as many questions as you like. :)

Also: my fandoms are like a badge of honour, so you know there'll be at least SOME variety.

Right, I'll go and ponder my list, you can ponder the questions.
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... had Yahoo not refused to open my frelling attachment. My t'Internet at work has expired (don't ask, I'm basically laying low until I can reinstate it and anyway I'm far too busy lately) so I emailed my unfinished LJ entry home, and it will.not.open. Meh. I'll try again later.

Anyway, here's a meme, stolen off [livejournal.com profile] 803am. Writing Meme )

Right, that's that. I shall now make some food, have a shower and watch Glee, and then hopefully later Yahoo will cooperate and open my bloody entry.
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Proper update coming at some other point; I'm waiting for something to start on t'telly. I should really do this in the new year, but as it's Paul's birthday on the 1st I shall inevitably forget, and a few other people have done it already. Stolen off Eni.

2009 in review meme )

Right, I have been drinking champers all afternoon and now on the rosé so shall sign this off.

Happy Boxing Day, f-list!


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