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Arising out of a conversation with [personal profile] commoncomitatus on Saturday on AIM (which, as an aside, we ended up using due to having issues with YIM - my old contacts list was a gut-punch of nostalgia!), I thought it pertinent to update my list of works in progress / to-be-written stories, as I'm pretty sure it's gotten bigger since the last time I did one of these posts...

These are in no particular order but I will at least attempt to cluster them together under separate fandoms, and I'll do the fandoms alphabetically. Pretty sure at this juncture I don't actually have to denote what the pairings will be. :P

Hopefully I haven't missed anything.

Current Works in Progress )

I was also going to list the amount of things which are finished and pending sharing online (FFN and/or AO3) but frankly this is long enough already. :P

My brain is a massive filing cabinet. I'm beginning to suspect this is why my short-term memory is so shoddy...
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Here's an interesting quandary for you: when I came back to work on Thursday after three days of leave, the work was two days behind and there were about 35-40 items in Winscribe awaiting transcription. This morning we were well within the 24-hour turnaround and there were seven items. It doesn't take a genius to work out what happened there. :P

Actually, I need to do a separate post about a related annoyance which cropped up during the course of writing this entry... Not sure when as this fandom catch-up is eating my life.

Aaaanyway, I'm still catching up on the fandom meme, so here we go.

Days 15 & 16 )

I was meant to post this last night but we had Alex and Dina over for dinner - Paul cooked spicy peanut soup (which sounded weird but was delicious) and I did a blue cheese, mushroom and butternut squash risotto. We should be going to see Matthew Bourn's Cinderella ballet night (it's set in the Blitz apparently!) as my mum and David are too ill to go, so we're just waiting on them to pop the tickets through the door.

The plan for the fandom catch-up is: Day 17 this evening if I get chance, as it's long. Days 18 and 19 over the course of tomorrow, as 19 is long. Day 20 on Monday as it's long. The days 21 and 22 on Tuesday as they should hopefully be short, and then I'm caught up. In theory, anyway. :P
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Not much else to discuss today, except that I am now not at work until Thursday, WOO!

Day 12 )

That's that. I am readying a rock to hide under for tomorrow's post...
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Well, the oven appears to be working now, indicator light and all. In any case, I managed to cook my dinner without setting off the alarm.


Day 07 )

Hm, that'll do. Glee is on in a bit and apparently it's the Rocky Horror episode so doubtless I will have things to say. I'm partway dreading it, actually, but at the same time hope it's enough to keep the MTV idiots happy and stop them doing a remake. I dunno if that's still in the pipeline anyway... but hopefully a Glee version will be enough to get the kids interested in the original, thus negating the need for a remake. ;) (Though, the only character I could remotely see as Frank [Puckerman] is in jail, I think? Hm, this could be... interesting.)
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Had a lazy one today. I do however appear to be HUNGRY, despite having eaten three hours ago, which is either because I've been eating less during the week (I only had one day where I came in over 2000 calories, woo!) or because I'm coming down with something - it's hard to tell. I have another week of work to get through and then three days off, then I just have the rest of February and March to survive before my April leave...

Anyway, without further ado: Day 05 )

Okay, apparently I now have food so I shall end this post. :) I might do a double one tomorrow to get the extra day in, but I'll see how it goes...
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Right then, here we go. Prepare to scrub your eyeballs.

Day 02 )

Phew. I can't believe I wrote more words about my least favourite ship than I did for my favourite. So much hate, though. So much.
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Re-reading old Voyager fic on The Zircona, and this advert appears:

14 checks, huh?  Making sure it's got less than 5,000 light years on the clock?  That it's warp-capable?  Maybe check there's no sneaky little Borg adaptations in the programming?
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See, this is why I shouldn't re-read all my old fic at ridiculous hours of the morning.

Voyager, this time.  After randomly reading some on fanfic.net for a change of pace (and because none of the good Spuffy fics've been updated in aeons) I thought I'd go through my own and see how horrible it was, and found it wasn't as horrible as I thought.  I mean, it's not exactly great literature, but the characterisation's not too bad, considering.  Anyway, on my site I've also got a couple of bits of Katie's hosted, too, because they fit into our 'season 8' and some of them link to pieces of my own.  There are three pieces that attempted to 'fix' the finale for Janeway/Chakotay and the Doctor/Seven of Nine, with Admiral Janeway basically giving random advice to Chakotay and Seven to make them reconsider.

Look, the Chakotay/Seven pairing was Wrong, Bad and Heinous, and at that point we'd try anything to remain sane.  You have no idea how much I had to scrub my brain after that one. :P

So, anyway, Katie was (and probably still is) one of the very few Janeway/Q shippers.  I could never see it, mainly because I was adamantly J/C-orientated and really only considered the J/Q dynamic as one of aggravation and an unrequited crush (though I must say, he's nothing if not persistent...)  She spent many an hour trying to convince me of the J/Q thing being more than that, and I was having none of it.

And now, suddenly, reading her little J/Q interlude for the "Endgame" fix, I realised what she was getting at.  As a shipper, my views have matured so much over the years, through the various pairings I've followed - John/Aeryn, Spuffy, Norma/Joe; they've all been defining and mind-expanding.  So, even though J/Q would certainly take some getting used to, at least I can say that I finally understand where she was coming from...
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Randomly decided to listen to the other compilation CD Naomi made me, and remembered the completely wonderful "The USS Make Shit Up".  Lyrics are below.  It's funny because it's true.

Har! )

Oh, isn't parody fantastic?
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Continuing from where I left off, not that there was any specific order... After the conversation had with [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure last night, I feel like I should add things to the Buffy/Spike section; I know if I do that, though, I'll inevitably end up adding stuff to the other ones, too, and the whole thing will never end...

More fandoms. Oh, dear. 2 - Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Frasier, Jonathan Creek )

Only two more fandoms to go, both sort of wordy. I didn't realise how much I had to say about the last one. :) Well, I say two. Knowing me I'll probably come up with a few more along the way...
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so. let us mourn the loss of great things. here's my list; feel free to add your own as appropriate. in no particular order:

1) starting with tonight's escapade into what used to be jonathan creek, allow me to mourn the loss of maddy. carla, i can tell, is only going to get more irritating. want maddy back now. "the three gamblers" (final episode of series three, if anyone remembers that far back) showed potential for the jonathan/maddy relationship, bizarre though it is. the episode before that had them bloody sleeping together, and they want us to believe that this means nothing? that jonathan would fall back on carla, of all people? geez. an explanation to maddy's whereabouts was given in a throwaway line in the last christmas special, "satan's chimney", when carla was introduced - the blonder, slimmer new female lead. hm. pandering to male audiences, anyone? i wanted acknowledgement of maddy's existence, at the very least. whether they like it or not, it was the tension between maddy and jonathan that kept the majority of viewers interested - it's a fact of life, human instinct. ferchrissakes, when mulder went AWOL, at least they made a fuss about it.

which brings me nicely on to...

2) the x-files - i stuck with it til the end, albeit very badly for season 8 before rediscovering its wonderfulness in season 9. it represents the end of an era for me. well, it represents 9 years of my life that i wasted obsessing about it, but it's all the same in the end... at least x-files got a decent send off, and there's talk of a second movie. anything that reaches cult status within two seasons will never die...

3) farscape, of course, will be no more in two weeks' time. and the circumstances surrounding this turn of events suck in the suckiest way possible. it's going to end on a cliffhanger, and it's going to be horrible, and we're all going to cry for a week. or i will. whatever, it's going to be the most evil cliffhanger imaginable and i'm actually scared. above that, i'm disappointed and frelled off beyond belief that something like farscape, which - shock! horror! - has decent writing, believable characters and - oh, god, no! - deals with real issues that could, perhaps, affect real people, and not in a prettyprettyfluffy manner, either, gets cancelled, while things like big brother and the countless other pointless reality shows keep on getting damn well made.

hence, there are about a million tiny little loose ends thrown in amongst the larger main ones that will never get tied up; who the father of aeryn's child is (because we still don't know for sure); whether that baby will even be born; what scorpius' motives are; the ever-deepening relationship between him and sikozu; the recurring tension between chi and d'argo; where the heck noranti came from; how jool's doing; whether they'll all get home; whether there'll even be a happy ending. but these things mean nothing to television executives, of course, just the fact that they apparently can't afford to give us that much. i have faith that, given time, kemper and co could have adequately written an ending, but they weren't even given the chance. that, i think, probably sucks the most...


this, possibly, is a rant that should have come back in september. moving on...

4) buffy the vampire slayer - if anyone hasn't already heard, season 7 is to be the last. but at least buffy will have time to write a proper ending, which is more than farscape got. i still dread, though, that joss will prove himself to be the evil-anti-spuffy i think he is, in which case i'll be ranting a lot more come the end of the season...

5) frasier is also on its final season - season 10, admittedly. i am only glad that they finally redeemed the niles/daphne storyline after about 8 years of niles- and viewer-torture. i don't hold out much hope for roz and frasier, despite their also sleeping together at the end of last season. it seems to have been conveniently ignored. but i do have at least some faith in the writing team and they'll probably surprise me...

6) futurama, i think, also got axed by fox. which is quite suspect when you consider the similarities between it and farscape, but i won't read anything into that and turn it into a conspiracy... i think it got axed because it wasn't doing as well as its big sister, the simpsons - well, duh. the simpsons has been running for about twelve bloody years; futurama's only been going for what? five? and it's probably only seen as 'scifi' even though it's also an animation, and we all know the stigmae attached to that, don't we?

7) going away from television a moment - cats is closed, as you all know. (incidentally, go here and click on the "cats and me" link, for my long-awaited eulogy-of-sorts.) it's also touring at the moment and i'll be seeing it in 2 weeks. oh, two weeks? whee! *ahem* anyway. yes. it's touring. and rather than going to the brum hippodrome, it's going to the wolverhampton grand. which is more expensive. so thwarting my plans of seeing it many many times, and similarly thwarting plans of front row seats because i should really have booked it by now...

8) i worry intensely about the phantom of the opera, the more things are said about the movie, which is now definitely going ahead because they've found a director, and it seems that antonio banderas is still being considered for the lead. i've give up hope entirely in that regard, and hereby state for all and sundry (well, those who read this and/or care in the slightest) that i will not be seeing it. in fact, i hope it flops and teaches andrew lloyd webber a lesson. and believe me, if it had anyone but antonio banderas being considered, i'd be praying for it to get oscars. that aside, what worries me even more is the prospect that, once filmed, it'll be considered some kind of 'definitive' version of the show, just like the video for cats was. the result of that was the show closing. if andrew lloyd webber closes phantom, one of his most successful and sell-out shows... god, there are no words for the sense of dread i get thinking about it...

9) back to television. deep space nine ended a while back. i miss it. i'm fed up of constant frelling the next generation repeats. d.s.9 was far superior, in my opinion (which is undoubtedly in a minority) and yet has it ever been repeated? not that i can remember on terrrestrial... however, i can't rant about the show itself, because, as finales went, the d.s.9 one was perfect. they tied up the war arc, the focussed on what all the characters were going to do next, they redeemed themselves on the dax/bashir plotline, even, to some degree (even though they tortured the odo/kira-ers beyond belief in the process) and they left it wide open for a movie sequel. that's how you do a finale.

10) voyager, on the other hand... voyager's finale sucked. i mean really. it can be summed up as "oh, no, not another temporal prime directive storyline.", of which berman and braga seem to be far too fond (look at the pilot of enterprise, for god's sake... that's as far as i managed to watch...) i mean, come on, guys? blowing up the borg and changing the future? can't you do any better than that? not to mention pairing chakotay and seven and managing to alienate two groups of shippers at once. just because one of the actors thinks it's a good idea (jeri ryan, i think it was, in fact...) doesn't necessarily mean it IS a good idea. jesus... also, there was nothing even remotely decent, character's-future-wise. nothing. all the reunions, save for the oh-so-precious meeting between admiral paris and tom and b'elanna, voyager's couple of choice for the entire damn run, were conveniently avoided in the hope we'd all forgotten. what happened to libby? mark? t'pel? (no, not t'pol... t'pel was tuvok's wife...) b'elanna's father? seven's aunt? and what about the maquis?

you see?

i could go on longer, but i won't. there's too many things. however, people may feel free to add their own, as i said...
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tomorrow, katie turns 21. i'm broke. therefore, i have written her a fanfic...

it's here, if you would all be so kind as to have a look.

in short, it's a "star trek:voyager" meets "farscape" meets "cats" (briefly) meets "moulin rouge" meets "rocky horror" fanfic... *manic grin*

and, for those who read it and are not in the know:

Ensign T'eyla Minh - my character. bajoran. 27 years old. bad attitude.
Lieutenant Kat-Doec - katie's character. trill. forgotten her age. prankster. the hero of this particular story.
Lieutenant Marissa Blake - sorta traci's character, but i've inherited her as i more or less created her. terran. the 'goody' of the troublemaking trio, but a troublemaker nonetheless...

and now. enjoy :)
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whee! "bride of chaotica!" was on! (an episode of voyager shot partly in black and white, tom paris' cheesy 1930's sci-fi movie holoprogramme... long story) i'd forgotten how utterly hilariously wonderful that episode is.

admittedly, i'm all in black-and-white-silent-movie-star mode because of "sunset boulevard" (warning now. i'll be obsessing joyfully over that as soon as i've seen it, more so than i am already... i think i gained this one quicker than i did "moulin rouge", which has to be an achievement.) anyway, while i was watching kate mulgrew do her arachnia thing, it hit me that she'd have made a pretty good silent movie star. and, in fact, would indeed make a damn good norma desmond...

the episode has the worst pun in star trek history...

photonic being: (scans the doctor) you are photonic.
the doctor: guilty as charged.


and several absolutely classic reactions. tom, reading a telegram (a very long, tedious telegram), including all the "stop"s, is interrupted by tuvok: "stop. please, summarise the message."

oh, and this. something like this, anyway...

tom: doc, can you fire the disruptor [or something like that]? it's the big button in the middle of that panel. (the doc is about to press a button in the middle of a panel.)
tom&kim: THE OTHER PANEL!!

and now i'll stop being all obsessive, and end with these words:

kate mulgrew for norma desmond! ewan mcgregor for raoul! and lots of other actors for lots of other characters i can't remember...


Oct. 21st, 2001 03:14 pm
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i remembered!

actually, it was more in relation to the 7/d-ers and the j/c-ers (yes, us sad, pathetic shippers, don't you just love us..?)

and it wasn't as interesting as i thought...

what i was going to say was this: when the whole disgusting evil travesty of c/7 came to pass, the j/c-ers and the d/7-ers were irate at berman and braga (the writers) for ruining our dreams. here's the interesting thing: the j/c-ers started hating seven, because from their point of view, she'd messed up the j/c relationship. the d/7-ers, on the other hand, hated chakotay for the same reason.


what of the minority of us (like me and katie) who are j/c-ers AND d/7-ers? well... we still hated chakotay, curiously enough. it's horrible being a shipper when one half of the 'ship in question is the object of one's hatred and loathing.

through all this, everyone still hated neelix :)

okay, that was soooo boring! it just begged to be written down though, since, as i have already proven, i'm bound to forget it later. i just thought it was quite interesting how the 'bad guy' of the situation changed depending on the fans... and it mainly ended up as chuckles :) i'm sorry, but somehow, seeing as how the whole thing Was Neelix's Fault, i find it difficult to lay any blame on seven for it. it was neelix who got it off the ground, and chakotay who followed it through.

and the poor doc got sent through an emotional mincer all season... and, okay, so janeway almost turned into her bitter older self 30 years early, and didn't seem to care about anything but getting the ship out of things unscathed no matter who she upset along the way, but that's the writers' faults. and they shall be killed presently.

okay, sad geeky voyager rant over. there's plenty more of them here, for your enjoyment...

and i have a new printer! woo!

and it is huge :)

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warning!! spoilers for the season 7 finale "endgame" contained within! do not read if you want to remain 'pure' like i did... end of warning. you may read on...

in relation to the seven/chakotay/doctor/janeway whole big ol' love quadrangle thing...

oh... god... i've just utterly forgotten what i was going to say... how incredibly irritating!

well, i'll put it up later if it comes back. that was gonna be a really good theory too... bugger!
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My friend and I have decided to publish our sequencial Voyager fanfics on fanfiction.net for the world to be subjected to... Two of them are already up, albeit in in the wrong order, and we will eventually have a whole Season 8... for now, we have 7 episodes.

Still, I'm sure we're having far more fun than Berman and Braga (damn them to Hades) were, and, what's more, we're letting the characters have more fun as well :)


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