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Arising out of a conversation with [personal profile] commoncomitatus on Saturday on AIM (which, as an aside, we ended up using due to having issues with YIM - my old contacts list was a gut-punch of nostalgia!), I thought it pertinent to update my list of works in progress / to-be-written stories, as I'm pretty sure it's gotten bigger since the last time I did one of these posts...

These are in no particular order but I will at least attempt to cluster them together under separate fandoms, and I'll do the fandoms alphabetically. Pretty sure at this juncture I don't actually have to denote what the pairings will be. :P

Hopefully I haven't missed anything.

Current Works in Progress )

I was also going to list the amount of things which are finished and pending sharing online (FFN and/or AO3) but frankly this is long enough already. :P

My brain is a massive filing cabinet. I'm beginning to suspect this is why my short-term memory is so shoddy...
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Here's a bit of an update. And by a bit, I mean a lot, though much of it has no substance. (Also, I am no longer on my period, but I rarely get to use this icon...)

Looks like the summer is officially over. Britain has once again done its usual trick of going from one extreme to the other; I've been freezing for the past two weeks but steadfastly refusing to put the heating on because it's frelling August, not that you'd believe it from the temperatures lately. (Having said that, today it seems to have brightened up a bit...)

Earlier this month I googled to find out when the Birmingham International Food Fair would be taking place this year, then misread a whole bunch of anomalous results about last year's dates and thought they were for 2014. This resulted in us (Paul, my mum, David and I) going into town on Sunday to enjoy said Food Fair, only to arrive at the usually designated area and become utterly confused.

Thankfully there was stil a load of free entertainment happening around Southside (by the Hippodrome / Arcadian) so we sat and enjoyed that instead, but TBH I was mostly pre-menstrual and felt rubbish about my failure to read properly. It seems to be the case that the International Food Fair isn't on this year at all, which is a shame as it's always really popular despite BCC's complete failure to advertise it. My inner cynic suspects it may never come back now; it's often hailed as being the "sister market" to the Frankfurt Christmas Market, but I've always got the impression that BCC grudgingly allowed it to happen and weren't that invested in it. (Whereas the stupid Christmas market will be advertised several months in advance and doubtless get EVEN BIGGER now that space at the front of the library has opened up.)

My PMT came to a head with a godawful migraine on the Sunday, which I think was partially caused by having to squint in the sunlight. We had been planning on eating at the Food Fair so instead ended up going to Big Wok (or getting a baguette, in Paul's case, as on the evening he went off to help Darren with his Two Towers beer festival). Big Wok was nice enough, but I'd been looking forward to the lovely French food. :( On the plus side, we couldn't really afford the Food Fair so we did at least save ourselves some money... but then, we couldn't afford to go last year either, and if it's never coming back I've missed my last opportunity now to get some lovely cheeses and whatnot. Best. Gruyere. Ever.

My PMT also (AGAIN) ruined my enjoyment of seeing Wicked for Lorna's birthday at the Hippodrome on 21st August. It didn't particularly help that we were at the subtitled version, as that just kept distracting me out of the action on stage. Nevertheless, here is something resembling a review.

Thoughts on Wicked. )

On Monday, thanks to period pains and awful weather, I did absolutely bugger all except sit on the laptop all day.

Except for this... )

Anyway. On Tuesday we are going to Brighton, staying for two nights and returning via London with an eight-hour stopover, as it's been far too long since we had a good old wander abaht. With any luck the weather will clear up by then...

Also: I still have this sodding UTI or whatever it is. Just finished my two-week course of antibiotics and it's still hanging around - after a brief period where I thought it had gone away - so I think I might just take myself to A&E this weekend as I suspect the GP will still not actually do anything about it. I could go after we get back from Brighton but I don't want my entire fortnight of leave to be a write-off of trying to sort out health problems.

Just realised I forgot to recount the GP fail from my last visit... )

I'm struggling to remember any point this year where I've actually been healthy. :(

That was a bit of a moan again. It doesn't help that work is a massive ball of stress at the moment due to continued breakdowns in communication; last week I likened it to our team being under an umbrella in a rainstorm of information, i.e. nothing actually gets through to us. Things change literally week on week (sometimes day on day) and everything we do know is through hearsay. It's frustrating and disheartening, and every single day is a battle of not understanding, not being able to help people and not knowing where we stand. But at least everyone is similarly afflicted, and it's not just me. :P

Hopefully next time I update it will be with something more positive, i.e. a Brighton write-up.
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I haven't updated since April and now that I am, it's to get stuff off my chest – I actually drafted this entry on 30th June and it’s taken me so long to post it that I’ve had to amend it. :P

Mostly I haven't done anything exciting since April because I'm still bloody skint - other than decorating the lounge, and I already shared the pics of that on Facebook. :P (We finally got around to hanging pictures over a month later – after filling all the holes we were rather loath to put more in the walls!)

Anyway, here is my venting, in no particular order...

Vents are actually one of the problems... )

It's not all doom and gloom, though. :P

I am still enjoying my job. Everyone is very stressed at the moment because of the new Strengthening Families Framework which has been in place since March, because we are crashing in blindly for the most part and communication at all levels seems to have ground to a halt. The good thing is we're all in the same boat, so we are all offloading at each other in work rather than taking it home with us - and they're actually valid things to be stressed about, rather than the petty stupidities that caused such major issues in Legal.

There are a few colleague issues creeping through the cracks - a couple of my colleagues can be a bit annoying, and one of them is your classic example of doing the bare minimum rather than trying to exceed in any way then complaining that she won't pass her PDR... but it's nothing I can't deal with, and I'm learning to rise above it - it helps that the team has a really good relationship (both working and personal) and everyone mucks in to help each other out. It's such a breath of fresh air after my experiences at both Legal AND Ladywood, and makes me very glad that I chose to work at South rather than anywhere else.

Being skint does mean that Paul and I are catching on boxsets. Our Farscape rewatch is on temporary hiatus, as is the JC rewatch as I just keep forgetting about it and series 5 was such a mess of fail, but we are now on season 4 of Frasier and have just finished both Bates Motel and Fargo. We've just made a start on American Horror Story: Asylum as well, which is already looking as creepy/WTF as the first season.

My Frasier ramblings got long... )

I really wish I had the time and mental capacity to do in-depth rewatches for everything, like I’ve done for Jonathan Creek, but I think I’m up to my fifth 90’s show boxset now (Frasier, X-Files, Buffy, Farscape, Creek) and there are not enough hours in my life, especially given the sheer amount of episodes! If you tally them up it’s a cumulative 36 seasons, over 800 episodes, and I do not even want to think how many hours. I did attempt it for TXF but only got three episodes in before I gave up, and as much as I’d love to attempt it for ‘Scape, I think it might actually break me within half a season. :P

This is why I have a tendency to ignore most modern-day series, or for those I do watch I only do so without such a vested interest. I have too many old fandoms still vying for supremacy, and too many work-in-progress fics for most of them, to start investing energy into shiny new ones. :P

Aaaaanyway, I think this is quite long enough. I had intended to post some fic somewhere whilst I was off, and didn’t quite get around to it… but hopefully I will actually manage to get the JC stuff online this year. :P

Over and out.
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Apparently the three new episodes, a.k.a Series 5, are due to be shown at some point in February. Not exactly sure when. In any case, given the latest news, at least it'll be over with quickly...

Cut because of minor spoilers. )

I am tempted to livetweet the new series when it's on, as I suspect I will have rather a lot to say once the incoherent silent rage has worn off, and it might be helpful to have a point of reference. :P

In other news, Paul and I have made a start on marathoning all eleven seasons of Frasier. :D We're currently halfway through season 1 (because they're only short, of course) and it's really great fun finally getting to see all the early episodes I missed the first time around. I didn't start watching properly until season 7, and even then managed to miss a few episodes (including the finale) because of Channel 4 rescheduling it...

So obviously, I spent the weekend reading fanfic (Niles/Daphne was one of my first 'ships, of course, then latterly Frasier/Roz) and episode transcripts and prematurely rewatching the season 7 finale on YouTube because OH MY GOD THAT EPISODE. (Resolving seven years of unrequited feelings / UST: ur doin it perfickly.)

Also I am amusing myself by retrospectively ascertaining where my Niles-crush came from whilst simultaneously trying to fight it off with a big stick (I think it was just lying dormant all these years). I can't even blame the frivolity of youth this time around. :P

It's a relief, actually - with three separate rewatches (X-Files, Buffy and now Frasier) in addition to the Grand JC Watchathon (which I must get back on track with), I do at least have something with which to distract myself from the above-mentioned fail...

And I'm determined to do a Farscape marathon this year as well, as Lloyd was nice enough to get me season 2 for Christmas. Not quite sure when, though - maybe when we're a bit further through Frasier and have finally finished Twin Peaks (it transpires watching a mind-mangling David Lynch show on a 12-inch screen at bedtime is not the best idea; we've moving it to the big TV downstairs instead...) I might actually attempt proper episode recaps this time around, as it's another of those fandoms which will benefit from being Older and Wiser. :)

(Oh, speaking of the TXF and BtvS rewatches, Denise and I have hit season 2 of both now. Which means abduction arc / "Irresistible" (a.k.a the Episode That Turned Me Into A Shipper) / "Humbug" (first comedy episode); and Spike, respectively. :D)

I think this is quite long enough. I'll try to update before the Creekfail occurs, but I promise nothing. ;)
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Posting a little earlier tonight because I want to watch Skins at 10.00. ;)

Day 03 )

Aww, bless. *squishes*

Tsk. I have no relevant icons for this post. I shall have to rectify that immediately. :D
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Well, that'd be the end of Maris, then.  Which is a good thing and a bad thing, in several ways.  It's a good thing because, for a start, she was Maris, and had to be gotten rid of even if she was less evil than Mel...  And it was done in a suitably bizarre Frasier-esque fashion.  The bad thing is... now I know for certain we're never going to get to actually damn well see her.  I always thought we eventually would - in the final episode, or something... but then, I also thought we'd eventually hear DS9's Morn say something, and we didn't.  Nevertheless... I thought we'd get to see Maris one of these days...

I guess we'll just have to content ourselves with the mental image of Lilith, only more terrifying...

Oh, yes...

Mar. 25th, 2004 06:54 pm
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Incidentally, as well as missing the first half of last night's Frasier (whoever decided Wednesday night was Frasier-night needs their head screwing back on), I also managed to miss the final part of Life Begins - right when it was getting good.  Bad enough I missed the first two.  And yes, the ending was cliched and would probably neeever happen (I predicted, and saw the trailer at the end of last week's episode) but dammit, I was enjoying that...

Hm. I imagine it'll be on Living or UK Gold or something.  I'll just have to keep an eye out.

Oo.  I get to go home in a week and indulge in Angel season 5 and a taped Most Haunted Live (which will doubtless refuel the Muses for the original novel/story/novella/whatever that I never got the time to start...)  Hurrah!  It might actually make writing Angel into the latest epic Buffyfic possible...  I mean, he was going to be there anyway, but I made no promises towards the characterisation.

Stop spamming, woman.  Get ready for work.

oh, dear.

Mar. 17th, 2004 11:37 pm
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watching frasier, i suddenly realise that lilith has become likable overnight.  and nautica poked me and caused me to suppress an 'aw' at frasier and lilith together - and if the writers are considering what i think they're considering, words, to quote chris barrie, will be said.

hrm...  frasier and roz, dammit.
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new (and, i think, final) series of frasier starts on january 28th (a wednesday - they moved it again) on channel four, at the ungodly hour of 11.05pm. and the first one, at least, is a double episode.

gah. i remember when frasier was an established and important part of the channel four schedule - friday, 10pm, without fail. they're going the way of the bbc. what's happening?
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Continuing from where I left off, not that there was any specific order... After the conversation had with [livejournal.com profile] thefleshfailure last night, I feel like I should add things to the Buffy/Spike section; I know if I do that, though, I'll inevitably end up adding stuff to the other ones, too, and the whole thing will never end...

More fandoms. Oh, dear. 2 - Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Frasier, Jonathan Creek )

Only two more fandoms to go, both sort of wordy. I didn't realise how much I had to say about the last one. :) Well, I say two. Knowing me I'll probably come up with a few more along the way...
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in which i do a rambling and not very good review of 'chicago' )

other things: for some reason rocky's on right now at random on ITV. i can't be bothered, though. :) i taped the first half of the 100 greatest musicals thing and will doubtless be ranting about that once i've watched both it and the second bit tomorrow night. 'dead like me' is truly fantastic and Must Be Watched by everyone.

new season of 'frasier' starts in the new year! hurrah! more delovely niles/daphneness and hopefully roz/frasier if they bloody rectify That Situation. bastards... however, i trust the 'frasier' team WAY more than i trust joss whedon and david kemper, so they may actually deliver.

want 'scape miniseries NOW. :(

nothing else, i don't think. hope everyone watched 'amélie' and joined in the fabulousness!


Jun. 9th, 2003 11:48 pm
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oh, frell them. frell them from here to hezmana! bloody hell!

it was the "frasier" finale, and i didn't actually know until the end. and i should've guessed, because it had all the usual signs of a "frasier" finale - another defining step to niles and daphne's relationship, and roz/frasier complications. and oh, dammit, the man is an idiot.

and roz is in love with him. i knew it. i knew it four sodding years ago :) and and the ultimatum and he's a sodding idiot, and now i have to wait til january (even though this was meant to be the final season. thank god they extended it for another year. that is no way to end a series.)

gahhhh! and it's the buffy finale on thursday and then there'll be nothing on all bloody summer. wonderful.
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i swear. if the "frasier" writers ever do that to me again, i'm going to frelling sue them for emotional torture.

god... talk about scaring the dren out of me for twenty-two minutes!

incidentally, many manic giggles at the fact that the heart surgeon was played by daniel davis, who used to be in "the nanny" - and his character was called niles ;) it took me at least 10 seconds to figure out why he was familiar, mind you. i want the last three frelling seasons of that show, goddammit...

anyway. phew!
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"frasier" - meh?! i mean... meh??
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*giggles* end credits of 'frasier' funneeee...
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ow. brain going to explode from over-shippiness. john and aeryn and sikozu and scorp and niles and daphne, all in the space of 5 hours. a girl can only squeal so much...

and then, having calmed down, i mistakenly re-watch the last 15 seconds all over again, which makes me giggly for the second time tonight.

i really shouldn't get so emotionally attached. but jesus, i'd missed the shippiness...
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aw! awwwwwww!! i'd forgotten how utterly adorable niles and daphne are!! awww! and after the ohgodangst of farscape, it was lovely :)
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the new season - the last ever season, to be precise - starts tonight. friday night is no longer 'frasier' night. be warned. tonight (that's monday, every week) at 10.00pm. and it's a double bill...
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"frasier". was interesting. nostalgic... but also...

younger niles :) they made david hyde pierce look 10 years younger. yum. don't know how they did it. don't really care... however they did it, they obviously couldn't afford to do it to kelsey grammer as well...

but yum. double yum. we like. we want more.


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